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2006-06-08 10:51
by Cliff Corcoran
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No word yet on the fate of tonight's game, but the rain has been much lighter in the city today and things appear to be drying up a tad on the streets. Having postponed yesterday's contest and with double headers scheduled in both of their remaining series with the Sox (five games in four days in Fenway in August and four games in three days in the Bronx in September), you know the Yankees want to get this one in. If so, we'll see the matchup we were supposed to get last night with Jaret Wright taking on Curt Schilling.

A mismatch on paper given that the Yanks are throwing their fifth starter against Boston's ace, I have an odd feeling that the Yankees have a decen shot tonight. Part of that is that Jaret Wright has impressed of late, at least by fifth starter standards. His aggregate line over his last six starts is now:

33 2/3 IP, 36 H, 13 R (12 ER), 2 HR, 8 BB, 17 K, 1.31 WHIP, 3.21 ERA, 3-1

That's plenty solid given the Yankees major league best offense. Jaret's remaining bugaboo is length. He's finished the sixth inning in just half of those starts and hasn't answered the bell for the seventh in any of them. That seems unlikely to change against the Red Sox. Then again, Wright's shortest outing in those six turns was five full and he left that game due not to poor performance (he had kept the Red Sox scoreless on 73 pitches), but because of a tweaked groin.

That was the only time Wright has faced the Sox thus far this year. Schilling, meanwhile, has faced the Yankees in two of his last five turns with markedly different results. Most significant about Schilling is that he hasn't walked a single batter in his last four starts, which is a mighty powerful way to counter the Yankees historic on-base pace. That said, save for his last outing against the Yankees in Fenway, he hasn't been particularly efficient in any of those outings, so while they might not get to ball four, there's little reason for the Yankees not to continue to work the count tonight.

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2006-06-08 14:13:56
1.   BklynBmr
It'll be interesting to see what the plan of attack is at the plate is tonight. I hope Schilling is off, few things bother me more than 6 pitch innings for that gasbag.

Let's go Yank-ees!

2006-06-08 14:20:16
2.   claybeez
Just heard on MLB Radio's Stayin' Hot, that Sheff will be going under the knife. They said he'll be out until at least September.
2006-06-08 14:22:22
3.   randym77
2 I kind of figured that would be the outcome. I have a feeling we've seen the last of Sheff in pinstripes.
2006-06-08 14:23:33
4.   claybeez
Hope I'm not infringing on any copyrights here. Per Rotoworld...

"Yankees GM Brian Cashman said Gary Sheffield will have surgery on his left wrist on Tuesday. He's not expected back until September.

Sheffield was trying to rehab the torn ligament and dislocated tendon in his left wrist, but the injury figured to be too severe for him to play through. It now seems guaranteed that Melky Cabrera will be a regular, at least until the final month of the season. The Yankees also likely will trade for some outfield help at some point."

2006-06-08 14:25:25
5.   dianagramr

I guess the Bobby Abreu trade rumors will now commence in earnest.

2006-06-08 14:33:57
6.   randym77
Please, not Bobby. Not Sori or Torii, either.

I'd go for someone like Craig Wilson. Though I wouldn't trade Melky for him, as some wanted to do during spring training. ;-)

2006-06-08 14:34:27
7.   murphy
whuddyathink sheff's value as a trade commodity is right now? i am guessin he has a no-trade clause, but might he waive it if the potential team were to be allowed a chance to negotiate a multi-year deal?

also, steve goldman vaguely advocated for trading duncan. given his track record to date, it might be worth our while to let him go while there's still some interest.

2006-06-08 14:43:08
8.   Shaun P
7 I think Sheff's trade value is pretty low right now. Who will want to pay him what he's likely to want? That plus his age and the wrist injury . . .

OTOH, I think trading Eric Duncan is a fine idea. And if the package can include Long and Erickson, all the better. ;)

Anyone else wonder if the Pirates would be willing to part with Craig Wilson AND Ryan Doumit? Doumit is a catcher, young (25), and currently 3rd on the Pirates depth chart behind Paulino and Cota. Plus, Doumit is hurt right now, so his cost might be low. He could be a worthwhile replacement for Posada down the road, or at least a viable stop gap for a couple years. Thoughts?

2006-06-08 14:46:18
9.   dpmurphy
"but might he waive it if the potential team were to be allowed a chance to negotiate a multi-year deal?"

A multi year deal on an older player who's a head case AND about to have surgery on his wrist? You're living in a dream world.

He has zero trade potential.

2006-06-08 14:47:55
10.   murphy
ok. am i missing something? why are all so stoked for craig wilson: a man who has lead the league in strikeouts?
2006-06-08 14:49:59
11.   murphy
oh shite! are we gonna have both murphy's up in here for the game thread tonight? i sense a rumble a-brewin'. (cue west side story music)



2006-06-08 14:56:32
12.   Shaun P
10 Actually Wilson finished second to Adam Dunn in the NL in strikeouts in 2004.

Meanwhile, he (Wilson) put up an otherwise darn good line: .264/.354/.499, OPS+ of 122. That was his age-27 likely peak season, but still, at 29 its not like he's washed up.

PECOTA projected him to hit .269/.366/.485 in 427 PAs this year. I'd take that in a second right now.

BTW murphy - if there's a rumble, I hope you trounce our resident Sox lurker.

2006-06-08 14:56:32
13.   Shaun P
10 Actually Wilson finished second to Adam Dunn in the NL in strikeouts in 2004.

Meanwhile, he (Wilson) put up an otherwise darn good line: .264/.354/.499, OPS+ of 122. That was his age-27 likely peak season, but still, at 29 its not like he's washed up.

PECOTA projected him to hit .269/.366/.485 in 427 PAs this year. I'd take that in a second right now.

BTW murphy - if there's a rumble, I hope you trounce our resident Sox lurker.

2006-06-08 14:56:55
14.   Shaun P
No clue why that was a double post, sorry.
2006-06-08 15:05:44
15.   randym77
I like Wilson because he's likely to be cheaper than the other names mentioned. He's disgruntled with his lack of playing time. At one point, both he and his agent weren't even speaking to the Pirates management. Pittsburgh has an excellent farm system, a ton of talented young prospects, very little money, and more outfielders than they know what to do with. I think they'd be happy to see the back of Wilson, and they'd be more interested in cash than prospects.
2006-06-08 15:10:40
16.   randym77
Jeter's still out. They are now saying he probably won't be back until Saturday.

