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2006-06-15 05:29
by Alex Belth
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Randy Johnson pitched an excellent game last night at the Stadium against the Indians as the Bombers moved into first place in the AL East with a 6-1 victory. But the game will be remembered for Johnson getting tossed for throwing the ball at Eduardo Perez in the seventh inning. You remember Perez, the guy who beat Johnson about the face and neck last year when he was with the Devil Rays. It was the old eye-for-an-eye as Johnson was "protecting" his teammate Jorge Posada, who had been plunked the inning before. No matter what you think of such machismo, the move can only win Johnson favor in the Yankee clubhouse. You could also argue that Johnson getting thrown out when he was pitching so well--and against as good a line up as Cleveland's--was foolish. Regardless, the Yankee bullpen did a fine job and the "What were you thinking?" headline will have to wait for another day.

The rumpus began when Jorge Posada was hit in the right elbow by a Jason Johnson pitch in the bottom of the sixth inning. The Yankees had a 3-1 lead at the time (thanks to RBI's by Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano and a solo dinger by Johnny Damon). Posada started to walk away from home plate but as he moved towards first he started riffing at Johnson. It didn't seem that Johnson was intentionally trying to hit Posada, but Yankee hitters have been getting drilled a bunch lately, and it was the veteran catcher--who has always had a good dose of the red ass in him--who finally freaked. Posada was in enough pain that he couldn't grip a bat and was removed before the game concluded. Both benches were issued a warning. Whether or not the incident bothered Johnson, he would not make it through the inning. Robinson Cano to hit into a double play--the only time Cano was retired (he had three more hits and swung the bat with authority all evening). But then Williams doubled to the opposite field before Andy Phillips smacked a two-run dinger to extend the lead to 6-1.

The Big Unit recorded one out in the seventh before throwing way inside to Perez. The pitch did not hit him but it was considered intentional. Perez was heated and the teams meakly emptied out of their dugouts but there was no brawl. As Johnson walked off the field the crowd gave him an ovation. Joe Torre was automatically ejected as well. Johnson appeared more comfortable than usual last night, throwing strikes early in the count and staying ahead of the hitters. He struck out six and didn't issue a walk. I thought the Big Unit missed his location at least four times in the first inning but he only allowed one hit. After that, Johnson settled into a good groove. Again, no small feat against the potent Cleveland line up.

Andy Phillips made the first play of the game when he stabbed a Grady Sizemore ground ball and then raced to first, beating the speedster for the out. Phillips came up limping ever so slightly as he may have jammed his foot sliding into the bag. But that was nothing compared with the aches and pains that Phillips will be feeling after he recorded the final out of the game. Victor Martinez lofted a foul ball to the right side and Phillips gave up his body--his airness!--diving into the stands. It was a scary-looking play at first. Not as reckless as Jeter's famous dive into the stands against the Red Sox, but along those lines. Yes, it was terrific that Phillips made the catch, but he fell hard, banged his chin against a seat and tweaked his back a little something. With the Yanks playing their next two series in National League parks, they cannot afford to lose Phillips (particularly with Giambi--who returned last night and hit a double--still banged up).

It was one of those nights where even the potentially damaging plays worked out for New York. It also reflects just how poorly things are going for the Tribe right now. Today gives Mikey Moose in an afternoon matinee. Joe Torre said that Posada will not be playing today. It is muggy in New York and we are supposed to see showers. But even if the game is delayed some, I think they should get it in.

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2006-06-15 06:10:58
1.   Paul in Boston
Anyone else notice that Jeter got a "gift" hit instead of an error on his ground ball to 1st, but ARod didn't get the same with his ball in the shortstop hole that scored a run earlier in the game? Jeter the favored child ...

I watched most of the Sox game last night as well, and must say that Clement looks totally lost. Hard to believe that at this time last year he was an All Star caliber pitcher, and we were bemoaning Cashman's choice of Pavano over Clement. Seems both teams got squat for their $.

