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Bombs Away
2006-07-04 14:36
by Alex Belth

Former Yankee farmhand Jake Westbrook vs. Shawn Chacon tonight in George Steinbrenner's home town. Course it's George's birthday today. The pitching match-up doesn't favor the Yanks. Let's hope Chacon muscles-up and has a good outing, while the bats bomb away.

I want fireworks, baby.

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2006-07-04 14:42:58
1.   randym77
Kevin Reese gets the start over Bernie....

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Kevin Reese RF
Nick Green 2B


Grady Sizemore CF
Ronnie Belliard 2B
Jhonny Peralta SS
Travis Hafner DH
Victor Martinez C
Ben Broussard 1B
Jason Michaels LF
Todd Hollandsworth RF
Aaron Boone 3B

2006-07-04 14:54:42
2.   Simone
I can't even enjoy the fireworks because they scare the crap out of my dog.

Let's go, Yankees! Don't like a crappy team take a series.

2006-07-04 15:01:53
3.   randym77
Red Sox losing to Tampa, but Tampa's in a jam now.
2006-07-04 15:06:42
4.   randym77
Hey, it's the 2003 postseason version of Boone.
2006-07-04 15:09:22
5.   Suffering Bruin
A request/mild assignment for Yankee fans.

For those of us who don't live and die with the team, can you explain in a paragraph or two (or even in list form) what it is that ARod did or does that annoys. It's clear he is not a beloved athlete by Yankee fans... or is the press misrepresenting here?

I'm curious because I follow the game but I realize I don't have an answer to why ARod might be unpopular with Yankee fans. Thanks...

2006-07-04 15:16:44
6.   randym77
That would have been a triple if Bernie were in RF.

5 He hasn't delivered a World Series for us. That's it, really. He's got his foibles, but fans will put with almost anything if you win.

2006-07-04 15:19:30
7.   Coltre Hughes
Time for Chac to go...anyone disagree?
2006-07-04 15:20:07
8.   randym77
Aaron Small, come back. All is forgiven.
2006-07-04 15:23:07
9.   randym77
Well, Alex did ask for fireworks. :-P
2006-07-04 15:23:14
10.   BklynBmr
8 Was just thinking about Small, too...
2006-07-04 15:23:56
11.   Simone
I didn't realize the game had started already. Now I wish that I didn't know.
2006-07-04 15:24:54
12.   Simone
For people watching, is anyone warming up in the bullpen?
2006-07-04 15:26:24
13.   randym77
No bullpen action yet.

Kay says Chac may have to take one for the team, because the bullpen is so overused.

2006-07-04 15:27:43
14.   randym77
And in Tampa, Ortiz has tied it up with a homer. :-P
2006-07-04 15:29:54
15.   Simone
Well, it is on the offense yet again. Tell me, Chacon can get Aaron Boone out.
2006-07-04 15:30:46
16.   dwight45
10 Aaron's not the answer.
Aaron Small's first start since rejoining the Yankees organization didn't go well. The righty lasted 31/3 innings in his start last night for Triple-A Columbus, allowing five earned runs on seven hits, with two walks and no strikeouts as the Clippers beat the Louisville Bats 8-7.
2006-07-04 15:33:39
17.   randym77
No stirring in the bullpen. Torre has his head hanging, staring at the ground. He can't even watch.

Well, there was that game against Texas, where Chac and Small gave up 9 runs in the first two innings, and we eventually came back to win with Jorgie's walkoff homer.

2006-07-04 15:38:35
18.   Benjamin Kabak
Chacon makes me cry.
2006-07-04 15:39:38
19.   randym77
Meanwhile, Wigginton has homered off Schilling. Tampa 4, Boston 3.

Schilling's given up three homers tonight. So far.

2006-07-04 15:39:40
20.   Coltre Hughes
Anytime now, Joe.
2006-07-04 15:40:50
21.   Simone
What happened to Chacon between last season and this season?
2006-07-04 15:40:59
22.   BklynBmr
16 Agreed. In the offseason, I had the feeling that between Small and Chacon, Small would be the one to turn into a pumpkin. I expected a lot more from Chacon. If we see Small back on the roster anytime soon, you know we're in really deep sh*t...
2006-07-04 15:45:35
23.   randym77
Chacon was pitching pretty well until he got hit by the comebacker. He just hasn't been the same since.

I had a feeling he would have a lot of trouble tonight. He's one who needs regular work to keep his edge. I can understand why Joe skipped his turn, but I figured the results wouldn't be good.

I was just starting to feel confident about our pitching, but now...Jaret Wright collapses, the old RJ reappears, the usually reliable Wang struggles, and now Chac implodes.

2006-07-04 15:47:10
24.   Simone
Another walk. Chacon is pitching like crap.
2006-07-04 15:49:29
25.   BklynBmr
Just a quick trip down memory lane:

Dec 22, 1999: New York Yankees traded Hideki Irabu to the Montreal Expos for Jake Westbrook and two players to be named later (Ted Lilly and Christian Parker).