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Bernie Williams RF
Miguel Cairo SS
Kelly Stinnett C

2006-06-08 15:21:26
17.   murphy
wonder why phillips has the night off and posada is DH...
2006-06-08 15:30:21
18.   YankeeInMichigan
Mark Feinsand on reports that Bubba and Bernie will share right field duties while Melky stays in left. With Bubba's greater speed and Melky's stronger arm, wouldn't it make more sense to put Bubba in left and Melky in right?
2006-06-08 15:34:26
19.   randym77
Flaherty just said on YES that we'll likely see Andy sometime tonight.
2006-06-08 15:34:40
20.   YankeeInMichigan
17 It appears that Torre wants to get another lefty bat in the lineup against Schilling, though Schilling's splits do not seem support such a strategy.
2006-06-08 15:35:44
21.   Marcus
20 But Posada has great career numbers against Schilling. I don't have them handy, but he has an OPS over 1.000.
2006-06-08 15:37:04
22.   MattinglyHOF
If youre gonna give Andy a day off against Schilling is a good time to do it.I think the OF is set up that way so Melky doesnt yo yo between left and right.Damon says his foot is 90% thats HUGE.
2006-06-08 15:38:20
23.   joejoejoe
Any thoughts on Andy Phillips getting time in RF? He played 2 innings in LF in 2005 with the Yanks. Does anyone know how much OF he played in the minors?
2006-06-08 15:49:56
24.   Marcus
I don't think the Yanks need Phillips in RF, although I can't imagine him being any worse than Bernie out there. I don't think he spent much time at all in the outfield during his time in the minors. Started at 3rd, moved to 2nd, and finally wound up at 1st.

I kind of like the platoon of Bubba and Bernie in RF. That gets Bernie in games against LHPs, but limits his overall time in the field. I think it would be optimal to have them both platooning in LF (with Bernie's arm), but it looks like Melky's going to be in LF for the duration. Bubba's arm isn't too bad though, so he'll be alright in RF.

2006-06-08 16:02:56
25.   yankaholic
7 Sheff n Posada r the only Yanks without no-trade clauses.. thats y he was linked in the Mike Cameron trade last yr
2006-06-08 16:05:55
26.   randym77
Deadspin thinks they have the names that were blacked out on the Grimsley affadavit:

They think it's Sosa, Tejada and Pujols.

2006-06-08 16:07:59
27.   yankaholic
26 i wouldnt be surprised if one Mr "I hit them 500 feet" would be there??
2006-06-08 16:08:20
28.   Marcus
25 I don't think they are the only ones. What about Chacon, Small, Crosby, Melky, Cano, Wang, Phillips, etc. etc.

Plus I think Posada becomes a 10-5 veteran (10 years in the majors, 5 with the same team) after this season, so he'll have veto powers over any trades after that.

2006-06-08 16:11:02
29.   yankaholic
28 i was talking abt the big money-veterans,

the ones u listed are all not yet out of the arbitration years...

all minor leaguers are tradeable

2006-06-08 16:13:05
30.   Benjamin Kabak
Three batters into the game and Joe Morgan has already said 7 stupid things. Why does ESPN employ this talking douchebag?
2006-06-08 16:15:15
31.   AbbyNormal821
ICK...1-0 Saaawx.

Me scared, mommy!

2006-06-08 16:15:19
32.   Benjamin Kabak
Mmm. Good to see Jaret Wright only pitches well against bad teams.
2006-06-08 16:15:59
33.   randym77
Arrghhhh. This is not looking good.

Buckle down, Jaret!

2006-06-08 16:15:59
34.   BklynBmr
26 Oliver Stone Dept.: Pujols drops off the radar just before The Grim Reaper news breaks. Hmmmm.

Hey, Wright is throwing an all-hitter!

2006-06-08 16:16:41
35.   randym77
Don't give up yet. Wright usually has a rocky first inning, then settles in.
2006-06-08 16:17:21
36.   AbbyNormal821
I want to see how this first inning goes. What's the chance they can say...nevermind, get Johnson in there?


Michael Kay just made the over-obvious statement that Wright struggles in the 1st inning normally. Just don't struggle so much that Boston puts up another 3 runs!

2006-06-08 16:18:28
37.   AbbyNormal821
Double-play ball, DAMMIT!!! DOUBLE PLAY BALL...for the love of all that's pure & holy, man!!!
2006-06-08 16:19:10
38.   Benjamin Kabak
I hate watching Wright. Would it kill him to NOT have a full count on EVERY batter he faces?
2006-06-08 16:19:22
39.   AbbyNormal821
Aw, CRAP!!!!
2006-06-08 16:19:41
40.   Simone
I get to see this game and Jaret Wright is being Jaret Wright.
2006-06-08 16:20:17
41.   AbbyNormal821
Hey...a strike! What a concept!
2006-06-08 16:20:32
42.   Benjamin Kabak
Jason Varitek with that .236 BA is the leading catcher in the All Star voting. The game shouldn't count if the voting is just a popularity contest.
2006-06-08 16:20:42
43.   AbbyNormal821
2006-06-08 16:20:51
44.   Benjamin Kabak
Sweet DP.
2006-06-08 16:21:09
45.   randym77
There you go. That wasn't so bad.

Wright wasn't killed by that comebacker. I'm taking it as a good sign.

2006-06-08 16:21:37
46.   BklynBmr
This was technically Randy's start so Wright is just honoring him by spotting the Sox a lead in the first inning. He'll settle down...
2006-06-08 16:21:39
47.   rilkefan
Does anyone commenting actually read Cliff's posts? Hint - Wright held the Sox scoreless for five innings last time he faced them.
2006-06-08 16:22:33
48.   AbbyNormal821
Here's hoping Schilling trips on his shoelaces...or his ego...
2006-06-08 16:23:13
49.   rilkefan
Think Tek is 1-25 on the season against the Yankees.
2006-06-08 16:23:21
50.   Benjamin Kabak
47 Looks like he's going to make up for it tonight.
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2006-06-08 16:23:43
51.   Marcus
Man, Varitek is king of the GIDP this year.
2006-06-08 16:24:01
52.   Mattpat11
There's no one on that team I like to see fail more than Varitek.
2006-06-08 16:25:45
53.   BklynBmr
That's what I'm talkin' about!
2006-06-08 16:25:53
54.   Benjamin Kabak
Sadly, that home run just reminded me of the 2004 ALCS.
2006-06-08 16:26:21
55.   AbbyNormal821

Ah, yes - that was GREAT!!!

