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2006-05-22 13:08
by Cliff Corcoran
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Curt Schilling's season thus far has been defined by his 133-pitch outing against the Indians on April 25. Prior to that outing, Schilling was 4-0 with a 1.61 ERA, allowing 17 hits and four walks and two homers while striking out 23 in 28 innings. The Indians worked him over in that April 25 game, scoring five runs on nine hits and two walks and forcing him to throw 133 pitches in just 6 2/3 innings. Since then he's 2-2 with a 6.46 ERA, allowing 31 hits, three walks and seven homers while striking out 21 in 23 2/3 innings. The good news for Sox fans is that Schillings walk and strikeout rates remain excellent. The bad news is that six of those seven homers came in his last two starts, the first of which was a 7-3 loss to the Yankees.

Chien-Ming Wang's season also took a turn around April 25, though his was for the better. Before that date, Wang had a 5.48 ERA and had surrendered 30 hits and seven walks in 23 innings. Since then he's gone 3-0 with a 2.65 ERA by holding the opposition to 25 hits in 34 innings. Wang's only non-quality start during that span was a five-inning outing against the Red Sox in Boston, the Yankees' only game in Fenway this year prior to tonight. Wang allowed three runs on six hits and four walks in the first five innings of that game, but appeared to have settled down by the end of the fifth. Despite the fact that Wang had thrown just 77 pitches to that point, Joe Torre decided to replace him with the newly activated Aaron Small, leading to yet another game lost to poor bullpen management.

Unlike Schilling, Wang has yet to throw 100 pitches in a game this year and needed just 166 tosses to get through sixteen innings over his last two starts. Here's hoping these trends continue tonight as the Yankees head to Fenway for a three game series against the Red Sox, who, save for a bullpen move that will allow them to activate David Riske prior to tonights game, look just like they did two weeks ago in the Bronx.

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2006-05-22 14:22:44
1.   Rob Gee
If Terrence Long gets a start tonight I might have trouble understanding games for the rest of the year. The massive head trauma follwing slamming my face into a brick wall will make it difficult to make use of my cognitive facilities.
2006-05-22 14:25:10
2.   jkay
Long starts in left, Bernie in center, Melky in right, Damon DH, Posada C.
2006-05-22 14:28:22
3.   Ravenscar

I was getting my hair cut at Astor when Wagner was imploding during game 2. This was the sad result:

And no, that link is short enough.

2006-05-22 14:29:02
4.   Shaun P
1 LOL! You might have trouble? ;)

2 With groundballing Tiger Wang on the mound, a sub-par defensive OF is probably not a bad thing. Unless Wang leaves the ball up . . .

2006-05-22 14:34:42
5.   Ken Arneson
1 You think you might have trouble? Imagine me after watching four years of watching Terrence Long in Oakland.
2006-05-22 14:36:55
6.   Shaun P
5 Ken, as an experienced Long-watcher, please share any advice you have with us neophytes. Should we turn the channel when he comes to bat, or a ball is hit to left field? Turn the TV/radio off? Leave the room? Make sure sharp objects are locked away?
2006-05-22 14:42:09
7.   wsporter
1 Rob I was going to write a retort to your missive on the previous thread then I saw your and jkays 2 post here. I checked the lineup at the YES site and swallowed my keyboard. I think I'll hold off on that retort for now.

Long? What? Do they really mean to say that he is the best we have to offer organizationally tonight?

Rob do you have a Motor Cycle, batting or hockey helmet? Would you like to borrow one? Don't lead with your face.

Long? What the F?

2006-05-22 14:43:40
8.   tocho
Johnny Damon DH 4 23 .280 .357
Derek Jeter SS 5 32 .351 .438
Jason Giambi 1B 12 35 .261 .474
Alex Rodríguez 3B 9 30 .270 .381
Jorge Posada C 6 21 .304 .418
Robinson Canó 2B 2 18 .310 .337
Bernie Williams CF 2 17 .258 .309
Terrence Long LF 0 0 .000 .000
Melky Cabrera RF 0 1 .303 .395

Line-ups for tonight. good to have wang on the mound. Look at that outfield, ouch.

what's up with giambi at 1b, damon must be really hurting.

2006-05-22 14:48:03
9.   Shawn Clap
I've got a nervous excitment about T-Long.

The guy's gotta be hungry. I mean literally, he hasn't gotten a real Major League paycheck in quite some time.

2006-05-22 15:04:44
10.   standuptriple
I thought I saw the last of T-Long on a MLB roster when he left Oakland. Now he's STARTING IN LF FOR MY BELOVED YANKS!??????
Is this Bizarro Day?
2006-05-22 15:08:49
11.   tocho
Re: Long, I can't seem to find any info on his defense, what is his problem? arm? range? insticts? all of the above?

do you guys feel he'll strugle all that much in Fenway's LF?

