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The Mets, Take Two
2006-06-30 14:11
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Mets have the best record in the National League, 3.5 games better than the Cardinals, lead their division by 11 games over the Phillies, and are two games better than the crosstown Yankees. Of course the Metropolitans play in a weaker league and a far weaker division than the Bombers. Still, when these two teams faced off in Shea Stadium in late May, they played a trio of one-run games and the Mets took the series two games to one having outscored the Yankees by a single run. It was every bit as close as that sounds, with the first two games being decided in the victor's final at-bat and the third ending with the tying run on base.

At the time, the Yankees were at their most banged up, with Jorge Posada and Kyle Farnsworth unable to participate thus reducing the available roster to 23 men. Since then both teams have jettisoned the dead weight from their rosters (though Robinson Cano's injury has reinstated some to the Yankees'), the Yankees releasing Scott Erickson and designating Aaron Small for assignment, the Mets designating Jose Lima, trading Jeremi Gonzalez, Kaz Matsui and Jorge Julio, and, for good measure, releasing Bartolome Fortunato, the other pitcher obtained in the Kazmir trade who, like Victor Zambrano, had been placed on the 60-day DL following Tommy John surgery.

As a result, the Mets that the Yankees will face this weekend, despite their just-concluded sweep at the hands of the streaking Red Sox, are a better team than the one the Yankees saw in May. The Mets have the second best offense in the National League, led by old Yankee-killer Carlos Delgado, 23-year-old David Wright, who is one big postseason away from rivaling Derek Jeter as the city's biggest sports star, Carlos Beltran, who is serving up crow to his doubters daily by having the best year of his career, and Jose Reyes, who's finally drawing walks thus becoming a weapon rather than a liability in the lead-off spot. To that tremendous core, they've added Jose Valentin at second base, slugging .529 in place of Kaz Matsui's .200/.235/.269 performance, pushing Xavier Nady's .497 slugging all the way down to the seventh spot in the order.

The Mets also have the second stingiest pitching staff in the NL, trailing only the Petco-assisted Padres. Tom Glavine, experiencing a Mussina-like resurgence, and Pedro Martinez give them a pair of Hall-of-Fame aces in the front of their rotation, both of which the Yankees will be fortunate to miss this weekend. Meanwhile the Mets bullpen has been the best in baseball, posting a staggering 3.19 ERA with only frustrated starter Aaron Heilman currently sporting an ERA above 2.80. Yes, even Darren Oliver has pitched well this year, posting a 1.02 WHIP and a 2.45 ERA as the long man in the pen.

Incidentally, I find Heilman's to be an interesting case. Originally ticketed to be the fifth starter, he was passed over for the job by Willie Randolph in favor of rookie Brian Bannister despite a 1.59 spring ERA. As the primary set-up man in the bullpen He posted a 1.42 ERA through May 22, during which span he was twice passed over for openings in the rotation when injuries to Bannister and Victor Zambrano lead to the desperation employment of Jeremi Gonzalez and Jose Lima because Randolph claimed that Heilman had become too valuable in his role to move out of the pen. The Mets finally came to their senses, releasing Lima on May 20, but instead of relenting and moving Heilman to the rotation, where he'd both be most valuable and most happy, they reached down to double-A to promote Alay Soler. Since then, Heilman has posted an 8.66 ERA.

Tonight the Yankees send Mike Mussina, who won a tense duel against Dontrelle Willis his last time out, to the mound to face old Yankee warhorse Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez. El Duque, who last (and first) faced the Yankees as a member of the eventual World Champion White Sox last year was traded to Arizona this winter in a package for another ex-Yankee Javier Vazquez only to return to New York just days after the last meeting between these two teams in exchange for misbegotten Kris Benson trade booty Jorge Julio. Since then he's made six starts for the Metropolitans, the best being a three-hit complete game against his ex-teammates in Phoenix and the worst being his last, when he was sent packing after surrendering six runs while getting just five outs in Toronto. Sounds about right from the fiery Cuban with the Milk Dud head. His starts are like a box of chocolates. Indeed, his style is much the same, hitters never know what they're gonna get, how hard, or from what angle. With Moose working his Bugs Bunny change and Duque always a threat to lob in an eephus, tonight's match-up should be a lot of fun to watch, no matter who comes out on top.

Meanwhile, for the first time since the '80s, the Mets are threatening the Yankees' grip on the back pages (remember, the Yanks were repeat Champions entering the 2000 World Series while the Mets were considered serial chokers). These three games could go along way toward reestablishing order should the Yankees prevail in a convincing manner. On the other hand, if the Mets take the series, clinching just their second season series victory over the Yankees in the now ten-year history of interleague play (the other coming in 2004), los nuevos Mets just might wind up painting the town orange and blue all over again.

