Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2006-07-19 08:39
by Cliff Corcoran

With a big four-game set against the third-place Blue Jays on deck, the Yankees have picked a good time to get hot. This afternoon they go for their second straight sweep in an attempt to avoid their first second half loss.

The man for the job is former Mariner Randy Johnson, who pitched one of his best games as a Yankee last year against his former team and their future ace, Felix Hernandez. That game was a thrilling pitchers' duel in which Johnson held the M's hitless through five innings and the Yankees emerged with a 2-0 victory. That was an emotional game for the big man, as it was the first time he had pitched in Seattle in six years and he was facing a phenom who many believe will challenge Randy's position as the greatest Mariner hurler of all time.

The stakes are far lower today, with the Yanks playing a house money game at home against Gil Meche little more than 12 hours after one of their most improbable wins of the year, but Johnson seems to be back on track, turning in quality starts in five of his last six outings. Here's hoping that trend continues today.

Kelly Stinnett gets his second straight start due to Jorge Posada playing the late innings of last night's game. Melky moves up to the two-spot. Alex Rodriguez returns to third base. Guiel starts in right and bats seventh behind Phillips followed by that man Nick Green (5 for 12 with two doubles, a homer, three walks and a stolen base as a Yankee) at second base. Randy's old nemesis Eduardo Perez starts at DH for the M's.

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2006-07-19 09:58:21
1.   Schteeve
If Meche comes out throwing strikes, the Yanks will be in trouble. If Meche throws 17-20 pitches in the first inning, we should win this thing unless Randy has a disaster of an outing.

Meche has had bouts of wildness that are almost unfathomable.

2006-07-19 09:58:29
2.   C2Coke
And Johnson might be the only well rested Yankee out there today.
2006-07-19 09:59:18
3.   Alvaro Espinoza
Meh... beautiful day for a game and, of course, I can't make it to the Bronx. Looks like an extended liquid lunch in front of a local watering hole's TV.
2006-07-19 09:59:22
4.   randym77
And here's the new lineup, with Stinnett in and Jorgie out.

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Andy Phillips 1B
Aaron Guiel RF
Nick Green 2B
Kelly Stinnett C

2006-07-19 10:00:10
5.   yankz
Why is Jorge out?

Also, will anyone else be livid if Guiel gets cut before Bubba?

2006-07-19 10:00:39
6.   C2Coke
1 We will find out about RJ in 15 minutes.
2006-07-19 10:02:07
7.   C2Coke
5 I think it's because he never really got his day off yesterday and having to catch early this morning.
2006-07-19 10:02:24
8.   randym77
Jorgie was a very late scratch, presumably because a ball hit his hand last night.
2006-07-19 10:03:47
9.   C2Coke
Yes, John Flaherty is in the booth again. Seriously, Kay has so much to learn from Leiter and Flaherty.
2006-07-19 10:05:06
10.   C2Coke
8 No matter what you say randym7, I refuse to think about that!!
2006-07-19 10:06:23
11.   randym77
10 It can't be that bad, or he wouldn't have been such a late scratch.
2006-07-19 10:07:46
12.   tommyl
Has the game started yet? Gameday is still showing warmups.
2006-07-19 10:08:18
13.   randym77
Not started yet. Very soon, though.
2006-07-19 10:09:31
14.   tommyl
And away we go...I think my lunch hour can be extended a bit, say till Giambi and A-Rod bat :)
2006-07-19 10:09:45
15.   randym77
Now it's started. Base hit for Ichiro. :-P
2006-07-19 10:10:56
16.   tommyl
Man he's just pesky. Like a gnat you can't quite swat.
2006-07-19 10:11:40
17.   tommyl
Oh well, house money you say?
2006-07-19 10:12:32
18.   Fred Vincy
Wump. 2 batters and my prediction for RJ (3 runs all on solo HRs) is already wrong.
2006-07-19 10:12:34
19.   Alvaro Espinoza
That was quick :(
2006-07-19 10:13:24
20.   tommyl
Anyone watching, is RJ flat or did he make a mistake?
2006-07-19 10:14:02
21.   tommyl
2006-07-19 10:14:02
22.   BklynBmr
That was huge. Let's keep it at 1, Unit...
2006-07-19 10:14:03
23.   rsmith51
Nice, DP.
2006-07-19 10:14:51
24.   Alvaro Espinoza
But if SEA is going to run themselves out of innings... :)
2006-07-19 10:14:52
25.   Shaun P
Ah, the old strike 'em out - throw 'em out DP.

Why was Beltre going, anyway?

2006-07-19 10:15:35
26.   Dan-el
Tommyl -- Pitch to Ichiro was flat slider. Pitch to Beltre was a fastball in the middle of the plate, Damon appeared to get a bad jump.
2006-07-19 10:15:36
27.   rsmith51
25 Runner at 3rd, less than 2 outs and all that.
2006-07-19 10:15:42
28.   Cliff Corcoran
Anyone else get the feeling Seattle just blew their chance?
2006-07-19 10:16:34
29.   tommyl
26 Thanks Dan
2006-07-19 10:17:08
30.   rsmith51
28 Nah, I predict a 9-7 game. Both teams will have their chances.
2006-07-19 10:17:59
31.   tommyl
1-2-3, uh oh.
2006-07-19 10:18:00
32.   Cliff Corcoran
That was just the fourth runner Stinnett has thrown out all year (out of 20 attempts).
2006-07-19 10:18:19
33.   AbbyNormal821
9 - Completely agree with you. It's amazing how much more insight into the psyche of a player a former player can give that a booth analyst. Michael Kay annoys the bejesus out of me. I yell at my TV for him to shut up as much as I do to the A-Rod "Boo-Birds"
2006-07-19 10:18:23
34.   yankaholic
28 now does that DP mean Beltre is slower or Stinnett throw was quick enuff??
2006-07-19 10:18:46
35.   Shaun P
27 Thanks, rsmith. You look at the bottom of this lineup, especially their OBPs, and you figure this ought to be a cake day for RJ.
2006-07-19 10:18:57
36.   tommyl
4-5-6, uh oh.
2006-07-19 10:19:17
37.   C2Coke
Who had a secret party last night? Melky did.
2006-07-19 10:19:24
38.   Alvaro Espinoza
Hang-over in effect perhaps? They stole last night's game.
2006-07-19 10:19:48
39.   tommyl
Hmmm...7 pitch inning with 2Ks. Meche might have it today.
2006-07-19 10:20:07
40.   yankaholic
IS it Meche or is it us.. all strikes??
2006-07-19 10:20:08
41.   Cliff Corcoran
Wait, Meche struck out Damon and Cabrera on six pitches then got Jeter to ground out on the seventh? Damn. That's hardcore! There have been 18 pitches in this game, only two balls.
2006-07-19 10:20:42
42.   Shaun P
Uh-oh. If Meche keeps this up, the Yanks will end up trading for him . . . 7 pitches, 7 strikes, 2 Ks, 1 groundout. Are they that anxious to get back in the field?
2006-07-19 10:21:01
43.   randym77
Stinnett made a great throw, but I think Beltre was being a little foolhardy, trying to steal 3rd. Even against Randy.
2006-07-19 10:21:02
44.   Zack
We used to be totally unable to hit Meche, a remember going to 2 games a few seasons ago where the Yanks got totally shut down both times. Course, that was ages ago in pitching years, but still...
2006-07-19 10:21:14
45.   C2Coke
37 Scratch that, they all did. 11 In the end, Posada still has some hangover...I on the other hand, just have those injury paranoia these days.
2006-07-19 10:22:02
46.   yankaholic
41 it is a travel after today's game.. can we set up a conference call with Jim Leyland.. hear he roars when this happens..
2006-07-19 10:23:02
47.   rsmith51
35 I wouldn't count on my predictions since I am seldom correct, except at predicting certain players' sucktitude, Womack, Sierra, Wright(kind of wrong about him), Erickson.
2006-07-19 10:23:30
48.   Ron Burgundy
They're all hungover. Damn It. And by they I mean the Yankees.

One thing though, the harder Meche throws, the farther Giambi and A-Rod will hit the ball...

2006-07-19 10:24:19
49.   BklynBmr
Kay just sounded ready to make an error call on A-Rod's throw...
2006-07-19 10:25:12
50.   Alvaro Espinoza
48 I hope you put your pinky to your mouth when you said that!
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2006-07-19 10:26:03
51.   tommyl
49 Well that's why we're trading him, duh! I hear Aaron Boone might be available.
2006-07-19 10:26:23
52.   C2Coke
49 No kidding.

28 Cliff, maybe you were on to something.

2006-07-19 10:26:48
53.   tommyl
49 51 Actually that just made me think. Can we trade announcers too? Put Kay and Kaat in a package deal for someone?
2006-07-19 10:26:55
54.   Ron Burgundy
50 Alvaro, you from

(And yes, I DID put my pinkie to my mouth)

2006-07-19 10:28:54
55.   singledd
Its good to see ARod out of the clean-up spot. Makes the bottom of the order less sucky.
2006-07-19 10:30:08
56.   tommyl
Well Meche has at least thrown more than 7 pitches this inning.
2006-07-19 10:30:31
57.   C2Coke
Don't we love Giambi? He's determined to make up for the pitch counts our first 3 batters missed.
2006-07-19 10:30:33
58.   tommyl
Let's go A-Rod!
2006-07-19 10:32:36
59.   C2Coke
57 But Arod and Phillips disagreed with Giambi.
2006-07-19 10:33:28
60.   Ron Burgundy
So, Meche is throwing a PERFECT GAME so far. And Beckett is also throwing a PERFECT GAME so far.
2006-07-19 10:33:40
61.   tommyl
Is it too early to point out that Meche has a no hit shutout going?
2006-07-19 10:33:59
62.   tommyl
60 Welcome to BB Ron :)
2006-07-19 10:34:47
63.   singledd
Boy... somebody looks tired :-(
2006-07-19 10:36:25
64.   Ron Burgundy
62 Thanks. I appeared last night too, this is a good blog here, a lot of baseball intelligence in the air.

