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2006-06-09 13:45
by Cliff Corcoran
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Having just taken five of seven from two of the three best teams in the American League other than themselves, including the league's most surprising and best team, the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees now have seven games against the league's two biggest disappointments, the Oakland A's and Cleveland Indians, two preseason playoff favorites whose records currently sit just below .500. Exactly what's gone wrong in Cleveland (it certainly hasn't been Casey Blake and Ben Broussard, who appear to have been traded to an alternate universe for their more talented evil twins) we'll examine on Monday. As for the A's, the answer is rather simple: injuries and a nearly complete offensive breakdown.

On offense Eric Chavez is putting together his best season and Nick Swisher has broken out to make Chavez's production seem tame. Frank Thomas has stayed relatively healthy and, despite a .234 average, has put up on-base and slugging numbers befitting his Hall of Fame talents. But everyone else has been a tremendous disappointment.

Consider these stats:

Bobby Crosby: .291 OBP
Dan Johnson: .335 SLG
Jason Kendall: .327 SLG
Mark Ellis: .302 OBP

A knee injury put Milton Bradley on the DL for more than a month, creating playing time for this:

Jay Payton: .266 OBP
Bobby Kielty: .320 SLG

And now Mark Ellis is on the DL, putting this in the line-up:

Marco Scutaro: .191/.290/.255

That doesn't even bring into account futility infielder Antonio Perez, who's single against the Yankees in mid-May remains his only hit of the year in 35 plate appearances, 16 of which have resulted in a strikeout.

If not for Swisher, Chavez and Thomas, the A's would be the worst offensive team in baseball. As it is, they're the third worst in the AL, with only the lowly Devil Rays and Royals below them

Then there's the pitching. Their young ace, Rich Harden, has made just six starts, the same number as replacements Kirk Saarloos and Brad Halsey. Harden is currently on the DL for the second time this year, this time with elbow problems that some believe could end in Tommy John surgery, which would be a huge blow to the franchise. The two A's relievers with the best ERAs, Justin Duchscherer and Joe Kennedy, are also on the DL having thrown just 28 2/3 innings between them (by comparison, Scott Proctor has thrown 40 1/3).

Among the healthy, Joe Blanton has disappointed, posting a 5.60 ERA thus far. Meanwhile scheduled fifth starter Esteban Loaiza, one of four ex-Yankees on the A's staff, has been both hurt and terrible, posting a 6.39 ERA in just five starts.

Tonight the Yankees face one of the few A's to keep his head above water, 25-year-old Dan Haren. Haren has essentially repeated his 2005 season exactly save for a nicely improved walk rate. Indeed, in the last meeting between these two teams, Haren pitched a one-run, six-hit, no-walk complete game gem to beat . . . well look at that, tonight's starter, Randy Johnson.

For all of his struggles, the Yankees have won Johnson's last three starts and the Unit himself appears to be coming around some, having struck out eight in two of those three games and pitched six scoreless innings in the other. Here's hoping he can take advantage of the week underbelly of the A's lineup and doesn't give Thomas anything to hit.

Derek Jeter will sit out yet again, but is expected to start tomorrow. Curiously, Torre has swapped Cairo and Cabrera in the order. Otherwise, with Jorge back behind the plate to catch the Unit, Andy Phillips is back at first base, and Bernie remains in right.

Oakland Athletics

2006 Record: 29-31 (.483)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 29-31 (.491)

Manager: Ken Macha
General Manager: Billy Beane

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Oakland-Alameda Coliseum (103/103)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Milton Bradley (DL) has pushed Jay Payton to the bench and replaced Mark Ellis (DL) on the roster. Ellis has been replaced in the line-up by Marco Scutaro
  • Esteban Loaiza (DL) has pushed Brad Halsey back into the bullpen and replaced Ron Flores (minors) on the roster
  • Jay Witasick (DL) has replaced Joe Kennedy (DL)
  • Chad Gaudin (minors) has replaced Matt Roney (minors)
  • Steve Karsay has replaced Jeremy Brown (minors)
  • Randy Keisler (minors) replaced Justin Duchscherer (DL) during the last series with the Yankees

Current Roster:

1B – Dan Johnson (L)
2B – Marco Scutaro (R)
SS – Bobby Crosby (R)
3B – Eric Chavez (L)
C – Jason Kendall (R)
RF – Milton Bradley (S)
CF – Mark Kotsay (L)
LF – Nick Swisher (S)
DH – Frank Thomas (R)


R - Jay Payton (OF)
S – Bobby Kielty (OF)
R – Antonio Perez (IF)
S – Adam Melhuse (C)


L – Barry Zito
R – Joe Blanton
R – Esteban Loaiza
R – Dan Haren
R – Kirk Saarloos


R – Huston Street
R – Kiko Calero
R – Jay Witasick
L – Brad Halsey
L – Randy Keisler
R – Chad Gaudin
R – Steve Karsay

DL: R – Mark Ellis (2B), R – Rich Harden, R – Justin Duchscherer, L – Joe Kennedy

Typical Lineup:

L – Mark Kotsay (CF)
S – Nick Swisher (LF)
L – Eric Chavez (3B)
R – Frank Thomas (DH)
R – Bobby Crosby (SS)
S – Milton Bradley (RF)
L – Dan Johnson (1B)
R – Jason Kendall (C)
R – Marco Scutaro(2B)

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2006-06-09 14:59:52
1.   randym77
Sounds like there was a last minute lineup change. Jeter's DHing.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter DH
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams RF
Miguel Cairo SS
Melky Cabrera LF

Andy's riding pine. :-(

2006-06-09 15:00:21
2.   Zack
Looks like Jeter is now the DH, hitting second, sending poor Andy to the bench...

