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Make Like a Banana and Split
2006-07-06 12:54
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees look to split Cleveland with a split tonight following the match-up of lefties Randy Johnson and Cliff Lee. The Yankees took Lee deep three times at the Stadium in mid-June (Melky's first career tater plus dingers by Alex and Bernie), but all three were solo shots as Lee allowed just two other hits and one walk over 6 2/3 to pick up an 8-4 win. Johnson did even better against the Tribe the night before, holding them to one run on four hits and no free passes before getting tossed for coming inside to since-departed Unit-killer Eduardo Perez in the top of the seventh. After looking sharp in that outing and the two that followed it, Johnson got roughed up in his last start against the Mets, though it's worth noting that even in that ugly eight-run outing he only allowed one dinger and struck out seven in six innings. Lee, meanwhile, has been solid of late, posting a 3.09 ERA in June and winning his last five decisions, thanks in part to an average of 8 2/3 runs worth of support across his last six starts.

With Robinson Cano on the DL and Johnny Damon out tonight due to an abdominal strain, the Yankees would seem to be a better offensive team against lefties right now given these numbers against the wrong-handed:

Jeter: .378/.471/.568
Rodriguez: .288/.461/.727
Bernie: .329/.375/.494
Cairo: .324/.390/.459

But while facing a lefty makes two of the team's best hitters better and their two biggest liabilities productive, it has the opposite effect on the rest of the line-up. Andy Phillips has surprisingly struggled against lefties this year, Jorge has a .407 OBP against them, but curiously loses his power when batting righthanded, Melky has also been a weaker hitter from the right side, the Yankees don't have non-left-handed replacement for Damon (paging Kevin Thompson!), and their lone remaining lefty, Jason Giambi, is, of course, a lesser hitter against his own kind (though in Giambi's case "lesser" means a .371 OBP and .500 SLG).

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2006-07-06 14:44:16
1.   randym77
I hear it's going to be Wilson pitching Sunday, Chacon in the pen.

And Bernie in CF tonight. Why not Guiel in CF and Bernie in RF?

2006-07-06 14:54:02
2.   randym77
And the roster move was Matt Smith. I thought it was going to be Beam, but I guess they decided they had enough lefties.

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams CF
Andy Phillips 1B
Aaron Guiel RF
Miguel Cairo 2B

2006-07-06 15:12:39
3.   markp
The sucky 30+ vets keep coming while the Thompsons stay at AAA.
2006-07-06 15:21:58
4.   randym77
And here's the Cleveland lineup:

Grady Sizemore CF
Jason Michaels LF
Jhonny Peralta SS
Travis Hafner DH
Victor Martinez 1B
Ronnie Belliard 2B
Aaron Boone 3B
Franklin Gutierrez RF
Kelly Shoppach C

Darn. I have a feeling we're gonna miss Martinez tonight.

2006-07-06 15:32:02
5.   brockdc
Bernie playing CF, Matt Smith sent down.


2006-07-06 16:06:18
6.   monkeypants
For that matter, why not Melky in CF? I know he was horrible last year, but is he really worse than Bernie now? What is it with Joe Torre's Bernie-in-CF death wish?

Or, why not DL Chacon and call up another OF (Thompson)?

2006-07-06 16:08:16
7.   monkeypants
And..what exactly is Bubba's position on this team, if he is the third string CF? I mean, I'm no worshipper of Crosby--I'm just trying to figure out what everyone's role is.
2006-07-06 16:12:38
8.   randym77
Bernee was going to play tonight over Bubba, because it's a lefty on the mound.

But I don't understand why he's in CF.

I assume they want to see what Guiel has, which is why he's in. He's only hitting .183 against lefties.

2006-07-06 16:13:52
9.   Alex Belth
Man, the ball is just dying to center. DJ had a nice first at bat. Got behind 1-2 and then fouled off a couple of good pitches, took a ball and then hit a nice shot to center. It sounded good. But Sizemore tracked it down with ease.

I love the early evening sunlight that we've seen in Cleveland. The long shadows trailing from the pitchers mound to first, are terrific.

They'll be gone shortly...

2006-07-06 16:15:42
10.   Alex Belth
Johnson standing with the sunlight to his back on the third base side of the field, Sizemore at the plate in the shadows. Randy with a two-strike pitch. Man, this kid doesn't have a chance. He waves, stutters and swings, at a slider, strike three.

