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Stand and Deliver
2006-05-20 09:41
by Alex Belth
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Last winter, the Yankees got Randy Johnson to be their stud, big-game pitcher and the Mets signed Pedro Martinez to be their star attraction. At this stage, Martinez has lived up to the billing. Every time he takes the mound it is an event, in large part because of his natural showbiz charm. I think Johnson will eventually pitch much better than he has, but the fact is he couldn't hold a 4-0 first inning lead last night.

Pedro hasn't been dominant in his last couple of outings but you have to figure he'd hold a four run lead against this Yankee line up in a National League park. Bernie and Farnsworth are unavailable today. Kevin Reese is getting the start. Believe that. How fired up is Pedro? On National TV. He'll bring the drama, baby.

Mussina has been the Yankees' best pitcher this year by far. He's far less emotional than Pedro but he's a tremendous pitcher on a hot streak. With Aaron Small--whose golden goose has likely turned back into a pumpkin already--going tomorrow night against Glavine, today is key for the Bombers. They've had more than reasonable success against Martinez over the years. But you gotta like the Mets bullpen right now. Tough game. Just got to hope they keep it together with the leather and that Moose can give them 7-8 innings. They'll get some runs.

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2006-05-20 09:56:20
1.   Benjamin Kabak
Re: RJ eventually pitching better.

I like your optimism, Alex, but until someone other than Will Carroll notices that Randy seems to pitching hurt, I don't think we're going to see much improvement from the Unit. His mechanics are way off kilter and he's getting rocked in every start.

2006-05-20 10:01:28
2.   Benjamin Kabak
Also, it seems that Miguel Cairo is batting sixth and playing left field. That means no Bernie, but it also means no Posada.

Where's Enrique Wilson, the Yanks' secret weapon against Pedro, when you need him?

2006-05-20 10:01:40
3.   Alex Belth
Yeah, I mean if that guy is really throwing at 94/87 he should have success. Something is totally out of whack, but I guess I have faith in him only because he's a Hall of Famer and has a lot of pride. But it could be like Lefty Carlton and the guy is just starting to lose it. I could see it either way, but I still have confidence that he can compete better than he has.
2006-05-20 10:01:48
4.   randym77
According to the posted lineup, Reese isn't getting the start. Cairo is.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Canó 2B
Miguel Cairo LF
Melky Cabrera RF
Kelly Stinnett C
Mike Mussina P

2006-05-20 10:02:26
5.   Alex Belth
This line up is comical. Ozsocar anybody? Homer Bush?
2006-05-20 10:04:02
6.   randym77
Someone said Colter Bean has been called up, to take Farnsworth's place.
2006-05-20 10:04:26
7.   Alex Belth
1-5 is tremendous. 6-9, and I like Mussina.
2006-05-20 10:05:01
8.   Alex Belth
It's funny, just hearing that about Bean sounds like a UFO sighting.
2006-05-20 10:08:25
9.   Simone
After Cano, the line up is just so sad.
2006-05-20 10:09:02
10.   Ravenscar
Please god what have we done to deserve FOX for this exciting game? I'm going to have to see what kind of delay there is between the radio and the TV to mute the latter.

I'm going to be the non-irritating Met fan here today. Mostly because I can't bear to go through the BTF registration process.

2006-05-20 10:11:46
11.   Alex Belth
Met and Yankee fans alike are welcome here. Yeah, McCarver and Buck. Buckle in.
2006-05-20 10:13:29
12.   Simone
My best friend is a Met fan so I know for a fact that not all of you are irritating:) Welcome.
2006-05-20 10:14:16
13.   Alex Belth
Hey Ravenscar,
As a Met fan, I know Izzy stuck Wright out earlier this week in a big spot, but weren't you kind of pysched when they walked Delgado to get to him last night?
2006-05-20 10:18:20
14.   Ravenscar
FOX's X-men/baseball promotion is throwing me into a Wolverine-like rage.
2006-05-20 10:18:42
15.   Benjamin Kabak
That X-Men promo thing was AWFUL. Fox should lose its MLB contract over that.
2006-05-20 10:21:25
16.   Ravenscar
Alex -

To be dead honest, personally, yes with a "but". Wright has looked PRONE to slumping, like he's pressing a bit with all the pressure. His power numbers are down and that at-bat against Izzy was PAINNNNNful. But watching that hit knowing that the placement of Damon was shallow was very sweet.

I called a Yankees fan last night and waxed eloquent on the sound of the torch being passed from one NY dreamboat infielder to another.

2006-05-20 10:22:28
17.   SF Yanks
Anybody know why I can't get this game on Fox, EI, MLB, or anything else for that matter? I guess living in San Francisco has something to do with it?
2006-05-20 10:23:02
18.   randym77
I miss Michael Kay already. o_O
2006-05-20 10:25:53
19.   bloodyank78
17 I'm in SoCal and I cannot get zilch. Looks like a fun morning/afternoon of watching gamecast on my laptop.
2006-05-20 10:26:57
20.   Simone
That is what you get for booing the Captain. Ha.
2006-05-20 10:27:19
21.   Ravenscar
Ahhhh Floyd never makes that error. Bummer.
2006-05-20 10:27:33
22.   randym77
Oh, man. And I was afraid it was going to be Cairo doing something like that...
2006-05-20 10:29:40
23.   Benjamin Kabak
3 Not that Sturtze and the Unit are ever comparable, but Tanyon had no drop in velocity either. He just couldn't finish his pitches. That seems to be RJ's problem right now too. No movement on the fastball and no location on the slider.
2006-05-20 10:31:59
24.   Ravenscar
Well, the TV delay is about two seconds behind WFAN, which pretty much ruined the drama of that pretty strikeout. I'll have to suffer through these guys, I guess.
2006-05-20 10:35:35
25.   randym77
Another error for A-Rod. Sigh.
2006-05-20 10:35:39
26.   Ravenscar
This is why we love Reyes - but no love from the scorer for us OR you.
2006-05-20 10:35:39
27.   JeremyM
Bean has been called up I see. What was the corresponding move?
2006-05-20 10:36:49
28.   BklynBmr
19 NoCal here. Same thing. Cartoons on FOX. I, too, miss Michael Kay...
2006-05-20 10:37:29
29.   Simone
Nice throw, Stinnet.
2006-05-20 10:39:00
30.   Ravenscar
Matsui's only allowed 1 RBI every two weeks. And no, I'm not a Kaz-hater.
2006-05-20 10:39:18
31.   rbj
Man, cut right to the chance on making an error, no need to wait until the 3rd or 4th inning.
And I really don't give a rat's patooie about the Chicago game. Grrrr.
2006-05-20 10:40:07
32.   randym77
I heard Jones is going down to make room for Bean.
2006-05-20 10:41:49
33.   Ravenscar
Buck: "...whether it's Joe Torre, or..... -pause- ...any manager in the National league."

