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What Time's The Gravy Boat
2006-05-31 13:31
by Cliff Corcoran
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Two out of two Bronx Banter bloggers agree, by winning the first two games, the Yankees have accomplished what they needed to do in their four-games in Detroit. That they did it in the first two games gives them an opportunity to come out ahead with another victory tonight or tomorrow, a win that would counter that unexpected loss to the Royals on Friday night. With rookie Justin Verlander set to start tomorrow, the Yanks would appear to have their best shot at a series win tonight behind Mike Mussina.

Moose's May ERA has been nearly a run higher than his April mark, but remains an impressive 3.21 (he's at 2.72 on the season). He's also been pitching in a bit of hard luck of late, failing to earn a decision in his last three starts because of a lack of offensive support (he left the first game tied 2-2, the second trailing 2-0) and bullpen support (the pen lost that first game and blew a lead and lost the game in his last start against Kansas City). I wouldn't be surprised to see Moose's ND streak reach four games tonight with Gary Sheffield and Johnny Damon expected to sit out once again (with Sheffield staring down another DL stay), and the bulk of the bullpen having pitched last night (the exceptions being Darrell Rasner, who it turns out was just called up today and was not available last night--which explains why Torre didn't go to him in extra innings in a tie game on the road--Ron Villone, who went two innings on Monday, and Mike Myers, who's a non-factor against the Tigers who have just one lefty bat, lead-off man Curtis Granderson, on their roster).

Opposing the Moose will be bespectacled lefty Nate Robertson. Robertson's preferred throwing hand is likely good news for Andy Phillips, T-Long haters, and Bernie Williams. But his performance thus far in May (a 2.32 ERA in five starts to go with a 3.02 season mark) is less encouraging, as is the fact that, if Damon is unable to play the field, Long will have to start against him anyway. If so, just remember that the Yankees have done what they came here to do. Another win in Detroit would be gravy.

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2006-05-31 14:05:12
1.   randym77
Moose can't catch a break. No Jeter tonight.

Melky LF
Cairo SS
Giambi DH
A-Rod 3B
Posada C
Cano 2B
Bernie CF
Philips 1B
Long RF

2006-05-31 14:11:30
2.   randym77
And it's official, for those who were asking:



Recalled RHP Darrell Rasner from Triple-A Columbus and designated C Koyie Hill for assignment.


From the Yankees transaction page:

2006-05-31 14:26:53
3.   Schteeve
I'm glad they're sitting Jeter, I don't want his injury getting any worse already.
2006-05-31 14:30:39
4.   Benjamin Kabak
My god. That's like a Spring Training split-squad game lineup.
2006-05-31 14:39:34
5.   kylepetterson
I, for one, like it. Let's let some of these younger guys get some at bats in while we can afford it.
2006-05-31 14:55:33
6.   Shaun P
5 Except that the only two 'younger guys' (Cano and Melky) would have been playing anyway! Phillips is 29, which I guess qualifies as young in Yankee-world.

I would have hit Bernie second instead of Cairo, seeing that Robertson is a lefty and Bernie can actually get on base vs lefties, but that's just me.

And, it must be said:

Ummmmmmm, gravy.

2006-05-31 14:56:06
7.   MattinglyHOF
Phillips should get some garbage time at 3b so if Jeter or ARod goes down(gulp)we at least have a contingency not named Cairo
2006-05-31 14:57:34
8.   MattinglyHOF
Stinnet is the only bench guy and TLong plays against a lefty
2006-05-31 15:00:53
9.   Marcus
I just read on rotoworld that Wily Mo Pena has the same wrist injury (broken hamate bone) as Sheff. Pena is opting for surgery and will likely be out 4 to 6 weeks. I wonder if that is not the better option for Sheff as well. It seems like it would take at least 4 to 6 weeks of sitting out for the bone to heal completely without surgery. What do I know, I'm not a doctor.
2006-05-31 15:03:05
10.   randym77
Yech. According to YES, BP has been interrupted due to bad weather.
2006-05-31 15:08:41
11.   Shaun P says scattered t-storms tonight in Detroit, 60% chance of rain. Anyone on the ground there have a firsthand report?

Nothing wrong with Moose (and Unit) getting an extra day of rest, right? Though I'd hate to miss seeing Verlander pitch.

