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2006-05-23 13:59
by Cliff Corcoran
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Gotta do this fast . . .

Tim Wakefield vs. Jaret Wright tonight. Gary Sheffield returns to the line-up, but Giambi will sit to avoid exacerbating his slump by facing Wake's flutterball. Just as well, he can't hit that thing anyway, though Sheff can and tomorrow the Yanks should field their best line-up since Matsui broke his arm exactly two weeks earlier. Expect Cairo at first tonight based on his small sample success against Wake and despite his three Ks against him last time. Damon will likely DH again, hopefully Sheffield will push TLong out of the line-up, by bouncing Melky to left. Not a great outlook for the Yanks, but seeing Sheff in action should cushion the blow somewhat.

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2006-05-23 14:11:09
1.   kylepetterson
anyone know who's getting bumped?
2006-05-23 14:30:40
2.   randym77
I don't believe it. I just don't believe it. Long is still in the lineup.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Gary Sheffield DH
Alex Rodríguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams LF
Terrence Long RF
Andy Phillips 1B
SP: Jaret Wright

Andy's in, but I guess Joe still doesn't want Melky facing the big bad knuckleballer.

2006-05-23 14:31:31
3.   Rob Gee
euoqwpnc Long fepwrnc Long pqhfecas Long qasdg Long
2006-05-23 14:40:17
4.   Shaun P
Must . . . resist . . . gauging . . . eyes . . . out . . . to . . . avoid . . . seeing . . . Magellen . . . playing . . . again! . . . for . . . the . . . Yanks . . .
2006-05-23 14:41:36
5.   Shaun P
If we could enlarge the font on our comments, I would have just typed "ARGH!" in 120-point font.
2006-05-23 14:45:36
6.   rbj
Well, I was half right with Shef DHing. Does anyone know some guys who could persuade Long to not show up at the park tonight? Melky's defense is shaky, but that's because he's young & inexperienced at this level. Long has no such reason.
2006-05-23 14:46:57
7.   C2Coke
So what? Torre figures Long can't do it in the left so he is giving Long a chance in the right? Might as well put Long in the center when RJ is pitching tomorrow, then the Sox fans can all go home happy.
2006-05-23 14:48:48
8.   C2Coke
6 uh...maybe Long is expecting the Sox fans to throw down real money just to thank him being there?
2006-05-23 14:52:11
9.   Marcus
God forbid Torre puts Melky in the lineup against a knuckleballer. He might go 0 for 4 with 3 Ks, after all (oh wait, wrong guy). Wouldn't want to permenantly stunt his development. Better that his spot be taken by someone who's development has already been stunted at below replacement level.
2006-05-23 14:54:00
10.   Andre
Why isn't Shef playing RF? Did he hurt his foot too? I would assume that Damon's foot injury should have more of an impact on playing CF than Shef's wrist injury affecting his playing RF.
2006-05-23 15:03:51
11.   Simone
Does anyone has a theory as to why Melky isn't playing?
2006-05-23 15:06:38
12.   randym77
I think it's because Wakefield is pitching. Bet we'll see Melky back in the lineup tomorrow.
2006-05-23 15:09:19
13.   randym77
The Yanks have apparently not announced a roster move yet, because they're waiting until the last minute to re-activate Sheff.

From the Boston Globe:

>> While Gary Sheffield was in the starting lineup the Yankees finally posted just past five this afternoon, manager Joe Torre said that the team would wait to see how he reacts to taking batting practice before deciding whether to activate him off of the disabled list.

"We'll see how it goes," said Sheffield, who was placed on the disabled list on May 9 with a sore left wrist, the result of a collision at first base with Toronto's Shea Hillenbrand earlier this month.

Sheffield told reporters he's confident that he will play this evening though. He is slated to bat third as the designated hitter against Tim Wakefield. He said he is taking all the precautions possible at the moment, and will play with protective pads on both sides of his injured wrist.

"Sheff's a force in there," Torre said. "We'll see what he'll be able to give us." <<

2006-05-23 15:34:15
14.   randym77
Colter Bean has been designated for assigment to make room for Sheff.
2006-05-23 15:38:12
15.   nick
it's on Cashman, ultimately: you get Joe lousy veterans, he'll play them too much....on the other hand, nice to see Andy in the lineup--though 3-4 Ks vs the knuckler could mean it's his last start....
2006-05-23 15:39:45
16.   markp
I disagree. Cashman always asks Torre who he wants. Torre wanted Zeile, Sojo, Womack, etc., etc. Erickson and Long smell of Torre and no one else.
2006-05-23 15:44:08
17.   nick
15 not sure we disagree; my point being Cash has to get the best version of what Joe wants: are you saying Torre asks for specific names?
2006-05-23 15:47:47
18.   Marcus
16 Womack was a "Tampa contingent" decision. The story was that Cairo's agent was asking for $2M a season, too much in everyone's mind. Someone suggested they could get Womack for that kind of money. Yadda yadda yadda, Womack is DFA'd by the Reds a month into the 2006 season.
2006-05-23 16:03:26
19.   YankeeInMichigan
Bean was DFAd? He couldn't be out of options already.
2006-05-23 16:03:46
20.   Maz
Forgive me for this, but I'm really hoping T-Long does something great tonight.

I get a kick out of the fact that Torre is already calling him T-Long.

2006-05-23 16:05:40
21.   tommyl
Eh, Long will stick around another few games. Assuming he doesn't hit some important HR or something but continues his performance from last night even Torre won't want to play him anymore. Nothing wrong with giving Melky a day to rest, especially against Wakefield. Now, if Melky continues to sit tomorrow, then I'll be mad. Look at the bright side, Andy is playing first over Cairo.
2006-05-23 16:05:47
22.   tocho
I remember when I enjoyed reading the stuff Bill Simmons wrote about baseball. Now, I'm not even sure he watches any games at all.

Today he trash talks about the yanks like they are out of it. he goes against torre, the outfield, the bullpen and of course a-rod. I think he was watching the clippers game when arod hit that monster HR v his fatness to win the game last series.

he's the leading figure in that stupid misconception that arod only produces when it doesn't matter and chokes when it matters.

I can't remember who said that a lie told a thousand times becomes true.

2006-05-23 16:07:14
23.   tommyl
2006-05-23 16:07:58
24.   Marcus
2006-05-23 16:16:18
25.   tommyl
You have to be kidding me. Wright gets hit AGAIN. While I don't love the guy, I have to feel for him. And yet another possible injury. Why don't we just take the Clippers and promote them en masse?
2006-05-23 16:17:05
26.   kylepetterson
we dumped colter?
2006-05-23 16:18:44
27.   rabid stan
25 A whole team of Yankee Clippers? Hmm...
2006-05-23 16:19:29
28.   singledd
Has anyone every seen a pitcher come up with a line drive barehanded?
2006-05-23 16:19:55
29.   Cliff Corcoran
25 I was going to say something in my post about how all of these injuries have occured but Wright has not only stayed healthy, but has avoided the comebackers that peppered him last year, but I had to rush it. Funny because he's okay.

As for the Bean move. Is that true? That makes no sense, they don't have to make room on the 40-man for Sheff, he's already there and Bean should have options left. You sure it wasn't Reese? (though even then the DFA wouldn't make any sense, though the player demoted would make some)

2006-05-23 16:20:15
30.   Bill
4 straight line drives. Nice
2006-05-23 16:20:34
31.   Marcus
Lots of hard hit balls. Can't say this bodes well for Wright.
2006-05-23 16:20:52
32.   Cliff Corcoran
28 Happens every so often. Clemens did it in Baltimore opening the season a few years back. I think he missed his next start as a result.
2006-05-23 16:22:08
33.   Marcus
29 Rotoworld reported the same thing (Bean DFA'd) and even mentioned the fact that they could have kept him on the 40-man roster. I guess this means the Yankees have given up on him.
2006-05-23 16:24:44
34.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh. Jorgie looks like he tweaked his ankle...
2006-05-23 16:24:58
35.   Cliff Corcoran
Crap, Jorge pulled something.
2006-05-23 16:26:37
36.   Cliff Corcoran
33 He could still wind up back in Columbus, but it's just amazing how this organization has disrespected this guy.