2006-06-08 16:26:55
56.   BklynBmr
Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B Goode' on the PA. "Go, Johnny, go, go." I love it.
2006-06-08 16:27:02
57.   AbbyNormal821
Another game like Tuesday would be so f'in sweet!!!!
2006-06-08 16:27:04
58.   Cliff Corcoran
What a shift in fortunes! Sox bases loaded, one in, one out, to 1-1 tie game in two batters. Wow!
2006-06-08 16:27:08
59.   Marcus
You know Damon was loving that one. Damon's wife probably loved it more.
2006-06-08 16:27:33
60.   Benjamin Kabak
HAHA. The kid in the front row with the Red Sox hat on just got dissed by Larry Bowa!
2006-06-08 16:27:41
61.   Cliff Corcoran
47 Thanks, rilkefan. Sometimes I wonder myself.
2006-06-08 16:28:01
62.   tommyl
This Damon kid can hit
2006-06-08 16:28:52
63.   BklynBmr
54 I got over that after his first one. I've willed it to be a fading memory ;-)
2006-06-08 16:28:55
64.   Benjamin Kabak
The Cardinals are "not a good team without Albert Pujols in the lineup," according to Joe Morgan. Thanks, Captain Obvious. I thought that taking maybe the best player in baseball right now out of the lineup would improve St. Louis. Idiot.
2006-06-08 16:29:00
65.   randym77
Maybe they should swap Melky and Johnny. Would be nice to have someone on base when JD hits a homer.
2006-06-08 16:31:12
66.   Benjamin Kabak
63 Has he hit one already as a Yankee that hit the foul ball like his grand slam off Home Run Javy did?
2006-06-08 16:31:46
67.   AbbyNormal821
Doesn't A-Rod usually own Schilling? Now would be a good time to smash one out...but I can wait a couple of more inning.

Schill seems to be doing an awful lot of 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2.

DAMN...strike out! POOEEY!

2006-06-08 16:33:19
68.   BklynBmr
66 His first was a soaring upper decker. That was similar enough for me...
2006-06-08 16:34:19
69.   tommyl
67 It wouldn't be clutch yet ;)
2006-06-08 16:34:38
70.   Benjamin Kabak
Who woulda guessed that, in June at least, the Lowell part of the Josh Beckett deal is working out better for the Red Sox?
2006-06-08 16:36:15
71.   AbbyNormal821
Jaret - take a cue from Janet Jackson...


2006-06-08 16:36:46
72.   AbbyNormal821
(figured you guys brought up Def Leppard yesterday - why not Ms. J today?)
2006-06-08 16:37:22
73.   AbbyNormal821
2006-06-08 16:37:50
74.   Benjamin Kabak
73 Uh...he caught a lazy pop-up. Take a deep breath.
2006-06-08 16:38:44
75.   tommyl
73 You might want to stop with the greenies.
2006-06-08 16:40:12
76.   rilkefan
61 - a prophet is without honor in his own country.
2006-06-08 16:41:19
77.   yankaholic
1-2-3.. I have more faith in Wright than Randy..

i just hope we pick his 3rd yr ... if he stays healthy, hes a good 4-5 guy

2006-06-08 16:46:57
78.   Benjamin Kabak
Wake up, Scott McClellan. Cano wanted time there.
2006-06-08 16:47:54
79.   BklynBmr
2006-06-08 16:48:11
80.   yankaholic
2006-06-08 16:48:13
81.   Marcus
Bernie goes BOOM!!!! (cheesy but worth it)
2006-06-08 16:48:20
82.   randym77
Holy guacamole! Bernie goes boom...again.
2006-06-08 16:48:33
83.   tommyl
Huh, and that was lefty too. Wow.
2006-06-08 16:48:34
84.   Benjamin Kabak
78 I mean, Tim. Scott's no longer in the White House. Hee heee.

Bernie goes boom!

2006-06-08 16:48:38
85.   nyctarheel87
Why don't many people seem concerned that cano only has 2 homers on the year. I thought he bulked up over winter.
2006-06-08 16:48:39
86.   BklynBmr
What a soft swing, that thing just took off...
2006-06-08 16:48:40
87.   Cliff Corcoran
Bernie with another lefty homer! How about that!
2006-06-08 16:49:23
88.   BklynBmr
81 I can't hear that enough ;-)
2006-06-08 16:49:53
89.   Benjamin Kabak
85 Duly noted as a concern on this site a few times over the last two weeks. We're all waiting for the power explosion.
2006-06-08 16:51:06
90.   rilkefan
85 - people are concerned. Some days Steve Goldman seems nearly ready to chuck him.
2006-06-08 16:51:46
91.   yankaholic
85 well we cud use a few HRs, but his hits are there.. and he is more of a doubles hitter than HR hitter.. and we all know HRs come in bunches ask Tino Martinez

maybe he will have Brian Roberts like transformation when doubles turn HRs.. and he is only 23, and he doesnt have the same trainer as Albert Pujols 26

2006-06-08 16:52:11
92.   rilkefan
Ok, I'm looking for Wright to leave this game with a lower ERA than Schilling.
2006-06-08 16:52:28
93.   BklynBmr
Are Robbie's walks up so far this year? Could be wrong, but it seems like he's been getting into deeper counts.
2006-06-08 16:53:34
94.   Cliff Corcoran
85 He is on pace for about 40 doubles. I'm still more concerned about his walk rates than his power.
2006-06-08 16:53:34
95.   rilkefan
If I were Pujols, and clean, I'd donate a blood sample to a reputable lab pronto.
2006-06-08 16:55:37
96.   BklynBmr
95 Player's union would castrate him...
2006-06-08 16:56:45
97.   Cliff Corcoran
95 Unfortunately, the player association discourages such things.

93 Cano's seeing 3.17 pitches per PA this year as opposed to 3.05 last year. That 3.05 was just horrendous. The 3.17 ain't much better. His walk rate is almost identical to last year (about 1 BB per 32 PA, which is dreadful).