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter DH
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams RF
Miguel Cairo SS
Melky Cabrera LF

2006-06-09 15:00:44
3.   Zack
Damn, just beat me to it randym!
2006-06-09 15:10:59
4.   Stormer Sports
Not much you can do there. If you can get Jeter in the lineup, you have to get him in, no matter which youngster has to sit. Sorry Andy.
2006-06-09 15:16:44
5.   randym77
I wonder if Jeter's ready to come back, though. Or if the rest of them are just sick of having him pitching sunflower seeds at him. ;-)
2006-06-09 15:27:24
6.   yankz
Does anyone remember that "Johnny Damon/Roger Clemens are on roids" rumor from last year? And his name does start with a J...
2006-06-09 15:41:47
7.   randym77
Amusing article:

A Red Sox fan confesses that he's starting to like the Yankees.


They're not bludgeoning people with their $200 million payroll, either. They're winning with defense and solid, situational hitting. The Yankees are 10th in the AL in home runs, but first in on-base percentage and runs scored. They're reminiscent of the great 1998 team, which won with class and a relentless, fundamental charm.

Amazingly, they're doing it with home-grown players. The Yankee farm system is supposedly bereft of talent. Tell that to Robinson Cano, their young second baseman. Andy Phillips has established himself at first base in recent weeks, allowing Joe Torre to use Jason Giambi at DH.

Melky Cabrera, who came up from the farm when Sheffield and Matsui were hurt, is making a case for himself as the left fielder of the future. Cabrera scored from first base on a wild pitch in the opener of this week's series against the Red Sox. The next night, he made an astonishing catch to rob Manny Ramirez of a homer.

How do you hate a guy named Melky? He's only 21 years old. He called his mother and grandmother back in the Dominican Republic after making his big catch against Boston. How do you summon up a healthy loathing for Bubba Crosby, or Chien-Ming Wang, or Scott Proctor?


2006-06-09 15:46:26
8.   JeremyM
I know this is apples and oranges, but after what happened to Sheffield, I'd rather wait until Jeter is ready. Phillips has been doing great, so of course this is the second game in a row he sits.

And what's Thompson gotta do to get a start? Do the Yanks even pay attention to fielding? Oh right, Bernie hit a homer, he may start a classic Bernie hot streak....

2006-06-09 15:49:00
9.   randym77
Well, Joe did say when KT was called up that he was going to be playing off the bench.

Now that Bernie's hit, not one, but two homers, I expect to see a lot more of him.

2006-06-09 16:02:01
10.   JeremyM
Well, I knew he said that, but that was 17 bloops to right ago:)

Don't get me wrong, I love Bernie, but it seems that things tend to run smoother with guys that can field-and maybe even hit a little bit if given the chance.

2006-06-09 16:10:01
11.   Cliff Corcoran
The A's have a crazy righty/scrubs lineup vs. Unit, and they've called up second baseman Mike Rouse. Not sure who's gone, possibly a reliever, both Scutaro and Perez are in the lineup. No Chavez.
2006-06-09 16:11:23
12.   Cliff Corcoran
Flaherty's in the booth to comment on Randy. Kay's gonna pepper him with stupid questions all night.
2006-06-09 16:14:12
13.   Cliff Corcoran
I wonder if Jeter's 6 for 13 vs. Haren has something to do with the last-minute lineup change.
2006-06-09 16:14:22
14.   randym77
Speaking of of the local papers had this article about him today:

He seems to be much happier this year than last. Last year, he played much less than he expected, and felt a bit dissed. This year, he's playing much more than he expected.

2006-06-09 16:19:28
15.   Cliff Corcoran
Coupla deep outs there by Jeter and Giambi. Good sign?
2006-06-09 16:19:47
16.   Stormer Sports
Boston already threatening in the 1st. 2 on an 0 out.
2006-06-09 16:22:28
17.   Stormer Sports
That was expected.
2006-06-09 16:25:26
18.   Simone
Yep, old broken Frank still the power. What a hitter.
2006-06-09 16:28:08
19.   JeremyM
Boy, .030? Someone actually has to look up at Nick Green's .077?
2006-06-09 16:34:41
20.   rabid stan
Gameday says Jorge has an infield single to second.

What happened? Is the A's 2B alright?

2006-06-09 16:37:03
21.   randym77
It was well-hit. He did well to even stop the ball. And he didn't realize it was Jorgie running, and kind of gave up when he didn't catch the ball.
2006-06-09 16:37:31
22.   Ken Arneson
Mike Rouse knocked down a ball headed for right field, but couldn't scramble to pick it up in time. This is Rouse's major league debut.

He's the 4th-string 2B. Ellis is on the DL, Scutaro is covering for Crosby, who bruised his hand yesterday, and Perez is covering for Chavez, who has been having back trouble lately.

2006-06-09 16:39:11
23.   yankz
Thank god they ditched the "swing at the first pitch or you're screwed!" thing.
2006-06-09 16:39:44
24.   rabid stan
Ok, though per 21, he probably could have got Jorgie anyway.
2006-06-09 16:40:00
25.   JeremyM
Most energetic fly-out to right I've ever seen...

I'm just kidding, I don't mind him, but who can't forget those comments from Torre.

