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Baltimore Orioles
2006-06-02 09:07
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Orioles are a bad team. But unlike the Devil Rays, who have some exciting young players, or the Royals, who are historically awful, they're also dull. Their pitching is somehwere between nonedescript (tonight's starter Kris Benson) and awful (the re-pumpkinized Bruce Chen). Their best pitchers are young relievers, which won't get them anywhere. As for their hitting, it's the same old story, stop Tejada and Mora and you're in good shape. The only interesting story here is that Corey Patterson is thriving as their starting centerfielder, hitting .291/.342/.496 with a whopping 21 steals in 22 tries.


Jaret Wright opposes Benson tonight looking to build on his strong May (3-1, 3.25 ERA).

Baltimore Orioles

2006 Record: 25-29 (.463)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 24-30 (.435)

Manager: Sam Perlozzo
General Manager: Mike Flanagan

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Oriole Park at Camden Yards (94/95)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Brandon Fahey replaces Chris Gomez (DL)
  • Luis Matos (DL) replaces Luis Terrero (minors)
  • John Halama replaces Daniel Cabrera (DL) in the rotation and is replaced by Adam Loewen in the bullpen
  • Todd Williams (DL) replaces Jim Brower
  • Kurt Birkins replaces Eddy Rodriguez

Current Roster

1B – Kevin Millar (R)
2B – Brian Roberts (S)
SS – Miguel Tejada (R)
3B – Melvin Mora (R)
C – Ramon Hernandez (R)
RF – Jay Gibbons (L)
CF – Corey Patterson (L)
LF – Nick Markakis (L)
DH – Javy Lopez (R)


R – Jeff Conine (1B/OF)
R – Luis Matos (OF)
L – Brandon Fahey (IF)
R – Raul Chavez (C)


R – Rodrigo Lopez
L – Bruce Chen
L – Erik Bedard
R – Kris Benson
L – John Halama


R – Chris Ray
R – LaTroy Hawkins
R – Todd Williams
R – Sendy Rleal
R – Chris Britton
L – Kurt Birkins
L – Adam Loewen

15-day DL: R – Daniel Cabrera, L – John Parrish, R – Hayden Penn
60-day DL: R – Aaron Rakers, L – Tim Byrdak, UT – David Newhan (L), R – Chris Gomez (IF)

Typical Lineup

S – Brian Roberts (2B)
R – Melvin Mora (3B)
R – Miguel Tejada (SS)
L – Jay Gibbons (RF)
R – Ramon Hernandez (C)
R – Javy Lopez (DH)
L – Corey Patterson (CF)
R – Kevin Millar (1B)
L – Nick Markakis (LF)

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2006-06-02 14:09:09
1.   wsporter
Clif, What a great lead sentence. Truth in advertising! And how.
2006-06-02 14:51:03
2.   randym77
The lineup, from WFAN:


Dunno if the game will actually be played, though. Weather's looking bad.

2006-06-02 15:12:11
3.   BklynBmr
81° and partly cloudy right now, heavy thunderstorms predicted to begin around 7pm. Tomorrow looks worse...
2006-06-02 15:33:38
4.   kylepetterson
I live out in Phoenix and find it odd that a town w/ no rain has both a retractable roof on their baseball stadium and on their football stadium. Granted it's 800 degrees out here and they air condition both of them, but, for those 3 days it does rain, man it's nice to know the games will still be played.
2006-06-02 15:34:40
5.   kdw
Sterling says A-rod has been scratched, he has the flu....
2006-06-02 15:36:20
6.   randym77
YES just reported that Mo's much better today. He woke up and most of the pain was gone. He says he's "about 90%."
2006-06-02 15:39:51
7.   randym77
And here's the new lineup:

Johnny Damon CF
Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Bernie Williams DH
Robinson Cano 2B
Andy Phillips 1B
Miguel Cairo 3B
Kelly Stinnett C

A-Rod has a stomach virus, so it's Miggy in the hot corner.

