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A Very Large, Angry Man
2006-06-10 08:03
by Alex Belth
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Randy Johnson got served by the A's on a windy, and ultimately wet, Friday in the Bronx. He not only got hit by the A's good hitters but by their scrubs as well. It was another frustrating outing for Johnson, whose famous temper got the better of him. Johnson sulked during the game and then again later on to reporters. According to Tyler Kepner in the New York Times:

In a crowded ballpark, long before the rain came, the ranting of one angry pitcher pierced the air. Randy Johnson's fury could be heard in the second deck of Yankee Stadium last night, and his distraction was obvious to everyone.

Johnson was trapped in an endless fourth inning, and he was screaming at the plate umpire, Chad Fairchild, after throwing a ball to Oakland's Jason Kendall. When Jorge Posada tossed it back, Johnson swatted at the ball with his glove and watched it dribble onto the grass.

Johnson had lost control of himself and the game. After the outburst, he simply turned away from Fairchild on calls he did not like.

..."I'm not going to sit out there when I think a strike's a strike," Johnson said. "A lot of times I'll ask a little more low-key, like a lot of other pitchers, but when I'm out there walking guys and I think some borderline pitches are strikes ... "

Johnson did not finish the thought, suggesting that reporters talk to Posada for his opinion. "Maybe I was wrong," Johnson said. "I don't know."

By the middle innings, hot dog wrappers and debris were swirling all around the park. Down 6-1, the Bombers climbed back in the game, on the strength of Jason Giambi's three-run home run. Giambi's dinger came against Brad Halsey after an hour-and-a-half rain delay. They closed the score to 6-5 but Oakland's pen shut the door in the eighth and ninth. The Bombers made it fun for those who stayed but they came up just short. These feel like games they are going to win even if that isn't always the case. Final score: A's 6, Yanks 5.

The two teams go right back at it this afternoon on the Fox Game of the Week. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, no soup for you. Mike Mussina is on the hill for the New Yorkers, which is very definitely a good thing. Mussina has been terrific all year and is coming off his worst game of the season. Let's hope he's sharp again today.

Later this evening I'm going to be talking about Curt Flood and my book "Stepping Up" at the Coliseum book store in midtown Manhattan (42nd street between 5th and 6th, right across the street from Bryant Park). Actually, I'm the opening act for Rob Neyer, who'll be there promoting his new book, Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Blunders." Talk about a good dude to open for, right? I know Neyer a little bit, he helped do some research for my book, and he's always been a good guy with me. It starts at 6:00 and should be fun. If you are in and around the city and don't have anything going tonight, roll through, it'd be great to see you.

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2006-06-10 10:02:52
1.   Ken Arneson
I would have been more excited about today's matchup if it had been Harden vs. Mussina instead of Saarloos. But Saarloos battled Johan Santana pretty good last time out, so maybe it won't be the mismatch that today's game is on paper.
2006-06-10 10:03:15
2.   singledd
I hate to be in this position.
I do NOT think we can with without RJ being (good RJ).
2006-06-10 10:04:21
3.   singledd
I do NOT think we can WIN without RJ being (good) RJ.
(shows ya how upset I am).
2006-06-10 10:15:34
4.   atc
Not that the Yanks don't need many other things, but with the Mets now having both Castro and Morero, any chance we can get one? I can't imagine it would cost that much and either would be an upgrade over Stinnett.
2006-06-10 10:17:39
5.   randym77
Wow! Kevin Thompson is alive!

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter DH
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Melky Cabrera LF
Kevin Thompson RF
Miguel Cairo SS

2006-06-10 10:17:46
6.   Ken Arneson
That was almost a disaster there.
2006-06-10 10:18:24
7.   Ken Arneson
Oops wrong thread. Sorry, I'll go back to soccer.
2006-06-10 10:23:55
8.   Cliff Corcoran
5 And he's batting ahead of Cairo and Melky's batting ahead of him. Small miracles. Too bad I'm going to miss most of this game.
2006-06-10 10:25:24
9.   Cliff Corcoran
A's lineup is about as good as they can do. Melhuse is no worse than Kendall, Crosby ain't hitting, so his injury isn't much of a loss.
2006-06-10 10:25:37
10.   Mattpat11
I guess by the numbers his last start was the worst, but I don't necessarily consider it a bad start. he pitched to the score.
2006-06-10 10:30:22
11.   Mattpat11
I remember Swisher from Moneyball, but I forgot the name of the big fat catcher. Can someone help me out?
2006-06-10 10:31:33
12.   atc
I'm pretty sure it was Jerome Brown
2006-06-10 10:32:29
13.   randym77
Not sure Bernie would have gotten that one.
2006-06-10 10:32:42
14.   yankz
WTF, is anyone else receiving "Paid Programming" on FOX instead of the game?!?! I hate you, FOX.
2006-06-10 10:32:45
15.   Alex Belth
Kevin Thompson!
2006-06-10 10:32:57
16.   Mattpat11
Chavez recovered quickly from his crippling back injury.

They do this with Trot Nixon all the time. Just say you're sitting him against the lefty. No need to claim an injury. Everyone knows why he's not in the lineup.

2006-06-10 10:34:47
17.   Mattpat11
13 I'm not sure. It was right at him.
2006-06-10 10:36:00
18.   Mattpat11
Well, those stats against mussina are no fun.
2006-06-10 10:38:58
19.   randym77
Damn. I can't believe that AB.
2006-06-10 10:39:27
20.   Mattpat11
Dang. He should have just thrown a ball.
2006-06-10 10:40:00
21.   rilkefan
Exactly what I was afraid of.
2006-06-10 10:46:22
22.   yankz
I really hope they didn't rush Jeter back. It would make no sense because he's only replacing Andy's bat, and if he's still hurt, then I'd rather have Andy's bat in the lineup.
2006-06-10 10:48:16
23.   Zack
Well, once agian, thank you Fox for preventing me from watching this game in every way possible. God I hate them so much.

Though God I hope Moose isn't regressing...

2006-06-10 10:49:33
24.   Rob Gee
Alex - you know if Neyer thinks he's being objective when it comes to the Yanks, or is he openly subjective. It would make him much more readable if the latter.

BTW: Any one else catch the Beasties (I think In sound from way out) and Cypress Hill in the intros? At least Fox is better for MLB than NBC for NBA.

2006-06-10 10:51:40
25.   Mattpat11
23 It wasn't a bad inning and it wasn't a bad at bat against the Big Hurt. Shit happens sometimes.
2006-06-10 10:52:19
26.   Rob Gee
23 Thomas really battled him in that AB and then sliced one down the LF line - barely cleared the fence and the pole. Big Frank is batting ~.390 with now 9 homers against Moose - the latter most of any hitters against him.
2006-06-10 10:53:10
27.   Mattpat11
You know, we're being no hit... :)
2006-06-10 10:55:09
28.   kdw
All the Yanks batters need to be patient with this pitcher. He could eventually just walk them to death if they wait it out.
2006-06-10 10:56:44
29.   Mattpat11
He has DRY EYES?

The fuck?

2006-06-10 10:58:29
30.   Mattpat11
this guy's got sn odd strikezone. Its low.
2006-06-10 11:00:29
31.   Zack
25, 26 Thanks, of course on gameday all home runs look the same...F'ing Fox...
2006-06-10 11:02:23
32.   Mattpat11
42 pitches. Ugh. I guess when you consider the first was 24, its better, but, eh.
2006-06-10 11:04:33
33.   Mattpat11
Danny DeVito?
2006-06-10 11:05:29
34.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If those are Hurt's numbers against Moose, then Moose ought to know the dude hits him hard. Bottom line is once first base is open, he's got to just walk Big Frank.
2006-06-10 11:05:42
35.   Mattpat11
Well, i feel better about the Thomas HR now.
2006-06-10 11:06:12
36.   Rob Gee
27 Wow, we're still being no-hit.
2006-06-10 11:06:32
37.   singledd
I was for either/both F. Thomas and Piazza in the off-season. While they both go against the young/underpaid/hungry types we want, I thought they were both a bargain and a very low risk. You can always release a Yankee who makes a mil or 2. However, almost everyone here was against both.

