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My Favorite Redundancy
2006-07-28 20:27
by Cliff Corcoran

The complete game shutout. Last year, the Yankees got four of them, the first coming on May 7 when Mike Mussina shutout the A's on a sunny Saturday in the Bronx. That kicked off a ten-game winning streak that pushed the 11-19 Yankees over .500 for the first time since the fifth game of the season. The last of those ten wins was the Yankees' second complete game shutout, thrown by some guy named Carl Pavano in Seattle. Less than a month later, Moose tossed his second shutout, this one at home against the Pirates, kicking off a five-game winning streak that pushed the 30-32 Yankees back over .500 yet again. Finally, Aaron Small bookended things nicely by shutting out the A's in Oakland on a sunny Saturday afternoon in September.

Last night, the Yankees received their first complete game shutout of the year as Chien-Ming Wang made short work of the Devil Rays by limiting them to just four base runners, two on singles, two on walks. Wang needed just 104 pitches to shut out the Rays in a game that lasted two hours and 33 minutes primarily because the Yankees put 17 men on base and scored six runs. Wang was perfect through four innings, faced just 30 batters, and recorded 18 of his 27 outs on ground balls. The only man to get past first base was Julio Lugo, who reached on an infield single with two outs in the sixth, stole second and moved to third on a wild pitch only to be stranded when Rocco Baldelli flew out to center.

As for the Yankees, they got on the board right away when a two-out Alex Rodriguez single plated a Johnny Damon lead-off double in the first. They added two more in the second. Andy Phillips led off with a single and was called safe at second when Julio Lugo bobbled and dropped the pivot on a double play ball off the bat of Melky Cabrera. Miguel Cairo then bunted both runners up and Derek Jeter drove them home with a single to right. Two more runs came in the fourth when Devil Rays' starter Tim Corcoran (no relation) followed a Derek Jeter one-out double by walking Giambi, Rodriguez and Posada, the last two on nine pitches. Posada's walk drove in the Yankees' fourth run and drove Corcoran from the game. Chad Harville then came in and, after getting Bernie Williams to fly out to shallow left, walked in the Yankees fifth run by giving Andy Phillips a free pass on five pitches. Two innings later, Bernie homered off Harville to put the final score at 6-0

As evidenced by his performance last night, Wang continues to improve as the season progresses. Nothing sums that up better than his monthly splits:

April: 4.80 ERA
May: 4.28
June: 3.19
July: 3.03

That said, Wang is about to enter uncharted territory in terms of innings pitched. In 2004 Wang threw 149 1/3 innings between double and triple-A. Last year, he threw a career-high 158 innings between Columbus and the majors, including his start in Game 2 of the ALDS. With last night's performance, Wang has thrown 148 innings this year. Wang is on pace for 233 innings this year in the regular season alone, a number not far from his current major league total of 255 1/3 innings over the past two seasons. This is just one more reason why the Yankees would be well served if Brian Cashman can wrangle up a starting pitcher by Monday.

In other news, Phillips has just 11 walks on the season, but three of them have come in last three games, following Joe Torre benching him for a couple of games and criticizing his plate discipline to the press. Phillips, who has received heavy criticism for his dismal on-base percentage of late, has reached base seven times in 13 plate appearances since returning to the line-up.

Finally, Tim wasn't the only pitcher named Corcoran to get beat up last night. The Nationals Roy Corcoran got lit up in relief of Tony Armas Jr. in the Dodgers' pasting of the Nationals in L.A. Together the two Corcorans posted the following line: 5 1/3 IP, 11 H, 11 R, 8 ER, 1 HR, 9 BB, 3 K. Myself, I sat home and ate a delicious bowl of chili while watching Chien-Ming work his magic. Good times.

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2006-07-28 23:10:15
1.   rilkefan
GOB homered...
2006-07-28 23:17:52
2.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wouldn't pitches, rather than innings pitched,be a better metric, per Wang?

Effin Corcorans damn you all (just kidding)

2006-07-28 23:18:53
3.   Jen
Good times indeed.

Speaking of which, I have an extra ticket (in the bleachers) for Sunday's game.

If anyone is interested email me at:
jen AT nosenseworrying DOT com

2006-07-28 23:38:48
4.   SF Yanks
2 No because it is not like he got efficient over night. He has probably always been that way, so it's not like his pitch count is drastically lower. With him being efficient and all, he's still going into uncharted territory with pitches thrown... It sounded better in my head... tough to put it in words.
2006-07-29 00:06:04
5.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wang have been the team ace over the last two month, the funny thing is, his k/9 is falling right along with his ERA... it seems these days he just simply don't need to K people to pitch well.

Though watching tonight, he really didn't need any Ks anyway. the two hits were a blooper and a infield hit... this is almost definately the best pitching performance by a Yankee this year.

2006-07-29 00:17:17
6.   Cliff Corcoran
1 You're right. Fixed it.
2006-07-29 00:17:36
7.   joejoejoe
Chien-Mien Wang is great at home this year, 8-1 2.91 86.2IP 1.06 WHIP

I wonder if they the groundskeepers at Yankee Stadium work any magic on the infield when he pitches to slow down the ground balls?

2006-07-29 03:16:31
8.   randym77
Wow. Wang threw a career high number of innings last year, despite being out so long with that shoulder injury?

Yes, another starting pitcher would probably be a good thing. How about Shawn Chacon? ;-)

2006-07-29 04:39:44
9.   chris in c-bus
8 - I dont know, randy...I think I'd rather see us bring Ed Whitson out of retirement than give Chacon another start!
2006-07-29 04:46:28
10.   Kevin NoMaas
Ed Whitson retired? When the hell did that happen?
2006-07-29 05:04:50
11.   chris in c-bus
I think he retired shortly after his curly honky-fro went out of style...Obviously, he was terrible for us (4.88 ERA in '85 then 7.54 ERA in 14 games in '86), but it's interesting that in the last 2 full seasons of his career he posted back to back seasons of 2.66 and 2.60 ERA...
2006-07-29 05:40:05
12.   randym77
I want to see Chac get another shot. He could be better than anything else we're likely to get. I think he was just rusty after coming off the DL. He's the kind of pitcher who needs consistent work to keep sharp.

From the various hints dropped here and there, it sounds like he was demoted as much for his attitude as anything else. If he's turned that around, he might get another chance. If he's got his curveball working again (which he seemed to, in his last win), he could be the pitcher he was last year.

2006-07-29 05:42:47
13.   sabernar
If Dotel comes back and is effective, would it be a crazy suggestion to try and make Proctor the #5 starter? He couldn't be worse then what we have now.
2006-07-29 06:10:07
14.   murphy
proctor has shown us that he can be brilliant when rested, but abysmal when tired. he gets lit up like a pinball machine after throwing 60 pitches over the course of two nights. i somehow doubt he would be able to throw 90 pitches effectively in one game.
2006-07-29 06:10:58
15.   Levy2020
8, 12, 13 I think this is the big question. It looks like everything at the deadline will require giving away what Cashman thinks is too much (me, too.) So where does that fifth arm come from if it's not Sir Sidney. (Why do we call him that?)

I'd like to see some of the AAAA guys get a(nother) shot like DePaula, Henn, or Mendoza, but I don't know if any of them are any good even at Columbus. :=:

2006-07-29 06:59:54
16.   randym77
15 He's "Sir Sidney" because he was knighted in Aruba, by the Queen of the Netherlands.

The Yanks don't seem to think DePaula or Mendoza are ready for prime time yet. Dunno about Henn, but he didn't exactly blow me away the last time we saw him.

Kris Wilson was an all-star in Triple-A, but horrible in the big show. Kind of makes me hesitant to count on anyone we have in Columbus now.

2006-07-29 07:59:32
17.   Alex Belth
Excellent write up, Cliff. I love the last line. Funny, but I watched the game over at Jay Jaffe's place last night and before the game was starting I was asking him about Tim Corcoran. I said, I'm kind of predisposed to like the guy just cause of his last name (though obviously, I didn't want him to do too well).

Man, is Jeter have a quiet .350 year or what? For a guy who is generally thought to be so overrated, he's been terrific this year, as if this is just what we've come to expect. It's Jeter being Jeter.

Man, it would be terrific if the bullpen can get a little more rest today as well. But it is hotter'n'July--wait it is July!--out there and I always brace myself for bombs-away offense on days like these. Still, if Johnson can give em seven and then they go straight to Farnsworth (provided his back is ok) and then Mo, then Proctologist can get another day to rest.

2006-07-29 08:11:12
18.   C2Coke
16 Don't forget Beam, who's still in the bullpen. Until Beam proves me wrong, I'd think more than twice before I count on him. Even just having him warm up last night just in case scared me.

I like the part in the NY Times saying that Wang doesn't talk much in any language. That language barrier just seems more and more like a coverup.

Wang has to enter that uncharted territory eventually, with all the Yanks' been going through this year, what can be better if this is the year Wang starts that journey.

2006-07-29 08:14:33
19.   C2Coke
17 Alex, you are right. It's just Jeter being Jeter, he still says exactly the same line no matter how he's doing.

And yes, Cliff, great summary. Thanks.

2006-07-29 09:32:56
20.   jayd
12 I agree with you there. I fear Lieber coming over and getting the requisite number of looks before nose diving. I'd rather invest those number of looks into Chacon who really needs the work and the chances. I don't think you can work yourself back into being a starting pitcher by bullpen work or serving up stuff in the minors. Chacon has been here and done this. Where did you hear the attitude problems?
2006-07-29 09:35:13
21.   Felix Heredia
Regarding Chacon - is it just me, or did he put on weight in the offseason? I remember seeing him on TV for his first start this year and thinking, 'Man, if I'd been rescued from Colordo by the New York Yankees, I'd show up for my first full year in better shape than that.'