2006-06-02 15:45:54
8.   kdw
7 So it's finally come to folks thinking Bernie has slowed so much he's not even going to take the field? That can't be good for Damon's foot, covering all that ground....
2006-06-02 15:58:37
9.   randym77
Oops. Bernie must in RF.
2006-06-02 16:11:33
10.   BxSparksNYC
I still have yet to understand how a Directv customer like myself who purchases the mlb package can have games against the Orioles blacked out in NC. CSN and the Directv MLB feed show "For ordering call..." and YES is showing "programming not available in your area"...EXTREMELY frustrating....
2006-06-02 16:12:41
11.   randym77
Well, I guess Jeet's feeling better.
2006-06-02 16:13:46
12.   rilkefan
Yahoo's site has Cabrera at SS and LF...
2006-06-02 16:16:07
13.   Hank
BxSparks -- check again. I'm watching the game right now out in California on DirecTV -- Comcast Sports, channel 629.
2006-06-02 16:16:20
14.   rilkefan
... and Giambi at 3rd.
2006-06-02 16:16:23
15.   randym77
I'd rather see Cano here instead of LH Bernie.
2006-06-02 16:17:52
16.   RichYF
Can Kevin Thompson BUY an at-bat?
2006-06-02 16:19:29
17.   Rosbif22
I'd already forgotten he was called up...
2006-06-02 16:19:45
18.   BxSparksNYC
Appreciate it Hank but 629 in Charlotte gives me the black screen of death (to order call x721)....And I've called DTv to biatch but the company line prevails everytime...."Games are subject to blackouts in home areas yadda, yadda, yadda"...when are they going to get that NC is NOT a home area for B'more!!!! One of these day I'm going to listen to my bud and by the package...
2006-06-02 16:22:01
19.   rbj
So is Cano the only opening day starter not to go down with an injury/illness?

Buy that man some bubblewrap.

2006-06-02 16:22:07
20.   randym77
Joe says Thompson will play off the bench, behind Long and Bernie.
2006-06-02 16:25:09
21.   randym77
Wow. The Tigers score in the first inning, hitting two doubles off Schilling.
2006-06-02 16:29:22
22.   RichYF
20 If Joe is going to play Stinnett, Cairo, Phillips, and Bernie in the same game, don't you think defense is a bigger priority than "experience?"

It's as if he is asking Jaret Wright to fail. If this lineup scores more than 2 runs, I'll be impressed. At least Thompson can get into scoring position. The only scoring position Bernie sees is after the game at the Jazz club.

2006-06-02 16:32:55
23.   randym77
22 I don't understand it, either. Though I don't think it's aimed at Wright. He said what he said about Thompson when the kid came up, in Detroit. And I doubt keeping A-Rod out of the lineup tonight is a plot against Wright.

I've heard rumors that Thompson has had some attitude/discipline issues, so maybe Joe has reason to distrust him.

2006-06-02 16:37:28
24.   RichYF
I don't mind seeing Phillips in there getting ABs (as he singles up the middle), but seriously, Bernie is just as horrible as TLong against righties. The bottom of the order is just a joke right now. I don't know how great KT is, or if he can hit, but if he can get on base he'll at least be a threat to run.
2006-06-02 16:37:35
25.   BklynBmr
21 Better yet, the NESN feed is not on the package, so Sox fans have to suffer the Detroit announcers, as well.
2006-06-02 16:41:56
26.   BklynBmr
22 Two runs? Dunno if that mark will be a problem. The second string has been getting the job done lately when asked for the most part...

... as Stinnett displays the warning track power...

2006-06-02 16:43:29
27.   rbj
A nice sac fly. If only there weren't two outs.
2006-06-02 16:50:03
28.   randym77
Yeah, Melky!!!!!
2006-06-02 16:50:03
29.   rbj
Nice gun Melky!
2006-06-02 16:50:18
30.   BklynBmr
Beautiful throw to the plate by Melkly!
2006-06-02 16:50:37
31.   RichYF
Melky for president.
2006-06-02 16:56:08
32.   BklynBmr
The kids are the only ones doing anything so far...
2006-06-02 17:02:21
33.   Zack
I am so glad that Andy has a) gotten the chance to b) finally start hitting. he must be up around .270 now, which means Joe really can't justify playing others over him, right??? right??
2006-06-02 17:04:08
34.   Zack
I don't think we can afford to fall behing by more than 1 with this lineup
2006-06-02 17:07:12
35.   RichYF
34 That's what I'm trying to say. and 32, that's exactly my point. The kids are Canoe, Milkman, AP, and well, that's it. But if you give Thompson a chance, maybe he'll make something happen? I'd press my luck considering TLong and (LH) Bernie are the other options...
2006-06-02 17:14:44
36.   randym77
I'd certainly have tried Thompson over T-Long yesterday. :-P
2006-06-02 17:15:12
37.   RichYF
Robbie should NOT be allowed to swing at the first pitch. 90% of the time he does, he makes an out. If he takes the first pitch, he usually puts together a quality at-bat. If he swings at the first one (and doesn't put it in play), he basically swings at every pitch that follows it. It's really aggravating to watch. Someone needs to get this kid to take pitches.
2006-06-02 17:20:56
38.   randym77
Maybe Melky can give his pal Robby some tips. Young Leche has a great eye.
2006-06-02 17:21:53
39.   randym77

Yeah, baby!