Jun 29, 2000: Cleveland Indians traded Dave Justice to the New York Yankees for Ricky Ledee and two players to be named later (Jake Westbrook & Zach Day).


2006-07-04 15:50:09
26.   rbj
Memo to Chacon: We can trade your ass back to Colorado. For a bag of balls.

5 I don't hate A-Rod. Yankee fans are spoiled now, Mattingly never got grief for not delivering a WS title.

2006-07-04 15:50:36
27.   singledd
If you don't count the 16 run blowout the other day, we have scored 20 runs in the last 8 games (or 2.5 runs/game).

Are Monkeypants and myself the only ones who think we need an impact hitter.

Shit. Well, after that Hafner AB, I guess we coulf use an impact pitcher. To bad we can't get one.

2006-07-04 15:51:11
28.   Coltre Hughes
It's a shame when the most positive thing you can say as a Yankees fan is...go D-Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-07-04 15:51:52
29.   randym77
You knew that one was coming, with the way they were going on about how Hafner had never hit a homerun against the Yankees.
2006-07-04 15:51:58
30.   Benjamin Kabak
23 Chacon was pitching that well before getting hit by the comebacker. His ERA was over 5.50 and his peripherals were horrendous.
2006-07-04 15:52:19
31.   Benjamin Kabak
Phil-ip Hughes clap clap clapclapclap
Phil-ip Hughes clap clap clapclapclap
2006-07-04 15:54:02
32.   tommyl
23 I wouldn't panic just yet. RJ is just going to be inconsistent from here on out I think. Sometimes he'll look like classic RJ, sometimes he'll look like classic Kevin Brown. Wang had a so so start, after his last few outings it had to even out. What I took out of last nights game was that Wang clearly didn't have it, and he still kept up somewhat in the game. That's a positive.

That said, Wright and Chacon are clearly not the answer. I can't blame Chacon, he was a very cheap pickup. Wright=second worst offseason signing I can remember (guess who is the first?).

I wonder if Cashman has anything boiling for something like last year. Instead of going for someone like Dontrelle, can we get a decent middle to end of rotation guy?

2006-07-04 15:54:13
33.   Benjamin Kabak
30 Let me correct myself. ERA over 5.20. Still awful peripherals. 43 hits in 37 innings, 21 walks and 27 strike outs. That's a recipe for disaster.
2006-07-04 15:55:33
34.   tommyl
31 Jump him straight from double-A and throw him into this pressure cooker? This kid is potential long term gold. Lets not muck it up by rushing things.

A better quick fix might be to bring up Mendoza as a long relief/spot starter.

2006-07-04 15:55:51
35.   randym77
And Chacon finally gets the hook.
Our poor bullpen.

BTW, what's going on with Rasner? He's still on the DL long after he was eligible to be off it. They didn't expect him to need anywhere near the full 15 days.

2006-07-04 15:58:13
36.   Benjamin Kabak
34're right. I've been charting Hughes' progress on Off the Facade (, and the Yanks are being very guarded with him...keeping him to strict pitch counts, etc. I'm ready for Mendoza to step into the rotation. He must have the arm strength by now.

35 Good point on Rasner. I'm going to poke around and see what I can find.

2006-07-04 15:58:17
37.   mikeplugh
27 singledd

Hey bro. Thanks for posting over at COH the other day. I like your line of thinking. I'm with you on the offense, but my main point is that we have limited resources available to use in trades. We can either use them for a bat, which we need a little, or we can use them for a starting pitcher who won't crap the bed everytime out. One is a need, the other is an alarming necessity.

Chacon should be sent down, regardless of whether he has any options remaining or not. Like Aaron Small, thanks for last year, but you gotta go somewhere to work shit out. No Bronx for you.

Phil Hughes would be my choice for the spot in the rotation, if nothing else but to see how he stacks up with other rookie pitchers who are doing fairly well. The lack of time in the minors will prevent him from arriving with the big team, so I think we'll see a move very soon to shore up the rotation. I posted an idea at COH about Paul Maholm. He has some shaky numbers, but the GO/AO is encouraging and he's a 24 lefty on Pittsburgh. He practically blanked the Mets yesterday. Maybe he has that Chacon/Small magic in him. Anyone but Chacon at this point.

2006-07-04 15:58:47
38.   mikeplugh
Also, Torre is trying to kill Ron Villone now. What's in his peanut sized noggin?
2006-07-04 15:59:55
39.   randym77
Do we have any more on the farm like Wang? How about Steven White?
2006-07-04 16:00:31
40.   randym77
38 I gather Villone has a reputation for having a rubber arm.
2006-07-04 16:00:45
41.   rabid stan
38 Honestly. He's taken the fall for every bad/short outing this time through the rotation.
2006-07-04 16:01:37
42.   singledd
TB rallies in the 8th and lead 8-3. Too bad we can't take advantage of the lowly Rays taking the first 2 from the Sox.
2006-07-04 16:01:49
43.   Coltre Hughes
Sox gettin' hammered.
2006-07-04 16:01:51
44.   randym77
Tampa 8, Boston 3.

