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Can't Win for Losing
2006-07-22 06:56
by Alex Belth

Alex Rodriguez collected the 2,000th hit of his career last night. It also happened to be a home run--a laser into the left field seats, making Rodriguez the youngest man in history to hit 450 dingers. The shot--a three-run job--also put the Yankees back in the game. However, it was the only offense the Bombers would muster all night as they fell to the Jays, 7-3. It was New York's third straight loss. They now trail Boston by three-and-a-half. A.J. Burnett was showing off his nasty stuff last night, while Jaret Wright was ineffective. Rodriguez also committed another throwing error (after losing a pop foul in the glare of the roof earlier in the same at bat), which unfortunately marred his historic accomplishment. So it goes right now for Rodriguez.

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2006-07-22 07:32:07
1.   randym77
Pretty miserable night for the Yanks. The ever hot and cold Andy was cold again. Giambi's in a bona fide slump. Aaron Guiel went 0 for 3 and misplayed a ball in the outfield. Which probably means we're going to be seeing a lot more of GOB.

Chacon wasn't too bad, all things considered. Given how long it's been since he's pitched in actual game, he did all right. And Villone has somehow become our best reliever not named Mariano.

2006-07-22 07:46:09
2.   Ron Burgundy
Uhm, can we like WIN a game today?

We cut the Sawx lead to 0.5 Games in 4 days and win 5 in a row (including a sweep of the ChiSox). Next thing you know, we give every single game we gain right back and lose three in a row with no hope in sight. That's baseball for you.

2006-07-22 08:07:27
3.   randym77
Ordinarily, I like our chances with Wang on the mound.

But on the Toronto turf...I dunno. The infielders are going to have to keep on their toes. And I'll be holding my breath every time a grounder heads toward 3B.

2006-07-22 08:51:07
4.   murphy
no worries, randy. wang is gonna throw lightning fast to the righties and super slow to the lefties so they forced to hit the ball to the right side of the infield. : )
2006-07-22 08:54:18
5.   Dimelo
I hope ARod can fix himself soon. I can't think of a bigger tragedy in sports than to see ARod start to crumble and lose it right before our very eyes. It's sad, really sad....
2006-07-22 08:58:56
6.   randym77
Bowa says it's just mental:

2006-07-22 09:37:44
7.   rbj
Sigh. And of course today's game isn't on EI or Fox or even hosted by the Boston Barmaids at ESPN. Thanks, Bud.

Went to the Mudhens last night, and saw our old friend Brian Boehringer. 2 IP, 2 BB (which were erased on DPs and a laser shot 400' HR served up to another guy hanging on for a baseball career, Kevin Witt.

2006-07-22 09:53:24
8.   Simone
5 I am confident that A-Rod will be fine. He just needs some time to get himself together. Hopefully, he does this sooner than later.
2006-07-22 11:22:59
9.   jayd
The boys are more than capable of going on an 18 for 20 win streak. We don't have a tenth of the problems of the boston pitching staff. How would you like an erratic Moose who gets blown out every third or fourth start, Wang with a broken rib and Mariano as an untested overused rookie. Some of the Boston relief staff are as close to the equivalent of human white flags as you will ever see in a baseball uniform.

Arod is the franchise player for the next 5 or 6 years on a team of franchise players. At some point Arod needs to get pissed off and I mean really pissed off. "In my fucking head, eh Bowa?" Line a couple shots into that 3rd base coaches' box and glare at the pompous little backstabbing bastard. I wouldn't stop till he was on his hands and knees begging not to get hit by another shot. Larry is very respectful of Sheff, by the way. How do you prove something is not in your head? Thanks, Larry.

I would be amazed to see this team NOT in the series. AL Central league may have both the winner and the wildcard but they look like NL teams when they play the east. Toronto is a very GOOD team, much better than the Sox. I even like Tampa Bay better than the Sox, to tell you the truth. Any team that comes out of the East that has three starters like RJ, Moose and Wang is going all the way.

ESPN, Fox, are to Yankees coverage like the Nation, NYTimes are to Bush and the Catholic Church. What else is new?

Bernie hit .300 for the months of May and June following Matsui and Sheff going out. If he can replicate those stats for July and August, he'll be the Yanks MVP by season's end -- much to the horror of the Throw GOB Under The Bus Fan Club we have on the toaster here :)

2006-07-22 11:32:58
10.   C2Coke
Teams seem to have different mind-sets when playing against our Yankees. Last week when the Jays played the Mariners, they were not the team we saw in the past two days.

I guess it's time for the Yanks to go to Wang and tell him that we once again need a big game from him. And that "ok" will sound so good.

2006-07-22 11:34:04
11.   yankz
jayd, great post, but you lost me at "I even like Tampa Bay better than the Sox, to tell you the truth."
2006-07-22 11:35:17
12.   C2Coke
Right now, I can't be happier Rogers Center has a retractable roof.
2006-07-22 11:37:22
13.   randym77
I really don't mind GOB hitting. Let him continue to haunt the plate. It's the outfield he should be exorcised from. ;-)
2006-07-22 11:43:25
14.   C2Coke
13 With Wang pitching, cold Phillips will probably still be on 1 B, which means Giambi is the DH. The only place Bernie will haunt today, especially considering he was out of the lineup yesterday, is no other than the RF...
2006-07-22 11:45:44
15.   randym77
14 Oh, I know Bernie will be playing today. There's a lefty on the mound today, and both our spare outfielders are lefties. It's going to be Bernie in RF.
2006-07-22 12:00:20
16.   randym77
Johnny Damon CF
Miguel Cairo 2B
Derek Jeter SS
Alex Rodriguez DH
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Nick Green 3B

OMG. A-Rod's DHing!

2006-07-22 12:06:30
17.   Simone
I don't like Cairo hitting 2nd. I don't like the whole line up actually, but hopefully, the Yankees win today anyway.

9 Why interject your politics into a sports discussion?

2006-07-22 12:18:01
18.   randym77
Now that I think about it...A-Rod did say before the Yanks left for Toronto that he didn't think he'd play all four games. He thought the Skydome turf would be too hard on his injured toe.

Still, it seems a bit odd that they sit him with Wang on the mound. With Wang pitching, you don't want Giambi at 1B. So Giambi's out of the lineup altogether.

Okay, he hasn't exactly been on fire lately. But still...