2006-06-09 16:41:59
26.   yankz
I hate watching on GameCast. I'm always forced to wonder "Would KT have had that?"
2006-06-09 16:42:48
27.   JeremyM
yankz, just assume yes, you'll be right more than you'll be wrong:)
2006-06-09 16:43:03
28.   Ken Arneson
In one AB, Rouse just matched Antonio Perez's output for the whole season.
2006-06-09 16:43:42
29.   randym77
26 I don't think so.
2006-06-09 16:46:58
30.   randym77
The makeup date for the rained-out game with Boston has been announced. Saturday, Sept. 16, 8pm. Gonna be a day-night doubleheader.
2006-06-09 16:53:26
31.   rabid stan
From Gameday it looks like Thomas got the ball to the warning track after picking it off his shoe laces.
2006-06-09 16:56:25
32.   randym77
31 Pretty close. He was obviously expecting the pitch.
2006-06-09 17:01:39
33.   yankz
Where did that pitch hit Jeter?
2006-06-09 17:03:46
34.   Ken Arneson
33 Grazed his elbow pad.
2006-06-09 17:04:42
35.   randym77
I guess that's why people swing on the first pitch. :-P
2006-06-09 17:04:46
36.   rilkefan
Used to be Jeter would never make the third out at third.
2006-06-09 17:04:52
37.   rabid stan
Randy's working on a little picket fence.
2006-06-09 17:05:12
38.   Simone
Randy Johnson gives it right back.
2006-06-09 17:07:54
39.   yankz
34 Thanks.
2006-06-09 17:12:59
40.   Marcus
An epic at bat, but alas, Marco, you must go back to the bench.
2006-06-09 17:13:54
41.   Chucksax
Stan - don't worry. Randy'll break the fence by allowing three or four runs one of these innings.
2006-06-09 17:14:33
42.   Marcus
Ahem. What?
2006-06-09 17:14:41
43.   Stormer Sports
Spike Lee the corporate sellout in the Ford commercial. That's too funny. So much for Do the Right Thing, huh Spike.
2006-06-09 17:14:57
44.   rabid stan
Aw Randy. You ruined your fence.
2006-06-09 17:15:13
45.   randym77
And the .030 hitter gets a homer off RJ.
2006-06-09 17:15:35
46.   yankz
Haha, ESPN just made an error. It says Perez just homered. Perez, of the .059 batting average. ESPN just sucks, doesn't it?
2006-06-09 17:15:37
47.   Rob Gee
Now that's embarassing.
2006-06-09 17:16:16
48.   Chucksax
Hey, Randy... be fair... he's now up to .059.
2006-06-09 17:17:27
49.   Simone
This is bad joke. How can such a bad offensive team hit Randy Johnson? Clearly, an alien has possessed his body.
2006-06-09 17:18:08
50.   rilkefan
I'd respond to 43, but I think it's best to sign off for the day.
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2006-06-09 17:19:17
51.   Stormer Sports

Maybe Stuart "I grew up affluent in the Suburbs, but I'm Mr. Hip Hop" Scott and ESPN are too busy figuring out how many more plugs of sponsors and ESPN Mobile they can fit into their broadcasts, and how many more reactionary analists they can hire, to care about proper statistics.

2006-06-09 17:19:19
52.   Mattpat11
That may have been the most disgusting thing I've ever seen from a purely athletic standpoint. Just retire Randy. No one wants you here anymore.
2006-06-09 17:19:24
53.   Marcus
Wow, this has the makings of a horror show.
2006-06-09 17:19:27
54.   rabid stan
Randy has given both Bobby Kielty and Antonio Perez their first home runs of the season.

Now they can tell their grandchildren.

"I once hit a home run of Randy Johnson."

"Wow! When Grand-pappa?"

"It was the summer of aught-six..."


2006-06-09 17:19:55
55.   Stormer Sports
Well, it may just be that our lineup has returned to earth.
2006-06-09 17:20:04
56.   yankz
Wasn't Perez's first hit also against RJ? I'm pretty sure it was the Yankees.
2006-06-09 17:21:05
57.   randym77
That Detroit game was so promising. Now this. Maybe it is the weather. Randy can only pitch when it's 90F.
2006-06-09 17:21:12
58.   Stormer Sports
God, maybe the Sox will trade us Pauley for RJ straight up?
2006-06-09 17:22:35
59.   Mattpat11
2006-06-09 17:22:38
60.   Chucksax
Stormer: well, it was bound to happen eventually - we can't expect two major hitters like Sheffield and Matsui to disappear without there being SOME kind of influence. Verducci said that it would only be a matter of time before the short-term effect of new blood would fall victim to reality.
2006-06-09 17:22:47
61.   ChrisS
Someone needs to take RJ out behind the barn.

Is Scott Proctor warming up yet?

2006-06-09 17:24:02
62.   Stormer Sports
On the bright side, at least Joe will leave this pussy afraid of the bat piece of shit out there through 110 pitches and save the bullpen a little.

Randy truly belongs in the bullpen. I have an idea: Everey 5th day you start Wright with plans of bringing in RJ in the 6th. A no bullpen day? It could work.

Joe, Michael, Bobby, you are seeing the real Randy Johnson.

2006-06-09 17:24:38
63.   rabid stan
I'm starting to feel sorry for the old bear.
2006-06-09 17:24:49
64.   Mattpat11
Human white flag is warming up.
2006-06-09 17:25:36
65.   Simone
The least RJ could do is hit a couple As in retaliation. It would be better than walking every other A.
2006-06-09 17:26:04
66.   Stormer Sports
Can we get Kevin Brown out of retirement for like 1 Mil.? Even he would be better than watching this start after $500,000 start!
2006-06-09 17:26:59
67.   randym77
55 I don't think we've beat Haren this season. Even with Sheff and Matsui in the lineup. He has our number.
2006-06-09 17:27:19
68.   Mattpat11
I still cant get over that Perez homer. I'm physically sick.
2006-06-09 17:27:51
69.   Stormer Sports
Extra Innings isn't broadcasting like 5-6 Yankee games this month. On the bright side, 1 or 2 of them is bound to be an RJ start.
2006-06-09 17:27:56
70.   Chucksax
WHICH human white flag - Proctor or Erickson? Or Small? There's three...
2006-06-09 17:28:20
71.   Mattpat11
67 I think they were both out of the lineup when we faced him on Mothers day
2006-06-09 17:29:02
72.   Mattpat11
70 Small. I should have been more specific.
2006-06-09 17:29:30
73.   Stormer Sports

We need Sheffield, Matsui, Gehrig, Ruth, Mantle, Arod, DiMaggio, Mattingly, Jackson, and Jeter to overcome a Randy Johnson start.

