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No Sweep For You
2006-06-01 20:51
by Cliff Corcoran

Unimpressed by the Tigers' young ace Justin Verlander, the Yankees staked Chien-Ming Wang to a 5-0 lead in the third inning last night, but the Yankee sinkerballer couldn't hold it, giving back three in the fourth and loading the bases with no outs to start the fifth. Though a Jason Giambi solo home run had increased the Yankee lead to 6-3, Joe Torre had seen enough, Yanking Wang in favor of rookie Darrell Rasner.

It was a hell of a position for Rasner to make his Yankee debut in, and somewhat reminiscent of Torre bringing in a struggling and homer-prone Javier Vazquez in a similar situation in the seventh game of the 2004 ALCS. Indeed, Magglio Ordoñez laced Rasner's first pitch into center to bring the Tigers within one, but Rasner recovered to set the next three men down in order and preserve the lead, finishing the inning by getting Omar Infante waiving at a nasty breaking ball.

The Yankees loaded the bases themselves with one out in the seventh against fireballer Joel Zumaya, but because of the injuries to Derek Jeter and Gary Sheffield, had Terrence Long and Miguel Cairo due up. Long fouled out on the first pitch he saw and Cairo grounded out to end the threat.

Scott Proctor and Fernando Rodney then traded pairs of scoreless innings, leaving it up to Kyle Farnsworth to protect the Yankees' one-run lead in the bottom of the ninth because Mariano Rivera--two days after pitching three innings in a regular season game for the first time since 1996, the third of which came with a five-run lead--strained his back putting on his spikes before the game.

Farnsworth was greeted by lead-off hitter Curtis Granderson, who worked him over for nine pitches before flying out to left. Marcus Thames did the same, but instead worked a walk, thanks in part to the small strike zone of home-plate umpire Laz Diaz. Farnsworth then got ahead of Ivan Rodriguez 0-2 on a called strike and a checked swing only to have Rodriguez yank a ball out of the dirt and into left field for a single pushing Thames to second. That man Ordoñez then poked Farnsworth's next pitch into right for an RBI single, tying the game and pushing the winning run to second with one out. Farnsworth then fell behind Carlos Guillen 3-1. Guillen sent Farnsworth's 27th pitch of the inning into right to score Rodriguez for the win, preventing a four-game Yankee sweep.

Hey, tough knocks. Whatchugonnado? The Yankees have bigger problems than taking three of four from the team with the best record in the majors. Gary Sheffield has a torn ligament and a dislocating tendon in his left wrist that, if it doesn't respond to a few weeks of therapy, will require surgery that could keep the Yankee right fielder out for the remainder of the season. Derek Jeter was useless in Tuesday's game after jamming a finger on Monday and hasn't played the last two days. The severity of Rivera's back problems is unknown, and Johnny Damon and Jorge Posada are both playing hurt, the latter's torn hamstring tendon costing the Yankees a crucial run in the seventh last night when Jorge was unable to score from second on an Andy Phillips single and was instead stranded at third by Long and Cairo.

The good news is that Damon, whose foot injury has finally been identified as a broken sesamoid bone in his right foot, is feeling better after sitting out Tuesday and Wednesday and that Jeter is expected to play against the Orioles tonight. In addition, Shawn Chacon's rehab remains on schedule with him set to make a rehab start with the Trendon Thunder on Sunday and, if all goes well then, return from the DL to start on Thursday. The Yankees are also hoping Octavio Dotel will be ready to join the team a week later following a minor league rehab assignment that's expected to begin next week.

Oh, and Bubba Crosby's recovery from his hamstring injury has been slower than expected. He's now expected back next weekend, which is at least good news for Kevin Thompson.

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2006-06-02 01:36:42
1.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Interestingly, the White Sox got mauled today also (lost a slug fest to the Indians) the end result is that the Yanks are now back in second in the best team ERA ... and still leads the AL in runs scored by a decent margin.

