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Texas Rangers
2006-07-24 12:22
by Cliff Corcoran

Like every other team in the AL West, the Rangers are a straight-up .500 ballclub. That's why there are just four games separating first and last place in that division. For their part, the Rangers have by far the best run differential of the bunch and stand just a half game behind the first-place A's.

The three-game series set to start tonight will finish their season set with the Yankees. Back in May, the Yankees swept a three-game set in Texas, then split a four-game set with the Rangers in the Bronx thank in large part to one of the wildest games the Yankees have played in recent memory. That adds up to a 5-2 advantage in the season series for the New Yorkers. Now, if the Rangers are a truely .500 team, they'll catch fire and sweep the Yanks here to even the season series, then punt their ensuing three-game set against the Royals, leading to much rending of garments among the Bronx Banter readership.

For the more enlightened members of that group, win or lose a highlight of this series should be that we're getting our first look at rookie Ian Kinsler (.304/.370/.492) who, along with Jose Lopez and the still MIA Robinson Cano, gives the AL an exciting crop of young second basemen.

Tonight Randy Johnson takes on Kevin Millwood. Both veterans have been headed in the right direction of late after rough starts to their seasons, though both also suffered a pre-All-Star break hicup. As is becoming a tradition in my pregame posts for Johnson's starts, here's Randy's combined line in his last three starts: 22 2/3 IP, 18 H, 10 R, 8 ER, 3 HR, 1 BB, 22 K.

Texas Rangers

2006 Record: 51-48 (.515)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 52-47 (.523)

Manager: Buck Showalter
General Manager: Jon Daniels

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Bankcom Arlingtonia (104/103)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Ian Kinsler (DL) replaced Phil Nevin
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. replaced D'Angelo Jimenez
  • Freddy Guzman replaced Adrian Brown (minors)
  • John Rheinecker replaced Kameron Loe (DL)
  • John Wasdin replaced Scott Feldman (minors)
  • Bryan Corey replaced Antonio Alfonseca
  • Wes Littleton replaced Drew Meyer

Current Roster

1B – Mark Teixeira (S)
2B – Ian Kinsler (R)
SS – Michael Young (R)
3B – Hank Blalock (L)
C – Rod Barajas (R)
RF – Kevin Mench (R)
CF – Gary Matthews Jr. (S)
LF – Brad Wilkerson (L)
DH – Mark DeRosa (R)


R – Jerry Hairston, Jr. (UT)
S – Freddy Guzman (OF)
R – Gerald Laird (C)


R – Kevin Millwood
L – John Rheinecker
R – John Wasdin
L – John Koronka
R – Vincente Padilla


R – Akinori Otsuka
R – Francisco Cordero
R – Joaquin Benoit
R – Rick Bauer
L – Ron Mahay
L – C.J. Wilson
R – Bryan Corey
R – Wes Littleton

15-day DL: R – Kameron Loe
60-day DL: R – Adam Eaton

Restricted List: R – Omar Beltre

Typical Lineup

S – Gary Matthews Jr. (CF)
R – Ian Kinsler (2B)
R – Michael Young (SS)
S – Mark Teixeira (1B)
L – Hank Blalock (3B)
R – Mark DeRosa (2B)
R – Kevin Mench (RF)
L – Brad Wilkerson (LF)
R – Rod Barajas (C)

Comments (380)
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2006-07-24 13:56:11
1.   Ron Burgundy
This'll be confusing. The Yankees fans will be booing A-Rod and so will the Rangers fans. WOW, ESPN is gonna love this. We can all agree 100% that ESPN will show him stepping to the plate to the boos when they show highlights of the game just to prove their point, whatever it is.

Or maybe they'll be too busy coverint the Sori to ChiSox deal.

2006-07-24 14:01:56
2.   Shaun P
The Rangers have a 3-man bench, and a 13-man pitching staff?! Wow. I suppose you can get away with that when you have guys like DeRosa and Hairston, who can play just about anywhere.

I am excited to see Ian Kinsler - does that mean I'm enlightened? ;)

2006-07-24 14:04:56
3.   monkeypants
2 The Yankees have a three-man bench and 13 man staff, but with a wrinkle--none of them not named Mariano can play.
2006-07-24 14:11:30
4.   randym77
Don't we only have 12 pitchers?
2006-07-24 14:16:45
5.   randym77
Looks like Bernie's DHing, which means no Andy.

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams DH
Aaron Guiel RF
Miguel Cairo 2B
Bubba Crosby CF

2006-07-24 14:23:21
6.   standuptriple
That's great, because Bernie hits Millwood so well.
2006-07-24 14:26:15
7.   Ron Burgundy
6 Was that sarcasm or serious?
2006-07-24 14:29:44
8.   standuptriple
Sarcasm. How's 1-11 with 1BB sound (besides small sample sized)?
2006-07-24 14:30:48
9.   Stormer Sports
Soriano to White Sox? Ruh-Roh Scooby!
2006-07-24 14:30:51
10.   unpopster
1 y' Bizarro Arod World, maybe a return to the stadium where he's had some great years might just relax him and let him let loose with the bat...


...the thunderous booing will make his head literally explode.

Either scenario would make for an interesting evening.

2006-07-24 14:37:53
11.   randym77
I think A-Rod will kick butt tonight, back in his old stomping grounds.

The White Sox are serious. They want to repeat, and they're trading up a storm. They just got Sandy Alomar from the Dodgers and Mike MacDougal from the Royals. No official announcement on Soriano yet, but I bet it's soon.

2006-07-24 14:41:22
12.   Shaun P
11 I think Alomar will hurt more than help, but MacDougal is sure a boost to their bullpen, which needs all the help it can get.

All that said, if Garland, Vazquez, and Garcia keep stinking up the joint, it won't matter what their bats do.

I'm hoping A-Rod goes on a nice tear here, and that Unit doesn't feel the effects of his 129-pitch game. I'm afraid that's a pipe dream, unfortunately.

2006-07-24 14:44:24
13.   Ron Burgundy
8 Then I am all the more excited to have him batting 6th tonight.
2006-07-24 14:56:12
14.   Stormer Sports
Well, the White Sox are doing the right thing. There is no pitching out there, why not sign Soriano if you have the chips to trade?

As for their pitching. Once in the playoffs, Ozzie won't pull a Joe Torre and send out number 4 and 5 starters to cost you games if they aren't pitching well. If I am a White Sox fan, I love the move.

At least this should put Yankee trade talks to rest.

How about Manny throwing his bat, sliding into balls and missing the Beltre bounce off the wall? Not to mention looky-loo HR's. Arod has a blip on the radar. We could be suffering with Manny, don't worry be happy.

2006-07-24 14:58:27
15.   rsmith51
Where is Sori going to play for the ChiSox? Is Podsednik moving to CF and Sori in LF or are they going to put Sori at 2b?
2006-07-24 14:59:59
16.   Ron Burgundy
15 And if they do that, where do they put Gooch?
2006-07-24 15:00:36
17.   randym77
A-Rod has great numbers against Millwood:

A-Rod 5-11, 1 2B, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 2 K, 1 BB, 1 GIDP
Giambi 5-9, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 2 K
Guiel 1-2, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 BB
Cairo 1-2, 1 2B, 2 RBI
Crosby 1-3, 1 RBI
Jeter 4-17, 1 2B, 2 K
Melky 1-5, 1 K
Posada 1-8, 6 K, 1 BB
Bernie 1-11, 2 K, 1 BB, 1 CS, 1 GIDP

2006-07-24 15:16:33
18.   Stormer Sports
Steve Phillips reports that Arod will be traded to the Cincinatti Bengals for 10 Grams of Crack, two Tasers, and three rape convictions.
2006-07-24 15:17:25
19.   Coco Loco
No Damon. Anyone know why?
2006-07-24 15:18:29
20.   randym77
Damon was a late scratch due to back pain.

