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2006-06-18 07:04
by Alex Belth

Okay, so it isn't exactly that hot. I mean, it will get hotter this summer, but I want to save the "Hotter than July" headline for a later date. So today gives a Neil Simon reference (and believe me, that's not something you are likely to see often around these parts). It am mighty steamy here in the Bronx this morning, and I can only imgaine what it is like down in Washington D.C.

It's gunna be a schvitz-a-thon for sure.

Chien-Ming Wang takes the hill for New York today and the Yanks are praying he can go at least seven innings if not more. Farnsworth won't be available out of the pen today, and I doubt that we'll see Rivera either. Slim pickings as far as healthy, rested relievers go. So it'll be up to Wang and the offense to lead the Bombers today. How about another good day from Rodriguez and Damon? And Cano...wait, it seems like he has a good day every day. No matter who does well, so long as the Yanks can pull out a victory, we'll take it.

Let's go Yan-Kees.

* * *

Cliff here with a note on today's starting pitcher for the Nationals. Michael O'Connor is a scrawny 25-year-old lefty from Dallas who was drafted by the Expos out of George Washington University in 2002. Over his first four professional seasons he progressed slowly from the New York-Penn League through to the Carolina League where he turned in a strong but unexceptional season for the Potomac Nationals last year. O'Connor was not invited to major league spring training this year, but still managed to skip double-A entirely and start the year with the triple-A New Orleans Zephyrs. After four strong starts with the Zephyrs, he was promoted to the majors in late April to take the place of the injured John Patterson in the rotation. Since then, O'Connor has acquited himself well, displaying a Jaret Wright-like tendency toward effective five-plus inning starts. O'Connor has made it past the sixth inning just once this year, but has pitched a minimumm of five innings in all ten of his major league starts. While that may not be terribly impressive, it is reliable, and until his last start in which he gave up six runs in 5 2/3 innings at home against the Rockies he had not allowed more than three runs in any of his first nine-starts.

Curiously, T.J. Beam, the righty reliever the Yankees promoted yesterday to take Aaron Small's spot in the bullpen, is also a 25-year-old (just 11 days younger than O'Connor, actually) college product who had never pitched above A-ball until this year. Beam, however, posted some dazzling strikeout rates in A-ball last year after having been converted to relief after spending his first two seasons in the pros as a starter. Beam began the 2006 season in double-A, where he posted an 0.86 ERA in 42 innings before earning a promotion to Columbus two weeks ago today. After Beam posted a 7.5 K/BB rate over 9 2/3 triple-A innings, the Yankees, to my shock and delight, decided he couldn't do any worse than Small, whom they correctly identified as a fluke at long last.

Over the past two weeks the Yankees have designated Terrence Long, Scott Erickson and Aaron Small for assignment while keeping Kevin Thompson and Matt Smith on the 25-man roster and Melky Cabrera and Andy Phillips in the starting line-up. I'm floored. All they have to do now is convince Joe Torre to let Smith and Beam share Scott Proctor's work load (Ron Villone can assume Small's long-man role) and give Thompson his share of starts in right field. The idea is to assume these three players can contribute and make them prove than they can't.

Speaking of which, did no one tell Torre that Beam had worked an inning and two thirds in Columbus on Friday and that it might not have been the best idea to have a kid called up to the majors for the first time in his life throw on a second consecutive day after having had to pack and fly to Washington overnight? I'm just sayin' . . .

Update: Take Kevin Thompson off that list. He's just been optioned to Columbus to allow the Yankees to add Jose Veras, another 25-year-old making his major league debut, to the roster. With Kyle Farnsworth out with back spasms, but not far enough gone to require a DL stay, and with everyone else other than Ron Villone having pitched yesterday (though Matt Smith and Mike Myers combined to throw just nine pitches--seems Smith just might be a LOOGY after all), the Yanks needed to add an arm to their pen. Not needing a DH for the next four days, the least-active player on their bench was the one they felt they could get rid of.

Here's what I wrote about Veras in the spring:

The big Dominican rose to triple-A as a starter in the Devil Rays' organization, only to struggle in two seasons bouncing between the rotation and bullpen in Durham at age 22 and 23. After signing a minor league deal with the Rangers organization, he made a marked improvement as a pure reliever in 2005 despite moving to the hitting-heavy Pacific Coast League, increasing his K-rate to an impressive 10.51/9IP, dropping his hit rate to almost exactly one per inning, cutting his homer rate almost in half, and shaving nearly a run and a half off his ERA. Still, there's plenty of room for improvement remaining, especially in his 4.82 BB/9. Then there's the matter of avoiding regression. Curiously, when Veras signed with the Yankees, he made it sound like he'd be replacing Tom Gordon.