I've been wondering whether that's his overall problem - that he's a bit of a slacker. Anyone have any such info?

2006-07-29 09:47:12
22.   randym77
20 Re: attitude problems... At least one NY Times article mentioned it, the YES announcers have said similar things. There was some talk about Chacon's fitness; Torre expects players to take charge of their own physical fitness, and apparently some did think Chacon was out of shape.

Chacon also complained to the press about having his turn skipped, and I'm sure that didn't endear him to Torre, either.

2006-07-29 10:40:02
23.   SF Yanks
Halos up 2-0 on the Sux.
2006-07-29 10:50:58
24.   SF Yanks
Make that 2-1.
2006-07-29 10:54:49
25.   randym77
Big Papi strikes again. :-P
2006-07-29 10:59:59
26.   yankeemonkey
It amuses me greatly when ESPN/FOX luminaries refer to Beckett as having a terrific year. I suppose if having an ERA around 5 and having given up 26 home runs qualifies as a terrific season, Randy Johnson should've been in the top 3 of Cy Young voting last year. Sheesh.
2006-07-29 11:18:35
27.   Ron Burgundy
26 And Schilling is a Cy Young candidate while Moose is just having another mediocre year. And did I mention that "Jonathan" Papelbon is the greatest closer in the history of the game and a 1st-ballot Hall of Famer?
2006-07-29 11:55:46
28.   seamus
never thought i'd read this...

"Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter Curtis Pride replaces Vladimir Guerrero."

what happened?

2006-07-29 11:57:39
29.   randym77
I have to assume it's an injury.
2006-07-29 12:01:38
30.   SF Yanks
The Sox announcers don't know either.
2006-07-29 12:04:15
31.   randym77
Here's today's lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo 2B

2006-07-29 12:07:18
32.   yankeemonkey
Bernie against RHP again. ARRRRGH.
2006-07-29 12:07:54
33.   randym77
32 You knew it would be, after that homer yesterday.

Here's the D-Rays:

Julio Lugo SS
Carl Crawford LF
Rocco Baldelli CF
Ty Wigginton 1B
Jorge Cantu 2B
Jonny Gomes DH
Damon Hollins RF
Dioner Navarro C
Tomas Perez 3B

2006-07-29 12:08:05
34.   yankz
They'd better be careful with Weaver's arm, or they could be looking at another Doc Gooden.
2006-07-29 12:09:52
35.   yankz
LAA 3, Boston 2, Manny up with runners on the corners and one out.
2006-07-29 12:21:47
36.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Just saw this at ESPN, dated yesterday:

"One of the members of the Cuban team who deserted [this past week] is star second baseman Yulieski Gourriel, considered as one of the best in the world at his position," The Bogota Times reported Friday. "It appears that his next destination would the New York Yankees."

2006-07-29 12:23:11
37.   randym77
36 Peter Abraham blogged about that yesterday. Turns out it's just an unfounded rumor. Gourriel did not defect. He's back on Cuba.
2006-07-29 12:27:56
38.   Simone
I fell in love with Gourriel during the WBC, but I simply don't see him defecting and he is an infielder so there is no room for him on the Yankees.

I wouldn't mind the Yankees getting the strugglin Abreu, but I don't like idea of them obtaining Lieber as well. They need another starter, but Lieber is a money pit with little reward.

2006-07-29 12:39:11
39.   SF Yanks
Yeah baby...
2006-07-29 12:39:48
40.   SF Yanks
5-3 Halos
2006-07-29 12:40:29
41.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Curtis, my man. 2-run job off the boy Hansen.
2006-07-29 12:45:59
42.   randym77
The official word on Vlad from the Angels is that they pulled him because he was "tired." o_O
2006-07-29 12:54:13
43.   yankeemonkey
Oh, to be a multi-millionaire ballplayer and take time off when you feel tired...
2006-07-29 13:05:21
44.   tommyl
Can someone please explain the platoon concept to me? At least as the Yankees use it because I must be missing something. See Guiel bats against RHP and Bernie against LHP, no? or is it based on random coin flips?
2006-07-29 13:06:33
45.   tommyl
Also, let me just say again how much I appreciate Fox broadcasting. I'd much rather be watching Cops and Stargate SG-1. What great shows!
2006-07-29 13:07:28
46.   Stormer Sports
Am I in a parallel universe? I have the Angels game on UPN in LA, but the scoreline says FOX and the announcers are the Boston crew. Does the home market get the game on the channel that normally carries the game but use the FOX feed. Either way, I just thought it was odd.
2006-07-29 13:08:48
47.   SF Yanks
Nice hair Dwane... Dork!
2006-07-29 13:08:52
48.   randym77
44 Bernie probably has good numbers against Seo. He hits so well in the Trop, he probably has good numbers against all the Tampa pitchers.

Joe's going to play Bernie every day, except when he needs rest. "Platoon" means Bernie as DH vs. Bernie in RF. At least as long as Andy Phillips is hot.

2006-07-29 13:10:07
49.   tommyl
48 You'd think Cashman would sit him down and explain to him why he went out and picked up Guiel? I mean what's the point of making moves if they aren't going to play anyways?
2006-07-29 13:11:59
50.   Stormer Sports
Ortiz goes deep in 8th. Angels still up 6-4.

Go Yanks! Let's get this one!

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2006-07-29 13:13:07
51.   tommyl
1-2-3. That's the way to get it started. Its offense time!
2006-07-29 13:13:31
52.   yankeemonkey
(^&%&&() Papi &(^&&))_(
2006-07-29 13:15:05
53.   Ron Burgundy
Seo has a 5.69 ERA. We REALLY should completely rape this pitcher.
2006-07-29 13:15:21
54.   Stormer Sports
Manny, base hit 0 out. Looks like Socia is afraid to go to Rodriguez in the 8th for some reason.

Finally! He gets K-Rod up, Jesus Mike get with the program!

Nixon base hit. 1st and 2nd 0 out. I guess is was too much to ask for Boston to lose today.

2006-07-29 13:15:33
55.   Simone
The Captain is so hot that he is scorching.
2006-07-29 13:15:39
56.   randym77
Woot! Jeet gets them off to a good start.


2006-07-29 13:15:43
57.   yankeemonkey
Cap'n starts us off on the right foot
2006-07-29 13:15:48
58.   murphy
allow me to vent: is the biggest racket that has EVER existed. NONE of this afternoon's games are available because FOX owns all of them. my mailing address is in FLA (Devil Rays territory). i am currently in NYC (yankees/mets market - the mets game is on FOX now). still i CANNOT watch the angels/sox game due to blackout restrictions. this is a borderline scam. DO NOT purchase i hate fox more than ever.
2006-07-29 13:15:56
59.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Bernie vs righties: .255/.288/.390

Guiel vs righties: .224/.348/.517

.865 ops vs. .678.

What is wrong with Torre?

2006-07-29 13:16:08
60.   tommyl
2006-07-29 13:16:39
61.   Simone
Is Giambi coming back to life? Yeah, Jason.
2006-07-29 13:16:47
62.   randym77
And the Giambino hits one practically into orbit...
2006-07-29 13:17:00
63.   Ron Burgundy
Good Job El Capitan!
And Giambino!
2006-07-29 13:17:14
64.   Stormer Sports

All you have to do is call them and tell them where you are and they'll change your home market and you'll get the Boston game. I did it all last year while I was traveling.

2006-07-29 13:17:17
65.   tommyl
2006-07-29 13:17:26
66.   justin
is anybody else here getting the YES feed?
2006-07-29 13:18:04
67.   tommyl
64 Hmmm...Stormer is that perhaps part of your trick?
2006-07-29 13:18:23
68.   randym77
66 I'm watching it on YES.
2006-07-29 13:18:47
69.   Stormer Sports
67 Trick?
2006-07-29 13:19:17
70.   yankeemonkey
I've got YES on tv
2006-07-29 13:19:27
71.   tommyl
69 To bypassing the Fox blackouts
2006-07-29 13:19:35
72.   Ron Burgundy
Wow. Not that many boos for A-Rod there.
2006-07-29 13:19:37
73.   Stormer Sports
You have to have a land line to test, and will adjust your home market.
2006-07-29 13:20:42
74.   SF Yanks
71 that was someone else... and let me tell you... it works... sat baseball here I come
2006-07-29 13:21:22
75.   Stormer Sports
Passed Ball Angels. 2nd and 3rd no out. This game could be over. Thanks Mike, you fucking putz. Blow this game for Weaver becasue you're too chicken shit to go to your closer.

Varitek K. 1 out.

2006-07-29 13:21:51
76.   Ron Burgundy
Angels better not blow their lead.
2006-07-29 13:21:53
77.   tommyl
And now Bernie will ground out or strike out.
2006-07-29 13:22:22
78.   yankeemonkey
K-Rod in. Keep your fingers crossed, folks.
2006-07-29 13:23:19
79.   murphy
64 stormer, they use IP tracking software so they KNOW where you are. and the problem today is that ALL of the games before 7 PM are owned by FOX and NATIONALLY blocked out. even the ones that aren't on TV. sterling and suzyn will have to do.
2006-07-29 13:24:17
80.   randym77
POSADA stole a base!!!!
2006-07-29 13:24:27
81.   BklynBmr
In the SF Bay Area: No Yanks on EI, no Sawx (for once!), no A's on local TV, but FOX is airing the Dodgers vs Nats. Nice. Very nice.
2006-07-29 13:25:05
82.   Jeteupthemiddle
First he triples, then he steals a base.