Jorge limped back to the dugout and started putting on his catchers gear, so maybe it was just a cramp.

2006-05-23 16:27:08
37.   Bill
Oh, is that what those guys with gloves are there for?
2006-05-23 16:29:25
38.   Bill
6 well hit balls in a row
2006-05-23 16:29:52
39.   Marcus
Wright's got nuthin' tonight.
2006-05-23 16:31:34
40.   tocho
looks like they have to fire up the proctor for the early innings here.
2006-05-23 16:33:12
41.   Bill
40 dream on Erickson is the long man
2006-05-23 16:33:13
42.   tocho
another extra (couple of) out(s) for the red sox. I don't see how they expect to win playing like that.
2006-05-23 16:33:32
43.   Benjamin Kabak
Ouch. Botched double play ball by Cano. Fourth error in the last 13 games. Larry Bowa better start cracking that whip again.
2006-05-23 16:35:14
44.   chris in c-bus
watching these games is turning into cornea abuse...wright's got nothing so far...even the outs are loud...and what's happened to cano's glove? hopefully wright can settle in...
2006-05-23 16:35:32
45.   Bill
The difference in defense here is amazing. Run through it position by position and it gets depressing. Even manny is a push with Bernie
2006-05-23 16:36:16
46.   kylepetterson
i think wright is settled in....
2006-05-23 16:37:03
47.   kylepetterson
that wasn't supposed to be followed by a strike out but i'll take it..
2006-05-23 16:37:37
48.   Marcus
47 It's easy to settle in when the batter is Willie Harris.
2006-05-23 16:39:09
49.   kylepetterson
the situation ruined the joke. i meant that, for wright, pitching poorly usually is settled in....
2006-05-23 16:39:28
50.   chris in c-bus
thanks for the help, puke-olis
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2006-05-23 16:39:43
51.   Cliff Corcoran
95 MPH eye level and Youkilis swings at it. Nice.
2006-05-23 16:40:24
52.   Benjamin Kabak
Ah right on time. My nightly second inning crap-out by
2006-05-23 16:40:29
53.   Marcus
Greek god of Whiffs (cheesy, I know.
2006-05-23 16:40:31
54.   kylepetterson
if we had randy in there they'd be up by 18...
2006-05-23 16:41:14
55.   Bill
54 check back same time same station tomorrow
2006-05-23 16:41:31
56.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, could I have been more wrong about the lineup? I got the entire outfield, first base and DH wrong. The only thing I got right was Sheff in, Giambi out.
2006-05-23 16:41:38
57.   tocho
48 youkalis is pretty good and he K. I agree I liked how he came back after the 1st inning. single, DP ball, fly out, K, K.

his fastball has been terrific these last two outings, he seems to be spotting it at will.

2006-05-23 16:42:02
58.   kylepetterson
i've made a habit of missing every 5th game...
2006-05-23 16:42:04
59.   chris in c-bus
i'm no wright fan, but his last 3 starts have been acceptable for a 4th/5th starter...less than a hit per inning in last 3 outings...
2006-05-23 16:42:56
60.   Cliff Corcoran
Leiter's quoting his 16 knuckleballers in MLB history stat again. As we saw last time, he's off almost by a factor of ten.
2006-05-23 16:42:59
61.   kylepetterson
long just doesn't look right in a yankee cap.
2006-05-23 16:43:40
62.   chris in c-bus
dont sweat it, Cliff...not being able to come up with the same lineup as Torre is not a least phillips gets a shot tonight
2006-05-23 16:44:15
63.   Benjamin Kabak
Glad to see Long is playing in place of Cabrera. I'm not sure if Melky could flash that power. Long did just hit the ball ALL THE WAY to the pitcher's mound. Almost.
2006-05-23 16:44:22
64.   Bill
Tommy John retired because he couldn't field his position? Where does Michael get this stuff?
2006-05-23 16:44:28
65.   Cliff Corcoran
Andy with the walk. Good stuff. Jason would be proud.
2006-05-23 16:45:57
66.   YankeeInMichigan hasn't posted the transaction yet, but Bean no longer shows up on the 40-man. I always assumed that Torre's short leash (in comparison with veterans) with rookies was due to the fact that they had options. This one makes no sense.
2006-05-23 16:46:08
67.   Cliff Corcoran
64 Yeah, I thought he retired because he couldn't get anyone out anymore and the Yankees released him in May. Oh wait, that is what happened.

Nice hustle double for Damon! Andy at third.

2006-05-23 16:47:07
68.   Cliff Corcoran
66 Rasner's not on the MLB 40-man either, but I had Pete Abraham check with Cashman on that during spring training and Cash said the site was wrong.

Jeter drives 'em both in. 3-0 Yanks. Quality.

2006-05-23 16:47:08
69.   Benjamin Kabak
I'm glad I paid $80 to watch the Yankee game buffer every 30 seconds.
2006-05-23 16:47:31
70.   chris in c-bus
"Go DJ, That's my DJ..."
2006-05-23 16:47:38
71.   tocho
c'mon cap
2006-05-23 16:47:58
72.   Simone
Yeah, they are hitting Wakefield. How cool!
2006-05-23 16:49:06
73.   Marcus
Now things are looking brighter! The Yankees can score runs off of Wakefield!
2006-05-23 16:50:10
74.   Schteeve
Thank Derek for Derek.
2006-05-23 16:50:14
75.   Cliff Corcoran
Wake can't find the zone. Four straight balls to Sheff. 25 of 44 pitches for strikes. There's another ball to Rodriguez.
2006-05-23 16:50:48
76.   tocho
69 mine is working fine but I have a 2 minute delay v Gameday
2006-05-23 16:50:57
77.   Bill
Now MK is comparing Barbaro to Damon. Anyone who doesn't get YES is really missing a lot.
2006-05-23 16:52:13
78.   Benjamin Kabak
76 When it comes in, I'm about 5 pitches behind Gameday now.
2006-05-23 16:52:22
79.   chris in c-bus
luckily, I am getting the NESN feed in could be worse, Rick Sutcliffe could be calling the game...
2006-05-23 16:53:40
80.   murphy
66, rotoworld has that bean was DFA'ed. : (
2006-05-23 16:54:40
81.   Zack
So I was right that Long would stay, but way wron gwith poor Bean. But lets be honest, this is probably the best thing for him. Someone will sign him and play him, and then Joe will be quoted one day saying "Well, its great for him, he just didn't pitch like that for us" or one of those things and we will all yell and scream. Sigh. So I guess this is all for the best. Except for the fact that Long is still not only on the freaking team but playing!!!
2006-05-23 16:56:13
82.   Bill
Bean will clear waivers. He'll be back at Columbus.
2006-05-23 16:56:26
83.   singledd
Don and Remy at NESN were commenting about the ARod newspaper slams (for hitting a HR when it doesn't matter). They both thought it unfair. Mentioning that the guy was the MVP and that SOME of his 48 HRs had to be clutch.

pretty bad when Sox announcers treat ARod better then the NY press.

