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The Washington Nationals
2006-06-16 13:11
by Cliff Corcoran
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The last time the Yankees played a ballgame in Washington, D.C. was September 30, 1971. Jim Acker gave up two runs in the bottom of the eighth to cap a comeback by the Senators, who had trailed 5-1 after five in their final game in Washington. With the Yankees trailing 7-5 in the top of the ninth, Felipe Alou and Bobby Murcer grounded out only to have the Senators' fans pour onto the field forcing the game to be forfeited to New York, giving the Yankees a winning record of 82-80. The next year the Senators would play in Texas as the Rangers, swapping divisions with the Milwaukee Brewers. Both the Brewers and Rangers would finish in last place.

Thirty five years later the Yanks are back in DC and back in first place (a game up on both the Red Sox and Blue Jays), but the Washington club, wearing red caps that match those of the 1971 Senators, is still awful.

The Nationals don't do anything particularly well, and their two best players are a pair of former Yankee prospects, Alfonso Soriano, who is just two behind the injured Albert Pujols for the major league lead in home runs with 23, and Nick Johnson, who in his peak age-27 season has yet to miss a game due to injury for the first time in his career. Nick the Stick is hitting a robust .309/.436/.554 and has walked nine times more than he's struck out.

The Nationals actually have a fairly dangerous top five in their order, with Soriano inexplicably leading off and followed by Jose Vidro (hitting .309 with a .365 OBP, but virtually without any power), Johnson, 21-year-old phenom Ryan Zimmerman (on pace for 44 doubles, 22 homers and 100 RBIs), and the combative and injury-prone (read: undesirable) Jose Guillen. Guillen has an unimpressive stat line, but has gone 5 for 13 with two doubles, a homer and three walks since being activated following a stay on the DL due to a hamstring injury.

Of course, things drop off a cliff after the five spot. The last three men in the Washington line-up are lead by Royce Clayton's .259/.315/.339. They're so bad that when Livan Hernandez pitches he's the best of the last four hitters in the Nats' lineup. The Nats' bench, meanwhile, is filled with multi-position players, but other than Daryle Ward, whose likely just enjoying a small-sample surge, none of them can really hit.

Then again, the Nats play in one of the most extreme pitchers parks in the majors, which is why their weaker hitters look so darn awful, and why their unexceptional pitching staff appears to be loaded with solid individual performances. The top three in their pen, closer Chad Cordero and righty set-up men Jon Rauch and Gary Majewski have done the job, as have rookie starters Shawn Hill and Michael O'Connor and rookie ROOGY Saul Rivera. What's more, Ramon Ortiz, who was dreadful pitching his home games in the hitter-friendly Great American Ballpark last year, has been on a solid streak of late that has included three games at RFK but also three on the road, while former Yankee farmhand and Expos DL mainstay Tony Armas Jr. has been both active and effective and is still just 28 years old. Last year's ace John Patterson is due to come off the DL soon and the Nats response just might be to deal innings eater Livan Hernandez. He may be their best bottom of the order hitter, but he's their worst starter.

So things are looking slightly up for the Nationals. They have real owners at long last and plans for a new ballpark. Jim Bowden has hired Davey Johnson as a special advisor to save him from himself. Johnson and Zimmerman are a fantastic pair of corner infielders in their 20s, they've got a crop of young pitchers who are contributing to the big club, and to top it all off, Alfonso Soriano is taking walks. Yes, the 30-year-old converted second baseman who entered this season with a career rate of one base on balls per 22.23 plate appearances has been taking ball four once every 12.62 trips this year.

Tonight the Yanks send Jaret "Five Innings Are Just About" Wright to the mound to face 25-year-old righty Shawn Hill. The Canadian Hill made his major league debut with the Expos in 2004, pitched terribly and then missed all of 2005 following Tommy John surgery. Back in action this year, he excelled in eight starts for the Double-A Harrisburg Senators, made one triple-A start and was then called up to replace Zach Day in the rotation. He's since made three starts for the Nationals, all of which have been quality, but two of which have resulted in hard-luck losses. In the two he's made at home, Hill has allowed just one run on seven hits over 14 innings.

Washington Nationals

2006 Record: 30-38 (.441)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 31-37 (.459)

Manager: Frank Robinson
General Manager: Jim Bowden

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): RFK Stadium (93/94)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Alfonso Soriano replaces Brad Wilkerson
  • Royce Clayton replaces Cristian Guzman (DL)
  • Ryan Zimmerman replaces Vinny Castilla
  • Marlon Byrd takes over Ryan Church's playing time
  • Daryle Ward replaces Carlos Baerga
  • Damian Jackson replaces Preston Wilson
  • Brendan Harris replaces Jamey Carroll
  • Matthew LeCroy replaces Gary Bennett
  • Robert Fick replaces assorted marginalia
  • Ramon Ortiz replaces Esteban Loaiza
  • Shawn Hill replaces Ryan Drese (DL) and Tomo Ohka
  • Michael O'Connor replaces John Patterson (DL)
  • Mike Stanton replaces Joey Eischen (DL)
  • Saul Rivera replaces Luis Ayala (DL)
  • Bill Bray replaces Hector Carrasco

Current Roster:

1B – Nick Johnson (L)
2B – Jose Vidro (S)
SS – Royce Clayton (R)
3B – Ryan Zimmerman (R)
C – Brian Schneider (L)
RF – Jose Guillen (R)
CF – Marlon Byrd (R)
LF – Alfonso Soriano (R)


L – Daryle Ward (1B/OF)
R – Damian Jackson (UT)
L – Marlon Anderson (UT)
L – Robert Fick (UT/C)
R – Matthew LeCroy (C)
R – Brendan Harris (IF)


R – Livan Hernandez
R – Shawn Hill
R – Ramon Ortiz
L – Michael O'Connor
R – Tony Armas Jr.


