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2006-06-02 20:23
by Alex Belth
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The Yankees won a back-and-forth contest against the Orioles on a damp Friday night in Baltimore, 6-5. The Bombers' bullpen could not hold a two-run lead late in the game but a bit of good base running fortune involving Johnny Damon and then a key single by Derek Jeter in the ninth was enough to put the Yanks on top to stay. Kyle Farnsworth redeemed himself after Thursday's outing in Detroit, pitched effectively and earned the win.

Offensively, Damon and Jeter had nice games, and so did Andy Phillips and Jason Giambi (who both hit home runs). Giambi's dinger was a rainmaker to right and he's swinging the bat considerably better than he was just a week ago. Phillips has caught fire at the right time too. Jaret Wright pitched relatively well and Melky Cabrera made a good throw home to nail Javey Lopez in the second inning.

With the score tied at 5 in the ninth, Johnny Damon reached base with a two-out single off of Baltimore's closer, the gangly hard-thrower, Chris Ray. He then tried to steal second. Ramon Hernandez's throw beat him to the bag but second baseman Brian Roberts could not hold onto the throw. Damon slid into Roberts' glove. As the Orioles ran off the field and the TV prepared to go to commerical, the umpire changed his initial call of "out" to "safe." The ball fell to the ground as Roberts still tried to sell the call to no avail.

The play kept the inning alive. Jeter then sliced a low fastball into right for a single--his signature base hit and his third hit of the game. In all, it was a satisfying win for the Yanks. With all of the injuries the team is facing, and with the likes of T. Long (who didn't play tonight) and Scott Erickson (who did pitch, and pitched poorly) playing vital roles for the Bombers at the moment, every win feels that much sweeter (while every loss feels that much worse). Alex Rodriguez missed the game due to a stomach virus but Jeter, Giambi and company held it down.

The team will look to the Big Unit tomorrow to live up to his moniker and give them some length, just as Mike Mussina did the other night against the Tigers. Camden Yards is a far cry from Comerica so it should be interesting to see how he performs.

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2006-06-02 20:55:12
1.   brockdc
I agree, Alex: A very gratifying win, based on the circumstances. Still - and I know this is the pessimist in me - I hated Torre's decision to steal Melky earlier in the game with nobody out, Jeter at the plate, and Giambi due up. It ended up costing the Yanks a run and nearly the game. There's aggressive and there's foolish, a fine line that Torre crossed and crosses often.
2006-06-02 21:43:44
2.   Sam DC
Great camera work that caught that dropped ball by Roberts. (At least the Comcast network down these parts had the perfect shot from the first base side.)
2006-06-02 23:57:44
3.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Looking at it another way though, Benson seemed to unravel after Melky ran on him. and walked Jeter after being ahead of the count then left two sweet pitch for Giambi.
2006-06-03 02:46:19
4.   mikeplugh
Jeteronomy is a good headline. I've got a picture of Jeterace up at Canyon of Heroes to celebrate the man with all the rings.

This team is scrapping. We are finding ways to win at the plate. If we could find any kind of consistent pitching we'd be unstoppable.

2006-06-03 06:08:17
5.   murphy
well... here's to hoping RJ can build on the small successes in his last start and give us a chance to win. we need this one. boston is facing bonderman (who's been looking very beatable as of late), so the unit's got to produce to hold ground in the standings.

go, melky, go! go!

2006-06-03 06:28:12
6.   joe in boston

Props on the headline. I love your (and Cliff's) recaps and headlines - that's why this site is the first of the day for me.

As far as the game goes - Jeter is the man (obviously). We're hanging in there.

Don't think the game TV today - uggh. Rainy day here north of Boston with the wife away with friends and me with my 2 boys (3 1/2 and 1 1/2) Is there a better time for a game on the tube ? Oh well -

Go Yanks !

2006-06-03 06:35:16
7.   Alex Belth
I'm itching to see how RJ does today. The skeptic in me is well, skeptical. I believe that much of RJ's success against Detroit had to do with the fact that they are hackers playing in an extreme pitcher's park--his mistakes were lofted to the warning track for outs. That likely won't happen today. But who knows? Maybe his confidence has been bolstered significantly enough to make a difference no matter where he's pitching.

Oh, and though the Yankees' pitching hasn't always been steady this year, man, they are second in the AL in ERA, ahead of the famed White Sox hurlers. Not bad, eh?

2006-06-03 07:05:48
8.   mikeplugh
7 I agree Alex. They've held their own with the best pitching lineups in baseball so far. The thing is, it feels shaky. I'm not sure why, but it feels extremely tenuous.

The facts support the stellar pitching, because you have Randy Johnson with a 5+ ERA and the team is still second in the AL in that stat. That's nuts. If you had a half decent Unit, we'd be #1.

Maybe I'm just too nervous, but my bones tell me we need a better #3 option on this team to win it all. What do you think?

2006-06-03 07:16:40
9.   Shaun P
7 8 Yanks pitching staff has given up only 48 homers, lowest in the AL. White Sox pitchers have given up 61, which is 7th. As long as they keep avoiding giving up homers, which I think they will, that will help a lot.
2006-06-03 08:00:49
10.   buffalocharlie
Anyone tell me how they can give Damon a caught stealing. Part of the runner's job on a close play at a bag is to slide his feet into the infielder's mitt and dislodge the baseball, thus being safe! Help me understand the logic of giving a caught stealing when no one is out on the play

buffalo, ny

2006-06-03 08:24:35
11.   randym77
They gave Roberts an error. So I guess they decided he should have been able to hold onto the ball. Which means Damon had to get the caught stealing.

Wasn't Roberts the one who had his elbow dislocated when he put it between Bubba Crosby and first base last year? I don't blame him for being a bit tentative with a runner bearing down on him.

2006-06-03 08:47:23
12.   MattinglyHOF
Yes that was Roberts.Cliff Floyd also got hurtthat way over 10 years ago.Dont look now but Giambi is getting hot again.Between Melky(nice suprise 1)and Phillips(nice suprise 2)Looks like the offense is rolling with the added benefit of improved defense at 2 spots and the benefit if Giambi playing all 9 innings.If we could get Joe to play Kevin Thompson and jettison TBag all the better.
2006-06-03 08:57:35
13.   ChrisS
Melky's arm is a nice surprise, I didn't realize how strong and accurate his throws are. It's a positive change from watching Bernie, Damon, and Matsui soft toss balls in from the outfield. He's holding his own and that's exactly what they need from him in left.

The starting pitching is shaky, the days of RJ throwing stretches of dominant games is over. These guys just don't seem consistent (outside of Moose); one week it's 7 innings of 2 run ball, and then next week it's 4 innings and gone. The bullpen has been shaky too, but it's only june and they have until August to get their acts in gear.

Here's to June baseball.

2006-06-03 09:02:51
14.   fansince77
buffalo charlie:

I am still perplexed by that ruling on the CS. I know why they ruled that way- but on a bang/bang play the slide catch and tag are all part of the whole. If Roberts had been waiting there with the ball it would be different. With that logic- Jeter's 2000 squib should have been an error Not a hit. But again- bang/bang

2006-06-03 10:05:53
15.   murphy
12 "TBag"?!?!?! LOL.

13 Melky "holding his own". no - he is straight succeeding at the ML level. when sheff and matsui are both back (will that even happen this year?) i think melky should start in RF and sheff should DH.

what good would it do him to go back to columbus? what kind of message is that sending to the rest of the farm system? if i were a player about to be drafted out of high school or college, despite my being a life-long fan, the yankees would be at the bottom of the list of teams i'd hoped to be signed by.

2006-06-03 10:20:32
16.   Dimelo
"TBag" is a perfect name for someone who, every time he plays, bats or occupies a roster spot is TBagging Yankee fans, the players and front office. I know Thursday when I went to bed, I definitely felt TBaged - 9 LOB.
2006-06-03 10:45:18
17.   rsmith51
I was hoping I would read that Erickson was sent down (never to return.)
2006-06-03 11:10:05
18.   wsporter
Jeteronomy? Alex are ye getting Biblical? Are these the words ... the Captain is leading the Yankees out of the wilderness?

Just like the Isrealites if we can get a little pitching we'll get out of this mess.