63 By somebody, you mean the Yankees 25-Man Roster?

2006-07-19 10:38:23
65.   AbbyNormal821
How many has RJ struck out now? 4???
2006-07-19 10:38:51
66.   AbbyNormal821
Friggin' Ichiro! BZZZZ!!! BZZZZ!!!
2006-07-19 10:40:47
67.   C2Coke
Now that Ichiro is an awesome RF who can hit and steal.
2006-07-19 10:41:19
68.   C2Coke
Look at him, stealing a base it's like eating lunch.
2006-07-19 10:42:00
69.   yankaholic
60 YES.. and the KC Royals.. how .. HOW.. HHOOWW on earth are the KC Royals.. hitless..

i mean against Beckett.. (hes given only 200 Hrs all year)..

but how.. i cant i cant predict Baseball

2006-07-19 10:42:11
70.   C2Coke
64 Ron, I am crossing my fingers hoping RJ is not one of them.
2006-07-19 10:42:43
71.   Schteeve
Whoa, 5 k's for Randy through 3? Nice.
2006-07-19 10:43:03
72.   yankz
RJ's kicking it up a notch.
2006-07-19 10:43:56
73.   Ron Burgundy
Randy appears to be in a state of good concentration today. Let us hope our line-up snuck in some Red Bull into the clubhouse and drank it all to get a buzz.
2006-07-19 10:44:10
74.   BklynBmr
60,61 — Now that you mention it, Menche is in fact tossing a perfect game, isn't he?
2006-07-19 10:44:20
75.   Mattpat11
Meche is throwing a perfect game.
2006-07-19 10:45:18
76.   C2Coke
60,61,74 Absolutely perfect so far.
2006-07-19 10:45:48
77.   C2Coke
What is with the 1st pitch swing?
2006-07-19 10:45:57
78.   Shaun P
60 61 74 75I bet Nick Green won't let that perfect game continue.
2006-07-19 10:46:31
79.   Mattpat11
This game sure is perfect.
2006-07-19 10:46:48
80.   RichYF
How deep was Guiel's hit?
2006-07-19 10:46:59
81.   Shaun P
78 Or not. Darn.
2006-07-19 10:47:16
82.   BklynBmr
Lean into one, Kelly. Take one for the team...
2006-07-19 10:47:26
83.   Ron Burgundy
80 Warning Track...
2006-07-19 10:47:47
84.   randym77
80 About to the near edge of the warning track. He almost got it all.
2006-07-19 10:48:06
85.   C2Coke
So far, Nick Green ranks second in making the pitcher pitch. What does that say about our roster? Tired? Check. Hungover? Check.
2006-07-19 10:48:29
86.   C2Coke
85 Make that Stinnet.
2006-07-19 10:49:04
87.   BklynBmr
73 Here's hoping Randy is taking this duel personally...
2006-07-19 10:49:31
88.   RichYF
10.3 pitches per inning so far for Meche. Way to make him work.
2006-07-19 10:50:42
89.   singledd
64 "25-Man Roster?"
No. Of course not. Mariano looks fine.
2006-07-19 10:51:20
90.   C2Coke
88 That's all I'm saying...
Looks like the Yanks are doing what they can to make sure they can be back home by 4pm to catch a nap.
2006-07-19 10:51:32
91.   AbbyNormal821
Is it me, or have these games been going quicker? The last few games (sans last night's) seem to have run less than 3 hours...what's up with that?
2006-07-19 10:51:37
92.   yankaholic
Hey... Randy ERA is under 5..
2006-07-19 10:52:38
93.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It.
2006-07-19 10:52:43
94.   Shaun P
92 D'oh!
2006-07-19 10:52:43
95.   RichYF
92 Not anymore.
2006-07-19 10:52:46
96.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-19 10:52:49
97.   C2Coke
91 For one, Chien-Ming Wang happened. Today? it's beyond me.
2006-07-19 10:53:00
98.   yankaholic
91 u mean guys dont have that extra energy to put lengthy at-bats.. which they have done previously.. while unknowlingly taking greenies (confusing them to be green tea bags) and amphs..


2006-07-19 10:53:06
99.   singledd
Randy "Josh" Johnson
2006-07-19 10:53:10
100.   Mattpat11
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2006-07-19 10:53:48
101.   Shaun P
/pessimism on/

Great, now the Yanks will trade for Meche AND Sexson!

/pessimism off/

Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

2006-07-19 10:53:54
102.   AbbyNormal821
OK - someone on our team needs to pop a couple of No-Doz, wake up and hit SOMETHING!
2006-07-19 10:54:26
103.   yankaholic
9495 my thinking when i typed that was.. get the stat out.. before that fleets.. vanishes.. GONE
2006-07-19 10:55:16
104.   C2Coke
102 Just wait. They really look like they are still trying to wake up.
2006-07-19 10:55:22
105.   RichYF
99 I thought it was Jason Johnson? Or did you mean PTGTRW Josh Beckett?
2006-07-19 10:55:31
106.   AbbyNormal821
:::sigh!::: Randy, Randy, Randy...get yer melon back in the game!
2006-07-19 10:56:01
107.   rbj
D'oh, totally spaced on today being a day game. Does gamecast have it correct, no errors, hits or walks for Meche? Is he really pitching a perfect game -- not even mentioning the no hitter and shutout?
2006-07-19 10:57:25
108.   yankaholic
Let ' em LEAD

We will WIN..

2006-07-19 10:57:25
109.   Cliff Corcoran
Now to see if Meche can keep this perfect game he's got going in tact.
2006-07-19 10:57:38
110.   C2Coke
107 Yep! Thanks to our sleeping team.
2006-07-19 10:58:02
111.   AbbyNormal821
Meche only has 31 pitches so far? YEESH!
2006-07-19 10:58:38
112.   C2Coke
107 And having only threw 31 pitches so far.
2006-07-19 10:59:25
113.   AbbyNormal821
Come on JD! Make this guy WORK!!!!
2006-07-19 11:00:22
114.   Ron Burgundy
Betancourt looks like one of those Grey Aliens. He just looks weird.
2006-07-19 11:01:09
115.   Mattpat11
Oh god. thats the perfect game play. That one play people look at after the game.
2006-07-19 11:01:18
116.   Jetersgirl
Streling just said "Matsui goes to the doctors tomorrow to see if he can take full batting practice". Maybe we will see him in August.
2006-07-19 11:01:24
117.   BklynBmr
Bad sign on that catch. Perfect games and no-hitters always seem to have one of those...
2006-07-19 11:01:31
118.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh well, looks like the perfect game jinx just isn't going to work today. At least we'll get to see some history made!
2006-07-19 11:01:41
119.   tommyl
C'mon Melky, crank one. Or hit a seeing eye grounder, just lets get a baserunner here.
2006-07-19 11:02:11
120.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it, Meche is really gonna throw a CG shutout today. No way the Roals beat the Sawx.
2006-07-19 11:03:13
121.   Cliff Corcoran
116 He's been hitting off a tee one-handed. I have faith he'll be back sometime next month, which is great because he'll be able to do a rehab assignment. I just hope Joe plays him in right and benches Bernie outright.
2006-07-19 11:03:48
122.   BklynBmr
At least everyone waited until the 4th inning to write this one off...
2006-07-19 11:04:10
123.   Mattpat11
Now I'm annoyed.
2006-07-19 11:04:19
124.   Jetersgirl
121- Hopefully it's a quick rehab. Hopefully he goes down and is just pounding the ball.
2006-07-19 11:04:43
125.   Cliff Corcoran
Nice AB by Melky. Looked like he was swinging at everything, but he got a piece of everything.
2006-07-19 11:04:58
126.   rbj
Was that an 8 pitch AB for Melky? At least he's making Meche work for that perfect game.
2006-07-19 11:05:19
127.   Ron Burgundy
121 But we'll need Bernie's veteran experience and grizzled veteran presence down the stretch.
2006-07-19 11:05:23
128.   tommyl
121 Cliff I've been having nightmares about Melky being benched or sent down when Matsui comes back so that Bernie can still play everyday.
2006-07-19 11:05:34
129.   Ron Burgundy
Every time I do it I do it for my hood
And every time I do it I do it for yo hood
And every time I do it I do it for they hood
It's understood I do it for the hood

Every time I do it I do it for my hood
And every time I do it I do it for yo hood
And every time I do it I do it for they hood
It's understood I do it for the hood

That's Jeter coming to the plate folks. The perfecto ends here.

2006-07-19 11:05:38
130.   yankaholic
Melky made him work.. thats a start
2006-07-19 11:06:04
131.   tommyl
128 Of course those are slightly better than the ones involving Burnitz on the team and no Melky.
2006-07-19 11:06:12
132.   Shaun P
122 Who's writing what off now?

The 4th inning isn't even over yet, folks! Two more balls to the Cap'n and this perfect game crap will go by the wayside.

2006-07-19 11:06:17
133.   Mattpat11
2006-07-19 11:06:27
134.   Ron Burgundy
I stand corrected. Oh. My. God. He's really gonna throw it...
2006-07-19 11:06:41
135.   yankz
OK, this is getting ridiculous.
2006-07-19 11:08:08
136.   yankaholic
Over/Under on ARod breaking the PERFECTO..

will he booed for that.. have to ask Steve Phillips and Harry Reynolds

2006-07-19 11:08:22
137.   Shaun P
132 I'm going to stop making predictions.

I am pleased to say that Mr. Beckett only has a shutout going now, so clearly the old PG/SO/NH thing is working a little bit today.

2006-07-19 11:08:50
138.   C2Coke
126 rbj, Melky had 9 pitches at that AB. Suddenly, I am recalling that game with the Mets. 11-pitch AB by Melky, which unleashed everything. Good memories.
2006-07-19 11:10:11
139.   Schteeve
I think it's great that Gil Meche is working on a perfect game. There's no way that's going to get spoiled. I know I pretend to be a Yankee fan, but I love the Mariners and feel so lucky that I'll be a witness to this historic event!! Yay!!!
2006-07-19 11:10:21
140.   Schteeve
I think it's great that Gil Meche is working on a perfect game. There's no way that's going to get spoiled. I know I pretend to be a Yankee fan, but I love the Mariners and feel so lucky that I'll be a witness to this historic event!! Yay!!!
2006-07-19 11:10:24
141.   C2Coke
137 Maybe everything just works slow like the Yanks.
2006-07-19 11:11:16
142.   mickey1956
It's still way early to panic. The offense is fine. Last night they scored 2 runs off one of the best relievers in baseball. The yanks have also scored the 2nd most runs in July in the AL. The Red Sox have scored 1 run against the royals in 13 innings. With good news on Matsui tomorrow there will be no reason to trade for a bat. With two weeks to evaluate Dotel Cashman will know if he needs an arm in the bullpen. The only trade should be for a starting pitcher, if that.
2006-07-19 11:11:48
143.   rbj
And Randy isn't pitching badly (from what I see on Gamechannel), it would be a shame if he has to fall victim to a perfect game.
2006-07-19 11:11:58
144.   pistolpete
140 Huh?!
2006-07-19 11:13:30
145.   pistolpete
1-0 Sawx in the 4th. Ugh, NOW Manny decides to wake up.
2006-07-19 11:13:39
146.   Cliff Corcoran
The Yanks were last no-hit by six Astros pitchers (including Octavio Dotel) three years ago at the Stadium (6/11/03). They were last no-hit by a single pitcher when Hoyt Wilhelm did it for the Orioles in old Memorial Stadium in 1958. Three Yankee pitchers have thrown perfect games, but the Yankees have never been the victim of a perfect game.
2006-07-19 11:13:39
147.   Simone
The perfect game is over this inning. This is insane.
2006-07-19 11:13:53
148.   yankz
This must end now, or I'm going to get terrified.
2006-07-19 11:14:28
149.   yankz
146 I was just thinking of that horrible day against Houston. Bad, bad memories.
2006-07-19 11:14:57
150.   C2Coke
143 No, He really is not. I am watching the game. I think we can officially welcome RJ's return now.

142 And Cash still has about 2 weeks to check on Ponson.

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2006-07-19 11:15:27
151.   BklynBmr
OK, we have 14 more shots to end this perfecto...
2006-07-19 11:15:28
152.   mickey1956
I was wondering a 1am last night. Why wouldn't the Yankees look to see if Andy Phillips could catch some. I have said before that I don't think he has enough bat to be a starting MLB 1st baseman. Andy is a pretty good athlete, and has a good arm. If he could be good enough to catch once a week, fill in at third, and 2nd he would be a valuable guy. Is he too old now?
2006-07-19 11:15:48
153.   tommyl
142 Who is panicking? If Meche is really throwing this well, it doesn't matter who's batting. Sometimes a pitcher just has one of those days, its says nothing about our offense.
2006-07-19 11:16:02
154.   Cliff Corcoran
13 in a row retired. #13 at the plate.
2006-07-19 11:16:46
155.   Shaun P
Anyone else finding Gameday to be rather slow today? Giambi was a righty batter until just before the first pitch, now A-Rod is a lefty batter until just before the first pitch.
2006-07-19 11:16:59
156.   pistolpete
154 Gee, can't wait for Sterling to break into a Geico commercial soon. ;-)
2006-07-19 11:17:21
157.   Jetersgirl
Yahoo go Arod!!!!!!
2006-07-19 11:17:23
158.   Dan-el
2006-07-19 11:17:28
159.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-19 11:17:31
160.   BklynBmr
154 Bingo! Nice observation...
2006-07-19 11:17:35
161.   C2Coke
2006-07-19 11:17:36
162.   randym77
A-Rod breaks up the perfect game.

