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2006-06-27 11:46
by Cliff Corcoran
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After Moose v. D-Train on Sunday afternoon and Johnson vs. Hudson last night, Jaret Wright vs. Horacio Ramirez is going to be a heck of a let-down tonight. You all know about Wright. He has exceeded some very low expectations by simply being able to take the ball every five days and upped the ante by actually keeping the Yankees in the game in most of his starts, but his limitations, particularly when it comes to innings pitched and strikeouts, are glaring. Ramirez, meanwhile, is young and left handed, but otherwise unexceptional. He does a pretty good number on lefties and gets more than his share of ground balls, which is fortunate for the Braves as Ramirez's peripherals are as unimpressive as Wright's. The upside is that with Miguel Cairo forced into the line-up by Robinson Cano's hamstring (Cano's just been placed on the DL with Nick Green being recalled to back-up Miggy . . . gulp), Bernie still the go-to choice in right field, and Andy Phillips on another hot streak, an unimpressive lefty is just what the doctor ordered for the Yankees' offense.

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2006-06-27 14:03:55
1.   randym77
It's going to be all Miggy, all the time. Cano's been DLed, Nick Green has been called up.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo 2B

Jaret Wright RHP

At least Miggy's batting 9th today.

2006-06-27 14:50:08
2.   Zack
Yeah, Joe is not one to experiment, even if it makes more sense. To him, Cairo is the backup 2B, therefore, Cairo MUST play 2B now that Cano is out. See, Cairo plays 2B and is the backup, so he must play. Phillips is the 1B. What don't you understand? besides, you think Joe would want to give kids playing time at the expense of a seasoned vet/warrior like Ciaro? Psh...
2006-06-27 14:56:49
3.   monkeypants
2 Slow down there, Zack. Don't you remember that Cairo has also played 1B and OF this year? You see, with such a versatile warrior (and one who, according to John Sterling, knows how to 'handle the bat'), the Yankees really can weather all of these injuries with the 1000-run offense still firing on all cylinders...
2006-06-27 14:57:00
4.   standuptriple
Cairo is hitting a whopping .230. Of course he deserves an etched-in-stone lineup spot.
2006-06-27 15:00:12
5.   standuptriple
Looking at this season's splits it is obvious to me that Cairo should not hit: vs RHP, Away, at night, on turf/indoors, in June. Does that sound about right?
2006-06-27 15:04:56
6.   rsmith51
5 If you add vs. LHP, Home, during the day, on grass, and in any month that contains a vowel, I would agree with you. If fact, let's just go with the last one.
2006-06-27 15:08:33
7.   randym77
It's not like Andy is out of the lineup completely. He's playing 1B. Why shouldn't he play his position?

Andy is decent at 1B, but would likely be below average at the more challenging 2B. Cairo's RATE at 2B is 116 so far this year (106 last year). Better than Cano's.

I think after the Giamb-E debacle Sunday, Andy will starting at 1B for all practical purposes, so we won't lose his bat.

2006-06-27 15:09:04
8.   Bama Yankee
After watching Jaret Wright bat last week, maybe Joe should just let him bat instead of Cairo (can you DH for a second baseman?)
2006-06-27 15:18:14
9.   Bama Yankee
7 I agree. Even though I think "Triple Threat" Phillips can play second well enough to not hurt the team, it's not the best option. Cairo at 2B, Phillips at 1B, Giambi at DH, & Bernie in RF is better than Philliips at 2b, Giambi at 1B, Bernie at DH and Bubba in RF. What a decision: Giambi's bad D or Bernie's bad D (a picture of this would be shown next to the phrase "lesser of two evils" on Wikipedia).
2006-06-27 15:26:21
10.   monkeypants
8 9 The problem is that the Yankees called up Nick Green--who is as awful as Cairo. If you go with Cairo (since he is the back-up 2b), then you have to grin and bear it and put him the lineup. But at least call up another bat, so that you have more PH options b/t Bernie, Melky, and Bubba. But if you call up another 'emergency' IF who will never play, you in effect play a man down--there is already an emergency IF (Andy).