The Yankees have scored almost 30 more points than the Bo Sox and gave up 10 less (yes our crappy pitching gave up 10 less than the awsome Boston pitching)

Hopefully the Tigers will carry todays momentuem and sweep the next series... :P

2006-06-02 03:48:18
2.   randym77
I still think it's odd that Torre didn't put Bernie in for T-Long. Surely he "trusts" Bernie even more than Long. Was it just because it was house money day? Is he starting to lose his trust in Bernie, at least LH Bernie?
2006-06-02 03:56:29
3.   joejoejoe
Jeff Angus @ Management by Baseball linked to an interesting old NYT piece:

Pitching Experiment Debated - 'Doug Melvin is in the early stages of a plan to have relief pitchers start some minor league games, then have starters come in beginning in the third inning. "We want our starters to pitch important innings, the eighth and ninth, and not look for the bullpen," Melvin, a former minor league pitcher, said. "We want them to know it's their game. This is what we're developing them for. Some guys never see the ninth inning.' (

Wouldn't this be a solid option for the Yankees staff? It allows you to mix and matchup innings 1-2 with your pen. I'm sure pitchers like Moose and Randy Johnson feel a lot better handing the ball over to Rivera in the 9th in a tight situation than Tanyon Sturtze in the seventh. Plus it gives your lowest status pitchers a little status. Handing over a mini-shutout to Moose in the third is more glamorous than a hold. I know this will never happen but I thought it was a great match for the current Yankees staff.

2006-06-02 04:00:13
4.   randym77
3 Interesting idea. What happened when they tried it? I assume the experiment wasn't successful, since it hasn't become common practice.
2006-06-02 04:11:16
5.   Shaun P
2 Even given Bernie's meager numbers vs RHP (.216/.255/.265), I still would have rather seen him up there instead of Long (.182/.270/.212 overall in 33 ABs, .192/.276/.192 in 26 ABs vs RHP, 5 singles).

I won't even mention Kevin Thompson.

On a positive note, Andy had yet another good night, even if Berman and Hershiser talked about anything but Phillips during his ABs.

2006-06-02 04:31:18
6.   randym77
Torre says Thompson will be a bench player. I could see that if playing Thompson meant benching the likes of Melky, Bubba, or Bernie, but we're talking about T-Long here.
2006-06-02 04:56:33
7.   randym77
The NY Times is saying that Mo will likely be out for the weekend. :-P

On the bright side, Damon is feeling better with the new padding and all.

2006-06-02 05:29:02
8.   rbj
Can't be too upset over the loss. Detroit's got some good hitters. Speaking of which, in that 7th inning, at least Cairo had some good hacks, missing a couple of potential base clearing doubles by a milimeter off the bat. Long, however, swings at the first pitch (man I hate that, especially with a guy you haven't seen yet that night) and pops up.

And now Mo's hurting too.

2006-06-02 05:40:32
9.   Sliced Bread
6 points, Cliff, for the "yanking Wang" line.

Tough night for ol' Farnswacker. Gets squeezed by the ump, before handing his lunch money over to that bully Pudge Mags, the Tigers equivalent of Manny Ortez. Happens to the best of 'em.

Speaking of which, Mo gets the "Pavano Of The Week" bronzed-buttock trophy for tweaking his back while tying his shoes.

The Yanks are so plagued by injuries even their fans are getting hurt in stupid ways.

I sprained my left ankle the other night, jumping up to grab a broken tree branch in my flip flops. Slipped and rolled it good upon landing. Worst thing about it was my wife tried to stop me before I jumped, which gave her every right to laugh her ass off as I limped across the front lawn cursing my stupidity and misfortune.

2006-06-02 05:53:55
10.   bp1
9 "Pavano of the Week Bronzed Buttock". Too freaking funny, in a morbid sort of way.

A-Rod must be looking over his shoulder every day, waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Meanwhile, Terrance Long will probably be the last healthy man standing. TLong in the field and Proctor on the mound, and a mixture of sandlot rejects rounding out the squad. Wow.


2006-06-02 05:54:56
11.   joejoejoe
4 I don't know the results.

It's not that radical an idea. Managers make out lineups for batters in advance based on percentages and rest, why not make out lineups for pitchers based on the same principles? It's got to be better for the mental state of your middle relievers to know you will pitch in a game when it counts, even if it's 0-0 in the first inning. Starters might like the boost to their W-L record as well. All the scavanged wins would revert to the delayed starter. If Farnworth hands over a 6 run deficit to Randy Johnson then Johnson can't get the loss. But RJ could get the win in a Yankee comeback.

2006-06-02 05:59:00
12.   Sliced Bread
10 Speaking of morbid, I'm thinking Gene Monahan and his team of trainers should swipe a page out of Dr. Frankenstein's playbook and use Terrence Long for parts, you know, a wrist for Sheff, foot for Damon, buttock for Pavano etc.
2006-06-02 06:21:44
13.   bp1
12 Heh heh heh .... poor Terrance (Terry?).