Boo that!

2006-07-19 11:17:51
163.   Cliff Corcoran
136 called it! Double 13s curse Meche.
2006-07-19 11:17:54
164.   rbj
150 What's Unit's problem, then, C2Coke? I see the 2 homers, but they were both with the bases empty, and I see 1 BB with 6 Ks in 5 innings. Both pitchers can't pitch shutouts, looks like Mech is going to be the one to do it today.
2006-07-19 11:17:59
165.   Marcus
Clutch perfect game break up. Boo-yah!
2006-07-19 11:17:59
166.   mickey1956
153 I was thinking of the trade rumors for Reggie Sanders. That would be a horrble trade if we gave up a bag of used jocks.
2006-07-19 11:18:01
167.   yankz
Thank you, A-Clutch.
2006-07-19 11:18:07
168.   Shaun P
154 Well done, Cliff!

And A-Rod too. =)

2006-07-19 11:18:16
169.   BklynBmr
Now let's work on that shutout...
2006-07-19 11:18:16
170.   tommyl
Ok, lets have fun. I predict Jorge Posada spoils the perfect game in the 9th PH for Stinnett. Damon then hits a double to set up another Melky walkoff HR.
2006-07-19 11:18:36
171.   yankaholic
136 i called it.. i called it
2006-07-19 11:18:41
172.   tommyl
Orrr....A-Rod remembers he's A-Rod.
2006-07-19 11:18:42
173.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-19 11:18:44
174.   Andre
Why doesn't anyone ever bunt their way on during a perfect game? Is it considered bad form?
2006-07-19 11:19:23
175.   Shaun P
Andy, Andy, Andy . . . can we get a chant going here folks?
2006-07-19 11:19:45
176.   C2Coke
155 Yea, I noticed that too. Rarely does this happen, but MLB.TV seems to be faster from time to time today. Man, I guess just about everything works slow today. They all work, just slow...
2006-07-19 11:19:52
177.   tommyl
And suddenly Meche is throwing in the dirt.
2006-07-19 11:19:52
178.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-19 11:19:54
179.   yankaholic
163 now lets bring him home
2006-07-19 11:20:01
180.   pistolpete
174 According to Curt Schilling, yes.
2006-07-19 11:20:09
181.   Cliff Corcoran
174 Ben Davis did that against Curt Schilling and got a lot of crap about it.

154 The hit that broke it up was Rodriguez's 13th double of the year.

2006-07-19 11:20:13
182.   BklynBmr
Is this the first full count for Meche?
2006-07-19 11:20:21
183.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-19 11:20:53
184.   Fred Vincy
136 Good call!
2006-07-19 11:21:06
185.   Shaun P
174 You betcha, but it does happen, at least in no hitters. Ben Davis did it to break up a Schilling no-no a few years ago. I think Schilling would have killed Davis, if he could have gotten away with it. Bob Brenly would have helped him, gladly.
2006-07-19 11:21:37
186.   Ron Burgundy
Damn It. He's still pitching a SHUTOUT.
2006-07-19 11:22:21
187.   tocho
that was a-rod's 13th. double of the year. signs all over the place.

funny thing, right before the pitch that lead to the double, the catcher went out to say something to Meche. Leiter couldn't believe it, what the hell is he doing? one pitch later the perfecto is gone.

2006-07-19 11:22:25
188.   Shaun P
Is that the Bank of America logo behind Guiel's head shot?

Does anyone else get Guile's theme from SFII in their head everytime Guiel comes up to bat?

2006-07-19 11:22:40
189.   Simone
Told you.
2006-07-19 11:23:08
190.   Marcus
181 That is really weird (re: 13). If A-Rod goes on a tear starting now for the rest of the season, can we give credit to the power of 13?
2006-07-19 11:23:36
191.   C2Coke
164 The only thing I noticed is that RJ seems to need a bit more pitch to make outs. Other than that, he's doing pretty alright. He's probably just the aged version of the Unit.
2006-07-19 11:23:44
192.   BklynBmr
Green light? Wow!
2006-07-19 11:24:12
193.   Ron Burgundy
This is getting Re-God-Damn-Diculous!
2006-07-19 11:24:14
194.   Jetersgirl
How close was that hit to be fair?
2006-07-19 11:24:16
195.   BayRidger
F John Sterling
2006-07-19 11:24:16
196.   tocho
loooong foul ball on a 3-0, just foul
2006-07-19 11:24:45
197.   Jetersgirl
being fair oops
2006-07-19 11:25:08
198.   tommyl
Its clear we should boo A-Rod for first failing to hit a HR and then failing to steal 3rd and home.
2006-07-19 11:25:08
199.   rbj
191 Thanks, C2Coke.
2006-07-19 11:25:34
200.   tommyl
Also, we should boo him for failing to use the force to swing Guiels bat for him and hit a HR.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-19 11:26:52
201.   Jetersgirl
He's so unclutch.
2006-07-19 11:28:20
202.   RichYF
yankaholic: You redeemed yourself after the call on RJ's ERA with the A-Rod call. Do you dare call on Whoopi Goldberg for the block and a bold 3rd prediction/observation? I say go for it.
2006-07-19 11:28:45
203.   yankaholic
201 no he's selfish.. otherwise he would tell his fellow teammates... how he hit the ball.. when others are squatting flies..
2006-07-19 11:30:14
204.   Sliced Bread
Yeah, typical A-Rod, showing up his teammates, all "lookit me, I'm the only one who can hit." bastid.
2006-07-19 11:30:22
205.   yankaholic
202 humbled.. thanks for the 3rd chance..

I repeat.. 108

Let 'em LEAD.. We will WIN.

and AGOD will do it Today..

2006-07-19 11:32:00
206.   tommyl
203 And he isn't letting everyone use his bats. Selfish prima donna.
2006-07-19 11:32:26
207.   tommyl
That's two strike'em out throw'em out DPs! Way to go Kelly!
2006-07-19 11:32:31
208.   randym77
Stinnett almost beaned Randy there.
2006-07-19 11:32:49
209.   Shaun P
Man, I am so glad that Mike Hargrove keeps putting these hit and runs on - if he is. Otherwise, I am so glad that the Mariners keep running in to outs.
2006-07-19 11:33:24
210.   C2Coke
rbj, Kay just made an acceptable observation for once. He said that RJ looks much more comfortable now just throwing 92, 93 mile/hr. Not only RJ admitted he's getting old, he probably realized he can still be pretty good even he can't throw faster anymore.

Stinnet now has 2 CS in the game!

2006-07-19 11:33:41
211.   Cliff Corcoran
208 His CS% is rocketting upwards!
2006-07-19 11:34:10
212.   yankz
is that 9 K's for Randy? Please, please come back and sweep these chumps, Yanks.
2006-07-19 11:34:30
213.   Jetersgirl
Selfish and unclutch I bet he made them all lay out in the sun today too.
2006-07-19 11:34:35
214.   Cliff Corcoran
8Ks after 6IP for RJ.
2006-07-19 11:35:08
215.   yankaholic
210 hey i have a simple solution, in home games.. show his speed +5 mph..

that will make him relaxed.. and feel cocky..

2006-07-19 11:35:37
216.   pistolpete
210 Is it too late in his career to try & learn a new, slower pitch?

I've been saying ever since Mussina slowed down his breaking pitch that Randy might benefit from something similar...

2006-07-19 11:35:50
217.   tommyl
213 Only to help your fantasies Jetersgirl ;)
2006-07-19 11:36:32
218.   Shaun P
Take some pitches, Yanks. Please?
2006-07-19 11:37:10
219.   randym77
215 The Fox announcers claimed that the Yankees do do that.
2006-07-19 11:37:36
220.   tommyl
218 To be fair, early on Meche was only throwing strikes. Remember the 7 pitch first?
2006-07-19 11:37:38
221.   C2Coke
216 He sure looks like he came out of denial.
2006-07-19 11:38:30
222.   tommyl
Think we'll see Jorge PH?
2006-07-19 11:38:53
223.   AbbyNormal821
Nice at bat, Greenie!
2006-07-19 11:39:22
224.   C2Coke
Green Machine!
2006-07-19 11:39:26
225.   Ron Burgundy
Feelin Green
2006-07-19 11:39:31
226.   BklynBmr
Meche is losing the plot. Here we go, Yanks...
2006-07-19 11:39:36
227.   Jetersgirl
213 Ok so I can't fault him for that.
2006-07-19 11:39:38
228.   tommyl
Greenie! Way to work the BB
2006-07-19 11:39:46
229.   C2Coke
222 Oh yea!
2006-07-19 11:39:54
230.   Sliced Bread
It's not that this lineup can't score runs. What's missing here is last night's theatrics.

Cue the thunder and lightning...

Rally time!

2006-07-19 11:39:55
231.   randym77
222 No. :)
2006-07-19 11:39:58
232.   Shaun P
220 Only too well.

That's what I'm talking about, Green! Work Meche over to get to the underbelly of the Mariners' bullpen.

2006-07-19 11:40:03
233.   Cliff Corcoran
Seriously, what's gotten into Nick Green?
2006-07-19 11:40:22
234.   tommyl
Rally time. C'mon JD!
2006-07-19 11:40:31
235.   C2Coke
So when do you guys think Torre's gonna flop the lineup?
2006-07-19 11:40:33
236.   Simone
The rally begins.
2006-07-19 11:40:48
237.   pistolpete
Ok, they obviously put the real Gil Meche into the game this inning... ;-)
2006-07-19 11:41:01
238.   rbj
I smell game tieing rally here.
2006-07-19 11:41:03
239.   Ron Burgundy
233 The Cream, or the Clear? Maybe some "flaxseed oil."
2006-07-19 11:41:12
240.   yankaholic
219 the FOX announcers.. unearthed a sure scam didnt they...

wunder if George knows that..

we wont see anymore annoying "Fox News live" ads or " FOX action series ads" anymore on YES!!

2006-07-19 11:41:19
241.   tommyl
233 Cliff maybe he found that stash of Small magic pixie dust?
2006-07-19 11:41:30
242.   randym77
233 I was wondering that myself.

But he's not a .077 hitter. Obviously, there was something wrong with him before.

2006-07-19 11:41:33
243.   Simone
The Stadium's ghosts, Cliff. It is the only explanation.
2006-07-19 11:41:36
244.   Cliff Corcoran
Big game for Stinnett. Thrown out two runners and has half the Yankees' hits.
2006-07-19 11:41:56
245.   C2Coke
222,229 I might be taking back what I said very soon.
2006-07-19 11:42:23
246.   tommyl
Which relievers are available today?
2006-07-19 11:42:46
247.   BklynBmr
Is that a Planet of The Ape catchers mask?
2006-07-19 11:43:04
248.   tommyl
245 Why? Is Jorge up?
2006-07-19 11:43:06
249.   AbbyNormal821
Guess the Yanks are getting their 2nd wind???
2006-07-19 11:44:37
250.   yankz
You know, besides Stinnett, the bench doesn't look all that bad...
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-19 11:45:23
251.   tommyl
Man, what an AB going for JD.
2006-07-19 11:46:16
252.   pistolpete
251 Wow, is he still up? I thought Yahoo sports was broken. Heh.
2006-07-19 11:46:44
253.   BklynBmr
JD took an inning off of Meche right there...
2006-07-19 11:46:53
254.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-19 11:46:58
255.   randym77
JD finally out after 11 pitches. That's more than Meche threw in some entire innings.
2006-07-19 11:47:00
256.   Cliff Corcoran
Nick Green

mL career: .261/.316/.424
ML career: .246/.318/.355 (633ABs)

That's what kind of player he is 242.