I still think the BEST thing would have been to try Andy at 2B, at least until the All-Star break, and call up another bat anyway (is Durazo ready?). Then Giambi+ BAT = 1B/DH, with Andy at 2B, Cairo as defensive replacement. If Andy is fine at 2b, you can ride out the injury and test another player in the line up. If not, you swap Cairo into the field/line-up as they have it now, and at least you a reasonable bench.

Even beyond the injuries, it is infuriating how the Yankees consistently play short by burying emergency players (extra IF, third C) and pitchers (13th pitcher in the BP).

2006-06-27 15:37:17
11.   Bama Yankee
10 Good point. Another upside to your plan is that if Andy can play an above average 2B (might be a big IF, but he has played 2B in the past) then his value goes up if they decide to trade him. As much as I love Andy on the Yankees (I love to hear Sweet Home Alabama played when he comes to bat), I had rather see him traded instead of Wang, Cano or Hughes.
2006-06-27 15:42:48
12.   randym77
Man, as old and banged up as we are, we're going to have a heck of a logjam at DH. Bernie, Giambi, Sheff, Matsui, Damon, Posada...they're all going to be competing for DH time.
2006-06-27 15:59:42
13.   Simone
I just heard about Gammons. Best wishes to him and his family.
2006-06-27 16:13:17
14.   randym77
Nice throw by Jorgie and nice tag by Miggy.
2006-06-27 16:16:13
15.   RIYank
Sterling is pointing out that the Yankee coaching staff may deserve a lot of credit this year: Bowa working with Cano, Pena with Posada. Sterling could be right (I don't say that much).
Jaret seems to be doing okay -- the hit wasn't much of a hit, huh?
2006-06-27 16:17:52
16.   nyctarheel87
allllWright! (in a Quagmire voice)
2006-06-27 16:19:53
17.   kylepetterson
why is it that wright only allowed 1 baserunner and I feel like we barely escaped the side?
2006-06-27 16:23:10
18.   RIYank
Damn. Hitting him hard, but no cigar.
2006-06-27 16:38:27
19.   randym77
And Boston's up 2-0 on the Mets. C'mon, Yanks! Start swinging the bats.
2006-06-27 16:41:19
20.   yankz
Screw you, Mets.
2006-06-27 16:42:23
21.   nyctarheel87
2-1 now
2006-06-27 16:45:19
22.   randym77
Sigh. A little patience, Andy. Who do you think you are, Soriano?
2006-06-27 16:49:02
23.   monkeypants
Now Sterling and Walman are talking about Larry Bird, Bobby Orr, and the Boston Garden. What the hell?
2006-06-27 16:49:58
24.   rsmith51
23 And we thought Boston was obsessed with NY...
2006-06-27 16:53:15
25.   nysports05
No more mention of Boston tonight, please
2006-06-27 16:55:27
26.   randym77
Melky hits better righty.
2006-06-27 17:04:21
27.   rsmith51
That was pretty anti-clutch. Is ARod rubbing off?

Just kidding...

2006-06-27 17:04:28
28.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cpt Clutch with the comebacker with one out and runner on 3rd
2006-06-27 17:04:34
29.   JeremyM
Cap has to get a run in there.
2006-06-27 17:06:45
30.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
13 Gammons?
2006-06-27 17:07:18
31.   JeremyM
This is pretty inane, but what happened to Felix "Cadillac" Escalona? He had that game-winner last year and has to be better than Green, doesn't he?
2006-06-27 17:07:20
32.   Javi Javi
Boston 3 NYM 1. Probably A-Rod's fault.
2006-06-27 17:07:20
33.   randym77
This guy's throwing more balls than strikes. But apparently, it's against our religion tonight to take the @#$% walk.
2006-06-27 17:08:19
34.   randym77
30 See the link in the upper right corner of your screen.
2006-06-27 17:20:53
35.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
6 pitch inning. Against a guy with 15 walks and only 17 ks in 37 + ip.
2006-06-27 17:22:00
36.   randym77
Not again. Poor Jaret.
2006-06-27 17:23:40
37.   JeremyM
35 You said it. I sure hope instructions weren't to swing at his first pitch. That never works.
2006-06-27 17:25:46
38.   randym77
And Jeet saves Andy an error.
2006-06-27 17:28:43
39.   randym77
Remember last year, when A-Rod and Jeter hit much better at home than away? You could sort of understand it with Jeter, but it was kind of odd for A-Rod.

