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Ham Strung Out
2006-05-26 05:26
by Alex Belth
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Jorge Posada has a torn hamstring tendon in his left knee. It is still uncertain if Posada will be placed on the disabled list. The Yankees' catcher will be re-evaluated in a few days. GM Brian Cashman told the New York Times:

"The M.R.I. had to show something. As it was explained to me, there are several tendons that connect to the knee. This one is an unusual injury, but on the good side, it's a tendon that you don't need to function."

In the Daily News, Anthony McCaron continues:

Posada had an MRI yesterday and also was examined by Yanks team physician Dr. Stuart Hershon. Cashman was worried because the Yanks' trainer, Gene Monahan, couldn't even speculate on how badly Posada was hurt.

"And Geno's been doing this a long time," Cashman said. "It's good news, considering my level of worry, but the bad news is we'll be without Jorge's services for a period of time."

Posada's injury is unusual, Cashman said, because he has a tear in one tendon of several behind the knee. "The way Dr. Hershon explained it to me, this is a tendon we apparently don't have a need for and it is typically used if someone needs a transplant," Cashman said. "So it's the pain and swelling that gets in the way for Jorge.

"Jorge told me (last night) that he feels much better since Wednesday and he hadn't even had anti-inflammatories (medicine) yet. His belief is he'll be ready sooner than 15 days and Hershon said it was plausible."

This one is worth holding our collective breath over. Nothing to do but hope for the best, but shoot, this goes down just when Posada was clicking offensively too. Dag.

2006-05-26 06:00:23
1.   Sliced Bread
Found this at, which seems to have good info re: sports injuries:

"Torn (hamstring) ligaments and tendons require as long to heal as fractured bones. Average healing times are:

Mild strain--2 to 10 days.
Moderate strain--10 days to 6 weeks.
Severe strain--6 to 10 weeks. If this is a repeat injury, complications listed above are more likely to occur."

If Posada had a moderate or severe strain they'd have him on crutches through the weekend, which doesn't seem to be the case right now.

Even if it's a mild strain, it sounds like this will be a lingering ache that will require a daily regimen of heat treatments, whirlpooling, wrapping, massaging, etc. Geno's got a summer project.

If anybody on the Yankees can play through chronic discomfort it's Posada. Get well soon, Jorge.

2006-05-26 06:19:00
2.   wsporter
I'm not sure if that's good news or bad news on Jorge. I guess it's better than it could have been. Hope the big guy gets/feels better fast.

This was at the bottom of the 5/26 NY Times story on Jorge:

"The Yankees received some good news yesterday when they learned that starter Carl Pavano could resume throwing in three weeks.
Dr. James Andrews removed a bone chip in Pavano's elbow yesterday in Birmingham, Ala., but he found no further damage, Cashman said.
Asked if Pavano could pitch again this season, Cashman said, "Actually, it's expected.""

Hugh?!!! What? No thats funny. ROFLMAO.

2006-05-26 06:48:52
3.   Sliced Bread
Found this at, which seems to have good info re: sports injuries:

"Carl Pavano is as irritating and useless as a torn hamstring tendon."

2006-05-26 07:03:12
4.   Cliff Corcoran
2 I'll repeat what I added to the previous thread: Pavano had bone chips removed from his elbow in August 2000 and didn't pitch again until August 2001.

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