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Fit To Be Tied
2006-07-02 12:00
by Cliff Corcoran

The Yankees need to win tonight's finale to win the current series and salvage a split of their season set with the Mets. In their way stands 26-year-old Cuban defector Alay Soler. The plump righthander started the year in A-ball where he dominated in six starts, earning an early May promotion to double-A Binghamton. There he was similarly convincing in three more turns, posting an aggregate minor league line of 49 2/3 IP, 29 H, 8 R, 0 HR, 12 BB, 55 K in nine starts.

By that point, the Mets had seen more than enough of Jose Lima and punted him, calling up Soler straight from double-A. Soler has since been infinitely less impressive in his seven major league starts. Much like his fellow countryman, Friday night's starter Orlando Hernandez, Solar's best start came in Arizona when he pitched a two-hit shutout. Still, Soler walked three and struck out just two in that game. In that sense, the start before that in which he struck out seven Dodgers in seven innings, walking just one and allowing just one run on a solo homer was more convincing. Most recently, Soler got roughed up by the Red Sox in Fenway for eight runs on ten hits and a pair of walks in just 4 1/3 innings.

The Yankees counter with Jaret Wright, whose last two starts have produced this line: 11 IP, 8 H, 1 R, 0 HR, 6 BB, 10 K. Most encouraging there is the increased strikeout rate as Jaret had struck out just 24 in his previous 53 2/3 innings of work. Wright lasted six full in his last outing and the Yankee pen is both rested and coming off a collection of solid outings as detailed at the end of my last post. Let's just hope the Yankees don't come down with the URPs (Unfamiliar Rookie Pitcheritis).

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2006-07-02 14:45:14
1.   randym77
LOL at "URPs". We needed a name for it.

I'm hearing tonight could be the night. The game Torre decides to rest Cairo and start Nick Green.

2006-07-02 15:24:34
2.   randym77
Yup, Green's in. If he got on the Interstate, it would be an improvement.

Giambi (DH)
Green (2B)

2006-07-02 15:44:34
3.   rbj
URP. I like it, and it sounds right. Marlins didn't help, but at least the Phils took care of Toronto today.
2006-07-02 15:53:45
4.   randym77
Ugh. The weather's not looking so good.

2006-07-02 17:03:01
5.   rbj
So is it raining, or just about to rain or what.
2006-07-02 17:07:21
6.   randym77
Tarp's on the field. They're expecting a brief but intense thunderstorm. Once that passes, the game will start.

The forecast is scattered thunderstorms for the rest of the night, so there may be rain delays during the game. :-P

2006-07-02 17:13:10
7.   Tom Carroll
XM says 9:15 start (just changed from 9:30)
2006-07-02 17:18:35
8.   rbj
Good thing I'm taking tomorrow off.
2006-07-02 17:25:41
9.   nyctarheel87
So how about no Giambi or Moose at the All-Star game?
2006-07-02 17:38:38
10.   kdw
You know, there's a part of me that wants them at the All-Star but the practical part says that they and Damon are better off resting up and staying healthy. Can you imagine if Jeter gets hit on the hand again or something happens to Mo?
2006-07-02 17:45:27
11.   nyctarheel87
Yeah I think it was more of the "every team needs an all star" rule than anything.
2006-07-02 17:56:10
12.   rsmith51
How many bunts can they hit to Ortiz? Hafner was robbed. I was pleasantly surprised to not see Varitek on the team. I was surprised that Loretta got the votes for 2b, though.
2006-07-02 17:56:15
13.   monkeypants
Sunday Night Baseball banner just announced that "Mets are trying to win season series against Yankees for first time since 2004." Wow, that's historic.

I love rain delays.

2006-07-02 17:56:32
14.   randym77
No Schilling, either. No Barry Bonds.

I'm with kdw. I'd rather our players rest up. At least the ones who have been All-Stars before.

2006-07-02 18:02:50
15.   rsmith51
14 Schilling is a surprise. You can argue Konerko over Giambi, but not Konerko over Hafner. Of course the gloves of Ortiz, Thome, and Hafner are not desirable. Makes me think Konerko isn't that bad of a choice.
2006-07-02 18:15:08
16.   Simone
Here we go. Please Wright, go 6 innings minimum tonight.
2006-07-02 18:25:58
17.   singledd
I hope we can go deep in the counts and get a good look at this kid.
2006-07-02 18:27:54
18.   randym77
And Jeter pulls one and beats the throw.
2006-07-02 18:29:28
19.   BklynBmr
Curious move to first by this guy...
2006-07-02 18:30:30
20.   BklynBmr
A-(what have you done me lately)-Rod is waaaay overdue for a hit...
2006-07-02 18:32:03
21.   randym77
I don't freakin' believe it. This guy walks everyone, and A-Rod swings at the first pitch. And Giambi gets caught between bases for a DP.
2006-07-02 18:32:34
22.   monkeypants
Hmmm. This teams finds ways to amaze me each and every game.
2006-07-02 18:34:59
23.   Max
4 for the last 57 with runners in scoring position. That sounds positively worthy of the KC Royals.
2006-07-02 18:35:57
24.   nyctarheel87
To be fair, that might have been a home run (or close to it) anywhere else and Giambi was safe
2006-07-02 18:36:14
25.   rsmith51
21 Good point on ARod, that is not good baseball. Take some pitches, Alex. He threw 5 straight balls to Giambi.
2006-07-02 18:38:56
26.   Max
Why do I have the feeling tonight is going to be very ugly?
2006-07-02 18:40:17
27.   randym77
Nick Green is supposed to be good on defense, but somehow everything's getting by him.

