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The Kind of Club I Would Like to Have Somebody like Me as a Member
2006-05-15 08:54
by Alex Belth

No matter how far up you sit in Yankee Stadium, you always have the feeling that you are right on top of the action. On Saturday afternoon, I sat in row W (second to last row) with a great bunch of baseball fans--Mike Carminati, Chris DeRosa, loyal Bronx Banter readers Mike and Murray Markowitz, and their pal Alex. Mike Markowitz took a couple of flicks and in turn, I'd like to share 'em with you.

Check out the top left-hand corner and you can see the Grand Concourse.

Our Field of Dreams

The Gang (from right to left): That's me, Mike C, Chris DeRosa, Murray and Alex.

The M&M Boys. Talk about taste. And dig the hat Murray's rocking--it's fabulously hideous. His wife made him buy it when they were vacationing in Holland.

Yup, these are the kind of Yankee fans I'm proud to have as friends. And yo, I'd rock a Bobby Meachum shirt, or at least a Pasqua or Pags joint any day of the week.

2006-05-15 09:07:10
1.   Oscar Azocar
Nice shots.

Are those Wayne Tolleson and Ed Whitson T's??? I didn't even know those T's even existed. If they only made T-shirts for Bob Geren and Andy Hawkins.

2006-05-15 09:13:07
2.   Alex Belth
Oscar, your name was mentioned yesterday. We saw a kid in a Sierra shirt, which I thought was pretty good. Mel Hall anyone?
2006-05-15 09:13:08
3.   Alex Belth
Oscar, your name was mentioned yesterday. We saw a kid in a Sierra shirt, which I thought was pretty good. Mel Hall anyone?
2006-05-15 09:13:10
4.   Alex Belth
Oscar, your name was mentioned yesterday. We saw a kid in a Sierra shirt, which I thought was pretty good. Mel Hall anyone?
2006-05-15 09:27:17
5.   brockdc
Tolleson, Whitson, Hall, Meacham. Man, those were some dark days.
2006-05-15 09:34:12
6.   Nick from Washington Heights
Paul Zuvella
2006-05-15 09:34:46
7.   Cliff Corcoran
You can get custom player shirts made on I've long debated getting Winfield 31 and Henderson 24, but I'm cheap and lazy and have a hard time making committments. Pagliarulo 13, Gossage 54, Nettles 9, and Espinoza 20 are also on my wanted list.
2006-05-15 09:56:14
8.   joe in boston
Wow, great stuff.

How about a Roy White shirt? I had one when I was little.....

2006-05-15 09:57:28
9.   unmoderated
I've always wanted a Butch Wynegar jersey, his son was born on the same day in the same hospital in new jersey as I was.


his full name is Harold Delano Wynegar Jr.

2006-05-15 10:00:31
10.   joejoejoe
Enjoy it while it lasts. These are the 10,000+ seats that will be gone in the new Yankee Stadium. I'd like to see a comparison of the distances in the proposed ballpark for seat the back row of the top deck compared to the mid row of the top deck in the current Stadium. I'll bet you are a good 40ft. further back in the proposed Yankee Stadium.

I love the Yankees but I hate the new stadium.

2006-05-15 10:01:37
11.   Chris
There was some discussion of what would be the least cool Yankee "hero shirt" possible. I think the leading candidate was still "Johnny Keane."

Thanks for posting the pix, Alex. I had a great time.

2006-05-15 10:05:07
12.   rbj
Did Tolleson actually wear #2? How did he get a single digit?

Great photos, I'd love to get back to the Stadium sometime.

2006-05-15 10:05:24
13.   jkay
Nice pix. Sitting in the upper reaches of the Stadium makes for a very relaxing afternoon. Try to get row X next time!
2006-05-15 10:20:56
14.   jkay
Torre gets ripped in the NY Sun.

2006-05-15 10:22:16
15.   joe in boston
Mmmmm, you got me thinking about a Horace Clark shirt ??
2006-05-15 10:23:28
16.   Cliff Corcoran
12 He did. Don't ask my how or why. A great collection would be customized t-shirts of the last player to wear each retired number other than the retiree. This of course wouldn't work for #3 and #4, as only Ruth and Gehrig ever wore those.
2006-05-15 10:33:53
17.   Ken Arneson
17 If heaven forbid I were ever forced to put on any Yankees gear, I suppose a Mike Gallego #2 would be pretty cool.

Gallego wore #9 in Oakland, which means when Jeter gets his number retired, he wore two retired uni numbers.

2006-05-15 10:36:48
18.   Cliff Corcoran
14 Hmmm, arguing for Andy Phillips and against Bernie Williams. Sounds familiar.

This is very well stated:

"Torre is a manager of average strengths and weaknesses whose skill in dealing with organizational politics, handling egos, and dealing with the press make him particularly well-suited to his situation, and whose weaknesses in judging talent and defining roles for players who aren't superstars make him particularly ill-suited to it."