He's getting treatment, and if it loosens up, he may play tonight.

2006-07-24 15:18:38
21.   Ron Burgundy
19 Back tweak. Available to pinch-hit and will play tommorrow.
2006-07-24 15:19:57
22.   randym77
Just for kicks, this was the lineup before Damon was scratched:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Giambi 1B
A-Rod 3B
Posada C
Bernie DH
Guiel RF
Melky LF
Cairo 2B

2006-07-24 15:23:39
23.   Dimelo
18 That's great. I'll be playing you all hold down the fort and make sure ya'll have some positive thoughts and encourage our Yanks. We gots to win tonight. ARod....Keep Ya Head Up...Drive through the ball....and make these m-fers shut up for a bit.

Go Yanks!!

2006-07-24 15:44:12
24.   randym77
Damon reportedly injured his back getting into a car to come to the stadium.

That sounds like something that would happen to Pavano...

2006-07-24 15:47:45
25.   Stormer Sports

I propose George just build codos at the stadium with free car service into the city.

Hey, did you guys read up on the approval on the new stadium. Am I the only one who is torn over the destruction of the two public parks, or should Yankees trump all?

2006-07-24 15:49:49
26.   Ron Burgundy
25 The Yankees will pay for parks to replace those, and the old Stadium will be a little league/softball/museum/etc. field with only the lower deck..
2006-07-24 15:54:16
27.   Stormer Sports

I heard that as well. I am just a little suspicious--as I am of all corporate promises--that the parks will actually be constructed. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that they are not moving the team out of the Bronx, I just hope it works out for all concerned.

2006-07-24 16:03:53
28.   Stormer Sports
Thank God for Extra Innings. At least I don't have to watch the game on ESPN.
2006-07-24 16:07:19
29.   SF Yanks
28 Yeah, but if you have high-def like I do, you kind of have to watch it on ESPN.
2006-07-24 16:07:57
30.   rbj
28 ou took the words right out of my, ah, keyboard.
2006-07-24 16:10:08
31.   Ron Burgundy

10 Times Sutcliffe for some reason mentions Jason Varitek and how he is the heart and soul of the Red Sawx.

14,143 Times the ESPN guys say A-Rod doesn't hit in the clutch, is a Nazi, is the next Chuck Knoblock, A-Rod eats babies, Oritz is a HOFer and the greatest hitter of our generation, "Jonathan" Papelbitch is the greatest closer in the world.

3 Times Rick Sutcliffe passes out.

4 Times A-Rod hits a Home-Run.

30 Times they analyze A-Rod's swing if he doesn't hit a HR in an at-bat.

99 Times Sutcliffe generally blows the Red Sawx, forgetting he's covering a Yankees game.

2006-07-24 16:10:38
32.   BklynBmr
28,30 What yooze said...
2006-07-24 16:11:04
33.   rbj
Way to hustle Melky.
2006-07-24 16:12:04
34.   Ron Burgundy
Here comes a Jeter bunt...
2006-07-24 16:12:05
35.   Stormer Sports
Melky! A base stealing machine?
2006-07-24 16:12:45
36.   BklynBmr
31 Is this assuming Sutcliffe is sober?
2006-07-24 16:13:02
37.   Ron Burgundy
36 Your pick.
2006-07-24 16:13:04
38.   rbj
No Jeter bunt. Woo hoo!
2006-07-24 16:14:03
39.   SF Yanks
shoulda bunted
2006-07-24 16:16:09
40.   Schteeve
A-Rod is such an asshole for telling Jeter to fly out to right.
2006-07-24 16:16:20
41.   Ron Burgundy
Thanks Giambi.
2006-07-24 16:16:36
42.   tommyl
Lets start booing Jeter. He failed to hit a HR with a runner in scoring position. He stinks, trade him.
2006-07-24 16:17:22
43.   tommyl
Good eye A-Rod. Hitter's count, get the run in.
2006-07-24 16:19:28
44.   tommyl
Man, A-Rod can't catch a break. He worked the count and ripped that.
2006-07-24 16:19:45
45.   rbj
2006-07-24 16:19:49
46.   SF Yanks
It seems like he's hittin em hard. I bet he gets a couple hits tonight.
2006-07-24 16:20:20
47.   Mattpat11
Looked better off the bat. Oh well. Next time. He should have three or four more AB today

42 I love when people act like A-Rod's doing an acceptable job and people just ignore it.

2006-07-24 16:21:14
48.   Ron Burgundy
There go the "A-Rod fails in the clutch" shit. WTF, if he hits a HR there, it's not clutch, if he doesn't hit a HR, he's failing in the clutch.
2006-07-24 16:23:28
49.   Schteeve
47 Define acceptable.
2006-07-24 16:25:47
50.   rbj
Nice. 1-2-3 8 pitch inning.
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2006-07-24 16:25:50
51.   rilkefan
49 - for A-Rod? HR or IBB every at bat, and gold glove defense plus help for Jeter. Duh.
2006-07-24 16:25:52
52.   Stormer Sports
Nice inning by Johnson!
2006-07-24 16:25:58
53.   BklynBmr
The key to a victory tonight is Bobby Murcer. He's been under the radar lately and is due to bust out with a huge performance. Just a feelin'...
2006-07-24 16:26:25
54.   Schteeve
51 Of course, how could I be so obtuse?
2006-07-24 16:28:00
55.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Young will chat with Arod. I know they have their BFF necklaces on tonight.
2006-07-24 16:28:51
56.   tommyl
Say what you will, but A-Rod looked a lot better that AB. He took some close pitches, and the strike he didn't swing on was a nasty breaking ball down in the zone. He then fouled one straight back and hit the ball on the screws, just at the third basemen. I'm feeling optimistic.
2006-07-24 16:29:13
57.   seamus
these texas announcers are making me want to puke.
2006-07-24 16:33:41
58.   Schteeve
They've got gall, we've got Guiel.
2006-07-24 16:33:54
59.   tommyl
Hey Cliff, here's a question. The park factors you list, what's the second number (in parentheses)? is that last years park factor?
2006-07-24 16:36:32
60.   Mattpat11
49 300 BA with a 930 OPS and 40 HR. All below his career numbers, but still good enough that you don't feel like you're getting jobbed.
2006-07-24 16:37:08
61.   Ron Burgundy
Big Tex has been struggling all year. His power is WAAAAAAAAAAAY down. Figures that he hits a HR off us.
2006-07-24 16:37:39
62.   randym77
Ugh. Teixeira is a such a pain.
2006-07-24 16:38:14
63.   Mattpat11
Oh, and for him to not lead the league in errors.

Such lofty standards.