In light of the Posasa/Stinett and Missing OF'ers/57 HRs situations, does anyway think these guys would be useful now?

2006-06-10 11:06:50
38.   Mattpat11
Yeah, Chavez's back must be destroyed.
2006-06-10 11:07:32
39.   Mattpat11
I would have taken a flyer on Thomas.
2006-06-10 11:07:58
40.   Mattpat11
Danny's a better PBP guy than Buck.
2006-06-10 11:08:23
41.   Mattpat11
We're still being no-hit.
2006-06-10 11:08:49
42.   randym77
Cheez Whiz. I wish these flippin' Fox guys would STFU. It's an extended ad for their TV shows.
2006-06-10 11:09:30
43.   Ken Arneson
41 Well, you know, Saarloos has thrown a no-hitter against the Yankees before.
2006-06-10 11:11:09
44.   Mattpat11
we've now missed the first pitch of two innings.
2006-06-10 11:14:01
45.   Zack
When does F'ing Fox's contract run out?
2006-06-10 11:16:11
46.   Rob Gee
37 The majority was for Piazza and a little bit less for Hurt. The price was the primary reason.

4 K's for Moose.

2006-06-10 11:16:43
47.   Mattpat11
Same exact pitch on Swisher twice.
2006-06-10 11:18:05
48.   Rob Gee
45 Zack - Your local affiliate makes the call and is too cheap to carry baseball. Call the station or send a certified letter.
2006-06-10 11:18:41
49.   randym77
Remember how Fox handled the playoffs last year? They switched over to another game whenever it got "interesting."
2006-06-10 11:18:52
50.   Mattpat11
5 Ks
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2006-06-10 11:20:03
51.   Zack
48 Really? Wow, not that I could possibly convince San Diego Fox to carry a Yanks, they are still bitter over 1998, but I am def. going to harass them everytime these "national" games aren't national...
2006-06-10 11:24:43
52.   Rob Gee
51 Wow - San Diego not carrying baseball? I guess it's because it's all AL games on right now and in your morning.
2006-06-10 11:28:24
53.   Mattpat11
Still being no-hit
2006-06-10 11:30:02
54.   randym77
Gallagher's blog yesterday argued that the Yanks are on course to score almost 1,000 runs. More than the 1998 Yanks. The problem is they're also giving up a lot more runs than the '98 Yanks. :-P
2006-06-10 11:30:27
55.   Mattpat11
Damnit Jorge, catch that.
2006-06-10 11:30:35
56.   yankz
For some reason, I just remembered how weird last year's pitching staff was. The Small/Brown/Wang had nothing on the Big Unit.
2006-06-10 11:31:46
57.   Rob Gee
21 pitches in two AB's by Hurt.
2006-06-10 11:34:56
58.   randym77
Wow, Moose. Pretty spry for an old guy. ;-)
2006-06-10 11:40:47
59.   randym77
Giambino! Man, Jason's really on a tear.
2006-06-10 11:41:03
60.   yankz
Thank god.
2006-06-10 11:41:15
61.   Mattpat11
No longer being no hit
2006-06-10 11:41:58
62.   Ken Arneson
Somebody please tell Buck how to pronounce Saarloos.
2006-06-10 11:45:06
63.   Zack
Well thats a nice way to break up the no-no :)
2006-06-10 11:47:21
64.   Mattpat11
Okay, now I'm getting annoyed by being shut down by Saarloos
2006-06-10 11:51:01
65.   Mattpat11
Robbie has to stop with this lazy bullshit NOW. He needs to be fined for that.
2006-06-10 11:52:29
66.   randym77
The Yanks are in a bit of a slump. Someone posted the June batting stats over at YES:

Damon .424
Jeter .357
Giambi .250
Arod .136
Cano .455
Posada .250
Bernie .250
Melky .194
Cairo .194
Phillips .385
Stinnett .125

2006-06-10 11:54:19
67.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that San Diego is getting the same game on FOX as the people in L.A.

Houston vs. Atlanta!

2006-06-10 11:54:49
68.   kdw
Hey, would someone describe Cano's error? And was the double a real double?
2006-06-10 11:55:44
69.   Mattpat11
I really want to know who convinced Robinson Cano that he's Manny Ramirez. This has pissed me the fuck off beyond anything.

Both these runs are absolutely 100 percent Cano's fault.

2006-06-10 11:57:49
70.   Mattpat11
68 He didn't give a shit. That's the extent of it. He sidled over the ball, made a half assed play and knocked it out of his glove.
2006-06-10 12:00:38
71.   kdw
70 Great. Thanks. At least Mussina gets out of it without having to pitch to Thomas.
2006-06-10 12:02:09
72.   Rob Gee
I think the MLB demographics skew a bit old - keep getting the prostate and Viagra ads.
2006-06-10 12:02:58
73.   Stormer Sports
Oh well, the shine is off. What can you do? We have no pitching, we have no offense, we are third in the league in errors, and contrary to what some folks think, we have no bullpen without Mo--we certainly don't have the kind of bullepn that is viable in October--, no matter what the statistics say.
2006-06-10 12:04:42
74.   Rob Gee
Kevin Thompson!
2006-06-10 12:04:50
75.   randym77
Woot! Maybe KT has earned himself a reprieve...
2006-06-10 12:05:25
76.   Simone
Kevin Thompson? Okay. Congrats, Kevin.
2006-06-10 12:06:36
77.   Zack
yay for KT hitting his first!
2006-06-10 12:07:04
78.   JeremyM
Congrats to Thompson!
2006-06-10 12:07:28
79.   Rob Gee
That was cool - showed the Yanks' stadium crew negotiating the 'pay' for Kevin Thompson's first HR ball.
2006-06-10 12:07:44
80.   Zack
67 Nope, we don't get ANY game
2006-06-10 12:10:50
81.   kdw
Whoo-hoo, 3 pitch at-bat for Thomas.
2006-06-10 12:11:55
82.   randym77
73 I don't think it's quite that bad. Giambi and A-Rod were sick. They'll get better. We really can't expect the likes of Cairo and Stinnett hit well.

What's really hurt us is Jeter's injury. Not only was he hitting well, with him DHing, it's hard to get Andy's red-hot bat into the lineup.

2006-06-10 12:13:51
83.   kdw
79 That was cool. What do you think he's expecting to get for the ball?
2006-06-10 12:15:15
84.   SF Yanks
I dont really see the Yanks losing this one, do ya'll?
2006-06-10 12:15:21
85.   Rob Gee
I'd go for a jersey signed by the team.
2006-06-10 12:18:00
86.   yankz
Jeter's chances at the batting title are dropping like a brick with this injury and Mauer's explosion.
2006-06-10 12:18:27
87.   SF Yanks
I'd take a ball signed by both Jeter and Bernie. That's all, I wouldn't need more than that.
2006-06-10 12:21:26
88.   kdw
87 I'd want Mo too.
2006-06-10 12:22:15
89.   bobtaco
How about one of Mo's jerseys?
2006-06-10 12:24:54
90.   Rob Gee
90 Yeah - have to insist on game worn though.
2006-06-10 12:24:58
91.   Zack
Anyone else feel a Proctor appearance coming on? Shudder...
2006-06-10 12:26:12
92.   Zack
Not sure how much leverage KT has with the vets...I can just imagine:
KT: Hey, uh, Mr. Rivera, can I have your jersey to give to this kid so I can have my first HR ball back, pretty please?
2006-06-10 12:27:02
93.   Ken Arneson
Wow, I never realized that buying time for a reliever to warm up is one of the most difficult things for a catcher to do. Thanks, Tim McCarver, for teaching me that!
2006-06-10 12:27:03
94.   Bob Timmermann

Get Fox to buy an affiliate in your area then. Then they don't have a choice about showing a game.