Jorge Posada is a real speedster.

2006-07-29 13:25:15
83.   Stormer Sports

Thanks. Is that new? Last year they kept making me call them from a land line to check my location.

2006-07-29 13:25:28
84.   tommyl
I'm sorry, Posada STEALS second?! Did he have a gun?
2006-07-29 13:26:32
85.   Stormer Sports
Tie game. Bloop hit to third. Game over fellas. So much for taking over first place today. Why do the Angels have to be so bad, why.
2006-07-29 13:26:38
86.   yankeemonkey
...and there goes the Angels' lead. Grrrr.
2006-07-29 13:26:39
87.   Ron Burgundy
Angels eat a [male genital].
2006-07-29 13:26:44
88.   randym77
84 He caught them napping, I think. They never expected him to try it.

He was really slow, but he beat the throw.

2006-07-29 13:26:45
89.   BklynBmr
6-6 in Beantown...
2006-07-29 13:26:58
90.   bobtaco
If anyone has and needs the game today, email me:bobtaco AT yahoo DOTCOM and I think I can get it for you...

74 SF Yanks, you're in right?

2006-07-29 13:27:15
91.   SF Yanks
Un- F-ing - believable...
2006-07-29 13:27:46
92.   Ron Burgundy
85 So they can then sweep us or take 2 out of 3 like they always do. And then we'll wonder why they suck at Fenway but own Yankee Stadium.
2006-07-29 13:28:06
93.   SF Yanks
90 Yup, and a big thanks to you!
2006-07-29 13:28:39
94.   Stormer Sports
Not to mention that this should get Ortiz and Manny to the plate next inning.
2006-07-29 13:28:49
95.   Simone
I thought that the Angels were supposed to have a great bullpen. Whaaa happened?
2006-07-29 13:29:41
96.   Simone
Jorgie stealing 2nd was pretty hilarious.
2006-07-29 13:29:51
97.   yankeemonkey
95 Good managerial decisions happened.
2006-07-29 13:30:19
98.   pistolpete
Looked like Rivera could have gotten to that - not sure why he let it drop in like that...
2006-07-29 13:30:23
99.   Stormer Sports
Let's go Angels. Please prove that there is a team in either Western Division that deserves to smell the playoffs, let alone hold yourself out as a MLB club.
2006-07-29 13:30:42
100.   SF Yanks
1st place... wait..where are you going 1st place?....come back here... dammit
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2006-07-29 13:31:28
101.   pistolpete
Meanwhile, Zito getting shellacked against Toronto - the Mets want him again why?
2006-07-29 13:31:30
102.   Simone
Johnny D almost had that one.
2006-07-29 13:31:53
103.   Stormer Sports

Because he's a pussy, that's why. I guess the Angels don't want to hold on to first with give-ups like that from Juan "StonedWash Hair" Rivera.

2006-07-29 13:32:01
104.   randym77
Wow, did they just give Johnny an error for that?
2006-07-29 13:32:35
105.   Stormer Sports
Papelbon in.
2006-07-29 13:32:45
106.   SF Yanks
pull yourself together Randy.
2006-07-29 13:33:16
107.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-29 13:34:28
108.   yankeemonkey
Yaaaargh. Why can't Wang pitch every day?
2006-07-29 13:34:33
109.   pistolpete
Kiss that wild card lead goodbye today too if this keeps up - Chicago's throwing Garland against the ZerO's.
2006-07-29 13:34:38
110.   Simone
Throw strikes, RJ, that would help.
2006-07-29 13:34:42
111.   randym77
Johnny, what are you doing? Why not just let Melky get it? You know he has a better arm.
2006-07-29 13:35:02
112.   BklynBmr
Anyone watching: WTF is up with Johnson???
2006-07-29 13:35:13
113.   Ron Burgundy
Nothing like giving up a booming double to a batter with an OPS BELOW .500.
2006-07-29 13:35:44
114.   seamus
RJ is terrbly frustrating. Supposed to be the best... :(
2006-07-29 13:35:53
115.   tommyl
Oh hell
2006-07-29 13:36:24
116.   randym77
Bad call. They nailed him. This inning should be over.
2006-07-29 13:36:46
117.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Frisbee slider in full effect today?
2006-07-29 13:36:48
118.   pistolpete
'Nother bad call on the 2-2 pitch.
2006-07-29 13:36:50
119.   Simone
Yeah, that was a strike.
2006-07-29 13:36:53
120.   tommyl
101 Steve Phillips is advising them!
2006-07-29 13:38:05
121.   Simone
Say something magical, Guidry.
2006-07-29 13:38:14
122.   Stormer Sports
Papelbon was unhittable. This game is toast.

112 Bklyn,

This just in: RJ is old and bad, a number three starter on his best day.

2006-07-29 13:38:25
123.   randym77
112 The YES announcers think Randy might be injured or ill. Even before the game started, they were worried about him. A couple of times in the bullpen, he bent over and put his hands on knees, and stayed like that for a long time. Bad back? Too hot?
2006-07-29 13:38:28
124.   yankeemonkey
YES is saying something may be wrong with Randy. He was bending over in the 'pen warming up.
2006-07-29 13:38:30
125.   pistolpete
Let's just hope the Sox-Angels game goes like 15 innings - Papelbitch can't stay in forever...
2006-07-29 13:38:41
126.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If Fat Papi hits another national tv walk-off I'm going to vomit.
2006-07-29 13:39:55
127.   tommyl
Ok, here's hoping that the one inning hiccup Randy usually has.
2006-07-29 13:41:00
128.   Stormer Sports
I don't buy it that RJ is unjured or ill. Joe treats his players like a mother of a 2 year old. If anything was really wrong, he wouldn't have started. Stop making excuses for the guy.
2006-07-29 13:41:39
129.   tommyl
128 Cough, cough...David Wells...cough.
2006-07-29 13:41:49
130.   Stormer Sports
Youkilis DOUBLE! 0 out. Game, Set, Match.
2006-07-29 13:42:15
131.   yankeemonkey
128 YES showed him bending down hands on knees and staying like that a few times...hopefully nothing is wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised.
2006-07-29 13:42:29
132.   BklynBmr
122 , 123 Thanks, guys. I was hoping good pitching would be contagious. He better be sick, and the bats needs to keep grinding. No way we should lose this one...
2006-07-29 13:43:31
133.   Stormer Sports
1 out, Papi up. Let's see if Mike walks him like he should.
2006-07-29 13:43:39
134.   Simone
Remember the days when no one could hit K-Rod? Goes to show how most of these closers have a tiny window. Mariano is amazing.
2006-07-29 13:43:46
135.   BklynBmr
130 K-Rod! Pfftt. Wasn't he the next 'Mo'?
2006-07-29 13:44:02
136.   tommyl
Oh man, please do not let Ortiz win the game on a walkoff hit here. Please, please, please.
2006-07-29 13:44:07
137.   randym77
Randy just doesn't look right. His fastball is about as fast as Aaron Small's.
2006-07-29 13:44:22
138.   tommyl
Wow, IBB to face Manny.
2006-07-29 13:44:42
139.   Stormer Sports
Here's to hoping Manny has a Manny moment and does something stupid.
2006-07-29 13:45:13
140.   yankeemonkey
There have been a lot of "next Mo's"...oddly enough they've come and gone and Mo is still here.
2006-07-29 13:45:14
141.   SF Yanks
Is it just me or do the Sux have the most annoying players: Schilling (we all know that one), Pukeilis (just ugly), CabagePapalboner(he tries to look hard with that little head turn of his toward the plate), Coco Crisp(his stupid little finger wiggles), Manny and Ortiz just bug, and one of the worst of all Becket (wow he annoys me). Sorry for the rant I just can't stand the Sux.
2006-07-29 13:46:00
142.   randym77
Base hit, then a stolen base for Miggy.
2006-07-29 13:46:07
143.   Mattpat11
Manny up
2006-07-29 13:46:22
144.   Stormer Sports
Double play all because Manny was loafing down the line as usual. Thanks Manny!
2006-07-29 13:46:44
145.   pistolpete
WOWee, Manny into the DP!
2006-07-29 13:47:09
146.   tommyl
Manny GIDP!!! Still tied.
2006-07-29 13:47:42
147.   Mattpat11
thr half ton of bulk that is Manny Ortez GIDP
2006-07-29 13:47:42
148.   BklynBmr
139 Ask and ye shall receive...
2006-07-29 13:47:47
149.   Ron Burgundy
141 Agreed. Even worse is ESPN total love-fest with them.
2006-07-29 13:49:17
150.   pistolpete
Anyone actually watching the Sox-Angels game broadcast?

Is it me, or is Francona or one of the players complaining to the umps EVERY inning?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-07-29 13:50:14
151.   BklynBmr
149 Someone here called the Baseball Tonight crew the 'Boston Barmaids'. Now, that's good...
2006-07-29 13:50:15
152.   pistolpete
Damn, why couldn't they have collided and knocked each other unconscious? (loretta and youkilis)
2006-07-29 13:51:31
153.   tommyl
Sigh, c'mon Randy. Get some outs here. Anyone up in the BP yet?
2006-07-29 13:51:35
154.   yankeemonkey
141 Schilling and Beckett are truly obnoxious...the rest of them is not too bad. It's hard to hate Ortiz, he seems like a cool dude.