Here's A-Rod's home/away splits for last year:

HOME: .351 / .448
AWAY: .291 / .395

For this year:

HOME: .261 / .803
AWAY: .301 / .975

The booing getting to him? Or just a return to the norm?

2006-06-27 17:31:02
40.   kdw
And this could get exciting, Wright maybe even pitching 6 innings.
2006-06-27 17:31:03
41.   nyctarheel87
3-2 Boston, bases loaded for the Mets
2006-06-27 17:32:50
42.   mickey1956
Am I the only one who thinks that if Jaret Wright makes it through the year making 25+ starts we should pick up his option. The way that his contract is structured he has alreay made 18 of the 21 million he is owed. Because it was changed to an option his salary will actually be only 3 million next year. With the price of pitching what it is I actually think that Jaret Wright may have some trade value when the year is over. 3 million fo 25 leage average starts is not bad.
2006-06-27 17:35:38
43.   mickey1956
That was a rambling post. Sorry.
2006-06-27 17:40:45
44.   randym77
Wright's been all right this year. We'll have to see if his stamina improves.
2006-06-27 17:42:06
45.   rsmith51
I don't think they should decline his option either.
2006-06-27 17:42:43
46.   kdw
Holy smokes, is Leiter serious, 160 pitches?
2006-06-27 17:45:23
47.   randym77
46 I think he was. I could see it, if they wanted him to pitch a complete game, the way he pitches...
2006-06-27 17:48:00
48.   Cliff Corcoran
46 No, he was kidding. They were talking about how Dallas Green almost ruined his career by making him throw over 160 pitching in a start during his first stint with the Yankees and Al jokingly said "that hurt. I think 160 is the limit."
2006-06-27 17:50:30
49.   kdw
48 I'm confused -- so Leiter was serious that he threw 160 pitches?
2006-06-27 17:52:55
50.   Benjamin Kabak
Another mediocre pitcher is shutting down the Yankee offense again. This is pathetic. Except for Giambi yesterday, the Yanks offense is gone.
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2006-06-27 17:53:15
51.   randym77
This unimpressive lefty is looking pretty impressive. Why am I not surprised?

Bring on Smoltz! This lineup prefers name-brand pitchers to generic.

2006-06-27 17:53:21
52.   JeremyM
At this point they should definitely bring Wright back, the savings wouldn't be much at all.

This team is killing me--only one walk drawn? I realize they're down 3 starters but come on.

2006-06-27 17:53:24
53.   Rich
Yup, Leiter was serious. It was a cold, damp night in April, and that moron Dallas Green stupidly had Al injure his arm because he wanted to teach him toughness.

A couple of weeks later he was traded to Toronto (as damaged goods) for Jesse Barfield, which the inimitable John Sterling called "a steal."

2006-06-27 17:55:20
54.   kdw
53 Thanks.
2006-06-27 17:56:21
55.   Benjamin Kabak
YES. Ron Villone to the rescue and on the first pitch too.
2006-06-27 17:59:40
56.   nysports05
Good show of patriotism by the braves by staying in the dugout
2006-06-27 18:02:35
57.   randym77
Ouch. Sounds like Varitek blocked the plate, and Reyes came off the worse for it.
2006-06-27 18:02:59
58.   Cliff Corcoran
51 Yeah, sorry about jinxing the Yankee offense there.
2006-06-27 18:03:42
59.   buffalocharlie
yeah, nasty collision, Reyes left arm or chest slammed into Varitek's knee or ??
2006-06-27 18:05:40
60.   Benjamin Kabak
57, 59 Reyes out just before the Subway Series?
2006-06-27 18:08:26
61.   randym77
It looked really bad. Reyes was rolling around on the ground in agony.

But they just said he's back out playing SS. Guess it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Though we'll see how he feels tomorrow.

2006-06-27 18:10:21
62.   Cliff Corcoran
Ain't that a bitch. Andy has a beautiful at-bat, works Ramirez over coming back from 0-2 to go full and get the inside pitch to drive he wanted and Jones backhands it and throws him out. Then Melky hacks at the first pitch and hits a squibber right at Jones and Chipper boots it for an RBI "single." Sheesh.
2006-06-27 18:10:36
63.   Benjamin Kabak
Wee. A run. Now Villone's pitching looks even worse.
2006-06-27 18:10:41
64.   randym77
Sweet. Chipper booted it. Jorgie scores.