2006-06-10 12:27:39
95.   Rob Gee
92 Nah, that's all the equipment manager. They're not bring home their unis to wash them!
2006-06-10 12:29:51
96.   Zack
Hmm, Moose still pitching at well over 100 pitches?
2006-06-10 12:30:20
97.   Zack
Well two first pitch outs help! What are they thinking?
2006-06-10 12:32:02
98.   Rob Gee
Flomax! The one week difference.
2006-06-10 12:32:08
99.   kdw
Nice job, 5 pitches. Now let's get some runs.
2006-06-10 12:32:12
100.   JeremyM
Well, another strong start by Mussina. Come on, get the lead here now so he can get the win.
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2006-06-10 12:36:48
101.   randym77
Yeah, Melky! C'mon, KT, keep it going.
2006-06-10 12:39:20
102.   monkeypants
Aha--today Torre PHs for Cairo. Finally!
2006-06-10 12:39:29
103.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ok, Cairo at the plate is one situation where a sac bunt is perfectly ok.
2006-06-10 12:40:11
104.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Of course a pinch hit appearance by Bernie from the right side is better.
2006-06-10 12:40:46
105.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hmm, what do they do in the field next inning? A-rod at ss, and Andy at 3rd?
2006-06-10 12:41:54
106.   Stormer Sports
Did he even move the runners?
2006-06-10 12:42:58
107.   Rob Gee
105 That's what Nick Green is for.
2006-06-10 12:43:04
108.   Stormer Sports

Have to, no other choice, right? I'd rather never see Arod at SS, just don't want to see it as ever being a possibility.

2006-06-10 12:43:41
109.   Stormer Sports
Why is Damon always 0-2, why why why?
2006-06-10 12:43:48
110.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
107 forgot about him.
2006-06-10 12:44:56
111.   Stormer Sports
Then you lose Andy's bat, you have to move Arod if you want to try to win the game, even if I dont like it. Bringing in Green is a concession when you're behind.
2006-06-10 12:45:54
112.   Stormer Sports
Jesus Johnny, just get a runner across for God's sake.
2006-06-10 12:46:04
113.   Simone
Ack! Damon couldn't get a sac fly.
2006-06-10 12:47:10
114.   Stormer Sports
The real Matsui-Sheffield-less NY Yankees have finally stood up.
2006-06-10 12:47:30
115.   kdw
This drives me crazy, not being able to score with a man on 3rd and less than 2 outs.
2006-06-10 12:47:53
116.   Stormer Sports
Those looked like Jeter's pitched on gameday, were they? I hate FOX, Hate FOX, hate FOX!
2006-06-10 12:48:04
117.   Stormer Sports
2006-06-10 12:48:12
118.   Simone
Ugh, Jeter went for that high fast ball.
2006-06-10 12:48:25
119.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
2006-06-10 12:48:32
120.   Rob Gee
Captain Choke!
2006-06-10 12:48:56
121.   Stormer Sports
LOL. Way to go Bernie, Johnny, Derek!
2006-06-10 12:49:15
122.   Stormer Sports

Easy there.

2006-06-10 12:50:41
123.   yankaholic
Poor Abs by JD n Jeter.. absolutely poor

Giambi walks!! ARod HRs ball game tied... hopes me

2006-06-10 12:51:19
124.   Paul in Boston
I do think that if Rodriguez had struck out there in the 7th in place of Jeter it would be all over the papers tomorrow. That is if they lose, of course.
2006-06-10 12:51:43
125.   marc
sorry Moose, this offense sucks
2006-06-10 12:51:47
126.   Stormer Sports
Come on man. You didn't really think we were going to come back did you? These are the Oakland A's for God's sake. 1927 Yankees, 1979 Red's, the early 90's Blue Jays, the 2006 Oakland A's, we can't compete with that!
2006-06-10 12:52:40
127.   Stormer Sports
When do the Royals get to come to town and beat up on us next?
2006-06-10 12:53:45
128.   Stormer Sports
Yank him now! Fuck me I hate walks by relievers, Frank Robinson, get on the horn to Joe and tell him how to manage! Christ!
2006-06-10 12:57:16
129.   yankaholic
all that rain on wednesday... grr n now a losing streak..

but they were in it last nite n hv gotten good chances today,

as frustrating as it is.. it wud hurt more if we were getting our rears handed to us..

2006-06-10 13:01:33
130.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Errors are costing us this game.
2006-06-10 13:01:33
131.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Errors are costing us this game.
2006-06-10 13:02:16
132.   kdw
130, 131 Yup.
2006-06-10 13:03:30
133.   singledd
Anybody think Bernie should have been taking a pitch (last inning) when it was 3-1?
2006-06-10 13:05:30
134.   Stormer Sports

Costing us the season. Are we second in the Majors in errors yet?

2006-06-10 13:05:40
135.   kdw
Wow, Halsey must really be mad about Giambi's error that padded his lead.
2006-06-10 13:06:10
136.   Stormer Sports
Leadoff runer on, let's see how we can strand him.
2006-06-10 13:06:34
137.   randym77
Oh, great. That's all we need.
2006-06-10 13:11:19
138.   marc
Stop booing A-Rod you miserable fans. He just a couple of minutes ago singled and stole second before nobody brought him in
2006-06-10 13:13:12
139.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melky goes yard to tie the game?
2006-06-10 13:14:41
140.   randym77
Or Melky walks, and KT goes yard to win. :)
2006-06-10 13:15:51
141.   Stormer Sports
Look, Arod is a victim of his contract. If you earr 25 Mil. per and negotiate all those silly contingency's into your contract, you are going to get booed when you're batting .286 with fewer HR than Giambi and just a tad more RBI than Jeter, especially when there are 10 guys having better years than you are. He just has to live with it!
2006-06-10 13:16:04
142.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
I'll take a walk. It's up to K-Tom.
2006-06-10 13:17:36
143.   Ken Arneson
Why Gaudin and not Calero or Street? Are neither available today?
2006-06-10 13:17:53
144.   marc
Thompson's got some pop. Could take the lead here
2006-06-10 13:20:13
145.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
oh well.
2006-06-10 13:20:24
146.   randym77
Damn. We've certainly had our opportunities today. Just can't seem to cash 'em in.
2006-06-10 13:22:12
147.   rsmith51
Nice to see Thompson get a start and a HR. Too bad he didn't save it for now, however.
2006-06-10 13:23:24
148.   rsmith51
Scott Proctor is pitching, I am shocked. Does he ever get to pitch?
2006-06-10 13:28:08
149.   JohnnyC
Conventional wisdom is that you get through a tired arm by pitching even more than you already have. Something about second wind. And why is Mike Myers in the game? He's pitched once in a week of games...hate to disturb his rhythm.
2006-06-10 13:29:41
150.   JohnnyC
Brian Cashman, where are you? The roster needs help again. New toys for the manager, please.
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2006-06-10 13:31:28
151.   Rob Gee
The most well-managed game I've seen by Torre this year. Everything by the Bronx Banter book.

Hopefully they tie it up and we'll see A-Rod at SS.

2006-06-10 13:34:48
152.   marc
well managed or not, I guess this makes the point that the manager can't swing the bat. pitch or and field (unless he's a player-manager I guess
2006-06-10 13:36:25
153.   rsmith51
To those who watched the game yesterday, did Johnson have reason to complain about the ump? Or was he looking for a "pitcher's" strike zone?
2006-06-10 13:37:14
154.   Rob Gee
Jete's not ready - 0 fer 8 with 3 K's in the last two games.
2006-06-10 13:37:52
155.   randym77
This one was annoying. So many chances blown.

Of course, the A's seem to make their living doing that to their opponents, but it's still aggravating.

2006-06-10 13:38:58
156.   randym77
154 Yeah, I agree. I know he's restless and driving people nuts, but I suspect we'd be better off if he sat out a few more days, if only to let Andy Phillips play.
2006-06-10 13:39:29
157.   JohnnyC
Not against the Red Sox.
2006-06-10 13:40:20
158.   JohnnyC
Andy Phillips fondly reminds Torre of Clay Bellinger. That's what he said.
2006-06-10 13:42:12
159.   marc
We're having the same results now as when we started the season miserable on the west coast. This just emphasizes the point that the yankees and Boston are likely not to both get into the playoffs this year. I don't know who's not going to make it but the Yankees look like the candidate right now.
2006-06-10 13:43:49
160.   singledd
Soriano anybody?
2006-06-10 13:45:22
161.   Stormer Sports

Well, no pitching, no bullpen, and a Sheff-Mats-less offense, you certainly could say that.