What, couldn't think of anybody?

2006-05-20 10:41:49
34.   claybeez
Yeah, we don't need Jones when we have Cairo in the OF depth chart.
2006-05-20 10:43:35
35.   randym77
Poor guy. If this report is true, he barely arrived in NY in time to get to Shea last night, and now he's headed back to Columbus.
2006-05-20 10:44:21
36.   Simone
Poor Johnny Damon.
2006-05-20 10:45:03
37.   rbj
Um, Fox, why did you just show a MLB promo featuring Pedro, when he is pitching today and I can't get the freakin' game?!
2006-05-20 10:45:46
38.   unmoderated
jones didnt even get his cup of coffee, just an equal packet and the bill for pavano's surgery.
2006-05-20 10:45:56
39.   BklynBmr
How about backing up the OF a few steps?
2006-05-20 10:46:07
40.   Ravenscar
Watching David Wright play actually makes me understand some of the Yankee fans I've had problems with over the years, as I can see now what it was like to be watching Jeter develop. Damn he's fun to watch.

Didn't really look like a bad jump by Damon there, just hit too hard and too far. Thoughts?

2006-05-20 10:46:49
41.   jayd
27 Alas Mitch Jones, we never knew ye. Colter Bean replacing Farnsworth? I think he takes a start for Chacon and becomes long relief for Johnson and Small (if he fails). And what a line from Torre to Cashman: "What kind of team are you giving me?" Whoa. Anybody feel a major trade/acquisition on the horizon?
2006-05-20 10:48:08
42.   JeremyM
Torre really said that? Way to instill any confidence in the new guys.
2006-05-20 10:50:19
43.   singledd
Is Farns on the DL?

I know the idea last night was to play the outfield in for a play at the play. But Damons arms is so weak, short of being on the infield dirt, he's not throwing anyone out.

It sounds like hindsight, but Damon should be playing deeper. Playing based on 'throwing someone out' for Damon is not realistic.

2006-05-20 10:50:50
44.   BklynBmr
41 Something huge has to be the in the works, maybe including a offer Rocket can't refuse to get here yesterday. Yanks are at a distinct disadvantage in the trade market, they'll need to take a fat contract off of someones hands. But who?
2006-05-20 10:52:20
45.   jayd
42 ap article here:
2006-05-20 10:54:59
46.   Zack
Does Joe really think that Cairo in left field is better than Reese?
2006-05-20 10:55:10
47.   singledd
I'm for a 'trade', but truth is the kids have been doing OK. Giambi and ARod are slumping, which is hurting use more then Mats and Shef being out.

I really like ARod, but for whatever reason, when he feels pressure he plays poorly. I don't want to speak of 'clutch' or 'choke' but some guys step up to pressure (Jeter). ARod, at this point, can't.

This is NOT a slam on ARod, and does not ignor all the great stuff he has done... but I think it's obvious that he has trouble with pressure... mostly self-imposed.

For one, I would bat him 5th.

... whatever

2006-05-20 10:55:14
48.   Ravenscar
Who the hell owned that Helen Reddy song and allowed Burger King to turn it into an ad for men? My mother's probably destroying the TV with her softball bat right now.
2006-05-20 10:55:34
49.   rbj
45 I think it was meant in jest, though there is a hint of frustration there:
'The rash of injuries prompted manager Joe Torre to seek out general manager Brian Cashman, seated next to the Yankees' dugout at Shea Stadium.

"I went over to him during the game last night and said, 'What kind of club are you giving me?"' Torre said. "He didn't know if I was serious or not."
"It became almost comical," Torre said. "You shrug your shoulders at it." '

2006-05-20 10:55:49
50.   Zack
Oh yeah, and thank you Fox for blacking out this game on (and I can't even seem to use the proxy thing this year), yet they aren't even showing ANY game here in soCal. I hate Fox so much, at least let me watch A game instead of cartoons!
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2006-05-20 10:57:30
51.   Zack
Except that to Joe, this is the team of hell for him. He can barely find vets to play, and gasp, might have to go to a kid in the pen, though knowing Joe he will throw Erickson and Proctor out there until they litterally collapse...He may throw Bean out there in a no win situation just to prove that he can't cut it
2006-05-20 10:57:32
52.   singledd
50 At least on Gameday, you don't have to hear Buck and Tim. Although they would be good narrating cartoons.
2006-05-20 11:00:27
53.   rbj
Ooh, big fight in Chicago
2006-05-20 11:05:12
54.   rbj
Pierz. ran right into the Cubs catcher who was standing up to receive the throw from left field. So far it's a clean play, but then Pierz slammed on the plate. Cub catcher Barrett took exception and clocked him one. Right cross. Dugouts emptied, more punches thrown.
2006-05-20 11:05:14
55.   Simone
Wow, Chicago fight. What a hit from Barrett.
2006-05-20 11:05:53
56.   Ravenscar
Hmmm.... everyone see that clip? Barrett should learn from Johjima last night and just do his damned job without being such a baby.
2006-05-20 11:05:55
57.   claybeez
47 I think those of us who are disappointed in Alex's performance need not be so apologetic. He's a real talent, but he is not playing like it right now. And let's face it, while he may be one of the best overall players to have played, lots of us have a sense of unease when we see him need to perform in big moments. Maybe it's not as quantifiable as some like things to be - but it is real. I look forward to the day when I can enjoy his appearance in a crucial situation.
2006-05-20 11:07:48
58.   claybeez
56 Did you see Johjima's face though after the play? Made me wonder if plays at the plate are done differently in Japan.
2006-05-20 11:08:02
59.   Ravenscar
Moose and Damon doing a good job driving up Pedro's pitch count.
2006-05-20 11:09:09
60.   wsporter
56 Who knows what Perzynski said to him, but yeah he needs to put the mask back on and get behind the plate. Some clean shot to the jaw though.

Buck is such a holier than thou pain in the ass. Volume down.

2006-05-20 11:10:13
61.   Ravenscar
Johjima simply said that the players are sorta bigger here. But there's a big difference between looking pissed and throwing a punch. I heard the throw from Ichiro was incredible, I'd love to see that replay.

