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2006-05-27 08:41
by Alex Belth
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It hasn't been hot or humid in New York this spring. Until yesterday, that is. The sun is peaking out this morning but it is muggy as can be and there is a chance we'll see thunderstorms this afternoon. The game doesn't start until 4:00 but even if there is a delay, I've got every reason to believe they'll get this one in.

I'll be there in Bob Uecker territory, the right field nose bleeds with Emily, my cousin Jonah and his wife Jenn. Emily is sooooo excited--it's her first game of the year (she's rocking her Giambi shirt). Jonah's first game ever was at Yankee Stadium but he hasn't been back since (he's a Mets fan), so it's as if he's never been. This is Jenn's first time as well, so I'm excited to play host a little something.

You have to figure the Yanks'll bounce back today after a silly loss last night. "I have faith," says Emily.

"That's all you got for a quote," I ask?

"Yeah," she says.

"Man, you are getting to be just as bland as the players, Lady."

"I wish Bubba was playing."

"You won't get your Bubba, but you'll get a Melky and you'll like it."

"Mmm, I like Melky."

Let's Go Yan-Kees!

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2006-05-27 09:05:09
1.   C2Coke
Bring raincoats, you might need them. And enjoy!
2006-05-27 09:06:52
2.   C2Coke

Let's GO! Yan-Kees!!

2006-05-27 09:33:03
3.   randym77
Go, Yanks!

And your Emily is a girl after my own heart. ;-)

I am on the road for a couple of weeks, finding out what it's like to be outside the NY market and stuck following most games on the net. Got so desperate last night we ended up imitating Yankee batters with a rolled-up poster for a bat, so we could pretend we were watching the game.

2006-05-27 09:35:14
4.   Rich
Bubba? At whose expense?
2006-05-27 09:42:35
5.   randym77
4 Long? Bernie? Heck, maybe Damon. The man does have a broken foot, after all.

Speaking of Bubba, Torre said yesterday that they were planning to send him to play some minor league rehab games in 3-4 days.

2006-05-27 09:56:22
6.   randym77
The lineup, according to YES:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Gary Sheffield DH
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodríguez 3B
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams RF
Melky Cabrera LF
Kelly Stinnett C
SP: Chien-Ming Wang

2006-05-27 10:19:50
7.   Rich
5 I prefer Bubba to Long, and certainly as a defensive replacement for Bernie , but I don't want him to take any AB from Melky.

As for replacing Damon, I might prefer to give Melky a shot in CF.

Does anyone know when Ben Davis will be ready?

2006-05-27 10:24:33
8.   randym77
I really like Melky, but I can't help wondering if it might be better for him and for us if he was playing every day in Columbus, at least for this season. His natural position is CF, and he's not going to be playing that regularly as long as we have Damon on the team. I don't think it's good for him to be constantly moving him from LF to RF to CF.
2006-05-27 11:02:18
9.   Cliff Corcoran
8 I agree that the Yankees should figure out where they want him long term and play him there, but from what he's done thus far, I think he deserves to do it in the majors (I'll admit I was wrong there). With Matsui and Damon signed long term, I assume he'll be the right fieler. He has the arm for it. I say they DH Sheff and platoon Bernie and Bubba (once he's healthy) in left and leave Melky in right. If Hidalgo does well in Columbus (if they wind up signing him that is), he could take over for the B&B Bros in left eventually. TLong needs to go away.
2006-05-27 11:08:05
10.   Cliff Corcoran
Sweet Lou's announcing Mets-Fish on the Game of the Week. They're playing in Miami and David Wright just hit a ground rule double to score a run and the crowd cheered. Brutal.
2006-05-27 11:19:46
11.   markp
Joe D spent his first season with the Yankees in a corner OF spot. Melky has the arm for RF (which may explain why Torre put him in LF and Bernie "Shotgun" Williams in RF) and has more than held his own against MLB pitching. He should be here and in the everyday line-up.
2006-05-27 11:26:45
12.   Peter
Alex, it's pretty funny your girlfriend wishes Bubba were playing. My girlfriend is a huge fan of him (actually her second favorite Yankee, after Matsui). He seems to have a way with the ladies...
2006-05-27 11:53:40
13.   randym77
I like the idea of young Leche being our daily RFer. He's got the arm for it, and he seems much more comfortable there than in LF (despite what he says). He just seems to read the ball off the bat better or something.