What a missed opportunity.

2006-07-04 16:02:22
45.   randym77
Make that Tampa 9, Boston 3.
2006-07-04 16:02:40
46.   rabid stan
41 At this rate, cut the detour and have him start every game slotted for Wright and Chacon, and half of Randy's.
2006-07-04 16:02:53
47.   singledd
TB up on the Sox 9-3.
2006-07-04 16:02:59
48.   Benjamin Kabak
Yeah, Nick Green! A walk. Big comeback tonight, eh, eh?
2006-07-04 16:03:24
49.   unpopster
27 I've been screaming for an impact player for the last month or so but everyone seems to believe that this team needs a pitcher more. After Chacon's recent performances, I can't really argue that point but if not for Giambi, our offense would be D.O.A.

Sunday night's offensive explosion was an aberation. In the last 10 games (not counting Sunday), the Yanks scored 30 runs. Of those 30 runs, Giambi is personally responsible for 10 of those runs.

The Yanks went 6-4 over those 10 games. If not for Giambi, that could have easily been a 4-6 or 3-7 stretch.

Cashman, we need an impact corner OF now!

2006-07-04 16:03:54
50.   Simone
Chacon is a joke.
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2006-07-04 16:04:04
51.   rabid stan
Nick Green Walks! Good things have happened when Nick Green's walked this year!

Ok, small sample size, but if the trend doesn't hold, they're pretty much screwed.

2006-07-04 16:05:52
52.   Benjamin Kabak
49 But what impact corner outfielder is on the market? Soriano? Before yesterday, he was mired in something like a 7 for 85 slump, and since the middle of April, his offensive line .240/.312 with a decentish slugging. But all he does is strike out or homer. Plus, he's too expensive.

Cashman can't just materialize an impact outfielder out of nowhere, and the market is too thin right now.

2006-07-04 16:09:11
53.   randym77
52 Exactly. Cashman's been working the phone lines since May. Everyone's asking for Hughes, Wang, Cano, or all of the above. Even for players like Reggie Sanders. If there was someone available for a reasonable price, he'd have grabbed them. There isn't.
2006-07-04 16:09:11
54.   singledd
We really need ARod to step up. He can carry this team, along with Giambi. He shouldn't have to, and getting Cano back will help, but we really need SuperARod to appear.

ARod admitted that the booing bugged him. And if he admiddit it, you know it bugged him a LOT. The fans need to show ARod some love. Chant 'We love you Alex, even more then Derek' every time he comes up. I'm telling ya, it would help ARod. He's overly sensitive, and we (the fans at the stadium) could help him instead of hurt him.

Either that, or it's back to Tibet.

2006-07-04 16:12:06
55.   kdw
54 I've been thinking for awhile that the fans at the games are idiots -- booing A-Rod clearly doesn't motivate him so why not cheer him out of his issues. We can be a stupid crew sometimes.
2006-07-04 16:12:28
56.   randym77
54 LOL! That would help, I'm sure. But they'd never do it. They love Derek more than just about anybody.
2006-07-04 16:13:00
57.   rabid stan
52 It's those damn small market teams, locking up guys like Johan Santana and and Jason Bay to long term contracts. It's been killing the FA/mid-season trade market. It makes missing Beltran that much harder.

Bastards. Good baseball is for winning organizations with deep pockets. And it's the birth-right of fans from New York, L.A., and Boston.

2006-07-04 16:13:02
58.   Simone
So Yankee fans need to chant, "A-Rod, we love you more than Derek, more than Tino, more than Reggie, more than Yogi, more than Mickey so please hit." Hilarious.
2006-07-04 16:13:36
59.   singledd
52 "Plus, he's too expensive.". Shefs $13 mil contract ends this year. Sori make $10. It will cost more to get him, but not more then $13. My guess is we will get Sori in the off-season, but not now.

By the by, do the Yanks recoup any insurance $$$ on ShefSui?

2006-07-04 16:13:59
60.   tommyl
52 Hmmm...anyone know magic? We could try to resurrect someone from the dead.
2006-07-04 16:13:59
61.   Benjamin Kabak
54 My dad has been saying that since the start of June! We just have to pat A-Rod on the proverbial head and say keep trying!
2006-07-04 16:16:32
62.   singledd
Manny makes it 9-6. 2 Outs in the 9th.
2006-07-04 16:17:09
63.   randym77
Even Jason Bay has been in a slump recently. So much so, that one opposing manager walked Casey to get to Bay. (Rude treatment for an All-Star. But it worked - he struck out.)

And Craig Wilson has been slumping worse than Bay.