Well, Veras did improve on that walk rate with Columbus this year, walking just 3.55 men per nine with the Clippers while continuing to strike out more than a man per inning and allow less one hit per frame. I remain dubious about Veras's ability to get the job done in the majors, but can't really complain about the Yankees giving him a look (then again, click that LOOGY link and check out Veras's splits below Smith's, seems the righty Veras just might be a LOOGY too . . . right-handed Dominican LOOGY with a history of control problems? Those are unwelcome reminders of Felix Rodriguez). The only bummer is that Thompson can't be recalled on Friday when the Yankees return to AL rules and will thus need to expand their bench back to the bare minimum of four men because optioned players have to spend ten days in the minors before they can be recalled. This could mean the return of Kevin Reese, the arrival of Carlos Peña, or, say it ain't so, the return of Terrence Long, who has been producing for the Clippers since clearing waivers. Whomever it is, one assumes that if Farnsworth is able to avoid the DL, Beam, Veras and maybe even Smith will have a very small window in which to prove they belong. But no pressure, guys.

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2006-06-18 07:45:33
1.   randym77
If Yu-Hsing's theory is right, the hot weather will be good for Wang's pitching. :)

Speaking of pitching...word is Jose Veras has been called up. No word on the roster move yet.

2006-06-18 08:35:44
2.   wsporter
Yes it's hot and steamy in DC. But it's not as hot as it'll get and it's as steamy as it'll get.

Back to the nose bleads, see you at the game.


2006-06-18 09:32:21
3.   brockdc
After the collapse yesterday, I can't help feeling that they need this one pretty badly. I'm just hoping they don't follow that We've-never-seen-this-pitcher-before-and-thus-can't-hit-him-no-matter-how-mediocre-he-is template.
2006-06-18 09:35:14
4.   randym77
YES just confirmed it. KT optioned to Columbus, Veras called up.
2006-06-18 09:36:17
5.   C2Coke
3 Funny...very funny.

Looks like Torre's learned his lesson.
Today's lineup:

Damon, CF
Cabrera, LF
Jeter, SS
Giambi, 1B
Rodriguez, 3B
Posada, C
Cano, 2B
Williams, RF
Wang, P

Let's just hope Wang can keep those groundballs in.

2006-06-18 09:36:59
6.   randym77
Torre just said they've decided to reshuffle the rotation. (Yes!) Wright and Chacon cannot pitch back-to-back. Wright will be 3rd in the rotation, followed by Wang, then Chacon.
2006-06-18 09:39:45
7.   randym77
5 Wow, what a change. Bernie plummets from #2 to "last stop before the pitcher."
2006-06-18 09:41:11
8.   C2Coke
6 I will Yes to that too!
2006-06-18 09:43:02
9.   C2Coke
7 It's cause Torre has learned his lesson the hard way.
2006-06-18 09:45:16
10.   randym77
Torre said Veras might be the closer today, but he's leaning toward Villone.

But what he really wants is for the closer to be Chien-Ming Wang.

2006-06-18 09:51:37
11.   Cliff Corcoran
10 Did he actually say that about Wang?

I've updated the above post with some thoughts about Veras and the recent roster shuffles as well as with a quick background on today's opposing starter.

2006-06-18 09:54:39
12.   C2Coke
11 Thanks, cliff. Great stuff.
2006-06-18 09:56:05
13.   randym77
11 Yes, he really said that.
2006-06-18 09:57:39
14.   Jeteupthemiddle
So I realize that Giambi is the better batter, but I'd prefer he be on the bench with Phillips at first base today because Wang is starting.

I never want to see Giambi at first when Wang is the starter.

2006-06-18 09:57:40
15.   Cliff Corcoran
13 Oh, I get it. He want's Wang to turn in a complete game. I was distracted by the fact that Wang actually did come in as the closer two weeks ago in Baltimore.
2006-06-18 10:03:33
16.   C2Coke
14 If Giambi can get some work done aka some runs in early. A good scenario will be switch Phillips in the middle innings. Isn't it?

15 Wang's already got a save in his career now. It's time for a CG!

2006-06-18 10:03:38
17.   randym77
14 Yeah, I kind of agree. Seems insane to sit Giambi, but man, defense counts when Wanger's on the mound.