Hmm. He's four year's younger than this guy:

ML career: .269/.317/.362

Think Green might have a chance to boot everyone's favorite, Miguel Cairo from this team?

2006-07-19 11:47:15
257.   tommyl
Just keep the rally alive for A-Rod.
2006-07-19 11:47:46
258.   Ron Burgundy
Two on, no one out and it's wasted..
2006-07-19 11:48:05
259.   tommyl
C'mon Cap!
2006-07-19 11:48:07
260.   randym77
Aw, Melky. Didn't you notice he's not throwing strikes any more?
2006-07-19 11:48:18
261.   C2Coke
248 I am hoping he doesn't have to.

11-pitch, still nice work by JD.

2006-07-19 11:48:48
262.   yankz
Come on, Captain, gotta stay above .340...
2006-07-19 11:48:49
263.   singledd
That's called inexperience.
Melkdud swings at the 1st pitch after an 11 pitch AB.
2006-07-19 11:49:20
264.   C2Coke
Meche looks like he still is...
2006-07-19 11:50:04
265.   C2Coke
264 Maybe not.
2006-07-19 11:50:17
266.   pistolpete
I fully expect Giambi to go yard off Meche at some point.
2006-07-19 11:50:18
267.   Sliced Bread
256 Then who would be the Bizarro Jeter?
2006-07-19 11:51:27
268.   tommyl
C'mon Cap, just get on and leave it to Giambi.
2006-07-19 11:51:33
269.   Sliced Bread
Sweet Jeets, we're back in the ballgame!
2006-07-19 11:51:40
270.   Jetersgirl
Yeah Jeter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-19 11:51:43
271.   randym77
Capt. Clutch comes through again!
2006-07-19 11:51:54
272.   BklynBmr
OK, Cap!
2006-07-19 11:51:54
273.   Benjamin Kabak
It's good to see the Yanks are having trouble with such powerhouse pitchers such as Joel Pineiro and Gil Meche. Add them to the list of crappy pitchers who have shut down the Yanks lately.
2006-07-19 11:52:11
274.   tommyl
Yes! Cap!
2006-07-19 11:52:19
275.   C2Coke
The Yanks are finally waking up. YEA!!
2006-07-19 11:52:24
276.   Cliff Corcoran
267 I don't know, but maybe Cairo could get a job as a crew member for Oliver Stone. He kinda looks like him as well.
2006-07-19 11:52:32
277.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-19 11:52:45
278.   singledd
Damn....... I was napping an the fan noise woke me up.
2006-07-19 11:52:48
279.   BklynBmr
Knock 'em in, Giambino!
2006-07-19 11:52:53
280.   pistolpete
Time for 266 to come true. Let's go Giambino...
2006-07-19 11:53:04
281.   C2Coke
262 yankz, Jeter heard ya.
2006-07-19 11:53:14
282.   tommyl
273 Meche may not be a powerhouse but he's decent to good this year and he's clearly pitching very well today. This team's won 8 of their last 9 and you are feeling bad?
2006-07-19 11:53:22
283.   Cliff Corcoran
273 Did you see the lineup last night?
2006-07-19 11:54:13
284.   C2Coke
273 what I don't understand is how come his ERA is below 4 and the Unit only below 5?
2006-07-19 11:54:21
285.   tommyl
2006-07-19 11:54:25
286.   Simone
Good job, Derek. Let's go, Jason.
2006-07-19 11:54:38
287.   singledd
IBB to Giambi now?
2006-07-19 11:54:42
288.   tommyl
Woah, Jeter has 20 steals already?
2006-07-19 11:55:10
289.   Benjamin Kabak
282 Not feeling bad...Just noting that the Yanks have problems with these junk ballers. Meche is decent, but just because his half-season ERA is under 4 doesn't make him good.

283 I was there last night! I saw the lineup.

2006-07-19 11:55:16
290.   yankz
Boldest prediction of the day: Papelbitch gives up a 2-R HR in the 9th, and then Ortiz strikes out in the 9th to end. Shortly after Melky hits another walk-off.

I think I would cry.

2006-07-19 11:55:52
291.   yankz
281 I was just thinking the same thing!
2006-07-19 11:55:57
292.   Cliff Corcoran
Damn that was Jeter's 20th steal of the year. The Yanks have just been fantastic on the bases this year. Damon, Jeter, Rodriguez, Cairo. Heck, Giambi's 2 for 2 in steals!
2006-07-19 11:56:03
293.   Ron Burgundy
290 May I steal that "Papelbitch" nickname and use it on other forums?
2006-07-19 11:56:06
294.   tommyl
Meche is up to 103. He's done after this inning.
2006-07-19 11:56:33
295.   Ron Burgundy
Damn it Giambi.
2006-07-19 11:57:02
296.   tommyl
Damn! Oh well, its A-Rod and Andy time next inning.
2006-07-19 11:57:13
297.   C2Coke
290 You and I both.
2006-07-19 11:57:17
298.   yankz
293 Of course, I stole it from someone here.
2006-07-19 11:57:31
299.   AbbyNormal821
290 - "Papelbitch"??? You almost made me spew my water out my nose!!! LOL!!!
That would be a sweet thing to have happen!
2006-07-19 11:58:09
300.   tocho
so, after 36 pitches all they get is a run.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-07-19 11:58:52
301.   fansince77
hate to sound reactionary but that was a piss-poor at bat for giambi. He had three served right up for him- missed em all...
2006-07-19 11:58:59
302.   Ron Burgundy
298 Nice. Gracias Amigo.
2006-07-19 11:59:03
303.   singledd
Mench threw 39 pitches that inning, and 2 meatballs to Giambi. Melky gives him an out on 1 pitch. Melky seeing 4 or 5 pitches may be the difference in Giambi seeing a 3rd meatball.

The little things are important. Hope someone talks to Melky.

2006-07-19 11:59:20
304.   C2Coke
300 And hopefully, SEA's overworked bullpen?
2006-07-19 11:59:30
305.   yankz
302 De nada.
2006-07-19 11:59:37
306.   C2Coke
shoot, RJ is limping.
2006-07-19 11:59:42
307.   singledd
Well... I said RJ gives 2 in 6. This is better (I hope).
2006-07-19 11:59:44
308.   rbj
300 At least the PG/NH/SO is gone. And it is only one run, which A-Rod is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.
2006-07-19 11:59:57
309.   Cliff Corcoran
The Yanks have stolen 78 bases at an 80% clip. That's the fourth-highest SB total in the majors and the fifth-best success rate.
2006-07-19 12:00:48
310.   randym77
301 I noticed that. He's been missing some good pitches to hit the past few days.
2006-07-19 12:00:51
311.   C2Coke
Flaherty said maybe RJ was sitting for too long.
2006-07-19 12:01:40
312.   pistolpete
RJ K's his nemesis Eduardo Perez. Limp this. ;-)
2006-07-19 12:02:08
313.   JohnnyC
Speaking of monikers for Papelbon, I'm surprised Alex hasn't thought of "Bonita."
2006-07-19 12:02:50
314.   Cliff Corcoran
309 The O's (B. Roberts), Mets (Reyes, Beltran), Reds (B. Phillips?) and Padres (D. Roberts) are the only teams that rival or surpass the Yankees on the bases.
2006-07-19 12:03:03
315.   pistolpete
There's always the churlish yet still amusing, "Papelboner'
2006-07-19 12:03:39
316.   AbbyNormal821
Think Meche will be out there next inning?
2006-07-19 12:03:58
317.   Cliff Corcoran
313 That's nice. Too nice.
2006-07-19 12:04:37
318.   Ron Burgundy
Nice throw Derek.
2006-07-19 12:05:21
319.   Cliff Corcoran
316 Tough call since I don't really know much about how he does on high pitch counts, or how strict Hargrove is with them, but this has to be RJ's last inning.
2006-07-19 12:05:34
320.   yankaholic
I want to know.. was Jeter booed..
2006-07-19 12:05:46
321.   Aviezer
keep this clean- also don't try to say that the A-Rod double wasn't clutch it broke up the mystigue
2006-07-19 12:05:51
322.   yankz
Oh come on, Jeet.
2006-07-19 12:06:29
323.   Ron Burgundy
320 No, just hushed silence.
2006-07-19 12:06:35
324.   Dan-el
RJ's walking real gingerly off the mound ...
2006-07-19 12:07:17
325.   pistolpete
"Jones grounds into FC" - from Yahoo. What was the exact play?
2006-07-19 12:07:22
326.   tommyl
316 I doubt it. He's well over 100 pitches and clearly was losing control and stuff.
2006-07-19 12:07:25
327.   yankz
324're imagining things...
2006-07-19 12:07:33
328.   singledd
And the award goes to C2Coke.
2 runs in 7 innings (assuming RJ is done).
2006-07-19 12:07:48
329.   Aviezer
Anybody notice that except for 2 pitches RJ has been dominating he's got 9 k's
2006-07-19 12:08:36
330.   tommyl
324 Well thanks for the fear inducing panic. Is he ok?!
2006-07-19 12:08:45
331.   rbj
Clearly, the Yanks need to trade Jeter on the basis of that bad throw; right, Steve Philips?
2006-07-19 12:08:55
332.   Aviezer
Why can't the Royals score agains boston instead of the twins
2006-07-19 12:09:11
333.   yankaholic
329 Booooo he did not have 10Ks and he gave 2 runs

Yesterday Lester/paperBum one hit the ROYALS.

2006-07-19 12:09:20
334.   tommyl
Ok, its A-Rod time. Lets go Yankees!
2006-07-19 12:09:38
335.   rbj
Gulp, Beckett's still got a shutout going.
2006-07-19 12:09:40
336.   Cliff Corcoran
329 Yup. I noticed it in 28.
2006-07-19 12:10:10
337.   randym77
309 I saw that in some of the mid-season reports. MSNBC picked the Yanks to win the division:

Mariano Rivera remains unparalleled in the ninth inning. They are second in the league in walks and on-base percentage, and surprisingly, stolen bases. They are 17-8 against left-handed starters. MIke Mussina is having a big free-agent season. Robinson Cano is developing into one of the best offensive second basemen in the league.

The Sox, OTOH:

They are 12-14 against left-handed starters, and 4-11 on artificial turf. They are last in the league in stolen bases and runners left on base. The last two spots in the rotation have been inconsistent.

2006-07-19 12:10:27
338.   tommyl
331 No, because he was booed two (or three) years ago when he started slow. Once you're booed in NYC you can never turn it around. Right...Derek, Reggie, Mickey, Maris?
2006-07-19 12:11:33
339.   yankz
One swing, good swing.
2006-07-19 12:11:44
340.   Marcus
Are there freely available stats for swinging strikes (batters and pitchers)?
2006-07-19 12:11:48
341.   Shaun P
How far will Hargrove let Meche go here? I'm very curious. Do the M's having anyone warming up in their bullpen?

And what's up with 324? Thanks in advance to the folks with TVs in front of them.

2006-07-19 12:12:20
342.   pistolpete
337 And from the 'Didja Notice?' file, ESPN manages to show us highlights of whenever Ortiz goes from 1st to 3rd or manages to reach a base that any other normal human being under 400 pounds would anyway...
2006-07-19 12:12:52
343.   tommyl
Clucth hit A-Rod! Two hits in a game where one was to break up a perfecto.
2006-07-19 12:13:02
344.   Sliced Bread
Infield single. Way to go, A-Clutch.
2006-07-19 12:13:26
345.   tommyl
High freakin' call on Andy!
2006-07-19 12:13:30
346.   pistolpete
341 Yeah, apparently he's the only one who thought so.

