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2006-05-30 12:52
by Cliff Corcoran
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It's the battle of the spot starters in Detroit tonight with Aaron Small taking his second turn in place of Shawn Chacon, and Roman Colon making his first start of the year in place of the recently disabled Mike Maroth. Curiously, both assumed their rotation spots in relief of disaster starts by the pitchers they've replaced, eating up innings while their teams staged unlikely comebacks that ended with ninth-inning victories (though the Tigers' comeback was against the Royals, so perhaps "unlikely" isn't entirely appropriate).

On their careers both Small and Colon, who is nearly eight years Small's junior, have been marginal types who haven't managed to stick as starters or relievers. Colon came to the Tigers at the trading deadline last year as one of the two pitchers received from the Braves in exchange for Kyle Farnsworth.

In his previous start against the Mets at Shea, Small faced one more than the minimum through his first three innings, then collapsed in the fourth, escaping the hook only because of an inning-ending double play only to get pulled after retiring just one of the first three batters in the fifth.

Small's next turn will come on Sunday, after which he may well be returned to the bullpen, if not the minors (enduring Scott Erickson while his ERA hovers around 4.00 is one thing, enduring Aaron Small while his is around 8.50 is another thing entirely). Shawn Chacon is scheduled to throw off a mound today and could return to the rotation after one more mound session and a rehab start. Assuming all goes well with both, that second mound session will likely synch up with Small's throw day and the rehab start with his Sunday turn. That would have Chacon back in the rotation to kick off the Oakland series a week from Friday.

In the meantime, with Jorge Posada having made a triumphant return to the line-up yesterday, going 2 for 4 and feeling less pain thanks the removal of one of the straps on his left shin guard, the Yankees have returned third catcher Koyie Hill to Columbus in exchange for Darrell Rasner. Rasner, you may remember, was plucked off waivers from the Nationals this spring. Since then he's been the Clippers' best starter, posting this line in nine starts:

52 2/3 IP, 53 H, 3 HR, 11 BB, 42 K, 1.22 WHIP, 2.56 ERA, 4-0

Unfortunately, the Yankees don't intend to have Rasner take over Small's next two starts. Instead, he'll rot in the bullpen behind Erickson.

Rasner was chosen because Matt Smith, who was demoted in favor of Hill on Friday, two days after being recalled, has to spend ten days in the minors before he can be called up again. But one wonders why they chose Rasner, who has been a pure starter in Columbus, over Ramiro Mendoza, who has pitched out of both the Clippers' bullpen and rotation and been absolutely lights out overall. The only explanation I can think of is that they didn't want to have to clear room on the 40-man roster for Mendoza, though moving Matsui to the 60-day DL is all it would have taken. Perhaps the Yankees have decided to convert Mendoza to full-time starting, either as added insurance, or to protect his surgically repaired rotator cuff from being Sturtzed up by Torre.

Speaking of which, Torre has finally figured out that he can use Ron Villone, who pitched two perfect innings yesterday, to lighten Scott Proctor's load. This revelation gives the Yankees skipper a five-man end-game that includes the one-two punch of Farnsworth and Rivera set up by any combination of the lefty-righty duo Proctor and Villone and lefty specialist Myers. That's scads better than the "Farns and Sturtze are interchangeable one-inning pitchers setting up Mo" concept that Torre broke camp with. While Villone is pitching as far over his head as Proctor was in April, he at least has some track record of major league success and a history of starting that should allow him to endure the extra work. For those not keeping track, Proctor's current pace would result in 107 innings over the full year, a staggering total even by Torre's standards. The last Yankee to throw over 100 innings in pure relief was Mariano Rivera in 1996. Coincidentally, Mo threw 107 2/3 innings that year.

At any rate, expect to see several if not all of these guys tonight. Rasner might even work his way into the game if Small gets an early hook. Perhaps he could swipe Small's job the same way Small swiped Chacon's (minus the injury, of course).

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2006-05-30 13:56:50
1.   Bob Timmermann
"Sturtzed" works so well as a verb.
2006-05-30 14:19:47
2.   hensley
Everybody see this about Clemens?
2006-05-30 14:19:57
3.   rsmith51
Yes, "Sturtzed" is much better than "Quantilled" or "Gordoned" or even "Karsayed"
2006-05-30 14:21:46
4.   rsmith51

Is it at all possible that Matsui could be available before 60 days? Could that be their thinking? I don't understand what Cashman is doing. Maybe he is trying to make the roster Torre-proof.

2006-05-30 14:24:14
5.   rsmith51
2Not very shocking to me. I don't know why the Yanks even bothered recruiting him. Why isn't George more mad at him for the "short" retirement?
2006-05-30 14:35:38
6.   hensley
5 I don't think it's shocking either, but at least now we don't need to hear about the Second Coming (to either Boston or NY), that is, if it is indeed "confirmed." I think the Yanks have enough current trouble dealing with the over-40 hurler club. But, also, I don't see why George should be "mad" at Clemens. I don't begrudge anyone who changes their mind about retiring when you have such an amazing talent for throwing and someone is willing to pay $3.5 million per month.
2006-05-30 14:39:34
7.   rsmith51
6The fact that Clemens declared free-agency when he was in fact retiring should have told the Yankee front office that he might come back. I am still annoyed they didn't get any draft picks, but like you say not really Roger's fault.
2006-05-30 14:40:30
8.   wsporter
Sturtze is listed as 60 DL so that's 39 on the 40 man roster. What's all the hubbub? Does anyone have the feeling they're cooking something up?

Mendoza has been pretty good but so has Rasner. If he can keep the ball down I'd bet he can be very effective. From my limited view of him last year in DC he kind of reminded me Figgy but as I think about it he's sort of like Chacon. If he gets a chance I bet he comes through ok.

2006-05-30 14:42:03
9.   42YrOldRookie
Get the lowdown on A-Fraud!

2006-05-30 14:55:49
10.   tommyl
9 that is too funny. The best part is when he blames him for not jumping into the air to catch Manny's HR as it passed overhead. I got this picture of A-Rod leaping complete with the sound from the 6 Million Dollar Man and super slo-mo effects to nab it.
2006-05-30 15:01:24
11.   tocho
1 3 I also like Sturtze as a noun. I think it was Cliff that came up with:

"so long Tanyon and thanks for the Sturtze"

that can easily be used in many sentences

"Tanyon, get the hell outta here and take the Sturtze with you"
"Who's responsible for all this Sturtze"
"Man, I wouldn't want to be the guy that will pick up this Sturtze"
"C'mon Tanyon, you know that's all a bunch of Sturtze"

2006-05-30 15:09:54
12.   randym77
Tonight's lineup (from USA Today, since YES has been really goofy of late):

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Gary Sheffield RF
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams CF
Terrence Long DH

WFAN reported that Damon's foot is getting worse, and it may be a trip to the DL for him. Well, that would solve the send down T-Long or Melky or Bubba problem.

2006-05-30 15:10:45
13.   wsporter
11 Tocho, would "eat Sturtze and die" work?
2006-05-30 15:18:38
14.   tocho
13 well... why the Sturtze not!!
2006-05-30 15:22:40
15.   rsmith51
Why isn't Andy starting? What is with this Long fetish?
2006-05-30 15:23:52
16.   Schteeve
When we cut Tanyon, I want the Headline to read:

We've Lost Our Sturtze!