2006-07-04 16:18:10
64.   randym77
60 How about Bernie Williams?
2006-07-04 16:18:19
65.   singledd
58 Well...... not more then Mickey. Even ARod knows Mic was a God, the most popular player in the history of the sport.
2006-07-04 16:18:33
66.   rabid stan
63 Whatever. Maybe Adam Dunn would be a better example.
2006-07-04 16:21:54
67.   singledd
Here's yet another example of 2 men on, no out. Let's see what happens.
2006-07-04 16:23:14
68.   rbj
67 You just had to ask, didn't you, singledd?
2006-07-04 16:24:29
69.   randym77
Andy's not hitting like he used to. A slump, or better scouting on him?
2006-07-04 16:24:56
70.   rabid stan
68 I blame the extreme groundballer on the mound.
2006-07-04 16:25:00
71.   Alex Belth
Wow, Chacon and Wright are killing the Yanks. The offense isn't helping matters. Another blown opportunity in the fourth. Melky hits into a dp to end it. They need to chip away and they just can't seem to get anything done these days in terms of rallies--Sunday's game notwithstanding.

Still a long way left. Come on boy, you can do it.

2006-07-04 16:25:45
72.   rabid stan
It's probably scouting. He was never the kind of player teams scouted before the last month or so.
2006-07-04 16:27:01
73.   singledd
Does anyone else smell a 'closed door' meeting by Torre sometime soon?
2006-07-04 16:27:21
74.   tommyl
64 I was thinking Mickey Mantle or Roger Maris. I'd settle for Joe D though ;)
2006-07-04 16:27:33
75.   randym77
The good news is that Boston lost to Tampa again. Swept by the Rays.

The bad news is we play Tampa next.

2006-07-04 16:29:14
76.   rabid stan
75 While they're playing the White Sox. I'd say that favors the Yanks, even though they'll hit Kazmir.
2006-07-04 16:29:24
77.   rbj
75 Good. Tampa's been playing over their heads, they're due for a let down. Please.

How about just putting Villone in the rotation instead of Chacon (make him the long man)

2006-07-04 16:31:44
78.   3rd gen yankee fan
77 Interesting idea. Then he'll get lots of the work that he needs, and stay sharp?
2006-07-04 16:32:08
79.   3rd gen yankee fan
78 Chacon, I mean.
2006-07-04 16:34:06
80.   randym77
Tampa was our nemesis last year, but this year, we've won both series so far.

We beat Kazmir once before. Though that was with ShefSui in the lineup.

2006-07-04 16:34:07
81.   rabid stan
79 He's been about as bad out of the pen as he's been starting. He needs a spin in the minors. Bring up Mendoza to replace him.
2006-07-04 16:35:45
82.   Alex Belth
Yanks keep getting men on base. Kevin Reese hits a smash to second, and past into right field, for a lead off single in the fifth.

Westbrook falls behind Nick Green 2-0 and then throws a fastball for a strike. Runner moving, Green swinging, sinker low, fouled off. 2-2. Sinker, diving low and away. Green swings over it, strike three. Nice pitch.

2006-07-04 16:36:09
83.   singledd
Our 6-9 is sooooooooooo depressing.
2006-07-04 16:36:44
84.   rabid stan
Shit. Ron Villone has thrown more innings through the last rotation than Wright, Moose, Chacon and Wang.
2006-07-04 16:37:07
85.   Alex Belth
Damon takes a sinker low, 1-0. Sinker low and away, Damon slaps at it and hits a long fly ball to left. It's curving to the wall. Jason Michaels hauls ass and slides just as he crosses the foul line and with only a few feet before the wall, makes the catch. Terrific defensive play.
2006-07-04 16:37:11
86.   randym77
Man, what a play.
2006-07-04 16:40:43
87.   Alex Belth
Jeter. Westbrook throws to first. Jeter takes a sinker, low and outside, 1-0. Another one, again outside, 2-0. Westbrook taking his time. Another sinker, this one tailing down and in. Jeter swings over it, 2-1 (his 65th pitch of the night). Fastball, up, Jeter swings and misses. Reese runs. The throw is to the left and late. Martinez has thrown 5-60 out this year.

Jeter steps out. Westbrook and Martinez re-working their signs. Sinker low and away, in the dirt, full count. Sinker up and in on the hands. Jeter pounds it into the ground. A high hopper to Belliard at second.

Runner is left stranded.

2006-07-04 16:43:41
88.   randym77
Sigh. Reese on 1B with no outs, steals second, top of the order coming up. Still stranded.
2006-07-04 16:43:55
89.   rabid stan
I almost expected Torre to bring Villone out for another inning. The man needs to enter Witness Protection before they kill him.
2006-07-04 16:47:09
90.   rbj
79 81 I've got no problem sending Chacon to Columbus to get straightened out. He'd have to clear waivers first though, I think. (which might precipitate a trade.) Villone's doing the job in long relief lately, I'd just as soon have him take the hill every fifth day is he's going to be working that much.

And at this rate Moose is going to have to throw a perfect game tomorrow to have a chance at winning.