And Bernie in RF is killing us.

2006-07-02 18:40:45
28.   Simone
Yes, got him. Something good.
2006-07-02 18:41:29
29.   randym77
And right after I post that, Nick makes a great throw to the plate.
2006-07-02 18:41:35
30.   rsmith51
I didn't think they had any chance to catch Valentin. I think Posada surprised him.
2006-07-02 18:42:42
31.   Coltre Hughes
This gon' be a grind......
2006-07-02 18:43:01
32.   rsmith51
Valentin looked left, but apparently didn't see the ball coming. Interesting play.
2006-07-02 18:43:20
33.   randym77
It was like that play Robby made awhile back. Nick was way out in the outfield, and made a great throw in exactly the right place. Valentin didn't even slide. Didn't expect the ball to be there.
2006-07-02 18:44:00
34.   Simone
Wright looks like crap.
2006-07-02 18:44:26
35.   Max
Two ugly throws to second by JoPo.
2006-07-02 18:45:19
36.   rsmith51
34 Was it onlhy a matter of time? They have that gap measured. How many hits have gone there?
2006-07-02 18:45:28
37.   randym77
Goddammit. Bubba would have gotten that one.
2006-07-02 18:45:32
38.   Max
Oh well, the bullpen is fresh, anyway.
2006-07-02 18:45:55
39.   jameson and water
This guy scores a ton of triples.
2006-07-02 18:46:29
40.   Zack
That triple was def. a case of GOB...

Looks like we are headed for 5 games out, ouch

2006-07-02 18:47:31
41.   rsmith51
Has there been an update on Matsui and/or Sheff recently? Derrek Lee came back from a wrist injury in about 2 months.
2006-07-02 18:47:43
42.   Simone
Just start warming up the bullpen already. Wow, as I type, Guidry responses.
2006-07-02 18:48:34
43.   kdw
For the love of all that's holy, I'm not sure that the Yanks can come back from 4 runs out. I'd be tempted to pull Wright if he doesn't get the next batter.
2006-07-02 18:49:13
44.   3rd gen yankee fan
26 tonight is already ugly.
2006-07-02 18:49:41
45.   rsmith51
All because ARod swung at the first pitch he saw...
2006-07-02 18:49:45
46.   randym77
Villone is warming.
2006-07-02 18:50:33
47.   Coltre Hughes
"...5 games out..." C'mon, don't be negative; I think you're forgeting that we have the offense force of nature known as 'Nick Green' in the lineup tonight.
2006-07-02 18:51:21
48.   Max
45 Arod hit the ball hard...he had a good pitch to hit. It's ridiculous how he's blamed for the way we ran ourselves out of the inning, or for the fact Wright is worthless this game.
2006-07-02 18:52:57
49.   monkeypants
47 And let's not forget that deep bench of Bubba, Cairo, and Stinnett--that just wears out opposing BPs.
2006-07-02 18:53:12
50.   nyctarheel87
48. Yeah he's always criticized for not being aggressive and taking hittable pitches. I guess they guy can't win
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2006-07-02 18:53:55
51.   BklynBmr
Yo, please. This game has Bomber comeback written all over it. Just sit tight...
2006-07-02 18:53:57
52.   randym77
Wright just didn't have it tonight.
2006-07-02 18:56:22
53.   Simone
This is so sad.
2006-07-02 18:56:49
54.   Zack
Well, maybe this team will be primed for a second half of the season surge? Maybe
2006-07-02 18:57:38
55.   kdw
Anyone else feel kind of sick, with the other Wright coming to the plate?
2006-07-02 18:58:53
56.   Coltre Hughes
Your mouth to God's ears, Bklnbomber
2006-07-02 19:01:17
57.   singledd
I hear Steinbrenner just booked a flight for Bora Bora....
2006-07-02 19:01:32
58.   BklynBmr
56 Damn right, Coltre. We just talked...
2006-07-02 19:01:58
59.   randym77
Villone gets out of it. But oy, what a mess. Our poor bullpen.
2006-07-02 19:02:23
60.   Coltre Hughes
I hope he's going to scout some pitching...
2006-07-02 19:04:01
61.   Simone
Thank you for giving me hope, Jorgie, thank you!
2006-07-02 19:04:03
62.   Max
Way to go, Jorgie!
2006-07-02 19:09:25
63.   Max
And then the black hole known as the bottom of the order promptly gives Soler his confidence back...
2006-07-02 19:09:39
64.   Stormer Sports
We are in big big trouble this year.
2006-07-02 19:10:41
65.   BklynBmr
Sh*t. Down 4-1 in the THIRD FU-KING INNING. Toast. Done. 5 back. Race over. Season over. Who do the Jint's play first? Are the Knicks still in the NBA? Discuss...
2006-07-02 19:11:46
66.   randym77
They are all swinging for the fences. Calm down, boys. Just get on base.
2006-07-02 19:13:14
67.   randym77
Bernie owes us three runs. If he'd caught that "triple" (and it was very catchable), we'd have been out of the inning with only one run scored.
2006-07-02 19:13:15
68.   Stormer Sports
Maybe we should just start Mussina and Wang. Platoon everyone else from the bullpen the remaining three starts.