That kick would be a foul in basketball.

2006-05-20 11:10:40
62.   Simone
That was Derek's walk.
2006-05-20 11:12:00
63.   Ravenscar

That was a pitch.

2006-05-20 11:12:01
64.   Simone
2006-05-20 11:12:47
65.   jayd
We had a big abreu vs. torii hunter discussion the other day. Upshot being that no one liked Torii Hunter (except me) and that Abreu would cost too much to get in terms of players (a wang move to make, if you get my drift).

Can't believe how this lineup has been decimated. I'm really worried about Posada and bereft over the loss of Bubba. Bubba was making his move at the plate, too.

Pitching I'm more sanguine about. There's alot of leeway and choices to be made. RJ's falter here makes the rocket's red glare over NY more of a certainty and in terms of theatre, I love it. RJ and the Rocket in October will be a beautiful thing.

With all our problems, the lack of either Toronto (the real threat) or the hopeless Rsox to make hay is the true story of the season so far.

2006-05-20 11:14:43
66.   claybeez
61 For sure there's a big difference. Just coomenting on the shocked, pissed llok in his eyes. And Ichiro's throw was MONEY. Hit the catcher in the mitt on the fly about a step or two before the runner got there...and, it wasn't exactly shallow right.
2006-05-20 11:16:43
67.   wsporter
Oh that just looks silly.
2006-05-20 11:17:37
68.   claybeez
The pitching problems worry me as I think the FO is more likely to make a desperation move if RJ or another SP has to go on the DL.

And what about this potential Hidalgo signing? Any thoughts?

2006-05-20 11:17:52
69.   Alex Belth
The Cubs fight is great. AJ is all WWF. Chicago's rivalry hotter than NYs? That's awesome!

Dude, Pedro's whiff of Jeter was clasic. 3-0, throws a strike, challenges him up and out of the zone, swinging strike two. And then blows a fastball, up in the zone, questionably a strike, and gets his swinging again. Yanks have made him throw pitches. The plan is to keep it close.

C'mon Moose.

2006-05-20 11:19:32
70.   Alex Belth
Bottom of the third: Way to go Moose.
2006-05-20 11:23:23
71.   Oscar Azocar
5 Alex, you're hurting my feelings...sniff-sniff

Ahhh, those were the days, when Espinoza and I were the, ahem, run-producers in the lineup.

I thought that this game would be way out of hand by now the way it started. Kudos to Moose for hanging tough. He may need to drive in some runs himself.

2006-05-20 11:24:49
72.   Simone
I'm impressed Barrett got two of the Cubs' players. He actually threw a punch. We don't see that often. I wonder what the obnoxious Pierzynski said to Barrett.
2006-05-20 11:27:25
73.   Ravenscar
Nice catch, David! Damn.
2006-05-20 11:27:43
74.   jayd
I'm surprised Pedro didn't plunk Cano for the sheer chutzpah of calling time while he was about to pitch. He has mellowed.
2006-05-20 11:33:01
75.   Ravenscar
A lot of people were actually upset on the Mets' sites when we lost Petit for Delgado.

Those people have kind of shut up since the start of the year.

2006-05-20 11:51:03
76.   Mattpat11
I have a headache.
2006-05-20 11:53:36
77.   randym77
They seem a bit flat today.
2006-05-20 11:55:48
78.   JeremyM
Pedro is up to 82 pitches and the top of the order is up. It's time to make a move.
2006-05-20 11:56:17
79.   Mattpat11
Well, this game is in the shitter.

Anyone else as excited as me for the return of Veronica Mars?

2006-05-20 11:56:53
80.   JeremyM
Or not.
2006-05-20 11:57:26
81.   Rob Gee
My wife says: "Are you kidding me, they're talking about hair styles!?"

My thoughts exactly. What the fuck?

2006-05-20 11:57:33
82.   JeremyM
I'm looking forward to the Lost finale as well as the last 2 Sopranos of the year. And the game 7s in the NBA coming up.
2006-05-20 11:58:41
83.   randym77
81 I couldn't believe that. Good gravy.
2006-05-20 11:59:41
84.   JeremyM
Well Rob, it's strange. When people watch baseball, they really don't want to hear about baseball. Actually, they don't want to watch it either. They're tuned it to see countless cuts to any celebrities in the stands, shots of random fans, a talking cartoon baseball, and a million shots of the guys on the bench. Anything but the game.
2006-05-20 11:59:51
85.   Benjamin Kabak
If Tim McCarver and Joe Buck never had to talk again, I would be happy. I can't stand these guys.
2006-05-20 12:01:42
86.   Mattpat11
82 They've been in a holding pattern with the Sorpanos for like five episodes. I hope they start moving tomorrow.
2006-05-20 12:02:15
87.   Ravenscar
Buck just said "Fire sale part 'trois'" regarding the Marlins, and you KNOW he meant part two. How does this man have this job?
2006-05-20 12:02:48
88.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, at least Buck was making some sense with his talk on the problems with the Marlins and the revenue sharing system.
2006-05-20 12:03:43
89.   Mattpat11
I feel bad for Mussina. Another great game, and if not for the Keystone Kops, it would be better
2006-05-20 12:06:07
90.   jayd
79 ye of little faith. don't listen to those fox announcers.
2006-05-20 12:06:28
91.   Simone
Alex getting the rally started.
2006-05-20 12:07:49
92.   Simone
Or not.
2006-05-20 12:08:15
93.   SF Yanks
This is our last chance. Ain't happening in the 8th or 9th.
2006-05-20 12:09:28
94.   Rob Gee
Cairo is hitting sixth today.

It just needed to be said, again.

And Scott Erickson is getting loose in the pen!

2006-05-20 12:09:45
95.   tommyl
Don't worry Cairo always hits well of Pedro, that's why he's in the game, right? :)
2006-05-20 12:10:17
96.   Benjamin Kabak
I gotta say: I'm getting REAL sick of Joe Torre using Scott Erickson in close games.

Scott Erickson should be the MOP UP man, MAYBE. MAYBE. He shouldn't even be on this team. But Joe's going to trot him out there in a close game. Brilliant.