2006-06-03 11:35:03
19.   rbj
18 LOL. The Israelites had Moses, we have Moose(s).
It is tremendous, the way Melky and Philips have stepped up, and Cano has continued. NY is a tough place to play, with the demands of the organization and fans to perform it is good to see "kids" doing what needs to be done. Now if Matt Smith (& heck through in Bean, too) could get fair shots in the pen.
2006-06-03 12:10:57
20.   wsporter
19 rbj, Alexis' joke but if I were casting the movie I'd see Mr. Torre as Moses and Jeter as Joshua. It'd be nice to work Moose in as David with that sling shot of his but that's the wrong book; may need a longer lead for that one.
2006-06-03 12:22:07
21.   SF Yanks
Anyone know how the weather is looking for some ball today?
2006-06-03 12:23:47
22.   wsporter
Couldy 60's showers maybe later
2006-06-03 13:04:03
23.   BklynBmr
Sterling reports A-Rod won't start, possibly available to pinch hit. Also, they'll try to hold Mo back today and tomorrow...
2006-06-03 13:09:01
24.   BklynBmr
Mutts fans giving it to Bonds* as he bats against El Duque. Shea is maybe half full, 4 hour rain delay...

Duque walks Bonds* on full count...

2006-06-03 13:09:07
25.   randym77
Rasner has been DLed. Matt Smith is on the train to Baltimore. Not clear if he'll get there in time to be available to pitch today.
2006-06-03 13:10:17
26.   BklynBmr
LOL! Bonds* doubled off first base on liner to center...
2006-06-03 13:11:47
27.   BklynBmr
25 What happened to Rasner? I missed his appearance in Detroit.
2006-06-03 13:12:46
28.   randym77
The lineup, from USA Today:

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams RF
Andy Phillips 1B
Robinson Canó 2B
Miguel Cairo 3B

2006-06-03 13:13:34
29.   randym77
27 They said he has shoulder soreness.
2006-06-03 13:13:59
30.   BklynBmr
Rasner: sore right shoulder, according to Waldman...
2006-06-03 13:14:27
31.   BklynBmr
29 Thanks!
2006-06-03 13:17:02
32.   randym77
Goldman talked a little about Colter Bean in his Pinstriped Blog. He mentioned the rumors of a gentlemen's agreement. No real details or explanatin, though.
2006-06-03 13:17:37
33.   wsporter
30 Jesus, what the hell is going on? Who broke the mirror?
2006-06-03 13:22:44
34.   randym77
The injury situation does seem ridiculous.

Do you it's possible Rasner isn't really injured? That they just wanted Matt Smith instead? Would they do such a thing?

2006-06-03 13:28:11
35.   randym77
Holy crap. Giambi's been scratched. Kevin Thompson will be in, batting 9th.
2006-06-03 13:32:26
36.   wsporter
34 They already brought him up so that's one more option year already gone whenever they send him down. How many option years does he have left?
2006-06-03 13:32:47
37.   randym77
Here's the new lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams DH
Andy Phillips 1B
Robinson Canó 2B
Miguel Cairo 3B
Kevin Thompson RF

Giambi's sick. Probably got A-Rod's germs.

I read yesterday that A-Rod was sitting in the dugout until the sixth inning, when Torre sent him to the hotel because he was looking so bad.

I couldn't believe they didn't send him to the hotel immediately. That kind of stomach virus can spread like crazy. Remember all those cruise ships?

2006-06-03 13:32:53
38.   wsporter
35 This is just getting silly.
2006-06-03 13:36:09
39.   Zack
Good lord, clearly there is something fishy going on. We should investigate Boston for trying to kill off the team, wouldn't suprise me!

And another glorious day of no game because of Fox. Somehow its a national broadcast, yet I don't get to see it on tv or on Doesn't really seem "national" then. Damn Fox, oh well, I will just have to imagine Thompson...

2006-06-03 13:37:50
40.   SF Yanks
Is this really nationally televised? I can't get the game on anything. I hate Saturdays.
2006-06-03 13:37:53
41.   randym77
Well, we wanted to see Kevin Thompson.

And still no T-ball. That's a good sign.

But given our track record this year, I'm half expecting the rest of the team to go down with this stomach bug eventually. :-P

2006-06-03 13:40:43
42.   randym77
I heard this morning that this game will only be seen in the NY market. Everywhere else, it's blacked out.
2006-06-03 13:42:40
43.   Zack
ARGH, shouldn't give us these games free on radio? No, that would be asking for way too much. Now I spend all day staring at my computer...sigh
2006-06-03 13:43:20
44.   rbj
Same here. ^&%@#(&*!! I could see blacking out all other games for a national Game of the Week. But LAA vs. Cl is over, and there's no other game televised on Fox at 4:30. If you need to black out the West Coast, fine. But I'm not on the WC, give me my EI games. I'll even take the Orioles feed.
2006-06-03 13:43:21
45.   Rosbif22
Thank god for XM radio.
2006-06-03 13:44:06
46.   rbj
BTW, Giambi is still showing up in the lineup.
2006-06-03 13:46:11
47.   Zack
If someone told me at the beginning of the season that we would HAVE to throw out a lineup that looked like this:
Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jorge Posada C
Bernie Williams DH
Andy Phillips 1B
Robinson Canó 2B
Miguel Cairo 3B
Kevin Thompson RF

I would have assumed we were in dead last and had given up or something. Not that I really mind, but still, that is a strange site, is it not?

2006-06-03 13:47:03
48.   randym77
Well, Posada's running a little better.
2006-06-03 13:47:15
49.   Zack
Anyone know anything about this kid pitching? How does he look?
2006-06-03 13:48:41
50.   randym77
Ye gods and little fishes. The Orioles defense is struggling today.
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2006-06-03 13:49:24
51.   rbj
Oh man, Posada DHing? Is there an emergency back up catcher or are the Yanks in danger of losing the DH?
2006-06-03 13:49:37
52.   randym77
This inning should be over. The defense is letting the kid down.
2006-06-03 13:49:51
53.   rilkefan
Ghost of Bernie still putting fear into the hearts of opponents.
2006-06-03 13:49:59
54.   Zack
Bernie is DH, not Jorge...
2006-06-03 13:50:19
55.   rbj
My mistake. Yahoo has Posada DHing and Bernie catching. Snort.
2006-06-03 13:50:20
56.   Zack
So much for hot Andy...
2006-06-03 13:50:29
57.   randym77
Posada's catching, not DHing. The DH is that fearsome slugger, Bernie Williams.
2006-06-03 13:50:41
58.   singledd
Posada catching. Bernie is DH... and drives in a run!
2006-06-03 13:50:48
59.   Zack
55 Now THAT would be interesting to see!
2006-06-03 13:51:08
60.   wsporter
I have the game on MASN out of Balto. Bernies ball should have been caught by the left fielder Rogers who broke back instead of in on a shallow fly.

I have a house full of guests so I'll try to help my pals in NY up to date who can't watch when I can sneak away. Company and a day game - a deadly mix.

2006-06-03 13:51:43
61.   BklynBmr
44 So this game is airing only on FOX and only in the NY and Baltimore markets? That sucks. I'm getting it on Gameday Audio, at least. Also, getting the Mutts-Giants here (in SF) on FOX...
2006-06-03 13:52:44
62.   randym77
They said Rogers is an infielder who is playing his first game in the OF. He was playing way too deep, considering it was Bernie at the plate.
2006-06-03 13:54:39
63.   marc
if RJ sucks can the Yanks just concede and rest everyone?
2006-06-03 13:55:13
64.   Zack
leadoff walk, are we back to Randy v 2.0, the crappy model?
2006-06-03 13:58:09
65.   randym77
It's not looking good. But RJ has had rough first innings before, and recovered. The key is get out of the inning without giving up 8 runs. :-P
2006-06-03 13:58:33
66.   Rosbif22
So it's goign to be one of those days.
2006-06-03 14:00:27
67.   Mattpat11
God damnit Randy.
2006-06-03 14:00:47
68.   Zack
Can we just forfit right now and rest everyone?
2006-06-03 14:01:16
69.   Zack
Clearly Scott Proctor will ahve to come in and pitch the entire game...
2006-06-03 14:01:17
70.   Mattpat11
Johnson's only given up 12 HRs this year? Does that seem low to anyone?
2006-06-03 14:01:20
71.   Simone
Here we go again. I thought RJ had turned it around. Crap.
2006-06-03 14:02:00
72.   wsporter
No Freaking command today folks. None. Johnson better turn it around or it's going to get ugly. Uhm, uglier.
2006-06-03 14:02:52
73.   rbj
Well, I'm not going to spend the afternoon in front of the computer for this.
2006-06-03 14:03:05
74.   randym77
Well, RJ got out of it. Hopefully it was just a bad first inning, as RJ has been suffering this season.

