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Sunday Best Comes First
2006-06-25 15:38
by Alex Belth
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Mike Mussina was just this much better than his counterpart Dontrelle Willis on a rainy Sunday afternoon in the Bronx, as the Yanks beat the Florida Marlins 2-1. Moose notched the 2,500th strike out of his career and pitched a nice game--he was particularly crisp early. Johnny Damon drove in both New York runs, Kyle Farnsworth got the blood a-boiling in the eighth, and Mariano Rivera earned the save in the ninth. Cliff was out there in the bleachers. If we're lucky and he's not too beat when he gets home, we'll get his take on what was a well-played game.

I was supposed to be there myself but my plans fell through. Instead, I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I made a couple of different tomato sauces (garlic, olive oil, parsley, crushed red pepper, zucchinni and tomatoes with fresh thyme, and the other one, onion, butter, olive oil, eggplant, pancetta, crushed red pepper, tomatoes and fresh basil) for my brother who is on the DL and needed some kitchen help, a ratatouille with roasted potatoes for Em's weekly grub (she does the laundry), and then the project: a dozen jars of jam from fresh strawberries that Em and I got upstate yesterday. The best strawberries are only around for a couple of weeks each June and we got some good beauts. My Ma used to make jams when I was growing up. I haven't done it much myself but it's not hard and man, oh, man, how I love good jam. Em helped out with the canning--she's a cracker jack with that kind of thing--and so while I know that the game featured several sparkling defensive plays, I caught most of them as replays, running in from the kitchen.

The second game of this Day-Night doubleheader kicks off at 8:00 pm. However, due TV restrictions, the game will not be televised in many parts of the country. (Man, I wish I had a clever Gil Scott Heron line.) Apparently, it will be televised in New York (thanks for the knowledge Mr. Kabak). The Red Sox were rained out today while the Blue Jays lost to the Mets. It'd be gravy if the Yanks can win another one, but I wouldn't count on it. Not with Chacon on the hill. These Marlins are scrappy. But one never knows does one?

Let's Go Yan-kees!

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2006-06-25 15:55:50
1.   Benjamin Kabak
Actually, Alex, the game will be on TV in certain markets. If you live in the NYC area or Miami area, ESPN will be carrying the game. No word on restrictions.

And according to, the Yanks will face Anibal Sanchez coming up from AA. I saw him pitch last season when he was with the Sox's A affiliate in Wilmington. He has good stuff.

2006-06-25 16:28:06
2.   randym77
You need a TV in your kitchen. :-)

Giambi's back is better. And it's Bubba in CF, JD as DH.

Johnny Damon DH
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams RF
Melky Cabrera LF
Bubba Crosby CF
Kelly Stinnett C

2006-06-25 16:28:12
3.   Benjamin Kabak
Sadly, no feed for those of us spending their Sunday nights away from NYC (or Miami). Gameday or AM radio it will have to be.
2006-06-25 16:29:38
4.   RIYank
Wow, Sanchez, I remember him too, though he never made it up to Pawtucket. Some people said he was the best player in the Beckett deal. But surely not ready for the Bigs. Let's hope.
2006-06-25 16:31:58
5.   randym77
4 Except for the Yankee tradition of being unable to hit pitchers they've never seen before. :-P
2006-06-25 16:46:45
6.   rbj
Oh good. ESPN Classic's showing a thing on Yao. Yup, much better to have an out of season special, rather than an actual game. Well, there's always the CWS.
2006-06-25 16:59:00
7.   JeremyM
I was just thinking the other day that Yao has yet to do much in the NBA.

Carolina is rolling in the CWS, it's theirs to lose now--4-0 in the 3rd.

2006-06-25 17:07:45
8.   Dimelo
The stands are empty.
2006-06-25 17:09:01
9.   kdw
Hoping it's not a cruel joke or mistake but in VA the Yankees/Marlins game is on rather than the Sox/Astros game.
2006-06-25 17:10:48
10.   Benjamin Kabak
9 On here too! Suh-weet.
2006-06-25 17:11:59
11.   rsmith51
10 Not here, though I am in the Chicago suburbs. I was hoping Directv would show both.
2006-06-25 17:12:47
12.   rbj
11 Nor here in Toledo.
2006-06-25 17:15:51
13.   Benjamin Kabak
Why's A-Rod playing in on Miguel Cabrera?
2006-06-25 17:16:47
14.   rsmith51
I thought Beckham was out of the World Cup with an injury.
2006-06-25 17:17:28
15.   Benjamin Kabak
Deja vu here in the first inning...
2006-06-25 17:17:55
16.   randym77
Oh, boy. Obi-Shawn is keeping the fielders on their toes.
2006-06-25 17:19:02
17.   Benjamin Kabak

This is nearly exactly what he did yesterday.

2006-06-25 17:20:22
18.   Stormer Sports
Get Villone up.
2006-06-25 17:20:52
19.   randym77
Crap. This is going to be a long game if Chacon doesn't pull himself together.
2006-06-25 17:21:08
20.   JeremyM
Unless he can turn this game around, this should be his last start. He's just another Aaron Small with less time on a bus.
2006-06-25 17:21:46
21.   Stormer Sports
I am almost glad I cannot watch this game. Can I assume he is tip-toeing around the plate, getting behind in the count, and then having to groove one?
2006-06-25 17:23:34
22.   randym77
21 Pretty much. He's missing a lot. High, low, inside, outside. :-P

Gator apparently told him to stop throwing his curve. He hasn't been the same since.

2006-06-25 17:23:48
23.   Stormer Sports
Tell me again why we didn't sign Derek Lowe, Jared Washburn or Pedro Martinez.
2006-06-25 17:25:14
24.   rsmith51
23 We have Wang, overrated , too expensive...
2006-06-25 17:25:19
25.   rbj
Gotta say, I'm impressed with what Girardi is doing with his team.
2006-06-25 17:25:19
26.   unpopster
I don't know how many of you are watching this game on ESPN but Chacon does NOT look bad out there. He got the first two outs easily, Cabrera hit a 6 bouncer JUST out of the reach of Arod to his left, Willingham hit an infield single to the right of Arod that he just beat out, and then Hermida hit a texas leaguer between Cano and CF-RF. It's really not that bad.
2006-06-25 17:25:58
27.   JeremyM
21 Really? What the hell? His curve was his pitch, everything worked off of that.
2006-06-25 17:26:52
28.   Benjamin Kabak
Did someone just wake Duke Castiglione up from a four-month coma? This payroll story is old old old. Go back to sleep, Duke.
2006-06-25 17:27:00
29.   Stormer Sports
26 Hmm, maybe so, but 30 pitches, he wont make it out of the 5th.
2006-06-25 17:27:04
30.   JeremyM
Thanks unpopster, I want to like Chacon but he's been driving me nuts lately. This curve thing is confusing me though.
2006-06-25 17:28:21
31.   randym77
26 It's the number of pitches he's throwing that's alarming. It took him 30 pitches just to get out of the 1st inning.
2006-06-25 17:28:39
32.   Stormer Sports

I agree, when you take profit sharing money that is greater than your actual payroll, or your payroll is less than the general partner's take at year end, you should be forced to forfiet the season.

2006-06-25 17:28:48
33.   kdw
26 I agree. And he's not digging himself into quite the hole he's done before. He needs to stay focused.
2006-06-25 17:28:56
34.   kdw
26 I agree. And he's not digging himself into quite the hole he's done before. He needs to stay focused.
2006-06-25 17:29:00
35.   Max
21 Can you imagine if it had been Mel who suggested to stop throwing the curve? There would be 30 additional comments here and numerous blog entries calling for the old man's head.
2006-06-25 17:29:16
36.   Zack
Good ol' Derek...