2006-05-20 12:10:32
97.   tommyl
Colter Bean, bring in Colter Bean!
2006-05-20 12:10:44
98.   Rob Gee
Shouuld we see Jorge here?
2006-05-20 12:11:39
99.   Benjamin Kabak
98 Sounds like Jorge is unavailable.
2006-05-20 12:11:49
100.   tommyl
At least Melky is hitting
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2006-05-20 12:12:32
101.   jayd
"the only hard hit ball of the day" yeah right. what the fuck was the line drive cano hit that doubled up arod. moron.
2006-05-20 12:12:37
102.   jayd
"the only hard hit ball of the day" yeah right. what the fuck was the line drive cano hit that doubled up arod. moron.
2006-05-20 12:12:44
103.   Rob Gee
Moose is at 83 pitches - please lord no Erickson.
2006-05-20 12:14:05
104.   tommyl
There goes that, sigh.
2006-05-20 12:14:33
105.   Mattpat11
swing the bat. swing the bat. SWING THE FUCKING BAT
2006-05-20 12:17:01
106.   Benjamin Kabak
Good to see Kelly Stinnett swinging the bat. Can the Yanks really not find a backup catcher with an OPS higher than .550? Or someone who could at least throw?
2006-05-20 12:17:08
107.   JeremyM
3 Ks for Stinnett. Not a good day to have to use the backup catcher.
2006-05-20 12:17:14
108.   Mattpat11
So much for that. Game over, because the rest of the team isnt even making an effort.
2006-05-20 12:17:25
109.   Alex Belth
CliFFFloyd...Man, the ball is carrying...for the Mets at least.
2006-05-20 12:17:30
110.   Simone
Oh well. The Yankees have two innings to rally.
2006-05-20 12:17:44
111.   JeremyM
Is Erickson in now? Oh crap, Moose gave that up? Damn.
2006-05-20 12:17:59
112.   Alex Belth
CliFFFloyd is the Mets version of Bernie Mac. That was a hilarious error in the first.
2006-05-20 12:18:53
113.   Mattpat11
110 No they don't. That might involve GASP swinging the bat with two strikes.
2006-05-20 12:21:46
114.   claybeez
106 What about Closser? The Rockies refuse to bring him up no matter how well he's performing in AAA. How could they have soured on him so much from one disappointing rookie season? Plus, they have a more regarded prospect, Ianneta, I believe, in the wings. I would think it wouldn't take much to get him, as they are always looking for arms and we have plenty in inventory.
2006-05-20 12:21:50
115.   jayd
currently the oldest man ever to foul off a pitch. please stop.
2006-05-20 12:22:49
116.   Mattpat11
I'm beginning to think Melky might be a DH.
2006-05-20 12:23:04
117.   claybeez
Yikes, Melky. Someone help him out there...please.
2006-05-20 12:23:09
118.   Simone
Oh, don't put your head down, Melky. You are no worse on defense than most of your teammates.
2006-05-20 12:23:18
119.   rabid stan
The Amazing Flying Cabrera!
2006-05-20 12:23:41
120.   Benjamin Kabak
114 How about Scott Erickson? Maybe the Rockies want him because I sure don't.

On another note, poor Melky. He'll get it eventually.

2006-05-20 12:26:30
121.   Mattpat11
Is there really no one on the bench better than Reese?
2006-05-20 12:26:51
122.   rabid stan
Too bad Moose is going to get tagged with the loss. If the wind in Shea was a little different, and the Yankee fielders actually, you know, did their jobs, this would've been a great duel.
2006-05-20 12:27:42
123.   rbj
7 IP, 2 ER, 0 BB 7 K, 98 pitches/68 strikes. Good day for the Moose. Shame the hitters aren't doing squat, and they've traded leather gloves for lead ones.
2006-05-20 12:28:02
124.   jayd
118 I beg your pardon. I recall that foul ball he gave up that landed fair. Along with the rest of it, THAT makes the kid trade bait as far as I'm concerned.
2006-05-20 12:28:14
125.   JeremyM
No Matt, there isn't--at least not anyone healthy and disregard Mattingly as well. But there's his first big league hit!
2006-05-20 12:29:20
126.   Benjamin Kabak
Today is just one of those guys for the Bombers. Sigh.
2006-05-20 12:29:36
127.   Benjamin Kabak
I meant to say, "Today is just one of those days...."
2006-05-20 12:31:27
128.   monkeypants
124 ??? Are you referring to the "foul ball" that Bernie misplayed into a double a week or two ago, that cost the Yanks a loss, right?
2006-05-20 12:35:30
129.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Does every pitcher in the Yankee bullpen this years just walk the first batter out of habit now?
2006-05-20 12:36:53
130.   rabid stan
Stand and Deliver...the pick-off into the dugout.
2006-05-20 12:40:56
131.   jayd
124 No, Melky gave up on a foul ball that he thought was going into the stands. It didn't and he should have had it. It didn't show up on the scorecard.
2006-05-20 12:44:00
132.   rabid stan

That'll get Cairo at least one more start in left. Just watch. Then poje out your eyees with a fork.

2006-05-20 12:44:21
133.   rabid stan
I meant poke.
2006-05-20 12:44:57
134.   rabid stan
And eyes.

Damn it.

2006-05-20 12:46:04
135.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Giambi hit by pitch, ARod walks, Cano singles, and Cairo hits the granny to tie it.

Remember, you heard it here first.

2006-05-20 12:47:17
136.   rabid stan
135 I really would expect Cairo to hit an old woman before he hits a grand slam.
2006-05-20 12:48:13
137.   randym77
I'm willing to cut Melky some slack on that one. He's a CFer. And not used to dealing with a wall so close to the line.

But I must admit, I was expecting better defense from him than we've gotten so far. He doesn't seem to track the ball that well.

2006-05-20 12:48:41
138.   rabid stan
News Flash: Giambi Won't Run!
2006-05-20 12:49:18
139.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
136 Positive thinking dawg, positive thinking. Ommmmmm, ommmmmmm.
2006-05-20 12:49:37
140.   rabid stan
Go Robbie!
2006-05-20 12:50:06
141.   randym77
Yeah, Robby!
2006-05-20 12:50:24
142.   rabid stan
139 See, I can be positive. No need for sarcasm.
2006-05-20 12:50:32
143.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Damned Giambi. He was supposed to stop at 3rd so Cairo could tie it up.
2006-05-20 12:51:30
144.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cairo hitting .375 lifetime vs Wagner.
2006-05-20 12:52:12
145.   randym77
Melky's chance to be a hero!
2006-05-20 12:52:16
146.   jayd
ok melky make a believe out of me
2006-05-20 12:55:11
147.   Benjamin Kabak
Mendoza in a rehab start last night: 6 IP, 7 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 6 K.

