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Rubber Neckin'
2006-05-21 16:29
by Alex Belth
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It's been a strange day with the weather here in New York--sunny, rainy, then sunny again. There is a chill in the air, a steady breeze too. Sunday Night Baseball features future Hall of Famer Tom Glavine bringing the soft stuff to the Yankees tonight. Journey man pitcher Aaron Small hopes to similarly vex the Mets by keeping them off balance, utalizing his good change-up.

I wouldn't be suprised if the Mets blew the Yanks out, but if the Bombers can get to Glavine, if he's not especially sharp, then we'll have us a ball game. Wonder which team is going to decide to catch the ball tonight?

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2006-05-21 16:41:59
1.   Zack
I shall consecrate this thread with a "Let's go Yanks!"
2006-05-21 16:54:29
2.   wsporter
Melky has a reputation as a good breaking ball hittter. It would be nice to see the kid have a break out game after his big ab yesterday. Lets Go Yank-eeeeees!
2006-05-21 16:59:45
3.   GoingDeep
The Yankees are 11-2 against Starting Lefties. If Small can keep it together and go at least 5 i think the bombers are a chance.
Giambi also needs to break out of his slump. For someone who was so hot in April, hes ice cold now when we need him most with 'Zilla and Sheff out.
2006-05-21 17:13:54
4.   3rd gen yankee fan
Damon SB!
2006-05-21 17:17:23
5.   Mattpat11
Was that Vito Spatafore in the Mets jersey?
2006-05-21 17:19:05
6.   monkeypants
Hmmm. Sterling just said that Cairo was the emergency catcher. I think the plan is, ultimately, to carry 15 pitchers and only Cairo on the bench!
2006-05-21 17:21:05
7.   kdw
6 Funny.
2006-05-21 17:31:32
8.   weeping for brunnhilde
Melky hit it to the right side.

I fucking love this kid.

2006-05-21 17:31:48
9.   GoingDeep
2006-05-21 17:34:27
10.   rbj
Acceptable range? WTF is that Joe? The pitch was off the plate, it was a ball.
2006-05-21 17:34:49
11.   Benjamin Kabak
WTF does Joe Morgan mean the "acceptable range?" A pitch is either a strike or a ball. That pitch to Stinett was a ball. The acceptable range is in the strike zone.
2006-05-21 17:35:29
12.   Benjamin Kabak
10 HAH! I guess Joe Morgan's idiocy is just too obvious to people watching the game.
2006-05-21 17:43:15
13.   Benjamin Kabak
The Melky Show continues. That was a tough play but shoulda been a double.
2006-05-21 17:44:39
14.   randym77
And Cano bails out Melky.

Melky's offense has a lot of promise, but his defense is very suspect.

2006-05-21 17:44:50
15.   rbj
Way to go Robbie! The tough plays he handles, the easy ones he'll mess up.
2006-05-21 17:46:55
16.   kdw
I'm watching Gameday. Was there any chance for Cabrera to catch Floyd's ball, or was it just that well hit?
2006-05-21 17:47:17
17.   nick
"acceptable range"--Glavine's whole career has been based on getting the wide strike zone....
2006-05-21 17:48:52
18.   Benjamin Kabak
17 There's no denying that. Joe Morgan just sounds like an idiot when he says it that way.
2006-05-21 17:49:59
19.   rbj
16 The wind prevented it from being a homerun, I would cut Melky some slack because the wind altered the ball's flight. Melky should be spending the year in AAA.
2006-05-21 17:50:18
20.   randym77
16 I think Sheff would have caught that one. It would have been one of his patented bang-against-the-wall plays. And Bubba would have gotten that one for sure.

I don't know what it is with Melky. He doesn't track the ball well. He chases the ball, rather than run to where it's going to end up.

2006-05-21 18:00:04
21.   nick
18 indeed!.......
20 I think that's exactly right--his routes to the ball just look lousy--he's played CF his whole minor league career, yes? Joe needs to pick an outfield corner and just leave him there for the next couple weeks--& RF makes the most sense long-term.....
2006-05-21 18:01:27
22.   rbj
That has to be the shortest double I've ever seen.
2006-05-21 18:01:44
23.   randym77
Bernie is money tonight.
2006-05-21 18:01:44
24.   joejoejoe
Wow. Windblown pop double for Bernie Baseball.

And Joe Morgan said "buttocks". I love Little Joe.

2006-05-21 18:02:12
25.   kdw
19, 20 Thanks.
2006-05-21 18:03:48
26.   Benjamin Kabak
Okay. So let me get this straight. According to Joe Morgan, since Gary Sheffield was the most feared Yankee two years ago, they miss him the most.

Sure, they might miss Sheffield the most, but that logic isn't logical.

2006-05-21 18:06:25
27.   rbj
Nive bunt Small
2006-05-21 18:06:54
28.   joejoejoe
HBP John Damon.

Bases loaded for Derek Sanderson Jeter.