But I don't think Torre would play him in RF every day, as long as Sheff is available.

12 I'd agree with that. Bubba's cute, which doesn't hurt when it comes to appealing to female fans. ;-) And even Yankee fans like rooting for the underdog.

I am watching the Cubs-Braves game. They were interviewing Smoltz, and the entire time, Hudson was throwing popcorn at his head. If the trade rumors pan out, Hudson will be a great addition to the Yankee pitching staff, if he can throw baseballs half as well as he can throw popcorn.

2006-05-27 12:00:16
14.   Cliff Corcoran
13 Actually, Melky sez he prefers right field.
2006-05-27 12:02:44
15.   randym77
14 I know. That's why I said, "despite what he says." ;-)
2006-05-27 12:06:56
16.   wsporter
8 & 9 In one of the fish wraps today Mr. Torre was quoted as saying the Melkey has played himself into an everyday spot and now that Shef is back left field is Melky's to loose.

That's good news. It sounds like he'll get some playing time the question I guess is how long a leash does "it's his job to lose" translate to.

2006-05-27 12:09:32
17.   murphy
you're a lucky man, alex. i tried to get my better half to go to the game with me today OR tomorrow, and she "didn't feel like it". and so i will go to a bar and watch the game on TV...

man, david wright is awesome.

let's go yankees!!!

2006-05-27 12:13:31
18.   Jeteupthemiddle
11 I think he puts Melky in left and Bernie in right because of the difference in size between the two. Melky can cover more ground than Bernie. Now that Sheffield is back, and I assume will get back into the field at some point, Melky might as well play left field. That is where he will play for the remainder of the season. Hopefully his power comes.

Why is his nickname "Leche?" Did I miss something?

13 No no no. The reason girls like Bubba is two fold, and neither reason has anything to do with his looks. I mean he is better looking than, say, Giambi's greasiness, but that ain't saying much.

No, girls like him because 1. we have a soft spot for, and root for the underdog and 2. Bubba is a fun name to say.

Ok, well, the 2nd reason is one of my own and may not necessarily reflect all women. lol.

2006-05-27 12:17:25
19.   murphy
as long as we're playing lefties, i am kinda OK with today's lineup (according to YES). while he's got shy of 50 AB's against em, bernie IS hitting .37something against them. i guess the question is, what's more of a hindrance: Sheff or Bernie in RF?
2006-05-27 12:26:44
20.   randym77
"Leche" is Spanish for "milk." Get it? (And yes, that is his nickname in the clubhouse.)

I dunno about Bubba's name. As several observers have noted, it sounds more like a football name than a baseball name.

Then there was that long thread at NYYFans, where someone was arguing that he didn't want Bubba on the team because he was dumb and uneducated. I guess if your name is "Bubba," you are presumed dumb and uneducated, even if you have a degree from Rice University...

2006-05-27 12:32:53
21.   brockdc
18 My better half is a huge Bubba fan, and, yes, she LOVES chanting, "GO BUBBA!"
2006-05-27 12:38:38
22.   randym77
Tony Womack just hit a single in his first appearance for the Cubs.
2006-05-27 13:37:15
23.   randym77
Well, I guess YES's lineup was wrong. It's Cairo, not Robby, at 2B.

And the bottom of the order comes through...

2006-05-27 13:40:10
24.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Kelly Stinnett:

Season at Yankee: 2 for 17 for a .118 avg, 1 bb, 7 ks.

Yikes. I bet Jorge's toddler son could match those numbers no problem.

