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Eaton Moose
2006-07-25 14:18
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yanks go for a quick and easy series win tonight with their ace, Mike Mussina, taking the hill against former Padre Adam Eaton, who will be making his Rangers debut after spending four months on the DL due to a strained middle finger on his pitching hand. Eaton has made four minor league rehab starts, two in double-A and two in triple-A. He dominated in all four turns, allowing just one run at each level, but the Rangers kept him on a strict pitch limit which held him to a mere 12 1/3 innings pitched across those four starts. Part of me expects Eaton to get roughed up tonight, if not the first time through the order, then certainly the second time 'round as he gets past his minor league pitch limits. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the Eaton.

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2006-07-25 14:44:06
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Sorry about that last line, folks. I couldn't resist.
2006-07-25 14:45:24
2.   randym77
GROAN! ;-)

And here's the lineup. Andy's back!

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Aaron Guiel RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Miguel Cairo 2B
Bubba Crosby CF

2006-07-25 14:53:14
3.   Schteeve
You know, I think the one thing we don't have to worry about here is the spit ball. Because as my gradfather always used to tell me,

"Eaton ain't cheatin."

I never knew what he meant till now.

2006-07-25 14:57:28
4.   monkeypants
OK bored working late, so how about this question: The trade deadline is looming. Let's assume that the Yankees make one or two moves at most, and they are neither crazy (Bonds for Bubba) or blockbuster deals. What do you think they will do? Who (or what type) of player will be added, and who will get the axe?

For example, I think that Bubba is pretty safe, despite his 'hitting'.

2006-07-25 15:01:22
5.   Schteeve
I think Cashman is less inclined to send anyone we have at the ML level anywhere, than he is to try to find high risk low cost investments. It's like his version of Moneyball. You find dudes nobody else wants to deal with, you pick them up for nothing and if they work out, you're a genius and if they don't noone cares. I think that's Cash's schtick, because I don't really see anyone all that impactful that we have a realistic chacne of picking up in a trade.
2006-07-25 15:01:55
6.   Knuckles
I'll go out on a limb and say that unless the Yanks suddenly run into a fungo bat shortage in the next week, Bubba ain't gettin' traded.
2006-07-25 15:04:28
7.   randym77
Maybe it's just posturing, but it sounds like Joe is content with his lineup right now. I think if there's a trade, it will involve a pitcher. We cannot keep both Chacon and Ponson on the roster. One, maybe both, will go.
2006-07-25 15:06:08
8.   Schteeve
So are there any 5th starter types floating around out there that we can pick up for cheap? Or is there a #2 or #3 that we can get?

Also, Andy Phillips and his .290 OBP should be traded post haste.

2006-07-25 15:06:57
9.   Schteeve
And I'd DFA Phillips before Bubba, because at least Bubba has some defensive/baserunning bench guy value.
2006-07-25 15:09:45
10.   Schteeve
I'm sorry, make that his .265 OBP. Yeeesh.
2006-07-25 15:12:01
11.   randym77
I think Andy still has an option left and could be sent to Columbus. And it might be easier to get a first baseman than an outfielder.

Still, Joe seems to like Andy. And he has a knack for heating up just when I think he's going to be benched. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it again.

2006-07-25 15:31:21
12.   monkeypants
Green will go when (if?) Cano gets back. Guiel will probably be treated like spare parts, which I guess he is, unless he hits seven HRs in a row or something like that. I think as long as there is Bernie (and he's not getting DFAd), there will be Bubba (plus, Damon gets banged up a bit, it seems).

Andy is the tough one. The Yanks let Durazo walk and stared down Pena's out clause to let Andy play (of course, his OPS was around .800 then). But back-up 1B is about the most useless position on the team, and should be easily replaceable. I know he's starting now, but if the Yankees get anyone (player X)--or if Matsui returns--that will likely force Bernie or X into the DH/1B rotation with Giambi, thus forcing Andy back to his role at the start of the season (check that, he was the third string 1B after Cairo then).

I wish Torre/Cashman had the balls to be more daring--like move Bernie well down the depth chart, or DFA both Chacon and Ponson and work with a four+ rotation, or pick up someone like Wilson from Pitt and use him as the back-up C (dropping Stinnett).

2006-07-25 15:32:13
13.   Schteeve
.265 OBP in >200 ABs. The guy is killing us. everyone who writes about how shitty A-Rod is should keep in mind that Jeter/Posada/Giambi/A-Rod/Damon are totally carrying Andy/Melky/Bernie/Cairo. And while there are lots of feel good articles about the baby bombers and the scrappy utility guy Cairo, it's the old timers who are keeping us within striking distance.
2006-07-25 15:37:10
14.   rilkefan
Yahoo says:
"Mike Mussina (11-3, 3.39 ERA) goes to the mound for New York hoping another error by Rodriguez does not hurt his chances for a win, as was the case on Thursday in a 5-4, 12-inning loss to Toronto. All four runs the right-hander gave up in his seven innings came in the fourth, when Rodriguez's throw to the plate sailed past catcher Jorge Posada and allowed a run to score."
2006-07-25 15:40:03
15.   yankaholic
1 Cliff, that was appropriate and funny..

have seen some good one liners at the banter today..