Gonna be a challenging season. Wonder what impact this will have on Sheff's option for next year. I like Melky, but it's nice to have a bit of thump in the lineup, if nothing more than to add stress to the opposing pitcher.

Ah well. Whattyagonnado? This is going to be a weird season. Nothing else to do but enjoy the ride and hope for the best. I'd sure like to see Andy Phillips jerk out out of Camden Yards with authority this weekend, just to show us he can.



2006-06-02 06:36:14
14.   Knuckles
Sliced, I hear ya. The Yanks injuries have emanated thru the TV and radio and felled me as well. Crashed my bike riding to work yesterday and tiwsted my knee up pretty good (and busted the pedals on the bike). I am out of commission for a bit, and next week probably will put myself on the 15-day DL, retroactive to June 1.
2006-06-02 06:45:10
15.   jervo
Terence Long: 0 for 5, 9 men LOB. 'nuff said.
2006-06-02 07:11:34
16.   Dimelo
15 jervo, I agree. I blame this loss first to T-Long and 2nd to Farnswhacker. What Cano and Phillips were doing in front of Tee Ball Long (cause I doubt he can even hit a Tee Ball) was really nice to watch, but then Tee Ball Long came to bat and my delight was overtaken by a turd with a wooden bat.

Question, who would we rather see: T-Long or Sierra?

2006-06-02 07:24:14
17.   Cliff Corcoran
9 That was purely unintentional.
2006-06-02 07:26:06
18.   Cliff Corcoran
16 That's like choosing if I'd rather be shot or stabbed.
2006-06-02 07:36:57
19.   Sliced Bread
6 points to Dimelo for "T-Ball Long." Nice.

minus 1 pernt for Cliff's inadvertent Wang joke.

however, 1 bonus pernt for his "shot or stabbed" response to the Sierra or Long question.

Ok, I'll stop keeping score now. Can Fairpole calculate it automatically?

2006-06-02 08:02:57
20.   jdrennan
You forgot to mention that Giambi went the other way not once, but twice in the same game. Once for a HR. May be that he's on track to start breaking the shift.
2006-06-02 08:04:57
21.   rbj
I got home right as Wang was, er, getting pulled, so what's the scoop. Another example of pitching well with no one one but melting when there was a baserunner or not locating his pitches or just good hitting by the Tigers or something else.
2006-06-02 08:12:20
22.   bp1
21 I think it was just one of those nights for Wang. He relies on getting guys to hit ground balls, and sometimes they going to find holes in the defense. There are also going to be games, and indeed innings, where his pitches stay up and hitters will sting the ball with more authority. I think that is the nature of the beast with him. He never seems "unhittable". It's just that some nights the batters never get good wood on the ball, but seldom do they walk back to the dugout shaking their heads.


2006-06-02 08:14:38
23.   Levy2020
Since I always knock Torre when the bullpen is misused, I say points for good use last night! Yes, Farnsworth lost the game, but I think it's still the right move as were Rasner and Proctor.
2006-06-02 08:15:29
24.   randym77
Wang was pitching well. They got some lucky hits. And then he melted down on the mound, as he often does with runners on. I really think it's mostly mental. He always looks so calm and unreadable, it's easy to forget that this is his first full season in the majors.

I think he'll be a solid pitcher once he gains some experience and maturity, but right now, he doesn't deal with adversity all that well.

2006-06-02 08:21:19
25.   kylepetterson
23 - agreed. Farns lost the game, not Torre
2006-06-02 08:26:47
26.   JL25and3
I thought Torre's decision to take out Rasner when he did was basically indefensible, and it set up the problems that followed. Consider:

- The kid had pitched well after the single, and he'd only thrown 22 pitches.

- Two out, bases empty in the sixth - is that a situation where you really need to use your LOOGY?

- Mo is out for who knows how long. Wang's out in the fourth. This weekend's starters - Wright, Johnson and Small - have been averaging about 5 innings a start for the last few weeks.

Joe can't keep using Proctor and Farnsworth at the brutal pace he has been. Given the circumstances, it was just foolish to burn a pitcher on one batter when the game wasn't on the line. At some point he's got to let his long relievers pitch long relief, or he's going to kill the rest of the bullpen. If he doesn't trust Erickson or Rasner enough to let them pitch, then for god's sake get rid of them and try someone else - that's the whole point of replacement level pitchers, right?