New York Mets

2006 Record: 47-31 (.602)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 46-30 (.589)

Manager: Willie Randolph
General Manager: Omar Minaya

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Shea Stadium (99/99)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Jose Valentin replaced Kaz Matsui at second base and Eli Marrero replaced Valentin on the bench
  • Orlando Hernandez replaced Jose Lima
  • Alay Soler replaced Jeremi Gonzalez
  • Heath Bell replaced Jorge Julio

Current Roster:

1B – Carlos Delgado (L)
2B – Jose Valentin (L)
SS – Jose Reyes (S)
3B – David Wright (R)
C – Paul Lo Duca (R)
RF – Xavier Nady (R)
CF – Carlos Beltran (S)
LF – Cliff Floyd (L)


R – Julio Franco (1B)
R – Chris Woodward (UT)
R – Eli Marrero (OF)
L – Endy Chavez (OF)
R – Ramon Castro (C)


R – Pedro Martinez
L – Tom Glavine
R – Orlando Hernandez
R – Steve Trachsel
R – Alay Soler


L – Billy Wagner
R – Duaner Sanchez
R – Aaron Heilman
R – Chad Bradford
L – Pedro Feliciano
L – Darren Oliver
R – Heath Bell

15-day DL: R – John Maine
60-day DL: R – Victor Zambrano, R – Brian Bannister, R – Juan Padilla

Typical Lineup:

S – Jose Reyes (SS)
R – Paul Lo Duca (C)
S – Carlos Beltran (CF)
L – Carlos Delgado (1B)
R – David Wright (3B)
L - Cliff Floyd (LF)
L – Jose Valentin (2B)
R – Xavier Nady (RF)

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2006-06-30 15:01:30
1.   tommyl
Proving that baseball is not the only sport a manager can mismanage, this morning Argentinian coach Jose Pekerman decided to take off his best playmaker and then inexplicably sub his decent striker for an inept one (who hadn't played a single moment, but was a "veteran") while leaving Messi, arguably one of the best players in the world (and dubbed the next Maradonna, by no less than Maradonna) on the bench. Argentina promptly gave up a goal, was unable to score and lost in penalties to Germany. It was just as maddening to watch as when Jeff Weaver game in.

At least, in justice, Pekerman has already resigned. Now he needs to avoid being lynched.

2006-06-30 15:06:28
2.   randym77
And the lineup. Melky hitting 8th this time.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo 2B

Bernie's hitting .500 against El Duque. It's a very small sample size, though - 2 ABs.

2006-06-30 15:22:14
3.   Simone
So what are the thoughts on Jeter's lack of recent power? Is his hand still injured? Or is he losing his little bit of power as he ages?

The Yankees better win this series because they can't fall any more games behind the Red Sox.

2006-06-30 15:34:23
4.   randym77
Both Jeff Weaver and Tony Womack have been DFA'd. (Note to Cashman: we don't want them back.)

I don't know what's going on with Jeter. Maybe it is the hand. He wasn't hitting well for at least a week. And they were all pitching him inside. Even so, he had a couple of almost-homers.

2006-06-30 16:10:26
5.   kdw
A few games back Paul O'Neill said that he thought Jeter was still hurting and that altho he would continue to hit, it was going to hurt his power. Something about not being able to keep a tight grip on the bat after making contact after being hit on the hand.
2006-06-30 16:19:00
6.   Alex Belth
How did Moose not get the 0-2 call on Wright? Both he and Posada started off the field and it wasn't just a motion, they were walking off. Now Wright works him for seven pitches before Moose K's him with the high heat. Cairo let a ground ball from Beltran go through his legs, otherwise, a fine start for Moose.
2006-06-30 16:20:20
7.   rsmith51
6 I think the umpire wasn't paying attention.
2006-06-30 16:22:31
8.   Alex Belth
This is a great pitching match up tonight. I figure Duque will be tough as nails, no?
2006-06-30 16:23:23
9.   Alex Belth
Damon taps out to second, Jeter grounds out sharply to third.
2006-06-30 16:23:55
10.   Alex Belth
Who will Duque throw the eeephus pitch to tonight? Well, he just threw a 69 mph curve to Giambi.
2006-06-30 16:24:05
11.   randym77
Well, maybe not... ;-)
2006-06-30 16:24:18
12.   Alex Belth
2006-06-30 16:24:23
13.   rsmith51
I like "DH" Giambi...
2006-06-30 16:24:59
14.   Marcus
Giambi's now 1 for 17 against El Duque.
2006-06-30 16:25:59
15.   Alex Belth
Fastball outside to A Rod. Breaking ball in there for a strike, 1-1. Fastball, outside corner. A little zip. Swing and miss, 1-2. Curve , outside, fools Rodriguez, fouls out to Ramon Castro.

Are they booing him yet?

2006-06-30 16:27:11
16.   randym77
Well, with the Giambi homer, no one heard A-Rod's name announced.

I didn't hear a lot of boos when on that popup, though.

