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Night of the Living Dead?
2006-05-17 13:16
by Cliff Corcoran
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Had last night's historic comeback come in the penultimate game of a playoff series, tonight's affair would be a foregone conclusion. It seems everytime a team is on its way to winning a series only to be interrupted by a dramatic comeback that forces a double-elimination game, the team that was mere innings from a series win is unable to recover and staggers, zombie-like to defeat. Some quick examples: The Cubs in the 2003 NLCS, the Giants in the 2001 World Series, the Red Sox in the 1986 World Series, on a larger scale the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS and the Angels in the 1986 ALCS (two notable exceptions being the Diamondbacks and Reds in the 2001 and 1975 World Series respectively).

That sort of thing is far less likely to occur in the third game of a four-game series in May, but if ever there was a loss that could put a team off its game the following day, it was the one the Rangers suffered last night. Looking to prevent such an occurence will be Kameron Loe, whom the Yankees handled capably in Texas, touching him up for five runs on five hits and three walks in five innings, four of those runs coming on a pair of homers by Alex Rodriguez and Jason Giambi. No word yet as to whether or not Giambi will be back in the line-up tonight, so in lieu of that useful information I'll just mention that Loe looks like he could be Scott Brosius's son, though he's only 15 years younger than the one-time World Series MVP.

Loe will be opposed by Chien-Ming Wang, who handled the Rangers capably in Texas, limiting them to three runs on seven hits and no walks over six innings. In his one start since then, Wang twirled an eight-inning, three-hit gem against the A's B-squad. Wang is on a streak of four-straight solid starts in which he's posted the following line:

26 IP, 19 H, 8 R, 0 HR, 9 BB, 5 K, 1.08 WHIP, 2.77 ERA, 2-0

The issue, of course, is that nasty 5:9 K/BB. In 49 innings this season, Wang has struck out 18 (3.31 K/9) and walked 16 (2.94 BB/9). Before Wang's first start of the season I wrote about the importance of Wang increasing his strikeout rate:

In his rookie season, Wang struck out just 3.64 men per nine innings, a severe drop from his career minor league rate of 7.06 K/9. In 74 1/3 career triple-A innings between 2004 and 2005, Wang struck out 6.78 men per nine and in 15 1/3 innings this spring he struck out 5.87 men per nine innings. Given that history, it seems fair to expect Wang to increase his strikeout rate to something in the mid-fives this year. As dominating as Chien-Ming can be in terms of keeping his opponents from getting the ball in the air, he'll need to help himself more often this year if he expects to improve on his freshman campaign.

That hasn't happened and indeed, Wang hasn't improved on his 2005 performance. He has managed to repeat it almost exactly, however. For the time being, that will do.

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2006-05-17 14:16:05
1.   Schteeve
Has anyone officially put a name to the injury that the G-Man has? Is it a strained muscle?
2006-05-17 14:18:58
2.   wsporter
Lets hope we don't have to that again tonight. I don't think I could stand it.
2006-05-17 14:25:34
3.   Shaun P
The resemblence of Loe to Brosius is uncanny. Nice find, Cliff!

1 Will Carroll said that Giambi got a bit of whiplash as he hit the ground, and lack of neck motion is a common affect of whiplash. Hopefully it is a temporary thing and doesn't linger - my wife got whiplash over 10 years ago (car accident), and there are still days now when she won't be able to move her neck without feeling intense pain.

2006-05-17 14:30:02
4.   tocho
NYY Fans posted this line-up, I don't know if its official but makes sense with Wang on the mound:

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Giambi DH
ARod 3b
Posada C
Cano 2b
Bernie RF
Andy 1b
Bubba LF

I would have switched Melky in LF and Bubba in RF and bernie on the bench, but with Wang on the mound we need the A infield defense, and Torre probably thought Bernie and Bubba gives you more bat than Melky and Bubba (I do not agree).

2006-05-17 14:53:56
5.   randym77
Giambi said he strained the muscles on one side of his neck. The ball hopped up as he crashed down, and hitting the ground while tilting his head up to follow the ball was not a good thing.
2006-05-17 15:03:06
6.   Schteeve
5 Yeah, that's whay I NEVER do that.
2006-05-17 15:23:24
7.   randym77
4 YES has that lineup posted as well, so I guess it's legit.

