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A Right Bird
2006-05-24 14:16
by Alex Belth
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Two odd-looking birds pitching tonight in Boston, eh? Randy Johnson and Matt Clement are gangly and all angles. Neither is going to win a beauty contest anytime soon. Johnson, as we all know, has been getting his ass kicked around for more than a minute now. It will be interesting to see if he has figured out any of his problems. He did pitch well against the Red Sox last season but he's been a different pitcher entirely of late, and it's likely that it'll take him a while longer to get his groove back. Still, I just hope he improves tonight. I don't expect him to turn the clock back to his days with the Diamondbacks.

That said, it would be a tremendous boost for the Bombers if they leave Boston with a series win. The Yanks host the hapless Royals this weekend before four tough games against the surprising Tigers next week. I have a hunch that I'll be cursing a blue streak tonight, but nevermind the fatalism, let's hope the boys on both sides give us a good game.

Go Baseball!

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2006-05-24 14:38:20
1.   randym77
Courtesy of the Boston Globe:

Johnny Damon and Jorge Posada are both absent from tonight's Yankee lineup. Melky Cabrera will bat leadoff for the Bombers tonight in Damon's place, and Kelly Stinnett will handle the catching duties.

Here's the Yankees lineup:

1. Melky Cabrera, RF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Gary Sheffield, DH
4. Jason Giambi, 1B
5. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
6. Robinson Cano, 2B
7. Bernie Williams, CF
8. Terrence Long, LF
9. Kelly Stinnett, C
-- Randy Johnson, SP

2006-05-24 14:56:25
2.   randym77
Matt Smith has been called up. Kevin Reese was expected to be sent down, but I haven't seen official confirmation yet.
2006-05-24 15:00:50
3.   Shaun P
Slightly off topic, re the Tigers - anyone else as excited as I am to see Justin Verlander? I've watched a bit of his start vs the Twins and Santana - talk about a guy who can bring it.

I'm expecting a slugfest tonight. Don't know about in Boston itself, but dark storm clouds have rolled in here in Metrowest.

2006-05-24 15:06:16
4.   randym77
Also OT: I just heard the Mets traded Julio for El Duque.
2006-05-24 15:13:52
5.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
My favorite Yankee in the hideous and hated blue and orange?

(shaking fist at the gods)

Well, the only way that move will make me less than miserable is if Duque does to the Red Sawx in the Serious this year in a Mets uni what he did to them in the division playoff game 3 last year in a White Sox uni.

2006-05-24 15:13:53
6.   Simone
Welcome back to New York, Duque.
2006-05-24 15:18:16
7.   yankz
Wasn't Terrence Long the one who hit the double to spark the Jeter flip play in the 2001 ALDS vs. Oakland? Maybe they're paying him back for cementing the Captain's spot in the HOF.
2006-05-24 15:19:37
8.   Shaun P
I love Duque as much as anyone, but objectively, would anyone here (essentially) trade Duque for Kris Benson? The Mets have got to be kicking themselves for needlessly trading away Seo and Benson.

Meanwhile, I hope he pitches against the Yanks when the Mets come to the Bronx. I love watching Duque pitch, even when he's getting shelled.

2006-05-24 15:27:51
9.   yankaholic
WTF, minaya and his moves.. when he is not given money.. his trades look bad.. he swapped a decent (yet struggling) reliever for a 36 yr-old injury prone starter.. who spent some time this yr on the injured list too..

and what happens if El Duque breaks down?? Now u r one 'pen guy down and NO chance of moving Heilman and 4 & % spots open..

Brilliant.. "Other" team one ups itself again

2006-05-24 15:28:39
10.   Rob Gee
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2006-05-24 15:29:58
11.   sam2175
So, this is the Yankee OF defense for the day:

Melky Cabrera, RF.
Terrence Long (Magellan), CF.
Bernie Williams, LF.

And starting pitcher is flyballer Randy Johnson.

I will admit it, I am scared that it will turn incredibly ugly pretty soon. Just hoping Yankees give back as good as they get.

2006-05-24 15:31:05
12.   joejoejoe
6 One of the most entertaining games I've ever attended was NYY vs. Boston at the Stadium, El Duque vs. Pedro on 9/14/98. It was Latin Night at the Stadium and there were a ton of Sosa fans following the back and forth with McGuire as the game went forward (Sosa had hit 61 & 62 the day before). El Duque shut out the Sox in a complete game 3-hit shutout and the Yankees won 3-0. It was like a celebration of Latin baseball with all the Dominican fans from NY cheering Sosa, and celebrating Duque and Pedro at the same time. It was electric.

I wish El Duque all the best in Queens.

2006-05-24 15:32:20
13.   yankz
Have you ever seen a better 2-5? What about a worse 7-9?
2006-05-24 15:41:32
14.   tocho
Alex, what the .... is going on with the go baseball!!!

let me remind you that its:

Let's go Yan-kees!!!!!

2006-05-24 16:05:11
15.   vockins
I love "Go Baseball!" I have used that cheer at many a orioles/yanks marathon.
2006-05-24 16:12:24
16.   tocho
15 I don't get it...
2006-05-24 16:14:25
17.   rbj
According to the Clippers' transaction page:
05/24/2006 Matt Smith Recalled to New York
05/24/2006 Colter Been Optioned from New York.
05/24/2006 Kevin Reese Optioned from New York.
05/24/2006 Charlie Manning Recalled from Double-A Trenton.

Melky was incredibly robbed! No Orel, it was NOT close.

2006-05-24 16:15:45
18.   Stormer Sports
Wow! The NFL like Umpiring continues this year in MLB! Sorry Melky, that wasn't even close. Way to be in position Ump!
2006-05-24 16:16:08
19.   yankaholic
RBJ, stuck with Gameday today..

U mean Cabrera out was a botched call??

2006-05-24 16:16:39
20.   joejoejoe
Orel Hershiser is pretty decent as an announcer on the ESPN broadcast. Much better than Sutcliffe or Tim McCarver. Orel is a former athlete that retains at least a tiny bit of humility. I'm enjoying his call of the game.
2006-05-24 16:19:39
21.   Mattpat11
Get the pen up.
2006-05-24 16:20:12
22.   claybeez
Yeah, I'm giving Orel the start tonight. So far, so good. If things start to go awry I'll have to call on the Boston network.

Gotta love how Melky handled that at-bat. He displayed the same patience he's been at the bottom of the order.

2006-05-24 16:20:38
23.   rbj
19 Yes. It was an ordinary groundball that Melky hustled down the line on. Basically his body was straight up over the base when the ball went in the glove.

Tonight's announcers are definitely better than last night. But Orel should have just come out and said "bad call", rather than "oooh, that was close, I don't know."

PS, I wound up watching the NESN feed last night. Sure those guys are fans of the Red Sox, but they were way better than the ESPN crew.

2006-05-24 16:21:36
24.   claybeez
Looks like the NESN feed is ahead of ESPN's. I'll have to be slow to refresh.
2006-05-24 16:21:40
25.   Stormer Sports
Let the barage begin. I hope the Sox skipped BP today. Save their energy to hit off RJ.

Incoming! Here we go! Ortoz HR, Manny double?

Fuck you Randy, grow some balls already.

2006-05-24 16:21:51
26.   joejoejoe
Magellan's got a gun!

Get the pen up!

2006-05-24 16:22:16
27.   Mattpat11
What could Mark Loretta's argument possibly be?
2006-05-24 16:22:23
28.   yankaholic
23 Thx..
2006-05-24 16:23:02
29.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Just saw the Melky play.First base ump must be sporting his Jim Rice underoos tonight.
2006-05-24 16:23:12
30.   claybeez
Once again Boston is 2nd best (NESN).
2006-05-24 16:25:16
31.   joejoejoe
That's just Randy being Randy. Manny hits a bomb into the street.
2006-05-24 16:25:17
32.   vockins
God and baby jesus...
2006-05-24 16:25:45
33.   Mattpat11
I give up. Keep calling that pitch to fucking Ramirez, Yankees, he's bound to miss it once, right?

Fucking idiots.

2006-05-24 16:25:48
34.   Bill
Seriously, how much longer can the Yanks keep putting Johnson out there?
2006-05-24 16:27:48
35.   Stormer Sports
There it goes! I am really hoping Arod gets in a groove and the press eases up on him a little bit. We need the guy and he is trying.