2006-05-30 15:28:41
17.   randym77
15 The only thing I can figure is that Torre wants to give Long a fair chance. With Bubba coming back, one of the OFers may be headed back to Columbus.
2006-05-30 15:29:43
18.   tocho
Joe to good ol' 56 at the end of last season:

"Hey Tanyon, you got any Sturtze left?"

2006-05-30 15:32:15
19.   rsmith51
17It doesn't appear to be much of a decision to me. Unless Torre thinks that Long is better than Melky.
2006-05-30 15:32:44
20.   tocho
the lineup in gameday has

Giambi DH, Andy at 1B, alñseih Long oawen at RF, Cabrera at LF, NO SHEFF, bernie at CF.

soooo we got a pretty nice outfield of everybody out of position. I hope there's a good movie on today or something.

what the sturtze is wrong with sheff??

2006-05-30 15:35:10
21.   randym77
19 There's all kinds of crazy rumors going around. That Long will be sent down. That Bubba will be sent down. That Melky will be sent down. (Not because Long is better, but because Melky needs to play every day, and he might not be able to with the Yankees.)

I suspect no one will be sent down just yet, with Damon falling apart as usual. Still, Joe probably wants to give Long a look-see. Just in case...

2006-05-30 15:36:38
22.   randym77
Sheff just scratched due to wrist pain.
2006-05-30 15:38:13
23.   rsmith51
They have this thing called video tapes from last year that Torre can get a look-see of Mr. Long. Heck even the Cubs passed up on Long... It is kind of nice that Torre is giving somebody a look-see, considering he usually gives them a game or 2 to determine their fate.
2006-05-30 15:41:54
24.   randym77
Maybe Joe has seen the error of his ways. ;-) He's certainly given Melky a fair shot.

In any case, Andy's apparently in tonight. Sheff's wrist hurt when he took batting practice, so he was scratched just now.

2006-05-30 15:43:12
25.   Rob Gee
fewgclhsn Terrence wsxvbm Long sdyxugj dcfusdkc cxduygzhfcvs
2006-05-30 15:43:46
26.   rsmith51
25I couldn't have put it better myself.
2006-05-30 15:44:32
27.   randym77
Here's the new, Sheff-less lineup:

Melky Cabrera LF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams CF
Terrence Long RF
Andy Phillips 1B

Sheff and Damon out, Jeter and Posada walking wounded...injuries are getting ridiculous.

2006-05-30 15:44:52
28.   rsmith51
24He is giving Melky a fair shot just like he did with Cano last year. I wonder if he doesn't have much choice in the matter, though.
2006-05-30 15:45:32
29.   randym77
I'm gonna miss Long when he's gone. No more of Rob's posts about him... ;-)
2006-05-30 15:55:22
30.   rsmith51
29 I look forward to that day...

Rob can stick with (and I am paraphrasing here)
fewgclhsn Brian wsxvbm Cashman sdyxugj dcfusdkc cxduygzhcvs

2006-05-30 15:57:54
31.   tocho
Rasner doesn't appear as available on gameday. Hill is still there. does anyone have an update?
2006-05-30 16:07:54
32.   Bill
Hey. The first time Melky has really put a charge in one.
2006-05-30 16:08:18
33.   randym77
Whoa, Melky! I think the power is coming... ;-)
2006-05-30 16:08:27
34.   hensley
Would've been gone in Yankee stadium. Nice hit, color me impressed with this guy.
2006-05-30 16:13:41
35.   Mattpat11
1 I completely disagree. It implies that Sturtze was a competent pitcher before Torre met him.
2006-05-30 16:15:37
36.   rusty
mike fransceca was going on and on today with a caller about how Melky will NEVER hit for power and was thusly eliminated as a good corner outfielder for the yankees. hope he saw that one - practically any stadium besides Comerica, that baby is out!

Maybe Melky could be eventually be a 20/20 guy like O'Neill was - and i'd give up a little bit of power potential considering his arm, and the fact that the remainder of the lineup is littered with power hitters.

2006-05-30 16:18:36
37.   rsmith51
36 I think he is a little young to say that he will never hit for power.

You ever get the feeling you know more than Mike Fransceca(sp?) about baseball?

2006-05-30 16:19:50
38.   Benjamin Kabak
Glad to see that lead off triple go to waste :-/

And now Small's in trouble. Is this his last appearance on the Yanks, I wonder?

2006-05-30 16:20:13
39.   Schteeve
I can't believe that Jeter, G, and A-Rod couldn't get a flippin dude in from THIRD with no outs!!!!
2006-05-30 16:20:33
40.   randym77
Hey, Barry Bonds didn't reach his peak until he was 37. It's never too late. ;-)

Oy. This is not looking good...

2006-05-30 16:20:38
41.   Schteeve
But hey at least it's not like they're playing a first place team or anything.
2006-05-30 16:21:01
42.   Schteeve
With their crappiest starting pitcher on the mound.
2006-05-30 16:21:18
43.   Schteeve
Oh wait. Yeah. I have to go vomit now.
2006-05-30 16:21:28
44.   hensley
This looks very bad.
2006-05-30 16:23:49
45.   yankz
Is Rasner up yet
2006-05-30 16:24:08
46.   rsmith51
Hopefully Small didn't use up all his pixie dust last year.
2006-05-30 16:25:46
47.   tocho
DP, c'mon
2006-05-30 16:27:40
48.   Schteeve
Well, at least Chris Shelton isn't up with the bases loaded.
2006-05-30 16:29:15
49.   rsmith51
The battle of the least-productive at bats.
2006-05-30 16:29:15
50.   Schteeve
Holy crap he got out of it.
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2006-05-30 16:29:18
51.   yankz
Wow, both offenses failing miserably in the first inning.
2006-05-30 16:29:42
52.   tommyl
Nothing like that magic pixie dust. I have to get me some of that.
2006-05-30 16:29:53
53.   tocho
well, we have Obi-Wan-Chacon and now Qui-Gon-Small.
2006-05-30 16:31:03
54.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, that was some pretty amazing suckitude by both team with runners in scoring position.

I'm really going to pretend that either Jeter or Giambi did in fact get Melky in from 3rd base. B/c if they didn't . . .

2006-05-30 16:31:15
55.   Benjamin Kabak
Wow. That was nuts. But I can't watch a game if Small is going to put runners on all bases every inning. Ugh.
2006-05-30 16:32:21
56.   randym77
He got out of it! Yay, Smallie!

39 I'm not that surprised, alas. (Remember the game Matsui was injured in? Crosby hit a one-out triple. He was batting ninth, so the top of the order was coming up. They couldn't get him home, despite his speed.)

2006-05-30 16:32:42
57.   rusty
37 i think Mikes just got a stubborn perception of the yankees, about which players make good yankees and such, even though he seems to sympathize against Steinbrenner, the guy sure does think alot like him. He seems like he really knows what hes talking about, sometimes i wonder if its part of his radio personality - acting like alot of typical yankee fans in terms of receiving rookie players or undesireables, him and dog still KILL Cano whenever they have the chance.

I was listening the day after Matsui broke his wrist and he was really pushing the idea that Cashman HAD to go after Bobby Abreu. He likened the Yankees to a Maserati, if the Maserati breaks down on the highway, you're not calling AAA to get some inbred with a pickup truck to help you out, you're gonna call the specialized garage you bought the million dollar service contract with and theyre gonna come with the white gloves and bottle of champagne to help you with your million dollar automobile. Funny how Terrance Long is out in right, not Bobby Abreu.