2006-05-27 13:40:44
25.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Wow, make that three for 18 now, with his first rbi, at the Stadium.
2006-05-27 13:46:24
26.   randym77
Giambi, Damon, and Jeter get outs. A-rod gets a walk. Bernie, Miggy, Melky, and Stinnett hit singles. Who'd have thunk it?
2006-05-27 13:59:53
27.   Mattpat11
2006-05-27 14:00:59
28.   randym77
Home run for...Kelly Stinnett??!!! Holy guacamole!
2006-05-27 14:02:02
29.   Jen
Stinnett! Too bad he couldn't get a hit last night. I'll take it though. Nothing like coming back the next day after a tough loss and beating the crap out of the other team.
2006-05-27 14:02:58
30.   fgasparini
As annoyed as I am that the Yanks lost last night, it gives me no pleasure to run up the score on KC. These guys I'm sure are trying as hard as they can, they just probably don't belong in the bigs, or are being put in situations where they can't succeed. Beating Boston 8-0, particularly Schilling, I'll take any day. I don't want the Yanks to lose to KC, but I'd settle for a 4-1 win.
2006-05-27 14:03:15
31.   Mattpat11
Now, come on. No need to attack the candy.
2006-05-27 14:06:30
32.   Mattpat11
{30] Eh, I don't mind the Yankees putting KC back in their place.
2006-05-27 14:18:04
33.   randym77
What some consider "running up the score," I consider "building a bullpen proof lead."
2006-05-27 14:31:48
34.   Marcus
Nothing like KC to get A-Rod back on track.
2006-05-27 14:32:17
35.   randym77
Whoa, A-Rod. His second homer in the game.
2006-05-27 14:34:23
36.   Simone
Sweet. The Yankees' offense back on track thanks to the Royals.
2006-05-27 14:46:23
37.   seamus
34 that isn't fair. A-Rod has been hitting all week. He righted himself against Boston, not KC. Since game 1 in boston, he is 9 for 19 with 4HRs.
2006-05-27 14:47:07
38.   Jen
I have an extra ticket for tomorrow if anyone here is interested.

You can email me:
jen AT nosenseworrying DOT com

2006-05-27 14:47:46
39.   randym77
Now what? Are they playing sloppy because of the big lead?
2006-05-27 14:50:52
40.   Jeteupthemiddle
34Since Matsui went down (May 12 I think) Arod has batted .316 Avg .371 OBP .579 Slug .950 OPS
2006-05-27 14:52:13
41.   Marcus
37 It wasn't meant as a slight. I was just refering to the 2 HRs. He's been hitting great, no doubt. His average has gone from .260 a few days ago to .292 now, so he's been getting hits. But naturally more HRs are going to come against a mediocre lefty like Affeldt.
2006-05-27 14:53:17
42.   randym77
And a double for Stinnett...
2006-05-27 14:53:23
43.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
You can't stop Stinnett. You can only try and contain him.

Jorgew Pipp?

2006-05-27 14:57:43
44.   randym77
43 LOL!

Kind of odd that the top of the order is still hitless, while Stinnett is whaling away. (3 for 3, with a double and a homerun!)

2006-05-27 14:59:25
45.   singledd
Has Shef had a hit since he's been back?

This guy loves to swing. He was very cool about coming back, but this guy loves to play.

2006-05-27 15:01:28
46.   Marcus
45 Now he has! And I missed them, but Cliff said something about Sheff hitting a foul home run or two in the last few days, so maybe he just needs to get back into a groove.
2006-05-27 15:02:49
47.   tommyl
45 laser off the wall in Fenway a couple of days ago.
2006-05-27 15:04:47
48.   singledd
Wow... as hot as Bernie has been, his OPS is still under .680. Love the guy... I guess we will just have to carry him.
2006-05-27 15:06:30
49.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Blast. Wild pitch and int'l walk means A-Rod has no shot at the home run cycle (I think I just made that term up): He has the solo and 2-run jacks, that would've been the granny, and then he just would've needed a three-run job.
2006-05-27 15:09:56
50.   tommyl
And Melky doubles! I'm loving this kid.
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2006-05-27 15:11:04
51.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Man, Stinnet just needed the triple for the cycle.