R – Chad Cordero
R – Jon Rauch
R – Gary Majeswki
L – Mike Stanton
R – Saul Rivera
L – Bill Bray

15-day DL: R – John Patterson, R – Felix Rodriguez, R – Alex Escobar (OF), R – Santiago Ramirez
60-day DL: S – Cristian Guzman (SS), R – Zach Day, L – Joey Eischen, R – Luis Ayala, R – Ryan Drese, R – Pedro Astacio, R – Brian Lawrence

Typical Lineup:

R – Alfonso Soriano (LF)
S – Jose Vidro (2B)
L – Nick Johnson (1B)
R – Jose Guillen (RF)
R – Ryan Zimmerman (3B)
R – Royce Clayton (R)
L – Brian Schneider (C)
R – Marlon Byrd (CF)

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2006-06-16 14:34:38
1.   Sam DC
Hey Cliff -- typical lineup actually has had Royce Clayton batting second everyday and everyone else bumped down. (Ask Frank Robinson, or really his lineup-making bench coach, Eddie Rodriguez, not me . . . .) Now, Nats nation has been praying for that to end, so maybe tonight'll be the night.
2006-06-16 14:47:04
2.   randym77
>>Jaret "Five Innings Are Just About" Wright<<


And dare I hope that Torre will start Bubba in RF against the righty pitcher tonight? I know Bernie's hitting well, but it's going to be a lot of real estate for GOB to cover in this park.

2006-06-16 14:53:38
3.   Cliff Corcoran
1 True, but Vidro has hit second more than Clayton over the course of the season.

2 Good point on Bubba.

2006-06-16 14:54:54
4.   Simone
"Jaret "Five Innings Are Just About" Wright"

Very good, Cliff. LOL!

2006-06-16 14:56:58
5.   C2Coke
Damon should be playing today right? Can't bear to see someone else in the center today with a huge park.

When was the last time the Yanks had a sweep? Anyone smells one soon?

2006-06-16 14:58:44
6.   C2Coke
If the Unit could make it, it's about time Jaret needs more than 6 if not 7 to make it Wright.
2006-06-16 15:01:25
7.   randym77
Hmmm. According to WFAN:


I guess this year it's Wright who has a personal catcher...

2006-06-16 15:04:05
8.   Cliff Corcoran
7 Yup, Torre's said as much before. Thing is Posada has to sit once every five days anyway and if they make the playoffs Wright won't be starting (barring injury to others), so this eliminates that complication.
2006-06-16 15:10:11
9.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the game that the Yankees won by forfeit over the Senators was the only game in the 20th Century where the team that scored more runs in the game lost.

(Not counting games where innings were cancelled by rain before they changed the rules.)

2006-06-16 15:12:50
10.   Rob Gee
As for Sori's walks, the word on the street is it's due to folks pitching around him. Indeed, his 6 IBB represent one short of his career season high (in 2003) and 25% of his total. Take away those from his 24 total, and he's much more in line with career trends, and one wonders how many of those remaining weren't simply the pitchers refusing to give him good pitches.
2006-06-16 16:08:30
11.   Rob Gee
Seriously though how many more left handed AB's are we going to see from Bernie?

130 AB's .231 AVG .597 OPS

Both Bubba and Gapper could easily top that and give better defense to boot. With this team not scoring runs already, isn't that defense more important? Lost in the A-Rod drama was Gapper's catch in the 1-0 game that saved a run. GOB doesn't make that play.

At the very least, can't someone tell Bernie that his left-handed counterpart died?

2006-06-16 16:11:02
12.   JeremyM
New pitcher being faced, must mean swing early and often, right?
2006-06-16 16:13:42
13.   randym77
Bernie has been hitting pretty well lefty the past week or so. The last two homers were lefty, I think.

Agree his defense is problematic. Both Melky and KT made catches in the OF in that game that Bernie would not have. And I think Bernie's cost us games with his defense. (That pathetic attempt to throw Rouse out in what turned out to be a 5-6 game comes to mind.)

But with Posada out, I'm not surprised Torre went with Bernie. Gotta keep the team average age up, y'know. ;-)

2006-06-16 16:20:49
14.   Rob Gee
13 It's not just this year:

2005: 182 AB's .231 AVG .591 OPS

2006-06-16 16:22:02
15.   randym77
Well, Robby's still on a tear.
2006-06-16 16:23:10
16.   JeremyM
15 And you could say the opposite for A-Rod. He's been striking out a lot lately.
2006-06-16 16:23:14
17.   randym77
And Bernie really is hitting well from both sides lately.
2006-06-16 16:27:08
18.   JeremyM
Great job Bernie.

I can't believe Stinnett is actually being walked intentionally. Too funny. Myself, I'd pitch to him so you could start the next inning with an easy out, and end this one with the same.

2006-06-16 16:30:31
19.   rilkefan
18 - I considered that myself, but I'd guess the man on 2nd gives the AB a lot more value than out 1 next inning. Stinnett must be 10 times more likely to single than Wright.
2006-06-16 16:32:04
20.   JeremyM
Well, Stinnett is batting about .80 points higher for his career than Wright is. I'm glad we have Damon leading off next inning instead of Wright though.
2006-06-16 16:42:56
21.   randym77
This park is really, ridiculously huge.

All right, A-Rod! A single is good enough.

2006-06-16 16:46:25
22.   SF Yanks
Anyone getting the Nats feed? I find them highly annoying.
2006-06-16 16:47:10
23.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Bernie is slugging an astonishing .605 in June, for an ops of .915.

It's amazing what's happened to his obp this season.

Has he simply lost his eye. Iirc last season he was still walking alot despite his abysmal avg.