2006-07-24 16:38:44
64.   tommyl
Wow, watching RJ run off the mound is like watching a newborn deer.
2006-07-24 16:38:52
65.   Stormer Sports
First he lollygags off the mound, and then he fails to pick it up.
2006-07-24 16:39:38
66.   tommyl
Shoulder's flying open again. That is not good.
2006-07-24 16:40:14
67.   rbj
65 It's A-Rod's fault.
2006-07-24 16:42:48
68.   tommyl
Kept the shoulder back there. Much better.
2006-07-24 16:45:45
69.   BayRidger
If Johnson sucks from here on out as a result of that 129 pitch outing(a loss at that), then every one of his losses hereafter will have to fall under the category of a "Torre loss" Defined, by me, as a loss resulting from Torre's misuse of a pitcher. I'm probably jumping the gun.
2006-07-24 16:47:59
70.   Mattpat11
Christ Bubba at bats are depressing.
2006-07-24 16:48:29
71.   tommyl
Well YES has clearly given up. They were playing the going to commercial music after 2 outs.
2006-07-24 16:49:14
72.   rbj
Melky, part deux!
2006-07-24 16:49:18
73.   tommyl
Melky! How's that? We should definitely trade him.
2006-07-24 16:49:23
74.   Stormer Sports
Melky! A bright spot in a dark offensive sky.
2006-07-24 16:49:32
75.   BklynBmr
Does Melky have to do everything tonight?
2006-07-24 16:49:40
76.   rilkefan
60 - BA is a stupid stat. He's actually on pace to hit about 40 HR. At 0.880 he's down a bit due to his slump, which means he's only hitting as well as Jeter.

At this point I actually think you're rooting for him to fail so you can claim he's performing "unacceptably".

2006-07-24 16:49:44
77.   tommyl
Ok Jeter, time to be clutch.
2006-07-24 16:50:17
78.   Stormer Sports
Ive got it. Cole Hamels and Bobby Abreu for Phillip Hughes, 2 prospects and cash. Get it done Cashman.
2006-07-24 16:50:20
79.   tommyl
75 Double and HR for the cycle ;)
2006-07-24 16:50:47
80.   Mattpat11
76 I believe its actually 36 HR pace.
2006-07-24 16:51:05
81.   tommyl
Jeter's hurting. He's been grimacing since that running play he made in the first.
2006-07-24 16:51:36
82.   BklynBmr
Don't forget the WebGem! ;-)
2006-07-24 16:52:09
83.   hensley
Anyone else notice Melky's .892 July OPS?
2006-07-24 16:52:35
84.   Stormer Sports

Are you kidding me? ESPN give Jeter a web gem, lol, seriously come on.

2006-07-24 16:53:03
85.   tommyl
83 He stinks, its below 1.000. Let's trade him.
2006-07-24 16:53:27
86.   BklynBmr
83 Trade him while he's not. Reggie Sanders is coming off the DL soon...
2006-07-24 16:53:56
87.   tommyl
84 Didn't they on the Giambi flip in 2001?

WTF!!! that's an ejection. fastball to the head.

2006-07-24 16:54:24
88.   BklynBmr
84 Sorry, that was meant for 79
2006-07-24 16:54:30
89.   Stormer Sports
Jete Jete Jete!
2006-07-24 16:54:36
90.   tommyl
Yes. Love ya Cap!
2006-07-24 16:54:36
91.   Simone
Yay, the Captain rules!
2006-07-24 16:54:47
92.   rbj
Yes! Back to back triples. Don't think I've ever seen that before.
2006-07-24 16:54:56
93.   BklynBmr
Cap sucks. Warning track power...
2006-07-24 16:55:13
94.   randym77
Standup triple for Jeet. Made 'em pay for throwing at his head.
2006-07-24 16:55:56
95.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-24 16:56:26
96.   BklynBmr
Did Giambi dog that down the first base line?
2006-07-24 16:56:26
97.   Stormer Sports
Jete does look a little roughed up. How could Murcer and Singleton miss that it happened on the defensive play to Jete's left?
2006-07-24 16:58:03
98.   randym77
96 How can you tell?
2006-07-24 17:01:58
99.   BklynBmr
98 LOL! I was going to add "... or he is that slow?" I was thinking 'hammy', it looked like he gave up on it halfway down the line...
2006-07-24 17:03:46
100.   randym77
Well, Giambi's still playing 1B and Jeter's still at SS. I hope they're all right. The last thing we need is more freakin' injuries.
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2006-07-24 17:04:28
101.   Stormer Sports
Nice play by Cairo to pick that garbage throw by Johnson!
2006-07-24 17:04:40
102.   rbj
That's not the time for a sinker in the dirt, Randy.
2006-07-24 17:04:48
103.   randym77
Nice play by Cairo. Even if they did call him "Cabrera."
2006-07-24 17:06:54
104.   Stormer Sports
There you go RJ. Keep the ball down, down down down to Tex!
2006-07-24 17:07:37
105.   randym77
And goodbye, Tex.
2006-07-24 17:07:39
106.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod goes deep here.
2006-07-24 17:09:33
107.   Stormer Sports
Philly's Cole Hamels has 10 K through 4.
2006-07-24 17:09:47
108.   randym77
Nice work by our D in that inning. Getting Matthews in that rundown was huge.
2006-07-24 17:09:50
109.   BklynBmr
Kris Wilson DFA...
2006-07-24 17:10:09
110.   rbj
I'll take a single.
2006-07-24 17:10:25
111.   BklynBmr
A-Rod's only 1 for 2...
2006-07-24 17:11:10
112.   Stormer Sports

Yea, but it looks like Torre is going to bring Beam up, instead of Smith, based on nothing more than handedness. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt it.

2006-07-24 17:11:12
113.   Ron Burgundy
Good Enough.
2006-07-24 17:12:02
114.   Schteeve
I've got my money on Aaron Guiel tonight.
2006-07-24 17:13:17
115.   Stormer Sports
Dotel is the new Pavano.

Now can we take advantage of that error? Let's see. You're right Moose, we shouldn't compare this team to the 1996-2000 teams, those teams capitalized on other team's mistakes.

2006-07-24 17:13:37
116.   randym77
Beam has been called up. He's with the team in Texas, and could pitch tonight, if needed.

Some speculate they are trying to preserve Smith's trade value by keeping him in Columbus.

2006-07-24 17:14:42
117.   Schteeve
I don't have my money on Miguel Cairo tonight.
2006-07-24 17:14:46
118.   BklynBmr
114 I've got Guiel for World Series MVP. Shades of Scotty B. ...
2006-07-24 17:14:50
119.   Simone
115 Dotel is recovering over Tommy John surgery. Expecting him back in the middle of this season was pure hope. The Yankees will be lucky to get him back by the end of the season.
2006-07-24 17:16:07
120.   Stormer Sports

That would be a silly trade. For who? The only way you trade Smith is if we can package Hughes with him and another prospect, and grab Hamels AND Abreu from Philly. If they let Smith go for some Craig Wilson, Sanders type, I'll be very dissapointed. Thank goodness the Pirates hate dealing with us.