2006-06-08 16:58:29
98.   Javi Javi
McClelland is annoying. Call the pitch! oh its a strike!
2006-06-08 17:02:53
99.   BklynBmr
97 Thanks, did not realize it was that still that bad. Wow.
2006-06-08 17:03:03
100.   Cliff Corcoran
I really really like Damon. He smacks a homer, just pulls another and then bunts on the next pitch, then starts fouling off pitches. He's an absolute pest and a heckuva hitter.
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2006-06-08 17:03:29
101.   Cliff Corcoran
Then he doubles.
2006-06-08 17:03:39
102.   BklynBmr
Go, Johnny, Go, Go!
2006-06-08 17:04:02
103.   AbbyNormal821
OK - I'm off the greenies. Point taken.
2006-06-08 17:06:14
104.   Cliff Corcoran
Then gets doubled off. Doh!
2006-06-08 17:07:22
105.   Rosbif22
lol, he had a great "Crap, that was stupid" reaction, without going over the top and hating himself.
2006-06-08 17:08:21
106.   rilkefan
96, 97 - yeah, I guessed that - but the guy has a good shot at being the consensus best hitter of the modern era, right? By a lot? He's not just some average all-star.

Maybe have the sample frozen against the day the union decides to go along with a tough regime.

2006-06-08 17:10:47
107.   Rosbif22
96, 97 What power does the union have to stop him from giving a sample?
It's become such a vociferous witch hunt that I would do anything to exonerate myself (in Pujols' position)
2006-06-08 17:13:48
108.   Marcus
Haha, man I can't get over Varitek. Almost another GIDP!
2006-06-08 17:14:12
109.   BklynBmr
Melky should just move in about 50 feet tonight...
2006-06-08 17:14:56
110.   rilkefan
107 - guess part of the point is that such a gesture would implicate others unwilling to do the same. The union might see it as acceding to the pro-test forces without getting any good process guarantees in exchange.
2006-06-08 17:16:33
111.   Rosbif22
110 Thanks; definately makes sense.
At the same time, I can see how you wouldn't give in to those who are pro-testing, even if you are clean. I was just wondering how it all works.
2006-06-08 17:17:17
112.   murphy
110 i see rilkefan is a union man. i was just about to explain the same thing.
2006-06-08 17:17:25
113.   BklynBmr
106 There was some buzz yesterday about preserving blood samples for future testing (when medical technology catches up) for HGH, but unless there is a serious public opinion sh*tstorm against the players, I can't see the union going for that anytime soon.

107 I don't think they can stop him legally, but the pressure would be tremendous. Maybe someone can elaborate on the legalities or union bylaws...

2006-06-08 17:17:28
114.   Rosbif22
111 sorry..."definitely" doesn't have an A in it.
2006-06-08 17:17:54
115.   AbbyNormal821
hmmm...Sox seem to be leaving an awful lot of runners on...not that I'm complaining...
2006-06-08 17:26:59
116.   Benjamin Kabak
If Joe Morgan "knows" there were players using HGH and steroids, why didn't he say something sooner? He talks like it was common knowledge among the baseball elite.
2006-06-08 17:27:33
117.   Marcus
Hey, rewinding a bit, can anyone give a quick description of how Damon got doubled off on Melky's fly ball?
2006-06-08 17:28:30
118.   Benjamin Kabak
117 It wasn't anything big...It looked like he thought there were 2 outs intead of 1.
2006-06-08 17:29:09
119.   Rosbif22
117 Damon just ran too far. I don't know if he didn't think the ball would be caught, or if he had just not paid enough attention. I don't think they showed Damon on TV until after the ball was caught, so I'm not sure what he was doing.
2006-06-08 17:30:58
120.   randym77
IMO, Damon just didn't think the ball would be caught.
2006-06-08 17:31:45
121.   murphy
116 joe morgan knows because he was one of them. little known is the truth about his stupidity: he actually was hit in the head by a tom seaver fastball in a pickup game int he off-season between 75-76. he suffered massive brain damage and needed to use steroids to speed up the healing process. he was able to continue his career, but he has lost all capacity for rational thought where baseball is concerned. it's true!! ;)
2006-06-08 17:34:07
122.   singledd
Considering both Shef and Mats are probably out for the year, I'd like to hear where all us BB'er stand on the issue.

1) Do we get another OF'er? Yes or No.
2) And if Yes, who's your choice?
3) And if you THINK the Yanks will get one, who do you think the YANKS will get?

I think it's coming soon.
Soriano will be the Yanks first choice.
(We are losing over 50 HRs a year)

Please voice your opinions.

2006-06-08 17:35:13
123.   nick
giambi! hockey goalie style....
2006-06-08 17:36:27
124.   Rosbif22
No other OFers. There's no particularly good choice, in my opinion, so why bother?
2006-06-08 17:36:33
125.   Benjamin Kabak
1. I'm going to answer a little more than yes or no. I would want to get another outfielder but only if we don't give up too much. I wouldn't want to trade certain players, but if the Nats wanted Eric Duncan, right now, they can have him.

2 and 3. I answer the same. I would be very unsurprised if Alfonso Soriano ends up back in the Bronx. But Trader Jim will drive a hard bargain for that...especially with Stan Kasten backing him.

2006-06-08 17:36:34
126.   Benjamin Kabak
1. I'm going to answer a little more than yes or no. I would want to get another outfielder but only if we don't give up too much. I wouldn't want to trade certain players, but if the Nats wanted Eric Duncan, right now, they can have him.

2 and 3. I answer the same. I would be very unsurprised if Alfonso Soriano ends up back in the Bronx. But Trader Jim will drive a hard bargain for that...especially with Stan Kasten backing him.

2006-06-08 17:36:41
127.   rilkefan
50 - I'll register my raspberry now.
2006-06-08 17:37:30
128.   yankaholic
who wanted power??
2006-06-08 17:37:34
129.   Cliff Corcoran
What was that we were talking about earlier. Something about Cano and homers . . .
2006-06-08 17:37:38
130.   Benjamin Kabak
85 There's your power!!
2006-06-08 17:37:49
131.   BklynBmr
Robbie checks the Banter between innings...
2006-06-08 17:37:51
132.   randym77
Someone ordered a Robby Cano homerun?
2006-06-08 17:38:26
133.   Benjamin Kabak
127 I'm halfway through eating my hat. And you know what? It tastes great so far.
2006-06-08 17:38:26
134.   Simone
You asked for Cano power... Nice.
2006-06-08 17:38:31
135.   Knuckles
Well, there's some of Robbie's power.
I do agree with the people who say that the doubles turn to homers eventually...