Hypothesis: people are throwing strikes to him b/c they aren't afraid of him.

2006-06-16 16:49:05
24.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Chisox battering our old boy Claussen.
2006-06-16 16:49:43
25.   Alex Belth
Nice at bat by Giambi though. That's twice he's narrowly missed homers to center this week. Hey, doubles are good too. And decent job by Rodriguez to reach base there. He still looks off-balance, or his swing at least is a little wobbly, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
2006-06-16 16:50:18
26.   Alex Belth
Sori! With the cadillac off the bat.
2006-06-16 16:50:58
27.   Alex Belth
The guy is the string bean version of Dave Kingman.
2006-06-16 16:52:03
28.   Alex Belth
Jaret Wright being Jaret Wright...
2006-06-16 16:52:18
29.   randym77
I'll be. It is possible to hit a ball out of this monstrous park.
2006-06-16 16:53:27
30.   Rob Gee
Any chance Big Stein could have a big belch and order up a hot Sori platter?
2006-06-16 16:55:30
31.   JeremyM
30 I'm really scared of that. Sure, for the right price I'd take him, but since we'll have to give up someone of value, I'm not feeling it, at all.
2006-06-16 16:55:45
32.   atc
Can someone with DirecTv who is not in either Boston or Atlanta please tell me what channel the Red Sox-Braves game is on? I'm flipping around for it during the Yankee commercials and can't find anything.
2006-06-16 16:56:10
33.   tommyl
I sense a presence I've not felt since...
2006-06-16 16:56:29
34.   murphy
ok.... is bernie on HGH? he just ripped two hits off this groundball pitcher from THE LEFT SIDE!!!!
2006-06-16 16:56:56
35.   murphy
btw - TOTALLY kidding about the bernie/HGH thing. : )
2006-06-16 16:59:14
36.   JeremyM
Come on Wright, hit a sac fly!
2006-06-16 16:59:17
37.   BklynBmr
22 Are you getting a TV feed in SF? Just wondering... Try the Gameday Audio feed. It cuts out every two minutes, with a error message requiring force-quitting the browser about every 5 minutes...

26 Dunno why 'Cadillac' isn't Sori's nickname. How many times did he linger in the box and admire a wallbanger when he was with the Yanks?

2006-06-16 16:59:50
38.   tommyl
See, that's why you pitch around the dangerous Stinnett.
2006-06-16 17:00:14
39.   randym77
Wow. Stinnett gets a single, Wright walks.

Bases loaded. Come on, Johnny!

2006-06-16 17:01:18
40.   tommyl
Geez, the Gameday is taking forever to update, and then when it does about 6 pitches have gone by.
2006-06-16 17:01:48
41.   BklynBmr
I'll take an '04 flashback right here...
2006-06-16 17:01:48
42.   singledd
Currently, Sori and Nick have a higher OPS then ARod and Giambi. Who did we get for Nick again?

Our 2 best in the last 10 years. Hard me for me not to think of them as 'our' guys.

2006-06-16 17:01:52
43.   JeremyM
Same with sportsline, it's really behind.
2006-06-16 17:02:08
44.   Rob Gee
31 If they keep winning 2 of 3 there's no prob.
2006-06-16 17:02:45
45.   Alex Belth
Johnny runs the count full
2006-06-16 17:02:47
46.   BklynBmr
42 Javy '0-2 fastball over the plate for a HR' Vasquez...
2006-06-16 17:03:01
47.   Alex Belth
whiffs...ball four too. dag.
2006-06-16 17:03:11
48.   atc
homerun Javy
2006-06-16 17:03:25
49.   Alex Belth
Bases loaded, one out...
2006-06-16 17:03:56
50.   Alex Belth
Melky gets nipped, forces in a run, game is tied.
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2006-06-16 17:04:03
51.   randym77
A clutch HBP for Melky.
2006-06-16 17:04:15
52.   tommyl
Aw shoot. Anyone catch Argentina this morning? Now that's how to dominate.
2006-06-16 17:04:18
53.   murphy
wow. the rare melky RBI. ; )

maybe if he'd make a big deal about it we can get some bench warnings...

2006-06-16 17:04:19
54.   Alex Belth
Whatta ya say? D. Jeter, career grand slam number two right here?
2006-06-16 17:04:26
55.   singledd
Here we go again.
Bases loaded. No out. Top of the order.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

2006-06-16 17:04:57
56.   BklynBmr
51 ;-)
2006-06-16 17:05:10
57.   JeremyM
51 A-Rod would've either moved, or swung at it:)
2006-06-16 17:05:57
58.   Alex Belth
Inning ending double play instead. Smoked that ball pretty good too.
2006-06-16 17:06:02
59.   randym77
And a clutch GIDP for Jeter. :-P
2006-06-16 17:06:17
60.   Rob Gee
Captain Clutch!
2006-06-16 17:06:19
61.   murphy
that sucked. the yankees will win this one and lupica will STILL have something to say about leaving men on base.
2006-06-16 17:06:36
62.   singledd
I think I'm gonna be sick.
2006-06-16 17:06:45
63.   tommyl
orrrr...a clutch DP. Sigh. When will people learn, in baseball anyone can be a goat or a hero in 1 AB.
2006-06-16 17:06:56
64.   JeremyM
Ugh. I know it's not true, but I swear the Yanks hit into more one-out, bases-loaded double plays.
2006-06-16 17:07:24
65.   rilkefan
52 - show, don't tell:
2006-06-16 17:07:43
66.   Paul in Boston
Will this show up in the papers tomorrow? The GIDP by Jeter?
2006-06-16 17:07:50
67.   randym77
Well, we got one run out of it, anyway. Didn't come away totally empty-handed.
2006-06-16 17:08:51
68.   rilkefan
Wright might make it past 5 - only 33 pitches through 3...
2006-06-16 17:09:56
69.   singledd
I find myself rooting FOR Nick.
This is hard.
2006-06-16 17:10:07
70.   tommyl
65 That's one of six ;). What about Tevez dribbling into the box and megging a defender? Or my favorite player Messi, being well Messi. Gotta love his line, subbed into the game at the 76th minute. Assist in the 78th and goal in (I think) the 88th.
2006-06-16 17:14:01
71.   JeremyM
Yuck, well, I have to go mow the lawn anyway.
2006-06-16 17:14:41
72.   Bama Yankee
Did I just hear the Nationals announcer mention my boys from Alabama? Roll Tide!!!
2006-06-16 17:19:20
73.   randym77
Proctor's warming.

