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Icing On The Ace
2006-06-01 11:34
by Cliff Corcoran
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If yesterday's win was gravy, a victory tonight to finish off a four-game sweep of the Tigers, who despite the last three games still have the majors' best record, would be icing on the cake. It won't be an easy task, however, as the Yankees will get their first look at the Tigers' young ace, Justin Verlander.

Drafted out of Old Dominion second overall in the 2004 amateur draft, Verlander signed too late to play that year, instead making his pro debut in the Florida State League (high-A ball) in 2005. Verlander dominated in thirteen starts there, then turned it up a notch with double-A Erie, allowing just eleven hits and one run (on a homer) in 32.2 innings across seven starts. That earned him a September call-up in which the 22-year-old looked plenty human.

Verlander won the fifth starters spot out of spring training this year and has since emerged as the Tigers' ace in just his second pro season. His only non-quality start of the year came in his second start when he was roughed up by the World Champion White Sox. In his last seven starts he's compiled the following line: 50 1/3 IP (7+ IP/GS), 44 H, 3 HR, 10 BB, 25 K, 1.07 WHIP, 1.61 ERA, 6-1. Again, this is a 23-year-old in his second pro season. Sick.

Trying to keep pace with Verlander will be Chien-Ming Wang, who has won four of his last five games and got a hard-luck no-decision in his sixth.

The big news on the Yankee front is that Gary Sheffield, as feared, has landed back on the 15-day DL due to what appears to be a new injury to his left wrist. He will be replaced on the roster by Kevin Thompson, the only position player on the Yankees 40-man roster who hasn't previously spent time on the 25-man. Thompson has previously been passed over in favor of Melky Cabrera, Kevin Reese, Mitch Jones and Terrence Long in large part because of an ill-timed hamstring injury, but has hit .288/.380/.453 with seven stolen bases in eight tries and 20 walks to 29 strikeouts thus far this year in Columbus. The book on Thompson is that he needs two cracks at each new level to click, but if that's the case it certainly won't hurt to get his feet wet now in the hope that he could be a valuable fourth or fifth outfielder next year at age 27.

Thompson gives the Yankees five home-grown players who were Columbus Clippers as recently as last year on their roster (Cano, Wang, Phillips, Cabrera and Thompson) in addition to the home-grown fab four (Bernie, Mo, Jeter and Posada), and that doesn't even count Darrell Rasner, a 25-year-old minor leaguer claimed off waivers this winter who's currently in the major league pen. Yes, injuries have played a role in this new style of roster construction, but the times do indeed appear to be changin'. Now if only Thompson would get a couple of starts and perform well enough to bounce Terrence Long when Bubba Crosby is activated this weekend.

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2006-06-01 13:10:23
1.   Schteeve
I'm all for this, let Sheff get righteous again, and hope the kids can hold down the fort. And if A-Rod and Jeter keep hitting like they have been, the Yanks should be alright.
2006-06-01 13:15:52
2.   standuptriple
I'm for him being healthy too but I was hoping for more than 4HR's out of my 2nd rd pick by mid-June. Yanks success>Fantasy success.
2006-06-01 13:16:01
3.   rilkefan
In re the Chad Curtis conversation earlier:
2006-06-01 13:18:30
4.   JVarghese81
Amen to Thompson hitting enough to displace Long's "experience"..though I'm sure he'll do it all pretty much immediately to have a shot at sticking on the roster.

And let's hope Giambi is getting back into a grove. That would be plenty helpful over the next couple of weeks as would a couple more solid RJ starts.

Using Rasner and Smith/Mendoza/etc. instead of Small & Erikson would also be a nice step.

2006-06-01 13:23:21
5.   Shaun P
"Now if only Thompson would get a couple of starts and perform well enough to bounce Terrence Long when Bubba Crosby is activated this weekend."

The hope of Yankee fans everywhere!

Can't wait to see Verlander pitch. Anyone know who the ESPN announcers will be for tonight?

2006-06-01 13:33:02
6.   Peter
2 Yanks success>Fantasy success.

I have Verlander on my fantasy team. Is it wrong to wish for a pitcher's duel tonight?

2006-06-01 13:47:22
7.   Cliff Corcoran
6 And I've got Wang. It's on! (actually, it's off, I'm not starting Wang against Verlander in a league in which wins are worth 10 points)
2006-06-01 13:51:59
8.   Shaun P
6 Not at all. I have both Verlander and Wang, and I'm not pitching either. But if I was, I'd be praying for a low-scoring pitcher's duel, won by the Yanks of course. Perferably off a reliever after Verlander was out of the game.
2006-06-01 14:47:20
9.   randym77
I don't think Bubba's being activated this weekend. He's not healing as fast as they'd hoped. Cashman says the current schedule is for Bubba to start playing rehab games Sunday or Monday, and rejoin the team midweek at the earliest.

I was hoping Bubba would be back for the Boston series, if only against Wakefield. But better to be safe than sorry. Outfielders aren't exactly thick on the ground these days.

2006-06-01 14:52:48
10.   rbj
I think a 4 game sweep on the road is too much to ask for. I only hope it isn't Wang who gets the loss.
And yeah, it's better for Shef to get healthy.
2006-06-01 14:53:35
11.   randym77
According to Mike and the Mad Dog, Jeter's out again tonight, but Damon is in. With his new padded shoe...