2006-06-30 16:29:39
17.   rsmith51
I think ARod gets at least one day reprieve.
2006-06-30 16:30:00
18.   randym77
Whoa, Miggy. That makes up for the error.
2006-06-30 16:32:55
19.   Alex Belth
Cairo makes up for his first inning gaffe with a second inning sparkler, robbing Jose Valentin of base hit. Moose K's Franco to end the inning. Nasty fastball, down and in. Location, baby.
2006-06-30 16:36:10
20.   Alex Belth
17. You are being generous. If he comes up late in this game with runners on and strikes out or grounds out weakly, he'll hear it plenty.
2006-06-30 16:36:37
21.   Alex Belth
Duque is changing speeds wonderfully.
2006-06-30 16:37:04
22.   Alex Belth
Bernie swings at the first pitch. Man, he loves to do that this year, huh? (Fouls it off)
2006-06-30 16:37:39
23.   Alex Belth
Bernie singles to center.
2006-06-30 16:39:08
24.   Alex Belth
Jams Phillips, who hits into a 6-4-3 dp.
2006-06-30 16:39:32
25.   rsmith51
22 He rarely did that when he was .300/.400/.500 Bernie.
2006-06-30 16:40:28
26.   rsmith51
Bernie has an .800 OPS since Matsui went down.
2006-06-30 16:40:54
27.   randym77
22 That's what Goldman said. He said almost all of Bernie's hits are on the first or second pitch. He seems to be guessing. His walk rate has plummetted.
2006-06-30 16:51:35
28.   rsmith51
Does "Great situational hitter" = below-average hitter ?
2006-06-30 16:54:17
29.   Mattpat11
28 I think it means singles hitter.

"Gritty" means below average hitter. "Bubba Crosby is a GRITTY player!"

2006-06-30 16:54:37
30.   singledd
Fish up on the Sox 3-0 in the 1st, 2 on with 2 out for the fish.
2006-06-30 16:55:48
31.   singledd
Is it raining hard in NY? What's the weather prognosis?
2006-06-30 16:56:12
32.   randym77
Where'd this rain come from? The weather report was great for tonight.
2006-06-30 16:58:30
33.   rsmith51
29 Thanks Matt! I don't have the terminology down.
2006-06-30 17:00:13
34.   rsmith51
Can I say again that I wish the Yankees had signed Beltran instead of Damon?
2006-06-30 17:01:27
35.   Mattpat11
34 Not for 100 million dollars.
2006-06-30 17:03:04
36.   rsmith51
35 Of course, I wouldn't have signed Pavano, Wright, Damon. Never traded for RJ.

I know, I should get over it already...

2006-06-30 17:04:06
37.   Cliff Corcoran
34 Please do.

31 In North Jersey, the sky opened up out of nowhere and quickly stopped. Could be that's what they had in the Bronx because it seems to have stopped.

2006-06-30 17:14:32
38.   randym77
Man, that rain looks bad. is still saying there's no rain in NYC.
2006-06-30 17:16:35
39.   rsmith51
Should Bernie have been at 2nd there?
2006-06-30 17:17:51
40.   Cliff Corcoran
I just noticed that El Duque has a Cuban flag on his glove. I have the same reaction I had to Cuban fans in the WBC. Which is that I'm surprised that people are interested in honoring a country from which they had to escape. In the WBC I understood it because I figured they were rooting for the players, but El Duque with the flag perplexes me. Any Cubanos out there who have any insight?
2006-06-30 17:18:43
41.   Cliff Corcoran
Glad to see them going to the tarp, it's unfair to "wait for the inning to end" because every out is precious (Monty Python fans, sing along . . .)
2006-06-30 17:19:50
42.   Cliff Corcoran
Fish up 5-0 on the Bosox.
2006-06-30 17:21:26
43.   randym77
Yikes. The weather report still says no rain, but the radar looks nasty.
2006-06-30 17:26:00
44.   Alex Belth
They've been delayed a good ten minutes now and still no rain up here in Riverdale. Go figure.
2006-06-30 17:32:05
45.   tommyl
44 Alex, you live in Riverdale?! I grew up there.
2006-06-30 17:41:31
46.   Nick from Washington Heights
regarding the flag question. Just putting myself in his shoes, I imagine maybe it's a way of him honoring the people, his fellow countrymen, who he left. As Americans are not their government, I think people from other countries rather not be necessarily associated with their home governments.

On a related note "This Land is Our Land" is one of the most poignant songs ever in my humble opinion.

2006-06-30 17:43:31
47.   Cliff Corcoran
46 Yeah, that was my logic with rooting for the players, but the flag tends to be a political symbol, so it seems an odd way to do it.
2006-06-30 17:48:11
48.   tommyl
Anyone eyes on have any idea how much longer this rain will stop. I guess Moose won't be coming back out, too bad he had a no no going.
2006-06-30 17:51:01
49.   Cliff Corcoran
They just showed the field. Tarp's on. It's still coming down heavy.
2006-06-30 17:54:29
50.   tommyl
49 Thanks Cliff. On EI they cut to the generic guide screen during a rain delay.
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2006-06-30 17:57:03
51.   Max
How long can a pitcher sit before they decide to shelve him? Are Moose and Duque done at this point?
2006-06-30 17:59:32
52.   Cliff Corcoran
How long did Cone sit against the Expos?
2006-06-30 18:03:19
53.   Rosbif22
47 Don't know if this is dead already, but it's simply a way of showing pride at the fact that he's Cuban. It has nothing to do with the government whatsoever. There's no other symbol (that I know of) that one can use to identify him/herself as being from a specific country (and culture, people, etc.) other than a flag.
2006-06-30 18:09:01
54.   rsmith51
53 I vaguely recall that in South Africa, they had a flag for the anti-apartheid movement. I doubt they have such a movement in Cuba.
2006-06-30 18:13:33
55.   randym77
El Duque's coming in, Moose isn't. It's Villone.
2006-06-30 18:16:11
56.   marc
meanwhile Dontrelle is starting to fall apart, Sox have 2 already
2006-06-30 18:18:47
57.   Benjamin Kabak
55 Moose isn't? Damn. That sucks for my fantasy team and for Mussina. That man is destined not to throw a no hitter and now the bullpen has to go 15 outs.
2006-06-30 18:20:13
58.   randym77
They're kind of giving Moose a hard time. How come Duque, who's 72 years old, can come back out, but Moose can't?
2006-06-30 18:20:32
59.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
For chrissakes Girardi, get Willis the heck out of there.
2006-06-30 18:20:59
60.   singledd
Is there a reason Moose can't come back and try to pitch?
2006-06-30 18:21:14
61.   rabid stan
Moose was really cruising. It's a shame.

