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2006-05-19 10:21
by Cliff Corcoran
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Despite their recent rash of injuries, things have been going fairly well for the Yankees since they opened the season by dropping four of their first five games on a West Coast swing. Since returning to the Bronx for their home opener, the Yanks have lost just two of eleven series (their lone game in Fenway not counting as a series) and have only lost back-to back games twice. The problem is that they did this against the Royals, Orioles, Devil Rays, Twins (who were one of those series losses), Rangers, and a crippled A's team. True, the did take three of five from the Blue Jays, who currently trail them by just a half game in the standings, but they also dropped three of four to the Red Sox, who lead them by the same distance.

Starting tonight, the Yankees will play six games against their two closest rivals, who also happen to be two of the three teams in baseball (the Blue Jays being the third) with the most similar records to the Bombers. Following that, they'll alternate series against patsies (Royals, O's) and the first place Tigers and Red Sox (yes, again). In total, 14 of the Yankees next 20 games will come against teams that currently sport better records than the Yanks'.

This isn't the best time for this sort of thing. Hideki Matsui's out until August at the very earliest. Gary Sheffield is nursing a mysteriously slow-healing wrist injury. Carl Pavano's return has been dashed. Octavio Dotel isn't here yet. Shawn Chacon's shin will indeed force him to yield Sunday's start to Aaron Small. And now Bubba Crosby has hit the DL with a hamstring injury, yielding his roster spot to Mitch Jones.

Jones has a strong throwing arm and a ton of pop in his bat, but will make Melky Cabrera look like Willie Mays in the outfield and Andy Phillips look like Rod Carew at the plate. Jones struck out 174 times in 128 games with Columbus last year and had 41 Ks in 39 games before being called up. Jones is a career .247 hitter in the minors, and was hitting .239 in Columbus this year. Yes, players such as Adam Dunn can be tremendously valuable despite high K-rates and low averages due to exaggerated power and patience, but Jones is unlikely to pull off such a feat making his major league debut at age 28. Unlike Andy Phillips, who's major league debut would have come much earlier if not for an injury and the Yankees' refusal to reward his triple-A performance appropriately, Jones has never appeared to be a major league-ready player, and to my mind, still doesn't. Not that Jones will see much action. As a righty OF/1B, he'll slot in behind Andy Phillips on the depth chart. That's a frightening place to be.

The good news is that Jason Giambi's tweaked neck didn't cause him to miss more than one game. He returned to DH duty two days ago and played in the field yesterday, collecting two walks and a double in seven trips to the plate. He'll be the starting first baseman throughout the weekend's DH-less series at Shea Stadium. The Yankee outfield will be Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon (who's nursing a foot injury that has been alternately described as bone chips and a stress fracture), and Bernie Williams. Jones, Phillips and Kevin Reese will be limited to pinch-hitting duty, though I must say, I'd rather have the righty Phillips and the lefty Reese pinch-hitting than Miguel Cairo and Bubba Crosby. Kevin Thompson, meanwhile, remains in Columbus as the Yankees want him to continue to start down there rather than ride pine in the majors.

As for this weekend's opponent. The Mets season has thus far has been an exaggerated mirror image of the Yankees'. They built up what was briefly the majors best record against awful teams (7-1 against the Nats and Fish to start the season), and built upon it by splitting against middle-rung opponents (5-4 vs. Atlanta, splits with the Brewers and Padres, a 2-1 series win against the Giants) and adding a 3-1 stretch against the Pirates and Nationals.

The worm has turned, however, as the Mets have gone 3-6 against the Phillies, Brewers and Cardinals over the last nine games as injuries have reduced their rotation to employing the likes of tonight's starter Jeremi Gonzalez and, yes, Jose Lima. Injuries have bit both teams hard. While the Yankees are losing outfielders on what feels like a daily basis, the Mets have a small Tommy John epidemic on their hands as three of their pitchers, ex-Yankee Juan Padilla, and both pitchers from the Scott Kazmir trade, Victor Zambrano and Bartolomo Fortunato, have had the surgery in the last two months.

Indeed, just as the Yankees are paying the price for their failure to sign a strong fourth outfielder, the Mets are paying dearly for Omar Minaya's string of dreadful starting pitching transactions. Beyond the Kazmir trade--which has Bagwell-Anderson, Ryan-Fregosi, Brock-Broglio written all over it--Minaya flipped Jay Seo for Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll this past offseason and dealt Kris Benson for the abysmal Jorge Julio and also injured John Maine. True both Sanchez and Julio have pitched reasonably well thus far this year (Sanchez has a pretty ERA but unimpressive peripherals, Julio has an ugly ERA but, much to my surprise, better peripherals), but apparently neither inspires enough confidence in Willie Randolph to convince him to move Aaron Heilman, who has been nails as a setup man, into the rotation. The Mets handling of Heilman is yet another item on an increasingly long list of mistakes Minaya and Randolph have made with their rotation. The end result is that they've managed to turn Scott Kazmir into Jose Lima. Good work, guys.

Randy Johnson faces Jeremi Gonzalez tonight. That used to be a mismatch. Until Johnson proves otherwise, it looks a lot like a shootout right now.

New York Mets

2006 Record: 24-16 (.600)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 23-17 (.584)

Manager: Willie Randolph
General Manager: Omar Minaya

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Shea Stadium (99/99)

Who's Replacing Whom?