2006-07-22 12:42:20
19.   Ron Burgundy
Switch Cairo and Melky in the line-up and I'm happy. But NOOOOO, we need Cairo up there to make [BAD] things happen.
2006-07-22 12:57:14
20.   randym77
I don't mind Cairo. He's not bad against lefties:

.327 / .791

Compared to Melky:

.269 / .681

2006-07-22 13:04:42
21.   AbbyNormal821
The game hasn't even started yet and Michael Kay has ripped into A-Rod again!
What a d*ckhead!
2006-07-22 13:12:34
22.   Tarheel
what did he say?
2006-07-22 13:13:38
23.   Ron Burgundy
KAY, a pitcher's record does NOT say ANYTHING about his ability! How many times we gotta say this?
2006-07-22 13:14:16
24.   AbbyNormal821
He just started off the mini-interview on how last night saw the good (his 450th HR & 2000th hit) and the bad (another error) - it wasn't horrible, but how about trying to focus on the positive only? I know...asking too much
2006-07-22 13:14:22
25.   randym77
And Miggy gets on base. Great AB.
2006-07-22 13:14:39
26.   AbbyNormal821
Not mini-interview...I meant mini pre-game chit chat
2006-07-22 13:16:28
27.   Ron Burgundy
And this game off to a great start already...
2006-07-22 13:17:35
28.   tommyl
25 And promptly gets picked off base. Why would you want to go station to station with Jeter and A-Rod coming up?
2006-07-22 13:18:01
29.   tommyl
Freakin' A-Rod, why weren't you coaching first there?
2006-07-22 13:18:32
30.   randym77
Was that supposed to be a hit and run or what?
2006-07-22 13:19:16
31.   AbbyNormal821
Go Wangy!!!
2006-07-22 13:20:26
32.   Tarheel
Kay is a guy that has never played the game and consistently argues with the other announcers, who just happen to be ex-players, about things that he only thinks he knows.
2006-07-22 13:21:28
33.   Ron Burgundy
For hell's sake, can we do SOMETHING right here?
2006-07-22 13:21:43
34.   AbbyNormal821
32 - Yeah, kind of like the movie critics who couldn't make it in the acting business so they rip all the people who did...
2006-07-22 13:22:08
35.   Tarheel
Lead off walk....nearly always results in a run.
2006-07-22 13:22:40
36.   AbbyNormal821
OK, Wang - time to work some of that "ground ball-double play" mojo
2006-07-22 13:23:10
37.   Tarheel
34 Kay is probably one of those guys who could never make the team and now is his chance to stick it to the guys he always wanted to be.
2006-07-22 13:23:15
38.   Ron Burgundy
32 Kay is a self-promoting, prima dona, pompous, stupid, annoying, and arrogant prick. He has a bunch of bodyguards because he is a very important person, or maybe because everyone hates him. If only Reverend Al and Paulie could find him alone in an Alley...
2006-07-22 13:23:35
39.   Tarheel
Here we go again.
2006-07-22 13:24:49
40.   Tarheel
I think that one day Leiter, O'Neill, and Singleton are going to team up on Kay and take him out to the woodshed.
2006-07-22 13:25:18
41.   randym77
Nice DP!
2006-07-22 13:25:26
42.   Ron Burgundy
Let's Go Blue Jays? I didn't know that chant existed. Oh that's right, now that they no longer suck total crap, their bandwagon is filling up for this series.
2006-07-22 13:27:19
43.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod will do something positive here...
2006-07-22 13:29:32
44.   AbbyNormal821
38 - and to prove that point: From "Birth of a Dynasty" - after being questioned about calling out Paul O'Neill on a fly ball that fell in during a game against the KC Royals:
"Torre insisted he was not trying to send a message, at least not to O'Neill. Follwing the April 24 gaem, Michael Kay, in his role as the clubhouse reporter for the Yankee boradcast company, Madison Square Garden Network, asked Torre if O'Neill was either hurt or being punished. Torre said that neither was the case; he liked Paul O'Neill and wished he had a team full of him. What he did not like was being put on the spot like that. So the next, day in the middle of the clubhouse and in full view of many players, Torre irately told Kay, "Don't fuck with me." He accused the broadcaster of trying to creat unease between the manager and his players...

So even Torre thinks (or thought) he was a prick too!

2006-07-22 13:29:57
45.   rbj
I can't spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon evening (79, 47% humidity) huddled in front of the computer. Dam you Selig et al., this is ridiculous to not have the game on tv.
2006-07-22 13:32:04
46.   AbbyNormal821
Jorgie is gettin' his Latino fire goin!!!
2006-07-22 13:32:20
47.   Tarheel
45 They need to scrap this shitty Fox contract that gives them dibs on all Saturday afternoon games.
2006-07-22 13:32:51
48.   Tarheel
Beat his ass, Jorge.
2006-07-22 13:33:09
49.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 13:33:13
50.   Ron Burgundy
A triple for PoPo?!
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2006-07-22 13:33:28
51.   AbbyNormal821
That was the sweetest revenge EVER!!!
2006-07-22 13:33:44
52.   Tarheel
Take that, Lilly.
2006-07-22 13:34:00
53.   AbbyNormal821
1st triple in 4 years is what they're saying! I don't even think he give a crap that his leg is f'd up!
2006-07-22 13:34:03
54.   randym77
Holy crap. That sucked. Ball went straight at Jorgie's head. Jorgie ducked and threw up his bat automatically in defense, and it hit the bat - foul ball.

He's really, really plecked off. Yelled at Lilly and held up two fingers (second time he's been thrown at).

And Jorgie pays him back with a triple.

Probably would have been an inside the park homerun with anyone else running.

2006-07-22 13:34:24
55.   yankz
Runner on third, less than 2 outs. MUST SCORE.
2006-07-22 13:34:57
56.   AbbyNormal821
If that doesn't light a fire under ALL their asses, I don't know what will...
2006-07-22 13:35:02
57.   Tarheel
That might just fire up this team today.
2006-07-22 13:35:03
58.   SF Yanks
17 Because he is giving an accurate comparison.
2006-07-22 13:36:02
59.   AbbyNormal821
Lillywhite Pansy Boy Scared???
2006-07-22 13:36:09
60.   singledd
I don't have stats, but when we are behind and have man on 3rd and less then 2 out, we suck s SteveyPhillips. Lets see if GOB can't break the trend.
2006-07-22 13:36:25
61.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 13:36:40
62.   Tarheel
Bern, baby, Bern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
2006-07-22 13:36:42
63.   yankz
2006-07-22 13:37:07
64.   randym77
Bernie baby!
2006-07-22 13:37:13
65.   rsmith51
RH Bernie rocks...
2006-07-22 13:37:37
66.   kdw
2006-07-22 13:37:50
67.   Ron Burgundy
Bernie Goes Boom!

Every since I could remember I been flippin' my bat
Every since I could remember I been flippin' my bat

2006-07-22 13:37:54
68.   Tarheel
I wonder if Joe ripped their asses last night?
2006-07-22 13:39:58
69.   randym77
68 This morning. Joe called a team meeting. No word on what he said.