Small wonder!

2006-05-30 16:33:39
58.   tocho
we have to give lots of credit to small there. bases loaded no outs and Ordoñez, Guillen and Shelton.

great battle there with Guillen and terrible at-bat by Shelton.

2006-05-30 16:35:38
59.   rilkefan
Beckett has given up 3 runs in the first, one out...
2006-05-30 16:38:07
60.   tocho
59 Seinfeld voice "that's a shame"

inning over though

2006-05-30 16:39:25
61.   Bill
Wow, Posada REALLY can't run
2006-05-30 16:41:07
62.   randym77
Yay, Andy!
2006-05-30 16:41:22
63.   tommyl
Hey look, Andy Phillips can hit. Who would have thought that, oh wait, the entire bronxbanter posting community.
2006-05-30 16:41:30
64.   Simone
I am now convinced that Long is hitting to spite all the people who want him off the Yankees.
2006-05-30 16:42:02
65.   tocho
andy with the RBI
2006-05-30 16:42:26
66.   tommyl
Melky! Can he go for the cycle?
2006-05-30 16:42:31
67.   rusty
ok - bottom of the order scrubs have been eerily showing up the top of the order pros lately. Especially considering Melky would usually be down in the bottom 3.
2006-05-30 16:43:05
68.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The fact that 4 of the next 5 batters got hits, really puts into persepctive the utter incompetence of Jeter.Giambi/A-rod last inning. Esp the 2 who struck out.
2006-05-30 16:43:09
69.   hensley
Man, Cabrera can hit. He smoked that.
2006-05-30 16:43:32
70.   Schteeve
yeah man, ya know, I just don't think Melky will ever hit for any power. What a loser.
2006-05-30 16:43:33
71.   SF Yanks
Doesn't Roman Colon just sound like someone who would be a good pither?
2006-05-30 16:43:55
72.   tommyl
Wow, Melky's OPS is actually .794.
2006-05-30 16:44:13
73.   randym77
Nice hit, Melky.

But it looks like everyone's hitting tonight...

2006-05-30 16:45:19
74.   SF Yanks
pitcher, my bad
2006-05-30 16:45:25
75.   rilkefan
63 - there are doubters here.

Anyway, plenty of us doubt Long can hit...

2006-05-30 16:45:43
76.   rsmith51
I couldn't believe Long got a pitch to hit. He was at 0-2 and missed a change-up badly. Credit him for a good swing, but a terrible pitch selection.
2006-05-30 16:46:05
77.   tommyl
If they send Melky down, I'm going to be really upset. The kid does deserve to play everyday, for the Yankees. With Matsui out, I don't see any better option. Play Melky, Damon and DH platoon Bernie/Sheff, with Bubba as your 4th outfielder who spot starts to give Damon a spell.
2006-05-30 16:46:29
78.   Schteeve
they ought to just start Giambi off with a 3-2 count.
2006-05-30 16:46:51
79.   randym77
I'm hoping for a game worthy of a "Super Colon Blow II" title for the writeup. ;-)
2006-05-30 16:47:36
80.   tocho
you guys think there any chance we get the April Giambi back for June? I don't like the May Giambi.
2006-05-30 16:48:09
81.   randym77
I don't think they're going to send Melky down. I don't think they're going to send any OFers down. Not with Sheff's wrist barking and Damon's foot worsening.
2006-05-30 16:49:46
82.   rusty
yeah May Giambi is TERRIBLE.
2006-05-30 16:50:26
83.   rsmith51
Melky reminds me a little of Brian Giles.
2006-05-30 16:51:34
84.   rsmith51
I don't think Small is going to last 5 innings.
2006-05-30 16:51:57
85.   Bill
Walking the number 8 hitter with a 4-run lead should be a felony
2006-05-30 16:53:09
86.   tocho
85 he's just setting up his DP.

It's all planned, he's using Chacon's force tonight.

2006-05-30 16:55:11
87.   Bill
3 k's for Small? Go figure.
2006-05-30 16:56:48
88.   randym77
Small is starting to remind me of Al Leiter. In a good way. If there is such a thing... ;-)
2006-05-30 16:59:34
89.   hensley
It hurts to watch Posada run. He's starting to look like Kirk Gibson '88.
2006-05-30 17:03:40
90.   alterity
Man. A-Fraud is only on third? A Real Yankee (TM) would have hit a twelve run homer and then made a septuple play to end the next two innings while being a great interview and showing some emotion! And he would have done it for free!
2006-05-30 17:04:50
91.   randym77
Bernie got him home.
2006-05-30 17:06:17
92.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wells is Beckett's daddy.
2006-05-30 17:07:03
93.   rsmith51
RH Bernie, apparently Leyland didn't see the splits.
2006-05-30 17:13:17
94.   Marcus
92 Apparently, Wells has 7 HRs against Boston this year. Two tonight.
2006-05-30 17:22:42
95.   rusty
cmon jason put another big nail in the coffin....
2006-05-30 17:24:07
96.   rusty
f'n giambi.
2006-05-30 17:29:05
97.   rsmith51
Can someone explain how Pudge did not win gold glove last year?
2006-05-30 17:39:21
98.   randym77
RH Bernie continues to hit well.

And T-Long gets a double...

2006-05-30 17:44:49
99.   tocho
Melky needs a single here, or a HR
2006-05-30 17:45:30
100.   alterity
Jason Grilli. My brother played little league with him. And his father was the losing pitcher in the longest professinoal baseball game ever recorded, a 33 inning affair back in the 80s. Free trivia all night, some interesting, most not.
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2006-05-30 17:49:09
101.   rsmith51
Walk with a 5 run lead, grrrr.
2006-05-30 17:53:46
102.   Bill
How could Arod let jeter kick another easy DP ball?
2006-05-30 17:54:34
103.   randym77
Sigh. I can't believe Jeter missed that DP ball.
2006-05-30 17:55:07
104.   rabid stan
Pudge had two triples on the year before that? That's Comerica, I guess. Even the catcher can get two extra bases.

Did Bernie help that?

2006-05-30 17:55:43
105.   Rob Gee
fweyuisckdb Scott fuihsdgjk Erickson wtszxgs tcfvdsxgh
2006-05-30 17:56:22
106.   rsmith51
104 Not really. I blame Small and that stupid lead-off walk.
2006-05-30 17:56:45
107.   rsmith51
Is Rasner available?
2006-05-30 17:59:22
108.   randym77
Well, it's now 6-2 in Toronto, with the Jays threatening again.
2006-05-30 18:05:19
109.   rabid stan
The Jays are something like 6-3 against the Sox this year. Love it.
2006-05-30 18:06:19
110.   Dimelo
Giambi should call up his dope dealer and get some more HGH. Let's get some juice going through his veins again.
2006-05-30 18:07:18
111.   tocho
May Giambi really sucks, April Giambi would have hit it out of the park or at least have gotten a walk.

Now comes A-Rod (who is useless), he should have grabbed that triple

2006-05-30 18:09:17
112.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
109 I was watching the postgame on NESN last night. They said the Sawx are something like 16-2 vs the Rays and O's this season. And if they lose tonight they''ll be sub .500 vs the rest of the league.

I just don't think the Sawx have that good of a team this season.