heres hoping we have a fun game too

2006-07-25 15:55:44
16.   jkay
13 Melky last 30 days is 333/382/500. He is pulling his weight.
2006-07-25 16:02:22
17.   chris in c-bus
off topic, but did everyone see ESPN fired Harold Reynolds?...They wont say why, but apparently all signs point to continuous accusations of sexual harassment...what a horn-dog..the dude and his wife just had a kid a few months ago...
2006-07-25 16:09:34
18.   randym77
17 There's another rumor, that it was not sexual harassment, but a huge row with management over the coverage of a certain third baseman.
2006-07-25 16:13:30
19.   chris in c-bus
17 - nice! Obviously, I have no clue what Harold did wrong - I just wish it would've happened to Sutcliffe instead...he makes me insane...his only redeeming quality is how highly he speaks of Jeter...
2006-07-25 16:13:41
20.   yankeemonkey
Where did you hear that, randym77? Sexual harassment is the only thing I've seen being kicked around...
2006-07-25 16:15:31
21.   SF Yanks
What would be considered a good OBP and good Slugging for a normal person not Babe Ruth? Like how .300 and above for average is considered good.
2006-07-25 16:15:33
22.   chris in c-bus
also off topic - only 38 days, 20 hours and 14 minutes until kickoff of Buckeye Football 2006.
2006-07-25 16:17:15
23.   SF Yanks
Is there a typical cutoff?
2006-07-25 16:18:40
24.   randym77
20 Deadspin, source of the sexual harassment rumors, posted an update:

(UPDATE: Another reader, with "contacts on the inside," refutes the sexual harassment whispers: "Anyone who is saying sexual harassment either has been given bad third-hand info or is lying. Harold has had a couple of rather heated arguments with the producers at "Baseball Tonight," and some of the suits at ESPN over the program's coverage of Alex Rodriguez. At the last production meeting, when it was made clear they were going to really play up the A-Rod angle during coverage of the Yankees-Texas series, Harold had a colossal meltdown, which led to his dismissal. The sexual harassment allegations are even more laughable when you consider that he is being replaced by Steve Phillips -- a man who has never met a skirt he wouldn't chase and who was caught in one of the more embarrassing front office sexual harassment scandals in MLB history."

2006-07-25 16:21:45
25.   chris in c-bus
21 - historical hitting stats by league can be found at

2005 AL averages:
OBP .330
SLG .424
BA .268

In the AL, I would say a good obp is at least .360-.370 but I'm sure others could present a more fact based target.

2006-07-25 16:23:05
26.   randym77
21 It depends on the position, of course, but I've heard .360 or thereabouts mentioned as a good OBP.
2006-07-25 16:23:46
27.   yankeemonkey
That's very interesting....YES network, are you listening?
2006-07-25 16:24:07
28.   chris in c-bus
24 - I find both rumors about Harold hard to believe...why get fired over coverage of a-rod, even though it is utterly rediculous.
2006-07-25 16:26:33
29.   Max
I can barely watch ESPN's talking heads when it comes to baseball, but it's interesting how much interest there is in Harold being let go. Seems pretty apparent to a lot of people that he was one of the few (only?) reasonable guys talking about baseball on that network.

I have to admit I'm bummed myself, and more than a little surprised that he was canned so suddenly while guys like Kruk and Phillips (who can barely string a coherent thought together without foaming at the mouth) are running rampant.

BTW, the comments section in Deadspin is a complete about the dregs.

2006-07-25 16:28:08
30.   SF Yanks
25 26 Thanks. I'm just trying to put some perspective on all the numbers flying around.
2006-07-25 16:30:22
31.   murphy
anyone know why i can't see tonight's game (my billing address is FLA) on
2006-07-25 16:48:21
32.   hensley
24 Of course! We should've known all along! It was A-Rod's fault that Reynolds got fired!
2006-07-25 16:58:10
33.   Ron Burgundy
ESPN sucks, so it only makes sense that they fire my favorite BBTN guy.

A little Chapellian comment here: They fired the wrong black guy. Seriously, Joe Morgan and his fear of computers is really weird. And for ALL THAT ability and being the best 2B in the History of the Game, Morgan knows NOTHING about baseball.

2006-07-25 17:08:03
34.   Jeteupthemiddle
31 Would it being on ESPN effect
2006-07-25 17:09:45
35.   murphy
yes. why? is it on ESPN?
2006-07-25 17:11:51
36.   Alex Belth
Melky hits the ball hard, Eaton stabs it, takes a hit away from him.

Strikes out Jeter, looking--something on the outside corner. Fastball, no?

Throws a strike on the outside corner to Giambi, strike one. Fastball, up and away, 1-1. Eaton working quickly throws another fastball away, 2-1. Curve ball, cutter, slider, something--Giambi leans, bends, goes to far, strike two, 2-2. Fastball inside. Giambi pops out to the catcher.