15 Yes, that's what he meant. (Which is good, because Wang's come close twice before, only to be pulled.)

2006-06-18 10:03:50
18.   Cliff Corcoran
10 Veras has 8 saves with the Clippers this year and had 24 in Oklahoma (Rangers' AAA team) last year.
2006-06-18 10:05:49
19.   randym77
16 That's the usual strategy. But there's a school of thought that holds the opposite: start your best defenders. The idea being the starting pitcher is going to be more likely to get balls in play rather than strikes (which is certainly true of Wang). When the relievers come in, you put your best hitters in, since the bullpen is more likely to strike 'em out.
2006-06-18 10:07:11
20.   Cliff Corcoran
Robert Fick is catching. I was wondering if he still caught.
2006-06-18 10:08:34
21.   JohnnyC
The obvious need to re-shuffle the rotation (short of a trade for someone who can throw 6+ a start)places the incident with the reporter over Johnson starting in Wright's stead in the finale of the Red Sox series (due to the rain-out)in its proper context. I don't know if the reporter wanted "to be the manager" as Torre offered, but handling a pitching staff especially when fortune or the weather gives you a chance to is what some managers are paid to do. That is, think ahead.
2006-06-18 10:08:53
22.   C2Coke
It's expected to get to the mid-90s soon. That's mad hot at this time of the year.
2006-06-18 10:09:14
23.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, I totally jinxed Nick Johnson in my series preview.
2006-06-18 10:12:31
24.   randym77
Peter Abraham said Farnsy is feeling much better and could be back as soon as tomorrow. Veras may have a very short time to make an impression.

And yeah, that means we might be seeing more of Rob's favorite player. T-Long is really tearing it up in Columbus.

2006-06-18 10:12:45
25.   Chuck in DC
Sorry to recall yesterday with the dismal final outcome, but it was my very first chance to see the Yanks live after years (I'm talking Lew Burdette here)of following them remotely. Pretty cool taking the subway to see Arod and Posada hit 'em back-to-back--Arod's shot even -sounded- unique coming off the bat.
Today looks like another good day for a shaded lower-deck seat...
2006-06-18 10:13:04
26.   Cliff Corcoran
Andy would have had that. :)
2006-06-18 10:14:50
27.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeter just stole without the pitcher even delivering thanks to the shift. Awesome. Reminded me of when Will Clark stole third on Mackey Sasser throwing back to the mound.
2006-06-18 10:14:57
28.   rbj
Man what a brain fart by the Nat's pitcher. Never seen a ML steal with -- ah, never mind, just realized they had the Giambi shift.
2006-06-18 10:15:32
29.   Cliff Corcoran
O'Connor made both Damon and Giambi look really bad on that curve low and away.
2006-06-18 10:16:26
30.   Cliff Corcoran
Random thought: I just realized that the only AL team the Yankees haven't faced yet is the Mariners. That's good as the Mariners are bad.
2006-06-18 10:16:31
31.   randym77
And all that for nothing. :-P
2006-06-18 10:18:10
32.   jayd
now, under the giambino shift, wasn't fick supposed to run like hell up the third base line when he saw jeter take off?
2006-06-18 10:21:04
33.   rbj
Another Wang special DP.
2006-06-18 10:21:20
34.   randym77
Yeah! The classic Wang GIDP!
2006-06-18 10:21:38
35.   Cliff Corcoran
32 Like Robert Fick in full catchers gear could beat Jeter, who had a head start, to third? They would have had a better chance had O'Connor just bolted off the mound and tried to tag Jeter directly.
2006-06-18 10:28:55
36.   randym77
A walk for A-Rod. He's looking a lot better at the plate. Still not exactly natural, but a lot better than he was.
2006-06-18 10:32:06
37.   rbj
Does Posada ever get a day off anymore?
2006-06-18 10:33:10
38.   randym77
Posada is supposed to get Wright's pitching day off. I think he ended up PHing last time, though.
2006-06-18 10:34:49
39.   Cliff Corcoran
O'Connor's spotting that fastball inside to righties very well. That's what got Jorge and that was that called strike on Bernie.
2006-06-18 10:35:53
40.   randym77
I'd heard O'Connor was pretty good. So far, he is.
2006-06-18 10:37:57
41.   Cliff Corcoran
So we've got a book on O'Connor. His strength is the right (3B) side of the plate, low curves to lefties, thigh-high fastballs to righties. Let's see if the Yanks adjust the second time around.
2006-06-18 10:38:54
42.   Cliff Corcoran
Zimmerman was very safe.
2006-06-18 10:56:10
43.   jayd
35 the phrase "run like hell" was intended to capture the futility of the effort. in all seriousness however, there really isn't any defense for the overshift -- you're just conceding the base so it should be defensive indifference, should it not? personally since the runner would score on a single, i would give jeter the steal and call it defensive stupidity.
2006-06-18 10:56:24
44.   randym77
And Wanger gets Sori out.

Wang appears to have a fan club in DC...