And you're probably right about Joe's reasons. Yesterday, they asked him why he put Posada in the cleanup spot. He said he couldn't decide between Bernie and Jorgie, and basically just flipped a coin.

Gawd, I hope he was saying that just to soothe Bernie's feelings. But I have a feeling he believes it...

2006-05-17 15:32:27
8.   Start Spreading the News
I would have preferred to see Melky instead of Bubba out there. We know what Bubba can do in the bigs. We don't know what Melky can do so why not give him as many chances as possible.
2006-05-17 15:40:06
9.   randym77
I'm kind of surprised Melky's not out there. Joe said he wanted to play Melky every day. He sat him for Wakefield, which I understand, but why today?

YES is reporting that Giambi is better and will be DHing, and Posada is fine.

Chacon isn't, though. Apparently that bruise on his leg from that comebacker is really bad, and pitching made it worse.

2006-05-17 15:48:22
10.   tocho
Re: Melky v bubba, its probably since wang is such a ground ball pitcher that joe thinks bubba can handle ground ball hits and doubles better than Melky with that left field wall (yesterday Melky was really bad with that wall, he's a CF).
2006-05-17 15:54:06
11.   randym77
10 Could be. Though now that I think about it, it might just be fallout from putting Andy at 1B. Bubba is supposed to get the start in RF against RHPs, with Bernie DHing. But Bernie can't DH because Giambi is. So Bernie has to play.
2006-05-17 16:09:20
12.   tocho
I like Singleton and Kaat. Good guys, not pretentious, not the most knowledgable but appreciate the game and are not afraid to keep quite for a few seconds.
2006-05-17 16:10:17
13.   brockdc
Health permitting, Bernie WILL be getting 500+ ABs this season. This is madness.
2006-05-17 16:14:54
14.   tocho
teixeira must be jason biggs' cousin or long lost brother.
2006-05-17 16:15:28
15.   BklynBmr
12 Same here. No schtick, no goofy HR calls, etc. Like a good referee in the ring, you sometimes don't even realize they're there...
2006-05-17 16:17:09
16.   Schteeve
A K for the Wanger!
2006-05-17 16:19:03
17.   randym77
I would sit Bernie tonight. Since Bubba hits RHPs better, and Bernie hits LHPs better, it seems logical to platoon those two in RF, and just let Melky find his feet in LF.

Though I must say, I feel a lot better having Bubba in LF than Melky. Melky probably just needs time to adjust, but in the meantime, balls have an alarming tendency to drop in around him.

2006-05-17 16:21:38
18.   randym77
Ouch. Loe's probably going to have a bruise as bad as Chacon's.
2006-05-17 16:25:18
19.   Schteeve
any chance Giambi breaks the record for walks in a season?
2006-05-17 16:28:33
20.   randym77
Posada got a standing O just for stepping up to the plate.

And it's well-deserved...

2006-05-17 16:28:39
21.   Schteeve
There's that man again.
2006-05-17 16:36:25
22.   fgasparini
2 SO for the Wanger...nice start.
2006-05-17 16:37:38
23.   Marcus
Not to get off the topic of the game, but I don't understand the mystery around Sheffield's wrist injury. Why no updates? Is he getting better?

I can (sort of) understand Sheffield not wanting to talk with the press everyday about his injury, but something must be happening. Why the silence from the Yankees?

I guess I'm just asking for pure speculation from all the Banterers, because I haven't seen any news anywhere on the internet.

2006-05-17 16:40:55
24.   fgasparini
Was it tocho who said Loe is a ringer for Brosius? He was so right.
2006-05-17 16:43:11
25.   randym77
Sheff is refusing to talk to the press, but he is talking to Torre, who is talking to the press.

Sheff says he's feeling much better. But he won't be taking BP until he's seen by another doctor and given the all-clear.

2006-05-17 16:46:51
26.   BklynBmr
Phillips must have kicked Cousins dog or something...
2006-05-17 16:46:58
27.   Start Spreading the News
Sheff has also refused to take cortisone shots. If he took them, he would be fine now and playing. But there are health risks later on in life if he takes a lot of them. So he has opted for the slower system of natural healing. Will Caroll of Baseball Prospectus says Sheff should be gone two weeks.
2006-05-17 16:50:40
28.   tocho
24 it was cliff
2006-05-17 16:51:52
29.   BklynBmr
Wow! Tiger got himself out of that one...
2006-05-17 16:51:59
30.   randym77
Someone should put up "DP" signs when Wang's the mound, the way they put up "K" signs for other pitchers.
2006-05-17 16:52:34
31.   tocho
that was a Wang-4-3 double play...

probably the dumbest post ever...