79 How do you get NESN is Ohio? I'm in NH, so I see every game. I like Don and Remy. Remy is one of the best.

2006-05-23 16:57:06
84.   Benjamin Kabak
NESN just had Varitek micked. That was amusing. He sounds dumb.

I wish allowed us to pick the feed. I hate listening to Red Sox announcers.

2006-05-23 16:58:02
85.   Bill
Wow. Was anyone expecting him to breeze though Loretta Papi and Manny?
2006-05-23 16:59:12
86.   singledd
84 You dont like the NESN team? Of course they are homers, as most/all announcers are, but Remy is a very fair and honest commentator.
2006-05-23 16:59:16
87.   Marcus
84 What was he talking about?
2006-05-23 16:59:34
88.   Dimelo
Bean sucks. I'm glad he was sent down. He should never be back up to the major leagues. Now I know why the Yanks were so reluctant to bring the guy up. I'd rather have Matt Smith up.
2006-05-23 16:59:45
89.   chris in c-bus
I buy MLB Extra Innings through Time Warner and it just happens to be NESN feed tonight...You know YES is bad when I'd rather hear the enemy announcers instead of Kay and the least I'm not in my car being forced to listen to Suzyn Waldman...that is flat out torture.
2006-05-23 16:59:57
90.   Schteeve
every year you get an unexpected good performance from a player or two, it's possible that J. Wright is "that guy" this year.
2006-05-23 17:00:43
91.   kylepetterson
3 hits, all singles..
2006-05-23 17:00:44
92.   Benjamin Kabak
84 As announcers, they're good, but I'm not a fan of hearing the pro-Red Sox stuff. They're generally nicer to the Yanks that the others.

And IMO, the most boring AL East annoucers are the D-Rays announcers. Dwayne Staats (formerly of MSG Network) puts me to sleep.

2006-05-23 17:01:40
93.   chris in c-bus
I gotta agree to a point...I am not sure what all the fuss is about Bean...While he dominates at AAA (i've seen him many times), he hasnt impressed in his (Albeit very brief) yankee stints...Everyone has their preferences, I guess...I know I've been a proctor fan for awhile and I'm glad to see him finally make some contributions.
2006-05-23 17:01:43
94.   hensley
I actually don't mind Don and Remy when gets that feed. I think they're better than Sterling and Waldman (yuck). I too wish you could pick the audio feed, and don't understand why sometimes we get the radio feed. Also, spotty streaming makes me question whether it's worth the $15/mo.
2006-05-23 17:02:39
95.   Benjamin Kabak
86 I don't mind them, but I don't like the pro-Red Sox stuff. I'm surprised Red Sox fans don't mind the relatively non-anti-Yankees bent.

In the AL East, my least favorite are the D-Rays guys. While Dwayne Staats is a former MSG guy, he puts me to sleep when carries Yanks/DRays.

2006-05-23 17:03:13
96.   Benjamin Kabak
Wooops. Sorry for the double play. It wasn't working properly before.
2006-05-23 17:03:42
97.   Zack
Oh yeah, Melky couldn't have done that...grrrr
2006-05-23 17:04:33
98.   Benjamin Kabak
I propose a bet.

What happens first:

1. Long gets released
2. Long gets a hit in a Yankee uniform.

2006-05-23 17:05:43
99.   Bill
Cano is making me think fondly of Soriano
2006-05-23 17:06:28
100.   Bill
98 I had that bet on Gerald williams a couple of years ago
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2006-05-23 17:06:37
101.   singledd
94 They have fans by the balls. You can watch every game, but they (MLB TV) know 90%+ of folks buy the package to watch one team. $5/month would be more reasonable. I don't know if I've every seen a whole game where part of the feed wasn't screwed up.
2006-05-23 17:09:04
102.   Zack
Ok, this is where Joe needs to ahve someone up in the bullpen
2006-05-23 17:09:41
103.   randym77
AP and the Boston Globe have said Colter was DFA'd.

They had to make room on the roster when Sheff was activated. He was still on the DL until after batting practice today.

I was hoping it would be Long, but it's Bean.

2006-05-23 17:12:59
104.   Bill
102 Why? It would just be Erickson.
2006-05-23 17:13:03
105.   3rd gen yankee fan
Some of you guys have been talking up Bean so much, and yesterday was the first chance I got to take a look at him. He was all over the place. Put my vote down for Matt Smith.
2006-05-23 17:13:37
106.   Benjamin Kabak
102 Now, now. You can't have it both ways. We criticize Joe for overusing some of the guys in his bullpen, but let Wright pitch out of it. He's pitching as you would expect a fourth or fifth starter to do. You gotta give him SOME room here.

I might eat my words in a minute but we'll see.

2006-05-23 17:14:30
107.   Zack
Its hard to take 2-3 appearances over a whole history of effective pitching. Hell, Whitey Ford sucked it up his first start or two, good thing we didn't DFA him then...
2006-05-23 17:15:41
108.   Zack
106 There is a difference betwen overusing the bullpen and trying to win a game. Generally when a shakey pitcher starts off an inning with a hit and a walk you get nervous. Whatever the result, this is only a 3-0 game that we have a LOT invested in winning.
2006-05-23 17:15:52
109.   Marcus
I take it back. Wright does have sumthin' tonight, so let's just hope he doesn't lose it.
2006-05-23 17:16:37
110.   Bill
With Mirabelli in and pena/crisp out the Sox bottom third is actually as bad as ours
2006-05-23 17:16:43
111.   Zack
happily I was proven wrong...No problem with that :)
2006-05-23 17:16:44
112.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Amazingly, despite the presence of Long (spit), the bottom 3 in the Yankees order is actually better than the Sox bottom 3.
2006-05-23 17:17:04
113.   Shaun P
103 Well, so much for the Yanks not going with only 11 pitchers. Sigh.

107 What if Matt Smith had bombed in the 4 measley innings he got to pitch in the majors? Would people be calling for his head now, and saying, "Where's Bean?"?

2006-05-23 17:19:06
114.   rabid stan
Whenever he gets into a little trouble, he always seems to find Mirabelli and Harris.

Then everything comes up Jaret.

2006-05-23 17:20:08
115.   Schteeve
Nice call 106
2006-05-23 17:20:24
116.   Zack
Nice Andy!
2006-05-23 17:21:38
117.   Shaun P
Well, I guess Andy can hit the knuckler. Wonder what would happen if Melky was out there instead of Magellan?

Over/under on Erickson being the first guy up if Wright gets into trouble? Unless Ortiz is due up, in which case it will be Myers first, then Erickson.

2006-05-23 17:23:36
118.   Zack
2006-05-23 17:23:52
119.   Cliff Corcoran
Have I mentioned I hate the hit and run?
2006-05-23 17:24:11
120.   Marcus
Am I wrong to think the hit and run is D-U-M-B with a knuckler throwing?
2006-05-23 17:24:25
121.   kylepetterson
116 - bad andy.
2006-05-23 17:24:32
122.   Bill
117 Erickson if it's before the nd of the fifth. Otherise Proctor. Joe is totally predictable
2006-05-23 17:24:42
123.   Cliff Corcoran
120 No, you're dead right. Jeter's single makes it worse.
2006-05-23 17:25:05
124.   kylepetterson
hit and run usually involves a hit. this was a swing and run.
2006-05-23 17:25:09
125.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Somewhere Joe Morgan is defending small ball.
2006-05-23 17:25:20
126.   Benjamin Kabak
Bah. Costly hit and run.
2006-05-23 17:26:36
127.   Cliff Corcoran
124 Not with the Yankees, it usually ends in a K-CS DP.
2006-05-23 17:26:41
128.   Zack
We seem to run ourselves out of innings a lot
2006-05-23 17:27:48
129.   hensley
I honestly can't remember a hit and run that has worked in the last year and a half. This is the nonsense that keeps Wakefield in the game until the 8th inning. I don't understand why with a lead they don't continue to take pitches, work the counts, etc. Instead they run themselves out of innings.
2006-05-23 17:27:52
130.   Schteeve
123 Cliff, i disagree. Theoretically you should have a better chance to steal a base on a knuckleball because it takes longer to get to the plate and it's trick for the catcher. If he changes up and throws the fastball, maybe Damon gets wood on it and it's first to third.

