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Just Win, Baby
2006-06-06 21:39
by Cliff Corcoran

When the Yankees dumped 13 runs on the Red Sox in the first three innings of Monday night's contest it was the largest early-game outburst in the rivalry's history. Last night's game didn't start out quite so promisingly for the Yanks. Chien-Ming Wang needed 47 pitches to get through first two innings, pitching into and out of jams in both frames. Then David Ortiz smacked Wang's fourth pitch of the third inning off the facing of the upper deck in right to give the Red Sox an early lead 1-0. Red Sox rookie David Pauley, meanwhile, kept the Yankees scoreless through the first four innings, stranding four Yankee baserunners including the station-to-station Jorge Posada in scoring position twice.

But Wang settled down in the fourth, needing just sixteen pitches in the fourth and fifth combined and getting five of the six outs in those two innings on grounders. Bernie Williams then hit Pauley's first pitch of the fifth over the fence in right center to knot things up at 1-1. The shot was Bernie's first left-handed homer of the year and just his third overall.

From there, Wang and Pauley emptied their tanks to keep things locked up, Wang with a bit of help from Manny Ramirez, who decided to try to stretch a single into a double with one out in the sixth only to be easily thrown out by Johnny Damon of all people. Pauley again stranding Posada in the bottom of the sixth (Jorge was 2 for 3 with a double and a walk on the night).

Pauley finally ran into a mess he couldn't escape in the bottom of the seventh. With two outs, Miguel Cairo hit a low hopper back to the mound that skipped right under Pauley's glove for an infield single. As if distracted by the inning-ending play he should have made (after Cairo reached, Pauley stared at his glove searching for the hole that wasn't there), Pauley proceeded to surrender a single to Damon and walk Melky Cabrera on four pitches to load the bases.

With the rookie up to 98 pitches, Terry Francona called on Rudy Seanez to face Jason Giambi, only to watch Seanez issue a full-count walk to the man with the highest on-base percentage in the American League, forcing in the go-ahead run. Seanez then struck out Alex Rodriguez on three pitches to end the threat.

With Wang having thrown his season-high 108th pitch to end the seventh--saving Scott Proctor, who leads the majors in relief innings and had been warming in the pen, from what would have been an American League-leading 29th appearance--Joe Torre turned to Kyle Farnsworth to face the heart of the Red Sox line-up in the ninth.

Mark Loretta flied out to Damon in center on Farnsworth's first pitch, bringing Big Papi, the man responsible for the lone Red Sox run of the night to the plate. The highlight of Farnsworth's season to this point has been his bases-loaded strike out of Ortiz in Boston on May 24. That K came on a high slider that dropped into the strike zone for called strike three. This time out, Farnsworth fed Papi cheese, pumping a pair of 97 mile per hour heaters past Ortiz up in the zone to come back from a 2-1 count and strike out the big man.

All seemed to be going the Yankees way. Then Manny Ramirez cracked a 1-0 pitch from Farnsworth some 400 feet to the gap in left center. As the ball rocketed off of Manny's bat, Melky Cabrera broke for the gap, eventually leaping right at the 399 foot sign, colliding with the window in front of the Yankee bullpen and bringing Manny's game-tying homer back, turning it into the third out of the inning as he landed back on the warning track and stumbled forward, landing chest-first on the grass, his glove extended with Manny's shot tucked firmly in the webbing.

Johnny Damon, who had leapt at the wall several feet to the right of Cabrera (imagine and outfield defense that actually overlaps on a 400-plus-foot bomb), immediately started celebrating Cabrera's catch, throwing his arms in the air as he came down on the warning track and throwing a round-house fist pump as Cabrera fell onto the outfield grass. Ramirez meanwhile had rounded second by the time Cabrera had completed the play and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw that Cabrera had the ball, removing his helmet in a daze and muttering to himself in Spanish.

At that, all that was left was for Mariano Rivera, showing no ill effects from the back spasms that held him out of action over the weekend, to set the Sox down on five pitches in the ninth, which he did. The 2-1 victory gives the Yankees a guaranteed split in the current series, wins in their last four confrontations with the Sox, a 5-4 lead in the season series, a game and a half lead in the AL East, and ties them with the White Sox for the second best record in the major leagues, just a game and a half behind the Tigers, from whom they just took three of four last week. The Yankees, who have won nine of their last eleven and eleven of their last fourteen, are the hottest team in baseball right now despite a list of injuries and illnesses that would make Def Leppard blanch.