2006-07-25 17:14:18
37.   Ron Burgundy
Awesome start to the city...
2006-07-25 17:27:29
38.   Jeteupthemiddle
35 hmm...I thought it was outside of NY, but maybe that's tomorrow's game.
2006-07-25 17:28:52
39.   randym77
Clutch HBP for A-Rod! Let's go, Yankees....
2006-07-25 17:28:54
40.   Ron Burgundy
37 Was meant to say "Awesome start to the GAME." I was posting in another place too...
2006-07-25 17:29:13
41.   kylepetterson
Man that was clutch
2006-07-25 17:31:03
42.   monkeypants
CS--totally unclutch.
2006-07-25 17:31:18
43.   monkeypants
Big Papi never gets caught stealing.
2006-07-25 17:34:12
44.   murphy
side note: does not use your billing address - rather - they use IP tracing. looks like i just wasted a bunch of money.

i hope this infuriates some as much as me.

excuse me as i go enjoy one of the 20 games i can actually watch on tv.

2006-07-25 17:35:56
45.   randym77
Bernie doesn't make that play.
2006-07-25 17:43:36
46.   randym77
Andy walks! Andy walks!!!!
2006-07-25 17:44:08
47.   jkay
31 Tonight's game is not on YES, it is on WWOR, Ch.9. Extra Innings never picks up the ch.9 games, might be the same for mlb tv.
2006-07-25 17:48:01
48.   BklynBmr
47 Are you getting the game at all on EI, or just not the Ch. 9 feed?
2006-07-25 17:51:35
49.   seamus
31 47 I'm watching it on mlb-tv just fine...
2006-07-25 17:51:38
50.   jkay
48I am in NYC so tonight it is on Ch 9. I know out of town folks are blacked out on Ch.9 games via EI.
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2006-07-25 17:51:47
51.   murphy
wow. melky's all growed-up. see how he threw the bat after swinging and missing at that high heat?
2006-07-25 17:51:57
52.   seamus
49 except in that the texas announcers are annoying.
2006-07-25 17:52:30
53.   murphy
49 are you in the ny-metro area?
2006-07-25 17:53:56
54.   seamus
53 no. pittsburgh.
2006-07-25 17:56:05
55.   BklynBmr
50 Yeah, I'm in S.F. and only once did a WWOR game air here on EI, early this year on a Friday night if memory serves correct. I was shocked. Getting the Texas feed on the package tonight...
2006-07-25 17:58:01
56.   BklynBmr
Nice throw...
2006-07-25 17:58:34
57.   murphy
remember when phillips was a defensive upgrade over giambi?


(nice throw, ARod)

2006-07-25 17:58:44
58.   randym77
Urk. Andy...

(I'm glad it was Andy instead of A-Rod, though.)

2006-07-25 17:59:59
59.   monkeypants
Does this team sometimes remind you of a little league squad, at least on D?
2006-07-25 18:00:11
60.   claybeez
55 SF! Man, how I miss that place. Drink an Anchor Steam for me...not like I can't get it here, but it's the sentiment.
2006-07-25 18:02:00
61.   smingers
29 Am I the only who thinks all of ESPN's commentators are unwatchable now? I find Sportscenter, the baseball guys, the basketball guys, the football guys, etc., all intolerable.
2006-07-25 18:02:45
62.   vongimp
So is Moose planning on throwing his fastball tonight?
2006-07-25 18:02:45
63.   Cliff Corcoran
44 Amazing how MLB did such a great job by creating and has since apparently scewed it up so completely.

21 .300/.400/.500 is a great line. Remember, .300 is better than good. .280 is good, .300 is very good. That said, I get excited when I see a player with a OBP at or above .370, so perhaps .300/.370/.500 would be a better line to draw. Then again, looking at the league averages in 25 (.268/.330/.424), that .500 SLG seems a bit steep. Perhaps .300/.370/.450 would be a better standard. That said, I don't really get excited about an SLG until it hits .500.

Picking numbers out of a hat:

AVG: .280-.290s good, .300-320s very good, .330+ outstanding
OBP: .340-360s good, .370-.400s very good, .410+ outstanding
SLG: .450-480 good, .480s-.530s very good, .540+ outstanding

2006-07-25 18:03:55
64.   BklynBmr
60 Ha-ha! Have a Brooklyn Lager for me and we've got a deal. I'm homesick ;-)
2006-07-25 18:06:33
65.   SF Yanks
63 There we go. Thank you, that's the answer I was looking for. I'm going to copy/paste that somewhere for a reference.
2006-07-25 18:07:19
66.   claybeez
64 I'm in MD. Haven't seen much of it. Looking to move to NY/Brooklyn soon. So, I'll save it till then. :)

Anyone know why there is no baseball channel or if one's in development. I mean car racing and tennis, golf, they all have channels. WTF?

2006-07-25 18:09:59
67.   monkeypants
66 I assume it's because the BB owners selfishly and parochialy created regional networks, rather than organize broadcasts corporately (as they did in football).
2006-07-25 18:10:13
68.   randym77
I thought this guy might be tough, but I wasn't expecting a no-hitter. :-P
2006-07-25 18:10:31
69.   BklynBmr
A-Rod catches a break! The tear is about to begin...
2006-07-25 18:11:28
70.   BklynBmr
68 You didn't say no-hitter, did you?
2006-07-25 18:15:09
71.   fansince77
This squeaky lispy guy commentating for the Rangers is "super annoying" (I am on I picture him in pom poms and a skirt...holding a ARod Vodoo doll...he just said "AROD didn't do much to get out of the way (of the ball he was hit with in the first) Are the Yankee announcers the only unbiased guys in the game?
2006-07-25 18:18:54
72.   randym77
What a battle by Guiel.
2006-07-25 18:19:58
73.   randym77
70 It's still a no-hitter. Bases loaded with Yankees, but still a no-hitter.
2006-07-25 18:20:10
74.   BklynBmr
Make up for that throw, Andy...
2006-07-25 18:22:24
75.   BayRidger
Time for Phillips to make amends.