Solo shots all around tonight, let's get some guys on base.

2006-06-08 17:38:47
136.   Rob Gee
Waldman said three splitters - three homers.

Think he'll throw that pitch again?

2006-06-08 17:38:53
137.   nyctarheel87
there it is
2006-06-08 17:38:54
138.   nyctarheel87
there it is
2006-06-08 17:39:41
139.   Cliff Corcoran
125 Davey Johnson just joined the Nationals front office, meaning Bowden just ceased to be a patsy.
2006-06-08 17:40:31
140.   murphy
122, i think this is a great convo to have - i urge you to post the questions again tomorrow when it won't get lost in the shuffle of the game thread.
2006-06-08 17:41:40
141.   rabid stan
Anybody watching the ESPN feed during Cano's AB?

They were talking about Jeter being a terror in the dugout when he's injured, and then you see him hucking sunflower seeds at Bernie in the on-deck circle.


2006-06-08 17:42:10
142.   rilkefan
92 - on the way...
2006-06-08 17:42:31
143.   Benjamin Kabak
139 Cliff, Oh, I'm not saying Bowden will be a patsy. When he trades his players, he generally drives a tough bargain. His acquistions are the ones that raise question marks, but I have more faith now in his ability to trade with Kasten (and Davey Johnson) behind him.
2006-06-08 17:43:26
144.   murphy
IIRC, during the pregam, joe said that if they wanted to keep derek on the bench past saturday they would "need a padded room".
2006-06-08 17:43:35
145.   rilkefan
133 - to be fair, I was expecting bad things after the first, and Wright's probably had some luck.
2006-06-08 17:44:48
146.   randym77

1. I'd be fine with not trading for an OFer. In fact, I'd love for Bubba to get the same chance Melky has gotten. As for what the Yanks will actually do...they'll probably get an OFer, but later rather than sooner. I think they'll wait until the trade deadline is closer.

2. Craig Wilson. Or someone like him. Someone that won't cost too much.

3. Craig Wilson. Or someone like him.

>>I think it's coming soon.<<

Umm...weren't you the one who predicted the Yankees would trade for Soriano by the end of May? ;-)

2006-06-08 17:46:19
147.   murphy
i think whether chacon succeeds in his first two starts will decide whether they go after and OF or a SP.
2006-06-08 17:46:58
148.   Benjamin Kabak
145 He's still Full Count Wright though.
2006-06-08 17:47:02
149.   Cliff Corcoran
For what it's worth, I think the Yankees do have to make a move for an OF now, though I agree that I'd prefer a low cost, under the radar type guy, like a Craig Wilson.

Then again, whatever move has to consider 2007 as well. Will they want to pick Sheff back up to DH and play Melky in right? Will they want the new guy to DH and play Melky in right? Do they like Phillips enough to stick with Melky in RF, Giambi at DH and Phillips at 1B (doubt it). Do they see Melky as more of a fourth OF (he has tweaner skills, doesn't quite hit like a corner man, doesn't quite field like a CF) and want to populate RF with the new guy? Do they just want a rental they can toss aside this winter? Any trade could have significant impact on Melky, Phillips and next year's team structure.

2006-06-08 17:49:10
150.   Benjamin Kabak
Someone should tell ESPN that Curt Schilling needs more praise heaped on his head. He's too modest as it is.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-08 17:49:14
151.   Marcus
One Varitek special, coming right up...
2006-06-08 17:50:28
152.   Benjamin Kabak
Wright's location is gone.
2006-06-08 17:51:16
153.   Marcus
152 You got that right. Who's up in the bullpen?
2006-06-08 17:52:10
154.   Benjamin Kabak
Oookay. This inning is turning into a disaster.
2006-06-08 17:52:12
155.   rilkefan
0 - "Jaret's remaining bugaboo is length."
2006-06-08 17:52:24
156.   Marcus
Get him out of there...
2006-06-08 17:52:39
157.   monkeypants

1. Yes

2. Someone with some pop, who can PH, even if he is a poorer defender. ideally LH so he can take away LH Bernie ABs (despite the HR tonight). Then Crosby can slot into the defensive OF/pinch runner role.

3. knowing the Yankees, Griffey, Rob Deer, or Craig Counsell.

2006-06-08 17:52:39
158.   murphy
i feel the Proctologist coming on...
2006-06-08 17:53:15
159.   randym77
I think we may have seen the last of Sheff in pinstripes.
2006-06-08 17:54:40
160.   JeremyM
Damn, I was just starting to feel really good about this game. That'll learn me.
2006-06-08 17:55:49
161.   GoingDeep
Wright has been running out of gas in the 6th recently.
2006-06-08 17:57:34
162.   Benjamin Kabak
Dammit. The Sox can take the lead with an out now. Joe left Jaret in for a bit too long tonight. It was clear when he couldn't get Manny out that his location was utterly gone.
2006-06-08 17:58:04
163.   rilkefan
155 - should have linked to 76 too...
2006-06-08 17:59:33
164.   BklynBmr
161 I'm OK with him getting that far for now as long as he keeps us in the game. He still needs to put a good stretch of months together without an injury.
2006-06-08 18:01:08
165.   Benjamin Kabak
Where was that? WHERE WAS THAT?
2006-06-08 18:01:16
166.   BklynBmr
Squeezed on the 1-2!
2006-06-08 18:02:34
167.   Simone
Ugh! When things go bad, they go real bad.
2006-06-08 18:02:35
168.   randym77
2006-06-08 18:02:42
169.   Benjamin Kabak
That should be an E5.

I will not bash A-Rod. I will not bash A-Rod.