2006-07-24 17:16:55
121.   randym77
Dang. Just missed it. And A-Rod thinks they blew the call.
2006-07-24 17:17:32
122.   Stormer Sports
2006-07-24 17:17:36
123.   randym77
Miggy! Miggy! Miggy!
2006-07-24 17:17:50
124.   BklynBmr
Miggy! Great AB!
2006-07-24 17:18:59
125.   Schteeve
It's a damn shame we can't trade A-Rod for Cairo.
2006-07-24 17:19:51
126.   Ron Burgundy
Darn. I forgot Bubba was in the line-up...
2006-07-24 17:21:20
127.   Schteeve
where' hank blalock these days?
2006-07-24 17:22:43
128.   Schteeve
if i was a manager, and my starting pitcher walked the leadoff guy in an inning on 4 pitches before the 6th inning, I'd head out to the mound and punch him in the nose.
2006-07-24 17:29:06
129.   rilkefan
128 - what if he Ked the next two guys?
2006-07-24 17:31:03
130.   Alvaro Espinoza
Unit didn't come close to hitting Posada's target on any of the pitches to Wilkerson.

Go figure...

2006-07-24 17:31:13
131.   rilkefan
129 - make that "What if he Ked the next three guys?"
2006-07-24 17:32:26
132.   randym77
IMO, Randy's lucky he didn't give up another homer that inning. He left at least one flat slider up there in the "hit me" zone.

More runs, we need more runs...

2006-07-24 17:33:19
133.   BklynBmr
There's the double!
2006-07-24 17:33:30
134.   Stormer Sports
2006-07-24 17:33:35
135.   randym77
Melky's on fire tonight.
2006-07-24 17:33:43
136.   rbj
HR next AB for the Melkman.
2006-07-24 17:34:04
137.   Stormer Sports

He is the right place with the right weather to hit the HR.

2006-07-24 17:34:49
138.   BklynBmr
Good thing Texas isn't going to score any more runs...
2006-07-24 17:35:47
139.   Simone
Jeter bunted the 3rd ball. He didn't even wait to see if he could walk. WTH!
2006-07-24 17:35:50
140.   Schteeve
129 I'd be like, "See, punching guys in the nose works!"
2006-07-24 17:35:51
141.   rbj
So Giami, A-Rod, Posada can't get a runner in from second, but they can from third.
2006-07-24 17:35:52
142.   Alvaro Espinoza
That what some bunt. Millwood made a nice play to get 2.
2006-07-24 17:36:46
143.   BklynBmr
137 You know he's going to press. Let's watch his plate discipline...
2006-07-24 17:37:18
144.   Simone
See Derek, the bases could have been loaded right now.
2006-07-24 17:37:22
145.   Stormer Sports
Intentional type walk to Giambi.
2006-07-24 17:37:57
146.   BklynBmr
It's A-Bomb time...
2006-07-24 17:38:25
147.   rbj
Has Millwood lost the strikezone?
2006-07-24 17:39:11
148.   Simone
Lucky Melky!
2006-07-24 17:39:19
149.   Stormer Sports
Bad throw bails Arod out there.
2006-07-24 17:39:33
150.   rbj
Now, does Alex get an RBI on this?
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2006-07-24 17:39:42
151.   BklynBmr
Guess that happens to third basemen at times...
2006-07-24 17:39:43
152.   Ron Burgundy
That'll do.
2006-07-24 17:40:10
153.   randym77
Melky really is amazingly lucky. Not that I'm complaining...
2006-07-24 17:40:44
154.   randym77
They scored it an error and a FC.
2006-07-24 17:40:54
155.   BklynBmr
Millwood is layin' some fat ones right over the plate... any minute now...
2006-07-24 17:41:33
156.   Schteeve
Melky needs a homer for the cycle? That's NEVER gonna happen.
2006-07-24 17:42:36
157.   BklynBmr
I'll never forget Bernie's big HR here in the '96 ALDS. Channel it, Bernie...
2006-07-24 17:42:43
158.   Stormer Sports
Bad play all the way around by Texas. They could have had the double play, at the very least they could have gotten Giambi at second and made it close at first.
2006-07-24 17:43:14
159.   Stormer Sports

Way to stay positive.

2006-07-24 17:43:14
160.   Ron Burgundy
GOB up...
2006-07-24 17:43:23
161.   randym77
C'mon, Bernie. I don't think Millwood's going to be around much longer.
2006-07-24 17:44:39
162.   Stormer Sports
Wow! That was downright horrible.
2006-07-24 17:45:00
163.   BayRidger
156. He's in the right park for it. It would cement his rep as a true playa.
2006-07-24 17:45:18
164.   BklynBmr
158 Giambi just got to second now...
2006-07-24 17:45:49
165.   Ron Burgundy
Bernie = Suicide

My God that sucked, we could've blown this out...

2006-07-24 17:46:42
166.   Alvaro Espinoza
159 How's this for negative?

Yanks numbers w/ runners in scoring position and less than 2 outs just went down.

Mr. Half Empty

2006-07-24 17:46:44
167.   fansince77
does bernie seem to do that alot lately? I mean when he is not striking out in those situations?
2006-07-24 17:47:02
168.   rilkefan
157 - didn't Bernie win that entire series by himself? Or was that some other series back then?
2006-07-24 17:47:11
169.   randym77
Sigh. Bernie never hit Millwood well. Might be a bit much to expect GOB to do it.
2006-07-24 17:47:44
170.   BklynBmr
165 Ufffh. Millwood had nothing. Just wait on one and drive it. That did suck...
2006-07-24 17:47:46
171.   rbj
164 LOL.
2006-07-24 17:49:10
172.   BklynBmr
168 Gotta look it up, but pretty sure he had at least 2 timely HRs in that series...
2006-07-24 17:49:43
173.   BklynBmr
Man, Guiel has a little cannon out there...
2006-07-24 17:52:30
174.   Schteeve
159 I was trying to reverse jinx him. Jeez.
2006-07-24 17:54:42
175.   Schteeve
I'd get Randy to the showers right about now.
2006-07-24 17:54:45
176.   Ron Burgundy
174 Watch him hit one into the Upper Deck in Rightfield.
2006-07-24 17:54:49
177.   Stormer Sports
Come on RJ. A walk. He must want to face Young and Tex.
2006-07-24 17:56:38
178.   randym77
173 He really does. All our OFers tonight have decent arms. They're not going to be running on them like they would on Bernie and Johnny.
2006-07-24 17:57:03
179.   Alvaro Espinoza
He hit the mitt on strike 3 to Young. A beauty!
2006-07-24 17:59:04
180.   randym77
All right, Miggy! Cairo's earning his paycheck tonight.
2006-07-24 17:59:09
181.   rbj
Nice baserunning, Tex.
2006-07-24 17:59:25
182.   Stormer Sports
Thanks Mark for getting RJ out of that inning.
2006-07-24 18:00:11
183.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-24 18:00:12
184.   Alvaro Espinoza
181 It's his sliding that needs work.
2006-07-24 18:01:15
185.   randym77
Smart play by Melky, too. Defense is really picking Randy up tonight.
2006-07-24 18:02:02
186.   randym77
LOL! Who called that Guiel homer?
2006-07-24 18:02:14
187.   Stormer Sports
Guiel who? Huh, what, way to go!
2006-07-24 18:02:36
188.   Ron Burgundy
Ha-Ha, Guts and Guiel.
2006-07-24 18:02:37
189.   BklynBmr
114 Good call, Schteeve...
2006-07-24 18:05:31
190.   randym77
Urk. I hope Cairo's okay.
2006-07-24 18:06:35
191.   rbj
That better not have been Melky's HR you hit, Guiel.
2006-07-24 18:07:25
192.   Stormer Sports

Hell, with this squad, I'll take any home run we can get.