1. Damon (CF)
2. Cabrera (LF)
3. Giambi (DH)
4. A-Rod (3B)
5. Posada (C)
6. Cano (2B)
7. Phillips (1B)
8. Long (RF)
9. Cairo (SS)

2006-06-01 14:56:28
12.   Rob Gee
freaiulvhknx Long goidvhnkd, long fghodsnvk;'kxovb.lzOnfv pfsgsv'jzl.POMgvodh ?
2006-06-01 15:02:05
13.   randym77
I have a feeling Long is going to be way overmatched against Verlander. Hope he proves me wrong.

If Wanger's on his game, it doesn't matter who is in the outfield. ;-)

Torre says Jeter seems to be okay, but he doesn't want him facing a 100mph fastball just yet. What with Boston coming up and all.

2006-06-01 15:20:17
14.   randym77
Sheff has a torn ligament and dislocated tendon. This doesn't sound good.
2006-06-01 15:40:08
15.   Simone
Ugh. Sheffield's injury sounds bad.
2006-06-01 15:44:52
16.   randym77
Cashman is supposed to give more info about Sheff soon. But it doesn't sound good. No surgery, supposedly. Splint and therapy.

And it gets worse. Mo tweaked his back putting on his cleats today. They don't think it's that serious, but Farnsy will probably be the closer tonight.

Crosby is not progressing as they'd hoped, and is now expected to remain on the DL until about June 10.

2006-06-01 15:55:37
17.   Schteeve
Sprained his back putting on his cleats? Man Cashman should hire a team of people to wheel the Yankees around on Hand Trucks when they aren't on the field.
2006-06-01 16:04:02
18.   randym77
Handtrucks sound dangerous to me. Maybe if you wrapped everyone in bubblewrap first...

The injury situation is really getting ridiculous. :-(

2006-06-01 16:14:31
19.   Cliff Corcoran
Verlander's curve has a sick break. Sheeees.
2006-06-01 16:15:21
20.   Stormer Sports
If the injury report on Sheffield is correct,we will be without him for quite some time. It could be months, not to mention, aint no way in hell his option will get picked up if he stays on the DL for a couple months.

On the bright side. We wont have to hear him barking about his option all year.

Go Wangster! Go Melky, our 2007 full time right fielder.

2006-06-01 16:22:33
21.   Stormer Sports
2006-06-01 16:22:50
22.   randym77
Wow. Nice throw, Jorgie.
2006-06-01 16:29:26
23.   randym77
Robby! He's not afraid of the big bad Verlander.

And neither is Andy...

2006-06-01 16:40:55
24.   randym77
Peter Abraham has posted an update on Sheff. It's bad. He'll be out a lot longer than 2 weeks. Surgery may be required. If it is, it will be the end of the season for him.
2006-06-01 16:53:37
25.   Simone
Jorgie! Nice.
2006-06-01 17:00:13
26.   rilkefan
Yikes. That ought to be enough for Wang as is...
2006-06-01 17:01:26
27.   tommyl
Man, Mo goes down too? Please, please let it just be a one or two day thing. The only silver lining here is that the kids are doing great. I'm starting to love the scrappiness of this team.


2006-06-01 17:01:59
28.   randym77
Yeah, Melky!
2006-06-01 17:06:39
29.   rsmith51
I was hoping Thompson would get the start, being a house's money type game.
2006-06-01 17:13:18
30.   randym77
Maybe we'll see Thompson later. They probably went with Long instead of Thompson because Verlander's a righty. That, and they didn't want to traumatize the kid by sending him up against a 100mph fastball when he's fresh off the plane from Columbus.
2006-06-01 17:15:09
31.   Stormer Sports

. . . and the end of his Yankee career.