Meanwhile another scorcher served up by RJ. Torre better get someone up in the pen soon.

2006-07-29 13:52:08
155.   Ron Burgundy
154 But Beckett plays the game the right way...
2006-07-29 13:52:19
156.   Stormer Sports
Get Chacon up Joe.
2006-07-29 13:52:51
157.   SF Yanks
"Gettin Wiggy with it" Good one fellas, good one...No wonder they're ranked the lowest of all announcers.
2006-07-29 13:53:00
158.   yankeemonkey
Man, they really run on Johnny....a medium-deep fly sends a man to 3rd with 2 out.
2006-07-29 13:53:18
159.   Stormer Sports

You mean when he allows the winning run to score at home while standing on the mound instead of backing up home like he was taught in little league?

2006-07-29 13:53:47
160.   Stormer Sports

Two words: Carlos Beltran.

2006-07-29 13:54:07
161.   randym77
If Randy keeps picthing like this, the OFers are going to be busy.

I really wish Joe had started Guiel instead of Bernie...

2006-07-29 13:54:12
162.   tommyl
I don't hate Ortiz. He's always been good natured and I just remember when he went to tackle Cano after he made that hit saving play on him. You can't get mad at that.

Schilling and the alksjdjalksjdf Beckett though, now those to I can hate, and hate with a passion.

2006-07-29 13:54:14
163.   yankeemonkey
160 Don't. Even. Start.
2006-07-29 13:55:10
164.   Mattpat11
dont walk him again.
2006-07-29 13:55:35
165.   Ron Burgundy
159 Yeah sure. And he shows the upmost respect for his fellow beisbolistos when he pumps his fist like a psycho after a strikeout.

(Did I mention he looks like a Beaver?)

2006-07-29 13:55:46
166.   Stormer Sports

Yea, I guess I should just continue going along with the crowd that believes Cashman isn't a bumbling idiot.

2006-07-29 13:55:55
167.   tommyl
160 But we needed the money to sign Pavano. Its also clear Beltran wouldn't have survived in the Bronx, Queens is a way easier burough to play in.
2006-07-29 13:56:12
168.   Mattpat11
162 Curt at least has some redeeming qualities. The work he does for ALS cannot be denied.

Beckett is just an ass.

2006-07-29 13:56:32
169.   Stormer Sports
Is Chacon up yet?
2006-07-29 13:57:21
170.   Mattpat11
2006-07-29 13:57:21
171.   pistolpete
holy sh*t
2006-07-29 13:57:22
172.   tommyl
162 I hate them so much I used the wrong form of two. Schilling pisses me off when he signs in to post on blogs and that crap he said about A-Rod last year. He needs to just keep his big mouth shut.
2006-07-29 13:57:31
173.   SF Yanks
162 Yeah but Pukilis really really gets to me. I don't know what it is. Something about him. As far as Ortiz, I don't hate the guy I just really dislike him.
2006-07-29 13:57:34
174.   Ron Burgundy
162 I had a very bad opinion of Ortiz back when he had the bat-throwing thing, but he really does seem like a cool guy, so I'm OK with him. Youkillis on the other hand, I don't know if he's just that ugly, but when he hit t a HR against Randy, he just had this ugly, smug, snieveling "Ha-Ha" face. Veritek is an asshole and Shelling and Beaver are assholes.
2006-07-29 13:57:44
175.   randym77
And the boos rain down on Randy.
2006-07-29 13:57:54
176.   Stormer Sports
Now will you get someone up Joe? Maybe? You think?
2006-07-29 13:58:02
177.   tommyl
DAMON HOLLINS?! Is Randy flogging himself? He should be.
2006-07-29 13:58:22
178.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, this game started out so well. Yanks bashing, Randy cruising, Sawx losing . . . what happened?
2006-07-29 13:58:30
179.   yankeemonkey
For God's sake, get someone up Joe!!!
2006-07-29 13:58:43
180.   pistolpete
Jesus, Randy, have some pride - take yourself out after this inning...
2006-07-29 13:58:53
181.   Stormer Sports
Oh well. Back to 1 1/2 games back I guess. Thanks for nothing RJ. What a waste of 48 million dollars.
2006-07-29 13:59:19
182.   Mattpat11
176 I think when our longmen suck like they do, you're better off with Johnson.
2006-07-29 13:59:42
183.   tommyl
See Mike, if you had gone to K-Rod earlier you'd be done now. Instead he pitched 2 innings anyways.
2006-07-29 13:59:53
184.   Stormer Sports
Johnson IS a long man. Have you seen the guy pitch?
2006-07-29 14:00:25
185.   Simone
I step out for a few minutes and I come back to this mess. Ugh.
2006-07-29 14:00:44
186.   Ron Burgundy
And now Seo and his slightly sub-6.00 ERA will pitch easy shutout innings from here on, right?
2006-07-29 14:01:49
187.   SF Yanks
I have a good trade. Yanks give Boston Randy and 15 million. In return they get a can of paint. Sounds good to me.
2006-07-29 14:01:58
188.   yankeemonkey
And Yanks will start swinging at all kinds of crappy pitches, thereby ensuring 5 pitch innings.
2006-07-29 14:02:04
189.   Mattpat11
184 I'd rather Johnson than Ponson or Chacon anywhere near a winnable game.
2006-07-29 14:02:10
190.   tommyl
186 We still have Jeter, A-Rod and the Melkman on our side. We're not out yet.
2006-07-29 14:02:23
191.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It. Here we go with the offense falling asleep.
2006-07-29 14:03:00
192.   tommyl
187 And who is our #2 starter? Or you want to put Chacon and Ponson into the rotation?
2006-07-29 14:03:31
193.   yankeemonkey
Awww that was so cute....Andy Phillips bearhugged by Giambino after his HR.
2006-07-29 14:03:47
194.   tommyl
How deep was Jeter's shot? On Gameday it was at the wall.
2006-07-29 14:04:27
195.   Mattpat11
194 right over the wall.
2006-07-29 14:04:38
196.   SF Yanks
192 How about we don't get an 80 year old in the first place.
2006-07-29 14:04:54
197.   BklynBmr
Shades of '04. RJ is turning into Kevin Brown. Anyone trust him with a Game 7?
2006-07-29 14:05:21
198.   pistolpete
Tavarez in the game at Fenway - there's still hope! ;-)
2006-07-29 14:05:21
199.   Stormer Sports
Tavarez in. Maybe there is hope.
2006-07-29 14:05:31
200.   tommyl
196 Well yeah, but that's neither here nor there. George wanted him, George got him. George is obsessed with players that beat the Yankees in the postseason.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-29 14:05:43
201.   pistolpete
199 ROFL!
2006-07-29 14:06:03
202.   tommyl
197 oooooo and Ponson can be Vasquez?
2006-07-29 14:07:03
203.   BklynBmr
Tarvarez? Game over. Halos win. Now let's go, Yanks!
2006-07-29 14:07:07
204.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ok, things looking up. Tavarez in at the Fens. Garland getting killed in the first. Now how 'bout an a-bomb from a-rod.
2006-07-29 14:07:46
205.   tommyl
A-Rod! Way to keep it moving. C'mon Jorgie!
2006-07-29 14:08:03
206.   rsmith51
I look at the box score, Hollins 2 BB and 2 runs. Killer walks. I love walks on offense, hate them on defense.
2006-07-29 14:08:03
207.   Simone
Good job, A-Rod. Get at least one run in here, guys. Let's go Jorgie, it is on you.
2006-07-29 14:08:19
208.   BklynBmr
A hand grenade! I'll take it...
2006-07-29 14:08:21
209.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Only a single? Booooooooo boooooooooo.
2006-07-29 14:08:27
210.   SF Yanks
200 This is true.
2006-07-29 14:08:32
211.   Stormer Sports

I don't trust him now, let alone in the playoffs. Given the BA of most of our club, I'd love to get Schmidt right now. FSN had a good point yesterday, given D Lee's problems with his wrist, and the difficulty of wrist injuries generally, it may be foolish to think we'll get anything from Matsui or Sheff. Unless we can tear Tejada from the O's and DH him, we have got to get a pitcher.