2006-06-02 17:22:04
40.   rbj
2006-06-02 17:22:34
41.   Zack
Andy is on fire!!
2006-06-02 17:23:23
42.   tommyl
Gee, who would have predicted that Phillips could be productive in the majors?
2006-06-02 17:24:26
43.   rilkefan
The Andy Phillips doubters might take this opportunity to reassess.
2006-06-02 17:30:30
44.   Marcus
Hmm, what did Andy just do? It seems that Gameday is on the fritz...
2006-06-02 17:30:52
45.   randym77
Andy hit a homerun.
2006-06-02 17:31:05
46.   tommyl
Sometimes I think being in the Yankees system is like the opening of "The Secret of My Success" where Michael J. Fox goes from interview to interview and they keep telling him he needs experience to be hired. And he quite rightly asks how to get experience if no one will hire you?
2006-06-02 17:32:48
47.   Zack
Andy is now at about .290. Clearly he at the least deserves to play everday until he gets cold, if not beyond. Ergo, he should be at DH or 1B always, preventing bernie and long from ever being in the same lineup, in theory...
2006-06-02 17:32:53
48.   Marcus
I see now! HR, way to go Andy!
2006-06-02 17:33:26
49.   randym77
Paul O'Neill said being a young player with the Yankees is like being a contestant on American Idol. One bad night, and you're gone.
2006-06-02 17:34:58
50.   tommyl
Why the * are you running with Jeter and Giambi up?!
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2006-06-02 17:35:40
51.   Zack
And yet again we run ourselves out of an inning
2006-06-02 17:36:09
52.   randym77
It was supposed to be a hit and run. Jeter didn't get the hit part.
2006-06-02 17:38:50
53.   Rosbif22
It was supposed to be a hit and run. Jeter didn't get the hit part.

I'd love to hear Cliff's reaction to the hit-and-run call...

2006-06-02 17:39:35
54.   randym77
And Jeet worked a walk. We coulda had two on, no outs.
2006-06-02 17:40:36
55.   Marcus
Can I see a show of hands to see who loves the hit and run? Anyone? Anyone?
2006-06-02 17:42:10
56.   Rosbif22
Was that another attempt at the hit-and-run? So soon??
2006-06-02 17:43:29
57.   rbj
Oh yeah. Giambiner!
2006-06-02 17:43:38
58.   Zack
Great AB by Giambi, and then the hammered deep ball!
2006-06-02 17:43:43
59.   randym77
56 No, Jeter was just stealing. He'd have made it easily if Giambi hadn't hit it foul.

And it doesn't matter, because Giambino homers...

2006-06-02 17:44:18
60.   Zack
Coulda been a 3rhr
2006-06-02 17:44:57
61.   Rosbif22
59 Thanks


2006-06-02 17:45:06
62.   rilkefan
22 - another chance to reassess.
2006-06-02 17:48:59
63.   RichYF
62 I never figure for HRs. Giambi never ceases to amaze. On a side note, Robbie took the first two pitches, and roped one to right. He almost always does that. If he takes, he gets good wood on the ball. If he doesn't, he grounds out to 2B.
2006-06-02 17:50:07
64.   fansince77
Ok- anybody agree with me that Bernie has three years left as a hitter....270 and climbing and I was one of the few that never thought he was dead. No - not the bandwagon - I just think everybody jumped ship way too soon - I'll still hold if he drops to .240- he's a pro
2006-06-02 17:50:45
65.   tommyl
Did you see Andy sprint like hell there? I love the kid. I know from a stats point I miss Sheff and the rest, but I just love watching the kids play. Its so much more fun and reminds me of the good old days when Jeter was a rookie and Mo was this converted starter (not that we're that good).
2006-06-02 17:52:38
66.   randym77
65 Yeah, I agree. It's just so much more fun to watch this kind of baseball. Gotta love the kids' enthusiasm.
2006-06-02 17:55:20
67.   tommyl
To quote RobGee:

asdlkjfasjdlkasfd Scott alksdjfal Erickson alskjasdlf

2006-06-02 17:55:27
68.   rsmith51
64 I love Bernie and hope he is back to his old self. He certainly has value against LHP. That said, I think he needs to produce over time to show that he deserves to start regularly.
2006-06-02 17:56:41
69.   rilkefan
64 - not nearly enough production for a corner outfielder. Also don't know how his knee/shoulders/etc are going to hold up if he gets 500 ABs, as seems likely.
2006-06-02 17:58:48
70.   randym77
Arrghhh. This is all on Wright.
2006-06-02 17:59:04
71.   rilkefan
Oh well, at least Detroit's still beating Schilling.
2006-06-02 17:59:09
72.   RichYF
Yeah, leave him in. GGPO.
2006-06-02 18:00:16
73.   GoingDeep
I cant believe Wright is still in.
2006-06-02 18:01:07
74.   randym77
Bernie's hitting well, but I don't think he can be an everyday player at this point. He'll be a physical wreck by the end of the season.
2006-06-02 18:01:47
75.   tommyl
Please just don't bring in Erickson.
2006-06-02 18:05:05
76.   rbj
6 IP, 3 ER. That, um, qualifies as a quality start by Jaret.
2006-06-02 18:05:17
77.   singledd
While GOB has played better of late, his OPS is in the .680 range. Very poor for an OF/DH... maybe below replacement level.

Melky is 100 points higher.
Phillips is 20+ points higher.

Lets not mistake our love for Bernie with his ability to be an impact player.

2006-06-02 18:06:47
78.   Rosbif22
76 Regardless, it seems as though it's more acceptable to bash him.
2006-06-02 18:07:33
79.   fansince77
Lets see Melk turn on one!
2006-06-02 18:07:42
80.   tommyl
76 I believe only 2 ER
2006-06-02 18:07:44
81.   rbj
Do they have to interview Cal every Orioles game? Is that some part of "see, we were good once, please don't leave us and become Nats fans" plan.
2006-06-02 18:08:42
82.   Rosbif22
80. it's 3.
2006-06-02 18:08:53
83.   fansince77
Wow this Froeming has a huge zone
2006-06-02 18:10:34
84.   GoingDeep
Melky is a Giambi-like OBP machine!
2006-06-02 18:10:40
85.   tommyl
82 Gameday has it at 2
2006-06-02 18:12:27
86.   rsmith51
2006-06-02 18:12:46
87.   randym77
At this point, I think depth is more important than power. Bernie has a role. So do all the others. Everyone with a pulse will get a chance to play.

And Capt. Clutch strikes again. Another 2-out rally...

2006-06-02 18:12:46
88.   BklynBmr
OK Cap!
2006-06-02 18:13:12
89.   rbj
Gamechannel shows 2 ER. I stand corrected. Jaret is pitching not bad.
And Jeter comes through.
2006-06-02 18:13:18
90.   Rosbif22

Linked from Hardball Times:

I don't honestly know who is right, but I think 3. I could be wrong though.

2006-06-02 18:13:30
91.   Zack
Thank you Derek...Just as the O's announcers were getting around to the inevitable "the Yankees always get the calls from the umps" discussion
2006-06-02 18:13:32
92.   fansince77
I don't know the numbers but it seems like he always het his done...Mr. Clutch
2006-06-02 18:13:33
93.   Marcus
2-out rallies are great.
2006-06-02 18:13:59
94.   tommyl
84 Don't look now but Melky has a .799 OPS (actually higher than Damon's).
2006-06-02 18:15:34
95.   BklynBmr
91 I hate that. Palmer does it a bit more diplomatically than most, but still...
2006-06-02 18:16:02
96.   rsmith51
2006-06-02 18:16:44
97.   Zack
I was just looking at the ops leaders for this season, and Jermaine Dye is #2 behind Thome, crazy season thus far for him, really suprised by that...
2006-06-02 18:17:57
98.   rsmith51
94 Wait until he develops some power. I thought he looked a little like Brian Giles when batting. Now if he hits like Giles...
2006-06-02 18:19:09
99.   BklynBmr
Man, these late innings little run add-ons lately have been huge. No 3-run HRs, just station to station stuff, WPs, errors, bloops, whatever. Now we gotta hold it...
2006-06-02 18:19:58
100.   rbj
Villone? Not Erickson? Not Proctor?
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2006-06-02 18:19:58
101.   tommyl
Villone, excellent. 2 innings? and then Proctor? Farns?
2006-06-02 18:20:08
102.   rsmith51
What, isn't Proctor available?

Just kidding...