I'm more worried about the Bernie-Melky combo in CF-RF. That is very tricky in Fenway.

Again Damon must be really hurting...

2006-05-22 15:28:36
12.   wsporter
11 Tocho go to Baseball Reference (to the right) and look at his range factor and range factor per 9 innings. Go to Hardball Times and see that he had a fielding Winshare of 1.0 last year, yes that's 1.0. I don't even want to know what his VORP or other metrics are.

Sometimes anecdotal info can balance that stuff out, unfortunately the anecdotal stuff may be worse than the metrics in this case.

My head hurts and I feel sleepy.

2006-05-22 15:28:58
13.   Stormer Sports
What an interesting year. I am waffling on Sheffield's electing to get a cortisone shot, not because I dont want him in the lineup, but because we need him to be healthy for the stretch run. It might be great timing for Gary, with Arod slumping both at the plate and in the field to the point where he is removed from a game in a double switch, Gary may be able to prove his "most feared hitter" theory. I feel for Arod, because I do not believe he isn't trying.

That being said, how about Brian Cashman earning his salary this year? With many teams remaining competitive in their respective divisions, those established players who would normally be available, are not. I'm sure Selig believes his pointless profit sharing agreement is responsible for the current state of affairs, he'll recieve credit for something he had absolutely nothing to do with. Maybe he'll take credit for the new Twins stadium as well.

Let's just hope we can hang on with what we've got. I would like to see Erickson fly and Matt Smith and Hughes be brought in in lieu of Erickson and Bean, but that would lower the median age in the bullpen, a move which simply cannot stand this year, or last for that matter.

Here's to hoping Arod turns it around tonight. I guess he might be due this attention, maybe there is balance in all things, no one gave a rat's ass about him in Seattle or Texas, this is what superstars can expect in large markets. Open a Chicago paper for God's sake. If Pujols slides to .250 and begins hurting his team, he'd recieve similar treatment. Those of you who continue to believe that Jeter's successes are overplayed and failures minimized simply don't inderstand NY. Maybe those on Oakland or Minnesota or St. Louis love the game for what it is and move on with their lives at the end of the season no matter the outcome, but that isn't the case in NY. If Jete owns 0 rings, he would get the same treatment. Was not Jeter BOO'ed at the stadium in 2004!!!! Once Arod is on a championship team, this will all end. Unfortunately for him, he came to the team on the down-side of a dynasty. Some people are objectively likeable and some are not, that's the way of the world. Arod just doesn't have the charm and likeability of a Jeter or Bernie. Get over it guys. What I care about is that he is batting .250 WRISP while we are suffering injuries to other players.

Let's go Yankees!

2006-05-22 15:36:58
14.   Stormer Sports
Look at the possible bright side.

Melky hits lights-out, he gets the start in right and Sheff DH's next year. Torre gets his head out of his ass and uses Farny or Proctor for two innings to get to Mo. You know, use you best bullpen guys a la 1996-2000, and forget this silly one inning and lefty-righty garbage. When the opponent knows the game is over after 6, they react accordingly. He uses Mo for more than one inning when he needs to. Wang and Wright continue to pitch well, Chacon comes back strong and RJ returns to form.

2006-05-22 15:51:41
15.   mikeplugh
Have no fear....Terrance is not "Long" for the Yankee roster. With Carlos Pena and Erubiel Durazo at AAA and Richard Hidalgo in the wings, he'll find himself out in about 2 weeks. Sheffield will hopefully be back and play well. Melky and Reese may wind up back at Columbus. Hidalgo will sit on the bench for the Yanks. First Pena, and then ulimately Durazo will come in and get the DH on some nights.

I predict that Durazo will perform so well for the Yankees that he'll become the everyday DH, unless Giambi is in that role. In that case you'll see Phillips or Pena.

2006-05-22 15:52:34
16.   Shaun P
11 tocho, Long was known in Oakland as "Magellan" for the strange routes he took on fly balls. That might be all you want to know.

12 MFD, if you like BP's 'Rate' statistic, Long is a career 96 Rate/Rate2 in LF and 94 in CF, but an amazing 109(!) in RF, though in a much smaller sample vs LF and CF.

I have no idea why his Rate/Rate2 is so good in RF. While trying to find out, I came across this piece from the excellent Elephants in Oakland blog:

I am now more disgusted with Brian Cashman for bringing Long on this team that I was before.

2006-05-22 15:53:49
17.   tocho
thanks 12 and 16. Matt Lawton comes to mind...
2006-05-22 16:09:07
18.   tommyl
Ok, the really tough decision for us out of towners: ESPN or NESN (via extrainnings). Man, that's a tough one.
2006-05-22 16:10:21
19.   tommyl
17, Why is he available? Maybe we should sign him. Is it about time that I send my resume in? I was a hell of a pitcher/CF in Little League. Also, I have a lot of experience watching games at the major league level.
2006-05-22 16:12:07
20.   Stormer Sports

I'm DVR'ing the NBA games so I'm going with NESN to avoid Sportscenter Updates. Just a thought.