  • Carlos Delgado replaces Doug Mientkiewicz and Marlon Anderson
  • Paul Lo Duca replaces Mike Piazza
  • Xavier Nady replaces Mike Cameron
  • Julio Franco replaces Mike Jacobs
  • Jose Valentin replaces Miguel Cairo
  • Endy Chavez replaces Victor Diaz
  • Steve Trachsel takes back Kris Benson's starts
  • Jose Lima replaces Victor Zambrano (DL)
  • Jeremy Gonzalez is filling in for Brian Bannister who replaces Jae Weong Seo and Kazuhisa Ishii
  • Billy Wagner replaces Braden Looper
  • Duaner Sanchez replaces Roberto Hernandez
  • Chad Bradford replaces Heath Bell (minors)
  • Jorge Julio replaces Juan Padilla (DL)
  • Pedro Feliciano replaces Dae-Sung Koo
  • Darren Oliver replaces Mike DeJean, Manny Aybar etc.

Current Roster:

1B – Carlos Delgado (L)
2B – Kazuo Matsui (S)
SS – Jose Reyes (S)
3B – David Wright (R)
C – Paul Lo Duca (R)
RF – Xavier Nady (R)
CF – Carlos Beltran (S)
LF – Cliff Floyd (L)


R – Julio Franco (1B)
L – Jose Valentin (UT)
R – Chris Woodward (UT)
L – Endy Chavez (OF)
R – Ramon Castro (C)


R – Pedro Martinez
L – Tom Glavine
R – Steve Trachsel
R – Jose Lima
R – Jeremi Gonzalez


L – Billy Wagner
R – Duaner Sanchez
R – Aaron Heilman
R – Chad Bradford
R – Jorge Julio
L – Pedro Feliciano
L – Darren Oliver

15-day DL: R – Brian Bannister, S – Anderson Hernandez (IF), R – John Maine
60-day DL: R – Victor Zambrano, R – Juan Padilla, R – Bartolome Fortunato

Typical Lineup:

S – Jose Reyes (SS)
R – Paul Lo Duca (C)
S – Carlos Beltran (CF)
L – Carlos Delgado (1B)
R – David Wright (3B)
L – Cliff Floyd (LF)
R – Xavier Nady (RF)
S – Kazuo Matsui (2B)

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2006-05-19 14:21:33
1.   randym77
So, which Randy is gonna show up tonight?

Pavano said his arm was so swollen he couldn't bend it, and he hadn't felt like this since he had surgery to remove bone chips. Sure enough...the doctors say he's got more bone chips.

Sheff is supposed to see a doctor today, and if given the okay, may start swinging a bat Sunday or Monday.

2006-05-19 14:26:36
2.   C2Coke
The following two weeks or so are simply exciting and frightening at the same time.

Is there any chance that Sheff's mysterious injury will be mysteriously resolved this weekend?

Anybody know how long Crosby's gonna be on the DL? Or is it still day-to-day basis?

2006-05-19 14:27:41
3.   C2Coke
1 In practice or in game appearance?
2006-05-19 14:30:03
4.   randym77
I don't think there's any chance Sheff can play against the Mets. The Sox, maybe. But I'm not counting on it.

Bubba got put on the 15-day DL, which means he can't come back for 15 days. If they weren't so shorthanded, they might have kept him day-to-day, but they just couldn't afford it, what with the Mets and the Red Sox coming up. The Boss has made it clear that he expects the Yanks to win these series.

2006-05-19 14:31:18
5.   jkay
Pavano is going to see Dr. Andrews, bone chips in his elbow.
2006-05-19 14:31:43
6.   randym77
3 In practice. He's done some catching and throwing in practice, but no batting. Batting is too hard on the wrists.
2006-05-19 14:48:12
7.   wsporter
5 Bone chips? The guy has hardly thrown a pitch in anger since March. Hell, July 2005. How? Has lack of use worn down the cartilage?

If they have to operate its 2 mos. minimum, right? That's the middle of July at best. At worst.....? What's the over/under on the time between his last ML start and his next in years?

Oh Meatless, we hardly knew ye

2006-05-19 14:54:20
8.   bp1
Bone chips. You'd almost think the guy is cursed, but cursed folks usually don't pull in $10 million a year. I ain't gonna be shedding a tear for Meat anytime soon. I hope he comes back to pitch well for the Yankees, but if not, it's not like he's going to be getting a job at the Krusty Krab or anything.

Weather update, anyone? We gonna have baseball tonight?


2006-05-19 15:02:49
9.   jkay
Weather looks ok for now.
2006-05-19 15:20:29
10.   Rob Gee
Cliff, you make it sound like Minaya traded Kazmir. Wasn't it Duquette though?
2006-05-19 15:27:10
11.   randym77
5 I heard he's going to need surgery. Out at least two months.
2006-05-19 15:33:37
12.   Simone
The injury bug hitting the Yankees is just crazy.

Whatever Sheffield's story, the Yankees better not pick up his option until after the season, period.

At this point, I am just hoping that Pavano pitches at least one more time before his contract expires.

2006-05-19 15:40:53
13.   randym77
Here's the lineup.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams LF
Melky Cabrera RF
Randy Johnson P

Bernie in left. I dunno. I think maybe I'd try Damon in left. He's got more experience than Bernie.

2006-05-19 15:56:51
14.   Cliff Corcoran
13 No, you play Damon in center, you put the best arm (Melky) in right. This is what this outfield should look like short of having a Kevin out there.
2006-05-19 15:57:49
15.   Cliff Corcoran
10 It was Duquette. Sorry about that. I'll clear up the language later, no time right now.
2006-05-19 16:06:53
16.   randym77
I like Melky in right, if only because he seems so much more comfortable there. Torre said he just couldn't track the ball in LF, so he moved him to right, even though Melky said he prefers left.
2006-05-19 16:13:47
17.   randym77
Well, that was quick. :-)
2006-05-19 16:14:52
18.   BklynBmr
'Sounds' like the boys are off to a good start tonight. Anyone getting this on the tube?
2006-05-19 16:16:53
19.   randym77
Damon hit a standup double that landed in the right corner. Jeter then pulled a single to LF that brought Johnny home. Then stole 2B.