As for Dontrelle, maybe Double-Play Jay can help him.

2006-06-30 18:21:48
62.   Max
In reference to my earlier question, is this a time issue (Moose was sitting for an hour plus, ergo he's no longer any good, vs. Duque sitting for 45 minutes), or are they babying Moose for some reason?
2006-06-30 18:22:04
63.   Peter
58 I thought they're giving Torre a hard time about Moose. Kaat especially.
2006-06-30 18:22:34
64.   singledd
Sox score 2, 2 on,2 2 out in the 6th... Kapler up.
2006-06-30 18:23:34
65.   randym77
No one knows why Moose isn't coming back out. Whether Moose wasn't up to it, or if Torre made the decision. I'm sure they'll ask him after the game, if not sooner.
2006-06-30 18:24:03
66.   singledd
Fish out of it! 5-2 after 6.
2006-06-30 18:24:49
67.   rabid stan
He won't even get a shot at the win.
2006-06-30 18:25:17
68.   Yu-Hsing Chen
62 I guess it's reasonable to be protective of a 38 year old ace at June...
2006-06-30 18:26:39
69.   randym77
Geez. The D-Train gave up those runs on a balk?
2006-06-30 18:26:53
70.   rabid stan
Here's hoping that Villone can give three good innings.
2006-06-30 18:26:53
71.   Zack
Moose gets robbed of a chance at another win too, which is too bad...Since the media is so obssessed with wins he needs as many as them as possible (just look at how Schilling is getting all the attention b/c of his win count, nevermind that Moose has been better all year...)
2006-06-30 18:29:01
72.   rabid stan
71 They've actually been pretty close.

And the media has always forgotten Moose.

2006-06-30 18:29:58
73.   rabid stan
Get you head in the game, Villones.
2006-06-30 18:31:33
74.   Benjamin Kabak
The Devil Rays are up 11-0 on the Nationals. How did the Yankees ever lose to that team?
2006-06-30 18:32:34
75.   randym77
Miggy's on a roll tonight.
2006-06-30 18:32:39
76.   singledd
Nice play by Miggy on a tough hop.
2006-06-30 18:33:14
77.   rabid stan
Franco gets a big assist on that K. The only reason he doesn't walk there is probably because he can't hold that funky stance long enough anymore.
2006-06-30 18:34:08
78.   randym77
I'm just hoping we can beat Tampa. They were our nemesis last season.
2006-06-30 18:34:20
79.   rabid stan
Villone out of the inning on thirteen. 5 strikes, eight balls.
2006-06-30 18:35:13
80.   Yu-Hsing Chen
lucky ... let's hope Villone can make up some innings.... wonder why they didn't just throw in Chacon here... he's being skipped anyway?
2006-06-30 18:35:32
81.   rsmith51
Moose should have won the Cy in 2001 and finished 5th. All because the voters have an obsession with wins.

Just ask Santana last year.

2006-06-30 18:36:12
82.   rsmith51
80 They want to win the game...
2006-06-30 18:36:54
83.   rabid stan
80 Can't say I'm cryin in my beer over that decision, though I'm sure Chacon could have thrown more balls than strikes too.
2006-06-30 18:36:55
84.   randym77
80 Good question. Chacon pitched the same day Moose did.
2006-06-30 18:37:27
85.   Yu-Hsing Chen
74 of course, the Rays now have Navarro.. who's hot tonight ... sad
2006-06-30 18:37:58
86.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I think Cairo should just forfeit his at bats, the result would be the same but the game would move slightly quicker.
2006-06-30 18:38:02
87.   rsmith51
I personally have more confidence in Villone than I do in Chacon.
2006-06-30 18:38:18
88.   singledd
Anyone have any news on Cano. This line-up looks a little like a split squad game.
2006-06-30 18:38:39
89.   rabid stan
Nice AB by Johnny D.
2006-06-30 18:38:56
90.   rsmith51
86 I thought he was a "great situational hitter"
2006-06-30 18:40:50
91.   randym77
Chacon hasn't pitched that great out of the bullpen, now that I think about it. But he didn't do too badly in his last start. Gave up just two earned runs.

They expect Cano to be ready to play after the All-Star break.