To bad Andy got bumped, he's been our best hitter these last (two) games...

2006-06-25 17:29:28
37.   Stormer Sports
If Guidry told him not to throw his best pitch, I'd be really surprised. What would be the logic there?
2006-06-25 17:30:13
38.   Stormer Sports

If Guidry told him that. Let me officially call for the old man's head, 70's sideburns and all.

2006-06-25 17:30:38
39.   nyctarheel87
i'm a little worried about derek's power outage, it seems like he hit all his home runs in april.
2006-06-25 17:31:16
40.   Stormer Sports
Will Arod strike out looking or swinging?
2006-06-25 17:33:11
41.   JeremyM
Nice way to do nothing against the rookie straight from AA to start. And I noticed that Jeter's power went dormant, I can only assume some of that has to do with the injury.

Then again, I think Sean Henn had a good first inning and it was all downhill from there...

2006-06-25 17:34:41
42.   Stormer Sports
Dear Mr. Sheffield,

Get well soon.

Very truly yours,

2006-06-25 17:35:55
43.   rsmith51
How can Giambi go from being unable to DH to being able to play first?
2006-06-25 17:36:09
44.   rsmith51
43 On the same day.
2006-06-25 17:36:47
45.   nysports05
I predict a homer from him
2006-06-25 17:37:48
46.   nyctarheel87
they probably used that magic spray on him that the soccer players have been using.
2006-06-25 17:38:48
47.   nysports05
Thats probably what they did duke fan i mean tarheel
2006-06-25 17:40:51
48.   rbj
Now it's 5-4 North Carolina.
Go Beavers
2006-06-25 17:41:04
49.   kdw
43 Earlier they said that Giambi's back was stiff but he could have pinch hit in the first game. Instead he was supposed to spend the game on the trainer's table getting treatment on his back so maybe that helped.
2006-06-25 17:42:49
50.   randym77
43 Torre said Giambi's back locked up on him, but it was a short-term thing. Giambi asked to get in the first game as DH partway through.

The more cynical fans think Torre thought better of putting Giambi in against murder-on-lefties Willis. Perhaps after remembering how he did against Young King Cole, the other murder-on-lefties pitcher we've faced recently. Cano actually has better numbers against lefties than Giambi.

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2006-06-25 17:44:15
51.   Benjamin Kabak
Bernie's OBP is really low this year especially compared to his lofty .290 BA. Even last year, he kept his OBP .070 higher than his batting average.
2006-06-25 17:45:10
52.   rbj
7-5 Beavers!
2006-06-25 17:45:29
53.   Benjamin Kabak
Why do we have see Matsui's injury over and over again? It's really gruesome.
2006-06-25 17:46:06
54.   randym77
51 Goldman had an interesting article about that. Bernie has no patience at the plate any more. He's not walking like he used to. Instead, he's swinging at the first or second pitch. Good guesser?
2006-06-25 17:46:34
55.   nysports05
All melky will ever be in his major league career will be a good utility player.
2006-06-25 17:46:53
56.   JeremyM
Wow. If OSU wins I'll probably go to game 3 tomorrow.
2006-06-25 17:48:11
57.   Benjamin Kabak
55 I've gone back and forth on that. He's not much of a contact hitter yet, but he's only 21. Maybe he'll fill in a bit and develop some power. If the Yanks get the right offer for Melky though, I would trade him this summer.
2006-06-25 17:51:18
58.   rsmith51
How does Sanchez look?
2006-06-25 17:52:18
59.   Benjamin Kabak
58 Fine. Nothing to write home about yet. He's mixing speeds and is around the plate. He does seem quite poised on the mound, for what that's worth.
2006-06-25 17:52:41
60.   nysports05
damn. its starting to rain
2006-06-25 17:54:05
61.   nysports05
2006-06-25 17:54:11
62.   Stormer Sports
Whoa, back up the bus. The Kid's 21, let's give him a chance. As for a trade. The Yankees cant make one. Brian Cashman and the boys have allowed the farm system to become so depleted that we dont have anything to offer. We will have to make due with what we have unless we can snag Schmidt once the Giants fall cpmpletely out of the race out west, but we aint getting any more offense through a trade. Just aint happenin'.
2006-06-25 17:54:30
63.   Benjamin Kabak
I said this during game 1: There is NO REASON for the Yanks to throw Cabrera anything to hit. He's beating them by himself this game, and that's just unacceptable for Shawn Chacon and Ron Guidry.
2006-06-25 17:54:30
64.   nyctarheel87
Looks like Chacon is settling down
2006-06-25 17:54:42
65.   nyctarheel87
or not...
2006-06-25 17:55:07
66.   randym77
Crap. Cabrera's killing us. (Miguel, not Melky.)
2006-06-25 17:55:32
67.   Benjamin Kabak
62 If you think the Yankee farm system is depleted, then you're just buying into the so-called hype. The Yankee farm system is NOT depleted. It's on the rise. They have a lot of good, very young players...and not a lot of Major League-ready talent yet. It was depleted in 2003 and 2004. It's certainly not depleted anymore.
2006-06-25 17:56:32
68.   nysports05
We need yankee chants up in this joint to get them back into the game. LETS GO YANKEES!
2006-06-25 17:56:44
69.   Alex Belth
Nice pitch Chacon. Man, I like Chacon personality-wise--not that I know him personally. But he seems like a good dude but he's becoming more and more infuriating to watch, constantly falling behind on guys, letting runners get on with two out.

Man, Cabrera put a charge into that one. At least Torre and company didn't pitch to him in the eighth inning in the first game. Oy.

2006-06-25 17:56:44
70.   randym77
They ought to walk Cabrera every time he comes up.
2006-06-25 17:56:51
71.   rbj
OK, their M. Cabrera gets a homer, so our M. Cabrera is owned one, too.
2006-06-25 17:58:51
72.   Benjamin Kabak
Great 3-1 swing there by Stinnett. That pitch was in the dirt.
2006-06-25 17:59:30
73.   Stormer Sports
Ken Williams threatens Ozzie on national TV, classy, real classy.
2006-06-25 18:00:12
74.   Zack
hey, Kelly Stinnett, forgot he was on this team, good to see hes still up to his old tricks!
2006-06-25 18:00:26
75.   nysports05
Crisp defense once again by the marlins.
2006-06-25 18:00:33
76.   Benjamin Kabak
73 I didn't see it but I know that Williams has already said he's spoken to Ozzie about cleaning up his act or else.

Now are you saying that's more or less classy than what Ozzie said about Jay Mariotti?

2006-06-25 18:00:44
77.   nyctarheel87
73. What did Ken say exactly?
2006-06-25 18:01:45
78.   randym77
Classic Jeter hit.

Let's go, Yankees!

2006-06-25 18:02:03
79.   singledd
Is there more serious rain coming?
2006-06-25 18:03:59
80.   Stormer Sports

Absolutely not. I just think he should have said it clearly and been done with it. Saying he may have to walk into his office and fire him to appease some media clowns on national TV wasn't neccessary. I disagreed with what Ozzie said, and I think he's a great manager, but taken on the whole, he's good for baseball.