A-Rod singles - definitely having his most productive game in a while.

2006-07-19 12:13:45
347.   Sliced Bread
2006-07-19 12:14:05
348.   BklynBmr
And Andy takes 3rd!!!!!!
2006-07-19 12:14:09
349.   randym77
Andy, Andy, Andy! What a stud!
2006-07-19 12:14:13
350.   tommyl
344 I can't even tell if that was sarcastic or not anymore.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-07-19 12:14:16
351.   Sliced Bread
2006-07-19 12:14:23
352.   Jetersgirl
Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! How close was that play.
2006-07-19 12:15:00
353.   rbj
what happened. The internets are slow today, all the tubes are tied up.
2006-07-19 12:15:15
354.   yankaholic
FUNNY qn on the JIM Callis CHAT

Adam: Why can't Beckett ALWAYS pitch like this?

SportsNation Jim Callis: (3:11 PM ET ) Because he can't face the Royals every time out?

2006-07-19 12:15:23
355.   tommyl
Andy! I called it 296!
2006-07-19 12:15:30
356.   pistolpete
I'm guessing Andy tripled? Yahoo's still on A-Rod. LOL...
2006-07-19 12:15:34
357.   BklynBmr
No way that tag got down in time. It's clear...
2006-07-19 12:15:40
358.   Ron Burgundy
It was close, but A-Rod was safe.
2006-07-19 12:15:54
359.   yankz
ESPN is stuck- what'd andy do?!
2006-07-19 12:15:57
360.   AbbyNormal821
2006-07-19 12:16:20
361.   Cliff Corcoran
That's my man! I'm so glad the ASB killed Andy's slump dead. Now if only he can draw a few more walks and fix that nasty OBP.
2006-07-19 12:16:24
362.   BklynBmr
3rd base ump calls time AFTER Bowa motions Andy to advance!
2006-07-19 12:16:36
363.   randym77
Andy doubled into the right center gap. He went to 3B, but they ended up sending him back claiming the play was dead.

Andy's on 2B, game tied.

2006-07-19 12:17:08
364.   pistolpete
354 The KC Royals - turning pitching careers around since 1994.
2006-07-19 12:17:25
365.   Sliced Bread
Play was close, but A-Rod safe at plate.

Big hubbub at third as ump sends Andy back to 2nd base.

2006-07-19 12:18:41
366.   pistolpete
Is Meche coming out?
2006-07-19 12:19:37
367.   Cliff Corcoran
357 Close play at home? Anyone else notice Bowa almost never runs guys into outs? He had a reputation of being a fantastic 3B coach coming in and the sign of a good 3B coach is you don't notice him, so here's to giving Bowa his due.
2006-07-19 12:19:42
368.   fansince77
ok-# 1 ARod should have scored standing up - he was looking at the ball rounding third which is not his place...he was lucky to be safe.

#2 - third base ump had no basis to call time on a live play. Phillips should be on third- remember...Knoblauch at first?

#3 - it shouldn't matter- yanks need to get phillips across...if they don't? it's on them. Situation time

2006-07-19 12:20:11
369.   pistolpete
I hope this game serves as a lesson for A-Rod: You don't have to do EVERYTHING to help win the game.
2006-07-19 12:20:15
370.   randym77
Meche is gone. Sherril's in.
2006-07-19 12:20:19
371.   Alvaro Espinoza
1 batter too late, Hargrove. Surprising he didn't lift Meche after 13's infield single.
2006-07-19 12:20:23
372.   AbbyNormal821
I feel like Tom Hanks in "A League of Their Own" when Geena Davis' character comes back for the World Series...
"We're gonna win...we're gonna WIIIIN!"
(and I wouldn't even throw a glove at Stillwell Angel!)
2006-07-19 12:20:44
373.   yankz
The pinch-hit bunt, sweet!
2006-07-19 12:21:14
374.   pistolpete
367 Yah - Sojo was awful compared to Bowa. Willie was somewhere in between.
2006-07-19 12:21:22
375.   Cliff Corcoran
Nothing like having to give up an out to get a base they should have had anyway. The bunt is a good play there, though. In fact, that's the perfect bunting situation.
2006-07-19 12:21:25
376.   AbbyNormal821
That was quick for Sherrill....
2006-07-19 12:21:39
377.   tommyl
I'm sorry, did Cairo just PH? or has my computer at work picked up a virus?
2006-07-19 12:21:44
378.   yankaholic
369 but he did.. but he DID
2006-07-19 12:22:16
379.   randym77
I didn't think the play at the plate was that close. A-Rod slid in well ahead of the tag. Rivera was on the plate instead in front of it, so he couldn't block it.

Andy shoulda been on 3B, though.

2006-07-19 12:22:44
380.   pmarcig
It's up to Nick Green and Stinnett...who followed Phillips and Cairo!!!! The 2006 Bronx Bombers!!!!
2006-07-19 12:23:10
381.   fansince77
pinched hit to bunt- did a fantastic job- almost a base hit-moved phillips to third.

btw - how 'bout these kids...Got Melk last night- phillips has a pair today- looking like need that mix of youth and experience to win.

2006-07-19 12:23:20
382.   yankaholic
Warm ur hearts folks

AL B (NYC): Brett G. in this year's Yankee top 10 prospects yes or no?

SportsNation Jim Callis: (3:20 PM ET ) Brett Gardner: maybe. The Yankees are adding a lot of talent via the draft and international signings, so their Top 10 might be deeper than it has been recently.

2006-07-19 12:23:29
383.   Ron Burgundy
Why is Bernie pinch-hitting for Green against a RIGHTY?!
2006-07-19 12:23:32
384.   C2Coke
Posada is indeed on.
2006-07-19 12:24:09
385.   randym77
Well, we know that Guiel is possibly the world's worst bunter.
2006-07-19 12:24:35
386.   Bama Yankee
361 Cliff, did you hear Kitty say last night that if Andy played everyday he might win a gold glove at first?
2006-07-19 12:24:39
387.   Cliff Corcoran
How can they take out Nick Green! He's en fuego! (I kid, Bernie's ability to hit grounders to the right side of the IF could be key here).
2006-07-19 12:24:49
388.   yankaholic
I hope Crosby replaces Bernie in right.. Joe Torre dont add one to ur "mental lapses" losses.
2006-07-19 12:24:52
389.   rbj
383 Ron, you stole my thought.
2006-07-19 12:24:59
390.   tommyl
Interesting double switch by Joe there. Too bad it leaves Bernie playing RF.
2006-07-19 12:25:09
391.   pistolpete
383 Because Bernie can probably get us a fly ball easier - I've seen him do it. ;-)
2006-07-19 12:25:18
392.   Ron Burgundy
Was anybody other than Joe surprised that Bernie was blown away in that at-bat?
2006-07-19 12:25:21
393.   yankz
Well, that was ugly.
2006-07-19 12:25:59
394.   pistolpete
391 Umm. Oops.
2006-07-19 12:26:03
395.   Ron Burgundy
I don't trust our bullpen...
2006-07-19 12:26:07
396.   randym77
Maybe Joe just needed an OFer, and didn't want to pinch-hit Bubba.
2006-07-19 12:26:11
397.   joejoejoe
Is Posada pinch-hitting?
2006-07-19 12:26:12
398.   tommyl
Argh....Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.
2006-07-19 12:26:28
399.   yankz
2006-07-19 12:26:48
400.   yankaholic
This one is on ARod.. he did not distract the 3rd base umpire enough to make him delay his TIME call,

i demand his trade, and i want Steve Phillips as my GM and scouting director

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-07-19 12:26:53
401.   tommyl
396 Well someone should tell Joe that you are allowed to switch players during both halves of an inning then.
2006-07-19 12:26:54
402.   joejoejoe
397 I guess not.
2006-07-19 12:27:03
403.   singledd
Well.... this game the umps call may cost us a win. Andy shgould have been on 3rd and would have scored.
2006-07-19 12:27:06
404.   Fred Vincy
Guess Posada's hand must be really hurting -- Joe's been PHing him on his "off" days in situations like this all year.
2006-07-19 12:27:18
405.   pistolpete
Why wouldn't Posada be pinch-hitting in that spot?

WHY?! He had the night off last night too!

2006-07-19 12:27:18
406.   randym77
Posada's not pinch-hitting. He sent up him there, but it was a fake.
2006-07-19 12:27:35
407.   Mattpat11
396 You never want to pinch hit Bubba.

Anyway, is it THAT GOD DAMNED HARD to read a ball off a bat? Between the crowd and Kay you would have thought that was anything but a routine fly ball.

2006-07-19 12:27:38
408.   Cliff Corcoran
386 I did. Thought it was a bit much, but nice to hear. 381 Don't forget Andy had a solo homer and a double to start the ninth-inning rally last night as well. He's not only hitting, he's starting to get key hits as well. Money.

Brand new ball game. Let's just hope they can hold 'em.

2006-07-19 12:27:44
409.   Shaun P
The way Green has been swinging the bat, and knowing that Hargrove was going to go with to the righty if Bernie came up - why not just let Green hit, and then swap Bernie or Bubba into RF to start the 8th?
2006-07-19 12:27:50
410.   fansince77
Yanks didn't get it excuses - Bernie needed to shorten up and jump on that first pitch (anything bloop, ground ball, fly ball,etc) instead of swinging for the fences. Poor hitting period! I love Bernie but no excuse for that at all!
2006-07-19 12:27:54
411.   Max
Well, the umps gifted us a late run yesterday, today they took one away...potentially.
2006-07-19 12:27:56
412.   tommyl
And Bernie is indeed staying in. That is a mistake, a very big one.
2006-07-19 12:28:05
413.   rbj
403 Ump's gaff last night helped Yanks to win.
2006-07-19 12:28:09
414.   AbbyNormal821
RJ is coming back out??? HUH???
2006-07-19 12:28:18
415.   pmarcig have to get the guy home from 3rd with less than two outs, don't you?
2006-07-19 12:28:28
416.   Alvaro Espinoza
400 Rumor has it that Phillips has accepted the Asst. to the Traveling Secretary position for the New York Islanders. He will have input into player personnel and concession staffing.
2006-07-19 12:28:34
417.   yankaholic
411 NO.. they gave us an out..

Damon would have singled not sac flied.. U KNOW

2006-07-19 12:29:11
418.   C2Coke
I am happy to be wrong here. RJ is still in the 8th. But Torre better keeps his eyes wide open.
2006-07-19 12:29:15
419.   randym77
I think Joe still thinks Green is a .077 hitter. He said he was planning a rest day for Cairo today anyway, so it wasn't Green's performance last night that got him the start.

Posada got hit by a ball on the hand last night. That's why he's out of the lineup.

2006-07-19 12:29:48
420.   Cliff Corcoran
405 No idea. I hope his meat hand isn't worse than we think. Some swelling could make gripping a bat hard.
2006-07-19 12:30:09
421.   singledd
Ichiro is too dangerous
2006-07-19 12:30:26
422.   Shaun P
Did Ichiro just bunt his way on? "Ichiro Suzuki singles on a soft ground ball to catcher Kelly Stinnett." says Gameday.

I'm VERY surprised to Unit out there again. I'd have him on a short leash.