2006-06-30 18:43:31
92.   Max
Would be nice to have a little more offense. I think it's asking a lot to get through 3 more innings unscathed with Villone and Farnsworth. Praying for a miracle, actually.
2006-06-30 18:43:39
93.   singledd
"The Angels swapped one Weaver brother for another Friday, designating right-hander Jeff for assignment and replacing him with right-hander Jered "
2006-06-30 18:47:32
94.   rabid stan
Boo. Pick-off attempts.
2006-06-30 18:51:18
95.   rabid stan
Yay. Pick-off attempts.
2006-06-30 18:51:24
96.   randym77
Awesome! Villone got 'em.

Al Leiter said Villone was calling it on his own, too.

2006-06-30 18:52:14
97.   Benjamin Kabak
94 Certainly :-P
2006-06-30 18:56:06
98.   rsmith51
They should revoke the booers' season ticket packages.
2006-06-30 18:56:54
99.   randym77
And Alex called it. A-Rod gets booed for flying out.

Please, not Proctor. Not Proctor!

Beam. Smith. Chacon. Anybody except Proctor.

2006-06-30 19:00:28
100.   rabid stan
99 They probably think it motivates him now. Asses.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-30 19:03:34
101.   rabid stan
Proctor's inning: walk, flyout, single, double, strikeout, groundout: 2 runs on 25 pitches.
2006-06-30 19:04:23
102.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Proctor + Heart of Order = disaster.
2006-06-30 19:04:50
103.   rabid stan
It was fun for a moment. Like I was the Amazing Crisco.
2006-06-30 19:05:16
104.   rsmith51
I will be shocked if David Wright gets less than a double in this at bat.
2006-06-30 19:05:35
105.   rabid stan
At least there's no Delgado.
2006-06-30 19:06:35
106.   Zack
Has Joe officially blown out Proctor's arm? Hope not, though an injury is the only way he will get rest...
2006-06-30 19:07:32
107.   rsmith51
106 Worked for Tanyon...
2006-06-30 19:07:33
108.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, there goes Proctor's arm.

PS Someone tell Michael Kay that 5 innings is 15 outs and not 18 outs. He keeps saying the bullpen needs 18 outs. That's not true.

2006-06-30 19:07:58
109.   singledd
"At least there's no Delgado."
Is he injured or resting?
Will we see him over the weekend?
2006-06-30 19:07:59
110.   rsmith51
I am shocked.

Way to go, Proctor!

2006-06-30 19:08:16
111.   Benjamin Kabak
109 Injured and unclear if we'll see him.
2006-06-30 19:08:20
112.   rabid stan
At least he got all the different kind of outs I predicted.
2006-06-30 19:08:45
113.   rsmith51
108 Maybe he predicts that there will be a 10th inning.
2006-06-30 19:09:23
114.   randym77
Man, that was weird. I thought Proctor had hurt himself or something. Posada called everyone to the mound. But Proctor said he was okay and wanted to finish the inning, and he did.
2006-06-30 19:09:27
115.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
104 considering how Wright rolled over for the Sawx -- 1 for 11 -- there's no reason he shouldn't do the same for us.
2006-06-30 19:09:54
116.   rsmith51
Bottom of the Sox order against Joe Borowski.
2006-06-30 19:10:21
117.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Finally Proctor throws a good inning... lets hope Farnsy can come around too...
2006-06-30 19:11:37
118.   randym77
109 From LoHud:

"Carlos Delgado (rib cage) is out of the lineup for the Mets. They also activated Cliff Floyd and sent down Lastings Milledge."

2006-06-30 19:11:51
119.   nysports05
Why did we let go of El Duque?
2006-06-30 19:13:10
120.   rabid stan
119 Because he's moody, inconsistent, and of indeterminate age. It can't be '98 forever.
2006-06-30 19:13:23
121.   Yu-Hsing Chen
119 maybe because u want to check out his ERA?
2006-06-30 19:13:51
122.   rsmith51
Is there anybody to pinch hit for Cairo?
2006-06-30 19:14:58
123.   Alex Belth
Man, was that ever a big three outs for Proctor. And hey, you had to suspect that Duque would put forth a good performance like this.
2006-06-30 19:15:13
124.   rsmith51
Kaat on his pinch-count high-horse.
2006-06-30 19:15:25
125.   Alex Belth
That 10-or 11-pitch at bat to Damon earlier was winning stuff.
2006-06-30 19:15:46
126.   rabid stan
122 A bag of sunflower seeds? There has to be one still unopened somewhere in the dugout.
2006-06-30 19:15:49
127.   rsmith51
That Bernie stolen base looks pretty big...
2006-06-30 19:16:39
128.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
118 Great, so Milledge kicks the ball around all week at Fenway, costing the Mets god knows how many runs, and they send him down for our series. How much did Henery and Selig pay them?
2006-06-30 19:17:00
129.   Alex Belth
109 pitches for Duque through seven. You've got to think this might be it for him tonight.

Now...onto Farnsworth.


