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2006-07-26 05:18
by Alex Belth

The Yankees only mustered four hits againt the Rangers on Tuesday night but still managed to come away with a 7-4 win. Wildness was the case for Texas, who allowed three runs in fourth inning on a five walks, a hit batter and a single. But it was Aaron Guiel's three-run dinger in the fifth that proved to be the decisive blow. Pete Abraham of The Journal News has dubbed Guiel "Ralph Malph." I've got a more random call (and it only works looking at him head-on when he's at bat): Sissy Spacek. It's the nose, mouth, the freckles. Work with me on this one.

Mike Mussina was far from brilliant but he was good enough to earn victory number 12 on the season. Scott Proctor--the subject of trade rumors--pitched well, as did Mariano Rivera, who earned the save (#24). Alex Rodriguez had a decent night (HBP, two walks, two runs scored). He whiffed in his last at bat after narrowly missing a home run, but looked just fine in the field. Actually, he looked great. Had that confident, concentrated look on his mug again. I'm guessing that being back in Texas has been helpful. According to Tyler Kepner in The New York Times:

The Yankees also seem to be loosening up. Even Alex Rodriguez, who has not made an error since Friday, playfully kissed teammate Andy Phillips on the back of the head when a scoreboard "Kiss Cam" focused on the Yankees' bench.

"It meant a lot," Phillips said, laughing. "I can tell my grandkids about that."

After his smooch, Rodriguez got up and walked to the other end of the dugout, raising his arms over his head and winking at the camera.

Johnny Damon sat out a second-straight night with a sore back. He is expected to be back in the line-up this evening.

In other news...

"I don't want him, you can have him, he's too fat for me," Alice Kramden sang to her husband once a long time ago. This was the first thing that popped into my head when I read in the Post that the Yankees have picked up back-up catcher Sal Fasano, previously of the Phillies. Bonzone and now Fasano. I believe that Kelly Stinnett has done a poor job in the role, but can Fasano be much better? Somewhere, someone (or a lot of someones) are chuckling about this one. What's Fasano worth without that mustache, which I'm sure he'll have to shave? Also, I remember calling Ron Hassey Ron Fatassy, back in the eighties. Anyone come up with a good one for Fasano yet? This is mine (with a nod to Dimelo): Ron Jeremy plus the late Vincent Schiavelli.

Lastly, Jack Curry reports that Phillip Hughes will not be pitching for the US Olympic team, now or anytime soon.

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2006-07-26 05:52:54
1.   rbj
So who's catching tonight. Didn't Torre earlier in the week say he was going to rest Posada today so that he'd get two days off?
Yanks need Jorge's bat, but I don't want to see him broken down come Sept/Oct.
2006-07-26 05:53:35
2.   Dimelo
Fasano looks like Ron Jeremy. We got a porn character behind the plate.
2006-07-26 05:55:56
3.   Alex Belth
That's good. But he's got those huge, dark circles under his eyes that are very Italian, and not Jewish (RJ).
2006-07-26 05:57:18
4.   Bruce Markusen
Alex, I think Fu Manchu Fasano is a nice upgrade over Stinnett, who has looked overmatched at the plate all season long. Fasano, who reminds me of Pete Vuckovich (1980s model) with his mustache and hair, has some power and will put up better at-bats than Stinnett. The bench is a little bit better today than it was yesterday.
2006-07-26 06:01:27
5.   Dimelo
I never knew the dark circles under the eyes were Italian. Now you got me thinking of all the Italians I know and whether they have those dark circles under their eyes. Interesting...I'll have to pay close attention.
2006-07-26 06:03:23
6.   jonm
That Proctor-Betemit trade rumor is fascinating. The Yankees would win that deal from a talent standpoint, but it would take huge balls on Cashman's part to make that deal given Proctor's recent effectiveness and the uncertainty regarding Dotel. They would be maxing out on Proctor's value and he is a fungible middle reliever, after all.

If Betemit is merely going to be used in a utility role, I'm not sure that I would do it. If, on the other hand, the Betemit deal is a prelude for using Cano as the centerpiece in another deal, then maybe I would. I think that Cano could probably be the key player in a Willis deal. That deal would max out Cano's value too.

Decisions like these are why Cashman makes the big bucks. I'm not sure I would want to be the one to pull the trigger on both a Procter and a Cano deal.

2006-07-26 06:03:33
7.   Dimelo
*Breaking news

New York Post : A-Rod Didn't Floss This Morning

Oh my God....what are we to do?

2006-07-26 06:11:34
8.   Sliced Bread
I don't know if Guiel has "Carrie's" telekinetic powers, but he really does look a little like Sissy. Good one.

Speaking of "Overnight Sensations," Zappa Fasano can keep rockin' the 'stache, no?

Just got this scouting report on him from my friendly neighborhood Phillies fan:

- good fundamentals behind the plate, (i.e. blocks the plate, runs down pop up's, etc.) but can he call a game?

- strikes out every other at-bat.

2006-07-26 06:17:35
9.   Felix Heredia
Trade Proctor? I've been wondering for two years whether Proctor is the closer of the future. The buzz on him in the minors was that he occasionally touched 100 m.p.h., and this year he seems to have developed some confidence on the mound (particularly now that he's rested).
2006-07-26 06:20:09
10.   Dimelo
No to Proctor as a closer.