2006-06-25 18:04:18
81.   nysports05
Bad call on Giambi!
2006-06-25 18:04:45
82.   randym77
79 Hard to say. It looks like the worst of it will pass north of NYC, but who knows? Yesterday, they were fooled by the radar.
2006-06-25 18:05:08
83.   Benjamin Kabak
Tim Tschida wants to get out of the Bronx very quickly tonight.

And now stupid DC area is cutting away from the game to a flash flood alert. I care thismuch.

2006-06-25 18:05:57
84.   Stormer Sports
Arod, please prove me wrong!
2006-06-25 18:06:33
85.   rbj
80 The "fag" comment was out of line, but Mariotti is a pompous jerk. All Ozzie needed to do was leave that one word out.
2006-06-25 18:06:43
86.   Stormer Sports
Giambi hasn't been getting those calls this year. The umps have been particularly harsh on him.
2006-06-25 18:06:49
87.   Benjamin Kabak
80 I think Williams said that out of frustrating not just from this Mariotti thing. Guillen has been causing problems this year...plunking players, etc.
2006-06-25 18:07:10
88.   Zack
Looks like we are headed to making Sanchez look like the next coming of Cy Young, as we are known to do. Then agian, its not like our offense has exactlly been on fire of late
2006-06-25 18:07:46
89.   Stormer Sports

Or not. At least he got wood on it.

2006-06-25 18:08:25
90.   Max
Remember last year when it seemed like Jeter made the last out in a ton of games? This year, it seems like Alex is ending multiple innings by leaving runners on bsae.
2006-06-25 18:08:38
91.   nysports05
Its been finally catching up to this team that we don't have Sheff and Matsui to produce runs.
2006-06-25 18:08:57
92.   Alex Belth
Frustrating that Alex couldn't get a hit right there.
2006-06-25 18:09:17
93.   Stormer Sports

He does lead the league in GIDP.

2006-06-25 18:09:24
94.   Benjamin Kabak
91 Finally? As in, "all of June."
2006-06-25 18:09:28
95.   randym77
At least there aren't enough fans in the stands to boo him really viciously.
2006-06-25 18:09:47
96.   rbj
I just have to remind myself that it isn't easy to sweep double headers.
2006-06-25 18:10:10
97.   SF Yanks
What happened there, gameday says something weird?
2006-06-25 18:10:18
98.   Alex Belth
Two quick outs for Chacon in the fourth...the Marlins have him right where they want him.
2006-06-25 18:10:34
99.   nysports05
Has anyone gone to a game this year?
2006-06-25 18:11:05
100.   SF Yanks
It says "Jeremy Hermida grounds out, second baseman Robinson Cano to first baseman Jason Giambi to second baseman Robinson Cano. "
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2006-06-25 18:11:21
101.   Stormer Sports

It should be when you're the Yankees and you're playing the Marlins. With Atlanta coming in, we have a great opportunity to win some games here and ensure Boston doesn't pull out way ahead of us.

2006-06-25 18:11:32
102.   marc
Chacon actually gets away with a relatively low pitch inning
2006-06-25 18:11:47
103.   Alex Belth
Oh my. Chacon with a 1-2-3 inning. Cool.
2006-06-25 18:12:27
104.   Alex Belth
The fourth went, ground out to Cano, fly out to Melky, fly out to Bernie.
2006-06-25 18:12:32
105.   randym77
100 I'd say "Hermida grounds out to 2B." :-)
2006-06-25 18:13:53
106.   Stormer Sports
66 pitches. If he could just get through the 7th.
2006-06-25 18:15:16
107.   Stormer Sports
Teams should just call up minor leaguers when they play the Yankees and sit their regular rotation pitchers that we have seen.
2006-06-25 18:15:39
108.   Alex Belth
Dreadful at bat by Bernie, swinging at the first pitch like that. The Yanks are making it easy on this kid, and he's pitching pretty well so far.
2006-06-25 18:15:58
109.   randym77
Dang, Goldman's right. Bernie's just swinging at the first pitch. Sometimes he gets lucky, sometimes he doesn't.
2006-06-25 18:16:14
110.   JeremyM
Cy Sanchez. This is ridiculous, did he throw 4 pitches that inning?
2006-06-25 18:16:37
111.   Stormer Sports
Bernie Williams has become Mariano Duncan.
2006-06-25 18:16:48
112.   kdw
102 And I was really excited about that until I saw it's contagious.
2006-06-25 18:17:20
113.   Alex Belth
I know this is a gravy game for the Yanks, but c'mon boys, they should start making things tough for this kid come the fifth and sixth innings, am I right? Don't go out like a bunch of suckas boys. And you, Chacon, we'll take two more scoreless out of you, buddy.

Thank you.

The management

2006-06-25 18:17:55
114.   nyctarheel87
It's amazing we haven't been shutout yet this year
2006-06-25 18:18:04
115.   Benjamin Kabak
It's not like Sanchez is blowing away this Yanks. This, so far, is one pathetic display of offense plus one bad call that quashed a rally.
2006-06-25 18:18:17
116.   randym77
110 He threw six pitches. But even the notoriously patient Melky was out on the second pitch.
2006-06-25 18:19:14
117.   nysports05
I just hope Chacon can get us through 6.
2006-06-25 18:20:16
118.   Benjamin Kabak
Steve Phillips really needs to stop saying, "Tools." Of course, he is one giant tool so I guess he knows.
2006-06-25 18:22:54
119.   nysports05
Damnit Giambi!
2006-06-25 18:23:06
120.   randym77
Arggghhh. Giambi, you suck.
2006-06-25 18:23:19
121.   nysports05
He should of let Cano handle it
2006-06-25 18:23:22
122.   Alex Belth
Steve Phillips should stick to his day job. Wait a minute, he couldn't keep his day job...

Jesus. Giambi you lunkhead. The guy is flat scared to make that throw to second. Yanks are slowly giving this one away.

2006-06-25 18:24:26
123.   Ravenscar
I'm going to give Jason Giambi's Orlando Cabrera impression a D+.
2006-06-25 18:24:40
124.   nyctarheel87
I miss Andy already
2006-06-25 18:24:43
125.   rbj
What's Phillips yapping about?
2006-06-25 18:25:22
126.   Ravenscar

It's almost shocking how well that worked.

2006-06-25 18:25:22
127.   Benjamin Kabak
Kelly Stinnett has no arm and no brain. Nice work there, moron.
2006-06-25 18:25:28
128.   nysports05
2006-06-25 18:26:02
129.   Benjamin Kabak
Stinnett didn't even LOOK at Abercrombie. Is this the best we can do for a back-up catcher?
2006-06-25 18:26:14
130.   Ravenscar
Yeah, Stinnett was clueless there. The blame is really firmly identified as his there, I think.
2006-06-25 18:26:26
131.   singledd
Stinett gives up a run with an assist to Giambi. Embarrassing
2006-06-25 18:27:18
132.   kdw
Put him on.
2006-06-25 18:27:25
133.   singledd
How many people here were against getting Piazza (when we already had Stinnett signed)?
2006-06-25 18:27:43
134.   kdw
Thank you.
2006-06-25 18:27:43
135.   Alex Belth
First and third now with one out. Hanley Ramirez looks at a ball, low. The question is just how many runs with the Marlins score this inning. Hopefully, it's just one. Strike. Double steal. Stinnett throws the ball through. Abercrombie comes home. Stinnett didn't even look at him. Run scores easily. Ball. Ball. 3-1. Long fly ball to right. Bernie makes the catch, runner tags to third.

So, do you think Chacon can actually retire Cabrera? Joe doesn't either. He's being intentionally walked.

