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Melky Movin?
2006-07-14 20:11
by Alex Belth

Over at, Mark Feinsand reports:

General manager Brian Cashman has made it clear that pitching prospect Philip Hughes is as close to untouchable as any player in the Yankees' farm system.
Melky Cabrera on the other hand, may not be.

According to a Major League executive, the Yankees and Pirates have discussed a deal that would send the young outfielder to Pittsburgh in exchange for outfielder Jeromy Burnitz and first baseman/outfielder Craig Wilson.

Steve Lombardi doesn't like it.

2006-07-14 20:25:08
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Trade a youngster with potential and contributing everyday for a 3 month rental and a old garbage? good move
2006-07-14 20:37:12
2.   Jeteupthemiddle
I would be crushed if we traded Melky for Burnitz and Wilson.

I thought for a while that we would get Wilson, but Burnitz's numbers are significantly below Melky' it isn't like he would improve the outfield.

I can only hope that it isn't true.

2006-07-14 20:47:52
3.   Simone
Brian Cashman would be crazy to trade Melky for those two older mediocre players. Yeah, Melky isn't all that great, but at least he is young which isn't a small thing on this aging team.
2006-07-14 20:51:11
4.   rabid stan
I would be open to a trade involving Melky, but not for a guy like Wilson. They should only consider trading him for top talent, and also if the only other option is to give up Hughes.

I'm aware that at this point he shouldn't be starting for a good team. If Sheff and Mats come back, can hit and play the field, Melky should be benched. Then the Yanks would finally have a decent option there, which is better than having Craig Wilson, if not as good as having Zito or Abreu.

The Untouchables:


and Almost:


Burnitz isn't far enough away from the Bronx playing in Pittsburgh as it is.

2006-07-14 20:57:35
5.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Sounds like Marcus Thames for Big Rube all over again. (How much'd we like to have Thames and his 1.014 ops playing for us)
2006-07-14 21:17:02
6.   Zack
What you see with Wilson is exactlly what he is: he has been amazing consistant in BA, hitting .264 in 3 of 6 seasons, 2.62 in another, and .310 in his first, short season. So this year's 2.68 is literally his career avg. He'll hit for low to decent power (way better than Melk Man though) giving between 15-25 HR, with little speed and lowish walk totals. Overall, if Melky can develop a little more power, he's probably a better player than Wilson. Melky's Rate in LF is a darn good 111, whereas Wilson's career in RF is 101, but has been way down the last two years and sits at 94 this year. Wilson's superior ops is based on his power alone. Melky has walked more times than Wilson and struck out less (less than he has K'd in fact).

I honestly don't see trading for Wilson as any real improvement save the power. Melky has the chance to develop enough power to at least equal Wilson's production if not surpass it if his walk rate continues...Throw in Burnitz and the trade really smacks of desperation and Joe Torre's preference for vets. It really doesn't improve the team. if we could get Wilson without giving up Melky, and start both of them, well then it makes a whole lot of sense...

2006-07-14 21:45:41
7.   joejoejoe
The 10 MLB players <= age 22 w/150+ ABs in '06.

Jeff Francoeur, Jose Lopez, Hanley Ramirez, Ryan Zimmerman, Prince Fielder, Nick Markakis, Brian McCann, Melky Cabrera, Jeremy Hermida

Melky's in good company. We should keep him unless we can get an elite OF.

2006-07-14 22:07:00
8.   joejoejoe
7 9 players - d'oh.

Is it realistic to expect Melky's SLG% to edge up from 10-20% between age 21 and 25? A 10% leap make him a good player, 20% makes him great. Does anyone have any idea how much the average hitter improves his power from age 21-25?

Melky may never be a power hitting corner OF but I think he's a good player who has shown he can play in NY. You can address the power loss as a team with advantages at C, 1B, 3B and adding parts with the money you save on Melky.

I hope he stays a Yankee for a very long time.

2006-07-14 22:39:55
9.   BklynBmr
This is insane on multiple levels. Smacks of the 80s. It just can't happen.
2006-07-14 23:45:13
10.   Marcus
I'll just reiterate a point that's been made before: the rumors you hear about in the media rarely turn out to be the deals that are actually made. Who reported the Chacon deal last year before it happened? The Justice deal? I doubt this deal goes down.
2006-07-15 03:25:20
11.   randym77
Most of the trade rumors don't make the news page at, though.

OTOH, the article does say it's "unlikely" this trade will be made. Sounds like this was an offer made last week that Cashman turned down.

2006-07-15 03:57:00
12.   randym77
Kevin Reese was pulled from the (Clippers) game the other day during the 2nd inning. He collided with teammate Russ Johnson while chasing down a fly ball in the outfield. Made the catch, but separated his shoulder and is out "indefinitely."
2006-07-15 04:16:21
13.   Simone
The NY Times has a hopeful article on Sir Sidney. He went to rehab and is getting professional help. He has traded in beer for ice cream. A very good development in his case.

Mazzilli and Mussina have apparently been assigned as his support team. If they can help him to be just slightly better than Chacon, the Yankees can get some benefits on this deal.

2006-07-15 04:50:18
14.   sabernar
Hey guys, don't worry about trading Melky to the Pirates. This was in the Daily News:

"A little over a week ago, the Pirates approached the Yankees with a deal that would have sent Melky Cabrera and a prospect to Pittsburgh in exchange for Jeromy Burnitz, Craig Wilson and Salomon Torres, according to sources.

The Yankees flatly rejected the proposal, mostly because they believe in Cabrera. Last night, the rookie outfielder showed why."