6 I think he makes a good point about whether to trade Proctor. I had the same feeling when I read the piece in the post this morning.

2006-07-26 06:20:49
11.   Knuckles
Howzabout FU-sano? Given the 'stache...

He may not be better than Stinnett, but at least he's not Stinnett. Plus he looks like a catcher.

2006-07-26 06:36:51
12.   Erik Siegrist
jon - How do you figure Cano would be a good fit for the Marlins (even assuming Dontrelle's on the block, which he isn't)? Their 2B is only one of the current favorites for NL Rookie of the Year.
2006-07-26 06:49:30
13.   Alex Belth
Zappa. That's a good one.
2006-07-26 06:52:36
14.   jonm
12 Erik

I'm just speculating, but perhaps they would move Cabrera back to the OF and move Cano or Uggla to third.

The only reason that I speculate like this is that I think that a Betemit-Proctor trade would be a prelude to something else. I don't think that the Yankees would risk trading Proctor for a utility player and Willis is one of the few players for whom the Yankees would be willing to trade Cano. I don't think that they would trade Cano for Soriano, Carlos Lee, or Abreu.

2006-07-26 06:53:05
15.   Sliced Bread
1 If he doesn't have a dodgeball game tonight, and if they can find pants that fit him, we'll probably see Sal "What's A Salad?" Fasano behind the plate tonight. Torre usually gets newcomers into the games right away.
2006-07-26 06:55:02
16.   Dan-el
For any of you who follow/bash Baseball Tonight, some interesting news on Harold Reynolds, who has been fired:

2006-07-26 06:56:09
17.   jedi
Don't know if this was posted already, but Reynolds allegedly was fired because of sexual harrasment.

2006-07-26 07:08:26
18.   rsmith51
"The buzz in the Yankees' clubhouse yesterday was that the team turned down Proctor for Abreu straight-up with the Yankees absorbing the $23.5 million left on Abreu's contract through next season. There is a $16 million option for 2008 that Abreu likely would want picked up to drop the no-trade provision."

Anyone hear this rumor? I would do this deal in a heartbeat. I am guessing that it isn't true.

2006-07-26 07:10:11
19.   JL25and3
5 Torre's certainly got them.
2006-07-26 07:13:51
20.   Jen
Sal Fasano reminds me of Carmine Appice.
2006-07-26 07:20:12
21.   unmoderated
fasano is lev adrapov from armageddon.

2006-07-26 07:20:19
22.   Sliced Bread
Would be nice if the Yanks can complete the sweep tonight. They've had some difficulty breaking out the broom this season.

They've converted 3 (KC, ChiSox, TX) of 10 sweep opportunities (in series of 3 games or more), losing the final game 7 times (OAK, TB, BAL, BOS, FLA, SEA, DET).

Close the deal, Yanks!

2006-07-26 07:21:08
23.   alterity
Fortunately or unfortunately, there's no way they can trade Cano as he's on the DL and will be through the deadline (or so it sounds). No way he clears waivers.
2006-07-26 07:22:33
24.   Chyll Will
Sal Fu-Schnickens
2006-07-26 07:27:49
25.   Sliced Bread
20 Carmine Appice! Excellent, and that led me to Fasano's ultimate doppelganger:

"Derek Smalls", bass player, Spinal Tap.

2006-07-26 07:28:44
26.   vockins
20 Carmine Appice or Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap.
2006-07-26 07:29:15
27.   vockins
Great minds, etc.
2006-07-26 07:31:39
28.   Sliced Bread
Your attention please, ladies, and gentlemen. Now batting, Sal "Smell The Glove" Fasano.
2006-07-26 07:33:19
29.   bp1
25 Does he carry a foil covered cucumber in his uniform pants? In these post 9/11 days, the security guys take those metal detectors seriously now.

Derek Jeter - meet Derek Smalls.

DJ: "You related to Aaron"?
DS: "Uh, no man. Aaron who? Do you play drums? We seem to have lost our drummer again."
DJ: "No drums. Stay away from my gloves and we'll be cool. That big tall guy in the corner is all yours. Go make nice."
DS: "Does he play drums?"

2006-07-26 07:37:22
30.   Alvaro Espinoza
Not sure what to make of this (from today's NY Post). Anyone with DirecTV feel free to post a review:

"July 26, 2006 -- YES and DirecTV announced a new initiative yesterday called YES Interactive for non-HD Yankee home games. A viewer can use his remote to switch to a Bonus Cam, which will give isolated coverage of action away from what is being shown on the main game coverage."


2006-07-26 07:38:48
31.   pistolpete
I, for one, am glad we now have Fasano - after all, no one had been walking to the plate to "Finiculi finicula" since who, David Delucci?
2006-07-26 07:39:51
32.   pistolpete
30 Like what, the camera guy zooming in on the hot blonde in the 3rd row? Looking forward to it! ;-)
2006-07-26 07:44:07
33.   Milo13
In the Times today, Guiel looks more like Peter Weller circa Buckaroo Banzai.
2006-07-26 07:46:07
34.   Alvaro Espinoza
32 Either that or Torre picking his nose :(
2006-07-26 07:49:18
35.   Sliced Bread
30 Bonus Cam = Sunflower Seed Spittin' Cam

Although a sneaky operator might catch Sterling and Waldman holding hands.