2006-06-02 18:20:10
103.   GoingDeep
And M Cabrera is 4th in OPS in the league!
2006-06-02 18:20:33
104.   Zack
Hmm, Villone now, is Torre waiting to bring in Proctor in the 8th? I can totally see it...Sure don't really want to see Farns...
2006-06-02 18:21:24
105.   singledd
The 3rd run scored after 2 were out, no one on base, and Wright made an error on a bunt. 3rd run UN-earned (even though it's was Wright's own error)
2006-06-02 18:21:50
106.   rbj
According to the O's announcers, the one Yankee error led to a run.
2006-06-02 18:24:19
107.   singledd
Considering the state of our PB, and that Wright has been pretty good, and reason he have him start the 7th?
2006-06-02 18:24:34
108.   tommyl
103 where did you look that up?
2006-06-02 18:25:22
109.   Zack
Glad is using this great new media player that is currently breaking apart into a black screen of death...lovely
2006-06-02 18:26:20
110.   randym77
103 Is that Miguel Cabrera? Melky's good, but he's not even 4th in OPS on the Yankees roster.
2006-06-02 18:27:03
111.   randym77
Erickson's warming.
2006-06-02 18:27:33
112.   BklynBmr
Erickson's up?
2006-06-02 18:29:09
113.   randym77
Villone's up, and just got out of a jam.
2006-06-02 18:29:37
114.   Zack
Freaking grrrrr
2006-06-02 18:29:39
115.   singledd
I wonder how MLB selects the feed for a game. Maybe based on the strongest satilite signal? (Currently MLB has shit the bed).
2006-06-02 18:30:47
116.   tommyl
115 I've noticed for EI its more often the home team broadcast, except in some cases its not (I assume when they don't have a deal with that local station). But, again not sure.
2006-06-02 18:30:56
117.   singledd
MLB back up here in NH.
2006-06-02 18:32:10
118.   Zack
Well, I guess the plus from all that is that now we switched to the YES feed...
2006-06-02 18:35:45
119.   rbj
Last night was bizzare. Yanks - Tigers scheduled on ESPN. I get home at 8:30, instead ESPN News was on. So I flip over to channel 29, FSN Detroit. Game isn't on. I flip over to EI, game is on, and it is the YES feed. At 10:15 I switch to the local Fox channel for the weather, and the Detroit feed is on (haven't seen baseball on that channel outside of playoffs or game of the week.)
2006-06-02 18:37:12
120.   singledd
118 It would appear that MLB makes no effort to use the home team broadcast. We have YES now, only because the Baltimore broadcast crapped out.
2006-06-02 18:39:41
121.   BklynBmr
116 I'd love to know how that works. Here in the SF Bay Area, for the first three games of the Tiger series, I got the FSN Detroit/Midwest feed on the EI package (via Comcast), then YES for the finale. The last two of which also aired nationally on ESPN. I just wish the customer could choose the feed for every game, and at the very least get every game — contrary to their advertising.
2006-06-02 18:39:49
122.   kdw
104 On pregame, Torre said Proctor's not available tonight. Unless he changes his mind of course.
2006-06-02 18:39:55
123.   singledd
Tigers up 2-1 over Boston after 8.
2006-06-02 18:40:16
124.   tommyl
119 That makes sense actually. Its like when Yankee games are on My9, we either don't get the game, or its on the other teams broadcast. So last night, because it was the local Detroit channel (as opposed to FSN) we got the YES feed.
2006-06-02 18:41:14
125.   randym77
Torre said it was going to be either Farnsy or Villone closing. Since Villone's in now, I guess it will be Farnsy closing. Here's hoping he redeems himself.
2006-06-02 18:42:21
126.   Zack
It's the Joe Torre, "get them back out there the next day to get over it" approach...
2006-06-02 18:42:56
127.   BklynBmr
Erickson in to face Conine...
2006-06-02 18:43:53
128.   Rob Gee
garehusdflkzjvcnb Scott chresdfayiudkfgcvbh Erickson gehiufid eriuhfdd qwdsfgb
2006-06-02 18:43:53
129.   Zack
Joe, what are you doing? Why??? Why???????
2006-06-02 18:44:05
130.   rabid stan
Here we go... creating matchups.

"It's what smart managers do to win ballgames."