2006-06-02 08:34:05
27.   pistolpete
1 "Hopefully the Tigers will carry todays momentum and sweep the next series... :P "

Yes, it was all a master plan to lose last night in dramatic fashion so the Tigers would go into the Boston series on a high. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA...

What, nothin'?

2006-06-02 08:34:05
28.   Cliff Corcoran
26 Agreed. It didn't cost them the game, but it didn't make a lick of sense. A one-run game could easily have gone extras, why take out a long man in the sixth when he's set down five men in order and why burn any pitcher, even a LOOGY against an almost all-righty team, with two outs and no one on against a lead-off hitter? Rasner should have pitched longer, which would have meant fewer if any innings for Proctor.

My only hope is that they're holding Rasner back to start in Small's place on Sunday, but that's just a fantasy.

2006-06-02 08:39:42
29.   JeremyM
Maybe I'm an idiot, but what is with the poor diagnosis of injuries in the Yankees organization? They just now found out what was wrong with Damon and Sheffield? It sounds to me like Sheffield should've never been brought back, or is this a new injury to the same general area? I can't help but think that they should've let the first injury heal fully, or did Sheffield "Sturtze" it just to get back out there.
And there has to be something wrong with Long that is going undiagnosed-the guy can't be that bad, can he:) Yeah, Farnsworth and/or Wang should've nailed it down but you can't discount the big 0 for 5 with completely worthless and clueless at-bats.
2006-06-02 08:40:12
30.   pistolpete
28 I think Joe might have Dotel in the back of his mind, why else would he be using Proctor & Fanrsworth with such reckless abandon...?

Anyone know if Mendoza's still doing well?

2006-06-02 08:41:55
31.   JeremyM
OK this is from the Post. I realize he has to support his team but this still makes me retch, and I'm not talking about the Bernie stuff: "To me, I trust Bernie and I think I trust T-Long,'' Torre said. "I like the way [Long] has played. I know [Cashman] burns the wire but I don't think we need to [make a trade].''
2006-06-02 08:42:26
32.   JL25and3
A nice thought, Cliff, and an interesting one. But if that were true, then Small should have come in last night to eat a couple of innings. Again, if you're going to have these guys on your roster, at some point you've got to use them.
2006-06-02 08:42:42
33.   pistolpete
29 Could be because players are afraid to get hurt in this town without being ripped to shreds by the fans and the media. They're also an inherent pressure that goes along with playing for the Yankees - the type of pressure that enormous contracts will put on you to try & play through anything- as well as NOT let on what's really bothering you.

My theory, anyway.

2006-06-02 08:42:53
34.   Shaun P
26 28 My guess is that Torre said to himself, "Well Granderson is the only lefty hitter they have of any note, and that's why I've got Myers, to get lefties . . ."

It made no sense to take out Rasner, for Myers to do his LOOGY thing - and Proctor to pitch 2.3 innings. What happened to resting him some?

23 25 I liked not seeing Erickson. But, as JL25and3 and Cliff pointed out, it was not very good bullpen management by Torre last night, though the personnel were right on.

Farnsworth should have been able to close things out. That said, couldn't last night be counted at least partialy as a "Torre loss"? Twice T-Ball Long came up with men on base with the game close, and twice he failed miserably. Torre not pinch hitting for him in the 9th, even with GOB, was inexcusable.

2006-06-02 08:45:24
35.   Shaun P
29 33 Don't forget that Sheff's still-not-picked-up option may be influencing things, too.
2006-06-02 08:45:42
36.   randym77
Batting average splits for Wang, from ESPN:

Nobody on: .201
Runners on: .358
Runners in scoring postion: .375
Bases loaded: .400

I didn't understand pulling Rasner, either. He was starting at Columbus, wasn't he? He could have eaten up some innings.

2006-06-02 08:47:14
37.   Dimelo
23 & 25 I defend Torre quite a bit around these parts, but every time T-Ball Long came up to bat I started blaming Torre more-and-more as T-Ball Long kept leaving more men on base.

I think Steve Lombardi sums it pretty well at WasWatching:
Yanks had a runner on 2nd in the 2nd with one out and could not score him. Yanks had runners on 1st and 2nd in the 5th with no outs and could not score a run. Yanks had the bases loaded in the 7th with one out and could not score. And, in the 9th, the Yankees had runners on 1st and 2nd - albeit with 2 outs - and did not score.

In all of these situations - 2nd inning, 5th inning, 7th inning and 9th inning, Terrence Long was at the plate with a chance to do something and made outs.