2006-06-01 17:17:33
32.   Stormer Sports
Ruh roh Scooby! Lets get out of thos Jam!
2006-06-01 17:21:32
33.   rsmith51
What the heck was that? A grand slam is better than a walk in that situation. Ok, maybe not...
2006-06-01 17:22:17
34.   Benjamin Kabak
Okay...if Orel Hershisher on TV can explain why Wang struggles with runners on base....why can't the Yankees PITCHING COACHES figure out his problems? This is pathetic. Every game he can't outs with runners on base.
2006-06-01 17:22:37
35.   rsmith51
Stupid walk with a 5-run lead...
2006-06-01 17:22:42
36.   Simone
Wang just dying out there.
2006-06-01 17:22:51
37.   randym77
Oy. There's always one inning like this for Wanger.
2006-06-01 17:24:19
38.   Benjamin Kabak
I hope Joe brings in Erickons with Rasner warming up. That's the kind of brilliant moves that loses pennants.
2006-06-01 17:25:17
39.   rilkefan
34 - what did Hershiser say?
2006-06-01 17:26:53
40.   Benjamin Kabak
34 He was talking about Wang's inability to finish off pitches from the stretch....not generating the same power and movement. It's been a problem since the start of the season this year. I don't see why the Yanks aren't constantly working on this with Wang.
2006-06-01 17:27:12
41.   Benjamin Kabak
and by 34 I really meant 39
2006-06-01 17:28:05
42.   rsmith51
I would like to see Rasner pitch. I think he may be better than Small.
2006-06-01 17:28:17
43.   randym77
40 I think they are. They know he's struggled pitching from the stretch. I heard almost all his practice sessions are from the stretch.
2006-06-01 17:29:41
44.   Mattpat11
Reall, I am happy with three out of four here, but it would be a buzzkill if Wang blows the game
2006-06-01 17:30:14
45.   Mattpat11
And he gets iut of it.
2006-06-01 17:30:34
46.   rilkefan
He's pitching from the windup with a man on 3rd though, isn't he?
2006-06-01 17:34:56
47.   randym77
Giambino! Whoah, Jase! He went the other way...all the way.
2006-06-01 17:34:58
48.   Simone
Way to go, Jason! Stick your boos. I love seeing Yankee fans cheering and clapping in the stands when they are on the road.
2006-06-01 17:35:08
49.   rsmith51
Opposite field for Giambi...
2006-06-01 17:36:47
50.   rsmith51
74 pitches for Verlander. Of course, I don't think the Yanks want to face Zumaya again.
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2006-06-01 17:37:38
51.   randym77
Think Wang will be coming back in?
2006-06-01 17:38:21
52.   rsmith51
If they try to bunt here...
2006-06-01 17:38:54
53.   rsmith51
51 Until someone is on base, I would think so.
2006-06-01 17:40:07
54.   rsmith51
Take a pitch, Cano.
2006-06-01 17:50:53
55.   Simone
Guidry and I dropped our head in disgust at the same time when Wang walked that first guy. Here we again. Next!
2006-06-01 17:51:30
56.   rsmith51
Let's see Rasner...
2006-06-01 17:51:45
57.   randym77
Arrggghhhh. Well, looks like we're going to see Rasner.
2006-06-01 17:53:11
58.   Simone
It is just the 5th inning for goodness sake.
2006-06-01 17:55:56
59.   randym77
I think Wang gets rattled sometimes after a bad inning. He always looks so calm. But he's still pretty green.
2006-06-01 17:56:29
60.   Simone
These pitchers!!!
2006-06-01 17:57:18
61.   Stormer Sports
Rasner, bases loaded and no out. Hmm, interesting choice there.
2006-06-01 17:58:22
62.   Stormer Sports
Smith is in the pen isn't he?
2006-06-01 17:59:20
63.   Simone
Finally, an out.
2006-06-01 17:59:47
64.   rsmith51
62 I don't think so. I thought he was sent down last weekend.
2006-06-01 17:59:52
65.   randym77
No, Smith is not available. He was sent down and couldn't be called up again so soon.

I thought Rasner might be just the type of pitcher to deal with the aggressive Tigers batters, but apparently not. :-(

2006-06-01 18:00:54
66.   randym77
The batting average splits on Wang, courtesy of ESPN:

Nobody on: .198
Runners on: .358
Runners in scoring postion: .379

2006-06-01 18:02:00
67.   rsmith51
Nice catch by Long.
2006-06-01 18:03:42
68.   Stormer Sports

Why did they send him down? Did I miss something during the games that weren't on the package? If not, why send him down for a guy with an era over 6.00? What does Smith have to do to get a shot? 3 innings, no hits, no BB, 1 K?

Rasner, I mean seriously, come on.

2006-06-01 18:05:02
69.   Cliff Corcoran
Aiight. I officially like Rasner. He's got a great assortment of pitches, some nasty breaks, big change of speeds, and he's a bit pissy on the mound. Good stuff.
2006-06-01 18:05:58
70.   rsmith51
68 I think it was because of Posada being injured last weekend. They needed to call up Hill. Their outfield situation was pretty precarious as well.
2006-06-01 18:06:18
71.   JeremyM
I like him too--yeah he gave up the single but that happens, he kept his composure. Mussina could really tutor this guy:)
2006-06-01 18:06:19
72.   randym77
Smith was sent down when Posada was injured. They needed a catcher, and apparently Smith can't catch.

When Posada recovered and Hill was sent down, they couldn't call Smith back up because it was too soon. Hence Rasner.

2006-06-01 18:06:45
73.   rsmith51
I liked what I saw from Rasner. I wonder how he looks with the bases empty.
2006-06-01 18:07:54
74.   rsmith51
I know I could look this up, but is Thompson a RH or LH batter?
2006-06-01 18:08:24
75.   C2Coke
I believe Cliff mentioned there is a 10-day rule before they can get Smith up again.
2006-06-01 18:08:29
76.   Cliff Corcoran
68 Smith was sent down for Koyie Hill when Posada's injury required the promotion of an extra catcher. Why they demoted him instead of Erickson is beyond me.
2006-06-01 18:08:32
77.   JVarghese81
Cliff, I got to see Rasner pitch at AA HArrisburg - he's a pretty fun guy to watch. Think he sticks?

Oh, and Smith was sent down to make room for a third catcher when they thought Posada could have been hurt as well.