And Giambi gets another walk...

2006-05-19 16:18:26
20.   Tarheel
Why are Friday night games never on MLB Extra Innings?
2006-05-19 16:19:35
21.   Tarheel
I can only listen on XM. Was Arod really out?
2006-05-19 16:19:49
22.   BklynBmr
Thanks, randym. I'm getting the Game Day Audio feed (Sterling). It seems only Mutts or Red Sox games get blacked out on the EI package...
2006-05-19 16:21:08
23.   jkay
Close call, looked safe on one replay, out on another.
2006-05-19 16:21:13
24.   randym77
A-Rod hit a single down the left field line, and got called out trying to stretch it to 2B. I think he was safe. Don't think the umpire could see the play, though. They both sort of dived for the bag at high speed.
2006-05-19 16:22:32
25.   BklynBmr
20 Something to do with WOR broadcasting the Friday night games. Not sure of the specifics, maybe someone can elaborate...
2006-05-19 16:23:05
26.   randym77
Oh, crap. Now it looks like Bernie's injured.
2006-05-19 16:23:15
27.   Marcus
Jeremi Gonzalez is a nice treat for the Yankee batters today.
2006-05-19 16:23:55
28.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh, what's up with Bernie? Torre and Monahan rushed out to see him...
2006-05-19 16:24:10
29.   Marcus
Ha! IBB for Melky! Are you kidding?
2006-05-19 16:24:23
30.   Marcus
Oh my bad, I forgot this is NL style.
2006-05-19 16:24:30
31.   randym77
They intentionally walked Melky to get to Randy.
2006-05-19 16:24:37
32.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yanks with 4 and counting in the top half of the 1st.

Unit to give it all back in the bottom half?

2006-05-19 16:24:57
33.   unmoderated
must be a 2 for 1 special on doubles.
and RJ batting is, as always, hilarious.
2006-05-19 16:26:26
34.   randym77
32 That's what I was thinking. I'd be enjoying this a lot more if I weren't wondering if Randy was going to be giving away even more hits.
2006-05-19 16:27:00
35.   Tarheel
Is Bernie hurt?
2006-05-19 16:27:38
36.   unmoderated
#35 no word on the TV broadcast.
2006-05-19 16:27:57
37.   randym77
I guess Bernie's all right. He seemed to be running a bit gimpy around the bases, and was holding his hamstring once he got to 2B. But they left him in.
2006-05-19 16:28:45
38.   SF Yanks
What's up with Bernie? He injured? I have no feed of any sort?
2006-05-19 16:29:39
39.   SF Yanks
2006-05-19 16:30:02
40.   Tarheel
Unit walks the first batter.
2006-05-19 16:32:07
41.   randym77
I want Matt Smith back.
2006-05-19 16:33:42
42.   Tarheel
Randy needs to develop another pitch, or begin pitching inside again.
2006-05-19 16:33:59
43.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Here we go. I'll count us lucky if we get out of this inning with the lead.
2006-05-19 16:34:15
44.   unmoderated
randy needs something.
2006-05-19 16:34:45
45.   SF Yanks
2006-05-19 16:34:54
46.   randym77
Christ on a cracker. The Unit still hasn't gotten a out.
2006-05-19 16:35:33
47.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Who's warming?
2006-05-19 16:36:04
48.   Tarheel
I bet Gator could get outs better than Unit.
2006-05-19 16:36:11
49.   unmoderated
while guidry is telling RJ to "bear down," i have a potentially dumb question:

when they show the pitch speed on the TV broadcast, does that data come from the stadium guns, or is it an independent system?

i ask because kaat mentioned a few games ago that he thought the yankee stadium guns were 2-3 MPH on the high side.

2006-05-19 16:36:21
50.   mikeplugh
I hope Cashman kept his receipt for Johnson.
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2006-05-19 16:36:30
51.   wsporter
32 YFIC, Ouch, You got a bet on the race Saturday?
2006-05-19 16:36:38
52.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Unit, Kevin Brown called. He wants to know if you'll please watch the rest of the season with him at his house.
2006-05-19 16:39:00
53.   randym77
And Torre says no matter how bad Randy pitches, he's still going to keep giving him the ball every five days.
2006-05-19 16:40:02
54.   SF Yanks
It does seem like his slider has some bite to it tonight though
2006-05-19 16:40:33
55.   Tarheel
How does someone "lose it" so quickly. He pitched well last year, began well this year, and bam, he sucks.
2006-05-19 16:41:07
56.   randym77
He's gotten better the last couple of batters.

Maybe it's just one rough inning...

2006-05-19 16:43:21
57.   wsporter
He had a lousy first inning last time out then seemed to settle down. Maybe they need to look at his Bull Pen prior to the game?
2006-05-19 16:43:25
58.   randym77
They pointed out yesterday that it was the two-year anniversary of Randy Johnson's perfect game.

Only two years ago. He can't have fallen apart that much. It's gotta be part mental, at least.

2006-05-19 16:46:58
59.   C2Coke
58 I was saying RJ looked nervous in the game he was waiting for some unknown future.
2006-05-19 16:47:44
60.   Tarheel
Boy, that was a quick inning. Hope unit can pull that off now.
2006-05-19 16:49:00
61.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
8 pitch inning. Yeah baby, let's get Unit back out there asap.
2006-05-19 16:49:37
62.   unmoderated
uh oh.
2006-05-19 16:49:52
63.   SF Yanks
Posada hurt now?!
2006-05-19 16:50:18
64.   randym77
Now what? Posada has been pulled. Injured, or do they just think the Unit would do better with his personal catcher?
2006-05-19 16:50:21
65.   unmoderated
posada out.
2006-05-19 16:50:58
66.   BklynBmr
Stinett's in. What happened to Jorge?
2006-05-19 16:52:27
67.   randym77
No word yet on what happened to Posada. But he took off all his gear and went into the clubhouse.
2006-05-19 16:52:37
68.   rbj
Whaaa? I get home and it looks like Friday night slugfest.
Big problem with gamecast, it overfills the screen on 800 x 600, yet I don't like the 1024 x 768. That doesn't work on this screen. So it is gamechannel tonight.