The lead is hardly insurmountable. C'mon, offense!

2006-06-03 14:03:05
75.   Mattpat11
To be honest, with he exception of the HR, he hasn't looked that bad. He was killed by the stolen base(s) and grounders. Not the linedrives he'd been giving up.
2006-06-03 14:03:08
76.   Stormer Sports
Well, I hate to say the game is over, but well, the game is over. Look at it this way, at least we should still make the playoffs. Houston is payiong Clemens over 1 Mil. per start and they haven't a prayer.

Anyone catch Jaret Weaver last night? This kid could be for real.

2006-06-03 14:03:20
77.   BklynBmr
64 Looks like it so far, huh? The Tiger game was just a head fake, I guess. This is gonna be another long day, with 1/3 of a bullpen left, no less...
2006-06-03 14:04:27
78.   Stormer Sports
I refuse to be optimistic in a game that RJ pitches. He hasn't earned that. The offense might score 5 next inning, only to see RJ give it right back!
2006-06-03 14:04:43
79.   marc
the Yanks first run was a gift. W'll see know if they can really get to this guy
2006-06-03 14:05:31
80.   Mattpat11
The fucking Red Sox are back again? Jesus. Mussina will see them though, right? Mussina Wang Wright Johnson?
2006-06-03 14:05:44
81.   Stormer Sports least we'd be getting some insurance money had we signed Burnett.
2006-06-03 14:06:05
82.   Simone
The Os' pitchers has an ERA 2 runs higher than RJ's. The Yankees should be able to score off him for a win.
2006-06-03 14:06:30
83.   Stormer Sports

NO! NO, without a solid RJ, how can we expect to compete with the Sox and Sox?

2006-06-03 14:06:49
84.   marc
We got a friggen nursing home team today. Most are in for illlnes and injury and RJ's there for old age and baseball senility
2006-06-03 14:06:59
85.   wsporter
Giambi has the stomach virus?
2006-06-03 14:07:16
86.   Mattpat11
What's the story on this Lowen? I missed the beginning of the game. If he's a rookie or someone we've never seen, its bad news bears. I predict 7 strikeouts (four looking)

Kay just said Rodriguez and Giambi are going to be quarantined.

2006-06-03 14:07:21
87.   Stormer Sports
I wonder if David Cone is in shape.
2006-06-03 14:08:20
88.   Mattpat11
What the fuck was that?
2006-06-03 14:08:27
89.   Stormer Sports
Yikes, this lineup is worse than Tampa's.
2006-06-03 14:09:35
90.   Mattpat11
I'm not sure who I'm more annoyed with. Cairo for running or Thompson for accomodating Hernandez.
2006-06-03 14:10:51
91.   murphy
david cone. :)

i am guessing he still might pitch better than the Big Obit.

2006-06-03 14:15:06
92.   Mattpat11
There ya go randy.
2006-06-03 14:15:57
93.   randym77
Yes, Giambi has the stomach virus.

The Orioles pitcher is fresh from the the minors. This is his first major league game.

>> Loewen, the fourth overall pick in the 2002 amateur draft, pitched for Canada in the World Baseball Classic and held the United States scoreless over 3 2-3 innings.

Loewen, who is replacing the injured Daniel Cabrera, got the starting nod start over veteran John Halama.

''The likely choice was John, but at the same time Adam is one of our top prospects,'' manager Sam Perlozzo said. ''He needs to pitch.''<<

2006-06-03 14:16:15
94.   rilkefan
"I predict 7 strikeouts (four looking)"

So that's, what, 11 outs right there?

2006-06-03 14:16:23
95.   Zack
Well that was a nice inning, build on that RJ
2006-06-03 14:17:35
96.   murphy
i am watching the mets game on fox. i kinda like listening to pinella. he's kinda "folksy" sounding and speaks with a manager's insight - as if the people watching actually know something about baseball.
2006-06-03 14:21:00
97.   Mattpat11
Melky's got some speed.
2006-06-03 14:22:28
98.   Mattpat11
Kay is babbling about Loewen's move. Did he see the Unit's pickoff move before? It had four parts.
2006-06-03 14:28:32
99.   randym77
Well, Bernie's still got wheels.
2006-06-03 14:28:45
100.   Benjamin Kabak
DP Bernie did his best to squash that rally. Lucky they got a run there.
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2006-06-03 14:47:27
101.   randym77
DP Damon did squash that rally. :-P
2006-06-03 14:49:10
102.   Zack
BB seems to have freaked out, no?
2006-06-03 14:49:23
103.   Zack
BB seems to have freaked out, no?
2006-06-03 14:49:59
104.   Zack
BB seems to have freaked out, no?
2006-06-03 14:50:34
105.   Zack
Woah, sorry!
2006-06-03 14:50:44
106.   Mattpat11
Who's BB? Barroids?
2006-06-03 14:52:33
107.   Benjamin Kabak
106 It's Bronx Banter. BB

The Toaster seems to be having some problems.

2006-06-03 14:55:22
108.   randym77
Capt. Clutch! Pulls a nice one down the line.
2006-06-03 14:56:27
109.   Zack
I love gameday's descriptions: A sharp ground ball...

Go Derek!

2006-06-03 14:57:10
110.   randym77
And he steals 3rd. C'mon, Jorgie, bring him home!
2006-06-03 14:57:54
111.   marc
this is getting exciting. RJ looked great last inning and now a Yankee rallyy
2006-06-03 15:01:18
112.   randym77
Not bad, Bernabe, not bad.
2006-06-03 15:01:56
113.   BklynBmr
Good job, Bernie!!!
2006-06-03 15:02:04
114.   Stormer Sports
Where are all the Bernie haters now?
2006-06-03 15:03:17
115.   rsmith51
104 I was having some trouble. Seems to be OK now.
2006-06-03 15:04:30
116.   randym77
114 I think they're with all people who said Melky wasn't ready, Phillips was strictly an AAA player, Robby couldn't cut in the majors, Posada should be traded, etc. ;-)
2006-06-03 15:04:40
117.   murphy
i still hate bernie from the left.
2006-06-03 15:05:07
118.   yankaholic
Read that Yanks are on a 10+ hits every game hit streak for the last 5 games.. our best since 1958... yes the YankClippes are doin fine..
2006-06-03 15:05:35
119.   BklynBmr
114 Just thinkin' the same thing, Storm. Half of Yankeedom wanted no part of him in the spring, but the man is still getting the job done...
2006-06-03 15:06:34
120.   Benjamin Kabak
I sometimes wonder when Cano's power is going to return.
2006-06-03 15:07:13
121.   murphy
i love melky. i love him even moe every time lastings milledge does something dumb on the other side of town.
2006-06-03 15:07:27
122.   yankaholic
114 still here.. never hate Bernie but he cant play the field.. PH/Dh and emergency OF starts are fine.. just not 500 ABs..

and i love him more if he hits Righties

2006-06-03 15:10:49
123.   Stormer Sports
116 Agreed. I am reactionary, for sure, but not concerning AAA players like Melky with potential and players who have earned my support. RJ has yet to get there, but I aint throwing Berie, Jorge, or Robbie under the bus. Farny and RJ however, hmm, we'll see, they're are in the crosswalk and I'm not sure whether to put out the stop sign.

I don't hate Bernie from the left, right, or center.

2006-06-03 15:10:57
124.   randym77
118 It's ten straight games.

The Baby Bombers are not only holding their own, they're doing great.

2006-06-03 15:11:46
125.   rilkefan
116 - very different. Bernie is putting up numbers just acceptable as a corner outfielder, and his defense isn't his selling point. The young guys have a bigger upside, a better expected value, and a larger chance of finishing the year able to play.
2006-06-03 15:12:52
126.   SF Yanks
Does Cano have any power? How many Hrs did he have last year?
2006-06-03 15:13:42
127.   yankaholic
124 10 wow... lets keep it up...
2006-06-03 15:13:46
128.   murphy
i wish i could watch the game today, cos it's all about body language, cos from the look of the numbers, randy has settled down and started to dominate.
2006-06-03 15:14:27
129.   Zack
I don't think any of us hate Bernie, but come on, he's still not getting the job done. He is getting the job done as what he should be, a backup. He's got an ops of .670, which for an outfielder/dh is awful. Yeah, hes been knocking in some runs, and hey, we are all happy about that, and hes our best option right now only because of all the injuries, but if and when Sheff comes back, he should be the 4th outfielder again...