When do we see him in the Bronx? He's thrown 17 great innings at AAA now.

2006-05-20 12:56:22
148.   rabid stan
Just a phenomenal at bat by Melky.
2006-05-20 12:56:34
149.   randym77
Damn, I missed Jorgie.
2006-05-20 12:56:38
150.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Melk is chillin.

Great atbat.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-20 12:56:47
151.   jayd
that was a hell of an at bat, melky. thank you.
2006-05-20 12:56:50
152.   Simone
Alright, Melky battled.

It is on you, Stinnett. I believe.

2006-05-20 12:57:04
153.   JeremyM
Wow, what an at bat. Of course f'ing Stinnett is up. Golden Sambraro on the way. Can't Phillips catch if it comes to that?
2006-05-20 12:57:26
154.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Stinnett batting .100 against Wagner.
2006-05-20 12:57:55
155.   randym77
Maybe Stinnett and Villone can walk, the way this is going.
2006-05-20 12:58:47
156.   Simone
Yeah, nice. The Yankees are still alive!
2006-05-20 12:58:48
157.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Think Stinnett's got the 3-0 greenlight?
2006-05-20 12:58:50
158.   rabid stan
2006-05-20 12:58:53
159.   rbj
7-0 in the ninth in Chicago, I still don't get the NY game.
2006-05-20 12:58:54
160.   jayd
yeah, cut loose and "throw to my body" . walk him.
2006-05-20 12:58:55
161.   SF Yanks
Whose left on the bench?
2006-05-20 12:59:23
162.   rabid stan
2006-05-20 12:59:31
163.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Just hit it in the air Bernie.
2006-05-20 12:59:37
164.   Benjamin Kabak
160 I think they told Wagner to throw to Bernie's body.
2006-05-20 12:59:37
165.   Simone
Bernie takes one for the team! Yeah!
2006-05-20 12:59:48
166.   SF Yanks
Bern baby, c'mon buddy.
2006-05-20 12:59:50
167.   jayd
welcome to mets baseball.
2006-05-20 12:59:53
168.   JeremyM
I was just thinking that rbj, I have the Cubs on too.
2006-05-20 13:00:27
169.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
John-ny Base-ball. John-ny Base-ball.
2006-05-20 13:03:04
170.   Benjamin Kabak
I just died. And came back alive.
2006-05-20 13:03:05
171.   Simone
Yess!!!! Tie game!
2006-05-20 13:03:20
172.   rabid stan
DAMN! Johnny Baseball indeed.
2006-05-20 13:03:52
173.   SF Yanks
Was it close to a double play?
2006-05-20 13:03:52
174.   randym77
Oh, man. Good time to break out of your slump, JD.
2006-05-20 13:03:57
175.   Simone
Come on, Derek, take the lead.
2006-05-20 13:04:08
176.   claybeez
Damon's struggling, yet he still busted it down the line. Love it.
2006-05-20 13:04:26
177.   randym77
Very close! Nice hustle by Johnny.
2006-05-20 13:04:49
178.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Aside from this collapse by Wagner, the Mets look to have a pretty decent pen. Sanchez, Feliano, and the dude who pitched 3 innings last night have some good numbers.
2006-05-20 13:05:09
179.   Benjamin Kabak
173 Inches. He JUST beat the throw.
2006-05-20 13:05:37
180.   mikeplugh
I was f*&^%iing close at 1st, but the ump made an excellent call. Safe by a could read his lips when Randolph was arguing. He said, "Absolutely no doubt in my mind."

Randolph said meekly, "okay."

2006-05-20 13:06:15
181.   jayd
79 hey mattpat11, you still here? Yankee baseball, good buddy, yankee baseball
2006-05-20 13:09:33
182.   jayd
Now you bring in erickson (just kidding)
2006-05-20 13:09:33
183.   jayd
Now you bring in erickson (just kidding)
2006-05-20 13:09:35
184.   rabid stan
So the Mets deprive Pedro of his sixth win yet again. And they're creative as ever in going about it.
2006-05-20 13:10:12
185.   Simone
Mo, let us have a good inning here.
2006-05-20 13:11:46
186.   Rob Gee
Nice clutch hitting Captain.

Think we get to see Proctor's arm pop out of the socket today?

2006-05-20 13:12:05
187.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If we can just hold them here, the Giambino will hit one out.
2006-05-20 13:12:58
188.   rabid stan
Proctor. Again.

I really hope he's just one of those guys with an iron arm, like Mo in '96. He'll need it.