I don't agree with the play based on the opportunity cost, but I understand the thinking.

2006-05-23 17:27:54
131.   tocho
114 that's right, but then its starts all over again.
2006-05-23 17:28:00
132.   Bill
You have to put pressure on the defense! Haven't any of you played for the Big Red machine?
2006-05-23 17:29:22
133.   singledd
In general, running on Wake is a decent bet. Don't know how Andy rates on the jump/foot speed scale.
2006-05-23 17:31:03
134.   singledd
Remember how we screwed up in the ALCS when we didn't run on Wake?
2006-05-23 17:32:21
135.   Jeteupthemiddle
Well sure it is ok to RUN against a knuckler, I think the objection is the Hit And Run because of the high probablity of a strike out against a knucker. However, I might be making up the "high probablility" thing.

On another note, as of right now, I'm willing to believe Melky isn't in the lineup because of the knuckler because he wasn't in the lineup the last time against Wakefield either.

Of course, that may change tomorrow if he is still on the bench and Long is still in the field.

2006-05-23 17:33:45
136.   3rd gen yankee fan
Gorgeous pitch to Manny.
2006-05-23 17:35:20
137.   Bill
This was been surprisingly good. Much better stuff the last 3 innings.
2006-05-23 17:35:34
138.   Schteeve
Jaret Wright's mom called, she wants to know what happened to her son, and who this imposter is.
2006-05-23 17:36:42
139.   singledd
5 innings from Wright and ZERO runs.
Cause for a minor celebration?
I would like to see the boys get a few runs now, before Papelbum comes in.
2006-05-23 17:38:03
140.   singledd
See? ARods good even when he strikes out.
2006-05-23 17:38:04
141.   Maniakes
139, don't jinx him.
2006-05-23 17:38:54
142.   nick
ok, 5 scoreless in the books vs the Sox, we need to start officially investigating JW for cojones...
2006-05-23 17:39:11
143.   hensley
I wanted to like Bean, with all that hinky weird bird walking and palm licking. But as far as I can tell, his fastball topped out at 84. Has anyone but Wakefield (or a knuckler) found recent success with that?
2006-05-23 17:39:14
144.   Zack
See, now A-Rod could STEAL a base here, but it has to be an all out steal, not a hit and run
2006-05-23 17:39:38
145.   randym77
Following the game on the Internet tonight. Was it even close for Andy? I would think he could beat out Wake's knuckleball.
2006-05-23 17:39:50
146.   Zack
144 Well, nevermind, that works too
2006-05-23 17:41:11
147.   Bill
Proctor warming? After effects of Wright's getting hit by the comebacker?
2006-05-23 17:41:24
148.   Zack
And with the Bean and Smith thing, the issue isn't Smith OVER Bean, it should be Bean AND Smith on the team...
2006-05-23 17:41:57
149.   kylepetterson
here comes the heart of the lineup.
2006-05-23 17:42:15
150.   Schteeve
Did anyone think Posada would be quite this productive coming into the season?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-23 17:44:29
151.   Bill
Bernie is back in his bouncer to second groove
2006-05-23 17:44:42
152.   kylepetterson
someone who is actually watching the game live - how is wright pitching? good or just lucky?
2006-05-23 17:45:44
153.   randym77
150 I did. I even said so here at the Banter, more than once.

Posada's one of my favorites. I was never convinced that he was in permanent decline. He started catching relatively late, and has mostly avoided the kind of injuries that have done in other catchers. He's always been streaky, so an off-year didn't alarm me. I think having to work with so many different pitchers last year took a toll on him, but I expected him to rebound this year. I certainly did not want to trade him for Molina or anyone else.

2006-05-23 17:45:49
154.   Benjamin Kabak
Long might have the slowest bat speed ever.
2006-05-23 17:46:42
155.   Schteeve
Time for Terence Long to crank one up.
2006-05-23 17:46:54
156.   Jeteupthemiddle
2006-05-23 17:46:57
157.   Bill
152 He's been fine since the second. Good velocity and command of the fast ball and he's been able to spot the curve for strikes
2006-05-23 17:47:25
158.   Zack
Thank God, b/c that was the only way we were going to score!!
2006-05-23 17:47:32
159.   kylepetterson
he actually didn't swing a 2 pitches in a row.
2006-05-23 17:48:13
160.   Bill
Even Joe can see how bad Long is, can't he?
2006-05-23 17:48:18
161.   Zack
Bill let's not jinx it!
2006-05-23 17:48:21
162.   Benjamin Kabak
Sure looks like a good idea to bring in Mirabelli.

Now Josh Bard. There's a legitimate backup catcher. He can actually hit. The Yanks should take a lesson there.

2006-05-23 17:48:25
163.   hensley
Long Looks Like a Little Leaguer.
2006-05-23 17:48:40
164.   randym77
We don't need to hit tonight. Wake is doing it for us...
2006-05-23 17:48:44
165.   fgasparini
Aw yeah...Clutch Papa A-Rod!
2006-05-23 17:49:54
166.   tocho
Long looks very confortable v the knuckleball, I'm glad Joe put him in. anybody have lawton's number by the way?
2006-05-23 17:50:34
167.   Rosbif22
Why replace Wright? Was he tiring already?
2006-05-23 17:51:00
168.   wsporter
That's as rough an inning as I can remember Mirabelli having with the "thing". It looked like a spring training inning. How many starts since he's been back?
2006-05-23 17:51:25
169.   Bill
167 Must have been hurt by the first inning comebacker.
2006-05-23 17:51:37
170.   Jeteupthemiddle
perhaps because of the comebackers maybe?

I'm going to give Joe the benefit of the doubt that there is an actual reason.

2006-05-23 17:51:53
171.   randym77
Is he injured?
2006-05-23 17:51:58
172.   tocho
wright's out. I have to say I do not agree with this move especially with nixon, lowell and cora coming up.

as somebody suggested, probably the effects of that comebacker. but he certainly did not show it.

if not, why mess with it?

2006-05-23 17:51:58
173.   Zack
I think Joe realized that he hadn't pitched Proctor in awhile, and if he wants to complete his goal of making his arm fall off, better get him out there...
2006-05-23 17:52:23
174.   claybeez
Well done Jaret! I'm still a fan. You can doubt the stuff, but not the competitive fire.
2006-05-23 17:52:35
175.   Benjamin Kabak
173 This from the same person urging Joe to take out Wright in the fourth? :)
2006-05-23 17:53:24
176.   randym77
Please, no. All we need is another pitcher DLed... o_O
2006-05-23 17:53:55
177.   3rd gen yankee fan
170 Wright got hit AGAIN??? LOL yeah I'm coming in late.
2006-05-23 17:53:59
178.   Zack
Like I said, Jaret happily proved me wrong! And for my defense, I didn't say take Wright out, I said warm up the pen just incase...
2006-05-23 17:54:22
179.   chris in c-bus
quick hook on wright..he only threw 73 pitches...maybe he did get stiff after taking that comebacker? either that, or torre was afraid he would go into convulsions if he didnt make sure proctor keeps his league lead in appearances...
2006-05-23 17:54:53
180.   Bill
MK is now theroizing that wright is pitching better because the pressure of Pavano coming back is off. What an idiot.
2006-05-23 17:56:01
181.   murphy
hmmm... it's like proctor is the new sturtze... except without the suckiness.