2006-06-09 17:30:31
74.   ChrisS
65, "The least RJ could do is hit a couple As in retaliation. It would be better than walking every other A"

Pepper Leach: [Vaughn has just given up a grand slam after walking three straight batters] You want me to go get him?
Lou Brown: No, keep him in. Let's see how he reacts.
Lou Brown: [Vaughn hits the next batter] Interesting.

2006-06-09 17:30:56
75.   rabid stan
Maybe Andy gets playing time.
2006-06-09 17:31:22
76.   randym77
71 They were in the lineup when we lost the first series to Oakland. Haren's game was 9-4 Oakland.
2006-06-09 17:34:04
77.   rabid stan
Like the groundhog, Robbie's power peaks out of its burrow, then retreats.
2006-06-09 17:36:26
78.   Marcus
Well, on the bright side, we won't really need Randy Johnson once Pavano comes back.

/runs for cover

2006-06-09 17:36:31
79.   Stormer Sports
He pulled him? If he's going to pull him here and not require he eat some innings, DON"T START HIM AGAIN! Move him to the bullpen and hope for the best.
2006-06-09 17:37:06
80.   Marcus
Good to see Small knows how to throw a strike.
2006-06-09 17:37:20
81.   Mattpat11
If there's any good that can come of this, hopefully its the end of Aaron Small.
2006-06-09 17:38:06
82.   randym77
They've certainly been hitting them hard...just not quite hard enough.

Sigh. RJ is becoming an anchor around the neck of the team. Forget the outfield. They're going to be going after pitching. Either an ace to replace RJ, or relievers to prop him up.

2006-06-09 17:38:50
83.   randym77
At this point, Aaron Small is looking better than RJ.
2006-06-09 17:40:11
84.   Stormer Sports
If any good can come from this, Randy breaks his leg leaving the clubhouse and we recover some insurance money and they call up Hughes.

Jaret Weaver hasn't been "ruined."

2006-06-09 17:42:07
85.   rabid stan
84 Weaver came straight from AA? Was he just decent there too?
2006-06-09 17:42:21
86.   Stormer Sports

Exactly. I'd rather see Small out there every 5th day than Johnson. Send Erickson packing and put RJ in the bullpen for mop up work.

2006-06-09 17:42:50
87.   randym77
Well, Smallie strikes out Mr. .030 - oops, I mean Mr. .059 - on three pitches.
2006-06-09 17:42:59
88.   Stormer Sports

At this point, wouldn't "decent" be acceptable in RJ's slot?

2006-06-09 17:43:04
89.   Marcus
83 Especially against Antonio Perez!
2006-06-09 17:46:28
90.   Stormer Sports
There is one thing that hasn't been attempted. Johnson claims he prefers 4 days rest to 5 or 6. Try that for 2 or 3 starts and see what happens. It can't get any worse. There is nothing Guidry, or even Mazzone, can do for him at this point. Watching more film won't help, the shrink aint workin'.
2006-06-09 17:47:19
91.   rabid stan
88 To clarify, Hughes is treading water with a 4.46 ERA in AA. Major leaguers would rake him.

So get serious, he wouldn't even be a lateral move at this point.

2006-06-09 17:48:39
92.   Stormer Sports
Maybe give Smith a shot at starting a game or two?
2006-06-09 17:49:57
93.   ChrisS
"To clarify, Hughes is treading water with a 4.46 ERA in AA. Major leaguers would rake him."

As opposed to RJ?

I don't think it matters who gets the start if it's his turn in the rotation. He's below replacement level at this point.

2006-06-09 17:50:35
94.   Stormer Sports
Hey, I think Jason Grimsley needs a job.
2006-06-09 17:51:26
95.   rabid stan
They can keep Haren from going six. At least they've been patient, apparently.
2006-06-09 17:52:36
96.   Stormer Sports
RJ for Bonds, and we eat the salary.
2006-06-09 17:54:37
97.   Chucksax
How 'bout send RJ AND Erickson packing, call up Mendoza (0.88 ERA in Columbus) & White?
2006-06-09 17:57:20
98.   Marcus
RJ must be thinking retirement after this year, right?
2006-06-09 17:57:37
99.   Stormer Sports
"It" is easy when you face Yankee pitching Flaherty, it is easy.
2006-06-09 17:59:20
100.   Chucksax
Trust Yankee pitching to make a raw rookie like Rouse look like Joe Dimaggio.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-06-09 18:00:43
101.   rabid stan
93 I think Hughes would be worse than RJ.

But even if you're right to suggest that at this point they're equivalent, where's the sense in replacing one 6 ERA pitcher with another? Is it supposed to be some kind of punishment?

It does matter who you substitute a pitcher below replcement level with. You should start with your options at replacement level.

2006-06-09 18:00:56
102.   Stormer Sports

It has to be something, right? If it's not physical, and it's not simply that he is one of those guys who cannot perform in NY, I hate to speculate, but maybe he was juiced prior to last year and hasn't figured out how HGH might help him. He went from directly from Cy Young caliber to mop up caliber during the 2004 off-season. From perfect game to praying for one perfect inning.