Well, you know what 15 runs means?

The Yanks will avg about 2 runs per game this week.

2006-05-27 15:11:22
52.   Jeteupthemiddle
49They talked about the homerun cycle with Arod last year in the 10 RBI game. He had the Grand Slam, 3 run homer, and the 2 run homer.

He did get the RBI cycle however, 4, 3, 2 and then he hit a single up the middle for 1 RBI. lol.

2006-05-27 15:12:02
53.   Jeteupthemiddle
51 Maybe so, but I think that would be more of a reflection of Tigers pitching than scoring 15 runs today. :P
2006-05-27 15:14:16
54.   yankz
Cairo and Stinnett: 7-8, 7 RBI, 4 R. Wow.
2006-05-27 15:17:47
55.   BklynBmr
Can't believe this isn't on the package. Very little drama, tons of Yankee runs, everybody hits and nobody gets hurt. Ya need one of these every so often to keep your sanity, especially after last night. And Tampa shelling Schill tonight would really top off the day...
2006-05-27 15:26:27
56.   randym77
Damon's now the only one without a hit. (Well, him and the scrubs, Andy and T-Long.)
2006-05-27 15:30:38
57.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yanks first 3 hitters in the line-up -- 2 for 15,1 rbi.
Yanks last 3 hitters -- 9 for 12, 10 rbi.
2006-05-27 15:32:11
58.   JeremyM
Poor Hill can't even sniff some action in this blowout? I always feel sorry for guys who get called up and don't see any game time. Remember David Parrish a couple years ago, called up for a few days and sent down with no official appearances?
2006-05-27 15:32:32
59.   randym77
Villone walks his first batter. :-P
2006-05-27 15:42:49
60.   Rob Gee
fgsiuf Terrence Jdlekhj Long rhfkdj
2006-05-27 15:43:54
61.   randym77
57 Unreal.

58 What about poor Mitch Jones? Called up just in time to arrive at Shea for an evening game, sent back to Columbus the next day when Farnsworth's back went out.

2006-05-27 15:50:28
62.   Rob Gee
fshdksd Erickson ghdvkjf Erickson fhdskd ghdlkf tgdjkhfdsa f;oehdslkcnsd
2006-05-27 15:56:04
63.   randym77
This is the kind of game Long should be in, if he has to be on the roster.

Erickson...I'm kind of surprised they put him in. Maybe there isn't anyone else.

2006-05-27 16:04:44
64.   BklynBmr
63 Joe put Erickson in so Mo could have a shot at a save...

Good to see Melky continue to improve, A-Rod pick up the slack while Giambi is slumping, and the bottom of the order tee off. Keep it up, Yanks!

2006-05-27 18:01:17
65.   rabid stan
Phil Hughes just finished 6 1/3, striking out 7, with 2 ER. His best start in AA.
2006-05-27 18:07:23
66.   rabid stan
3 ER, Beam allows two inherited runs.
2006-05-27 19:30:01
67.   JeremyM
Good point on Mitch Jones. One game and done.
2006-05-27 19:31:55
68.   randym77
Torre says he sat left-handed Robby because the SP was a lefty. And that he just wanted Cairo to get some ABs.

Too bad Robby missed out on the fun. ;-)

2006-05-27 22:02:44
69.   Yu-Hsing Chen
48 to be fair, Bernie's OPS since May is well over .760 ... it's like... he's actually a qualified hitter gasp

I wonder if anyone on the team consider the only right handed thing.. just try it out for a week or two or something... his splits are still ridiculasly favoring right.. unless he is facing nothing but crap lefties (which he isn't... he did hit against Zito and Glavine etc...) he just seem to hit so much better right handed... and more over watching last night's game saw some horriblly ugly swings .. (like that check swing shot to 3rd... = =b)

Well talk about returning to means, this game the offense just overran KC and the pitching was solid.... too bad Bo Sox won too ack.