2006-05-23 17:56:10
182.   Marcus
Yeah, I just don't get it. He got hit in the first inning, proceeded to pitch 4 2/3 scoreless innings, looking better as he went along, and now he gets taken out?

And now the hapless bottom of the order for the Sox is not looking so hapless.

2006-05-23 17:56:17
183.   Zack
Wow, that was pathetic. Nixon was literally AT 3B when Bernie picked it up and there wasn't even a throw
2006-05-23 17:57:18
184.   randym77
Proctor seems to be struggling a bit tonight.
2006-05-23 17:57:34
185.   tocho
DAMN!! I really hate joe torre. WHY DO YOU MESS WITH A GAME!!!

Bernie with his stupid arm at RF.

bad feelings all over the place.

2006-05-23 17:58:45
186.   murphy
...something tells me we're gonna need more than 4 runs tonite.
2006-05-23 17:59:38
187.   Zack
At least JT Slow makes for a nice DP
2006-05-23 17:59:53
188.   wsporter
DP. That helps.
2006-05-23 17:59:58
189.   Bill
Thank goodness for JT Snow. they should have stuck with harris. He wouldn't have dp'd.
2006-05-23 18:00:55
190.   singledd
Proctor in the 7th. Farns, then Mo. We should be able to hold a 3 run lead, shouldn't we (please say yes).
2006-05-23 18:01:16
191.   tocho
I think we dodged a bullet there.

these last 3 innings are going to be really tense if we don't score a few more.

I don't know about you guys but I don't trust anybody in our bullpen anymore.

2006-05-23 18:01:35
192.   YankeeInMichigan
On Thursday against Texas, Wright began throwing meatballs as his pitch count topped 75. Perhaps Torre feels that he still needs to work up his pitch count.
2006-05-23 18:02:50
193.   Jeteupthemiddle
as for Proctor...he hasn't pitched that much lately I don't think. He pitched an inning on Saturday? but before that, when?
2006-05-23 18:03:37
194.   Zack
Geez, let's give Proctor a little bit of a break here guys
2006-05-23 18:05:54
195.   Benjamin Kabak
All of this talk about Proctor's arm falling off...has anyone looked at his pitching history? He's fairly durable.

While he didn't get much work the last two seasons, that's because he was frequently on the Columbus Shuttle. In 2003, he threw nearly 90 innings. In 2002, he threw 133, In 2001, he threw 140 innings. He's on pace for quite a lot this season, and I think Joe should lay off him a bit (and probably will once Dotel comes back). But he has a strong arm.

2006-05-23 18:05:58
196.   yankaholic
Lets just hope its down to Joe's wacky theories than any prolem for Wright.. hes been putching decent to good off late... if we can get 6 IP out of him it will be much better..

lets see whether our DEFENSE n pitching holds it up..

go Bombers

2006-05-23 18:06:49
197.   Marcus
Looks like Wake has completely lost his control at this point. It'd be nice if Alex could take advantage of that.
2006-05-23 18:07:31
198.   wsporter
Big steal looking for a passed ball.
2006-05-23 18:07:48
199.   hensley
Eat it, Simmons.
2006-05-23 18:07:50
200.   Zack
So is that clutch? f all that, yay A-Rod!!!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-23 18:07:52
201.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-23 18:07:59
202.   wsporter
198 Or a dinger
2006-05-23 18:08:01
203.   Benjamin Kabak
Hey! Look at that. A big hit by A-Rod. Glad to see that.
2006-05-23 18:08:05
204.   Marcus
I would consider that clutch.
2006-05-23 18:08:50
205.   yankaholic
CLUTCH ROD.. take that NY DAILY News..
2006-05-23 18:10:01
206.   Zack
That was crazy, he thought he popped it up!
2006-05-23 18:10:03
207.   yankaholic
CLUTCH ROD.. take that NY DAILY News..
2006-05-23 18:10:42
208.   Schteeve
F'n A! Rod!
2006-05-23 18:11:25
209.   Peter
But the Yanks were already leading. There he goes padding his stats again.
2006-05-23 18:11:42
210.   Benjamin Kabak
HAH! A-Rod doesn't know his own strength. He thought he had popped that one up. No idea that was a home run.
2006-05-23 18:12:48
211.   randym77
Bye, bye, baby.

And bye, bye, Wakefield.

2006-05-23 18:12:58
212.   yankaholic
CLUTCH ROD.. take that NY DAILY News..
2006-05-23 18:13:30
213.   yankaholic
CLUTCH ROD.. take that NY DAILY News..
2006-05-23 18:13:42
214.   Zack
So maybe we pull Proctor now to save him for tomorrow and bring in, say, Erickson with a healthy lead? I can't believe I just said that...
2006-05-23 18:13:55
215.   Marcus
And Posada is still on a tear, despite the aches and pains.
2006-05-23 18:15:30
216.   JeremyM
That wasn't clutch. If they were down by 2 in the bottom of the 9th with two outs, then I'd say yes. Top of the 9th, on the road, would not be clutch, for those curious.
2006-05-23 18:15:36
217.   yankaholic
Villone a safer option?? sry abt multiple posts.. unintentional.. but am thrilled for the big A
2006-05-23 18:17:00
218.   yankaholic
So now, clutch is not hitting with RIsP but only 9th ining.. good..
2006-05-23 18:17:34
219.   fgasparini
Er....who commented yesterday that good things happen for the Sox when Youkilis walks?
2006-05-23 18:17:41
220.   Benjamin Kabak
WTF Proctor? It's 7-1. Just groove one.
2006-05-23 18:17:57
221.   Yu-Hsing Chen
what the, i just turned on gameday and I must be dreaming or something... 7:1 ?
2006-05-23 18:18:13
222.   Zack
216 See, while that HR doesn't count for a "clutch" stat, I don't care, to me, it makes a WORLD of difference
2006-05-23 18:18:30
223.   JeremyM
That was me fgasparini

And only 9th inning with 2 outs yankaholic.

2006-05-23 18:18:43
224.   Simone
Ha. Told you that Alex would start hitting soon.
2006-05-23 18:19:01
225.   Benjamin Kabak
216 So basically, nothing Alex Rodriguez is good enough for you unless he hits a five-run home run everyday in the 9th inning?

Harsh f***ing crowd here.

That was a big hit for the Yanks. It broke open this game big time for now.

2006-05-23 18:19:05
226.   randym77
Agree, this particular situation was not clutch.

But it was really, really cool. Wish I could have seen it.

2006-05-23 18:19:20
227.   fgasparini
I remember reading back in 84? when Henderson stole a million bases that Sparky Anderson was complaining that all those SBs weren't "meaningful"...I suppose they said that about Ruth's HRs too.
2006-05-23 18:19:53
228.   Benjamin Kabak
216 Ok. After re-reading your comment, I think you were joking. I didn't read the second part. Sorry.
2006-05-23 18:20:24
229.   Zack
Jesus Proctor, throw a damn strike, its 7-1!!
2006-05-23 18:20:28
230.   Bill
The real proctor returns
2006-05-23 18:20:29
231.   tocho
199 AMEN.

Although he's probably watching some 80's movie or wrestling... he just looks at the stats of games when writing his stats...

its pathetic how he has slipped.