2006-06-25 18:27:45
136.   Benjamin Kabak
Wow. I'm surprised. Torre's actually pitching around Cabrera this time.
2006-06-25 18:29:11
137.   Benjamin Kabak
133 Piazza? As a back-up catcher? That's an awful idea. Look. The Red Sox, before they traded him, had Josh Bard. That's a stud of a back-up catcher. Check out his hitting stats in Boston and in San Diego. He couldn't catch Wakefield.

We have a no-hit, no-throw, no-awareness back-up catcher.

2006-06-25 18:29:26
138.   nysports05
Our captain Jeter has to get our offense fired up.
2006-06-25 18:29:36
139.   JeremyM
114 What's that? Did you say Sanchez is pitching a shutout?
2006-06-25 18:30:12
140.   Alex Belth
Strike one to Willingham. Pitch was up in the zone. Fly ball to Bernie. Third out.

Let's go with the sleeping offense already.

Stinnett, shock us all by getting on base to start it off, will ya huh?

2006-06-25 18:31:29
141.   nysports05
It would be nice if Tejada left the Orioles for the Angels. He destroys our pitching.
2006-06-25 18:32:26
142.   nysports05
Nice start
2006-06-25 18:32:52
143.   Alex Belth
Oops, I meant Bubba, who looks at two pitches out of the zone to start his at bat. Strike one on the outside corner. 2-1. Line drive between the first and second basemen. Man on first. Stinnett...
2006-06-25 18:33:15
144.   JeremyM
Can anyone confirm that Sanchez is throwing a shutout?
2006-06-25 18:33:47
145.   randym77
Yeah, Bubba!

Better than the 500' homerun swing last time.

Though last time, with two outs and Stinnett up next, I guess I can't blame him for swinging for the bleachers.

2006-06-25 18:34:00
146.   nysports05
Suprise, Suprise
2006-06-25 18:34:03
147.   Benjamin Kabak
Maybe sticking Posada into the lineup wouldn't be a horrible idea. This display of baseball from Kelly Stinnett is pathetic.
2006-06-25 18:34:22
148.   BklynBmr
139 I checked the score, and yes, Sanchez is throwing a shutout. A shutout, I tell ya!
2006-06-25 18:34:50
149.   Benjamin Kabak
144 Sanchez is definitely pitching a shut out ;)

(Got that, Baseball Gods? A shut out, I said.)

2006-06-25 18:35:29
150.   nysports05
Did Damon's bat hurt someone?
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2006-06-25 18:35:51
151.   Alex Belth
Stinnett is out in no time. Damon shatters his bat and pops out on one pitch.
2006-06-25 18:36:11
152.   Alex Belth
150, no, I don't think so.
2006-06-25 18:36:23
153.   rbj
How much has Stinnett played lately? I don't mind coming down on him for boneheaded plays, just that he might be sharper with some more playing time.

11-5 Oregon. Beavers might want to save some for tomorrow.

2006-06-25 18:36:55
154.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see the Yanks are sticking it to a pitcher who's never pitched above AA before in his life.
2006-06-25 18:37:13
155.   nysports05
Stinett usually plays day games after night games
2006-06-25 18:37:16
156.   singledd
137 Our choice was Stinnett (already signed) or Piazza (who signed cheap, and would have loved staying in NY and being able to DH). We couldn't get Bard. It NOT a question of who's out there, it's a question of WHO WE CAN GET. So, you prefer Stinnett over Piazza?
2006-06-25 18:37:27
157.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Chacon is actually somewhat decent today, let's hope he can start rebuilding some momentuem from this outting. he was quite decent for a while in late April mid May...
2006-06-25 18:37:31
158.   marc
This kid isn't even breating hard on the mound
2006-06-25 18:37:33
159.   Benjamin Kabak
153 I don't think anyone should reward Stinnett with more playing time.
2006-06-25 18:37:54
160.   Zack
heck, based on today, Josh Beckett who?...
2006-06-25 18:38:35
161.   rsmith51
Work the pitcher please!

Looks like they are all using the Mariano Duncan approach to hitting.

2006-06-25 18:38:51
162.   nyctarheel87
Maybe we can convince Girardi to suit up
2006-06-25 18:38:55
163.   Bill
We should realize that there was no game scheduled tonight and there is a night game tomorrow. These guys had PLANS tonight. All the Manhattan nightspots. Paris, Jennifer, Eva, some nameless strippers. They have no interest in this game. Why should we?
2006-06-25 18:39:15
164.   Benjamin Kabak
156 I guess I would take Piazza but only because of what he's already done in his career. He's not a defensive upgrade over Stinnett. They both are abysmal behind the plate.
2006-06-25 18:39:27
165.   Max
I posted this before, but Annibal Sanchez joins an illustrious set of pitchers that have managed to shut down our offense in the last dozen games, including Brett Myers, Mike O'Connor, Cliff Lee, Paul Byrd, Kirk Saarloos, and Cole Hamels.

Yes, we did get to Hamels eventually, but we didn't exactly rock him. And we're putting up even less of a fight against this last minute callup.

2006-06-25 18:40:03
166.   rsmith51
2-strike HR given up by Vasquez, that brings back memories.
2006-06-25 18:40:37
167.   Benjamin Kabak
Hmmm. In some world, Steve Phillips has watched the Yankees and has concluded that Ron Villone has been "very effective." I wouldn't go that far.
2006-06-25 18:40:56
168.   randym77
Seems like this has been a tendency with the Yanks for awhile. They joke that they do better against Cy Young winners.
2006-06-25 18:43:15
169.   Benjamin Kabak
Ah, that's right. Randy is supposedly "suspended" for not hitting Eduardo Perez last week.
2006-06-25 18:43:37
170.   Stormer Sports
You cannot complain about you starters only going 5 when you pull them at 83 pitches Joe! It wasn't his arm that had him on the DL you putz. At least you were correct in your statemet on the 21st of June, you really do have NO PLAN for the 6th.
2006-06-25 18:44:11
171.   nysports05
Impressive job by Villone
2006-06-25 18:44:34
172.   Zack
Yeah, seems odd to pull Chacon so early, but I guess with pitching some on Sat, it makes some sense...
2006-06-25 18:44:47
173.   nyctarheel87
It's bad to be a Cy Young winner when the Yanks are involved. Just ask Randy Johnson.
2006-06-25 18:45:23
174.   Benjamin Kabak
169 Um, before the game, it was clear that Chacon was only going to go 5. He did warm up and throw a full inning yesterday. Had this been Chacon's scheduled start, he would still be in but the Yanks don't want to give Chacon arm troubles. At least today, this was expected.
2006-06-25 18:45:24
175.   JeremyM
170 To be fair, he threw an inning yesterday and had to warm up and so forth. Probably the best call.
2006-06-25 18:46:22
176.   Benjamin Kabak
174 By 169 I really meant 170
2006-06-25 18:46:43
177.   singledd
Last year, our corner OF'ers were both in the top 10 in AL OPS. Now our corner OF'ers are basically in the bottom 10. Did we really think this could happen and not significantly effect our offense?

I dont know how to calculate Runs Created, and translate that into Wins. But I would love to see someone that does know how to do this, to do it for ShefSui compared to BubbaCabrera, and see on paper how many games those injuries have cost us.