2006-07-26 07:49:34
36.   Bama Yankee
This just in: ESPN's Steve Phillips is reporting that A-Rod's dugout "kiss" of Andy Phillips last night has opened the Yankees organization up to a potential sexual harassment lawsuit. He suggested that the Yankees trade A-Rod to Boston where "hugging and kissing in the dugout is not only tolerated, it is encouraged."
2006-07-26 07:50:45
37.   C2Coke
I was watching some highlights just now. I saw the part when the guys came off the bench to congratulate the players on the field. And there was a dude somewhat taller with dark hair, is that the dude who is earning millions for doing nothing but occupying the massage table (which is meant for Damon and Jeter at this point)while healing his butt?
2006-07-26 07:51:38
38.   C2Coke
36 LOL!
2006-07-26 07:52:05
39.   Sliced Bread
36 6 points for Bama!
2006-07-26 07:56:05
40.   Bama Yankee
8,15 & 35 Good ones as usual, Sliced. "Sterling and Waldman holding hands"... that's a classic. Maybe they could add Harold Reynolds to the booth.
2006-07-26 08:18:13
41.   C2Coke
40 Surely Reynolds would rather be in the dugout just in case the Kiss Cam rolls by.
2006-07-26 08:33:25
42.   Simone
16 17 No way ESPN fired Harold Reynolds because of one incident of sexual harassment. This unwanted hug must have capped off several reported incidents of sexual harrassment. You messed up, Harold. I'm sure that FOX or another network will hire him though.
2006-07-26 08:33:40
43.   Bama Yankee
41 How about Harold Reynolds and Suzy Kolber on the sidelines for MNF? Of course, Joe Namath would get jealous...
2006-07-26 08:37:52
44.   claybeez
41 ROFL!

What I remember about Fasano is that last season while taking over for an injured Javy Lopez he demonstrated some power, Now he's no great hitter, but he should offer more punch that Stinnett when he plays and if Jorge, knock on wood, were to get injured. He hit 11 HR in 160AB that season. I say it's worth a shot and hopefully we waive the facial hair rules for him. Then we have Pimp and Hoes Friday at the Stadium.

2006-07-26 08:39:44
45.   JL25and3
This thread has definitely demonstrated that Fasano has far more nickname potential than Kelly "Kelly" Stinnett. I'm not at all convinced that it's any upgrade at all - this is the same Sal Fasano that wasn't as good as Flash.

I figure that if he had anything to contribute, the Yankees wouldn't be picking hm up. They seem to have a rule against backup catchers who have any skills

2006-07-26 08:40:40
46.   Bama Yankee
I just had a thought: How can we get Monica Lewinski, Paula Jones, Anita Hill or someone similar introduced to Joe Morgan and Tim McCarver?
2006-07-26 08:48:29
47.   ChuckM
I found this on the Harold Reynolds thing on, of all places...


Though it has nothing to do with football, we were stunned to see that ESPN abruptly fired baseball analyst Harold Reynolds.

So we poked around a little bit with some of our industry connections (yes, we have a few) to find out why Reynolds has gotten the boot.

Here's what we learned.

Reynolds recently had signed a new contract with ESPN, and was let go for "a fairly significant company violation." Fueled by rumors that we spotted on regarding the question of whether Reynolds had uttered phrases like "You're with me, leather" to one or more of his female co-workers, we pressed for more info, and our source told us that it was "definitely" a case of sexual harassment.

Based on our legal experience, it's unusual for the employer to dump the alleged harasser, if there's any concern that the matter might end up in litigation. It becomes difficult for the company to claim that the allegations aren't valid if the company has fired the guy.

Our guess? There must be some pretty damning evidence to prompt the network to move so quickly -- along the lines, say, of George Costanza's activities with the cleaning lady to whom he gave the sweater with the red spot. Otherwise, ESPN would have waited until a more natural point to sever the relationship.

Also, given that Reynolds had recently signed a new contract, it's pretty clear that this is something that just, um, popped up.

2006-07-26 08:50:17
48.   Bama Yankee
Overheard in the Yankee Clubhouse:

Equipment Manager: "What are we gonna do with these old David Wells uniforms?"

Brian Cashman: "Get me Sal Fasano's agent on the phone, pronto!"

2006-07-26 08:51:10
49.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
30 I've been wondering when American sports would pick up on the extra cam thing that viewers control. Skysports in the UK has had that feature for years for EPL football matches. I believe you can switch between multiple cams there. Frustrating for us Yanks b/c often the matches shown here are the Sky feed and the announcers will say "for Sky interactive digital subscribers press such and such button to switch between cameras."

As for HR, I read yesterday via an anonymous email from someone at ESPN who said that the sexual harrassment story being leaked is a red-herring and that HR got fired b/c he went ballistic on the producers when they told him that BT, and ESPN's 2-game coverage of the Yanks/Rangers series, would be all-ARod all the time. Sure it's anonymous, but so is the P story as well.