2006-06-02 08:47:33
38.   randym77
29 It's a new injury. Possibly related to the previous one, but it's in a different spot, and is a different injury. I think maybe they rushed Sheff back too soon.
2006-06-02 08:49:04
39.   rbj
In close (2-3 runs) and late (7th inning or later) there must be a pinch hitter for Long. Three straight hits off Zummy and Long pops up on the first pitch? He hasn't shown patience or the ability to even get a ground ball to get a runner in. Grrr. Still, I put it as a Farnsy loss. Up by one with two outs to go & no one on, you have to close the deal.

Thanks 22 & 24 I like CMW, he does seem unflappable, just hope he gets better.

2006-06-02 08:50:41
40.   yankaholic
Whats strange abt Wang with men on base is.. he is a pitcher RELYING on DP grnd balls.. so shudnt he get confident with men on base... i mean i cant seem to get it..

the guy pitches DP balls well.. so why does he gets woozy with men on base..

2006-06-02 08:51:25
41.   RI Yankee
Not that this has anything to do with anything, but has anyone seen this:

Could this be a whole new curse?

2006-06-02 09:02:40
42.   JL25and3
On WFAN yesterday, Torre was talking about how impressed he is with Long. Joe likes his attitude, he likes his professionalism, he likes him in the clubhouse. LIttle things like, y'know, hitting and fielding and stuff don't really seem to matter much.

33 Sheffield's never given a damn about what fans, press or anyone else in the world thinks. That's one of the things that makes him such a charming fellow.

2006-06-02 09:06:00
43.   dianagramr
Of course, I had drafted Farnsworthless in my roto league figuring Rivera could possibly go down at some point in the year, and then DROPPED Farns two weeks ago when I needed the roster spot for more critical starting pitching.

[No Wangs were Yanked in the making of this post.]

2006-06-02 09:06:22
44.   Shaun P
41 If the Orioles/their fans think that drafting Jeffrey Maier will turn that franchise around, they're even more hopeless than Kansas City. Maier was the least of their problems that series in October 1996, and since then as well.

I suppose it does make for a good story, though.

2006-06-02 09:08:44
45.   Shaun P
43 That Wang joke was below the belt, diana.
2006-06-02 09:14:57
46.   Sliced Bread
14 Feel better, Knuckles. If you go on the DL now, you can have one of Long's knees. The bike pedals you'll have to replace yourself.
2006-06-02 09:23:10
47.   randym77
From the NY Daily News:

>> It appears that this injury is not directly related to the previous one. Cashman said there was "nothing missed" on any of Sheffield's previous MRI exams and that this injury came from simply "playing baseball." <<

2006-06-02 09:23:35
48.   Alex Belth
I know I sound like a broken record, but I guess I just don't get Kyle Farnsworth. The home plate ump was squeezing the pitchers last night for sure, but after a long lead off at bat, and then a real battle with Thames, I thought Farnsworth was still in the driver's seat. He goes to 3-2 vs. Thames, on all fastballs. Farnsworth was behind in the count 3-1 and then kept pumping in the heaters. Thames fouled at least two of 'em off. So I'm thinking, a hacker like Thames--now here is the time to make him look silly with a slider. Instead, Farnsworth missed with an outside fastball.

Pudge is next and he throws him two good sliders. One for a called strike, the next one in the dirt that Pudge couldn't hold up on. Ok, so I'm thinking, throw him the gas now. But he goes back to another slider. It wasn't a terrible pitch but Pudge wasn't born yesterday and he loops it for a basehit.

It just seems that Farnsworth or Posada's thinking is screwy. But what do I know? I'm just some frustrated fan sitting on my ass at home. In light of the bad news regard Sheff, and the unfortunate development with Mariano, it was a stupid game to lose. Yeah, 3 of 4 is better than I expected in Detroit, but hey, with that kind of lead that's an unfortunate loss last night.

2006-06-02 09:25:46
49.   Alex Belth
But if the hitters came through with a couple of key hits last night, it never would have come down to a stupid Farnsworth, so it's not like you can pin the blame strictly on him. Wang wasn't much of a help either.
2006-06-02 09:28:20
50.   randym77
I think it's Posada who's calling the pitches, not Farnsworth. I haven't seen Farnsy shaking Posada off much, anyway.

I don't think Jorgie understands this pitcher.