2006-05-22 16:14:44
21.   Stormer Sports

Cashman should have been gone years ago.

2006-05-22 16:16:16
22.   Stormer Sports

Not to mention, any excuse to avoid Joe Morgan is a good excuse in my book.

2006-05-22 16:16:18
23.   tocho
good to see the yanks working the count
2006-05-22 16:17:47
24.   tommyl
Schilling appears to have his stuff so far. This could be an unpleasant evening, which is fine, I'm jet lagged and barely awake right now.
2006-05-22 16:18:14
25.   tommyl
22 No Joe tonight.
2006-05-22 16:20:09
26.   Cliff Corcoran
16 Nice find, Shaun.

Schilling looks sharp.

And of course the first ball in play finds Long in left. Funny.

2006-05-22 16:24:24
27.   tommyl
Oh, Terrence Long, how short we knew thee.
2006-05-22 16:25:56
28.   rbj
Credit the RS 3B coach for a run saved.
2006-05-22 16:31:17
29.   JeremyM
I felt bad for Long on that, he was trying so hard to make a good play on that and just tanked it. He may suck, but he is a person too!
2006-05-22 16:35:26
30.   tommyl
29 I have nothing against him personally. I just don't want to ever see him playing LF for the Yankees again. Other than that, I wish him all the best in life.
2006-05-22 16:38:12
31.   rbj
I love six pitch innings authored by Wang.
2006-05-22 16:39:51
32.   BklynBmr
Is Shilling throwing a perfect game?
2006-05-22 16:39:56
33.   randym77
Well, I guess we have the answer on Long's defense.
2006-05-22 16:40:26
34.   rilkefan
31 - I don't like seeing him give up fly balls - suggests he's not on his game.
2006-05-22 16:41:47
35.   Marcus
Man, I just hate it when Schilling pitches well. Here he is pitching 2 innings of PERFECT baseball, and I just can't stand it. He hasn't even given up a hit yet!
2006-05-22 16:41:54
36.   rbj
Careful, BklynBmr. It's bad luck to mention that Schill is throwing a perfect game. Don't want to jinx that no hitter that Schill is tossing.
2006-05-22 16:43:27
37.   tommyl
MELKY!!! First extra base hit off Schilling.
2006-05-22 16:43:31
38.   rbj
And just like that there goes the no no
2006-05-22 16:43:32
39.   randym77
LOL. Now look at what you did. ;-)
2006-05-22 16:43:44
40.   Marcus
Melky! And that's that. Now bring him home!
2006-05-22 16:43:47
41.   Cliff Corcoran
At last an XBH for Melky. Yo, this kid is for real at the plate.
2006-05-22 16:44:04
42.   BklynBmr
36 My bad, rbj. Melky just ruined it anyway. I will not mention the shutout Shilling is throwing, however.
2006-05-22 16:45:12
43.   nick
very nice piece of hitting by Melky...
2006-05-22 16:46:28
44.   nick
& Damon!--finally sticking it to the Fenway faithful....
2006-05-22 16:46:31
45.   randym77
Yeah, Johnny! Cashes in Melky's double.
2006-05-22 16:47:31
46.   nemecizer Nice job!
2006-05-22 16:47:57
47.   rbj
42 Oops, you did it again.
2006-05-22 16:48:24
48.   nemecizer
A three run home by Giambi would be welcome right about now.
2006-05-22 16:49:00
49.   nick
moronic praise of Damon: best leadoff hitter because of his RBI total!?
2006-05-22 16:49:35
50.   randym77
The ESPN guys are pushing Jeter for MVP.
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2006-05-22 16:49:45
51.   BklynBmr
48 There is NO WAY Giambi hits a dinger here. (reverse jinx)
2006-05-22 16:51:38
52.   nemecizer
Giambi stayin' alive.
2006-05-22 16:53:27
53.   BklynBmr
Awww, raspberries...
2006-05-22 16:54:24
54.   JeremyM
Well, that was a good inning--made him work and put a run across. A-Rod needs to get it started again next inning.
2006-05-22 16:54:40
55.   Marcus
Good at bat, nevertheless. Driving that pitch count up can do nothing but good.
2006-05-22 16:54:43
56.   tommyl
50 better than them discussing what "appropriately frisky" means.
2006-05-22 16:55:40
57.   RichYF
53 A long at-bat by Giambi is promising. He has looked as lost as Bernie vs 90+ MPH pitching the past few games/this whole month.
2006-05-22 16:56:25
58.   rbj
Aw, poor Curt's upset he gave up a double to Melky.
2006-05-22 16:58:48
59.   BklynBmr
54 I was hoping for a Giambi walk to give A-Rod another shot at a 'clutch' AB. He really needs to get it going...
2006-05-22 17:03:08
60.   tommyl
59, but its not "close and late." And everyone knows those runs count for more than other runs. Duuuuhhh (by the way, it should be readily apparent by now that I have been up for about 20 hours and on a airplane for about 15 of those).
2006-05-22 17:03:37
61.   JeremyM
Walking Youkilis is never a good idea, bad innings seem to follow that happening.
2006-05-22 17:07:10
62.   JeremyM
Ugh. Gotta catch that one, or at least get your body in front of it to cut off the second run.
2006-05-22 17:07:57
63.   rbj
Ugh. So is that typical fielding for Long?
2006-05-22 17:09:02
64.   BklynBmr
61 You ain't kiddin'...
2006-05-22 17:10:16
65.   tocho
wang never pitches well v the redsox
2006-05-22 17:10:17
66.   nick
Wang needs some kind of k pitch....whenever I watch him it seems like he just can't put good hitters away with 2-strike counts....
2006-05-22 17:10:21
67.   singledd
hate those 0-2 meatballs
2006-05-22 17:12:30
68.   rbj
Wow. Nice recovery Wang.
2006-05-22 17:14:50
69.   nick
ok, patience is now the key--don't start swinging at first pitches...
2006-05-22 17:17:09
70.   tommyl
Ok, I want to gouge out Rick Sutcliffe's eyes. Seriously, A-Rod is uniformly bad in the postseason because of the three bad games in 2004 at the tail end of the series? What about against Minnesota or the first three games? or say looking at his postseason numbers?
2006-05-22 17:19:17
71.   rsmith51
70 Lots of Yankee fans believe that garbage. Just remember that if a commentator/anchor/"expert" says something is true does not make it true.
2006-05-22 17:20:27
72.   tommyl
71 I'm aware, I just get pissed off when so called "experts" don't bother to do any work or research. If I did that I'd be dead in the water.
2006-05-22 17:25:16
73.   BklynBmr
70 I was just considering flipping over to ESPN to singlehandedly change the direction this game is going, but I'm afraid I'll hear Joe Morgan's voice. Are you telling me Sutcliffe is in the booth with Morgan? That's too much for one man to take. I'm sticking with NESN and just let this thing play out...
2006-05-22 17:27:12
74.   tommyl
Wait wait wait...Sutcliffe has taken it to new realms. He's claiming that Wang fell behind to Cora at 1-2 and then refused to "just throw one over" when he ummmm...threw a sinker for a strike and it got hit for a ground ball up the middle?