2006-07-24 18:08:14
193.   BklynBmr
That's OK, Melkman. Mercer's in the booth. Kinda like Larsen was there for Cone's perfecto. It's gonna happen tonight!

Note: As Singleton just stated: Last Yankee cycle was Tony Fernandez in '95, and before that — Murcer.

2006-07-24 18:09:01
194.   tommyl
Dear Joe,
Re: Guiel

See, that is why you platoon Guiel against righties.

2006-07-24 18:09:19
195.   BklynBmr
191 LOL. Yeah, they better not be sharing a bat tonight...
2006-07-24 18:09:21
196.   Ron Burgundy
193 Good Vibes.
2006-07-24 18:09:34
197.   monkeypants
Small sample alert, but maybe now Torre will start Guiel the 'hot hand' against know, like a real platoon with Bernie?
2006-07-24 18:11:08
198.   Stormer Sports
Have the Yanks turned a DP today?
2006-07-24 18:13:16
199.   rsmith51
Is it more painful to watch ESPN or the Texas announcers?
2006-07-24 18:13:26
200.   Schteeve
189 As frustrating as this season has been, we've gotten some timely hits from some pretty unexpected sources.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-24 18:13:45
201.   Alvaro Espinoza
199 Fran Healy
2006-07-24 18:14:19
202.   Stormer Sports
2006-07-24 18:14:19
203.   Coco Loco
2006-07-24 18:14:26
204.   rsmith51
Good job, Bubba.
2006-07-24 18:14:34
205.   randym77
Nice catch, Bubba!
2006-07-24 18:15:34
206.   SF Yanks
The ESPN guys just said that ARod needed to put more on that throw even though he was off balance.
2006-07-24 18:16:22
207.   randym77
197 I thought that the last time he hit a home run, but it didn't happen.

Paul O'Neill is right. Being a young (or even not so young) player on the Yankees is like being a contestant on American Idol. Do well, and you get one more try. But if you go 0 for 4 the next night, you're back on the bench again.

2006-07-24 18:16:38
208.   Stormer Sports

Beltre and Rolen are the only guys who make that play.

2006-07-24 18:16:52
209.   rsmith51
Do major league players only name their sons after themselves?

I am still impressed that Cal Ripken Jr.'s son is not named Cal. That is more impressive to me than the streak.

2006-07-24 18:17:56
210.   Alvaro Espinoza
206 Who's calling the game? Is it that genius, Sutcliffe?

That really is preposterous if they said that. The execution on that play was flawless on everyone's part. The guy beat the throw plain and simple.

2006-07-24 18:18:02
211.   Stormer Sports

Look rsmith, runners still dive into first, they're not the sharpest tools in Kirk Reuter's woodshed.

2006-07-24 18:18:56
212.   Ron Burgundy
This Rangers pitcher looks like a crack-head.
2006-07-24 18:19:00
213.   BklynBmr
206 You can't be serious... I was just thinking if that turned into an ugly inning for the Yanks, it would have been because of A-Rod's failure to make a great play. I wish ESPN was a pay channel, I'd cancel it.
2006-07-24 18:19:16
214.   rsmith51
211 Point taken, Stormer.
2006-07-24 18:19:28
215.   Alvaro Espinoza
Hit it harder, Jeter!
2006-07-24 18:20:05
216.   Schteeve
Is a lack of counting stats (HR and RBI) the only reason Jeter won't be considered for MVP this season?
2006-07-24 18:20:22
217.   Ron Burgundy
Not bad El Capitan, not bad.
2006-07-24 18:20:46
218.   BklynBmr
Jeter's only 2 for 3. See, he is overrated...
2006-07-24 18:21:07
219.   Marcus
209 "That is more impressive to me than the streak." LOL! Pet peeve of mine as well. It's not just major league players, it's all pro athletes, with George Foreman being the worst offender.
2006-07-24 18:21:21
220.   SF Yanks
210 Yup, Sutcliffe, Eric Karros, and some other dusch. I was thinking the same thing... there's nothing else he could have done.
2006-07-24 18:21:39
221.   Ron Burgundy
216 If Ichiro won his without being a power hitter, no reason Jeter can't do the same. Oh, but he's not an incredibly overhyped, overrated, skinny squirrel, so he doesn't qualify.
2006-07-24 18:21:48
222.   Alvaro Espinoza
216 You stole my thunder, Schteeve. I suppose that this Friday's home game vs. the Drays is as good a time as any to begin the MVP chants.
2006-07-24 18:22:14
223.   Stormer Sports

Viva La Chavez! Capitalism has created ESPN. I hate FOX, but you can get just as much information from a 1/2 Hour episode of FSN Sports Desk than you can get from an hour of SportsCenter.

I am just wondering how much more milleage ESPN is going to try to bleed by exploiting that autistic basketball player.

2006-07-24 18:22:17
224.   rsmith51
216 That was the reason in '99 that the MVP voters couldn't pick between 5 good players, so they chose a crappy pick.
2006-07-24 18:25:49
225.   BklynBmr
200 Yeah, very frustrating at times, but a whole lotta heart to keep us this close under the circumstances. Big difference from last year's under-achievers going 11-19, then finding their groove. This squad is getting hit with everything but the 'ol kitchen sink and still hanging in there...
2006-07-24 18:26:13
226.   yankz
Holy XBH Batman, Jeter's approaching .350!
2006-07-24 18:26:23
227.   randym77
RBI double for A-Rod!
2006-07-24 18:26:31
228.   rsmith51
2006-07-24 18:26:51
229.   Ron Burgundy
Double, good enough.
2006-07-24 18:26:56
230.   Schteeve
There goes ol' Paddy Rodriguez.
2006-07-24 18:26:59
231.   Stormer Sports
Arod! Hit the pitch where it is thrown buddy!

Jete is definitely gimping around. I hope it doesn't keep him out of the lineup.

2006-07-24 18:27:15
232.   monkeypants
Doesn't count. Not clutch.
2006-07-24 18:27:28
233.   BklynBmr
Leftfielder should have had that. No RBI for A-Rod, who, by the way, sucks and should be traded.
2006-07-24 18:27:38
234.   SF Yanks
Is there actually any real shot of Jetes getting the MVP this year if he keeps it up, or is it just wishfull thinking? What kind of numbers would he need to have?
2006-07-24 18:28:47
235.   Stormer Sports

No Chance! Everyone outside NY hates the guy.

2006-07-24 18:29:07
236.   Schteeve
234 I'm sure that if Cliff were here he'd point out that Posada has been more valuable according to RCAA/Baked Potato or something, but it sure seems like Jeter's been the one guy who has consistently getten the job done this year.
2006-07-24 18:29:10
237.   monkeypants
231 Game's not on here. What happened to Jeter? Did A-Rod injury him, that unclutch bastard?
2006-07-24 18:30:27
238.   rsmith51
234 I would think he would have to at least pass Mauer for the batting title, have a ridiculous number of runs, and an OPS north of .900( probably slugging > .500 as well).
2006-07-24 18:30:42
239.   Stormer Sports
What does Toree do: Assman for the 7th, Headcase Farnycanthandlethepressurecooker for the 8th, and Rivera in the 9th?
2006-07-24 18:32:00
240.   BklynBmr
237 Thanks, just sprayed my keyboard, you SOB! ;-)
2006-07-24 18:32:31
241.   randym77
No one's sure what happened to Jeter. Possibly he hurt his back twisting to make a throw earlier in the game.