2006-06-02 18:44:17
131.   rsmith51
I don't have a good feeling about pitching Erickson here.
2006-06-02 18:45:07
132.   rsmith51
Of course, I only feel good about Erickson if he not wearing a Yankee uniform.
2006-06-02 18:45:27
133.   rbj
127 Gulp.
and 120 singledd, it does make sense, but usually the Yankee feed would be blacked out too, as the game was on tv. And on a Fox network channel.
2006-06-02 18:45:55
134.   Zack
Even if Erickson gets the out here, its the wrong move..
2006-06-02 18:47:54
135.   rabid stan
Was that his fifth slider?
2006-06-02 18:48:26
136.   tommyl
What 128 said.
2006-06-02 18:48:48
137.   BklynBmr
0-2 to that? C'mon...
2006-06-02 18:48:52
138.   Zack
Ok Joe, now what do you do? Your silly move has you backed into a wall now...
2006-06-02 18:49:00
139.   randym77
Oh, great. Thanks, Erickson.

Farnsworth and Myers are warming.

2006-06-02 18:49:33
140.   BklynBmr
Stop the pain, Joe. Now.
2006-06-02 18:49:41
141.   rsmith51
From 0-2 to hitting him on the 4th ball. Why is he on this freaking ball club?
2006-06-02 18:49:48
142.   rbj
Any chance of leaving Erickson at Camden when the Yanks leave? Maybe stick him in lost & found.
2006-06-02 18:49:49
143.   Zack
Well, way to go Joe, didn't see that one coming at all, great job...
2006-06-02 18:49:52
144.   tommyl
Why? Why? Why?! Villone was pitching well. He gave up one hit. Do you have to pitch a perfect inning to stay in?
2006-06-02 18:50:43
145.   GoingDeep
Id pitch T-Long before I pitched Erickson.
2006-06-02 18:51:02
146.   rilkefan
I'm normally not a violent man, but ...
2006-06-02 18:51:03
147.   Zack
This looks like its headed for an old Joe Torre loss...

Farnsworth will come into a no win situation now, game will at least be tied...sigh

2006-06-02 18:51:12
148.   Bill
NoMaas will add this to the "Torre loss" log, but the fact is it's a "Cashman loss". There is no way Erickson should be on this team.
2006-06-02 18:51:36
149.   rabid stan
Skies opening up here in north Baltimore.

Should be in the inner harbor soon. RAIN RAIN RAIN.


2006-06-02 18:51:39
150.   tommyl
And Farns to face Mora with the bases loaded. Gee, this is likely to work out so well.
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2006-06-02 18:51:54
151.   Zack
And because Joe took rasner out early for no reason, and pitched Proctore for three innings, hes unavailable today. The Joe Torre school of BP management
2006-06-02 18:52:45
152.   SF Yanks
This has disaster written all over it.
2006-06-02 18:52:52
153.   rsmith51
148 Would definitely a Cashman loss. Can Matt Smith come up now?
2006-06-02 18:53:43
154.   Zack
Yeah, but if Smith was on the team, Joe would feel forced to pitch Proctor there, since to him, the kids can't be trusted late in the game...
2006-06-02 18:54:07
155.   tommyl
Hmmm...I wonder, the natural progression to the BP management, is to start yanking relievers after they throw a ball to a batter. Either its all strikes, or you get lifted?
2006-06-02 18:54:31
156.   Bill
In case anyone cares (and we know Joe doesn't), Erickson now has 14 base runners allowed and 1 (!) strikeout in 7.2 innings.
2006-06-02 18:54:38
157.   GoingDeep
Farns this is your chance at redemption.
2006-06-02 18:55:05
158.   Marcus
Poll: Who would you rather get rid: Erickson or T-Long?
2006-06-02 18:55:22
159.   tommyl
149 That was appropriately rabid, stan.
2006-06-02 18:55:29
160.   rsmith51
156 Thanks for putting it in perspective. What does he have to do to get sent down?
2006-06-02 18:56:09
161.   rabid stan
159 Rabid comes when Farns walks this guy.
2006-06-02 18:56:13
162.   randym77
Dammit, Farnsy! Don't flippin' walk a @#$% run in.
2006-06-02 18:56:15
163.   rsmith51
158 That's a loaded question.
2006-06-02 18:56:37
164.   rabid stan
I'll try to keep it off the thread.
2006-06-02 18:57:08
165.   SF Yanks
Ericklong or Longickson
2006-06-02 18:57:22
166.   tommyl
164 oh, no, I quite enjoyed it :)
2006-06-02 18:57:26
167.   BklynBmr
I really hate to keep reposting this:

2006-06-02 18:57:34
168.   randym77
Sigh. A-Rod might have gotten the DP.
2006-06-02 18:57:44
169.   rbj
Erickson. Even in a situation like last night with T-Long poping up with the bases loaded, there was the chance with Cairo. A bad pitcher on the other hand can just kill a team.
2006-06-02 18:57:49
170.   Zack
Well can't fault Farns there...Think A-rod would have made that DP? Grrr...
2006-06-02 18:58:14
171.   tommyl
158 actually I advocate switching them. Erickson can't possibly hit that badly, and T-Long can't possibly pitch that badly.
2006-06-02 18:58:50
172.   Zack
Why do we have to choose? Theres no reason what so ever to have EITHER on the team!!!
2006-06-02 18:59:30
173.   rsmith51
169 Agreed. Pitchers can also look OK at times even if they suck.
2006-06-02 18:59:44
174.   rbj
Why does this game feel like two gentlemen, each insisting that the other one should win the game.
2006-06-02 18:59:57
175.   Zack
9th inning, 2 outs, runner on first for Youk in Boston, Jones pitching for Detroit, up 2-1
2006-06-02 19:00:26
176.   tommyl
Ok, good job Farns. Lets go offense!
2006-06-02 19:00:33
177.   randym77
Not too bad, Farnsy.
2006-06-02 19:00:41
178.   rsmith51
Well Farns cleaned up Erickson's mess. Torre should have just skipped the middle man.
2006-06-02 19:01:00
179.   Marcus
172 Agreed.
2006-06-02 19:01:10
180.   rbj
Damn. Youklis just hit a 2 run shot w/ 2 outs in the ninth. 3-2 RS.
2006-06-02 19:01:14
181.   Zack
Look at that Farns, when you throw the fastball, they get out...

This is 100% on Joe and Erickson...

2006-06-02 19:01:45
182.   Zack
Boston going to win, we seem headed for certain loss, yuck...
2006-06-02 19:01:48
183.   GoingDeep
Youk homers. Sawx up 3-2
2006-06-02 19:01:57
184.   randym77
Dammit. Youklis homered. Boston's winning now.
2006-06-02 19:01:58
185.   SF Yanks
Freakin Pukelis
2006-06-02 19:02:22
186.   rsmith51
Why isn't Detroit using Zumaya or Rodney as their closer? Todd Jones is much, much worse.
2006-06-02 19:02:28
187.   rabid stan
The Tigers have so many good young relief pitchers. Why does Todd Jones close for them, again?
2006-06-02 19:03:35
188.   singledd
IRod is not playing this game, and will not be in the 3rd game against the Sox. I guess we tired him out.
2006-06-02 19:03:52
189.   GoingDeep
Should Po replace Kelly?
2006-06-02 19:04:22
190.   randym77
Po has replaced Kelly.
2006-06-02 19:04:37
191.   Marcus
187 He's a proven veteran. Why else?
2006-06-02 19:05:31
192.   GoingDeep
My last memory of Chris Ray is the game Gojira struck out looking with bases loaded. Do it for Gojira!!!!
2006-06-02 19:06:37
193.   rabid stan
191 Oh I see. So that's why the Sox have Keith Foulke out there.

Leyland in a genious.

2006-06-02 19:07:20
194.   rabid stan
So much rage. Can't spell.
2006-06-02 19:07:21
195.   Chucksax
You know that when Torre said that Mussina would be followed by Gator, he wasn't kidding... Gator is ALMOST old enough to be trusted by Torre.

Scott Erickson is an embarrassment. I wish that we could fine Torre one game's pay every time Erickson comes in when the game is within 8 runs...

2006-06-02 19:07:21
196.   GoingDeep
Steal Johnny Steal!
2006-06-02 19:07:39
197.   rsmith51
192 Funny, my memory is that Matsui was called out on ball 4 with the bases loaded trailing by 1.
2006-06-02 19:08:15
198.   BklynBmr
The Orioles may be a "bad team", but they're hangin' with the New York Clipees pretty well so far...

Melky pops up! Why no small ball there?