I think Lilly was a bit flustered. He was leaving them right in the middle of the plate.

2006-07-22 13:41:54
70.   AbbyNormal821
FYI - Boston leading Seattle 1-0. Bottom of the 2nd, 1 out.
2006-07-22 13:42:02
71.   SF Yanks
I have to take a Toronto and wipe my BlueJays.
2006-07-22 13:42:40
72.   Tarheel
What has happened to Wang's control?
2006-07-22 13:45:09
73.   randym77
72 He's doing all right. That was a fluke. Comebacker took a bad hop.
2006-07-22 13:46:55
74.   singledd
I wrote a very nasty letter to ESPN about ripping ARod, and here is their reply:

Thanks, Larry. George appreciates the email.

Scott Goldstein
Assistant to the Ombudsman

Real personal touch.
Yeah, I bet he really appreciates it.

2006-07-22 13:48:17
75.   Ron Burgundy
Personal touch alright, an automated response from their hearts.
2006-07-22 13:49:41
76.   singledd
Is anyone watching on TV? How does Wang look?
2006-07-22 13:50:45
77.   Ron Burgundy
76 Ground balls...ground balls...
2006-07-22 13:50:46
78.   chris in c-bus
74 - I've gotten that same generic response while politely asking espn why Rick Sutcliffe is allowed to provide color commentary on baseball telecasts...
2006-07-22 13:51:29
79.   AbbyNormal821
HOLY CRAP - Bases loaded with Mariners. Ichiro up, 2 strikes...


2006-07-22 13:51:42
80.   Ron Burgundy
A should be inning-ending DP turns into an RBI single. DAMN.
2006-07-22 13:51:50
81.   randym77
76 He looks okay. His sinker isn't quite as fast as it could be.

The turf is making the grounders harder to handle.

2006-07-22 13:52:01
82.   Tarheel
Astro turf should be outlawed.
2006-07-22 13:52:36
83.   chris in c-bus
seattle takes the lead...2-1
2006-07-22 13:52:43
84.   AbbyNormal821
On a good note - Seattle leads Boston 2-1
2006-07-22 13:52:44
85.   yankz
Gameday is f'ing up, what happened?
2006-07-22 13:52:57
86.   singledd
Ichiro singles in 2. Seattle up on Sox 2-1.
2006-07-22 13:53:52
87.   BayRidger
Anyone else having Gameday troubles?
2006-07-22 13:53:57
88.   singledd
80 What happened?
2006-07-22 13:54:21
89.   yankz
5 groundballs and a K through two? Nashty.
2006-07-22 13:54:50
90.   randym77
Nice play by Nick Green. Turf doesn't seem to be bothering him. He must be used to it, being recently from Tampa.
2006-07-22 13:54:55
91.   AbbyNormal821
WHEW ! Only one run...good!
Lilly must be destroyed...
2006-07-22 13:55:34
92.   yankz
Now for that insurance...
2006-07-22 13:55:56
93.   Tarheel
Arod would have made those plays at 3rd, too.
2006-07-22 13:55:59
94.   randym77
88 Hard hit grounder got past Cairo.
2006-07-22 13:57:03
95.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hells yeah. Wanger gets out of it, and Ichiro comes thru with a bases loaded single to score two vs the Sawx.

(How'd you like to be Boston. They're pitching is so weak that they called up a dude with a 4.97 era in Pawtucket to take Wakefield's turn. Yikes.)

2006-07-22 13:57:37
96.   Ron Burgundy
BREAKING NEWS: Michael Kay makes himself look like an asshole.
2006-07-22 13:58:09
97.   AbbyNormal821
95 - who now has a 9.00 ERA!
2006-07-22 13:58:24
98.   Tarheel
96 how?
2006-07-22 14:00:04
99.   Tarheel
The Toronto announcers really suck up to the Yankees. They even said that Moose is a sure fire Hall Of Famer.
2006-07-22 14:00:13
100.   Ron Burgundy
Are you watching on YES or following on radio or GameDay?

Either way, Singleton comments how if Ponson wasn't able to arrive in Canada on time (Visa troubles and delayed flight), Al Leiter would've had to pitch. Al says, yeah sure, go for 150 pitches. KAY proceeds to say 150 pitches in 3 innings.

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2006-07-22 14:00:34
101.   Ron Burgundy
100 Was in response to 98
2006-07-22 14:01:19
102.   AbbyNormal821
...hmmm...another walk for Cairo perhaps???
2006-07-22 14:01:57
103.   Tarheel
100-I am listening on XM. Game isn't on (of course) MLB Extra Innings.
2006-07-22 14:02:14
104.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 14:02:28
105.   Ron Burgundy
Yawn our offense is lame.
2006-07-22 14:05:19
106.   Tarheel
Here in NC the only time you can watch the Yankees (unless you have MLB EI) is when they are on ESPN or Fox.
2006-07-22 14:08:24
107.   randym77
Nice play by Posada. He wants to win this game.
2006-07-22 14:09:37
108.   AbbyNormal821
106 - I lived in Virginia for 5 years and had the same dilemma! Could only see them on ESPN, FOX or Comcast when they played the Orioles. Now that I'm back in NY, I've become a YES Network junkie
2006-07-22 14:10:18
109.   AbbyNormal821
107 ...and kick Lilly's ass too! (teehee)
2006-07-22 14:11:16
110.   randym77
Another fantastic play by Nick. Barehanded that one.
2006-07-22 14:13:22
111.   Tarheel
108 Oh yea, I forgot about Comcast, we get those, too. What pisses me off is that I get the EI package and this only gives me about 75% of the games. I guess that is better than none, though.
2006-07-22 14:13:56
112.   Ron Burgundy
110 That's ESPN's new story...

"A-Rod demoted to DH!"

2006-07-22 14:15:34
113.   AbbyNormal821
good at bat so far for Jeter...
2006-07-22 14:16:57
114.   singledd
Ortiz singles in the tying run.
Manny up.
Hits a ball deep to right.
Doesn't move. Admires his shot for a full 2 seconds THEN starts running as his 'shot' hits the GROUND and shorthops the wall.
Manny on first.

The Fox announcer says "I dont want to lecture and Manny is a great player but..." and lets into Manny about how tired he is watching players admire their HRs and how there are standards of behavior in baseball, yada, yada, yada.

Then Steve Lyons says "And what is it with this Manny being Manny thing..." and he lets into Manny and ends with "and that ball wasn't even close to be a HR".

On national TV.


2006-07-22 14:17:15
115.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 14:19:11
116.   Ron Burgundy
114 To be fair, Manny is an idiot for doing that.

I wonder if MLB tests for chronic. There is now way Manny is that spaced out without a little herbal assistance.