Of course I need to ice my knee, so I'm going to watch that other natural and historic rivalry: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. I predict a beanball war in that series.

2006-05-19 16:52:39
69.   SF Yanks
Posada was standing near the plate, and was about to throw the ball back to Randy, looked to be in pain, then handed the ball to the ump instead.
2006-05-19 16:53:53
70.   rbj
Dam. Why don't we just cut to the chase and call up the entire Clippers team.
2006-05-19 16:54:59
71.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The gods are angry with us for Torre's treatment of Phillips. I knew this would happen. Soon the entire team will be injured.
2006-05-19 16:55:49
72.   wsporter
What the hell happened to Jorge?
2006-05-19 16:57:08
73.   Tarheel
Did Joe take Jorge out for injury or because he can't get along with Randy?
2006-05-19 16:57:56
74.   randym77
Still no official word.

This is like a freakin' nightmare.

2006-05-19 17:01:11
75.   wsporter
Let's face it Randy, it's not "like" one, it is one.
2006-05-19 17:02:09
76.   unmoderated
"spasms" for posada.
2006-05-19 17:02:37
77.   randym77
Still no offivial word, but I assume Jorgie is injured. Torre was laughing, in a "what next?" kind of way, which I don't think he'd be doing if he just decided to put the PUC in.

YES read Torre's lips. He said "spasms," so they think it's back spasms.

2006-05-19 17:03:50
78.   wsporter
Back or stomach?
2006-05-19 17:04:39
79.   unmoderated
2006-05-19 17:04:52
80.   randym77
It's official: tightness in his back.
2006-05-19 17:05:42
81.   unmoderated
on the bright side, andy phillips just moved up the depth chart as a backup catcher.
2006-05-19 17:06:35
82.   randym77
That was almost a homer for Robby.
2006-05-19 17:06:45
83.   wsporter
Damn I thought that had a chance.
2006-05-19 17:10:22
84.   BklynBmr
81 Is Phillips really the emergency catcher?
2006-05-19 17:10:51
85.   SF Yanks
lets go Randy. Hit a homer!
2006-05-19 17:11:33
86.   randym77
Woo-hoo! Single for Randy Johnson! LOL!
2006-05-19 17:11:48
87.   unmoderated
yeah RJ!

#84, it's probably Cairo.

2006-05-19 17:16:06
88.   randym77
Randy gets a single to load the bases, but Damon flies out. Sigh.

At least Jeter is having fun. He was cracking up over the Randy's batting attempts.

2006-05-19 17:22:36
89.   monkeypants
Good lord, what % of RJ's runs come on HRs?!?
2006-05-19 17:23:12
90.   Simone
All I can do is laugh to keep from crying.
2006-05-19 17:23:14
91.   Tarheel
Well, Randy finally gave back that 4 run lead. Hope the bats stay hot.
2006-05-19 17:23:15
92.   randym77
Well, Cliff called it. Looks like this is going to be a shootout.
2006-05-19 17:23:27
93.   Maz
The Big Useless comes through again!
2006-05-19 17:23:42
94.   rbj
Now I don't feel so bad about not seeing tonight's game.
2006-05-19 17:23:53
95.   unmoderated
with small starting on sunday, who eats these innings? erickson again?
2006-05-19 17:25:54
96.   wsporter
95 If we can keep scoring Johnson eats them. No?
2006-05-19 17:28:14
97.   randym77
Randy's already thrown 70 pitches.
2006-05-19 17:29:40
98.   C2Coke
Any word on how serious Posada's back is?
Have they all been sitting on their couches during spring training? I kept on thinking WCS has something to do with it...I am just guessing out of no where.
2006-05-19 17:30:39
99.   BklynBmr
94 Same here. Each inning sounds like its own car wreck...
2006-05-19 17:31:10
100.   randym77
Was that intentional?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-19 17:31:14
101.   BklynBmr
Giambi is 22 for 35 against Oliver? Wow...
2006-05-19 17:32:21
102.   BklynBmr
100 I have the delay on Game Day Audio here. Sounds like it, huh?
2006-05-19 17:35:23
103.   JeremyM
K's looking to Oliver? Come on. How bad did it look to those who can watch?
2006-05-19 17:35:23
104.   randym77
They said Jorgie has tightness in his upper back. It doesn't sound too serious.

A-Rod struck out, and is really ticked off. He just got right in the umpire's face. He's still fuming.

It was a bad call, but I suspect they won't be getting any better after that...