2006-06-15 06:13:47
2.   Alex Belth
What's worse is that they gave the error to the first baseman on that play. To be honest, I think Rodriguez beat the ball to the bag. So even if it wasn't high, I think Rodriguez reaches. Still, I think it was an error on the part of Jhonny Peralta who Cadillac'd the ball over to first. He fell asleep on that play.
2006-06-15 06:23:36
3.   jdsarduy
Of course Jeter is the favorite son and why not.
I'm confused that Eduardo Perez was surprised. If you hit a pitcher like he did Randy last yr, you should expect to get brushed back or hit. Granted Posada over reacted but based on what Perez did against Randy last yr and protecting his catcher I don't fault Randy for what he did at all. Didn't Perez get hit of Randy in this game? I can't agree with Kaat on this one.
Both the Yanks and Sox need help, I guess it's just a matter of health and who makes the better trades when the time comes.
2006-06-15 06:24:12
4.   Rob Gee
2 Alex,

I've noticed you've stopped linking to the ESPN recaps and link to the SI ones instead. It's not a big deal (as I usually don't care about these things), but it does drive more traffic (read: ad business) to a site that pays you. Conflict of interest? Personal choice? Have you been asked to do so? Sorry, but it just seems like a case where full disclosure is warranted.

2006-06-15 06:34:14
5.   Sliced Bread
Ah, Phillips was just trying to impress his biggest fan, Cliff, who was there, and probably tweaked his own back celebrating Andy's strong showing.

After getting swept last weekend, and being all banged up, a combative win, and a move into first place was just what the doctor ordered.

Moose on the mound, and Tiger at the tee, what an afternoon for sports in NY!

2006-06-15 06:36:08
6.   Alex Belth
It's a personal choice. But one that reflects my association with for sure. I don't feel any need for full disclosure or to explain it any further than that.
2006-06-15 06:48:01
7.   Dan M
Rob - I'm not sure that you have a full grasp on the term "conflict of interest." As the writer of a blog, Alex has no duty to us (the readers) that he's betraying by linking to SI.
2006-06-15 06:57:50
8.   Rob Gee
6 Okay but I'm sure you realize it's a slippery slope. The one extreme is "Bronx Banter sponsored by Sports Illustrated" where the other is no indication that you even work for them. The aspect of particular concern for me is that we visit this site for a particular brand of Yankee blogging - namely Bronx Bantering. As soon as it becomes something else, the users seem to deserve some explanation. Featuring some links over others is making money for someone off our clicking behavior. And if you're the one making money off of that 'association', however much or little, it becomes a different 'brand' of blogging. Having linked continuously to ESPN, the sudden switch is just glaring.
2006-06-15 07:03:25
9.   Rob Gee

Debate as you'd like. My opinion is one among many.

2006-06-15 07:05:25
10.   jkay
Alex- thanks for today's links to the Plain Dealer, the Star Ledger, the Journal News and YanksfanSoxfan.

Your business plans are none of my business but I think you could start charging a fee to use this site and you would do quite well. For free, this site is the best value on the web.

2006-06-15 07:07:03
11.   Cliff Corcoran
I think it's important to add that before Posada was hit, Jason Johnson came up and in to Jeter twice, once near his hands and once near his head. From my angle out in left field I was amazed Jeter got away from the latter. Seeing as Jeter had just returned to the field the night before after having been hit on the hand in Baltimore the weekend before last, this was not insignificant, and likely added to Posada's anger when he was hit.

Meanwhile, I hope and assume Jorge will return to the line-up tomorrow, but I found it interesting that one of the articles Alex linked to above mentions that Koyie Hill will be out for the year after having bone chips removed from his elbow.

2006-06-15 07:11:10
12.   jdsarduy
I don't want to talk about Randy's good performance, Cano's maturing into a star, Damon's solid numbers and the Yanks in first place.
I want to talk about Alex's links to SI. What's up with dat?
SI is owned by Time Warner who also owns DC Comics.
What if, Alex get's a writing assignment for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman or even say The Flash?
Will you post links to these sites?
Disclose will yourself Alex, Disclose!!
2006-06-15 07:17:24
13.   rbj
Ack, no, jkay! I've enough addictions I'm paying for already. It's nice to have a free one.
2006-06-15 07:18:44
14.   Dan M
Rob - I think your link explains clearly that there is no conflict here. Alex is not "in a position of trust" nor does he have "competing professional or personal interests."

Let's assume for argument's sake that Alex gets some kind of compensation for hits to that originate here. Then it's in Alex's "interest" to make the links. But I still don't see another "interest" that this conflicts with. You have to have 2 interests for a conflict to arise.