2006-07-19 12:30:26
423.   yankaholic
HOW can someone single to a catcher?? Was it a botched forceout??
2006-07-19 12:30:30
424.   mickey1956
408 I'm sorry I keep saying this, but what makes you think that Andy can be anymore than average. He has some nice power, but he hasn't hit for average or gotten on base enough to be better than average. As a utility guy he would be useful, but that is all I see.
2006-07-19 12:30:37
425.   fansince77
This has disaster written all over it!
2006-07-19 12:30:46
426.   pistolpete
I have a bad feeling RJ should have given way to the bullpen...
2006-07-19 12:30:55
427.   Ron Burgundy
THAT's why Ichiro has a lot of hits, ESPN, NOT because he's a terrific hitter. Honestly, this little suqirrel gets more than half of his hits on infield singles and bloopers and is declared the best hitter in the world. Look, take away his 60 or so infield singles a year, and he's a .280-.300 hitter, good, but not great.
2006-07-19 12:30:58
428.   tommyl
419 That comment by Joe doesn't mean anything. He always comes up with a good excuse to bench one guy and play another. Remember his comments about T-Long's attitude? (Man, that seems ages ago doesn't it?)
2006-07-19 12:31:12
429.   rbj
Unit's still in the game?! Anyone warming in the pen?
2006-07-19 12:31:37
430.   yankaholic
426 we need them for the TOR series..

thats heavy artillery coming ahead

2006-07-19 12:31:43
431.   Mattpat11
422 Swinging bunt
2006-07-19 12:32:54
432.   yankz
112 pitches...this can't be good.
2006-07-19 12:33:27
433.   tommyl
RJ is over 110 pitches. What about the comment about being old and not going deep anymore? I'd have him on a very short leash here. Is anyone up?
2006-07-19 12:33:30
434.   Cliff Corcoran
424 I think he can be .260/.340/.480 this year with a chance to improve on that next year. That's not a star, but it's better than what he's doing, and what makes me think that is the way he absolutley raked, hitting for high averages and solid OBPs with Columbus the last two years.
2006-07-19 12:33:55
435.   Mattpat11
429 NoWorth
2006-07-19 12:34:51
436.   Shaun P
431 Thanks!

427 I think Ichiro is a very good hitter, but you're right Ron, its really his speed plus his ability to make contact that allow him to do what he does, not because he's the second coming of Ted Williams.

2006-07-19 12:34:56
437.   JohnnyC
430The cliche, "play 'em one game at a time," apparently clashes with Torre's "House Money" cliche. A clash of cliches.
2006-07-19 12:34:59
438.   Mattpat11
10 Ks. One step closer to Nolan Ryan for the 10 K game lead.
2006-07-19 12:35:07
439.   yankaholic
This will be a tuff L on Randy.. i hope we win
2006-07-19 12:35:12
440.   C2Coke
There is your 10K.
2006-07-19 12:35:41
441.   yankaholic
439 can i delete that.. for some reason.. i gave them a run already
2006-07-19 12:36:13
442.   Shaun P
435 Myers isn't up too, to face Ibanez if Unit gets in trouble here?
2006-07-19 12:36:14
443.   pistolpete
Papelbonita in, top 9, for anyone who's interested...
2006-07-19 12:36:48
444.   pistolpete
443 and he just walked the leadoff guy...
2006-07-19 12:37:03
445.   tommyl
Well RJ has certainly delivered tonight. 7+ of 2 run ball. Can't ask for much more than that.
2006-07-19 12:37:05
446.   Alvaro Espinoza
Has YES (Flaherty, Kitty, etc.) offered any insight for sticking with RJ?
2006-07-19 12:37:50
447.   AbbyNormal821
RJ wants this game...damn!
2006-07-19 12:37:57
448.   Mattpat11
What the FUCK was that?
2006-07-19 12:38:02
449.   Ron Burgundy
And this is where it all falls apart. Damn It.
2006-07-19 12:38:12
450.   Benjamin Kabak
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2006-07-19 12:38:27
451.   Max
Can I say how much I hate having Stinett in there?
2006-07-19 12:38:32
452.   mickey1956
434 I still think that is way too optimistic based on how he has done this year. His pecota 50% is .247/.307/.425. That was the prediction before this years #'s. From watching him he seems to have trouble laying off breaking pitches outside the zone, which is the biggest difference between AAA and MLB.
2006-07-19 12:38:53
453.   yankz
What just happened...
2006-07-19 12:38:56
454.   C2Coke
Stinnett: 2 CS was enough to prove you were useful today.
2006-07-19 12:39:00
455.   AbbyNormal821
ICK - me scared, mommy!
2006-07-19 12:39:07
456.   tommyl
F#@ck. Its time to go to Mo. Right here, right now.
2006-07-19 12:39:09
457.   JohnnyC
Also, everyone likes to say that Ichiro could hit 40 homeruns if he wanted to...simply based on his batting practice routine of going for the downs on every swing. These idiots apparently don't know the difference between hitting Johan Santana in a real game versus hitting a 55 year old coach's 80 mph fastballs in BP.
2006-07-19 12:39:12
458.   Fred Vincy
Joe's trying to get Randy a W. I fear we will pay today and in 5 days.
2006-07-19 12:39:21
459.   yankz
Oh, I see. SH*T.
2006-07-19 12:39:44
460.   singledd
As a catcher, you can only bounce so many throws to 2nd before one bites you.

Now a HP. Trouble brewing.

2006-07-19 12:40:30
461.   tommyl
Woah guys, Kelly did have two CS already and hit. Give the guy a break. How about Giambi for getting out with 2nd and 3rd or say Bernie for striking out with a man on 3rd and 1 out?
2006-07-19 12:40:31
462.   yankz
They're yanking him, right?
2006-07-19 12:40:51
463.   fansince77
Johnson should not have started this inning. Definately should have come out after Ichiro at bat. Joe is mismanaging this one.
2006-07-19 12:41:06
464.   yankz
The man is old. His arm will fall off soon!!!
2006-07-19 12:41:14
465.   C2Coke
They are finally calling the bullpen to get someone warming. And the phone is not working. Perhaps God wants RJ to finish.
2006-07-19 12:41:35
466.   yankaholic
120 pitches.. Joe Torre.. Randy Johnson

this is going to be fairy tale or as ugly as Shrek

2006-07-19 12:41:38
467.   tommyl
Joe, he's at 122 pitches. He's 42 years old, remember what happened to Schill when they extended him? Take him out!
2006-07-19 12:41:49
468.   Mattpat11
Fuck. Ballgame.
2006-07-19 12:41:51
469.   Ron Burgundy
2006-07-19 12:41:53
470.   AbbyNormal821
DP Ball! DP Ball!!! AH, CRAP!
2006-07-19 12:42:28
471.   yankz
God dammit.
2006-07-19 12:42:29
472.   C2Coke
Stinnett, that's ON YOU.
2006-07-19 12:42:49
473.   fansince77
That was Shit- Yanks deserve to lose this's on joe and bernie
2006-07-19 12:42:52
474.   yankaholic
this is tuff.. AGOD we need U
2006-07-19 12:43:05
475.   yankz
468 469 This team hasn't shown you anything recently?
2006-07-19 12:43:10
476.   C2Coke
123 pitches...and RJ wants in.
2006-07-19 12:43:14
477.   Ron Burgundy
No way we're winning this now. Those bottom of the 8th and bottom of the 9th comebacks are exciting for a reason, they don't just come often and easy.
2006-07-19 12:43:30
478.   yankz
Oh my god he's pitching to Sexson?!
2006-07-19 12:43:31
479.   Alvaro Espinoza
Sawx win :(
2006-07-19 12:43:33
480.   randym77
Bad throw by Melky.

Whoah. Torre came out to the mound, but left RJ in. Randy must have talked him out of it.

Over 120 pitches. I don't know about this...

2006-07-19 12:43:36
481.   Bama Yankee
Gator: Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now? Good.
2006-07-19 12:43:40
482.   yankaholic
He advanced on an error right?? aint that unearned
2006-07-19 12:43:45
483.   Mattpat11
How is that run earned?
2006-07-19 12:43:47
484.   Shaun P
Why is 42-year-old Randy Johnson, on a day in the middle of July with the temperature at 82 degrees, in a game the Yanks ought to win, still pitching after getting to 110 pitches, much less 120 with men on base? And he's still out there to face Sexson? WTF?

463 Damn right.

2006-07-19 12:43:47
485.   yankz
And Boston wins :(
2006-07-19 12:44:27
486.   fansince77
Johnson is finished!...This might be 6-2 when this is all over
2006-07-19 12:44:27
487.   Ron Burgundy
Papelbitch gets the save over the Royals. So now we have to score 2 runs off a pretty damn good bullpen.
2006-07-19 12:45:08
488.   Benjamin Kabak
With one out and Ichiro on first, I say just let him steal. Instead, we have a bad throw and error and no longer a tie game.

Plus, Bernie's pathetic at bat with the lead run on third goes down in the annals of this game. I hate losing games like this. It's just UGLY.

2006-07-19 12:45:36
489.   randym77
I guess that's why Randy's was left in.
2006-07-19 12:46:00
490.   Mattpat11
11 strikeouts, three runs over 8. Cannot fault Randy Johnson at all
2006-07-19 12:46:00
491.   yankz
OK, escaped that at-bat. But this is going to bite us in the ass on the day of his next start.
2006-07-19 12:46:14
492.   yankaholic
Oh.. really?? we have 6 more At Bats.. lets cheer our boys..
2006-07-19 12:46:23
493.   Shaun P
Has Joe Torre lost his mind? The last thing Johnson needs to do is throw 130 (or more) pitches.

I don't care if he's facing his old team. I don't care how much money he makes. I don't care if he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer. His butt ought to be on the damn bench right now!

I don't even care if he just struck out Richie Sexson. Joe ought to stop channeling Grady Little circa Game 7 in '03 fercryin'outloud.

2006-07-19 12:46:46
494.   Ron Burgundy
So all of that, the good game by Randy, the runs to tie it, all of that is now wasted.
2006-07-19 12:46:58
495.   JohnnyC
It's these damn starters not pitching deep into games that forces Torre to overtax the bullpen. It's not that he doesn't have a clue how to manage a bullpen. Right? Can't these young 42 year olds throw more than 125 pitches? Geez, it's a nice cool day too.
2006-07-19 12:47:11
496.   C2Coke
RJ is oddly determined. He might actually want a CG after almost 130 pitches.
Maybe I was right from the beginning. RJ with 2 runs in 7 innings. I am already scared come next Monday.
2006-07-19 12:47:15
497.   pistolpete
Nice, Randy - empty the tank.

1 run should be plenty doable with the top of the lineup next...

2006-07-19 12:47:23
498.   Benjamin Kabak
483 It's not.

I don't understand why Torre pinch hit for Aaron Guiel just so Miguel Cairo could bunt. Give me a break.

2006-07-19 12:47:56
499.   Shaun P
494 It ain't over yet, though I think yankz is right in 491 about Unit's next start. Someone please tell me that the Yanks face the Royals after Toronto. Please?
2006-07-19 12:48:02
500.   fansince77
472- not on Stinnet. Cairo has to keep that ball in front on a bad throw- Miggie didn't even try to stop it...Stinnet had to get rid of it quickly- don't get me wrong-Stinnet isn't much of a player - but being a middle infielder, I say that is on Cairo. But this whole thing is Bernie, Bernie, Bernie not making contact. Let's see if the Yanks can ball it up.
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2006-07-19 12:48:05
501.   Alvaro Espinoza
Top of the lineup. No excuses...
2006-07-19 12:48:34
502.   yankaholic
I still cant quite comprehend y many of u guys are writing this game off..

i wont till the last strike..

Pinstripes are Pinstripes..

2006-07-19 12:48:41
503.   singledd
A good manager has to sometimes let a veteran pitcher decide the fate of the game. Remember when Moose barked at Torre? And there's no guarantee the BP does better (especially our BP).

Actually, its nice to see a little piss and vinegar in the old man.