2006-05-21 18:07:44
29.   randym77
And now the bases are loaded for the Captain. C'mon, Jeet. We gotta cash in some of these.
2006-05-21 18:09:51
30.   rbj
A seeing eye error for the Cap'n!
2006-05-21 18:09:52
31.   randym77
Nice one, Jeet!
2006-05-21 18:12:04
32.   nick
Shea scorer showing Glavine's ERA no respect...
2006-05-21 18:39:27
33.   Benjamin Kabak
Hey! We're back.

Maybe the Banter is the good luck charm tonight. Banter goes down and the Yanks start losing....

2006-05-21 18:40:25
34.   randym77
I'm kind of surprised Smallie's back out there. He's not used to starting, and faded after three innings last time.
2006-05-21 18:43:56
35.   randym77
He was out. Robby had him.
2006-05-21 18:43:57
36.   Benjamin Kabak
That was an awful call. Why can't these umps position themselves to make calls on stolen base attempts?
2006-05-21 18:44:30
37.   Benjamin Kabak
Eh. Actually, looks like Reyes wasn't tagged.
2006-05-21 18:52:55
38.   Zack
Why did Joe bring out Small to start the 5th? Hmmm
2006-05-21 18:57:25
39.   randym77
Who's up next? Are we going to see Bean tonight?
2006-05-21 18:58:08
40.   Benjamin Kabak
Man, Joe Morgan can't even talk. He has one job and he sucks at it.

Glaving, Wagner, Randolph...He just totally confused everyone, and he said that Randolph was pitching. Good job, Joe.

2006-05-21 19:00:26
41.   murphy
welcome to the comment board, mr. kabak. in case you haven't seen it:
2006-05-21 19:01:24
42.   jayd
Well, I wanted to see Colter. Is he in the park? I'm really encouraged by Smallie, this (for 3 innings) is the kind of stuff we need to eat up innings. I thought he wasn't fooling anybody this year but hopefully this shows he still has it. I have a warm spot in my heart for UPS workers from New Hampshire...

Anybody else have trouble getting on the site tonight? Couldn't hook up with the server at all..

2006-05-21 19:02:17
43.   Benjamin Kabak
41 Oh, I am a BIG proponent of that site. Don't worry. This is nothing new to me. I am just routinely stunned by Joe Morgan's idiocy. I mean, what would it take for ESPN to ever decide to get rid of him?
2006-05-21 19:03:35
44.   Benjamin Kabak
10 LOB through 6 innings. It's like the beginning of the season all over again.
2006-05-21 19:05:34
45.   no2ss
Bean is in!
2006-05-21 19:05:36
46.   murphy
2006-05-21 19:05:44
47.   Yu-Hsing Chen
We have a Bean sighting !!!
2006-05-21 19:06:39
48.   rabid stan
Colter Bean. Sweet Merciful Crap.

So he's a side-armer, huh?

2006-05-21 19:06:54
49.   dianagramr
That would be Yankee Bean ...
2006-05-21 19:07:23
50.   randym77
He looks like he weighs a lot more than 255 to me.
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2006-05-21 19:07:30
51.   no2ss
Bean with the K. Nice start.
2006-05-21 19:07:31
52.   rabid stan
Kolter Bean!
2006-05-21 19:08:05
53.   no2ss
Ok. So let's see if Mr. Bean can handle a lefty...
2006-05-21 19:08:10
54.   Yu-Hsing Chen
and he strikes out David Wright!! way to start ur call up
2006-05-21 19:09:44
55.   rsmith51
Getting everybody out you face doesn't necessarily mean you get to stay up.

Never mind...

2006-05-21 19:09:44
56.   no2ss
Bean with the bean ball. :)
2006-05-21 19:10:11
57.   no2ss
Bean with a bean ball. :)
2006-05-21 19:10:27
58.   Yu-Hsing Chen
and he "Bean"s Nady ... heh
2006-05-21 19:11:13
59.   murphy
mr. bean isn't a fan of the first pitch strike, is he?
2006-05-21 19:11:47
60.   rsmith51
I think his pitches are confusing the umpire.
2006-05-21 19:12:35
61.   rsmith51
Bean got an attaboy from the Cap'n. He's in the show now.
2006-05-21 19:12:41
62.   randym77
Well, he got the lefty out. With help from Jeter.
2006-05-21 19:14:24
63.   fgasparini
Thought Bean looked good there.

Also, none of the three wanted to tell the well-worn story about Stick lying to Stein about Bernie--that there was no trade interest, so Bernie couldn't be moved? It was certainly part of the context of the "building the Mets" discussion. WHich I don't buy at all.