The only betrayal I could see if Alex was reporting on a subject that SI had covered (or was reporting on SI's coverage itself), and Alex touted or somehow defended SI's coverage (or stance) without saying that we was an SI employee. But that's not the case here.

Moreover, sux.

2006-06-15 07:18:53
15.   Alex Belth
Cliff, that's a great observation, and one that I forgot to mention. But I think you are absolutely right--those two pitches up and in to Jeter started Jorge's engine going...

Also, Grady Sizemore made a nice diving catch to rob Spencer early in the game. That was a really nice play.

2006-06-15 07:28:22
16.   Cliff Corcoran
15 Spencer? Is that a crack on Andy's late-blooming righty power bat?
2006-06-15 07:33:29
17.   yankaholic
4 6

i hope u r kidding..

btw, both SI and ESPN recaps are from AP (assoc. press)

so we are not losing or gaining anything by the switch..

even otherwise, i hate the anti-yankee coverage on the " Extra Stink Presentation Network"

2006-06-15 07:34:17
18.   yankaholic
Oops in 17 i wanted to link 4 and 8 not Alex's explanation on 6


2006-06-15 07:34:31
19.   Alex Belth
Yo Cliff, that's mad funny. I just sent an e-mail to a pal who was comparing Shaniac to Phillips. Guess I must have just had Spencer on the brain.
2006-06-15 07:35:27
20.   sabernar
I'm glad the links are now instead of I hate and have been boycotting their site for a couple of years now (let's make everyone pay for all the worthwhile content on our site! Yay!). I fully support the switch to on a purely quality standpoint.
2006-06-15 07:39:03
21.   Cliff Corcoran
I actually prefer to link to the ESPN box scores because you can access more data through ESPN's hyperlinks than you can over at SI. That said, the gap is closing fast and I think there's something to be said for Alex's breaking that ESPN hegemony by linking to SI in his game wraps.
2006-06-15 07:39:09
22.   Sliced Bread
Nobody wants to see this escalate or degenerate into a "summer of plunk" but I'm glad Unit unleashed that purpose pitch. I wish he'd thrown it at anyone but Perez, who, as noted, has smacked him around - but I think Unit scored a few points with his teammates protecting the hitters (right, Cliff, not just Posada).

Did you see Ozzie yanked a rookie reliever out of the game last night, chewed him out in the dugout, and demoted him to the minors after he failed to "protect" Pierzynski, who had been beaned twice?

Not suggesting the Yanks go to the Ozzie extreme, but it's about time a Yankee pitcher buzzed back, even better that it was Johnson doing the buzzing on his best night of the year.

2006-06-15 07:40:51
23.   yankaholic
22 if Unit is banned for a start.. i expect Ozzie to be banned.. what he did is cowardice..
2006-06-15 07:41:18
24.   wsporter
11 I mentioned that point last night and got no run with it. I think you're right and that's what made Jorgie's red ass redder. Johnson excuse for coming in on the lefties is that he has to move them off the plate so he can throw his breaking ball. What was his excuse for coming up and in on the right hand hitter Jeter, twice? He conveniently ignored that facet in his post game alibiing.

That is now by my count 3 players who will miss time because they have been hit this year: Jeter, Posada and Giambi. Given the current state of affairs something has to be done to discourage other teams from throwing at our guys. I've been pretty vocal in the past about civilians calling for beanings but some message has to be sent that there will be no carte-blanche head hunting allowed any longer. These guys have to be kept in the lineup.

2006-06-15 07:44:23
25.   Sliced Bread
Cliff, your impressions of Andy's circus catch and 2-run drive please... also, how much do you think we'll see of your boy as the Yanks go DH-less in interleague play?
2006-06-15 07:44:25
26.   Rob Gee
14 If this site were a shell (or shill) for Sports Illustrated, you're right there's no conflict. No problem. Just put 'Sports Illustrated' at the top of every page and that association is made clearly.

But since some of us remember the site prior to Alex's relationship with SI, I would only presume it's meant to be a free standing form of journalism, esp. since Cliff is a co-owner, and not an advertisement. As a frequent visitor and appreciator of all things Bronx Banter, I would prefer it not become that or any type of commerical enterprise. But if it does, I'd rather it's clearly indicated.