2006-05-20 13:13:59
189.   jayd
and wagner deserves it for stealing mo's music...
2006-05-20 13:15:19
190.   Benjamin Kabak
Joe Buck just said guys like Tanyon Sturtze are hard to find. He hasn't looked too hard, I guess.
2006-05-20 13:17:08
191.   jayd
Tears For Tanyon. Now doesn't that make you all feel bad on bronx banter -- pitched his heart out, yeah, lied about the tear in his shoulder, just give me the damn ball...we won't find another like him...
2006-05-20 13:17:50
192.   randym77
And he does it. Free baseball.
2006-05-20 13:17:58
193.   JeremyM
Joe Buck is to announcing as Tanyon is to pitching.
2006-05-20 13:18:21
194.   jayd
giambino, arod and cano. I like our chances.
2006-05-20 13:18:39
195.   SF Yanks
I was hoping he would single, because if that little runt Reyes gets on next inning, he can just run around the bases
2006-05-20 13:18:43
196.   mikeplugh
Proctor is excellent this year. He figured something out with his off speed stuff. The anti-Sturtze. Now just don't overuse him joe.
2006-05-20 13:18:56
197.   nick
hell of a comback--& way to dominate the bottom of their order!.....Proctor on pace for 120 innings....
2006-05-20 13:19:00
198.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Cbs baseball center had the pitcher hitting against Proctor. Did Bradford really just hit?
2006-05-20 13:20:26
199.   rabid stan
Cano: "Mr. Valentin, the Proctologist has found a pop-up. Luckily, we caught it."
2006-05-20 13:20:35
200.   Rob Gee
198 No, Valentin as a PH
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-20 13:21:14
201.   kdw
198 No, Jose Valentin was pinchhitting according to Gameday.
2006-05-20 13:23:27
202.   jayd
check the runner giambi might be going
2006-05-20 13:25:11
203.   jayd
now julio thinks he got the dp because he kept giambi close. Think like a met...
2006-05-20 13:25:29
204.   fgasparini
Wow. 4-0, I go out househunting, it's 4-4. Don't ever turn off a Yankees game this year.
2006-05-20 13:25:32
205.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Why couldn't Arod have just struck out looking.
2006-05-20 13:26:00
206.   rabid stan
"Sophocles of the Diamond"? What?
2006-05-20 13:27:25
207.   mikeplugh
Joe Buck is an idiot.
2006-05-20 13:28:52
208.   rabid stan
Hey, Andy!
2006-05-20 13:29:14
209.   mikeplugh's Mariano for two innings if we can take the lead? He just pitched 18 hours ago or whatever. Okay, I'm on board, but I hope we can score and give him the win.
2006-05-20 13:29:49
210.   nick
Mo can only go one's hoping he finds himself--
2006-05-20 13:29:54
211.   fansince77
Even if AROD winds up winning this game with a homer- I have to say this...he has no clue what do with his stick in clutch in situations. We need him to lift a ball - he grounds out. We need him to make contact to get a run across - he strikes out. I DO think it is as MENTAL as it is physical. Have a plan when you approach the plate "Mr. Clutch"
2006-05-20 13:30:10
212.   jayd
hmm, so why wasn't there a pinch runner. I thought he wanted to keep giambi in just in case of an 11 inning game.
2006-05-20 13:30:41
213.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
If they were going to put Andy at 1st anyway, why didn't they have him run for Giambi? Or did they?
2006-05-20 13:30:57
214.   rabid stan
Does Giambi screw that up?
2006-05-20 13:32:08
215.   tommyl
Hey that was amazing, Gameday switched the batter from LH to RH in the middle of the AB. Guess he suddenly became a switch hitter on 1-2?
2006-05-20 13:32:44
216.   JeremyM
I really thought A-Rod was at least going to hit a double, ran out for a second and it's another double play ball. Yuck.
2006-05-20 13:33:04
217.   rusty
they double-switched, phillips was actually in for proctor, and rivera replaced Giambi, so Philips will get up next inning - hopefully.
2006-05-20 13:33:11
218.   SF Yanks
Bonds goes yard!!!
2006-05-20 13:33:24
219.   rbj
go back to house hunting.
2006-05-20 13:33:35
220.   Marcus
215 Yeah I saw that too. Glitch, or did he actually change sides in the game?
2006-05-20 13:34:08
221.   nick
it offends my sense of baseball itself that Kaz Matsui seems to own Mo...
2006-05-20 13:34:51
222.   no2ss
213, they put Phillips (the last guy on the bench) in the P spot, so Rivera can pitch 2 innings if necessary. so they couldn't PR for Giambi (unless they had Rivera run...).
2006-05-20 13:34:57
223.   tommyl
219, nah I think its me. I'm working in Italy. I went out for a glass of wine 4-0, came back 4-4 and now Mo gives up the single.
2006-05-20 13:35:15
224.   rabid stan
Blue gives the outside corner all day. Not there though. Jack-ass.

Moot point now, at least.

2006-05-20 13:35:21
225.   fgasparini
I think I saw someone say Jorge is not available today...even to PH? If so, we may see a pitcher bat. I wonder if you PH Erickson...he can't hit but at least he's got some experience with it.
2006-05-20 13:36:14
226.   Rob Gee
213 I was going to ask the same thing. But it's NL rules and the double switch. If the picher spot comes up, Phillips hits there. If he pinch runs for Giambi, he's got to hit in that spot. And then the pitcher has to hit - the bench is empty now.
2006-05-20 13:36:15
227.   randym77
220 He is a switch hitter, but decided to hit Mo from the right.
2006-05-20 13:36:18
228.   jayd
do not like delgado, scary man
2006-05-20 13:36:37
229.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
222 Damned confusing dh-less baseball league
2006-05-20 13:36:59
230.   fgasparini
219 But I got my rally cap on!
2006-05-20 13:37:07
231.   rabid stan
That cutter really jumped in on Carlos. Mo's fine, just rusty.
2006-05-20 13:37:20
232.   JeremyM
Well, Randy Johnson had a hit last night, right?
2006-05-20 13:38:53
233.   jayd
scary man stats. whew! scary man gone. happy yankee fan looks forward to the 11th
2006-05-20 13:39:18
234.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Nows the time for Melky's 1st (?) homer in the show.
2006-05-20 13:39:32
235.   mikeplugh
Let's get it now.
2006-05-20 13:40:23
236.   Simone
Barry hit 714. I saw the Oakland fans cheering. Cool.
2006-05-20 13:40:27
237.   Marcus
With the Yankees outfield problems in mind, what about giving Ricky Henderson a call? I'm only half kidding. I just got back from breakfast in Oakland and sat right next to him, so it looks like he's available.
2006-05-20 13:40:46
238.   JeremyM
For those who care, Johnson has had 531 at bats, batting at a clip of .128 with one home run (I have to see that one). Erickson has 35 at bats with 4 hits (to the tune of .114). You know, if it comes down to that.
2006-05-20 13:40:55
239.   tommyl
C'mon Miggie!
2006-05-20 13:41:03
240.   fgasparini
Actually Chacon may be the best hitting pitcher remaining on the bench...OBP of .227
2006-05-20 13:41:13
241.   Rob Gee
Cairo: 0 for 4 - can't Reese do that?

And Erickson warming again!

2006-05-20 13:41:45
242.   tommyl
234, I'll take Melky's first double in the show.
2006-05-20 13:42:00
243.   fgasparini
Although I forgot about Randy...prefer not to think about him I guess.
2006-05-20 13:42:19
244.   Rob Gee
237 Ricky would be better than Terrence Long.
2006-05-20 13:43:30
245.   JeremyM
Yeah, but Chacon is hurt too! Wright is batting .147, he's the choice right now.
2006-05-20 13:44:00
246.   Oscar Azocar
Erickson warming....nooooooo. Hey, just throw Colter Bean right into the fire instead!
2006-05-20 13:45:01
247.   jayd
ok now lets get that runner in scoring position for Stinnett...huh
2006-05-20 13:45:08
248.   fgasparini
245 Oh yeah. How the hell can I keep all these injuuries straight?
2006-05-20 13:46:47
249.   rabid stan
I have mixed feelings. Melky pulls the string on a pitch in the dirt, but Cairo is allowed to steal on said pithc in the dirt.
2006-05-20 13:47:28
250.   tommyl
I am predicting an Andy Phillips RBI single :)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-20 13:47:36
251.   Benjamin Kabak
231 I don't buy it. Rivera's on pace to throw 71 innings. That's a normal load for him. He's really not rusty.
2006-05-20 13:48:11
252.   jayd
It's Andy Phillips time everybody. A champagne moment. Let me get the chilled glasses...
2006-05-20 13:48:21
253.   Benjamin Kabak
Well, at least Stinnett swung this time.
2006-05-20 13:48:21
254.   rabid stan
Girl's name K's.