2006-05-31 15:08:46
12.   wsporter
Does anyone have a report on the Captain? Are they just giving him some rest because of the hand or has the hand gotten worse? Or, GULP, is it something else.
2006-05-31 15:10:01
13.   wsporter
10 11 I'll vote for rain and lots of it.
2006-05-31 15:10:13
14.   wsporter
10 11 I'll vote for rain and lots of it.
2006-05-31 15:11:44
15.   wsporter
Wow, I guess I felt stronger about it than I realized.
2006-05-31 15:13:51
16.   Start Spreading the News
15 You can't vote twice! What do you think this is, Florida 2000?
2006-05-31 15:14:32
17.   Schteeve
Moose doesn't like pitching on long rest.
2006-05-31 15:15:36
18.   randym77
You can vote 25 times per e-mail address for the MLB All-Stars.

I'm writing in Terrence Long... ;-)

2006-05-31 15:18:14
19.   wsporter
16 I'd make a joke about a haging Chad Curtis but I can't bring myself do it.
2006-05-31 15:27:05
20.   randym77
Tarp's on the field. Game may be delayed.
2006-05-31 15:27:06
21.   wsporter
18 Randy, Do you want Rob G to get better or not?
2006-05-31 15:28:04
22.   MattinglyHOF
Jeter might like to hang a Chad Curtis
2006-05-31 15:30:17
23.   rbj
thunderstorms here in Toledo (which has the dog hanging out at my feet), but the storms are so scattered that I don't think anything will last too long. Probably there will be a 45 minute rain delay after 3 innings. Just enough time to ruin Moose going back out.
2006-05-31 15:30:42
24.   Marcus
Since there isn't a game to talk about, what was the beef between Chad Curtis and Jeter again?
2006-05-31 15:38:39
25.   randym77
24 Someone said in the other thread that Jeter took exception to Curtis' evangelical Bible-thumping ways.
2006-05-31 15:43:45
26.   standuptriple
Jeter is no saint. The clubhouse is not the place to play preacher.
2006-05-31 15:44:36
27.   rabid stan
Looking at the detroit radar, the storms are training ENE along a front draped almost right over Detroit, moving slowly.

They'll probably see at least two more rounds of storms in the next few hours.

I think I'm on board with wsporter. Considering this is just a gravy game, the boys could probably use some extra rest. I just hope it doesn't screw with Moose to badly.

2006-05-31 15:45:42
28.   randym77
From Peter Abraham's blog:


Gary Sheffield went back to New York and apparently was examined today by his hand specialist, Dr. Charles Melone. It seems likely he'll be out at least a few days. The injury seems to be in a different part of the wrist, which can't be good news. If I had to guess, he's headed back to the DL. ... Johnny Damon was feeling better but Torre wants to give him an extra day. ... Derek Jeter was a surprise scratch as his right hand was bothering him. He was 0 for 4 on Tuesday and K'd twice. Torre said he was pulling his hand off the bat and didn't look comfortable. Jeter, of course, said he was fine. He could have an iron spike sticking out of his neck and he would say he was fine.


2006-05-31 15:47:51
29.   randym77
26 That's news to Kurt Warner. One of the issues he had with the Rams was his Bible-reading in the clubhouse. They apparently wanted him to read the playbook instead.
2006-05-31 15:52:12
30.   Jeteupthemiddle
Tarp's off the field.

I would really like it if the offense could give Mussina a win tonight. He should be 8-0 or something.

2006-05-31 15:59:20
31.   wsporter
29 I don't think Jeter minded Curtis reading the Bible he just didn't want him to read it to him, especially while he was running the bases. Those pulpits can be heavy.
2006-05-31 16:02:25
32.   rilkefan
I'm a rabid atheist but as long as people accept I don't want to be proselytized or see any animals sacrificed I say live and let live. Perhaps Curtis wouldn't take no for an answer.
2006-05-31 16:02:56
33.   rbj
Not to mention Chad chewed out Derek for joking with A-Rod when the Yanks & Mariners were having a dust up.

BTW, tarp's back on the field.