2006-06-18 10:57:01
45.   David
Why doesn't Villone get more respect (and more use)? His ERA is 1.65.
2006-06-18 11:03:06
46.   Cliff Corcoran
43 Actually, the 3B is supposed to stay in front of the runner and beat him to the bag in the shift, but I don't know how often the rookie Zimmerman, who was in college last year, has played the shift.
2006-06-18 11:03:55
47.   Cliff Corcoran
45 Well, part of the answer is that he's not nearly as good as that ERA, but the rest of the answer is that I have no clue because Joe loves to play the hot hand.
2006-06-18 11:04:12
48.   Cliff Corcoran
Nice Mike Stanton curve to Cano there.
2006-06-18 11:05:17
49.   randym77
I think he was saving Villone for today.
2006-06-18 11:17:22
50.   Alex Belth
Chien Ming...nice bunting, bro.
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2006-06-18 11:18:39
51.   Alex Belth
C'mon Melky, let's get this going!
2006-06-18 11:20:57
52.   randym77
They should have told Wang not to swing at anything. He might have gotten a walk, at least.
2006-06-18 11:23:48
53.   Alex Belth
Man, Wang made a couple of nice pitches against Zimmerman. Shame he left one up there. Hey boys, let's turn two!
2006-06-18 11:27:35
54.   Alex Belth
Well, that was almost a good throw, Jorge.
2006-06-18 11:28:32
55.   Cliff Corcoran
Ah crapola. I had a feeling the scoreless tie was about to go away.
2006-06-18 11:28:40
56.   Alex Belth
2006-06-18 11:30:44
57.   Alex Belth
Not a good play by Cano.
2006-06-18 11:31:14
58.   buffalocharlie
Didn't B Harris play for the Senators in the 1920s? Now he is playing SS at what, 122 years out Julio Franco!
2006-06-18 11:31:31
59.   Alex Belth
Gave away an out, and with the pitcher up...stupid.
2006-06-18 11:32:04
60.   Cliff Corcoran
Big guns due up, time to get it back plus one.
2006-06-18 11:35:27
61.   rbj
That's the way to get started Jeter.
2006-06-18 11:35:33
62.   randym77
Yeah, Jeet! Classic.
2006-06-18 11:35:37
63.   Cliff Corcoran
Sweet. And I'm not really complaining, but what's with the crowd noise drowning out Kay and Kenny?
2006-06-18 11:38:11
64.   Alex Belth
Let's go Alex
2006-06-18 11:38:28
65.   Cliff Corcoran
Giambi was really struggling against O'Connor in that AB. Just not comfortable. On the pop to 3B in the SS spot Jeter was tagging at second, but the pitcher covered third.
2006-06-18 11:40:29
66.   Bob Timmermann
As Michael Kay pointed out, O'Connor knew that Jeter was "baseball smart."
2006-06-18 11:40:33
67.   Cliff Corcoran
Airball by O'Connor.
2006-06-18 11:40:37
68.   Alex Belth
Now all we need is a fly ball Alex!
2006-06-18 11:41:03
69.   Cliff Corcoran
66 Kay's right, but I wish the crowd noise had drowned that out too.
2006-06-18 11:41:27
70.   Alex Belth
Wow! I'm sorry that was strike three.
2006-06-18 11:41:32
71.   Cliff Corcoran
I knew Alex was going to stare at one of those inside fastballs, I'm just glad O'Connor missed with it. Corners for Jorge.
2006-06-18 11:41:55
72.   Alex Belth
No double play Jorge, no double play! A Rod should go.
2006-06-18 11:42:40
73.   Cliff Corcoran
That was fun. A strong arm vs. a fast runner. Sick throw, but tie game.
2006-06-18 11:42:44
74.   Alex Belth
Jorge flies to right, Jeter slides home safely. Jose Guillen made a nice throw from right. Balls gets away from Fick and Rodriguez moves to second.
2006-06-18 11:43:42
75.   Alex Belth
Sorry, A Rod stayed at first, but was running on the first pitch to Cano. Probably had the bag stolen but Cano grounds out to second.
2006-06-18 11:44:39
76.   randym77
Man, what an arm. Strong and accurate.
2006-06-18 11:44:53
77.   Alex Belth
David Wright just blasted a grand slam out at Shea. He really hits those moon shots.
2006-06-18 11:46:29
78.   Alex Belth
Man, Sori hit that one on the screws but right at Rodriguez.
2006-06-18 11:47:01
79.   Alex Belth
Two easy outs.
2006-06-18 11:48:00
80.   rbj
Nice quick inning for the Wangster.
2006-06-18 11:49:46
81.   buffalocharlie
Only 72 pitches so far....nice work
2006-06-18 11:50:27
82.   rbj
David Cone? can he still pitch???
2006-06-18 11:51:59
83.   jayd
was that my imagination or was bernie faster down the line than cano?
2006-06-18 11:53:17
84.   Cliff Corcoran
83 Bernie, the ex-track star, was indeed busting it on that grounder.