2006-06-09 18:01:32
103.   singledd
I'm listening to Flash (YES) on MLB.
He's pretty good.
2006-06-09 18:02:03
104.   Mattpat11
Aw crap, he's earned himself eight more games, hasn't he.
2006-06-09 18:04:02
105.   Stormer Sports

I sure hope so. RJ will get a few more starts, we need someone to mop up.

2006-06-09 18:05:53
106.   Stormer Sports
Holy shit! Was that a hit?
2006-06-09 18:06:32
107.   ChrisS
where's the sense in replacing one 6 ERA pitcher with another?

Part of me is being facetious, but a not insignificant part is like, what the hell... throw him out there.

Hughes's ERA in AA belies his good numbers, e.g., the 3+K to BB ratio ... but he'd get smoked by ML hitters.

In any event, planning on getting league average out of RJ at this point is a bad idea.

2006-06-09 18:09:05
108.   Mattpat11
105 I don't mind Johnson on the team. There's a chance that he can be good again.

Small is just a ticking timebomb. He's bombed time and time again this year, but this "HE FINALLY TURNED THE CORNER!" BS has kept him on the team.

2006-06-09 18:11:29
109.   mehmattski
I said it as soon as it happened (only to my roommate so there's not much evidence) but I still contend the following:

Javier Vazquez (2006: 71 IP 7-3 4.14 ERA, 53K/17BB 5 HR)
Brad Halsey (2006: 50 IP 3-2 3.93 ERA, 24K/22BB 7 HR)
Dionneer Navarro (Heir apparent to Posada)

for Randy Johnson (2006: 76 IP 7-4 5.33 ERA 61K/26BB 12 HR)

is the worst trade in the history of the Yankees. No other trade sacrificed more young talent for more aging talent. At least David Justice saved a poor hitting team and won a World Series. I am thoroughly disgusted that I was right...

2006-06-09 18:11:32
110.   randym77
Nice hit, Robbie.

But yech, it's pouring.

2006-06-09 18:12:47
111.   Stormer Sports
I agree. He may or may not get smoked. However, hopefully he wont pitch like a scared little girl out there, afraid to hit the bat like RJ is right now. I've officially decided to agree to plans in lieu of watching any more games that RJ starts. He's not worth my time.
2006-06-09 18:12:52
112.   rusty
hey a little schadenfreude to lighten the mood. Papelbon might have finally blown a save. Francona brought him in for a 4 out save with guys on the corners and Hank Blalock ripped a RBI single off him to tie it up with Boston in the 8th, 3-3.

mortality is a bitch.

2006-06-09 18:12:59
113.   Cliff Corcoran
For the second time today, batting Melky behind Cairo hurts.
2006-06-09 18:14:20
114.   Stormer Sports

Not to mention Contreras.

2006-06-09 18:14:28
115.   nyctarheel87
Papelboner came into the top of the 8th with two runners on while the score was 3-2, then gave up a single to score the tying run. Is that a blown save?
2006-06-09 18:16:47
116.   Chucksax
Yup. Blown save #1.
2006-06-09 18:18:04
117.   randym77
Torre said he felt Melky was feeling the pressure (hence his slump). Moved him to the bottom in order take the pressure off.
2006-06-09 18:19:08
118.   rusty
hey a little schadenfreude to lighten the mood. Papelbon might have finally blown a save. Francona brought him in for a 4 out save with guys on the corners and Hank Blalock ripped a RBI single off him to tie it up with Boston in the 8th, 3-3.

mortality is a bitch.

2006-06-09 18:19:42
119.   Cliff Corcoran
117 slump?
2006-06-09 18:20:30
120.   Chucksax
It is PAINFUL to watch Cairo hit. Why is it that Joe Torre falls in love with Tony Womack-ian offensive players? Isn't there SOME futility infielder that can hit .260/.330/.370 instead of what Cairo's done?
2006-06-09 18:20:56
121.   rabid stan
107 He's actually a little under a 3 K:BB, and that represents a spike from the 15:1 he had in A-ball. Let him develop.

We fans really have been spoiled in the last year.

The Yanks dip into the minor leagues, toss out some prospect. What the hell, right? Wang, Cano, Cabrera. Ta-da!

Well, even those guys still have to prove themselves. Wang has to show he can strike people out from time to time and pitch from the stretch. Robbie still has to deliver even on the modest promise of power he's shown in his career. And don't look now, but Melky has cooled off at the plate in the last week. Was it all a wonderful dream?

So why should they be so cavalier about cutting Hughes' minor league development short? They have other options if they need to do damage control with RJ.

2006-06-09 18:22:45
122.   Stormer Sports
How much is Seattle paying Washburn?
2006-06-09 18:24:49
123.   rabid stan
Cordero coughed up the tie in Boston.
2006-06-09 18:25:54
124.   randym77
119 Mini-slump. From the NY Post:

"Cabrera, the feel-good-story of the season, went 0-for-3 in last night's 9-3 loss and is in a 5-for-28 (.179) slide. . . ."

And over at the YES boards, some of the people who were proclaiming him a superstar are now calling him a "two week wonder."

(Personally, I suspect it's just the other teams adjusting to him. They've got scouting and tape now. Cano went through something similar last year.)