2006-06-25 18:47:17
178.   nysports05
And hopefully we won't have to use our bullpen too much in the upcoming series against the Braves.
2006-06-25 18:48:13
179.   Benjamin Kabak
Gah. Steve Phillips should keep his mouth shut. He says the dumbest stuff.
2006-06-25 18:48:13
180.   Max
Actually, I left out David Pauley on my list of Yankee-killers above...because we actually won that game. We didn't rock him, either, though, and he was rocked by just about everyone else...and he's now back in Pawtucket.

Seems like the only team we've been able to knock around lately is the Nats...and we lost 2 of 3 to them. Also, any team with Arthur Rhodes in the bullpen.

2006-06-25 18:49:25
181.   kdw
179 I was just thinking the same thing but I'm willing to put up with it if the Yankees can score some runs. And what crowd? Don't think there are many people there.
2006-06-25 18:50:03
182.   nysports05
Arod just seems to have lost it this month
2006-06-25 18:50:36
183.   BklynBmr
It would be nice to get at least one run on the board this inning, which would bust up the shutout if nothing else...

C'mon, Robbie!

2006-06-25 18:51:37
184.   JohnnyC
Have the Yankees taken the field yet? I see some people running around on the screen but they're all wearing Marlins' uniforms. Did we forfeit?
2006-06-25 18:51:38
185.   randym77
177 It wouldn't be ShefSui vs. BubbaCabrera. Bubba's been on the DL for a month, and has started only two games since he got back. It would be BernieCabrera you compare with.
2006-06-25 18:51:57
186.   Benjamin Kabak
Look! Even ESPN just noted the shutout. IT'S A SHUTOUT.

182 He'll get it back. He was Player of the Month in May. Maybe if Yankee fans stopped booing him...

2006-06-25 18:52:23
187.   nysports05
What an unbelievable player Cano is proving to be
2006-06-25 18:52:30
188.   randym77
Robbie, Robbie, Robbie!
2006-06-25 18:52:32
189.   kdw
To say that Pavano has struggled to stay healthy -- master of the understatement there.
2006-06-25 18:52:35
190.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice piece of hitting by Robbie.
2006-06-25 18:52:50
191.   nysports05
2006-06-25 18:53:12
192.   randym77
Oh, crap. Please, no.
2006-06-25 18:53:29
193.   Benjamin Kabak
Oh sh*t. Hamstring for Cano.
2006-06-25 18:54:03
194.   BklynBmr
Hammy for Cano???
2006-06-25 18:54:16
195.   nysports05
C'mon Bernie!!
2006-06-25 18:54:22
196.   Benjamin Kabak
Maybe Jorge could re-live the glory days of the early 1990s and go play second base tonight. At least then we could get his bat into the lineup.
2006-06-25 18:54:24
197.   JeremyM
Hopefully just a cramp or something. God, I don't even want to think about it...
2006-06-25 18:55:21
198.   Benjamin Kabak
197 From my untrained eye, I would say a cramp.
2006-06-25 18:55:36
199.   Stormer Sports
No way! Is he down? We cant compete against Chicago, Boston, or even Detroit if we lose anyone else and Arod playing like Johnny Average.
2006-06-25 18:55:36
200.   BklynBmr
Sterling is worried we won't have Cano's bat for the "rest of the game". I'll take that over the obvious...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-25 18:56:25
201.   JeremyM
{196} If King Leyritz could do it. Man, was that an adventure.
2006-06-25 18:56:34
202.   Benjamin Kabak
199 Step back from the ledge, Stromer. It will be ok.
2006-06-25 18:56:40
203.   Stormer Sports
Come on Bernie!
2006-06-25 18:57:44
204.   Benjamin Kabak
201 Woah. I remember that. Debacle. At least Posada has some 2b experience. Granted, it was in 1991 in Oneonta.
2006-06-25 18:58:13
205.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-06-25 18:58:40
206.   nysports05
You can't get on Bernie for that
2006-06-25 18:59:09
207.   Stormer Sports
I thought Podsada played infield all the way through until he signed with the Yankees.
2006-06-25 18:59:35
208.   BklynBmr
96 pitches for Sanchez. Now we can work on that shutout...
2006-06-25 19:00:10
209.   Benjamin Kabak
206 You got that right. I shake my fist at Wes Helms.

And give a polite round of applause to Anibal Sanchez. The Marlins did well landing Hanley Ramirez and Ani Sanchez in exchange for Beckett and Lowell.

2006-06-25 19:00:23
210.   marc
what an inning. we may not even score and lose Cano
2006-06-25 19:01:53
211.   Stormer Sports
Morgan said "Lights Out Lidge" that's too funny. Not as funny as his wardrobe, but funny nonetheless.
2006-06-25 19:02:16
212.   Benjamin Kabak
207 He played one year in the Yankee farm system in the infield before moving to catcher during the Fall League.
2006-06-25 19:03:12
213.   nysports05
Very disappointing
2006-06-25 19:04:56
214.   randym77
Melky's still struggling. Only Stinnett has a worse batting average now.
2006-06-25 19:08:06
215.   nysports05
2006-06-25 19:08:42
216.   randym77
I don't freakin' believe it.
2006-06-25 19:09:36
217.   Benjamin Kabak
Brilliant. Have Giambi DH and Phillips play first, especially if Giambi's back was bothering him earlier today. Please try to win this game, Joe. Please.
2006-06-25 19:09:36
218.   nysports05
I give up on this game
2006-06-25 19:09:45
219.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-06-25 19:09:48
220.   Ravenscar
I take that back - it's more of a Ryan Howard impression Giambi's working on.
2006-06-25 19:09:52
221.   BklynBmr
Jason better hit a f'n 5-run homer this game! Thank goodness I can't watch this nightmare.
2006-06-25 19:10:26
222.   JeremyM
Can someone give the play-by-play? What is wrong with this guy.
2006-06-25 19:11:26
223.   singledd
Man... when the wheels come off....
Very disappointing. We needed a sweep here.
2006-06-25 19:11:33
224.   randym77
I wish Torre had gone with his original lineup for the game. Giambi DHing, Andy at 1B, Bubba in RF, Bernie riding pine. Chacon needs the good gloves behind him.
2006-06-25 19:11:59
225.   rbj
Good night everyone.
2006-06-25 19:12:23
226.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh lord..................... this one is just pure ugliness. no clutch no defense.
2006-06-25 19:12:41
227.   nysports05
If that throw would have been on line it would have been close
2006-06-25 19:12:54
228.   nysports05
and abercrombie has great speed
2006-06-25 19:15:24
229.   nysports05
Everyone should just watch Yankeeography of Tino Martinez on YES. It will make you feel better
2006-06-25 19:15:29
230.   randym77
And Batboy is on the mound...
2006-06-25 19:17:27
231.   nysports05
Why do they have to recap the 2003 WS?
2006-06-25 19:18:04
232.   JeremyM
229 I wish they would release more of those on DVD. Tino would be a good one.

The CWS will continue for one more day, OSU wins.