2006-05-19 17:36:43
105.   randym77
Wow. Stinnett's a hitting machine tonight.
2006-05-19 17:37:08
106.   claybeez
Way to go Kelly! Way to step up!
2006-05-19 17:37:37
107.   randym77
103 A-Rod got screwed. It was a ball, not a strike.
2006-05-19 17:38:51
108.   Rob Gee
With Alderson out to San Diego, the strike zones have been all over the place. He must have worked hard to keep them all consistent and accountable - its like the cukoos running the asylum now.
2006-05-19 17:39:12
109.   rilkefan
104 et al. - thanks for the commentary.
2006-05-19 17:39:18
110.   JeremyM
Thanks randy.
2006-05-19 17:42:08
111.   randym77
I don't think I've ever seen A-Rod that mad. I expected to see Randy right in the ump's face, not A-Rod. Even after A-Rod went back to the dugout, he was muttering and growling.
2006-05-19 17:46:07
112.   unmoderated
horrible run down attempt.
they had him picked off, cano never threw back.
2006-05-19 17:46:43
113.   randym77
I don't believe it. They had him in a rundown, but Cano tried to chase him instead of throwing the ball, and they let him get back to first.
2006-05-19 17:47:16
114.   unmoderated
horrible run down attempt.
they had him picked off, cano didnt throw back to first.
2006-05-19 17:47:36
115.   JVarghese81
WTF - Jeez...can anything else go wrong - when he's pitching like this, you can't give away outs like that - come on!
2006-05-19 17:49:37
116.   JeremyM
Cano has been really bad lately. Ugh.
2006-05-19 17:51:13
117.   Bill
I never recall being as sickened by a game in which the Yanks are leading.
2006-05-19 17:52:20
118.   JVarghese81
Just as an aside, Chris Duffy over in Pitt seems to have worn out his welcome - so far, has refused to report for a minor league demotion. Maybe not a great character guy but hey, with the depth being what it is, think the Pirates would want to give up on the guy?
Duffy's stats:
2006-05-19 17:52:51
119.   wsporter
Had him picked and f'd up the rundown. Had him thrown out at 2nd and was behind the bag so couldn't get the tag down. Two bad plays by Robie. Lucky to get out of that.

87 pitches through 4. How many pitches does the Big Eunuch have in him?

2006-05-19 17:53:45
120.   randym77
I don't get it. Robby had been playing so well.

Al Leiter is providing really interesting commentary on Randy's mechanics. They're not good.

2006-05-19 17:55:16
121.   fgasparini
118 JV, both url's gave me the stats. Kid looks good, what is the beef with him?
2006-05-19 17:56:58
122.   JVarghese81
Big Eunuch - that's great stuff!

Oh and Mendoza just finished up another start at AAA, just in case they have to put the eunuch on the DL or something:
6 IP, 7H, 1ER, 1BB, 6K

2006-05-19 17:58:45
123.   randym77
121 Attitude problem. Doesn't like to be told what to do.
2006-05-19 17:59:48
124.   JVarghese81
He hasn't done well at all this year so far and the Pirates wanted to demote him after he had changed his hitting style

"Duffy did let it be known that he was unhappy that the Pirates tried to get him to change his approach at the plate so that he could better fit the prototypical mold of a leadoff hitter."

And I had forgot about this but the Pirates had put Jody Gerut on the restricted list as well. I wouldn't mind him either...

2006-05-19 18:01:25
125.   Rob Gee
122 I hoping they throw Erickson off the bus now and call up Mendoza. Hopefully that's what all these starts have been for.
2006-05-19 18:01:27
126.   randym77
Ack. Makeashorterlink or TinyURL is your friend.
2006-05-19 18:03:01
127.   Rob Gee
BTW: Unit just threw a nice slider to strike out Delgado. They should just leave him in there for 120 pitches or until he really loses it.
2006-05-19 18:03:38
128.   wsporter
125 Rob, throw him under the bus, that way he won't come back.
2006-05-19 18:05:20
129.   yankaholic
Geez.. was a bit late getting to speed with the game..

looks like the Big "STINK" is giving up all in HRs.. it resembles the TOR game when we took a 4 run lead or something and he gave the lead in 2 inings..

2006-05-19 18:05:48
130.   fgasparini
127 That will mean the end of the fifth.
2006-05-19 18:06:22
131.   singledd
Evening all. Just got in from yard work.
Raise your hand if you think I'm surprised that RJ has given up 5 in 4. Are they all earned?
Raise your hand if you think I'm surprised that the Yankees have scored 6 in 5.

We have DrProctor.
We also now have FnRJ.

Is the FO going to do something about RJ?
We have guys on the Farm who would be better.

I read somewhere that RJ is favoring his knees, and has thus altered his mechanics (in a very bad way). If this is true, he ain't getting better.

Any opinions?

2006-05-19 18:06:27
132.   Rob Gee
128 Nice. Or whoever thought he'd be a good pickup.
2006-05-19 18:08:10
133.   wsporter
132You mean Giambi?
2006-05-19 18:09:10
134.   fgasparini
Stick a fork in Randy. He's done.
2006-05-19 18:09:45
135.   fgasparini
But he'll stay in--gotta give him a chance to "earn" the win.
2006-05-19 18:10:15
136.   yankaholic
OK... Kaz "i am a wothless" Matsui got an RBI off Randy??

How worse is that.. This is plain embarassing..

i would have hoped he had pitched game 2 of this series that way he will "miss" the boston series..

Cashman.. make that damn call to Clemens already

2006-05-19 18:10:36
137.   JVarghese81
You've got to be f'in kidding me.
is there anyone warming? and yeah, he'll be at 120 by the end of the inning.
2006-05-19 18:12:28
138.   unmoderated
tough hop, but arod should come up with that.

someone should start warming now.

2006-05-19 18:13:04
139.   singledd
Just read Pavano is out for the year.
Does anyone know if we recoup any $$ from insurance on this guy? This will be 1 1/2 years out, straight.
2006-05-19 18:13:59
140.   wsporter
Man Eunuch really looks disgusted with himself.
2006-05-19 18:14:29
141.   randym77
Arrghhhh. A-rod boots one.

Are Robby and A-Rod going out together each night and partying until 4 am or something?

And Erickson's warming...

2006-05-19 18:15:41
142.   yankaholic
F'er is out for the year ??.. where did u read that.. link plz..

I was thinking next yr we buy out Wright and sign 2 new starters.. now it looks like we need 3..