2006-05-17 16:53:12
32.   fgasparini
Was Arod's catch good, or standard?
2006-05-17 16:53:26
33.   rbj
Reminds me of Pettitte in the '97 Serious.
2006-05-17 16:53:57
34.   randym77
31 ROFL! Nah, it's pretty funny.

Remember that game where Wang had 9 assists? I think it was the same one that ended with Bubba's walkoff homerun.

2006-05-17 17:01:19
35.   randym77
32 If you mean Matthews, it was pretty good. It was hit hard, and A-Rod jumped up just in time to grab it. Matthews looked like he couldn't believe it was caught.

The DeRosa one was a pretty good one, too. Didn't get the out, but it was a good job by A-Rod anyway. Nice diving grab that kept it from getting into the outfield.

2006-05-17 17:05:25
36.   tocho
2006-05-17 17:06:10
37.   rbj
Rolling On the Floor Laughing.
It's a good thing.
2006-05-17 17:06:38
38.   tocho
2006-05-17 17:09:13
39.   rbj
Oh, Cano.
2006-05-17 17:11:37
40.   rilkefan
tocho, I find it useful to google "ABCD" and "acronym" when I come across one of those. OTOH ("on the other hand") I tried that on "MFD" the other day and didn't find anything appropriate, though "marked for death" was interesting.
2006-05-17 17:11:38
41.   BklynBmr
Ouch! There's been more than one time this season the Yanks have been screwed on that 'transferring the ball' call. Cost us a run right there...
2006-05-17 17:11:48
42.   fgasparini
35 Thanks, I meant Matthews--it was an important out with 1/3, nobody out.
2006-05-17 17:13:48
43.   tocho
40 I'll do that next time. thanks
2006-05-17 17:14:52
44.   yankz
2006-05-17 17:14:59
45.   singledd
Is anyone pissed at the shitty service MLB delivers for $15/month?

I missed the last 3 plays.

These guys (MLB) have a monopoly?

2006-05-17 17:15:40
46.   Benjamin Kabak
Bad news: Trenton pulled Pavano after 1 inning tonight. No word on why. He had a strike out, a ground out, a fly out in the first inning.
2006-05-17 17:16:44
47.   fgasparini
46 He slipped at a picnic.
2006-05-17 17:17:08
48.   rilkefan
How does one "pop out" to center?
2006-05-17 17:19:49
49.   rbj
What the F%$#@$#! is up with Cano tonight.
2006-05-17 17:19:58
50.   tocho
46 unbelievable.

he'll probably be shut down for another 2 months and then throw 3 pitches and strain his toe nail, require surgery and out for the season.

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2006-05-17 17:21:17
51.   The Bear
Wow... Cano.. you will have to make those ones up tonight...
2006-05-17 17:21:23
52.   randym77
48 If you mean Andy, it was a "fly out to SS." Pretty shallow.

Robby is struggling tonight.

2006-05-17 17:21:49
53.   C2Coke
45 I think they do. The MLB claims they have upgraded the system but besides the resolution and less buffering I find last year's service much better.

46 Honestly, I was hoping he will come back but never really expected him to really come back. I can't even recall how Pavano pitches at all anymore.

2006-05-17 17:22:38
54.   The Bear
Nice make up by Cano, now lets get some hits!
2006-05-17 17:22:41
55.   claybeez
Quick aside...tocho, how about Barca! Campeones!

OK. Back to baseball. Nice DP fellas!