2006-06-25 19:18:43
233.   nysports05
They do release them on DVD. There are different sets.
2006-06-25 19:19:23
234.   Zack
This smacks of "house money" if any game ever did, well, time for dinner here out west...
2006-06-25 19:20:14
235.   JeremyM
233 Yeah, I have the first 4. But I want them to put out more. I don't get YES here in Omaha.
2006-06-25 19:21:07
236.   kdw
224 Maybe Damon's foot couldn't take 2 games in a day, and Torre chose Damon over Andy? At this point seems like it can't help Giambi's back to stay in and might cost him games later so why not put in Andy?
2006-06-25 19:21:31
237.   nysports05
Oh ok. They are going to do a Yankeeography on Matsui. Don't you think they should wait a bit?
2006-06-25 19:21:59
238.   JohnnyC
So how many series does this make already where we throw away the final game? Are we trying NOT to sweep? Is this some kind of superstition that Torre has? Or can he not gather himself together enough to put a representive line-up on the field in a game like this? Are we allergic to winning streaks? Is winning too sweet an emotion, so it should be enjoyed only sparingly? As weird as it sounds, this is a serious question.
2006-06-25 19:23:00
239.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see Home Run Javy is regressing to his Yankee Mean now that he's spent a few months back in the AL. His ERA is now at 5.00 even with a 9-earned run performance tonight.
2006-06-25 19:23:32
240.   Benjamin Kabak
237 Better question: Will they talk about his porn collection?
2006-06-25 19:24:22
241.   JeremyM
238 This team has been missing the killer instinct needed for awhile.
2006-06-25 19:24:44
242.   Benjamin Kabak
I love Jon Sciambi. He talks about baseball and clearly knows his stuff. I he is talking knowledgably about run differential. I love that. It's a shame ESPN has a such a hard-on for Joe Morgan.
2006-06-25 19:25:05
243.   nysports05
Please don't get shutout
2006-06-25 19:25:16
244.   JohnnyC
236 Giambi's in for his offense. And since Andy was only 3 for 4 in the first game, he'd obviously drag the team down in that respect. You have to go 5 for 5 like GOB to get a regular start on this team, man. BTW, still waiting for the team to take the field.
2006-06-25 19:26:29
245.   Benjamin Kabak
244 I think Andy was 1 for 3 in the first game.
2006-06-25 19:28:10
246.   JeremyM
To me, the ultimate House Money game was game 4 of the 2004 ALCS, when Mussina on regular rest for game 4 was instead saved for game 5, in case there was a game 5. We saw what happened there.
2006-06-25 19:28:31
247.   Ravenscar
I hate to distract everyone, but I need a HOLDS guy in my fantasy league - who is Torre favoring these days?
2006-06-25 19:28:44
248.   Benjamin Kabak
Strained left hamstring for Cano. Might miss the start of the Braves series.
2006-06-25 19:29:14
249.   JohnnyC
241 Hard to have a killer instinct when you have Bubba and Stinnett anchoring your line-up, Giambi playing first base with a tight back, and GOB flashing that great arm in right. Very hard.
2006-06-25 19:30:07
250.   Benjamin Kabak
246 SHHHHHH. Let's not relive bad memories.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-25 19:30:08
251.   JeremyM
244 I think he meant the first game of the Marlins series, where Andy did go 3 for 4 with a triple.
2006-06-25 19:30:45
252.   JeremyM
244 I think he meant the first game of the Marlins series, where Andy did go 3 for 4 with a triple.
2006-06-25 19:30:52
253.   nysports05
At least Cano won't be out for a long period of time
2006-06-25 19:31:23
254.   nysports05
It would have been a complete disaster
2006-06-25 19:31:36
255.   JohnnyC
246Jeremy, you'll be accused of Torre-bashing if you go there. So much winning, so much whining.
2006-06-25 19:32:26
256.   nysports05
Cano is our best player right now
2006-06-25 19:36:04
257.   nysports05
Good news on Matsui and Sheff.
2006-06-25 19:37:50
258.   nysports05
Good time for the young pitchers to show what they have
2006-06-25 19:37:59
259.   JeremyM
257 What's the good news? I heard Sheff was doing OK the other day.
2006-06-25 19:38:16
260.   Benjamin Kabak
255 There's a happy medium. I think Torre managed away a lot of the 2004 ALCS. But it is tough to balance whining vs winning. There just should have been more winning.
2006-06-25 19:40:10
261.   JohnnyC
Another couple of good starts from Steven White and I'd give him Chacon's turn in the rotation. At least Chacon's had experience in the bullpen...he could be the long man/mop-up man.
2006-06-25 19:40:28
262.   Benjamin Kabak
Duke Castiglione from the Yankee clubhouse: Strained left hamstring (we knew that). No word if Cano can go tomorrow.
2006-06-25 19:41:14
263.   nysports05
matsui is healing well and sheff is also
2006-06-25 19:42:18
264.   randym77
They won't say if Cano will play this week, or go on the DL, or what.

I dread the thought of losing Cano for any length of time. For some reason, it bothers me a lot more than losing Sheff or Matsui or Jeter or A-Rod or Giambi.

2006-06-25 19:42:45
265.   JohnnyC
260 Ben, I was trying to be ironic, as I hope you realize. I agree with your last statement. You would think that Torre himself would agree.
2006-06-25 19:44:12
266.   JohnnyC
Strain vs. sprain. I missed that class in Hygiene. Anyone know the difference and what it might mean for Cano's availability?
2006-06-25 19:45:07
267.   Jeteupthemiddle
So I haven't really been able to watch most of the game tonight.

What is up with the lack of earned runs and the errors?

Have I ever mentioned that I hate Giambi (not even knowing what the errors were or the circumstances)? Yup. I do.

2006-06-25 19:46:39
268.   Benjamin Kabak
266 A strain involves a small tearing of the muscle. A sprain is a ligament strain.
2006-06-25 19:47:51
269.   Benjamin Kabak
Anyone know why the Yankees dumped David Parrish in May and what they got in return?
2006-06-25 19:47:59
270.   nysports05
This feels like a pre-season game now
2006-06-25 19:48:17
271.   randym77
Hamstrings are strained, not sprained. Basically, a strain is a tear. It can range from a minor inconvenience to crippling.

I really didn't like the way he was limping. Bubba didn't limp that badly, and he ended up out for a month.

2006-06-25 19:48:55
272.   JeremyM
269 A bag of peanuts and a large soda to be named later.
2006-06-25 19:51:02
273.   nysports05
This will be a day to day injury with Cano
2006-06-25 19:58:55
274.   JohnnyC
Alex was right all along. The Yankees are so predictable.
2006-06-25 20:01:39
275.   Benjamin Kabak
YES! Let's swing at the second pitch. Better than swinging at the first pitch.
2006-06-25 20:02:15
276.   Benjamin Kabak
It's a little late to use Jorge now. Maybe three innings ago would have been better.
2006-06-25 20:05:32
277.   randym77
They said that - until tonight - the Yanks were the only team in MLB that hadn't been shut out this year.

I guess it had to happen sometime.

2006-06-25 20:06:01
278.   nysports05
2006-06-25 20:06:07
279.   nysports05
2006-06-25 20:06:20
280.   nysports05
2006-06-25 20:06:27
281.   JohnnyC
Y'know, if Stinnett could be so easily suckered into a delayed double steal with a man on third, then he's not even a decent catch-and-throw guy. Add in the fact that he can't out-hit Flaherty and he's pretty useless. Since he's not even catching RJ, why is he still on the team? We can get someone who can handle the position defensively instead.
2006-06-25 20:06:31
282.   Benjamin Kabak

The Astros just cannot beat the White Sox.