71. Yes. I live i Brooklyn but I'm on vacation in FL and I've been suffering through these other announcers on MLB.TV all week. The Yanks are behind so of course I'm on Gameday/Gameday Audio, listening to Susan and John(who have thier own problems, but they're OUR morons) until they tie it or get a lead.

2006-07-25 18:22:56
76.   BklynBmr
That'll work...
2006-07-25 18:24:00
77.   randym77
Well, I guess Andy did make up for that throw. :-)

Two walks in one game. Is this a record for Andy?

Torre did tell him to work on his patience...

2006-07-25 18:24:28
78.   BklynBmr
Way to keep the line movin', Miggy!!!
2006-07-25 18:24:29
79.   singledd
Cairo is the little engine that could!
2006-07-25 18:25:09
80.   fansince77
2006-07-25 18:25:59
81.   Cliff Corcoran
Well, Eaton fell apart right on schedule, second time through the order. Great ABs by Guiel and Phillips. How often do you see a guy driven from a game in the fourth inning by the first hit he allows all night.
2006-07-25 18:26:04
82.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Clutch performance by Cairo and Andy :P
2006-07-25 18:26:25
83.   Max
So is Miggy the team's second half MVP?
2006-07-25 18:26:47
84.   monkeypants
{71} "Are the Yankee announcers the only unbiased guys in the game? "


2006-07-25 18:28:01
85.   greenfuzz
I don't get Cairo haters, he's pretty good with RISP. Weird inning though, I hope we score some more against the next guy.
2006-07-25 18:28:53
86.   BklynBmr
75 "OUR morons". I love it. Well put. Sterling (and Kay) are forever linked to so many thrilling moments since '96, it's hard for me to hate on 'em, but I know what you mean...
2006-07-25 18:30:53
87.   BklynBmr
85 Yanks are getting their money's worth with Cairo this year. Never should have lost him last season, either. Tony Womack.
2006-07-25 18:31:27
88.   randym77
84 The Yankee announcers aren't unbiased, but they're the epitome of objectivity compared to the Texas announcers. I was watching the highlights at from yesterday's game, and jeez. When Jeter hit his triple, they sounded like their puppy died when the ball dropped in. When Bubba got that deep line drive by Wilkerson, you'd think he did something wrong by making the catch.
2006-07-25 18:32:04
89.   marc
For Texas this is the inning from hell. Miggy gets a little hit and breaks up the no-hitter and we're off
2006-07-25 18:35:09
90.   singledd
I been saying for a while we need an impact bat. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe we just need a guy who can walk and take one for the team.
2006-07-25 18:35:30
91.   C2Coke
44 Tell me about it. I remember once back in April when I was in Montreal and the Yanks were in Toronto. There was a national blackout...

52, 71 The Texas announcers are not the worst ones. When you get to enjoy the ones from Devil Rays and Royals, the next thought you will have is that Kay or maybe even Sterling is a gift.

2006-07-25 18:36:02
92.   Max
89 Might be the inning from hell, but they come out of it down only one run. A big part of that is the murderer's row that is Guiel, Phillips, Cairo, Crosby and the Melkman that they faced with 2 outs.

Miggy did his job, and the others did well to battle or either keep the bat on their shoulders, but throw out a lineup of backup position players, and a big inning against crappy pitching is still elusive.

2006-07-25 18:36:16
93.   marc
88 Yup. compared to most announcers the Yankees radio announcers are relatively objective. And I don't hear Sterling and Waldman high fiving and screaming "yes" when the Yanks hit a home run
2006-07-25 18:38:25
94.   monkeypants
88 Well, Sterling is horrible (I can only get radio here). When the other team does anything, it's diminished ('those were just swinging bunts...'), and when the Yankees fail it is always some cosmic bad luck ('Giambi missed a double by an inch..').

On top of that, Sterling and Waldman don't even call or describe the game, but occasionally let us in on the outcome of a play. And Sterling is an idiot--if I have to hear 'you just can't predict baseball' one more time, I'll shoot myself.

When I have the chance, I prefer to listen to the opposing announcers most of the time (I generally don't mind Toronto or Seattle, though they are of course not without pom-poms).