Seriously, my brain is hurting.

Nice play Melky! That makes me feel better? I definitely think this kid is for real. A possible silver lining of Sheff's injury.

2006-05-22 17:27:33
75.   tommyl
73 no Morgan.
2006-05-22 17:27:44
76.   BklynBmr
Nice composure by Melky in what has to be the worst area in that park to field a fly ball...
2006-05-22 17:27:46
77.   rbj
No, it is not Morgan. I think a Sutcliffe + Morgan pairing would be a crime against humanity.
2006-05-22 17:29:00
78.   tommyl
What makes my comments from 74 so infuriating is that if there is one thing Sutcliffe should know about its pitching (not the stats, just how to pitch). Its the whole reason he's in the booth, for his experience. Man it hurts.
2006-05-22 17:29:35
79.   rbj
My thoughts exactly. CMW's problem is that he doesn't have a blazing fastball that he can blow by hitters for the third strike, so he does pitch to contact and gets the ground balls.
2006-05-22 17:31:44
80.   tocho
here comes Long's HR
2006-05-22 17:32:58
81.   BklynBmr
75 Thanks, tommyl. I still don't know if it's worth it. Hell, it's only one game and it's early in the season. I'd jump off the roof before letting Sutcliffe p*ss in my ear for the next two hours...
2006-05-22 17:33:59
82.   Rob Gee
fddjifgsdkj Long dfweoilhf Long hofhge Long fheiosd esjlkfgh io5rtyh
2006-05-22 17:35:03
83.   rsmith51
Remind me again why Long is on the Yanks...
2006-05-22 17:35:36
84.   BklynBmr
82 LOL! My sentiments exactly!
2006-05-22 17:36:24
85.   rbj
He answered his phone before Ty Cobb did. Otherwise we'd have a "proven veteran" out there.
2006-05-22 17:37:24
86.   Zack
Nothing like coming home, turning on the game, being greeted by us down 4-1, and already being annoyed by ESPN. I turn on the TV to Sutcliff waxing poetic on how Schilling has been simply dominant (no mention of the C team yanks), and then I learn that T-Long is starting???? ARRRRRGGGGHHH...
2006-05-22 17:39:07
87.   BklynBmr
83 He has some dirt on Ca$hman. Something about leather, mayonnaise and a Great Dane. I didn't get the whole story...
2006-05-22 17:45:30
88.   randym77
Damn, I miss Bubba.