2006-07-22 14:20:12
117.   AbbyNormal821
UGH...A-Rod...can't catch a f'ing break!
2006-07-22 14:20:24
118.   Tarheel
How many times is Arod going to K this year?
2006-07-22 14:20:43
119.   Ron Burgundy
Damn. A-Rod can't hit Lilly.
Had his timing off on each pitch and threw the exact opposite of what A-Rod expected each time.
2006-07-22 14:21:06
120.   AbbyNormal821
Hit a line drive, Jorge and saw off Lilly's head!
2006-07-22 14:21:25
121.   Ron Burgundy
118 At this pace, more than 140 times for a career high.
2006-07-22 14:21:54
122.   singledd
ARod seems to K swinging a LOT. This is one place he could improve his game.
2006-07-22 14:22:38
123.   Ron Burgundy
Oh, for hell's sake, he's mowing them down on Ks...
2006-07-22 14:23:38
124.   Tarheel
Arod is best when he goes to right center. Lately he seems to be trying to pull everything. Of course, what do I know, I am not the batting coach, just an observation.
2006-07-22 14:24:12
125.   randym77
They were showing so much patience for awhlie there. Now they're hacking at everything.

C'mon, Yanks. Make this guy throw a lot of pitches at least.

2006-07-22 14:25:35
126.   Tarheel
125 He is up to 75 already. One more good patient inning and he MAY be toast.
2006-07-22 14:29:14
127.   Ron Burgundy
Ah shit...
2006-07-22 14:29:37
128.   singledd
2006-07-22 14:30:04
129.   Ron Burgundy
Ugh, this game is quickly turning into Thursday nite.
2006-07-22 14:30:51
130.   randym77
Hinske clearly has Wang's number. Maybe walk him next time. :-P
2006-07-22 14:34:31
131.   AbbyNormal821
hmm..the Seattle/Boston score is ALSO 2-2...freakish coincidence????
2006-07-22 14:37:17
132.   Tarheel
I hate all AL East teams, except TB. I will probably learn to hate them as they improve.
2006-07-22 14:37:30
133.   yankz
Come on Andy, you're due.
2006-07-22 14:37:39
134.   yankz
2006-07-22 14:38:14
135.   AbbyNormal821
Jeez! Ted Lilly is supposed to rank high on the suckage scale...why can't we hit him???????
2006-07-22 14:39:02
136.   AbbyNormal821
:::sigh::: I miss Sheff & Hideki
2006-07-22 14:39:04
137.   Ron Burgundy
And after Bernie's HR, our offense has fallen back into its damned eternal slumber.

I can't wait 'till Cano and Matsui come back.

2006-07-22 14:39:36
138.   yankz
Holy...Nick Green's OPS vs. lefties: .247. Not even Womack...
2006-07-22 14:40:58
139.   AbbyNormal821
...great - top of the Blue Jays order coming up...
2006-07-22 14:41:04
140.   randym77
Alas, poor Nick. Solid gold in the field, completely overmatched at the plate.
2006-07-22 14:41:46
141.   Tarheel
I guess Joe's meeting didn't help.
2006-07-22 14:43:36
142.   randym77
Hey, the game's tied. They can still win this one.
2006-07-22 14:45:57
143.   singledd
Dear Brian Cashman,
Whatever you are going to do, please do it soon. While there are some that are happy with GOB and Melkdud in the OF, we know better, don't we? Please get it done before we fans have to gouge our eyes out.


2006-07-22 14:46:43
144.   yankz
12/13 outs have been grounders. the other was a K. I'm convinced Wang is simply a machine imported from Asia.
2006-07-22 14:51:19
145.   yankz
shiit, i'm not too optimistic today =(
2006-07-22 14:51:51
146.   randym77
Jeez. That was almost a homer.

If Wang's a machine, he needs adjustment. He's starting to leave them up.

2006-07-22 14:51:55
147.   AbbyNormal821
Sling Blade attacks again!
2006-07-22 14:51:59
148.   singledd
We have allowed 28 runs over the last 7 games, some of them unearned. While almost every team could use pitching, our pitching has been decent. However, aside from the odd blowout, our offense tends to suck a SteveyPhillips. Please hurry.
2006-07-22 14:52:07
149.   Ron Burgundy
And there goes the ballgame...
2006-07-22 14:53:41
150.   BayRidger
149. Sure feels like it.
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2006-07-22 14:55:20
151.   singledd
Fox announcers reaming Manny some more. Manny is pissing a lot of people off.
2006-07-22 14:55:45
152.   randym77
Damon walks. And there's stirring in the Jays' bullpen.
2006-07-22 14:56:19
153.   AbbyNormal821
I used to actually like Manny - thought he was just a goofball. Now I just think he's a d**chebag! (yes, I, a woman just used that word!)
2006-07-22 14:56:59
154.   AbbyNormal821
Go Johnny! Break up that double play stay awake!!!
2006-07-22 14:57:26
155.   singledd
I'll take a sac bunt here
2006-07-22 14:58:04
156.   yankz
He wasn't bunting?
2006-07-22 14:58:14
157.   randym77
Molina is no Posada. He's lucky that throw didn't go sailing into the outfield.
2006-07-22 14:58:15
158.   singledd
153 Whats a ditchbag?
2006-07-22 14:59:11
159.   AbbyNormal821
158 - LOL! please don't make me spell out the actual word!
2006-07-22 14:59:37
160.   yankz
Wang hasn't been as sharp the past two outings. I wonder if the high # of innings is taking a toll.
2006-07-22 15:01:21
161.   yankz
OK A-rod, it's set up perfectly.
2006-07-22 15:01:45
162.   SF Yanks
Nows the time fellas... do some damage
2006-07-22 15:01:45
163.   randym77
Nice hit by the Captain.

And Damon remembers to check to see if the ball drops in before he runs this time...

2006-07-22 15:01:58
164.   yankz
Runner on 3rd, less than 2 outs...
2006-07-22 15:02:46
165.   Ron Burgundy
DP or HR...
2006-07-22 15:02:48
166.   singledd
ARod? This is too painful to watch...
2006-07-22 15:03:06
167.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod has been money in these spots (over .300)
2006-07-22 15:03:20
168.   randym77
C'mon, A-Rod. You own this guy.
2006-07-22 15:04:50
169.   AbbyNormal821
Got...does A-Rod even TRY anymore. I feel bad for him...but COME ON!
2006-07-22 15:05:04
170.   yankz
2006-07-22 15:05:31
171.   yankz
0-3, 3K. Not exactly his day.
2006-07-22 15:05:33
172.   singledd
Oh Lordy Lordy Lordy....
2006-07-22 15:05:37
173.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 15:05:45
174.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
At least he didn't gidp.
2006-07-22 15:05:45
175.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It!