2006-06-02 19:08:22
199.   fansince77
WHY did we all know what was going to happen when Erikson came in and Joe didn't? Damn. That last inning sucked!
2006-06-02 19:08:57
200.   Chucksax
Good call, GoingDeep.
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2006-06-02 19:09:28
201.   Zack
Why the heck has Papelbon been so effective this year? He has a good fastball, but so do a lot of guys...
2006-06-02 19:09:47
202.   randym77
LOL! Good call!
2006-06-02 19:11:35
203.   tommyl
2006-06-02 19:11:40
204.   rsmith51
201 Just be glad he is not starting.
2006-06-02 19:12:29
205.   singledd
Time for Jetes to pop one. Ooops. OK... a single will do.
2006-06-02 19:12:30
206.   BklynBmr
Boston wins, 3-2.
2006-06-02 19:13:49
207.   tommyl
2006-06-02 19:13:52
208.   randym77
Holy crap! Jeter is so clutch I can hardly stand it.
2006-06-02 19:13:59
209.   rbj
Cap'n! Clutch!!
2006-06-02 19:14:07
210.   Zack
2006-06-02 19:17:40
211.   Chucksax
Jeter = 2006 AL MVP? He's making a good case for it, so far.
2006-06-02 19:18:41
212.   rsmith51
Let's see Torre uses "proven veteran" Scott Erickson, Leyland uses "proven veteran" Todd Jones...
2006-06-02 19:19:06
213.   rbj
Don't screw up, Farns.
2006-06-02 19:19:30
214.   Zack
Man, Frans just doesn't get the calls
2006-06-02 19:19:30
215.   randym77
211 If he's going to win the MVP, this is the year. So far.
2006-06-02 19:20:18
216.   rsmith51
Great outing by Farns...
2006-06-02 19:20:44
217.   fansince77
Farnsworth looks like a different guy!
Right at 'em! No pussy footin' around.
2006-06-02 19:20:50
218.   tommyl
Sorry for the double post. Computer issues.
2006-06-02 19:20:58
219.   Zack
Wow, didn't expect to win that one..huge call by ump to call Damon safe...Another great game for Andy, Farns pitches well, and we overome Joe Torre's inability to manage a BP
2006-06-02 19:21:07
220.   randym77
Sweet win. The much-maligned lineup did just fine.
2006-06-02 19:21:17
221.   rbj
Woo hoo. The Yankeeeees Win!!!!
2006-06-02 19:21:30
222.   SF Yanks
Can Jete be any more clutch? Seriously?
2006-06-02 19:22:34
223.   randym77
Jeter deserves to be Player of the Game tonight.

And good call on the Damon steal.

2006-06-02 19:22:40
224.   tommyl
Now if Farns can pitch like that most of the time. I'd be really happy.
2006-06-02 19:22:41
225.   rbj
218 I think there were crumbs in the toaster. I couldn't post for a while either.

Please leave Erickson at Camden.

2006-06-02 19:22:45
226.   singledd
When Farns doesn't walk guys, he's a decent weapon.
2006-06-02 19:23:20
227.   rabid stan
I spent so much of the last hour blinded by rage... They won?

I guess I'm happy, but I'm a little dazed.

2006-06-02 19:23:59
228.   rsmith51
I remember last year when Jeter ended all those games by being the last out. Has he even been the last out of a game this season?
2006-06-02 19:24:53
229.   GoingDeep
This game shows that Farns really is important to the yanks. If he can find some consistency the yanks will be a force... even with the injuries.
2006-06-02 19:24:58
230.   rabid stan
Thanks Cap'n.
2006-06-02 19:27:44
231.   tommyl
Really, Farns just needs to throw strikes. With his stuff he can afford to miss a bit to all but a few elite hitters (Ortiz, Tejada, etc.)
2006-06-02 19:29:03
232.   BklynBmr
225 Yeah, toaster got jammed again for a while tonight...

Cap is the man! This MASH unit is really holding together, too. Can't recall the last time the Yanks were blown out. They pressure every team, every game no matter what the 1 thru 9 looks like.

The New York Clipees are for real!

2006-06-02 19:31:06
233.   rsmith51
Doesn't seem fair that Farns got a blown save for that.
2006-06-02 19:32:22
234.   Simone
Nice win! Hopefully, this is the beginning of Farnesworth settling down.
2006-06-02 19:32:49
235.   Marcus
Great win, and I love the 174 analogy.

Too bad the Sox won. That was a Leyland Loss. Memo to Todd Jones: The Goose Gossage costume doesn't make you pitch better.

2006-06-02 19:34:33
236.   randym77
I think the last time the Yanks were truly blown out was that horrible Boston game. And that was before Matsui got hurt.
2006-06-02 19:38:19
237.   BklynBmr
Motown is hatin' life tonight. Tigers blow one and the Pistons are done...
2006-06-02 19:38:23
238.   rsmith51
LHP tomorrow...

Any chance Thompson gets the start tomorrow?

2006-06-02 19:39:51
239.   randym77
238 Bet it will be RH Bernie...
2006-06-02 19:42:02
240.   rsmith51
239 Good point, that is good Bernie. I guess Thompson might get to pinch run at some point or play in a blowout.
2006-06-02 19:44:26
241.   randym77
Maybe Sunday, if we win tomorrow and Joe decides it's house money day.

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