2006-07-04 16:49:18
91.   kdw
83 Nod to you, apparently when asked today, Torre said if he were to tell Cashman hitting or pitching, he'd say hitting. Up to now he's always said pitching.
2006-07-04 16:50:06
92.   rabid stan
90 A trade might not be a bad thing. Who knows, maybe there's a pigeon out there who'll gamble on what he did last year. It might not end badly.
2006-07-04 16:50:24
93.   singledd
91 Got a link to that article/statement?
2006-07-04 16:52:04
94.   singledd
Beam's fastball has pop, but it is dead straight. He will never make it in the bigs, unless he develops another out pitch.
2006-07-04 16:52:44
95.   kdw
93 Radio broadcast, Waldman and Sterling have the journalist guy in that stops by in the 5th.
2006-07-04 16:52:51
96.   singledd
I think now Beam will be hung out to dry. Although Torre's a softy... but we really need to save the pen.
2006-07-04 16:52:57
97.   randym77
91 He might have a different view after this game.
2006-07-04 16:53:18
98.   Eirias
Now we are reaping the rewards of using Villone too much.
2006-07-04 16:53:43
99.   rbj
This has gone from ridiculous to . . . to . . . to. . .whatever comes next.

Guidry looks like he could still pitch.

2006-07-04 16:53:44
100.   singledd
ARod better give his Life Coach's phone# to Beam.
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2006-07-04 16:54:06
101.   kdw
Sigh, now it really does seem like a waste to have used Villone. Hopefully Mussina is sharp tomorrow.
2006-07-04 16:54:42
102.   randym77
Torre looks like he's sick to his stomach.
2006-07-04 16:55:02
103.   Stormer Sports
There is absolutely no way that this team, with this staff, and this lineup, is going to make the playoffs.

Cleveland has been scoring all year. Unfortunately, the only team incapable of scoring or their pitching, is the New York Yankees.

2006-07-04 16:55:54
104.   singledd
Does Beam throw anything other then a fastball?
2006-07-04 16:56:04
105.   randym77
Myers is warming.
2006-07-04 16:56:49
106.   Eirias
Comments like my last one result from stepping away from the game for a second. Even I cannot get anything right in this game.
2006-07-04 16:57:13
107.   singledd
Can we put in Stinett and save Posada a little?
2006-07-04 16:57:45
108.   Simone
Canseco may be available to pitch.
2006-07-04 16:59:19
109.   kdw
108 Perfect, because he's sure not hitting.
2006-07-04 16:59:42
110.   rabid stan
108 Ooo, I'm all for it. He throws a knuckleball.
2006-07-04 17:06:14
111.   rabid stan
Imagine, he could be the greatest Yankee knuckleballer since Wade Boggs...
2006-07-04 17:07:21
112.   randym77
Gawd. Three more innings to be pitched after this one. And Proctor's warming.
2006-07-04 17:07:23
113.   singledd
Was it Cleveland that scored 21 against us a few years ago?
2006-07-04 17:07:30
114.   marc
I just turned on the game. I guess we have a better idea about whether we might need pitching or hitting more
2006-07-04 17:08:42
115.   Simone
Didn't the Indians score 22 runs against the Yankees breaking some kind of record last season or the season before? It could happen again.
2006-07-04 17:10:42
116.   rbj
113 115 Yes 22-0 Worst. Loss. Ever.
2006-07-04 17:11:23
117.   Eirias
Please let the rest of the game be rained out, if only to save the relief staff.
2006-07-04 17:12:01
118.   singledd
Any news on Pavano?
He's got to be better then Chacon, right?
2006-07-04 17:12:34
119.   Simone
At least, the Yankees have scored one run this time. At times like these, I wish MLB had the mercy rule.
2006-07-04 17:12:59
120.   randym77
107 Good idea. They should put Stinnett in. I'd say put all the scrubs in, except most of them are already in.

They could have Bubba Crosby pitch. He was the ace of his high school team. Had a mean curve and changeup, I hear. And I saw Gator showing him how to grip a splitter in the dugout awhile back.

Ooh, rain. Maybe they'll be merciful and call it a game already.

2006-07-04 17:13:02
121.   singledd
116 OH BOY!!!
We could set a record today!
2006-07-04 17:13:07
122.   kdw
Sounds like Belliard finally gave us a mercy out. And of course it's got to start raining hard now, rather than 2 innings ago.
2006-07-04 17:13:55
123.   BklynBmr
Tomorrow, how about letting the Tribe score first and see what happens...
2006-07-04 17:14:14
124.   rbj
And all this on Stein's 76th birthday. He will not be happy. He may demand that Cashman make a trade in the next week.
2006-07-04 17:15:57
125.   randym77
What about Rasner? Could they bring him off the DL and send Beam back to Columbus?
2006-07-04 17:16:56
126.   BklynBmr
124 Was just thinkin' that and not sure if anyone mentioned it. Nice birthday present, huh? You know he's pissed...
2006-07-04 17:18:26
127.   BklynBmr
Oh, now they're showboatin'... Actually that was a sweet play by Belliard, the SOB...
2006-07-04 17:18:28
128.   singledd
Cleveland announcer #1:
The Yankees has throw 140 in just FIVE innings.
Cleveland announcer #2:

Once again the Yankees amaze.