WOW. Everybody hates A-Rod. The crowd went insane when he K'd.

2006-07-22 15:06:02
176.   randym77
Double steal. Called a balk. Damon scores, Jeter to 2B.
2006-07-22 15:06:12
177.   BayRidger
168. Well, maybe he was just an indentured servant.
2006-07-22 15:06:18
178.   SF Yanks
Ted F-ing Lilly! It's Ted F-ing Lilly. How can Arod strike out against Ted F-ing Lilly?
2006-07-22 15:06:24
179.   AbbyNormal821
Hmmm - interesting turn of events!
2006-07-22 15:06:37
180.   SF Yanks
3 times!!!!
2006-07-22 15:06:49
181.   AbbyNormal821
...or maybe not!
2006-07-22 15:07:05
182.   singledd
Well, that's one way to score.
2006-07-22 15:07:32
183.   Ron Burgundy
And we still down. DAMN IT!!!!!!!
2006-07-22 15:07:43
184.   AbbyNormal821
2 on, 1 out - Seattle at bat. Boston just bought in Julian "Punches People for No Reason" Tavarez!
2006-07-22 15:07:44
185.   SF Yanks
Someone tell me how that runs scored please?
2006-07-22 15:08:18
186.   yankz
185 Balk, both runners advanced one base. Damon was on 3rd.
2006-07-22 15:08:21
187.   singledd
For what it's worth, we have one PH AB coming from Giambi.
2006-07-22 15:09:01
188.   SF Yanks
gotcha, thanks
2006-07-22 15:10:05
189.   randym77
Leiter says A-Rod's not right. Lilly gave him at least one pitch he'd have smoked if he was his normal self.

Weird. Jeter has terrible numbers against Lilly, but has come up big today. A-Rod has great numbers against Lilly, but hasn't done squat.

2006-07-22 15:11:13
190.   SF Yanks
I think the Yanks are only one of two teams in baseball with 3 10-game winners. Detroit being the other.
2006-07-22 15:13:20
191.   randym77
185 Jeter and Damon both went, double steal. Lilly was about to throw the pitch, saw Jeter running, and swing around to throw to first instead. That was the balk.

I think it would have worked out the same way even if the balk hadn't been called. Damon beat the throw home.

2006-07-22 15:13:35
192.   AbbyNormal821
Bases loaded w/Mariners...1 out.
2006-07-22 15:13:50
193.   AbbyNormal821
..and it's 3-2 Seattle
2006-07-22 15:14:22
194.   SF Yanks
The Bronx Bombers should start acting like the Bronx Bombers. I liked it when they were the tops of the leage in home runs.
2006-07-22 15:14:48
195.   tommyl
What's up with A-Rod? 3Ks against Lilly? I'm one of his biggest defenders, but c'mon put the ball in play at least.
2006-07-22 15:15:59
196.   singledd
I'm telling you ARod is in a black hole... both on O and D. He needs a few days AWAY from baseball.
2006-07-22 15:18:07
197.   tommyl
196 You may be right. I keep waiting for A-Rod to say F you! to everyone and breakout, but it just seems to not be happening. Maybe he should switch therapists because this one is clearly not working.
2006-07-22 15:18:26
198.   BayRidger
Mr. Torre:
Bernie is s#*% against right-handers, this is when you should bring in Guiel.
2006-07-22 15:19:06
199.   SF Yanks
I love Arod, but he sure seems inconsistent.
2006-07-22 15:19:14
200.   BayRidger
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-22 15:19:41
201.   Ron Burgundy
This hoser throws heat, Andy otta do some damage.
2006-07-22 15:20:00
202.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-22 15:20:04
203.   yankz
Andy's in a funk too.
2006-07-22 15:20:14
204.   singledd
Mr. BayRidger
I'm genius. Pure genius!

Yours truly
Joe Torre

2006-07-22 15:22:23
205.   BayRidger
That's why yer the manager, Mr. Torre. Bravo.
2006-07-22 15:22:48
206.   SF Yanks
I don't think I'll be able to handle another loss. I might cry and pout until their next win.
2006-07-22 15:23:19
207.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 15:24:06
208.   AbbyNormal821
I'm scared...please Giambi...don't f**k up!
2006-07-22 15:24:09
209.   singledd
2006-07-22 15:24:15
210.   yankz
Do you trust A-rod at third enough to pinch hit for Green?
2006-07-22 15:24:27
211.   tommyl
Hmmm...who plays third next inning?
2006-07-22 15:24:43
212.   Ron Burgundy
Wait, Giambi 1-7 against Downs and Downs is a lefty. Ah, whatever, Giambi >>>>>>>>>>>> Green.
2006-07-22 15:25:10
213.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 15:25:11
214.   singledd
Can ARod move to 3rd and keep Giambi as DH?
2006-07-22 15:25:19
215.   randym77
Yeah, Giambi!
2006-07-22 15:25:21
216.   Ron Burgundy
Good enough.
2006-07-22 15:25:44
217.   AbbyNormal821
We'll take that!
2006-07-22 15:25:46
218.   yankz
2006-07-22 15:26:04
219.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
eff yeah.
2006-07-22 15:26:10
220.   singledd
2006-07-22 15:26:15
221.   AbbyNormal821
Damon could use an HR - hasn't had one in a while!
2006-07-22 15:26:30
222.   tommyl
214 No
2006-07-22 15:26:32
223.   yankz
Or you could put Andy at 3rd and slide Giambi to first...
2006-07-22 15:26:51
224.   randym77
They're walking Damon to get to Cairo.
2006-07-22 15:26:59
225.   Ron Burgundy
Jeter gets hit and A-Rod hits a Grand Slam.
2006-07-22 15:27:09
226.   singledd
Come on JD!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-22 15:27:17
227.   yankz
Oh sh*t, the captain is about to make them pay.
2006-07-22 15:27:29
228.   singledd
Come on Jetes!!!!!!!!
2006-07-22 15:27:32
229.   AbbyNormal821
Walking him???
2006-07-22 15:27:33
230.   tommyl
Great, bases loaded for Cairo. C'mon Miggy.
2006-07-22 15:27:38
231.   yankz
Oh sh*t, I thought Jeter was still batting second. :(
2006-07-22 15:27:48
232.   tommyl
Man I'd kill to have Piazza coming off the bench right about here.
2006-07-22 15:28:05
233.   singledd
Oh Crap Cairo!!!!!!
2006-07-22 15:28:11
234.   Ron Burgundy
Oh, wait, right, Cairo is between Damon and Jeter.
2006-07-22 15:28:21
235.   yankz
232I'd kill to have Don Mattingly coming off the bench right about here.
2006-07-22 15:28:32
236.   randym77
They're stalling, to try and get Spier time to warm up.
2006-07-22 15:28:32
237.   Ron Burgundy
232 Or Frank Thomas...
2006-07-22 15:28:36
238.   singledd
Cairo has been clutch. He's the best crappy player.
2006-07-22 15:28:43
239.   yankz
Suicide squeeze!
2006-07-22 15:29:05
240.   singledd
He will work a walk. Watch!
2006-07-22 15:29:31
241.   AbbyNormal821
Looked like Jeter was giving Cairo some last minute words of encouragement before they went to commercial. Probably something like "you BETTER get a hit, mutherf**r!" (heh heh)
2006-07-22 15:29:34
242.   SF Yanks
lets go gents... lets go!!
2006-07-22 15:29:36
243.   monkeypants
OK, now Torre should PH Gueil for Cairo, shift Andy to 2B and Giambi to 1B. Go for the gusto right here!
2006-07-22 15:29:39
244.   yankz
They can do this.
2006-07-22 15:29:53
245.   tommyl
Hmmm..Giambi plays first, Andy plays 3rd?
2006-07-22 15:30:07
246.   randym77
There's only one out. If Miggy avoids the DP, Jeet will still get his chance.
2006-07-22 15:30:17
247.   tommyl
243 And ARod to 3rd but give up the DH?
2006-07-22 15:30:37
248.   yankz
243 Can you do that?
2006-07-22 15:30:49
249.   Ron Burgundy
Oh shit, this is a FOUR game series...
2006-07-22 15:31:08
250.   AbbyNormal821
Just stay calm, Cairo!
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-22 15:31:39
251.   yankz
If A-Rod slides to 3rd, they lose the DH. What to do, what to do...I'm sure Joe knows what he's doing, what with all that NL experience.
2006-07-22 15:32:10
252.   tommyl
251 I say, Andy plays 3rd, Giambi to first and keep the DH
2006-07-22 15:32:28
253.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 15:32:43
254.   Ron Burgundy
250 I'm watching the game and I can't stay calm, how's HE gonna stay calm?