2006-05-21 19:17:11
64.   rsmith51
63 I agree. It seems like he would make a pretty good middle reliever because of his funky delivery. As long as he doesn't walk too many(or plunk them). He would be a good change of pace option for Torre.
2006-05-21 19:18:31
65.   jayd
Colter has a Ruthian presence on the mound...
2006-05-21 19:19:05
66.   rsmith51
Was that a true story about Stick lying to George? Thank you Stick if it was.
2006-05-21 19:22:18
67.   fgasparini
66 Yeah, I've read it MANY times--don't have a cite off the top of my head--Stein demanded that we trade Bernie, in say '92. I think the Reds offered, like, Roberto Kelly? Stick took his balls in hand and told George there was no interest. ould be a fairy tale, but I never read where Stick or Stein denied it.
2006-05-21 19:22:53
68.   murphy
between resse, melky, and colter's call-ups, i wonder if our team's average age has dipped significantly...
2006-05-21 19:23:15
69.   jayd
ok. melky, this is huge
2006-05-21 19:23:16
70.   randym77
65 I was thinking more David Wells. ;-)

Some say that's why the Yankees won't bring him up. Bean refuses to work out, a la Wells, and they don't want to reward that kind of thing. Sets a bad example and all that.

According to the "Free Colter Bean" web site, his actual weight is well north of 300 lbs.

2006-05-21 19:25:47
71.   Stormer Sports
Our bench, our bench, where for art thou our bench? You change pitchers and the best we can do is Kevin Reese! Ugg. 13 pitchers going into an interleague series-Brilliant, just Brilliant.

Please don't try to figure out what Joe Morgan is saying. I won't even intimate why Morgan likes Sheff over Arod, I don't want Ron Kuby serving papers on me. He's a fool, everyone who isn't a casual fan knows he's a fool. It's ESPN and Joe is in the Hall of Fame, that's the end of the story.

2006-05-21 19:25:49
72.   jayd
that's the second game in a row melky has shown the plate discipline of a giambi
2006-05-21 19:26:02
73.   fgasparini
Nice AB Melky...

70 That would be idiotic, especially after Wells.

2006-05-21 19:28:04
74.   murphy
damn kelly stinett. i guess jorgie's back is worse than we thought.
2006-05-21 19:28:47
75.   jayd
oh have had one run in and andy coming up...the stuff great seasons are made of. We're getting there. Mets aren't going to win this.
2006-05-21 19:29:20
76.   Stormer Sports

If it's true that he doesn't work out, well then blame him, he must not want it that bad. Wells is a proven pitcher who was not a fat blob when he made his debut. You have to earn the right to dictate your own work out routine. That doesn'y fly for a 10 year minor leaguer.

2006-05-21 19:31:22
77.   Stormer Sports
As long as Arod is batting .250 WRISP and Giambi is struggling, this is going to be a battle. Christ, even Jete belongs in the 4 spot, he's the only guy batting .350+ w/RISP.
2006-05-21 19:31:45
78.   fgasparini
76 6 yrs only. Besides I think it's pretty obvious you don't have to be super-fit to pitch well. Hell, look at Bean's last inning.
2006-05-21 19:32:40
79.   rsmith51
76 Like Crash Davis says "Once you get to the show, you can let the fungus grow back (on your sandals) and they will call you colorful."
2006-05-21 19:33:16
80.   Benjamin Kabak
Eh, fielding wins games. I'm annoyed at the Mets fielders this game.

There goes Bean...back to Columbus I bet.

2006-05-21 19:33:27
81.   murphy
please don't walk reyes... guy makes cano look like the model of patience.
2006-05-21 19:33:28
82.   no2ss
And that's it for Bean. Too bad. He lost the strike zone. Think Torre will ever let him pitch again?
2006-05-21 19:33:35
83.   Zack
Poor Colter Bean, now Joe has his excuse to never pitch him again...
2006-05-21 19:33:48
84.   nick
damn, back to Columbus for young Bean....
2006-05-21 19:33:58
85.   Mattpat11
Christ, Colter Bean is built like a mailbox, aint he?
2006-05-21 19:34:03
86.   Stormer Sports


Be nice to your neighbors. I'm just holding a grudge for Matt Smith.

Although if Bean could throw a strike here, I'd be a little more optimistic.

I'm out, let's hope they pull this out!