2006-05-31 16:04:59
34.   randym77
33 That doesn't sound very Christian. :-/
2006-05-31 16:06:48
35.   tocho
both teams would benefit from a rain-out or from a 5 inning game.
2006-05-31 16:10:16
36.   Jeteupthemiddle
delayed game. I wouldn't mind a rain out. Mussina still starts tomorrow, but maybe we get Jeter and Damon back tomorrow as well.
2006-05-31 16:11:00
37.   randym77
Rain delay. Any idea how long it will last?
2006-05-31 16:13:56
38.   rbj
37 At least 1/2 hour it looks like. I agree about a rainout or 5 inning game. Problem is, this is the Yankees only visit to Detroit. Either a doubleheader tomorrow or play on an off day.
2006-05-31 16:14:12
39.   wsporter
34 Oh it's Christian, it's just not Christ-like.
2006-05-31 16:46:21
40.   randym77
Well, there's always the Boston game.

Bases loaded with Jays, one out. Pauley walks a run in.

And how about those Pirates. They've been so terrible for so long, and suddenly they're running up football-like scores.

2006-05-31 16:48:10
41.   tocho
sox-jays tied at 1.

Sox starter du jour is not having any fun searching for the strike zone. He has already given a bases-loaded walk, got out of it with a great DP turn by Alex Gonzalez.

2006-05-31 16:56:30
42.   hensley
Lilly would be a very good pitcher if he'd stop giving up so many HRs. Sox up 3-1.
2006-05-31 17:04:25
43.   randym77
3-2 now. One out, one on for the Jays.
2006-05-31 17:08:32
44.   randym77
Damn, another GIDP. :-P
2006-05-31 17:10:43
45.   wsporter
Sun's out looks like the tarp is off the field.

Did anyone else hear that story Tino just told about Mr. Torre ripping the Rocket after a bad game in Atl in '99? That was great stuff. That's a side of him I forget about because he seems so impassive on the bench. Tino seemed to be saying that turned the 99 season around.

2006-05-31 17:13:03
46.   kdw
45 Thanks. Heard end of Tino's story but not ID of pitcher in question so happy to be able to fully appreciate the story.
2006-05-31 17:18:47
47.   Marcus
45 Care to elaborate for those who missed it?
2006-05-31 17:22:50
48.   Jeteupthemiddle
First Pitch: 8:35
2006-05-31 17:23:35
49.   randym77
Lilly's having a meltdown on the mound all of a sudden.
2006-05-31 17:27:38
50.   wsporter
47 Marcus, Yeah, Tino was asked about any occurrence during his career when a manager went ballistic that stood out as memorable. He related a story that occurred in '99 when we were in Atlanta for inter-league play. Clemens spent the afternoon nibbling and trying to pitch to the outside corner. He did so with limited success. After the game Mr. Torre walked into the locker-room and ripped the Rocket a new one in front of the team. He told him he wanted to see the old aggressive Rocket who knocked guys down and pitched inside with his fastball. Rocket took it well, said he'd not been ripped like that since college and the next game went out and pitched like the Rocket of old. He apparently turned his season around from that point as did the team.
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2006-05-31 17:30:47
51.   Marcus
50 Cool, thanks for the story, wsporter.
2006-05-31 17:32:14
52.   wsporter
I'm watching the Met game on MLB. Lastings Milledge just roped a throw to third and cut down Craig Counsell who was trying to move from 1st to third on a single to right. Wow, It was BB and on the button
2006-05-31 17:33:26
53.   randym77
50 Thanks for posting that. Great story. Wow, I never imagined Torre doing things like that.
2006-05-31 17:35:19
54.   JeremyM
Damn, I clearly remember that game--I was disgusted with Clemens after that one as well. Thanks for relaying that story.
2006-05-31 17:40:08
55.   wsporter
Man that looks like Johnson's old slider.
2006-05-31 17:41:42
56.   rabid stan
Wow. Get a load of Oprah, I mean Berman.
2006-05-31 17:42:24
57.   wsporter
55 And that looked like Johnson's current slider.
2006-05-31 17:45:02
58.   randym77
Two-out rallies are the Yanks' specialty this year.
2006-05-31 17:52:47
59.   rbj
So why does ESPN2 continue to have the news feed? The game is scheduled locally.
2006-05-31 17:54:04
60.   randym77
Nice work by Cairo, all things considered.
2006-05-31 17:56:49
61.   wsporter
I wonder how old Boomer thinks Andy is.
2006-05-31 17:58:35
62.   rbj
wsporter, you're getting the game on the deuce?
2006-05-31 18:01:33
63.   wsporter
Im watching the ESPN2 broadcast. I swear these guys are using the notes from Monday's game. They still have Hidalgo in the system.
2006-05-31 18:02:07
64.   kdw
62 Getting game on ESPN2 in VA.
2006-05-31 18:07:33
65.   rbj
Why the &%$@# am I stuck with only the FSN Detroit feed? Unless there's some no-compete clause. And once again, cable tv can give a specified feed to someone, yet I can't choose a YES feed. Grrr.
BTW, on Long's K, even the FSN team said it was low.
2006-05-31 18:07:36
66.   wsporter
62 64 Yeah, I was worried I was going to end up with the Nats or O's game but the Nats played this afternoon and someone must finally have realized that there is an actual local broadcast of the O's in MD/VA/DC. It's amazing when it actually works out.
2006-05-31 18:08:45
67.   3rd gen yankee fan
2 run triple from Aaron Hill, BoSux now lead TO 7 - 6.
2006-05-31 18:09:51
68.   randym77
The Pittsburgh Pirates are just punishing the ball all of a sudden. They've gone from pathetic to amazing. The other day a ball ended up in the Allegheny River, a near-record homer.