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2006-06-02 09:28:53
51.   standuptriple
I didn't like: A)Farns closing in a former stomping ground, but that was unavoidable I guess. B) the walk, which has become all too regular C) overthinking on the 0-2 pitch to I-Rod (which he deserves all the credit for hitting, but being a former catcher seemed to know that Farns wouldn't use his 95+ against him). And it's that mentality/concentration issue is what irks me the most. He had a pitch to waste, I-Rod loves to swing (as the YES-men put it). Even is he's sitting dead-red on the heat I think you have to show it to him or, if not, that pitch has to be completely out of the zone.
2006-06-02 09:40:17
52.   Sliced Bread
48 For a guy who seems as complex as a two-digit combination lock, Farnswacker is a tough nut to crack.

His pitch choices can be baffling, and he's occasionally so off-target it's frightening.

But then he can freeze Ortiz with the bases loaded. Go figure.

Interesting that you bring up Posada. The day after Farns froze Ortiz with that soft slider, I remarked that Posada probably wouldn't have called for that pitch, but Stinnett did, and he read Farnswacker's mind.

Earlier this week, Farnswacker got somebody to swing at a breaking ball for strike 3 to end the inning, and running back to the dugout Posada appeared almost surprised by the pitch. I wondered was Posada surprised that it was a breaking ball or was he surprised how effective the pitch was?

Perhaps Farns and Posada are not on the same page. Better get on the same page fast though, especially with Rivera requiring downtime.

Still, I really like Farnswacker's stuff, and his toughness. I think he'll be OK, but I'm just another observer sitting on my ass, and nursing my bum ankle at home.

2006-06-02 09:50:36
53.   markp
Pitch selection is from the bench. Mazilli signals Po on every pitch (probably from Torre) so the bench gets any blame for poor pitch selection, not the catcher and certainly not the pitchers.
2006-06-02 09:53:55
54.   tommyl
The only thing that really annoys me with Farnsworth are the walks. First rule of closing (or just pitching) is don't walk anyone you don't have to. One run lead in the ninth, honestly just throw strikes. Some pitchers have great command with ok stuff (current Mussina, Maddux) and some have overpowering stuff with not so great command (Farnsworth). He should realize it and just throw strikes. I'm willing to bet a lot of hitters won't hit 99mph even if it does catch a bit of the plate. If you can't hit the corners, then at least get beat by being hit. Walks kill.
2006-06-02 09:55:31
55.   randym77
I'm a big fan of Posada, and I respect his ability to establish a rapport with most pitchers, but I fear he is to blame for a lot of the Farnsworth weirdness. I first noticed it in one of the Texas games. Texeira, maybe? He swung way over a slider, and Posada couldn't resist calling for another. Which was promptly thrashed. And I suspect the misses are because Posada is asking Farnsy to do things he really can't, like paint the corners with his 100 mph fastball.
2006-06-02 10:04:06
56.   Dimelo
Posada? Why are we blaming him and his pitch selection? I blame one person and one person only, Farnsworth or it should read Farns-NOT-worth-ALL-THAT-MONEY. Gimme the loot...Gimme the loot!!! Farnsworth is the pitcher and despite the pitch called by Jorge, the pitcher has ultimate control of where that pitch is going to go. He can put the ball lower, higher or whatever....if he leaves it in a spot where they can get decent contact on his pitch then he bears the ultimate responsibility. Let's not make excuses for the guy.
2006-06-02 10:17:49
57.   C2Coke
9,14,46 Wow, I was joking to my brother the other day when I woke up with the back of my left thigh and butt area felt tweaked for NO REASON, that it must be the Yankees injury virus...

20 What do you know? It's June. Giambi is back.

Trusting Bernie I get, the man's been there forever with Torre. But with Long??? What? He holds Torre's purse? that's why.

I think there is a reason why the new and young ones are shining now...the worse for them is going back to the Minors. But there seems to be so much more for the regulars.

2006-06-02 10:22:51
58.   wsporter
52 Slice, sorry about the ankle, can you still DH? I agree with your points and thoughts on the "Wacker".

I got in late and had the "pleasure" of witnessing the bottom of the 9th. Christ it was like watching paint peel; slow, horrible and inevitable. Hurt all the more when I realized we had been up 5-0. All in all if you had told me on Monday that we'd take 3 of 4 in Detroit with the injuries we were about to incur I would have paid my money and left happy. Being so close to 4-0 made it hurt though. And as Cliff says, "...the Yanks have bigger problems...".

Any word on Mo?