And he Ks...

2006-07-22 15:32:55
255.   AbbyNormal821
Break out the box of Captain Clutch
2006-07-22 15:32:55
256.   SF Yanks
God dammit Cairo
2006-07-22 15:33:01
257.   yankz
3 pitches? Wow.
2006-07-22 15:33:06
258.   tommyl
And best crappy player, is still a crappy player. Ok, cap, time to bring the clutchness.
2006-07-22 15:33:25
259.   monkeypants
Or, let Cairo stike out. What a great #2 hitter.
2006-07-22 15:33:26
260.   randym77
Pulls the string. Tough pitch.

But no DP, so Jeet gets his chance.

2006-07-22 15:33:33
261.   Ron Burgundy
Oh please, not another Thursday night, Please no.
2006-07-22 15:33:37
262.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
At least he didn't gidp. (I'm saying that too much today.)
2006-07-22 15:34:40
263.   SF Yanks
Lets go Jeets!
2006-07-22 15:35:36
264.   monkeypants
251 Keeping the DH right now is not that critical. With all the switches, the P could be slotted so he probaby wouldn't bat. And if his position came up, you PH Bubba. It's the 7th, so Torre is gonna start swapping in pitchers anyway.
2006-07-22 15:36:33
265.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-22 15:36:40
266.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-22 15:36:52
267.   yankz
Cluch BB!
2006-07-22 15:36:55
268.   randym77
Jeter walks, Melky scores.

Uh-oh. A-Rod up next.

2006-07-22 15:36:56
269.   SF Yanks
That a baby
2006-07-22 15:36:58
270.   singledd
2006-07-22 15:37:14
271.   AbbyNormal821
PS...bases loaded w/Mariners again! 1 out. Tavarez is a wiener!
2006-07-22 15:37:16
272.   yankz
#451 to put it out of reach?
2006-07-22 15:37:25
273.   tommyl
Ok A-Rod, bases loaded, 2 outs, up by a run. Time for some redemption.
2006-07-22 15:37:37
274.   AbbyNormal821 golden sombrero for A-Rod!
2006-07-22 15:38:02
275.   randym77
Dang it, A-Rod. That was your pitch.
2006-07-22 15:38:07
276.   BayRidger
Does Cashman take the fall if they fail to make the playoffs? I would think, no, because of all of the injuries so it's not his fault. However I've heard baseball pundits, Dayn Perry is one that comes to mind, say, in effect, "they should have known this could have happened and they didn't plan well enough". I don't think Cash could have planned for this many injuries so I say he's off the hook(although the Boss doesn't always think that clearly).
2006-07-22 15:38:25
277.   Ron Burgundy
He missed TWO Grand Slam pitches!
2006-07-22 15:38:32
278.   SF Yanks
Mariners have bases loaded...
2006-07-22 15:38:49
279.   yankz
Arod has a 1.638 OPS with the bases juiced. Ridiculous!
2006-07-22 15:40:06
280.   AbbyNormal821
5-2 Seattle!
2006-07-22 15:40:55
281.   yankz
Oh my god...
2006-07-22 15:41:03
282.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man. What can you say?
2006-07-22 15:41:09
283.   SF Yanks
mariners up 5-2
2006-07-22 15:41:13
284.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-22 15:41:19
285.   AbbyNormal821
A-Rod needs to get some lovin' from the Mrs. - that should relax him! DAMMIT! He looks like crap in sombreros!
2006-07-22 15:41:40
286.   SF Yanks
The hell is the matter with him?
2006-07-22 15:41:56
287.   randym77
A-Rod, you're such a head case.

Never mind, we took the lead. Let's go, Yankees...

2006-07-22 15:42:11
288.   singledd
I'm telling you this guy needs time off, before he slits his own throat.
How many times on espn will we get to see ARod's 4 Ks?

Seattle up 5-2.

2006-07-22 15:42:32
289.   tommyl
Alex needs time off. Sit him for two or three games, let him go back and work with Donnie. He's 0-4 with 4Ks. If this were an abberation it'd be one thing, but he's just been bad all around lately.

Sigh...remember when we all thought that 12th inning walkoff would turn him around?

2006-07-22 15:42:42
290.   Ron Burgundy
He missed THREE meatball pitches right down the pipe. I'm lost.

Sadly, even if we win, those Ks is all that's getting talked about in the media. Yes, he sucked today, but if we win, who gives a fuck.