A ha.

2006-07-06 16:16:03
11.   BayRidger
Does anyone know how much say Cashman has in these matters? Can/does he tell Torre which players to play and where?
2006-07-06 16:18:04
12.   Alex Belth
They just showed a great angle of Johnson on the mound. From the upper deck, looking down on home plate and the mound. Johnson's slip of a shadown seems to stretch almost half way to first, like a long blade of grass.

It's a strange, beautiful sight.

2006-07-06 16:33:01
13.   Schteeve
I think tonights lineup wins the "Yankee Lineups I Never Thought I'd See" award.
2006-07-06 16:36:09
14.   markp
I think Cashman defers to Torre all the time. This sounds like Pena likes him, tells Torre, who tells Cashman he wants him.
2006-07-06 16:37:41
15.   randym77
And who'd have guessed the #9 batter would get the first hit of the game?
2006-07-06 16:38:12
16.   bp1
13 Oh where, or where, has my little Sheff gone? Oh where, oh where could he be??

I miss that ominous bat waggle. I miss the menacing stillness of Matsui at the plate. I miss the fear those two caused in opposing pitchers. I miss the "no holes in the lineup" we had back when it was


Did we really have a lineup like that sometime this year? Seems like it was just a figment of my imagination. Who are these guys playing today?

2006-07-06 16:38:25
17.   Alex Belth
Melky robbed in the third.
2006-07-06 16:38:26
18.   Mattpat11
Guiel's swing is discouraging. He looked like my sister on that K. Long straight arm swing.
2006-07-06 16:42:23
19.   Benjamin Kabak
16 Gah. That seems like forever ago as I shake my sadly and scrap my feet.
2006-07-06 16:43:11
20.   Alex Belth
Weird play to start the bottom of the third. Pop up in the infield. A Rod calls it on contact. It goes way up in the air but only about 10 feet away from Posada. Posada just stands there as A Rod runs in stops under the ball, waits for it and makes the easy out. Everyone got a chuckle out of it, Torre too. It was like A Rod called it and Jorge said, "Fine, you take it tough guy" no matter how close it was to him.

Nine up, nine down for Randy.

2006-07-06 16:43:49
21.   Benjamin Kabak
Man, the Indians are really making RJ work today. 33 pitches through 3.
2006-07-06 16:44:20
22.   Cliff Corcoran
Guiel's only serious exposure in CF with KC resulted in a 95 Rate. I imagine Torre's still unwilling to jerk Melky around in the OF. Bubba is positively brutal against lefty pitching. So you get what you see. The problem isn't so much Torre's line-up as the players he has available to him. Kevin Thompson, please?

Meanwhile, demoting Smith, who still hasn't given up a run in the majors, is just flat stupid. Ignore the hand he throws with and check out the results!

2006-07-06 16:44:46
23.   singledd
Wake looks good tonight. Sox up 2-0 on a Manny HR.
2006-07-06 16:44:55
24.   Benjamin Kabak
A.J. Pierzynski and Nomar are the two vote-in All Stars.

No Hafner, No Liriano. And to say that this All Star game counts. What a joke.

2006-07-06 16:45:06
25.   Cliff Corcoran
21 That's sarcasm, right? 11 pitches per inning is excellent, that's 99 for a complete game.
2006-07-06 16:47:01
26.   bp1
Is there some unwritten rule in the collective bargaining agreement that the team with the highest payroll must pick up the players DFA'ed from the worst teams in the league? I mean - Terrance Long? Matt Lawton? Now Aaron Guiel?

He seemed like an intelligent and pleasant young man in his Kim Jones pre-game interview, but how is it that the next logical stop after being cut from the worst team in the major leagues is the starting lineup for the Yankees?!?

2006-07-06 16:47:15
27.   Cliff Corcoran
24 I hope to post about the All-Star rosters, but the second best catcher in the AL is Posada and Martinez is likely third, instead Pierzynski and Ramon Hernandez were on the ballot. Meanwhile, Hafner, as you know, was my choice to start at 1B, but Ozzie just had to take both of his 1Bs (Konerko and Thome, not ridiculous choices, but Hafner should have gone ahead of either). More stupidity.
2006-07-06 16:48:00
28.   mickey1956
10 Everytime I've been to the Jake I've sat on the 1st base side and the sun is murder until the 4th inning. I usually stay in the centerfield concourse until then and then move to my seats. Cold beer helps.
2006-07-06 16:48:25
29.   bp1
2006-07-06 16:48:31
30.   Cliff Corcoran
26 Didn't they trade for Lawton?