And I don't think anyone who said bernie shouldn't play also said that we should trade Posada or the rest. I destinctly remember the Phillips bashers (Stormer, I believe you are one) supporting Bernie as a better option

2006-06-03 15:14:37
130.   Stormer Sports

Sure, but baseball is more than that, and it sickens me to hear that kind of talk about Bernie. Informend criticism sure, but this GOB and random insults is disgusting. Without Bernie in the late 90's, we're the freakin Atlanta BRAVES!!!!!

2006-06-03 15:15:25
131.   randym77
They just said that if the Yanks can have two more ten-hit games, they'll match a record that has stood since 1938.

Offense ain't our problem...

2006-06-03 15:16:45
132.   marc
RJ having a solid game. After the first all zeroes. Pitch count OK.
2006-06-03 15:17:25
133.   Stormer Sports

I wasnt a Phillpis "basher" I just wasn't looking to him to do more than a substiantially less he was doing in the minors, maybe .260-.270 with no real power and an above average glove. Sme folks were talking about him as if he was the next Don Mattingly. Melky on the other hand, has the potential to be an all star, I stick by my analysis on Phillips, I like him, but he's not ever going to put forth all star play, bank on it.

2006-06-03 15:19:57
134.   Stormer Sports

Unless someone can give me a name of someone who came up at 30 years of age and was more than average.

2006-06-03 15:20:15
135.   yankaholic
130 who disputed bernie's value as late as 04?? but, with age he has regressed just like Jeter will and ARod will (unlike Barroids)..

we like Bernie the person.. but in baseball where for instance last yr was decided by team head-head records.. any identifiable weakness shud be addressed..

bernie has great value as PH or random OF starter .. not everyday..

and when situation requires.. like now.. he can b used more frequently

i think everyone was arguing for a redn in playing time.. specifically in the field..

we will like him always

2006-06-03 15:21:40
136.   Zack
I don't think anyone expected all star play from Phillips, but we did expect him, given time, to be productive. There is a huge key. we all believe that he can be far more productive than bernie, who by the way, did lots of great stuff for us, but it still doesn't mean he should start. Hell, without Jeff nelson we may not have won some games, but I don't see anyone pining for him to still pitch. Baseball is a game driven by production, if you aren't producing at an acceptable rate, and all the stats show that there is no indication that you will, loyalty can't come into play. We are trying to win, not trot out the heroes of the Yankees past.

And I highly doubt Melky will be an all star...he has no power, and his patience is a newfound virtue. He may be a good outfileder, but for a corner outfielder, he will never put up production worthy of beating out the Mannys, Shefs, Vlads, and the rest...

2006-06-03 15:22:08
137.   Rosbif22
I wasnt a Phillpis "basher" I just wasn't looking to him to do more than a substiantially less he was doing in the minors, maybe .260-.270 with no real power and an above average glove. 133

Isn't that Bernie is now? Only without the glove?

2006-06-03 15:22:37
138.   Stormer Sports
I highly doubt that Jeter will regress all that far at age 36, I just don't see it. I am banking on Jeter putting up 3400+ hits.
2006-06-03 15:22:37
139.   yankaholic
BTW, i am lookin at gameday.. what exactly is a sharp ground ball?? or a soft liner..

funny words..

KT first hit.. good job..

2006-06-03 15:22:59
140.   BklynBmr
To anyone watching, is Thompson as fast as Sterling makes him sound?
2006-06-03 15:24:18
141.   Zack
Man, the O's pitcher is huge judging by his gameday picture!
2006-06-03 15:24:47
142.   Stormer Sports

Well, except for the playoff experience, clutch hitting, and the fact that he has earned the right to play over some kid with the same numbers. It's not Phillips fault, he could be batting .270 for the Baltimore Orioles I suppose. He is a Yankee, and that's the way it goes. Maybe we should have dumped Mattingly in '94, just kicked him to the curb, and bashed him.

2006-06-03 15:24:50
143.   Rosbif22
141 I was thinking the same thing
2006-06-03 15:28:39
144.   Rosbif22
142 I don't argue that Bernie has meant a lot to the Yankees; rather, at what point does he stop "earning" the right to play by virtue of what he did in the past? Would this apply to Randy Johnson as well?
2006-06-03 15:29:03
145.   Stormer Sports
Silly question: Mo available today?
2006-06-03 15:29:17
146.   Rosbif22
by the way, is the baseball toaster slow for everybody else, or is it just my connection at work?
2006-06-03 15:29:52
147.   Rosbif22
145 I think that Torre said he wouldn't pitch through the Baltimore series, although I could be wrong.
2006-06-03 15:30:03
148.   Stormer Sports

Randy hasn't earned a damn thing yet. How hard would it be to find a pitcher who will post a 4.5-6.0 era?

2006-06-03 15:30:49
149.   Stormer Sports
The thought of Farny "Walk the Line" Farnsworth on the mound for the save scares me.
2006-06-03 15:31:15
150.   Zack
142 Man, you sound just liek Joe Torre: playoff experience, clutch hitting, earned the right. blah blah blah. None of that helps a team win. Bernie earned the right to play when he was playing well. Now he has earned the right to still be on the team, and be adored by the fans. You don't earn playing time based on anything but potential and production, and Bernie's potential is gone, and his production is limited. If you manage your team based on the past, you will lose. Always.

We didn't get rid of Mattingly because he was far mor productive than Bernie is now.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-06-03 15:31:27
151.   randym77
The Toaster is really hurting today. Repeated 404s and really slow.

Mo is not available today. They said maybe Monday. Mo's feeling a lot better, but they want to play it safe.

Maybe we'll see Proctor closing...

2006-06-03 15:32:20
152.   Zack
148 How hard would it be to find a weak throwing, bad ranging, no power outfielder hitting .270?
2006-06-03 15:33:20
153.   Stormer Sports
151 I sure hope so. I know Joe doesn't want to hurt Farny's confidence, but when you have more walks than innings pitched, are scared to death to throw a fastball, and when you do its right down broadway, I think its time to reverse Proctor and Farny's roles on the team.
2006-06-03 15:34:30
154.   Stormer Sports
[152} Those kind of comments: Exactly why so many hate Yankee fans.
2006-06-03 15:34:32
155.   Rosbif22
148A .675 OPS hasn't earned anything yet either, and unfortunately, Bernie's past contributions mean little throughout this season.
2006-06-03 15:35:10
156.   Rosbif22
151 Oh, it's not just me...not really a good thing, but I guess it's good to know
2006-06-03 15:36:04
157.   SF Yanks
For me, seeing Bernie's name in the lineup doesn't bother me one bit. I know he isn't all that productive, but I feel such an attachment to him and I just don't want to see the guy leave, so I'm fine with it.
2006-06-03 15:36:32
158.   Rosbif22
154 I would imagine that most people hate Yankees fans because it's popular to hate the Yankees. I've never heard anybody complain that Yankee fans are particularly abusive.
2006-06-03 15:36:53
159.   Stormer Sports

Although it is hard to figure, Joe did yank Villone for Farny, when all that Villone did was retire every righty and lefty he faced through 2 innings lowering his era below 1.5!

2006-06-03 15:36:55
160.   randym77
Farnsy did fine yesterday. They talked to him about using his fastball more.

If he doesn't pitch today, it will be because he's pitched so much the last two days.

2006-06-03 15:37:18
161.   Zack
I reer you to the Pinstriped Blog

Clearly it isnt that hard, as every other team in the AL has a better RF than Bernie

2006-06-03 15:38:17
162.   brockdc
123 Loving or hating Bernie has nothing to do with the fact that he can no longer play adequate defense.

130 Based on this "logic," we should give O'Neill a call to see if he wants to platoon in right. I wonder if Chad Curtis is available.

2006-06-03 15:38:32
163.   randym77
Andy, baby! That oughta keep you in the lineup, kid!
2006-06-03 15:38:45
164.   Stormer Sports

So do we, I think his name is Gary Sheffield.

2006-06-03 15:39:01
165.   rilkefan
133 - nice timing.
2006-06-03 15:39:23
166.   Zack
2006-06-03 15:40:22
167.   rilkefan
Another 10-hit game...
2006-06-03 15:40:23
168.   Stormer Sports

Dude, come on. Joe never intended Bernie to be in the outfield this much. What should we do with Sheffield, Bubba and Mats all down?