2006-07-22 15:43:41
291.   rsmith51
The big goat that inning was Cairo, but the papers will make ARod the goat.
2006-07-22 15:44:30
292.   SF Yanks
I think Taveras might be one of the worst pitchers out there... and I love him for it.
2006-07-22 15:45:29
293.   monkeypants
291 Yes, but why was Cairo batting #2 anyway? Heck, let's lead him off so he absorb as many ABs as possible.
2006-07-22 15:45:31
294.   yankz
You can do it, Scotty P.
2006-07-22 15:45:46
295.   singledd
Wang had only 90 pitches. Correct to take him out?
2006-07-22 15:46:49
296.   randym77
That was close...
2006-07-22 15:47:05
297.   pistolpete
I really think there needs to be a support movement by the fans or something - the morons who continue jeering at the Stadium have to be getting to him...
2006-07-22 15:47:14
298.   yankz
Is Villone not available?
2006-07-22 15:47:37
299.   singledd
Well.... there's ARod's 4th K on the Fox game.
2006-07-22 15:48:51
300.   yankz
If they lose this game, I think I will just break down.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-22 15:49:01
301.   Ron Burgundy
299 Did they show Jeter's walk or just lead off with the "bases loaded, and A-Rod strikes out" thing?
2006-07-22 15:49:11
302.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Vernon Wells. Crap. Why do I get the feeling we'll be trailing by the time he gets doen with the Proc?
2006-07-22 15:49:18
303.   yankz
2006-07-22 15:49:24
304.   randym77
Cairo was batting second because he's .327 / .791 against lefties.

He's batting .300 for the month of July.

2006-07-22 15:49:28
305.   AbbyNormal821
GO Scotty!!! That was a HUGE strikeout!
2006-07-22 15:50:30
306.   singledd
301 Of course they showed Jetes. Makes ARod look that much worse.
2006-07-22 15:51:22
307.   AbbyNormal821
David Ortiz today:



2006-07-22 15:52:59
308.   randym77
Yeah, Scotty!
2006-07-22 15:53:33
309.   AbbyNormal821
Awesome job Proctor!
2006-07-22 15:53:33
310.   yankz
Hell yeah scotty!
2006-07-22 15:54:09
311.   singledd
Well.... I guess the Proctologist's finger was in prime form. More Proctor, or Farns in the 8th?
2006-07-22 15:54:21
312.   AbbyNormal821
I think Proctor may be getting his act together again!
2006-07-22 15:55:05
313.   SF Yanks
Scotty looks good when he gets the needed rest. Hopefully Torre doesn't look at this as he did before and throw him out every day where he could resort back to his usual self.
2006-07-22 15:55:09
314.   monkeypants
304 Well, I guess if 50+ AB v. LH and 50 AB in July outweigh career suckiness...
2006-07-22 15:56:42
315.   SF Yanks
Mix in some rested Proctor with Villone and some efficient Farnsy and there is a decent bullpen there.
2006-07-22 15:57:00
316.   singledd
Sox down 5-2. Bottom of the order due up in the 9th. Seattle should have this one.
2006-07-22 15:59:03
317.   randym77
314 You know Torre likes to play the hot hand.

Jeter hits better in the three-hole, anyway.

2006-07-22 15:59:12
318.   yankz
If Arod bats again, I would almost rather see him try to bunt his way on than strike out a 5th time. Hey, no one would be expecting it :P
2006-07-22 16:00:03
319.   Ron Burgundy
Why did a pitcher with an ERA close to 5.40 just pitch an easy 1-2-3 inning?! >:(
2006-07-22 16:00:13
320.   randym77
Jeez, Andy. You're really hacking all of a sudden.
2006-07-22 16:00:50
321.   SF Yanks
Is Farnsy comin in? Anyone know?
2006-07-22 16:02:07
322.   randym77
It's Farnsy.
2006-07-22 16:02:18
323.   Coco Loco
321. yes. crosby in rf
2006-07-22 16:03:08
324.   singledd
I know Cliff likes Andy, but he has the WORST OPS in MLB. I wonder if we went after Shea H.?
2006-07-22 16:04:08
325.   singledd
Sorry... Boston in the 9th - Manny (4-5-6) due up. 5-2.
2006-07-22 16:04:22
326.   monkeypants
317 I know what Torre likes to do, but it does not mean I have to agree. It doen't have to be Jeter #2. You could bat Posada or Cabrera in the two-hole.

I guess you're damned either way--but I would rather have all the bad hitters at the bottom of the line-up than putting rally killers throughout the line-up. Of course, I would prefer that the team did not have so many no-hit players on the roster, but who to blame for that...

2006-07-22 16:04:34
327.   Coco Loco
324 doubt it. bad defense, historically bad 2nd half player.
2006-07-22 16:04:38
328.   Ron Burgundy
324 That would be Coco Crisp. (.685 OPS)
Andy's is .686.
2006-07-22 16:06:19
329.   randym77
324 Why on earth would they have given us Hillebrand? They're only two games behind us. They think they can take the division. The last thing they'd want to do is give us a missing piece.

Andy is a problem, though. I really like the kid, but he's generating more outs than any other Yankee player. I thought he had turned it around for awhile there, but he's back in a slump again. Just a naturally streaky player, I fear.

2006-07-22 16:06:29
330.   monkeypants
324 I was on the Andy bandwagon too. He does seem to hack at everything, and late he hits nothing. His real value is that he can play 1B, 2B, and 3B with a little pop in the bat. HE should be the back-up IF, but you know Torre has to have a Cairo/Green/Enrique for that job.
2006-07-22 16:06:30
331.   Coco Loco
farnsy's hitting 100/101
2006-07-22 16:06:48
332.   Ron Burgundy
100 MPH.
2006-07-22 16:07:07
333.   yankz
OK, this bullpen is insane!

Are we only counting people with enough at bats? Because Cairo is at .677...

2006-07-22 16:07:19
334.   AbbyNormal821
Farnsy is bringin' it!
2006-07-22 16:07:48
335.   yankz
Or rather, Cairo is at .592, .677 career.
2006-07-22 16:08:02
336.   tommyl
Jesus, who is this person pitching right now?
2006-07-22 16:08:44
337.   Ron Burgundy
Proctor and Farnsworth, JUST NOT FAIR!
2006-07-22 16:08:48
338.   yankz

Mo will keep it up in the ninth.

2006-07-22 16:08:52
339.   tommyl
Wow, I mean wow. That was impressive.
2006-07-22 16:08:55
340.   monkeypants
329 Didn't they just DFA Hillenbrand? So he could be claimed off waivers. I'm not advocating this, though.
2006-07-22 16:09:08
341.   AbbyNormal821
top of the 9th in Seattle - Manny already has 2 strikeouts! Go for the Hat Trick
2006-07-22 16:09:18
342.   singledd
Manny K's for his 3rd time. Almost ARod like. 1 out in the 9th.
2006-07-22 16:09:40
343.   AbbyNormal821
...and strikeout #3 for Mr. Obnoxious
2006-07-22 16:10:20
344.   singledd
Wow - Protor and Farns BOTH strike out the sides.
2006-07-22 16:10:26
345.   randym77
326 You can't bat Posada 2nd. He's slower than molasses in January, and would clog up the basepaths.