2006-07-26 08:51:57
50.   Chyll Will
What'dya mean no nickname potential for Helly Stinnett?
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2006-07-26 08:52:39
51.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Sorry, AP story
2006-07-26 09:00:43
52.   rsmith51
51 Sounds to me like the sexual harassment story was confirmed.
2006-07-26 09:01:43
53.   rsmith51
51 BTW, are you going to any of the Yankee games in Chicago on August 8-10?
2006-07-26 09:06:45
54.   AbbyNormal821
Dimelo - I'm going to call you "Killer", 'cause you SLAY me! That Brushback article was hysterical!!!!
2006-07-26 09:06:54
55.   jkay
The Yankees announced today that they have acquired catcher Sal Fasano from the Philadelphia Phillies in exchange for minor-league infielder Hector Made. To make room for Fasano on their 25-man and 40-man rosters, the Yankees designated catcher Kelly Stinnett for assignment.

Made, 21, was batting .286 (90-for-315) in 86 games with Class-A Tampa in 2006. He was signed by the Yankees as a non-drafted free agent out of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on July 17, 2001.

2006-07-26 09:11:00
56.   Alvaro Espinoza
49 Story ran in today's NY Post quoting Reynolds as saying:

"This was a total misunderstanding," Reynolds told The Post. "My goal is to sit down and get back. To be honest with you, I gave a woman a hug and I felt like it was misinterpreted."

So, unless he was hugging A-rod (and we all know that Andy Phillips has 1st dibs) the original story appears to be true.

2006-07-26 09:11:35
57.   tommyl
55 Confirming that Cliff (I think?) was right in the offseason to say that the signing of Stinnet to appease RJ was a mistake as it blocked our going after Piazza. It seems like a small move, but right now with the injuries that's a huge deal. Piazza could be in a DH/1B platoon with Giambi and occasionally backing up Jorge when he needs a rest. If everyone was healthy then at worst you have Piazza as a PH off the bench. In my opinion, huge mistake by the front office.
2006-07-26 09:14:42
58.   tommyl
Also, I'll toot my own horn and say that not signing Frank Thomas was another mistake. Not sure if they could have gotten him, but then you could have either not signed Cairo or kept Andy at AAA as a backup. You only need one replacement level utility guy at a time.

As for Piazza, he was on record saying he wanted to come to NY.

2006-07-26 09:18:51
59.   Chyll Will
49 Quite interesting, and perhaps a few people here and on Griddle had first speculated that.

Do you think it's fair to determine what was the cause of his firing without getting a full statement from ESPN, considering that they are perfectly willing to let the public speculate on a matter as serious as sexual harrassment? So far, I've only read about one second-hand statement from Reynolds in regard to this which could be interpretied in a few ways, but this anonymous letter throws in a different angle that should not be taken lightly.

It doesn't call ANY question to mind that while ESPN has a history of harrassment situations, they decide now to fire a high-profile talent without comment and allow rampant speculation to build all over the sports world?

My point: a man's liveliood is at stake, no matter what you think of him; until I hear statements and reactions from both sides either here or perhaps in court, then ESPN has gotten us all over a barrel in terms of the control they weild. I asked about MSG and Isaiah and no one said anything, but are they really exclusive objectives and agendas? Sorry, I can't say anything until someone starts seriously talking.

I'm willing to admit I'm wrong about this if the evidence is there, but please don't speculate about it, don't allow people like me to run my mouth and bury a man without knowing what he actually did. Show it where it will stand up, or go warm up a nice cup...

2006-07-26 09:33:13
60.   Dimelo
Maybe HR got fired because after he had sex with the girl he got up and left and didn't stay to watch Cold Pizza with her. She got mad, called harassment on him and the rest is history.

Sometimes it's the little things we don't do that get us in trouble. I'm sure HR will be more than fine. He can come and work for YES, then they can let go of David Justice - I find his butchering of the English language quite offensive.

2006-07-26 09:50:07
61.   Max
59 Chyll, my experience in corporate life with situations like this is that the company has to have a pretty big file on someone, or whatever transgression occurred has to be pretty major to just fire someone this suddently with this high a profile. I don't want to bury someone like Reynolds either without more evidence, but just the superficial details do not look good.

It seems like too much of a stretch to believe that an argument over coverage would spur this kind of firing, especially so soon after a new contract was signed.

I agree with others that HR will be fine...if Marv Albert can survive the biting and women's undergarment stories, HR will survive this. The sports world can be amazingly forgiving of personal transgressions among its inner circle.

2006-07-26 09:54:05
62.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
52 Yeah, I hadn't seen the Post story quoting HR when I posted that.

53 I'll probably try and hit one game in the Sox/Yanks series, but haven't gotten tickets yet. I'm still used to the days when you could just walk up to the ticket window at Sox Park on gameday and get a ticket. Forgot those days are over, for now. Hope I don't get shut out.

2006-07-26 10:05:16
63.   pistolpete
62 Yeah, had a similar experience with the ticket booth in the Bronx up until about 1995.
2006-07-26 10:14:52
64.   Dimelo
63 I remember as a kid taking the 1 train from Dyckman and going to Yankee stadium so we can watch Mattingly, Ricky, and Righetti. Going to the game was like going to the museum of natural history or Macy's. You never had to worry if you can get in. Those days are long gone....this might be the first year in a long time that I don't go to a game at the stadium.
2006-07-26 10:15:20
65.   dianagramr
Bottom of the 2nd at Tropicana Field this afternoon:
Angels 12, D-Rays 4
(the wind must be blowing ... uh .. around)
2006-07-26 10:20:37
66.   rsmith51
62 I went the route and just got seats for the August 9th game.