2006-07-29 14:08:36
212.   rsmith51
206 Make that Gomes.
2006-07-29 14:09:26
213.   Ron Burgundy
If this is June A-Rod, that's a DP or K, but this is July.
2006-07-29 14:10:32
214.   randym77
Two run double for Posada. I hope he didn't hurt himself.
2006-07-29 14:10:34
215.   Simone
Jorgie rules! LOL, Jorgie was almost out there.
2006-07-29 14:10:42
216.   Stormer Sports
What a boneheaded play by the third base coach. That place wasn't even close!
2006-07-29 14:10:42
217.   BklynBmr
2006-07-29 14:11:20
218.   C2Coke
Man, it feels good to see the top of the lineup getting to work.
2006-07-29 14:11:24
219.   Stormer Sports
Sorry, that play wasn't even close. Jesus Christ, why would you send Napoli there?
2006-07-29 14:11:33
220.   Ron Burgundy
Good on BOTH fronts!
Tavares in to blow the lead in the Fens and Jorge puts us in this game.
2006-07-29 14:11:43
221.   rsmith51
Bring in the lefty to face Bernie.
2006-07-29 14:11:50
222.   pistolpete
Napoli juts thrown out at the plate trying to score at Fenway - still 6-6, 2 out
2006-07-29 14:12:15
223.   Simone
The Angels are dopes. Why run on that ball with 2 outs to give?
2006-07-29 14:12:20
224.   C2Coke
And apparently, the top of the lineup includes Bernie.
2006-07-29 14:12:37
225.   BklynBmr
Get the run in, Andy...
2006-07-29 14:12:39
226.   Stormer Sports
The Angels would have a good chance to score if they didn't have SEND 'EM HOME SOJO at third.
2006-07-29 14:12:47
227.   Ron Burgundy
Go Andy!
2006-07-29 14:12:49
228.   Mattpat11
damnit. Phillips really isn't very good.
2006-07-29 14:12:57
229.   Simone
Ugh, Phillips.
2006-07-29 14:13:39
230.   Simone
Phillips needs to go.
2006-07-29 14:14:13
231.   BklynBmr
226 LOL! Almost forgot about 'The Windmill'...
2006-07-29 14:14:18
232.   tommyl
C'mon Melky. Bring it in.
2006-07-29 14:14:18
233.   rsmith51
Any good trade rumors today?
2006-07-29 14:14:39
234.   randym77
Maybe A-Rod should give Andy another kiss. It seemed to wake him up last time. ;-)
2006-07-29 14:14:52
235.   Ron Burgundy
And we waste two baserunners.
2006-07-29 14:14:59
236.   C2Coke
226 I gave up on the Angels and decided to switch to MLB.TV instead of tv. With the YES feed, I am content.
2006-07-29 14:15:16
237.   BklynBmr
223 Phillips and The Unit for Jose Lima. Why not?
2006-07-29 14:15:25
238.   Stormer Sports

OK ok, I've changed my mind a little. We need a serviceable DH. Put Giambi at 1st. Hell, even C. Wilson would be better than what we've got.

Andy is horrible. I mean I guess it quiets all the fools who were whining at the beginning of the season that he wasn't getting any playing time.

2006-07-29 14:16:03
239.   singledd
Phillips is killing us. His days are numbered. Swings at the first pitch which wasn't that good.

Manny keeps gunning them down.

2006-07-29 14:16:54
240.   tommyl
238 Those of us who were whining didn't say he would be great, we said he deserved a shot. That's a big difference.
2006-07-29 14:17:16
241.   Mattpat11
nice hustle there guys.
2006-07-29 14:17:18
242.   Simone
For all that is baseball, RJ give us a break.
2006-07-29 14:17:39
243.   tommyl
I'm sorry, how do you hit an infield double?
2006-07-29 14:17:43
244.   singledd
236 I'm 'blacked out' on MLB-TV. How come you got it?
2006-07-29 14:17:44
245.   Stormer Sports

Look, when you're 28, and haven't seen the light of day or been traded because other teams see potential, I don't have a clue why anyone thought Phillpis was going to be anything more than a defensive replacement.

2006-07-29 14:18:07
246.   Ron Burgundy
That's TWO DOUBLES by a batter with an AVG. BELOW .200 and an OPS BELOW .500!
2006-07-29 14:18:37
247.   Stormer Sports
Bloop hit Youlilis. 1st and second 1 out.
2006-07-29 14:18:44
248.   Simone
RJ has got to get through the next two innings without giving up too many runs. The bullpen simply cannot take this kind of stress.
2006-07-29 14:19:06
249.   randym77
Well, A-Rod is throwing well, at least.

Chacon is warming.

2006-07-29 14:19:19
250.   Eirias
Man-up Hector!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-29 14:19:23
251.   yankeemonkey
Ahhhh Chacon starting to loosen up. Officially time to change the channel...
2006-07-29 14:19:41
252.   Simone
243 The ball just froze just inside the right field line.
2006-07-29 14:19:53
253.   C2Coke
Once again, big appreciation to Wang, the bullpen had two days of rest. That pitch count with RJ is running high.

WHAT? I didn't even finish typing and Chacon is warming up??

2006-07-29 14:20:16
254.   rsmith51
Note to Tampa: 7 runs will not win the game today, IMHO.
2006-07-29 14:20:46
255.   Mattpat11
240 I think at the end of the day, there's often a reason someone is 30 and in the minors. (And yes, I know he's 29) I really don't think you need 300 AB to figure out why.
2006-07-29 14:20:49
256.   Stormer Sports
Get him out Joe! Jesus Christ!
2006-07-29 14:21:21
257.   singledd
RJ is losing it... just like the first inning. COOL DOWN RJ!
2006-07-29 14:21:56
258.   Simone
RJ = Nightmare. He is just atrocious.
2006-07-29 14:21:56
259.   yankeemonkey
Ahhhhhhhh mmake it stop!!!!!
2006-07-29 14:22:09
260.   seamus
chacon! chacon! chacon!
2006-07-29 14:22:15
261.   BklynBmr
Looks like we'll have to run up 9 or 10 runs today...
2006-07-29 14:22:36
262.   yankeemonkey
Thank god. Now let's hope Chac can bear down.
2006-07-29 14:22:36
263.   Mattpat11
252 And then everyone just stood there and STARED at it until Perez got to second. I suppose they thought it would get up and walk back to the infield or something.
2006-07-29 14:22:42
264.   tommyl
255 Well with the way he has performed, I'm tempted to agree with you. Sorry Andy, love the attitude but its time to go (and apologies to Cliff). He's just hurting the team too much to be anything but a defensive replacement/PH.
2006-07-29 14:22:47
265.   singledd
We must be allergic to 1st place. RJ lets us down again!
2006-07-29 14:22:53
266.   randym77
Bye, Randy. Thanks for nothing.

C'mon, Shawn. The door could be opening for you. You want out of the bullpen? Show us you deserve it.

2006-07-29 14:23:06
267.   seamus
263 bernie on that play looked like he was out for a stroll in the park.
2006-07-29 14:23:16
268.   C2Coke
Chacon gets another chance to prove himself.
2006-07-29 14:23:30
269.   pistolpete
Too many decent performances in a row for Randy - you just knew this was coming. At least it comes off a team we have a chance of coming back on...
2006-07-29 14:23:40
270.   tommyl
This is going to go badly. Ortiz is up, 2 on, 2 out. Pitching change.
2006-07-29 14:23:48
271.   Stormer Sports
Joe needs to be hit in the head with a skillet to understand how to handle a pitching staff. Let Guidry make the calls, he cannot do any worse.
2006-07-29 14:24:19
272.   yankeemonkey
Cripes...Ortiz up with men on 1st and 2nd and 2 outs. EEK!
2006-07-29 14:24:21
273.   BklynBmr
RJ is our stopper, alright, our win streak stopper. What a horsesh*t performance...
2006-07-29 14:24:38
274.   Mattpat11
258 He's been bad, but Damon and William's hideous play today has not helped. Damon has been bobbling, kicking and hitting balls all over the outfield and Bernie standing there and STARING at the ball until Perez got to second was unacceptable.
2006-07-29 14:25:16
275.   Ron Burgundy
And now 'Tiz will hit a bloop single to win this and ESPN will stuff that down our throats for the next 72 Hours.
2006-07-29 14:25:25
276.   yankeemonkey
Stottlemeyre sighting in the booth. Good luck charm?
2006-07-29 14:25:30
277.   C2Coke
Mel is in the booth with the YES guys.
2006-07-29 14:25:45
278.   Mattpat11
271 I think you avoid Shawn Chacon at all costs.
2006-07-29 14:26:02
279.   C2Coke
276 Oh, let's hope so.
2006-07-29 14:26:13
280.   Stormer Sports
Ortiz, game winner!
2006-07-29 14:26:41
281.   singledd
RE: Andy
Joe ought to tell Andy that he does back to the minors the first games he does not walk. The guy is so anxious to hit, he chases bad pitches, swings at first pitches when he needs to take a strike, etc.

If you ould count on him to walk in critical situations, he could help the team.

Papi with a walk off single. OUCH!

2006-07-29 14:26:51
282.   pistolpete
Over in Boston - Big Poopi grounds weakly through the infield where the shortstop should have been.
2006-07-29 14:26:58
283.   Simone
Mel is probably chuckling to himself that he isn't around to be blamed for RJ's struggling.

Chacon hitting people. Ahh, it is going to be a looong game.

2006-07-29 14:27:29
284.   SF Yanks
Great pitching guys... excellent!!
2006-07-29 14:27:58
285.   Ron Burgundy
Sawx win theirs and we're getting blown in ours.

The Yankees motto: Stay out of 1st place at all cost!