Right now, I like the sense of watching and debating the Yankees as I would at a bar. Charging admission or only serving the sponsored drinks, changes the nature of the environment. And that's still an extreme that I can't see happening. But even the appearance of a conflict (read further young Dan) is best addressed directly, IMHO.

2006-06-15 07:50:34
27.   Rob Gee
25 The Cliff phenomenon has now taken on a new role for me. Whenever Andy does something good, I picture an Andy twin('Cliff') in the stands cheering him on - an added extra bonus to all things Andy - that extra Cliff twin chuckle. Go figure.
2006-06-15 07:58:59
28.   Upperdeck
asl jkhwqeqerwqe full disclosure dasfoi qwwerq wkjwqekhwjkwe
2006-06-15 08:02:41
29.   Rob Gee
17 SI gains advertising dollars each time someone hits that page and no doubt they pay AP for the info. But, if Alex and Cliff worked out an agreement with SI to get a cut of those advertising dollars, I'd be all for it. That means they'd be getting paid to do what they do - give us a great forum for their thoughts. But then it should just be indicated - Yankee box score sponsored by SI.

The rest of the links are so varied - I'm not too concerned. But if Cliff were to start free lancing for the Post, and we didn't see Daily News links from him any more, it seems to be the same situation, no?

21 I saw that, Cliff. If you were the one linking to SI, and Alex was linking to ESPN, I wouldn't have said something - indeed that would seem kosher in some weird way. It was just the abrupt switch that made me bring it up.

But honestly, I think is doing it right. And they have the cash flow to keep on doing it better.

2006-06-15 08:02:58
30.   Dan M
No need to be pejorative, Rob. And if you're intimating that you've been around here longer than me ("some of remember") (a) check the 2003 arcives and (b) who cares?.

Besides, you still haven't identified the potential harm to the readers by linking to Alex's employer. This isn't the New York times writing about how well managed the Red Sox are.

"Young" Dan

2006-06-15 08:06:52
31.   Rob Gee
7 Check for pejorative then go take the GRE's, sport.
2006-06-15 08:07:49
32.   standuptriple
I'm in the anti-ESPN camp. I piggybacked on an Insider account last year and realized it's no more insightful (actually 95% is less) than what I can find here (among other places) for free. They've gotten too big for their briches and need a reality check. Somebody needs to rattle their monopolistic tendencies.
Didn't catch the game last night (working on the car, battery disconnected so no XM even) but love the Randy Retaliation. A pissed Randy is the guy George paid for. Now let's get healthy and beat up on the NL for a few days.
2006-06-15 08:09:54
33.   yankaholic
29 Rob, we are not obligated to click that SI link. What loyal company man would not want to do some good to his site (SI).

Whats wrong.. again, if both recaps are different and the one on SI sucks then u have a point..

but they are both from AP and ur click is of no value to u as much as it is only valuble to the visited site..

so given a choice between "adding to the riches" of SI or ESPN.. i think its fair to say SI is fine..

we are not asked to go that link.. we are meerely given the choice..

if we were paying to this site to read the information then u have a point.. else i am not so sure..

2006-06-15 08:13:20
34.   Cliff Corcoran
25 As someone who actually thought Jeter's dive into the stands two years ago was ill-advised (though exciting as hell), I thought Andy's was just plain stupid. You don't risk injury to catch a foul pop with a five run lead and two outs in the ninth. That said, it was a hell of a play, and I can see Andy's side of it. He's doing everything he can to show Joe that he deserves to play. A few defensive gems and a two-run dinger? That will definitely help his cause.

It seems to me that Andy is the Yankee's starting 1B for the forseable future, which is something that still blows my mind. Obviously, if Joe has to chose between Andy or Giambi because there's either no DH (NL parks) or someone like Jeter or Rodriguez has to DH due to illness or injury, he'll go with Giambi at first, and he should. Phillips is finally proving himself to be a fine major leaguer, but Giambi is still an MVP caliber hitter, and that's too valuable to lose, but whenever Giambi can DH, he will and Andy will play first. As for this weekend, it all depends on Giambi's hand. If Jason can play the field, he will (though I do wonder if Joe will be more likely to start Andy behind Wang now that he's seen more of his play in the field).