Getting ChiSox tickets is definitely a lot harder now, although Yankee games generally have a jump in attendence anyway.

I went to a game in Minnesota and saw Mo give up the lead in the bottom of the ninth. Hopefully this game will turn out better. I did get to see Santana and Liriano pitch, which was a treat.

2006-07-26 10:21:52
67.   Sliced Bread
re: Reynolds and the ESPN Production Assistant rumor.

Deadspin links to a report that the
alleged "inappropriate hug" took place at an Outback Steakhouse.

Did HR reach "down unda" and grab her "outback?"

Or was he hankerin' for the "Ribs On The Barbie", full rack?

Perhaps he learned "No rules, just right" doesn't apply in all situations.

But holy "Jackeroo Chops," before judging the man, let's hear the facts, and consider this:
who among us has not fallen victim to the potent aphrodisiac that is the "Bloomin' Onion"?

2006-07-26 10:22:07
68.   dianagramr

... and despite the 8-run lead, Bartolo Colon was removed from the game after the 1st inning. Can't be good news for the Angels.

2006-07-26 10:26:48
69.   YankeeInMichigan
55 .300 career OBP. Nah.
2006-07-26 10:28:57
70.   Sliced Bread
Here's the HR Outback story from "The Big Lead"

2006-07-26 10:51:55
71.   Shaun P
Slightly off topic from the rest of the comments - and I apologize in advance if I'm stealing from Cliff's post for tonight's game - but anyone else concerned with who the Yanks are facing tonight? Last night, the Rangers radio guys mentioned that Rheinecker is a rookie who's never faced the Yanks before, and I immediately thought, "Crap, an URP!"
2006-07-26 10:57:24
72.   seamus
71 another no name? ugh!

I wonder how much of this has to do with Yankees being guess hitters who use their knowledge of pitchers to hit.

2006-07-26 10:58:14
73.   seamus
and so prior has a no hitter through 5 2/3 but has walked four.
2006-07-26 10:59:27
74.   pistolpete
64 Call me a 'bad fan', but now that I live up in the middle of CT, I tend not to make the effort unless I'm either a) given the seats for free or b) I'm buying out someone else's season tix, thereby ensuring a decent seat.

When I used to live in Tarrytown, NY, it was such an easy jaunt down 87 on a Friday afternoon & you could slide right into that lot at the very end of the farmer's market - you know, the one that dumped you right back on 87 northbound once you exited?

I've gone to a couple Sunday games this season thus far - complete logistical nightmare in regards to parking. They need to get this situation fixed before 2009 - no way am I paying 'new stadium' ticket prices and continue to walk over broken glass & hypodermic needles on my way to the game.

2006-07-26 10:59:28
75.   Sliced Bread
71 A rook who's never faced the Yanks, possible sweep, maybe Fasano behind the plate - it's the perfect storm.

Nah, who's up for an ice cold Rheinecker? I'm buyin'.

2006-07-26 11:02:04
76.   Sliced Bread
71 A rook who's never faced the Yanks, sweep on the line, maybe Fasano behind the plate - it's the perfect storm!

Nah. Who's up for an ice cold Rheinecker? I'm buyin'.

2006-07-26 11:08:28
77.   Ron Burgundy
We might just be able too hit this kid if Fasano is in the line-up. He will inject a new life into the line-up.

And it would really be nice if the A's could win a damn game against the Sawx.

2006-07-26 11:08:36
78.   Shaun P
73 And now Prior's out of the game, no-hitter still intact!

I'm not saying either would be doing what they're doing now if they were still Yanks - but wouldn't it be great to have either Marcus Thames or Juan Rivera in the OF right now? I know hindsight is 20-20 but . . .

The worst part? Rivera was at least traded for Vazquez, who then became the Unit - but does anyone know who the Yanks got in return for Thames?

"Big Rube" Ruben Sierra. Sigh.

2006-07-26 11:10:02
79.   Chyll Will
61 Thanks Max; I'm not saying that we're flying off the handle here with the speculation, I just don't think it's right to assume something of that nature given that the information is incomplete and being stashed through the bars, so to speak. If it's proven true or he admits it, shame on him and he deserves whatever comes his way. Maybe my tone appeared overought and implied that his life is at stake, but it's certainly not and given his following and respect, he's better off than I am. It's only right, in my opinion, to say "hold on a minute, where are the facts?" I give it a few more days before the issue starts to make itself tangiable.

Corporate or not, integrity is now an issue on both sides; just as there's speculation that HR did this, there's speculation that ESPN is subverting some facts, so I'm interested in seeing what either of them have to show when the chips are down.

2006-07-26 11:10:20
80.   Cliff Corcoran
76 Plus Jaret Wright on the mound, the hot Scott Proctor unavailable after throwing three innings in the last two games, and in a house money game before a day off anyone else want to bet that Torre keeps Damon out of the lineup for safe keeping?