Hey, Andy!

2006-05-20 13:48:55
255.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Andy earns his pinstripes?
2006-05-20 13:48:56
256.   jayd
250 hey tommy you're stealing my thunder here.
2006-05-20 13:49:19
257.   rabid stan
Miggy Makes Things Happen!
2006-05-20 13:49:29
258.   rbj
Mo started out slow last year too.
And we know Ruth didn't use steroids. Bonds was already a HoF'er, but to me Ruth is in second place.
2006-05-20 13:49:33
259.   jayd
cairo steals home...
2006-05-20 13:49:55
260.   fgasparini
Steal home! Why not.
2006-05-20 13:50:10
261.   rabid stan
2006-05-20 13:50:19
262.   randym77
Yeah! Andy delivers. And so does Cairo, really.
2006-05-20 13:50:28
263.   Oscar Azocar
Go Andy!!!!
2006-05-20 13:50:36
264.   Marcus
2006-05-20 13:50:41
265.   fgasparini
259 Ah, you beat me.
2006-05-20 13:50:43
266.   nick
yes!---this could get Andy some ABs...
2006-05-20 13:50:44
267.   Simone
And Phillips saves the day.
2006-05-20 13:50:47
268.   fgasparini
259 Ah, you beat me.
2006-05-20 13:50:50
269.   tommyl
YES! I love being right!
2006-05-20 13:50:54
270.   jayd
250 you da man tommy. you da man.
2006-05-20 13:51:00
271.   Rob Gee
And somewhere Cliff is smiling...
2006-05-20 13:51:12
272.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
He should've flipped Torre the bird as he ran to first.
2006-05-20 13:51:49
273.   tommyl
270 thanks Jay, but I believe that Andy is the man. I just gave him some karmic help :).
2006-05-20 13:52:12
274.   rbj
Sweet, Andy.
2006-05-20 13:52:19
275.   tommyl
C'mon Mo!
2006-05-20 13:52:58
276.   mikeplugh
Let's go Mo.
2006-05-20 13:53:25
277.   claybeez
Well done, Andy. Go get 'em Mo.
2006-05-20 13:53:29
278.   jayd
250 you da man tommy. you da man.
2006-05-20 13:53:31
279.   Simone
I can't help it, I'm afraid to look.
2006-05-20 13:54:30
280.   singledd
Cairo get a lot of shit (especially from S. Goldman), but somehow he's often in the middle of good things. He ain't the Mic, but I like him.
2006-05-20 13:54:49
281.   jayd
rivera? when you have a fresh scott erickson and a chance to make the bronx banter server crash...
2006-05-20 13:55:48
282.   tommyl
That's one.
2006-05-20 13:56:23
283.   rabid stan
Mo's broken 2 bats this inning.
2006-05-20 13:58:46
284.   tommyl
Damn, stop fouling stuff off!
2006-05-20 14:00:18
285.   tommyl
YES. Two down.
2006-05-20 14:00:38
286.   Marcus
2006-05-20 14:00:45
287.   Rob Gee
BTW: Bond's shot was off Paperboy Halsey.
2006-05-20 14:01:15
288.   tommyl
One more to go. C'mon Mo!
2006-05-20 14:01:44
289.   rabid stan
That's how you do it, Billy Wagner.
2006-05-20 14:02:04
290.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
287 Anthony Michael Hall circa 1986?
2006-05-20 14:02:23
291.   nick
2006-05-20 14:02:28
292.   Marcus
Ball game. Finally Mo shows his dominance.
2006-05-20 14:02:37
293.   jayd
that was easy now, wasn't it?
2006-05-20 14:02:39
294.   JeremyM
Yes. Huge win, absolutely huge all things considered. And Mo with 4 Ks, helping to soothe some of my worries.
2006-05-20 14:02:44
295.   tommyl
3 Ks

Rusty huh?

2006-05-20 14:02:50
296.   Rob Gee
Nice! Cheapy but nicely makes up for last night.
2006-05-20 14:02:51
297.   randym77
Woot! Mo still has it.

Kind of a sloppy game, but a win's a win!

2006-05-20 14:03:16
298.   BklynBmr
Who's your Sandman, now?
2006-05-20 14:03:36
299.   tommyl
Man, the gameday:

strikes out swinging
strikes out swinging
strikes out swinging

gotta love it.

2006-05-20 14:03:38
300.   singledd
I don't care if you throw 110mph. The worst thing in the world is a reliever who walks guys. Nice to be on the right side of it.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-20 14:04:25
301.   tommyl
And my boy gets the game winning hit. Just wish I could have seen it.
2006-05-20 14:04:40
302.   Simone
Good win.
2006-05-20 14:05:14
303.   rbj
Phew. A hard earned victory, but this was the game of the series the Yankees needed to win, with Moose on the mound.
Gee, I'll actually get to watch tomorrow night's game; oh crud Joe Morgan is announcing.
2006-05-20 14:06:20
304.   tommyl
Now if we can just stop making oh, about five errors a game, I'll be happy.

Anyone else think this team has more "heart" or whatever you want to call it than last year's version? I'm beginning to think they can win no matter what the odds (ahhh, the good old days of '96).

2006-05-20 14:07:21
305.   tommyl
p.s. on the '96 theme, who wants to spring Doc Gooden from jail? Maybe he can pitch for RJ and throw a no hitter?
2006-05-20 14:08:13
306.   rabid stan
304 There seems to be more to 'em this year. Not '96 yet, though.
2006-05-20 14:10:46
307.   randym77
304 Yes, on the "heart" thing. And I think it's because we have so many kids and back-benchers playing these days. They have reason to keep playing their hearts out, even if the game seems hopeless. They're still hungry.

And they don't have the kind of pressure that, say, A-Rod or Randy Johnson have on them, which probably helps, too.