In other news, the Yankees designated Terrence Long for assignment before the game, promoting futility infielder and former Devil Ray Nick Green to give them an extra infielder with Derek Jeter still nursing his right thumb, which was hit with a Rodrigo Lopez pitch on Sunday. Jeter, who is still having trouble throwing and swinging with that hand, is expected to miss the remainder of the current series. Assuming he will be able to play against Oakland this weekend, Nick Green will be demoted in favor of Bubba Crosby, who is currently rehabbing his hamstring in Tampa.

The Yankees also expect to activate Shawn Chacon to start on Friday. One fears Matt Smith will be the victim of that move, but as Smith has only allowed one baserunner (a walk) in 3 1/3 major league innings this season and has been dominant with Columbus (16 1/3 IP, 16 H, 3 BB, 16 K) there's no reason that Scott Erickson (7.59 ERA, 7 BB, 2 K in 11 2/3 IP) or Aaron Small (9.67 ERA, 39 H and 9 HR in 22 1/3 IP), both of whom have long track records of failure, should be favored over the 26-year-old homegrown lefty. Should the Yankees make the right call here, dropping Small or Erickson in favor of Smith, all that will remain to trim the fat from the 25-man would be replacing the other half of that dismal duo with Ramiro Mendoza (with Columbus this year: 2.01 ERA, 31 1/3 IP, 25 H, 0 HR, 4 BB, 22 K in seven games, five starts). It's so close I can taste it.

2006-06-06 23:51:09
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
LOL, great comments, yeah Erickson and Small needs to go, sorry for Small but still he got more than 1.5 Mill over this year or so stint with the Yanks and a good man like him should have little trouble finding good jobs.

Encouraging that Wang showed kind of the opposite of his last couple of starts ... he

a. didn't implode with guys on.

b. went stronger as games went on.

c.used his breaking stuff properly (except for the one on the moon VIA Ortiz.)

2006-06-07 00:17:28
2.   bloodyank78
Cliff, what a fantastic summary. I wish you could see the ear to ear grin on this Yankfan's face. Here's to hoping Wright is effective and Curt gets shelled.
Oh yeah, one more thing...
2006-06-07 02:20:34
3.   joejoejoe
Wow! What a catch. That's Exhibit A why the Yankees put their 2nd best OF in LF and not RF. Lots of ground to cover in even the new Death Valley. Thanks to Marcus in another thread for pointing out the MLB Yankees highlights. Here's the link for Melky's catch for all that missed it last night.

Tom Singer at MLB has a good article on the catch including a funny quote from Ortiz tweaking Manny: "That's why when I hit them, I hit them 500 feet," said David Ortiz, who came pretty close to doing that off Chien-Ming Wang in the third inning for Boston's lone run. "So I don't have to deal with all that stuff."

'That stuff' was awesome.

2006-06-07 03:34:56
4.   randym77
Nice recap of a very nice game.

A couple of amusing notes:

Johnny Damon, when asked about throwing Ramirez out (when Manny tried to stretch a single into a double) said that it was great - much easier because Manny couldn't cut off the throw. LOL!

After Melky robbed the homer, Manny yelled something at him in Spanish. Apparently, it was "You have to let that go out!" Melky said, "No, I'm trying to win." You tell 'em, kid!

2006-06-07 03:51:43
5.   murphy
Def Leppard, Cliff? that's just wrong... but f'in hilarious.
2006-06-07 04:30:35
6.   randym77
Andy's nice work last night sorta got lost in the glow of Melky's big moment, but the Sox noticed. From the Boston Globe:


The Sox easily could have had more if not for Andy Phillips. Phillips, a rookie, beat them Monday night with his bat, rocking Josh Beckett for a three-run homer. Last night, he beat them with his first baseman's mitt.

In the third, with Ramírez on first, Phillips leaped to snare a Trot Nixon liner, then stepped on the bag to double off Ramírez. In the seventh, with Mike Lowell (single) and Kevin Youkilis (walk) on, Alex Cora lined a sizzling shot at Phillips, who reached up to glove it.

``Phillips made some great plays," lamented Varitek. ``They did it with defense tonight."


2006-06-07 04:37:07
7.   Rob Gee
Great, great win. Good stuff all around - the Torre quotes are wonderful - the man develops young talent! Who knew!?