2006-06-10 13:46:23
162.   randym77
160 Can Soriano pitch?

And what's going on with Boston today? Sounds like at least part of their makeup doubleheader has been rained out.

2006-06-10 13:46:31
163.   yankz
I'm terrified that a sweep would result in some knee-jerk reaction that has characterized the Yankees' front office in recent years- and we'd trade Hughes for Jacque Jones or something.
2006-06-10 13:48:32
164.   rsmith51
What would it cost to get Wilson from the Pirates? I am a little shocked, the Cubs didn't try and get him. He could play 1B until Lee got back and be a corner OF, as well.
2006-06-10 13:53:29
165.   kdw
160 No thanks.
2006-06-10 13:54:47
166.   Stormer Sports

Wilson aint worth giving anyone up for!

2006-06-10 13:57:14
167.   Stormer Sports
We just have to bear down and deal with it. We need pitching more than offense. No sense giving something up for a below average K-prone batter lke C. Wilson, that makes no sense. Which is why Cashman might do it.
2006-06-10 14:00:08
168.   randym77
I don't want Sori, either. Or Torii.

I hope the FO doesn't panic. IMO, the current slump is temporary. A-Rod and Giambi were sick, and still not fully recovered. (Especially A-Rod.) Jeter is walking wounded, but should recover soon. Cairo isn't going to be in the lineup regularly.

2006-06-10 14:07:59
169.   randym77
167 I like Wilson, if only because he'd be relatively cheap. The Pirates don't need prospects, they need cash.

Yes, he strikes out a lot. But he has more power than our current OFers, and more Ks generally go with that.

Perhaps most useful is that Wilson can play 1B and catcher as well as all three OF positions. No more Nick Green!

Dunno if he'd be willing to come to NY, where he might be a backup again. (His beef with Pittsburgh is that he doesn't want to be a backup.) But if he is, he could be useful.

2006-06-10 14:10:32
170.   yankaholic
I don want to judge our offense by the last 3 games... we have had good chances with men on base... so the hits will come..

our focus is starting pitchers..

2006-06-10 14:18:17
171.   rsmith51
169 He is a backup and on a losing team. Maybe we overrate him, but he certainly should be starting for the Pirates. Maybe winning will reduce at least some of his problems.
2006-06-10 15:44:24
172.   rilkefan
Wilson has an 0.850 OPS, the same as his career average. Since when was a guy consistently at 0.850 a below-average hitter?
2006-06-10 16:04:34
173.   singledd
I'm always up to get good pitching, but I don't know if it's to be had. Maybe Zito... but we don't have much to trade.

I'm afraid, until we build up our farm and have enough quality youth that we can have both trading chips and 'keepers', that 'overpriced' fee-agents will be what we can get.

Improving our pitching is priority one... but it has been for the last 3 years, and look what we have gotten. It's hard to know with pitchers Javy, RJ, Pavano). At least with some offensive guys, they are proven and consistant. You know what you're getting.

We can't replace Mats/Shef with Melky/Bubba. Thats silly. If we want to win THIS year, we need to get some offense, and (of course) pitching.... IF its to be had.

2006-06-10 16:27:01
174.   brockdc
I'm sure ol' Anna's itching to return to the big city,

I know inter-divisional trades are taboo, but how about Duncan for Benson?

2006-06-10 16:51:04
175.   randym77
We can't replace Matsui and Sheffield with Soriano, either.

I dunno...we've tried to win the World Series with a bunch of DH-type players. It hasn't worked. Maybe we should give pitching, speed, and defense a try. We may not be able to improve our pitching a lot, but it's not terrible right now. According to ESPN, the Yankees have the second lowest team ERA in the AL.

Maybe if it was KT or Bubba in RF yesterday, we win that game. Bernie almost missed that catch, and his throw home was terrible. One run was the difference in the game.

2006-06-10 18:41:58
176.   randym77
Well, Andy may be getting some playing time. Giambi's hand and wrist are swollen from being hit by that pitch today. Dunno if he'll be in the lineup tomorrow.

On the bright side, Boston just lost to Texas, so we didn't lose any more ground.

2006-06-10 19:13:43
177.   JeremyM
176 Man, this injury crap is just getting old. Anything that can go wrong seemingly has.

I wonder if Thompson will still be sent down? How has he looked in right field so far to those who have seen him?

2006-06-10 19:28:45
178.   randym77
Thompson has looked fine to me, both at the plate and in right field. Seemed pretty solid on defense. (It was Melky who gave me a "Bubba would have gotten that one" moment.)

Peter Abraham reported tonight that Cashman told him Bubba would be rejoining the team Tuesday "at the earliest," so KT may get some more chances to prove his worth.

I'd rather keep Thompson than Nick Green, that's for sure. Maybe that's why they are delaying Bubba's return to Tuesday. Jeter is supposed to be back at SS Tuesday.

BTW, check out Abraham's post about Matsui. It's pretty neat.

2006-06-10 20:15:07
179.   mikeplugh
What's with all the talk of trading for offense? Before Jeter's little thumb injury we were averaging around 7 runs a game over the last month. When he's back at full strength it'll be the same.

No freakin' trades for offensive players. We have everything we need.

Thompson (Bernie, Bubba, Durazo, Pena)

The top 6 guys on that lineup run-down are more than enough to win ballgames. No need to give up guys to rent veterans at the expense of our successful youth movement.

If we make any trades, they should be for pitching and that doesn't need to happen until later in the year when a few teams have dropped out of their respective races and are more willing to part with a top line pitcher. Be patient.

2006-06-10 20:19:07
180.   markp
Just checked out Wilson on the baseballreference site. 120 career OPS+ and he's only 28. Below average range factor in both LF and RF, and he's even caught a few dozen games. As with all of these guys, the cost is what matters.
2006-06-10 20:26:02
181.   yankz
Can the Yankees really justify sending Wright to the pen when Chacon comes back, and not RJ? RJ is unpredictable and chances are he'll be terrible. At least we've seen Wright can be adequate for 5 innings.
2006-06-10 20:36:53
182.   Stormer Sports

Agreed! Done and done!

Are these posters crazy, loony, off their medication? Trade for offense? What? Who? Where? Am I dreaming?

We have plenty, we are tops in the AL for God's sake.

We do not need to give up anything for more offense, especially Jones/Wilson type offense. Hell, if Bonds wants to DH, then maybe, but that's the only guy I'd be willing to grab for a run.

Did I sleepwalk through 2005? We could not have been more stacked on offense, and where did it get us? Our lame ass below average overpriced pitching staff tanked, and we lost.

Pitching pitching pitching. Defense defense defense. We need to stop making so many errors and hope our youngsters prove they can pitch. That is the only solution.

Sure I was all for the Johnson deal, now I look like a fool. We would have Vasquez, Navarro and Halsey, yea that Halsey kid that looked pretty good against us today. If Zito is available, well maybe, but we may just have to grin and bear it this year.

We could have a staff with Vasquez and Mussina, and Contreras right now. That sounds better than Johnson, Wright, no? Hindsight is 20/20 but we sure did make some foolish trades by that standard. Johnson just tanked, what can you do. But we need pitchng and a team to bear down on defense, that's the answer. 3 more Sheffield's isn't the answer. You cant bomb your way through playoff pitching, you just can't. No trades for some clown like C. Wilson, please.

2006-06-10 20:38:13
183.   Stormer Sports

You're right, but taint' no way Joe/Cash/Stein are sending RJ to the pen. Even if every ounce of their beings tells them it's the right thing to do.

2006-06-10 20:47:58
184.   marc
I'm sure that would be a lovely scene. Joe telling RJ he's going to the bullpen
2006-06-10 21:08:40
185.   Stormer Sports
I think it's prudent to ote that even Joe Torre has limits on his patience. 2 or 3 more bad starts, and I think he'll move him to the pen, because, simply, he will contributing to team losses, more so than holding serve, or contributing to wins. He will do it then, count on it.
2006-06-10 21:38:48
186.   mikeplugh
The only way Randy Johnson is going to the pen is if "the pen" is some kind of rodeo bar. It just won't happen.