2006-06-01 18:09:21
78.   randym77
74 Thompson bats and throws righty.
2006-06-01 18:09:21
79.   JVarghese81
KT is a righty
2006-06-01 18:09:37
80.   JeremyM
Erickson probably doesn't have options, and there's no way that guy makes it through waivers:)
2006-06-01 18:10:02
81.   Cliff Corcoran
74 righty
75 correct
77 I hope so. Rasner over Small, Smith over Erickson, please!
2006-06-01 18:11:07
82.   Cliff Corcoran
80 nice
2006-06-01 18:11:43
83.   Stormer Sports
Lets go Giambi!!!!!!!!
2006-06-01 18:13:21
84.   rsmith51
Has Long played in every game so far?
2006-06-01 18:14:20
85.   C2Coke
Wang was supposed to stay longer than 4 innings. However, the fact that Verlander only lasted 5 made me feel a lot better. I guess we will have to wait and see if Rasner could be the pitcher Melky.
2006-06-01 18:15:12
86.   C2Coke
84 I think he missed one or two since he's been up. But sure seems like he's been here FOREVER.
2006-06-01 18:18:42
87.   tocho
torre just left me speechless.... why did he take him out?
2006-06-01 18:18:50
88.   Cliff Corcoran
I hope they're saving Rasner to take Small's start on Sunday, because with Mo out there's no reason not to at least let him go until he allows a baserunner or they reach the eighth, whichever comes first.
2006-06-01 18:18:52
89.   rsmith51
I was hoping Torre would let Rasner keep pitching. Is Granderson that good of a Lefty hitter?
2006-06-01 18:19:30
90.   JVarghese81
I don't get it - with 2 outs, why not stick with Rasner, a starter for his career?

It's not like lefties lit him up at AAA either

2006-06-01 18:19:40
91.   rsmith51
87 88 Great minds think alike.
2006-06-01 18:19:43
92.   randym77
84 I think he has, if only as a late-inning replacement. They didn't start him in a couple of the KC games, but he ended up PHing for Stinnett, I think.
2006-06-01 18:20:16
93.   bobtaco
So did Rasner just take one step forward into the Torre circle of trust?

That pitch to end the 5th was wicked.

2006-06-01 18:20:36
94.   rsmith51
88 Wishful thinking on Sunday's start?
2006-06-01 18:20:51
95.   tocho
we still got the 7th, 8th and 9th right joe? right?

88 that would probably explain it

2006-06-01 18:21:57
96.   rsmith51
Why, Joe, why?
2006-06-01 18:22:30
97.   rsmith51
Here comes Proctor and his bionic arm.
2006-06-01 18:22:32
98.   tocho
thaks for nothing Mike, good night
2006-06-01 18:22:59
99.   Zack
Man, what is with Joe today, first he puts in a rookie with the bases loaded and no outs (just because its the 5th doesn't mean you HAVE to go to a long reliever), then he pulls him with 2 outs in the 6th? I don't get it
2006-06-01 18:23:01
100.   bobtaco
Hello Proctor... Goodbye lead...
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2006-06-01 18:23:07
101.   Stormer Sports
I'd be really surprised if he skips Small on Sunday.
2006-06-01 18:23:08
102.   Cliff Corcoran
94 nothing but
2006-06-01 18:23:37
103.   Cliff Corcoran
94 nothing but
2006-06-01 18:24:18
104.   tocho
84 long, experience bjñeoihoanvoie, been there before ñoaiwehogoawie clubhouse añoeihageonveiñ demeanor oeiñhsgvwoeiñfe.
2006-06-01 18:24:55
105.   Zack
Ahh, its been, what, 2 days since Proctor picthed, better make sure to get him 2 good innings today to keep up his pace of 110 innings...
2006-06-01 18:25:03
106.   rsmith51
In Joe's defense, Granderson has a .649 OPS vs. LH and .899 OPS vs. RH.
2006-06-01 18:25:41
107.   Zack
tocho, I love that your keyboard has the default accented n!
2006-06-01 18:27:00
108.   Simone
See you have to believe in ... gulp, Proctor.
2006-06-01 18:27:21
109.   bobtaco
OK, I take it back ;-)

Nice pitching Scott!

2006-06-01 18:28:56
110.   tocho
107 well, its for writing en español. niño, piña, ordoñez, ibañez, etc...
2006-06-01 18:30:18
111.   tocho
zumaya in.... 100mph pure heat
2006-06-01 18:31:52
112.   rsmith51
I was hoping ARod would connect with a 100 mph fastball. That would be a Looooong ball.
2006-06-01 18:32:13
113.   randym77
Melky got a hit off him the other day.
2006-06-01 18:32:33
114.   Stormer Sports
What's up with Singleton? Is Mo available or not?
2006-06-01 18:33:58
115.   Mattpat11
We need runs. 6-5 is not Farnsworth-proof.
2006-06-01 18:34:03
116.   rsmith51
114 I heard not. Though Torre is handling the bullpen as if he is.
2006-06-01 18:34:42
117.   Stormer Sports
Do you lift Posada here?
2006-06-01 18:35:15
118.   tocho
c'mon andy, earn those pinstripes
2006-06-01 18:35:27
119.   Stormer Sports
Matt, 10-5 is not Farnsworth proof. Fine, fine, I just can't stand dinosaur-brained pitchers.
2006-06-01 18:36:19
120.   Stormer Sports
I'm fairly certian I said LIFT POSADA!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-06-01 18:36:37
121.   tocho
117 you should have.
2006-06-01 18:37:04
122.   rsmith51
I must say I am impressed that the Yankees have given Andy a little bit of a chance so he can show what he can do.
2006-06-01 18:37:10
123.   tocho
not to worry, here comes long
2006-06-01 18:37:29
124.   randym77
At least it wasn't a DP.
2006-06-01 18:37:38
125.   rsmith51
Long is clarifying his position on this team.
2006-06-01 18:37:42
126.   Benjamin Kabak
Terrence Long grows more worthless everyday.
2006-06-01 18:37:46
127.   Stormer Sports
Right, beacuse if you lift him, it's 7-5 right now, that would be crazy!
2006-06-01 18:38:05
128.   tocho
2006-06-01 18:38:09
129.   JVarghese81
AHHH - come on dude - all we needed was one of your patented FLYOUTS!!!