2006-06-25 20:07:02
283.   kdw
Ouch, when he melts down Lidge really melts down.
2006-06-25 20:07:04
284.   Simone
Lidge is undone. Terrible.
2006-06-25 20:07:24
285.   Benjamin Kabak
281 That's what I'm sayin'! He can't hit. He can't catch or throw. What's the point of having him on the team? They've gotta find someone better. That play with Abercrombie today was so bad.
2006-06-25 20:08:06
286.   Simone
I'm tired of the Yankees losing to bad teams.
2006-06-25 20:08:44
287.   kdw
Man, Lidge must have been looking past Iguchi and thinking about Thome.
2006-06-25 20:09:33
288.   Benjamin Kabak
Nothing like that [Iguchi's grand slam] ever happens to the Yankees.
2006-06-25 20:09:40
289.   kdw
286 To be fair, the Marlins have been playing pretty well lately. Losing to a AA call-up is another thing.
2006-06-25 20:10:33
290.   Simone
Remember last season when Lidge was supposed to have surpassed Mariano Rivera as the best closer in the game? How quick things change.
2006-06-25 20:10:46
291.   rabid stan
It's like a bad baseball movie in Chicago. If only Iguchi were a washed up ex-slugger looking for redemption.
2006-06-25 20:11:08
292.   Benjamin Kabak
289 There IS a reason why Sanchez was traded for Beckett. It's not like losing to Adam Loewen or David Pauley. Sanchez is the real deal.
2006-06-25 20:11:34
293.   kdw
288 I take you mean the Yankees hitting one? 'Cause I'm pretty sure we've been on the receiving end....
2006-06-25 20:12:02
294.   rabid stan
288 What about Jorgie's walk-off against the Rangers? The odds weren't quite so long, but man, that was at least as fun to watch.
2006-06-25 20:12:09
295.   JohnnyC
I like Cashman but it's details like this that make you wonder if he has a real grasp of what it takes to build a complete roster. Finding another Posada, yes, is muy difficult but finding a decent defensive catcher with some offensive positives is not brain surgery.
2006-06-25 20:12:19
296.   Benjamin Kabak
293 Yeah, that's what I meant. White Sox down by four in the 9th and they tie the game. Yankees down by 5 in the 9th tonight and they all come out swining at the first pitch.
2006-06-25 20:13:13
297.   Simone
I would be more tolerant if the Red Sox weren't beating the crap out of these same teams, but they are so the Yankees are losing ground here. Things only get tougher for the Yankees when they start to play the better teams like the White Sox and the Red Sox (again).
2006-06-25 20:13:18
298.   Benjamin Kabak
Hmmm. Might be time to take out Cotts. Ozzie Guillen's going to lose with his best reliever warming up in the bullpen.
2006-06-25 20:14:21
299.   Benjamin Kabak
297 Yup. I'm with you there. The Red Sox handled the Nationals quite nicely. And to make matters worse, I think the Wild Card will be either the Tigers or the White Sox.
2006-06-25 20:15:58
300.   JohnnyC
292 The reason is that John Henry, Jeffrey Loria, and Bud Selig make a nice threesome at lawn parties. If Steinbrenner owned the Red Sox, the deal would have been for Ramirez, Sanchez, Lester, and Papelbon.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-25 20:16:32
301.   kdw
292 Don't disagree, just didn't think his time was quite yet and hoped the Yankees would show a little more patience.
2006-06-25 20:17:39
302.   randym77
Wasn't it like that last year? We beat the good teams, and lost to the bad ones. Swept by the Royals. Lost every series to Tampa except the last one, when we had to win or die.
2006-06-25 20:20:25
303.   Simone
You might be right, randym77. It was a nightmare and the chances of the Yankees pulling of another miracle playoff appearance again isn't good.
2006-06-25 20:23:15
304.   Benjamin Kabak
300 Tell me you're joking. The Red Sox gave up two top prospects to get Beckett. That's some trade. Your theories seem more of the conspiracy nature.
2006-06-25 20:24:49
305.   JeremyM
Yeah, if the Yanks hadn't blown those games to Washington this wouldn't be so bad. But I guess they did just win 2 of 3, they just can't do much if A-Rod and Giambi are going to swing a rolled-up newspaper in any given game unless they play mistake-free ball. After Bernie's line drive was caught I should've seen the writing on the wall.

Houston sucks, I know why Clemens came back but then again, I don't know that those reasons outweigh the fact that they stink so why come back to Houston. But I think Clemens will probably be the NL equivalent of Jaret Wright when it's all said and done, a guy who can give you five or six and that's it. As crazy as that may sound.

2006-06-25 20:26:09
306.   JeremyM
304 And they took on the salary dump that's hitting his tail off and playing well in the field.
2006-06-25 20:27:59
307.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Lidge has been totally Kimified...

I dunno though, this loss was somewhat expected given the Yanks age and depth , a double header for the Yanks is a bad thing.

As for the playoffs, I'm not that down right now if you consider these lines.

Runs scored:
Yanks: 412
Sox : 397

Runs allowed
Sox :349

so far, the Sox record is a bit lucky while the Yanks have been woefully unlucky.

At least Chacon showed some good signs this game, i still think we have a good shot at the playoffs and the Red Sox are due to regress back down a bit sooner or later. (how soon do we forget their two strait GS night and swept by the Twinkies.)

Pulling two out of 3 from one of the hottest team in baseball is not exactly a problem.

2006-06-25 20:28:11
308.   rabid stan
302, 303 I'd be as concerned as you guys if, say, the Red Sox were more like the White Sox.

The Competition has plenty of problems. They have stretches where they go limp. They had one just before the National League was kind enough to pick them up.

The Yanks don't need a miracle. They just need the Sox to be just as inconsistent as they are, and that's the way it's been this season. It may end up being a nailbiter, but no miracles should be necessary.

2006-06-25 20:30:14
309.   rabid stan
307 Has it about right.
2006-06-25 20:33:22
310.   randym77
Agree - there's no need to panic. Bats will go hot and cold. No matter who's in the lineup. Ours are a little cold at the moment. We'll get over it.

Someone suggested that the problem tonight was the empty stands. The Yanks thought it was an exhibition game. While the Marlins are used to playing in front of empty stands. ;-)

But I have to say...Giambi gets my vote for goat of the game. Christ on a cracker. He's in no danger of of winning a GG, that's for sure. And he didn't hit much, either.

2006-06-25 20:35:11
311.   Benjamin Kabak
306 Lowell wasn't supposed to be this good this season. Switching leagues...coming off his worst season. The Red Sox got VERY lucky there.
2006-06-25 20:36:18
312.   rabid stan
Goofy gun situation in Cell has Jenks throwing a 97 mph slider/cutter.

Quick, somebody compare him to Rivera!

2006-06-25 20:40:48
313.   kdw
310 Even Torre had a comment about his defense and Torre's usually pretty circumspect.
2006-06-25 20:41:29
314.   Benjamin Kabak
Woah. The White Sox trainer is really fat.
2006-06-25 20:44:34
315.   randym77
What did Torre say after the game? Anything more about Cano?
2006-06-25 20:44:52
316.   Jeteupthemiddle
What is with the doom and gloom?

Can't people just be happy and say "hey look, we are playing pretty well...just won 4 of our last 5."

And leave it at that.

The Sox are on an 8 game winning streak...that isn't going to last forever.

I imagine that the standings will flip flop at least 3 more times before all is said and done.

And look, at this point last year, we were in 3rd place, and something like 5 games back.

Just let it be.

2006-06-25 20:49:21
317.   Jeteupthemiddle
Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I'm happy the Braves won today.

I am wary of teams running into the Yankees while on loooong losing streaks.