However, his conclusion in response to the current OF/DH/1B roundabout that the team "finds itself with six-way platoons every year" is both exaggeration and an odd, backwards way of criticizing Joe's unwillingness to give a young player more than a week tryout at a vacant position, something Marchman never actually comes out and says in that piece.

2006-05-15 10:54:54
19.   JVarghese81
Has anyone mentioned that Alex kinda looks like Tyler Clippard?

Maybe it's just me (certainly could be)...

2006-05-15 10:58:11
20.   dpmurphy
Um, flicks are movies. Anyway, cool pictures. Almost as beautiful as pictures of fenway park ;)
2006-05-15 10:59:13
21.   Ken Arneson
16 17 Just looked it up: the last players to wear the retired numbers of the A's, besides the player himself:

9: Olmedo Saenz
34: Dave Stewart
27: Ron Hassey
43: Mike Warren

2006-05-15 10:59:14
22.   unpopster
how 'bout a nice Claudel Washington t-shirt? I always liked him.

Or maybe a sweet Balboni t-shirt?

You can get custom player shirts made on wow, imagine the possibilities...

2006-05-15 11:00:32
23.   Knuckles
I have zero current Yankee t-shirts- just my Pags, Rags, and Winfield. I think Balboni might be next.
2006-05-15 11:02:42
24.   vockins
There's a Steve Sax T with #6 on it lurking in my Mom's attic somewhere...
2006-05-15 11:26:28
25.   Shaun P
I've always resisted getting one of those t-shirts because they have the name too. Just doesn't seem right. I'd love a nameless "30" t, but without the name, no one would know if I was a Randolph fan or a Stottlemyre fan.

Random uniform # trivia question 1 - which brother was Perez #34 and which was Perez #33?

Random uniform # trivia question 2 - who last wore #51 before Bernie?

Don't cheat by looking it up online - not that I'd know . . .

2006-05-15 11:33:27
26.   rbj
25 I agree about the names thing. Someone would have to be a total geek to come up to you and ask "Willie or Mel?"

The only Yankee t-shirt I have is a "Billy's Back" promo. It's too small, so it sits at the bottom of my trunk.

2006-05-15 11:41:31
27.   unpopster
25 I understand your hesitance about getting a t-shirt with a name but it is a t-shirt after all.

It's the pinstriped and away JERSEYS w/names that irk me! I mean, if you're going to buy a replica jersey, then get it right and buy it without the name.

Named t-shirts I can live with...

2006-05-15 11:47:47
28.   Knuckles
25 Shaun,
Pretty sure I remember Melido wearing 33. Man they were weird dudes. I remember an article in SI about all the brothers, with the photos taken while they were home in the winter. I seem to remember one where they all put their heads together, separated by coconuts- captured the vibe of those guys perfectly.
2006-05-15 12:29:19
29.   Shaun P
28 Exactly right, Knuckles. On both accounts. ;) Hard to top Melido, but of all the Perez brothers, Yorkis had the strangest name, IMHO.
2006-05-15 12:53:31
30.   Tarheel
You can't see part of left field from up there. I have always been lucky enough to sit in the lower level and didn't realize that parts of the field are blocked from up there. Other than that, it seems like you have a pretty good view.....right on top of the field. Do the beer vendors venture up that high?
2006-05-15 12:53:31
31.   jayd
14 18 had trouble getting by the following in the sun article: "in yesterday's lineup (Torre) found room for Bubba Crosby at the expense of Andy Phillips, who hasn't hit a lick yet, but is twice as good a hitter as any of the Yankees' corps of no-hit scrub outfielders."

Sounds like something our resident sox fan dipstickmurphy would write.

Bubba is twice the player that country goon Trot Nixon is ;-)

2006-05-15 13:03:48
32.   Paul in Boston
I read somewhere that you shouldn't wear an item of clothing with the name of the player on it if you're more than 5 years older than that player. With those criteria, looks like I'm stuck with Johnson, Clemens, Julio Franco, etc...

You get the picture.

2006-05-15 13:05:03
33.   fgasparini
31 I assume you're kidding. I'm no fan of Trot but he is a far better hitter than Bubba.
2006-05-15 13:05:13
34.   fgasparini
31 I assume you're kidding. I'm no fan of Trot but he is a far better hitter than Bubba.
2006-05-15 13:07:22
35.   fgasparini
Sorry about the double posts. Does anyone else find that the Toaster kind of hangs sometimes and stuff like that happens?
2006-05-15 13:11:50
36.   rabid stan
35 Yeah. The only thing is to be patient with it when that's happening and have faith that it will post eventually.

Sometimes it's hard to keep from hitting the submit button again, though. Even Alex does it, apparently.

2006-05-15 13:16:23
37.   Shaun P
35 Yes. "Fairpole" is, after all, still in beta. I think it generally runs very well though.
2006-05-15 13:27:40
38.   jayd
Hence the word "player" rather than "hitter": although Trot is pretty miserable when it comes to hitting lefties. Given more time, I think Bubba will develop and more than eclipse Trot's meager accomplishments.