There's Erickson, Small, and ... Bernie in right. Yeah, the man hit a HR from the left side. The bad news is we'll probably see him more now in right. The problem of course is he doesn't have the legs or arm for it - at least two misplayed balls last night that came very close to making the difference. Maybe Bubba will get some starts out there with the righties on the mound. So close I can almost taste it too - but this one may take until August to work itself out. And I'm not sure if Gapper will have gotten his Andy-type chance. Maybe sometime before he turns 29.

2006-06-07 04:38:49
8.   Simone
What a great win. I was thinking that if the Yankees could take one game in this series that would be great. A nice moment in Melky's budding career and Bernie's which is going in the opposite direction.

I just read an article on Jason Grimsley's situation. He and his clients are apparently using HGH alone now. I'm just hoping that he wasn't dealing to any Yankee players. People are obsessed with the hitters, but it is the pitchers who are the main culprits when it comes to these particular drugs.

2006-06-07 04:50:40
9.   Rob Gee
8 What pisses me off to no end is that the national media is covering baseball as the first 'clean' year. It's a collective "pull wool over eyes" by guys supposedly outraged by the the last mess and ashamed they missed it.

Blood tests with stored samples would eliminate 99% of the use with the exception being the fringiest of players looking to make some quick loot. Except everyone has given up on that result - a damn shame really - why would we want a clean sport, especially now? Hopefully Grimsley turns up the heat. For some reason, I doubt it.

2006-06-07 04:58:07
10.   randym77
7 I'm hoping they'll play Bubba instead of Bernie. Speaking of which, what a difference a day (or two) makes. Monday, they were saying it might be another 10 days or more for Bubba. Yesterday, they said he's running well and might be ready by Friday.

From the Daily News:


The Yankees were so encouraged by Bubba Crosby's progress rehabbing his right hamstring strain, they developed a plan to get him enough at-bats to be ready as early as Friday ...


Bubba is scheduled to play a simulated game today, and in an extended spring training game tomorrow.

And Dotel is on track to join the team in two weeks.

2006-06-07 05:06:17
11.   murphy
i am not dumb enough to advocate kevin thompson over hideki matsui, but i am nervous about what will happen if and when godzilla, sheff, and bubba return. what kind of message are we sending to melky, phillips, and (to an as-of-yet lesser degree) thompson if we "reward" their great playing with a seat on the bench, read: torre exile.

the team is really in quite a groove right now. do we wanna mess with that?

i can see it now: "congrats on the .400 OBP and great defense, melky, now grab a seat and rot on the bench with mr. stinett."

2006-06-07 05:09:50
12.   Shaun P
11 I expect that Bubba has been leapfrogged by Melky, so no worries there. Word on the street is that Sheff has a 10% chance, if that, of playing again this year. And apparently Giambi advocating giving Phillips more playing time! So methinks there's plenty of room for Melky and Andy at least.

KT will have to get more ABs first.

2006-06-07 05:13:03
13.   Shaun P
Jeez Cliff, Lep had Rick Allen, who lost his arm but came back anyway, and Steve Clark, who died. I think the Yanks' injury situtation is far worse. ;)
2006-06-07 05:30:51
14.   Alex Belth
Nice job, Cliff. And what a satisfying night for Yankee fans, huh? I was thinking about the lot of you when I heard the news that T. Long was designated for assignment before the game (which isn't to say he won't return if nobody else wants him).

I have to say that I found Boston's pitcher as sympathetic a Red Sox as I can remember in a long time. At least from a Yankee fan's perspective. Man, what a likable-looking kid. It was impressive how poised he was and you have to be excited that a young kid like that did so well his first time out in Yankee Stadium. It was nothing but hard luck for him to muff that little ground ball and then watch the pen walk in the go-ahead run.

Speaking of which, with the count 3-2 I was so confident in Giambi. You figure a pitcher has to make a really good pitch in that spot, especially when the 3-1 pitch was a close call.

I thought Ramirez was hilarious last night. After an initial glare, he had a huge smile on his face after Carbrera made that catch last night. Manny's made those kind of catches before so I guess he was like, "That's baseball."

I enjoyed Ortiz's comments after the game..."That's why when I hit my shit, I hit it 500 feet."

Also, re; Manny running into an out in the sixth inning. Wang had brushed Ramirez back twice in that at bat. I think Manny was so pumped up by that, that when he got the hit he was like, "Screw it, I'm going for two." When they showed the replay, Ramirez was busting it out of the box and thinking double all the way. Funny.