2006-05-28 04:59:59
70.   randym77
Anyone follow the Astros-Pirates game last night? 18 innings! Andy Pettite came in as a pinch hitter. Only 4 players didn't play (from both rosters put together). The game went almost six hours.

And Pittsburghs' Craig Wilson is apparently with disgruntled the Pirates. He's upset at being benched with Casey coming off the DL. He and his agent aren't speaking to the Pirates' management. His contract is up this year, I believe. The Yanks should give him a look. He can catch and play 1B as well as OF, and shouldn't be too expensive.

2006-05-28 07:32:18
71.   murphy
anyone got a spare ticket to the game today? i'd hate to take the hour-long train ride from brooklyn to het shut out at the bleachers.
2006-05-28 07:42:56
72.   randym77
71 Did you see Jen's offer in 38 ?
2006-05-28 08:46:26
73.   markp
Craig Wilson is 29 with a career 120 OPS+, but he's another righty bat that eats up lefties, but isn't nearly as good vs righties. GoB is probably going to get most ABs against lefties at least. He's a much better player than Long or Bubba, but will probably cost us in players.
2006-05-28 10:12:48
74.   rilkefan
One down for Wright. Go Yankees.
2006-05-28 10:15:23
75.   randym77
Pittsburgh has more OFers than they know what to do with. And their payroll is so low. I was looking at Jason Bay's stats this morning. He only gets paid a million dollars a year. I'm kind of surprised he signed that contract.

The Pirates seem to be the kind of club that needs cash more than prospects, so maybe Wilson wouldn't be too pricey.

2006-05-28 10:15:43
76.   Rosbif22
that seemed easy enough...How's Wright looking today?
2006-05-28 10:19:23
77.   wsporter
Well, there goes the No-No.
2006-05-28 10:20:30
78.   randym77
JD makes up for being the only one without a hit yesterday...
2006-05-28 10:20:31
79.   Schteeve
Johnny Long Ball!
2006-05-28 10:20:35
80.   rilkefan
76 - may not matter.
2006-05-28 10:22:04
81.   Dimelo
Today would be a good day to see Giambi hit a dinger.
2006-05-28 10:22:57
82.   Dimelo
The count is Giambi's favor. Let's see one fly.
2006-05-28 10:24:27
83.   Mattpat11
Some people are not meant to have big bushy facial hair. Mark Grudzielanek is one of them.
2006-05-28 10:24:29
84.   Dimelo
I'll take that...
2006-05-28 10:28:59
85.   Dimelo
That works too.
2006-05-28 10:29:53
86.   Mattpat11
I love Gary Sheffield's fake run.
2006-05-28 10:30:29
87.   Dimelo
2006-05-28 10:30:48
88.   randym77
What happened?
2006-05-28 10:34:54
89.   Dimelo
Good job Bowa!!! Pitching change....good job Yanks!!
2006-05-28 10:34:59
90.   Schteeve
88 Robbie GIDP'd but Melky walked and T-Long (god help me) singled him in.
2006-05-28 10:35:31
91.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melky now with more walks than k's. Pretty impressive for a 21 year old.
2006-05-28 10:37:41
92.   wsporter
Is everybody really liking Melky?
2006-05-28 10:38:57
93.   Dimelo
Come on, Damon...that homerun happened in what feels like 20 hours ago. Time to step up!!!! The Yanks should've got Milton Bradley instead.
2006-05-28 10:42:55
94.   randym77
How did A-rod single in a popup to first base?
2006-05-28 10:45:22
95.   Dimelo
94 It was a bloop single over first. Not a pop-up.

Even when Melky falls, he's still able to stand tall out there.