77 I really believe that Wright is the second best player in the NL after Pujols. It may not bear out in the stats just yet, but he's that good.

2006-06-18 11:53:50
85.   Cliff Corcoran
This game is speeding right along. O'Connor just matched his longest ML outing.
2006-06-18 11:54:04
86.   Alex Belth
Man, both of these pitchers are cruising.
2006-06-18 11:55:09
87.   buffalocharlie
O'Connor at 95 pitches, is the Nats bullpen as overworked as the Yanks?
2006-06-18 11:59:37
88.   Alex Belth
Way to keep the ball against Ward (ground out to start the bottom of the seventh). Man, I didn't mention it earlier, but how about that dinger that Ward hit yesterday? Jeez, if the Bull Durham line about "anything that goes that far should have stewardess on it" ever fit...

Oh, and another thing. Has anyone else noticed just how terrible the infield surface is at RFK? I've seen a handful of grounders take some crazy hops this weekend.

2006-06-18 11:59:44
89.   yankz
Cano's gotta keep the streak alive.
2006-06-18 12:01:29
90.   randym77
Come on, guys! Gotta give Tiger some help here.
2006-06-18 12:01:37
91.   buffalocharlie
I count 11 GB outs for Wang
2006-06-18 12:02:06
92.   buffalocharlie
make that 12
2006-06-18 12:02:39
93.   yankz
Anyone got an explanation for Melky? His first slump? Batting second getting to him? Or is it the real Melky?
2006-06-18 12:02:51
94.   buffalocharlie
good test now for Melky...leading off the inning in tie game, late....needs to get on-base....
2006-06-18 12:05:25
95.   randym77
93 I think the other teams have just gotten used to him. The same thing happened with Cano last year.

Melky may adjust in turn. But I doubt his career numbers will be like that one or two great weeks he had.

2006-06-18 12:05:46
96.   Alex Belth
Nice patience Melky. Starts the eighth with a walk.
2006-06-18 12:07:32
97.   buffalocharlie
play by play still has Majewski warming up....Melky on first, walk?...terrific
2006-06-18 12:08:03
98.   buffalocharlie
ok, there back.....behind a couple of pitches though
2006-06-18 12:08:13
99.   buffalocharlie
ok, there back.....behind a couple of pitches though
2006-06-18 12:09:03
100.   buffalocharlie
cbs sportsline has Melky K'ng...what's up
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2006-06-18 12:09:51
101.   Alex Belth
Bad swing for strike three from Jeter. He fouled off the 1-2 pitch, getting jammed inside. You could see him wincing. He waved at the next pitch, a heater on the outside corner.
2006-06-18 12:10:51
102.   Cliff Corcoran
100 Not Melky, he walked, but Jeter and Giambi, yup.
2006-06-18 12:11:10
103.   Alex Belth
Challenges Giambi. Two right in his kitchen, and Giambi swings through them.
2006-06-18 12:11:17
104.   Alex Belth
Challenges Giambi. Two right in his kitchen, and Giambi swings through them.
2006-06-18 12:11:18
105.   Cliff Corcoran
101 Yeah, Jeter appeared to aggrivate that thumb on that jam shot.
2006-06-18 12:11:20
106.   jayd
ok here comes a game winner
2006-06-18 12:11:47
107.   buffalocharlie
ok, i've switched to GameDay....there at real-time....i'm not getting my work done...let's go A-Rod!
2006-06-18 12:11:51
108.   Cliff Corcoran
Alex is SO CLUTCH!
2006-06-18 12:11:56
109.   randym77
A-Rod brings Melky home! Yeah!
2006-06-18 12:12:19
110.   Alex Belth
Yay A Rod. He smoked that. Line drive pee to left center. Nice RBI double.
2006-06-18 12:13:44
111.   Cliff Corcoran
Maz and Joe seem to be talking something over, but Wang's got just 80 pitches. I wouldn't touch him.
2006-06-18 12:13:47
112.   buffalocharlie
good hit A-Rod...Melky, way to take that BB...great game....
2006-06-18 12:14:05
113.   randym77
A-Rod on 3B now on wild pitch. C'mon, Jorgie!
2006-06-18 12:14:12
114.   jayd
he'll be hitting .300 by all star break
2006-06-18 12:15:03
115.   jayd
and cano will be hitting .350
2006-06-18 12:15:21
116.   singledd
Can we declare ARod officially straightened-out?
2006-06-18 12:18:29
117.   Alex Belth
Bottom third of the order in the eight. C'mon Wang. Keep that ball down, dogs.
2006-06-18 12:19:57
118.   Alex Belth
Hell of a time for the first walk of the game Wangster.
2006-06-18 12:20:05
119.   buffalocharlie
now the time to earn the Tiger nickname
2006-06-18 12:20:14
120.   Alex Belth
I say the Nats come back and win this one too.
2006-06-18 12:22:57
121.   buffalocharlie
how well did Schneider hit the ball?
2006-06-18 12:24:06
122.   fansince77
Cannot stand these announcers from the Nats. I am on