2006-05-30 18:15:20
113.   tocho
what should the yanks do for the rest of the game.

continue with small for the bottom of the order? bring in a lefty/righty combo of Myers/Erickson (gulp)?

I would hate to lose this one after the 6-1 lead....... Dotel, Dotel where art thou?

2006-05-30 18:15:50
114.   Simone
Erickson. Now is the time to plead to the baseball gods for mercy.
2006-05-30 18:15:59
115.   tocho
Erickson in, hang on everyone!
2006-05-30 18:17:13
116.   tocho
Erickson had all the Sturtze squeezed out of him four years ago. Why is he pitching for the yanks???
2006-05-30 18:19:51
117.   Simone
Because there is such as thing as pitching hell and the Yankees currently reside there.
2006-05-30 18:20:39
118.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
112 And no sooner than I type that then Papi comes up with the bases juiced, the tying run.
2006-05-30 18:20:43
119.   Maniakes
Is Terrance Long available to pitch?
2006-05-30 18:21:56
120.   rsmith51
I am really not liking Cashman at this moment.
2006-05-30 18:22:19
121.   Bill
Everyone feeling confident?
2006-05-30 18:23:15
122.   randym77
This year's Yankees are nerve-racking. No lead is insurmountable...and no lead is ever safe.
2006-05-30 18:23:16
123.   Benjamin Kabak
what the fuck is this washed-up, talentless, has-been doing on the $200 million Yankees? Is this really the best they can do?
2006-05-30 18:24:16
124.   rsmith51
123 I don't believe so. There were at least 4 guys who should be here instead of Erickson.
2006-05-30 18:25:28
125.   rsmith51
Polanco was trying for the bounce off Jeter's wrist again.
2006-05-30 18:26:06
126.   Jeteupthemiddle
Ok, out of the inning. Lead in tact. Insurance runs would be fun. And people wonder why Proctor, Farnsworth, and Rivera pitch so often...
2006-05-30 18:26:26
127.   rabid stan
112 Considering they're 30-19, they should already be sub 500 against the rest of the league if they're 16-2 against the Rays and O's.

Are you sure about those numbers? I mean, 35 games against the division already? That would just be poor scheduling.

2006-05-30 18:27:38
128.   randym77
Wild pitch to Ortiz scores Gonzalez. Ortiz walks, Manny up with bases still loaded. :-P
2006-05-30 18:28:05
129.   rabid stan
Alright. Runs, people. Runs.
2006-05-30 18:29:26
130.   Benjamin Kabak
124 Yeah, it was a rhetorical question. Rasner, Mendoza or Smith would all be better choices over Erickson. I don't understand why he's still on the team. Joe Torre's faults as a manager are open to public viewing this season.
2006-05-30 18:30:59
131.   hensley
Bernie had no chance in that at bat. This guy is impressive.
2006-05-30 18:33:21
132.   rabid stan
Oh Terrence.
2006-05-30 18:33:58
133.   tocho
jays up 7-5 bases still loaded, varitek coming up. 2 outs.

our game, the momentum has clearly switched. the battle of the bullpens will be very, very tough. I don't have any confidence in anybody outside Mo.

we should all keep hanging on.

I hate Erickson, I hate Torre, I hate Cashman, and lastly but mostly I hate Giambi for recommending this bum.

2006-05-30 18:34:14
134.   rabid stan
Hey, has anybody noticed that Terrence and Phillips are our 8 and 9 guys?


2006-05-30 18:34:54
135.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
127 Looked it up. Yeah they've played tons of interdivision games already.

15-4 vs O's and Rays. (8-1 O's/7-3 Rays) and 15-15 vs rest.

2006-05-30 18:35:42
136.   BklynBmr
I dunno what's making me sicker — watching this turn into the nailbiter it has become, or listening to these bush-league Tiger announcers rooting them along. Maybe announcers should rotate like umpires. Major league baseball would be a more professional product overall.

Memo to Tiger Announcers: Hey, morons. You're being heard across the nation. Act like you're not watching the game from the bleachers with beer in hand.

2006-05-30 18:35:47
137.   Bill
135 Unfortunately they haven't played KC yet.
2006-05-30 18:36:09
138.   tocho
anybody call a Proctor??
2006-05-30 18:36:33
139.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ghost of Proctor now.
2006-05-30 18:36:39
140.   Simone
In comes Run Scoring Proctor. It doesn't get any better.
2006-05-30 18:38:49
141.   rabid stan
135 Wow. That's pretty bad. Nineteen games against the Rays and O's.

I knew I was annoyed at the way they were hanging around. Now I know why.

Of course, Sox fans are probably just as annoyed that the Yanks are still around.

2006-05-30 18:40:12
142.   rabid stan
No double for Pudge.
2006-05-30 18:41:53
143.   tocho
141 hard to believe, but I think with Timlin out, the bosox' bullpen is worse than the yanks' bullpen.
2006-05-30 18:44:54
144.   tocho
142 might be wishfull thinking that they won't face him again.

Nice inning there for the Proctor. you see Joe, if he's rested he's good.

2006-05-30 18:45:10
145.   rsmith51
If the Yanks had Mo, Farns, Dotel, Mendoza, Smith, Villone, Proctor, and Myers they would be pretty solid.
2006-05-30 18:46:00
146.   rabid stan
143 Tavarez, Saenz (?), Foulke.

Pretty dismal.

2006-05-30 18:46:46
147.   Shaun P
136 All the shots and discussion of Nate Robertson and his big league chew are not making this a better experience for me either, Bklyn.

I have a theory on Giambi - stop me if you've heard this one before:

April 2006:
As 1B:.333/.569/.810, 42 ABs
As DH:.368/.519/.947, 19 ABs

May 2006:
As 1B:.246/.390/.426, 61 ABs
As DH:.053/.308/.105, 19 ABs

Now, what do we all know about how Giambi hits as a DH vs as a 1B? As much as I hate to see Phillips riding the pine when #%(&)$*@# Long is playing nearly everyday - Giambi has got to play the field, if only to get his bat back on track.

BTW Terrence - way to take a pitch there, dude.

2006-05-30 18:46:48
148.   rsmith51
The good news is the Yanks probably won't have to face Zumaya tomorrow.
2006-05-30 18:46:53
149.   tocho
C'mon Melky, get your HR here
2006-05-30 18:47:36
150.   rsmith51
Just a HR away for Melky now.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-30 18:47:38
151.   Shaun P
I don't care what his SLG is, as long as he keeps getting on base, Melky is the MAN!
2006-05-30 18:47:49
152.   BklynBmr
Melky has no fear. Gotta love the kid...
2006-05-30 18:47:50
153.   rabid stan
145 8 relievers isn't solid. It's bloated.
2006-05-30 18:47:55
154.   Simone
Take out Mendoza, Smith, and Proctor and I'll agree.
2006-05-30 18:48:39
155.   randym77
Jeez, is Melky the only one who's laid a bat on this guy's stuff?
2006-05-30 18:49:02
156.   rabid stan
Bat around to give Melky another shot!
2006-05-30 18:50:34
157.   tocho
Leyland's pushing it with Zumaya at 32 pitches
2006-05-30 18:50:56
158.   Shaun P
BTW, the numbers in 147 do not include Giambi's 0 for 4, 0 BB as DH tonight. Ugh.

Zumaya has some filthy pitches. Damn.