Melky is a possibility, but he seems to feel a lot of pressure batting in that slot. He's just a kid.

2006-07-22 16:11:31
346.   singledd
Seattle wins. Shea traded to the Giants.
2006-07-22 16:11:40
347.   randym77
Hillenbrand has been traded to the Giants.
2006-07-22 16:11:52
348.   AbbyNormal821
Game over in Seattle - Boston loses!
2006-07-22 16:12:28
349.   AbbyNormal821
Hello State Farm? I'd like to buy some insurance runs....
2006-07-22 16:12:30
350.   monkeypants
345 Well, Cairo certainly doesn't clog the basepaths. You're right there.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-07-22 16:12:41
351.   Coco Loco
340 They had days to trade, release, or outright Hillenbrand, By trading him within those 20 days, he does not need to pass through waivers.
2006-07-22 16:13:42
352.   singledd
More ARod on Fox.... ugh
2006-07-22 16:14:35
353.   randym77
Are you kidding me? Jaret Wright pinch-running for Giambi???!!
2006-07-22 16:14:43
354.   tommyl
Well at least Giambi seems to be back.
2006-07-22 16:14:52
355.   SF Yanks
349 haha!
2006-07-22 16:14:54
356.   Coco Loco
Looks like A-Rod is going to play 3rd in the 9th
2006-07-22 16:15:26
357.   singledd
They just can't stop talking about ARod.
2006-07-22 16:15:59
358.   randym77
Y'know, it might be worth trying A-Rod in the two-hole. He's certainly speedy enough. And it might take some pressure off him to bat lower in the lineup.

Joe put him there his first year, because he was feeling the pressure. It seemed to work.

2006-07-22 16:16:27
359.   AbbyNormal821
Mo will NOT lose this game again.
2006-07-22 16:16:37
360.   Ron Burgundy
Why did a douchebag with a hideous 5.something ERA just pitch 2 shutout innings?
2006-07-22 16:16:40
361.   monkeypants
245 Seriously, the clog-the-bases argument doesn't hold much weight. You need batters who can hit and get on base; speed is a bonus. It's why Boston uses Youkillis as a lead-off hitter (and occasionally used Boggs as such in the 80s). If Cairo were a reasonable hitter, then bat him #2. But he is bad hittter--hot July or whatever. To bat him #2 means he gets 4 or 5 ABs, while Posada or Melky, for example, may only get 3 or 4 ABs. That's a crazy way to score runs.
2006-07-22 16:16:55
362.   singledd
Let's go Mo!
2006-07-22 16:17:27
363.   AbbyNormal821
OK - bottom 2 in the Jays order and then Reed Johnson...I think the Yanks can do this!
2006-07-22 16:18:37
364.   monkeypants
358 I could see that.
2006-07-22 16:19:10
365.   randym77
I'm still trying to figure out why Jaret Wright as a pinch runner.
2006-07-22 16:19:25
366.   singledd
Sori has a .950 OPS
Nick has a .960 OPS.
2006-07-22 16:20:18
367.   Coco Loco
And that's with playing home games at RFK.
2006-07-22 16:21:17
368.   randym77
The YAN-kees win!
2006-07-22 16:21:48
369.   AbbyNormal821
YAAAAY! We win!!!! (or they do!)

Don't party too hard tonight gotta split the series tomorrow!

2006-07-22 16:21:55
370.   singledd
Wow... that was fast.
I feel better now, thanks for asking.
2006-07-22 16:21:58
371.   SF Yanks
That's how it's done!!
2006-07-22 16:22:41
372.   Ron Burgundy
Here's an idea: Just bat A-Rod 3rd.
2006-07-22 16:23:31
373.   randym77
366 I'm not convinced they'd be that good in the AL East. There really is a talent gap between the AL and NL.
2006-07-22 16:25:22
374.   AbbyNormal821
This win must feel so good to them - like one big collective sigh of relief!
2006-07-22 16:26:02
375.   AbbyNormal821
Dinner is cooking! Must dash now - have a great night all. More fun & games tomorrow.
2006-07-22 16:28:34
376.   randym77
And Bernie is POTG. Deservedly so.

Though Wang, Proctor, Farnsy, and Mo did great, too.

2006-07-22 16:28:55
377.   SF Yanks
Under Gameday it says Wang (W), Rivera (S) and Proctor (H) Farnsworth (H) . What do the H's mean?
2006-07-22 16:29:41
378.   BklynBmr
A hold.
2006-07-22 16:30:54
379.   SF Yanks
I see, never heard of that before and I've been watching baseaball for about 24 years now.
2006-07-22 16:35:18
380.   BklynBmr
379 Not sure exactly when it began, but here's the MLB Rules description:

"A relief pitcher is credited with a hold any time he enters a game in a save situation, records at least one out and leaves the game never having relinquished the lead. A pitcher cannot finish the game and receive credit for a hold, nor can he earn a hold and a save in the same game."

The official abbreviation is HLD, thought.

2006-07-22 19:38:58
381.   singledd
I don't know how, but we are only 1.5 games back in th WC. Minn. hot on our heals. Man, has Minn made a comeback or what!
2006-07-22 20:20:42
382.   joejoejoe
If Minnesota can somehow make the playoffs they are going to be a lot like the 2001 Diamondbacks with Schilling and Johnson. Liriano and Santana are going to kill you in a short series.
2006-07-22 20:32:23
383.   marc
"we are only 1.5 games back in the WC"

that's astonishing. I knew there was a lot of time for things to happen but I had for the time being assumed we had no chance for the WC and would have to beat Boston. Hell, now if both the Yanks and Boston stay pretty hot the WC is definitely in play. I'll have to go back to monitoring the WC again. Glad you posted that.

2006-07-22 20:50:03
384.   NeilS
Lets all get off of A-Rod. I predict that he will get on a hot streak and carry this team through a critical period.

He has done well and will continue to do so. He was the MVP last year and will have another great year, just get off his ass.

2006-07-22 21:20:27
385.   Peter
Baseball Tonight just gave Nick Green a web gem nominee, but couldn't do so without adding, "makes Arod looks bad." Morons.
2006-07-22 22:24:21
386.   KBT
Green booted a double play ball, too. Morons.
2006-07-23 01:02:11
387.   yankz
Every time I hear Manny and Ortiz being compared to Ruth and Gehrig, I immediately think "Blasphemy!" Do you stats guys agree?

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