As for the homer, I wrote in Tuesday night's game thread that Phillips looked just awful at the plate, but in his first two at-bats last night he looked like he had locked back in, something that was comfirmed by his 400-footer to the Cleveland bullpen. It was nice to see that after the 0-fer, the Jeter-induced layoff, and two more 0-fers. Here's hoping he'll ride another hot streak through Nats' poor pitching and Philly's hitting-friendly park.

2006-06-15 08:20:04
35.   Dan M
And, Rob, when you've satisfied your law school's ethics requirements, passed the MPRE and are licensed to practice law in two states, please feel free to stop by and help me process the stack of Conflicts Reports that I have on my desk.
2006-06-15 08:29:27
36.   Ken Arneson
29 Seriously, I doubt SI gives a flying donut about whether they get clicks from this site or not. Our traffic levels compared to theirs are a drop in the ocean. And the amount of increased ad revenue they'd get from the switch is not even worth the salary of a janitor to even contemplate it for ten seconds. His time is better spent cleaning toilets.
2006-06-15 08:31:09
37.   Rob Gee
35 Ooooh, look at Dan (smile and wave!) - he's the 'expert'. Everyone - genuflect!

Notice in 4 I asked a series of questions. You assumed (ASS-U-ME) in 7 I was making a statement.

However subtle the appearance is there IMHO. Alex made his statement on the matter. We can discuss, debate, or denounce accordingly.

2006-06-15 08:34:49
38.   Sliced Bread
34 As risky as it was, the dive was calculated. Andy didn't charge recklessly into the seats. He set his feet and timed his dive figuring he had a good shot at it. I don't think he was trying to be a hero, not with a five run lead, and 1 out to go. A veteran player might have let the ball go, and Andy's dive was probably mostly a result of inexperience, but I admire him a lot for the effort. That's the type of player you want on your team. His teammates really seemed to appreciate the effort too, especially Giambi who gave him an enthusiastic pat on the back.
Phillips didn't save the game, but you never know what can happen in the 9th inning of an emotionally charged game like that.
Maybe letting that ball land in the seats opens up a window of opportunity for the pissed off Indians. Maybe it means Joe has to dip into the bullpen again. If Andy's catch was stupid (it was) I don't wanna be smart!
2006-06-15 08:37:34
39.   Bama Yankee
I for one am glad that RJ tried to protect the Yankees hitters (it's been needed since back in Baltimore). I also agree with the guy who said last night that Jorge "fired up" the team with his tantrum (even if it was overblown). My only question is: Did Jorge also fire up Rob Gee and Dan M????
2006-06-15 08:39:13
40.   rbj
My thoughts exactly. Andy lets the ball drop in, next pitch is hit into the upper deck, and Mo has to come in to save the day.
2006-06-15 08:39:38
41.   Rob Gee
36 Don't be so sure. These things add up very quickly. Take the Dell ad on today's box score. SI get's somewhere over a dollar if someone clicks on it and somewhere under it if someone just visits the page - depends on the specifics. Over the 200 days of a season, that starts to add up. It doesn't mean that they'd be willing to negotiate a cut for traffic flow from this site. It just means there's money to be made.
2006-06-15 08:41:38
42.   sam2175
I cannot believe that a linking to SI match report is a point of contention. It is a match report, and it is as good as ESPN's, or any others. Perhaps Alex should mix it up with FOX, ABC etc. reports to stop aspersions being cast on his integrity.

I think Alex, Cliff and Ken have now addressed the matter to most people's satisfaction, and it should be put to rest.

2006-06-15 08:42:29
43.   Dimelo
I find Rob Gee's perception that there is somehow a conflict of interest here pretty funny. I don't usually go to the links, unless it's a story that Alex specifically says would be a good read. A link to a box score from SI, MLB or ESPN seems moot to me.

Lastly, Alex is constantly linking to pieces at the Daily News, NY Times, etc. I don't see how he's a shill for SI or he has to have a release of full disclosure with Bronx Banter readers.

Rob, I'm not being disrespectful but I have made a conscious decision to never read ESPN. If you don't like or think that Alex is subtly pushing SI down your throat and not using other sources, then you can go to a billion other Yankee blog sites. I'd hate to not have you here and I am not pushing you either, but you might be going a little too crazy over something that I think is pretty insignificant.