Gawd. Wright's going to be lucky to get 5 innings tonight.

2006-06-16 17:19:30
74.   Rob Gee
So we'll see what a useful bench looks like.
2006-06-16 17:20:24
75.   BklynBmr
Gotta love Frank Robinson...
2006-06-16 17:20:32
76.   randym77
Did Bernie think that was the 3rd out or what?
2006-06-16 17:21:05
77.   Cliff Corcoran
Kay and Singleton are slaughtering Bernie for letting Nick score on that play.
2006-06-16 17:22:02
78.   singledd
How can a guy who has played OF his WHOLE LIFE make such a BAD PLAY? That could be the shallowest SF in history.

My Gawd!

2006-06-16 17:22:16
79.   randym77
All right, Robbie!
2006-06-16 17:23:22
80.   BklynBmr
77 Have the radio feed here. It sounded like Bernie was almost to the infield by the time be caught up to it. How deep was Bernie?
2006-06-16 17:24:48
81.   fansince77
I Love Bernie - but if he so much as comes up looking like he's throwing - JOhnson holds up- I counted that he took 8 steps before he looked up- terrible play.
2006-06-16 17:25:07
82.   murphy
considering the way that inning started (bases loaded, 0 out), we're lucky to have gotten off that easy.

also, i was surprised bernie even got to that ball.

2006-06-16 17:25:31
83.   singledd
I watching MLB TV.
I read 77 and saf WTF....
10 seconds later, Cano make a nice play for the last out.

I guess MLB TV is a little behind the times.
(Gawd, what a bad play by Bernie. He actual to a step BACK after that ball was hit... even though he was alreadt way to deep. Poor Bernie. Get him out of the OF).

2006-06-16 17:26:51
84.   randym77
80 He was pretty deep, I think. He wasn't even in the camera's view at first.

I think he's staying way back, to keep the ball in front of him. He barely got to that ball, and that may be why he couldn't throw it.

That's what happened last time, with the throw home. He barely caught the ball, which meant the throw was awful.

2006-06-16 17:26:52
85.   Cliff Corcoran
82 Well, they were killing him on the jump too.

78 No, the shallowest sac fly in history was when Eric Hinske scored on him last year. Robinson Cano can credit that play with him getting the 2B job.

2006-06-16 17:29:13
86.   randym77
Jeez, guys, make it easy for him why don't you? :-P
2006-06-16 17:29:19
87.   BklynBmr
84 Thanks, randym.
2006-06-16 17:31:59
88.   singledd
Is playing RF that much different then CF?
Bernie looks like a complete spaz.
Has he always been like this? Bad judgement? Bad jumps?
2006-06-16 17:33:03
89.   randym77
Bad eyes? I don't think he's reading it off the bat like he used to.
2006-06-16 17:35:25
90.   murphy
watch out nationals, jaret wright is just starting with the K's!!!! :-P
2006-06-16 17:35:54
91.   randym77
And Boston is up 4-0 on a bases-clearing double by Varitek.
2006-06-16 17:36:54
92.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hill with 89 pitches. What's the Nats pen like?
2006-06-16 17:37:37
93.   murphy
we just may see mr. wright out for the 6th inning.
2006-06-16 17:44:21
94.   Cliff Corcoran
88 Yes, he's always been a bad-jump OF, he just used to have speed and athleticism to compensate.

92 Per the above post, the Big Three are good, as is the kid Rivera. The rest . . . nope.

2006-06-16 17:45:20
95.   randym77
Aww, Johnny. Kelly Stinnett is outhitting you tonight.
2006-06-16 17:49:29
96.   murphy
that seems pretty premature. he had a good 5th and johnson has a great eye.

hello proctor.

buh-bye ballgame.

2006-06-16 17:50:28
97.   BklynBmr
5 and out. Nice call, Cliff!
2006-06-16 17:53:23
98.   randym77
I wish they'd gone with Bubba or KT in RF tonight.
2006-06-16 17:56:42
99.   murphy
98 amen. ok. i give in. we need to trade for a corner OF.
2006-06-16 17:58:25
100.   randym77
99 I wonder if that would do any good? He'd probably still be behind Bernie on the depth chart.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-16 18:06:25
101.   BklynBmr
99 No trades, unless it's highway robbery. If we can do a salary dump transaction that makes sense, then go for it. In the meanwhile, give KT the shot. Hang in there, Bubba. Your World Series MVP award will be sweet revenge.
2006-06-16 18:08:02
102.   randym77
Well, we have a rally going here.

And A-Rod coming to the plate... o_O

2006-06-16 18:10:15
103.   singledd
I think Bernie is almost like a son to Torre. We will need an OF'er significantly better then Bernie to get him out of RF.
Wilson is not enough. We can get Sori in the winter without losing anyone, so I think he's out. Payton's not enough either.

I think the Phils we keep their 2 guys.

I'm not sure who we can get without losing too much blood.

It's weird. The announcers are gushing all over Nick, and I agree with everything they say.