2006-05-17 17:22:44
56.   Zack
Just think of it this way, Cano did it on purpose too boost Wang's DP ratio!
2006-05-17 17:22:52
57.   yankz
Pavano? Who's Pavano?
2006-05-17 17:23:20
58.   tocho
Re. Pavano: Forearm soreness

he will get checked out by doctors tomorrow

This from Rick Monteleone's press conference

2006-05-17 17:23:26
59.   randym77
I wouldn't even think of trying to bunt against Wanger.
2006-05-17 17:23:51
60.   Zack
Nice play CMW!
2006-05-17 17:24:03
61.   C2Coke
51 I think he will. If he keeps making those mistakes and not making them up we might see Cairo tomorrow.
2006-05-17 17:24:07
62.   rbj
Nice play Wang!
And what player was it, years ago, who went on the DL (I think) with a strained eye lid? did Pavano strain an eyelash?
2006-05-17 17:25:13
63.   Zack
Well, Wang has 3 ks thus far...
2006-05-17 17:25:22
64.   Benjamin Kabak
58 Mr. Carroll will hopefully have more. He says forearm soreness is code word for elbow problems. Not that anything that happens with Pavano would surprise us, but I was hoping he would come back and help save the Yankee rotation.
2006-05-17 17:27:44
65.   C2Coke
63 + 2DP.

But why are the Yanks heling Loe to save pitch counts?

2006-05-17 17:27:50
66.   Marcus
58 How can one guy have so many different ailments? Last year it's his shoulder, which supposedly was caused by a change in his mechanics due to back soreness. His back is still recovering in spring training, then it's his ass cheek, then it's a tight bicep, now it's a sore forearm?

Next thing you know he'll tear his rotator cuff in a bar fight.

2006-05-17 17:29:14
67.   fgasparini
I seem to remember--was it Glavine?--tried to iron his shirt, WHILE IT WAS ON.

That's a weird injury.

2006-05-17 17:31:01
68.   randym77
Nice double for Giambi.

I think he ripped the seat out of his lucky pair of pants sliding into 2B.

2006-05-17 17:31:12
69.   tocho
55 I wouldn't call it a great game. arsenal had to adapt to the sending off and basically put everybody on defense (and this from a team that starst 4-5-1) they had to go with 4-4-1. the ref blew the call it should have been a goal.

It was a pitty since the first 20 minutes were fantastic.

Barca was pressing all game and finally got rewarded on two great plays by larsson. Dihno was pretty bad, even showing off a few times. Solid game by Mexico's own Marquez and very well managed by Rijkard.

Nobody will sleep in Barcelona for the next couple of days, probably through the weekend. they got la liga and the champions.

Henry is amazing, he has 3 speeds (cruise, very fast and turbo).

2006-05-17 17:31:16
70.   Marcus
And Sosa hurting his back sneezing?
2006-05-17 17:31:23
71.   Zack
Does giambi remind anyone else of the Babe, in how he bats and runs? Dunno, just always seems to evoke him this year
2006-05-17 17:33:02
72.   Zack
2006-05-17 17:33:38
73.   joejoejoe
Jason Gilbert Giambi!

67 That was Lew Ford of the Twins. Soon to be of the Yankees! Lewwwwww!

2006-05-17 17:33:43
74.   randym77
Boy, this is weird. Two infield singles for A-Rod in a row. The first one was a Baltimore chop kind of thing. This one was a grounder that Blalock couldn't quite field cleanly.
2006-05-17 17:35:14
75.   rbj
2006-05-17 17:36:01
76.   randym77
Jorgie's on fire.
2006-05-17 17:36:25
77.   yankz
The team is on Posada's back, and he's doing a hell of a job
2006-05-17 17:36:26
78.   C2Coke
Posada is doing great. I actually just noticed his AVG is above .3 now, it's been a while.
2006-05-17 17:38:00
79.   yankz
From the site Zack posted-

"Third baseman Randy Johnson strained his back putting on his socks."

2006-05-17 17:38:04
80.   rbj
Way to make it up Cano.
2006-05-17 17:38:05
81.   randym77
Nice, Robby. All is forgiven. :)
2006-05-17 17:38:57
82.   randym77
79 I could see that. It's a long way to reach!
2006-05-17 17:38:58
83.   yankz
Although, that site doesn't mention Kevin "The Wall" Brown.
2006-05-17 17:39:09
84.   BklynBmr
77 Exactly. And whoda thunk it? Everyone was looking to A-Rod and Giambi to pick it up. Derek and Bernie last night, too. The OG Crew keeps goin' and goin'...
2006-05-17 17:39:16
85.   C2Coke
Part of the reason why we all love this team is that we KNOW at least one of them will step up when the team is in need. Posada is definitely doing that now.

And Cano has started making it up.