Since he's on the DL, can we please have Cairo back in LF? He did better than Long.

2006-05-22 17:45:45
89.   rsmith51
87 Funny...
2006-05-22 17:51:26
90.   randym77
Sigh. Heck of a time for Giambi to go into a slump.
2006-05-22 17:55:57
91.   randym77
I want to kill these ESPN announcers. They never shut up.
2006-05-22 17:56:09
92.   tocho
this game sucks. I hate schilling and the yanks' approach is not working very well.

I only have confidence in Jeter, Cano, Posada and Melky, go figure.

Falling asleep very quickly

2006-05-22 17:59:57
93.   tocho
7th. inning

Schilling at 82, Wang at 80.

3 runs down and 4, 5 and 6 coming up. I think this should be the yanks' inning or a lot of hope will be lost.


2006-05-22 18:01:36
94.   rbj
Shut up Sutcliffe, just shut up.
2006-05-22 18:01:47
95.   Marcus
In fairness to Long, I wouldn't be exactly thrilled to see Kevin Reese starting.

Hey, Willie Harris is starting for the Red Sox. Think about how their fans must feel. Let's call it an even trade. (How can you start Willie Harris over Wily Mo Pena???? Is he injured or something?)

2006-05-22 18:03:16
96.   tocho
91 and 94 just hit the mute button, that always works.

In the meantime my confidence in Posada and Cano is lost. I'm down to Jeter and Melky

2006-05-22 18:03:40
97.   randym77
Cairo was better than Long.
2006-05-22 18:04:58
98.   Zack
I would much much much rather see Reese starting, at least he's one of ours...

So is this game A-Rods fault too?

Yuck, this Yanks lineup needs Sheff so bad...

2006-05-22 18:05:12
99.   tommyl
85, did I mention that when I was 11 I played for the SRBL Yankees? We won the neighborhood world series that year, so I also have postseason experience. The year before I played for the Reds and we also won it all, so I can play a national league style game too. That puts me where on the depth chart?
2006-05-22 18:06:22
100.   tocho
The Yanks are nice, they want to give big fat curt his CG so that he can gloat and gloat and feel better about himself.

7 pitch inning, nice...

I haven't been this angry during a game in a long time.

It would seem that they are sleepwalking out there, is it such a long drive/train/plane to boston? they look like they just got off a transatlantic flight.

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2006-05-22 18:08:13
101.   JeremyM
2006-05-22 18:10:09
102.   rbj
Good night everyone.
2006-05-22 18:10:14
103.   JeremyM
Well, I can always flip over and see how my beloved Spurs are doing...d'oh!!!
2006-05-22 18:10:27
104.   randym77
Pitching change? How about an outfielder change?
2006-05-22 18:12:51
105.   Mattpat11
Quite the lackluster showing tonight.
2006-05-22 18:13:30
106.   randym77
How can Reese possibly be worse than Long?
2006-05-22 18:14:47
107.   SF Yanks
How can anyone be upset? Didn't yall see this coming?
2006-05-22 18:15:57
108.   Stormer Sports
Hey, Zito is pitching a good game against the White Sox. It looks like a good game if you're too frustrated with the Bad News Yankees, flip over.

Oh well, if we're within 6 or 7 games of these guys at the end of July, we have a chance. Go out, buy your girlfiend or wife some dinner, spend some time with the family, take in a concert, watch some NBA playoff games, find a hobby, just enjoy the summer nights, no sense sitting home watching these clowns play. It will hurt less watching the Sox and Sox in October.

2006-05-22 18:17:16
109.   randym77
I didn't see it coming. I thought Wang would do better. And I thought we'd hit Schilling better.

And Long is just unbelievable.

2006-05-22 18:18:58
110.   Stormer Sports

Wang is a complete pussy. He folds up like a chair when the going gets rough against good hitting teams. He and RJ need a 12 step program for Nancy Boys.

2006-05-22 18:20:10
111.   Mattpat11
I wish our MVP did this. Since its impossible to hit into a doublem play, that would have been the classic Alex Rodriguez backwards K on a pitch right down the middle.
2006-05-22 18:21:11
112.   Stormer Sports
Hey, at least we will be able to put this Bean mess to bed soon. Can I get a Hughes and a Smith, at least they have some upside potential.
2006-05-22 18:21:19
113.   Mattpat11
110 Whomever thought throwing a high pitch to Manny Ramirez would be a fun idea needs to be smacked.
2006-05-22 18:21:24
114.   tocho
107 of course not. Schilling has been sucking this month and wang has been great this month, how can we see this coming?

its very bad that they have the injuries but they are all mlb players, posada, cano, bernie, jeter, arod, giambi...

c'mon they are playing this game without any plan or strategy and with no will whatsoever.

to me this is one of the worst games of the season.