2006-07-25 18:38:48
95.   marc
A-Rod with 2 tremendous routine plays in a row
2006-07-25 18:39:10
96.   C2Coke
84 The difference might be the Yankees announcers have no need to envy other teams when the other announcers all had their share of jealousy over not having the luxury to watch exciting and enjoyable games all the time.
2006-07-25 18:40:41
97.   murphy
95 tremendous routine plays? ; )
2006-07-25 18:40:55
98.   C2Coke
The ones who are still watching MLB.TV, how much did you "enjoy" the pink ladies??
2006-07-25 18:43:07
99.   marc
Sterling calls the game pretty good and I like the enthusiasm and the nicknames he gives the players when they homer. Some hate that, that's what makes an audience. I liked that guy in Cleveland who makes everything sound dramatic also.
2006-07-25 18:43:33
100.   Cliff Corcoran
92 What are you talking about? Those five guys you mentioned only made one out between them. The issue was that Jeter and Giambi made two outs right off the top, that's why the inning didn't get any messier for Texas.
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2006-07-25 18:44:09
101.   monkeypants
88 Sterling praised Cairo last inning for being 'such a profession', I guess for grounding an infield single up the middle. Fine, whatever. Then he points out to Waldman how he's driven in 23 runs with only 41 hits, to undercscore his professionalness I guess. Waldman can only muster 'Wow' in response, in her tortured-cat-like screech.

Of course, projected to 204 hits (a huge season), Cairo would only produce 92 RBI, which would not be that spectacular. And such deep, unbiased analysis drones on game after game.

2006-07-25 18:49:24
102.   BklynBmr
98 I thought I was getting the Animal Planet feed for a second...
2006-07-25 18:49:58
103.   marc
The point is Cairo was not players because they expected an MVP they're paying$50 million or whatever for. Him and Bernie etc. are keeping our chances for playoff spot alive until we hopefully get some players back,.
2006-07-25 18:50:22
104.   randym77
Ralph Malph!!!!
2006-07-25 18:50:23
105.   BklynBmr
Aaron Guiel is carrying this club ;-)
2006-07-25 18:51:28
106.   C2Coke
I was stoned for awhile there. Guess Guiel likes hitting in Texas...
2006-07-25 18:51:45
107.   Simone
Aaron Guiel, the Yankees' secret weapon! LOL! Yeah, Aaron.
2006-07-25 18:54:40
108.   C2Coke
102 It could be worse, it could've been TLC.
2006-07-25 18:55:47
109.   GoingDeep
Hammerin' Hank Aaron Guiel
2006-07-25 18:56:47
110.   BklynBmr
109 I like it!
2006-07-25 18:58:27
111.   mickey1956
Guiel/Williams isn't a half bad platoon. When Hideki, and Cano get back the lineup will be in good shape. I would let Matsui dh against righties with Guiel in the field. Against lefties Matsui plays the field and Bernie dh's. Giambi has to play first, but Andy is on the bench to come in for defense, and it makes our bench stronger. There would some ph bodies on the bench and our outfield defense would be better. It also keeps Melky in the lineup. I worry when matsui comes back Melky will sit.
2006-07-25 19:00:49
112.   Ron Burgundy
I'd just like to say: Ron Burgundy Supports Aaron "Guts and" Guiel.
2006-07-25 19:01:10
113.   Ron Burgundy
Dude, Barajas totally owns Moose, man.
2006-07-25 19:05:12
114.   marc
Great, Moose gets out with 83 total Pitches.
2006-07-25 19:06:24
115.   fansince77
That whiney little elf from Texas yelled out YEEEESSSS! when Barajas home run hooked the pole. He sounded like the misaligned powersteering belt I have to get fixed on my Dodge. YEEEES!
2006-07-25 19:07:42
116.   Max
100 Actually, you're right, Cliff, I didn't know what I was talking about. I work on a primary monitor and keep ESPN Gamecast on the second monitor (bad choice, since it glitches often), and on eyeballing the gamecast casually it looked like 2 outs came from those five guys. My bad...I've switched back to GameDay.

Anyway, I get to eat my words further as Guiel does his Shane Spencer imitation.

2006-07-25 19:07:56
117.   marc
The problem is I'm beginning to think Matsui's going to get back before any of these guys whose minor tweaks turn into months.
2006-07-25 19:11:49
118.   fansince77
Crosby looks lost with the bat in his hand
2006-07-25 19:15:20
119.   fansince77
this sixth is the key to the game. If Moose holds 'em here we should be sittin' pretty.
2006-07-25 19:16:06
120.   marc
it's dangerous not to keep scoring runs in this place
2006-07-25 19:21:29
121.   mickey1956
I don't think enough has been made of the Yankee injuries this year. All anybody wants to talk about is A-rod outside of New York(I'm looking at you ESPN). At this point the ENTIRE Yankee outfield is out hurt. There is no other team in baseball that could of stayed in the race playing their 4th,5th, and 6ht outfielders. Health is sometimes luck. I feel sorry for the AL if the yankees get close to healthy(well maybe not)
2006-07-25 19:21:35
122.   fansince77
Torre better leave him in ! Get back in the dugout jose.
2006-07-25 19:24:11
123.   fansince77
Let Moose start the seventh for sure, right?
2006-07-25 19:26:24
124.   randym77
Moose is done for the night. At 97 pitches, it's probably the right thing to do.
2006-07-25 19:26:48
125.   joejoejoe
You hit Guiel, we hit DeRosa.

Mussina could definitely pitch for Ozzie Guillen.