Randy Johnson is either going to work out his issues going out there every 5 days, or he's not. He's too old to go to the bullpen to figure anything out. It's far more likely that you'd see him come up with some minor injury that put him on the 15 day DL and work out in Tampa.

The Little Unit is going to get his act together or we will suffer through frustrating defeats every week until his contract expires and he hangs it up. Get used to it.

2006-06-10 23:28:17
187.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Yeah, the last few lost is just disheartening cause all were very winnable :/

But they will ceom through soon.

2006-06-11 00:25:18
188.   brockdc
174 Yikes. Meant inTRA.

Stormer -

They've got to be looking for a starter right now; it's absolutely mandatory, seeing as how half our current starters find it virtually impossible to get out of the 6th inning. We don't need a stud (actually, we DO need a stud, though we're not going to get one until the offseason); we just need an innings sponge who can go seven while giving up four. Any ideas?

And no, R.J.'s not going to "come around." I too was a big fan of the Johnson trade and also feel like a complete tool for believing so at the time.

2006-06-11 01:08:41
189.   Yu-Hsing Chen
188 That is not completely true. Right now Yankee starter rank 9th in the AL in IP, but most of the middle of the pack from 6 to 10 is about the same in terms of IP per game.

Also, the Bo Sox have done about the same as the Yankees in this catagory, whlie the Blue Jays are one of the league's worse.

Plus they have Pavano on his way back (god forbid) and with the Yankees, at least MOST arms in the pen are usable... which isn't exactly the case for just about everyone else. (Yankees are 4th in reliever ERA, only the Twins are noticablly better, the Tigers and the Red Sox are marginally better... and we all know the Red Sox's reliever ERA is mostly low because of 1 guy.)

If they can get a starter cheap, they will go for it. but it's not too likely.

2006-06-11 02:02:01
190.   randym77
I'm only in favor of trading for Wilson if we can get him cheap. And because he can play infield as well as outfield positions. Given the way this season has gone, we can't have too much depth. And versitility. Nick Green just doesn't cut it.

Agree that offense isn't what we need most. Mark Gallagher points out that the Yanks are back on track to score almost 1,000 runs. If they continue as they have so far, they'll end up with more runs than the 1998 Yankees.

The problem is that they aren't doing as good job of preventing opponents' runs. Better pitching is always good, but the pitching really isn't that bad - Randy Johnson and all. They have the second best ERA in the AL, which ain't too shabby.

What's killing us is defense. Or lack thereof. We've made twice the number of errors as AL-leading Boston (42 vs. 21). Never mind the various adventures (like Bernie's in RF) that aren't scored errors.

I think the Yanks were too one-dimensional last year. Too many old, slow, DH-type players. The acclaimed 1998 Yankees didn't have even one 30 HR hitter. Our missing piece just might be defense, not another slugger.

2006-06-11 02:23:37
191.   Yu-Hsing Chen
190 of course, the main hole in the defense is Bernie, whom any one of Bubba / Thompson should be able to out cover, and both of their bats should be around or better than Bernie's rate so far... (of course, Bernie's rate in May was significantly better than April... so it remains to be seen)

That and Cairo's many forced adventures around the field.... which has been unfortunately neccessities.

a infield of A-rod , Jeter , Cano , Phillips and a OF of Melky, Damon , Bubba or Thompson isn't the best out there, but it should be close enough to the middle of the pack to suffice. All in all, the Yankees desperately need everyone left in the lineup back healthy again to bring some stability.

2006-06-11 08:42:54
192.   Rob Gee
Can we all hold cyberhands in vigil of the hopeful demise of Scott Erickson?
2006-06-11 08:45:14
193.   randym77
192 Yes. Maybe today, since Obi-Shawn is supposed to be pitching today. They'll have to make a roster move.

It'll probably mean Smith going back to Columbus, but I'm hoping it will be Erickson.

2006-06-11 09:04:02
194.   randym77
Giambi's out:

Johnny Damon 2B
Derek Jeter DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Robinson Canó 2B
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF
Miguel Cairo SS

I was kind of hoping KT would get the start in RF, but with Jason out, I figured Torre would go with the veteran.

2006-06-11 09:06:10
195.   JeremyM
Any word on who was moved to make room for Chacon? Erickson better be sleeping with the fishes.
2006-06-11 09:16:52
196.   Rob Gee
194 Bernie's also killer versus lefites. Since there's no DH, it's the right move. If Jete's was available for SS, then there's flexibility on the bench (Bernie to DH, Gapper to RF).
2006-06-11 09:20:01
197.   Jeteupthemiddle
195 I want to say that it was Erickson who was DFA'd. Looking at gameday, Erickson is not listed as an available player on the bench. Matt Smith, however, is still there.

Now, we just need to get Rasner to replace Small when he is eligable.

2006-06-11 09:31:00
198.   randym77
197 Oh, please, let it be true....
2006-06-11 09:34:58
199.   Rob Gee
197 Could it really be!? Hallelujah! Praise be to Allah! Shema Yisrael! O Lord Ganesha! Enlightened Budda!
2006-06-11 09:35:23
200.   wsporter
197 198 The rosters at the Yankees site don't seem to be updated but the Yes site doesn't list Erickson on the 40 man!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-11 09:36:13
201.   wsporter
199 Rob, don't forget L. Ron Hubbard.
2006-06-11 09:37:23
202.   randym77
YES! They just announced it. Erickson DFA'd!
2006-06-11 09:38:53
203.   Jeteupthemiddle
yup. It is official. No Erickson.

They want to "see more of Matt Smith. Smith opened some eyes when he got successive outs from David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez."

So maybe they'll use him now in some important situations instead of only mop up situations?

2006-06-11 09:39:27
204.   JeremyM
On, they're saying Erickson was DFA'ed!!! Right now, 29 teams are licking their chops to get ahold of this guy!
2006-06-11 09:42:28
205.   Rob Gee
201 Xenu, this is a sign that you will be defeated! The Thetans will rule again!
2006-06-11 09:45:14
206.   Rob Gee
202 Who is it that always types this - I'm stealing it:

Oh, hell yes!

2006-06-11 09:47:19
207.   wsporter
The Galactic Confederacy will protect me. I am guided to the Dialectic. But I am having some attention deficit problems, maybe some Ritalin would help.
2006-06-11 09:48:50
208.   randym77
Ugh. Why do I have to watch Fox News on YES?
2006-06-11 09:53:00
209.   kdw
190 Yup, and one of the reasons I'm not in favor of Soriano (someone was pushing for him yesterday). Assuming Yanks get there, post-season pitching is tougher and defense gets even more important. Don't think the offensive pop is worth the defensive risk.
2006-06-11 09:58:32
210.   rilkefan
206 - check out the resulting url to see how to find out that kind of info:

Note that you'll likely have to do hit those show/hide buttons. But for example JeremyM says it at 229 of the Draft Horses thread.

2006-06-11 10:01:04
211.   Rob Gee
210 That's pretty cool, thanks - who knew!?
2006-06-11 10:01:56
212.   yankz
206 I often type that, except i put HELL in all caps!
2006-06-11 10:02:53
213.   yankz
Although I haven't done it for a while, usually after a really exciting HR.
2006-06-11 10:03:51
214.   randym77
209 Someone over at the YES boards said we shouldn't get Soriano because he kills too many groundhogs hacking at pitches in the dirt, and the PETA protests outside the Stadium would be too annoying. :-D

Seriously, I'm not convinced Sori can perform in the post season, where the pitching tends to be very, very good.

2006-06-11 10:06:34
215.   yankz
Anyone watch the French Open? I wanted Federer to win, because personally I think his streak/accomplishment would have been just slightly more impressive than what Nadal has done, but really I'm happy either way. Both guys are such studs.
2006-06-11 10:07:06
216.   Rob Gee
214 And Sori would further get abused coming back to the AL, esp. the East. Bronson Arroyo is now CY Young material in the NL.
2006-06-11 10:13:57
217.   kdw
WTF, Kay's comments about Chacon's hematoma? Thanks for sharing.
2006-06-11 10:14:46
218.   randym77
216 There is that. Something to keep in mind with NL players.

