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Where Things Stand
2006-06-20 10:24
by Alex Belth
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Our pal Mike Plugh takes a look at the state of the Yankees.

There is more on Alex Rodriguez via No Maas, Was Watching, and the Lo-Hud.

2006-06-20 10:46:14
1.   rbj
Good summary Mike.

ESPN continues to shill for Atlanta and the possibility of Smoltz moving. As Atlanta needs bullpen help, what about Farnsworth & Wright or Chacon for Smoltz?

2006-06-20 11:02:17
2.   Sliced Bread
Mike, if you're reading this, I'm too lazy to register and comment on your blog, but keep up the great work. I really enjoy reading your stuff.
2006-06-20 11:54:35
3.   C2Coke
I just want to second Sliced Bread, Mike! Thanks a lot for your good work!
2006-06-20 12:13:59
4.   Alex Belth
If Atlanta parts with Smoltzie, they ain't gunna be asking for expensive veterans. They'll want youngsters.

Man, imagine Smoltz on the Yanks?

That'd be dope.

2006-06-20 12:27:12
5.   JohnnyC
On the other hand, Alex, Atlanta's already gone through a platoon of minor leaguers in the past two seasons. Since they'd still be shaving millions off their payroll, why wouldn't a Farnsworth/Chacon deal pique their interest? They need a closer and they liked Farns (and supposedly were competitive with their offer). Also, Chacon is only 27/28 and his finesse repertoire probably works better in the NL. If there's any chance we can pry Smoltz away without giving up Hughes, Cash ought to pursue it to the hilt.
2006-06-20 13:11:48
6.   Simone
A-Rod will be fine. At least, he is gets a break by the Yankees being on the road.

Good job, mikeplugh. I'm still blaming the pitching though. The Yankees' defense is aways on the terrible side. For me, it isn't an excuse for losing to these bad teams.

2006-06-20 13:16:52
7.   Count Zero
I think one of the things people are forgetting with regard to A-Rod is that with Matsui and Sheff out of the lineup, he has had less protection this season than he has ever had in his career.

Robbie's gonna be a great hitter, no doubt. He already is in some respects. Jorge has come through with some of the biggest hits in Yankee history. But if my team is up 1 in the 8th, DJ at second with two out...I would be second-guessed from here to my retirement if I showed A-Rod anything good to hit with Robbie or Jorge on deck. Then A-Rod gets booed just for taking a walk in that situation as Yankee fans feel he's supposed to deliver the RBI.

I really think he's gotten a bum rap, and all the so-called fans who keep booing him aren't doing the team one bit of a good. He's hard enough on himself -- booing him only makes him press more and worsens the situation.

2006-06-20 13:53:44
8.   randym77
Mike, great analysis, and I agree.

What I don't understand is why the defense has tanked since we lost Matsui. Melky, Bubba, and Andy have gotten more playing time, and they're supposed to be defensive upgrades, aren't they?

The real problem seems to be that guys who usually don't commit errors are committing them. Jeter, A-Rod...Posada? Is the stress of trying to make up for the loss of Sheff and Godzilla getting to them or what?

2006-06-21 03:06:43
9.   mikeplugh
Thanks Alex and all the peeps over here at Banter. I'm about a day or two from 10,000 hits in roughly 3 months.

Sliced Bread 2 That's the main drawback to Blogger is that you need to register to avoid being an "anonymous" writer in the comments section. Thanks for the kind words.

C2Coke 3 Ditto!

Simone 6 I agree that it's the pitching. Not bad, but inconsistent. The pen is shaky.

randym77 8 The D is bad because of our infield. The outfield looks adventurous, but has been average. They have weak arms and their range hurts us, but nothing aggregious has cost us. The poor throws and booted balls in the infield have cost. It's gonna happen. Giambi will hit 40 homers and erase some of his garbage in the field, and the others will follow suit. I'm a bit surprised with Phillips 4 errors in limited time.

On the Smoltz thing....I doubt he'll be a Yankee. It seems that every team in the league wants Cano, Wang, and Phil Hughes. Cash won't deal them, so we won't get a decent bat or arm until the trading deadline. Just wait it out. The one name I think you might see realistically from a pitching perspective is Greg Maddux. The Cubs will be out of it. They need virtually everything. Maddux wants to win. Bingo. Instant Yankee. Watch.

Thanks again for reading, y'all. It mean a lot that you took the time to link to me Alex, and the rest of you to comment.

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