2006-05-17 17:40:18
86.   The Bear
Three scores in a row!
2006-05-17 17:40:24
87.   BklynBmr
Be a nice time for Andy to go deep...
2006-05-17 17:40:49
88.   rbj
I can sympathize with Bret Barberie. One time I was cutting up chili peppers for my spaghetti sauce and needed to itch my nose. Right about time to eat my nose started burning.
2006-05-17 17:40:58
89.   fgasparini
All rallies start with two outs, eh?
2006-05-17 17:41:10
90.   C2Coke
And singles are still good!
2006-05-17 17:41:55
91.   fgasparini
88 Did that on Sunday, making chimichurri sauce...
2006-05-17 17:43:44
92.   Zack
"Outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. missed a game after his cup slipped and pinched a testicle."


2006-05-17 17:46:45
93.   singledd
Sox down 4-1 after 6. Only 1 hit for the Sox.
2006-05-17 17:47:54
94.   Zack
Is Cano drunk or something?
2006-05-17 17:47:56
95.   rbj
91 I definitely learned my lesson. Wash everything (knives, cutting board, hands, etc) thoroughly after cutting up chilis. Even if there's more work in the kitchen.

Robby, you're giving me an ulcer tonight.

2006-05-17 17:49:23
96.   Zack
Once again, great having Andy at 1B...And silence all ye who doubt his defense!
2006-05-17 17:49:56
97.   randym77
Oy. Robby really is playing sloppy today. Andy had his work cut out for him catching that one.
2006-05-17 17:50:13
98.   C2Coke
3 DP, 3SO and counting.
2006-05-17 17:50:24
99.   The Bear
How many DPs are there so far in the game?
2006-05-17 17:50:45
100.   singledd
I'm ready to put in Cairo. Once you get the 'jitters' in the field, ever play is a drama.
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2006-05-17 17:51:40
101.   C2Coke
96 uh...Zack, do you mean Torre?
2006-05-17 17:52:25
102.   randym77
Posada spoke to young Robby about his fielding. Let's hope it takes.
2006-05-17 17:53:06
103.   Zack
Well a couple of days ago there were those on this cite, who shall not be named, who were claiming that Andy was a crappy 1B...
2006-05-17 17:53:13
104.   C2Coke
CJ Wilson's picture on Gameday is...uh...hilarious.
2006-05-17 17:53:17
105.   Zack
Site, rather
2006-05-17 17:53:25
106.   Marcus
99 3 DPs for Wang.
2006-05-17 17:54:52
107.   C2Coke
I always thought Phillips MUST be on when Wang is pitching.
2006-05-17 18:00:40
108.   BklynBmr
Was that a little Bronx cheer for Robbie?
2006-05-17 18:01:29
109.   rbj
What's Wang's pitch count now, with 2 outs in the 7th?
2006-05-17 18:02:06
110.   The Bear
67 pitches with 46 strikes
2006-05-17 18:02:32
111.   BklynBmr
Man, the slo-mo shows just how cool Jeter is as the play unfolds. Nice scoop by Andy, too...
2006-05-17 18:03:19
112.   C2Coke
8 pitch-inning in the 7th.
2006-05-17 18:03:33
113.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
70 thru 70.
2006-05-17 18:03:55
114.   Zack
110 Insane...And I think thats why the strikeout issue is complicated, since clearly you can't K a guy when he puts the ball in play...
2006-05-17 18:04:05
115.   C2Coke
70 total for Wang. Gotta love those DPs.
2006-05-17 18:05:38
116.   tocho
CMW is giving this team exactly what they needed.
2006-05-17 18:05:46
117.   singledd
still 4-1, Sox down after 7. Sox w/2 hits
2006-05-17 18:07:32
118.   rbj
I would love a CG from CMW. I'm sure the BP would too.
2006-05-17 18:07:33
119.   C2Coke
114 Like his last game too. Wang barely had enough pitches each inning to strikeout batters.

But I noticed Wang has a much better control over the location lately. The pitches that the batters are putting to play are mostly very very close to the strike zone.

2006-05-17 18:08:05
120.   BklynBmr
YAPS (Yet Another Pavano Setback): Left in first inning of start in Trenton (AA) tonight, strained tricep...
2006-05-17 18:09:37
121.   C2Coke
118 Only if the team scores a few more runs can we then finally see a CG from Wang, I think.
2006-05-17 18:12:04
122.   randym77
If it's really a strained tricep, that sounds better than the rumored elbow problem.

