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They're Only Sleeping
2006-07-04 07:31
by Alex Belth

After a rousing 16-run outburst against the Mets on Sunday night, the Yankee offense was ineffective again on Monday in Cleveland. Jason Giambi hooked a 3-2 breaking ball into the right field seats in the first inning against southpaw Jeremy Sowers for a two-run dinger and that was all the scoring the Yanks would do as they fell to the Tribe, 5-2. Generally speaking, if you haven't heard of the pitcher before, chances are they've got a good shot at beating the Yanks. Chien-Ming Wang wasn't his usual sharp self, but he wasn't awful either. This was a night where he needed the bats to help him a little something and it just didn't happen.

The third inning turned out to be pivotal. With one out, Johnny Damon doubled. Derek Jeter followed with a sharp single to center. The ball was hit so hard that Damon didn't have a chance to score. Jeter promptly swiped second but Giambi went down on strikes. The Indians intentionally walked Alex Rodriguez and then Sowers struck out Bernie Williams to get out of trouble. It was a nice bit of pitching and Sowers showed that he has some poise. The Indians singled three straight times in the bottom of the inning, scoring a run in the process. But it was Victor Martinez's double to left that hurt the most. Melky Cabrera looked overwhelmed attempting to field the ball--first he took a bad route to it, then misplayed the ball off the wall and lastly missed the cut-off man allowing the slow-footed Travis Hafner to score all the way from first base. Instead of keeping the go-ahead run from scoring--the Yanks trailed 3-2.

Things got worse for Cabrera who was robbed of base hits not once but twice by Aaron Boone. Really some fine work by Boone. Todd Hollandsworth made a couple of nice grabs in left field as well and his two-run homer sealed the win for Cleveland. The Bombers had a chance in the ninth. They got the tying run to the plate. With two men on and two out, Kevin Reese pinch-hit for Nick Green and faced Bob Wickman who fell behind 2-0. The next pitch, tailing away from the lefty was inexplicably called a strike. I am not lying to you when I say that it was possibly the worst strike call I can ever remember seeing. It wasn't like it was close but Reese didn't get the call. It was as if the home plate ump was on the take. It was an awful call. 2-1 is a lot different from 3-0, no? Reese grounded out to end the game and it is not like the Yanks can blame the loss on a bad call, but yo, in a critical spot it sure didn't help matters any.

Yanks are still struggling offensively. Fortunately for the New Yorkers, the Red Sox ran into a buzzsaw named Kazmir as Boston's lead remains four games.

2006-07-04 10:50:40
1.   The Mick 536
What does A-Jerk mean that he only plays to win and doesn't care about the fans? Having fans on his side could excite him, encourage him, abet him, cause him to cease being so self conscious that he cannot produce when needed. We are the game, not him.

Simple test A-J. You go to play on some out of the way field in anywhere by yourself. Make believe there are other players on the field and fans in the stands. Play the game in your head. Then go pay your rent. I will forget about you in a flash.

As for the rumor he is headed for the Cubbies. Can't believe it.

2006-07-04 11:17:59
2.   Max
Mick, what a class act. On the 4th of July, you arrive at one of the most amiable fan sites, and decide to start another tired name-calling fight about A-Rod and his character.

Give it a rest, and go unleash your willful hatred in a mosh pit somewhere.

2006-07-04 11:21:38
3.   monkeypants
1 Fnas are not the game---we are (paying) spectators of the game. The job of the players is to play hard and win, regardless of how many fans there are or what they say or do. I am entertained when my team plays well and wins, whatever the players may be thinking at the time. I pay to see the teams compete with each other, not for the players to like me.
2006-07-04 12:13:56
4.   seamus
1 give it a break. i don't care for the lame name calling.

I hope the Yanks got some rest last night. I'm a little tired of the non-production. This is too talented a team for all this.

2006-07-04 14:13:49
5.   randym77
Kevin Reese is starting RF today. (Thank you, Joe. Bernie in RF with Chacon on the mound is a scary thought.)

And Schilling just gave up a homer. Boston's losing, 0-2.

2006-07-04 14:24:05
6.   Count Zero
1 Ridiculous rant...doesn't even make any sense.

Best part of it all is your nick -- "The Mick" caught every bit as much crap on a daily basis in the late 50s. Supposed "fans" just like you were never satisfied with his performance until 1962 when he was the senior guy and they could vent their spleens on Maris instead. Now those same people revere him as the greatest player that ever lived.

Go away.

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