2006-06-16 18:10:23
104.   Cliff Corcoran
Pulling Wright at 77 pitches (or whatever it was) with a man on first in the sixth seems premature to me. I'm beginning to wonder if they're purposefully keeping his outings short to reduce his workloads and keep him from landing back on the DL. He has been unusually healthy this year.
2006-06-16 18:10:29
105.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Dear lord, please allow Alex Rodriguez to put the ball in play.

Your pal,


2006-06-16 18:12:28
106.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well so much for prayers being answered.
2006-06-16 18:12:39
107.   randym77
If we get an OFer significantly better than Bernie, he will play LF, Melky will be benched, and Bernie will continue in RF.
2006-06-16 18:12:44
108.   singledd
ARod's missing everything.
That last pitch was perfect to hit.


I'm taking up a collection for an airline ticket to Tibet!

2006-06-16 18:12:59
109.   Rob Gee
104 Nice call.
2006-06-16 18:13:22
110.   murphy
maybe ARod needs some time out to think about what he's done... ; )

seriously, a day off migh be helpful.

2006-06-16 18:13:30
111.   vockins
Good God, ARod can't even put the bat on the ball?
2006-06-16 18:13:44
112.   Cliff Corcoran
That's one of the ugliest swings I've ever seen Robbie take.
2006-06-16 18:14:21
113.   singledd
2006-06-16 18:14:24
114.   Rob Gee
107 No, Melky is gone in that trade.
2006-06-16 18:14:40
115.   Cliff Corcoran
110 I think thinking is his problem.
2006-06-16 18:14:44
116.   murphy
104 yes indeedy, cliff. premature indeed. if he walked sori, sure, but nick johnson has always had a rep as having a geat eye.
2006-06-16 18:18:02
117.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Chipper Jones up, bases juiced, one out, against Lester the Molester in Atlanta.
2006-06-16 18:18:43
118.   randym77
Bases loaded for Chipper Jones...
2006-06-16 18:19:12
119.   BklynBmr
Yet another head fake by our beloved Bombers...

Coming into this game, the Yanks were tied with Atlanta for the MBL "lead" in lowest BA with runners in scoring position — .183

I think the Yanks are now leading... how the hell this team is in first place, I'll never know. Oh, wait. A 6-10 record by the Sox since Memorial Day...

2006-06-16 18:20:56
120.   BklynBmr
Braves have the bags loaded with 2 out, bottom 5, down 4-1...
2006-06-16 18:21:02
121.   randym77
Sac fly for Chipper. Our future OFer Andruw now at bat. ;-)
2006-06-16 18:21:49
122.   BklynBmr
Braves are down 4-1, top 6. #%@$!
2006-06-16 18:22:37
123.   randym77
Well, they only got one run out of it.

Maybe we aren't leading... 119

2006-06-16 18:23:21
124.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
119 Yanks hitting .289 w/ risp, good for 6th in mlb.

.270 w/ risp 2 outs, 7th in mlb.

.274 w/ bases loaded, good for only 18th in mlb.

2006-06-16 18:23:32
125.   Cliff Corcoran
Who's less funny, Michael Kay or Joe Buck?

Who's self opinion of their sense of humor is more out of synch with their actual funniness, Kay or Buck?

2006-06-16 18:23:36
126.   singledd
We need to have Cano batting 2nd.
Giambi, Posada and (God Forbid) Bernie are the only one's hitting. Giambi has been carrying this team.
2006-06-16 18:23:57
127.   randym77
Bernie's on fire tonight. At least at the plate.

And Posada's in for Stinnett...

2006-06-16 18:24:26
128.   singledd
Oops. And Cano.
2006-06-16 18:27:08
129.   randym77
Posada gets a single! And Andy's PHing for Proctor.
2006-06-16 18:28:03
130.   Cliff Corcoran
Kay on Phillips "lets see if he bunts." You don't use Phillips to bunt, you use Cairo. C'mon Michael, this isn't that hard.
2006-06-16 18:28:33
131.   BklynBmr
124 .183 according to FSN South broadcast graphic just now on Sox-Braves telecast...

2 on, no out. This should add to the math either way...

2006-06-16 18:29:38
132.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
131 Then they're dead wrong. I don't know where they pulled that number from.
2006-06-16 18:30:38
133.   singledd
This pitcher is deceptively FAST.
2006-06-16 18:31:08
134.   Cliff Corcoran
95 MPH right under the letters, right past Andy on 3-2. Sigh.
2006-06-16 18:33:03
135.   BklynBmr
132 Mainstream media, what can I tell ya? Thank goodness for bloggers, huh?
2006-06-16 18:33:16
136.   Cliff Corcoran
Sori leads the majors in OF assists, or at least he did earlier in the year.

Cap up with 'em loaded, tying run on second.

2006-06-16 18:33:17
137.   randym77
All right, Johnny! Bases loaded for Melky.
2006-06-16 18:33:40
138.   singledd
124 I would like to see these numbers broken into 2 categories.
Ahead in the game and Tied of behind.
2006-06-16 18:33:45
139.   Cliff Corcoran
136 Woops, Melky line-up, I forgot.
2006-06-16 18:33:55
140.   singledd
Melky should not be batting 2nd.
2006-06-16 18:34:52
141.   Cliff Corcoran
It just struck me that the Nats have two 2Bs playing the OF.
2006-06-16 18:36:23
142.   Cliff Corcoran
140 What was that you say? The Melkman delivers and the Nats are down to their third-string SS, who's probably better than Guzman or Clayton.
2006-06-16 18:36:32
143.   randym77
Woot! Yeah, Melky!
2006-06-16 18:36:45
144.   singledd
Forgive me Melky!
2006-06-16 18:37:32
145.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
138 Got the # from Yahoo. They don't break it down further, tho these splits are revealing.