Be afraid, Guiel is a notorious hard-nosed hustler. He could be hard to get rid of.


2006-07-06 16:48:52
31.   Alex Belth
Giambi 0-his last-12, rips a two-run dinger to right, after Jeter doubled to left. Giambi went down and got it off the lefty.
2006-07-06 16:48:55
32.   randym77
Yeah, Giambino!!!!
2006-07-06 16:48:57
33.   Benjamin Kabak
25 That was indeed sarcasm.
2006-07-06 16:49:04
34.   bp1
How many times this year has Giambi scored or driven in the first runs of the game? Seems like quite often.
2006-07-06 16:49:20
35.   Alex Belth
Funny, but Pavano is in the dugout and I've noticed that he's been with the team for some time now.
2006-07-06 16:49:20
36.   Benjamin Kabak
Ah good. The lone offensive power on the Yankees just reared his head.
2006-07-06 16:50:31
37.   singledd
Are we in agreement that Giambi is the Yankess MVP (with Jetes in 2nd)?
2006-07-06 16:50:53
38.   bp1
30 Could have been a trade for Lofton? Trying to block it out. Matt who?
2006-07-06 16:51:14
39.   Alex Belth
A Rod walks, Jorgie hits into a double play.


2006-07-06 16:51:17
40.   Cliff Corcoran
30 They did trade for Lawton, they gave up Justin Berg, who is being really blah for the Cubs' high-A FSL team at age 22.
2006-07-06 16:51:30
41.   mickey1956
A-rod is really having some good at bats lately. He smoked that ball in the 1st.
2006-07-06 16:52:07
42.   Alex Belth
Man, now Bernie smacks one good to center. It dies. Maybe the ball just sounds good at the Jake.
2006-07-06 16:52:29
43.   SF Yanks
That DP really ticked me off. First pitch swinging, dammit.
2006-07-06 16:53:37
44.   bp1
37 Yup.

35 Yeah - I've noticed that, too. I suppose he's gotta do something for his $10 million. Maybe shooting some promo's for YES? Got a card signing gig in Cleveland? Maybe he hasn't seen his Ohio goomah in awhile? Who knows.

2006-07-06 16:53:53
45.   randym77
22 I think Bubba's better against lefties than Guiel.

Guiel: .182
Crosby: .250

But I figured they'd want to play Guiel tonight, just to see what he had.

2006-07-06 16:54:18
46.   bp1
38 Ha! Lofton! Lawton! Freudian slip. Trying to block it all out!
2006-07-06 16:54:44
47.   mehmattski
37 Yeah, but what are his stats in close and late situations? That's what makes someone a True Yankee (TM). Boo him! /sarcasm
2006-07-06 16:55:10
48.   Zack
Ugh, jus ttuned in to see this lineup..Like the score, but, no surprise, the runs are from the top of the order, the outfield and bottom of the order is brutal...Joe has just been itching to start Bernie in center anyways, let him have his fun I guess...Sending down Smith seems to make no sense, so it would seem more like a Torre mandated move than a Cashman, but who knows. Smith has done nothing but literally allow no runs...
2006-07-06 16:55:17
49.   randym77
37 Not me. I pick Jeter.
2006-07-06 16:55:36
50.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
34 first runs of the game? How unclutch is that! Papi waits til the 10th inning to hit his.

44 Pavano Yankeeography?

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2006-07-06 16:56:15
51.   Alex Belth
By the way, for those of you who live in New York, "The New York Sun" is worthwhile picking up for the sports. From what I've heard, it leans to the Right politically, but I've never read anything but the Arts and Sports in it. Not a big paper. Generally about 22 pages.

But Tim Marchman is their baseball columnist and John Hollinger does hoops. And Baseball Prospectus has a deal with them and they have BP guys rotating doing pieces. For fifty cents they give you a couple of few thought-provoking, alternative sports pieces daily.

I don't agree with everything that Tim or the BP guys' write, but I find their stuff refreshing and good. Tim can be especially cutting. But the newspaper format suits him as well as the BP guys. Goldman had a really good one on the Yanks and Royals today.