2006-05-30 18:51:42
159.   rsmith51
154 Fine by me.
2006-05-30 18:51:54
160.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Maybe Jete should've sat this one out to res tthat sore hand/wrist.
2006-05-30 18:52:45
161.   aronneil
I think the Yanks' pen is better than it's been in a while. Procter has had a couple of bad appearances, but he's looked damn goon in general. Farns is a bit spotty, but inspires confidence. Small and Villone are good for those games when the starter tanks. Meyers has done his job consistently.

I can't say anything nice about Erickson, of course, but he's the only one who causes me pain when he walks out on the mound. Last year, we had people like Felix Heredia to give us heartburn. I'm liking this pen, and if Wright continues to pitch like a real fifth starter, the whole pitching staff won't be anything to complain too hard about.

2006-05-30 18:53:01
162.   tocho
157 nasty pitch there to get Jeter. He's out now.
This guy is for real. K-Rod type pitcher with more command and velocity and he's 21 years old!!
2006-05-30 18:53:14
163.   randym77
Well, Mr. 100mph is done for the night. I hope they don't have any more like him.
2006-05-30 18:54:53
164.   unpopster
re: Red Sox record vs. Rays/O's and the rest of the league, there is a good article by Eric Wilbur in the Boston Globe titled "The so-so Sox?". Wilbur looks at these records and wonders out-loud whether the Sox are really that good:

2006-05-30 18:55:47
165.   rabid stan
163 I hope he can't go tomorrow.

The Yanks are really burning out the Tiger's bullpen tonight.

2006-05-30 18:56:07
166.   Shaun P
163 Unfortunately, his name is Justin Verlander, and he's starting against the Yanks on Thursday.

Matt Anderson these two are not.

2006-05-30 18:56:09
167.   tocho
Re, bullpens, this tiger bullpen is very good. they have held the yanks in check.
2006-05-30 18:57:05
168.   Bill
Arod is obviously responsible for Giambi's slump. No protection in the order
2006-05-30 18:57:51
169.   tocho
6, 7 and 8 batters coming up. Farns has to eat them all, no playing around, gas, gas, gas.
2006-05-30 18:57:51
170.   Simone
Ugh. What is wrong with Jason?! Has he been slumping for awhile or is this new?
2006-05-30 18:59:36
171.   tocho
168 absolutely.
2006-05-30 18:59:55
172.   rabid stan
He's been like this for a month.
2006-05-30 19:00:06
173.   Bill
Someone help
2006-05-30 19:00:13
174.   rsmith51
I really dislike leadoff walks.
2006-05-30 19:00:17
175.   tocho
I hate this ump
2006-05-30 19:00:33
176.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Lead-off 4-pitch walk. Waaayyyy to gooooo Farnswacker.
2006-05-30 19:00:41
177.   rabid stan
Farnsworth, I will kill you.
2006-05-30 19:01:02
178.   tocho
at least 2 strikes included in that at-bat.
2006-05-30 19:01:08
179.   Shaun P
ARGH, the play to his right is the one Jeter usually makes!
2006-05-30 19:02:20
180.   tocho
bad feelings all over the place.
2006-05-30 19:03:02
181.   Jeteupthemiddle
14719 ABs does not make a terrible month.

He was actually better as a DH in April, so your numbers don't work there. The majority of his ABs HAVE been coming from the first base position. And even so he hasn't hit a HR since May 10th or 11th. That is pretty awful.

I could make the same arguement that since he was batting 3rd (moved up from the 6th spot when Sheff hurt his wrist) he has been batting .205 avg .374 obp .386 slug

But hey, we aren't about to say this is the result of his spot in the lineup are we? I think the same applies to the DH.

2006-05-30 19:03:03
182.   rsmith51
The ump does appear to be squeezing Farns a little.
2006-05-30 19:03:55
183.   Shaun P
My ulcer, which I had named Erickson Long, might be adding a middle name.
2006-05-30 19:04:03
184.   Maniakes
Look on the bright side. After Farns allows the tying run, Torres will use Rasner instead of Rivera, so at least Rasner will get some playing time.
2006-05-30 19:04:53
185.   rsmith51
I understand the Cub fans frustration now with Farns.
2006-05-30 19:05:23
186.   tocho
182 a little?
2006-05-30 19:05:28
187.   Bill
Just so everyone is clear, ball 4 to Thames was a foot outside
2006-05-30 19:05:28
188.   rabid stan
Pop-out and DP. Come on. Then I won't kill you.
2006-05-30 19:05:50
189.   rsmith51
184 I DID want to see Rasner pitch.
2006-05-30 19:05:56
190.   Simone
This sucks.
2006-05-30 19:06:17
191.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Make it STOP!
2006-05-30 19:06:20
192.   Jeteupthemiddle
GEEZ! strikes are fun. Throw them.
2006-05-30 19:06:24
193.   rsmith51
Now it's a strike? You were consistently just calling that a ball!!!
2006-05-30 19:07:21
194.   Jeteupthemiddle
well fuck a duck.
2006-05-30 19:07:53
195.   Benjamin Kabak
Where's Tom Gordon? This is pathetic. Pathetic.
2006-05-30 19:08:27
196.   Shaun P
181 But Jete, the numbers over his career clearly show Giambi hits much better when playing the field. Go take a look at the stats (or the hundreds of posts from last summer).

The 19 ABs as DH in April (and May) are admittedly small sample size. But the May numbers definitely follow the career trend. The April numbers stand out from it, so I don't put much stock in them.

Ignore his batting average - Giambi has an .816 OPS as a 1B in May. Its not great but not bad either.

2006-05-30 19:08:33
197.   Maniakes
Gordon? I'd settle for Heredia.
2006-05-30 19:08:33
198.   Benjamin Kabak
They can't turn a fucking double play on BRANDON INGE. He's the slowest guy on the team. Wonderful.
2006-05-30 19:08:33
199.   randym77
Arrrghhh. I hope Robby's okay.
2006-05-30 19:08:38
200.   rsmith51
Stupid lead off walks are killing the Yanks today.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-30 19:09:47
201.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see Farnsworth getting the bottom of the order out so effectively. Worthless crap.
2006-05-30 19:11:29
202.   Simone
Oh yeah, this is Pitching Hell for sure.
2006-05-30 19:13:15
203.   rsmith51
Ok, that wasn't bad after a crappy start. Of course, I am still pissed off about the walks.
2006-05-30 19:13:21
204.   rabid stan
That could have been so much worse. I hate you, Kyle Farnsworth.
2006-05-30 19:15:15
205.   tocho
187 true, and I think farns should have modified his approach, but in the first batter, the ump was killing him.

now, up to the useless a-rod to earn his pay with at least a 2-run HR to leadoff the 9th...

2006-05-30 19:15:53
206.   rabid stan
Reynolds called Farns "money" on BBTN.

If he has some kind of verbal aphasia and meant "a fucking adventure every time he takes the ball", I could agree.

2006-05-30 19:15:55
207.   rsmith51
Alex, HR or else.
2006-05-30 19:15:58
208.   Benjamin Kabak
204 You're right. Could have been worse. Scott Erickson could have pitched in the sixth inning of a two-run game.

Oh wait....