You know Jeter. He always says he's fine.

2006-07-24 18:32:54
242.   Schteeve
GOB just got intentionally walked? Well, it's clearly a sign of the apocolypse.
2006-07-24 18:33:03
243.   SF Yanks
235 236 238 So basically it just aint happenin' I take it.
2006-07-24 18:33:40
244.   randym77
Bernie steals 2B because there's nobody there.
2006-07-24 18:33:40
245.   BklynBmr
Walking Bernie? Make 'em pay, Aaron!
2006-07-24 18:33:46
246.   Schteeve
243 I don't think so.
2006-07-24 18:34:40
247.   rsmith51
243 I hope so, but I don't think so.
2006-07-24 18:34:42
248.   Jeteupthemiddle
Mazzilli was trying to find out if Jeter was hurt, and Jeter was trying to walk away from him. Mazzilli had to grab Jeter and bring him back in front of him.

I thought it was an aww-able moment (yes, I'm a sap).

Anyway, I hope he isn't hurt.

Oh, and despite the Jeter montage shown, I think Melky or Johnson are the players of the game.

2006-07-24 18:34:59
249.   Stormer Sports

As far as I'm concerned, Liriano is the MVP this far. IfMinnesota can overtake the SOX, hell, either of the SOX's, then you have to give it to either him or Mauer. Anyone else would be shameful.

2006-07-24 18:35:06
250.   BklynBmr
Ohh, that was right down Broadway...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-24 18:35:24
251.   Ron Burgundy
At least Bernie had a SB.
2006-07-24 18:36:10
252.   Stormer Sports
Bernie has challenged Barry Bonds to a SB competition.
2006-07-24 18:36:43
253.   randym77
My pick for POTG is Cairo. He got it done tonight on offense and defense.
2006-07-24 18:36:57
254.   Jeteupthemiddle
236 I'm not sure where I can look it up, but isn't Jeter ranked 6 in VORP for the AL? The next Yankee on the list is Giambi and he is in the 20s.

I saw this quoted somewhere today, but I don't know how to verify it. I also don't know if that is the better than RCAA or whateverness.

2006-07-24 18:37:45
255.   SF Yanks
252 haha!
2006-07-24 18:37:46
256.   Stormer Sports
The Assman Cometh!
2006-07-24 18:39:03
257.   Stormer Sports
I think it's one inning early to remove Giambi from 1B.
2006-07-24 18:39:34
258.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-24 18:40:20
259.   BklynBmr
256 LOL!
2006-07-24 18:40:40
260.   Schteeve
254 You may be right on about the VORP thing, I frankly have no idea where to look it up. I have only a very remedial grasp on things like that.
2006-07-24 18:41:01
261.   Schteeve
257 Totally agree with you.
2006-07-24 18:41:29
262.   Stormer Sports
The Assman is bringing it!
2006-07-24 18:42:36
263.   Ron Burgundy
260 I posted the link for VORP...
2006-07-24 18:43:19
264.   Schteeve
4 hits and 1 walk in 7 IP since the 4th of July for Proctor.
2006-07-24 18:43:42
265.   Alvaro Espinoza
260 Lots of competition in no particular order:


Of course, things may change quite a bit in the next 2 months.

2006-07-24 18:43:57
266.   BklynBmr
OK, Proctor! Stay focused...
2006-07-24 18:44:06
267.   Stormer Sports
Did the K man do it or did the K man do it!
2006-07-24 18:44:20
268.   Sliced Bread
241 Yeah, did you see Jeter doggin' it home on A-Rod's double?

I don't think he's hurt. Probably just Jeter being Manny.

Way f--king kidding, of course.

My guess is he tweaked his back avoiding that pitch toward his head, but he'll be ok.

2006-07-24 18:45:46
269.   Stormer Sports
Grrrrr, could have had a really nice inning there Protorometer.
2006-07-24 18:46:23
270.   BklynBmr
265 Mauer is out of control. I thought he was coming back to earth, but he's over .380 again coming into tonight...
2006-07-24 18:46:47
271.   nick
256 so we have the Melkman and the Assman? I sense Tshirt opportunities....Melky slugging up to .397....Proctor's looking very good lately, nobody hitting the ball hard off him.
2006-07-24 18:46:53
272.   randym77
It was a pretty nice inning, anyway.

That would have been a double if Bernie were in RF.

2006-07-24 18:47:26
273.   yankz
235 That is just not true...
2006-07-24 18:47:58
274.   yankaholic
Donno if it was already pointed out.. but with Randy going 6 with 101 pitches.. it was a relief.. considering the 129 pitch count last week..

Randy is feeling the heat.. is there a way to artificially control the heat at the stadium in October??

Stein.. go for it..

2006-07-24 18:49:02
275.   Max
Nice piece of hitting by Young on a pitch out of the zone. Proctor gets out of the inning anyway. He's definitely been looking better lately.

Turned on the TV an inning ago to be greeted by a graphic comparing "New York third basemen". What that has to do with a Yankees-Rangers game is beyond me.

2006-07-24 18:49:16
276.   Stormer Sports

He is just a stud this year. I give it to him or Liriano.

I am of the mind that just because the DH is in place, it doesn't necessarily follow that they should be considered for all awards, especially those given for all around play. This includes MVP and the Hall of Fame as far as I'm concerned.

Play, play well, pound the ball. But as a DH you are a hitter, not a baseball player, just live with the great pay day and stop whining. If you let Edgar Martinez and Papi in, you sure as hell better let Gossage in.

2006-07-24 18:50:32
277.   marc
Brooks Robinson defends A-Rod Didn't see this posted before. Suzyn wan just talking about it

2006-07-24 18:51:28
278.   Schteeve
Bubba's due for another home 8 months. :(
2006-07-24 18:52:26
279.   Ron Burgundy
Go Melky...
2006-07-24 18:53:35
280.   Mattpat11
Oh crap, Bubba has a hitting streak. He 'earned' himself more playing time.
2006-07-24 18:54:18
281.   Stormer Sports
Let's channel some good energy here for Melky!
2006-07-24 18:54:51
282.   randym77
278 Maybe sooner, if we play the White Sox. Three out of four of his home runs have been against the White Sox.
2006-07-24 18:55:23
283.   Schteeve
You know what my favorite candy bar is?