2006-06-03 15:42:16
169.   Fred Vincy
And Bernie in the corners at least seems a lot less painful than in center....
2006-06-03 15:43:20
170.   Zack
Thats the whole point: It doesn't matter if Joe intended to use Bernie this much, he is using Bernie this much, so he is a regular, which is a role he can't fill and the Yankees should have known...
2006-06-03 15:43:41
171.   randym77
168 Well, to be blunt, we should have been building a deep bench in the off-season. The team was old. Having a lot of starters on the DL for one reason or another was very foreseeable.
2006-06-03 15:44:18
172.   Zack
besdies, Joe clearly did intend to use him this much, as he got 157 ABS in April...
2006-06-03 15:44:19
173.   rsmith51
I am just glad the Yanks resisted trading a chip for some "Raul Mondesi" type player to fill in the outfield. It is clear that Melky, Bernie, Damon, and Bubba can hold the fort as long as the rest of the team is healthy. Maybe they'd be better with Jose Guillen, but at what cost?
2006-06-03 15:47:46
174.   singledd
If Shef is out long-term, I think the Yanks will get Sori back. And man, what I line-up we we have. While he is aggrevating, Sori is probably better then Mats and maybe Shef. He is batting .290 now, with 19 HRs.
2006-06-03 15:47:48
175.   Zack
I do agree with you there rsmith, though our offense really really really needs Sheff to make it ok in the end
2006-06-03 15:48:08
176.   SF Yanks
whats happening nothings updating?
2006-06-03 15:48:44
177.   SF Yanks
2006-06-03 15:48:55
178.   randym77
173 I agree. Maybe the right deal will come along as the trade deadline approaches, but for now, there isn't anyone available who would be worth the cost.

Honestly, I'm not sure we'd have won as many games if Sheff and Godzilla hadn't been injured. We're now a great balance of contact and power.

Get rid of T-Ball, and I'll be perfectly happy with this team.

2006-06-03 15:49:46
179.   brockdc
168 Do you watch Yankee games? As Zack said, Bernie was a regular before the rash of injuries and was already on pace to exceed the dreaded 500 ABs while Thompson was languishing at AAA.
2006-06-03 15:52:05
180.   rsmith51
174 I don't believe Sori is better than Matsui and definitely not Sheffield. Soriano's value is as a 2b, not an OF. He has stretches where he can hit the crap out of the ball, but his OB% is pretty low.
2006-06-03 15:52:06
181.   rsmith51
174 I don't believe Sori is better than Matsui and definitely not Sheffield. Soriano's value is as a 2b, not an OF. He has stretches where he can hit the crap out of the ball, but his OB% is pretty low.
2006-06-03 15:52:13
182.   Zack
What, exactlly, is an on field delay?
2006-06-03 15:52:38
183.   Stormer Sports

I'm with you. This team (With Arod, but without Sheff) reminds me a lot more of the 1996-2000 teams than the fully healthy team does. That team reminded me more of the 2001-2005 variety. Although we havent come close to the pitching we had during the run, that's for sure.

2006-06-03 15:52:40
184.   brockdc
Does anyone have a Bubba injury update?
2006-06-03 15:53:17
185.   rsmith51
RJ is at 93 pitches, probably his last inning. Who comes in next?
2006-06-03 15:54:03
186.   Stormer Sports
There is something to be said of winning as a team, not just expecting the next guy to hit a bomb and get you back in it. Not to mention, it's a lot more fun to watch than K K K bomb, single, K K bomb.
2006-06-03 15:54:25
187.   randym77
184 From today's NY Daily News:


REHAB-BING CROSBY: Bubba Crosby (pulled hamstring) did outfield drills and ran the bases yesterday in Tampa, and the Yanks hope he will be able to rejoin them by next weekend.


2006-06-03 15:54:57
188.   brockdc
182 Fat, pasty dude in a purple thong sprinting across the outfield?
2006-06-03 15:54:58
189.   Mattpat11
185 You have to send him out for the eigth. The idea that randy Johnson can't go more than 100 is a bit absurd.
2006-06-03 15:55:44
190.   Stormer Sports

Are you kidding me, have you been watching? It's Proctor 8, Farny blows it in the 9th, instead of the reverse, which is what it should be. 6 Mil. doesn't earn you the right to close, when you have more walks than innings pitched!

2006-06-03 15:56:15
191.   Zack
yeah, I think for the sake of Scott Proctor, randy has to go one more...
2006-06-03 15:56:23
192.   Mattpat11
187 who do we lose in favor of Bubba?
2006-06-03 15:56:26
193.   brockdc
Thanks, randym. Good news.
2006-06-03 15:56:55
194.   rsmith51
189 Good point. It was a pretty efficient inning and, well, he is Randy Johnson.
2006-06-03 15:57:02
195.   Stormer Sports

I let Randy finish the 8th, Proctor in the 9th. Letting Proctor close will do more for Proctor's confidence, than it would for Farny who clearly has none, but then again, how could confidence fit in that cavernous head of Kyle "Mark Wholers" Farnsworth.

2006-06-03 15:57:30
196.   singledd
181"He has stretches where he can hit the crap out of the ball".
Well, so far 2006 is one such stretch. .945 OPS:
AVG .296 | HR 19 | RBI 38 | OBP .349 | SLG .596
2006-06-03 15:57:44
197.   randym77
192 I'm hoping it's T-Ball.

Bubba is now scheduled to play rehab games midweek. Could be moved up or back, depending on how he does.

2006-06-03 15:58:02
198.   brockdc
192 For the love of God, I pray it's Long.
2006-06-03 15:58:34
199.   Stormer Sports

Dude, the last place Soriano should be seen on a baseball diamond, is at second base. Well, unless you like soccer more than baseball.

2006-06-03 15:59:26
200.   randym77
Farnsy is not available today. Barring emergency, he's getting the day off because he's pitched so much the last two days.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-06-03 15:59:36
201.   rsmith51
196 I heard he was having a good year, but that is very good considering the park he plays in. The Nats would be smart to trade him to the highest bidder.
2006-06-03 15:59:50
202.   Stormer Sports

I suppose if you call that pitching.

2006-06-03 16:00:10
203.   Rosbif22
198 Probably M. Cabrera. Not a veteran, you know.
2006-06-03 16:01:13
204.   randym77
Melky's not going anywhere. Joe has hinted that they'll find a way to keep Melky around even after Sheff and Hideki come back.
2006-06-03 16:01:31
205.   singledd
181 P.S. Matsui has a (NY) Career OPS of .855 and averages 25 HRs/yr. I would imagine Sori has a better arm, and may be a better fielder in short order (although that's just a guess).
2006-06-03 16:01:48
206.   Stormer Sports
If they dump Cabrera over long or Kevin, that would be just silly. Cabrera should stay up indefinitely. To do otherwise is shooting ourselves in the foot.
2006-06-03 16:01:57
207.   singledd
Baltimores line: 3-3-3
2006-06-03 16:02:25
208.   Rosbif22
yeah, I know; I was mocking Torre's preference for "experience"
2006-06-03 16:02:56
209.   Mattpat11
201 Just send Bowden a bottle of JD. We may get Soriano and Zimmerman.
2006-06-03 16:03:19
210.   Rosbif22
206 To have Long at all is shooting ourselves in the foot...but it continues :(
2006-06-03 16:03:45
211.   randym77
208 Well, now that you mention it, I could see him keeping T-ball over Thompson. o_O
2006-06-03 16:03:52
212.   Stormer Sports
At 102, Randy could concievably pitch the 8th and 9th, if he can keep it under 125.
2006-06-03 16:03:53
213.   Mattpat11
Quite the swing there, Jorge.
2006-06-03 16:05:10
214.   Rosbif22
211 Sadly, you'd probably be right
2006-06-03 16:07:07
215.   Stormer Sports
Anyone catch Gagne last night? He looked pretty good. If they get healthy, a Yankee Dodger series could be possible. That would be fun.
2006-06-03 16:10:15
216.   Stormer Sports
....and I suppose we keep Erickson over Rasner when Dotel comes up? Why oh why?
2006-06-03 16:11:26
217.   Rosbif22
215 Jon mentions that Gagné is landing funny, but hopefully it doesn't mean too much.
2006-06-03 16:12:44
218.   rsmith51
205 Need a sac fly, walk, single, or double -Matsui. Need a HR or a stolen base - Soriano.
2006-06-03 16:13:55
219.   randym77
Randy Johnson got a standing ovation as he left the mound. (And no, it was not sarcastic.)

Proctor's coming in to get five outs.

2006-06-03 16:14:33
220.   Stormer Sports

Well, I live in LA now, and Gagne is about the only thing that makes the games bearable to watch.