Chipper has got to be one of my least favorite players.

And Miggy gets a clutch hit...

2006-06-27 18:11:19
65.   Benjamin Kabak
Come on, Johnny. Tie the game here.
2006-06-27 18:14:12
66.   Benjamin Kabak
64 As a New York sports fan, I feel obliged to call Chipper Jones Larry even though I hate the Mets.
2006-06-27 18:14:34
67.   monkeypants
5354 Dallas Green was an ass, and LEiter was still young. But check out the high pitch counts in 1989 (you can find this on under Pitcher Abuse Points for 1989--there is a column for max number of pitches). High pitch totals in the 140s or higher were pretty common even then, less than 20 years ago.
2006-06-27 18:18:31
68.   nyctarheel87
8-2 Boston

i hate the Mets

2006-06-27 18:19:50
69.   Benjamin Kabak
Maybe the official scorer can give Villone the L today if the Yanks can't score more. This does not look good.
2006-06-27 18:20:35
70.   Benjamin Kabak
Woah. wait. Gameday is flipping out.
Pitch 2-In play, no out recorded.
Pitch 3-In play, out(s) recorded.
2006-06-27 18:24:34
71.   Cliff Corcoran
Nice big spot for Beam here and he steps up and blows Andruw away. Nice.
2006-06-27 18:24:39
72.   3rd gen yankee fan
68 Tavares is in now, maybe he'll give up some yaks.
2006-06-27 18:25:58
73.   Cliff Corcoran
Check the wind wipping around and fluttering the uniforms. That wind was pushing me around downtown earlier today.
2006-06-27 18:26:14
74.   Max
So what the heck is this unimpressive lefty doing that has our big bats so silent? Sounds like the kids and castoffs are doing their job, but the big names can't do squat.

That comebacker by the Cap was so weak that even Sterling was commenting on how lame it was. Too much 32nd birthday party cavorting for the ladies man?

Also, traffic seems very low this evening on the Banter.

2006-06-27 18:26:33
75.   Benjamin Kabak
71 If he has a few more outings like that, soon Torre will run him into the ground a la Scott Proctor.
2006-06-27 18:28:09
76.   Benjamin Kabak
74 It's not just this unimpressive lefty. The Yanks have scored 7 runs over their last 4 games (less 2 innings). Five of those were off the bat of Jason Giambi. The offense is gone.
2006-06-27 18:30:11
77.   rsmith51
Good pitch, bad results...
2006-06-27 18:30:27
78.   Paul in Boston
I can't believe that he got a hit on that pitch. When the stars are not aligned in your favor, everything is out of whack.
2006-06-27 18:32:55
79.   randym77
Shoulda put Bubba in. He might have gotten it.
2006-06-27 18:33:54
80.   rsmith51
Maybe Cairo should have dove?
2006-06-27 18:34:07
81.   buffalocharlie
this may be obvious, but we must win games when Wright allows 2 runs over 6 innings....MUST win...
2006-06-27 18:35:48
82.   Benjamin Kabak
81 What about games when Wright allows only 1 run over 6 innings? That might be why tonight we're losing!
2006-06-27 18:37:27
83.   randym77
80 With our luck, if he did, he'd have broken something, and Nick Green would be in.
2006-06-27 18:38:24
84.   GoingDeep
Without prompting more A-Rod bashing, he really needs to step up until SheffSui gets back or else the yankees will miss the playoffs. I know he will turn it around but with the sox streaking the All-Star break cant come quick enough at present with the impotent offense.
2006-06-27 18:40:50
85.   Coltre Hughes
Raise your hand if you have hope. I know we're all pulling(excuse the pun) for Alex, but let's face it; in our hearts, we have no faith in him getting the hit right here. (I hope I'm wrong)
2006-06-27 18:42:17
86.   JeremyM
Nice job A-Rod.
2006-06-27 18:42:43
87.   Benjamin Kabak
Ugh. No offense. No offense.
2006-06-27 18:43:10
88.   JeremyM
Sorry if I got anyone excited as gameday is slow, that was a sarcastic nice job- he K'ed again.
2006-06-27 18:44:29
89.   unpopster
I don't care about his stats or what the majority of the posters over here say, if there is ever a time to boo your own player, it's NOW. It is late in the game, the go ahead run at the plate, and freakin' un-clutch-Rod strikes out???? He is such a chump sometimes!
2006-06-27 18:44:41
90.   monkeypants
76 So true. OK, the Melky ride has been fun. But will the team finally wake up and try to get some bats into the line up or on the bench. I don't mean trading Hughes or anything silly. BUt there have to be options whose names are not Cairo, Stinnett, Bubba, or Nick Green; Bernie cannot be a full time player.
2006-06-27 18:46:29
91.   Max
75 No kidding about the missing offense. It is really scary to consider that since June 5th, when we bitch slapped Beckett around, this team has really had its way with only three starters: Jason Johnson, Cory Lidle, and Ramon Ortiz. Heck, even Shawn Hill of the Nats did a decent job against us, and Moehler of the Marlins was undone by his defense.