2006-07-06 16:56:21
52.   Zack
Has anyone else's been really herky jerky and on and off these past two days?
2006-07-06 16:57:17
53.   Alex Belth
The Yankee MVPS this Year: Jeter, Giambi, Posada.

Johnson perfect through four.

2006-07-06 16:58:51
54.   Max
Good Randy in attendance so far tonight.
2006-07-06 16:59:02
55.   randym77
51 For those who don't live in NY, or who are too cheap to buy a paper, you can read it online:

2006-07-06 16:59:40
56.   Benjamin Kabak
52 Try the entire season for me :(


2006-07-06 16:59:47
57.   singledd
SG at RLYW has a nice blurb on Guiel.
2006-07-06 17:00:03
58.   bp1
50 Heh heh heh ... funny. On both counts.

Oh God. They just showed ManRam hitting a bomb in Tampa. He's like a hitting savant. The Rainman of right handed power hitters. Explosive. And oh so humble.

2006-07-06 17:00:14
59.   BayRidger
35. Cleveland chicks are better than Tampa tricks.
2006-07-06 17:00:23
60.   Cliff Corcoran
Bubba's ML career vs. lefties prior to 2006:

.184/.244/.263 (38 ABs)

This year he's 2 for 8, both singles, no walks.

Guiel's ML career vs. lefties pior to 2006:

.221/.302/.351 (222 ABs)

This year he's 2 for 11 with a double and a walk.

They're both terrible, but Bubba's worse.

2006-07-06 17:03:10
61.   bp1
60 Cliff, how long before Bubba disappears from the Yankee Universe for all time? I think this year is the last for sure, but I don't know if he'll make it to the end of the season at this rate. If Royals cast offs are ahead of him on the pecking order, he has no future at all on the team, and maybe in the league.
2006-07-06 17:03:35
62.   Mattpat11
What the hell was that?
2006-07-06 17:03:40
63.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh, and yes, both samples are small and Bubba's is almost too small to matter.

Yankee MVP: No votes for Moose?

2006-07-06 17:04:20
64.   Zack
Maybe we can send Bubba to KC as a "thank you?"
2006-07-06 17:04:35
65.   bp1
63 Was thinking of Moose, but wondering if Giambi hasn't had impact in more games than Moose. Dunno how to measure that.
2006-07-06 17:04:40
66.   Mattpat11
WTF is going on?
2006-07-06 17:05:06
67.   Zack
Tribe's D helping us out...
2006-07-06 17:05:28
68.   randym77
55 I just noticed it's behind a paywall. Try going in this way:

(A lot of the subscription only sites allow you in if you get there through Google News.)

2006-07-06 17:06:31
69.   Benjamin Kabak
The Indians are a four tool team. They can't field for sh*t.
2006-07-06 17:06:51
70.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, how bad is the Indians' defense? It's unreal. Over on the Juice Blog, Scott wrote a piece about the Indians needing to fire Eric Wedge because the Tribe was so far below their Pythagorean record. Having done the research I think Pythagorean deficits tell you more about the pitching staff then the manager, but seeing strong fielders like Boone, Peralta and Gutierrez making crappy errors like they have in these two games, I'm thinking Wedge is having some major motivation problems with his team and perhaps should be replaced after all.
2006-07-06 17:08:08
71.   Dimelo
I have to agree with Cliff. I really don't get why Matt Smith was sent down. Does anyone have Cashman's number?
2006-07-06 17:08:46
72.   Dimelo
Capt. Crunch
2006-07-06 17:09:11
73.   Mattpat11
60 I think the real question is whether Guiel makes the rest of the team safer than Bubba out there. We don't need Bubba "hustling" into Cabrera or Bernie or Posada and leading to another injury.
2006-07-06 17:09:51
74.   singledd
2 more runs and this game should be Randyproof.
2006-07-06 17:09:52
75.   bp1
70 It's like the collapse last year has carried over into this season. They were the hottest thing going - the fashionable choice of all the baseball pundits - but fell flat on their face and haven't yet gotten up.

Personally, until proven otherwise, I'm expecting the same from Detroit. Everyone has given the AL Central the wildcard just like last season, but I'm not on board just yet. Crazy things happen at the end of the season when the pressure is for real.