My crystal ball sees Matt Smith starting a game before August.

2006-07-02 19:14:54
69.   Stormer Sports
I hate to say it, but we may have to start Bubba in Right, trade offense for defense. It won't be pretty, but at this point I think it's the right move. Sorry Bernie.
2006-07-02 19:17:01
70.   Stormer Sports
Where is our Luriano? Where is our Santana? Where is our (Insert Detroit Starter Here)???????????????
2006-07-02 19:19:00
71.   monkeypants
68 Agreed--they could test, with some modification, Veeck's (?) theory of replacing 'starters' with a rotation of designated three-innings pitchers. I like it.
2006-07-02 19:19:19
72.   Simone
Hughes just isn't ready yet.
2006-07-02 19:19:31
73.   randym77
Villone's giving us a chance.

69 I think we should do that, too. Though I can understand the reluctance, with Nick Green in tonight and the offense struggling anyway. But Bernie's defense costs us as many runs as his offense gives us. Even when he's hitting well.

2006-07-02 19:20:25
74.   Coltre Hughes
There ya go Nicky!
2006-07-02 19:20:36
75.   randym77
And the much-maligned Green works a walk! Yeah, Nick!
2006-07-02 19:21:18
76.   claybeez
65 Discuss? If you're so down on your team why are you still following them? Turn it off. Go watch Deadwood and Entourage. HBO is very entertaining.

Me, I feel the frustration too. But, no Cano, Sheff or Matsui and we're battling - usually taking 2 of 3. We may fall short. We may not. But, we're continuing to overachieve in my book with this lineup. I like the fight they're putting up.

2006-07-02 19:21:24
77.   Stormer Sports

Agreed, but I'll believe we've had "good" drafts the last couple years when I see it with my own eyes. Right now, we aren't even in the same league with Chicago, Detroit, let alone Boston.

2006-07-02 19:22:28
78.   svs
Does anyone know what that yellow thing on the mound next to the rosin bag is? Thanks.
2006-07-02 19:23:00
79.   Stormer Sports
Wow, gotta love the young enthusiasm. He came in to second like a bullet.

Quest tech hasn't helped our team the past few years either.

2006-07-02 19:23:20
80.   claybeez
Our Liriano and our Santana may be Hughes.

Remember those WS championships and those pennants? That's where the rest of them are.

2006-07-02 19:24:04
81.   Stormer Sports
JUst one more pitcher trying to let us back in the game. Let's see how we can blow it this time. Boo Arod? Boo the entire lineup less Giambi and Jete.
2006-07-02 19:24:29
82.   Stormer Sports
2006-07-02 19:24:54
83.   claybeez
Way to go Jeets! I like the hustle from Nick.
2006-07-02 19:25:12
84.   randym77
Rally! Rally!

Capt. Clutch!

2006-07-02 19:25:21
85.   3rd gen yankee fan
holy crap!
2006-07-02 19:25:34
86.   kdw
Please, please, please just leave Soler in, Willie. Let him try and work through it.
2006-07-02 19:25:40
87.   Stormer Sports

I don't buy that argument. NO pitcher we traded away has amounted to anything. We have just had rotten drafts, I don't give a rat's ass what the so called "experts" say.

2006-07-02 19:25:51
88.   claybeez
81 Thumbs down - way down.
2006-07-02 19:25:53
89.   BklynBmr
76 You didn't get it, my friend.
2006-07-02 19:26:18
90.   Stormer Sports
87 * Minor League pitcher that is.
2006-07-02 19:26:33
91.   Coltre Hughes
May I? That was SARCASM!
2006-07-02 19:27:28
92.   Stormer Sports
The Mets defense rears its ugly head! Hey, at least we aren't the ugliest defensive team in town.
2006-07-02 19:27:38
93.   randym77
Giambi's on first on a major defensive screw up.
2006-07-02 19:28:09
94.   Stormer Sports
Grand slam, team hits the showers and refuses to come out!
2006-07-02 19:28:12
95.   claybeez
91 OK. I'm about as sarcastic as they come. It just didn't come across to me that way. No biggie.
2006-07-02 19:28:51
96.   Saburo
2006-07-02 19:29:00
97.   BklynBmr
76 I was responding to the previous posts giving up on this game and more. See my post here 51 for a idea of where I'm at...
2006-07-02 19:29:02
98.   randym77


2006-07-02 19:29:04
99.   Stormer Sports
See above!!!!!!