2006-07-19 12:50:19
504.   Alvaro Espinoza

Here, here!!!

2006-07-19 12:50:43
505.   fansince77
Let's also remember a few innings ago (6th?) first and second NOBODY OUT, Damon struck out, Melk popped out on one pitch...Captain Clutch came through- and Giambi missed three very hittable pitches...

That could have easily been a three, four run inning.

2006-07-19 12:51:03
506.   Alvaro Espinoza
Whoops,complimented myself. How self-indulgent. Meant 502 and 503...
2006-07-19 12:51:30
507.   yankaholic
505 no one is gonna remember that.. COZ AROd did nothing to screw it..
2006-07-19 12:51:38
508.   C2Coke
502 Actually, I am really not. I am just worried about Monday in Texas.
2006-07-19 12:51:41
509.   tommyl
503 My problem is about extending RJ to 129 pitches at this point in the season. Its not necessary and could screw him up for a few starts or worse yet open up the door to injury.
2006-07-19 12:52:46
510.   yankaholic
508 meant one Mr Burgundy
2006-07-19 12:52:54
511.   tommyl
2006-07-19 12:53:23
512.   joejoejoe
The Yankees average 1.28 runs every two innings. So if they just have an average 8th and 9th they will tie the game. We're not looking for the miracle of '78 here, just one run.
2006-07-19 12:53:23
513.   yankz
Melky has some really good luck lately, doesn't he?
2006-07-19 12:53:34
514.   tommyl
stupid Gameday making me think he had a hit. Oh well, he's on base.
2006-07-19 12:53:36
515.   yankz
Captain's about to show 'em how it's done.
2006-07-19 12:53:42
516.   pistolpete
Randy could just have felt really good today - I'm sure it's happened before, and it'll happen again.
2006-07-19 12:53:54
517.   Alvaro Espinoza
The window of opportunity swings open.


2006-07-19 12:53:55
518.   C2Coke
Some nice message for Melky from your 1B coach. Now run your butt off.
2006-07-19 12:54:08
519.   tommyl
Jeter hits into DP. Giambi walks to lead off the 9th, A-Rod hits a walkoff.
2006-07-19 12:54:25
520.   JohnnyC
On the other hand, Torre screamed at a reporter just 2 weeks ago that it's "fundamental" when you're in a tie game at home to bring in your closer. He asked the guy, "how long have you been around?" Obviously, you have to be around a little longer to get the "fundamentals" down.
2006-07-19 12:55:09
521.   tommyl
519 And people say it wasn't clutch since there was no one out.
2006-07-19 12:55:15
522.   yankaholic
519 isnt it the 8th ining
2006-07-19 12:57:40
523.   pistolpete
522 He's making a prediction.
2006-07-19 12:57:49
524.   C2Coke
Is Melky that fast?
2006-07-19 12:58:24
525.   yankz
I could really use a bomb here, Giambi.
2006-07-19 12:58:41
526.   BklynBmr
Upperdeck on the phone. It's for you, Jason...
2006-07-19 12:59:03
527.   yankaholic
522 i will take that.. i meant for walkoff
2006-07-19 12:59:13
528.   singledd
Jetes needs to steal. If he's out, Giambi leads off next inning.
2006-07-19 13:00:08
529.   yankaholic
i apologise.. my bad

my eyes read 8th

sry 519 523

2006-07-19 13:00:13
530.   pistolpete
528 Good call.
2006-07-19 13:00:42
531.   joejoejoe
Clutch FC by the Captain!

OT: Did you see Jeter on the ESPN Make-a-wish foundation tearjerker? Bubba Crosby told the kid "maybe one day soon you'll be a Yankee" and the kid told him "maybe one day you'll soon you'll be a Clipper". OK, that didn't happen.

2006-07-19 13:01:08
532.   yankz
Well, Jeter tried to set the stage by grounding it to short. Too bad he ran too fast ;)
2006-07-19 13:01:37
533.   Shaun P
525 I was just thinking the same thing myself. Why wait for the 9th to have a homer be hit?
2006-07-19 13:02:03
534.   pistolpete
O Man, figures A-Rod will probably get his chance right here with 2 men on, and get ready for BBTN's lead highlight...
2006-07-19 13:02:06
535.   yankz
2006-07-19 13:02:22
536.   pistolpete
534 Maybe not.
2006-07-19 13:02:30
537.   tommyl
Ok, I'm loving Giambi this year. But if we lose this game, everyone will boo A-Rod for not hitting a HR in the ninth. Giambi has been awful today. I'm not suggesting we boo him either, just stop saying A-Rod isn't clutch and doesn't come through and everyone else does.
2006-07-19 13:02:55
538.   fansince77
wow- giambi plain got smoked! Two at bats in a row - five pitches in a row. He just plain SUCKED!
2006-07-19 13:03:02
539.   Shaun P
OK, who's pitching the 9th for the Yanks? It damn well better not be Johnson.
2006-07-19 13:03:32
540.   Ron Burgundy
THis is straight up one of the worst games of the year. To lose a game on a swinging bunt-stolen base-error-sac fly sucks majorly, especially with the way Randy pitched.
2006-07-19 13:03:52
541.   tommyl
And we go to the BP one inning too late.
2006-07-19 13:04:15
542.   Ron Burgundy
538 But it's not A-Rod, so it doesn't matte. ESPN will still find some way to blame this on A-Rod.
2006-07-19 13:04:16
543.   randym77
It's Farnsy.
2006-07-19 13:04:26
544.   Cliff Corcoran
520 Really? Where did you see/read that?
2006-07-19 13:04:47
545.   BayRidger
Losing with Johnson on the mound is as bad as winning with Ponson/Wright on the mound is good.
2006-07-19 13:05:00
546.   C2Coke
1 inning wonder is pitching.
2006-07-19 13:05:23
547.   singledd
There was no reason in the rule book for Andy to go back to 2nd. The ball is in play unless time is called. Remember that game some years ago (Mets?) when TWO runs scored while a player argued with the 1st base ump?

That call cost us a run, and maybe the game. I can't help but think that was 'umpire payback' for last night's blown call at 1st base.

2006-07-19 13:06:33
548.   Ron Burgundy
Oh how I wish Jeter was a good [deffensive] SS.
2006-07-19 13:06:54
549.   fansince77
Ok - Ok- I know I am super negative today- but the Seattle shortshop would have had that in front of him. Jeter really does not have good range gloveside.
2006-07-19 13:07:19
550.   tommyl
547 What cost us the game was Bernie's inability to put the ball in play and Giambi grounding out with 2nd and 3rd and two outs. Another argument is Joe leaving Randy in for the 8th, but that's playing hindsight.
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2006-07-19 13:08:19
551.   C2Coke
4-pitch 1 inning wonder.
2006-07-19 13:08:28
552.   Shaun P
VERY nice job by Farnsworth there. Now its the offense's turn!
2006-07-19 13:08:47
553.   pistolpete
Good job, Farnsy. He's on a roll - 2 games in a row without a disaster!
2006-07-19 13:09:18
554.   Sliced Bread
Sink this Putz!
2006-07-19 13:10:08
555.   Alvaro Espinoza
A-rod's only job here is to get on base any way he can (yeah, I know, easier said than done).
2006-07-19 13:10:28
556.   pistolpete
Time for us to spank Putz again.

er, I mean...

2006-07-19 13:10:32
557.   randym77
I think Farnsy really is a one-inning wonder. He's fine if he doesn't have to sit, then go back out again. And it seems Joe has realized this.
2006-07-19 13:10:37
558.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod will be booed no matter what.
2006-07-19 13:10:54
559.   fansince77
Gee- ya think AROD will K? Duh..
2006-07-19 13:11:14
560.   tommyl
Whatever happens this AB, A-Rod has done a lot this game already.
2006-07-19 13:11:23
561.   Shaun P
550 No offense tommyl, but are you kidding? Saying that Torre shouldn't have left a 42-year-old in when he already had 110+ pitches under his belt, on a hot July day, is hindsight?
2006-07-19 13:11:34
562.   Max
540 Ron, not even close. The other tesm's starter pitched very well in this one and they've also got some studs in the bullpen. They willed us into a mistake in a tight innning which could be the ballgame.

Obviously, the clutch hitting sucked, and I wish the error didn't happen, but even if we lose, we've lost much more excruciatingly than this. Or has the Nationals comeback from a seven run deficit already been forgotten (can't blame you if it has)?

2006-07-19 13:12:21
563.   Ron Burgundy
560 Not that it matters to the assholes in the Stadium. He does anything short of a HR and he gets booed now.
2006-07-19 13:12:33
564.   fansince77
got a break there
2006-07-19 13:12:38
565.   Benjamin Kabak
Pitch 6 vs. A-Rod on Gameday says "Automatic Ball." WTF?
2006-07-19 13:12:49
566.   tommyl
550 No, I meant its hindsight to guess how the BP would have faired that inning was all. I said at the time that leaving RJ was plain dumb for a number of reasons.
2006-07-19 13:12:50
567.   Shaun P
557 Funny thing is, Farnsworth made it clear back in spring training that he didn't like to end an inning and then come back out for another one. I remember ranting about this during the opening series in Oakland.
2006-07-19 13:12:53
568.   Marcus
Automatic Ball?
2006-07-19 13:13:28
569.   tommyl
Sorry, "automatic ball"?
2006-07-19 13:13:31
570.   Ron Burgundy
A-Rod can't catch a break no matter what. Damn It.

And this is pretty much over. A heartbreaker of a loss if I've ever seen one.

2006-07-19 13:14:15
571.   Marcus
Now it's just a regular ball? What is going on?
2006-07-19 13:14:29
572.   BklynBmr
We need a ghost...
2006-07-19 13:14:33
573.   Shaun P
566 Ah, gotcha - thanks!

OT but, what's the record for comments during a 9 inning game here at the Banter? I think we've got to be near it, if we haven't already passed it.

565 Ben, my Gameday screen just changed "Automatic Ball" to "Ball" - and then it showed A-Rod grounding out. D'oh.

2006-07-19 13:15:09
574.   fansince77
I stand corrected. only grounded out. This shit is over...yankees suck.
2006-07-19 13:15:21
575.   pistolpete
570 Jesus, Ron. The doom n' gloom is more suited for the YES boards...
2006-07-19 13:15:22
576.   tommyl
Of course A-Rod is the only one with two hits in the game, but hey, its clearly his fault.
2006-07-19 13:15:42
577.   Shaun P
And what happened to Phillips? Gameday has 2 outs, with Cairo up (down 0-2), but says nothing about Phillips. It went straight from A-Rod's groundout (the 1st out) to Cairo.
2006-07-19 13:16:58
578.   pistolpete
C'mon, Miggy...maybe Bernie has some magic today.
2006-07-19 13:17:05
579.   tommyl
577 Flew out to RF. I think he did it really quickly so was lost in the update.
2006-07-19 13:17:06
580.   randym77
Nice work, Miggy!
2006-07-19 13:17:13
581.   Ron Burgundy
575 Just sayin', not a pleasant one to watch. And ESPN will find some way to blame this on A-Rod.
2006-07-19 13:17:25
582.   Benjamin Kabak
Redemption for Bernie now maybe?
2006-07-19 13:17:28
583.   tommyl
What was the "automatic ball" to A-Rod?
2006-07-19 13:17:31
584.   Alvaro Espinoza
Bernie goes... (pinky to mouth) boom???
2006-07-19 13:17:42
585.   Marcus
Two out rally, here we go.
2006-07-19 13:17:47
586.   Ron Burgundy
Bernie, PRETTY PLEASE? With a cherry on top?
2006-07-19 13:17:56
587.   C2Coke
570 Ron, I think the realy heartbreaker this year was when Wang lost in that CG.