2006-07-24 18:55:37
284.   yankaholic
Did gameday freak out?? i saw single for Bubba changed to ground out.. what happened
2006-07-24 18:56:26
285.   yankaholic
284 and its back to single.. i am certainly not drunk.. not on a monday
2006-07-24 18:58:03
286.   Schteeve
284 Gamecast is all wonky too. It says Crosby grounded out to ss and then stole second. Which seems like a pretty neat trick.
2006-07-24 18:58:22
287.   randym77
Gameday was freaking out. I think someone at Gameday is drunk. :)
2006-07-24 18:58:58
288.   yankz
Damn, down to .346 =(
2006-07-24 18:59:38
289.   Ron Burgundy
Darn. I was hoping DJ would get RBI #60 there.
2006-07-24 19:01:08
290.   Schteeve
I didn't realize how abysmal Andy's obp is.
2006-07-24 19:02:30
291.   Max
This kid Littleton looks pretty raw but definitely has some good stuff. Andy still not looking that great at the plate.
2006-07-24 19:08:01
292.   BklynBmr
We'll need a good inning to get Melky to the plate, but let's hope it's for his cycle and not to retake the lead...
2006-07-24 19:08:06
293.   SF Yanks
Bring the heat Farns! Bring the heat!!
2006-07-24 19:08:13
294.   C2Coke
OMG, is NoWorth back? Where is our one inning wonder?
2006-07-24 19:08:27
295.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-24 19:08:49
296.   SF Yanks
2006-07-24 19:09:03
297.   randym77
Andy's really struggling this month. He's got no patience at the plate any more.

And I'm surprised Bubba got a hit against Wilson. That guy is murder on lefties.

2006-07-24 19:09:14
298.   nick
fastball 102, slider 90? if this man only had a mind.....
2006-07-24 19:10:30
299.   BklynBmr
298 My sentiments exactly...
2006-07-24 19:11:41
300.   BklynBmr
Jorgie comes out after that gas? What was that about, a mixup?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-24 19:12:47
301.   Ron Burgundy
299 299 Well, can't Big Stein trade for a brain for Farns to use?
2006-07-24 19:13:52
302.   C2Coke
297 Honestly, if Arod is really back (I truly truly hope so) I believe we can handle the little slump by our regular 1B man. That said, Giambi is very much needed too.

{298] Now that he is only throwing one inning like he always wanted, What is his problem now?

2006-07-24 19:14:09
303.   BklynBmr
301 I'll take the Mind of Mencia right about now...
2006-07-24 19:15:38
304.   BklynBmr
Man, Farns does have some nasty stuff tonight...
2006-07-24 19:17:46
305.   nick
303 that's usin the ole noggin, Farns!
2006-07-24 19:18:15
306.   randym77
It was an adventure, but Farnsy got the job done.
2006-07-24 19:18:20
307.   Max
Farnsworth all over the place tonight, but strikes out the side after letting two on. Amazingly wicked stuff, though not terribly efficient.
2006-07-24 19:22:33
308.   BklynBmr
Not that we're gonna need the WC, but Minny looks like they'll knock off the ChiSox tonight. Pretty soon all we'll have to worry about if the WC is our only option — is Minny.
2006-07-24 19:23:54
309.   C2Coke
307 If only he can develop full control over his amazing stuff for most of the time. That 101 mile pitch keeps making me thinking of Billy Wagner...
2006-07-24 19:24:29
310.   randym77
Is Mo coming in?
2006-07-24 19:25:26
311.   Sliced Bread
Farnswackers's a dodgeballer. He makes everybody edgy. Gives up a lot of chop and bloop singles, but I like his junkyard dog style.
2006-07-24 19:27:10
312.   yankz
Bringing in a lefty to face Bernie? It's a bold strategy, Cotton, let's see if it pays off.
2006-07-24 19:27:18
313.   C2Coke
310 After the stunt Farns pulled, Torre and most of us can't handle anymore wickedness. If not Mo, do you want Chacon? (Villion worked quite a lot in the past few days...)
2006-07-24 19:30:42
314.   randym77
Mo and Beam were both warming.
2006-07-24 19:32:28
315.   greenfuzz
It's Mo, I'm grateful that the Chi Sox are fading in the WC right now, go Twins
2006-07-24 19:33:18
316.   nick
313 oh well, a single last inning would've gotten us Beam....
2006-07-24 19:33:23
317.   BklynBmr
311 I would definitely want him watching my back in a bar brawl if nothing else...
2006-07-24 19:35:26
318.   nick
sit down, rookie!
2006-07-24 19:35:31
319.   BklynBmr
If we hold on here, is it safe to watch BBT for the highlights? Or will I get upset?
2006-07-24 19:36:00
320.   singledd
For whta it's worth, Sutcliff said Jetes is his MVP.
2006-07-24 19:36:44
321.   yankaholic
317 i think i remember a brawl of Fransy in Detroit.. i think he did a WWE and uprooted someone off his feet and slammed him to the ground in a brawl

it maybe 2 yrs back.. some brawl..

btw i dont think theres been one this yr

2006-07-24 19:37:30
322.   yankaholic
319 dont..

alex was only 2/5

he had a K

and he made an off-balance.. no zip throw.. U KNOW

2006-07-24 19:38:03
323.   BklynBmr
Ain't no Trevor Hoffman here, meat. Take a shower...
2006-07-24 19:38:07
324.   tommyl
C'mon Oakland!
2006-07-24 19:38:21
325.   yankz
319 It's gotten to the point where if I have to watch ESPN (for highlights or games only, never BBTN), I put it on mute.
2006-07-24 19:38:21
326.   C2Coke
319 That's depends on how much more booing do you still want to hear tonight. But after a nice W and another quality start by Unit, how upset can you be?
2006-07-24 19:38:37
327.   SF Yanks
Why wasn't Jeter in there?
2006-07-24 19:39:27
328.   yankaholic
308 listening to "HAWK" u wudnt know they were losing..

u wud know if they were winning or have a rally..

his HR calls for oppn calls.. is like some noise from the well.. so low..

2006-07-24 19:39:30
329.   randym77
321 The Newsday blog ran a photo of it not long ago:

2006-07-24 19:40:10
330.   Max
Nice, relatively stress-free ballgame. Pitching continues to be good as long as it isn't Wright, Ponson, or Chacon on the mound.
2006-07-24 19:40:22
331.   yankaholic
I hope Cleveland rallies.. 9-7 down to tiges
2006-07-24 19:40:26
332.   C2Coke
327 Crossing my fingers that Torre is only giving him some rest.
2006-07-24 19:40:35
333.   Simone
Good win!
2006-07-24 19:41:01
334.   randym77
327 Torre put the scrubs in. Er, the ones who weren't already in. ;-)

Jeter seems to have tweaked his back or something, so I'm not surprised Joe wanted to rest him.

2006-07-24 19:41:53
335.   singledd
We only scored 3 Earned Runs... so sloppy play by Texas helped. Still think we need a bat, especially if RJ has found his groove.
Very tight WC right now.
2006-07-24 19:42:21
336.   yankaholic
329 thx Randym.. it made for quite a show..

i think it on Fox.. i was in Cleveland at that time..

2006-07-24 19:42:30
337.   Simone
I hope the Tigers win the Central and the White Sox miss the playoffs.
2006-07-24 19:42:46
338.   yankz
327 Yeah, I'm worrying.
2006-07-24 19:43:28
339.   C2Coke
330 Don't know what they have that Matt Smith doesn't? Extra body fat?
2006-07-24 19:44:00
340.   yankaholic
Did we make a run at Mike McDougal of the royals.. i have heard he is pretty decent.. looks like Sox got him easy
2006-07-24 19:47:34
341.   Simone
Good for A-Rod calling out ESPN for ragging on him because he struggles for a week! Nice. For once he is saying the right things in an interview.
2006-07-24 19:48:58
342.   SF Yanks
341 Yup, saw that, good job on ARods part. He handled it well.
2006-07-24 19:49:01
343.   tommyl
341 And in an ESPN interview to boot.