These deflating offensive performances make our record feel a lot worse than it actually is. A-Rod is just a symbol for a lost June.

2006-06-27 18:46:38
92.   monkeypants
Farsworth? I demand that Proctor pitch!
2006-06-27 18:47:04
93.   unpopster
74 another reason why I've been lobbying for a trade for OFFENSE now! If I've aid it once, I'll say it a million times: You can not lose 70 HRs and 230+ RBIs and expect to be okay offensively.

Cashman, get a corner OF now!!!!

2006-06-27 18:47:58
94.   nyctarheel87
I think the lineup may need to be shuffled a bit. Should Torre try having A-Rod hit second again?
2006-06-27 18:49:00
95.   rsmith51
94 That would be interesting. I think that may be helpful.
2006-06-27 18:49:24
96.   Paul in Boston
Jeter should have had that ball up the middle. His range is terrible to his left.
2006-06-27 18:50:09
97.   rsmith51
Giles makes Cairo look big.
2006-06-27 18:51:36
98.   randym77
This is still the same team that slapped Beckett around. Well, minus Cano. What happened?
2006-06-27 18:51:44
99.   Coltre Hughes
What is Farns-worth? Not $18 mil.
2006-06-27 18:52:43
100.   randym77
96 I have a feeling Jeter was out pretty late last night. Must've been some party.
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2006-06-27 18:52:53
101.   3rd gen yankee fan
God I hate rooting for the Mets.
2006-06-27 18:53:16
102.   nyctarheel87
98. They fell down to earth. This lineup is not great, especially with A-Rod struggling
2006-06-27 18:54:31
103.   randym77
Melky does have a good arm.
2006-06-27 18:55:17
104.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Giambi and A-rod are 0 for 8 tonight
2006-06-27 18:57:55
105.   monkeypants
What's up--did Posada just get bored and stop playing this game?
2006-06-27 18:58:38
106.   randym77
Posada is really steamed at Farnsy.
2006-06-27 18:59:20
107.   Yu-Hsing Chen
No line-up would be good if their 3-4 guy.. two former MVPs... are 0 for 8....
2006-06-27 18:59:46
108.   Paul in Boston
Farnsworth crossed up Posada, and the two of them are fighting. Then Jones doubles in the gap. Great.

I kind of wish they'd release the big piece of s--t.

2006-06-27 19:00:16
109.   BklynBmr
Jorgie is going punch Farns out in the clubhouse, then the Yanks will rip off 15 straight wins...
2006-06-27 19:00:24
110.   rsmith51
Anybody see Goldman's suggestion that the Yanks trade Farnsworth? I guess if the Yanks can get Abreu...
2006-06-27 19:01:02
111.   randym77
Bernie wasn't even in the picture in that hit to RF. Is Damon covering CF and RF?
2006-06-27 19:04:24
112.   Max
I understand the Embrees and the F-Rods and Heredias of the world sucking. But we paid big $ to this meathead to do just as badly? Ugh.
2006-06-27 19:05:07
113.   rsmith51
What really sucks is that they were playing better when Erickson and Long were on the team. Go figure.
2006-06-27 19:06:21
114.   3rd gen yankee fan
Lord almighty.
2006-06-27 19:06:33
115.   buffalocharlie
112Meathead is the key noun/adjective(?) in your post...
2006-06-27 19:11:02
116.   rabid stan
God I hate baseball on nights like this. I might swear it off for a week if the Yanks don't beat the crap out of Sosa right now. Give me time to cool off.