2006-05-23 18:20:35
232.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Paging Colter Bean.
2006-05-23 18:20:39
233.   fgasparini
225 Pretty sure that was a joking comment there.
2006-05-23 18:20:39
234.   JeremyM
Sorry guys, I forgot to press the "sarcastic" button on that one. I was being facetious--of course that was a big home run.
2006-05-23 18:20:54
235.   Benjamin Kabak
I see Proctor's strategy is to put on as many runners as possible before Ortiz and Manny come up.
2006-05-23 18:21:04
236.   yankaholic
JeremyM i hope u r kiddin... else u have ur own sabrematic definitions..
2006-05-23 18:21:14
237.   domvjr
Geez, the Yanks can't stand prosperity!
2006-05-23 18:21:17
238.   Zack
Anyone else know exactly what is going to happen here?
2006-05-23 18:21:36
239.   Benjamin Kabak
233 See comment 228 But thanks.
2006-05-23 18:21:45
240.   Bill
Can the arbiters of clutch please advise if this is a clutch situation for papi?
2006-05-23 18:22:30
241.   fgasparini
I predict that if Papi homers here but the Sox lose 7-4, Ortiz' dinger will be clutch, but no one will mention that Arod had the game winning RBI.
2006-05-23 18:23:40
242.   Zack
I kinda wanna be an arbitor of clutch, that sounds like a sweet title!
2006-05-23 18:24:04
243.   yankaholic
Why is Myers not in?
2006-05-23 18:24:29
244.   Bill
243 not warmed
2006-05-23 18:24:39
245.   Zack
Woah, that was weird, Posada was standing up, Proctor throws a ball in the dirt, and Ortiz swings and hits a lazy out, crazy
2006-05-23 18:25:01
246.   Bill
242 I think we need an official board of arbiters of clutchness.
2006-05-23 18:25:15
247.   Benjamin Kabak
Proctor just missed his target by six feet. No exaggeration.
2006-05-23 18:26:38
248.   yankaholic
Bill.. thx

was that a choke by FAT papi or a clutch "moving over" ... Mike " i hate everyone" Lupica will have his theory tomorrow

2006-05-23 18:26:51
249.   domvjr
241, you were only off by 1 batter!
2006-05-23 18:27:06
250.   Benjamin Kabak
This is why you don't walk Youkilis and Loretta with a six-run lead.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-23 18:27:08
251.   3rd gen yankee fan
ummmm, Proctor didn't get the memo about not going to Manny's neighborhood...
2006-05-23 18:27:15
252.   Bill
Scott Proctor has now allowed 18 HR in 101 innings. Apologists, please take note.
2006-05-23 18:27:18
253.   Zack
Yuck, well, I thought it would be Ortiz, it was Manny...Either way, shame on you Proctor. This should put him in the doghouse, but it won't. Way to let them back into the game...
2006-05-23 18:27:41
254.   claybeez
Tough appearance for Proctor tonight. He just wasn't sharp. Hopefully, that was just a one-off.
2006-05-23 18:27:50
255.   bp1
Manny is such a tool. Man, I hate showboating like that. Where's Quantrill? He needs to be buzzed.


2006-05-23 18:28:11
256.   Simone
I can live with this if this means we don't see Proctor for a long time to come.
2006-05-23 18:28:22
257.   Cliff Corcoran
Now that the bases are empty, why waste Myers here? Why not save him in case Ortiz comes up with men on again?
2006-05-23 18:28:24
258.   Zack
Yeah, where's Josh "I play the game right" Beckett to brush him back?
2006-05-23 18:28:25
259.   randym77
Now they bring in Myers?
2006-05-23 18:28:45
260.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Well the only surprise there was that it was Manny and not Papi-Clutch hitting that bomb.

If that was Bean who'd walked the first two hitters in an inning, the ones before Papi and Manny no less, he'd be in the trunk of Torre's car, with a shovel, on the way to the Meadowlands.

2006-05-23 18:29:23
261.   claybeez
252 Apologists? There hasn't been much to apologize for this season.
2006-05-23 18:29:37
262.   unpopster
Manny deserves a fastball in the ear for his showing up Proctor. Did he actually just spend 5 seconds standing at home admiring that shot?
2006-05-23 18:29:42
263.   JeremyM
Just thinking the same YF in Chicago. Bean was DFA'd for less.
2006-05-23 18:30:22
264.   tocho
is manny clutch? is torre clutch for the bosox for pulling wright? is torre clutch for not pulling proctor despite watching that he has nothing on tonight?

are we clutch for following the whole damn game suffering?

is torre clutch for the yanks for yanking proctor two batters late?

questions without answers. fans that cannot breathe easily.

2006-05-23 18:30:59
265.   Jen
Damn that A-Rod, hitting a meaningless 3-run home run. Oh, wait...
2006-05-23 18:31:05
266.   claybeez
I get getting frustrated with bad performances, venting or with the fact that Long is on the roster, but routinely beating up your own guys. Just exactly where is the fun in that?
2006-05-23 18:31:12
267.   Zack
Well, as the arbiters of clutch, I say that all of those questions DO have answers! Ha!

Oh damn, just bring in Mo already, you know you want to Joe

2006-05-23 18:31:17
268.   JeremyM
If they blow this one......
2006-05-23 18:31:21
269.   bp1
262 Yeah. I would say "unbelieable", but with Manny, it's not. He never seems to notice the score.


2006-05-23 18:31:26
270.   Bill
261 That was a bit harsh but I have been cautioning against being convinced by 20 good innings after a career of sustained mediocrity. This was how we got stuck with Sturtze for 2 years.
2006-05-23 18:33:41
271.   randym77
Myers walked Nixon?
2006-05-23 18:34:39
272.   singledd
We put this game away but getting 2 walks.. and then a HR. Then we give up 2 walks.. and.. it's a game again and I'm out of Pepto.
2006-05-23 18:34:46
273.   fgasparini
269 Yeah right? I mean talk about a guy who is NOT AT ALL about the team...but everyone, national press too, says, "Oh that's just Manny." Like his act is charming.
2006-05-23 18:35:46
274.   Mattpat11
262 Hell, if I hit a ball like that, I probably admire it too.
2006-05-23 18:36:43
275.   bp1
273 Loved the comment by Leiter. "I asked Kenny if he ever hit a home run and acted like it was his first".

Deadly. And right on.


2006-05-23 18:36:47
276.   fgasparini
274 Maybe so, but how come Bonds gets called out for being a jerk, but not Manny?
2006-05-23 18:37:10
277.   Zack
This is ALex Cora!!!!
2006-05-23 18:37:14
278.   Marcus
Walking Alex Cora is unacceptable. Throw strikes.
2006-05-23 18:37:49
279.   claybeez
270 I hear you, but some guys do get better. I always hope those guys are on the Yankees. I do agree time will tell as far as Proctor. But, it's also possible A-Rod or Jeter could go through injuries for the next few years and never return to form. There really isn't a crystal ball for baseball despite the metrics.
2006-05-23 18:37:54
280.   randym77
What is it with all the #$%& walks tonight???
2006-05-23 18:37:55
281.   yankaholic
273.. u know why?? Manny only signed a 8 yr 163 mill contract..
2006-05-23 18:38:06
282.   fgasparini
If you're gonna put Cora on, put one in his ear. Make the rest of them think.
2006-05-23 18:38:08
283.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, great. Now Manny and Ortiz get to bat again this game.
2006-05-23 18:38:12
284.   Zack
Did the Yanks bullpen have a conference before the game and decide that in protest of Bean being DFA'd, they would stop throwing strikes???
2006-05-23 18:38:34
285.   Mattpat11
276 Because Bonds is 800 different kinds of asshole without even getting into baseball.

I miss Tom Gordon.