As for Randy, he's finished, washed up, caput, a bullpen guy at best. Actually he cant get leftys out either. Trade him for Reggie Sanders and eat the salary. What a piece of garbage. He looks scared, intimidated, fearful of the bat. What good can he ever be at this rate?

Oh yea Randy, you'll get the close calls pitching the way you are. Get fired up and tossed, at least then Ill know you give a shit.

2006-05-24 16:27:56
36.   Mattpat11
You know what? Why don't they go all the way and pitch Ortiz down and in? Why would we even try with Ortiz if we're not going to try with Ramirez?
2006-05-24 16:28:52
37.   tocho
that was strike 3 to varitek everyone, and it wasn't even close to being a ball. don't start jumping of buildings. I think RJ will step it up.
2006-05-24 16:29:05
38.   Shawn Clap
RJ proves he can get nasty with cameramen and his long-lost daughter. Why not get nasty with these Red Sox?
2006-05-24 16:29:28
39.   yankaholic
Hang tite.. guys.. its only 1st
2006-05-24 16:30:20
40.   BklynBmr
The only mildly entertaining thing about Manny's moonshot was how quick he got out of the box this time...
2006-05-24 16:31:15
41.   Stormer Sports

Because he's a big fat pussy, and a set up man, at best! You demand an extesion, well I demand you try and learn how to pitch again! I aint cutting him any slack anymore, he's absolute junk. Scott Erickson could post an ERA as good as Randy's for crying out loud.

2006-05-24 16:31:35
42.   Bill
I know I'm repeating last night's comment, but the sox defense puts the Yanks to shame.
2006-05-24 16:31:38
43.   nick
Mattpat, we're all going nuts here, but ease off a little: RJ missed the target by close to a foot, the replays showed it clearly--the blame is his (unless you think he shoulda been walked intentionally..)
2006-05-24 16:31:56
44.   singledd
Was Vasquez as bad as RJ?
Was Brown as bad as RJ?
Was Pavano as bad as RJ?
Was Wright as bad as RJ?
Was Weaver as bad as RJ?
Was anyone we dumped as bad as RJ?

He needs to go to the minors and either work out his shit or retire.
He is not even near replacement level.
34 I hope this is the last (doubtful).

2006-05-24 16:32:23
45.   vockins
Did Ramirez circle the bases like a Grambling drum major?
2006-05-24 16:33:00
46.   tocho
40 I agree. Banged-up RJ is still more intimidating than the Proctor.

He got out of there in a hurry.

I fully expect RJ to shut the door the rest of the way. You don't go from dominant to washed up in a month.

2006-05-24 16:33:09
47.   Stormer Sports
Ease up? He's horrible. He makes Brad Halsey look like Cy Young!
2006-05-24 16:33:29
48.   claybeez
Stormer, chill. Please.
2006-05-24 16:33:31
49.   joejoejoe
44 HRS and 140 RBI for A-Rod if you project out his 'struggles' sez Orel. I wish more announcers would push the facts and not the soap opera nonsense.
2006-05-24 16:34:09
50.   Stormer Sports

Nope, you go from dominant to washed up when you are afraid to pitch for NY!

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2006-05-24 16:35:24
51.   Bill
When has he been dominant for the Yanks for more that a game at a time? It's time to face facts.
2006-05-24 16:35:48
52.   nick
what's with all these guys who think Cano is a lock to win a batting title? I mean, I like Robby, but his OBP is .327 and his power's vanished, he was never a top prospect....
2006-05-24 16:36:09
53.   Maniakes
We don't need him dominant. We just need him decent, and that he hasn't been lately.
2006-05-24 16:36:53
54.   claybeez
Clement and Wright, what are they twins separated at birth?
2006-05-24 16:37:04
55.   BklynBmr
That was payback for Wright! Serioulsy, hope Clement is OK, that was a shot!
2006-05-24 16:37:09
56.   rbj
Did Jaret pass his curse on to Clement
2006-05-24 16:37:57
57.   joejoejoe
FYI - Manny Ramirez is good. It's not exactly a miracle that he hit a home run. I'm disappointed in RJ as much as anyone but let's enjoy the game and hope for improvement by Johnson.

Bernie just hit a laser off Matt Clement. Don't stand next to Matt Clement or Jaret Wright anywhere near a baseball diamond.

2006-05-24 16:39:34
58.   claybeez
Yeah RJ is awful, no doubt. But, they're as likely to eat that contract as they were to eat Giambi's last year. And, who would take it on? The Mets? Yeah, like George would let that happen. We're stuck. Hopefully, he improves or is embarassed into retirement.
2006-05-24 16:39:57
59.   nick
50...RJ wasn't dominant all last year, he's over 40: this is what end of career decline phase looks like--is he gonna become a control pitcher at 42? conceivable but highly unlikely...
2006-05-24 16:40:43
60.   Stormer Sports

I have tried and tried and tried to be optimistic re: Johnson. My heart tells me I should be, but my brain tells me that there is no point. I think I gave up during the away game in Chicago late last summer.

2006-05-24 16:40:55
61.   tocho
57 Agreed, its the first inning, and its 2-0 not 12-0
2006-05-24 16:41:22
62.   Mattpat11
Another thing on the Manny front. People were screaming to throw the Clemens ball from 2003 ALCS. We did. He hit the next one scross the street. But at least he didnt watch it.


2006-05-24 16:42:13
63.   claybeez
Alot of pitchers struggle early, hopefully RJ finds a groove for 5-6 innings and Joe knows just when to pull him.
2006-05-24 16:42:32
64.   tocho
man, this bosox infield has taken away 3 hits already (one with the help of the umpire)
2006-05-24 16:43:01
65.   Mattpat11
52If he hits .330 with a .331 OBP he can win a batting title.
2006-05-24 16:43:26
66.   rbj
OK, nice AB by Long. Gets a walk and pushes up Clement's pitch count.
2006-05-24 16:43:31
67.   claybeez
Stinett up with the bases-loaded. I thought we were an American League team!
2006-05-24 16:43:52
68.   nick
OK, I want the "take" sign on for Stinnet until 2 strikes...
2006-05-24 16:43:55
69.   joejoejoe
Kelly Stinnett up with the bases loaded. Our best hitter named Kelly! Hey, ho - let's go!
2006-05-24 16:44:21
70.   Stormer Sports

It doesn't hurt them that there is more water on the dirt that at a mud bog race in Louisiana.

2006-05-24 16:44:36
71.   vockins
Thank God Clement is sucking it up. Get out your No-Doz, ladies and gents.
2006-05-24 16:44:55
72.   rbj
69 I'd rather have Roberto Kelly in that situation.
2006-05-24 16:45:40
73.   Stormer Sports
Come on Kelly!
2006-05-24 16:46:18
74.   Stormer Sports
The best of all possible outcomes!
2006-05-24 16:46:29
75.   joejoejoe
Yeah! Clement hit him. RBI Stinnett.
2006-05-24 16:46:38
76.   Maniakes
Clutch HPB!
2006-05-24 16:46:44
77.   rbj
Good job Kelly! Tough way to get an rbi, but it keeps the inning going.
2006-05-24 16:46:45
78.   yankaholic
Show some patience.. this guy can help us..
2006-05-24 16:46:45
79.   Bill
walking Long and hitting Stinett? That should be a capital offense.
2006-05-24 16:46:58
80.   tocho
he took one for the team there
2006-05-24 16:47:05
81.   vockins
Nice one, Kelly! Take one for the team! Your second HBPRBI of the year!
2006-05-24 16:47:16
82.   claybeez
Big spot for Melky.
2006-05-24 16:47:25
83.   nick
"Stinnett has the power to hit the ball out of the ballpark"--yeah, and monkeys have the power to fly out of my butt--
2006-05-24 16:47:55
84.   Stormer Sports
You know you're stinking it up when you make RJ look like he's on.

Outside corner my ass!

2006-05-24 16:47:59
85.   claybeez
79 Nice to know it's not just us, huh?
2006-05-24 16:48:18
86.   rbs10025
83 Wasn't that Dilbert cartoon recently?

"I feel a primate emerging, and it has wings!"