Whutauknow? Cairo does it again?

2006-07-19 13:18:01
588.   Ron Burgundy
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-19 13:18:06
589.   Shaun P
Is there anyone on the bench (besides Bubba) to pinch hit for Bernie here? Jorge maybe, or am I dreaming?
2006-07-19 13:18:07
590.   tommyl
Redemption time Bernie.
2006-07-19 13:18:18
591.   tommyl
...or not.
2006-07-19 13:18:22
592.   Benjamin Kabak
Poor game. Really put a damper on the home stand. Although, it's tough to complain going 5-1. Too bad the Royals are worthless pieces of crap.
2006-07-19 13:18:30
593.   yankaholic
If its of any solace.. gameday says... 2 ER for Randy not 3..
2006-07-19 13:18:42
594.   Alvaro Espinoza
Was it a rope?
2006-07-19 13:19:00
595.   Ron Burgundy
Oh my God this was horrible. I can't believe we lost this game.
2006-07-19 13:19:42
596.   Max
Bernie goes...first pitch fly out.

And a great day weather-wise ends with a sour taste. Them's the breaks, folks...this team will be back with more than ever this weekend. Still feel good about them, as long as there aren't any more injuries.

2006-07-19 13:19:47
597.   Shaun P
Sigh. Them's the breaks. I think Torre was wrong for letting Johnson pitch to anyone after Ichiro got on, but the offense certainly failed miserably today. Yes, I'm looking at you, Mr. Williams, and you, Mr. Giambi.
2006-07-19 13:19:47
598.   Simone
Oh well, the Yankees can't win them all.
2006-07-19 13:20:07
599.   C2Coke
We shoulda saw that coming when the Greenie was taken out for Bern.
2006-07-19 13:20:24
600.   fansince77
Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it Damn it! That was as LACKLUSTER of a performance as the Yankees could make. It's time for some veterans besides Jeter to step up do something...Giambi, Arod, Bernie, Can you hear me now?
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2006-07-19 13:20:32
601.   Sliced Bread
Price of Bobby Abreu just went up.
2006-07-19 13:21:35
602.   BklynBmr
Good homestand, Yanks! Tough to finish on tight loss like this, but the last 10 games put us back in play. Onward and upward!
2006-07-19 13:21:49
603.   pistolpete
595 My god, like someone else mentioned, do you not remember the collapse against the Nationals? This was a walk in the park compared to that.

We didn't get it done early against Meche, and the strong Seattle bullpen took over. Nuff said. We'll get em' next game.

1.5 back is still a pretty good place to be!

2006-07-19 13:21:50
604.   standuptriple
Well, I'd like the thank the Royals for mustering up a whopping 5 hits in 18 innings against a couple rookies and the most HR-prone guy in the league.
2006-07-19 13:21:54
605.   C2Coke
We just hit 600 posts here today in an afternoon game of which the Yanks lost.
2006-07-19 13:21:56
606.   randym77
567 Yeah, I remember that, too. But everyone seemed to think that he could get over it. I guess not.

Tough loss. I'm thinking Joe shouldn't have put Bernie in. Though I guess Cairo worked out.

2006-07-19 13:22:04
607.   rbj
Oh well. Most of the pen should be rested for Toronto. Gotta admit I'm a bit nervous about Wang pitching on the carpet in Toronto. How has he normally done?
2006-07-19 13:22:16
608.   fansince77
597 - no thems not "the breaks" - the Yankees did not create any breaks for themselves with several big opportunities. Especially 1 and 2nd nobody out- only one run that inning. Not fate- poor performance - lack of concentration!
2006-07-19 13:22:48
609.   yankaholic
600 Excuse me?? Did u see what ARod did today??

what more does he have to do..

i blame Jeter n Giambi for mucking this up in the 8th

2006-07-19 13:22:59
610.   Alvaro Espinoza
For a loss there are some good takewaways, primarily the Unit's performance. Best start in a long time.
2006-07-19 13:23:19
611.   tommyl
600 A-Rod was 2-4 with a double and a run scored. Don't blame him. This loss is on:

Bernie for failing to put the ball in play with a man on 3rd and 1 out. Had we taken the lead it would have been Farns to Mo for the last 2 innings.

Giambi for just plain stinking every AB.

Joe for leaving Randy out there and poor PH.

2006-07-19 13:24:25
612.   pistolpete
Also, keep in mind we get to play KC, TB and Baltimore for 17 games in September while Boston is playing Chicago and Minnesota during that same stretch...
2006-07-19 13:25:30
613.   yankaholic
612 Right.. But the key is the 5 game series in August @ fenway.. we gotto win that series.
2006-07-19 13:25:34
614.   Ron Burgundy
Don't remind me of those Washington games, too much pain. This one ain't quite as bad, but kick-in-the-balls-bad it is.
2006-07-19 13:25:56
615.   fansince77
609- AROD played ok- two excuse me base hits- no one is rooting for him more than me- but when is he going to drill a ball for God's sakes!

BTW - Jeter RBI after Melky and Damon bit the big one.

2006-07-19 13:26:07
616.   C2Coke
607 I remember first of his really good outing came from Toronto this year.
2006-07-19 13:27:51
617.   yankaholic
615 i dont get it.. an excuse me base hit is OK for anybody besides ARod

and if u r beeing fair.. u gotto put blame on Jeter too..

it was not a bad loss.. certainly not blameable on ARod..

2006-07-19 13:28:49
618.   pistolpete
613 Boston also has to do the West Coast thing in the next few weeks. I think we'll be in fine shape going into that Fenway series.

Oh please oh please oh please let that be Matsui's first series back in action...

2006-07-19 13:29:14
619.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm a little annoyed at Bernie and the Yankees.

I know we've discussed why the Yankees bench isn't too great. (It's a bench, the starters are high priced, you're not going to get great bench talent, etc., etc.)

But Bernie should have thought about retiring this past year so that the Yanks could land someone a little more useful off the bench. Now, I love Bernie; in fact, his is the only jersey I've ever bought. But he has an OPS of .740.

It's really too bad signing Beltran didn't work out for whatever reason it didn't work out.

2006-07-19 13:30:30
620.   Benjamin Kabak
What are the dates on the five-game series in Fenway? I need to clear my calendar.
2006-07-19 13:31:13
621.   pistolpete
614 We got shut down, plain and simple - but our pitching wasn't too shabby either - I'll take one of those games versus a 9-run comeback any day
2006-07-19 13:32:44
622.   yankaholic
620 aug 20 something
2006-07-19 13:32:57
623.   C2Coke
620 I will need to clear my head first for that one. No doubt they will potentially drive me insane.
2006-07-19 13:33:22
624.   Alvaro Espinoza
619 Yanks didn't want Beltran.

And let's relax w/ A-rod. Sure, he didn't tear the cover off the ball today (who did?)but 2 for 4 is 2 for 4. Hey, Bernie smoked a line drive that was caught to end the game. That's baseball.

2006-07-19 13:34:05
625.   C2Coke
620 18th to 21st of Aug.
2006-07-19 13:34:27
626.   Max
611 I assume people are mainly upset about RJ pitching the 8th because of his pitch count and age. The run wasn't his fault and it could just as easily have been scored against Farnworth -- in fact, it would MORE likely have scored against Farns.

I might have taken Randy out once Ichiro got on, or even after Ichiro made it to third, to see if someone fresher could have gotten a K. But Stinnett and Cairo are responsible for the 8th, not RJ.

2006-07-19 13:35:45
627.   C2Coke
I am actually ok that they lost one before heading off to Toronto. 4 games can be long. It's just too bad RJ's pitching was good enough to deserve a W.
2006-07-19 13:36:06
628.   Benjamin Kabak
625 I better find a shrink before then. I'm going to go NUTS. That's worse than the playoffs.

624 Yeah, I never understood that though. Beltran in CF would have been nice.

2006-07-19 13:40:20
629.   Alvaro Espinoza
628 I hear ya. I wanted Beltran too. That being said, the Yanks lost today b/c their veterans couldn't execute in a couple of big spots. Even with the bad break sending Phillips back to 2nd, they had opportunities to win.
2006-07-19 15:03:34
630.   Simone
ESPN really ticks me off. I can't believe taht they started their stupid SportsCenter picking on A-Rod. If the Yankees didn't exist their Boston-ESPN station would go under in a heartbeat. Assholes!
2006-07-19 15:08:21
631.   Simone
"A-Rod Controversy?" What controversy? Ugh. The Yankees aren't trading him. Why on earth do these people think the Yankees will trade Alex? They aren't insane.
2006-07-19 15:26:33
632.   Marcus
631 Nothing like a faux controversy to boost the ratings. It's getting absolutely ridiculous. If anything I'm beginning to think A-Rod is the perfect Yankee. Everyone wants him to look bad because he's a good player and with the highest paycheck in the game. Everyone hates the Yankees for having the highest payroll and for their success. If A-Rod doesn't win the MVP each year it's somehow a failure. If the Yankees don't win the World Series, they are a failure and everyone else gets to criticize them.
2006-07-19 15:35:11
633.   yankeemonkey
F* ESPN. I refuse to watch SportCenter/BBTN anymore, until they stop with this crap. What I find weird though, is how all the "ARod controversy" stuff just exploded over the past few days. What gives? Is it sweeps time for the networks?
2006-07-19 15:45:42
634.   Peter
632 Even when A-Rod does win the MVP, it's still considered a failure.
2006-07-19 16:02:34
635.   Tarheel
This past weekend all they talked about was how the Yanks rolled the Chisox. Arod had a good series against them. He has ONE bad day against Seattle and all hell has broken loose at Espn. Kruk is terrible. He must have something personal against Alex. These guys just can't get over their hatred for the Yanks and give some credit for having the 4th best record in MLB even with all the injuries. If ANY other team would have lost the players that the Yanks had and still had the 4th best record, that would be all they would talk about.

On another (somewhat) note: does anyone here really think that the Yanks are thinking of moving Alex this off season, or that he will ask them to? I really hope not, I hope this is all just wishful thinking on Espn's part. The Yanks have a really strong infield that could be together for several more years. It would be a shame to screw it up. I just think that Alex should come out and say "I am the best 3rd baseman in the game, if not the best player. Everyone can get off my back. I don't care what anyone says. I am the man and the 'straw that stirs the drink in NY!'". Then maybe everyone would just shut the hell up.

Oh well, I guess I am done ranting now.

2006-07-19 16:47:52
636.   rbj
I think we need an email/letter writing campaign to ESPN to STFU (put more nicely, natch) regarding A-Rod. Real Yankee fans (not bandwagon jumpers) don't want Alex traded -- there is no equal value out there for him.
What was it a month ago, ESPN ws saying "why A-Rod should have gone to Boston." This push to get him traded so he winds up in Fenway is 1) transparent and 2) highly annoying.
2006-07-19 16:57:31
637.   tommyl
Is there somewhere we can all email Alex himself and tell him the true fans think he's a great player and appreciate everything he is doing for the team?
2006-07-19 16:58:13
638.   tommyl
635 Fortunately, Cashman rarely does what the morons on ESPN suggest. That's why they are morons on ESPN and he is the GM of the Yankees.
2006-07-19 17:02:31
639.   randym77 says Cano has been shut down. He felt pain in his hamstring trying to run the bases, so they cancelled his rehab activities.

Jorgie's index finger is swollen, which is why he didn't even pinch-hit today.

And A-Rod says with his sore toe, he doesn't think he'll be able to play all the games on the hard Toronto turf.

Boy, this next series is going to be interesting...

Though it's the time of year when players often start breaking down. Tim Wakefield is headed for the DL with a fractured rib. They're expecting him to be out at least a month.

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