I'm picturing something like this:



2006-07-26 11:11:47
81.   Dimelo
78 And Ruben's hits against the Twins and Marlins wasn't big enough for you? Talk about selective memory....Ruben was awful last year, but prior to that...I loved it when he came off the bench.
2006-07-26 11:15:06
82.   pistolpete
79 Ironic that this will most likely be the ONLY sports-related story of the year that ESPN doesn't beat to death over the course of the next few months.
2006-07-26 11:17:13
83.   Ron Burgundy
80 That's probably the line-up Joe has already written down.
2006-07-26 11:17:39
84.   Sliced Bread
80 Oof, indeed.

Think anybody will notice if the two-headed monster, Cairo Green both play second, and bat 8th?

2006-07-26 11:18:45
85.   Sliced Bread
Cairo Green simultaneously, that is.
2006-07-26 11:23:47
86.   jayd
so cliff what do you think of the betamit-proctor trade. a month ago I suspect you would have been all over this. they compare him to polanco, by the way -- with plans to dump cano in the winter for a major pitcher no doubt.
2006-07-26 11:26:20
87.   Dimelo
Instead of complaining about the lineup, given the 25 man roster, the fact that Damon is being bothered by his back and you have to give Posada a day off, what lineup would you all try and put out there?

Sometimes I feel people like to complain for the sake of complaining.

BTW, I doubt Guiel will be playing since it's a lefty on the mound.

2006-07-26 11:27:42
88.   C2Coke
So besides the fact that the Tigers have proven that they are no paper, are the Twins for real?

80That's a lineup to die for. Might as well take out Giambi and let Bernie DH just for the kicks.

2006-07-26 11:28:19
89.   pistolpete
87 Why not, didn't Guiel hit his HR off a lefty last night?
2006-07-26 11:31:04
90.   C2Coke
87 I agree with you, Dimelo. The lineup couldn't be more Wright (the real source for worries).
2006-07-26 11:33:40
91.   Chyll Will
74 You're not that bad if you lived in Tarrytown. I was born in North Tarrytown (now called, ugh, Sleepy Hollow) and lived on Hudson Street; my grandparents lived there for over thirty years and owned the bar and grill on the corner of Hudson and Beekman. We had the best view of the Tappan Zee, especially nice when they used to shoot fireworks underneath on the Fourth.

I'm a GM baby, my Mom worked there from 1962 until the plant closed as one of the first female employees in the cushion room of Fisher. One of my uncles also worked there after WWII and my other older sister worked there with Mom in the 90's. I missed out on their intern program by a couple of years, but it didn't matter after '96, so... I miss it up there, but too much of what it was is gone now, so I won't go back. I imagine the same will be said by quite a few folk when Macombs Dam Park disappears.

2006-07-26 11:35:18
92.   yankaholic
86 in his ESPN chat today, Buster Onley said the only way that The Yanks are trading away a bullpen arm is, if its a 3 way deal.. he also said, if Wilson Betemit-Proctor is true, than Yanks will turn around and send him to the PODS for Scot Linebrink..
2006-07-26 11:40:36
93.   JL25and3
80 You think Proctor's unavailable just because he's pitched three innings in the last two days? You have more faith in Joe than I do. Hey, Proctor's got tomorrow off - you want he should have two days off in the same week?
2006-07-26 11:41:11
94.   Chyll Will
82 I believe Cablevision already tried that, but still MSG's ratings are unicrap.
2006-07-26 11:42:45
95.   Dimelo
89 Yeah he did. But given that Torre has a platoon I don't think he'll keep giving Guiel more at-bats against lefties vs. GoB.

I thought that was Torre's plan all along.

2006-07-26 11:45:43
96.   tommyl
95 Except when he starts Bernie against righties?
2006-07-26 11:46:13
97.   yankaholic
95 did u just type.. torre.. plan.. platoon.. GOB in one post..

do u think he can connect those dots..

2006-07-26 11:46:22
98.   JL25and3
91 I was also born and raised in Tarrytown; my mom still lives there. The plant was such a central fact of life there - even now, I expect to see those Anchor Motors trucks lumbering down Broadway. The enormous tax assessment on the plant also made the schools much better than they had any right to be, and much better than they are now.

It'll always be North Tarrytown to me. I still miss Malandrino's - they made a great meatball wedge.

2006-07-26 11:48:34
99.   Chyll Will
91 I forgot to mention, Mom went from the cushion room to the line to inspector, before becoming a journeyman plumber-pipefitter-steamfitter. That's probably why she could hit so well...
2006-07-26 11:52:35
100.   rbj
80 I agree with the others, have Cairo at SS (rest Jeter) and Green at 2b. A-Rod doesn't see one good pitch today.
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2006-07-26 11:59:53
101.   Ron Burgundy
I watched that Indians - Tigers game on ESPN. And in the 9th, Steve Phillips and the ESPN guys started with the A-Rod thing, again. It was an Indians-Tigers game. And Steve Phillips, for literally 10 minutes, was DESPERATELY pushing his A-Rod is done in NYC and must be traded thing. One of the other guys in the booth seemed neutral, while the other shot Phillips down. Phillips is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL with the A-Rod thing, or rather, the perfect ESPN employee.
2006-07-26 12:03:07
102.   pistolpete
101 It's beginning to look quite pathetic on Phillips' part - sort of like a senior spreading nasty rumors all over campus about that hot sorority girl who turned your request for a date when you were a mere freshman...
2006-07-26 12:03:32
103.   Chyll Will
98 I miss the Strand. Star Wars was the first movie I ever saw there; it seemd like it closed right after we moved. I also miss those blue trucks; my friends and I used to stand on the corner and wave when they drove up and down Beekman. Since we were only a block away from the plant, my siblings and I would stand on the hillside and watch the cars roll off the line and into the lot. I'd even sneak out of the house and walk into the plant, waiting for Mom at the security gate to get off of work. I was only five or six, they all knew me and thought it was the cutest thing.

