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Wetting Our Appetites
2006-06-07 13:24
by Cliff Corcoran
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It's been raining all day here in NYC and as I look out the window now around 4:45 pm EST, all I see are umbrellas with feet and shiny wet streets. Indeed, the Yanks and Sox have been rained out, which is a shame given the high the Yankees are riding after the last two days. Then again, there's no harm in basking in the glory of last night's contest and giving Cap'n Grumpypants an extra day to let his thumb heal.

No make-up plans have been announced just yet. I'll update this post with that information as well as the impact the rainout will have on the Yankee rotation (will they skip Chacon's turn on Friday to give him another rehab start?) when I know more.

Update: The game will be made up during the one remaining series between the two teams in the Bronx, turning the September 15-17 three-game series into a four-game set via an as yet to be determined double header. Torre meanwhile has decided not to skip anyone in the rotation, though there are conflicting reports about whether or not Mike Mussina will start as scheduled on Saturday, pushing Shawn Chacon to Sunday, or in turn on Sunday following Chacon's return on Saturday.

2006-06-07 14:05:58
1.   Bob Timmermann
Wouldn't this set up a Schilling vs. Unit matchup tomorrow? I would assume Wright would be skipped.
2006-06-07 14:08:47
2.   randym77
Well, on the bright side, the Yanks have now won this series. Either two out of three or two out of two, depending on tomorrow's weather.

WFAN said it would be made up in September, though there's no confirmation at However, they do say the matchup on Thursday will be Schilling vs. Wright (assuming the game is played).

2006-06-07 14:26:18
3.   Sandman42
I guess Johnson could use another day of rest. As long as Aaron Small stays far away, I don't see anything wrong with giving Chacon one more rehab start.
2006-06-07 14:42:19
4.   Rob Gee
Bummer two times. Schilling - Unit would have been fun.
2006-06-07 14:55:22
5.   randym77
From the Yankees Beat blog at Newsday:


Here's how the rotation works out:

Tomorrow night:
Jaret Wright (originally tonight)

Randy Johnson (originally tomorrow)

Mike Mussina (originally Friday)

Initially after the rainout Torre moved him to Sunday, but then realized Mussina would have two extra days off in between starts two times through the rotation.

Shawn Chacon (originally Friday)
It's his first start since May 16 because of hematoma just below his left knee.


2006-06-07 15:24:44
6.   Idaho Yankee
Entire Yankee 2006 Draft, What do you think?

21 R/R RHP Ian Kennedy, USC, 12.19.1984
41 R/R RHP Joba Chamberlain, Nebraska 09.23.1985
104 R/R RHP Zachary McAllister, Illinois Valley Central High 12.08.1987
134 L/L RF Colin Curtis, Arizona State 02.01.1985
164 R/R RHP George Kontos, Northwestern 06.12.1985
194 R/R SS Mitchell Hilligoss, Purdue 06.17.1985
224 R/R RHP Timothy Norton, U Connecticut 05.23.1983
254 R/R RHP Dellin Betances, Grand Street Campus 03.23.1988
284 R/R RHP Mark Melancon, Arizona 03.28.1985
314 R/R RHP Casey Erickson, Springfield College IL 08.28.1985
344 L/L LF Jeffrey Fortenberry, Baylor 09.01.1983
374 R/R RHP Nicholas Peterson, U Tampa 10.03.1984
404 R/R RHP Daniel McCutchen, Oklahoma 09.26.1982
434 L/L LF Donald Hollingsworth UC Riverside 05.28.1985
464 R/R RHP Gabriel Medina, Emporia St 02.17.1984
494 R/R RHP Paul Patterson, Norther Kentucky 05.08.1984
524 R/R RHP David Robertson, Alaabama Tuscaloosa 04.08.1985
554 L/L LHP Paul Howell, American Christian Academy 09.06.1987
584 R/R 2B Christopher Kunda, Oregon St 11.01.1984
614 R/R 2B Kevin Russo, Baylor 07.08.1984
644 R/R 2B Russell Raley, Oklahoma 12.30.1983
674 L/L LF Brian Aragon, NC State 01.12.1984
704 L/L LHP Brandon Thomson, Chandler Gilbert CC 08.17.1985
734 R/R C Brian Baisley U South Florida 12.19.1982
764 S/R SS Kevin Carby, Texarkana CC 11.24.1986
794 L/L LHP Timothy Dennehy, Chandler Gilbert CC 09.22.1986
824 R/R RHP Michael Lee, Bellevue CC 11.18.1986
854 R/R RHP Barrett Bruce, Flower Mound HS 01.15.1988
884 S/R C Orlando Torres, PuertoRico BB academy HS 08.07.1987
914 R/R C Brock Ungricht, SDSU 12.31.1984
944 L/R CF Zakary Presley, Carroll, TX HS 12.20.1987
974 L/L LHP Thomas Palica, Golden West Col 07.21.1987
1004 R/R RHP Luke Trubee, U Dayton 11.20.1983
1034 R/R SS Tyler Ladendorf, Maine West HS 03.07.1988
1064 L/R 3B David Van Ostrand, Allan Hancock Col 11.25.1986
1094 R/R RHP Jared Rogers, Duncanville TX HS 05.09.1988
1124 R/R 3B Timonthy O'Brien, SDSU 12.22.1983
1154 L/L LF Nicholas Diyorio, Florida Souther 11.28.1983
1184 L/R 1B Kevin Smith, Oklahoma 01.15.1984
1214 L/L LHP Tanner Chitwood, Sulpher Ok, HS 12.20.1987
1244 L/L LF Ohmed Danesh, Dr Phillips FL HS 01.18.1988
1273 R/R SS Dan Duffy, Mountain Ridge HS 05.18.1988
1302 R/L LHP Eric Erickson, Sarasota HS 02.17.1988
1331 R/R C James Lasala, Iona Col 05.12.1984
1360 R/R RHP Nathan Albert, Bakersfield Col 03.03.1987
1388 R/R RHP Jeff Ludlow, Palm Harbor HS 10.05.1987
1416 R/R C Charles Smith, Second Baptist School 10.28.1987
1444 R/R RHP Jeffrey Loveys, Ball State 01.04.1984
1472 R/R RF Chase Odenreider, Creighton U 08.19.1983
1500 L/L 1B Sam Honeck, Grayson County Col 06.19.1987