2006-07-29 14:28:22
286.   randym77
281 Andy's out of options.
2006-07-29 14:29:31
287.   yankeemonkey
Chacon is not doing much to get out of the doghouse.
2006-07-29 14:29:34
288.   BklynBmr
285 Directive from George: Get the Wild Card or else. That's how you win titles these days.
2006-07-29 14:30:08
289.   Mattpat11
throw a motherfucking strike
2006-07-29 14:30:28
290.   Ron Burgundy
ESPN will be shoving that Ortiz hit down our throats for the next 72 hours...
2006-07-29 14:30:34
291.   singledd
286 That much more motivation.
Its said a walk is as good as a hit.
Not true.
A walk is better.
Is Soriano knew that, he would be a superstar. If Andy knew it, he might be a ball player. Look how many times a Melky walk has won a game. Phillips doesn't get it.
2006-07-29 14:31:03
292.   Simone
Terrible, Chacon, keep trying.
2006-07-29 14:31:24
293.   Ron Burgundy
This game is going nowhere.
Back to 1.5 down we go.
2006-07-29 14:31:29
294.   Mattpat11
Chacon fucking SUCKS.
2006-07-29 14:31:55
295.   singledd
Shit. There goes my day. Why Chacon? What about Villion?
2006-07-29 14:32:00
296.   pistolpete
290 Game shouldn't have even come to that - Marlins castoff Mike Lowell's bloop double should have been caught.
2006-07-29 14:32:07
297.   Simone
He just needs a DP.
2006-07-29 14:32:11
298.   BklynBmr
Over/Under on Ray's run total today: 14
2006-07-29 14:32:49
299.   Ron Burgundy
298 Over...
2006-07-29 14:33:36
300.   SF Yanks
I was in a good mood.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-29 14:34:32
301.   Mattpat11
291 A walk is better than a hit? Bullshit. I will take a hit over a walk 10 times out of 10.
2006-07-29 14:34:51
302.   C2Coke
295 Torre would probably say that he is saving Villion for later...
2006-07-29 14:35:11
303.   C2Coke
Nice try, Arod.
2006-07-29 14:35:14
304.   pistolpete
Well, I have yardwork I could be doing - later all.
2006-07-29 14:35:18
305.   Mattpat11
Chacon is AWFUL. The one redeeming quality is he's better than Ponson.

I would have left Johnson in.

2006-07-29 14:35:20
306.   randym77
291 Andy was getting walks his last two or three games, after Joe told him to work on his patience. He can do it. I guess he needs frequent reminders.
2006-07-29 14:35:24
307.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hollins with 5 rbi. This is embarrassing.
2006-07-29 14:36:47
308.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
307 Coming into the game he had all of 18 rbi in 225 abs. Pathetic.
2006-07-29 14:37:30
309.   Tarheel
Andy Phillips is awful, and has been--except for a few good defensive plays--all year. If this Pena guy is doing so well in the minors, why not bring him up for a try? He can't be any worse.

Chacon is done. He was very, very lucky the last time he was in. The ball he caught was one of those "look what I found" deals. Normally, that would have scored 2 runs. Today, one walk, one HBP, and a 2 run single. I will go out on a limb here and say that unless he shuts down the Rays the rest of this game, he will be DFA'd tomorrow.

2006-07-29 14:37:42
310.   Ron Burgundy
No way in hell we're overcoming a 6-Run deficit with "Cy Young" Seo pitching.
2006-07-29 14:38:12
311.   Mattpat11
306 Really, is Andy the type of player that we need to put all this effort into making better? He's a bench player. Just call up Pena.
2006-07-29 14:38:28
312.   Simone
I thought that inning would never end. Lots of innings left for the Yankees to rally.
2006-07-29 14:38:29
313.   BklynBmr
Anyone else feelin' a 7 pitch inning coming up for Seo?
2006-07-29 14:39:14
314.   Ron Burgundy
313 Try 5 pitches...
2006-07-29 14:40:13
315.   C2Coke
309 Unless there is some secret signing we don't know yet. Chacon probably still has a few more days here. Remember? Ponson is still on the team too.
2006-07-29 14:40:30
316.   Simone
RJ was a definite disappointment today. He was simply dreadful.
2006-07-29 14:40:51
317.   Tarheel
If those sorry m-th---uc---- can score 4 in an inning, the Yanks can too. Let's go Yankees!!
2006-07-29 14:41:49
318.   BklynBmr
RJ today: 3 1/3 - 9 runs - 6 hits - 0 K's - 3 BB - 1 HPB
2006-07-29 14:42:33
319.   C2Coke
316 The thing with RJ though, if he's bad, he'd be bad all the way through. Pull him early, the offense still has a chance.
2006-07-29 14:43:09
320.   C2Coke
319 And that is not just wishful thinking.
2006-07-29 14:43:14
321.   Simone
It is on you, Jeter.

318 Ugly.

2006-07-29 14:43:17
322.   Ravenscar

I mean, something else. ANYBODY with stones in the booth, Mel, c'mon. Anyone?

Well, I suppose one mention and at least the implication that it was actually stem cells that mean you're still alive there, Mel.

2006-07-29 14:43:25
323.   Mattpat11
316 You can't even blame too much of it on the keystone kops in the outfield. Its not like things were going great before hand.
2006-07-29 14:43:39
324.   Tarheel
White Sox are leading the BlOws now.
2006-07-29 14:43:43
325.   BklynBmr
OK, JD! Let's get it going, Yanks...
2006-07-29 14:43:49
326.   yankeemonkey
I saw Pena in a game last week - he's nothing special. OK defensively, so-so with the stick. Not much of an upgrade over AP that I could see. Andy just needs another kiss from ARod.
2006-07-29 14:44:51
327.   yankeemonkey
Nice job by the Captain. Blergh.
2006-07-29 14:45:12
328.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
309 Pena at Columbus this season: .264/.382/.456 Hardly stellar.

(Andy at Columbus last season: .300/.379/.573)

2006-07-29 14:45:45
329.   C2Coke
320 Or maybe it is.
2006-07-29 14:46:08
330.   Ron Burgundy
Offense has already packed it in for the day, no sense trying to fight this dominating pitcher. I shall see you all later. Stay classy, folks.
2006-07-29 14:47:18
331.   Mattpat11
322 I dont watch baseball to listen to political statements.

If you want to hear someone talk about stem cells, look up John Edwards. I'm sure he can guarantee the end of poverty like he did during the election.

And to be honest, I agree with your opinion on stemm cells

2006-07-29 14:47:19
332.   Simone
323 Yup, it is all on RJ. I think that as pitchers get older they need pitch in the NL. Look how Clemens has been in the NL.
2006-07-29 14:48:24
333.   singledd
3 for 3 for the worst hitter in the AL. Jeez......
2006-07-29 14:48:26
334.   Mattpat11
Chacon sucks.
2006-07-29 14:48:36
335.   randym77
Arrghh. Put Guiel in, please. With Obi-Shawn on the mound, good D is a must.
2006-07-29 14:49:04
336.   Simone
This is so sad. Let's go, Chacon.
2006-07-29 14:49:24
337.   BklynBmr
Trade talk is just a liiiiittle too quiet. Here's a nightmare: George steps in after Randy's meltdown today and quietly snatches The Rocket. I wouldn't put it past him...
2006-07-29 14:49:40
338.   Ron Burgundy
One last thing:
Tomas Perez came into this game hitting BELOW .200 and with an OPS BELOW .500. Today, he is 3-3 with 3 Doubles and 2 RBI. His AVG. is up to .209 and his OPS is up to .525.
2006-07-29 14:51:06
339.   Mattpat11
337 I'll take Roger.
2006-07-29 14:54:19
340.   brockdc
337 I would. It's in Cash's hands now, for better or for worse.

339 Not for Hughes, I won't! And did you guys not just finish saying how older NL pitchers get evicerated in the AL?

2006-07-29 14:54:49
341.   yankeemonkey
339 Roger will get lit up the first time he pitches against a decent team.
2006-07-29 14:56:50
342.   Stormer Sports
I hate to say it, but we actually need Pavano to come back and get a few decent starts in.
2006-07-29 14:58:08
343.   Stormer Sports

I'd trade Hughes for Carlos Zambrano in a heartbeat if we could get him.

2006-07-29 14:58:51
344.   Mattpat11
340Old Roger is better than Chacon and Ponson.
2006-07-29 14:58:56
345.   Ron Burgundy
343 Whoa! That's a bit much...
2006-07-29 14:59:21
346.   Mattpat11
342Pavano's not very good when he pitches.
2006-07-29 14:59:21
347.   BklynBmr
339 I doubt anyone but low-level prospects would be involved in any deal for Roger. It would be a salary dump for Houston, and a chance for Roger to get into the post season...
2006-07-29 14:59:25
348.   yankeemonkey
At least ARod continues hitting.
2006-07-29 15:01:51
349.   yankeemonkey
And this game demonstrates that one player can't carry a team no matter who he is. Doesn't matter if ARod hits 1.000, if there's no people on bases to drive him in or for him to drive in.
2006-07-29 15:03:22
350.   Stormer Sports

What do you think we do with RJ if we make the PS? We can't start him in game 1 because it's too important, and we can't start him in game 3 for the same reason. I guess Joe goes Moose, RJ, Wang if he has a brain cell left that is. That way if it goes 5 we have Moose to start and Wang to come out of the pen in game 5. What am I thinking, that would make sense. Joe would go Moose in game 5 and not use a starter out of the pen, god forbid.