2006-07-25 19:28:56
126.   marc
Geez, we got 6 runs on 3 hits.
2006-07-25 19:29:50
127.   fansince77
Giambi is eleven months pregnant.
2006-07-25 19:30:46
128.   seamus
this texas announcer has a serious case of penis... i mean yankees-envy!
2006-07-25 19:33:00
129.   marc
I know the score's the score but I just feel we may not win this we 3 hits in this place
2006-07-25 19:34:51
130.   aronneil
Whom did Arod kiss?
2006-07-25 19:35:05
131.   mickey1956
127 that's great. Whenever I think of Giambi I remember an old Lou Holtz joke. If Jason raced a pregnant woman he'd come in 3rd.
2006-07-25 19:35:11
132.   fansince77
I don't like the way this one feels right now either...leave Moose in one more...Yanks need to get tougher mentally with the lead- they do this all the time.
2006-07-25 19:39:06
133.   monkeypants
Come on, Bubba.
2006-07-25 19:39:44
134.   fansince77
Here we go.
2006-07-25 19:39:50
135.   marc
we're in big trouble, they still got 3 innings of at bats
2006-07-25 19:40:27
136.   marc
we need a DP
2006-07-25 19:41:12
137.   Cliff Corcoran
125 Uh, that's actually not Moose's style. Besides, hitting a guy in the back arm is a mighty tricky way to go about it.
2006-07-25 19:41:31
138.   fansince77
I think the Ranger announcer just squirted himself...

Leave moose in...anyone...anyone

2006-07-25 19:41:40
139.   Simone
Gawd. This is not good.
2006-07-25 19:41:45
140.   marc
How did I now this.
2006-07-25 19:41:55
141.   seamus
these texas announcers are acting like Mathews just hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th in the 7th game of the world series. it's a lot nauseating.
2006-07-25 19:42:20
142.   yankeemonkey
So much for Everyday Scotty getting the night off...
2006-07-25 19:43:19
143.   fansince77
I really don't get it...Torre left Johnson in the other night with a higher pitch count and took Moose out with under a hundred...Moose could have at least gotten the first out..maybe two. If they got a hit off him- take him out.

Chickensh**t managing.

2006-07-25 19:43:27
144.   C2Coke
141 The name of the game is to mute MLB.TV
2006-07-25 19:43:36
145.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh Ron...... seems like you want even more time off ack...
2006-07-25 19:44:19
146.   yankeemonkey
Moose has looked kinda shaky at times tonight though. I don't think taking him out was such a bad decision.
2006-07-25 19:44:27
147.   C2Coke
143 How long was Moose out last year?
2006-07-25 19:44:27
148.   seamus
144 not a bad idea but i like to do other things so i need the audio on to know when to flip back to mlb-tv.
2006-07-25 19:46:16
149.   fansince77
popup popup popup popup popup!
2006-07-25 19:46:50
150.   joejoejoe
137 I was joking about the beanball retribution. I figured one got away from Moose.

Thanks for the details Cliff - I can't see that stuff on Yahoo Gamechannel.

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2006-07-25 19:47:21
151.   C2Coke
142 And then there's everyday Mo. Thank God Mo is not just human.
2006-07-25 19:48:12
152.   fansince77
dumb ass play by GUIEL. THat throw goes to third! SHIT- we are professionals here.
2006-07-25 19:48:56
153.   yankeemonkey
2006-07-25 19:49:23
154.   Yu-Hsing Chen
And Proctor escape further damage with just one runs scored... whew
2006-07-25 19:49:42
155.   marc
2006-07-25 19:49:57
156.   randym77
Man, that was close.

Thank you, Scotty.

2006-07-25 19:50:12
157.   C2Coke
148 I totally know what you mean.

10 pitches for Villon to get 2 on base. Another 10 for Protor to retire 3.

2006-07-25 19:50:45
158.   fansince77
Good job Proctor...

I hate to say it but Michael Young is a great player.

My bad on post 152 - I thought there were no outs.

2006-07-25 19:51:30
159.   marc
how bout a run or two now
2006-07-25 19:51:47
160.   greenfuzz
Guiel comes through again, this time with a catch. Let's hope Farnsworth doesn't give it all up
2006-07-25 19:51:55
161.   fansince77
Yanks absolutely need to score...they can't take the rest of the night off.
2006-07-25 19:52:10
162.   yankeemonkey
YES showed a replay of Proctor's reaction to the last out - priceless.
2006-07-25 19:52:56
163.   BklynBmr
OK, Jorgie. Now get him to third or beyond, Aaron!
2006-07-25 19:54:52
164.   randym77
Yeah! Better to be lucky than good.
2006-07-25 19:54:57
165.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah!!! We'll take it...
2006-07-25 19:55:44
166.   fansince77
That was a terrific job by Guiel...even without the error...we need that on this team.
2006-07-25 19:56:52
167.   BklynBmr
166 Yeah, nice to some fundamental baseball being executed...
2006-07-25 19:57:11
168.   yankeemonkey
Guiel is in the middle of everything tonight - POTG?
2006-07-25 19:57:34
169.   BklynBmr
2006-07-25 19:58:30
170.   marc
Andy really sucks now
2006-07-25 19:59:57
171.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ack, at least Phillips had 2 walks today :/ he really having a terrible month so far though. hope he can bounce back next month
2006-07-25 20:00:14
172.   Cliff Corcoran
170 C'mon, the guy got a bases loaded walk to drive in the first run of the game with two outs. Walked in his next trip and was hosed on the 3-0 pitch in that DP at-bat. Give him a break.