2006-05-30 19:16:05
209.   Shaun P
I would still rather field a bullpen of 7 Kyle Farnsworths than 7 Scott Ericksons. Or 7 Scott Proctors. Or 7 Mike Myers (who would be killed by righties).
2006-05-30 19:16:16
210.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Was that first pitch as Arod's head?
2006-05-30 19:16:22
211.   rsmith51
or else you won't be today's hero.
2006-05-30 19:17:35
212.   rsmith51
Yeah, Tek would have had that...
2006-05-30 19:18:04
213.   rsmith51
210 Approximately...
2006-05-30 19:18:20
214.   Benjamin Kabak
207 Hey! Another 327 feet and A-Rod might have had a home run. Close, Alex, Close!
2006-05-30 19:19:21
215.   tocho
now if they don't score here, what the hell will torre do with tie game on the road?

bring in Mo?

2006-05-30 19:19:56
216.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Ryan in for the Jays to turn Tek around.
2006-05-30 19:20:15
217.   rsmith51
Damon can pinch run, but he can't DH over freaking Long??????
2006-05-30 19:20:24
218.   Bill
It's nice to have such a skilled and deep bench that you need to pinch run with a guy who is out resting a broken bone in his foot
2006-05-30 19:21:26
219.   randym77
The Jays have been working out of jams all night.
2006-05-30 19:21:52
220.   rabid stan
Come on, Robbie. That porch on the left field line is kind of inviting.
2006-05-30 19:22:00
221.   Simone
They have to score NOW! Johnny "Broken Foot" Damon is the pinch runner? I've seen it all.
2006-05-30 19:22:21
222.   Benjamin Kabak
/Rant on sucks. I've spent the last 80 minutes trying to get a feed to watch this damn game with no luck. It works for literally 60 seconds at a time before crapping out. Of course, has no costumer service and no solutions for this problem. Basically, it'sa n $80 rip-off. I know my internet connection is fast enough. Too bad this unusable product MLB is putting out doesn't work.

/rant off

2006-05-30 19:22:41
223.   Bill
Leyland must not look at platoon splits
2006-05-30 19:22:51
224.   randym77
They're intentionally walking LH Bernie???
2006-05-30 19:23:01
225.   rsmith51
Wow, Jim Leyland thinks it is the late 90s again. Walking LH Bernie.
2006-05-30 19:23:07
226.   hensley
This guy on the mound looks like the second coming of Luis Tiant. El Tiante!
2006-05-30 19:23:30
227.   rabid stan
And now the game possibly comes down to left-handed Bernie.
2006-05-30 19:23:57
228.   tocho
224 wouldn't you? Long is up next.
2006-05-30 19:24:03
229.   Benjamin Kabak
Oooh. That's smart managing. Burning your hottest hitter for a pinch runner with a broken foot and then not stealing a base with said fast runner so the next hitter up nearly grounds into a double play. Joe Torre, Manager of the Year.
2006-05-30 19:24:10
230.   rsmith51
Can't Sheffield PH?
2006-05-30 19:24:22
231.   rabid stan
Well, they're getting to Long.
2006-05-30 19:24:36
232.   Jeteupthemiddle
And clearly we just witnessed the benefits to Long being on the roster. An IBB to lefty Bernie. o_O
2006-05-30 19:24:40
233.   Shaun P
215 Since it almost never happens, I'm guessing it won't happen here.

If intentionally walking lefty-hitting-Bernie to get to T-Long doesn't say how awful Long is - I don't know what else does.

A win is the most important thing . . .

Wild pitch!!!!!

Maybe they will walk Long now to face Andy??

2006-05-30 19:24:40
234.   tocho
sheff should have taken one for the team and pinch hit here.
2006-05-30 19:25:08
235.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Heck, Leyland's living in another dimension, not another decade. He's had Mr. .300 obp batting leadoff and 2nd for his team the last two nights. It's llike a gift-warpped present for the Yankee pitching staff.
2006-05-30 19:25:36
236.   Benjamin Kabak
Could this doofus actually drive in a run here?
2006-05-30 19:25:39
237.   rsmith51
He looked safe.
2006-05-30 19:25:44
238.   Shaun P

Robbie was safe!!!

%#(&#)%)@#$#)($()#@$ ump!!)!#$&!)#!)

2006-05-30 19:25:45
239.   3rd gen yankee fan
Boston brought in a guy with a 10.12 ERA
2006-05-30 19:26:23
240.   Bill
What else can go wrong?
2006-05-30 19:26:35
241.   GoingDeep
Why the hell didnt sheff pinch hit for Long???????????????
2006-05-30 19:26:40
242.   3rd gen yankee fan
I hope we don't get screwed here.
2006-05-30 19:26:48
243.   Bill
Just for the record, Cano was out. he never got his foot down. Awful slide.
2006-05-30 19:27:06
244.   rsmith51
My initial impression was that he was safe. Of course the umpire was 2 feet away...
2006-05-30 19:27:32
245.   tocho
He was out. terrible slide by cano.
2006-05-30 19:27:48
246.   Jeteupthemiddle
229 Are you kidding? Seriously? Are you kidding? The Yankees need a single run. It is the 9th inning. Johnny Damon who has been playing despite the broken foot (including GASP running) is on the bench and is the only "fast" person on the bench. Are you telling me, that in the 9th inning, you would rather let Posada (who clearly can't run as evidenced by the 2nd inning of tonight's game) run for himself because of the POSSIBLITY the lineup MIGHT turn over again to get to him instead of putting your fastest player on first?

Regardless of what happend, it was the right move.

And that was a BULLSHIT out call!

2006-05-30 19:27:56
247.   Bill
239 he's pitched 2 innings this year. He has a 3.60 lifetime ERA in 360 IP's. Which stat is more important?
2006-05-30 19:28:05
248.   randym77
He was out. Pudge deserves his 11 Gold Gloves.

Sheff can't PH. His wrist won't let him swing a bat tonight.

2006-05-30 19:28:33
249.   Bill
246 Even the booth admits he was out.
2006-05-30 19:28:44
250.   Benjamin Kabak
243 And Rodney never tagged him. Hitting the ground with your glove doesn't equal a tag. The umpire was in NO position to see that play.

This is why baseball should pull its head out of its ass and consider using instant reply. How did the home plate umpire, standing BEHIND the runner, get a good look at whether or not Rodney tagged him? The answer is, he didn't and it's costing the Yanks a lead run right now.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-30 19:28:58
251.   Shaun P
I just watched that play over again, twice, frame by frame (thanks, TiVo).

At the two angles that FSN Detroit showed, Cano sure as heck looked safe to me. His foot touched home just before the tag was applied. It was damn close.

What says YES? I imagine FSN Detroit won't show it again.

2006-05-30 19:29:08
252.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Hey, let's look on the bright side. If we hold em here we still have Long leading off in the 10th.

So we've got that going for us . . .

2006-05-30 19:29:32
253.   tocho
he started to slide four steps away from home plate..........

at least mo's in

2006-05-30 19:29:52
254.   Benjamin Kabak
246 Pay attention. I have no problem pinch running for Posada. I have a BIG problem wasting Damon on base. If you're going to pinch run with your fatest runner, why don't you have him run, for God's sake? Isn't that the point?
2006-05-30 19:29:57
255.   rsmith51
He looked safe, but was much closer than I expected.
2006-05-30 19:30:36
256.   kdw
243 Yup.
2006-05-30 19:31:27
257.   tocho
cano's really nervous now
2006-05-30 19:31:31
258.   rsmith51
Mo can definitely go 1 more...
2006-05-30 19:31:50
259.   randym77
They showed it several times in slo-mo on YES, and it looked to me like he was tagged on his other leg before he touched the plate. Very close, though.
2006-05-30 19:32:21
260.   Benjamin Kabak
Wow. Just got a good look at Pudge. He's a shell of his former self. He was a stocky guy on the Marlins. What happened there? No more steroids for him?