He will also stay off the roids -- have you seen the new Trotster? Barely fills out his tshirt anymore, yet no one points this out in the press here -- too busy covering the only guy who was honest about it.

Trot is also an ESPN poster boy for bonehead plays and when he charges into a wall it's basically a trip to the DL for a month. Oh --you also don't get that godawfull humblepie Playin' for Jesus trip in interviews.

Like to talk speed, defense? Would anyone seriously trade our Bubba for that nitwit? You MUST be joking. Or can't see the players for the stats...

2006-05-15 13:29:45
39.   Mike from Hoboken
Alex, thanks for posting my pictures. Had a great time hanging out at the Stadium with you and the boys. As much fun as it is to talk about baseball and read about baseball, there's really no substitute for being at a game with good friends on a warm spring day. Even if Jaret Wright is the starter.

The Wayne Tolleson shirt was a wonderful gag gift from Mike C. of Mike's Baseball Rants. Cracks me up every time I look at it. Thanks again, Mike.

The other Yankees shirt I have is Gamble 17, a gift from my brother. We wore Gamble and Whitson when we went to spring training in '05. Fans took pictures of us.

I'm thinking of getting Mets shirt, too: Kingman 26.

2006-05-15 13:38:20
40.   unpopster
Sorry to disrupt the kumbaya moment, but for just one quick second I'd like to point out that Ramiro Mendoza pitched six scoreless innings in a start for Triple-A Columbus on Sunday. That is on top of the 5+ scoreless innings he's pitched in relief. And instead we get Erickson? yuch!
2006-05-15 13:43:42
41.   Shaun P
40 This whole Erickson thing makes me want to puke.
2006-05-15 13:54:40
42.   Dimelo
Alex, good pics.
2006-05-15 13:55:17
43.   Rob Gee
41 The elation and then digust that I felt within five minutes of the Sturtze-to-DL-up-comes-Erickson announcements left me punch drunk. It was like seeing the face of God and then realizing all that white was the 300 lb. emergency room nurse.

IMHO, Mendoza is still coming back from injury but will likely be next in line for that slot, hopefully in a week or two. Him starting I see as a sign of testing his arm strength to see how he would do with a more extended outing. You know, like if a starting pitcher doesn't get out of the first...

2006-05-15 13:57:49
44.   randym77
38 "Would anyone seriously trade our Bubba for that nitwit?"

I wouldn't, but I'm afraid Torre would. :-P

One of the local papers had a column arguing Bubba's cause:


They should give a shot to the man who's been robbed of so many of them he almost literally leapt out of the park to snag one last night.

Bubba Crosby did everything he could to show the Yankees he doesn't want to be left in the corner, ignored yet again.

He did everything he could to show the Yankees something they could use in what has become a lineup full of pop but lacking versatility.

He gave them speed, running out what looked to be a home run and racing into third with a triple as well as later stealing a base.

He gave them defense, leaping up against the wall in left to rob at least an extra-base hit.

Mostly, he gave them the kind of wide-eyed desire that can come only from a young, hungry player.

The same day he re-signed Matsui, Cashman talked about trying to get back to some of the team attributes that made the Yankees so good in the late '90s. Plugging in some role players to mix with the superstars.

Having lost a guy who can fit both profiles, the Yankees may need to stick with a replacement who can simply blend in for a while.


2006-05-15 14:46:07
45.   Matt B
Cliff, I have a Nettles 9 shirt! I only bought it 4-5 years ago, across from the Stadium. I want a Toby Harrah...or John Montefusco.
2006-05-15 15:16:37
46.   Shaun P
44 Yes, Bubba is fast and can steal bases and leg out triples and leap over walls to prevent home runs. And those things have value.

The problem with Bubba is that he makes too many outs while doing those things. The outs eclipse the value he otherwise brings to the table.

So if Bubba could cut down on the outs - say by getting on base at a .360 clip - and do his usual good-to-great outfield defense and steal bases etc, I'd be very happy with that.

Bubba currently has a .353 OBP - not bad, though he only has 30 ABs. But nothing in his record suggests that he can maintain that OBP. He's never drawn a lot of walks or shown a selective approach at the plate. So if his OBP is going to stay around .360 (or better), and he's not drawing a lot of walks, he's going to have to hit for a high batting average (.280 or better) - not likely. The alternative is for him to increase his walk rate - also not likely. Even last September, when Bubba hit well (.321), his OBP was only .333 - that's unacceptable.

As long as GOB and his .282 OBP will be hitting somewhere - and they will - Bubba has to have a high OBP or we're back to last year's lineup with two many holes in it.

2006-05-15 15:58:28
47.   randym77
I think Bubba can improve his OBP with more playing time. He's a work in progress. Mattingly's still working with him, teaching him to be more of a contact hitter, so he can take advantage of his speed.
2006-05-16 04:19:20
48.   Murray
Alex you left out the best part of the hat: it's ostensibly a Yankees hat. Worst example of trademark infringement I have ever seen.

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