2006-07-02 19:29:04
100.   claybeez
Alex!!!!!!!!!! Woohooooooooo!!!
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2006-07-02 19:29:05
101.   Max
See ya....AROD!!!!!!!
2006-07-02 19:29:09
102.   Simone
Yessss!!! A-Rod's clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!
2006-07-02 19:29:18
103.   kdw
Way to go A-Rod!!!!!!!!
2006-07-02 19:29:31
104.   Simone
Shut up, La Duca.
2006-07-02 19:29:32
105.   3rd gen yankee fan
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!
2006-07-02 19:29:39
106.   Stormer Sports
He's Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
2006-07-02 19:30:25
107.   randym77
A curtain call for A-Rod. :-D

And still no one warming for the Mets.

2006-07-02 19:30:28
108.   claybeez
97 Good job! I'm in your corner.
2006-07-02 19:30:38
109.   BklynBmr
Another BS A-Rod homer. Only the 3rd inning. Not clutch...
2006-07-02 19:30:55
110.   Simone
Yeah, Jorgie! Keep it going, boys.
2006-07-02 19:31:25
111.   Stormer Sports
Hopefully we're up by 6 in the 9th. Please beam Lo Duca in the fucking head!
2006-07-02 19:31:49
112.   randym77
What was La Duca's problem?
2006-07-02 19:32:23
113.   BklynBmr
108 I've read your posts here, clay. We are definitely on the same page, my brother ;-)
2006-07-02 19:32:49
114.   Simone
LoDuca needs to shut it. I'm so sick of people picking on A-Rod.
2006-07-02 19:33:06
115.   Stormer Sports
Say Hey Willie. HEY! You got a bullpend or what? What is Willie thinking? Not that I am dissapointed, but seriously.

Lo Duca helped us there in building some more "Chemistry." Thanks short stuff.

2006-07-02 19:33:21
116.   Simone
Jorgie, what were you thinking?
2006-07-02 19:33:22
117.   claybeez
Bernie trying to work the count...

Good ol' Jorgie Porgie on the paths.

2006-07-02 19:34:25
118.   randym77
There is some stirring in the Mets bullpen now.
2006-07-02 19:35:14
119.   Stormer Sports
Jorge is like watching a Marx brothers movie on the base paths. Jorge, I love you, but you've been playing baseball for some time now.

Hit Lo Duca--Hit Lo Duca--Hit Lo Duca. Blame it on Ozzie.

2006-07-02 19:35:16
120.   Max
What the heck is Andy doing hacking away with Soler on the mound?

And that bat flip by Arod was a 2 or 3 on the showboating scale...and Manny routinely earns 9s and 10s.

2006-07-02 19:35:28
121.   randym77
Bernie on 2nd on a botched pickoff attempt.
2006-07-02 19:36:50
122.   wsporter
If Mr. Torre was managing this way and not Willie there would be blood on this blog.
2006-07-02 19:37:05
123.   Saburo
Agreed. A-Rod home run trot was NOTHING like Manny.

Wow, another shot to left-center...

2006-07-02 19:37:38
124.   randym77
Yeah, Melky! And here comes Willie to take the ball.
2006-07-02 19:38:18
125.   claybeez
Willie waited a loooong time. Three cheers for Willie!
2006-07-02 19:39:42
126.   randym77
I gather La Duca was upset that A-Rod admired his shot for a brief moment before starting to run the bases.

One wonders what he thinks of Manny...

2006-07-02 19:40:08
127.   kdw
122 Yup. I'd certainly be yelling at the tv for Torre to pull the pitcher. My theory is that Willie is letting the Yankees have one for old times' sake, he knows that they need the game more than the Mets. :)
2006-07-02 19:40:34
128.   singledd
109 Not quite Clutch?. Maybe Clut.
Man, talk about opposite field power. Wow.
Watching that young pitcher chase Giambi to 1st was kinda funny. The kid just forgot to reach out and tag him.

Our bullpen needs to hold on. Can we get lots of innings from Villone and Smith? We need to save something for Cleveland.

2006-07-02 19:41:54
129.   Stormer Sports
Matt Smith for President!

Nick Green!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006-07-02 19:42:03
130.   claybeez
Did I just see that! R U kidding me?!!!! Nick Green!!!!!
2006-07-02 19:42:06
131.   Max
Nick Green. Nick F"N GREEEN!!!!!
2006-07-02 19:42:18
132.   randym77
Holy Crap! Mr. .077 hits a homer!

Sorry I dissed you, Nicky.

2006-07-02 19:43:17
133.   Stormer Sports
What was that Damon way saying about seeing more pitches?
2006-07-02 19:43:37
134.   3rd gen yankee fan
51 How did you know????
2006-07-02 19:44:14
135.   mikeplugh
Someone tell me again why we need another bat? Please defend that premise again.