2006-06-01 18:38:30
130.   Paul in Boston
How many LOB for Long in his brief Yankee career? Must be some kind of record.
2006-06-01 18:38:37
131.   Stormer Sports
If its small ball then its small ball, you have to lift Po at second in the 7th, dont you?
2006-06-01 18:38:47
132.   randym77
Long made a couple of nice plays in the outfield today, but is as overmatched at the plate as I feared he would be.
2006-06-01 18:39:28
133.   tocho
up to miggy the cheerleader
2006-06-01 18:39:58
134.   rsmith51
Cairo strikes out a lot for someone who is tough to strike out.
2006-06-01 18:44:28
135.   rsmith51
132 I figured Thompson might be a better bet hitting a 95+ fastball, but he could have looked silly, ala Andy vs. Kazmir rd. 1.
2006-06-01 18:58:39
136.   Stormer Sports
Proctor coming back in?
2006-06-01 18:59:57
137.   JVarghese81
Sounds like another inning for, I'm surprised his arm isn't actually bursting into flame by now...
2006-06-01 19:02:18
138.   Mattpat11
136 Would you rather Farnsworthless?
2006-06-01 19:02:19
139.   tocho
I thought torre had discovered villone the other night. guess not
2006-06-01 19:03:00
140.   tocho
thank you infante
2006-06-01 19:03:11
141.   BklynBmr
Didn't catch the early innings... did the Yanks slap Verlander around or did he just not have it tonight? Or both?
2006-06-01 19:03:35
142.   rsmith51
At least their hitting coach is aware of their over agressiveness. I have a feeling they will improve by the end of the season.
2006-06-01 19:03:53
143.   tocho
138 the tragic part is that we'll have him for the 9th. with hopefully a 1-run lead
2006-06-01 19:05:57
144.   randym77
Verlander was slapped around a bit. He had a blister on his finger that affected his pitching.
2006-06-01 19:06:51
145.   tocho
can we have proctor for one more?? just kidding. tums for everyone
2006-06-01 19:09:35
146.   JVarghese81
in Farnsworth's defense of his last outing, it was his fourth outing in five days. Not that's that is a catch-all excuse, just offering up a thought.

I'd rather see Villone come in for the 9th actually though. I figure Torre will use him for Granderson anyway - why not let him take the whole inning?

2006-06-01 19:11:03
147.   BklynBmr
144 Thanks, randym.
2006-06-01 19:13:42
148.   BklynBmr
Keep the pattern, Yanks. Pad that lead late...
2006-06-01 19:14:00
149.   randym77
Robbie the Road Warrior strikes again. Just like last year, he hits better away than at home:

HOME: .266 / .656
AWAY: .312 / .734


2006-06-01 19:14:27
150.   BklynBmr
148 Scratch that. Long's up. My bad...
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2006-06-01 19:15:51
151.   randym77
150 Tell him not to swing. At all. Maybe he'll get a walk...
2006-06-01 19:17:52
152.   Mattpat11
Oh Christ, here he comes.
2006-06-01 19:18:47
153.   randym77
It's up to Farnsy to hold the lead.
2006-06-01 19:19:12
154.   singledd
Why not PH Jetes for Long?
2006-06-01 19:19:22
155.   BklynBmr
151 Good call. It's 'Full Pack' Farns time. This should be interesting...
2006-06-01 19:21:32
156.   C2Coke
I don't know whether to cross my fingers or hold my breath.
2006-06-01 19:21:43
157.   tocho
re: farns, if he gives up 150 hrs I don't care. If he walks more than one guy this inning I'll kill him
2006-06-01 19:22:16
158.   randym77
154 Torre doesn't want Jeter swinging a bat yet.

Besides, Jeter didn't get any hits when he played the other night, even when everyone else was whacking them all over the place. He's hurting.

2006-06-01 19:22:45
159.   JVarghese81
Just a question against Farnsworth? I think I recall you being against him from way back but I haven't been on this board in a while

What don't you like?

2006-06-01 19:22:59
160.   GoingDeep
I cant believe Torre didnt PH for Long. Its beyond belief when youve got Bernie and Jetes available.
2006-06-01 19:23:04
161.   BklynBmr
2006-06-01 19:23:22
162.   monkeypants
154 Or, why not PH anyone for Long--Bernie, Thompson? But let us look into the mind of's late game with the lead, so now it's time for defense. And we don't want to lose Long's leather in the OF.

Especially with two OFs on the bench.

2006-06-01 19:23:28
163.   tocho
the ump's on drugs
2006-06-01 19:23:35
164.   Benjamin Kabak
Another night of the umps squeezing Farnsworth in Detroit. WTF is up with that?
2006-06-01 19:24:36
165.   singledd
158 OK. Why didn't Torre PH (anybody) for Long?
2006-06-01 19:25:27
166.   BklynBmr
160 I'm waiting for NoMaas' Long-Torre soft porn...
2006-06-01 19:25:32
167.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Seriously though, Even Lefty Bernie is a million times better than Long....