2006-07-06 17:09:59
76.   Dimelo
70 I don't want him fired before this game is over. I'm perfectly OK with his motivation tactics for the last two games.
2006-07-06 17:10:51
77.   mickey1956
68 Thanks. Good Article. The Yankees went 14-12 in June, even with all of their hitting problems. They didn't do well with runners in scoring postition. It will even out. This team will score enough runs. They need pitching.
2006-07-06 17:11:45
78.   bp1
74 76 You guys are on a roll tonight. I'm laughing here.
2006-07-06 17:12:07
79.   singledd
70 And yet they made a number of great, run-saving plays in the first 2 games. Go figure.
2006-07-06 17:12:13
80.   randym77
Poor Boonie. I'm starting to feel sorry for him.
2006-07-06 17:13:00
81.   Cliff Corcoran
73 see 30
2006-07-06 17:14:03
82.   bp1
Someone what up the Unit. Time for him to pitch. I enjoy watching the Yankees score runs, but I gotta admit, that was some nasty ugly baseball. Whoa. Let's end this game in a hurry before it rubs off on some of our ballplayers.
2006-07-06 17:18:56
83.   Cliff Corcoran
I blame Alex 53, kid's got no tact. ;)
2006-07-06 17:20:20
84.   Cliff Corcoran
Well, at least he's still faced the minimum thanks to the DP, and when that ceases to be true you can blame me.
2006-07-06 17:21:01
85.   Dimelo
83 Best thing to happen to RJ, last thing we need is for him to pitch a perfect game and then suck his next start. Let's spread out the perfect game into a few well pitched games.
2006-07-06 17:27:40
86.   yankaholic
i think randy is good against young swing-hard type of teams..

he aint good against teams when guys take pitches.. atleast thats a pattern we see this yr

i have no numbers to prove it..

am just going by his pitching against teams like Detroit n Cleveland

2006-07-06 17:28:42
87.   Cliff Corcoran
Craptacular bunt by Guiel. Bubba's got him beat on that front.
2006-07-06 17:29:49
88.   randym77
Cairo's on fire all of a sudden.
2006-07-06 17:29:56
89.   singledd
Looks like NO sweep for the Rays
2006-07-06 17:30:07
90.   bp1
Cairo must have felt the love here on the Bronx Banter earlier today.
2006-07-06 17:30:13
91.   Cliff Corcoran
86 Cleveland is young, but their hitters are smart. They're tied for fourth in the majors in OBP. Not sure the theory holds.
2006-07-06 17:30:20
92.   Dimelo
Cairo's our bench MVP.
2006-07-06 17:30:44
93.   singledd
2006-07-06 17:30:53
94.   Dimelo
90 I know I was giving him love.
2006-07-06 17:31:18
95.   bp1
Yankees leading 5-0, their 'ace' working a one hit shutout, and Joe's bunting?
2006-07-06 17:32:01
96.   yankaholic
91 aargh thts y i shud leave this to the Cliffs and Belths..

quick work cliff..

2006-07-06 17:32:20
97.   Dimelo
Jeter's on pace to get 95+ RBI's. Wow...
2006-07-06 17:33:32
98.   randym77
Definitely Jeet for MVP.
2006-07-06 17:34:28
99.   Cliff Corcoran
95 Randy's cruising and with a comfy lead he wanted to see what the new guy could do when called on to bunt. Now he knows not to try that in a big spot. I have no problem with it. Also, bunting with a lead is smarter than bunting when trailing.
2006-07-06 17:35:09
100.   BayRidger
86. The Braves and the Tigers fit that profile, 'free-swingers' and indeed Randy dominated those two clubs when he faced them. However, I think when Randy's on, he's on and he can pretty much beat anyone. He's just not on as much as most of us would like.
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2006-07-06 17:37:01
101.   Max
I am loving Damon, Cano, Sheff or Matsui, Jorgie not doing much, and we're whacking Cliff Lee around pretty good. Last time Lee beat us, he hadn't won for quite a while before, and he's since been on a decent run.

It's sweet to bring him back down to earth (even though his teammates certainly aided his demise).