Pitching maybe. A

2006-07-02 19:44:32
136.   Max
Did LoDuca say anything to Green after that homer? Asshat.
2006-07-02 19:45:11
137.   Coltre Hughes
You can imagine Bell thinking, "I don't want to walk this .077 hitter so I'll just throw it down the middle, he'll never hit it out." hehe
2006-07-02 19:45:24
138.   wsporter
126 From what I've seen of Mr. LoDuca, thinking doesn't appear to be something that he does on a regular basis.
2006-07-02 19:45:51
139.   singledd
I'm sure we can all agree on the sheer genius of Torre. I mean, does this guy know why Nick Green is ready?

I didn't see Green's HR. How far was it hit, and to what field?

2006-07-02 19:46:29
140.   randym77
Unreal. Nick Green, who usually can't hit his way out of a paper bag, hits a homer. Over Death Valley. And gets a curtain call. What a night for him.
2006-07-02 19:46:29
141.   nyctarheel87
Maybe we should call some kid up for every game. They add a lot of energy.
2006-07-02 19:48:05
142.   singledd
135 We have averaged 4.35 runs/game over that last 26 games. That's what, league average? But yes, any game where ARod and NICK GREEN hit HRs and we get lots of walks, we will score a lot.
2006-07-02 19:48:06
143.   BklynBmr
128 C'mon now, single... my A-Rod/clutch reference has hair on it on the Banter , brah...
2006-07-02 19:48:11
144.   randym77
139 It didn't go very far out. But it was hit over Death Valley.
2006-07-02 19:49:54
145.   singledd
144 Thats an oxymoron. Not far... Death Valley.
2006-07-02 19:50:13
146.   monkeypants
139 It was a shot, over the second wall in CF--slightly LC--probably 430' if I remember the Stadium dimensions when it was first remodelled (430' LCF, 417' CF).

OK, I promise not to rank on Green for a week

2006-07-02 19:51:04
147.   BklynBmr
Who was the paper talking head in the NY Post today who said the Yanks have no big innings in them these days?
2006-07-02 19:51:32
148.   singledd
And I agree that what Bernie costs us on D, is a lot more then the difference of an eveyday Bubba over Bernie. Bernie should not be allowed on the field.
2006-07-02 19:51:50
149.   mikeplugh
142 singledd

If you go back and look at any season, pick 1998 for example, I bet you will find a stretch when the team was league average in runs scored. Every team goes through that. If they were at 2 or 3 runs a game for 26, then you worry.

If we had another starter that could go 7 innings, or even 5 or 6 without giving up the farm, that league average 4.35 runs would translate into a lot of wins....especially when the team goes on a scoring tear and gets it up to 5, 6, 7 runs a game for a prolonged period.

2006-07-02 19:53:08
150.   Simone
Okay, who is pitching and why can't he find the plate?
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2006-07-02 19:53:15
151.   randym77
145 LOL. You know what I mean. It landed only a few feet on the other side of the fence. Unlike A-Rod's, which was so gone the OFers took only a couple of token steps in pursuit.
2006-07-02 19:55:35
152.   Coltre Hughes
147. Sherman, I think. He said the Yanks had a National League lineup. But c'mon, it's his job to raise the ire of the fans; it don't mean nothing.
2006-07-02 19:57:02
153.   BklynBmr
F Joe Moran. And Miller. Just sayin'...
2006-07-02 19:57:20
154.   Max
Bad luck for Villone. Bad time to be doing an RJ imitation from yesterday, too...if we allow them to score after putting up 9, this could be the Nats all over again.
2006-07-02 19:57:37
155.   BklynBmr
Shoot 2, Yanks...
2006-07-02 19:57:57
156.   randym77
Villone may be done here.
2006-07-02 19:58:48
157.   BklynBmr
153 Sorry... MorGan. But you knew...
2006-07-02 19:59:29
158.   randym77
Beam's warming.
2006-07-02 20:00:39
159.   claybeez
153 Thought you were making a play on "Moron".
2006-07-02 20:03:25
160.   rabid stan
Somebody get Ron Villone a beer. And Nick Green too.
2006-07-02 20:03:36
161.   Max
Nick Green.....Player of the Game if they can hang on.
2006-07-02 20:03:44
162.   monkeypants
Nick Green for MVP!
2006-07-02 20:04:02
163.   kdw
Green!! We've been sporting some nice D at 2d lately.
2006-07-02 20:04:15
164.   randym77
Nice stop by Green.
2006-07-02 20:04:19
165.   nyctarheel87
Maybe we should call up someone new every game. They almost always bring energy.
2006-07-02 20:05:11
166.   bobtaco
Is that Rogers Hornsby out there?
2006-07-02 20:05:49
167.   svs
Since this worked so well last inning... does anyone know what the yellow thing next to the rosin bag on the mound is?
2006-07-02 20:06:00
168.   Max
And kudos to Villone as well. Innings 5, 6, and 7 could be scary, but Ron gave us much more than Scott Proctor ever could have.

I wasn't a believer when everyone was asking for more innings from him, but I can gladly admit I was wrong. Of course, let's hope he doesn't get Proctored/Quantrillized.