Keep ur fingers crossed ... this game basically sumed up as shaky starters and silly in most sense

2006-06-01 19:27:02
168.   rsmith51
156 Hope you're not still holding your breath...
2006-06-01 19:27:25
169.   randym77
I'm kind of surprised he didn't PH Bernie, actually.
2006-06-01 19:27:32
170.   Yu-Hsing Chen
At least silly seeing how both teams were NL like in tehir 8th 9th spot... complete void
2006-06-01 19:27:35
171.   rsmith51
Don't walk anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-06-01 19:27:46
172.   Benjamin Kabak
Someone should tell the umpire that the strike zone extends behind the two square-inch box in the heart of the plate.
2006-06-01 19:28:15
173.   tocho
damn, now the stupid tigers get patient. swing your bats boys!!

tums, tums, tums

2006-06-01 19:29:11
174.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-06-01 19:29:48
175.   BklynBmr
DP, boys. DP. Let's go home...
2006-06-01 19:30:01
176.   singledd
Pug is a great hitter. That was a strikeout pitch he hit.
2006-06-01 19:30:59
177.   Stormer Sports
6 mil per, yea, great!
2006-06-01 19:31:09
178.   singledd
I knew this would be a heartbreaker!!
2006-06-01 19:31:22
179.   JVarghese81
Well, I guess that answers that question.
2006-06-01 19:31:26
180.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see Long out there for his defense...Fucking ridiculous. Joe Torre pisses me off.
2006-06-01 19:31:32
181.   GoingDeep
how prdictable.
2006-06-01 19:32:05
182.   JVarghese81
Come on GIDP!
2006-06-01 19:32:26
183.   Stormer Sports
Well, 3 of 4 aint bad. Overall a good seies for the Yanks. No give it up Farny so we can get Proctor or Smith in your spot, where you clearly don't belong.
2006-06-01 19:32:43
184.   GoingDeep
Thats a Torre loss if ive ever seen one. Nomaas' should chalk one up.
2006-06-01 19:32:49
185.   joejoejoe
Cheer up everyone.

AP, May 31: "RHP Octavio Dotel is scheduled to pitch Friday and Saturday in extended spring training games. The reliever, who had ligament replacement surgery on his right elbow last June, will pitch next week for Class-A Tampa before going to Double-A Trenton. He could join the Yankees around June 15."

2006-06-01 19:32:50
186.   Highlander
Farnsworthless has always equaled choke city!
2006-06-01 19:33:08
187.   BxSparksNYC
jesus tie game..I wasn't feeling the 3rd hook in a row to the former WS MVP and Longs beautiful throw..great defense...but the walk hurst the most of course...
2006-06-01 19:33:42
188.   rsmith51
184 What would you have done in the ninth?
2006-06-01 19:34:11
189.   GoingDeep
Where art thou Ron Villone?
2006-06-01 19:35:18
190.   rsmith51
Remember when the Yanks were 200-1( or something like that) when leading after 8 innings...
2006-06-01 19:35:18
191.   Stormer Sports
When it became clear, that BJ Ryan was not an option, there was no reason to offer this bum 6 mil. per, and a 3 year deal. He's a meat-head, talented, yes, but a pressure fearing split pea for soup for brains moron. He couldn't handle pressure sitautions in Chicago, and he can't handle them here.
2006-06-01 19:38:43
192.   Stormer Sports
I'm not saying Joe made a mistake, I'm just saying that Farny is a bum when it's on the line. It's clearly time to move Proctor into that spot a la Mo 1996. Not the pitcher that Mo is, but he sure is better in the cooker than Kyle "John Rocker Mark Wholers" Farnsworth.
2006-06-01 19:38:45
193.   Yu-Hsing Chen
dafadadf We need Dotel.... gah.

Ah well, 3 outta 4 wasn't bad, and this one was just one crazy silly games

2006-06-01 19:39:28
194.   GoingDeep
Its about giving your team the greatest chance of winning. Joe didnt do that. Then in the 9th you gotta bring in Villone after its tied, Farns was off tonight and Villone has a 1.60 ERA. You cant give away this game just because youre 3-0 in the series. That means nothing because every win is precious when everyone is hurting.
2006-06-01 19:39:33
195.   JVarghese81
This was a disheartening loss but not a Torre loss. This one's on Farnsworth.

Stormer, who was the other option? Seriously

And were all you guys out calling for his head when he had a 2.89 ERA last month?

2006-06-01 19:40:35
196.   C2Coke
168 the end, I just figured I wasn't gonna have any icing today.
2006-06-01 19:40:42
197.   randym77
Crap. I wanted my icing, dammit. We coulda pulled ahead of the Sox.

I put this one on Wang. He just falls apart when there are men on base. I know, he's just a kid, but come on already.

On the bright side, Andy had a great night. So did Robbie.

2006-06-01 19:40:59
198.   Simone
Nice series. The Yankees got 3 out of 4. The pitching sucked in this game, but hey, can't win them all.
2006-06-01 19:41:23
199.   Highlander
191 True. In a tight spot Worthless will consistently piss down his leg.
2006-06-01 19:43:12
200.   C2Coke
I apologize if I had missed it, but why couldn't Mo pitch today anyway?
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2006-06-01 19:43:24
201.   JeremyM
Wang is just as responsible, 5-0 lead and he spits the bit.
2006-06-01 19:44:01
202.   randym77
192 I like that idea.