2006-06-30 19:17:19
130.   singledd
Fish/Sox: 5-2, 9th inning, one out, one on, Papi on deck.
2006-06-30 19:18:07
131.   Mattpat11
Oh crap. Here he comes.
2006-06-30 19:18:11
132.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Tony Womack is DFAed.. AGAIN!!!
2006-06-30 19:18:49
133.   singledd
Fish/Sox: 5-2, 9th inning, TWO out, one on, Papi up.
2006-06-30 19:19:04
134.   Alex Belth
Mets have a walk, a runner reached on an error and one single. Man, Farnsworth, can he keep it going?
2006-06-30 19:19:13
135.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
131 at least he can't tie the game.
2006-06-30 19:19:41
136.   rabid stan
130 2 out. Let's get our clutch-factor right. We want to know how big the statue should be.
2006-06-30 19:20:10
137.   Yu-Hsing Chen
131 look on the bright side, Proctor retired the side, Taveraz and Seanez didn't give up a run and the Braves bullpen actually manage to hold on to one... so you know.. it's one of those days ;)
2006-06-30 19:21:17
138.   singledd
Fish/Sox: 5-2, 9th inning, THREE out.
FISH WIN!!!!!!!!!
2006-06-30 19:21:59
139.   RIYank
Ortiz flies out to deeeeeep right. Sox' streak ends at twelve.
2006-06-30 19:22:00
140.   marc
Boston loses
2006-06-30 19:22:10
141.   Alex Belth
Strike one on the inside corner (fastball) to Floyd, 0-1. Splitter, or slider, overthrown, in the dirt, 1-1. Farnsworth and Jorge and taking their time agreeing on the signs. Slider, Floyd's swings over it, 1-2. Go heat, dude. High heat, in on Floyd's hands, fouled back. Still 1-2. I know he's going back to the slider. Nope. Fastball, low and away, 2-2. 99 mph but not close to a strike. Fastball, outside again, Floyd grounds it on several hops to Jeter. One out.
2006-06-30 19:22:34
142.   randym77
Sox lose. Big Papi with a looong fly out to end it. Caught at the wall. He's so un-clutch.
2006-06-30 19:23:14
143.   rsmith51
141 Gonna be the next play-by-play guy for the Yanks, Alex?
2006-06-30 19:23:45
144.   Alex Belth
Slider, falling off the table, Jose Valentin swings and misses, 0-1. Fastball, away, 1-1. Another slider, Valentin lifts a high pop up in the infield. Andy Phillips doesn't have to move and just like that, two men are out.
2006-06-30 19:24:30
145.   RIYank
And we're just one out from Mo....
2006-06-30 19:25:37
146.   randym77
All right, Farnsy!
2006-06-30 19:25:47
147.   Max
143 Actually, if I can't be at a game or watch it with decent announcers, I'm happy to spend time on the Banter with Alex providing play-by-play. Soothing and very descriptive with an understated tension and excitement...Alex definitely has flow.
2006-06-30 19:25:49
148.   nysports05
2006-06-30 19:26:09
149.   Alex Belth
Ortiz flies out to the top of the wall to end the game in Florida. Missed a homer by a less than a couple of feet.

Fastball, upstairs to Franco, 1-0. No sliders to this guy, Farnsworth. Fastball, wild, inside, 2-0. Fastball, in on his hands, grounded sharply to Jeter.

Three up three down.

Whatta ya hear, whatta ya say Kyle Farnsworth. Hopefully, Mo's got his mojo tonight.

2006-06-30 19:26:45
150.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ, a 1-2-3 inning from NoWorth. The end is Nigh
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2006-06-30 19:26:58
151.   rabid stan
148 Don't do that.
2006-06-30 19:27:00
152.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Looks like Dunn hit a walk-off grand salami in Cincy, with two outs, to beat the Tribe by one.

Now that's clutch.

Papi? Not so much.

2006-06-30 19:27:10
153.   RIYank
Wow, four innings of relief with one hit, one walk, and they faced the minimum, thanks to the pickoff and the strike-em-out-throw-em-out DP.

Oh my god. Who kidnapped our bullpen and replaced them with these guys????

2006-06-30 19:27:25
154.   singledd
Just to follow up on some off-season Banter:
Mike Piazza
AVG .264 | HR 11 | RBI 31 | OBP .327 | SLG .478
2006-06-30 19:27:46
155.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
148 please no jinxing it.
2006-06-30 19:28:34
156.   marc
time for enough insurance to be one of those umbrella policies
2006-06-30 19:28:55
157.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ, a 1-2-3 inning from NoWorth. The end is Nigh
2006-06-30 19:29:00
158.   dianagramr
Reds are leading charmed lives this year ...

down 7-0 in 8th
down 8-4 in 9th

rally for 5, capped by Dunn grandslam off Wickman ... win 9-8

2006-06-30 19:29:31
159.   Alex Belth
Bottom of the eighth. Duaner Sanchez replaces El Duque and throws a hard slider low and away ball one to Jeter. Same pitch, same result: 2-0. Fastball, outside, but tailing in at the last moment, strike one. Fastball outside, Jeter slaps it down the first base line. Fair! Classic inside-out swing from the captain. The ball canroms out into right field and Jeter has himself a double.
2006-06-30 19:29:35
160.   Max
Ortiz never should have come to bat against the Fish...but Cabrera airmailed a horrible throw to first base that gave the runner first and Papi a chance to bat.

Lots of Sox fans in Florida...great to see them go home disappointed, though that last out was pretty damned loud.