Innings 1-6 Yanks batting .294, 2nd in mlb.
Innings 7 plus -- down to .262 -- tho this is still 8th in mlb.

2006-06-16 18:38:44
146.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Please Cap get the ball out of the infield this time.
2006-06-16 18:39:22
147.   rilkefan
If Jeter gets on and a base is free, they'll walk Giambi...
2006-06-16 18:39:23
148.   BxSparksNYC
Was that a bad read by Posada at 2nd....come on Cap...
2006-06-16 18:39:35
149.   singledd
This guy can really bring the heat. Who is he?
2006-06-16 18:40:09
150.   Cliff Corcoran
146 He may not need to.
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2006-06-16 18:40:36
151.   singledd
Last pitch was a strike.
2006-06-16 18:41:26
152.   singledd
2006-06-16 18:41:52
153.   randym77
Nice battle, Jeet!

He's clutch even when he doesn't hit. ;-)

2006-06-16 18:42:42
154.   singledd
2006-06-16 18:42:46
155.   Cliff Corcoran
149 A member of Team USA! I think he was a rookie last year, he's a legitimate set-up guy, though he's struggling now.

Tie game, Giambi up with the bags juiced. Here comes washed up Yank Stanton. I'm thinking of that game in Oakland when Giambi was still with the A's . . .

2006-06-16 18:43:47
156.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Now that we've tied it, Milwaukee and Fla are the only nl teams wining tonight. And Indians and Jays are close in those 2 games. We could sweep those no-dh sissies.
2006-06-16 18:48:46
157.   Cliff Corcoran
Two outs, jacked, tied, I feel really bad for Rodriguez, I have to say. I want him to come through here for him.
2006-06-16 18:48:57
158.   randym77
A-Rod up with bases loaded and 2 outs. Ack.
2006-06-16 18:50:41
159.   Mattpat11
I've actually got a hunch about this at bat for A-Rod. I figured if Giambi didnt do it, A-Rod will bust out.
2006-06-16 18:50:45
160.   BklynBmr
What a blown opportunity. Bad things come in 3's. Sori, The Stick and Stanton. Gotta bust this thing open now... C'mon, Yanks!!!
2006-06-16 18:52:33
161.   BklynBmr
Work the count for a BB, or launch a Bomb! Let's go, Alex!
2006-06-16 18:52:45
162.   singledd
ARod. This is gonna be bad.
2006-06-16 18:53:44
163.   randym77

And it's a good thing this isn't tennis or A-Rod would lose a point for equipment abuse.

2006-06-16 18:53:48
164.   Mattpat11
Well, there's always tomorrow. At least he swung this time.
2006-06-16 18:53:55
165.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
This is like watching Chuck Knoblauch try to throw to first base.
2006-06-16 18:54:21
166.   vockins
Where the hell is is head at? He needs to sit.
2006-06-16 18:55:44
167.   C2Coke
Is it just me? The Nats announcers are really getting on my nerves. I don't know how I endured them for this long. They just called a "perfect strike two," and literally shouted when Arod just struck out.

Then again, I miss those days when I know the Yanks have the best chance when Arod comes on with the bases loaded.

2006-06-16 18:57:43
168.   SF Yanks
167 couldn't agree more.
2006-06-16 18:58:04
169.   Mattpat11
2006-06-16 18:58:18
170.   SF Yanks
And here we go again.
2006-06-16 18:58:55
171.   randym77
Farnsy's bad back again.
2006-06-16 18:59:25
172.   C2Coke
It's good that now Posada is in the game, but does anyone know why they switched out Giambi?
2006-06-16 18:59:59
173.   Bama Yankee
167 It's not just you. SF Yanks 22 has probably already gouged his hears out by now. I'm even sorry that they mentioned SEC football during that worthless Keith Jackson impression earlier in the game (by the way, these 45K fans are nothing like the 100K fans you get during a SEC football game)
2006-06-16 19:00:41
174.   C2Coke
MLB.TV just cut off, what's with the injury delay on Gameday?
2006-06-16 19:01:08
175.   randym77
Maybe they figured Giambi's turn wouldn't come around again, and they wanted better defense?
2006-06-16 19:01:13
176.   singledd
With Giambi not due up until then 10th or 11th, Phillips is in for D (I would guess).
2006-06-16 19:01:36
177.   C2Coke Mo is in? Tied in the 8th, they are on the road...Torre is almost a different person now.
2006-06-16 19:03:15
178.   singledd
I would have Villion here. It's a bit early for Mariano... especially with the bottom of our order due up.
2006-06-16 19:03:27
179.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
177 only b/c Farnswacker had to leave the game.
2006-06-16 19:03:48
180.   singledd
Anybody know who the Nats announcers are?
2006-06-16 19:04:16
181.   BklynBmr
177 Front office is reading the NY tabs. Mets are taking over the town...
2006-06-16 19:06:34
182.   Bama Yankee
180 Tom Paciorek and Bob Carpenter
2006-06-16 19:07:06
183.   SF Yanks
Torre isn't managing correct?
2006-06-16 19:08:00
184.   C2Coke
173 I want to wring their necks!
"With Mariano, you already know what he's gonna throw..."
It's not what they's their tone...

Sorry guys, I am gonna stop now. I will mute it finally.