2006-05-19 18:16:25
143.   unmoderated
heilman's warm-up song is 'london calling?'
2006-05-19 18:17:09
144.   Zack
Oh great, lets bring in Erickson, who pitched a few innings, when, oh yeah, yesterday!
2006-05-19 18:19:42
145.   JVarghese81
Who're you gonna sign, the free agent crop isn't a great one though there are three lefties that might draw interest:
Pettite, Mulder (no thanks - way too hittable - he scares the crap out of me)& Zito

2006-05-19 18:20:01
146.   singledd
Not sure if you mean me, but:
Pavano out for year.
2006-05-19 18:21:25
147.   Zack
Man is this the B-side Yanks or what? a lineup that goes from A-rod to Stinnett, Cano, GOB, Melky, and Johnson? Yikes
2006-05-19 18:23:16
148.   singledd
How long can Dr.P hold up with this much work?
2006-05-19 18:23:18
149.   Rob Gee
Thank god - Torre's actually realized this game is winnable - thus no Erickson (unlike last night).
2006-05-19 18:23:47
150.   randym77
Well, they sent in Proctor, not Erickson.

And hey, don't diss the lineup. The bottom of the lineup has hits tonight. Including the amazing Randy.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-19 18:24:41
151.   rbj
They should only bring us news on Pavano if he pitches in the bigs, sort of like "today was a quiet and peaceful day in the Middle East"
Otherwise it isn't news.
2006-05-19 18:25:29
152.   Rob Gee
145 I'd overpay for Zito. He's a legit #2 with no injury history, 28 yo, 1 run better than league average over his career.
2006-05-19 18:26:35
153.   rbj
Oh this is a great quote:

Andrews also will operate next week on reliever Tanyon Sturtze to repair a small tear in his right rotator cuff.

"I think it's unfair for us to count on him the rest of the year," Torre said.

2006-05-19 18:27:12
154.   Mattpat11
I think tonight is an example of why Alex gets shit. When he has a bad game, its almost never just a bad game. It starts off well. He usually gets a hit in a big situation, then immediately gets picked off caught stealing or thrown out in some form, and it all goes to hell from there. He strikes out in gig spots, makes errors, and by the end of the night, whatever good he did in the beginning of the game is overshadowed by all the bad. I'm sure its almost impossible, but I'd like to see his numbers before and after he makes an error or gets CS
2006-05-19 18:27:37
155.   randym77
And Jeter steps up again. Great tag by Jeter.
2006-05-19 18:28:17
156.   wsporter
The Captain is so clutch it is just plain silly.
2006-05-19 18:30:33
157.   fgasparini
Nice high-leverage inning by Proctor.
2006-05-19 18:31:21
158.   fgasparini
153 Unfair to Yankee fans. Is that mope signed for next year? (Sturtze, not Torre)
2006-05-19 18:31:34
159.   randym77
I don't believe it. Now Jeter's injured.
2006-05-19 18:32:45
160.   wsporter
2006-05-19 18:33:10
161.   fgasparini
159 Please explain for those of us stuck with Gameday!
2006-05-19 18:34:03
162.   rbj
159 Details. What happened?
2006-05-19 18:34:26
163.   randym77
I don't think he's coming out. Looks like he hurt his arm on that tag. He's talking to the trainer, but he's staying in the dugout.
2006-05-19 18:36:06
164.   wsporter
159 All I have is video no audio, what gives?
2006-05-19 18:37:37
165.   Simone
What is wrong with Derek?
2006-05-19 18:38:06
166.   randym77
The throw pulled Jeter way off the bag, toward 1B. He caught it and reached down, letting the runner slide into his glove. Afterwards, he was swinging his arm as if it hurt. At the end of the inning, he went straight to the trainer and they went off together for awhile. Just sitting and talking, though, so far as I can tell. And he's still in the game.
2006-05-19 18:39:57
167.   fgasparini
I guess on the bright side, pretty soon the Yanks will be so decimated that Joe will have no choice but to play the kids...

I'm kidding. But there's a point of no return beyond which a desperation deal or deals will still leave the Bombers hopelessly crippled...

Unless the farmhands turn in the Miracle on Ice on the Diamond.

2006-05-19 18:40:36
168.   fgasparini
But what the hell, we're in first.
2006-05-19 18:41:54
169.   fgasparini
Did I mention Proctor looks good? At least via Gameday.
2006-05-19 18:42:45
170.   wsporter
2006-05-19 18:44:46
171.   fgasparini
170 Well maybe using your fancy-pants "statistics" we're in second. In Yankee Pride we are NUMBER ONE!
2006-05-19 18:44:54
172.   randym77
Farnsy's warming.
2006-05-19 18:46:20
173.   rbj
OK, suppose the game is tied after nine. With Small going Sunday, he's not going deep so someone's going to need to eat some innings. Can't have burned out pen. So does Erickson see some action tonight? Er, and not from Lisa.
2006-05-19 18:46:20
174.   wsporter
171 Doh, Damn stupid counting.
2006-05-19 18:47:26
175.   randym77
And Proctor did look very good.

Kay and Kitty put Leiter on the spot, telling him that Proctor credited him (Leiter) with teaching him the two-seamer that's made such a big difference in his game this year. Leiter got really embarrassed.