The players credit the new ping-pong table in the clubhouse. They say it's helped their hand-eye coordination.

Maybe the Yanks should take up ping-pong.

2006-05-31 18:17:41
69.   tocho
67 its beyond me why francona let this new guy pitch to hill after clearly running out of gas. he was really pushing the envelope. BTW I'm really happy he's still the manager of the bosox, he sucks.

OTH, for all long-haters (and I'm one of them) we must be thankfull for him. I was watching the jays game, and because of injuries they are stuck with Alfonzo at 2b. Now, this guy can't buy a hit.

2006-05-31 18:20:38
70.   Shaun P
50 That was a great story, MFD. I remember that game - Clemens vs Maddux and both stunk up the joint.

Or not. It was Clemens vs Glavine, says Retrosheet:

And Clemens did pitch pretty well his next time out.

I hate Terrence Long. With a passion. Not quite Rob Gee's passion, but close.

2006-05-31 18:24:28
71.   randym77
I'm kind of warming up to Long. He's no Bubba Crosby, but he doesn't look quite as hopeless in the field or at the plate as he did at first.
2006-05-31 18:26:53
72.   rilkefan
Too bad y'all aren't Lovecraft fans - I like the sound of:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Long R'lyeh wagn'nagl fhtagn! Aiiiiiii!!!

2006-05-31 18:28:26
73.   randym77
ROFL! I'm a Lovecraft fan. I've got the Miskatonic U. sweatshirt to prove it. ;-)
2006-05-31 18:30:26
74.   rbj
I just want the gods to ignore me. It's safer that way.
2006-05-31 18:31:37
75.   rilkefan
Check it out:
2006-05-31 18:32:38
76.   randym77
74 Ah. A Cimmerian, then.
2006-05-31 18:32:55
77.   rilkefan
Lowell out of the BoSox game - any news?
2006-05-31 18:34:27
78.   randym77
75 That's just wrong. o_O
2006-05-31 18:34:38
79.   tocho
they are not getting runs or hits but at least they are working the count......

7 pitches this inning, 5 pitches last inning.

2006-05-31 18:37:59
80.   randym77
They just showed an update on Sox game on YES, and they didn't say anything about Lowell.
2006-05-31 18:42:43
81.   rbj
That's BS, there's no interference. Get over it Leyland
2006-05-31 18:42:46
82.   randym77
Why, Joe? Leche can't bunt.
2006-05-31 18:43:30
83.   kylepetterson
what's going on?
2006-05-31 18:43:42
84.   kylepetterson
2006-05-31 18:44:38
85.   uburoisc
Does anyone know where I can find stats on the Yankees record vs. Detroit over the past couple decades? I've been looking and looking and cannot find anything that gives a wide summary.
2006-05-31 18:44:43
86.   tocho
he got half of the job done there
2006-05-31 18:47:07
87.   randym77
Bases loaded for A-Rod. Be clutch, Alex!
2006-05-31 18:47:50
88.   kdw
Yeah, that must feel the same, hit by a pitch and hitting your elbow on a table.
2006-05-31 18:51:50
89.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Don't freaken bunt if u don't know how to dang it
2006-05-31 18:52:01
90.   wsporter
88 kdw, even though Boomer hit his elbow he still managed to reach another peice of pie. Man is a trooper.
2006-05-31 18:52:17
91.   randym77
Well, at least they got one run out of it.