2006-05-20 14:11:28
308.   Alvaro Espinoza
Thank you, Mr. Wagner! Incredibly fortunate to come away with a "W" today. Oddly, the Muts owed the Unit a beer after last night's game as well. Here's to a well-executed game on ALL fronts tomorrow night.
2006-05-20 14:17:24
309.   Rob Gee
308 Tomorrow's not looking good. If Small doesn't find his pixie dust, then it's Erickson! Even then it might be Erickson in the 7th!

At least there's a good chance we see Bean tomorrow.

2006-05-20 14:24:47
310.   randym77
"Stand and deliver" turned out to be a very appropriate title for this thread.

The weak bottom of the lineup turned out to be the guys who won the game for us.

And Joe has some nice things to say about Andy...

2006-05-20 14:26:04
311.   tommyl
310 what's he saying?
2006-05-20 14:26:40
312.   Zack
Holy crap, I just came back from a day away after leaving in teh 8th! yay Yanks, and yay Andy!!
2006-05-20 14:26:51
313.   randym77
Joe says Posada is doubtful for tomorrow.

And Andy's POTG.

2006-05-20 14:31:06
314.   randym77
311 He said it's the toughest thing in the world to come off the bench and play well, especially for a young player. And that Andy came up huge, and it was great for the team and great for him. Joe said that this win was even more unlikely than Tuesday's, since the rally started so late.

He said they've been wondering if Andy could contribute in that situation. Could be a "yes." ;-)

2006-05-20 14:31:26
315.   jayd
I'm thinking Colter Bean in the second or third -- just the optimist in me, I guess. And I want to see him start or go long relief.

The leash on Smallie has pulled tight. If he can't deliver tomorrow, he should go to Columbus. Unlike RJ who gets as many shots as he likes. Hopefully he will straighten and fly right (at least before Schilling does).

So, you see Rob, it is all about the money after all.

2006-05-20 14:34:06
316.   jayd
I'm also pulling for Mendoza to come back and be the rsox killer of old. He, the embedded Yankee, will send the sux fans into a tizzy.
2006-05-20 17:42:31
317.   Marcus
315 Bean has never been a starter (except for I think a couple games in college), so it's not exactly a great idea to have him start now. But I'm all for him getting some innings to show his stuff.
2006-05-20 20:02:10
318.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Damn.. I turned it off after the top of the Yankee order went down fast in the top of the 6 and it was 3-0 .... i hate it when that happens doh.

Ah well great win. espically great that Andy hits and Mo dominates.

2006-05-20 21:07:50
319.   wsporter
I left just after Delgado alligator armed that shot to left center in order to go to the Bowie BaySox Trenton Thunder game. 4-0 and I figured the Yanks were cooked. At the game we had some Yankee gear on and an usher decided he'd tell us what happened because he figured we'd be happy Pete didn't beat us. He was of course right. This team has some stones. Andy Phillips driving in the winning run with 2 outs is a very big smile. Maybe that will earn him a little more playing time. That's two great wins in a week. One miraculous the other just showing some real guts.

1 – 0 Thunder win in 11. Saw some great pitching especially by Justin Karstens who started and went 6 2/3 strong and T.J. Beam who threw 3 1/3 really dominant innings. I don't know what they're waiting for on this kid Beam, he is ready. He has 3 nasty pitches that looked like a moving fastball, slider and a change that he throws off the fastball. On the stadium gun it looked like FB 91 -94 CU 81 – 83, SL 85 – 88. There was one hard hit ball off him, I can't decide which was more impressive: the swings and misses, the strikes 3 looking or the looks that the Bowie guys were giving Beam.

We also saw a couple of really nice defensive plays by Justin Christian and Gabe Lopez. Chritian runs like a cross between a deer and a scared rabbit; flat out fast with an idea. He can go get it in centerfield and he just shakes up the infielders (he reached once on a hurried throw on a chopper between third and short). Bronson Sardinah, who took 3 k's (2 were brutal replacement umpire works of fiction), blasted a 410 foot homer that hit high off a secondary wall beyond dead straight away center field.

Rob G if you want to see a guy who is stuck in a minor league town when he could and should be getting outs at the major league level go and get out to Erie, Redding or Harrisburg and see the Thunder when the come through. This Beam kid will knock your socks off.

2006-05-20 22:01:48
320.   jayd
Things That Make You Go Hmmm

Phillies RF Bobby Abreu has just 10 homers in 115 games since winning the HR derby at the all-star game last year.

2006-05-21 03:26:04
321.   randym77
318 Oh ye of little faith. ;-) It's the "weak" bottom of the order that has been leading the rallies lately. Maybe the other teams are underestimating them. Maybe the kids are just too dumb to know it's hopeless. But they never give up.

I don't want Abreu. I like what we have. (And I'll like it even better when Sheff and Bubba get back.)

And on another topic...Josh Beckett hit a homer yesterday. Ye gods and little fishes. He also had an RBI single.

2006-05-21 06:13:17
322.   Rob Gee
318 3-0 in the sixth! What!?

319 I was thinking of trying to get there for a game. Beam's numbers have been outstanding. It's great to hear the scouting.

That's what pisses me off so much about the Erickson situation. If the organization is stocked with anything it's relief pitchers.

No doubt we'll see Bean today. Hopefully he impresses with 2 or 3 solid innings. Unfortunately, those will more than likely come after Erickson gets rocked. I can already taste the bile in my mouth.

2006-05-21 08:04:50
323.   wsporter
I wish I had seen that win. We wanted to see BP at the park yesterday so we left early, it turned out they had some stupid private party going on and we couldn't get in. So no BP and no watching: Andy grab a bit of redemption; Pete still finding it tough to get a win against his daddy; Melky's AMAZING ab; Damon running on his bad foot; and all the other great stuff.

I especially love this quote from Mr. Torre who seems to have such a great way with the language when it comes to these moments: "The whole thing with this game is trying to win and not trying to explain why you can't,"

2006-05-21 08:52:10
324.   randym77
The Daily News on Sheff:


The Yankees can forget about the most optimistic scenario for getting Gary Sheffield back into the lineup quickly.

The slugging right fielder was cleared to begin swinging a bat on Friday morning, but had to cut short his first workout that afternoon when he felt pain in his injured left wrist while hitting off a tee.

"He took one (swing), it sort of rolled (the wrist) over and got real sore on him," Joe Torre said. "I don't think it's a setback, we just may have to wait a little longer."

Sheffield, whom Torre described as "discouraged," took no swings of any kind yesterday and GM Brian Cashman said he wasn't sure when the slugger will make another attempt.


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