2006-05-23 18:39:14
286.   tqmalachi
Did that meat-head just walk Alex Cora on 4 pitches?
2006-05-23 18:39:34
287.   Zack
This is def. a game where we will see Mo before the 9th, methinks...
2006-05-23 18:39:37
288.   wsporter
Tying run in the bottom of the 7th, why not Varitek ph for Mirabelli?
2006-05-23 18:39:46
289.   Bill
Why didn't they hit varitek?
2006-05-23 18:39:52
290.   claybeez
Why aren't the pitchers as frustrated by the showboating as we are. why won't they pitch inside? It is part of the game. Is it some unofficial edict from Torre?
2006-05-23 18:39:56
291.   Marcus
Don't worry, he just struck out Mirabelli on 3.
2006-05-23 18:40:06
292.   Benjamin Kabak
276 It's the whole "Manny being Manny" crap. Should be "Manny being a jackass."
2006-05-23 18:41:16
293.   tqmalachi
Serious question: when is the last time the Yanks scored a run on MIke Timlin?
2006-05-23 18:42:32
294.   Bill
Look, Reggie practically invented Cadillacing on HR's and we give him a standing O on Old-timers day. When you're a star, you get leeway.
2006-05-23 18:43:29
295.   unpopster
283 good, and I hope it's Lord Farnsoworth facing Manny this time. Someone needs to throw a 98mph fastball under Manny's chin!
2006-05-23 18:43:33
296.   tqmalachi
Save the Timlin talk for another inning, but the point remains.
2006-05-23 18:44:26
297.   Marcus
Can we get a PH here? Please? Hey Joe, remember Melky?
2006-05-23 18:44:57
298.   Zack
Joe, get Terrance Long the hell out of the game!
2006-05-23 18:46:07
299.   randym77
Yeah, now that Wake's gone, why not put Melky in?
2006-05-23 18:46:34
300.   Bill
299 Can't embarrass a veteran
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-23 18:46:38
301.   Mattpat11
295 Yes, lets provoke Manny Ramirez!
2006-05-23 18:46:51
302.   fgasparini
294 Yeah, but we're the hometown fans.
2006-05-23 18:47:00
303.   tocho
I'm nervous about the 8th.

how are you guys holding up?

you bring farns in and at the first sign of trouble go with mo?

2006-05-23 18:49:03
304.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Good bye T.Long, nice knowing you ....
2006-05-23 18:49:21
305.   unpopster
301 "Yes, lets provoke Manny Ramirez!"

what? like he's a sleeping giant? The guy just hit a 3-run home run for god's sake? What would "provoking" do to him?

If you remember, after Clemens threw that high fastball that Manny overreacted to a couple of years ago, Manny's stepped in the bucket for his next three swings against Clemens.

I think maybe a little chin music might just unnerve the bastard!

2006-05-23 18:49:26
306.   fgasparini
301 Why not? We DIDN'T provoke him before and he hit a jack anyway.
2006-05-23 18:50:11
307.   fgasparini
305 Eh, better post than mine, thank you.
2006-05-23 18:52:11
308.   tocho
just don't walk youk and everything is nice and easy
2006-05-23 18:52:55
309.   Marcus
Kyle, it would help if the set up pitches were strikes. Don't walk him.
2006-05-23 18:53:34
310.   Zack
I'm sure we see Mo here, which makes me nervous
2006-05-23 18:53:41
311.   Mattpat11
I just don't see the point. I'm far more annoyed with Proctor for throwing that pitch to Manny Ramirez and allowing him to hit it that hard. This philosophy that we're now going to toy with Manny Ramirez up there has failed two days in a row. It was stupid when Wang tried it and it was stupid when Proctor tried it.

You hit a baseball like that, you can dance to first for all I care. The pitcher has a problem with it, stop fucking grooving pitches.

2006-05-23 18:53:50
312.   Bill
5 walks for the Yankee pen with a lead. Nice.
2006-05-23 18:54:00
313.   fgasparini
Urk...Youk walks again. Is that 7 total this game? Ugly.
2006-05-23 18:54:05
314.   tocho
damn it, nobody listens to me!
2006-05-23 18:54:38
315.   Benjamin Kabak
Dotel can't get here soon enough.
2006-05-23 18:54:41
316.   Zack
Well, i guess Farns gets Loretta, then Mo for Ortiz I assume, can't argue with that
2006-05-23 18:55:00
317.   tocho
311 agreed
2006-05-23 18:55:13
318.   Marcus
2006-05-23 18:55:21
319.   Zack
WTF!!! Throw a strike!!! Just grove it!!
2006-05-23 18:55:53
320.   Marcus
Those sliders worked on Mirabelli. Everyone else seems to see through your schemes.
2006-05-23 18:55:59
321.   domvjr
this is pathetic
2006-05-23 18:56:14
322.   Zack
Here's a great idea, walk the two easier outs to put the tying run on for Ortiz and Manny...Oh wait...
2006-05-23 18:56:39
323.   fgasparini
311 Agree with your point. I do think though that part of pitching a slugger is/ought to be coming in tight. Which the Yanks don't do much.
2006-05-23 18:56:55
324.   tocho
its all good. Its not like ortiz kills us or anything. by all means put men on base for him.
2006-05-23 18:57:13
325.   domvjr
Loretta, is a pain in the ass.
2006-05-23 18:57:49
326.   bp1
These 3-2 counts. Enough! I'm getting a stomach ache.
2006-05-23 18:58:16
327.   Mattpat11
I miss Tom Gordon.
2006-05-23 18:58:23
328.   Marcus
2006-05-23 18:58:30
329.   Zack
I refuse to watch this
2006-05-23 18:58:33
330.   Benjamin Kabak
OH SWEET GOD. Kyle Farnsworth, you suck.
2006-05-23 18:59:20
331.   fgasparini
Wow. U stink Farns! You know we're all booing if this is at the Stadium, and we're all there.
2006-05-23 18:59:23
332.   tocho
this is too much for me.

i don't think I can watch the ortiz at-bat. I can see it all being played in my head.

2006-05-23 18:59:58
333.   Cliff Corcoran
I'm not going to complain about having River face Ortiz, but . . . 257
2006-05-23 19:00:05
334.   fgasparini
Why do I not feel better about Mo in this situation?
2006-05-23 19:00:07
335.   domvjr
now I know, how Buck Showalter felt last week, with his relievers giving it up.
2006-05-23 19:00:35
336.   randym77
Rivera vs. Ortiz. We'll see who's clutch...
2006-05-23 19:01:00
337.   Bill
333 I'd still rather see Mo. If he used Myers here I'd be annoyed
2006-05-23 19:01:24
338.   hensley
It doesn't make sense to me why they keep walking the two guys in the lineup that you absolutely, under no circumstances, should ever walk.
2006-05-23 19:01:26
339.   tocho
I'm following the game on my mobile phone gameday now.

I tend to get less upset when bad things happen and I just read them. not even watch them on gameday, no faces, no location, just out(s) being recorded or run-scoring play.