2006-06-07 15:26:22
7.   rbj
So . . .
what about Jason Grimsley and the now HGH scandal.
I won't be surprised by any names, but will be disappointed.
2006-06-07 15:32:05
8.   randym77
Grimsley reportedly named several "Latin players" and said they were the source. As were players in California who could get drugs from Mexico.

I just hope no Yankees are involved.

2006-06-07 15:41:32
9.   kylepetterson
Well, steroids are supposed to speed up healing time, so I think it's safe to say that at least Pavano is clean
2006-06-07 15:42:34
10.   Bama Yankee

Thanks for the weather report. I guess I'll have to find out what else is on TV on Wednesdays since there will be no Yankee game to watch.

As for Cap'n Grumpypants, I still am confused by all the negative reaction to his comments in the Lupica column. I realize that it might seem like he is implying that everyone who does not win the World Series had a "wasted" season. However, I think his point is that he feels like that he puts in so much time and effort to play at a championship level and that anything less than his ultimate goal of winning a title makes it seem like a waste.

I don't think he should be criticized for admitting that he thinks anyone who plays the game should play to win every game. I think his attitude of not accepting defeat and his constant hustle has benefited the young guys (and even some of the veterans) and that is why he is the captain of the team (and why he has four rings to show for his efforts).

2006-06-07 15:50:50
11.   Bama Yankee
6 Looks like the Yankees took another player from the University of Alabama. Maybe David Robertson will turn out to be as good as Andy Phillips.... ROLL TIDE!
2006-06-07 15:54:36
12.   yankz
Jose Tabata is younger than every player on the list in 6. Will most likely change next year, but still amazing.
2006-06-07 17:03:21
13.   Start Spreading the News
10 You say: "I think his attitude of not accepting defeat and his constant hustle has benefited the young guys (and even some of the veterans) and that is why he is the captain of the team (and why he has four rings to show for his efforts)."

I think it is great that he hustles and doesn't accept defeat. But let's be clear -- that's NOT why he has four rings.

He has four rings because he came on to the scene when the Yankees were very very good. He helped make them better. He was lucky to play with very talented players who also worked hard and played hard.

Don Mattingly has no rings to show for his efforts. He hustled and didn't accept defeat. But he was not on an championship caliber teams, except 1994. And in 1994, the strike intervened. And after that injuries did. So sometimes having the right attitude isn't enough.

2006-06-07 17:40:20
14.   randym77
The weather tomorrow night looks the same as the weather tonight. Bummer. I was feeling real good about the rest of this series.
2006-06-07 18:13:41
15.   Simone
I just skimmed through the readacted affidavit used to obtain the search warrant for Grimsley's home. Ugly! I can't believe he actually talked to the feds without an attorney. No wonder he asked for his release from the D'backs. Grimsley gave up lots of players as users and suppliers as well as the teams when the feds showed up the first time. You can even deduce some of the players he was referring to in his statements to the feds. If you combine Latin players with his team from last year (the Orioles) along with Palmeiro's accusations, well ... the names aren't hard too figure out.

Here is the url for anyone interested:

2006-06-07 18:48:01
16.   Bama Yankee
13 First of all, I did not mean to start an uproar in my first post. Also, I never thought I would have to defend Jeter's comments about winning (especially to Yankee fans on the Banter).

Since I am the new guy around here I would rather focus on the things we agree on. Especially your comments about Mattingly, I would loved to have watched him play with those teams in the late 90's.

I also think we can all agree that as Yankee fans we should be thankful that Jeter is never satisfied with anything less winning the World Series. That attitude (along with some very talented players) has made for some very enjoyable Octobers during the last decade.

2006-06-07 18:53:50
17.   randym77
15 Yikes. That is ugly. This boy, he's not so bright, is he? He ratted everyone out. Sang like a canary, and now wants to take it back. Oy.
2006-06-07 19:27:05
18.   randym77
Hey, check out the Pinstriped Blog. Goldman has nice things to say about Andy Phillips.
2006-06-07 19:52:41
19.   rsmith51
18 I knew Rube was bad, but not that bad...
2006-06-07 19:55:36
20.   JeremyM
That's the same thing I got out of the article--can't believe Ruben was that bad. Yikes. Luckily he flashed good leather when he played in the field....d'oh!
2006-06-07 20:16:03
21.   Start Spreading the News
16 We do agree on quite a bit.

Jeter's comments are striking in that it allows people to read into his statements. Yes, he wins. So when he doesn't win, it is a waste. Does that apply to other people as well? Was Ted Williams career a waste because he never won the World Series? Maybe? Maybe not?

In the same way, when ARod boasted about his workout schedule (that he gets up at 6am and is in the gym by 7, etc...), it rubbed people the wrong way. Players who drop off their kids at school during the offseason, can't work out that early. Does that mean they are slackers? Is anyone who does't workout like Arod a slacker by contrast?

Sometimes it is not what is said but also what is implied or extrapolated.

2006-06-08 04:34:13
22.   randym77
The Boston Globe reports the makeup has been scheduled for the weekend of Sept. 15. Which I guess means another doubleheader.

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