Last time, Torre said that he'd have let Wang try for a CG with a four-run lead, maybe with a three-run lead.

2006-05-17 18:14:29
123.   rbj
I'm afraid you're right 121. But with the next few games coming up, I'd rather see a rested bullpen (everyone) and Wang's not going to be throwing, say 133 pitches.
2006-05-17 18:15:44
124.   C2Coke
120 How many different body parts can one pitcher who is not really pitching injure in a year or so?
2006-05-17 18:17:08
125.   The Bear
About 126 different parts?
2006-05-17 18:19:06
126.   C2Coke
123 I really hope I can see a CG from Wang but wouldn't be surprised if I don't. The Texas pitchers have almost double the pitch counts combined compared to Wang's, Wang is definitely capable of a CG by how it looks now.
2006-05-17 18:20:53
127.   rbj
Dang. No CG now.
2006-05-17 18:20:56
128.   yankz
WTF is with not getting these 9 hitters out!
2006-05-17 18:21:10
129.   randym77
Uh-oh. Better gets Farnsworth in there.
2006-05-17 18:21:21
130.   BklynBmr
Off game topic: Dunno if anyone digs the Weather Channel, but they've really improved their graphics, music and original programming over the past couple of years. Kitty reports that the station is using about 7 tracks from Bernie's CD as background tunes...

Damn — we got ourselves a game here...

2006-05-17 18:21:24
131.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Great game from Wang so far.... doh just as i was saying that there's a double ack
2006-05-17 18:21:33
132.   The Bear
Sigh... Second Homer given up by Wang this year?
2006-05-17 18:21:33
133.   Start Spreading the News
No sooner had Sterling said that Wang doesn't give up homers. And then BOOM.
2006-05-17 18:21:35
134.   yankz
Oh...rats...(trying to keep it PG)
2006-05-17 18:22:22
135.   yankz
Anyone else uneasy about seeing Mo...
2006-05-17 18:22:52
136.   C2Coke
125 Like your answer. Maybe Pavano is trying to set a record.

Can Mo pitch today?

2006-05-17 18:23:28
137.   rsmith51
135Not unless it is a tie game.
2006-05-17 18:24:05
138.   singledd
Mo needs work.
It ain't as 'over' when Mo come in as it used to be.
2006-05-17 18:24:53
139.   randym77
Well, Wang was great after that. Just a fluke, maybe? Or just his usual struggle when there's a man on.
2006-05-17 18:25:46
140.   Yu-Hsing Chen
doh....... we jinxed him still a impressive outting
2006-05-17 18:27:01
141.   C2Coke
135 I have to confess that I would rather see Wang in the 9th but I think Torre is more likely to replace Wang. And now with 1 run lead, who else than Mo?
2006-05-17 18:28:14
142.   randym77
It will probably be Mo, but I think I'd rather see Farnsworth.
2006-05-17 18:29:54
143.   C2Coke
140 He has been impressive today and for the past few game appearances as well.
2006-05-17 18:32:08
144.   rilkefan
Ortiz gets Boston to 3-4, Manny Ks...
2006-05-17 18:32:35
145.   Marcus
132 Just curious The Bear, are you from upstate NY?
2006-05-17 18:34:07
146.   rbj
Didn't Mo start out slow last year too, as a result of not picking up a baseball all winter? When did he turn it around, mid-May?
2006-05-17 18:34:17
147.   C2Coke
"With Trot Nixon batting, Willie Harris caught stealing 2nd base, catcher Ramon Hernandez to shortstop Miguel Tejada. "

So game over.

2006-05-17 18:34:42
148.   Zack
Can't argue with goign to Mo, its the right call, and if he needs consistancy, well, best to get it...
2006-05-17 18:35:12
149.   The Bear
132, Actually.. i am in CA =P
2006-05-17 18:35:13
150.   singledd
F'n Ortiz hits a HR in the 9th.
O's hold on to win 4-3, the last out coming on Harris thrown out at 2nd on a steal attempt.
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2006-05-17 18:36:08
151.   rbj
And the Red Sox lose.
2006-05-17 18:39:24
152.   yankz
YES a K!! And on three pitches, too!
2006-05-17 18:40:22
153.   Marcus
And that's what I like to see: 3 pitch strike outs from Mo!