2006-05-24 16:48:19
87.   BklynBmr
Melky is the man!
2006-05-24 16:48:25
88.   rbj
It's Melky time!
2006-05-24 16:48:27
89.   joejoejoe
Ouch. ESPN announcer (not Orel) "he hit the weak-hitting Kelly Stinnett". It must suck to have annoucers call you "weak-hitting".

Basehit Melky! Got Melky?

2006-05-24 16:48:48
90.   Stormer Sports
Melky! Do you know how hard he had to hit that to get it through that intentionally soggy infield?
2006-05-24 16:48:58
91.   vockins
The goddamn Melkman!
2006-05-24 16:49:27
92.   BklynBmr
Pick up another one, Cap. We're gonna need it...
2006-05-24 16:49:32
93.   rbj
According to NESN the Sox just sent their long reliever down. Get Clement out and get into that bullpen.
2006-05-24 16:49:36
94.   yankaholic
Redemption for Melky for his Inside-park HR laugher..

good kid.. good mind.. Cano 06

2006-05-24 16:49:58
95.   Simone
Melky! Give the kid a chance.
2006-05-24 16:50:32
96.   Stormer Sports
Oh Hell Yes!
2006-05-24 16:50:34
97.   claybeez
I love Melky's approach. Gotta believe the extra base hits are coming next.

Way to go Cap!

2006-05-24 16:50:39
98.   joejoejoe
Jeter dents the Monster. Derek Sanderson Jeter gets his 1,999th hit.
2006-05-24 16:51:17
99.   BklynBmr
I love the sound of the thud off that monster (from visiting teams only, natch), sounds like a shotgun...
2006-05-24 16:52:22
100.   Bill
How come Manny never makes one of his famous OF goofs against the Yanks?
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2006-05-24 16:52:28
101.   Shawn Clap
Nice little 2 out rally.
2006-05-24 16:52:31
102.   Stormer Sports

Most hits since 1996. Second Most runs since 1996. Most overrated, umm ok. Hey at least MLB players get jealous of talented good looking guys just like in High School.

2006-05-24 16:53:06
103.   rbj
That inning was brought to you in part by Bernie Williams, Terrence Long, and Kelly Stinnett.
2006-05-24 16:54:36
104.   nick
99 yeah, absolutely!--along with the sound of Clement's leg earlier, makes a nice little soundtrack to the inning....gotta give Bernie major credit for that uprising.
2006-05-24 16:55:22
105.   Mattpat11
After getting Pena, he should get these two.
2006-05-24 16:56:07
106.   Bill
Johnson's mechanics are totally inconsistent. Even an armchair observer can see that.
2006-05-24 16:56:28
107.   yankaholic
Will kickin Clement out of the game early be good or bad??
2006-05-24 16:57:44
108.   Mattpat11
Christ. Could he have gotten an easier 1-2-3 inning? STOP SUCKING
2006-05-24 16:58:40
109.   BklynBmr
104 Bass Ale on the keyboard again! Thanks alot...
2006-05-24 16:59:59
110.   Bill
Half the time he's falling toward third base. The other times his front foot is almost on the first base side.
2006-05-24 17:00:44
111.   Mattpat11
2006-05-24 17:01:19
112.   Bill
Prepare for Scott Erickson!
2006-05-24 17:01:21
113.   BklynBmr
This is pathetic...
2006-05-24 17:01:24
114.   Stormer Sports
LOL. I thought that might take 2 innings, oh well.
2006-05-24 17:01:25
115.   rbj
Grrrr. &%^%#@#!(&@!@#!(#*&!!!!!!@!!!!!
2006-05-24 17:01:39
116.   joejoejoe
Did someone tell Unit that batting practice is over?
2006-05-24 17:01:53
117.   Mattpat11
I hate this man.

He couldn't get ALEX FUCKING GONZALEZ out.

2006-05-24 17:01:59
118.   Schteeve
Is Derek going to make it to 3000 hits? If memory serves he's a year younger than me which makes him 32 going on 33, and he's got 2000 hits. So he needs to realistically play another 5-6 seasons to reach 3000.

So it seems to me that he's hardly a lock.

2006-05-24 17:02:21
119.   Benjamin Kabak
I can't decide who's more worthless, Kelly Stinnett and his "arm" behind the plate or Randy "Home Run" Johnson? Giving up hits to 1-for-his-last-20 to Alex Gonzalez...getting ahead 0-2...and then giving up a home run. Worthless. $16 million of worthless crappiness.
2006-05-24 17:02:32
120.   Shawn Clap
Is it too late to ask Colter Bean back?
2006-05-24 17:02:33
121.   Simone
Kevin Youkilis?! Is this some kind of sick joke? I thought Stinnett was the answer to all Johnson's problems?
2006-05-24 17:02:44
122.   Stormer Sports
Hey, at least he looks pissed. Get pissed Randy, it's your only hope to stay in this rotation.
2006-05-24 17:03:06
123.   Benjamin Kabak
118 Derek is 31 going on 32. He ought to make it to 3000.
2006-05-24 17:03:11
124.   Jeteupthemiddle
You know what is awesome? In this start, his last start, and I think even the start before that, the Yankee offense went out and gave him a lead.

Is it too much to ask for Randy Johnson to just hold ONE out of three leads given to him? Geez.

2006-05-24 17:03:18
125.   Bill
They'll do another mri. Call it the all-purpose "tendinitis" and DL him.
2006-05-24 17:03:21
126.   Schteeve
RJ needs to get Gilooly'd.
2006-05-24 17:03:30
127.   tocho
seems like youk is the real deal. great defense, good eye, good contact and power.

I can't believe he wasn't a starter earlier.

tough inning, RJ had looked very well. the slider was sliding and the fastball was pretty consistent.

he should continue this approach of throwing strikes regardless of the outcome

2006-05-24 17:04:00
128.   singledd
OK. How much more patient do we have to be. He mechanics are off because he is favoring his knee. What is going to change that?
2006-05-24 17:04:02
129.   Mattpat11
2006-05-24 17:04:20
130.   Schteeve
123 Thanks for the clarification.
2006-05-24 17:04:28
131.   vockins
Anyone have the number for ARod's confidence coach?
2006-05-24 17:04:52
132.   Bill
127 His mechanics are totally off. Sometimes the motion is violent. Then the next pitch he looks like he's throwing a warmup toss.
2006-05-24 17:05:06
133.   Mattpat11
Absolutely sick of it.
2006-05-24 17:05:28
134.   nick
RJ's sheer unlikeability dosen't exactly help at moments like this...maybe a "Bronx Banter" pool on his homer total this year? gotta do something to stay sane...
2006-05-24 17:05:38
135.   Schteeve
This is going to be one of those 13-8, 5 hour long games, I can just feel it.
2006-05-24 17:05:53
136.   Mattpat11
Alex Gonzalez. Unbelievable.
2006-05-24 17:06:31
137.   BklynBmr
122 That's the first F bomb I saw out of Randy's lip this year...
2006-05-24 17:06:39
138.   Stormer Sports

He should get 3000. I however am in denial that he is already in his 30's.

