Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2006-06-26 05:29
by Alex Belth
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After playing in front of more than 53,000 in the afternoon, the Yankees and Marlins performed in front of less than 7,000 last night. Now that's a kind of crowd the young Marlins are familiar with. It almost seemed as if the Yankees themselves forgot there was a second game yesterday as they fell to the Marlins, 5-0. The Bombers are the last team in the majors to get shut out this season. Jason Giambi made two errors which led to three runs, nobody could get anything going offensively, and to make matters worse, Robinson Cano came up lame with a hamstring problem in his left leg. Early reports do not tell us how serious the injury is, but it was the most remarkable event of the game for the Yanks. Cano has been exceptionally durable so far this year and it would be a tough loss if he is lost for an extended period of time.

Anibal Sanchez, the former Red Sox who went to Florida in the Josh Beckett deal this past winter, made the most of his major league debut for the Marlins and successfully kept the Yankee hitters off-balance. (The Bombers scored two runs over both games.) With runners on second and third and one out in the sixth, Bernie Williams ripped a line drive to the right side of the infield. It was snagged by the first baseman and was the last batter Sanchez would face. It was also the closest the Bombers would come to staging any kind of rally. It was a dream come true for Sanchez, who was called-up just for this one start.

2006-06-26 06:00:59
1.   Dimelo
I was ready for a change at 10 when Entourage came on. Interesting that the new character they were introducing to the show was a guy named "Dom", short for Dominator. Anibal Sanchez was the new character last night and he was definitely the "Dom".
2006-06-26 06:09:59
2.   Alex Belth
Man, was that guy Dom ever a clown or what? He's gunna screw up there good time, man.
2006-06-26 06:20:08
3.   Dimelo
I loved Turtle's comment how they weren't meant to have a fifth member. I've seen that happen with a lot of my friends in NY. Some people evolve and some friends still put it simply...ghetto. It'll be interesting to see the dynamics with the new leader of the "security team".
2006-06-26 07:23:45
4.   Jeteupthemiddle
Turtle: Shouldn't we leave Vince in the car? Yo, if something happens to Vince we are all fucked.
2006-06-26 07:27:48
5.   Dimelo
4 That was another great line. I love that show. I've been liking that other show that comes on afterwards, Little Louie. I've been finding myself laughing my ass off at the writing.
2006-06-26 07:40:23
6.   Alex Belth
I liked the line when Turtle moaned about as a five-man crew they'd have to get a mini van.
2006-06-26 07:49:34
7.   das411
I thought his name was Anakin Sanchez...?
2006-06-26 10:32:33
8.   jayd
we lost to a guy named annabelle? time to empty out the farm system and get dontrelle...

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