ESPN postgame was just asking about A-Rod's body language. Its so laughable how much they want to milk this story. I'm waiting for them to ask if A-Rod passed a note in history about which girl he has a crush on.

2006-07-24 19:49:08
344.   yankaholic

(AP) -- First, Ozzie Guillen threw a towel. Later, he slammed a water bottle.

Because Texas Rangers starter Vicente Padilla hit a batter, again. And because Jon Garland badly missed Ian Kinsler the next inning.

-- Looks like the media darling is at it again

2006-07-24 19:49:20
345.   marc
Manny just hit a 3 run homer, 4-0 Boston, top of the 3rd
2006-07-24 19:50:09
346.   yankaholic
341 what did he say??
2006-07-24 19:51:17
347.   BklynBmr
341 Details, please...
2006-07-24 19:54:00
348.   SF Yanks
He said something about how ESPN throws a celebration everytime he does something bad, so maybe they will start laying off. Something like that... more to it but cant remember
2006-07-24 19:55:23
349.   tommyl
346 He basically said that ESPN and other networks are searching for a story. Then he said he loved the grind and how he'd love to hit .350 with 50 HR and 130 RBI every year, but that's just not realistic. It sounded like he is getting perspective on this and making Phillips and ESPN out to be morons.
2006-07-24 19:56:37
350.   yankaholic
348349 thx
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2006-07-24 19:57:31
351.   pistolpete
348 Did they comment on the statement on ESPN as of yet?
2006-07-24 20:02:10
352.   C2Coke
351 Or are they still too busy editting the boos and the K with oprera music in the background?

Glad that Arod is gradually realizing that he doesn't have to always be 100% to help the team. His 80% or maybe even less is still way better than most MLB players.

2006-07-24 20:02:28
353.   Max
The reference by A-Rod to ESPN treating his struggles like a "wedding anniversary" was slightly bizarre, but he looked very relaxed in his interview, and he was definitely tweaking ESPN. For someone who's been derided as phony and self-flagellating, he seemed more "real" and relaxed than usual in speaking of his struggles.
2006-07-24 20:05:45
354.   tommyl
Man A-Rod needs to give interviews like that from now on. I think he should just challenge Steve Phillips to a fight or something. If Phillips wins, A-Rod agrees to accept any trade. If A-Rod wins, Phillips is traded to be an analyst for the Tacoma minor league team.
2006-07-24 20:05:58
355.   Simone
SportsCenter has a statement from Rudy Guiliani. He chimes in on A-Rod's behalf telling the fans to stop booing him because we want him to succeed.
2006-07-24 20:06:36
356.   tommyl
353 I think he was implying how they are making a huge deal out of something that didn't merit it. Like the girlfriend who wants to celebrate every week anniversary as really important.
2006-07-24 20:07:17
357.   pistolpete
Ha, notice how the anchors glossed right over the comment - although if I were A-Rod, I would have been even MORE vicious.
2006-07-24 20:07:59
358.   Simone
354 No fights for Alex. I'm not convinced that he could win one, even against Phillips. He just needs to continue telling off ESPN and relaxing on the field so that his play keeps improving.
2006-07-24 20:09:58
359.   Simone
357 Yeah, it was funny how they just ignored A-Rod's comment knocking their constant harping and ridiculing of his struggles. Losers the lot.
2006-07-24 20:10:32
360.   tommyl
358 He looked fine tonight. Was close to making several very good plays in the field and aside from the K all his ABs were good. His first out was hit on the screws, just right to third base. The single was a liner up the middle which is a sign that his timing is coming back and that double was scorched.
2006-07-24 20:14:08
361.   Schteeve
358 If it was a real fight...A-Rod would put him in intensive care, that guy is huge.
2006-07-24 20:16:18
362.   eephus
317, 321, 329 I'm late on this, but I had to share -- you can still find footage of a different, but equally impressive Kyle Farnsworth brawl online:

The link is under the photo: "Guillen's HBP starts scrum." It's from when he was with Detroit last year. As the announcers put it, in awe, "you don't want any part of Big Kyle."

2006-07-24 20:30:38
363.   BklynBmr
362 Heh-heh. Nice find, eephus. Thanks!
2006-07-24 20:32:35
364.   Yu-Hsing Chen
We don't need relieve pitching that badly... we either get a solid back end guy or a good OF... or do nothing.

Still it seems intriguing the possibility of getting Abreu... that would make this lineup OBP completely insane.

2006-07-24 20:35:49
365.   BklynBmr
A's-Sawx: Swisher goes deep off Beckett. 7-1 Boston, bottom 5. Here we go, A's...
2006-07-24 20:39:22
366.   yankaholic
362 thats the one.. the body slam
2006-07-24 20:39:39
367.   yankaholic
362 thx
2006-07-24 20:43:43
368.   yankz
Beckett gave up a HR? No way.
2006-07-24 20:49:48
369.   BklynBmr
368 In Beckett's defense, it rocketed off of the second tier, not the third — so lighten up on the man... ;-)
2006-07-24 20:52:01
370.   yankz
362 "Jeremy Affeldt was taken out by Farnsworth...and Affeldt is no twerp!" HAHA that video is amazing! I'm surprised that alone hasn't decreased Jeter's HBP total this year. You can see Farnsworth sprinting in from the bullpen, excited to kick ass...
2006-07-24 20:53:43
371.   pistolpete
362 How many times did the Tigers color man have to say 'that was weak'..?

I lost count. ;-)

2006-07-24 20:56:22
372.   BklynBmr
Mil-ton Brad-ley. Singles in a run, 7-2.

Big Hurt up, 2 on, 0 out...

2006-07-24 20:56:26
373.   yankz
I bet Farnsworth could make the Giants...NY Giants that is...
2006-07-24 20:58:04
374.   BklynBmr
%#%, Jinxed it. Hurt grounds into DP. Run scores. 7-3 Sawx...
2006-07-24 21:00:21
375.   BklynBmr
Brad Halsey in for the hold, top 7...
2006-07-24 21:03:25
376.   BklynBmr
375 'hold' meaning 'holding the deficit' in this case...
2006-07-24 21:09:17
377.   Dimelo
Man with all the ARod talk I've been reading about on the internet, then you'd think ARod was a part of Hezbelloh and he just went and attacked Israel. Isn't there more important stuff people should worry about at this point?

Geez...everywhere I go there's an ARod piece and someone commenting. It's tiring already.

2006-07-24 21:09:19
378.   BklynBmr
M's up on Toronto, 7-3, Seattle batting, bottom 7...
2006-07-24 21:55:08
379.   BklynBmr
Ehhh... no help from the A's tonight... 12 LOB, most in the last three innings it seems, lotsa opportunities to get back into the game, but DPs killed 'em... About time for our 12 game win streak...

377 Accept it, already. A-Rod brought AIDS to North America, has Saddam's WMD stashed in his Boston townhouse (the one he bought from Nomar), and controls what Yankees games are broadcast on Extra Innings. Dude is evil. How can you root for him?

2006-07-24 22:32:37
380.   yankz
379 LOL! You forgot to mention that he taught Tim McCarver how to do baseball commentary and started ESPN (ironic, huh?)

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