2006-06-08 18:03:02
170.   BklynBmr
That ate Alex up...
2006-06-08 18:03:20
171.   randym77
A-Rod got the error.
2006-06-08 18:03:44
172.   JeremyM
169 I'm trying not to either, but man, ...OK I'm going to stop!
2006-06-08 18:03:57
173.   Alex Belth
Nice hop, A Rod. Wow, that's a tough "error" for him. Can't believe Gonzalez is putting good at bats together. C'mmmmon Proctor. Belly up, man.
2006-06-08 18:03:58
174.   BklynBmr
169 Just called an E5...
2006-06-08 18:04:34
175.   Benjamin Kabak
ESPN keeps talking about the Yanks vs. Red Sox since 2002. That's idiotic. These two teams are SO different from their 2002 counterparts. It's an invalid comparison. Each year, they are uber-competitive with each other, but over three years, come on?
2006-06-08 18:04:49
176.   Marcus
You know, some Red Sox fans were saying recently how every time the Yanks and Sox play, A-Rod has a crucial error. Fact or fiction?
2006-06-08 18:04:57
177.   BklynBmr
Thanks, Coco... that will help.
2006-06-08 18:05:57
178.   BklynBmr
OK, let's get to work on Shill...
2006-06-08 18:06:48
179.   nick
I'm in the awkward position of agreeing with Joe Morgan re. that A-Rod scoring decision...
2006-06-08 18:06:58
180.   Simone
Yeah, it was an error, but what can you do? It happens. I think his on and off struggles at the plate may be distracting him in the field.
2006-06-08 18:07:10
181.   singledd
Did Crisp swing at a 3-0 pitch?
What a break!
2006-06-08 18:07:48
182.   Paul in Boston
#175, I couldn't agree more. These team vs team comparisons are way overdone in the major media.
2006-06-08 18:08:03
183.   Benjamin Kabak
176 6 errors in last 13 Yankee-Red Sox games at Yankee Stadium for A-Rod.
2006-06-08 18:08:36
184.   JeremyM
On the replay, that was about impossible to field. It took a huge hop there--since when did Yankee Stadium start playing like Shea? Yikes.
2006-06-08 18:09:57
185.   JeremyM
OK, he can make up for his "error" now....
2006-06-08 18:10:29
186.   Benjamin Kabak
182 I looked it up...Rondell White was starting for the Yanks in was Raul Mondesi and Robin Ventura. The 2002 Sox had, um, Rey Sanchez, Brian Daubach, and Carlos Baerga. Idiotic to compare these teams over 4 years.

Hell, only Trot, Manny, Tek and Wakefield were on the Red Sox in both 2002 and 2006. Gimme a break.

2006-06-08 18:11:24
187.   Cliff Corcoran
Top of the order up to answer the Boston runs and they go down on, what, seven pitches? Terrible, Mikey, just terrible.
2006-06-08 18:12:05
188.   JeremyM
186You sure that's the same Varitek? I thought it was his kid brother on the team now or something.
2006-06-08 18:12:10
189.   singledd
Did Crisp swing at a 3-0 pitch?
What a break!
2006-06-08 18:12:44
190.   joejoejoe
Joe Morgan just threw the official scorer (and A-Rod haters) under a bus. Said they call 3rd base the hot corner for a reason and any other third baseman wouldn't have gotten an error on the play, only A-Rod who they "don't like as much as they should" in NY.

OK. Now they're back from commercial and Joe Morgan is screwing up his original comments but saying maybe A-Rod has second thoughts about playing in NY and saying he feels sorry for A-Rod. So A-Rod's not beloved. Neither was Ted Williams. He'll get over it.

2006-06-08 18:13:54
191.   Benjamin Kabak
I sometimes wonder when Ortiz gets tied to this HGH stuff...
2006-06-08 18:14:50
192.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Is Curt done for the night ? what's his pitch count ?
2006-06-08 18:15:53
193.   Benjamin Kabak
Once upon a time, Scott Proctor could get outs.
2006-06-08 18:17:34
194.   yankee fan in Hollywood
Scott Erickson warming up. Nooooooooo!!!!!!
2006-06-08 18:17:39
195.   JeremyM
Curt's at 80 pitches, I think he'll be back.
2006-06-08 18:17:41
196.   JeterChrist
This should have been Villone's inning. Why does Joe like to stretch relievers out? They're all fresh. No since is killing Proctor for the next 2 days to face two lefties and Manny who hits him hard.

That is of course unless he's unavailable. Which I'm wondering now that ERICKSON is up in the pen.

2006-06-08 18:19:36
197.   JeterChrist
161 He sure has. Would be nice if the manager saw that pattern, realized the importance of the game, and brought the numerous relievers back there in for let's say an inning at a time.
2006-06-08 18:19:54
198.   AbbyNormal821
2006-06-08 18:20:03
199.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice work here, Joe Torre. Way to manage the bullpen.
2006-06-08 18:26:01
200.   Paul in Boston
The old Scott Proctor is certainly back in fine form. Sigh.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-08 18:26:04
201.   AbbyNormal821
Proctor needs a freakin' rest!!

I agree, 199

2006-06-08 18:29:00
202.   AbbyNormal821
Proctor needs a freakin' rest!!

I agree, 199

2006-06-08 18:31:51
203.   Cliff Corcoran
Hey, can't win 'em all. I'd like to see Erickson and Small pitch themselves off the roster here.
2006-06-08 18:32:22
204.   Simone
Even the Red Sox pay the price of Scott Erickson. Proctor needs a rest off the Yankees.

Nice catch, Johnny D.

2006-06-08 18:32:45
205.   randym77
Nice sliding catch by Damon. Bernie would never have gotten that one.
2006-06-08 18:33:17
206.   rabid stan
Erickson puts in a formal request for a hit batsman in the next half inning.
2006-06-08 18:33:43
207.   Paul in Boston
Looks like Erickson is going to try and bump that ERA all the way up to double digits. Go Scott!
2006-06-08 18:33:51
208.   rabid stan
Slow toaster tonight.
2006-06-08 18:34:35
209.   rabid stan
Yeah Stinnett! Move those runners over!
2006-06-08 18:35:25
210.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's better now. I think it was a Scott Erickson related slowness.
2006-06-08 18:35:38
211.   Simone
If only I could be inside Joe's brain at times like these for just one minute.
2006-06-08 18:36:35
212.   randym77
Well, I suppose a sweep was expecting too much.

This inning feels like it's gone on about two hours already. :-P

2006-06-08 18:36:51
213.   Benjamin Kabak
I was going to post this before but I couldn't get BB to load.

Last 10 appearances, Proctor has thrown 12 innings and has given up 11 hits and 12 earned runs. What will it take for Joe Torre to notice that his favorite pitcher has a 9.00 ERA over an extended stretch now?