2006-06-09 18:26:35
125.   Adam B
Seeing as Andy Phillips wasn't going to get to play defense unless the Yankees had the lead or were being blown out and with Nick Green on the bench, Phillips should've been up there for Cairo with the bases loaded. Simply put that's bad managing by Torre.
2006-06-09 18:26:54
126.   Stormer Sports
Papelbon picks up the W. Don't look now, but we're back in second place. Thanks for nothing RJ.
2006-06-09 18:27:02
127.   Chucksax
Don't look now, but Small's pitching a pretty good game. Granted, this is the worst offensive team in the AL, but they smacked around Little Unit pretty well.
2006-06-09 18:28:29
128.   Stormer Sports

It says more about RJ than it does about Snall. That's how bad RJ is.

2006-06-09 18:29:35
129.   wsporter
Well on the bright side, E. Duncan has hit two out for Trenton with 4 rbi.

On the dark side, 6 - 1. Gak.

109 Buhner for Phelps? Pretty bad No? Frank Costanza hated it anyway.

2006-06-09 18:29:45
130.   BklynBmr
9 outs left. 6 runs to win. No problem...
2006-06-09 18:30:39
131.   rabid stan
Ok, I know I'm complicit, but 121, 126, and 127 all use the phrase "don't look now."

We should start calling ourselves the Cliche Three.

2006-06-09 18:31:31
132.   Ken Arneson
130 Exactly. The A's bullpen is just as bad as the Yankees' these days. By no means should you give up yet.
2006-06-09 18:32:58
133.   Cliff Corcoran
132 Except the Yankee bullpen is actually pretty good.
2006-06-09 18:33:17
134.   Chucksax
That's my boy, Melky... even if he's in a slump, he's still got a good enough eye to work a walk. Here comes a rally! (Ooops. Spoke too soon. Thanks, Damon, the True Leadoff Hitter (TM)
2006-06-09 18:33:51
135.   rabid stan
We only use the bad ones, though.
2006-06-09 18:34:07
136.   Ken Arneson
133 You'd never know it by reading any of these game threads.
2006-06-09 18:34:59
137.   Ken Arneson
136 See? Five run lead and he's walking guys.
2006-06-09 18:35:25
138.   ChrisS
slump maybe, but Melky keeps drawing walks ... and that tells me he's still seeing the ball well.

they don't always fall in ...

2006-06-09 18:35:33
139.   randym77
Maybe we can walk in six runs.

I am getting really sick of this rain. :-P

2006-06-09 18:37:23
140.   randym77
Melky's done pretty well tonight. He got a hit, and that walk. Could it be that Joe was right, and moving him down in the order did him good?
2006-06-09 18:41:47
141.   wsporter
140It worked with Cano last year and Sori when he came on board. I think I recall Jeter bouncing down as well. (I can't remember any other youngsters that stuck long enough to find out the last few years) Moving down helps take the pressure off sometimes I thinks?
2006-06-09 18:42:05
142.   rabid stan
136 Proctor used to be good, now he's regressed/over-used/lost his curve ball.

Farns is an idiot and sometime savant.

Villone, he of the sub 2 ERA, is never used.

Smith is the lefty hidden behind Villone.

Myers does his LOOGY role.

Small is one of those bad pitchers you read about in the thread.

Then there's, ahem, Scott Erickson, whom we all hate.

There's potential there, but the good pitchers are poorly used and the bad pitchers just won't go away.

2006-06-09 18:45:46
143.   Chucksax
I think that Villone must have hit on Torre's wife or something, the way that Torre completely avoids using him. Same thing with Smith - is he really that bad a pitcher, that he's slotted behind Erickson & Villone?
2006-06-09 18:46:20
144.   yankz
115 Papelboner, I like. Although "Crapelbon" has a nice ring to it too. Papelbitch, anyone?

OK, I'll grow up now.

2006-06-09 18:49:51
145.   rabid stan
144 I can just see some Sox-lurker scribbling notes in response:

"Maria Rivera, 'Mo(ld), Badvera... dammit. I'll get you, yankz."

2006-06-09 18:54:47
146.   randym77
144 I still like Cabbage Patchelbon. He really does look like a Cabbage Patch kid.

I don't mind Aaron Small. I think he needs frequent work to keep his edge. He might thrive in the Tanyon Sturtze role. Get rid of Erickson, and use Small as the overused disposable pitcher.

2006-06-09 18:57:18
147.   yankz
145 LOL, that was hilarious! Mold Badvera, genius.
2006-06-09 19:03:03
148.   Bama Yankee
120125 Like I said in an earlier thread: How about moving A-Rod to short and playing Phillips at third while Jeter is on the mend? If you don't want to move A-Rod, how about just playing Andy at short? His hot bat is not doing us any good sitting on the rack.
2006-06-09 19:06:18
149.   rabid stan
148 Jetes should be back fielding tomorrow, then hopefully Andy at first while Giambi DH's. His defense at SS would probably be worse than his bat doing nothing.

I agree with the previous posters that moving A-Rod to short would just be jerking him around if Jeter's not out for an extended period of time.

2006-06-09 19:06:40
150.   Chucksax
Bama Yankee - I asked Peter Abraham that, over at the lohud Yankee blog. He said that Phillips was pretty brutal over at third base, and is pretty much only an emergency option.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-09 19:07:40
151.   Ken Arneson
142 I can do the same thing for the A's pen:

Street, who was unhittable last year, has regressed to throwing at least two hanging sliders per appearance. He comes in in the eighth with the tying run at the plate, throws a hanging slider...boom, tie ballgame.

Calero is a ROOGY who has been forced to face all batters because everybody else in the pen is worse than him. Save your lefty pinch hitters for when Calero comes in the game, and they'll get on base.

Halsey has actually been pretty good, but he should be in the rotation instead of Saarloos. But now he's going to be wasted as a LOOGY.

Gaudin has good stuff, but walks too many people.