2006-06-02 10:27:06
59.   randym77
Mo will not be pitching tonight. They said it's unlikely he'll pitch until after the weekend.
2006-06-02 10:34:22
60.   Dan M
In the same vein as Alex's "what do I know" comment, is it me or do the Yankees always play for the double play whenever there's a man on 1st with less than 2 outs, only to get burned by singles that would be outs if the fielders were in the proper position? I felt that last night a few times with Wang, and especially after Ivan and Magglio's singles in the 9th. This strategy has bothered me for a while: play for 2; be out of position for 1; get 0. I understand if there's a man on 3rd and 1 out - you're trying to get out of the inning without giving up a run - but it seems to be a low percentage strategy in other situations.

Also, can we re-nickname Pudge "Skeletor"?

2006-06-02 10:36:15
61.   JL25and3
53 If the pitch selection is from the bench, why do they always say that they want Farnsworth to trust his stuff more, to challenge hitters with the fastball rather than trying to sneak the slider by them?
2006-06-02 10:39:31
62.   yankaholic
A spectacular answer from a spectacular analyst by the name Neyer:

from his chat today:

Mike(Howell,NJ): I know you hate yankee questions but I was wondering your opinion on the yankees going after Ibanez instead of all those high priced guys that are being rumored?

SportsNation Rob Neyer: (1:35 PM ET ) As I said in one of these things a few weeks ago, Ibanez would be a great fit and he's a luxury the M's really can't afford. C'mon, Yankees: be aggressive!

i hate his hate for us.. i just dont think he is objective when its the Yankees..

2006-06-02 10:40:28
63.   bp1
Re: Sheff. I see it all now. Game 7. Sheff comes off the bench w/ the bloody batting glove and wrist band after getting his "dislocating tendon" stitched into place via some new miracle doctor idea.

Bottom 9, down 1, go-ahead run on first via Jeter bunt (knew you guys would like that).

Sheff waggles, blood spurting out of the wristband, and drives the ball over the left field wall for a walk-off world series win. Glove is whisked away to Cooperstown, and Sheff is a Yankee hero for all time.



2006-06-02 10:42:52
64.   wsporter
59 Crap. Thanks Randy. What the hell is going on? I remember the Jets going through this kind of thing back in 71 and the Giants had that nasty run on their D last year but that was football. I can't quite recall a run like this that has been as wide spread and involved this many crucial players. It's getting to the point where we have a better team in the training room than on the field.

Glad Andy is starting to hit. Going to need him now.

2006-06-02 10:59:12
65.   dianagramr
63 nicely done sir!

though you forgot the part where Jeter gets the MVP trophy, while Sheff comments that this performance should insure he gets his money in '07 :-0

2006-06-02 11:04:20
66.   rbj
63, 64
I concur. Sheff does that, and he damn well better get his money.
2006-06-02 11:08:41
67.   jayd
Despite all the injuries, I keep the following in mind:
1) many of the "injuries" are back spasms etc. common enough during the course of the season and this age group. Media is playing up "Someone else on the Yankees is injured."

2)If you had said preseason both corner outfielders out that would have resonated huge. But the fact is that with the emergence of Melky and Bubba back shortly to give Damon regular breathers, we really only need another outfielder. I keep seeing the same names: Alfonso Soriano, Kansas City's Reggie Sanders, Philadelphia's Pat Burrell and Bobby Abreu and Minnesota's Shannon Stewart. If you had a choice Cliff, who would you go for?

BTW, I know it's dump du jour here on T Long but he made a great play last night, sliding into the corner and coming up firing -- whoever said he was nicknamed Magellan for his circuitous routes to the ball -- I haven't seen that yet and last night he was super quick.

2006-06-02 11:11:30
68.   randym77
I honestly don't know what's going on with all these injuries. Can it really be just bad luck?

Maybe we're paying the price for having such an,

Or maybe the loss of Matsui has made the rest of the team over-anxious, and they're pushing themselves too hard.

Then again, injuries seem to plaguing Sox, Jays, and other teams, not just us. I heard one report that injuries are up for the whole league, though I don't know how true that is.

I wonder if the steroid ban has something to do with it. There has been some research suggesting that the anabolic steroids abused by athletes and bodybuilders can speed healing as well. That's what "anabolic" means, after all: something that stimulates tissue growth.

2006-06-02 11:16:03
69.   yankaholic
68 Or Amphs / greenies.. are more important than even steroids..
2006-06-02 11:56:38
70.   standuptriple
53 The bench calls the pitches? No way, otherwise you'd see Jorge looking over after every pitch. ML catchers call their own games 99% of the time.