2006-06-08 18:37:28
214.   Alex Belth
I'm watiching the NBA Finals...Shaq Fu, Dirk, Dwayne Wade, Josh Howard, Pat Riley, Avery Johnson...lots of good star power this year. Even in supporting roles, like Van Horn, Stackhouse, Gary Payton and 'Toine Walker.

I think the Mavs are going to win though I have to admit I'm rooting for the Heat. Most Knick fans hate Pat Riley but I still like the son of a bitch. Never stopped liking him really. But it will be pretty cool if the Mavs win too, so it's all good to me. I'm just rooting for 6 or 7 games, baby.

2006-06-08 18:37:35
215.   Simone
Yankee fans heading for the exit.
2006-06-08 18:38:36
216.   Simone
I'll add: Go Heat!
2006-06-08 18:39:49
217.   rabid stan
212 I hope it ices Schilling. Maybe work something off the non-Papelbon pen?

Too much to hope for.

2006-06-08 18:40:16
218.   yankaholic
a texas-sized comeback??
2006-06-08 18:40:37
219.   JeterChrist
So who gets the Erickson related retaliation? Posada or A-Rod? It would have to be someone we can't afford to lose.

Does anyone else get the feeling that even if we had Dotel instead of Erickson tonight, he'd have brought Small in? Or if we had Beam up and dealing later this summer, he'd bring in a cooked Scott Proctor?

Does anyone know where Ron Villone and his sub 2.00 era were tonight?

2006-06-08 18:41:00
220.   Alex Belth
It's a No-Lose Finals for the NBA really, but David Stern will be hating to hand that trophy over to Mark Cuban, you can believe that.
2006-06-08 18:41:06
221.   Alex Belth
It's a No-Lose Finals for the NBA really, but David Stern will be hating to hand that trophy over to Mark Cuban, you can believe that.
2006-06-08 18:41:31
222.   Benjamin Kabak
On ESPN, Dan Shulman just said Joe Morgan is a soccer expert. If his soccer expertise is comparable to his baseballl expertise, then, well...I'll let that speak for itself.
2006-06-08 18:41:33
223.   randym77
218 Well, this year I wouldn't rule anything out.
2006-06-08 18:41:41
224.   tommyl
Its clear that Joe is trying to make Proctor into Mariano circa '96, when he could pitch him for 2, 3 innings at a time and Mo would just shut everyone down. Trouble is, Mo was extremely durable that year, probably due to his fluid mechanics and well it goes without saying that Mo is a bit special. Proctor is a decent reliever and when rested is quite effective. He is not Rivera from '96 and never will be.
2006-06-08 18:42:32
225.   Marcus
218 And we can celebrate it with some boilin' hot, Texas-style ginger ale!

This game ain't over!

2006-06-08 18:42:51
226.   Benjamin Kabak
219 Does anyone know why Joe Torre INSISTS on putting in Proctor despite his utter lack of success over the last month?
2006-06-08 18:43:10
227.   tommyl
222 Don't even get me started. That one guy on PTI, I wanted to wring his neck this past week. Saying no one cares about soccer and its a useless sport and he's never heard of Ronaldinho. Its people like that, that cause everyone in the rest of the world to hate Americans.
2006-06-08 18:43:34
228.   Simone
But don't you think that Stern secretly admires Cuban for turning the Mavericks around? Think of all that money that Cuban has brought to the league.
2006-06-08 18:43:55
229.   BklynBmr
Hey, we still have 7 outs to burn. Let's get some baserunners...
2006-06-08 18:44:23
230.   unmoderated
#226 - see Sturtze, Tanyon.
2006-06-08 18:44:50
231.   JeterChrist
224 He's at his best when he doesn't need to actually think out the bullpen roles. Mo/Wettleland, Stanton/Nelson/Mo, Gordon/Mo. Of course, most managers would be at their "best" in those situations.

Proctor got out of the Wright mess at 4-3, should NEVER have come out for a 2nd inning.

2006-06-08 18:45:11
232.   Alex Belth
Yeah, Cuban's like a more benign version of Charlie Finley.
2006-06-08 18:45:13
233.   tommyl
226 There's nothing wrong with bringing in a pitcher who has had a bad outing or two recently. There's a very low correlation in terms of "hot and cold streaks" for the next performance. The problem is that Proctor is exhausted, and you can't rest him for a day and then use him up again over and over.
2006-06-08 18:45:38
234.   rabid stan
Maybe the Yanks are looking to help Schill get to 100 CG. You know, give him that extra push to the HOF.

He's got what, 83? Not likely to get there at thirty-nine especially when you've spoken about retiring after next year. The Yanks will do their best, though.

2006-06-08 18:45:52
235.   Simone
World Cup tomorrow! I can't wait.
2006-06-08 18:46:11
236.   tommyl
Well, at least we hit the stuffing out of Beckett
2006-06-08 18:46:52
237.   Sliced Bread
"Most Knick fans hate Pat Riley but I still like the son of a bitch. Never stopped liking him really."

That should be on a t-shirt, Alex. Seriously.

2006-06-08 18:47:30
238.   tommyl
235 And Rooney and Messi are going to play. Gotta love the kids.
2006-06-08 18:48:41
239.   tommyl
Lets see how Smith does against Ortiz and Manny.
2006-06-08 18:48:43
240.   rabid stan
Hey, it's Matt Smith.
2006-06-08 18:49:04
241.   randym77
Oh, boy. Matt Smith vs. Big Papi...
2006-06-08 18:49:26
242.   JeterChrist
Losing the sweep game the last 3 series in a row leaves me feeling really empty each time. Going in you'd be thrilled with 3-1, 2-1, 2-1, but darnit, I wanted a sweep here.

Oh now Matt Smith comes in. That's good Joe. Real Good. If you were going to give up by bringing Erickson in in the first place, might as well let him get battered and save the rest of the pen.