2006-05-24 17:06:53
139.   Mattpat11
Oh crap, I don't think we hit Elarton for some unGodly reason. Friday could be fun.
2006-05-24 17:07:24
140.   joejoejoe
126 LOL. I say that too. "This person needs the Tonya Harding treatment." Usually it's not a sports figure that actually needs their knees - more someone who needs a dose of humility.
2006-05-24 17:07:34
141.   rbj
Take that, shift!
2006-05-24 17:07:36
142.   Schteeve
138 yeah i know, it makes me weep a little sometimes.
2006-05-24 17:08:26
143.   Schteeve
I laugh out loud everytime I see the words, "Giambi" and "infield single" in the same sentence.
2006-05-24 17:08:32
144.   singledd
Who's in the pen that can go long? We used a lot of pen last night. Can Rivera close if needed? I hate to see Proctor again... I don't want to blow him out.
2006-05-24 17:08:35
145.   rbj
I'll pick 42 homers for RJ. Which will also be the number of homers for A-Rod.
2006-05-24 17:08:35
146.   randym77
What a hoot. The "Giambi shift" comes back to bite them.
2006-05-24 17:08:51
147.   BklynBmr
Since this will be a 13-9 goatf*ck, Alex might as well get his 'useless' HR in right now...
2006-05-24 17:09:12
148.   Stormer Sports
I still say, with a little coaching, Arod with his gun for an arm, could easily pitch more effectively than Randy.
2006-05-24 17:10:16
149.   Stormer Sports
Arod has got to at least offer at those to help get his name out of the papers.
2006-05-24 17:10:36
150.   Schteeve
148 I think Bernie could pitch more effectively than RJ right now.
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2006-05-24 17:10:37
151.   tocho
the ump is clueless, that was NOT strike 3
2006-05-24 17:11:32
152.   Mattpat11
I'm dead serious here. Do you think A-Rod needs his eyes checked? I don't think I've ever seen such a good hitter stare at so many obvious strikes.
2006-05-24 17:11:49
153.   rilkefan
149 - yep, he should swing at bad pitches, more important to make the rubes happy than play good baseball.
2006-05-24 17:11:51
154.   rbj
That play was closer than the one in the first inning.
2006-05-24 17:12:15
155.   monkeypants
118 123 These days no one is ever really a "lock" for 3000 hits. Heck, Boggs had to play in Tampa to get 3000. Jeter had the right combination of youth and high BA (lots of hits, not too many walks). Now he needs health and longevity. He'll probably finish this season with 3100+, so 6 more years at 150 hits/year or 5 @ 180 (probably too much to ask).
2006-05-24 17:12:23
156.   Mattpat11
151 What was wrong with it? Knee high on the outside corner
2006-05-24 17:12:37
157.   randym77
The Ghost of Bernie has been looking pretty lively of late.
2006-05-24 17:12:48
158.   Stormer Sports

Well, except that K-Zone clearly showed it was a strike, yea, you'd be right.

2006-05-24 17:13:03
159.   Schteeve
If the Yanks somehow beat the Red Sox today, with Long, Stinnett, the ghost of Bernie, and Melky C, along with the Bad Unit, the Sox should be ashamed of themselves.
2006-05-24 17:13:40
160.   Mattpat11
153 No, he should sweing at the strikes when he already has two.
2006-05-24 17:14:00
161.   Stormer Sports
156 158

Thanks. Some folks just "want" those pitches to be something they are not when Arod stares at them.

2006-05-24 17:14:14
162.   Mattpat11
Aw Crap, here comes Randy.
2006-05-24 17:15:41
163.   Benjamin Kabak
155 All I said was ought! I agree with you. No one's a lock for anything but odds are good he'll get there.

Why is Terrence Long on this team? SERIOUSLY. He makes me angry. Pathetic. Stubborn. Use a AAA player. At least he'll learn and not look like a doofus.

2006-05-24 17:16:23
164.   Benjamin Kabak
Don't pitch to Manny. Don't pitch to Manny. Don't pitch to Manny.
2006-05-24 17:16:33
165.   Mattpat11
163 I'm not sure we actually have anyone better than Long left.
2006-05-24 17:17:22
166.   Benjamin Kabak
165 Using one of the Kevins of Mitch Thompson would be better than Long. They can field their position and might hit. Long's hitting .000/.100/.000 in 10 PAs. Useless.
2006-05-24 17:18:42
167.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-05-24 17:18:43
168.   Stormer Sports
When is Bubba coming back?

Bubba in right, Bernie in left, Sheffield DH. That has to make more sense to Joe than Long anywhere.

2006-05-24 17:18:55
169.   monkeypants
155 By the way, I remember reading a silly article a number of years ago (maybe in Baseball Weekly or some such) that claimed Jeter had the best chance at that time to break Rose's hits record (I can't remember what % chance it gave).

That is probably far fetched, but fun to think about. Rose was still collecting 200 hits/season at age 38, after which he added another 900+ hits. If Jeter plays until he's 42 (about ten years) and averages only 120 hits/year, he'll be in the ballpark.

2006-05-24 17:19:06
170.   Mattpat11
uhuh. Same pitch. Bound to get him eventually, says I.
2006-05-24 17:19:44
171.   Mattpat11
Turned the game off.
2006-05-24 17:19:47
172.   monkeypants
Oops--that was bad, bad math!
2006-05-24 17:20:11
173.   Benjamin Kabak
WTF Is Jason Giambi doing? Throw the goddamn ball or don't cut it off if you're too chicken shit to throw it.
2006-05-24 17:20:12
174.   rilkefan
158 - fair enough, was relying on 151 - though note that if the ump isn't calling K-zone, what K-zone thinks doesn't matter.

One data point for you. Get back to me when you have a few more.

2006-05-24 17:20:47
175.   Stormer Sports
Manny did the right thing. Make the kid make a good throw. The guys at NESN are lost.
2006-05-24 17:21:21
176.   BklynBmr
Pull him, Joe. Now.
2006-05-24 17:21:24
177.   Benjamin Kabak
175 He made a great throw. Jason Giambi decided to stick his ass in front of it.
2006-05-24 17:21:29
178.   Bill
Take him out for God's sake
2006-05-24 17:21:56
179.   Stormer Sports
Wait, on the other hand, RJ is pitching, I suppose its near 100% that the runner will score from third with no out.
2006-05-24 17:22:29
180.   randym77
168 Bubba's expected to return June 3. I'm counting the days.
2006-05-24 17:22:35
181.   Stormer Sports
I'd rather he not pull Randy if he's going with Erickson.
2006-05-24 17:22:55
182.   Benjamin Kabak
I don't really see how Randy Johnson can make his next start. In reality, he sucks. I don't know why everyone is saying he's going to get back on track. He's an old man with physical problems. His mechanics are out of whack and it's just the end of the line for him.

Let's crack open that checkbook for Roger Clemens and hope that 42 year old doesn't fall apart also.

2006-05-24 17:22:58
183.   Shawn Clap
The team doctor should throw in the towel already!
2006-05-24 17:23:29
184.   Stormer Sports
At this rate, I don't know how they can possibly believe it's best to keep Matt Smith at Columbus.
2006-05-24 17:23:40
185.   Bill
181 Erickson is likely to allow 6 runs over 9 but not over 2
2006-05-24 17:24:54
186.   rbj
Even the NESN guys are annoyed with RJ not pitching the way he should. There was a brief clip of Torre that sounds like even Joe Torre is getting frustrated with RJ.
2006-05-24 17:25:12
187.   randym77
184 Wasn't Matt Smith called up today?
2006-05-24 17:25:25
188.   Stormer Sports
No more 42 year olds, even Clemens, get Smith and Hughes up here. I don't subscribe to the "ruining" a pitcher bringing him up to soon talk. Clearly RJ cannot continue to be run out there every 5 days. If they won't call anyone up, then go with a 4 man rotation and use Randy when the schedule dictates.
2006-05-24 17:26:06
189.   Stormer Sports

Was he? Oh happy day. Get hughes up here and we're golden.

2006-05-24 17:26:35
190.   Simone
RJ is just killing the Yankees, killing. It must be demoralizing to see your "supposed" ace give up lead after lead every single game that he pitches.
2006-05-24 17:26:43
191.   Benjamin Kabak
188 I don't think Hughes is ready yet. But I'm ready to let Mendoza make Randy's next start. Or Darrell Rasner.

Smith's up BTW. He was called up and Kevin Reese was sent down. Why Reese isn't playing and Long is, I can't explain that.

2006-05-24 17:27:07
192.   claybeez
188 Hughes? Now? That's nuts.
2006-05-24 17:27:17
193.   Jeteupthemiddle
Oh man, no matter what don't bring up Hughes...he is pitching well but certainly not dominating AA right now.

I am all for DLing Johnson for whatever reason and calling up Rasner. At least I won't have a coniption fit every time the Yankees get the lead and the opposing team's bottom 3rd is due up.

2006-05-24 17:27:37
194.   Stormer Sports

It hurts the offense as well. You dont think these guys know they may have to score 10 to win and make every defensive play to win when he's out there?

2006-05-24 17:28:07
195.   glennrwordman
RJ used to bend ~all~ the way down--both hands on knees--when he received the sign from the stretch. Now he barely bends at all. I'd bet...well, I can't afford much--that his back is screwed up. I've got back problems, and it just familiar.
2006-05-24 17:28:27
196.   Bill
Please check Hughes's AA stats. Fine for a guy who is 19 but not exactly ready for prime time.
2006-05-24 17:28:33
197.   randym77
Put Matt Smith in!
2006-05-24 17:28:56
198.   tocho
I have to say, this forum/site is annoying today.