Man, the Yanks now earn a split in the series with two chances to win it. They couldn't ask for a better spot.

2006-06-07 05:35:45
15.   Dan M
While Melky's catch was great, Michael Kay's proclamation that it was "legendary" is laughable.

Is it me, or if you have annoying plate habits you're destined to play for the Sox? First Nomar, then Varitek and Ortiz, and now Crisp.

2006-06-07 05:41:49
16.   BobbyBaseBall
THe more and better Melky plays and with hindsight being 20/20 and all, how smart does C-Money look for not picking up Sheff's option during spring training?

What's Sheffs value on the open market now (coming off a wrist injury, age, etc)? What do you think of the possibility of resigning him to platoon DH/Bernie's role this year?

2006-06-07 05:53:08
17.   Sliced Bread
Yeah, Cliff, great recap of what was probably the best game of the season so far. I'll take a tightly pitched and sharply defended victory over a blow out any day.

I'm with you re: Pauley, Alex, I almost felt sorry for him. Welcome to NY, and welcome to the rivalry, kid.

Kitty had the line of the night re: Manny - something like: they pay him $20-million a year, $10,000 to field, $10,000 to run the bases.

I also like Francona's line wishing the Yanks security guards had tackled Ramirez as he chugged toward 2nd the way they jumped on that dope who bolted onto the field.

Damon's reaction to the Melky miracle was great. My reaction was more like the stunned and incredibly lucky Farnswacker's "Holy fuc#!"

2006-06-07 06:07:52
18.   ChuckM
Not to put a damper on things, but according to Kay, the Yanks are hoping Long's makes it through so they can re-sign him since Torre likes him as a 5th OF...
2006-06-07 06:12:57
19.   bp1
17 Loved when Mercer started laughing when the YES guys played The Farns's reaction when he dropped the F-bomb. Mercer laughed out loud, and nobody else said a word. I was laughing pretty hard, too.

Great play. I had to rewind and watch the whole thing again, just to see it unfold. Wow.

Manny getting tossed out by Damon. Man, Damon's arm is weak. Even halfway in, he still couldn't manage much more than a rainbow to 2nd base. But he made the play. He probably could have ran the ball in and tagged him himself.

Crazy - this baseball stuff. Great game.

Funny how when Mo came out for the ninth, fun and games were over. Five pitches and it's in the books. My likey.


2006-06-07 06:14:04
20.   42YrOldRookie
aww, come on fools. It was just Melky Being Melky.

+1 on Def Lepard.

2006-06-07 06:14:41
21.   rbj
Great win. I'll be happy with a split -- of the next two games.
With Matsui done until August, and Sheff likely out for the year (have the surgery already and get ready for next year) I see Melky in left with a Bubba/Bernie/Kevin T. RF, Jason DHing and Andy 1B. Unless he really cools off, I can't imagine Melky sitting.
2006-06-07 06:23:24
22.   tommyl
11 Let's worry about that when/if both Sheff and Matsui make it back. Both have a small shot (as I understand it, Sheff is actually the lesser) and it won't be for a long time. By then, others could be hurt, Melky could have 20 HRs, who knows. I think in this case, you cross that bridge when it comes.

As for KT, he should be getting more playing time now, which he's likely to do, but he never really projected as anything higher than a 4th OF based on his minor league numebrs. So if one of Sheff/Matsui makes it back, then I'd advocate an OF of: Melky, Damon and Sheff/Matsui, with occasional spot starts by Bubba and Bernie to give Damon and Sheff/Matsui a rest.

2006-06-07 06:28:55
23.   Dimelo
Great win. I was just reading this piece from Lupica, great f'ing quote from Jeter:

"Listen," Jeter says, "I'm not just saying this to say this. But if you don't win it's a waste. It's not enough to win your division, it's not enough to say you made it to the League Championship Series and you battled. Or that you lost the World Series, but boy, did you battle. That's not why I play. It shouldn't be why anybody plays. Here's the deal: You start working out in November, and you keep working, through spring training and into the season, and the whole time, there's only one goal, and that's to win the World Series. Not win the division. Win the Series. And if that's not the way you look at things, then you shouldn't even be here."

As Cliff points out, my favorite part of Melky's catch was seeing Damon's arms go up with the punch-out sign.