And I hope someone asks Torre why he didn't PH for Long.

2006-06-01 19:44:02
203.   vockins
191 Bases loaded K vs. Ortiz in Fenway wasn't a pressure situation?
2006-06-01 19:44:24
204.   Paul in Boston
Farnsworth: ERA > 5.00.

Nothing more needs to be said.

2006-06-01 19:44:28
205.   JeremyM
Mo tweaked his back putting on his shoe. If it turns serious...I don't even want to think about it.
2006-06-01 19:45:35
206.   tocho
I know I'll be in the minority here but I don't think he was that bad.

1st batter, put up a true 9 pitch battle.
2nd batter, another battle, this time 8 pitches and should have ended in a K, don't get me started with that inconsistent ump (he liked rodney's junk but not farns' junk).
3rd. batter, amazing hit there by pudge, literally from the dirt.
4th. and 5th. batter some good pitches some bad, his fault though was falling behind.

I'm definitely not ready to send him to bullpen hell yet. I think he'll be a useful weapon as the season moves along.

3 out of 4 tastes like gravy mixed with icing.

2006-06-01 19:46:21
207.   Benjamin Kabak
Yankees: 2 losses in last 7 games
Farnsworth: 2 Ls in Yanks' last 7 games.

I sense a pattern. I hope Joe can pull his Terrence Long-loving head out of his ass long enough to figure that one out. I sure am glad Ron Villone and his 1.66 ERA watched the game from bullpen tonight.

2006-06-01 19:47:11
208.   JeremyM
That was a big K on Ortiz, but didn't he put himself in that situation as well? Although Posada probably called for the third breaking pitch in a row to Rodriguez.

And Long was awful as well, stranded 9 runners. I kind of felt sorry for him but enough is enough, not to mention his terrible throw in the 9th.

2006-06-01 19:47:13
209.   C2Coke
Come to think of it, some of us here thought 2 out of 4 would be lucky. Now 3 outta 4...we should be happier than we are.
2006-06-01 19:48:24
210.   JeremyM
I will say, I would've used Farnsworth in the 9th as well.
2006-06-01 19:48:27
211.   Mattpat11
Eh, I can't get too upset with three out of four in Detroit. That and I've started my new policy of expecting the worst out of Farnsworth everytime he shows up. I did tonight, he failed and I was oddly calm.
2006-06-01 19:50:26
212.   C2Coke
206 Now gravy mixed with icing just doesn't sound that good...

205 Are you serious? putting on his shoe?

2006-06-01 19:52:03
213.   Benjamin Kabak
209 and others

Why are we settling for 3 out of 4 here? The Yanks were winning this game 5-0 and they couldn't get a 5-inning start from their third starter or three outs from their so-called back-up closer. Plus, their right fielder looks like Frankenstein and throws marginally better than their center fielders. That's pathetic.

I know I'm demanding a lot but games like tonight just leave a bad taste after a successful rest of the week.

2006-06-01 19:53:05
214.   randym77
Yes, putting on his shoe. It's flippin' ridiculous, the injury thing.
2006-06-01 19:54:30
215.   GoingDeep
Is Joe saving Villone for September or is he just crazy?
2006-06-01 19:54:46
216.   joejoejoe
Farnsworth needs to throw strikes. He's only given up 1 HR in 24+ IP but he's given up a run in 9 of the 13 innings he's walked a batter. He's never given up a run this year in an inning where he did not walk a batter. We might be in extra innings without the walk tonight.

I don't blame Torre for this one. Farnsworth is the #2 reliever until he lose the job and Villone isn't Sandy Koufax. He's got until Dotel arrives and then he becomes a very expensive facsimile of Tanyon Sturtze.

2006-06-01 19:55:21
217.   tocho
212 I know, that's how this loss tastes for me.

anyway, here's to hoping they sweep the O's and the tigers get some good momentum out of this win and sweep the bosox.

next monday yankees up by 2.5 games when the 4-game series starts.

2006-06-01 19:55:25
218.   Benjamin Kabak
215 Good question. Villone should have been pitching as soon as Farnsworth had runners on first and second. If not then, well, how about in a tie game? No point in leaving Worthless out to dry.
2006-06-01 19:56:53
219.   JeremyM
Yeah, I'll take the 3 out of 4, but it just stings a bit because this was a very winnable game. But I'm very, very happy with the series. Now get Long off the team and move on from there.
2006-06-01 19:58:52
220.   C2Coke
So at this rate, what do guys think the Yankees will eventually call up the whole team from Columbus to sub for the injuries?
This is beyond crazy.
2006-06-01 20:00:17
221.   C2Coke
Basically, the injuries have been non-stop since Matsui? How can this be? It is so not just the age factor.
2006-06-01 20:08:08
222.   randym77
Maybe we're cursed. Somewhere, a Red Sox fan is sticking pins into pinstriped voodoo dolls. :-P

Mo is really hurting. He can hardly walk. He said he leaned over to put on his shoes, and one side of his lower back just tightened up. He's never experienced anything like it before.

He seemed very upset that he couldn't do his job for the team.