Its 5-4 red sox in the 3rd. inning! Cut RJ some slack, he's going through a rough patch, at least today he's throwing strikes, getting a few K's, Manny has been on a tear these last few games and he's basically responsible for 3 runs (pretty much unstoppable).

see you...

2006-05-24 17:29:07
199.   rbj
What would it take to pry Denny Bautista from the Royals?
2006-05-24 17:29:19
200.   Benjamin Kabak
188 Stormer: You don't subscribe to ruining a pitcher but look at what Johnson's lack of confidence is doing. Sports pyschology is a real issue here. I don't think Hughes is a good choice now. We'll have to wait until April to see him unless he starts blowing by every one at AA and AAA.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-24 17:29:55
201.   Bill
But, seriously, how can Arod allow Johnson to pitch like this?
2006-05-24 17:30:16
202.   Benjamin Kabak
198 You make it sound like Randy hasn't had 6 bad starts in a row now. I like to cut these guys a break now and then but this is absurd. I'm not a pitching coach and I can point out his mechanical flaws.
2006-05-24 17:30:18
203.   Stormer Sports
Why do these guys think its funny that their 21 million dollar man doesn't know the fundamentals of baseball. That might, just might, have something to do with why no one will make a trade for him. Hey, it's almost June, shouldn't he be clammoring to get out of Boston soon?
2006-05-24 17:30:43
204.   Stormer Sports
Why do these guys think its funny that their 21 million dollar man doesn't know the fundamentals of baseball. That might, just might, have something to do with why no one will make a trade for him. Hey, it's almost June, shouldn't he be clammoring to get out of Boston soon?
2006-05-24 17:31:18
205.   Bill
198 a "rough patch" like this for someone who wasn't making $16M would lead to a trip to the minors or the DL. He has been intolerably bad for more than a patch.
2006-05-24 17:33:21
206.   randym77
Well, Randy looked better at the end of that inning.
2006-05-24 17:33:33
207.   Stormer Sports
All I can hope for is that Erickson gets shelled. These washed up has-beens do nothing to help you win chamionships. There are at least 5 guys in the minors who should be given a chance over Cover Boy Erickson. Christ!

Erickson, Long, Villone, maybe Cashman is working a deal to sign Ricky Henderson.

2006-05-24 17:34:55
208.   wsporter
191 The reason is easy to explain I think: prior to this year Long had 3,032 ML ab's, Reese had 1. I don't necessarily agree with it but I think that's it.

Then Johnson strikes out the side. Go figure.

2006-05-24 17:34:57
209.   Bill
A shame the Mets beat us to El Duque.
2006-05-24 17:35:41
210.   Benjamin Kabak
207 Villone would be fine if Torre ever bothered to use him.

I don't want to see Terrence Long, Scott Erickson or Kelly Stinnett.

2006-05-24 17:35:49
211.   Stormer Sports


The Mets worked a trade for Duque?

2006-05-24 17:36:16
212.   Simone
I'm surprised that no one here is calling for Guidry's head like they used to do with Mel.
2006-05-24 17:36:23
213.   Bill
Yes. For Jorge Julio. No word on whether a Christmas Turkey was thrown in.
2006-05-24 17:36:23
214.   wsporter
Wow, El Duque to the Mets!
2006-05-24 17:36:25
215.   Shawn Clap
The best part of RJ's effort tonite is the fact that he's already up to 72 pitches. At this rate, we'll only have to endure 1 more inning.
2006-05-24 17:37:13
216.   Bill
212 I don't know how to blame Guidry for RJ being old
2006-05-24 17:37:16
217.   Stormer Sports

Did I miss something in the off-season? If you are going to go with Stinnett, why not just bring Flaherty back for one more year. Didn't Joe call him "the best back-up catcher since Joe Girardi?"

2006-05-24 17:37:54
218.   wsporter
212 Simone, Gator get make him 32 again.
2006-05-24 17:38:07
219.   Stormer Sports
Wow Juio gets passed around more than a drunk whore at a frat party.
2006-05-24 17:39:19
220.   Stormer Sports
Duque would be nice to use in relief, that's for sure. But I'm sure Cashman is looking for someone a little older.
2006-05-24 17:39:22
221.   rbj
That's Melking him for a walk.
Afflack answer: RJ and Greg Maddux.
2006-05-24 17:39:33
222.   Bill
El Duque has had a couple of awful outings but with 52K's in 45 IP I'd say he's not washed up. Great deal for the Mets.
2006-05-24 17:40:02
223.   Bill
220 That is truly funny.
2006-05-24 17:40:12
224.   wsporter
218 Uhm,... Gator can't make him 32 again.


2006-05-24 17:43:56
225.   Stormer Sports
Cabrera looking better and better. I'm glad I was on record looking to see him get a shot this year. Unfortunately, Joe and Cash will figure out some way to send him down once we are healthy.
2006-05-24 17:44:42
226.   nick
gotta love Melky's approach up there...c'mon Sheff!
2006-05-24 17:44:50
227.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Ironman. Tie this game...
2006-05-24 17:45:26
228.   Bill
The board of clutch arbiters deems this a clutch situation for Arod
2006-05-24 17:45:32
229.   Stormer Sports
NESN, ugg, is "break of the wrist" the rule you dumb ass?
2006-05-24 17:45:50
230.   Bill
Sorry, forgot Giambi is cleanup
2006-05-24 17:46:19
231.   Stormer Sports
damn! Giambi is in one massive slump.
2006-05-24 17:48:07
232.   JeremyM
So when A-Rod starts to hit and Giambi continues to be mired in a slump, you drop A-Rod and leave Giambi where he is. Makes sense.
2006-05-24 17:49:12
233.   Bill
232 That always crucial R-L-R thing.
2006-05-24 17:53:28
234.   rbj
Nearly 2 hours and it's only the end of the 4th?
2006-05-24 17:53:50
235.   Bill
Is it too early to pinch hit Damon for Long this time around?
2006-05-24 17:53:55
236.   randym77
And the Big Unit strikes out Big Papi.
2006-05-24 17:54:23
237.   Bill
234 The astros-nats started at 7 and they are in the 8th!
2006-05-24 17:55:33
238.   Shawn Clap
Inside, Inside, Inside to Big Fati. Make a note of it Yankee pitchers.
2006-05-24 17:57:05
239.   randym77
NL games seem to go much faster than AL games.

Though the increased number of ads in Yankees games adds to the length, too.

2006-05-24 17:58:02
240.   Stormer Sports
Nice hit and baserunning Arod!
2006-05-24 17:58:30
241.   Bill
240 Just remember it isn't clutch. LOL
2006-05-24 17:59:14
242.   Bill
It's Alive!
2006-05-24 17:59:23
243.   Stormer Sports
Bernie is back. Don't write his epitath just yet guys!
2006-05-24 17:59:23
244.   randym77
Clutch hits by A-Rod and Robby.

Now GOB has to come through, because insta-outs Long and Stinnett are next.

2006-05-24 17:59:24
245.   rbj
Yeah, Bernie & A-Rod
2006-05-24 18:00:13
246.   randym77
Bernie doesn't have the power he used to, but he's been really clutch, I must say.
2006-05-24 18:00:20
247.   BklynBmr
5-5? Just stepped out to sacrifice the neighbor's cat so Randy would find his groove. What happened?
2006-05-24 18:00:29
248.   Stormer Sports
I smell a hit by Long here.
2006-05-24 18:00:56
249.   Stormer Sports
Told ya.
2006-05-24 18:01:03
250.   Bill
It just shows you yaneverknow
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-24 18:01:13
251.   rbj
Wait, was that Terrence Long what got a hit?
2006-05-24 18:01:17
252.   joejoejoe
Oh, Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain
Ive seen sunny days that I thought would never end
Ive seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that Id see Bernie again!
2006-05-24 18:01:26
253.   nick
Long time coming!
2006-05-24 18:01:31
254.   Bill
247 Nice job BB.
2006-05-24 18:01:32
255.   randym77
I eat my words, happily. Long gets his first base hit!
2006-05-24 18:02:06
256.   Stormer Sports
Holy shit. The guy can't even bunt.
2006-05-24 18:02:09
257.   Maniakes
I smell a hit by Stinnett here.

Hey, it worked for Stormer Sports...