(At least I think the Braves were in the middle of a 10 game losing streak)

2006-06-25 20:53:15
318.   randym77
Hey, we're fans. We're unreasonably depressed when we lose, and irrationally exuberant when we win. :)

Actually, what makes me most gloomy is the fear that Steinbrenner will insist on trading Hughes for Carlos Lee or someone like that. :-P

2006-06-25 20:54:03
319.   kdw
315 They asked Torre about Giambi and he said Giambi looked awkward, that he couldn't make up his mind where to throw and he should have. Torre wanted to play Phillips but he thought that Damon really needed to DH in the second game and he also wanted Giambi's bat in.

Re Cano, he said they should know more tomorrow. Apparently he specifically did not say it was minor and likely to be better tomorrow.

317 Could not agree more. Was rooting for Atlanta to win a couple so we don't get Royal'ed.

2006-06-25 21:00:11
320.   randym77
319 Thanks for the report. Oy, this does not sound good.

Somewhere, there's a Red Sox fan sticking pins in pinstriped voodoo dolls, I swear...

2006-06-25 21:04:26
321.   Jeteupthemiddle
So on the original 25 man roster, the only position players to not get hurt for any amount of time looks like this:

Andy Phillips
Miguel Cairo
Kelly Stinnett

2006-06-25 21:14:20
322.   JasonO
I'd enjoy either one of those sauces over bucatini with a Russian River pinot and then a medium bodied cigar (like a La Flor ligero) on the balcony afterward, if Nanny-in-chief Bloomberg has not yet banned all forms of dignified personal enjoyment.
2006-06-25 22:07:44
323.   dpmurphy
"so far, the Sox record is a bit lucky while the Yanks have been woefully unlucky."

Are you kidding? That sounds like something joe morgan would say.

"Lowell wasn't supposed to be this good this season. Switching leagues...coming off his worst season. The Red Sox got VERY lucky there."

That's called scouting.

So the sox are leading the division because of luck, all kinds of luck. Or maybe they've played better, just two games better, but better. And maybe they saw lowell as having a down year, and unlike the marlins, have enough of a payroll to take the chance he'll bounce back.

And anyone who points to runs scored and allowed as a lump statistic as a reason not to be worried doesn't understand baseball.

Come on. I like reading the discussion here. It's normally better than claiming another team is 'lucky'.

2006-06-25 22:25:33
324.   Yu-Hsing Chen
323 oh plz, there is obviously a direct correlation between runs scroed runs allowed and wins, and the fact is that the Yankees have the best difference in the league.

Boston obviously have it's own share of problems, it's difficult to really say they have been the better team except defensively when they clearly trail the Yankees in every other catagory by a considerable margin.

Perhaps "lucky" wasn't the right word to put it, every team needs luck from time to time obviously, but let's just put it this way, statsically the Red Sox havn't really been a better team than the Yankees

2006-06-25 22:36:57
325.   markp
Runs scored vs runs allowed is one of the best predictors of w/l records there is. It's accuracy has been proven many times over.
2006-06-25 22:58:22
326.   Benjamin Kabak
323 I'm a little late here, but anyone who scouted - or happen to watch - Mike Lowell play last season would have seen a third baseman on the wrong side of 30 flailing away at the plate. He was AWFUL. Don't expect me to believe that Red Sox scouts have some sixth sense that enables them to divine whether or not Mike Lowell is going to have a good season.
2006-06-25 23:01:46
327.   Yu-Hsing Chen
326 Lowell's PrOPS suggest he was one of the unluckiest guy in the majores though, so it's hard to say.
2006-06-26 03:06:13
328.   singledd
Over the last 20 games, we are 9-11, with 93 RS or 4.85 RS/game.

Coming in to the season, we knew:
1) we had a below average defense...
2) our pitcher was somewhere between a little better then average to very good depending on if Good RJ/Good Moose showed up and what was left of ShawnSmall.
3) We were a run scoring machine. 1000 runs may have been in the cards.

Unless we can buy Clemens or steal Zito, I don't know how we can improve our starters. Certainly a good Dotel and a trade for the Pen will help.

Our D is pretty much fixed, unless we trade Cano for a pitcher and get a good D/average hit 2nd basemen.

We all like kids and are tired of mercenaries/veterans/sluggers. But we really need to score close to 6 a game to win the PS. I don't see how we can do this, with the current lineup. A Cano/Posada/Damon or Giambi/ARod injury will eliminate us.

Cashman is creative. No one saw the ARod deal. But I don't think we can win it all (especially if the WC comes from the Central) with our current offense, unless our pitching does a 2nd half turnaround and Wright and Chacon show up big, Randy becomes Dominant, and Moose stays good.

I am not trying to be gloomy, but a lot of the maybes (Schilling, Lowell, the 2nd baseman, Nixon) have gone their way.

Did we really want to pin our playoff hopes on the Sox collapsing?

2006-06-26 03:16:35
329.   randym77
328 I'm willing to sacrifice the playoffs this year if the alternative is trading Hughes.

The thing is...your solution is no more of a solution than hoping the Sox collapse. We've brought in veterans before, and it didn't work. It hasn't worked for the past five years. We haven't won in the PS...not enough, anyway. Maybe it's time to try something different?

2006-06-26 04:18:35
330.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Cano have actually been one of the better defensive 2Bs in the league this year, his errors are a bit high but range is above average and put outs is way up there. you need to trade for a pretty darn good defensive 2B to upgrade him.

To upgrade out D we simply have to.
A. hope A-rod will return to normal (he really been sucking this year.. and in turn dragging Jeter down with him)

B.Never play Giambi at first again.

C.Never put Bernie out there .

If all 3 of these comes true we are above average with only our SS being below average.

I'm not woefully concerned right now, over the course of the losing streaks the only thing we havn't been doing is getting hits in clutch. that was the main reason we went on a tear for a while earlier in May. our OPS is still way up there. and our pitching havn't been worse than expected (and in fact one could argue it has been better than expected)

I think it's really just a matter of comming through in clutch.

As for Boston, if I'm a Sox fan i wouldn't feel too comfident IMHO, they've been losing to division rivals. their bullpen is 2 mans deep, their back rotation is in shambles, their captian is struggling and their supposed ace for the year is posting a ERA between 4.5 to 5+ .

Just as a note, If both teams are at their projected wins based on runs scored minus runs allowed, the Yankees and Red Sox would swap position right now exactly 2.5 games inbetween them (as in the Yankees should be leading 2.5 games)

A Red Sox losing streak wouldn't suprise me anymore than a Yankee winning streak.

2006-06-26 04:22:10
331.   willdthrill
Is it me or is Philip Hughes beginning to move ahead of Mike Pelfrey as the best pitching prospect for a New York baseball team? Their stats are nearly identical in AA and Hughes is about 2 years younger. Why is there even talk of trading this guy?
2006-06-26 04:38:02
332.   randym77
There's talk of trading Hughes because that's what all the other teams are demanding. Cashman doesn't want to trade him, and hopefully he'll get the final say.

What I don't understand about the infield errors is that the Yanks were doing great on that for the first month or so of the season. At least, I seem to recall a lot of comment on how low their error rate was, and various streaks of error-free games, etc. It all went to heck when Matsui went out, and darned if I know why. A-Rod was the worst offender. He's got as many errors already as he usually has for the entire season. He seems to have straightened up a bit, getting no errors recently...but he still doesn't look as crisp to my eye as he has in the past.

Giambi also has as many errors now as he had for the entire last season, and last season he had twice the errors he usually had. Lack of 'roids? Just getting old? I dunno, but it's not looking good.

Unfortunately, I don't think we can afford to have a full-time DH, with our "veteran" team.

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