2006-07-02 20:08:43
169.   randym77
167 Cleat cleaner?
2006-07-02 20:11:15
170.   Simone
I can't believe that it is only the 4th inning. I feel like this game has being going on for hours.
2006-07-02 20:11:30
171.   Peter
That didn't sound like Bob Shepard announcing Arod.
2006-07-02 20:13:07
172.   Max
Alex's swing looking very good. Bell seems like his kind of pitcher, too...all hard stuff.
2006-07-02 20:14:07
173.   randym77
171 It's not. Bob has laryngitis. He went home early the other day, and has been out since.
2006-07-02 20:14:26
174.   nyctarheel87
171 It isn't, he's out with pharyngitis
2006-07-02 20:15:06
175.   nyctarheel87
i meant laryngitis
2006-07-02 20:17:35
176.   Max
Wow, what a gift. Thank you Xavier.
2006-07-02 20:18:32
177.   randym77
Ball dropped. Andy lucks out.

And Melky almost gets a homer.

Nick "Slugger" Green coming to the plate...

2006-07-02 20:18:57
178.   kdw
I was just thinking that this is one of these games where the Yankees can't let up, they need to keep scoring. And voila, Melky!!!!
2006-07-02 20:18:58
179.   Coltre Hughes
Bring back Milledge! Oops, wrong blog.
Go Melky!
2006-07-02 20:20:59
180.   Max
Here's hoping we see Beam and Matt Smith. No two inning "saves" from Mo, please.
2006-07-02 20:21:49
181.   Zack
Wow, looks like the Yanks offense is pissed off and not gonna take it tonight! Lets hope they stick with it beyond tonight...

I'd say go with Smith and Beam, but they both pitched yesterday, so I am almost 100% positive we are in line for 2+ from Everyday Scott Proctor...

2006-07-02 20:23:15
182.   randym77
Whoah. Villone's still in. This is longer than he's gone, forever.

They ought to put Bubba in. I don't care if he strikes out looking at every AB tonight. He'll shorten the innings for our beleagered bullpen.

Though Bernie caught that one...

2006-07-02 20:24:13
183.   Simone
Does Bernie get a curtain call for those two catches? LOL!
2006-07-02 20:27:24
184.   Simone
New pitcher, please.
2006-07-02 20:27:37
185.   Max
That was a GOB double if I ever saw one.

Villone clearly running on fumes. Nice job,'re done.

2006-07-02 20:27:48
186.   Zack
Alright, I should think pulling Villone would be a good idea...

And perhaps putting in Bubba too, just to make sure we didn't think he was improving, Bernie made sure to mess that last one up

2006-07-02 20:28:51
187.   monkeypants
With the big lead, would it make sense to bring in Chacon for some slop innings? he's not on the DL, is he?
2006-07-02 20:29:17
188.   randym77
Sigh. Like I said...Bubba would shorten the innings. Bernie missed that last one. If he'd gotten it, the inning would be over.

And Theodore Junior's in...

2006-07-02 20:30:27
189.   randym77
187 Chacon's not on the DL, but he's scheduled to start Tuesday night in Cleveland.
2006-07-02 20:31:35
190.   kdw
Think Chacon is scheduled to start on Tuesday.
2006-07-02 20:32:06
191.   Zack
Woah, Beam is kind of creepy looking!
2006-07-02 20:32:30
192.   Max
Anybody sweat a little when that ball headed toward Bernie?
2006-07-02 20:33:29
193.   monkeypants
189190 Ah, OK. For some reason I thought his spot was getting skipped.
2006-07-02 20:33:38
194.   kdw
I'm thinking that as long as he can pitch, don't care how strange he looks, altho his picture has always been kind of scary.

Re talking to Randolph, that should be interesting.

2006-07-02 20:33:47
195.   singledd
149 Mike... we are 2nd in ERA and 2nd in BAA, yet 5th in Wins. What does that tell us? Our pitching looks worse then it is because The Big Average (got that from Steve Goldman) has had so many bad outings.

But you miss the point. Many teams need pitching... teams that have a lot more to offer then we do. How many teams want (and will pay for) Abreau? How many teams what Zito? An OF'er is easier for us to get... although not that easy, or we'ld have one by now.

The point is to make moves that best improve our team, taking into consideration what is available and what it will cost us.

The Sox got Becket because they had H. Ramirez and A. Sanchez to give. Who do we have (considering Hughes is UNtouchable(?

We may only be able to get a salary dump that other teams can't afford. Furthermore, since we don't have a RF'er signed for next year, a quality RF'er is not just a stop-gap measure. If Phillips is for real, then Giambi is probably our DH for next year.

And while I would not hold my breath, we migh already have a better-then-league-average Pitcher in Pavano.

Also, if the Stros bite the dust, Clemens might be for sale for the last month of the season. Think the Boss would rent Clemens for 3 million for a month?

2006-07-02 20:35:19
196.   Zack
194 Hell, absolutely, though that doesn't seem to apply to poor Colter Bean and his big booty
2006-07-02 20:35:42
197.   randym77
191 Did you see Peter Abraham's post about it? He compared Beam to Batboy. Not a bat boy, the Batboy. From World Weekly News. (Beam thought it was funny.)
2006-07-02 20:36:06
198.   BklynBmr
20. Twenty runs tonight and a series split will shut Mutts fans up for a few minutes. Well, maybe a few seconds...