2006-06-03 16:14:53
221.   JeremyM
Man, I hope Proctor isn't coming in...

This has probably been touched on, but why is it A-Rod and Giambi getting sick and not T-Long and Erickson?

2006-06-03 16:15:16
222.   rsmith51
How did he look? Should Joe have kept him in?
2006-06-03 16:17:13
223.   randym77
222 If you mean RJ, I think pulling him was the right thing to do. He seemed to be tiring. He'd been great after 1st inning, but was having trouble finding the strike zone in the 8th.
2006-06-03 16:17:24
224.   singledd
I'm not saying I'd RATHER have Sori then Mats. Just giving a relative assessment. Sori has a career AVG/OPS of 0.015 lower then Mats... so he has close to the same amount of singles and doubles.

Mats is VERY solid... and clutch. I'm just saying considering Sori's speed and possible better 'D', that he has a value as an OF'er close or equal to Mats.

2006-06-03 16:17:55
225.   Rosbif22
220 Whereabouts in LA?
2006-06-03 16:18:00
226.   marc
If RJ and Proctor can get us a win that would be a great game
2006-06-03 16:19:38
227.   randym77
Then again, maybe Joe shoulda left Randy in...
2006-06-03 16:19:46
228.   singledd
Looking a little less likely now. Geez... imaging life with no Rivera. Scary.
2006-06-03 16:20:38
229.   singledd
Is Doctor Proctor gonna close?
2006-06-03 16:21:17
230.   JeremyM
I hope not. I think I'd rather have Villone. Or maybe Smith right off the train.
2006-06-03 16:21:26
231.   rsmith51
As a Packer fan, I imagine life with no Rivera is like the Packers without Favre.
2006-06-03 16:21:27
232.   marc
I guess out-hitting them 11-4 isn't going to be worth much
2006-06-03 16:21:54
233.   Rosbif22
229 I don't think anybody else is available to come in (!)
2006-06-03 16:21:59
234.   Mattpat11
Quite the outing by Brett Prinz.

NO REASON to pull Johnson. NONE.

2006-06-03 16:22:01
235.   rsmith51
Definitely should have left Randy in...
2006-06-03 16:22:30
236.   Benjamin Kabak
I would guess that Randy Johnson is pretty pissed at Proctor right now. There goes his 8th win. Sloppy bullpen work again.
2006-06-03 16:22:39
237.   Rosbif22
Ah, and the game becomes more interesting ::grumble::
2006-06-03 16:22:42
238.   JeremyM
2006-06-03 16:23:12
239.   rsmith51
Status of Dotel?
2006-06-03 16:24:17
240.   randym77
I think Villone is available. And Erickson.

Dunno about Matt Smith. They weren't sure if he could get to the park in time. Wouldn't really be fair to throw him in there when he's fresh off the train from Columbus.

2006-06-03 16:24:34
241.   Rosbif22
239 still on the DL, that's all I've heard
2006-06-03 16:24:58
242.   rsmith51
Bringing a reliever was probably the right move, but too bad our best choice is Proctor.
2006-06-03 16:25:03
243.   Mattpat11
I was going to mention how the idea of Scott Prinz closing horrified me, but I was afriad I'd be called negative.

Yay finally turned the corner!

2006-06-03 16:25:20
244.   singledd
239 Pitching in Single A. Should move to Double A tomorrow. Could be a week or 2 away.
2006-06-03 16:25:37
245.   JeremyM
Hey, I'd take him fresh off the train, suitcase in hand, over Proctor.
2006-06-03 16:26:00
246.   randym77
Dotel's ETA is June 15. From ESPN:


New York Yankees reliever Octavio Dotel is expected to join Class A Tampa on Thursday.

Dotel worked a scoreless inning Saturday to complete his first consecutive-day outing in an extended spring training game against Tampa Bay minor leaguers. He had elbow ligament replacement surgery a year ago, and is expected to join the Yankees around June 15.


2006-06-03 16:26:21
247.   marc
If we knock in 3 runs here we have a good shot still
2006-06-03 16:26:24
248.   Simone
Proctor has turned back into a pumpkin.
2006-06-03 16:26:57
249.   Stormer Sports
225 Silver Lake, you?
2006-06-03 16:27:26
250.   Stormer Sports

You're in LA?

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-06-03 16:27:58
251.   randym77
Wang is warming. Are they really going to put him in?
2006-06-03 16:27:59
252.   Mattpat11
Glad you didnt swing the bat there, Andy. You may have made an out.

Oh well you're playing with house money today anyway

2006-06-03 16:28:06
253.   Benjamin Kabak
This is where these non-DL day-to-day injuries are killing the Yanks. Giambi and A-Rod are unavailable. It saddens me.

Why is Wang throwing in the pen? Will he come in on his throw day to close and carry the game into extra innings after his short performance the other day?

2006-06-03 16:29:07
254.   Stormer Sports
I am a big Smith fan! Well, for the time being anyway. Apparently Joe thinks two lefties is plenty. He is sick with the lefty righty crap! Get over it Joe! It's not as important as talent e.g. Scott Erickson!
2006-06-03 16:29:07
255.   Benjamin Kabak
Over his last 10 appearances, Proctor's ERA is around 8.00. No good.
2006-06-03 16:29:29
256.   rsmith51
I heard ARod might be able to pinch hit.
2006-06-03 16:30:38
257.   JeremyM
I'd take Wang at this point, but his injury history makes me leery.
2006-06-03 16:31:00
258.   tommyl
Why is Giambi unavailable?
2006-06-03 16:31:23
259.   JeremyM
I heard Giambi and A-Rod are locked down in the hatch right now...
2006-06-03 16:31:32
260.   Benjamin Kabak
256 What are they waiting for then?

257 I was thinking the same thing. A pitcher with a history of shoulder problems...but he would probably be throwing today anyway.

2006-06-03 16:31:56
261.   Benjamin Kabak
258 Stomach bug. Same as A-Rod.
2006-06-03 16:32:09
262.   Mattpat11
255 The coach has turned back into pumpkin.
2006-06-03 16:33:48
263.   Stormer Sports
Now who is he bringing in?
2006-06-03 16:34:51
264.   Zack
This was the "Ill give him one batter to get on then pull him which i want to do anyways" Joe Toree BP management plan. And, as always, joe can only think to go to Proctor, whos arm realyl did jut fall off..

I hate this, two days in a row of crappy BP management!

2006-06-03 16:35:17
265.   rsmith51
Proctor is still in?
2006-06-03 16:35:30
266.   Benjamin Kabak
okay. wtf is Proctor still doing in? Did Joe not just watch him get battered last inning?
2006-06-03 16:35:34
267.   Mattpat11
Nice way to start the inning, CT.
2006-06-03 16:35:34
268.   randym77
Gawd, it's Proctor. And he still sucks.
2006-06-03 16:35:51
269.   Zack
Why is Proctor still pitching? joe has clearly decided to lose this game
2006-06-03 16:36:22
270.   Stormer Sports
This is the same guy who almost yanked Moose 2 outs short of a complete game because a runner got on base.
2006-06-03 16:36:28
271.   singledd
Bottom of the order. But we are still in trouble. It can't be just use. Proctor must be doing something different.
2006-06-03 16:36:52
272.   Mattpat11
166 I get the impression that there aren't a ton of other options.
2006-06-03 16:36:54
273.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe Torre is quickly losing my respect. First, he brings in Erickson yesterday in a two-run game and that, unsurprisingly, backfires. Now, he's keeping in Proctor.

Isn't Mike Myers in the bullpen? Or anyone other than Scott Proctor?