2006-06-30 19:29:48
161.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ, a 1-2-3 inning from NoWorth. The end is Nigh
2006-06-30 19:29:58
162.   nysports05
Jinxing doesn't exist people. And by the way its MARIANO RIVERA!
2006-06-30 19:30:02
163.   RIYank
Thanks, Cap. Now three shots to get him in.

Hey, if Giambi walks, does Alex bunt?

2006-06-30 19:31:01
164.   singledd
Remember last year we were no hit by 6 different pitchers? Might we throw a 1 hitter by 6 different pitchers?
2006-06-30 19:31:41
165.   Yu-Hsing Chen
OMG ROFL, Reds Walk off grand slam in the 9th 9:8
2006-06-30 19:31:42
166.   Alex Belth
Giambi swings at the first pitch and fouls it back. Second time in a row Giambi's swung at the first offering. I think that was something hard, but not a fastball. It was dipping down. Fastball, low and away, 1-1. Fastball, low and inside, Giambi fouls it back. Mmmm. Not fat enough. But a good swing. Fastball upstairs, Giambi swings and misses. Threw it right by him. Nice job by Sanchez.
2006-06-30 19:33:05
167.   Zack
People boo A-Rod and give Giambi a free pass, now there is irony...
2006-06-30 19:33:33
168.   rsmith51
I wasn't complaining about Alex's play-by-play. Just curious if he had aspirations...
2006-06-30 19:33:46
169.   rabid stan
162 I don't care if they let Rivera throw it from 30ft out next inning. Them's the written rules of the unwritten book of baseball.
2006-06-30 19:33:56
170.   Alex Belth
Another good moment for A Rod. They are cheering for him. Fastball, inside. Ball. Close. He took it. Fastball, oh dammit he missed it. Pops a foul behind the plate. Second time he's popped out foul on the night. Also the second time he's just missed a pitch. His fly out his second time up was just missed. And man, he just missed this one too. Had to gitty up on it, but dag. And A Rod hears what else? Boos.

Sheeeeeet. Posada is walked intentionally.

2006-06-30 19:34:00
171.   Benjamin Kabak
164 Last year? Try 2003. Time flies.
2006-06-30 19:34:01
172.   BklynBmr
Make 'em pay, Bubba!
2006-06-30 19:35:45
173.   Alex Belth
Bubba Crosby comes up. Defensive replacement for Bernie. Jeez, c'mon Bubba. Here's a chance to help.

Fastball away, 1-0. Fisted him, and Crosby pops up to Wright. Jeter is stranded. Drat. I guess we'll just have to be nervous and see how Mo does...

2006-06-30 19:35:45
174.   Max
167 Giambi's breakthrough came a year ago with the walk-off against Pittsburgh, but 14 HRs in July pretty much chased away the boos. I wonder if that's what it's going to take for Alex.
2006-06-30 19:35:58
175.   Benjamin Kabak
Can we boo Bubba? He literally NEVER comes through. If the crowd boos A-Rod, why not boo Bubba Crosby?
2006-06-30 19:36:35
176.   Alex Belth
That's a hard job being a play-by-play guy but it sounds like fun to me. lol
2006-06-30 19:36:51
177.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Gamecenter showing that lst pitch to Bubba about two feet off the outside corner.
2006-06-30 19:38:45
178.   marc
do we know how accurate gameday is these days on pitch location?
2006-06-30 19:39:20
179.   RIYank
There's one.
2006-06-30 19:39:41
180.   Alex Belth
Ninth inning. Enter Sandman.

Strikes, Mo, we love strikes.

Endy Chavez:

Cutter inside, 1-0. Cutter, Chavez fakes a bunt, draws back, strike. 1-1. Another cutter, Chavez pops it up to shallow left. Jeter drifts back and makes an easy play.

One out.

2006-06-30 19:39:45
181.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
177 supposed to be lAst pitch
2006-06-30 19:39:54
182.   rabid stan
178 I don't trust it. Dosen't seem to match up unless there's a wild pitch or a blocked ball.
2006-06-30 19:40:06
183.   RIYank
178 I've been wondering about that.
2006-06-30 19:40:19
184.   rsmith51
178 I think you need Tivo and a laptop and you might be able to figure out it's accuracy.
2006-06-30 19:41:11
185.   singledd
171 Remember last year when the Yanks and Mets had s subway World Series?
2006-06-30 19:41:46
186.   Alex Belth
Ramon Castro:

Fastball, up but a strike, 0-1. Fastball high and away. Posada was looking down. Rivera missed, 1-1. Fastball right over the plate, tailing in, Castro fouls it off to the right side, 1-2. Posada crouchs and semi-stands, fastball up, too high, 2-2. Fastball---Yah!!--inside corner, hang up the backwards K. Two out.

2006-06-30 19:41:53
187.   rabid stan
I really wonder about it in the strike zone.
2006-06-30 19:42:17
188.   rsmith51
185 Or last year when Bernie won his 4th gold glove...
2006-06-30 19:42:45
189.   nysports05
2006-06-30 19:42:57
190.   marc
Mo is a thing of beauty
2006-06-30 19:43:17
191.   rabid stan
Coney's perfect games last year was tops, though.
2006-06-30 19:43:19
192.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice win. Gain a game on the Red Sox. After all of their winning.
2006-06-30 19:43:43
193.   rabid stan
148, 162 Go nuts, buddy.
2006-06-30 19:43:44
194.   randym77
Well, the Boss should be happy. :)
2006-06-30 19:44:03
195.   marc
9 friggen pitches.
2006-06-30 19:44:12
196.   rsmith51
191 I don't know, that Leyritz homer was a thing of beauty.
2006-06-30 19:44:40
197.   rabid stan
Man... the Mets really, truly sucked ass tonight.