they should be in the dugout with those thundersticks. Brutally unbiased

2006-06-18 12:24:47
123.   rbj
2 down, one to go.
2006-06-18 12:25:04
124.   BklynBmr
120 If you didn't own the jernt, I'd throw ya out... ;-)
2006-06-18 12:26:21
125.   buffalocharlie
anyone in the bullpen?
2006-06-18 12:26:22
126.   Alex Belth
After getting ahead of Sori 0-2, Wang was careful...very careful. 4 straight balls after that: two men on, two out.
2006-06-18 12:26:49
127.   buffalocharlie
and Sori didn't chase one of them?
2006-06-18 12:26:50
128.   fansince77
not a bad walk at all. I've no problemo with that...
2006-06-18 12:27:13
129.   rbj
Melk-man delivers again, with the glove.
2006-06-18 12:27:21
130.   Alex Belth
Yay!!!!!! Melky Melky!
2006-06-18 12:27:27
131.   Zack
Nice save Melkanator!
2006-06-18 12:27:32
132.   randym77
Yeah, Melky!!!

Wright and Myers are warming. Dunno if they're actually coming in.

2006-06-18 12:27:35
133.   Alex Belth
Yo, my heart is racing.
2006-06-18 12:27:50
134.   Zack
So I guess Wanger comes out for the 9th too?
2006-06-18 12:28:17
135.   BklynBmr
Melky for Mayor!
2006-06-18 12:28:57
136.   yankz
Weird, Giambi and Phillips are both batting .264.
2006-06-18 12:28:59
137.   jayd
nothing like a little raw speed to make some good catches, heh?
2006-06-18 12:29:05
138.   buffalocharlie
i dunno, two walks is an indication of fatigue.....and two fly outs that inning...Wang may be leaving the ball up
2006-06-18 12:29:52
139.   randym77
134 I don't know. He struggled a bit in that last inning. If the score stays this close, Torre will probably pull him.
2006-06-18 12:29:56
140.   Cliff Corcoran
134 He's at 96 pitches and has Guillen, Ward and Zimmerman. Eh, I let him go unless he allows a man on. Heck, I might even just let him have it, win or lose.
2006-06-18 12:30:31
141.   randym77
Or maybe not. Wanger's batting. o_O
2006-06-18 12:30:34
142.   buffalocharlie
Tiger is due up 2nd
2006-06-18 12:30:36
143.   rbj
Let's see a CG for Wang, with a W.
2006-06-18 12:30:59
144.   Cliff Corcoran
140 Well, he's hitting.

138 I think the Sori walk was just refusing to give in, not fatigue, he got 0-2 then threw everything in the dirt trying to get him to chase has Sori is wont to do.

2006-06-18 12:31:13
145.   Dimelo
Looks like you're right, Cliff. He's going on for his...
2006-06-18 12:31:18
146.   buffalocharlie
no at-bat for Phillips huh, hmm
2006-06-18 12:32:21
147.   rbj
Now put together 2-3 long ABs, give CMW a breather.
2006-06-18 12:32:24
148.   buffalocharlie
Damon needs to gives Wang a few pitches to prepare for the 9th
2006-06-18 12:33:33
149.   randym77
The fly balls worry me more than the walks. Fly balls are not good sign with Wang.
2006-06-18 12:34:43
150.   buffalocharlie
this should be good, let's go Yanks!!
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2006-06-18 12:39:06
151.   Peter
Did Michael Kay really just announce that Proctor and Myers, and not Villone, are warming up in the bullpen?
2006-06-18 12:39:45
152.   buffalocharlie
go Tiger....nice battle...
2006-06-18 12:39:49
153.   Alex Belth
Strike one, strike two to Guillen. Ball one...oh, almost strike three. Ball two, fastball up. Another fastball--this one outside--fouled off first base. 2-2. Sinker, outside, fouled off.

High ground ball hit over the mound. Cano charges, fields the ball cleanly and flips to first.