2006-05-19 18:49:26
176.   Mattpat11
175 I wanna know who taught him the curveball
2006-05-19 18:49:31
177.   randym77
Looks like the arm is still bothering Derek. He's still swinging it around.
2006-05-19 18:50:08
178.   fgasparini
173 Note for a possible study: Thesis: The less skilled a Major Leaguer, the more likely he is to have a bombshell wife. Possible data points: Jose Lima; Scott Erickson; Bret Barberie.
2006-05-19 18:50:39
179.   Mattpat11
167 Do we have any kids besides Cano and Melky on the roster?
2006-05-19 18:51:27
180.   Mattpat11
178 Where does Benson fall on that scale?
2006-05-19 18:53:26
181.   fgasparini
179 Not really. Phillips is not a kid, nor is Crosby, who's hurt anyway. Reee is 28. Mitch Jones is 29. I was really just trying to make a (weak) joke about how Joe T. hates to play the farmhands and how a lot of BBers like me complain about it.
2006-05-19 18:53:48
182.   fgasparini
180 Outlier.
2006-05-19 18:56:54
183.   BklynBmr
173 Here's some initial research:

2006-05-19 18:57:05
184.   Mattpat11
181 I sort of hoped you were kidding about the "kids" :)
2006-05-19 18:59:43
185.   BklynBmr
183 — Sorry, that was for 178
2006-05-19 19:00:26
186.   randym77
On this, er, veteran team, I'd say anyone under 30 is a kid. ;-)
2006-05-19 19:02:28
187.   Marcus
Well here it is. Last chance for the Yanks to score or Erickson is coming in for the bottom half.
2006-05-19 19:02:53
188.   wsporter
When you get up into the digits I occupy anyone under 30 may fairly be described as a "kid".
2006-05-19 19:03:50
189.   Marcus
Giambi has cooled off quite a bit in the past two weeks.
2006-05-19 19:04:39
190.   singledd
Lots of injuries....
ARod is off his game.. both on O and D.
Giambi is slumping badly.
Damon is playing hurt.
Fly balls are dropping in the outfield like rain.

It's amazing we are staying this close.

2006-05-19 19:04:56
191.   Mattpat11
well, at least he swung. MVP and stuff.
2006-05-19 19:05:43
192.   fgasparini
188 Hey everybody--for a prank let's swipe wsporter's walker. Then taunt him!

Oh for G-d's sake I'm kidding. He'd probably snap my cane into matchsticks using his powerfully muscled forearms.

2006-05-19 19:06:06
193.   singledd
I would keep Farns in for the 9th, with Mo in the wings, and see how he does. Wouldn't start the 9th with Mo.
2006-05-19 19:06:24
194.   Zack
Not sure which is worse, that the Yanks offense is pulling their "we stopped showing up after the 4th inning bit," or the fact that I am stuck watching it on the Mets feed...
2006-05-19 19:07:41
195.   randym77
Giambi's the only one who didn't get a hit tonight.
2006-05-19 19:07:52
196.   wsporter
192 No I'd have my home health care worker do it.
2006-05-19 19:08:03
197.   fgasparini
The Yanks looked not so bad this game, considering, except for the Eunuch. Don't you just know if he was sent to the DL and say Mendoza starts this game, Mariano is now pitching with a two-run lead?
2006-05-19 19:09:19
198.   wsporter
Any update on Jorge?
2006-05-19 19:10:39
199.   Zack
Anyone want to speculate on why Joe brought in Cairo as a defensive replacement and not Phillips?
2006-05-19 19:10:48
200.   rbj
Shows what you know. It's a tie game on the road ya know. You always bring your closer in in that situation. Haven't you been following Torre?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-19 19:11:40
201.   fgasparini
199 Because he knows Andy's a better option as a pinch hitter. HA HA HA! No, just funning.
2006-05-19 19:12:53
202.   wsporter
LoDuca sure tried hard to take that off the elbow pad.
2006-05-19 19:13:17
203.   Zack
Is Bernie running in quick sand?

ugh, this mets feed sucks

2006-05-19 19:13:39
204.   randym77
199 He thinks he might actually have to bat, and trusts Cairo over Phillips?

They said Torre doesn't want Farnsworth to pitch more than an inning at a time, but Mo can go two, if necessary.

2006-05-19 19:16:10
205.   rbj
Zack at least you got a feed. And apparently Fox has decided that those of us living in Toledo would rather see Chicago vs. Chicago than NY vs. NY.
2006-05-19 19:16:39
206.   wsporter
Up by one I get it. Why when it's tied? Were going to have to score to win this. Is there something wrong with Giambi?
2006-05-19 19:17:37
207.   JeremyM
I'm wondering about Giambi too. Why take his bat out?
2006-05-19 19:18:34
208.   Zack
Ugh, utterly predictable and just what we deserve
2006-05-19 19:19:12
209.   wsporter
Crap. Get em Saturday.
2006-05-19 19:19:24
210.   Zack
As a sign of the times, I bet we all probably felt the least confident about today's game anyway
2006-05-19 19:19:34
211.   randym77

Oh, well. I was expecting to lose this one anyway, just because Randy Johnson was the starter.

2006-05-19 19:19:48
212.   domvjr
This result, should come as no surprise!
2006-05-19 19:19:57
213.   fgasparini
207 He won't come up unless the game goes a few more innings by which time it's likely to be decided. Possibly JG Is feeling a little stiff still and Torre thought this would be a good time to sit him down.


2006-05-19 19:22:57
214.   rbj
One game Flushinged down the crapper.
Go get 'em Moose. And hitters, be Pedro's daddy tomorrow.
2006-05-19 19:25:34
215.   Rob Gee
See, and that game doesn't bother me. They scored 6 R with 11 hits and Unit starting. Tea made almost all the right calls. If they can't win that game, they don't derserve to win anything this year.

It's not like they're one player away either. If the GM doesn't trade the kids, I might start to like him again.

Then again, Scott Erickson is still available for this weekend.

2006-05-19 19:25:48
216.   JeremyM
Well, I'm officially worried about Mo.
2006-05-19 19:28:30
217.   randym77
The only thing that bothers me is all the errors. The Yankees were playing almost error-free ball at the beginning of the season. Now they are making a lot of them.
2006-05-19 19:29:38
218.   marc
I hope Mo's not practicing to join Randy at the old pitchers home.
2006-05-19 19:30:17
219.   randym77
216 Jorgie says what's wrong with Mo is that he hasn't been used enough. His control is better when he's used regularly.
2006-05-19 19:31:32
220.   tqmalachi
There is cause for concern. Too many fat pitches. If Joe wants to be a slave to the numbers, that's fine. Better managers have. But, when is the last time you saw Mariano Rivera intentionally walk a lefty? Factoring in Mo's performance against righties this season, I take my chance with the cutter to the lefty, be it Lou Gehrig or Carlos Degado. Bad job, Joe.
2006-05-19 19:33:21
221.   Rob Gee
216 Please stop that nonsense. When it happens, it happens. Until then, what's going to change? What, you're going to take the job from him like Lidge in Houston?