2006-06-15 08:42:56
44.   Bama Yankee
38 Good post Sliced, I couldn't agree more. The line "If Andy's catch was stupid (it was) I don't wanna be smart!" will soon be a chart topping country song down here in Alabama....
2006-06-15 08:46:34
45.   Schteeve
8 I believe Alex's reply in 6 is all that needs to be said on the matter, Rob.
2006-06-15 08:47:10
46.   Alex Belth
Cliff, I had the same reaction re: Phillips' dive into the stands last night. Emily just couldn't understand why he'd risk injury like that. The only thing I could come up with is that in the heat of the moment, I don't know that athletes necessarily "think things out." They've been geared towards sacrificing their bodies for their sport for their entire lives. I'm guessing they can't just shut it off--it's almost like a reflex.

There is a fine line between being tough and stupid and I think it's a complicated line. Look at how much it affects athletes who play when they are hurt. Take Taynon Sturtze and (maybe) Carl Pavano as extreme examples. One played hurt and "toughed it out" when he should not have. The other is accused of jaking it to the extreme.

2006-06-15 08:50:49
47.   Rob Gee
42 No let's debate all day why Alex didn't get booed as bad last night. That's so much more interesting! Or why Jeter didn't defend him.

43 Read what I wrote, tough guy. I honestly think Alex, from everything I've read by him (never met the guy), is a pretty righteous dude. In my mind, his integrity is not in question. Even more reason, in my mind, to avoid the appearance of a conflict.

That said, it's my damn 'opinion'. Nothing more, nothing less. But it amazes me that in this country people would rather avoid, or censor, the views they don't agree with rather than just take them for what they are - words with meaning.

2006-06-15 08:56:46
48.   jdsarduy
I have meet Alex way to many times and he's neither pretty or righteous. Let that hair grow dude!!
2006-06-15 08:59:59
49.   Bama Yankee
46 Excellent point Alex, it is easy for us to "second guess" whether he should have let the ball drop or tried to make the play. As has been said earlier, his play was different than Jeter's. He did not go full tilt into the stands to make the play. Had the ball been only a couple of feet more toward fair territory he probably would not have fallen on the seat. That is a tough call to make for a guy who is looking up into the sky at a popup that he has been trained his whole life to go after.
2006-06-15 09:01:16
50.   sam2175
47 If that is what you want to debate about, fine, go ahead, suit yourself.

If you want to simply make conversations, perhaps it is better to find a topic that has to do with anything Alex has written in his write-up, or perhaps, something even off-topic, related to today's match-up between Lee and Mussina.

And perhaps, sometimes, silence is golden if you have nothing to say. Taking issues with what match-report a writer of any capacity links to is really questioning the writer's prerogative, and for me, completely out of line.

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2006-06-15 09:07:44
51.   Dimelo
Nobody wants to censor you. You made everyone think, that's a good thing. We had an open dialogue about the matter, just cause people can't quite get your beef or don't agree then don't automatically interpret that as trying to censor you. I know I'm not. I say some pretty whacked out sh|t all the time, the last thing I want is someone wanting to censor me. Like I said, don't take it personal…..this isn't NYYFans. They are much more sensitive over there.
2006-06-15 09:08:35
52.   Dan M
Yes, Bama, Jorge did in fact get me all fired up. I was going to suggest that RJ plunk Perez in a comment to Cliff's preview, but forgot. So I was psyched to see him do it, even if was in the 7th inning. Now, if only Moose could show a little sack today....

Rob, no one's trying to sensor you. Not in the least. I was just trying to demonstrate why, in my opinion, I thought your concerns were misguided.

2006-06-15 09:20:15
53.   Bama Yankee
52 I'm with you Dan, he got me fired up too. I had a similar thought about RJ vs. Perez (considering their history). My wife always gives me a strange look when I try to explain the "unwritten" rules of baseball (especially when it comes to retaliation).