2006-05-28 10:46:02
96.   Schteeve
92 Speaking for myself, yes. I have liked what I've seen from him. I don't have any idea what his ceiling will be, but he's adding value to the team, making pitchers work, competent with the glove, young but disciplined. There isn't anything I don't like about him at this point.
2006-05-28 10:46:05
97.   BklynBmr
Nice recovery by Melky. Perfect throw to the cutoff man. Batter nailed at third. With two out no less. Melk!
2006-05-28 10:49:26
98.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
For eff's sake, please save some of these hits for Detroit.
2006-05-28 10:50:21
99.   randym77
95 Thanks.

I'm definitely liking Melky. He seems to be winning over some of his critics, too, though some still complain about his lack of power.

2006-05-28 10:52:25
100.   Schteeve
98 You know it doesn't really work like that, right?

99 He's 21, give him a break on the lack of power thing.

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2006-05-28 10:52:39
101.   Dimelo
I was suprised to read this morning at WasWatching that Melky is becoming Steve's favorite Yankee.
2006-05-28 10:52:45
102.   BklynBmr
Make 'em pay, Robbie! Grand slam time...
2006-05-28 10:54:15
103.   rilkefan
Steve Goldman is down on Melky - too much of his OPS is his batting average or some such silliness.
2006-05-28 10:55:57
104.   randym77
100 Oh, I agree about the power thing.

I'll go further: I don't think the Yanks need any more power. We need contact hitters who don't strike out more than we need more big bats, IMO.

2006-05-28 10:58:30
105.   Dimelo
Yeah I agree 104. We need good role players that make it easier on the guys who do make the big bucks to drive in the runs.
2006-05-28 10:59:48
106.   Schteeve
103 Goldman needs to chill. Melky's OBP is like .400 ish and his BA is .300 ish. For a young rookie, that's a respectable delta. No slugging so far but again, he's 21, he could end up hitting a gazillion home runs before his career is over, so nobody really knows what to expect.

But for now, he's adding value and that's a good deal in my estimation.

2006-05-28 11:18:31
107.   rilkefan
106 - probably he said OBP.

Why is Damon stealing up by 6? Sure, maximize your team's score, but poor KC...

2006-05-28 11:27:34
108.   randym77
Been watching a lot of Pirates games as I swing through the Midwest with a Pirates-fan friend of mine. One thing that struck both of us: the Pirates rookies seem to have a better grounding in baseball basics than Yankees rookies. My friend thinks it's because the Yanks only teach their kids to hit, then trade them for established stars. Or maybe it's just an AL vs. NL thing.

Our kids certainly seem to have larger upsides than most expect...perhaps because they aren't being taught the basics in the minors. No one expected Bubba to even make the team. Robby's defense was supposed to be too weak for the big league. Wouldn't be surprised if Melky's defense becomes much better, too.

2006-05-28 11:31:25
109.   wsporter
Is that what we get for running up 6-0?
2006-05-28 11:38:26
110.   randym77
Well, most of the damage was done against Hernandez. Keppel's been pretty good.
2006-05-28 11:41:51
111.   kdw
Was feeling a little bad for the Royals. Shows what a soft heart gets you.
2006-05-28 11:41:54
112.   wsporter
106 I think you're right. You have to remember he hasn't had 100 ML ab's. He's showing good instincts and an ability to stay in the moment and not be overwhelmed by it. He's producing. You can really over analyze this stuff and loose the forest for the trees.

I hate these games where you get off to a big lead early but don't completely blow it open. Somehow they usually turn out to be nail bitters.

2006-05-28 11:52:44
113.   randym77
Saw an article this morning that pointed out that in 1999, the KC outfield consisted of Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon, and Carlos Beltran.
2006-05-28 12:13:41
114.   rabid stan
113 I wonder how the salaries of those three guys compares to the entire player payroll of the 2006 Royals.
2006-05-28 12:15:33
115.   randym77
This game is a lot closer than I thought it would be. :-P

How long is Proctor going to stay in?