2006-05-22 18:21:53
115.   Zack
Actually Texas and Tampa are both good hitting teams and he has handled them quite well. I think, however, that the Red Sox are a tough team for him to face.

I also think our offense sucks, and, as has often been the case all season, seems to have the complete wrong game plan which they then can't seem to change mi-game

2006-05-22 18:23:17
116.   Zack
I'm sorry, hwo does this relate to Bean?

And how is what Ortiz did not jus tpiling it on, the thing A-Rod gets accused of?

2006-05-22 18:25:58
117.   yankz
The "Wang isn't as good with runners on" theory makes a lot of sense to me. He has a long, deliberate delivery to the mound, and it seems like he's not as comfortable from the stretch. Anyone know the numbers?
2006-05-22 18:27:43
118.   Stormer Sports

Torre will use Bean during the next few games, he'll blow, and maybe they'll get off their collective asses and get Hughes and Smith out there. Why everyone thinks a fat, slow throwing, 29 year old career minor leaguer is the answer in the pen is beyond me.

2006-05-22 18:27:46
119.   Mattpat11
116 It was Ortiz third RBI of the game, including the two that gave them the lead. It wasn't an A-Rod three run homrun to make it 13 to 1.
2006-05-22 18:27:55
120.   tocho
117 I don't buy that, he had been getting a lot of DP balls
2006-05-22 18:29:51
121.   Stormer Sports
Well, as far as out starters go, it sure as hell doesn't help matters when they take the mound knowing the offense and defense will let them down.
2006-05-22 18:30:25
122.   tocho
at least melky put up a fight there.
2006-05-22 18:31:28
123.   JeremyM
I'm sorry but what happened to the fabled Yankees scouting? Long is terrible in every capacity. I was hoping he had something going for him and that he might somehow play OK, but he stinks. Thank God Sheffield is back tomorrow (crossing fingers).

Also, and this isn't just because the Yanks are losing, but this 19 games a year thing needs to go. These games aren't even fun anymore. Since I don't have any of the TV packages, about the only Yankees games I get to see are against Boston and it's getting ridiculous. Even my girlfriend asked the other day if the Yanks play anyone else.

2006-05-22 18:31:50
124.   Stormer Sports
If Torre doesn't shift A-Rod up to 6 or 7 in this lineup to take some pressure off, he's a bigger fool than I thought. Cano 2, Jeter 3, Sheff 4, Giambi 5, Arod 6.
2006-05-22 18:31:53
125.   tocho
118 bean in. I hope your daily nightmare theories are not realized...
2006-05-22 18:32:14
126.   C2Coke
I really think Melky is doing his share on the team nicely lately. He's been making the pitchers throw more than a few pitches to him.

Wang can definitely do better, I alway thought there is a mental thing for him to go against the Sox. However, he still did okay though, didn't he? 110 I don't think it's fair to compare him to RJ. RJ's the one getting big bucks and becoming really wild of late.

Bean's up.

2006-05-22 18:32:36
127.   JeremyM
You know, I think people are only asking that Bean gets a chance. Nobody is really saying he'll be a "savior." The guy deserves a chance.
2006-05-22 18:32:37
128.   Stormer Sports

The games aren't fun anymore because they smack us around and we cannot compete with them.

2006-05-22 18:32:59
129.   Mattpat11
On the "What did Colter Bean eat today" line, he ate yesterday's Colter Bean.
2006-05-22 18:33:32
130.   Stormer Sports
Ahhh, I love relievers who walk guys, especially lead-off guys. Oh happy day.
2006-05-22 18:34:27
131.   Mattpat11
130 My theory is that he's winded.
2006-05-22 18:34:32
132.   Stormer Sports
I just hope we get off this sloppy poorly-kept field this week without another injury.
2006-05-22 18:35:15
133.   Stormer Sports

LOL. My theory is that he spent his entire career in the minors for a very good reason.

2006-05-22 18:35:49
134.   tocho
128 talk about objective
2006-05-22 18:37:06
135.   Zack
Bean, don't you know that Torre would ALWAYS prefer the tanyon Sturtze first pitch HR to the leadoff walk. Don't ask me why, he just does
2006-05-22 18:37:31
136.   C2Coke
132 Totally agree.
2006-05-22 18:38:07
137.   Stormer Sports
Ahh, the lead-off walk scores. Good job Colter, you're a stud.
2006-05-22 18:38:43
138.   Simone
Eh, I saw this coming. I'm just hoping that no one else gets hurt tonight.
2006-05-22 18:39:44
139.   Mattpat11
Have we seen enough yet?
2006-05-22 18:40:03
140.   Stormer Sports
LOL. Oh yea, Matt Smith was so bad, better call up Colter, ability clearly less important than what arm you throw with.

I agree with the fans, we do suck.