2006-07-04 17:18:50
129.   marc
I listening to the cleveland announcer on XM and it sounds like the greatest play ever was just made. Was it that good?
2006-07-04 17:19:14
130.   rbj
Didn't the Indians have a big lead a couple of years ago, only to squander it and lose to the Mariners?
(yeah, like that would happen twice)
2006-07-04 17:20:29
131.   mikeplugh
singledd and others who want a bat:

You guys are right. We need a bat, or maybe two. The offense is in crisis. The problem is we wouldn't have won this game if we had a lineup of 9 Giambis.

Our 4th and 5th starters are regularly leaving the game before the 5th inning, and recently as early as the 2nd. These guys are not bad, they are totally cooked. If you can't get out of the 2nd inning and your other outings are 4 innings or so, you are not a Major League pitcher. Seriously.

We have a 7-9 group of hitters on the team. They're not good, but they occasionally get on base. They occasionally score runs. They occasionally make plays in the field. They may be minus on the VORP rating, but the pitching is minus on the cardiogram.

We have no 4 or 5 starter on the team. That is beyond worrisome. That's going to sink the season for sure. No two ways about it. Chacon and Wright are bad pitchers. They aren't bad for the Yankees' standard, they're bad pitchers period. Pavano is a lost cause. He's just cashing it in. He was bad when he was halfway healthy and there's no reason to believe he'll be better when he comes back.

We have to live with Wright because he's been good in the past, and he's been fair sometimes this season. Chacon needs to join Small with a thank you letter and a kick out the door.

Sorry for the long post. I'll blog about this tonight at COH, but I wanted to debate the point again, in light of the 16 runs we gave up to Cleveland. Just my opinion, but a bat is a band aid, a pitcher would be open heart surgery.

2006-07-04 17:21:01
132.   BklynBmr
I still don't understand that rule/call. It's almost like the ump is divining what should happen next on a play. He lept, snagged it and lost it. How is that an out?
2006-07-04 17:21:57
133.   Stormer Sports
What happened with Boston and Toronto today?
2006-07-04 17:23:07
134.   randym77
129 It was pretty good. Except they didn't make the DP. Not as impressive as Jeter's flip play, but still pretty cool.

And Bubba robbed on another good defensive play. Weird call on that one. He dropped it, but they ruled it a catch. Just as well, since A-Rod was heading back to 1B.

2006-07-04 17:23:32
135.   rbj
It is now officially a spring training game.
2006-07-04 17:23:44
136.   BklynBmr
133 Rays won, 9-6. Texas-Toronto in a rain delay...
2006-07-04 17:25:01
137.   Stormer Sports
Thanks Bklyn, I was almost afraid to ask.
2006-07-04 17:25:37
138.   Stormer Sports
Now I am kinda rooting for Cleveland to score more than 22. Go Tribe!
2006-07-04 17:29:04
139.   marc
I think Wright is pretty good. I have no problem with him in the line up with Wang RJ and Moose. While the Chacon/Small miracle has run it's course, I don't know, Chacon is probably salvageable but we don't have the luxury to work on it right now. I think I'm going to keep typing to keep from throwing up from what I'm hearing on the radio.
2006-07-04 17:29:40
140.   Benjamin Kabak
I've got a follow-up on Rasner from Peter Abrahams of the Lo Hud Yankees blog and beat writer over there. Here's what he says about the MIA Darrell Rasner: "still in Tampa rehabbing, Cashman said the other day. Seems the injury was worse than they realized at first. hope is he returns this season."
2006-07-04 17:31:30
141.   joe in boston
OK, just turned the game on (guests wouldn't leave our cookout)

I think I'll invite them back over and start drinking heavily....

2006-07-04 17:33:24
142.   randym77
140 Thanks, I've been wondering. Ugh. Bad news on the injury front never seems to end.

Is there anyone they can bring up to spell the bullpen this week?

2006-07-04 17:35:49
143.   rbj
And the news on Dotel?
2006-07-04 17:38:43
144.   brockdc
131 Both needs were apparent this offseason, and NOTHING was done to address either. I begged (along with others on this blog as well) for them to go after Millwood and a fourth outfielder type, i.e. Sanders or Encarnacion. Cash did NEITHER. Sure, the roster was replete with starting pitching in spring training, though numbers do not equate to quality. In other words, yeah, we had a lot of starting pitchers going in, almost all of whom were question marks.

But why weren't these issues addressed by Cashman? Why also did he not deem it necessary to sign a solid fourth outfielder that we were all SCREAMING for on this blog in December-January? True, the Yanks do not have the ability - even if they wanted to - to overhaul the roster by trading off overvalued vets, but they could have - no - SHOULD HAVE addressed the starting pitching/4th outfielder issues prior to opening day.