I still don't understand why they had Melky bunt. Melky is a man of many talents. Bunting isn't one of them.

2006-05-31 18:52:21
92.   tocho
1 run and 18 pitches for Robertson. He's now at 63, that's very good for him.

after last night working the pitchers has to be part of the strategy.

2006-05-31 18:54:10
93.   wsporter
90 Uhm, that's "piece" of pie. He ate the "peice" too.
2006-05-31 18:56:16
94.   hensley
Shelton loves going for that high pitch out of the zone.
2006-05-31 19:05:26
95.   Cliff Corcoran
Bobby Murcer has been calling Phillips "Giambi" all night.
2006-05-31 19:05:33
96.   kdw
So all the recent discussion about gentlemen's agreement and waivers? Apparently same concept carries over into the game, Yankees living up to their side of gentlemen's agreement to go easy on the starting pitcher and avoid the bullpens.
2006-05-31 19:05:53
97.   tocho
murcer keeps calling andy, giambi...
2006-05-31 19:06:37
98.   tocho
c'mon cliff, give me one
2006-05-31 19:10:18
99.   randym77
Nice work,, Andy. ;-)
2006-05-31 19:10:22
100.   rbj
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2006-05-31 19:11:34
101.   rbj
Wow, what a way to escape that jam.
2006-05-31 19:12:59
102.   randym77

And nice work by Cairo, too. He's been busy tonight.

2006-05-31 19:13:00
103.   tocho
they're out of this one with great plays by the defense, kudos for Joe for going with Giambi at 1b.

big b..lls by andy throwing to 3rd on that bunt.

2006-05-31 19:14:13
104.   tocho
moose at 67 pitches, and another QS
2006-05-31 19:16:12
105.   wsporter
How the hell did he catch that?
2006-05-31 19:17:06
106.   rsmith51
Crap, I was hoping that would travel.
2006-05-31 19:18:08
107.   randym77
It was a nice catch.

It appeared to carry a lot farther than expected. (Wind, maybe?) It should have been a pretty easy catch for him, I would think. He had plenty of time to get out there.

2006-05-31 19:19:15
108.   MattinglyHOF
Melky picked the wrong park to develop power in....would have 2 now
2006-05-31 19:19:25
109.   Cliff Corcoran
Go to the Yankee home page and click on the "vote" lead story. Does the photo of Giambi there among all the Yankee All-Star candidates not look exactly like Roger Clemens?
2006-05-31 19:22:31
110.   MattinglyHOF
Moose is money ...7 in the bank
2006-05-31 19:22:54
111.   tocho
anybody want a few insurance runs here??
2006-05-31 19:23:25
112.   wsporter
109 That's uncanny, must be the light that seems to compress his face.


2006-05-31 19:23:50
113.   randym77
109 Weird photo. Why'd they underlight it that way? That always makes people look weird. Unrecognizable, if not outright evil.
2006-05-31 19:23:56
114.   tocho
109 he's clemens with a bat. very funny... and disturbing.
2006-05-31 19:26:01
115.   wsporter
114 Is that Piazza's bat?

Nice job Jayson, do that more and you'll get rid of that stupid shift.

2006-05-31 19:26:58
116.   wsporter
Who is not clutch?
2006-05-31 19:27:06
117.   randym77
Woot! Triple for A-Rod.

The ball seems to be carrying very well tonight. I thought that was going to be a sac fly.