2006-05-21 19:34:33
87.   jayd
Looks like comin from the deep south and that northern chill has made for an exit...
2006-05-21 19:35:29
88.   Zack
There's no way Bean is close to 300 lbs. Sure, hes got big legs and a bigg ass, but hes not THAT big
2006-05-21 19:36:35
89.   Zack
And yet Joe throws Sturtze out there time again, yet we all know that a leadoff walk and two balls trumps a good inning before and any and all other stats simply because he isn't a 'warrior' or some such crap...ugh
2006-05-21 19:38:10
90.   Benjamin Kabak
Kelly Stinnett makes Johnny Damon's arm look good.
2006-05-21 19:38:48
91.   Mattpat11
Maybe Bean just got really hungry and wanted out of the game.
2006-05-21 19:39:26
92.   randym77
Bean is a big guy, and not just in circumference. He's listed at 6'-6", so I could believe he weighs more than 300 pounds.
2006-05-21 19:39:49
93.   JohnnyC
Someone should tell Torre that Bean's 29. That'll pique his interest a little more. Sure, it's minor league veteran-ness but it's veteran-ness nonethless. By the way, nice effort from Stinnett tonight.
2006-05-21 19:41:47
94.   Benjamin Kabak
Nice start from Scott Kazmir today. He's really blossomed into a great pitcher this year now that his walk total is down.
2006-05-21 19:42:26
95.   Mattpat11
93 Torre may play him out of fear of being eaten.
2006-05-21 19:48:05
96.   fgasparini
Pretty nice work by VIllone, too, though.
2006-05-21 19:49:48
97.   Jen
Crap. Erickson sighting.
2006-05-21 19:50:41
98.   Benjamin Kabak
2006-05-21 19:50:54
99.   no2ss
Giving away outs, are we?
2006-05-21 19:51:20
100.   no2ss
Dude can't find the plate. Why are we helping him by bunting?
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2006-05-21 19:51:22
101.   randym77
At least Bean got a chance before Erickson. Many of us weren't expecting that.
2006-05-21 19:51:44
102.   rabid stan
Even Morgan is against the bunt.
2006-05-21 19:52:14
103.   no2ss
Wow. Got lucky there.
2006-05-21 19:52:27
104.   Jen
I guess Derek's thinking that infield hits are the way to go tonight.
2006-05-21 19:52:40
105.   Benjamin Kabak
Okay, well, that was a lucky freak accident of a bunt. But please, God, make Joe Torre stop having Jeter bunt.
2006-05-21 19:52:42
106.   rabid stan
Bases loaded, yet again.
2006-05-21 19:52:53
107.   nick
ok, it works, I still hate the bunt....
2006-05-21 19:53:07
108.   Mattpat11
Miller called that as a trap right away. Gotta give him credit.
2006-05-21 19:53:25
109.   randym77
The Yanks are killing off the Mets bullpen by clevering tempting them into diving for bunts.
2006-05-21 19:53:32
110.   BklynBmr
It's salami time...
2006-05-21 19:54:11
111.   nick
let's go! we need four runs here with Erickson coming in...
2006-05-21 19:54:25
112.   Mattpat11
101 Maybe he ate Erickson
2006-05-21 19:54:27
113.   jayd
i'm ready to nominate that as worst acting performance on an obviously trapped ball by a player...What a nitwit. The ump had the best view. How could he possibly think he could pull that off.

Now match that with your average Mets fan: we waz robbed!!!

2006-05-21 19:55:21
114.   jayd
111 Make that 6.
2006-05-21 19:55:26
115.   no2ss
Well, that's a run. Let's see what A-Rod can do to get rid of his rep.
2006-05-21 19:55:38
116.   Benjamin Kabak
Giambi hasn't looked too great at the plate recently. Pressing a bit?
2006-05-21 19:55:56
117.   Jen
Ok, they need a double steal now.
2006-05-21 19:57:51
118.   rabid stan
Damn it!
2006-05-21 19:58:09
119.   Mattpat11
2006-05-21 19:58:13
120.   Stormer Sports
Arod and his .250 avg WRISP moves forward.
2006-05-21 19:58:37
121.   no2ss
A-rod's reputation lives on.
2006-05-21 19:58:40
122.   Benjamin Kabak
Stellar. ARod comes through in the clutch.
2006-05-21 19:58:44
123.   BklynBmr
A-Rod. A-Rod. A-Rod...
2006-05-21 19:58:45
124.   Zack
Man this team does not deserve to win
2006-05-21 19:59:26
125.   fgasparini
Okay, I've resisted as hard as I could, but A-Rod? is lame.
2006-05-21 19:59:37
126.   unpopster
I hate to say this, but after watching Arod now in a little over 2 full years, I'd have to say that he very well might be the most overrated player in the MLB.

Jesus, friggin Alex!!! Get a hit when it friggin counts!

2006-05-21 19:59:52
127.   Zack
Hey, its not like the rest of the Yanks' #s with RISP are any good...Especially in this game
2006-05-21 20:00:32
128.   JohnnyC
Makes Gammons sound like his usual idiotic self...again. I'm sure Red Sox fans would have enjoyed ARod's numerous failures in the clutch as much as Yankees fans have.
2006-05-21 20:00:51
129.   rabid stan
Scott Erickson? That's it. Light the torches.

Who cares if he's the only non-Rivera pitcher left? He shouldn't even be there.

2006-05-21 20:01:03
130.   BklynBmr
Thank goodness the bottom of the order will be up with the game on the line...

Wow. A-Rod out?

2006-05-21 20:01:05
131.   randym77
A-Rod and Giambi both have been slumping lately.

At least Giambi got Cairo home.

Holy crap. They've replaced A-Rod with Cairo.

2006-05-21 20:01:11
132.   singledd
Until ARod finds his stroke, Joe needs to move him out of the cleanup spot.