2006-06-01 20:08:52
223.   JeremyM
Great. That sounds serious.
2006-06-01 20:14:20
224.   C2Coke
222 I will go with your voodoo dolls theory...the only one so far that makes sense :P

The injury virus just seems to find its way in towards the infield, doesn't it?

2006-06-01 20:16:00
225.   Stormer Sports
Look, cannot blame Farny for the entire debacle tonight, but it shines a light on his problem, BB's and pressure! It is pretty brutal. Sheff and Mats out the entire year, ugh. Well, hopefully Matsui will be the savior come September. And for God's sake Joe, Kyle Farnsworth cannot pitch for the Yankees, send him to some no pressure team like Detroit or Atlanta, where they don't even sell out playoff games. He's Kevin Brown's clone, he's a brain dead meat head. Trade him for some salami and a great cheese log, or better yet, a relief pitcher who doesn't blopw his top the second there is some pressure on him.
2006-06-01 20:19:24
226.   Stormer Sports

Of course Mo is upset, unless Proctor can pitch 6-9, we have to have Mo in these games. I was really hoping Farny would work out, but I sure as hell don't want him out there with the game on the line. The Jury is in as far as I'm concerned, he's a bum when the heat is on. He can't handle the pressure, he's scared to throw his best pitch, and when he does, it's belt high across the middle of the plate.

2006-06-01 20:25:15
227.   Yu-Hsing Chen
It's a variety of problems, the ump didn't help much either, Wang got hit for 2 infield single and a couple of bloopers too, he did poorly but then again so did Justin Verlander.

Long hit like shite and left 9 on base... that's just horrid... then again, both teams' 89 hitter didn't reach base today either.

Farnsworth just simply blew it, the umps didnt help him , but he didn't help himself either.

Basically Farnsworth's fault >>>>>>Wang and Long in this one, though they both take some blame too.

Just once again goes to proof how darn valuable Mo Is :/

2006-06-01 20:28:40
228.   JohnnyC
Can we agree at least on 3 things? Another manager would have 1) pinch run for Posada either of the last 2 times he was on base, 2) pinch hit for Long with Bernie or Kevin Thompson if necessary (assuming he was in the park...was he?), and 3) brought in Villone once Farnsworth had the tying run on 2nd or, at the very least, after the game was tied. There are few excuses for not doing ANY ONE of the above. There are NO excuses for failing to do ALL THREE. Is it something with 4 game sweeps with Torre now after 2004? And, if he was willing to take Wang out in the fifth and deprive him of a chance for the win, why wasn't he willing to relieve Farnsworth in the 9th? Aren't we trying to win?
2006-06-01 20:28:40
229.   Benjamin Kabak
I hate to bring this up.....


And now back to your regularly schedule "putting on his shoe" theories.

2006-06-01 20:32:33
230.   JohnnyC
And Steven Goldman fell all over himself congratulating Torre for using Mo in a tie game on the road again...even though he then chose to make him pitch a 3rd inning (with a 5 run lead). I'm sorry Steve, wrong, wrong, wrong. Even when you think he's doing something for the right reason, he's not.
2006-06-01 22:07:01
231.   monkeypants
229 230 I'm not buying it. He threw only 25 pitches yesterday. He has thrown more pitches four other times this season and not pulled up lame the next day. He has thrown over 20 pitches in nine appearances, and in his 22 toatal appearances he has averaged 19.6 pitches/appearance. The 'extra inning'--or should I say the 6 pitches more than his average--is just not a big deal.
2006-06-01 22:18:12
232.   Zack
I also have to find fault with throwing Rasner out there with the bases loaded and no outs in the 5th. I know he ended up doing pretty well, but just because its early in the game doesn't mean you HAVE to go to a long reliever then and there. That's a key situation, go to Villone there to try and stop the rally, THEN go to your long reliever...
2006-06-01 22:32:46
233.   Yu-Hsing Chen
On the brighter side, despite the loss the Yanks passed the White Sox in team ERA again today, as the White Sox lost a slug fest 11:8 and Contreras got blasted.

So the Yankees are now scoring almost 30 more runs than the Red sox while allowing 10 less... why are we not in first again?

2006-06-02 07:14:32
234.   singledd
1) pinch run for Posada either of the last 2 times he was on base..
DISAGREE... This game could have well gone to extra innings. Without Mats, Shef and Jetes, we need all the O we can keep if the game goes past nine innings.

2) pinch hit for Long with Bernie or Kevin Thompson if necessary (assuming he was in the park...was he?)
AGREE... however, this is a mental game and player confidence is VERY important. If (unfortunately) Long is going to continue to play for us, I think Torre wanted to give him a shot, instead of pulling him. I would have PH'ed for him, but I have heard many managers say that sometimes they have to let a player 'live or die' on his own.

3) brought in Villone once Farnsworth had the tying run on 2nd or, at the very least, after the game was tied. There are few excuses for not doing ANY ONE of the above.
TOUGH CALL... Torre's crystal ball is broken. Farns did NOT throw that badly. Puge's hit was great... anyone else would have struck out. My main beef with Farns was the walk. Would Villion have performed better? Maybe. Maybe not. Mo has given up 2 hits in an inning a few times. Did we pull him?

Villone has pitched better this year (small sample size), but in general, I thinks Farns is a better guy to have out there.

My main beef was #2. I would have put a PH in there.

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