With the draft next week does anybody have a clue which players/positions the Yanks might be focusing on? Word is Maier is getting looks from the Orioles. What the...?

2006-06-02 12:00:42
71.   Dimelo
Peter Abraham (LoHud) is reporting that Torre indicated that T-Ball Long will be the Yankees cleanup hitter today and he'll be taking over for Alex at 3rd base. Apparently Joe didn't like that Alex went hitless yesteray and is justifying his non-clutch hits yesterday as reason for his benching. Makes sense....OK...OK...this is what Peter really said:

Torre indicated that Bernie Williams would be in the lineup in place of Long tonight in Baltimore.

2006-06-02 12:01:55
72.   Kered Retej
42 Am I giving Torre too much credit in thinking this comment re: Long actually DOES mean that Torre is noticing he is not producing with the bat or glove?

I think it is generally accepted that one of Joe's strengths is that he manages "team politics" relatively well, so this might his way of being diplomatic about Long's performance - i.e., he mentions the attitude and professionalism because those are the only positive things he can really say.

After all, Long is still on the roster, and if you are going ot keep him there, you don't really want the manager ripping him in the media every night. Even when it's true, I'm sure a player doesn't want to hear from his manager that he sucks and that he is deadweight. That can't be good for any player's confidence or attitude.

Am I way way off base here? And, of course, the real solution is to dump Long and insert a replacement level player. Anyone know who has more say in keeping Long around, Cashman or Torre?

2006-06-02 12:18:07
73.   wsporter
70 SUT, Callis at BBA likes them and Huff the lefty from UCLA; low 90's heat, slider and change. I think we've got a system full of guys like that. I wonder if we're not able to sign one of the young internationals if we might go Hank Conger and try to keep him at catcher? Although Parish may have given them cold feet that high?

It's supposed to be a pretty shallow draft with a relatively low ceiling. Maybe we should look at one of the guys who projects as a quick moving middle reliever with the first or supplemental pick. There's a little article today in the D News wherein the talk up this kid Dellin Bettances a big righty out of NY. BBA says he's "tumbled down draft boards due to …. lost velocity". So who knows. Glad I'm not Oppenheimer this year.

2006-06-02 12:19:38
74.   Shaun P
71 Dimelo, you just made my day. Woo-hoo!

Completely off topic, but here's a really nice article about Rags giving up his uniform # to a Giants rookie; talks a bit about why Rags got 19 to begin with:

2006-06-02 12:21:15
75.   yankaholic
70 chk this out

2006-06-02 12:25:50
76.   Paul in Boston
To repeat what I wrote last night:

Farnsworth's ERA is > 5.00.

This is horrible for a reliever. Why are we surprised that he blows a save?

2006-06-02 12:45:12
77.   bobtaco
Holy cow, that picture of Preston Mattingly in the Daily News looks eeriely like the shot on my 1983 Donross Rookie Card of Donnie Baseball...
2006-06-02 13:32:39
78.   Shaun P
76 True, but he's got a 2:1 K:BB ratio, better than 1K/IP, and has given up one home run in almost 32 innings. Plus, he has a BABIP of .379, which is insanely high and very likely to come down. All of which suggests to me that Farnsworth isn't nearly as bad as his ERA would otherwise lead us to believe.

The walks are obviously a problem, but giving up so few home runs and less hits will probably negate them, mostly.

2006-06-02 13:39:39
79.   rbj
71 LOL Dimelo, maybe next week he'll have Long be the closer.
72 That is Torre's strength, and why so many players like him. Maybe he doesn't have a handle on middle relief, but very few do and most middle relievers are failed starters or failed closers.
2006-06-02 14:08:54
80.   Dimelo
79 Just piggy backing on what you said about 72. Sometimes we undervalue Torre's main strength and how it helps keep the Yanks as one cohesive group. But as to who has more say with keeping Long around, I would imagine that Cashman would always override Torre on roster moves but given that Torre and Cashman have such a good working relationship; then I think both of them will never do anything to undermine the other.

There have been a lot of comments with regard to certain players. It first started with the GoB comments, then it progressed to the following players: Proctor, Sturtze, Phillips, Bean, Crosby, Erikson, Long. Many people have defended some of those guys, but I have yet to hear anyone defend T-Ball Long. Erikson has been operating under the radar. Thanks to T-Ball of course. I don't think Torre or Cashman will come out and dis T-Ball, but someone has to rise up and make an executive decision about this guy. SOON!!!!

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