Until Shef is back,
the rest

2006-05-21 20:01:20
133.   Zack
Well, 8:00 here, time for the Simpsons
2006-05-21 20:01:21
134.   rsmith51
Why was Erickson chosen over Bean again????
2006-05-21 20:01:43
135.   no2ss
I still don't understand why Erickson is on this team. What's wrong with Mendoza?
2006-05-21 20:01:54
136.   Mattpat11
Oh thank God. A-Rod hadn't kicked a ball to Manhattan all game. He was due.
2006-05-21 20:02:26
137.   Stormer Sports

Jete is batting .356 WRISP, a full .100 higher than Arod and Giambi.

2006-05-21 20:02:50
138.   randym77
I'd pick Matt Smith over both Bean and Erickson.
2006-05-21 20:03:21
139.   JohnnyC
"Hey, its not like the rest of the Yanks' #s with RISP are any good" I don't think you'll get too far by comparing his numbers to Kelly Stinnett or Miguel Cairo. Hey, he's a great player but the facts are the facts. Let's stop inventing excuses for it. That said, hopefully, he'll start a hot streak in Fenway tomorrow night.
2006-05-21 20:03:27
140.   rabid stan
134 Bean already pitched.
2006-05-21 20:03:45
141.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets announcers are speculating that Torre hopes to tie the game and keep Erickson in for a long time.

That statement has many logical inconsistencies.

2006-05-21 20:03:57
142.   Zack
True SS, but Jeter is also hitting about that on the season anyways. Hes about the only one not mired in a crappy slump, though he did slump a bit earlier
2006-05-21 20:04:17
143.   randym77
Whoah. Damon just saved Melky from another humiliating encounter with a fly ball.
2006-05-21 20:04:38
144.   JohnnyC
2006-05-21 20:04:48
145.   Stormer Sports

Hell yes! All Smith did was retire every batter he faced and didn't walk anyone. I simply cannot tolerate BB's from relievers.

Free Colter Bean, I mean really, he's 29 and tops out at 88 MPH for God's sake.

2006-05-21 20:05:03
146.   Mattpat11
127 The rest of the Yankees alao aren't "best player in baseball" Alex Rodriguez, who entered the game with the FIFTY THIRD OPS in baseball. He's been a momumental bust this year. If he's not failing in the clutch, he's booting balls or just plain not hitting period.
2006-05-21 20:05:52
147.   rabid stan
Robbie, you beautiful bastard.
2006-05-21 20:06:14
148.   singledd
Jetes is the only one with a hit w/RISP.
Those hits being a grounder that Wright missed and hit of the SS's glove, and a busted bunt, that was 2 inches away from a DP.

ARod did cream the ball his last time at bat. Damon has a 30 ft single, Bernie has a 50 fr double. Cano is the only one who has really hit the ball hard.

2006-05-21 20:06:32
149.   Mattpat11
That could have been a calamity.
2006-05-21 20:06:57
150.   singledd
P.S. I really miss Jorge.
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2006-05-21 20:07:29
151.   rabid stan
Who's supposed to call on that ball?
2006-05-21 20:07:45
152.   JohnnyC
"True SS, but Jeter is also hitting about that on the season anyways." What, is ARod the pope? When Jeter's RISP avg sucked last season, everyone was on him like white on rice. I only wish ARod was hitting his season average with men in scoring position.
2006-05-21 20:08:04
153.   BklynBmr
So the guy almost everyone wants taken out and shot gets the job done in a high pressure situation (thanks, Robbie!) — right after the guy almost everyone demands on the roster can't find the plate. Go figger...
2006-05-21 20:08:32
154.   rabid stan
Ok, so Erickson didn't screw it up. Good?
2006-05-21 20:08:38
155.   Yu-Hsing Chen
A-LOB .... ack
2006-05-21 20:09:34
156.   Zack
I'm not making excuses FOR A-Rod, I am just pointing out that it's silly to get overly frustrated with him or blame the lossess on him. Hes in a slump, hes not the greatest "clutch" hitter (but if you look at the analysis, neither were most greats), but by the end of the season he will have hit 40 homers and driven in over 100 runs...One man a team doesn't make.
2006-05-21 20:10:32
157.   rabid stan
153 Right, cuz everybody's supposed to do the job perfectly from the first time they come up, and years of mediocrity are magically washed away by a 1-2-3 inning.
2006-05-21 20:10:34
158.   JohnnyC
"ARod did cream the ball his last time at bat." I once hit a screaming line drive to deep left-center with the bases loaded in softball. It was caught. The inning ended. We lost. So, what's your point?
2006-05-21 20:10:45
159.   randym77
I don't actually have a problem with Erickson. He's been okay, if not left in too long.