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-07-29 15:04:49
351.   singledd
347 If Roger comes to the AL, it will be with Boston.
2006-07-29 15:05:05
352.   yankeemonkey
I'm also hoping someone is packing Chacon's bags, because he is gone after today.
2006-07-29 15:08:06
353.   Stormer Sports
I think it would be a wise decision to start stretching out Smith at Columbus. If he can get his walks under control, he might make a decent starter down the stretch. I honestly don't believe he would be any worse than Wright, and could be as or more effective as RJ.
2006-07-29 15:08:06
354.   Stormer Sports
I think it would be a wise decision to start stretching out Smith at Columbus. If he can get his walks under control, he might make a decent starter down the stretch. I honestly don't believe he would be any worse than Wright, and could be as or more effective as RJ.
2006-07-29 15:08:12
355.   BklynBmr
351 The rumor mill has Boston working on it. George may try the 'ol takeaway...
2006-07-29 15:09:19
356.   Stormer Sports
CLEMENS aint going anywhere. That is a pipe dream.
2006-07-29 15:13:12
357.   singledd
351 George has nothing to do with it. Rog goes where he wants to go. And that's Boston.
2006-07-29 15:18:25
358.   yankeemonkey
I don't see Theo going for it. He's not one to cough up a pile of cash for an old guy who will get bombed his first start in the AL east.
2006-07-29 15:19:27
359.   randym77
I thought that would be an easy popup, but it fell in. Jeet is so clutch. ;)
2006-07-29 15:20:03
360.   C2Coke
Jeter is red hot.
2006-07-29 15:23:47
361.   Simone
Ugh, A-Rod. Couldn't he have taken a pitch? Don't boo him!
2006-07-29 15:23:51
362.   yankeemonkey
Oh great. Boo birds wake up.
2006-07-29 15:23:53
363.   randym77
And the boos rain down on A-Rod.
2006-07-29 15:24:39
364.   yankeemonkey
But if he'd hit a GS in that situation, they'd blame him for padding his stats in a meaningless situation. Idiots.
2006-07-29 15:28:12
365.   yankeemonkey
362 They didn't give him much of a reprieve, did they. Kay: "Yankees had an opportunity but ARod got anxious and grounded out". It would still be 13-9 even with a GS! Gah.
2006-07-29 15:29:04
366.   singledd
358 So you're Theo... you are headed for the PS, you're a little weak on pitching, and Rog can be had for 6 weeks for 4 mil...
and you say...
(I dont think so)
Theo would be jumping up and down for a week to get Roger. Full circle for the HOF, not to mention a major leg up for the PS.
2006-07-29 15:29:55
367.   singledd
Wow... Trade Perez for ARod straight up!
2006-07-29 15:32:08
368.   yankeemonkey
Why is it that Angels/O's/Toronto etc always plays us like it's Game 7 of the World Series, yet lay down for just about everyone else?
2006-07-29 15:33:38
369.   randym77
I thought Joe was just going to leave Chacon in until the end. Guess he wasn't quite given up.
2006-07-29 15:35:48
370.   randym77
Damon's having a rough day out there. :-P
2006-07-29 15:36:39
371.   singledd
370 SHould Damon have had that double?
2006-07-29 15:37:10
372.   yankeemonkey
2006-07-29 15:37:40
373.   randym77
He thought he had it, obviously.
2006-07-29 15:38:47
374.   yankeemonkey
298 Definitely over. Jeebus.
2006-07-29 15:39:41
375.   singledd
There goes TB just padding their stats.
Shit... both Sox win.
How can RJ pitch so badly against this team?
2006-07-29 15:39:59
376.   randym77
Jeez, put the scrubs in already.
2006-07-29 15:41:13
377.   yankeemonkey
What do you want to bet ESPN will lead off with the booing of ARod tonight?
2006-07-29 15:41:16
378.   C2Coke
Wow...this game is now officially worse than the one on sunday with the Jays. To the least, the Jays is a good team.

Sorry, singledd, I didn't see your question long ago, but I'm currently in Canada so the national blackout doesn't apply.

Now that Torre has gave up the game, Beam is in. How long before he takes out Jeter, Posada, Damon and Arod?

2006-07-29 15:42:16
379.   yankeemonkey
Posada already out.
2006-07-29 15:42:42
380.   C2Coke
What difference a day makes? Suddenly, Torre only has two strong ace starters.
2006-07-29 15:43:37
381.   yankeemonkey
There should be a mercy rule in baseball.
2006-07-29 15:44:04
382.   C2Coke
Why not just wave the white flag?
2006-07-29 15:44:30
383.   Simone
Is the record going to fall today? Let us hope not.

This loss is squarely on Randy Johnson.

2006-07-29 15:45:09
384.   singledd
Well.... now we help get Gomes out of his slump. I hope TB thanks us after the game (or at least buys us dinner).
2006-07-29 15:45:17
385.   C2Coke
Why not just wave the white flag? They can just do it from the dugout, no need to run on to field.
2006-07-29 15:45:47
386.   Simone
381 I agree. We, the fans deserve mercy from this crappy baseball.
2006-07-29 15:45:55
387.   randym77
Does Kay have to tell the story about Gomes' heart attack and car accident every Tampa game?
2006-07-29 15:48:41
388.   yankeemonkey
I guess it doesn't bother me as much if Gomes breaks out of his slump when we're already losing by dozen. A game-winning shot would be worse.
2006-07-29 15:49:57
389.   C2Coke
387 No, he vows to do it every other inning when playing TB.
2006-07-29 15:51:57
390.   randym77
389 Sure seems that way sometimes.

Lately Derek Jeter has been saying, "It's all about pitching, pitching, pitching." Boy, is he right.

2006-07-29 15:54:15
391.   seamus
so, i hear Abreau is not in the Phillies lineup tonight?
2006-07-29 15:56:02
392.   C2Coke
Wow, Kay is actually blaming Phillips for the loss.
2006-07-29 15:56:54
393.   randym77
391 He's not. Whatever that means...
2006-07-29 15:57:14
394.   C2Coke
370 Not just lately, he always says that. But recently, we've got the good and the bad to back him up.
2006-07-29 15:58:19
395.   Mattpat11
Crosby SUCKS.
2006-07-29 15:59:13
396.   randym77
Ow. The ball bounced up and hit Miggy in the mouth.
2006-07-29 15:59:36
397.   C2Coke
I am not about to watch TB score more than 20. So, despite this disastrous game, have a good night and enjoy your evening, y'all!
2006-07-29 16:01:06
398.   randym77
Good gravy. What is Joe doing? Guiel at 1B? Andy at 3B?

Error on Fasano but a real first baseman would have gotten it.

2006-07-29 16:01:35
399.   yankeemonkey
So....the new over/under is 25.
2006-07-29 16:01:54
400.   Simone
This is so sad to watch.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-07-29 16:03:07
401.   seamus
i had to stop watching.
2006-07-29 16:03:08
402.   singledd
TJ must feel pretty good about the D behind him now.
2006-07-29 16:03:59
403.   yankeemonkey
ZerO's showing signs of life...
2006-07-29 16:04:03
404.   Ron Burgundy
Tomas Perez, who came into this game hitting below .200 and with an OPS below .500, went 5-5 today, with 2 RBI, and 4 Runs. His batting average went up from .194 to .219 and his OPS went up from .478 to .549. The 5 hits in a game is a career high for Perez, and the 4 doubles in a game is a Tampa Bay Devil Rays franchise record.
2006-07-29 16:04:30
405.   randym77
I can't stop watching. It's like a bad car accident...
2006-07-29 16:05:37
406.   Ron Burgundy
398 But we the fans, would kill Joe if he takes Bernie out, or so he says. So he put Guiet at 1B.
2006-07-29 16:07:50
407.   yankeemonkey
OK this is too much. Nick Green's bat is stuck in the rack.
2006-07-29 16:08:10
408.   randym77
Oh, man, it really is one of those days. Nick Green can't even get his bat out of the bat rack.
2006-07-29 16:08:26
409.   BklynBmr
Hmmm. No real noise on the trade front, Yanks give up 20 runs to Tampa — a team The Boss does not like to be embarrassed by — at home, no less, a few days before the deadline. I've got a hunch the equipment manager is going to be a busy man over the next few days...
2006-07-29 16:09:20
410.   randym77
407 Maybe it's been there so long it's put down roots.
2006-07-29 16:09:21
411.   yankeemonkey
409 It's not 20 yet! Don't make it sound worse than it is....
2006-07-29 16:11:17
412.   yankeemonkey
Murcer is saying Yanks should fake-bunt to get on base. Why???
2006-07-29 16:12:13
413.   rbj
I just got in. WTF happened?
2006-07-29 16:12:30
414.   randym77
412 Stat-padding?
2006-07-29 16:13:02
415.   randym77
413 Another Randy Johnson implosion.
2006-07-29 16:14:25
416.   yankeemonkey
409 If this game proved anything it's that Yankees need pitching. Can Abreu pitch?

Why is Joe burning out Villone in this game? Just let Beam finish it...

2006-07-29 16:16:26
417.   randym77
Bet the Yanks will stomp all over the Rays tomorrow.
2006-07-29 16:18:15
418.   seamus
416 is Rivera or Proctor warming up yet?
2006-07-29 16:18:40
419.   yankeemonkey
Villone restores some order. Now just end it...
2006-07-29 16:19:57
420.   yankeemonkey
418 I think Proctor was stretching just before the last out.
2006-07-29 16:21:23
421.   BklynBmr
416 There is no pitching to be had unless you want to give up our top 3 prospects. This will only pressure Cashman to get creative with some 3-way deal that lands Sori. Abreu can't pitch, and he hasn't been hitting much either.

We may be better off trying to hang around until Cano, Godzilla and maybe Sheff get back.

2006-07-29 16:21:44
422.   rbj
Ya know, I spent the day sweating at Aikido. As tired and yucky as I feel, I still feel glad that I missed today's game. It is only one game, and the D-Rays are going to be too tired to hit tomorrow.
2006-07-29 16:21:51
423.   Simone
Nick Green starts a 14 run rally.
2006-07-29 16:22:09
424.   randym77
Leadoff double for Nick, who finally extricated his bat from the bat rack.
2006-07-29 16:24:56
425.   Simone
Giambi killing the rally. Guiel about to hit a 14 run home run.
2006-07-29 16:26:59
426.   randym77
421 I don't see any way we're getting Sori.

Abreu maybe, because no one else wants him, and they really want to dump his salary.

Bizarre stat someone posted at YES this morning: Since mid-June, Bubba Crosby has more homers than Bobby Abreu.