2006-06-07 06:29:51
24.   JeremyM
Come on guys, relax on Long--I'm sure 29 teams have put claims in on him and the commissioner is having to pull himself away from the draft to sort the mess out. To quote those homer White Sox announcers: "He gone!"
2006-06-07 06:29:55
25.   Paul in Boston
One of my historic low points for me as Yankee fan living in Boston was attending the game last year when Cabrera dove for Trot Nixon's liner in CF, letting it go past him for an inside the park home run.

I still think he's an "unusual" outfielder, but last night's catch was the best possible compensation. You couldn't script it any better.

2006-06-07 06:46:34
26.   Sliced Bread
22 Good point. There's a lot of baseball between now and when (if?) Sheff and Matsui return.

For now, let's enjoy Melky mania, and the Menudo Movement that seems to be afoot in Yankeeland. Remember Menudo? When the singers turned 16 they got kicked out of the group for being too old. (before I'm accused of knowing a little too much about Menudo, there's an article about them re-grouping in the Daily News today).

Hope they get the game in tonight. 100% chance of rain between noon and 7pm. Also be forewarned: 100% chance of Schilling (win or lose) saying something annoying before he leaves town.

2006-06-07 07:29:16
27.   Sliced Bread
Off topic:

RIP, Billy Preston.

Got to see the "fifth Beatle" at a Clapton gig in L.A. a few years ago. His "Will It Go Round In Circles" was the hottest joint of the night, and a concert moment I'll never forget.

The clean, straight-forwardness of his keyboard work, and the "right on" simplicity of his lyrics (ie "You are so beautiful to me," "nothing from nothing") made him one of the coolest cats in rock n' roll.

Saw a vintage picture of him accompanying his obit this morning: he was with George Harrison, and was rockin' an Afro roughly half the size of my old '73 VW Bug. Rock on, Old School.

2006-06-07 07:38:40
28.   rbj
Bummer about Billy Preston. Never got to see him live, but I have a couple DVDs with him on them, Best of Ringo Starr All Stars and the Concert for George. Billy was flat out amazing, especially My Sweet Lord on CfG -- perfect blend of Indian and Gospel music.
2006-06-07 07:42:48
29.   DarrenF
23 Jeter has the right attitude. David Wright also had the right attitude after Sunday's game when he made a point that the team shouldn't celebrate an almost-win. I was amazed that the young player was more reserved than the manager.

But I actually disagree with the all-or-nothing mentality that has overtaken many Yankee fans. I think the journey is as important as the destination. I don't consider a season a failure if the Yankees fail to win the World Series. Technically speaking, if one truly believes it is all-or-nothing, then Torre and Jeter have failed more than they've succeeded. If the regular season is meaningless, then I sure do waste a lot of time and emotional energy.

But I absolutely agree that every organization should set that goal. Even the Royals and Marlins.

2006-06-07 08:10:33
30.   Levy2020
As great as the game was, I was made nervous by the Yanks' inability to hit Pauley. Is he secretly good or is it this Yankees "We can only shell pitchers we know (see Zito, Colon, Beckett) problem?"

Manny's non-HR was the third time that night he had run too long. He ran too long stretching his single, when he thought he hit a home run, and when Andy doubled him off at first.

15 Anyone else bothered aesthetically with Youkilis' stance? There's something abou the way he looks like he is trying to get his head over the plate.

My brother likes to taunt me for reading this and a couple of other baseball blogs. So every time I yell for Bernie to hit from the right side, he tells me the Yankees will win if (1) Aaron Small starts more often, (2)Miguel Cairo gets more playing time, and (3) Bernie hits only from the left side. We were at the game last night and he will be stressing two out of three for a long time to come!

2006-06-07 08:18:51
31.   singledd
From Fox news:

"Say what you want about the Yankees' hare-brained decision to give right-hander Carl Pavano a four-year, $39.95 million contract in the 2004-05 off-season, but their offer was actually the lowest of the five finalists who bid for the free agent.

Pavano, 30, received higher four-year proposals from the Red Sox, Mariners, Tigers and Orioles, according to his agent at the time, Scott Shapiro. Perhaps Pavano would have been better off in a lower-profile market; his fortitude has been questioned in New York."

These hindsight comments about how 'dumb' the Yanks were for signing Pavano don't stand up.