2006-06-08 18:49:35
243.   randym77
Well, that was quick.
2006-06-08 18:49:38
244.   tommyl
You mean the pitcher who should have pitched the 7th?
2006-06-08 18:50:33
245.   Benjamin Kabak
That's great, Joe Morgan. Big fat black guy watching the game with a Red Sox hat on and says, "He looks like David Ortiz. Could be his brother."
2006-06-08 18:51:14
246.   marc
the Yanks desperately can use one of the rookies to take up the slack until Dotel theoretically arrives and is effective. Joe's got terrible options other than Proctor and if Proctor's no good it's bleek I don't know if Smith fits the bill yet or not
2006-06-08 18:51:37
247.   Alex Belth
Wow, that was scary.
2006-06-08 18:51:53
248.   tommyl
Brushing back Manny. I'm starting to really like this kid.
2006-06-08 18:52:03
249.   rabid stan
245 I think it was the chin-business that really sold it.
2006-06-08 18:52:22
250.   Alex Belth
Be Alert

Foul Balls

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-08 18:53:34
251.   Sliced Bread
Maybe we'll see Sheff pitch an inning, you know, for old time's sake.
2006-06-08 18:53:53
252.   tommyl
So Matt Smith, next in line for the special Torre arm massage?
2006-06-08 18:54:21
253.   Benjamin Kabak
Hey look! Matt Smith can get outs. hint hint Joe Torre hint hint
2006-06-08 18:54:52
254.   tommyl
Oh no, Smith gives up a hit. I was hoping for a hitless season.
2006-06-08 18:55:20
255.   Benjamin Kabak
Duke Castiglione...on the spot with the boy who got hit by the foul ball. Give that man a Pulitzer.
2006-06-08 18:55:32
256.   Cliff Corcoran
That's the first hit Smith has allowed in his major league career, which started with four hitless IP.
2006-06-08 18:55:35
257.   Simone
I thought that was a strike.
2006-06-08 18:57:23
258.   tommyl
256 Great minds think alike.
2006-06-08 19:03:58
259.   rabid stan
So there's a commercial on ESPN just a minute where Eric Gagne tries and fails to pitch his way through a bag.

After throwing six pitches, he has a look on his face that says, "Man, I need surgery."

I love that commercial.

2006-06-08 19:05:38
260.   rabid stan
TAKE THE BALL AWAY KID! I know he's three feet taller than you, but FIGHT HIM FOR IT! You're at crotch level.
2006-06-08 19:05:52
261.   JeremyM
I would like to think Erickson is done now, but I'll believe when I see it. Torre or someone thinks this stuff is cute (T-Long, Erickson, et al), but if they had a decent reliever in his place and used Matt Smith in something besides a blowout, then maybe Proctor wouldn't be in the clubhouse being restrained from hitting another wall right now...

How's Beam (Beam not Bean) doing in Columbus so far?

2006-06-08 19:16:25
262.   randym77
Well, Smallie did okay.

Now, all we have to do is get six hits off Papelbon.

(Hey, I can dream, can't I?)

2006-06-08 19:16:35
263.   Sliced Bread
In Columbus, Beam's doing a lot better than the You-kill-us Twins, Proctor and Erickson.
2006-06-08 19:19:56
264.   rabid stan
Melky picks a walk off Papelbon. Doesn't mean anything, but it's nice.
2006-06-08 19:23:42
265.   rabid stan
Right, so the back page has it's picture spread for tomorrow.
2006-06-08 19:25:30
266.   JohnnyC
I don't think pitching Proctor 2 innings at a time is a good way of resting him. Pickling in fact would be a better way of preserving his arm at this stage.
2006-06-08 19:27:46
267.   yankaholic
good ARod, see no unclutch 2 run HR there.. he gonna use them in clutch situations as defined by ESPN or Rob Neyer..

a letdown considering the first 2 games of the series...

but i would have taken it if u said 2/3 before the series..

now lets forget these chowdhas and build up a lead in the div..

oh there comes our wipping boy Zito.. LOL

2006-06-08 19:29:04
268.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I agree, if Torre wanted to win it should have been Proctor 6th / Villone in the 7th then see what you get.
2006-06-08 19:30:41
269.   rabid stan
Proctor obviously has almost nothing left. When a guy like Gonzo works him over for 8 pitches then finishes him off with a double down the line, he's cooked.

He needs to spend the next few days in a Torre-proof plexi-glass box. Either that, or he should get surgery to swap his face with Ron Villone a la the movie Face/Off.

2006-06-08 19:39:50
270.   randym77
Well, I'm in a "screw the OF, we need pitching" mood now. :-P
2006-06-08 19:58:57
271.   yankz
OT, but I know there are a bunch of music fans in here, so everyone should check out It's amazing.
2006-06-08 20:01:44
272.   Yu-Hsing Chen
270 our pitching would be just fine if we DFA Erickson and use the rest of the pen properly. Even Aaron Small could do a better job mopping up than Erickson, let alone Matt Smith , and using proctor for 2 inning in a close game with a totally rested pen just makes zero sense.
2006-06-08 20:21:42
273.   JeremyM
That's what I'm screaming Yu-Hsing. The arms are there.
2006-06-08 20:24:48
274.   JeremyM
271 Man, I'm already addicted. Now I know what I'll be doing for the next 77 and a half hours.
2006-06-08 20:26:23
275.   dpmurphy
"There's no one on that team I like to see fail more than Varitek. -Mattpat11"

Karma baby, karma.

It just shows how close these two teams are. Two easy games and one in the middle that could go either way. Schilling, 4 hits over 8 innings, impressive. And papelbon looked unhittable.

"I really really like Damon. He smacks a homer, just pulls another and then bunts on the next pitch, then starts fouling off pitches. He's an absolute pest and a heckuva hitter. -Cliff Corcoran"

He's a good hitter, not 13 mill good, however. Not even close, and the stats prove it.

2006-06-08 20:35:47
276.   yankz
274 Tell me about it. It's genius.

275 Cliff's post doesn't imply that Cliff thinks the contract was justified (I don't know where he stands on that issue).

2006-06-08 20:53:46
277.   yankz
274 Tell me about it. It's genius.

275 Cliff's post doesn't imply that Cliff thinks the contract was justified (I don't know where he stands on that issue).

2006-06-08 20:56:22
278.   Cliff Corcoran
276 Thankz, yankz. I agree he's overpaid, but that doesn't mean he's no good, and he's hardly the most overpaid man on the Yankee payroll.
2006-06-08 21:03:33
279.   JeremyM
I have to say I love having Johnny Damon on this team. His celebration of Cabrera's catch was worth a couple million of George's money in itself:)
2006-06-08 21:23:05
280.   wsporter
Anybody check out El Duque tonight? He put on one hell of a show in Arizona. I sure do wish we got him and the stats prove it. You can look them up.
2006-06-08 21:26:48
281.   C2Coke
279 Damon's reaction was priceless.
271,274 is awesome.

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