Keep swattin', Yanks...

2006-07-02 20:41:53
199.   randym77
There goes A-Rod, stat-padding again. ;-)
2006-07-02 20:42:00
200.   BklynBmr
Sooooooo un-clutch it's not funny '-)
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-07-02 20:42:01
201.   Max
Another stat padding HR for Mr. May.
2006-07-02 20:42:08
202.   Simone
Yeah, boo him now, jackasses. Take that, you to LoDuca.
2006-07-02 20:42:21
203.   claybeez
Safe to say Alex is seeing the ball real well.
2006-07-02 20:42:45
204.   kdw
Man, hopefully A-Rod is starting his second-half run now. And maybe love from the crowd will keep him on track.
2006-07-02 20:43:29
205.   Zack
197 Batboy, yes! Totally! Hell, maybe it helps him get batters out :)
2006-07-02 20:43:58
206.   Zack
I would also like to thank A-Rod for putting my fantasy team over the top for the week...
2006-07-02 20:45:52
207.   randym77
A-Rod's looking real good lately. He's hitting them to left, right, and center, instead of pulling everything.
2006-07-02 20:46:00
208.   singledd
His swing is so smooth... so unShef like. Just amazing how far the ball travels. That one was about 460' to center.
2006-07-02 20:47:57
209.   Zack
Nice pitch by Beam to get the k!
2006-07-02 20:48:46
210.   randym77
And Bubba's finally in.

But it may not matter, if Beam keeps pitching like this...

2006-07-02 20:49:15
211.   kdw
205 At the risk of seeming just mean, I kind of think more rodent than Batboy, at least based on the picture.
2006-07-02 20:50:16
212.   Coltre Hughes
Does anyone know the run differential for the season series against the Mets?
2006-07-02 20:50:38
213.   Zack
210 I think you jinxed him
2006-07-02 20:50:54
214.   claybeez
Me thinks Beltran woulda fit right in here, if not for the big price tag.
2006-07-02 20:51:42
215.   Max
I like this...Mets swinging for the fences on every at bat. I don't want to stay up til 2am waiting for this game to end.
2006-07-02 20:52:06
216.   kdw
Okay, Beltran hit one way out and Morgan says A-Rog's hit a couple out but Beltran's is a big fly. Can I just point out that if the situation were reversed and A-Rod hit that one, there'd be no end to the homers-that-don't-count talk.
2006-07-02 20:52:18
217.   randym77
Here's Peter's post, with photos for comparison:

(Scroll down to "Right-handed reliever or the Bat Boy? You decide")

2006-07-02 20:53:18
218.   Coltre Hughes
205 Naw, in his Gameday pic he looks sort of like Mr. Bean's (Rowan Atkinson) brother.
2006-07-02 20:53:23
219.   singledd
214 Beltan was willing to play here for $15mil. We paid $13mil for Damon.

Beam's fastball looks very straight... no movement. When he doesn't locate, he is a HR waiting to happen.

2006-07-02 20:53:41
220.   randym77
213 You could be right. I gotta stop commenting on pitchers. Seems like every time I do, something unfortunate happens.
2006-07-02 20:54:06
221.   singledd
214 Beltan was willing to play here for $15mil. We paid $13mil for Damon.

Beam's fastball looks very straight... no movement. When he doesn't locate, he is a HR waiting to happen.

2006-07-02 20:54:32
222.   singledd
Oops. Sorry.
2006-07-02 20:56:08
223.   Zack
People are all sorts of overyhyping Reyes after a few good months, but then again, hes been overhyped from the start, part of being in nyc I guess
2006-07-02 20:56:58
224.   claybeez
219 True. But didn't he want 7 years as well?
2006-07-02 20:59:05
225.   Zack
Good ol' Ricky
2006-07-02 20:59:20
226.   singledd
224 Not sure.. maybe Yes. But 7 years at his age was OK.. no? I do hate to overpay. I think salaries are nuts. But we do have the money. Overpaying by a few mil a year is small potatoes for a player of Betrans quality.
2006-07-02 21:00:05
227.   BklynBmr
219 Yeah, I remember reading that Beltran's agent offered Ca$hman a last minute 6 or 7 year deal at $99M vs the $119M (for the same length) the Mutts offered — just because Carlos wanted the Pinstripes. Still don't know why we turned that one down...
2006-07-02 21:00:18
228.   singledd
Who else do we have for mop-up. Myers gets a few outs. Who else?
2006-07-02 21:00:32
229.   Coltre Hughes
Omar M. looks like he's afraid that he's going to get pickpocketed by the guy sitting next to him...oh wait that's Rickie Henderson.
2006-07-02 21:01:50
230.   Zack
Woah, Kreese is on the roster? Man, he has been the "Joe Torre Buried guy on the bench" if I have ever seen one...
2006-07-02 21:02:38
231.   C2Coke
This almost feels too good to be true. I have waited so long for a double digit-rung game. The Yanks can take however long they want to finish this game. I will finish watching it.