I'd just rather have Smith. :)

2006-05-21 20:11:16
160.   SF Yanks
I really do like A Rod, and I'm not one to bash him, but wow does it sure seem like he rarely comes through. Yeah he's got the numbers but doesn't it seem like they come in blow outs or where it really doesn't matter?
2006-05-21 20:11:54
161.   Zack
146 A monumental bust? Oh come on now...
2006-05-21 20:12:22
162.   rsmith51
The ump ready to go home?
2006-05-21 20:12:31
163.   Stormer Sports
All I expect from Arod is to have a higher average WRISP than his season average. I know there are all kinds of ways to measure clutch, but when your average WRISP is lower than your season average, you're not clutch. Especially when Derek "overrated" Jeter has more RBI. Cano belongs in the 2 spot, Jete belongs in the 3 spot, Giambi 4 and Arod 5 or even 6. Take some pressure off him and see if he snaps back into it. At least for the time being.
2006-05-21 20:12:41
164.   singledd
ARod has had a shitty May. It won't last. He will save our bacon many times over the next 120 games.
2006-05-21 20:13:01
165.   fgasparini
Why is baseball great? Because ARod blows it, Erickson is unhittable, and Billy Wagner bounces back from giving up four runs.

The Yankees didn't deserve to be even this much in the game anyway.

2006-05-21 20:13:19
166.   Benjamin Kabak
Bernie Williams on base 5 times? Nice work, Bernie!
2006-05-21 20:13:28
167.   randym77
Bernie's on fire tonight.
2006-05-21 20:13:35
168.   jayd
melky melky melky
2006-05-21 20:13:46
169.   Stormer Sports
Melky, be a hero!
2006-05-21 20:14:12
170.   rabid stan
Melky screwed him up yesterday with a great eye and great patience. Here's to hoping he does it again. And as I type...
2006-05-21 20:14:17
171.   rsmith51
2006-05-21 20:14:21
172.   fgasparini
Or maybe doesn't bounce back...
2006-05-21 20:14:22
173.   Benjamin Kabak
Is Posada absolutely unable to play?
2006-05-21 20:14:26
174.   randym77
Woot! Nice one, Melky!
2006-05-21 20:14:26
175.   Mattpat11
156 Please. He's supposed to be the best player in baseball. Is is so god damned much to NOT ask him to make errors left and right? To maybe hit to a .900 OPS. To possibly so something other than GIDP in the middle of a rally? To be in the top fifty offensive players in baseball?
2006-05-21 20:14:40
176.   Zack
163 I can't really argue there, especially with the lineup, but give A-Rod time...And I haven't checked the states, but I am sure a lot of really good hitters have lower averages with RISP
2006-05-21 20:14:58
177.   Stormer Sports
Man, Posada must really be hurting.
2006-05-21 20:15:11
178.   rsmith51
Can't we use Cairo as C and pinch hit for Stinnett?
2006-05-21 20:15:19
179.   3rd gen yankee fan
Well I guess we can say Stinnett is DUE, he's REALLY DUE...
2006-05-21 20:15:26
180.   BklynBmr
157 It's all about getting it done now. Potential is nice. Results speak volumes.
2006-05-21 20:15:37
181.   Zack
Ooh, lay off that high fastball Kelly
2006-05-21 20:16:19
182.   Zack
So I guess it will be Andy here, and Joe will use it to balance last night?
2006-05-21 20:16:32
183.   Benjamin Kabak
179 Due to be on a different team?
2006-05-21 20:16:43
184.   Zack
Oh nevermind, forgot about that double switch
2006-05-21 20:16:46
185.   rabid stan
Results do speak volumes, and they haven't said anything good about Erickson in six years.
2006-05-21 20:16:56
186.   Stormer Sports

Yea. Good hitters, not great hitters, not Pujols, or Delgado, or Berkman, or Thome, or . . . . only Alex.

2006-05-21 20:17:06
187.   Benjamin Kabak
21 baserunners tonight and nothing? This saddens me. Poor poor hitting when it counts.
2006-05-21 20:17:48
188.   3rd gen yankee fan
183 Ummmmmmm, yup!
2006-05-21 20:17:51
189.   Stormer Sports
No viable PH, God this blows.
2006-05-21 20:18:16
190.   SF Yanks
c'mon vet.
2006-05-21 20:18:33
191.   BklynBmr
185 Until 10 minutes ago, I guess...
2006-05-21 20:18:41
192.   rsmith51
Let's go Cairo!
2006-05-21 20:19:34
193.   rabid stan
If only you could score by getting guys to second base...
2006-05-21 20:19:45
194.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-21 20:19:53
195.   BklynBmr
What? 20 LOB or something like that?
2006-05-21 20:20:06
196.   Mattpat11
161 8 Errors in 42 games, a BA in the 270s, a sub 500 slugging and an OPS in the 870s?


2006-05-21 20:20:14
197.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, I hope Wang can work his groundball magic tomorrow night.

Craptastic run production by the Yanks tonight.

2006-05-21 20:22:54
198.   rabid stan
194 What would your grandfather think of that language?
2006-05-21 20:26:50
199.   Zack
2006-05-21 20:27:03
200.   Benjamin Kabak
196 Don't forget the obscene amounts of money he's getting too.
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2006-05-21 20:27:04
201.   3rd gen yankee fan
195 15 LOB
2006-05-21 20:27:15
202.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Is it possible for us to not lose and/or totally burn the pen the game before Wang's start? he needs to go 7 or 8 tomorrow again : /

On the bright side... Schilling have been pretty crap lately....