2006-06-07 08:24:30
32.   Dimelo
30 I feel your pain about your brother. My brother is a cop and I hear shit all the time about reading these blogs too much. When I start talking about stats he just rolls his eyes and calls me "A Beautiful Mind".

My brother and I are so competitive that it cracks me up sometimes, but it's great when we spend from 6:30 - 7 this morning just talking about the Yanks. Even though we talked right after the game too. Good stuff...good stuff.

Good spirts all around after a great win like last night.

2006-06-07 10:15:23
33.   weeping for brunnhilde
Thanks for the summary, Cliff. I'm in Rome all summer and as fortunate as I am for that, basically the only thing I really miss about the States is of course baseball. So I really appreciate being able to keep up around here.

As to the Yanks being on a tear "despite" injuries, is it not possible that it is in fact because of injuries?

Just a thought.

2006-06-07 10:54:49
34.   YankeeInMichigan
1 Agreed. As concerned as I was with Wang's high pitch counts in the early innings, I was overjoyed to see that he was finally pitching himself out of jams.
2006-06-07 11:17:45
35.   Sandman42
29 In baseball, you always fail more than you succeed. The successes matter so much more.

Awesome, awesome game last night. I hope we don't get soaked tonight, but the rain might work in our favor. If the starters get pulled after a delay, we're in much better shape than they are.

I feel good about tomorrow's matchup. Randy's 2.17 WHIP against Boston can't continue, and we pounded Wakefield last time we saw him.

2006-06-07 11:59:51
36.   dpmurphy
"The Yankees, who have won nine of their last eleven and eleven of their last fourteen, are the hottest team in baseball right now despite a list of injuries and illnesses that would make Def Leppard blanch."

The sox were pitching a double A pitcher last night. When it came time to go to the bullpen, both KF and timlin were no goes because of injuries.

Your whining rings hollow.

2006-06-07 12:28:41
37.   domvjr
Hey dp, everytime the sox lose,you come over here and whine about the sox's problems. This is a Yankee blog, what do you expect everyone to write about, your problems. By the way, Beckett surely isn't a double a pitcher, and because foulke and timlin can't play, my heart bleeds for you. Go back to SOSH or some other whining Red Sox blog.
2006-06-07 13:07:37
38.   C2Coke
36 Pauley sure performed much better than Beckett.
I normally just laugh when I see dpmurphy here, but I thought Pauley doesn't deserve this after a great performance by him last night.
2006-06-07 13:23:30
39.   Cliff Corcoran
36 Who's whining, I'm celebrating!
2006-06-07 13:45:32
40.   JL25and3
Melky's catch reminded me of Ken Griffey Jr's description af his father's specatacular catch: "I give him a 10 for the catch and a 1 for the dismount."

Not to take anything away from a great game, drives me nuts that the save statistic has come to dictate in-game strategy. 8th inning, 2-1, Loretta, Ortiz and Ramirez coming up - how does it make sense to bring in your second-best pitcher there and save Rivera for the bottom of the order?

2006-06-07 13:51:54
41.   dpmurphy
"everytime the sox lose,you come over here and whine about the sox's problems. This is a Yankee blog, what do you expect everyone to write about, your problems"

You're talking about two teams with huge payrolls. Other lesser payroll teams would laugh at the sox injuries, as well as the yankees. I'm not whining. I'm pointing out the fact that the yankees are still putting an all star lineup on the field.

This whole "poor us" routine, as I said rings hollow. Insults doesn't change that.

2006-06-07 13:55:51
42.   JCP22
Feels great to have two guys in the outfield that can run a deep drive down. That has been sorely lacking in Yankeeland for sometime. This team is really coming together. If RJ heats up, watch out.

I was hopeful the Yanks were finally pitching to Bosox big gun's weaknesses with high heat to Ortiz. Then Posada sets up knee high away for fastball from Farnsworth and I cringe. Melky saved the day but maybe it would be better not to let Manny get his arms extended on low fastball. Pump some 97 mph belt high and above, inside third and let Manny squirm with the knowledge Farnsworth is wild.

Is it too much to ask of the universe that Schilling gets tattooed tonight? Hope springs eternal.

2006-06-07 14:44:20
43.   randym77
FWIW, Torre reportedly said Kevin Thompson would be going back to Columbus when Bubba rejoins the team.

I suspect this is because they now expect Bubba to be ready to play before Jeter is.

I don't think there's any danger of Melky being benched. They know a young prospect like him needs to play every day.

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