(I know this is last year's story, but it still is shocking.)

2006-05-30 19:32:33
261.   GoingDeep
wow 4 pitches to the inning.
2006-05-30 19:32:46
262.   Simone
Onto the 10th.
2006-05-30 19:33:53
263.   Cliff Corcoran
259 Yup, YES replays made it look like Cano was easily out. Not even that hard to call.

Meanwhile, that ball he missed in the bottom of the inning took a crazy hop of the lip of the grass.

2006-05-30 19:33:55
264.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wells with another dinger.
2006-05-30 19:34:13
265.   kdw
Wow, had turned Gameday to Sox/Jays and forgotten. Tuned back just to see HOMERUN and almost had a stroke thinking it was Mo. Heart back to normal now, just Wells again.
2006-05-30 19:34:18
266.   tocho
258 4 pitches... nah, I would go with Myers for the 10th.
2006-05-30 19:34:30
267.   hensley
I thought Cano was out, too, caught his leg on the uniform before his foot hit the plate. Cano did a horrible slide, though, two feet too early.
2006-05-30 19:34:34
268.   Simone
Call him, Pudge Lite.
2006-05-30 19:34:38
269.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wells with another dinger.
2006-05-30 19:34:39
270.   Shaun P
FSN Detroit just showed it again, from two different angles, and I have to say, now it sure looked like Rodney got Cano.

I'm all in favor of instant replay in baseball 250 - but they can't just use the TV feed, they would need to use higher resolution cameras to make sure they got it right. Plays like this one are just so damn close, even from 4 different angles, half the time it looks like Cano is safe, half the time it looks like he was out.

2006-05-30 19:35:26
271.   singledd
In a way, its amazing that we can compete with ALL 3 starting outfielders not playing.
2006-05-30 19:35:39
272.   tocho
when did Todd Jones become good?
2006-05-30 19:35:40
273.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
C'mon Andy, show Long what a major league hitter looks like.
2006-05-30 19:35:44
274.   Cliff Corcoran
Very very pleased that Mo's in this game, though only Villone (two innings yesterday) Myers (don't let him face this all-righty line-up) and Rasner are left. If they don't win it now, it's Rasner's game, which is a tough spot for a guy just called up.
2006-05-30 19:36:18
275.   rsmith51
Let's go Melky!
2006-05-30 19:36:23
276.   Cliff Corcoran
272 Last year.
2006-05-30 19:36:35
277.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melky for the cycle and the win?
2006-05-30 19:36:43
278.   rabid stan
Come on Melky. Great time to go for the cycle. None better, actually.
2006-05-30 19:36:50
279.   rsmith51
They missed Melky's single. He is actually 3/4.
2006-05-30 19:36:52
280.   Cliff Corcoran
Rats, I was hoping Melky would win it with a cycle-completing homer.
2006-05-30 19:36:55
281.   tocho
well melky needs the HR, right?
2006-05-30 19:37:18
282.   rabid stan
2006-05-30 19:39:25
283.   Shaun P
Todd Jones is about due to revert back to his usually crappiness, isn't he?

On another note, think the Yanks would like to have Marcus Thames (.295/.396/.679) or John Rodriguez (.345/.406/.440) around right now? Yeah, me too.

OK, so unless Mo pulls out another 4-pitch-special, Rasner comes in for the 11th? Or does Villone come in?

2006-05-30 19:39:46
284.   Mattpat11
Just dropping in to say I Miss Tom Gordon.
2006-05-30 19:40:19
285.   singledd
At least the Sox lose... 8-5.
2006-05-30 19:40:30
286.   rsmith51
I would think Rasner since he can go for a while.
2006-05-30 19:47:57
287.   randym77
Game over in Boston. Sox lose again.
2006-05-30 19:56:27
288.   rsmith51
Can Rivera go another? Probably not...
2006-05-30 19:59:54
289.   rabid stan
Man, the Tigers have a lot of decent relievers, and we get to see them all tonight, apparently.
2006-05-30 20:00:53
290.   tocho
well back on line. JG is back, so is Stinett and his powerfull bat.

bases loaded for andy. has to come through.

a question for everyone, where do you get that rasner is available?

2006-05-30 20:01:24
291.   randym77
Wow, LH Bernie got a nice hit.
2006-05-30 20:01:38
292.   Shaun P
Here's hoping Andy comes through to give the Yanks even more insurance runs.

What happened to the Toaster? All my muted shouts of joy have died, never finding their voice in cyberspace.

2006-05-30 20:02:35
293.   tocho
no mute in this one!!
2006-05-30 20:02:35
294.   rsmith51
Now, I don't think we need Mo to pitch.
2006-05-30 20:02:46
295.   rabid stan
This is a pretty good inning.
2006-05-30 20:02:58
296.   randym77
Mo only threw 16 pitches.

But now that we have a 5-run lead, Torre will probably send Villone in.

2006-05-30 20:02:58
297.   rsmith51
Villone to pitch the 11th.
2006-05-30 20:03:13
298.   Mattpat11
Five run lead. That's almost Farnsworth prove. Its almost a shame that we can't put him in to see if he would be able to not fuck that up.
2006-05-30 20:03:14
299.   Shaun P
I am loving all these Detroit errors!

And there's another one! Wow, they are not comporting themselves well.

Then again, Leyland did run the second stringers out there.

2006-05-30 20:03:50
300.   rsmith51
I am liking Melky in the leadoff spot.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-30 20:03:52
301.   rabid stan
Another single for the Melk-Man. So young, and already has a 4-hit game.
2006-05-30 20:04:25
302.   Shaun P
293 I have to be muted, tocho - my 5 month old daughter is peacefully sleeping upstairs, well within hearing range of any shouts of joy from me. =)
2006-05-30 20:05:40
303.   tocho
302 I hear you
2006-05-30 20:05:48
304.   monkeypants
maybe I'm just paranoid, but Mo has only thrown 16 pitches. i would try to steal another out with him before going to Rasner or Villone.
2006-05-30 20:06:24
305.   randym77
I think the hand injury is bothering Jeter. He's not swinging like he usually does.
2006-05-30 20:07:23
306.   rabid stan
304 Three innings and probably thirty pitches for Mo in a May game leading by five? No thanks.
2006-05-30 20:07:52
307.   rsmith51
Pitching Mo here is a bad idea, IMHO. Now he won't be available for tomorrow.
2006-05-30 20:08:21
308.   Cliff Corcoran
305 Bobby Murcer agrees with you. Will Carroll says the injury is actually a jammed index finger.

Mo's back in for a much deserved win.

See, Joe, see what happens when you use your best in a tie game on the road? You give the offense a chance to win!