2006-05-31 19:28:52
118.   tocho
116 are you kidding? clutch would have been a grand slam there, not a measly RBI triple... Papi would have gotten the GS
2006-05-31 19:30:08
119.   rbj
Besides, A-Rod still hasn't cured cancer yet.
2006-05-31 19:33:00
120.   tocho
119 with the money he's getting, he should have avoided that DP by Bernie, amazing...
2006-05-31 19:38:45
121.   Cliff Corcoran
What a nice play by Cano to keep Moose alive at just 81 pitches after eight full.
2006-05-31 19:38:54
122.   wsporter
118 Tocho, You did see that Page 2 thing! That stuff is often painfully lame but I thought that one was pretty well done.
2006-05-31 19:42:30
123.   wsporter
Not a bad play up four runs?
2006-05-31 19:42:45
124.   Cliff Corcoran
That was a nice play by Monroe, looked like he swatted that ball to the ground with his bare hand on purpose.
2006-05-31 19:45:19
125.   celerino
Boston 8, Toronto 6 - Final.
2006-05-31 19:47:55
126.   wsporter
Other than not getting the bunt down tonight Melky has been very impressive.
2006-05-31 19:48:05
127.   randym77
Miggy is clutch. ;-)
2006-05-31 19:49:04
128.   rbj
Let's see Moose get the CG.
2006-05-31 19:50:55
129.   Cliff Corcoran
128 Yes, please.
2006-05-31 19:51:47
130.   randym77
I think Giambi is out of his slump.
2006-05-31 19:52:38
131.   Cliff Corcoran
Best thing about this inning, is the Yankees (Melky and Giambi) are padding my fantasy stats. If Moose gets the CG they'd be padded even further.
2006-05-31 19:53:48
132.   rsmith51
How many pitches for Moose?
2006-05-31 19:54:18
133.   rsmith51
Never mind, just saw 121
2006-05-31 19:54:35
134.   wsporter
Musina has to finish this. No?
2006-05-31 19:55:23
135.   celerino
only 83 pitches after 8
2006-05-31 19:55:35
136.   Peter
I thought Gator was coming in if Moose gave 8 innings.
2006-05-31 19:56:48
137.   3rd gen yankee fan
136 Yup, that's what Joe said yesterday.
2006-05-31 19:58:06
138.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-05-31 19:58:16
139.   wsporter
135 Celerino, nice choice man, takes me back to happy days.
2006-05-31 19:59:16
140.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-05-31 20:00:35
141.   Jen
131 Same here (except for Giambi).

And they all laughed at me when I picked up Moose.

2006-05-31 20:01:24
142.   Cliff Corcoran
141 Yeah, they all mocked me openly when I drafted Moose in the final rounds.


2006-05-31 20:01:32
143.   tocho
122 yes, very funny stuff and very true.

c'mon moooooooooose

2006-05-31 20:01:38
144.   wsporter
I think that's a tough hop for a first baseman when it's in the grass like that. Tough play. Should Andy have had that hop?
2006-05-31 20:02:22
145.   rbj
damn, there goes the shut out.
2006-05-31 20:02:25
146.   wsporter
2006-05-31 20:02:43
147.   Jen
Nice Moose. Tell the old man to sit down.
2006-05-31 20:02:57
148.   rsmith51
144 It bounced a little too soon, IMHO.
2006-05-31 20:03:21
149.   Cliff Corcoran
So much for the shutout. If Joe takes Moose out now . . .

Oh that was funny! Joe started up the steps and Moose barked "stay there" at him. Joe just held up his hand and backed off. Then smirked at Gator.

2006-05-31 20:03:42
150.   tocho
no shot-out for you! get back in there joe. let him get the CG
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2006-05-31 20:04:18
151.   Cliff Corcoran
Moose is at 97 pitches with two outs in the ninth.
2006-05-31 20:05:06
152.   Cliff Corcoran
Moose call in Motown.
2006-05-31 20:05:49
153.   Cliff Corcoran
Ks 'em. Way to show 'em Moose! That's an ace pitcher right there, folks.
2006-05-31 20:05:56
154.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-31 20:06:03
155.   randym77
A-Rod got the error, I think. It was hard for Andy to adjust to the hop because he was stretched out so far.

I don't think even Giambi would have gotten that one.

2006-05-31 20:06:18
156.   rbj
bummer about the shutout, but I'll take this game any day of the week.
2006-05-31 20:07:34
157.   wsporter
That was very nice. PB gets their rest. Hurt guys get some rest. Moose keeps his mo. Giambi comming out of it and Melky looking better by the game.

This is looking ok.