That was a nice catch by Melky. Yesterday he was looking kind of tentative.

2006-06-11 10:17:05
219.   JeremyM
213 Yeah, I've only used it a handful of times myself.

Just realized Thomas is out of the lineup. Did they do that to even the playing field since Giambi is out? Thank God because Thomas has been mashing.

2006-06-11 10:18:52
220.   atc
I woke up early to watch it this morning. Except for the slight drama at the end of the 4th set, I was pretty disappointed with the overall match. Granted, that's probably becasue I was rooting for Federer, and as the commentators kept hammering home, Federer just didn't make any adjustments. I also find Nadal very difficult to root for.
2006-06-11 10:19:07
221.   randym77
219 Gotta keep the average age of the team up there, y'know.

That, and Bernie's numbers against lefties are decent.

2006-06-11 10:20:57
222.   yankz
Damn, Jeter's really slumping.
2006-06-11 10:21:58
223.   randym77
222 He's obviously still hurting. IMO, we'd have been better off with Jeet on the bench and Andy playing the last couple of games.
2006-06-11 10:22:26
224.   monkeypants
OK, Zito's tough. But shouldn't Jeter have been DLed, rather than out for a week and ineffective for another week?
2006-06-11 10:24:12
225.   kdw
219 Re Thomas, YES mentioned something about possible injury -- pulled groin I think.
2006-06-11 10:25:12
226.   Rob Gee
What are we thinking for the BP depth now?

Figure Small is next to go if he doesn't turn it around, then?:

1. Rasner
2. Mendoza
3. Dotel
4. Beam

2006-06-11 10:26:15
227.   randym77
C'mon, Bernie! Don't make me wish Kevin was in instead of you.
2006-06-11 10:26:19
228.   Ken Arneson
Jeez, why does Zito always lose control of his fastball every time he plays the Yankees? This is the worst control he's had since opening day.
2006-06-11 10:27:32
229.   randym77
Okay, not bad, Bernie, not bad.
2006-06-11 10:29:07
230.   randym77
Yeah, Robby!!!
2006-06-11 10:29:38
231.   Zack
Alright, No more Erickson, what a great Sunday start!
2006-06-11 10:34:20
232.   JeremyM
Definitely, and being up 2-0 is a good start. I would love to see Chacon put together a good start here.
2006-06-11 10:38:22
233.   Rob Gee
The only thing with signing Zito (which I'm for - by far the best free agent pitcher): terrible career numbers against the Yanks and Sox, including YS and Fenway (via retrosheet):

Yanks: 14GS 2W 7L 4.64 ERA
Sux: 10GS 3W 4L 4.60 ERA

YS: 7GS 1W 4L 4.26 ERA
Fenway: 4GS 1W 2L 4.85 ERA

If anything, he's the classic middle of the rotation guy - cleans up against bad teams and struggles against good teams.

I suppose my final feelings will depend on the $$$ figures - but he's definitely not worth the prospects in a trade.

2006-06-11 10:40:23
234.   yankaholic
Guys did u check out the cloumn by Ken Davidoff..

he just reminds us the run we had before the 3 game doozer..

i would say be patient.. no trade for any OFers

if its a trade make one or 2 for rotation .. typical 4 or 5 guys..

2006-06-11 10:40:49
235.   yankaholic
i meant typical 4 or 5 type starters
2006-06-11 10:45:00
236.   yankaholic
Is Jeter hitless since his return?? is he really ok to bat or is he in bcos of the team injuries??
2006-06-11 10:45:52
237.   randym77
I'd go for a good long reliever. Since we're not going to sit Randy Johnson, ever, even if he loses every game from now on, we need a quick hook and a pitcher who can step in for him and go deep.
2006-06-11 10:46:44
238.   randym77
236 He's in because he goes crazy when he's not playing and drives Torre and everyone else nuts. He wants to play.
2006-06-11 10:47:34
239.   JeremyM
Yeah, Jeter hasn't had a hit since the injury.
2006-06-11 10:50:08
240.   yankaholic
237 we shud try out Mr Mendoza in that role..
2006-06-11 10:50:44
241.   Jeteupthemiddle
237 I think Darrel Rasner is that guy.

I think what we need is already in the system. Unless people are hellbent on a starter, and even then, I'm not opposed to Steven White or Darrell Rasner getting some starts at some point this season.

I might be the only one, but I am perfectly happy standing pat this trade deadline...unless it is a seemingly minor trade ala Chacon last season.

What the hell was that?!

2006-06-11 10:50:52
242.   randym77
2006-06-11 10:52:31
243.   yankaholic
Rasner is on the DL..

Inside park HR??

can someone describe it

2006-06-11 10:53:11
244.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
240 Mendoza's been very good, but he got rocked yesterday for Columbus -- 5 er and 6 hits in 2 innings. Only one game, but . . .
2006-06-11 10:54:07
245.   yankaholic
244 hopefully.. a bad blip
2006-06-11 10:54:19
246.   randym77
Melky and Damon collided. Like Bubba and Sheff last year, only on the gap in left rather than right.
2006-06-11 10:55:41
247.   JeremyM
How come Bernie never runs into the other OFers? Oh, right....
2006-06-11 10:56:45
248.   yankaholic
246 thx
2006-06-11 10:58:12
249.   Zack
I know this has been rehashed many a time, but does Joe really think that batting Bernie 5th is a good thing? I'd much rather see Cano and Andy in front of Bernie...
2006-06-11 11:00:28
250.   yankaholic
249 i was surprised to see ARod at3.. didnt we push Melky to 2, Jeter to 3 ...b4??
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-11 11:00:46
251.   yankz
220 I agree, I wish Federer had brought his A game.

Why do you find Nadal hard to root for? After the match he called Federer "the best player in history."

2006-06-11 11:01:28
252.   randym77
247 LOL! Yeah, that's one advantage to Bernie's defense.

It was in no-man's-land. Damon would have had it if Melky hadn't run into him.

Melky got spoken to. Told to beware of speeding CFers, no doubt.

Hopefully, no one was hurt. Melky barreled right into Damon, basically punching him in the head with his outstretched glove. Damon jumped right up and went chasing after the ball, threw it in, then stopped to reassure young Melky.

They both look okay, but sometimes it's the next morning before they realize something's wrong. Damon already has a bad foot, bad shoulder, and bad elbow.

2006-06-11 11:03:11
253.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Oh lead-off walk. How I hate thee. Thou always cometh in to score.
2006-06-11 11:05:27
254.   randym77
250 Torre thinks the pressure was getting to Melky. He was in a bit of a slump. Moving him down in the order seems to have helped. He had a walk and a hit in each of the last two games.
2006-06-11 11:06:11
255.   yankz
Please, please, please win this game.
2006-06-11 11:10:08
256.   atc
Posada all didn't block the plate on that play.

There's just something about Nadal's mannerisms that I don't like. Taking an excessive amount of time between points doesn't help, but I think it's mostly his superstitions, i.e., the water bottles and the socks, and the awful capri pants. I can't stand Sergio Garcia for similar reasons. With that said, his comments after the match were very classy.

2006-06-11 11:10:36
257.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, we're getting swept by a team with one of the worst offenses in the AL. At home. This is embarrassing.

Thank you Cap for coming back early from injury, putting up an 0 for 10, and leaving who knows how many men on base.

2006-06-11 11:11:01
258.   randym77
Man, Robby is en fuego. He's got a ten-game hitting streak going.
2006-06-11 11:13:15
259.   yankz
256 Haha, yeah the pants must go.
2006-06-11 11:16:00
260.   Ken Arneson
Zito found his release point, and is looking like vintage Zito now. Yankees' best chance is to work the count, get his pitch count up, and get into the A's bullpen as early as possible.
2006-06-11 11:16:11
261.   randym77
Sox are losing, 4-2. Beckett got pulled after 5-1/3 innings.
2006-06-11 11:17:36
262.   JeremyM
257 I have to agree, this being a hero business can cost the team some games if you're nto fit to play, which Jeter doesn't seem to be.
2006-06-11 11:20:02
263.   claybeez
Damon! What a play!
2006-06-11 11:20:10
264.   Ken Arneson
Damon giveth Swisher a home run, Damon taketh from Swisher a home run.
2006-06-11 11:20:35
265.   yankz
How is Chacon's ERA 5.57? I don't remember him being that bad before the injury.
2006-06-11 11:21:04
266.   randym77
Man, Damon robbed Swisher. If Johnny was an inch shorter, that would have been a homerun.

