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2006-05-26 05:34
by Alex Belth
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Jim Baumbach has an article in Newsday today about Yankee prospect Eric Duncan, who is currently rehabbing a lower back strain in Tampa:

Team officials are contemplating sending Duncan, who has struggled at Triple-A Columbus, to Double-A Trenton, a demotion they would be likely to say is necessary because of the sudden influx of major-league journeymen at Columbus.

But such a move also would send a message of concession, essentially saying the 21-year-old first baseman isn't ready to succeed at Columbus. And with the trading season about to begin, this is the worst possible time to send that message to the baseball world.

The Yankees will be in the market for pitching help, and perhaps a leftfielder, too, and the teams that will be sellers will be looking for major league-ready talent.

Meanwhile, Melky Cabrera has shown some promise at the big league level this season. Tyler Kepner has a good piece in the Times about Melky and his big brother/mentor, Robbie Cano:

"Both of them are very similar in the fact that they're having fun," [Manager Joe] Torre said. "I don't think they understand the pressure most people understand here. They're just out there playing baseball."

Last week at the Stadium, Cabrera made a fine running catch near the right field wall. After he threw the ball to the infield he made a funny face--in the direction of Cano--that said, "Wow, can't believe I got that one without killing myself." With Sheffield back, Cabrera will return to left field where he'll continue his unsentimental education learning to adjust to the position.

2006-05-26 06:30:58
1.   yankaholic
If Sheff spells Giambi to DH meaning Andy at 1B then i am ok with that move..

but if u dont play Andy and move GOB to DH leaving Andy out... i will be mighty pissed..

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