149 Cool, me too. I thought you might be a friend of mine who guys by the nickname Bear, but I guess not. Thanks!

2006-05-17 18:42:28
154.   C2Coke
151 And the Yankees win.
2006-05-17 18:42:30
155.   rbj
Nice win. Good pitching tonight.
2006-05-17 18:42:53
156.   randym77
And we win. Another one-run game, but completely different from last night.
2006-05-17 18:43:01
157.   Zack
Was that what the Dr. ordered or what? 8 innings for the Wanger
2006-05-17 18:43:33
158.   Marcus
Ball game. The Yanks are racking up the one-run wins, bringing the Pythag down to earth.
2006-05-17 18:43:38
159.   Yu-Hsing Chen
He's still one of the lowest slugged against pitcher in the AL .... so probably just a little letting up too soon there.. anyone good win today.. we really needed that 8 inning outting from Wang
2006-05-17 18:45:04
160.   C2Coke
157 For the second time.

156 Different kind of enjoyment. Though there were more nerve-wrecking moments last night.

2006-05-17 18:45:05
161.   wsporter
There is no feeling of comfort quite like that provided by Jeter standing under a popup that he's about to catch.

Late in on this one. Wang looked good except for a couple of pitches?

Pavano = Meat?

2006-05-17 18:45:29
162.   randym77
Will Posada be DHing tomorrow? He's hitting so well.
2006-05-17 18:45:37
163.   singledd
Does anyone remember that when Shef had that collison, they thought he would be out for a few days?
2006-05-17 18:48:08
164.   C2Coke
162 I don't mind seeing posada in cleanup spot again too!

163 How long has it been now? I lost track.

2006-05-17 18:49:39
165.   randym77
Wang looked very good, except for when he gave up that home run. Only the second of his career, I think they said.

He did struggle a bit with men on, but Posada went out, told him something, and that fixed it.

2006-05-17 18:51:47
166.   C2Coke
165 I think it should be this season not his career. And he is doing much better with men on than his outtings earlier on.
2006-05-17 18:52:01
167.   singledd
FYI - Nomar

_Avg HR RBI Runs SB
.341 5 23 17 1

2006-05-17 18:52:23
168.   Shaun P
162 I hope so.

Nothing like being able to go to sleep before 10PM with a Yanks win fresh in mind. Wang was the man tonight.

Can't believe Pavano might have hurt himself AGAIN. That's beyond a cliche now. If this goes on much longer, he'll be a far worse signing than Wright.

And to think, Pavano was the centerpiece of the Expos's package in return for Pedro. Great work, Jim Beattie, what a great GM you were.

2006-05-17 18:53:56
169.   wsporter
Thanks Randy. This is a few in a row now.
2006-05-17 18:56:52
170.   rsmith51
167I think Cub fans would be more interested in that stat.
2006-05-17 18:56:53
171.   The Bear
I think we hav to give the defense some credit too... without some good plays from infield.. we may be beaten today!
2006-05-17 18:58:59
172.   randym77
Well, there was some nice defense, but there was also some sloppiness. I wonder what Wang's pitchcount would be if Robby's play had been as sharp as usual?
2006-05-17 19:00:19
173.   Yu-Hsing Chen
171 you mean the 3 errors ? = =b
2006-05-17 19:17:46
174.   3rd gen yankee fan
Listening to Susan's comments on the post game show, looks like we're still safe from Pavano! LOL
2006-05-17 19:42:33
175.   Yu-Hsing Chen
First a tight bicep then a tight tricep.. there isnt any quadcep on the human body last i checked no? so what next? a strained groin or a stranged d*ck ?
2006-05-17 20:03:55
176.   wsporter
175 Hey easy th*s *s a fam*ly s*te.
2006-05-17 20:49:27
177.   Yu-Hsing Chen
176 sorry but it's getting comically frustrating with Pavano..
2006-05-17 21:08:43
178.   BklynBmr
A RocketWatch update from ESPN, nothing new other than the headline:

2006-05-17 22:34:27
179.   brockdc
175I don't know. How about I look into my brocksterdamus crystal ball? Let's see here...looks like scabies, rickets, and a nerf ping pong contusion, followed by a bout of mild dandruff.

Just to be on the safe side, from now on, they should send Pavano out to the mound in a bubble.

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