2006-07-06 17:38:13
102.   Cliff Corcoran
Top Yankee VORPs (Value Over Replacement Players):

Jeter 40.4
Mussina 33.9
Giambi 33.0
Rodriguez 27.8
Damon 23.9
Posada 21.4
Rivera, Wang 20.6

2006-07-06 17:41:00
103.   singledd
102 Where is Cano on that list?
2006-07-06 17:41:10
104.   bp1
102 Wow. Seems like Jeter has been so consistently good this year without much "spectacular" stuff that I've just sort of taken his contributions for granted. He's been on a season long roll, in spite of a rash of hbp's that set him back a bit. Good stuff.
2006-07-06 17:41:39
105.   Cliff Corcoran
103 He's next at 16.7
2006-07-06 17:43:26
106.   bp1
God, can it really be the top-of-the-seventh already?!?
2006-07-06 17:43:28
107.   BklynBmr
104 It'd be great to see Cap win the batting title this year. Ichiro has proved to be human, but I'm not so sure about Mauer...
2006-07-06 17:44:53
108.   bp1
107 Yes it would, and it would be nice to stuff all that "Jeter is overrated" nonsense where it belongs.
2006-07-06 17:46:17
109.   Dimelo
Where's my boy Cairo? He must be there...has to be.
2006-07-06 17:48:13
110.   Max
Jorgie not doing much on O tonight. Maybe we should have started Stinett...the howls from here and other Yankee forums/blogs about the lineup would have provided serious entertainment value, for sure. :-)
2006-07-06 17:48:52
111.   BayRidger
109. That would be Value Over...himself, right?
2006-07-06 17:49:07
112.   BklynBmr
That's one nasty splitter this guy throws...
2006-07-06 17:53:05
113.   bp1
Bubba's in. Looks like he wants to cry. Poor kid. First Damon, now Guiel. I think he's seeing the writing on the wall. Gotta be.
2006-07-06 17:55:59
114.   BayRidger
D-Rays comin' back!
2006-07-06 17:56:26
115.   BklynBmr
If it's been addressed, apologies for a rehash, but why Guiel and not Reese or Thompson?

Alex must have been just thinking to himself 'Hey, RJ has a one-hit shutout going'... ;-)

2006-07-06 17:57:12
116.   singledd
I think Torre still holds respect for Bubba's glove.
2006-07-06 17:57:43
117.   BklynBmr
singledd — I need your guarantee this game is still Randyproof!
2006-07-06 18:01:44
118.   mickey1956

Hilarious Article

2006-07-06 18:02:10
119.   singledd
By the way...
considering massive injuries, and the fact that we are still playing competative ball, does Torre get any love? Weigh in please.
2006-07-06 18:02:24
120.   Max
Randy losing focus, but another DP gets him out of trouble.

Weird series...Tribe defense gives them one win, our pitching craps the bed to give them another win. Then there's a complete 180 and their pitching and defense craps the bed, while our pitching is gutty and lights out in the last two games.

2006-07-06 18:02:44
121.   randym77
113 If Bubba was going to cry, it would have been last year, when he was benched for the likes of Womack and Lawton.

And now he's benched for Ralph Malph:

2006-07-06 18:06:44
122.   bp1
121 Too freakin funny.
2006-07-06 18:11:14
123.   randym77
115 Torre said he thought Reese should be playing every day.

I think the real reason is they wanted an OFer with more pop. Reese and Thompson are not likely to hit much better than Bubba. Guiel has more power.

Plus, he's a veteran. That always counts for something wiht Torre.

2006-07-06 18:12:07
124.   singledd
118 Cruel but fuuny - From the "That Guys Still Playing" team...
Bernie Williams.
Just like the old Bernie Williams… except now he has a girl's arm, no wheels, and the bat speed of a gate that hasn't been opened in ten years. The Yankees actually cut him a couple of seasons ago, but they haven't told him yet. Instead they've just stopped sending him paychecks, like Milton in Office Space.
2006-07-06 18:12:09
125.   alterity
118 nice
2006-07-06 18:13:57
126.   singledd
6-4, Sox over TB in the 6th. Wake however, is out of the game... so maybe the sweep can still happen.
2006-07-06 18:14:02
127.   Max
119 I'm willing to give him credit, even though his flaws are pretty much out there for everyone to see. Last year the team was underachieving pretty mightily to this point, this year you have to give them props for hanging in even with a Triple A lineup on numerous nights.

Cleveland is completely imploding...what a bizarre meltdown the last 2 nights.