Karsay is almost as done as Scott Erickson.

Jay Witasick...well, y'all know about him. Plus he's been hurt, so even more so.

Get the starter through six and pray for a rainout...that's actually a pretty good strategy for the A's.

2006-06-09 19:09:26
152.   Ken Arneson
151 And...I'm as anxious for Justin Duchscherer as y'all are for Octavio Dotel.
2006-06-09 19:14:01
153.   rabid stan
152 Not only Dotel, but Mendoza has looked good lately. Bring those guys up and tank Erickson and Small, and suddenly nothing but solid arms. Except nobody really knows what to make of Proctor.
2006-06-09 19:25:23
154.   C2Coke
How is the weather looking?
My brother just came back, saw the score and went, "oh, so if the game doesn't come back, they lose, well, at least they didn't have the shutout."
Me, "......"
2006-06-09 19:25:36
155.   Chucksax
Proctor? Easy. One great month lead to overuse by Torre. He's this year's Paul Quantrill, without the track record. We'll keep him around over Small & Erickson, and just hope that Dotel & Mendoza can take their place ahead of him.
2006-06-09 19:27:23
156.   Bama Yankee
150 Andy has made some great snags at first this year. Plus, he was an All-American third baseman for the Crimson Tide back in his college days.
2006-06-09 19:31:18
157.   rabid stan
The radar shows the rain starting to lift and move out of the area.
2006-06-09 19:36:32
158.   randym77
156 And Bubba Crosby was an All-American slugger for the Rice Owls in his college days.

I love Andy, but there's a reason he ended up at 1B. He couldn't handle 3B or 2B in the minors. I don't think it would be wise or fair to stick him at SS. Cairo is okay at SS.

2006-06-09 19:40:34
159.   Adam B
I'm surprised no one has thought of the nickname Pap-Smear for the Sox closer.
2006-06-09 19:44:08
160.   Bama Yankee
158 The reason Andy ended up at first is because he was not going to crack the lineup at any other position. I realize it is probably a moot point now with Jeter coming back (but hey we are in a rain delay), but Andy at third and A-Rod at short is a better option that what we have seen during Jeter's abscence. I just hope we don't see Jeter rushing back into playing the field and ending up with a longer term injury.
2006-06-09 19:45:50
161.   Bama Yankee
159 You beat me to it. I was trying to come up with something like Pap-smear-elbon but it did not seem to work.
2006-06-09 19:52:10
162.   rabid stan
Posting as dpmurphy, resident Sox troll

115, 144, 145, 146, 159, 161 Look at all the classy Yankee fans.

2006-06-09 19:55:07
163.   randym77
160 I don't think that was it. His defense was poor at 3B and 2B. So he ended up at 1B, where his offense didn't quite measure up (at least on paper ;-). People like Giambi play 1B. It's kind of the last stop before DH.

I'm in the "don't move A-Rod" camp. He's been struggling anyway. 3B is his spot, he should stay there. Cairo is okay at SS.

2006-06-09 20:04:35
164.   randym77
Game's back on.

And you can tell that one goodbye!


2006-06-09 20:05:14
165.   rabid stan
That's the way to end a rain delay.
2006-06-09 20:06:04
166.   monkeypants
163 If it's for one or two games, then leave A-Rod at 3b. But Jeter has been out basically a week, and will DH for another day or three. If he is out that long, then it is better to think about moving A-Rod to short and trying Phillips at 3b, saving Cairo for a late inning defensive replacement. Or, you have to be willing to PH for Cairo in critical situations, otherwise why is Green now taking up bench space?

This is similar to Sheff's (first) injury and Posada's injury, where the team does not DL the injured player, but instead trots out some horrible replacement. It also betrays a Yankee tendency the last few years, which is to build the roster with inflexible players (or perhaps more accurately, inflexible use of the manpower available).

2006-06-09 20:10:08
167.   wsporter
150 160] Where did P. Abraham get the idea Andy was "pretty brutal" at third? That's simply not true. He's got good hands, quick feet and a decent arm. I've seen him play third for Norwich and Columbus and I think as recently as last summer if I recall it right in Norfolk. I don't get it? He's not brutal. Bobby Bonilla was brutal at third, not this guy.
2006-06-09 20:11:18
168.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wow suddenly it's a ball game again
2006-06-09 20:11:59
169.   randym77
166 I don't think they expected Jeter to be out as long as he was, though. And A-Rod was hurting, too. He was really wiped out by that virus. Moving him to a different position just seemed like a bit much. With all the team's been through, playing so many people out of position seems like asking for trouble.

Green, I think, is a "break glass in case of emergency" player.

And yay, Robbie! The power is coming, I tell ya!

2006-06-09 20:12:00
170.   rabid stan
Robbie's power, like the ground hog, peeks out of its burrow, and digs for a triple.
2006-06-09 20:13:07
171.   wsporter
Robbie!!!! Making Jorge run.
2006-06-09 20:13:08
172.   Zack
How to Robbie hit a triple?
2006-06-09 20:13:09
173.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Woo, Cano's power starting to come, even in his outs early he was driving it deep
2006-06-09 20:14:08
174.   Zack
Ugh, GOB strikes again
2006-06-09 20:15:13
175.   rabid stan
Scoring Jorgie from first base. That's hard.
2006-06-09 20:15:42
176.   randym77
172 Robbie just whaled on it. Hit it really hard to CF. It rolled to the wall, with Payton chasing after it. He has some trouble picking up even after he got there.
2006-06-09 20:16:10
177.   Zack
Lord Farnsworth in...
2006-06-09 20:16:49
178.   marc
now's the big question. Can they hold them at 6?
2006-06-09 20:18:25
179.   monkeypants
169 "Green, I think, is a "break glass in case of emergency" player."