Oh, what might have been.

2006-06-30 19:45:09
198.   Alex Belth
Jose Reyes:

Batting from the right side. Drops the hands to bunt, fastball low and away, 1-0. Fastball taken for a strike, 1-1. Another fastball. Reyes smacks a ground ball to short. It takes a high hop. Jeter fields it nicely and makes the throw to get Reyes in plenty of time.

Five Yankee pitchers hold the Mets to one hit for the shut out. After an hour and three minute rain delay, the Bombers hold on 2-0. The Yankees stellar pitching continues. The O is still struggling, but they'll take it. And give Duque credit. He pitched a fine ball game.

Nice, clean, economical work from Proctor, Farnsworth and Mo. Combined with a Sox loss, the Yanks are now 3 behind Boston.

A very good win.

2006-06-30 19:45:34
199.   singledd
196 Wow! An entire thread started by my senility.
2006-06-30 19:45:52
200.   Mattpat11
Holy Christ, a 1-2-3 inning from NoWorth. The end is Nigh
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2006-06-30 19:45:56
201.   RIYank
Mo is jinxproof. Some kind of blessedness thing. Holy water?
2006-06-30 19:48:29
202.   rsmith51
199 I was going to say something about Reggie's 3 homers...
2006-06-30 19:50:08
203.   singledd
I'm old. I remember celebrating Munson's ROY with 2 Pepsi's and 2 Mr. Goodbars.
2006-06-30 19:50:09
204.   Simone
Good win. Nice job by the pitching staff. I was just reaming them out and they step up.

One day I may run out of words to describe the stupidity of Yankee fans booing of A-Rod, but I'm not there yet. Dumbasses everyone of the booers.

2006-06-30 19:51:18
205.   rabid stan
Bill Walton makes a terrible cartoon.
2006-06-30 19:52:26
206.   singledd
Toronto is quietly making this a 3 team race.
2006-06-30 19:52:59
207.   randym77
I was hoping Wednesday's heroics would shut the boobirds up for longer than two ABs. Tough crowd.
2006-06-30 20:01:14
208.   markp
in re the bullpen: the Yanks were third in the AL in ERA for BP innings before tonight's game. The Tigers are a bit ahead, but park factor in Det is a lot more favorable to pitchers.
2006-06-30 20:46:24
209.   Yu-Hsing Chen
the Cards are about to lose to the ROYALS
2006-06-30 20:52:06
210.   rabid stan
There's no way Burgo-king pitches to Pujols.
2006-06-30 20:53:08
211.   rabid stan
The national league has hit rock bottom. I can feel the ground shudder from Baltimore.
2006-06-30 22:19:21
212.   yankz
The pitching has been stellar lately. The offense has not. Maybe we do in fact need an outfield bat.
2006-06-30 22:32:08
213.   Yu-Hsing Chen
The only offensive number the Yankee have sucking so far is really RISP... they are putting mens on in droves and hitting tons of home runs..... just rarely in the same game.... they either hit 3 solo shots in one game or load the base 3 times and not get anyone back.
2006-07-01 04:21:45
214.   singledd
213 The Yanks are 7th of 14 in the AL for HRs. Not exactly the Broxn Bombers. If we had a combined extra 20 from ShefSui, and we would be #1.

We are tied for 3rd/4th in RS with Toronto.
4th in BA, 4th in OPS, 7th in SLG.

Meanwhile in Pitching, we are 2nd in BAA and 2nd in ERA. With Dotel and more use of SmithBeam, our pitching could be a little better in the 2nd half. Pabano only has to outpitch Chacon, to improve our starting pitching. And we have to hope RJ is on his way to a much better 2nd half.

We are used to not having ShefSui, but as Cano has shown, with just one injury more, our offense turns enemic.

Meanwhile, Boston with a 3 game lead, is 6th in BAA and 9th in ERA (however support by an AL leading best defense).

The WHITE Sox, trailing by 2-1/2 games, is 5th in BAA and 8th in ERA.

So while CW is "Pitching and Defense", good offense is certainly a factor. Aside from Clemen (who can be bought outright), I don't see how we can get an impact Pitcher. Our team numbers show we are more in need of offense.

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters?

2006-07-01 04:31:24
215.   randym77
213 Seems like this was a problem last year, too. Some high-scoring games that make the stats look good, too many low-scoring games with a solo homer or two.

I still like the overall balance of this team. You gotta figure eventually they'll get firing on all cylinders.

2006-07-01 05:20:09
216.   rsmith51
215 It seems like the pitching/defense is much better. The Yanks aren't getting the luck, though.
2006-07-01 07:50:18
217.   randym77
216 Agree the pitching and defense seems to have improved. Last time I checked, the Yanks were ranked #2 or 3 in team ERA, and #6 in BP's "defensive efficiency." Despite the errors, the defense is not that bad.

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