And if Johnny had a better arm, that would have been a DP.

2006-06-11 11:21:22
267.   claybeez
260 Sounds right, but we haven't done so will against their pen this series.
2006-06-11 11:22:50
268.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
265 7 er in 1.1 ip in his last start before the dl -- the one where he tried to pitch with a bruised leg -- didn't help his era.
2006-06-11 11:24:45
269.   Ken Arneson
267 There's also the very realistic chance that Zito will run out of gas, and Macha won't recognize it, and leave him in too long. In other words, the Yankees could win this game via the Grady.
2006-06-11 11:27:27
270.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Dear Mr. Francona,

Thank you for batting Coco Crisp (4 bb, 80 abs) leadoff and dropping Kevin Youkilis (42 bbs, 214 abs) way down in the line-up.


All Yankee fans.

2006-06-11 11:28:29
271.   randym77
Jeter got hit! Jeter got a hit!!
2006-06-11 11:28:48
272.   yankz
Slump? What slump?
2006-06-11 11:29:53
273.   randym77
Well, Swisher helped a bit. He looked rather Lawton-esque going after that one.
2006-06-11 11:30:16
274.   Rob Gee
Ken - Sterling just said that the A's outfield deliberately plays shallow - true?

Is that Mcha or Beane or both?

2006-06-11 11:30:47
275.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Dear Mr. Jeter,

Sorry about that 0 for 10 crack above. I was only trying to motivate you.

All the best.

You pal,


2006-06-11 11:32:41
276.   Ken Arneson
I guess I was wrong.
2006-06-11 11:33:07
277.   yankz
Oh HELL yes!
2006-06-11 11:33:10
278.   randym77
JORGIE!! That's one way to avoid having to run. ;-)
2006-06-11 11:37:50
279.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Oh lead-off walk, how I do hate thee, let me count the ways.
2006-06-11 11:39:04
280.   singledd
from The-Idiot-who-wants-Soriano...
Please let me clarify.
I AGREE we could use better pitching over better O. No argument there.
HOWEVER... we has lost 2 BIG offensive players, over 50 HRs.

What pitcher can we get?
Who do we have to trade with?
Erikson, Small and TLong?

Sori is a free agent next year. He is gettable. Zito also... but there will be a LONG line for him.

What I REALLY want is to improve our team.
I want Sori ONLY because I think we can get him without giving up too much young talent.

So those of you who think we should getting pitching and that we don't need offense (so we lose 50 HRs)...

Propose a deal that THE OTHER team will do. Tell me who we can get... that is worth getting, and who we will lose. I'm NOT an expert... but I'd don't see anybody giving us talent at a reasonable cost.

Tell me. I'm open.

2006-06-11 11:40:30
281.   yankz
OK, this is getting ridiculous. They need to be fined every time they make an error. Larry Bowa, where art thou?
2006-06-11 11:44:11
282.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
A rod 2004 13 errors
2005 12 errors

2006? 11 errors already.

2006-06-11 11:44:26
283.   randym77
Another error for A-Rod. Jorgie has one, too, and a passed ball. Mutter, grumble.

280 I think we can make a deal for someone like Craig Wilson, for more cash than talent.

If not, I'm willing to stand pat with what we have. Like I said, I think what we really need is defense. Bubba instead of Bernie will be an upgrade. Dotel will be joining the team in three weeks. Long and Erickson are gone - hallelujah!

And surely our luck with injuries and such will change. This can't go on the whole season...can it?

2006-06-11 11:45:38
284.   yankz
If I'm reading these ESPN stats correctly, lefties have hit Myers for a higher average than righties have. Am I wrong?
2006-06-11 11:48:28
285.   singledd
283 Is C. Wilson that much of an upgrade over Melky/Bubba/K. Thomas?
2006-06-11 11:48:38
286.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
284 No, you're correct. Righties this season only hitting .167 vs him in 3.1 innings. Lefties .233 in 8.1
2006-06-11 11:49:00
287.   Zack
Jesus, and here ocmes Proctor, to pitch probably this and next inning. Hello, Ron Villone? Pitch him the rest of the 6th and the 7th??? Joe really doesn't understand the concept of overuse does he?
2006-06-11 11:51:27
288.   Rob Gee
284 Don't read too much into that - the sample is too small - in those 12 AB's, one more hit makes that .167 AVG almost the same (.230) as against lefties.
2006-06-11 11:52:44
289.   singledd
Man... we are fiedling like little leaguers
2006-06-11 11:53:41
290.   Benjamin Kabak
How's about getting that out at the plate, eh, Scotty?
2006-06-11 11:54:34
291.   randym77
285 He's upgrade offensively, which some people seem concerned about. And he can play 1B and catch, which gives us options we don't have now.
2006-06-11 11:54:59
292.   yankz
What was that about leadoff walks always scoring?
2006-06-11 11:55:31
293.   kdw
290 They just asked Flaherty if he thought Proctor had a play at home, and Flaherty said it's drilled into the pitchers to go for 2d and take the safe out.
2006-06-11 11:58:27
294.   yankz
Cano's and Phillips's impatience really cost us. Zito's struggling, and they lasted 3 pitches combined.
2006-06-11 11:59:05
295.   Rob Gee
285 Yes - probably about .100 in OPS assuming Bubba/Melk/Gapper at .750. But the defense is lost. Just depends what the price is on whether it's worth it.
2006-06-11 11:59:36
296.   randym77
That's Robby being Robby, but I don't know why Andy's suddenly so impatient. He didn't used to swing at the first pitch like that.
2006-06-11 12:08:06
297.   Zack
Joe seems to be managing knee jerk again. We have already used up Myers, Proctor, Smith, and now Farns, and the game is tied...That leaves us Villone, Mo, and Small, who pitched a ton of innings yesterday...We better score some runs!
2006-06-11 12:11:11
298.   singledd
297 Maybe RJ is in the pen....
2006-06-11 12:11:29
299.   randym77
Shoulda left Matt Smith in. :-P
2006-06-11 12:11:32
300.   Rob Gee
297 I'm okay with it - they have tomorrow off and the bullpen hasn't been used that much. He gave Smith a chance to get two outs and didn't try to stretch the Proctor pumpkin. Eight outs from your two best relievers should be workable with three innings to get one (hopefully) run.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-11 12:11:44
301.   Zack
WEll thats Farns being Farns, walk the first guy on 4 straight...
2006-06-11 12:12:01
302.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Are we getting squeezed?

CBS gamecenter has the last 7 pitches by Franswacker and Smith all on the edge of the zone and all called balls.

2006-06-11 12:12:02
303.   singledd
Sox down by 2 in the 9th.
2006-06-11 12:12:56
304.   Zack
300 I dunno, with the game tied in the 7th, I say you give Smith two batters, then bring in Villone/Farns.
2006-06-11 12:13:23
305.   Zack
Rob, good to see your man Milton K there :)
2006-06-11 12:18:59
306.   randym77
Y'know, Farnsy's not half bad when he trusts his fastball.
2006-06-11 12:20:33
307.   Rob Gee
305 As ugly as his numbers look, even sadder is that he'd still be the best OF (offense and defense) on the Yanks right now. And he'd be making 3mil for the year.
2006-06-11 12:23:53
308.   yankz
Why the fuck is Jeter hacking away? Damon just walked, and Zito was wild the previous few innings.
2006-06-11 12:25:15
309.   yankz
God this is pissing me off.
2006-06-11 12:25:42
310.   randym77
Jeter just missed a homer.

A-Rod was booed as soon as he hit the ball. Before it was even caught, the crowd was booing.