2006-06-03 16:37:02
274.   Stormer Sports
Why no Villone?
2006-06-03 16:37:13
275.   Zack
The problem is that his arm is probably overly tired, so he doesn't have his velocity or location all the time.
2006-06-03 16:37:37
276.   rsmith51
I would think relievers like coming in with nobody on base. Perhaps this, once a runner gets on is a pretty crappy bullpen management device.
2006-06-03 16:38:31
277.   marc
disgusting game unless Wang can win it eventually
2006-06-03 16:38:43
278.   Stormer Sports
Matt Smith would have closed this team right down! But he;s a lefty and although its ok to carry 13 pitchers, 3 of which are absolute garbage, it is not acceptable to carry three lefty's?
2006-06-03 16:39:48
279.   randym77
Matt Smith has been called up. He may not have arrived from Columbus yet.
2006-06-03 16:40:04
280.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see Joe grabbing a bat. Maybe he'll pinch hit himself for Miguel Cairo next time around.
2006-06-03 16:40:05
281.   Mattpat11
271 I think this is Scott Proctor. He's just not good.
2006-06-03 16:40:05
282.   marc
a break on a stupid bunt. Do we still have a chance?
2006-06-03 16:40:15
283.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Tommy Lasorda called Joe and chastised him for carrying two lefty's and Joe didn't want to risk scorn for carrying three, even if two of them would be the best arms out there minus MO!
2006-06-03 16:40:36
284.   Zack
Hey, going 2-0 on two straight pitchouts might lead to walking the guy anways...
2006-06-03 16:41:48
285.   Stormer Sports
Well, if Joe would give the guy some rest, he wouldn't be in this situation. Doesn't Ron Villone have the best era out there?
2006-06-03 16:41:51
286.   Benjamin Kabak
Good strike out.
2006-06-03 16:42:01
287.   Zack
I think Torre really hates Proctor and has determined to throw him so many times that his career will be ruined (well, whatever career he had). Joe's hatred is so intense it overshadows his desire to win games...
2006-06-03 16:42:14
288.   rsmith51
And he still stole the stinking base...
2006-06-03 16:42:19
289.   randym77
283 Stormer, Matt Smith has been called up.
2006-06-03 16:42:37
290.   Benjamin Kabak
Proctor v. Markakis.

Why do the Yanks not have a lefty even warming up? HELLLLOOOOOOOO, JOE. Wake up.

2006-06-03 16:42:58
291.   rsmith51
One more Proctor...
2006-06-03 16:43:28
292.   rsmith51
291 Perhaps a comma would have been in order there.
2006-06-03 16:44:27
293.   Stormer Sports

Then why the hell isnt he in there!

2006-06-03 16:45:13
294.   Stormer Sports
Ease up on Joe, he is waiting to bring in Erickson next inning.
2006-06-03 16:45:17
295.   Benjamin Kabak
291 No, please, no. We don't need more Proctors.
2006-06-03 16:46:39
296.   Zack
Going into tonight, proctor was on pace for 108 innings, which will now go up to about 110!! Which will double his career total...
2006-06-03 16:47:13
297.   Stormer Sports
Arod can pitch, I just know it! Work with him Gator, make some history! It sounds crazy, but hey, what the hell. The Babe still holds some pitching records!
2006-06-03 16:47:45
298.   randym77
293 Smith was just called up today, when Rasner was put on the DL. He may not have made it to the park in time. Or maybe they didn't want to throw him into a situation like this when he's fresh off the train from Columbus.

They sent Smith down because they needed a catcher, and then couldn't call him up again because of the 10-day rule. That's why they called up Rasner instead of Smith.

2006-06-03 16:48:07
299.   rsmith51
Please give Proctor some time off. If he can be effective, it is certainly not as a 110 inning relief pitcher.
2006-06-03 16:48:11
300.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm watching this game on MASN, and they keep advertising the Orioles by showing the O's beating the Royals. Someone should tell the network folks that beating the Royals isn't much of an accomplishment.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-06-03 16:48:30
301.   singledd
We will be luky to have anybody breathing by the time Boston comes in. Hopefully Mo will be rested, and Giambi and ARod will be better for some time off.
2006-06-03 16:48:39
302.   Stormer Sports
298 I understand. Erickson still clogging up the shuttle! Otherwise he never would have been sent down.
2006-06-03 16:49:09
303.   rsmith51
What happened to Rasner? Is that why he was taken out prematurely in Thursday's game?
2006-06-03 16:49:25
304.   randym77
So who's coming in to pitch the 10th? Villone? Wang?
2006-06-03 16:50:05
305.   Benjamin Kabak
Go Johnny.
2006-06-03 16:50:12
306.   randym77
And Damon goes boom...
2006-06-03 16:50:20
307.   singledd
2006-06-03 16:50:24
308.   Stormer Sports
No Wang! Bring in Villone and take our chances! His era is 1.50 for God's sake, what does the guy have to do?
2006-06-03 16:50:31
309.   rsmith51
304 If Proctor comes in, I may start a Fire Joe Torre website immediately...
2006-06-03 16:50:42
310.   Simone
Give it up for Johnny D!
2006-06-03 16:51:11
311.   Benjamin Kabak
303 Rasner's expected to miss the minimum, according to Peter Abrahams on the Lo Hud blog Had Rivera been available, Rasner wouldn't have been DLed.
2006-06-03 16:51:27
312.   Stormer Sports

Now let Villone close it. I implore you Joe do not bring Wang into a pressure situation!

2006-06-03 16:52:31
313.   randym77
Rasner is suffering from shoulder soreness. Dunno if that's why they yanked him from the game.

I don't mind Erickson, really. He's fine for what he is. He's supposed to be Tanyon Sturtze's replacement. The guy they put in to eat innings when the starter is yanked early. On a daily basis, if necessary. Not what you want a prospect like Smith to be doing.

2006-06-03 16:52:40
314.   brockdc
300 I saw that promo last night. Oriole players piling on top of one another as though they'd just come from behind to win Game 7 of the W.S. Jeez, settle down, guys: You just BARELY beat the Royals.
2006-06-03 16:53:02
315.   Stormer Sports
Joe's right though. Letfy's like Smith are only good for situational hitters. Billy Wagner and BJ Ryan are just horrible against righties!
2006-06-03 16:53:24
316.   randym77
Myers is warming.
2006-06-03 16:54:08
317.   Stormer Sports

No, you're right. I want Smith setting up Mo and Villone eating innings. Not one-hit-one-walk-two-runs Erickson.

2006-06-03 16:54:28
318.   Stormer Sports
Myers! You're kidding me?
2006-06-03 16:55:16
319.   BklynBmr
309 You're too late, ;-)

2006-06-03 16:55:28
320.   Stormer Sports
I'm taking a shower, I can't watch Joe's adventures in Bullpenning any longer. Hopefully when I get out I will find that we've won.
2006-06-03 16:55:36
321.   tommyl
314 Actually, there was a commercial last night with the Yankees, but their uniforms were blurred out. It was hilarious, because you are supposed to think its some nameless team, but then you see A-rod.
2006-06-03 16:56:00
322.   brockdc
And out comes my Torre voodoo doll.
2006-06-03 16:57:05
323.   Stormer Sports
I'm not advocating that Villone is the answer to our problems, but he is pitching better than anyone else out there right now, isn't he?
2006-06-03 16:57:25
324.   randym77
LOL. Proctor and Myers both came out to pitch the 10th.

Apparently, it was news to Proctor that his day was done.

2006-06-03 16:59:13
325.   Zack
Myers looks like the sad clown at the circus in his gameday picture
2006-06-03 16:59:52
326.   Benjamin Kabak
I guess Joe brought in Myers to get out the...rightie?! One pitch, one out, and he's gone. Okay....
2006-06-03 17:01:10
327.   brockdc
314 I missed that. Hilarious. Way to splurge, Angelos!
2006-06-03 17:01:31
328.   Zack
This could be interesting
2006-06-03 17:01:35
329.   randym77
321 Why would they do that? Are they not allowed to show Yankees trademarks or something?
2006-06-03 17:02:33
330.   Zack
gb is good news
2006-06-03 17:03:16
331.   Zack
Boston already up 1-0
2006-06-03 17:03:28
332.   randym77
Oh, boy. I'm not sure this is a good idea. I love Wanger, but he's no Papelbon. Pretty hairy situation to be throwing the kid into.

C'mon, Tiger. One more nice grounder like that...

2006-06-03 17:04:33
333.   brockdc
My guess is that they might have to pay the Yanks some sort of royalty for using their image. Cheapskate Angelos wouldn't pay a toll booth attendent to cross a bridge.
2006-06-03 17:04:54
334.   Zack
Well it was a gb, and the pitch was low...
2006-06-03 17:05:31
335.   randym77
Crap. A man on. Wang's getting a complex about pitching with men on this season.
2006-06-03 17:05:52
336.   MattinglyHOF
Roberts is great LH Mortal RH thats why Myers
2006-06-03 17:08:10
337.   Zack
damn damn damn, not looking too good...just one out to go, come on
2006-06-03 17:08:21
338.   singledd
2006-06-03 17:08:21
339.   Simone
Just one more, Wang! You can do it.
2006-06-03 17:08:46
340.   Benjamin Kabak
Cano should maybe take a step or two to his left.
2006-06-03 17:09:33
341.   Benjamin Kabak
Phew. Wang's BAA with runners on today was just .500. That's an improvement over the game against Detroit.