2006-07-29 16:27:11
427.   yankeemonkey
425 LOL!
2006-07-29 16:27:21
428.   singledd
416 I disagree. Of course, any team can always use more good pitching, but since Toronto scored 19, we have pitched great.

We have RJ as our ace. We will simply have to hope that 4 out of 5 games he is good. Blowouts like this happen. It's like the whole team has a mental lapse. It's meaningless... just like the 19 run game in Toronto.

Of our previous 4 loses, 2 were by one run. This is where another bat could make the difference. Since the 19 run Toronto game, we have given up exactly 4 runs/game (and some of those run were unearned, at that includes a 13 run game for Toronto). So all-in-all, our pitching has been good.

2006-07-29 16:29:44
429.   Simone
Thank goodness this hellish game is over. Oh well, the Yankees will get them tomorrow.
2006-07-29 16:30:11
430.   yankeemonkey
428's just one game, one way or another and at least most of the bullpen got a break, too.

A lot of it has to fall on (Damon's) defense early on...if he doesn't bobble that ball, RJ gets out of the inning 1-2-3, and who knows how the rest of it goes. Oh well, take your lumps and move on. Hopefully Moose can pick them up tomorrow.

2006-07-29 16:31:13
431.   randym77
Hey, we held them to under 20 runs!
2006-07-29 16:33:34
432.   randym77
Damon really did have a bad time in the OF today. Still injured, or just one of those days? He actually got an error on that fly ball he missed. OFers rarely get errors.
2006-07-29 16:33:48
433.   BklynBmr
426 Re: Sori — no, neither do I. Unless George really goes sideways and demands the best bat available.

Abreu would almost be making a move just to make a move. Slim pickings out there, once again...

2006-07-29 16:40:32
434.   BklynBmr
Sterling: "Stay tuned for the highlights". Trying to laugh, but I'm still cryin'...

Cliché time: Better this than a 2-1 bullpen blown loss. Wash those uni's and go get 'em tomorrow...

2006-07-29 16:43:46
435.   randym77
We'll kick their butts tomorrow.
2006-07-29 16:57:44
436.   randym77
Well, both Joe and Randy deny there was anything physically wrong. Randy wouldn't answer when they asked him why he was bent over in the bullpen before the game.
2006-07-29 17:03:25
437.   yankeemonkey
So basically he just sucked, eh? Good to know...
2006-07-29 17:16:11
438.   randym77
I sure looked to me like he was having back problems. The way he was bent over in the bullpen is not normal. And just looked like a guy whose back was killing him. Or maybe it was his knees. He looked very uncomfortable, grimacing, etc.

Kim Jones asked him why he was bent over in the bullpen three times, and he ducked the question each time.

2006-07-29 18:19:54
439.   confucius
438 After reading the box score the bullpen wasn't the only place he was bent over.
2006-07-29 19:08:57
440.   yankz
Cashman just lost some bargaining power. I'm about to ralph.
2006-07-29 19:15:04
441.   randym77
439 ROFL!

440 I don't think Cashman lost any bargaining power. It's one day, one game. It's baseball. Things like this happen. If we were trading Randy Johnson, we'd have lost some bargaining power, but we're not.

Amusingly, someone posted to a Phillies board tonight, claiming his "contacts" in the NYC media told him that the Yanks have offered Duncan, Clippard, Melky, and Proctor for Abreu and Lieber. ROFL! And many of them think that would be a ripoff...for the Phillies.

2006-07-29 19:50:41
442.   monkeypants
433 "Abreu would almost be making a move just to make a move. Slim pickings out there, once again..."

Huh? His OPS is about .850--or, better than any Yakee OF on the 25-man roster. We ahve to accept that Sheff is not coming back this year, and prpare for the likelihood that Matsui will not be effective for some after (if?) he comes back in August.

The question is not whether adding Abreu would help--he would. The question is whether or not the deal is too costly

2006-07-29 21:52:18
443.   BklynBmr
442 IMHO, Abreu is too costly. We'd be on the hook for $15M in 2007, and $16M in '08 (or the team option of a $2M buyout). You tell me if that money could be better spent next year and beyond.

Also — and I dunno, you hear things, I hear things — but he has the 'lazy' tag, the 'me first' thing beneath the surface. Not sayin' he is Raul Mondesi II by any means, but he ain't no Paulie either.

He is not putting up the power numbers I would expect we'd like to see for a contract of this magnitude.

We already have a few guys who can work counts and get on base, what we need is someone to drive them in. Abreu has 8 HRS? There are 13 rookies in MLB right now with 8 or more dingers.

Unless Philly throws in Lidel, Lieber or Flash and the Liberty Bell, I say pass on this. We need to get younger, faster, leaner ($) and meaner...

2006-07-29 23:25:13
444.   Stormer Sports


Great post. I could not agree more. I don't know if it could be explained any better than the concise complete persuasive summary you wrote.

What scares the hell out me is that they will pull off some crazy deal like the one in 441. We have to understand that deals like that just don't work anymore in this league, no matter what your financial situation. We have to hope for the best. If we can make a small deal for a guy like Lieber or Lidle that would be great. I would hope they don't have to offer much to take on one of those contracts. There is no way the Phillies are trading Gordon, put it out on the curb for pickup. We cannot adopt the ESPN "YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHNING, AND SOON!" brainwashery.

As for Randy Johnson, I think he was hurting. However I liked that he wouldn't talk about it. We need him desperately and I like that he isn't making excuses. I believe he will bear down and do everything he can do to help the team. If he can't do it physically then he can't do it, but I don't think he'll give up. We're stuck with him, so all I ask is that he works hard to get better, and I think he'll try to do that.

2006-07-29 23:28:42
445.   Stormer Sports
... and for God's sake. We should not entertain offers for Melky, not with what looks to be available out there. It wouldn't surprise me if we hear about some creative 3 team deal that blows your mind, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did absolutely nothing either.
2006-07-30 01:32:48
446.   singledd
Abreu AVG .301 | HR 22 | OBP .412 | SLG .507
Matsu AVG .295 | HR 23 | OBP .369 | SLG .482
Sheff AVG .298 | HR 33 | OBP .398 | SLG .524

Reading the above MLB career numbers, Abreu leads Mats (in OPS) by 60 pts and is equal to Sheff... so at $15 mil, he is overpaid by 15% ??? (this years he gets 13.6 mil)

In talking about if WE (meaning G. Steinbrenner) can afford Abreu, WE have to look beyond his salary.

1) What is the ultimate cost when we trade a prospect who, IF he turns into MLB material, would have been cheap for many years

2) How much money do WE NOT make, if we miss the PS. This is KEY in the 2006 equation.

I asked this before. If we sell 50,000 tickets per game, at $40 (including parking, food, etc)... that's 2 mil/game. If we win the series, thats 7 home games (14 mil).

I have NO idea what the numbers really are. I just threw out the numbners above. Player bonus, peripheral sales (hats, jerseys, all hard goods), endorsements/advertising, TV revenue, tickets sales... and probably a whole lot more go into the equation.

Just HOW MUCH is the WS worth in actual $$$ earned? HOW MUCH IS THE WS WORTH???

We know that the Yankees making the PS this year is close. 50/50 chance? Less?

We know that 2 or 3 wins COULD be the difference between the PS or not. One impact batter/fielder could certainly be worth 3 wins (over Bernie/Guiel).

So in looking at what Abreu will cost US, we can not even speak about this until we know what MISSING the PS will cost us in actual $$, not to mention the sheer joy/need to win this year.

Abreu is 5 years younger then Shef, and has very similar career numbers... although significantly less HRs (RBI being more a factor of team). If we get Abreu and swap him for Shef, the future $$$ difference is not that great... but we have him THIS YEAR. He might make THE difference THIS year.

If someone has some idea of the actual CASH value of the PS, please post it or the link.

Sending your kid to college may cost over $100,000. Ouch! But how much does it cost to NOT send your kid to college?

Yes... Abreau is 10-20% overpriced. But for a few years, in order to save the farm for a less expensive team post 2008, we are going to have to overspend some for 2006-2008.

By the by, Sori's career OPS is slightly less then Matsui (.836 to .851). I imagine he will cost in the 12-14 mil range.

Please also consider that Damon will be a bag of bones by the end of the year. I don't think he can be an everyday player.

2006-07-30 02:51:34
447.   randym77
Peter Abraham blogged about Abreu last night. He thinks the Yanks should avoid him.

>> Abreu hasn't hit a home run since June 13 and he plays his home games in a Little League park. Why would the Yankees want this guy beyond this season? Under the new drug-testing rules, power statistics compiled in previous years are almost meaningless. I'm not suggesting Abreu did anything wrong. All I am saying is he has gone seven weeks without a homer. <<

I have to say, that thought crossed my mind, too. The curse of the homerun derby? Or the curse of steroids testing?

2006-07-30 08:18:25
448.   yankeemonkey
447 I'd go with the latter seeing as no one but Abreu had problems hitting homeruns after the derby (see: Ryan Howard, David Wright, etc). The only way the derby could've screwed him is if a) he got injured or b) his swing got completely fouled up. Injury would've become public knowledge by now, and it doesn't take over a year to fix your swing. Thus, while I'm not saying Abreu is/was on steroids, it's the more likely cause for a power outage.

I don't know....I'd rather Yankees got someone like David Delucci. Solid, unspectacular, hardnosed. Another superstar on this team might just completely destroy whatever chemistry they've got going this year. Sad.

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