2006-05-21 20:27:18
203.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Is it possible for us to not lose and/or totally burn the pen the game before Wang's start? he needs to go 7 or 8 tomorrow again : /

On the bright side... Schilling have been pretty crap lately....

2006-05-21 20:29:10
204.   rabid stan
191 Anybody can have a good ten minutes.

Hey, maybe the front office should drop Phil Hughes and a player to be named later on Bobby Abreu, if we're going to talk about potential v. results and winning now.

2006-05-21 20:29:28
205.   JeremyM
Man, if Posada goes on the DL for any length of time, the Yanks are really screwed. Stinnett is worthless-can't throw, can't even make contact, he just stinks.
2006-05-21 20:29:33
206.   randym77
Well, it was a nice battle by Cairo.

I don't feel so bad about this series. All things considered, the Yanks made a pretty good showing. Not having Posada really hurt us.

Yes, there were a lot of runners left stranded in this game, but that's sort of how Glavine works. Especially with NL rules. They weren't afraid to give up hits or BBs if the catcher and pitcher were coming up.

2006-05-21 20:29:44
207.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, the Yankees left 15 runners on base.
2006-05-21 20:30:53
208.   Benjamin Kabak
From the article in 199: "players pretty much hit about the same in any clutch situation as they normally do"

The key there is "pretty much." Every now and then, someone comes along to buck that trend. Over the last few years, A-Rod has hit significantly worse than his normal with RISP. There's no explanation for it. Overall, players in the Major Leagues hit the same in clutch situations. But on a player-by-player basis, aggregate stats lose meaning. A-Rod's splits bear this out.

Sometimes, individual performances transcend overall trends. It might by pyschology. It might be bad luck. But no amount of arguing by Cyril or anyone else can convince of that what we see every game isn't happening.

2006-05-21 20:31:12
209.   singledd
2 for 17 w/RISP (and both those hits were pretty lucky). 21 baserunners, 3 score. ARod needs to step up, but so does everyone else w/RISP. Stinett in the game is always painful. Considering our injuries, we have done decently. It's frustrating that we have been 1 hit away from turning a number of loses into wins.

Does anyone know the team average w/RISP?
I suspect t's bad... especially if you subtract hits where we are already up by 5.

2006-05-21 20:31:47
210.   Zack
206 I tend to agree, we all hoped for 1 of 3, and we were competative in all 3. With Sheff coming back next week, our lineup suddenly is so much better...

Now if Joe will just allow Bean to throw again...

2006-05-21 20:32:07
211.   yankz
Arod's OPS with RISP: .904
Fat Papi's: .918 (Arod has the higher OBP)
Delgado: .922

Not much difference. Fine, he's not Pujols or Thome. Get over it.

2006-05-21 20:33:23
212.   rabid stan
210 ESPN said Sheff felt good. We'd be lucky to see him back in time for Detroit next week, though.
2006-05-21 20:34:24
213.   Zack
[2-8] True, and I am not going to dispute that A-Rod isn't pulling his weight, but remember that last year he led the league in rbis that put the team ahead...I'll I'm saying is that its May, and the whole team is in a slump, so its not exactlly a great time to evalute...
2006-05-21 20:36:48
214.   Benjamin Kabak
For some reason, seems to have updated stats through Friday only. Through 40 games, the Yanks with RSIP were hitting .296/.403/.496. That'll go down a bit after today's 2 for 17 effort.

Tonight was just an unlucky night for the Yanks. Overall, the team has been good with RISP.

2006-05-21 20:39:37
215.   singledd
214 I've seen almost every game. Those numbers are hard to believe. Too bad those stats aren't broken down into Ahead/Tied/Behind.
2006-05-21 20:42:54
216.   Benjamin Kabak
215 I was a bit surprised by those numbers too. But I can't find the 'ahead/tied/behind' splits. That would be best.
2006-05-21 20:44:42
217.   randym77
Any chance Posada will be back for the Red Sox series?

I think we'd have won all three of the Mets games if Jorgie was healthy.

A-Rod...I like the guy, I really do, but the pressure does get to him. He was getting hot for awhile there. But the recent spate of injuries seems to have affected him badly. He's pressing, on both offense and defense. I wish he'd just relax.

2006-05-21 20:44:47
218.   rusty
suzyn just said on the postgame that theyre gonna bring terrance long to boston ...
2006-05-21 20:46:39
219.   randym77
Terrance Long? Does this mean Bean is headed back to Columbus?
2006-05-21 20:47:11
220.   nick
Yankee OPS: .812 (4th; Toronto leads at .838)
w/runner in SP: .899 (3rd; Toronto .911)
close and late: .750 (8th; Toronto .925)

so singledd's theory needs adjusting; Yanks are quite effective with men in sp; it's the close and late situations where they've not been doing well

2006-05-21 20:48:24
221.   rabid stan
218, 219 Or Jorge to the DL?

This better be rock bottom.

2006-05-21 20:48:49
222.   randym77
Answering my own questions...Posada's doubtful for tomorrow.