It silly to even question the fact. Same with Unit. If they're not hurt, their roles won't change until they retire.

If this team got old all of a sudden this year, the best thing to do is stop and wait for the kids to catch up.

2006-05-19 19:34:54
222.   Rob Gee
220 The base was open and the guy's the best hitter on the team. You walk him every time.
2006-05-19 19:37:23
223.   fansince77
Mo got burned by going away TWICE away from his bread and butter- he set up both LoDuca and Wright beautiful to bang them out on the outside corner and insisted on coming back inside with the two seamer- I just don't get that at all. If you get beat get beat with your best stuff- way too much thinking going on with Mo right now.
2006-05-19 19:46:23
224.   C2Coke
I am not worried. Mo is Mo, but his thing with tie games is definitely interesting.

I am however terrified with all the injuries. Yes, they are a veteran team but it's not time for MOST of them to suddenly get old this year. The daily injury problem is unbelievable.

2006-05-19 19:46:29
225.   wsporter
Mo's cutter looked nasty, wha'ts with the 2 seamer in that spot? It doesn't look to me that his cutter is any easier to hit. Can anyone tell or remember?

I think Rob is right on Mo, got to relax and let him work his way through it. As to the other guy got no option right now but to untwist the panties and relax also. He ain't going anywhere.

2006-05-19 19:51:02
226.   randym77
Joe didn't seem too worried about Jorgie. He said it could be gone tomorrow. Jorgie told him he's feeling better already.
2006-05-19 19:53:47
227.   JeremyM
Hey, I just said I was worried, I didn't say this is it for him.
2006-05-19 19:57:25
228.   wsporter
Thats good news on Jorge. Tonight seemed to put the lie to the Randy can't pitch with Jorge behind the dish theory. He was spectacular tossing it to Stinnett as well.
2006-05-19 20:02:24
229.   randym77
Farnsworth was pulled because he was having back spasms, too. o_O

He says he'd have pitched the 9th if not for that.

2006-05-19 20:05:46
230.   Rob Gee
224 All of us that have gotten old know what happens - things tweak and they take longer to get better.

Face it, this team is old. If anything this is what happens and why you need depth.

BTW: Farns would have come for the 9th but he felt a strain in his back. He said he pitched with the same thing last year.

2006-05-19 20:07:15
231.   tqmalachi
222: When does Mo intentionally walk anyone? Particularly a lefty, against whom his cutter, his "bread and butter," to quote 223, is most effective. Have you seen as many splintered Louisville Sluggers being picked off the grass as I have these past 10+ years? A puzzling choice in any circumstance. Addressing 223 specifically, Mo has not had a feel for his 2-seamers to righties all season, which have all been way in, if not up and in. If anything, this has been Mo's only weakness over the years. He really got it under control in 2005, hence his appreciable statistical jump. He seems not to have a feel for it so far this season, and did not trust it tonight, favoring instead the cutter to righties, both of which got pounded. I agree this a case of Mo getting beat with his third best pitch, which is more mental than anything. He will be fine. I think we can agree we can all acknowledge he is the first and last line of a defense, which is why it hurts so much to see him beat.
2006-05-19 20:19:04
232.   wsporter
Speculation on the Yankees site that Sheff may be back next weekend against KC. He'll take BP on Saturday. It'll be nice to get that bat back.

Farnsworth sore back? What next, do Alex and Cliff show up with carpal tunnel? Jeesh

2006-05-19 20:50:09
233.   singledd
"The Yankees learned yesterday that Carl Pavano would need surgery on his right elbow, and the bad news did not end there. Before last night's game against the Mets, right fielder Gary Sheffield experienced a setback in his recovery from a wrist injury and the team placed outfielder Bubba Crosby on the disabled list with a strained right hamstring.

Sheffield's first attempt at hitting off a tee did not go well. He felt discomfort and cut short a practice session, retreating to the trainer's room to ice his wrist.

With outfielder Kevin Thompson dealing with his own hamstring injury at Class AAA Columbus, the Yankees purchased the contract of another outfielder, Mitch Jones, to replace Crosby."

2006-05-19 21:11:28
234.   Yu-Hsing Chen
The Yankees are 1 OF injury away from running out of 3A outfielders ??? oh lord..

Will the real big unit plz stand up .. plz stand up... will the real big unit plz stand up ..... we're going to have a problem here ... ... when ur ace barely matched a scrub pitcher..... and is pitching worse than everyone else in the rotation...

Mo ... is this just not going into groove yet or simply starting to lose something ?

Ah well, at least tomorrow we'll have a real game :/

Pavano.... can they sue him or use insurance policy or something? this is getting ridiculas, he'll end up pitching 1 year for 40 million or something...

2006-05-19 21:34:09
235.   randym77
From the NY Times:


During the game, three more players sustained injuries less severe. Catcher Jorge Posada left after one inning with tightness in his upper back, reliever Kyle Farnsworth lasted just one inning because of a lower-back problem, and left fielder Bernie Williams hurt his buttocks.


On YES, they were speculating about Jeter's arm, but didn't actually ask him about it (that I saw, anyway).

And about Sheff:


He took 10 swings and he was sore," Torre said. "We'll know more tomorrow."

Torre had said before the game that Sheffield might take batting practice today, but that almost certainly will not happen now.


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