2006-05-28 12:18:37
116.   wsporter
That was a nice looking k.
2006-05-28 12:25:50
117.   fgasparini
It's the GOSP! Ghost of Scott Proctor. The ghost of the Scott Proctor who looked deceptively good in a couple of meaningless situations earlier this year and will now haunt our bullpen with his medicore fastball and dead arm until June of 2007, when his arm will literally fall off due to overuse because he's one of "Torre's guys" who's "shown he can do it before."
2006-05-28 12:27:43
118.   randym77
Arrgh. We haven't scored since the 2nd inning, while the Royals keep nibbling away.

And in the game on TV here in Michigan, our old pal Tony Womack started at 2B today, and has a single and a run.

2006-05-28 12:28:41
119.   fgasparini
103 Rilke, Goldman is very much a gloomy Gus, but history shows that players whose value consists of a high batting average don't age well. When the average goes, they have nothing else. Power eventually goes too but batting eye never does.
2006-05-28 12:29:51
120.   fgasparini
But I think Melky has a big potential upside. We'll see if he's more a Ricky Ledee or a Bernie Williams.
2006-05-28 12:37:37
121.   randym77
Dammit. I was feeling so good about our bullpen earlier this year. Now I'm worried they can't hold a 4-run lead against KC.
2006-05-28 12:37:45
122.   monkeypants
119 I generally agree with Goldman, but he is being a bit harsh about Melky. The kid has 6 walks in 15 games, which projects to 60+ walks in a normal full season. That's pretty good patience. Sure, if he bats .250 with 60 BB and no power, he is not much value for corner OF.But right now the lack of power is a greater concern than the lack of patience.
2006-05-28 12:38:02
123.   bobtaco
Can we get Farnsworth fitted for an electric dog collar, so Torre can jolt him everytime he throws a slider.
2006-05-28 12:39:03
124.   monkeypants
And oh yes--I know he got the big K of Big Papi. But Farswhacker has displayed a pretty high level of suckiness.
2006-05-28 12:40:44
125.   monkeypants
And one more thing! Until the BP is straightened out, Torre simply must stop these 7th inning defensive changes (Phillips for Giambi) in relatively close games.
2006-05-28 12:41:45
126.   fgasparini
122 Yes, but power can develop, patience at the plate rarely does. That's why I don't get Goldman...Melky shows more patience than Cano, who Goldman likes.
2006-05-28 12:43:00
127.   markp
Farnsworth hasn't shaken off fastballs to throw his slider-the pitches are called from the bench, so blame them.
2006-05-28 12:46:45
128.   wsporter
125 MonkeyP, Was Giambi removed for defensive purposes or because he's hurt?
2006-05-28 12:49:12
129.   Mattpat11
I miss Tom Gordon.
2006-05-28 12:50:51
130.   monkeypants
128 To be fair, I don't know. I just read 'defensive replacement' on gameday.
2006-05-28 12:52:58
131.   randym77
No injury report has been issued. I think Torre just wanted to give Andy some playing time.

Now, how about some insurance runs? C'mon, Yanks!

2006-05-28 12:53:13
132.   rabid stan
I know he hasn't worked in a few days, but it still seems a little unseemly to Rivera Kansas City. Here's to 3 or 4 insurance runs.
2006-05-28 12:53:37
133.   Mattpat11
Wasn't Costa the horrid centerfielder from the other night? Is he really an defensive replacement?
2006-05-28 12:54:55
134.   rabid stan
Robbie's been slumping everywhere lately.
2006-05-28 12:57:55
135.   rabid stan
The Yanks have done quite a job out there deflating KC's bullpen ERA.
2006-05-28 13:02:16
136.   BklynBmr
Man, Cano is as cool as a cucumber. Nice catch!
2006-05-28 13:02:47
137.   wsporter
2006-05-28 13:03:40
138.   rilkefan
119 - yeah, should have said OBP. He later goes on to say that's more important than slugging but - well, then his argument stopped making sense to me.
2006-05-28 13:03:47
139.   seamus
Out of curiosity, Yankee Pitches Per Plate Appearance Rankings:

4.5 Giambi
4.0 Damon
3.9 Jeter/Cabrera/Posada
3.8 Sheffield/ARod/Matsui/Williams
3.2 Cano/Crosby

obviously that isn't everyone. But I was curious whether or not Damon had returned to his previous P/PA and where Cabrera stood. What is amazing, is Giambi's numbers!