I hate the Yanks. Going 3-2 on a stretch where the starters give up 8 ER once through the rotation.

I hate Kyle Farnsworth who's part of the reason why. 2 ER and 2 outs tonight.

I hate the Mets. I hate the whole National League. Rolling over for Boston and playing the Yanks to 7-6. Or maybe it's the Yanks playing them to 6-7, but I already mentioned I hated the Yankees.

Lester threw 116 pitches through 5 innings. Five innings and the Mets only squeeze two runs out of him. Absolutely incompetent.

2006-06-27 19:11:38
117.   JeremyM
Nice job swinging 2-0 Bernie when they need baserunners. This team doesn't have baseball smarts at all anymore.
2006-06-27 19:13:14
118.   randym77
Holy crap. A homer from the least likely source. Go, Melky!

Bet he wasn't invited to Jeter's party...

2006-06-27 19:13:20
119.   Yu-Hsing Chen
At least melky hit a home run :P
2006-06-27 19:13:27
120.   rabid stan
Holy crap, Melky. That helps. I probably won't break anything now.
2006-06-27 19:16:09
121.   JeremyM
That's so sad that they didn't have anyone who could hit for Cairo there.
2006-06-27 19:16:52
122.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
3 hits for Melk-man.

116 the saddest thing about the Lester start tonight is that Sawx fans will use this to talk about how he's the second coming of Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson rolled into one. Only 2 runs and 5 ks they'll say, ignoring the 116 pitches to get 15 outs and the 5 walks. Just like they point to Josh Beckett's glittering 9-3 record and ignore all the nast peripherals.

2006-06-27 19:17:38
123.   Simone
Another loss to a crapass team. This time is squarely on the offense. I don't know what his problem is, but Alex Rodriguez needs to wake the hell up. Right now, it is on him or the Yankees are in serious trouble. I'm just hoping that the Tigers collapse.
2006-06-27 19:21:14
124.   randym77
Too bad Bernie and Andy didn't get on base. Bernie gives us a weak popup on a 2-0 count, Andy hacks at the second pitch and grounds out. Mutter, grumble.

Bernie's hot streak appears to be cooling. He's not even hitting righty these days. And I'm still wondering where he was when Damon fielded that ball right in front of the 385' sign.

2006-06-27 19:24:07
125.   monkeypants
121 Sure they do--Green. Hmmmm.
2006-06-27 19:24:20
126.   Max
Not to rub salt in the wound, but we are really providing relief for some undistinguished pitchers. First win for Horacio Ramirez in 3 weeks. Cliff Lee of the Indians beats us for only his 3rd win in 6 weeks. Kirk Saarloos earns his first win ever over the Yankees. Brett Myers beats us despite 6 walks.

And on and on. Probably until August, though I am really trying to convince myself this will pass. Beating Detroit 3 out of 4 and the Red Sox twice seems so very long ago.

2006-06-27 19:25:00
127.   rabid stan
The inevitable has become official. The Mets have shit Fenway Park.
2006-06-27 19:30:33
128.   randym77
The YES announcers are really giving it to A-Rod. Everyone's stepped up but A-Rod. A-Rod always folds in the clutch. Etc.
2006-06-27 19:31:12
129.   Yu-Hsing Chen
All the Yanks could really do is forget about the rest of the league and try to play their best.

Brett Myers isn't exactly a bad pitcher, (bad husband maybe but hey :P).

Anyway, as long as we don't trade Hughes or something I'm not too worried, even if we fail to make the playoffs this year we still have some good future ahead of us. And there is just only so much one could do when u lose so many guys to injury.

2006-06-27 19:36:53
130.   Simone
I don't think that A-Rod always folds in the clucth, but he is struggling like crazy right now and the Yankees simply don't have the offense to carry him. He has to find a way out of his slump and soon.
2006-06-27 19:37:51
131.   rabid stan
129 I wouldn't be as bothered by it all if the Sox hadn't been so damn lucky so far this season. They start out the year with more than 30 games against the O's and Rays by June. They're 11-6 in one run games. And they've spent the last two weeks getting bloated on the NL.