By the way, given the choice between watching a World Cup match or reading this morning's "banter" between you and Rob, I'd have to choose the "banter" every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

2006-06-15 09:25:43
54.   Rob Gee
50 See, and it's not that I wanted to debate anything. I had a question, Alex answered it to his satisfaction, and I replied. I honestly didn't think abut whether there would be much interest in discussing any of it. The Honorable Dan M helped get the ball rolling by judging it for what it wasn't - a statement of fact.

I still have an opinion, however small, and it's been stated. And luckily I'm not being censored 51 & 52, even as I might be shouted down.


2006-06-15 09:30:19
55.   Dimelo
54 Now that you know you aren't being censored, can you shut the f- up now? :-)

I saw an opening, so I want down the lane for the slam dunk...I had to take the shot.

2006-06-15 09:32:20
56.   Sliced Bread
54 Rob, did you catch the cartoon on Page Six today?

An Alan Greenspan looking dude wearing a cap and gown says:

"As this graduating class enters the workforce, I would encourage you to question authority. Just don't do it on your blog site where your future employer might see it."

MMMMMMMMooooooooose! indeed

2006-06-15 09:35:03
57.   Rob Gee
56 So true.

And you could never dunk on me, D 55 - I'd just keep putting you on your ass.

2006-06-15 09:35:37
58.   wsporter
Folks this is a free site that we visit at will. As far as I can see, no assurances have been made concerning advertising or paybacks. None of us has relied upon any statement made by any of the owners or operators of this Blog concerning those topics. If anyone has materially changed their position based on assumptions about the way the Blog is run or on the way it's owners and operators are compensated the law has a very technical term for that - "Tough".

I see no appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest for the simple reason that Alex owes us absolutely no duty based upon the rules of engagement as established here.

What's the rumpus? If Alex does make a buck or two based on the links (which I sincerely doubt) good for him. I get a lot of pleasure reading this Blog and corresponding with a host of my "yankee pals". Game nights are usually a blast and it's a nice way to stay connected. I can't thank Alex enough for putting this together and taking the time to make sure it's done well. There is nothing quite like this out there. For a transplanted New Yorker it's a little bit of home. Personally I hope Alex does well in his endeavors. Yet so far as I'm concerned, so long as this is a free site and no promises are made one way or another upon which I rely to my detriment the topic started at 4 is none of my business.

Rob, I'm certainly not looking to get into an argument with you about this stuff. You and I have had our share of squawks together but on the whole we usually pretty much see eye to eye on most things "Yankee". I know you appreciate Alex and the site and don't mean this as a personal attack on him. I found it interesting that you noticed the change which was really what caught my attention. It's that level of detail that make your observations about the Yankees and MLB in general worth reading and why you often have managed to change my opinion on certain topics.

2006-06-15 09:36:29
59.   claybeez
This civilian thinks RJ did the right thing. My non-statistical analysis (my vision) shows me that Yankee hitters have been getting plunked at a pretty excessive rate over the last few years. They need some protection if they are to stay healthy and have hands that they can actually use to eat with. Backing hitters off and occasional plunkings are part of the game, not mere machismo. Not to mention, it can only serve to keep hitters more honest against a Big Unit with a lessened velocity.

And a "Well done," to Andy. Whatever keeps his buttocks off the bench (and the DL). We know Torre's got fast-twitch responses when it comes to benching Andy. Andy knows it too. I admire him for fighting to hold on to his place as an everyday major leaguer. Beats the hell out of bitching to the press or pouting on the end of the bench.

2006-06-15 09:37:03
60.   brockdc

Generally, your assertions are adroit and thought provoking; and I actually think you bring up an interesting point here. What I object to is your diction, as a handful of your remarks on this thread have been snide and, yes, pejorative (meaning: disparaging).

I agree that we live in a time when the simplest of inquiries are treated as crimes against humanity/patriotism/et. al.; but such inquiries can be done with tact and a shred of humility.

2006-06-15 09:40:32
61.   jkay
Crosby is back, Green is cut as per Pete Abraham's blog. I did not receive a fee for mentioning Pete's blog
2006-06-15 09:45:26
62.   Dimelo
58 I bet he hasn't changed your opinion on Crazy Uncle Milton.
2006-06-15 09:47:03
63.   Shaun P
58 Well put, MFD - just enough legalese to satisfy this patent attorney.