Good game to win, bad way to win it, imo.

2006-06-03 17:09:34
342.   randym77
Yay!!!! Wanger finally got the 3rd out...on a fly ball. To Thompson.
2006-06-03 17:09:44
343.   BklynBmr
2006-06-03 17:10:10
344.   singledd
My God.
Truth be told, I don't know how we have been winning with these line-ups.
But we are.


2006-06-03 17:12:46
345.   Simone
I don't know how this team is doing it, but I'm loving these wins with the AAA line up.
2006-06-03 17:15:17
346.   brockdc
345 Good point, but no doubt this is their best defensive alignment in years.
2006-06-03 17:15:29
347.   MattinglyHOF
Gotta say I just read Joel Shermans book about the 96 Yankees....good read but Im seeing similarities between that team and this one.
2006-06-03 17:16:41
348.   marc
Wow, one else could have won other than that genius field general Joe.
2006-06-03 17:26:11
349.   randym77
This patched-together team somehow finds a way to win.

Though I think this game shows we need pitching more than outfielders. Aside from Wang and Chacon, our pitching staff is geriatric. Hopefully Smith and Dotel will help patch the holes.

2006-06-03 17:32:25
350.   BklynBmr
'May you live in interesting times.' If nothing else, this is one unpredictable season so far. The 'can-do' Yanks! Gettin' it done with smoke and mirrors, but this squad has no quit in 'em. Kids, castoffs, you name it. This is fun baseball.

While it's an overused word, maybe the walking wounded situation has created some kind of 'chemistry' that we haven't had for a while. Whatever it is, if it keeps going this promises to be a memorable season — winning in a way absolutely no one expected.

Let's go Baby Bombers!

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-06-03 17:35:46
351.   rbj
Me confused. Wang gets the save? Is the reliever corp that depleted that Wang needed to come in?
2006-06-03 17:40:32
352.   BklynBmr
Radio postgame: Waldman is commenting on the spirit of the Yank's bench during the game and in the clubhouse. Everyone yelling and pulling for each other. With the big guns down, they're amped about steppin' up and all feeding off each other. How cool is that?
2006-06-03 17:42:44
353.   joe in boston
B-Bomber -

I agree. Very cool.

Yikes, it's a long season though everyone. How Long (pun intended)can all this last?

Please let's somehow survive the Sox series this week and then get healthy !

2006-06-03 17:54:06
354.   randym77
351 "Is the reliever corp that depleted that Wang needed to come in?"

That would be a "yes." It was his throw day, and they intentionally kept him from throwing today. Just in case.

YES interviewed Posada in the postgame show, and he said it's great playing with all the kids. They have so much enthusiasm and they never quit. They're having so much fun, and he says that energizes the veterans.

And Detroit's up 3-1 on the Bosox...

2006-06-03 18:00:04
355.   BklynBmr
... and Tampa is leading Toronto, 2-1, in the 7th with the Jays threatening.
2006-06-03 18:08:26
356.   randym77
And Ortiz Ks. Big Papi's in a big slump.

The YES postgame interviews also revealed that Andy Phillips' nickname is "Philly." :-D

2006-06-03 18:11:58
357.   rbj
Thanks randym77. I hadn't paid much attention to the game, was wondering if Unit got tired & thus they needed the bullpen. No Mo, Farns spent from yesterday, Erickson not DFA'ed. Wow, CMW coming in reminds me of college ball. Glad to hear that the kids are energizing everyone else.

Go Tigers. And go Tiger.

2006-06-03 18:16:57
358.   BklynBmr
Another footnote from today: When Kevin Thompson got his first ML hit, Jeter had the presence of mind to ask for the ball to taken out of play for him. While you'd expect nothing less from Cap, I'm sure that'll be something Thompson won't forget.
2006-06-03 18:34:39
359.   Jeteupthemiddle
Ok, so I'm evil for thinking this, but I'm ok with it now that the Yankees won.

I'm happy that Johnson pitched well, but I'm equally happy he didn't get the win. I would hate for him to get an 8th win while Mussina has 7 and pitched significantly better than him all season.

Ok, ready to be crucified. lol.

2006-06-03 18:45:02
360.   randym77
It is awfully funny how that's worked out. Somehow, the Unit always gets a ton of run support. While Moose often doesn't.
2006-06-03 18:57:41
361.   BklynBmr
359 Jete, you are a sick b*stard and need help. ;-) I know what you mean. I'm really pulling for 20+ wins and a Cy Young for Moose this year. If he has the numbers, I just hope no one else is close to consideration. I don't trust the national sportswriters, even though they did the right thing on last year's MVP vote.

Also, what is the deal with the relationship between Moose and Kay? I know Moose does not suffer fools lightly when it comes to the media, but I've heard of some friction between the two. Can anyone elaborate?

2006-06-03 18:59:34
362.   randym77
6-2 Detroit in the 8th. Go, Tigers!
2006-06-03 19:02:09
363.   rabid stan
Magglio Ordonez homers off Julian Tavarez on a "line drive to left center", for three runs.

Tigers up 6-2.

He must've hit the tar out of that one to line it out of left-center in Comerica.

2006-06-03 19:04:50
364.   rbs10025
361 Whatever the problem is between Moose and Kay, it's been around since Moose's near perfecto against Boston. Mussina was supposedly surly or otherwise impatient afterwards with the reporters all asking "How does it feel to lose a perfect game with just 1 batter to go" and I remember Kay bitching about it the next day. But since Kay bitches about a lot of stuff, I always figured that if there's a problem it's on him and not Mussina.

BTW: I just realized that that game was September 2, 2001. Back when we were all younger and so much more innocent.

2006-06-03 19:08:53
365.   BklynBmr
Tigers win! Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tiii-gers win!

First place Yan-kees!

2006-06-03 19:10:07
366.   brockdc
358 Very cool. No surprise, though.
2006-06-03 19:11:22
367.   rabid stan
See Leyland?

Fernando Rodney = Good

2006-06-03 19:15:54
368.   randym77
Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. :-D
2006-06-03 19:16:20
369.   Jeteupthemiddle
364 I believe Kay has been quoted as saying that he "wouldn't even interview Mussina if he pitched a perfect game."

Also, apparently on his radio show the day after Moose pitched against the Tigers people were calling up saying he "showed up Torre" (I only heard about 2 minutes of Kay talking afterwards) and Kay said "I am in a rare situation where I have to defend Mussina."

Oh, and he has said on his radio show that if Jeter, Posada, and Mussina were all in an elevator that he was about to enter, he would say "hi Derek, hi Jorge" and then nothing.

I think he is actually 12, and bitter that he didn't get answers from Mussina that he wanted.

2006-06-03 19:17:52
370.   BklynBmr
364 Thanks, rbs. No sh*t about the innocence, either. I remember Moose's near perfecto like it was yesterday, and also remember going to bed on Monday night, September 10th, bitching about how the Giants had their clocks cleaned by Denver on Monday Night Football, then getting a call from a friend in NYC at 6AM Pacific Time with the news. Hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago.
2006-06-03 19:35:12
371.   BklynBmr
369 Thanks, jete. I can't get Kay's radio show and he's rarely been on the YES broadcasts lately which I get on EI. Can't recall the last time Moose pitched when Kay has called the game on YES. Interesting stuff. Kay does come off badly here...
2006-06-03 19:39:29
372.   wsporter
369 The guy (Kay) sounds like a self important horse's-ass. Is it his job to cover the team or not? Who has time for that sort of infantile crap?

Boy is it great to see the team come together like this. With half the lineup in the trainer's room or anywhere but the field and despite the bullpen criticism, I'm not sure that anyone can reasonable say Mr. Torre isn't doing a great job. If he pulls this off by keeping the team together and making the post season (other than '98) this will have to be his best job as Yankee manager.

Speaking of that near perfecto I still can't look at Carl is Coo-coo for Coa-coa Puffs Evert without wanting to puke. Boy was that a sour feeling after the game. I don't think I would have been particularly happy about answering the same inane question for half an hour either.

2006-06-03 20:52:34
373.   murphy
a new haiku:

when i looked and saw
the yankees alone in first
how i danced with joy

2006-06-03 22:36:23
374.   Zack
My respect for Kay has gone way down. Next to Sterling, he sounded great, actually had something to say. Clearly that was more a result of how bad Sterling is. Hes become such a homer and his comments generally detract from the game. Add to it this stuff on Moose, and well, get over yourself Kay, you rank far below Moose on importance to the team...And Moose could out wit you easily if he put the effort in

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