2006-05-24 18:02:28
258.   rbj
That cat went for a good cause. But stand by, more may need to be sacrificed.
2006-05-24 18:02:30
259.   Stormer Sports
Holy shit. The guy can't even bunt.
2006-05-24 18:03:20
260.   claybeez
Last year we had all the studs healthy and fell way back before pulling it out. This year, we're hurting and yet, they keep fighting and competing. I like the resolve.

Accentuate the positive.

2006-05-24 18:03:45
261.   nick
252 nice.....I wonder if JT told him to stay back, be quick through the zone...
2006-05-24 18:04:05
262.   BklynBmr
258 No problem. Cats owner is next...
2006-05-24 18:04:06
263.   Stormer Sports
I sure hope this a case of exaserbating an injury by not pulling him earlier. I hate all pitchers who share a staff with Josh Beckett.
2006-05-24 18:04:54
264.   Bill
Clement for Mayor!
2006-05-24 18:06:03
265.   Bill
What a horrid call.
2006-05-24 18:06:32
266.   BklynBmr
That was a BS call on Stinnett...
2006-05-24 18:06:54
267.   Stormer Sports
If you were ever going to get a pitch to hit Stinnett, it's here!

Why do we keep complaining when we take strike 3, when it's obviously a strike. Have we become Rasheed Wallace?

2006-05-24 18:08:02
268.   Bill
267 What game are you watching. High AND Inside
2006-05-24 18:08:06
269.   joejoejoe
Will it be Melky's 18th hit or Jeter's 2,000th that breaks this open?
2006-05-24 18:09:27
270.   Bill
Melky has now insured his job. Joe does not forget big games vs the Sox
2006-05-24 18:09:27
271.   nick
the Melkman delivers!!
2006-05-24 18:09:51
272.   rbs10025
269 The former, we hope.

If not that, then we need more cats.

2006-05-24 18:09:52
273.   rbj
2006-05-24 18:09:54
274.   BklynBmr
Melky for Mayor, Bill!
2006-05-24 18:09:55
275.   Benjamin Kabak
I love Melky Cabrera! This has gotta be his audition to replace Sheffield in right for next season.
2006-05-24 18:11:48
276.   randym77
Melky's a stud.
2006-05-24 18:12:05
277.   nick
OK, now will Joe want to get Randy a win for pride or some such shit? on the other hand Erickson is our alternative....
2006-05-24 18:12:44
278.   Stormer Sports
Jete, what the hell!
2006-05-24 18:13:32
279.   Bill
If Melky ever starts flashing a bit of pop, I'll get optimistic. He has impressed with his approach however.
2006-05-24 18:14:44
280.   rbj
Yeah. The devil you know, or the devil you, ah , know. OTOH, Unit has picked up the last couple of innings.
2006-05-24 18:15:01
281.   Stormer Sports
I'm ok with it. Melky wasnt a big power hitter in AAA. Hell, when was Robbie's last HR?
2006-05-24 18:15:28
282.   Benjamin Kabak
Rotoworld just announced that Jaret Wright might miss his next start with a sore groin. They speculate that Scott Erickson, Rasner or Mendoza will take his spot in the rotation.
2006-05-24 18:16:18
283.   Stormer Sports
Erickson, lol, well that will be fun. Oh wait, it will be the Royals right? Even he can beat them.
2006-05-24 18:16:22
284.   Bill
The booth shouldn't be talking up Randy, just yet. Let's see him get through the inning.
2006-05-24 18:17:02
285.   joejoejoe
282 Let's hope it's not all three.
2006-05-24 18:17:17
286.   Bill
He totally short-armed the last pitch to manny
2006-05-24 18:17:23
287.   nick
if Joe lets RJ pitch to the tying run I am going to absolutely lose my shit....
2006-05-24 18:17:25
288.   Stormer Sports
2006-05-24 18:17:38
289.   Stormer Sports
2006-05-24 18:20:44
290.   BklynBmr
279 Melky will get there. He may not hit 40, but he seems like a smart player — who'll know when and when not to go for the fences. Maybe his way less than stellar "exposure" last year was a blessing, in terms of his perceived trade value lessening. Bubba might not find too much playing time when he gets back...
2006-05-24 18:21:09
291.   Bill
Anyone care to speculate on how the bullpen will be deployed tonight?
2006-05-24 18:21:09
292.   randym77
Erickson? What about Matt Smith?
2006-05-24 18:24:01
293.   rbj
Depends on the score but I walk backwards: Mofor the 9th, Farns for the 8th (off day tomorrow, & this game is against the division leader). 6th & 7th??? Villone, Myers???

Lead off walk to Manny is not a bad idea.

2006-05-24 18:24:06
294.   Stormer Sports
Erickson, Proctor, Farny, Rivera. Assuming Erickson and Proctor don't blow the lead.
2006-05-24 18:24:19
295.   Bill
290 I agree BB but a corner OF has to hit for some power unless he's Ichiro and Melky is not Ichiro.
2006-05-24 18:24:22
296.   BklynBmr
It's been over-aired, but I think that Slingbox commerical is pretty good...
2006-05-24 18:25:11
297.   Mattpat11
You know, to be honest, I send him out for the sixth.
2006-05-24 18:25:36
298.   randym77
Erickson is warming. :-P

I want Melky in RF and Bubba in LF.