Has a team with so many resources ever squandered their opportunities so egregiously?

2006-07-04 17:39:28
145.   randym77
I heard Dotel is out until at least "late July."

What about Veras?

2006-07-04 17:42:24
146.   dianagramr
Pardon the flogging of the Yanks, but ..

Anyone know where I can find the final vote totals for ALL the players on the all-star ballot?

2006-07-04 17:44:11
147.   BklynBmr
141 Don't invite 'em back. You'll need all the Jameson you can get your hands on to suffer through the rest of this one...

Of course, we'll win 2-1 tomorrow, which will take the sting out of my hangover ;-)

2006-07-04 17:44:50
148.   Stormer Sports
3 Runs in two days against Cleveland pitching, ugh!

Even Zito ans Schmidt couldn't put humpty dumpty together again.

144 Cashman should have been fired years ago.

2006-07-04 17:46:15
149.   Simone
Gawd. Terrible.
2006-07-04 17:46:53
150.   marc
I've always liked this Cleveland announcer's enthusiam but can he tone it down a little given the score?
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2006-07-04 17:46:57
151.   mikeplugh
How is it that Scott Proctor pitches in a 10 run win and a 15 run loss on back to back nights.

Fuck Joe Torre. Villone is going to die, Proctor is going to die. Sometimes a guy like Chacon who sucks needs to take a humilating one for the team. Maybe he gives up all 16 runs by himself over 6 innings, but we are going to lose our entire pen if we keep doing this.

2006-07-04 17:47:20
152.   dianagramr

Cashman should have been fired years ago?

Is it his fault the Yankees farm system has been stripped faster than it can be rebuilt, so that the Yanks are forced to overpay for mediocre FA pitching?

2006-07-04 17:48:56
153.   Stormer Sports

Considering he is the one who stripped the system with trades, why YES, YES it is.

2006-07-04 17:49:54
154.   randym77
Maybe we can talk Al Leiter into coming back.
2006-07-04 17:50:38
155.   mikeplugh
Maybe Gator will go out there for us. He couldn't be worse over 1.1 innings of work.
2006-07-04 17:52:21
156.   Simone
Boy, I forgot bitter some of you get when things look bad for the Yankees. I'm out.
2006-07-04 17:52:25
157.   brockdc
152 I would be satisfied with Cashman not trading away quality pitchers (Vasquez, Contreras). But that's just me.
2006-07-04 17:52:49
158.   BklynBmr
146 Couldn't find that on a quick search, but came across the final player voting ballots (AL only), FWIW...

2006-07-04 17:54:57
159.   Stormer Sports
....Or maybe El Duque some years back.

....Or maybe Schilling and Beckett shouldn't have been grabbed by the sox.

....Or maybe Vasquez.

....Or maybe Contreras.

....Or maybe any of the players that Cashman just thought he could go out and replace with ease.

In his defense, it's not his fault the Yankee farm system hasn't produced an ace or legitimate power hitter in 20 years.

2006-07-04 18:01:22
160.   rbj
156 I hear you Simone.
It's just a bad night.
Yankees do need a starting pitcher, an OF bat, and maybe another reliever.
2006-07-04 18:01:25
161.   Stormer Sports


I completely agree. With our resources, it is simply impossible to defed the thinking that two 40 years olds, Chacon, Wang, and Jaret Wright were an appropriate staff to enter the 2006 season with in the AL East.

Cashman is a moron, plain and simple. I don't agree that there was nothing he could do. He could have signed Contreras and El Duque for 10 years for what he decided to pay Kyle Farnsworth.

If Mo had spend any large amount of time on the DL the past few years, Cashman's boobery would have been even more glaring.

2006-07-04 18:02:03
162.   kdw
156 Yup.
2006-07-04 18:02:53
163.   rbj
And Alex, you need to be clearer with your titles. Try Yanks bomb away Tribe. Otherwise the baseball gods will take Bombs Away to inflict a beat down on the Yankees.
2006-07-04 18:08:02
164.   BklynBmr
159 Always thought we blew it by not putting a full court press on to get Schilling, and by not sticking with Contreras (who just needed the right shrink at the time, he always had the stuff).

And don't get me started on Beltran, who would have signed at $99M vs. $119M with the Mutts — and CF would have been locked up with a 5 tool guy for the next 6 or 7 years.

2006-07-04 18:13:41
165.   Stormer Sports

This is why I just don't understand how folks defend Cashman. It wasn't rocket science to sign Matsui and Sheffield.

2006-07-04 18:15:45
166.   Stormer Sports
I think he believes that there will always be quality players available mid-season. However, this years and last illustrates glaringly, that that is not always the case, and sometimes, just sometimes, you have to do your freakin' job!
2006-07-04 18:24:46
167.   singledd
People are putting too much on Cashman. Remember, the Boss and the TB Mafia made a lot of decisions.