2006-05-31 20:07:47
158.   randym77

Just what we needed after last night.

2006-05-31 20:08:17
159.   bp1
A "whoo hoo" worthy game if I ever saw one. Way to go Moose. Absolutely loved the "No! Stay right there!". Great camera work catching that.
2006-05-31 20:08:20
160.   Simone
Good job by Moose. Nice win!
2006-05-31 20:08:46
161.   Cliff Corcoran
Moose barking at Joe from the mound was classic. The highlight of the game for me.
2006-05-31 20:10:16
162.   Knuckles
great game. Moose looked pumped out there.
a little timely hitting, solid infield D behind Wang, and we could be lookin' at a sweetass sweep.

Watching sportscenter right now, looks like the Rocketal Mystery Tour makes stops at A, AA, AAA before landing in Houston. All I'm thinking about is the draft pick we lost by not offering him arbitration...

2006-05-31 20:10:56
163.   bp1
161 Yup. For sure. Not the subdued Stanford grad you see in the post games. That's raw unfiltered fire. Who'd a thunk it? Yup - you're right, Cliff. That's what an Ace looks like.


2006-05-31 20:11:03
164.   Zack
What a great game on so many levels: CG by Moose to rest and avoid the crappy BP, Andy has another fine game to force Joe to keep playing him, we play pretty good D, and Moose schools Joe in the 9th!
2006-05-31 20:11:52
165.   randym77
161 I loved that, too. Too bad it probably won't be in the multimedia section of tomorrow.
2006-05-31 20:11:53
166.   tocho
exactly what this team needed, and what moose needed, if they're not giving him run support, then shut them down! 100 pitches, 70% strikes.

nice gravy for all of us. Good times. Cairo played very well tonight on defense, Andy as well, and Giambi and un-clutch arod carried the offense.

2006-05-31 20:11:56
167.   wsporter
161 Yeah I loved Mr. Torre's sheepish grin. That was worth the price of admission.
2006-05-31 20:14:01
168.   tocho
we are slowly but surely getting rid of that myth stat with Giambi DHing and playing 1b.
2006-05-31 20:16:21
169.   Cliff Corcoran
164 Don't look now, but Andy's average is .242 all of a sudden. Still unimpressive, but it was .167 on May 16. The more he plays, the more he'll hit.
2006-05-31 20:23:01
170.   rilkefan
Missed most of the game because of dinner - I'm seeing Melky with a 1-for-5 and a steal and no walks - did he see a lot of pitches or get robbed of hits or what?
2006-05-31 20:24:30
171.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
You know what would really make this week great?

If, after us taking at least 3 of 4 from the Tigers, the Red Sawx came in and got swept by Detroit. Oh man would that be sweet.

2006-05-31 20:24:47
172.   Rob Gee
169 .306 with .722 OPS in May
2006-05-31 20:28:21
173.   AbbyNormal821
MOOSE ROCKS!!! I was laughing my butt off with that motion/comment to Torre!
That is going to be ALL over the papers tomorrow!


2006-05-31 20:29:39
174.   randym77
Melky had a fine night. Pitching was pretty good tonight. You can't get four hits every night, y'know.
2006-05-31 20:34:21
175.   wsporter
170 He played a nice game. He hit a couple of balls hard including one that he sent to the wall in right that Ordonez made a back peddling "look what I found" catch on to take an extra base hit away. The stolen base came with 2 outs. It was a straight read of the pitcher's move on the first pitch of the ab. It was nicely done and led to a run that at the time was big. Other than that bunt he didn't get down (he still managed to move the lead runner with a deep fly) it was a good all around game that I thought demonstrated continued growth and comfort.
2006-05-31 20:39:05
176.   Yu-Hsing Chen
170 Melky hit the ball really hard quiet a few times tonight, if this was in Texas he probably at least had 1 HR ir not 2... I definately think he played much better than the numbers suggested.

Amazing, first two game using 5+ ERA starters , all 3 game using guys you would never imagine being on this team, and we won 3 outta 4 already....

Let's hope our Tiger can sweep their tiger tomorrow :P

2006-05-31 20:39:41
177.   Peter
Moose cracks me up:
"Were you pretty adament about staying in the game?"
[long pause] "Yeah.....I guess."
2006-05-31 20:40:11
178.   randym77
Bwahahahaha. YES asked both Torre and Moose about the "incident." Torre thought it was hilarious, and said Gator was laughing because he's usually the one who has to go out there.