One out.

2006-06-18 12:39:57
154.   randym77
151 Yes. Even after Joe said Proctor was off-limits, he's warming.

Come on, Wang! You can do it.

2006-06-18 12:41:10
155.   Alex Belth
Marlon Anderson pinch hitting. Fouls the first pitch back. 0-1. Sinker, outside for a ball. 1-1. Singles past Cano--to his left.
2006-06-18 12:42:20
156.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh well. I fault no one. Great game.
2006-06-18 12:42:21
157.   Alex Belth
Here's the young stud Zimmerman.

Wang remains in the game.


2006-06-18 12:42:24
158.   rbj
Damn. Well pitched game by Wang.
2006-06-18 12:42:45
159.   Zack
Ugh, what a gross weekend
2006-06-18 12:42:54
160.   randym77

What are the chances? Wang giving up a homer in this ballpark?

Wang is really upset.

2006-06-18 12:42:57
161.   Dimelo
What a way to lose. Nothing to hold their head down on.
2006-06-18 12:43:12
162.   rbj
Wang saved the bullpen today, it was necessary.
2006-06-18 12:43:26
163.   yankz
What happened, did he get yanked?
2006-06-18 12:43:55
164.   jayd
120 well alex, i guess when you call 'em you call 'em.
2006-06-18 12:44:00
165.   Zack
Wang gave up a bomb 2 run HR to Zimmerman on a fastball up
2006-06-18 12:44:05
166.   yankz
Oh, crap.
2006-06-18 12:45:17
167.   Cliff Corcoran
164 Screw that, I'm blaming Alex's negativity! (not really)
2006-06-18 12:45:21
168.   randym77
Wang was so upset he walked into the dugout and threw his glove to the floor. I've never seen him that upset.
2006-06-18 12:45:58
169.   brockdc
I can't believe this.
2006-06-18 12:46:29
170.   Zack
Well, goodbye to first place, so be it. How we can manage to lose 2 of 3 to such a bad team boggles the mind, but on the other hand:
Friday and Sat we score 5+, sat. fault solely on pitching. Today, with no offense, Wang just went one inning too long...

Can we hire a bullpen coach, whose sole job is to save Joe Torre from himself and make all the bullpen calls?

2006-06-18 12:48:31
171.   yankz
Go Braves?
2006-06-18 12:49:34
172.   brockdc
170 I agree, Zack. These are the teams the Yanks should dominate. AHHHHHHH!
2006-06-18 12:49:59
173.   Bob Timmermann
It's pretty rare in this day and age for the starting pitcher to lose on a walkoff homer. If that happens more than once a year since 1980, I'd be surprised.
2006-06-18 12:51:56
174.   randym77
I can't really fault the decision to go with Wang. It's not like he gives up a lot of homers. A GIDP to end the game seemed more likely than a walkoff homer. And the bullpen was so spent. Might be worth losing the game just spare the pen.
2006-06-18 12:53:03
175.   SF Yanks
Very dissapointing. I'm suprisingly calm though. Usually I go into a rage.
2006-06-18 12:57:29
176.   Cliff Corcoran
173 Indeed, Bob. I was actually wondering if it counted as a complete game (for fantasy reasons) because he only went 8 1/3, but was on the hill when the game ended. It does.
2006-06-18 13:18:11
177.   Bob Timmermann
All you need for a complete game is to be the starter and to get all the outs your team records.

It's just that Wang got only 25 outs.

2006-06-18 13:28:58
178.   JeremyM
If you want to throw blame around, blame Wright and Chacon--although after reading about the 8th inning, I thought Villone might've been a better option. Of course he is persona non grata in the bullpen. Overall though, I have no problem leaving Wang in, it just didn't work out.

Little worried about the team as a whole though, losing 2 of 3 from these guys is a joke, and only plating 2 today is what really cost them. But at least A-Rod is getting it back together.

2006-06-18 13:34:23
179.   JeremyM
Anyone catch this: Before the game, the Yankees purchased RHP Jose Veras' contract from Triple-A Columbus and sent down OF Kevin Thompson.

Is Veras any good?

2006-06-18 13:37:43
180.   Cliff Corcoran
17 What put doubt in my mind was MLBs recent decision not to credit pitchers who allow no hits, but lose on the road, thus throwing just eight innings, with no-hitters.

179 Read the above post, Jeremy.

2006-06-18 13:40:35
181.   JeremyM
Thanks Cliff, missed the update.
2006-06-18 14:25:43
182.   rbj
ESPNClassic has Yankees Brave WS game four from 1999. At least we still have that.
2006-06-18 14:27:38
183.   rbj
Well it supposedly is on from 5-6, but at 5:30, it's got Clemens vs. the Yankees in 1997 (two hundredth win.)
2006-06-18 15:15:12
184.   Paul in Boston
The sports radio shows up here are gleefully recounting the "heartbreaking" losses sustained by the Yanks this weekend at the hands of the lowly Nats.