2006-05-24 18:25:59
299.   Bill
294 proctor and Farns threw a lot of pitches last night. We might get some Villone.
2006-05-24 18:26:29
300.   Stormer Sports
The Sox defense is stellar.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-24 18:26:32
301.   joejoejoe
This Red Sox infield is having a great night fielding the ball.
2006-05-24 18:26:38
302.   BklynBmr
F those Beantown gloves! They're killin' us!
2006-05-24 18:26:50
303.   Stormer Sports
Some Villone, ugg.
2006-05-24 18:27:25
304.   Bill
Julian Tavarez is crappy enough to be in the Yankee pen. It's a mmiracle we didn't sign him
2006-05-24 18:28:05
305.   BklynBmr
C'mon, A-Rod. Meaningless A-Bomb here...
2006-05-24 18:28:14
306.   Stormer Sports
Come on Arod!
2006-05-24 18:28:54
307.   nick
297 after that inning, I do too, though 287 holds......and as I type Erickson is announced....
2006-05-24 18:28:54
308.   Bill
305 It would hardly be meaningless with Erickson approaching
2006-05-24 18:29:17
309.   BklynBmr
Finally! A hole in a glove...
2006-05-24 18:29:26
310.   joejoejoe
305 Meaningless like last night when it was the game winning hit? Give the guy some credit. This isn't the sisters of the poor we are playing - the Red Sox can score some runs. Every little bit counts.
2006-05-24 18:29:42
311.   rbj
Man, if A-Rod made that error he'd be tarred & feathered at the Stadium.
2006-05-24 18:30:27
312.   BklynBmr
308 Only to sportswriters who vote for MVP awards...
2006-05-24 18:30:51
313.   nick
could we see a 4hit night from Bernie!?
2006-05-24 18:31:38
314.   Stormer Sports
Come on Mr. Clutch. Can we ask more of Bernie tonight?
2006-05-24 18:32:31
315.   BklynBmr
310 See 312. C'mon now...
2006-05-24 18:34:27
316.   Bill
Ok, fasten seat belts.. crash helmets on.. brace yourselves
2006-05-24 18:34:58
317.   rbj
Erickson's ok for 1 (one) inning. Then Villy/Myers for an inning. maybe inning plus. I'd like Proctor to have a night off to not burn his arm. This weekend is the Royals, so perhaps we'll have some blowouts & not need FarnMo.
2006-05-24 18:36:38
318.   joejoejoe
315 My fault, we're on the same page.
2006-05-24 18:36:47
319.   Stormer Sports
Oh boy! Here we go! Come on pretty boy, make good.
2006-05-24 18:36:51
320.   Bill
317 You're a true optimist
2006-05-24 18:37:11
321.   joejoejoe
Scott Erickson would be great on Dancing with the Stars.
2006-05-24 18:37:55
322.   Rob Gee
daskdhfdfjgb Scott ewygs fgysicbhnd Erickson rfwetdgc
2006-05-24 18:38:02
323.   Bill
Al Leiter is now really shilling (and I don't mean Curt)
2006-05-24 18:38:11
324.   nick
OK, Scott, one out....just don't walk anybody whose name doesn't end with a "Z"...
2006-05-24 18:39:22
325.   joejoejoe
ESPN Gamecast has Erickson in a Mets cap. I didn't even know he ever played for the Mets.
2006-05-24 18:39:38
326.   Bill
The bottom of the sox order has really helped us the last 2 nights. A shame Crisp is returning
2006-05-24 18:40:03
327.   Bill
325 for about as long as Lima did
2006-05-24 18:40:25
328.   BklynBmr
Erickson solved Alex Gonzales ;-) At least Randy closed strong and hopefully gives him something to build on mentally, if nothing else...
2006-05-24 18:42:03
329.   Bill
I trust Myers is warming even if the booth won't tell us? (Since they have stopped discussing the game)
2006-05-24 18:42:11
330.   joejoejoe
Note to self - Pick up Scott Erickson throwback jersey next time I'm at Shea.
2006-05-24 18:42:51
331.   nick
hmmmmm, he looked kinda good; I'm afraid Joe'll let him face the big boys next inning...
2006-05-24 18:43:53
332.   randym77
Villone is warming.
2006-05-24 18:44:07
333.   rbj
Good job by Scott E. Now don't push it.
So it is Loretta, then Papi. Should Myers pitch to Loretta, or have Scott E. do it?
2006-05-24 18:44:17
334.   BklynBmr
Tanyon who? I'm still cringin' when I see Erickson on the roster, but I gotta admit the more innings he can eat, the better. Sturtze would have this thing tied by now at best...
2006-05-24 18:45:11
335.   BklynBmr
Long is on fire! ;-)
2006-05-24 18:46:02
336.   Start Spreading the News
Stinnett sucks.
2006-05-24 18:46:03
337.   BklynBmr
T was safe!
2006-05-24 18:46:09
338.   Bill
Small ball hell
2006-05-24 18:46:24
339.   Start Spreading the News
If you are a .200 hitter, you should know how to bunt.
2006-05-24 18:47:26
340.   BklynBmr
338 Da Bronx Bunters. I know, it sucks...
2006-05-24 18:47:59
341.   Start Spreading the News
I have no problem with Stinnet bunting. What is the likelihood that he gets a hit. Very very small. So why not a productive out? But bunting hard back to the pitcher is not good.
2006-05-24 18:48:16
342.   Bill
I do NOT think Joe should use Myers vs Ortiz leading off with a 3-run lead
2006-05-24 18:48:53
343.   Bill
341 Stinnett can't bunt. That's the problem.
2006-05-24 18:49:17
344.   rbj
Ah that brings back memories of Scooter blasting the '80s Yankees for not knowing how to bunt.
2006-05-24 18:50:22
345.   BklynBmr
339 I think you were right the first time. This guy is not a lock to lay one down. I'd gamble on him finding a hole in the infield...
2006-05-24 18:51:14
346.   Bill
Joe has all these little stats. Cairo is 2 for 5 vs this guy or that, etc. Does he have the one that shows Stinnett has 7 successful sacs in 13 years?
2006-05-24 18:53:53
347.   Bill
When Papi is up next inning with 2 on, there will be no Meyers
2006-05-24 18:56:39
348.   Maniakes
347, when Papi is up next inning with 2 on, there will be Villone and there will be Rivera.
2006-05-24 18:57:20
349.   rbj
Man, it must be tough when your job is to get David Ortiz out. Nasty hitter, and it doesn't matter if you do well every other time. If you don't get him out, you've failed.

Good thing he succeeded.

2006-05-24 18:57:42
350.   nick
342 exactly--esp. with a tired bullpen, it's just not a smart it's boring. I'd love to see rule changes eliminate the one-out lefty....
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-24 18:58:06
351.   BklynBmr
Who's Proctor's daddy?
2006-05-24 18:58:11
352.   Bill
19 HR in 101 IP's for proctor
2006-05-24 18:58:51
353.   rbj
Just f'in walk Manny these days. Better yet, bean him.
2006-05-24 18:59:25
354.   jkay
I though it was the replay, but it was live.
2006-05-24 18:59:28
355.   nick
we finally start getting Ortiz out, and now this happens....
2006-05-24 19:00:17
356.   joejoejoe
Great moments in Red Sox management history:
10/30/03 - "In a surprising move, the Red Sox put Manny Ramirez up for grabs, placing the All-Star outfielder on irrevocable waivers last night, according to the websites of The New York Times and the Boston Herald. That means any team can have him if it is willing to pay his salary. Ramirez has five years and $104 million remaining on a $160 million, eight-year contract, and is scheduled to make $20.5 million in 2004."
2006-05-24 19:00:42
357.   Bill
Melky becomes a man before our eyes. I feel like I'm at a bar mitzvah.
2006-05-24 19:00:45
358.   randym77
Whoa, Melky!
2006-05-24 19:00:45
359.   BklynBmr
354 Same here.

Melky rocks!!!

2006-05-24 19:02:21
360.   rbj
Today, I am a Yankee.
2006-05-24 19:03:03
361.   BklynBmr
Let's go, Sheff. Get that one back...
2006-05-24 19:03:11
362.   claybeez
Yankees acquired Nick Green from Tampa Bay per Rotoworld.
2006-05-24 19:03:35
363.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Hahah, mental note. never match up Proctor against Manny ever again.
2006-05-24 19:05:35
364.   nick
Sheff is back!
2006-05-24 19:07:30
365.   rsmith51
I just noticed that Long has 2 hits. Should I be worried?
2006-05-24 19:07:55
366.   randym77
But Giambi isn't. :-(

And that was one ugly swing by A-rod.

2006-05-24 19:07:56
367.   rbj
Why an INF? 1b, 2b, 3b, SS are healthy & Cairo's on the bench (unless Green is better than Miguel)?
A backup catcher sure, a reliever/starter ok? But inf?
2006-05-24 19:12:51
368.   Start Spreading the News
stinnett sucks.
2006-05-24 19:14:18
369.   randym77
Oh, gawd. I'm sick.
2006-05-24 19:14:25
370.   rbj
Flipping between ESPN & NESN, NESN questions the pro-RS call more.
2006-05-24 19:14:46
371.   C2Coke

What the heck was that?

2006-05-24 19:16:32
372.   C2Coke
I am not at all sorry I missed RJ pitching earlier. But I see Long with two hits and one fielding assist, what is that about?
Does it mean we have to see him in more appearances?
2006-05-24 19:16:40
373.   Bill
2006-05-24 19:18:03
374.   C2Coke
What is Yankees' bullpen trying to do?
2006-05-24 19:18:37
375.   randym77
Stinnett makes me miss Flaherty.
2006-05-24 19:20:06
376.   Bill
See? Just thrown the damn fastball God blessed you with
2006-05-24 19:20:23
377.   BklynBmr
375 Absolutely.
2006-05-24 19:21:37
378.   C2Coke
Can Posada or Damon PH in the end if needed?
2006-05-24 19:23:02
379.   BklynBmr
2006-05-24 19:23:08
380.   randym77
Crap. Bases loaded for Papi.
2006-05-24 19:23:31
381.   rsmith51
0-2 to a walk? So you can face Ortiz with the bases loaded??????
2006-05-24 19:23:36
382.   C2Coke
And now Farnsworth makes me miss Al Leiter.
2006-05-24 19:24:01
383.   Start Spreading the News
they aren't bringing in the lefty for ortiz???
2006-05-24 19:24:20
384.   Start Spreading the News
is this insanity???
2006-05-24 19:24:57
385.   rbj
Are they trying to give me an ulcer? It is working.
2006-05-24 19:25:12
386.   BklynBmr
I hate when Papi claps his hands like that. He just looks toooooo confident...
2006-05-24 19:26:52
387.   BklynBmr
What an F'n pitch!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-05-24 19:26:54
388.   C2Coke
Why does every game with the Sox nowadays has to feel like a playoff game?
2006-05-24 19:27:27
389.   Bill
378 Posada is a no go. having an MRI tomorrow
2006-05-24 19:27:27
390.   C2Coke
Thank God...
2006-05-24 19:27:32
391.   randym77
OMG, he did it.

The "clutch" Papi strikes out.