2006-07-06 18:17:31
128.   singledd
I must say RJ has picked a good day to give the pen a rest. CG for RJ? If not, who mops up?
2006-07-06 18:17:59
129.   randym77
Beam's warming.
2006-07-06 18:20:15
130.   randym77
How many pitches has RJ thrown? I think he's done.
2006-07-06 18:20:41
131.   singledd
128 Fuck that guy!

From Lohud:
"Jeter now has 233 steals, tying him with Roy White for fourth in team history."

18 away from 2nd place (Willie). Rickey with 326.

2006-07-06 18:26:42
132.   singledd
Does a run scoring on a PB count as earned?
2006-07-06 18:28:41
133.   nyctarheel87
6-5 Boston in the 7th
2006-07-06 18:28:48
134.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Huff rbi single brings Tampa w/in 1 of Sawx.
2006-07-06 18:28:50
135.   Max
D-Rays continuing to put pressure on the Sox. This reminds me of the Wakefield game against the D-Rays at the end of last September, when the Sox blew a 4 run lead in the 8th and we took over 1st place.
2006-07-06 18:40:47
136.   BklynBmr
KC has our back so far tonight, 6-0 over Toronto, bottom 5...
2006-07-06 18:46:41
137.   randym77
And we got the split.
2006-07-06 18:48:02
138.   singledd
Lets hope for a miracle in western Florida.
2006-07-06 18:48:52
139.   bp1
A Papelbon meltdown would really be nice right about now.
2006-07-06 18:51:04
140.   rsmith51
1st and 3rd, no one out for Boston, doesn't look good for the Rays.
2006-07-06 18:51:34
141.   Cliff Corcoran
124 Bernie as Milton, that hits the nail on the head.

123 I disagree about the Kevins vs. Bubba at the plate, in fact that's an argument that goes back to spring training.

109 Cairo's at -2.0 above only Stinnett, Long and Crosby on offense and Sturtze, Erickson, Beam, Chacon and Small on the mound.

2006-07-06 18:54:24
142.   randym77
Things are looking ugly in Tampa.
2006-07-06 18:54:29
143.   nyctarheel87
bases loaded, no outs, and Ortiz at the plate.
2006-07-06 18:54:29
144.   Max
D-Ray relief is so useless, guess we'll stay 3 back for now. I'm happy we won the last two with Damon out, but I still feel like we should have taken 3 out of 4 this series.
2006-07-06 18:55:21
145.   BklynBmr
Grand slam for Papi...
2006-07-06 18:55:34
146.   unpopster
and Ortiz hits a grand salamie! ugh.
2006-07-06 18:55:35
147.   nyctarheel87
Grand Slam for Ortiz...
2006-07-06 18:59:36
148.   marc
what a shock. TB doesn't sweep Boston. I like our pitching though including Wright and not including the 5 spot of course.
2006-07-06 19:01:02
149.   BklynBmr
144 If the ChiSox don't roll over this weekend and we take care of business, we could be a game out or tied for first at the break. Not bad, all things considered...
2006-07-06 19:04:02
150.   Max
Camp is doing one heck of a Chacon impersonation tonight. Hope we get some of his home cooking this weekend.
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2006-07-06 19:04:18
151.   unpopster
I think it'd be more realistic if we took 2 of 3 from Tampa and the Pale Hose did the same from Boston, leaving us 2 back at the ASG.
2006-07-06 19:07:38
152.   Max
151 Agreed. Kazmir is going to be brutal and the Rays own Wang.
2006-07-06 19:10:30
153.   randym77
Boy, things really got out of hand fast in the Trop.
2006-07-06 19:16:12
154.   marc
I hope the outfielders are reviewing the Tropicana rulebook about what each catwalk means
2006-07-06 19:16:41
155.   BklynBmr
151 Sounds reasonable, I forgot about Kazmir. We don't see Boston again until August 18th, but a lot of Toronto and Tampa in the meanwhile. Just gotta keep winning 2 out of 3...
2006-07-06 20:28:03
156.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Kazmir is flat out scary, though Wang usually bounce back after bad outtings ... and we hit lefty better... so I'm guessing we at least have a ok shot at it .

Seo sucks, Wright does well against Tampa, should be very good chance to win game 1.

Sunday can really go anyway though.

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