Ah, but that's the problem. Why even have such a player on the roster? If he is so bad that you can't PH for Cairo with the bases juiced, then replace the PH with Green on D, then you might as well only carry 24 players.

Hell, it's like the Yankees are only carrying 23 players, because apparently Green and Thompson will never be used unless there is a nuclear holocaust.

2006-06-09 20:18:27
180.   randym77
C'mon, Farnsy! Trust your fastball.
2006-06-09 20:19:30
181.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Well, Small's earned at least a few more outtings, and if he can keep this up I don't see why not? at least he is over Erickson in my list for now...
2006-06-09 20:21:08
182.   randym77
179 Kevin is not in the same category as Green. And he has played some.

I suspect Green won't be around for long. Jeter, A-Rod, and Giambi were all down for various reasons. Hopefully that won't be a recurring situation.

2006-06-09 20:22:41
183.   rmd0311
Come on Farns... You already have two outs...
2006-06-09 20:23:54
184.   rmd0311
Finally... Let's see if we can go up one so Mo can close this out.
2006-06-09 20:23:58
185.   randym77
Yeah! Nice catch, Johnny.

Let's go, Yanks!

2006-06-09 20:25:51
186.   marc
this would be a great one to pull out. We got two innings to their one
2006-06-09 20:28:42
187.   BklynBmr
Baserunners. Let's get some baserunners...
2006-06-09 20:28:47
188.   Cliff Corcoran
For what it's worth Keisler was the one demoted to make room for Rouse.
2006-06-09 20:29:09
189.   marc
let's go melkman
2006-06-09 20:30:43
190.   marc
damn, this SOB is throwing good strikes
2006-06-09 20:34:20
191.   BklynBmr
Let's go, Johnny, go, go... get on, brah...
2006-06-09 20:51:15
192.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Grrrr comeon WALK OFF!!!
2006-06-09 21:02:12
193.   Yu-Hsing Chen
GAHHHHHHHH sooo close, bah crummy game when you left so many on and ur ace sucked a ton more than ur journy man
2006-06-09 21:11:53
194.   rusty
hey a little schadenfreude to lighten the mood. Papelbon might have finally blown a save. Francona brought him in for a 4 out save with guys on the corners and Hank Blalock ripped a RBI single off him to tie it up with Boston in the 8th, 3-3.

mortality is a bitch.

2006-06-09 21:15:03
195.   randym77
The "ace" is the one with the highest ERA, right?
2006-06-09 21:24:40
196.   Cliff Corcoran
Anyone else notice what Chris Young is up to with the Padres? His last two games are near no-hitters (total 3 hits in 16 IP), then tonght he strikes out the first six men and currently has 11 Ks in 5 IP, but he's losing 1-0, so he hits a triple and scores the tying run his own damn self. The Padres then take the lead after that. Great stuff.
2006-06-09 21:35:30
197.   randym77
196 Wow. That's really something.

And not nearly as annoying as, say, Josh Beckett hitting a homerun. ;-)

Joe Torre was very pleased with Aaron Small's performance. Like it or not, I think we're keeping him.

Randy Johnson has that lost little boy look again.

Tampa beat Dunedin, 2-1. Bubba Crosby went 1 for 3 and got hit by a pitch. (He seems to get hit by pitches an awful lot.)

2006-06-10 00:11:39
198.   Yu-Hsing Chen
197 haha so true, must be a combination of the name the face and the loose unifiform ;)

(speaking of which, Coco Crisp's face when he is in a box is probably the most hilarious ever)

Arragh, if it weren't Moose's revival this year we'd be in huge trouble by now :/ come on Randy get yourself back together dang it

2006-06-10 01:44:04
199.   Adam B
I can't believe that no one noticed that in Torre's desire to make Wright get his start in and then push Randy a day back, start Moose on regular rest and then get Chacon on Sunday, Wang, who just had one of his best starts of the season, may pitch Tuesday on extra long rest or just have his turn skipped. Perhaps Torre is worried about Chacon on Sunday.
2006-06-10 05:19:51
200.   tommyl
I'd actually start skipping RJ's starts as much as possible. I'm aware of his past, but this season he has shown himself to be at best a fifth starter, and at worst, a minor leaguer. He can continue to whine about umpires, too much or too little rest, personal catchers, etc. Until he proves he deserves those things, start skipping him. What are we going to do with him when/if we make the postseason? Does anyone actually want to see him on the mound starting a playoff game in a five game series?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-10 06:22:16
201.   randym77
I'm very nervous at the idea of RJ on the mound in the postseason. He says he doesn't pitch well until it starts getting hot. That may be why he did well in Detroit, where it was 93F. (I happened to be in the area that day, though not at the game, and the weather was positively brutal. Hot and muggy. The kind of day where it's hard to even breathe.)

So I bet he'll improve as the weather warms. But it will be cooling off again by the postseason.

2006-06-10 08:05:04
202.   tommyl
201 I've heard just about every excuse from Randy at this point. Its too cold is just another one. He seems to absolutely refuse to adapt. His response when in trouble goes one of two ways:

(1) He just tries to throw harder and harder

(2) He becomes afraid to come near the strikezone and walks people

Neither of these are effective and he continues to refuse to adapt in any significant way. Even Clemens changed his repetroire, approach and strikeout pitch as he aged. Maybe I'm wrong, and I hope I am, but he just looks old and dare I say finished. We will occasionally see glimpses of the old RJ, as we did with the near no hitter, but that will not be his consistent self. Verducci I think, had an article about this a few weeks back.

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