2006-05-22 18:40:27
141.   C2Coke
Can someone please tell me...what is wrong with Matt Smith?
Why is he down in the Minor league when he is one of the minor leaguers who had great performances in the Majors?
2006-05-22 18:40:30
142.   rsmith51
Where is Mendoza? Is there a reason he isn't getting a chance?
2006-05-22 18:41:52
143.   C2Coke
139 We certainly have. Those magical times like Saturday don't happen that often especially not today.
2006-05-22 18:42:00
144.   Zack
Its silly to think that the team the Yanks are fielding is on par with the Sox at this point. It simply isn't. Its why these three weeks of lots of games against the Sox in May are so rediculous...The Yanks job for now is to try and tread water, honestly. If they can take 1 of three this weekend, well, we only leave 2.5 games back and hoping that Sheff, Giambi, A-Rod, and Posada all come around at the same time
2006-05-22 18:42:24
145.   Stormer Sports

Aren't you paying attention! He is a lefty and we already have 2 lefty's. Torre doesn't care about your ability, rather which arm you write with! Erickson and Bean over Hughes and Smith, enuff said.

2006-05-22 18:42:40
146.   rsmith51
Maybe Stormer is correct, Ca$hman is overrated. He has sure done some pretty dumb things recently. They can't all be Torre's or George's fault.
2006-05-22 18:43:26
147.   Zack
Hughes is in AA and in now way ready for the big leagues
2006-05-22 18:43:38
148.   Zack
sorry, no way
2006-05-22 18:43:59
149.   Stormer Sports
Man, if I'm A-rod, I sure am looking forward to voiding my contract after 2007 so I can catch Bonds somewhere like Houston or Cincinnati.
2006-05-22 18:44:56
150.   Zack
I can't take this cranky superior, negativity, I'm out...
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2006-05-22 18:47:10
151.   rsmith51
Fearless prediction: ARod 2 run hr...
2006-05-22 18:47:33
152.   tocho
I'm with you Zack, this negativity is useless
2006-05-22 18:47:35
153.   Stormer Sports

Why not just give him a shot. Was Cole Hamels ready? Anthony Reyes, was he ready? Fuck this "ready" crap. Some kids perform in the majors when they're young, Roger Clemens ready? Nolan Ryan? Saberhagen? Valenzuela? Gooden?

Look, ar some point the Yankees have to do what every other god damn team in the leagure is doing, give the kids a shot if you think they might help you. If a few games in the majors will destroy your confidence and set you back, you aren't major league material anyway.

2006-05-22 18:47:50
154.   rsmith51
I started typing it and saw it before I submitted.
2006-05-22 18:48:31
155.   Marcus
A-Rod has a 1.256 OPS in too little, too late situations.
2006-05-22 18:48:57
156.   Marcus
Holy moley, now if we can only get 5 more of those...
2006-05-22 18:49:09
157.   C2Coke
145 I know, and if you count RJ we have three. I just don't understand why Torre refuse to see that perhaps (just perhaps if given the chance) that 1 Smith could = Erickson+ Bean.
I honestly never ever thought I would miss Gordon.
2006-05-22 18:52:16
158.   Simone
Damage Hughes, the Yankees prize pitching prospects by bringing him up before he is ready for what reason? I don't understand the desperation. The Yankees are suffering from major injuries to key players. Not even the Yankees with their payroll can cope with this kind of disaster. It is early in the season and the Yankees are still close to the Red Sox in the standings so there is nothing to do, but wait and hope that the Yankees can stay close until the injured players can return and Cashman can facilitate a trade for a pitchers.
2006-05-22 18:52:59
159.   Stormer Sports

I just get so tired of this lefty-lefty righty-righty matchup garbage. Did Joe pull Mo for a lefty when Wetteland was here? If a guy like Farnsworth or Proctor or Smith can go 2 or 3 and get to MO, why is that a crime? If Mo can pitch a 2 inning save a couple times a week, why is that a crime? It's managing from a notebook, not from what you are actually seeing, and that is horse-shit. I say again, there is a reason Torre was a below .500 manager before joining the Yankees. Francona didnt have any trouble kicking Foulke to the curb, did he?

2006-05-22 18:53:45
160.   Marcus
I'm surprised Torre doesn't pinch hit Cairo for Long here.
2006-05-22 18:53:51
161.   rsmith51
Pinch hit????
2006-05-22 18:54:02
162.   Mattpat11
Well, at least they fucked up Foulke.
2006-05-22 18:55:26
163.   JeremyM
Boy, Long is as bad as advertised. I hate to harp on it but yikes.
2006-05-22 18:55:37
164.   Marcus
Ended on a slightly upbeat note. Now they just need to carry it over to tomorrow
2006-05-22 18:57:35
165.   tocho
talk about a bad outing there by Foulke.

the bosox are really lucky to have caught lightning in a bottle there with papelbon this guy is toast.

don't worry we'll get them tomorrow and on wednesday.