2006-06-18 17:52:14
185.   wsporter
Nobody in our little Yankee fan enclave could believe Wang was left in to hit the bottom of the 8th or to pitch the 9th. He looked ok but you could see everything was up in the zone in the 8th (as it was in the 9th). RFK is a cave of a ball park and it was HOT in there. It was a tough way to loose a ball game; listening to the Nats fans chant "Lets Go Yankees" and rhythmic clap on the way out didn't make it easier.

Did anyone get a chance to read the story about Andy Phillips and the trial he, his wife and his family went through earlier this year? It certainly lets everyone remember that no matter how much money these guys make they are human beings first. Thank goodness all appears ok for the Phillips family. You can read a description of Andy's burden over at Was Watching.

2006-06-18 19:23:17
186.   kdw
185 We were pretty surprised as well in our section. At the very least, we figured Wang was on a short leash and would be out if there was anything other than an immediate and easy out. So much for our thinking. And yes, it was painful but not as much as Saturday to my way of thinking. In fact, right afterwards I thought this game was lost on Saturday when the bullpen had to come in to bail out Chacon.
2006-06-18 19:46:25
187.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I think this game should give the team a punch in the gut they need though, having a guy like Wang throw a game like that and end up losing, the whole team must have felt it as badly as we all did and will hopefully start putting it together again.
2006-06-18 19:47:28
188.   marc
three run blast and Atlanta takes a two run lead on boston
2006-06-18 19:48:41
189.   wsporter
I wasn't able to get to Saturday's game. That long march had to hurt on Saturday. I agree about the effect of yesterday on today. I think Chacon could have used another MiL start or two.

It was a nice mix at the old stadium. I've been in there rooting for the Giants years ago when things got pretty stupid. Friday and Sunday were both a pretty good natured baseball crowds and there was some pretty funny back and forth that went on. The crowd has still got a friendly MiL atmosphere to it in terms of being family and kid friendly I thought.

2006-06-18 19:55:24
190.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ouch, Boston pen before Timlin and Papalbon is simply dreadful. and make the Yanks pen look incredible in comparason.

Declarmen relieved Schillin in the 7th, aftering getting 2 outs (1 on a great play by Trot Nixon) here was the line.

Single (pitcher change)
Walk (by Lopez.. more pitcher change)
HR (by .240 hitter off Seanez.)


2006-06-18 20:00:09
191.   marc
Atlanta atrocious bullpen about to hand the sox a win though I hope not
2006-06-18 20:01:55
192.   Yu-Hsing Chen
The game is going exactly as people though though. good starting pitching duel, and hilarious bullpen pitching's "duel"
2006-06-18 20:03:48
193.   marc
Why did I even watch this game. I'm going to vomit
2006-06-18 20:03:56
194.   Yu-Hsing Chen
And the crappy ATL bullpen gives back the lead.... :/
2006-06-18 20:11:07
195.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I think it's safe to say the Brave's run is done, even if the Mets totally collapse the Marlins and Nationals might have a better chance taking the division... let alone the Phillies... than the Braves.
2006-06-18 20:12:04
196.   kdw
On the bright side, there is in fact a bullpen with more serious issues than the Yanks' and the Yanks will be playing Atlanta in NY.

Re the Nats games, the crowd was fun and people were nice. In fact, the Nats' fans are pretty good natured all the time. And they are still having fun, unlike the O's fans who sometimes seem to cede Camden Yard to the Boston and NY fans.

2006-06-18 20:31:18
197.   randym77
Well, Timlin got spanked. Papelbon's coming in to try and stop the bleeding.
2006-06-18 20:32:59
198.   Yu-Hsing Chen
And Timlins gave up two runs so now Papalbon needs a 4 out save with 2 on...
2006-06-18 20:34:36
199.   kdw
I've been keeping an eye on Gameday, holding my breath and hoping each batter that Timlin would stay in and give up a big hit. Oh well, couldn't last forever.
2006-06-18 20:36:13
200.   randym77
Papelbon pitched yesterday and the day before. He might be tired.

But I'm expecting him to be able to close this game. One of these days, he's going to get lit up, but I don't think the Braves are the ones to do it.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-18 22:34:23
201.   dpmurphy
"One of these days, he's going to get lit up"

You think? I was hoping he'd go an entire career never getting lit up. I think you're really going out on a limb there.

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