2006-06-16 19:08:30
185.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
182 oh man, Paciorek?!?. aka the Wimperoo, formerly partnered with Ken "The Hawkeroo" Harrelson, to form the worst booth team in the history of professional baseball?
2006-06-16 19:10:30
186.   C2Coke
185 I honestly don't know who Paciorek is, but according to your description...yea...that sounds about right.
2006-06-16 19:10:34
187.   Bama Yankee
184 Paciorek can't help it, he spent 13 seasons with Hawk Harrelson (HE GONE !!!, man I hate that guy)
2006-06-16 19:10:50
188.   GoingDeep
Mo is really in a groove now after his rocky april/early may. A bit like last year.
2006-06-16 19:11:17
189.   randym77
Holy crap! Bernie is just unbelievable tonight.
2006-06-16 19:11:27
190.   vockins
Now that's some power for ya!
2006-06-16 19:12:03
191.   bp1
Bern, Baby! Bern! Where's Sliced Bread? He had to see that one.
2006-06-16 19:12:31
192.   C2Coke
So it is indeed possible to hit one out in this park. Bernie you go!
2006-06-16 19:12:34
193.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
189 all month!

He's on a mission to make fools of us all.

(Now if he could only field his position.)

2006-06-16 19:12:38
194.   randym77
Unreal. They were chanting Bernie's name just like at Yankee Stadium.
2006-06-16 19:12:39
195.   Mattpat11
2006-06-16 19:12:51
196.   Bama Yankee
185 You can put it on the board !!!! YES
I just could not resist
2006-06-16 19:14:22
197.   GoingDeep
A 1.083 OPS for bernie in 42ABs in June.
2006-06-16 19:14:53
198.   C2Coke
I hope Farn's injury is not gonna keep him out for too long. As inconsistent as he's been lately, the last thing the Yanks need is another one down.
2006-06-16 19:15:37
199.   BklynBmr
Back spasms with Farns...
2006-06-16 19:15:52
200.   randym77
198 It sounds like the same thing he had before: lower back spasms. It's a chronic problem with him.
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2006-06-16 19:16:59
201.   dwight45
Tom Paciourek 1970 - 1987 mlb career:

Totals .282 1392 4121 494 1162 232 30 86 503 245 704 .325 .415 .741

2006-06-16 19:17:11
202.   BklynBmr
Pad that RISP stat, Johnny! ;-)
2006-06-16 19:17:33
203.   C2Coke
200 Also seems to be an epidemic on the team.

Yes! Mo let's go!

2006-06-16 19:22:39
204.   C2Coke
201 Thanks.
2006-06-16 19:23:00
205.   Bama Yankee
Tom Paciorek was an announcer for the Braves the last few years. He was so bad that even the Braves fans started to hate him. He's not Tim McCarver bad (but then again who is)
2006-06-16 19:23:14
206.   SF Yanks
Nice win!!!
2006-06-16 19:23:22
207.   randym77
The Yankees win.

And Bernie is probably POTG.

2006-06-16 19:23:31
208.   singledd
Torre is looking good tonight. Yes? Or is it Maz.
2006-06-16 19:23:41
209.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
5 outs for Mo, 17 pitches.
2006-06-16 19:23:44
210.   BklynBmr
Thaaaaaaaaaa Yankeeeeees Win!
2006-06-16 19:23:47
211.   C2Coke
And the Yankees win. Nothing better to shut the announcers!
2006-06-16 19:24:36
212.   BklynBmr
208 Mad props to Maz tonight, that's for sure...
2006-06-16 19:27:48
213.   yankaholic
Heres hoping Atlant rallies and nips Boston in bottom 9
2006-06-16 19:57:00
214.   JeremyM
165 Man, you nailed it. Perfect analogy. I've never felt so bad for a player as I did for Knoblauch.
2006-06-16 20:15:35
215.   rbj
Man, just got back from the Mudhens game. Cutting beer sales off after 7 sucks.
15 innings and still no score.
And it is not due to stellar pitching, neither.
2006-06-16 20:51:37
216.   wsporter
Just got back from the game so I thought I'd check in with the Banter. What's the word on Farnswacker?

Bernies shot was unreal. he just crushed that thing. It was awsome to hear the crowd trying to pull Bernie out of the dugout. 30-40% Yankee fans so it was pretty loud. GOB = Good old Bernie.

The DC crowd is pretty cool. It can get a little stupid in some places when Yankee fans break out the gear and start to chant but those folks were pretty decent about just drowning it out with Nats chants.

Cano's play in the 4th looked realy good at the park did it translate on T.V.?

2006-06-16 22:13:50
217.   jayd
comcast once again not showing a yankee game so went to bed early...when I saw bernie's line on the game had to come here and read the game comments. you bernie bashers are looking so lame, really. at this rate I expect him to throw somebody out at the plate soon...

there are times I think the baby bombers are going to carry us all the way and other times when the loss looks like those ARE the yanks and i've been expecting too much.

one thing that has never and will never change is that we are watching the greatest yankee in terms of character since lou gehrig or donny baseball. i've never understood why below level arms like matsui and damon get a pass while a lollipop throw from bernie ALWAYS rates some snide comment -- do you nitwits have them cached and ready to go or what. give it a rest. the guy is yankee gold.

if bernie had played for the rsox he would have been traded two seasons ago. you are blessed to see a real team where players are valued beyond their stats and it looks like you don't even know it. you make it seem like watching a great player in his closing years is a pain in the ass. he continues to play through injuries and age with grace and style. his presence is huge, second only to mariano and jeter, whom I can't rank one over the other.

the last player the rsox had was yaz and he stays away from the boston organization like yogi did from steinbrenner all those years. who can blame him?

btw i read a stat the other day that 12 out of 25 yankees are home grown and that does not count the two minor leaguers proctor and bubba. if that was here i apologize but still a stunning stat.

2006-06-17 02:18:00
218.   randym77
216 Farnsy's day-to-day with lower back spasms. He'll likely miss the rest of the weekend.

Cano's play looked awesome. That was what I was yelling about in 79. ;-)

2006-06-17 02:47:58
219.   randym77
Don't know who they are going to call up to replace Farnsy. Maybe Rasner?