2006-05-22 19:01:06
166.   tommyl
I know its only one game, but Long was everything promised. How can Reese be worse than that? Long is even more unforgivable than Erickson. Erickson was at least good once a long time ago, Long is just bad. I mean the Royals didn't want him, that has to tell you something.
2006-05-22 19:02:52
167.   randym77
Please let it be anyone but Long in LF tomorrow night.

"Our Long national nightmare" indeed...

2006-05-22 19:04:14
168.   yankaholic
Does anyone know how Sheffs game go @ Trenton?? I am not too worried now, we are having a bad lineup, the fact Sheff is coming back in 2/3 days makes me feel better abt this bad phase.. we cud have used the BoSux next weekend.. the fact that this is a div. game makes it sting a bit, but we shud pick up the slack soon..

lets hope ARod has woken up.. man this guy either hits HRs @ Fenway or in games that Schilling pitches..

well 9-5 makes it look ok.. but i am happy Long will be gone soon

2006-05-22 19:09:05
169.   C2Coke
163,166 And we thought Stinnet is bad enough.

Hey, perhaps Torre is worried someone else would get injuried in the OF so he brought up Long to protect the rest?

2006-05-22 19:21:49
170.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Arragh, Wang didnt have it tonight .

Splitter wasn't working at all, and leaving too many sinker up ... at least he got Ortiz and Manny out a few times this time around though :/ (but got hit at bad times hard gah)

BTW, has anyone actually seen Wang striking people out with high cheese? why they keep calling that when no one's ever biting?

2006-05-22 19:48:19
171.   dpmurphy
"tocho: the bosox are really lucky to have caught lightning in a bottle there with papelbon this guy is toast."

Bosox drafted him out of college, went into farm system, and now is on the team. That's the way it's suppose to be. That's not luck, that's by design. You act like he just fell into their lap.

I guess because the yankees are having to look at a trade for a starting pitcher it's because they're just 'unlucky', huh?

2006-05-22 19:53:32
172.   tocho
171 isn't he a starter? are you not getting the point? should I type slower?
2006-05-22 20:03:06
173.   Shaun P
I'm not pleased with the result, but at least the 9th wasn't too bad. Can't win 'em all.

Too much 'bad old days George' sentiment here for me right now. "Oh no the Yanks lost 2 of 3 to the Mets, and are 1-4 against the Sox! Down with Colter Bean! Bring up Philip Hughes!" That's the kind of misguided over-reaction George used to have in the bad old days - that's why they were the bad old days. What made being a fan back then tough was not the losing, not the crappy players, but the constant meddling and stupid overreactions by George. I personally don't ever want to see those days come back.

2006-05-22 20:04:37
174.   Shaun P
172 tocho, that one 171 isn't worth your time.

Any chance Long gets handed his walking papers sometime before tomorrow night's game? Maybe he could take Erickson with him.

Free Mendoza!

2006-05-22 21:17:58
175.   BklynBmr
Hey, our beloved Yanks are having their 'dogs days' right now in May, that's all. Better now then the real dog days when wins and losses have greater meaning.

The advantage here just may be in the fact that we're getting a look at the minor league talent, by necessity — not by choice. Even though it's early, the Mutts and Boston are big games and it may as well be a late September pennant showdown as far the Melkys, Resses and Beans are concerned. They've never seen intensity like this before. If Melky sticks, that's one less blue chip we trade before the deadline. But we find out now. OK, 2.5 back with 75% of the campaign in front of us. I'll take that under any circumstances, let alone the current one.

Great points, Shaun P 173. The Long move smacks of the 80s. I don't think it was George who pressed for that one, but I'd like to know who. They need to be shown the lion cage at The Bronx Zoo.

If we can stay within 3 to 5 games by the break, I'm not worrying. Just hope we don't drop 6 in a row anytime soon...

2006-05-22 21:27:48
176.   pistolpete
175 Well, we had this stretch in April last year, and still managed to win the division. Might wind up being the wild card this season if Boston continues to own us, though.

When all is said and done, the so-called 'decimated' Yankees are only 2 games worse than the 'surging' Mets.

2006-05-22 22:37:11
177.   BklynBmr
176 Granted, pistol, we did. But even the Tony Womack Yanks couldn't get too panicked about being 9 back in the loss column 'cause we were looking up at Baltimore, essentially. No one thought that was going to hold. If Boston went 30-9 out of the gate, however, we would have been done.

If Giambi and A-Rod snap out of it, the Yanks will keep pace. Good thing we're not in the AL Central this year ;-)

Tomorrow night, I'm thinking Wright gets the job done. It's an important start for him and the team. Don't think we've lost 3 straight yet and a stop here would be huge for his confidence.

Hopefully Joe will start Melky this time. He has to start eating those knucklers sooner or later...

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