Also, they tried to get pitching. Weaver, Vaquez, Contraras, RJ, Pavano. Hindsight makes these decisions look bad, but they looked good at the time.

When you HAVE to win every year, you don't have the luxury to rebuild, be patient and develop talent. This is just the Yankees lot.

2006-07-04 18:43:02
168.   kdw
Uh-oh, Torre is worried about Mussina's groin tomorrow and says he'll be watching carefully because Mussina won't say anything and Torre doesn't want him to end up with a strain/pull. He Torre is talking to Cashman tonight and is now back to saying they need another arm. Torre says they don't know what's wrong with Chacon and that right now he's still the Sunday starter but the announcers think there's zero chances he gets the start.
2006-07-04 18:44:10
169.   BklynBmr
165 Exactly, Storm. Sheff even went straight to George to do the deal, and The Apple was the only stage Matsui probably considered given his stature in Japan. He wasn't going to Pittsburgh just to play in the States.

You're right about the mid-season moves. For a minute there, they seemed automatic. Just the right guy at the right time — Cone in '95. Justice in '00. Boone in '03 (although it took game 7 of the ALCS for that one to really pay off.) — just for starters.

Props to Ca$h for last year's Small/Chacon trickery, though — and for not jumping into the past off season FA market fists first, given the lack of talent. He stuck with the kids and so far it's paying off.

But yeah, he's due for a Wells-for-Clemens-esque deal here pretty soon. Something's gotta give...

2006-07-04 18:48:38
170.   randym77
Is there anyone at Columbus who could help? Steven White? Kris Wilson? Would they be totally overmatched at the major league level?
2006-07-04 19:12:57
171.   brockdc
I'd be interested in seeing what White can do. Does anyone have insight on him?
2006-07-04 19:24:32
172.   Stormer Sports
I'd give my left nut for Kazmir!
2006-07-04 19:41:40
173.   Stormer Sports

I wish we could pull off a Wells for Clemens.

Unfortunately we are in a precarious position. We have no one in the minors (less Hughes) that anyone wants. We cant get crap for Wright or Chacon. We cant trade Cano or Wang. We don't want to make the mistake of trading any of the guys we drafted this year. I don't see a Reggie Sanders or a Craig Wilson helping measureably. I don't see Florida parting with Willis. I don't see SF parting with Schmidt and the A's are right in it, therefore no Zito.

In other words, we're stuck with what we have. It is the sad but true state of the New York Yankees.

Even if RJ is pitching lights out, we still wont catch Boston at this rate. Something has got to be wrong with Chacon. His away-from-Coors-ERA was just over 3.50 while with Colorado. That's not half bad, and he pitched well last year. Something is amiss with him. We are getting exactly what I expected from Wright. Wang has been solid. We just don't have that guy who can come out in a game 5 or game 7 situation and just shut the door (and no, Mike Mussina is not that guy late in the year).

The reality is we just have to hope against all hope that Matsui and Sheffield come back in September or before. We have to hope Cano comes back strong and no one else goes down. We could get a pleasant surprise from Pavano or Dotel but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Batton down the hatches and make sure your head and hands are inside the ride at all times, what we have is what we will have to work with.

2006-07-04 20:41:29
174.   BklynBmr
173 Well said. The way this year is going, giving up a Hughes for a Zito (even if we had the chance) is the 80's all over again. I'd rather bite the bullet for '06, stay young and get younger rather than try to fill one hole which by itself won't get us over the top.

It still early enough for this one-third-All Star, one-third-AAA, and one-third-cast-off present roster to find a groove, but Jesus H. Crist, if we can't get some consistency from somewhere it's going to be a long summer.

I'm not counting on any outside cure at this point. The starters have to keep us in games and Jetes, Jason, Damon, Jorgie and A-Rod need to make the offense crank. Anyone else just need to work counts and get on base any way they know how.

You think last year was a miracle getting to the PS? Sh*t. Welcome to 2006. We can do it, though. We can.

2006-07-05 03:35:27
175.   randym77
174 I agree. We can't count on a late trade saving the season for us. The track record on such acquisitions hasn't been great. Maybe we'll find another David Justice. It's more likely to be another Matt Lawton or Jeff Weaver.

We have to fix the problems from within, and hope ShefSui get back soon. Play longball at the top of the lineup, small ball at the bottom. Give Steven White and/or Kris Wilson a shot; they can't be worse than Chacon.

And exorcise GOB from the outfield. Please.

2006-07-05 04:54:18
176.   The Mick 536
The problem with all of us whiners begins when numbers rise in the loss column. Live with it. Follow the Blue Jays or the Devil Rays for a while. Give the brainiacs some room. Demand comments from Bowa, Guidry, Donny, and Pena. Joe blows wet air every day. Make them tell us whasssssup. Other wise we keep our heads, like the proverbial mushrooms, damply under the manure.

I didn't think we would win last year and I don't think we will win this year. I want some new bodies on the diamond two years hense, starting with the mound and then the outfield.

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