And as many times as I'd been inside and taken the tour, I never realized how enormous the place was until after they tore it down. Seeing that not only broke my heart, it blew my mind how such an operation could take up a veritable village of it's own. I say North Tarrytown, too.

2006-07-26 12:07:01
104.   pistolpete
102 edit: (turned down your request)
2006-07-26 12:08:28
105.   Sliced Bread
87 "Sometimes I feel people like to complain for the sake of complaining."

Sounds like you're complaining there, Dimelo.

Just busting your chops.

Joe tends to stick with the hot bat, which Guiel seems to possess at this moment. I think he gets the start in right tonight over Bernabe.

But maybe Joe DH's Bernie and plays Giambi at first. We'll see.

2006-07-26 12:10:41
106.   Chyll Will
Phillips will burn his fifteen minutes, then people will see what's on the Discovery Channel and move on... Alex will last at least a little longer than that, won't you say?
2006-07-26 12:11:30
107.   Dimelo
105 I knew when I typed that, that someone would call me on it. I'm suprised it took almost 20 posts before someone called me on it....I guess people are busy "working" and not paying attention.

Always appreciate it when people bust my chops...

2006-07-26 12:13:59
108.   Sliced Bread
107 Me too, man. Bust away anytime.
2006-07-26 12:16:39
109.   Shaun P
81 Nothing selective, Dimelo, honestly. I appreciated Sierra for those big hits, just like I appreciated Matt Lawton for the game vs the Red Sox last September where his homer off Wakefield was the only run, and Kenny Lofton's homer in the 9th off Trevor Hoffman in that game vs SD in '04.

I'm just saying that the trade of Sierra, who contributed to the Yanks winning no doubt, for Thames, who's hitting .279/.352/.605 right now, was something in retrospect I wish the Yanks hadn't done.

Its also entirely possible that Thames could have filled Sierra's "power bat off the bench" role at least as well as Sierra himself did. From '03 to '05, Sierra hit .249/.295/.429, ISO of .180, 27 HR in 651 AB (1 HR/24 ABs). From '03 to '05, Thames hit .226/.301/.429, ISO of .202, 18 HR in 345 AB (1 HR/19 ABs). And 75% of that time, Thames was playing for the Tigers in one of the worst home run parks in baseball.

2006-07-26 12:17:26
110.   Cliff Corcoran
Y'all are getting a little to worked up over that lineup I posted. I forgot Rheinecker was a lefty. Joe will play Bernie. And I wasn't complaining about Torre, I was just saying, this is what we got. Oof.

Any trade that involves getting a useful player for Proctor is a good one, the Yankees can replace Proctor with their AAA arms. He's hot now, but it won't last because of both workload and lack of talent. They'd be better off with the combo of Matt Smith and Betemit or with Scott Linebrink (who is a legitimate All-Star quality set-up man) over the last two months.

2006-07-26 12:23:15
111.   yankaholic
110 But a swap of BP guy for a utility IF.. alone wud not help us..

it will weaken us.. and make a trade for a BP guy cost more..

if Olney's 3 way deal makes sense.. then am ok with it..

2006-07-26 12:24:16
112.   tommyl
110 Agreed. Unfortunately, the chances of Joe pitching Smith when Proctor is let go are next to nill. Are we the only ones who remember he has a 0.00 ERA?

I like Proctor and he's hot right now, but sometimes you have to make the deal that hurts you on a personal level. That said, if they trade Melky I will cry.

2006-07-26 12:25:43
113.   tommyl
101, 102

What will happen is that A-Rod will snap out of this funk and start raking again. Hopefully in August/September. Then Phillips can get up and say how he should be traded (after he clears waivers) even though he just hit 2 HRs the night before. Then he can tell us to sign Mo Vaughn.

2006-07-26 12:27:23
114.   tommyl
111 There has to be more involved in a 3-way deal. Otherwise, why wouldn't the Braves just trade for Linebrink themselves straight up? The Yankees have to be including something more, be it prospects, cash or both.
2006-07-26 12:27:59
115.   yankaholic
113 he will say deal ARod when he is hot.. he just hit 2 HRs.. he shud be traded before he cools down to 3 hrs/week
2006-07-26 12:28:32
116.   Dimelo
109 was actually Giambi that got the solo shot off of Wakefield. Lawton had the big homerun against the O's, if I remember correclty. I think it was a 2 run shot, before the homerun he had take a shot in the arm of Tejada's B12 "vitamin".
2006-07-26 12:29:19
117.   yankaholic
114 thats true.. but the Proctor- betemit.. was published..

the linebrink angle was Buster beign speculative i think..

and may be age and money is a factor.. Proctor is earning min salary i think.. i donno abt Linebrink.. am just guessing

2006-07-26 12:53:40
118.   yankz
Carl Everett DFA'd- anyone get that horrible sinking feeling? Can you just hear some Yankee official going "It cost us virtually nothing, and he's a proven veteran with some quality experience"?