You can read the whole article here:

2006-07-15 05:11:04
15.   joejoejoe
Since this is shaping up as a speculative thread, Jeff Passan at Yahoo breaks down the '07 Free Agents today. The big NYY decision is Moose's $17M option or not - yay or nay?

2006-07-15 06:01:08
16.   weeping for brunnhilde
This is just infuriating. I like this kid. He's a major point of excitement for me on a team full of people I have trouble caring about.

Why not just throw in Cano while they're at it?

I'm already still grieving the loss of Nick Johnson, someone I was really looking forward to watching develop. If they do this I'll...I'll...ok, I don't know what I'll do, but can guarantee that I'll care a little less about the success of the team. Of course I'll still watch and root, but it won't be with the conviction that comes from affection.

Who is this team, anyway?

Do you think Cashman has any idea what they're to look like in a couple of years?

Does anyone have Half a Plan?

deep, wistful sigh

2006-07-15 06:17:12
17.   sabernar
14 Guys! The trade isn't going to happen! The Yankees already "flatly rejected" the proposal. Rest easy and enjoy your Saturday morning.
2006-07-15 06:21:10
18.   randym77
Gotta say, the kids and castoffs had a great night last night. Melky was POTG, with his clutch winning hit. Miggy had a nice leadoff triple (which the top of the order was unable to cash in, mutter, grumble). Bubba had a WebGem (#2 only to yet another Coco Crisp diving catch). And play of the game was Guiel's homer. I still feel very good about the team as is.
2006-07-15 06:24:30
19.   joejoejoe
Here's a roadmap of what the future looks like for the Yankees $5M+ players:

'07 - Mussina, Shef options
'08 - Torre, Rivera, Posada, R. Johnson, J. Wright free agents
'09 - Giambi, Pavano options, Farnsworth free agent
'10 - Matsui, Damon free agents
'11 - Jeter, A-Rod free agents

Things to look foward to - Posada slipping into the Giradi role, Moose aging like Greg Maddux, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Phil Hughes, Manager Don Mattingly, Gov. Elliot Spitzer putting the kibosh on the new Yankee Stadium, NYY 1B Derek Jeter's 4,000th hit, beloved NYY A-Rod's 700th HR, and futuristic dirty water dogs that put mustard on themselves

2006-07-15 06:27:13
20.   mickey1956
Melky will not be traded for Craig Wilson. Wilson hits lefties pretty well, but that is all he does now, and the Yankees have Bernie for that. The only thing he really has on Bernie is a stronger arm. Baseball America has reapetedly said that Melky will make a very good 4th outfielder, but is lacking in power to be a top of the line corner outfielder. If that is the case then it is ok to trade him for someone better than Wilson (Abreu). If the Yankees believe that he can develop enough power to slug .450+ with his contact rates and plate discipline then trading him wouldn't be a good idea. Unfortunately Melky just had to be called up early. He could of probably used at least another year in the minors. His struggles this year(lack of slugging)are most probably age related.
2006-07-15 06:38:25
21.   randym77
20 "Wilson hits lefties pretty well, but that is all he does now, and the Yankees have Bernie for that."

That's precisely why I want Wilson. I want someone who will bench Bernie. The GOB must be exorcised from the outfield. I don't mind if he continues to haunt the plate now and then, but Bernie in RF is killing us.

Wilson can also play 1B and catch, so would be useful even after SheffSui returns.

And speaking of catching...I wonder if the Pirates would be willing to add Ryan Doumit to the package? They don't really need three catchers, do they? He's been on the DL (hammy), but should be coming back soon.

2006-07-15 08:35:13
22.   uburoisc
Melky has more walks than SO (how many rookies can say that?)--and he has looked very solid in the field (no errors yet). Plus, he has great nerves; I have watched him on several occations get behind 0-2 and get the walk. His clutch hit last night was another example. Melky may very well turn out to be an excellent player, especially if he can add some power. But I am very pleased with what I've seen so far. The only name I'd trade him for is Abreu.
2006-07-15 08:36:50
23.   Levy2020
15 The free agent I always hear in the context of the New York Yankees is Torii Hunter. I have developed a Vernon Wells obsession. I saw wait for Wells in. . .2007, is it?
2006-07-15 08:44:19
24.   randym77
OFers don't get a lot of errors, but Melky does have one. The kid may have a great future ahead of him, but IMO, his defense is uneven right now.
2006-07-15 08:50:54
25.   rbj
I'd trade Melky for Wilson & Burnitz, if the Pirates throw in a good catching prospect -- to eventually be Posada's replacement. Do the Pirates have such a creature?
2006-07-15 08:57:16
26.   uburoisc
randym77, was it his throwing error the other night? There isn't an error attributed on ESPN's stat sheet. I have not had the impression that his D is uneven; he has a solid 112 rate on prospectus, and has made some fine play in left, plays that indicate Melky's ability. He clearly has room to improve, but at 21, playing in Yankee stadium, I'm happy with his D this year.
2006-07-15 08:59:15
27.   uburoisc
Sorry, his Rate on prospectus is 111, not 112.
2006-07-15 09:05:51
28.   randym77
26 It shows on his ESPN stat sheet for me.

I don't remember what the error was, but I remembered he had one.

2006-07-15 09:10:06
29.   RZG
21 Craig Wilson isn't really a catcher except for as a Todd Zeile-like 3rd stringer. He's caught 4 games since the end of 2003.
2006-07-15 09:48:59
30.   yankaholic
26 28

i think it was the wind blown popup... that was headed towards Cano.. but then drifted towards Melky (then playing RF)

forget the opponent

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