2006-05-23 19:02:41
340.   Yu-Hsing Chen
....... plz Mooo
2006-05-23 19:02:45
341.   fgasparini
339 Brilliant...I use Gameday all the time because I'm in LA and too cheap to pay for baseball packages/wife would kill me if I did. But it does take the sting out.
2006-05-23 19:02:46
342.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-23 19:02:56
343.   Mattpat11
Ten bucks says Posada calls a high fastball when Manny gets up. He can be stubborn like that. He needs to prove that he can get Manny out with one now.
2006-05-23 19:04:20
344.   Bill
The arbiters of clutch rule that that was a clutch situation
2006-05-23 19:04:27
345.   Marcus
Clutch pop out.
2006-05-23 19:05:13
346.   Zack
344 Hear Hear!
2006-05-23 19:05:21
347.   rsmith51
I can think of worse results...
2006-05-23 19:05:35
348.   Marcus
2006-05-23 19:05:42
349.   Bill
That was an awful pitch. Lucky he didn't hit it out
2006-05-23 19:05:48
350.   Zack
Well, we are past Ortiz and Manny now, so lets please end this...
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-23 19:06:19
351.   3rd gen yankee fan
347 Agreed. I feel okay about this. Mo can handle it, zip up the game in the ninth.
2006-05-23 19:06:24
352.   rsmith51
Trot sure walks a lot against Mariano. How many of his cutters are strikes.
2006-05-23 19:06:49
353.   tocho
i think I'm having a mild heart attack here.

I thought the yanks were up 7-1 a couple of innings ago right?

2006-05-23 19:06:59
354.   Mattpat11
Is Manny just an exceptionally good low ball hitter that every pitch to him is called at least belt high?
2006-05-23 19:07:05
355.   Zack
Like I said, now that the two big guys are gone, lets just end it
2006-05-23 19:07:29
356.   C2Coke
It's amazing how much slower is than gameday.
2006-05-23 19:08:00
357.   Benjamin Kabak
354 Manny is just an exceptionally good hitter. Period. When he hits, every pitch looks good.
2006-05-23 19:09:16
358.   Zack
I love that the NESN feed comes back a second or so early...We just got a nice sound clip of Remy literally yawning into the mike...lovely
2006-05-23 19:09:26
359.   Marcus
It would be nice to give Papelbatch Kid an early ticket to the showers.
2006-05-23 19:09:29
360.   Simone
The Yankees need a couple runs here.
2006-05-23 19:09:33
361.   C2Coke
353 It was 2 innnings and literally 20 minutes ago.
2006-05-23 19:09:36
362.   tocho

9th. inning coming up. mo with 9 very difficult pitches in the inning.

now who wants a run? anybody? anybody? bueller?

2006-05-23 19:10:14
363.   Marcus
His 0.40 ERA has "due for a correction" written all over it.
2006-05-23 19:10:26
364.   fgasparini
How awesome would it be if we scored four runs off Papelbon? I'm just sayin'.
2006-05-23 19:10:40
365.   rabid stan
Papelbon? Looks like Francona thinks his boys in the bottom of the order can set the table for a rally.
2006-05-23 19:10:43
366.   Cliff Corcoran
356 My YES broadcast is a good 20 seconds behind the radio broadcast. And it's slower than Alex's YES broadcast. He and I can't be on the phone during a game because he ruins everything for me.
2006-05-23 19:11:11
367.   tocho
my mobile phone gameday was clutch.... right?
2006-05-23 19:11:56
368.   Mattpat11
357 I don't know how that brings us to the logical conclusion thate evrything we throw to him should be at least belt high
2006-05-23 19:14:38
369.   fgasparini
367 Yes, it was. It was VERY clutch.
2006-05-23 19:15:06
370.   BklynBmr
That pitch on Jetes looked a good 3/4 of a foot outside, at least from the one angle shown... we need to get a run here.
2006-05-23 19:15:27
371.   yankaholic
A walk and HR si what the Dr orders
2006-05-23 19:15:40
372.   C2Coke
366 I hear you, Cliff. When Gameday tells me Jeter was called out on strike when he is only on the second pitch on TOTALLY ruins it for me!
2006-05-23 19:16:22
373.   fgasparini
Ugh. For those of you watching on TV, does Sheff look good, bad, tentative, what?
2006-05-23 19:16:34
374.   tqmalachi
Papelbon is unhittable. See what happens when one throws strikes?
2006-05-23 19:17:21
375.   tqmalachi
373: Try blown away, for a night at least.
2006-05-23 19:17:46
376.   Bill
373 Sheff swung like a maniac
2006-05-23 19:18:29
377.   C2Coke
I thought he looks like his usual self, which is definitely good. I am hoping to see on the field tomorrow.
2006-05-23 19:18:51
378.   rabid stan
Sheff should swing like a maniac. It means he's healthy.
2006-05-23 19:18:52
379.   tocho
372 on the flip side, when it tell you on Ortiz's last at-bat: out(s) recorded you can breathe and watch what happened.

now, back to my mobile phone gameday which is faster than computer gameday and

2006-05-23 19:19:03
380.   Benjamin Kabak
368 It isn't belt high. But because of the way he swings and moves his body to swing, it looks belt high.
2006-05-23 19:19:05
381.   fgasparini
I'm sure Mike Lowell is very nice, but his Gameday foto says "molester."
2006-05-23 19:20:07
382.   Zack
Oh gosh, come on Mo
2006-05-23 19:20:58
383.   BklynBmr
A few friends over tonight and the game is on the big screen. Looking at a close up of Papelbon's stare-in, my buddy's 6 year old son asks out loud: "Is he crazy?" We cracked up...

C'mon, Mo. Nail it down...

2006-05-23 19:21:04
384.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-23 19:21:11
385.   yankaholic
How tall is Manny, i think the strike zone adjustment has something to do with it.. i think he is 5 and change opposed an avg 6 and change... thats y a low ball looks belt high.. i mean borderline low..
2006-05-23 19:21:19
386.   domvjr
He is nasty, he has a cold death stare on the bench too!
2006-05-23 19:21:36
387.   Zack
AS an arbiter of clutch, I deem Varitek to be very unclutch! Ha!
2006-05-23 19:21:48
388.   Mattpat11
Oh Jesus, the hit by the scrub usually starts it for Mo.
2006-05-23 19:21:51
389.   randym77
If anyone's watching the game...would that single to RF be a single if Terrence Long weren't our RFer?
2006-05-23 19:23:29
390.   tocho
389 yes
2006-05-23 19:23:47
391.   rabid stan
Alright, so Yankee fans have GoB, do Sox fans have Ghost of 'Tek?
2006-05-23 19:24:10
392.   Bill
389 clean hit
2006-05-23 19:24:14
393.   BklynBmr
2006-05-23 19:24:19
394.   rsmith51
That would have been a single if Ichiro had been our RF, 389.
2006-05-23 19:24:27
395.   Mattpat11
389 Clean linedrive single.
2006-05-23 19:24:33
396.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-23 19:24:40
397.   Zack
Yes! Winning that one game was huge!
2006-05-23 19:25:35
398.   randym77
390 Thanks!

And thank you, Mo!

2006-05-23 19:25:41
399.   Marcus
Thank you! What a difference a day makes.
2006-05-23 19:31:22
400.   rabid stan
That was more stressful than any 7-1 game had a right to be. Thanks, pen! You guys can pick up the tab on those heart pills I'm going to need a prescription for after this.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-05-23 19:58:05
401.   Zack
Well, coming out of this series at worst 1-2 and back 2 1/2 ain't bad at all. I gotta think having Sheff back helped, as obviously did Wright's third good game in a row. One more inning would have been nice, but that might have been asking for too much.
2006-05-23 19:59:04
402.   rabid stan
Who put a fork in the toaster?
2006-05-23 20:16:24
403.   wsporter
401 I figured on a sweep going the wrong way. This was nice especially against the "thing". Man, now I'm feeling greedy.

What's wrong with the toaster? Angry Russian baseball fans crashing the server?

2006-05-23 20:22:27
404.   Ken Arneson
Sorry, I made a change to the Toaster config files today. It, um, didn't quite work the way I thought it would.
2006-05-23 20:40:47
405.   wsporter
Well Ken, its good to know someone's watching when the lights go out.

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