2006-05-24 19:27:36
392.   rbj
Man, 4 Ks for Papi. Never thought I'd see that.
Next inning, plunk Manny, then get the next three.
2006-05-24 19:29:01
393.   rsmith51
And the Mighty Papi has struck out...
2006-05-24 19:29:16
394.   yankaholic
Papi.. has been choking for days now.. if Manny wasnt this hot.. u wud see how Papi is as cold as a freezer..

And nice idea by Farnsi, make manny hit with no runners on in 9th ining.. smart huh.. LOL

2006-05-24 19:29:17
395.   rbj
Columbus shuttle, please get Wil Nieves.
Wait, Yogi's still around, isn't he?
2006-05-24 19:29:29
396.   42YrOldRookie
I don't know what they cost in Beantown, but new clutches start at around 2k in Jersey.
2006-05-24 19:29:36
397.   rsmith51
What's wrong with Damon?
2006-05-24 19:30:49
398.   yankaholic
397 small split of a bone on his foot..
2006-05-24 19:31:02
399.   claybeez
396 Brilliant.
2006-05-24 19:31:21
400.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Bernie. Get the dagger rally going'...
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-05-24 19:32:14
401.   randym77
397 Broken foot.
2006-05-24 19:32:21
402.   rsmith51
398Thanks, how long is that supposed to take to heal?
2006-05-24 19:32:24
403.   singledd
When Farn's curveball in on, he is tough. Hard to sit on a curve, when a missle might come at you at 98mph.

Can you imagine ARod striking out in that situation. He'd be front page AND back page.

2006-05-24 19:33:30
404.   rbj
Any chance the Yanks could sign Barbados? He fits the profile, even if he is young.
2006-05-24 19:34:16
405.   singledd
Man... 2 of 3 was too much to even think of.
If we blow this now, with Manny and the bottom of the lineup, I might have to commit sepuki (sp?)
2006-05-24 19:34:22
406.   yankaholic
BIG "Fat n supposed clutch Papi" Orrtiz

Vs Yanks this series

2/13 (0.153) avg 1HR 3 RBI 1 walk


2006-05-24 19:35:32
407.   randym77
They would sit Damon for a couple of weeks to let him heal, but they can't.

He's been playing through it. He says he can run, he just can't stop.

Maybe when Bubba comes back they can let Damon rest.

2006-05-24 19:36:51
408.   randym77
Whoa. Was that intentional?
2006-05-24 19:36:53
409.   rbj
Message from Mo?
2006-05-24 19:36:53
410.   rsmith51
that's the hardest Manny's run all night...
2006-05-24 19:37:16
411.   yankaholic
402 if everyone was healthy.. Damon will b out for a week.. but unlikely with Matsui being out
2006-05-24 19:38:03
412.   BklynBmr
404 Theo has jumped into the negotiations just to drive the price up. Barbados'll be in Columbus by the weekend...
2006-05-24 19:39:19
413.   rbj
lol BB.
2006-05-24 19:39:26
414.   yankz
408,409 Was what intentional? I can only see the digital ESPN images.
2006-05-24 19:40:29
415.   randym77
414 Bigtime brushback.
2006-05-24 19:40:40
416.   rsmith51
Go after him, Mo!
2006-05-24 19:41:07
417.   bp1
Might have to rename one of my kids Mariano.


2006-05-24 19:42:24
418.   rbj
Web Gem Jeter!
And he gets #2000 at home this weekend!
2006-05-24 19:42:31
419.   Cliff Corcoran
Ain't Mo the greatest?

Whoda thunk a Yankee series win here. Kudos to this team. They're coming up big this year.

2006-05-24 19:42:40
420.   Simone
Good win! Unexpected even.
2006-05-24 19:42:49
421.   rsmith51
Cap'n !!!
2006-05-24 19:43:42
422.   BklynBmr
I can hear Kay now: "Oh, what a play by Derek Jeter!"
2006-05-24 19:44:51
423.   claybeez
Melky, Man of the Match/Game. And thanks Mo for coming inside. Nice. Very nice.
2006-05-24 19:45:22
424.   yankz
419 Tell me about it. Good to see the Unit get a win.

Was it just me, or does it look like the problem is that he's not confident against righties anymore? He was dominating some batters, but getting crushed by others.

2006-05-24 19:45:32
425.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Amazing, was fully expecting 1 out of 3 or being swepted, guess that just goes to show Baseball is a unpredicatable sport
2006-05-24 19:45:42
426.   42YrOldRookie
Doesn't Flaherty remind you of Sam the Eagle?

2006-05-24 19:45:44
427.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Amazing, was fully expecting 1 out of 3 or being swepted, guess that just goes to show Baseball is a unpredicatable sport
2006-05-24 19:45:53
428.   BklynBmr
This was a three game series? Coulda sworn it was five...
2006-05-24 19:46:36
429.   randym77
I love this team.

And even Terrence Long contributed tonight.

2006-05-24 19:47:12
430.   bp1
419 What a roller coaster the last three days have been. Wow.

After Schilling saying how the Yankees were "decimated" and that the Sox "needed to take advantage", I love coming back and winning the next two games. Just love it.

Great. This was great.

How the heck am I gonna sleep tonight?


2006-05-24 19:49:28
431.   Cliff Corcoran
Mo let out a Rebel Yell after Jeter's play.

And the Yanks pull within 1/2 game despite all the injuries and RJ's problems.

2006-05-24 19:52:12
432.   yankz
If this was last season, the Yanks would drop 2 /3 to the Royals.


2006-05-24 19:52:53
433.   yankaholic
430when schill opens mouth...yank shut nah slam it down... remember 04 ALCS?? when he wanted to shutup 50k Yank fans??
2006-05-24 19:56:30
434.   BklynBmr
430 BP, nice recall on Shill's "decimated" quote. That was lost in tonight's excitement.

This indeed was a sweet one. Now we can't let down against KC, 'cause it's onto a tough series in Motown after that. But I'll be enjoying tonight's W for sure...

2006-05-24 19:59:30
435.   yankaholic
I cant find the N Green story... anyone hv link??
2006-05-24 20:02:28
436.   yankaholic
in other news, Cubbies get swept by Marlins.... Ouch Ouch.. Ouuuuuchh..
2006-05-24 20:02:56
437.   BklynBmr
435 Here's a brief one from the Houston Chron:

2006-05-24 20:03:30
438.   tocho
433 04 ALCS? did the yanks play that? I think you're wrong. Was there a WS that year? I'm sure the season was over once the ALDS was done.
2006-05-24 20:06:50
439.   Cliff Corcoran
435 They got Nick Green for cash, I assume because the demoted Felix Escalona to Trenton and they needed another ex-Devil Ray middle infielder in Columbus, which is where he's been assigned.
2006-05-24 20:08:31
440.   Yu-Hsing Chen
The Jays lost today too, we go up against the Royals and Tigers while Sox go up against Rays and Jays.... hmmm
2006-05-24 20:17:42
441.   yankaholic
437 thx
2006-05-24 20:20:31
442.   yankaholic
439 Cliff, funny.. this means.. the Pena thing is over?? and Andy is set in the 25 man roster... sunny outlook for Andy
2006-05-24 20:22:55
443.   yankaholic
438 funny... scills failures r never even mentioned as his wins... if there was ever a guy who can get into HOF with the mouth than numbers.. then count on that fat toad bastard schilling
2006-05-24 20:43:21
444.   monkeypants
430 443 et al. OO, OK, Schilling is a loudmouth, and I got pretty tired of he whole stigmata thing. But I don't understand all of the animus about his "decimated" comment. The Yankees were (and are) decimated by injuries. I thought that his comments were relatively benign--he basically said that the Yankees' lineup was missing a bunch of all star players (it was), and that the Sox needed to take advantage of the situation (they did--just like the Yankees need to take advantage of weak and injured opponents). If anything, Schilling's comments showed a certain amount of recognition for the Yankees "A" team.
2006-05-25 04:46:48
445.   bp1
444 My comments were not totally directed at Schilling. Mostly, he was right. What I was pleased with is that the Sox did not take advantage of the Yankees when we're hurting badly. As he said "We (the Sox) have to take advantage", and they did not, and in fact lost ground.

It's a sweet feeling. Gives me hope for when the Yankees return to full strength (however that will play out this year).

Say what you want about the '06 Yankees, but they've got moxie.


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