2006-05-30 20:08:38
309.   rsmith51
Stupid save rule...
2006-05-30 20:08:50
310.   Benjamin Kabak
This is good. Let's have Rivera pitch a third inning in a five-run game. I would imagine that Myers/Villone/Rasner could probably get three outs without giving up five runs here.
2006-05-30 20:09:24
311.   rsmith51
That's right it's a win. my bad.
2006-05-30 20:09:44
312.   GoingDeep
Joe it trying to bust as many arms in his pen as possible. Why Mo? I say let Cairo pitch, Joe 'trusts' him.
2006-05-30 20:10:31
313.   rabid stan
Hey, this Mariano Rivera kid just might have something.
2006-05-30 20:10:40
314.   BklynBmr
Please indulge me, gang. I'm taking full credit for this win. After gouging my left eye out because of the Tiger television announcers, I finally switched to Sterling on Gameday Audio just before Giambi's AB, and rest is history.

(tied for) first, Yan-kees...

2006-05-30 20:10:50
315.   rsmith51
How many pitches was that?
2006-05-30 20:11:15
316.   3rd gen yankee fan
OMG we won, erghahbcsacb!
2006-05-30 20:12:01
317.   rabid stan
315 25
2006-05-30 20:12:59
318.   GoingDeep
25 pitches thats not so bad i guess. Will Long go down for Bubba?
2006-05-30 20:13:13
319.   Simone
Good win! I couldn't get in for a while there. Great 11th inning. Good to know that Jason is still alive.

Mo threw 25 pitches. What is there to complain about?

2006-05-30 20:13:19
320.   randym77
308 Interesting. I'd heard it was the thumb.

Jeter never will take a day off.

Yanks win. Kind of a pain that it went to extra innings after that beginning, but it was nice to see Giambi hit a homer again. And the much-maligned Stinnett is hitting pretty well. He says he's a good hitter when he gets lots of ABs.

2006-05-30 20:13:45
321.   monkeypants
307 312 Is Rivera really that much less available tomorrow after 25 pitches than 16?
2006-05-30 20:14:09
322.   kdw
315 25.
2006-05-30 20:15:17
323.   rsmith51
Question for you guys...

Can a pitcher move to another position, then someone else pitch and then come back in to pitch?

For example, could Mo pitch the 9th and 10th, play RF for the 11th, and replace Villone, if Villone struggles?

I was thinking there are rules against this, but I don't know for sure.

2006-05-30 20:15:28
324.   rabid stan
Watching BBTN.

I have serious man-love for Vernon Wells.

2006-05-30 20:15:50
325.   monkeypants
318 I just read your post wrong...paging dr. freud!
2006-05-30 20:16:25
326.   Shaun P
318 God willing. But then again, I was sure Mendoza was coming up, not Rasner, so what do I know?

I hope Long does go back to the minors. As funny as his gibberish statements are, I miss Rob Gee's insightful posts (and maybe even his Cashman rants). Nonetheless, I applaud him for continuing his protest - he is right about this one, after all.

2006-05-30 20:16:27
327.   tocho
I think torre's only mistake was Erickson, although he really doesn't have a lot of alternatives yet.

He should be sent down or away and Mendoza, Smith or Rasner up.

Rasner did not appear on the roster tonight.

2006-05-30 20:16:37
328.   randym77
318 Nobody knows. Torre ain't saying.

Though with Sheff and Damon both ailing, carrying an extra OFer might be a good thing. Doesn't seem like Damon will be healing any time soon.

2006-05-30 20:16:57
329.   rsmith51
321 Not really, but 3 innings sounds like a lot. I am guessing he gets tomorrow off.
2006-05-30 20:18:35
330.   kdw
325 Funny.
2006-05-30 20:23:27
331.   monkeypants
323 Yes, you can do that with a pitcher. Didn't LaRussa or Valentine or one of those 'smart' managers do that in the 80s once or twice? I think it was done with LH/RH specialists (for example, Rivera starts the inning, then moves to LF so Meyers can pitch to Papi, then comes back in to face Manny).

More interesting, how would that affect the save? A pitcher cannot create his own save situation, but what happens if there is a four run lead in the ninth, the closer walks the first two men, moves to the OF, the new pitcher retires a batter, then the closer returns to finish the inning. Does he get the save?

2006-05-30 20:23:40
332.   hensley
Tied for first, with every opening-day positional regular except A-Rod and Cano suffering from some kind of injury. Amazing.
2006-05-30 20:23:47
333.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Mendoza with another dominant starting performance tonight for Columbus: 6ip, 2h, 2 bb, 4k, 0er. 1.32 era overall.
2006-05-30 20:36:31
334.   randym77
332 I hope you're right about Cano. He was lying on the ground for a long time after the collision at 2B. He was limping when he finally got up, and Joe came out to talk to him.

And Torre just said Sheff hurt his wrist in batting practice. He'll probably be out the rest of the Detroit series.

2006-05-30 20:36:56
335.   monkeypants
323 Apparently Chuck Tanner tried this with reliever Kent Tekulve (scroll down to the question about 'becoming a left fielder').

2006-05-30 20:45:44
336.   kdw
335 Thanks, that was great.
2006-05-30 21:01:23
337.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Aaron Small got out of that baseload no out jam is a testimony that 6/6/6 is indeed the number of the devils :P after 6/6/6 he is gonna dominate LOL!!
2006-05-30 21:05:07
338.   randym77
Newsday is reporting that Cashman says they've decided to "pull the plug" on Richard Hidalgo and Jason Romano.

Looks like Long's and Bubba's jobs are safe...

2006-05-30 21:17:18
339.   wsporter
323 It looks like you can do it but the pitcher has to stay at position other than pitcher for the entire inning or remainder of the inning. This is a comment to Rule 3 which deals in part with substitutions:

Rule 3.03 Comment: A pitcher may change to another position only once during the same inning; e.g. the pitcher will not be allowed to assume a position other than a pitcher more than once in the same inning. Any player other than a pitcher substituted for an injured player shall be allowed five warm-up throws. (See Rule 8.03 for pitchers.)

2006-05-30 21:17:42
340.   JeremyM
Great read on Tekulve. Supposedly, Mo is an excellent outfielder, and the way they're dropping like flies he may get a chance to show that. It'll be like little league-when they need a reliever they can just call him in from center field, and the pitcher will go to second base, and the second baseman can take center, and so on.
2006-05-30 21:19:20
341.   JeremyM
Oh, and I wonder if the Hidalgo story is as accurate as the other story Newsday reported today...?
2006-05-30 21:31:02
342.   yankz
I read in "Birth of a Dynasty" that Mo was the best pitcher, outfielder, and hitter on one of his minor league teams.
2006-05-30 22:12:54
343.   JeremyM
That's where I read it as well yankz, although I think it's been mentioned before. Great book by the way, although I'm only 100 or so pages in so far.
2006-05-31 03:37:55
344.   randym77
The NY Daily News thinks Sheff is headed back to the DL:

Bubba's due back on Sunday, but the Yanks may not be able to wait that long. One of the Kevins may be called up again.

2006-05-31 03:44:03
345.   randym77
Sports Illustrated has a short, but cute, interview with Robby:

Wherein he reveals that they call him "Ray Charles" in the clubhouse, because of his big smile. And that his favorite player of all time is Bernie Williams. And that Jeter told him to take off his shades when giving interviews, so he doesn't look cocky. And that Jeter calls him "Canoe," which we knew.

2006-05-31 04:15:38
346.   joejoejoe
Rivera threw the same # of pitches in 3IP as Farnsworth threw in 1IP - 25. Credit Mo for being super efficient when his team needed him and blame Farnswacker for not throwing strikes. Throw strikes Meat, it's your jerb.

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