Chacon is going on the DL to make room for Long. The bruise on his leg is really bad.

2006-05-21 20:49:12
223.   rusty
not sure, she also said Shef is gonna have a a few rehab at bats for Trenton tomorrow, so maybe thats the switch. Posada says he feels much better but couldn't play tomorrow, no comment about today although prognosis was good.
2006-05-21 20:51:23
224.   rusty
sorry - meant posada said he felt better but couldn't play today, outlook was positive but tentative about tomorrows game. im so sick of watching stinnet K.
2006-05-21 20:55:16
225.   rabid stan
On the plus side for the Sox series: A Shaky Schill, a Dubious Clement, and I get to watch Wakefield.

On another note: A lot of people complain about inter-league play, but what about the unbalanced schedule? Like ballpark funnel cakes, Yanks/Red Sox games are sweet, but being force-fed nineteen of them is torture.

2006-05-21 20:57:39
226.   rabid stan
124 Posada will K, but he doesn't kill almost every rally he's a part of.

Stinnett had one key walk all series, against Wagner when he was walking everybody. Otherwise, did he even get a hit?

2006-05-21 20:58:19
227.   rabid stan
226 that was 224.
2006-05-21 20:59:11
228.   Benjamin Kabak
Let's drop OPS from the RISP discussion. There are numerous problems with it. Read about it here:

225 Yanks/Sox back-to-back with Yanks/Mets is overkill. These games are overhyped and ridiculous. They're all just regular season baseball games, and seriously, from a New York perspective, who really cares if the Yankees beat the Mets or the Mets beat the Yankees? We need wins in the standings, not soap operas for FOX and ESPN. I'm getting sick of it.

2006-05-21 21:02:56
229.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ON the bright side, tomorrow's starter is as good as any if we want to turn around a tough loss
2006-05-21 21:03:27
230.   rabid stan
228 Too true. Especially when those games are just about the only Yankees games Fox and ESPN will televise.
2006-05-21 21:24:21
231.   markp
why would anyone want to use BA over OPS for any discussion? OPS is a far better indicator of what's going on than BA. Of course if BA "proves" your point and OPS disproves it, I can see not wanting to use it.
Arod leads the AL in go-ahead runs. He also leads the league in having every failure magnified by a factor of ten while the Jeters of the world have the same thing done to their successes.
2006-05-21 21:53:44
232.   BklynBmr
204 Hey, just maybe the Yanks pick someone up off the scrap heap (Small, Chacon, Lieber, et al) and it happens to work out for 'em. As in, they get the job done. I'm with you in terms of giving the youngbloods their earned due — but for every Jay Bruner and Fred McGriff we've traded away, there are tens, if not hundreds of prospects who've washed out, at other teams expense, no less.

All I'm saying is that some folks seem to glom on to some minor leaguer as if he's the second coming, and Monday morning quarterback when sh*t goes sideways with the big club, validating their GM resume.

Calm down. I'm guessing you didn't expect the results from Small or Chacon last season, like myself. Who knows? The Unit, much like Glavine in the recent past, seems cooked. It does not look good, but do you know it's over for him? I don't.

"Yanks sign Erickson? What, now he's on the roster? F! That guy is toast! Why wasn't Smith or Bean called up?"

Maybe they know something we don't know. Maybe not. It's a long season. Lotta sh*t is going to happen. Is Erickson already an upgrade over Sturtze? Yes. Will he implode? Odds are, probably. Then again, see Small 2005.

The "kids" are not the answer, no more than the "retreads" are the answer. Torre's cliche about "catching lightning in a bottle" continues to ring true — and you, nor I, nor Ca$hMoney really knows where that is coming from next.

2006-05-21 22:32:53
233.   dpmurphy
"Tonight was just an unlucky night for the Yanks. Overall, the team has been good with RISP."

What game were you watching? All the luck was with the yankees tonight. Infield doubles, infield singles, bad bunts for hits, seeing eye grounders.

Luck wasn't the yankees problem tonight.

2006-05-21 22:39:52
234.   Benjamin Kabak
"What game were you watching? All the luck was with the yankees tonight. Infield doubles, infield singles, bad bunts for hits, seeing eye grounders."

What game were you watching?

I saw the one where the Mets made a few excellent plays in a row to turn double plays in key situations.

That's what luck is about.

All of your "infield doubles, infield singles, bad bunts for hits, seeing eye grounders" didn't exactly result in a a win for the Yanks, did it? If that was luck, where's the win?

2006-05-22 03:52:08
235.   murphy
232 it's not that the kids are the second coming. it's a question of upside versus none. rasner, matt smith, etc. are gambles that have the potential to work out not only for today, but possibly for tomorrow. erickson, long, etc are known quantities of suckiness. they may help out for today and maybe this week, but even if they do, it's a fluke.

i think steinbrenner secretly believes that pulling on the yankee pinstipes is like a suit of armour - that suddenly men who couldn't catch on with the royals would magically produce with the power of the pinstripes... ugh.

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