Fortunately I'm sure we're safe...he doesn't exactly fit the mold.

2006-07-26 12:56:31
119.   pistolpete
Don't look now, but we could be in a 3-way tie for the wild card lead in a mere 3 innings.
2006-07-26 13:17:05
120.   Shaun P
116 OK Dimelo, you got me. That's what I get for not checking retrosheet . . . a man's gotta make a living, "working" as they say - can't just spend all day at the Banter, as nice as that would be . . .

But there's some selectivity on your part too, as we were originally discussing Big Rube, not Giambi or Lawton!


You're completely right, BTW - Giambi hit the homer off Wakefield, and Lawton's homer was a two-run job against the O's (in another Randy Johnson start).

2006-07-26 13:17:53
121.   rbj
La la la la la. . .
(If I don't hear you, it can't happen)
la la la la la
2006-07-26 13:20:53
122.   Shaun P
119 Ladies and Gentlemen, one of your 2006 AL "All-Stars", Mark Buerhle!

I use the term "All-Star" loosely.

BTW, how crazy is it that Justin Morneau, likely to be first Twin since '87 to hit over 30 HRs in a season, is hitting fifth, while backup catcher Mike Redmond hits third? Whatever they're doing out there, its working.

The Twins scare me a hell of a lot more than the White Sox do.

2006-07-26 13:21:05
123.   Dimelo
120 I'm "working". I know we were talking about Big Rube. But you mentioned the Lawton homerun and that kind of sidetracked me.

I do get your point about Thames though. So you got me beat there...

Just read this:

News: The Beaver County Times reports the Pirates offered to send Roberto Hernandez and Jeromy Burnitz to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera, but were turned down.

Analysis: Cabrera is a solid prospect who can develop power and should be a candidate start in AL-only formats at this point. He will get regular at-bats in the Yankees' outfield. Long-term keeper leagues should stash him away, too, if they have room. Be wary of a potential blockbuster trade if you stand to lose a player traded to the other league, but nothing appears imminent.

2006-07-26 13:25:34
124.   Alvaro Espinoza
123 So that's where Jeromy Burnitz has been hiding!
2006-07-26 13:29:19
125.   Cliff Corcoran
123 Pathetic offer by the Bucs.

I have Melky in my all-MLB points league and he's actually my most reliable outfielder (I have Bonds, who only plays intermittantly, Drew, who's having a bad year despite being healthy, Thames and Gary Matthews were good waiver pick-ups, but Thames is streaky and Ks a lot and Matthews seems ready for a collapse and I finally cut bait on Gomes). Melky, meanwhile, doesn't K much and always seems to get me some points, be it by hit or walk or steal or run scored and every now and then he has all of the above and gives me a nice point total.

2006-07-26 13:31:03
126.   tommyl
122 Especially in a 5-game series. It'd be possible to go potentially with a 3 man rotation and see Liriano and Santana twice. At best you'd have to see at least one of them twice. Any idea when Hunter comes off the DL?
2006-07-26 13:40:50
127.   Dimelo
125 Ever since I picked up Melky for Crazy Uncle Milton in May, all he's done is given me points. He was pretty bad in June, but he's been solid lately. Really solid. The SB help a lot.
2006-07-26 13:43:32
128.   yankaholic
If Minny wins and we win.. we take the WC lead
2006-07-26 13:57:24
129.   seamus
Oakland has a chance with 5-0 lead! If they and Minnie hold on, we just need to win and take lead in wild card and gain a game on Boston. Lots of IFS there.
2006-07-26 13:58:32
130.   tommyl
128 129 except all those IFs involve us winning with Wright on the mound, no Proctor, no Posada and a questionable Damon.
2006-07-26 14:02:30
131.   Alvaro Espinoza
130 2 words: Sal Fasano :O
2006-07-26 14:02:44
132.   seamus
130 no matsui, no sheffield, no real pitcher, no damon, no posada, no Proctor - no problem?
2006-07-26 14:10:29
133.   tommyl
131 If he hits a HR and then screams for Adrian I'll be sold on the guy. Hell, if he strikes out and then screams for her I'll still be sold.
2006-07-26 14:15:26
134.   Alvaro Espinoza
From lohud blog:

"The Yankees might have caught a break. The Devil Rays just told their writers that All-Star lefty Scott Kazmir will not start as scheduled against the Yankees on Friday. He has a sore shoulder."

Rest is here:

2006-07-26 14:16:10
135.   tommyl
134 That just means some no-name will start that the Yankees haven't seen before and thus will be unable to score a run against.
2006-07-26 14:19:19
136.   Alvaro Espinoza
135 And here's tonight's lineup courtesy of the same source:

Here is the lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Sal Fasano C
Miguel Cairo 2B
Jaret Wright RHP

2006-07-26 14:49:02
137.   tommyl
Wow, Joe is actually sticking to the platoon option with Bernie and Guiel.
2006-07-26 15:22:07
138.   singledd
Wow. GOB batting 5th.
Sad, sad, sad.
2006-07-26 15:24:29
139.   singledd
P.S. Since Melky has a decent OBP, why bother batting him 7th, in front of Sal Fasano & Miggy? I would bat him 2nd, and push Jetes, etc down. Then our bottom isn't quite so weak.

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