That said, the 92 MPH heaters he's been fouling off all night should have gone fair and far. He is still struggling, but his approach is much improved from his pre-day-off hacking.

2006-07-25 20:00:37
173.   yankeemonkey
Meanwhile, who is the bum pitching for the As? Back to back dingers by Manny and Nixon to make it 4-1 Sox.
2006-07-25 20:01:01
174.   randym77
Well, Andy got two walks tonight, which isn't too bad.

Shoulda been three, though.

2006-07-25 20:02:02
175.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Chris Widger is the A's top pitching prospect I heard... and they say the Yankees produce overrated prospects.........
2006-07-25 20:02:19
176.   seamus
did i just hear correctly that the Rangers are giving away a home? Is it a trailer?
2006-07-25 20:02:50
177.   yankeemonkey
175 - You mean Jason Windsor?
2006-07-25 20:03:30
178.   BklynBmr
173 Some youngster with 0.00 ERA who would have no trouble befuddling the Yanks lineup...
2006-07-25 20:03:34
179.   marc
Hell, I'm ready to give proctor POTG if this holds up
2006-07-25 20:03:44
180.   3rd gen yankee fan
173 Yah that guy makes me feel better about Ponson.
2006-07-25 20:05:09
181.   marc
3 outs in 5 pitches. Unbelievable
2006-07-25 20:05:23
182.   yankeemonkey
Heh. At least Chicago lost already, so if this score holds up, we're just 0.5 games out of WC!
2006-07-25 20:06:30
183.   RIYank
Proctor is an enigma.
Was it really overuse that stuck him in a May-June rut? His April and July have been incredible. That was a really amazing performance, those two innings.
2006-07-25 20:06:50
184.   Cliff Corcoran
181 Yeah, I blinked and missed the bottom of the 8th. Cool.
2006-07-25 20:07:00
185.   seamus
182 taking the lead in the wild card over the next week would just feel good. during the all-star break there was so much absurdity about how the AL east couldn't win the wild card. of course, Minnie is hot on our tail!
2006-07-25 20:07:06
186.   BklynBmr
179 If this holds, Scotty is definitely the PWDFSU...
2006-07-25 20:07:55
187.   marc
Boston's up 4/-1 already in the 3rd.
2006-07-25 20:08:34
188.   yankeemonkey
PWDFSU = player who didn't f*k sh*t up?
2006-07-25 20:09:11
189.   BklynBmr
188 Bingo!
2006-07-25 20:09:26
190.   singledd
Assuming we hold on, I would say Texas lost these 2 games more then we won them. 3 unearned runs yesterday and today we bang out all of 4 hits.

Cliff - I dont understand your man-crush on Andy (nice kid that he is). He has a .680 OPS and a .265 OBP... the worst OPS of any (qualified) 1st baseman in MLB. Do you really think he is helping us?

I don't know how much Torre is responsible, but it is amazing that we are still close. As a matter of fact, with a win tonight, we are 1/2 game off the WC... and Minn is 1/2 behind us.

2006-07-25 20:09:47
191.   marc
186 You got me. do I get a hint?
2006-07-25 20:10:50
192.   BklynBmr
191 See 188 ;-)
2006-07-25 20:11:45
193.   marc
I got it, It's perfect for the situation
2006-07-25 20:13:00
194.   Cliff Corcoran
183 It was amazing that shot by Teixeira stayed in the park and didn't tie up the game, if that's what you mean.

190 No I don't think he's helping, but I've been clamoring for the guy to get playing time for two years, I'm not going to jump ship now. One thing you can't deny is that when he gets hot he absolutely rakes.

2006-07-25 20:15:39
195.   yankeemonkey
Aside from tonight, Andy mostly helps with the glove. Of course with Giambi looking awful lately, a current black hole at 1B is somewhat troubling.
2006-07-25 20:15:49
196.   RIYank
194 Hm, why was that amazing? I don't get it. You mean it looked harder than it was?
2006-07-25 20:16:19
197.   marc
This may not be a cake walk but I'll relax with that extra run. Mo's been great but he hasn't exactly been K, K, ground out lately and this place is tough to defend
2006-07-25 20:17:08
198.   mickey1956
194 Almost everyone rakes when they get hot. The question is how often does he get hot. The answer is not enough.
2006-07-25 20:18:05
199.   BklynBmr
197 Please don't encourage Los Rangers, marc...
2006-07-25 20:18:14
200.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Melky was hitting like utter shite last month also, Andy is garbage this month, but I think it's way too early to jump the gun and DFA him or something...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-25 20:18:54
201.   marc
uh, another one of these
2006-07-25 20:20:02
202.   BklynBmr
198 If Andy was 23, it would be a different story. Time is not on his side to put it together and keep it there...
2006-07-25 20:21:33
203.   mickey1956
200 Melky is a 21 year old who is up early because of injuries. He has a lot more pat. and ability to make contact. The comparisons between the two shouldn't be made. Andy is supposed to be ready now, and he can't hit.
2006-07-25 20:22:22
204.   pistolpete
Jesus I just had a 2001 flashback....
2006-07-25 20:22:32
205.   marc
Mo saves a hit.
2006-07-25 20:23:09
206.   BklynBmr
Oh, yes!!!
2006-07-25 20:23:44
207.   yankeemonkey
Thing is, if the rest of the lineup didn't look at times like a split-squad game from spring training, Andy's futility wouldn't be such a problem....Hopefully once Matsui and Cano are healthy they can afford to play Andy on a regular basis. Right now though...does his generally good defense offset the sucky offense?
2006-07-25 20:24:59
208.   mickey1956
207 No. One of the points that Goldman makes at the Pinstriped Blog is a team shouldn't "carry" a bad bat. At 1st base and average bat should be easy to find.
2006-07-25 20:25:13
209.   rsmith51
Count me as one who thought that once Andy got some playing time he would be a .775-.825 OPS guy.
2006-07-25 20:25:55
210.   marc
7 runs on 4 hits. I guess we didn't do much but I'll take the W
2006-07-25 20:27:21
211.   Dimelo
I picked up Andy in my fantasy league in early June thinking he was going to be good. I'm sorry, I've since given up on him....bring up C. Pena.
2006-07-25 20:27:34
212.   Yu-Hsing Chen
mean while, Boston is up 5:1 now, you suck Oakland.
2006-07-25 20:27:36
213.   RIYank
Andy's RATE is actually bad. I was surprised. I haven't looked at his Zone ratings, which my geekiest friend thinks is much more accurate.