KT could be headed back to Columbus...

2006-06-17 04:26:43
220.   wsporter
219 It's T.J. BEAM. YES!
2006-06-17 05:14:48
221.   mikeplugh
Gotta love Bernie. I don't know how long he'll keep it up, but it's a beautiful thing.

I think Joe should ride the wave and let Bernie play everyday until he slumps. No reason to tinker too much.

Farnsworth has been shaky anyway, so it will be interesting to see if we can get anything out of Villone and Myers in what figures to be a bit more time for both of them. T.J. Beam is an interesting wild card. He could be great. Let's watch!

2006-06-17 05:38:08
222.   randym77
Interesting! Wasn't Beam struggling a bit?

And I guess this means KT is back to being a Clipper?

2006-06-17 05:39:24
223.   Rob Gee
217 I'll stand up and call proudly call myself a Bernie basher, biatch. But the bashing is more directed at Tea than GOB.

That fact doesn't make me NOT appreciate what he's done for the organization. In fact, I was happy he was brought back for one last hurrah - just sad that Tea wouldn't use him properly.

The guy is an absolute butcher on defense. You mention the arm, but he doesn't have the legs either. When Matsui and Damon get to that point, I'll bash their use too. There's no doubt that in the next four years, both will end up as 13mil DH's killing us on defense.

Combining absolute butcher on defense with ability to only hit from one side of the plate = DH/PH. Instead Bernie's gotten 36 games in the OF - that's 36 too many.

Considering that there are at least two other guys that man the OF better than GOB, and who would hit just as well from against righties, there's little reason not to see them. Bernie would have had a cruicial AB last night as a PH and with those two other OF's, you still don't have to put him out there. Indeed, he would be the best bat against lefties on the bench if that were his role.

So yeah for Bernie , great job last night going against trends! But for all the runs he created on offense he did a nice job taking them away on defense. That's not Bernie's fault - it's the manager.

2006-06-17 05:39:25
224.   Rob Gee
217 I'll stand up and call proudly call myself a Bernie basher, biatch. But the bashing is more directed at Tea than GOB.

That fact doesn't make me NOT appreciate what he's done for the organization. In fact, I was happy he was brought back for one last hurrah - just sad that Tea wouldn't use him properly.

The guy is an absolute butcher on defense. You mention the arm, but he doesn't have the legs either. When Matsui and Damon get to that point, I'll bash their use too. There's no doubt that in the next four years, both will end up as 13mil DH's killing us on defense.

Combining absolute butcher on defense with ability to only hit from one side of the plate = DH/PH. Instead Bernie's gotten 36 games in the OF - that's 36 too many.

Considering that there are at least two other guys that man the OF better than GOB, and who would hit just as well from against righties, there's little reason not to see them. Bernie would have had a cruicial AB last night as a PH and with those two other OF's, you still don't have to put him out there. Indeed, he would be the best bat against lefties on the bench if that were his role.

So yeah for Bernie , great job last night going against trends! But for all the runs he created on offense he did a nice job taking them away on defense. That's not Bernie's fault - it's the manager.

2006-06-17 05:40:32
225.   Rob Gee
Toaster crumbs?
2006-06-17 05:51:24
226.   randym77
Bernie is hitting well from both sides right now. Dunno how long it will last, but while it does, I can see Joe using him. Especially with no DH.

But yeah, what his bat giveth, his glove taketh away. He probably gave away two runs yesterday, which balances his two RBI. :-/

I think Matsui was starting to slow down. Everyone says his injury is not age-related. I'm not so sure. I think if he were a few years younger, maybe he'd have gotten to the ball without having to dive like that. He's certainly going to think twice about diving like that again.

2006-06-17 07:02:36
227.   Rob Gee
226 The thing is though - he will not hit that well every night. But he will play defense that 'well' every night. One is streaky, the other is constant. One can go against trends some nights, the other will never go against trends. Bernie may find his stroke, but he'll never again find his legs or arm. The manager should realize all this. And playing NL clubs means you'll need to PH a few times a night. That's the role for Bernie this weekend.
2006-06-17 07:12:46
228.   randym77
226 I see your point, but it's not going to happen. Torre's going to ride Bernie while he's hot, especially since the Yanks are suffering a power outage (for them, anyway, with Sheff and Matsui out, and A-Rod in a hell of a slump).

There's a school of thought that holds that you start your better defenders, and sub your better hitters in later (the idea being the bullpen is more likely to throw strikes). I would do that tonight, with Obi-Shawn on the mound. He tends to need a lot of help from the guys behind him to work his Jedi tricks.

Start Bernie on Sunday, when Tiger's on the mound. Hopefully, nothing will actually reach the outfield. ;-)

2006-06-17 07:24:45
229.   Rob Gee
228 Except Gapper made a play in Tiger's last start that Bernie would have played into a double. That play preserved the 1-0 lead.

No, I've become convinced of the view that Bernie should never, ever, see the OF grass again. If that means Andy doesn't start at 1B when Bernie DH's against lefties, then so be it. Giambi at first will give up one or two bases occasionally. Bernie will give up that and more because he can't catch or throw.

Even still, Melky should be in right. And this discussion should involve who plays left until Matsui returns in August.

2006-06-17 07:31:17
230.   randym77
I think what makes it worse is the other teams know Bernie can't catch or throw. Last year, they tended to treat him like the Bernie of old. Now he's exposed, and they are picking on him.

But Torre's not going to switch Melky to right. And he's going to play Bernie, not only while he's hot, but probably for a long time after he's gone cold.

2006-06-17 07:52:30
231.   Rob Gee
Oh, Tea will come around. It will just take until September - like Bubba last year. Remember how that ended?
2006-06-17 14:24:08
232.   rbj

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