They've scored fourteen fewer and allowed six more runs, and they still have a 3.5 game lead. It's really irrating.

I wish the mean would show up already and regress them good.

2006-06-27 19:44:39
132.   rabid stan
Well, they had scored 14 fewer and allowed six more runs, but after tonight, it's now only seven fewer and five more.
2006-06-27 20:06:14
133.   Yu-Hsing Chen
stan, I'd think we realized that this was a unlucky season for a while now ;) let's see.. losing two all-star slugger... having just about every important guy in the lineup having missed games.... and having Carl Pavano still being Carl Pavano... etc...
2006-06-27 20:06:32
134.   rabid stan
Screwed up again. -7/+5 should be -5/+10. why I should even bother correcting it at this point...

At least I'm secure enough that I won't explain myself.

2006-06-27 20:09:35
135.   dpmurphy
rabid stan:
"I wouldn't be as bothered by it all if the Sox hadn't been so damn lucky so far this season. They're 11-6 in one run games. And they've spent the last two weeks getting bloated on the NL."

Do you even realize how silly you sound? There's nothing worse than a fan using luck as an excuse for their team. We're half way into the season, almost. It is what it is.

Showing a stat about one run games? So one run games are decided by luck?

And isn't it the yankees fault they haven't gotten 'bloated' on national league teams? Or have they been unlucky?

I promise you this, yankees or red sox or blue jays win the division, I would never blame it on luck, or injuries.

2006-06-27 20:09:38
136.   rabid stan
I know the Yanks have been unlucky. The thing is the Sox have been lucky. I am mildly annoyed at the coincidence and I feel moved to post, that's all.

If I didn't bitch here, I'd bitch to the people I know and love, who are generally indifferent to baseball. Eventually I'd alienate them.

2006-06-27 20:11:13
137.   dpmurphy
As far as the injuries: 80 million higher payroll than any other team, so if you can't replace the guys injured, it's your own fault.

200 million payroll, and blaming luck. Hilarious.

2006-06-27 20:12:16
138.   dpmurphy
Any true fan would ignore your bitching as its just whining.
2006-06-27 20:23:25
139.   Max
Hey dpmurphy tough guy, it's really big of you to come on and start woofing at the end of game threads when everybody's left. Problem is, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that quoted baseball sabermetric experts that made the same point about the Red Sox benefiting substantially from luck, with analyses to back it up.

So cut with the cheap shots and talking out of your rear end, and go away if you have nothing of substance to contribute.

2006-06-27 20:32:33
140.   randym77
I saw that WSJ article. It's behind a paywall, alas, but it did conclude that the Red Sox have been the luckiest team this season.

You can get a little flavor of it here:

There's also a link to the full article, if you happen to be a WSJ subscriber.

2006-06-27 20:58:48
141.   Yu-Hsing Chen
138 I read red sox boards also and they "whine" just as much after a shitty game.

Also, I find it hard to spin the fact that Yankees scored more and gave up less as a positive for the Red Sox other than luck...

2006-06-27 21:26:53
142.   rabid stan
In keeping with the theme, it was something of a coincidence that 135 and 136 were posted so close.

Three seconds apart, according to the time-stamp. It seems dpmurphy took it as a response to his post when it wasn't, and that misunderstanding touched off this little tiff.

He can post whatever he wants, constructive or not, and no matter how implausible or off-base. I do it all the time.

Though I do have this image of him in front of his screen, reading BB, blood boiling, and thinking to himself, "For a moment I thought he was bitching, but now I see he's just whining, which is beneath contempt, so I'll ignore him, and post about it so everyone knows."

2006-06-27 22:18:53
143.   brockdc
"Jittery. Musclebound. Dim-witted. Kyle Farnsworth has been called many things but "clutch" is definitely not one of them. Hi, I'm John Sterling and this is Yankeeography..."
2006-06-27 23:05:35
144.   yankz
dpmurphy apparently only shows up after Yankee losses AND Red Sox wins. Even debris was better.

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