I'm generally against intentional plunkings - unwritten rules be damned - but I think Unit was 1000% right to do what he did. Yankee hitters have been hunted at leisure for years now. If Unit's actions put an end to that, huzzah.

Someone also mentioned Ozzie Guillen and that 25-year-old rookie. To exile the rook because he didn't plunk someone on Ozzie's order is horrible. The guy has a right to ignore that kind of 'order' if he wants - he should not be sent down because of it. Just my $0.02 (which I have not paid to Alex or Cliff in reliance on anything ;).

2006-06-15 09:48:47
64.   Schteeve
If Joe doesn't find any and every possible way to keep Andy P, in the lineup he's nuts. That kid can flat out hit. The lack of regular playing time kills him. But when he gets in a groove, he's a really good bat to have in the lineup.
2006-06-15 09:51:45
65.   Rob Gee
And despite our best attempts to let it lie, the discussion persists.

58 If the Blog operators make a buck from our traffic flow, I too say good for them. I just want to know about it. That's where my original question was coming from.

59 Someone can disagree with me without questioning my intelligence or comprehension abilities 7. Once they do, they're fair game. The rest of the nonsense was mostly ignored.

And what's with all the lecture and GRE words? I have an opinion. That's it. Can this be d-u-n now?

2006-06-15 09:52:04
66.   yankaholic
61 and KT survives the chop.. who wudda thunk that?

now Dotel for Small

2006-06-15 09:52:24
67.   Alex Belth
I've gotten to know Pete Abraham some over the past couple of years and think he's a good guy. More to the point, I think he's really doing a great job with his blog. The Newsday and MLB Yankee blogs can be really insightful too. I think the key is that a lot of the younger beat writers embrace and appreciate the blogging sensibility.

From Pete's column today:

"Jorge Posada (elbow) is fine. He had a nerve issue from being hit and couldn't grip the bat last night. He was grinning when he talked about Randy Johnson brushing back Eduardo Perez last night. The Unit and Jorge are best buds now. Can peace in the Middle East be far behind?"


2006-06-15 09:54:01
68.   Dan M
Sweet, I'm a judge now - and without a nasty, partisan confirmation hearing!

I think it's important that there's difference between "plunking" and "beaning" (or at least there is in my mind). When I said I wanted RJ to plunk Perez, I meant that he should hit him in the thigh, rear, or bicep - not the head or face ("not in the face, ok?"). I think it's an important distinction.

Bama, no love for the World Cup?

2006-06-15 10:04:10
69.   Rob Gee
67 I agree - he's definitely the best beat with blog. I just wish he'd give up on the conventional wisdom stuff. Then he'd be really great.
2006-06-15 10:08:16
70.   bp1
64 Well - he can hit an occasional long ball, true. But "flat out hit"? MVP candidate he's not.

Listen - I like the kid a lot. I want him to succeed as bad as anyone. Well - maybe not as bad as his Mom or Cliff - but you know what I mean. However, he's a sucker for a breaking ball in the dirt. He's not an automatic out - and he sure does have pop - but he's got a ways to go before he's gonna force Giambi out of the lineup.

That being said - I'm tickled pink he's on the team. Now I just wish he'd slide that hat just a little bit further back. He's got a little of the Jorge Cantu look when he wears it like that. After he climbed out of the seats last night, I noticed he put that hat firmly over his eyes again and I chuckled a little. Kids these days.

Yo Philly. Let the world see your face, young man. It looks better on magazine covers that way. As the fellla playing shortstop about that.


2006-06-15 11:21:56
71.   Bama Yankee
68 Judge Dan,

I too am against throwing at someone's head (just wanted to go on record with that since there seems to be a few attorneys around here).

As for the World Cup, I guess I am the typical American soccer fan. I would love to see the US win the World Cup ("Miracle on Grass" I guess they would call it), but since it looks like Scott Erickson will win the Cy Young before we win the WC I don't follow it that closely (even with all the hype from our friends at ESPN). I don't mean to dis the WC, I just enjoyed the "banter" between you guys (even if I had to break out the Funk and Wagnalls to keep up... hey, I majored in Mechanical Engineering at the Univ. of Alabama not English).

2006-06-15 11:51:41
72.   singledd
Man it's gotten quiet here.
Quick, Rob Gee, start another argument.

Over the last 8 games, our O has been rather light.

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