2006-05-28 13:04:45
140.   wsporter
Whew! Lousy damn get away nail biter.
2006-05-28 13:05:20
141.   rilkefan
Slow and steady loses the race. Thank god.
2006-05-28 13:05:39
142.   rabid stan
10 pitches, three outs.
2006-05-28 13:07:24
143.   Simone
Nice. It always irks me when a blow out turns into a nail biter.
2006-05-28 13:09:35
144.   rilkefan
Was trying to figure out the walk rate of someone with a BA of 0 and an OPS of 1 - I get 2 over (1+ sqrt(5)) or about a walk every two outs, which actually seems kinda low. Probably the formula isn't designed to make sense in that regime.
2006-05-28 13:13:40
145.   Maniakes
BA of 0 and OPS of 1 means a walk every plate appearance. BA of 0 implies a SLG of 0, some the OBP must be 1.
2006-05-28 13:14:14
146.   randym77
Free baseball in Pittsburgh again. This after going 18 innings last night. o_O
2006-05-28 13:14:35
147.   Maniakes
"so the", not "some the". Teach me to preview before posting.
2006-05-28 13:34:20
148.   rilkefan
Was using:

at-bats(hits + walks + times hit by pitch) + total bases(at-bats + sacrifice flies + walks + times hit by pitch) / at-bats(at-bats + sacrifice flies + walks + times hit by pitch)


A player who only walks can't have an OPS of 1 because no one would ever pitch to players who achieve OPSs greater than that - Pujols would get an IBB every time.

2006-05-28 13:34:29
149.   randym77
Torre just said he removed Giambi because his back was cramping.

Doesn't sound too serious.

2006-05-28 13:35:04
150.   BklynBmr
131 Waldman reports Giambi was removed due to a 'slight cramp in the back'. Torre said he didn't think it was a concern and he should be in the lineup tomorrow...
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2006-05-28 13:35:43
151.   BklynBmr
149 Great minds...
2006-05-28 14:33:32
152.   Maniakes
My understanding is that walks don't count in at-bats, nor in total bases; walks only count in the OBP calculation.

Baseball Reference and ESPN confirm:

Teams pitch to Pujols because while OPS is strongly correlated with offensive value, it's not perfectly correlated. I expect the correlation breaks down in extreme cases like someone who gets walked every plate appearance. IIRC, the raw value of a point of OPB is 2-3 times the raw value of a point of SLG, but the unweighted linear adding of OBP and SLG usually works because patient batters tend to get both more extra base hits as well as more walks.

2006-05-28 16:22:47
153.   sam2175
Goldman is unnecessarily hung up on the power thing with Cabrera. He is 21, and at that age, Barry Bonds was playing in high A ball. I am not foolish to even consider the possibility that Melky can become anything close to a miniature Barry, but it just shows how young he really is for the league, and how lack of power at this age in MLB really means nothing.

He is solid in other departments, most notably patience. If he is selective at the plate, that is a good indication that power can develop. He isn't likely to be become the next Gary Sheffield, that does not mean that there is any reason to be down on him based on what he can already do.

I somewhat tend to agree with Goldman about his defensive value. He is unlikely to develop good baseball instincts (like taking better routes to the ball), but if he is a good natural athlete, he can get by like Bernie did on the field. And he has a good arm for a corner OFer.

2006-05-28 21:19:39
154.   kdw
So is ESPN also saying that Clemens has narrowed his choices to Astros and Red Sox? SI reported that rumor out of a Boston paper the other day.

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