Those lucky fans in the Stadium.

Seriously, Nick Green for POG!

2006-07-02 21:03:19
232.   Max
Reese subs for Damon and promptly slaps a single to right, Green goes from first to third. Hitting is contagious.

Cap doesn't get the runner in. Boo.

2006-07-02 21:05:51
233.   bobtaco
227 Umm, because the Yankees signed Tony Womack, Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano instead.
2006-07-02 21:06:37
234.   Zack
beam has thrown a lot of innings these last two games...
2006-07-02 21:10:07
235.   singledd
Cherish while you can guys.
Yankees Outfield:
Melky, Bubba and Kevin Reese.
2006-07-02 21:11:34
236.   singledd
While the Mets have been playing very well, the second place team is 7 games UNDER .500.
2006-07-02 21:12:25
237.   Zack
Joe just can't resist using Proctor
2006-07-02 21:13:45
238.   monkeypants
227 224 219 The Yankees were not willing to go for six or seven years at that price tag. Oerpaying for three or four years is bad enough--for six of seven, even worse. One also has to look at the decision in context: the team was still working off huge long-term contracts to Jeter, A-Rod, Bernie, Mussina, and Giambi (and even Posada).
2006-07-02 21:19:47
239.   randym77
Kevin Reese started a game a couple of weeks ago. And he was a pinch runner in some of the NL games.
2006-07-02 21:30:46
240.   rabid stan
Mike Myers: Death to Righties
2006-07-02 21:35:30
241.   randym77
At least Mo's not coming in this game. If Wanger can go 8 innings tomorrow, the rest of the bullpen can rest up for Chacon on Tuesday.

And gawd, I hope Joe puts Bubba in on Tuesday. Or Reese. Anyone but Bernie. Chacon tends to give up a lot of fly balls.

2006-07-02 21:38:48
242.   Max
Wow, no matter how good things are going...there's always Proctor.
2006-07-02 21:40:06
243.   rabid stan
Chucks Delgado.
2006-07-02 21:40:57
244.   Zack
Joe just can't resist...Proctor really needs to take one for the team and "pull" a muscle so hes out for a few days
2006-07-02 21:42:09
245.   rabid stan
Well who else is there? Farns? Somebody's gotta do this.
2006-07-02 21:42:32
246.   rabid stan
It's finally over.
2006-07-02 21:43:00
247.   Max
Ballgame. This one felt really good. Goodbye and good riddance, interleague play.
2006-07-02 21:44:20
248.   BklynBmr
246 That was unmanageable, but I'll take it ;-)
2006-07-02 21:44:35
249.   rabid stan
247 I too, am glad to see interleague play go. But can you imagine how bad the last month would have been if they'd been facing good teams? I shudder.
2006-07-02 22:34:57
250.   brockdc
238 Though Cliff has said it many, many times before, I still feel the need to reiterate: The 2004 offseason was a complete and utter fiasco. All Cashman had to do was to re-sign Pettite and Lieber (in that order) and to ink Beltran. Instead, he opted for Bobtaco's suckalicious trifecta.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-07-02 22:46:25
251.   brockdc
250My bad about Pettite, as he stormed off following the '03 season (sigh). It was Donovan Osborne I'd hoped they'd re-signed.

But seriously...if I recall correctly, Pettite reasoned that he opted for Houston because of Rocket, its locale, and because he somehow felt slighted by Yankee management's dogged pursuit of Javy Vasquez. I'd take either one of those guys right now - or both.

2006-07-03 03:12:28
252.   yankz
You guys would be proud. I was watching with a bunch of Mets fans, and I kept the faith when our boys were down 4-0. I called A-Rod's second shot, and oh did it feel good.

Should we keep Green and get rid of Cairo?

2006-07-03 03:15:52
253.   yankz
Oh, and I'm positive I heard Joe Morgan say something really similar to "He's oh for his last 24, especially with runners in scoring position."
2006-07-03 03:34:16
254.   randym77
252 I think it's a little early to be throwing Cairo overboard for Nick Green (though some fans not only want to get rid of Cairo, they want to get rid of Cano!). Nick Green hit well last night, but just about everyone did. He had a couple of nice moments on defense, but he also missed some balls he probably could have gotten. He didn't seem to have as much range as Cairo, though perhaps he was just nervous.

I do feel a lot better about having Nick Green on the team, though.

2006-07-03 05:02:22
255.   The Mick 536
Damon threw out someone. I'll be damned.
2006-07-03 05:02:30
256.   monkeypants
250 You're right, the 2004 offseason was a fiasco. But this is not mutually exclusive of my point. The Yankees did not want to tie into a long term contract with Beltran, especialy considering how some of their long-term contracts looked in 2004 (Giambi, Bernie). It wasn't the total dollar figure, it was the years.

But you are right--not signing Beltran does not justify the stinky FA signings that were made.

Oh, and not signing Pettitte was probably the right decision (injury shortened 2004, great 2005, sucky 2006).

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