Moose, as usual, is soooo laid back. They asked him if he wanted to stay in the game, and he thought about it for a long time, then said, "Yeah, I guess." As if he barely cared. ROFL! That's our Moose.

2006-05-31 20:49:21
179.   bp1
177 178 Great. Just great. The Stanford grad returns, and Mr. Yell-At-The-Manager-Guy is gone. I almost laughed out loud at the long pause and then the "Yeah .... I guess". Too freakin funny.

He's quite a character. Glad he's a Yankee.


2006-05-31 21:06:42
180.   rilkefan
175 - thanks.
2006-05-31 23:32:48
181.   Zack
Was looking at the latest (albeit early) voting for the all-star game, and its literally ALL Yanks and Sox

Everyone leading as of now save Vlad is from NY or Boston. Not that the All Star game means anything, but it would be a crying shame to see it dominated so much by two teams, who aren't even the best in the league right now. It would certainly give all those who are always so eager to bash the bad economics of baseball etc reason to guffaw...

2006-06-01 00:22:41
182.   rabid stan
181 I also do not understand why I fuss over the All-Star game, but I do.

I'm looking over the list. Fan voting can be weird, but this year is remarkable.

How about a little variety?

Ortiz leads 1B voting, and Giambi is in distant second despite having the best OPS at the position. But when was the last time Papi actually played first? Right, interleague play.

This isn't just pro-Yankee/anti-Red Sox bias. How about Konerko or Shelton, who both have a better OPS than Ortiz and play the position regularly? If you want to shoe-horn a DH in there, Jim Thome has 1500 career games at 1B, and Travis Hafner has a 1.053 OPS this year.

No Vernon Wells or Nick Swisher, both of whom are out-slugging Manny and Vlad. Damon just doesn't belong there.

Robbie doesn't either; Loretta is more deserving, but Grudzy is doing a slightly better job in KC.

Can't argue with short and third. Those guys are pretty bad-ass. At least Sox fans are realistic enough not to mount a campaigne for Gonzo.

And Pudge is better than 'Tek.

I guess the stars are represented, and it is the All-Star game, but come on, spread the love.

2006-06-01 00:26:14
183.   rabid stan
And who the hell is voting for Matsui? Damn it.
2006-06-01 00:31:20
184.   rabid stan
For some reason, campaign always makes me think of champagne. My guess is it's because they rhyme.
2006-06-01 02:58:50
185.   randym77
BlogNYC has some screencaps of Moose telling Torre to sit down:

2006-06-01 03:10:45
186.   randym77
The Yankees injury update from the NYT:

Still no word on Sheff. The Yankees say his hamate bone is not broken. Sheff said it is. They'll get a radiologist's opinion today.

Crosby is not expected to join the team this weekend when he's eligible to get off the DL. They want him to play a game in Tampa, and so far he's just done BP and fly balls. Dunno if they're just taking it slow, or if the rehab isn't going as well as they'd hoped.

Damon says Melky is "Wally Pipping" him. :)

2006-06-01 06:06:59
187.   randym77
Newsday is reporting that Kevin Thompson is on his way to Detroit to be activated for tonight's game.
2006-06-01 06:13:41
188.   Rob Gee
fersdvjhkddsgbv Long edcjkv Lonmg o;yfuh dwaXSLoigvn L:Oign Longf vrdfih kjg Kevin Thompson?
2006-06-01 06:27:35
189.   randym77
ROFL. Um...I don't think Long's going anywhere yet. I think Cashman anticipates Sheff going on the DL.

Also, Cashman says Bubba won't play in an extended spring training game until Sunday or Monday. He thinks Bubba's still feeling the hammy a little, and doesn't want to risk pushing him too hard, too soon. The soonest Bubba could rejoin the team is midweek. With Damon also ailing, he probably figured he had to call up another OFer.

2006-06-01 06:32:40
190.   randym77
Another thing...the Newsday thing mentions that fans have been clamoring for Thompson. Cashman has supposedly been getting a lot of e-mail about it. Dunno how they'd know that unless Cashman mentioned it...

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