209 Me too, I'm disappointed. He just looked good a month or two ago.

2006-07-25 20:27:49
214.   smingers
It seems one of the common complaints with Soriano is that when he's not on a hot streak, his low OBP means he contributes absolutely nothing offensively. Isn't Andy a way worse version of that?

Yes, when he's hot he has good power. But he hasn't demonstrated much ability to sustain a good run at the plate.

2006-07-25 20:29:57
215.   mickey1956
213 I agree. I really thought he would be better than that, but a team has to cut bait with players like hime when the time is right. If Giambi can play 1st then Phillips makes a good bench player. He can back up 3rd and 1st and play a passable 2nd. If Giambi has to DH then Phillips has to be DFA'd.
2006-07-25 20:30:16
216.   joejoejoe
Mussina's got a great chance to get his first 20 win season. He should get 12-13 more starts to get 8 wins (12-3 after tonight).
2006-07-25 20:32:35
217.   RIYank
216 He ought to have 15 by now. Some bad run support, some bad breaks -- remember the long rain delay after four innings when Moose was lights out but couldn't return?
2006-07-25 20:32:43
218.   BklynBmr
216 Add Tiger Wang (11-4) to the list. Outside shot, but possible...
2006-07-25 20:35:25
219.   seamus
218 Wang is having a great season but in almost a quiet way for some reason. Maybe it is just perception, but I think because he doesn't k folks, it doesn't feel as dominant.
2006-07-25 20:41:43
220.   yankeemonkey
Question: why was the run that scored on Andy's error in the 3rd an ER?
2006-07-25 20:43:58
221.   RIYank
220 I was wondering about that. I think the official scorer judged that even a good throw would not have got the runner at third, and there were subsequent hits before the last out.
2006-07-25 20:45:54
222.   yankeemonkey
I's still weird though. How does a guy score from 1st on a groundout when there's no error?
2006-07-25 20:48:04
223.   joejoejoe
According to Baseball-Reference Juan Marichal is Mussina's most similar comparison to through '05. Marichal had 6 20-win seasons on his way to 243. Moose has none on the way to 236 as of tonight.

Mussina 224-127, 2400K, ERA+ 125
Marichal 243-142, 2303K, ERA+ 122

I know 20 games is just an arbitrary number but it will help Mussina's resume with old-school HOF voters and more importantly it will help the Yankees win this year.

2006-07-25 21:01:26
224.   Cliff Corcoran
223 Marichel, of course, pitched in a four-man rotation.
2006-07-25 21:09:05
225.   RIYank
222 It was definitely an error. It's just that the scorer decided the run would have scored anyway, later in the inning. That's my guess.
Looks like the A's are roughing up Schilling a little, at least. Three runs in the fifth.
2006-07-26 00:12:46
226.   joejoejoe
224 Pitching in a 4-man rotation gives you 500 extra innings over a 15 year career.

15 yrs - Mussina 3013 IP
15 yrs - Marichal 3501 IP

If Mussina enjoyed good health and pitched in a 4-man rotation over the same period he'd have about 5 extra starts a year. A reasonable 2-1 in those 5 starts would give Mussina 5 20-win seasons on his resume thru '05.

Baseball-Reference's most similar contemporary of Mussina is Dwight Gooden.

Mussina - 3013IP, 224-127, 2400K, ERA+ 125
Gooden - 2800IP, 194-112, 2293K, ERA+ 110

I would never group Mussina and Doc together as 'similar' but that's what the stats show. Mussina has been consistently excellent and Gooden had the one transcendent season in 1985. Mussina can't touch that but he does have 8 seasons better than or equal to Gooden's second best season.

To end a rambling post - Mussina has been very good for a long time. I don't want him to win 20....I want him to win out and join Guidry at 25-3 :)

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