2006-06-11 12:25:54
311.   Zack
And the automatic boos for Arod continue. Sometimes Yanks fans piss me off...
2006-06-11 12:28:14
312.   singledd
ARod is swinging at BAD pitches.
Giambi needs to give a course in waiting for a good pitch (ARod, Melky, Phillips, Cano, Jeter). You don't HAVE to swing at the first 2 strikes.
2006-06-11 12:28:31
313.   singledd
Where's Giambi? Is he injured?
2006-06-11 12:32:59
314.   singledd
Walk Off HR for Big Papi. Sox win 5-4.
I'm sick to my stomach.
2006-06-11 12:33:03
315.   Jeteupthemiddle
And with the Rangers leading 4-2 with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning, David Ortiz just hit a 3 run HR to end it.


2006-06-11 12:33:15
316.   Benjamin Kabak
Ortiz just hit a walk-off 3-run home run. Damn him.
2006-06-11 12:33:40
317.   Rob Gee
Wow - Papi just hit a walk-off three run homer with two outs and two strikes.
2006-06-11 12:33:56
318.   yankz
2006-06-11 12:34:07
319.   Simone
I don't understand why some Yankee fans boo their own players and never will understand.
2006-06-11 12:34:12
320.   randym77
Giambi got hit by a ball on his wrist, and by a pitch on his hand yesterday. X-rays are negative, but they said the wrapping looks worse than Jeter's looked.

He didn't leave the game yesterday, but is out of the lineup today. Reportedly, Torre told him that he was staying in no matter how badly he was hurt because he wanted to pinch-hit Andy Phillips in the 9th.

2006-06-11 12:34:14
321.   Rob Gee
And double bummer.
2006-06-11 12:34:18
322.   Zack
With this aoffense hitting as it is, looks like we're headed for sweepsville now
2006-06-11 12:34:19
323.   singledd
Once again: I'm sick to my stomach.
2006-06-11 12:34:26
324.   Ken Arneson
312 ARod's pitch was not that a bad pitch to swing at. It was smack dab center of the plate, just a little high.

I thought Cabrera was going to catch that ball.

2006-06-11 12:34:49
325.   Benjamin Kabak
That's a great 1-2 punch. Ortiz wins that game and now Dan Johnson homers with the Yankees looking worse than listless at the plate.
2006-06-11 12:34:53
326.   yankz
Now we're going to hear about that home run for the next, oh, let's say six years.

What I wouldn't give to have A-Rod hit a walk off grand slam today.

2006-06-11 12:35:24
327.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crap, not only does Johnson put the As ahead, but Papi Clutch hits a walk-off three run homer.

Make this weekend end please.

2006-06-11 12:36:26
328.   Benjamin Kabak
I would say that this is an appropriate place to boo a Yankee. Good riddance, Kyle Farnsworth.

Meanwhile, guess who is second in the NL in saves. We should have just given flash however much money he wanted to stay in NY.

2006-06-11 12:37:33
329.   Rob Gee
Not sure if I agree with this move though. I can see the Yanks tying it - but two runs off Huston? Maybe let Farns pitch to one more batter and see? Oh well.
2006-06-11 12:37:59
330.   Zack
When was the last time Villone pitched? Does Torre hate him?
2006-06-11 12:39:58
331.   Ken Arneson
Ouch. I'm glad I'm not a catcher.
2006-06-11 12:42:02
332.   Ken Arneson
Gotta think Villone's the long man if this goes extras, right?
2006-06-11 12:43:10
333.   singledd
Just saw the pitch to Ortiz.
Thigh high, right down the middle.
Might as well just forfeit the game.
2006-06-11 12:43:31
334.   3rd gen yankee fan
thank god we have Mariano.
thank god we have Mariano.
thank god we have Mariano.
2006-06-11 12:43:57
335.   wsporter
Bobby Murcer refering to Mo's cutter: "Probably, Rouse has never seen that at AAA"

Ya think?

2006-06-11 12:45:15
336.   kdw
Think Torre wanted to stop the chance of any more scoring by bringing in Rivera, and save Villone to go if the game goes extras. Yanks have 1 inning to score before Street comes in.
2006-06-11 12:46:54
337.   singledd
324 Looked more then a 'little' high. A very hard pitch to drive. Watch Bonds and Giambi. They are happy to let strikes go by. They figure they only need ONE good pitch... so they wait for it.
2006-06-11 12:47:44
338.   Ken Arneson
335 I've heard dozens of interviews with A's players over recent years, and when asked who is the hardest pitcher to hit, I've never heard anybody answer anything other than Mariano Rivera.
2006-06-11 12:49:22
339.   wsporter
Cano is getting to the point where he does that almost as well from the left side as Jeter does from the right side.
2006-06-11 12:50:33
340.   randym77
All right, Robby!
2006-06-11 12:58:57
341.   singledd
I really like that Torre brought in Mo.
2006-06-11 13:01:43
342.   Ken Arneson
337 If that pitch is half an inch lower, it's over the centerfield fence. ARod's beat the A's many times over the years on pitches like that. I thought Zito was lucky he missed high, because it was badly centered. I'd think it would be awfully hard to lay off a pitch you see coming right down the center like that.

Street is up in the A's pen. This will be his fourth straight game, and fifth in the last sixth days. If you want something to hope for, he might be a little tired.

2006-06-11 13:02:17
343.   randym77
Ouch. Big chunk of broken bat flew up and came down on Jorgie's neck.

Seems to be okay, but jeez...

2006-06-11 13:02:29
344.   wsporter
Does Thompson PH for Cairo here or does Cairo have a better chance of making contact and slapping one up the middle against Street?
2006-06-11 13:03:40
345.   kdw
342 Now you're just playing with us.
2006-06-11 13:04:41
346.   randym77
Cairo's batting. I think I'd have tried KT, though. Cairo's been terrible lately.
2006-06-11 13:07:33
347.   Ken Arneson
345 Sorry, didn't mean to.
2006-06-11 13:10:35
348.   randym77

At least it was Jeter instead of A-Rod making the final out. I don't think I could take all the A-Rod bashing that would result if Jeter made it on base and A-Rod struck out. :-P

2006-06-11 13:10:57
349.   Ken Arneson
Weird that the season series is over already. And the A's haven't played Boston yet at all.
2006-06-11 13:12:37
350.   Rob Gee
349 Yeah, that's f'n crazy - terrible scheduling.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-06-11 13:25:43
351.   kdw
349 Hope your trip to Boston is every bit as successful.
2006-06-11 13:27:01
352.   randym77
Murcer just said exactly what singledd said. A-Rod is swinging at really bad pitches.
2006-06-11 13:28:16
353.   Ken Arneson
351 I'm actually going to Boston to see one of the games in person. Never been there before; should be fun.
2006-06-11 13:37:27
354.   kdw
353 Fenway should be fun. And with the luck you seem to bring, fun for us too.
290 Post-game guys agree with you, think Torre (and probably Flaherty) are covering for Proctor.
2006-06-11 17:40:43
355.   randym77
Sox lost the second game of the doubleheader, 13-6. Texas got 22 hits.

Keith Foulke has turned into Scott Erickson.

Really makes you appreciate the longevity of Mariano Rivera.

We're now one game back.

2006-06-11 18:42:01
356.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Arrragh, we need a healthy Jeter in SS and Giambi back :/ after that we should be alright again... just frustrating that we've been losing but isn't exactly playing horriblly, just that things just aren't clicking on all corners....
2006-06-11 19:38:37
357.   bobtaco
I think we need a healthy, confident A-Rod back too.
2006-06-11 20:53:46
358.   JeremyM
355 Thank God for that, or this weekend would've been a total disaster.
2006-06-11 22:37:33
359.   brockdc
356 Losing happens - it's a long season and even great teams lose sixty games. But the play in this series has been sloppy and uninspired.

357 Yep. More innings from our starters would be great, too. They're averaging a little over 5 innings pitched in 10 games since June 1st. Thank God for Moose.

2006-06-12 02:47:56
360.   randym77
Would be nice to see A-Rod, Giambi and Posada step up. But it's Jeter that's made the big difference, IMO. Jeter not playing SS forces Cairo, who's below the Mendoza line lately, to play every day. And Jeter DHing means Andy (or anyone else who hits better than 1 for 13) can't. That's what's really killing us.

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