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2006-05-12 12:27
by Cliff Corcoran
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The A's are the perfect team for the Yankees to be playing right now. As Ken Arneson wrote earlier today:

Players are dropping like flies, and if you can somehow manage to stand on two feet at all, you're in the lineup. Kendall is tossed out, Eric Chavez has a bacterial infection, Frank Thomas pulled a quad, Justin Duchscherer has a bad elbow, Joe Kennedy has an muscle strain in his arm, and none of those guys are among the three A's players currently on the DL.

There are actually four A's on the DL, though I can understand why Ken might have ignored ex-Yankee Jay Witasick. The other three are Rich Harden--who is quickly earning a reputation as the Mark Prior of the AL, and that ain't a good thing--the similarly injury-prone Milton Bradley, and former Yankee Esteban Loaiza. And Ken didn't even mention the fact that closer Huston Street missed a week and a half in late April with a strained right pectoral muscle and currently sports a 6.30 ERA.

As a result, the A's have Kirk Saarloos and a third ex-Yank, Brad Halsey in their rotation, and--due to Chavez's illness, Thomas's injury and Kendall's suspension--will be limited tonight to a two-man bench of Marco Scutaro and Jeremy Brown and a line-up that looks something like this:

L – Mark Kotsay (CF)
S – Nick Swisher (LF)
R – Bobby Crosby (SS)
L – Dan Johnson (1B)
R – Jay Payton (RF)
S - Bobby Kielty (DH)
S – Adam Melhuse (C)
R – Mark Ellis (2B)
R - Antonio Perez (3B)

Kendall will return to action tomorrow, though whether or not the Yankees will see Chavez or Thomas this weekend is unknown.

Nonetheless, it's not hard to figure out why A's are underperforming the expectations that I and many others had for them entering the season, though the fact that they're at .500 and just a half-game out of first despite all of these interruptions in playing time bodes well for their ability to turn on the jets after returning to health.

Indeed, the Yankees are facing the A's at exactly the right time. Not only are the A's a team that's even more beat up than the Yankees are, but they're a team that at full strength could very well be the best in the league. Sometimes timing is everything.

Oakland Athletics

2006 Record: 17-17 (.500)
2006 Pythagorean Record: 16-18 (.463)

Manager: Ken Macha
General Manager: Billy Beane

Home Ballpark (2005 Park Factors): Oakland-Alameda Coliseum (103/103)

Who's Replaced Whom?

  • Bobby Kielty has replaced Milton Bradley (DL)
  • Jeremy Brown has replaced Jay Witasick (DL)
  • Ron Flores has replaced Esteban Loaiza (DL) on the roster and pushed Brad Halsey into the rotation
  • Matt Roney has replaced Rich Harden (DL) on the roster and pushed Kirk Saarloos into the rotation

Active Roster:

1B – Dan Johnson (L)
2B – Mark Ellis (R)
SS – Bobby Crosby (R)
3B – Eric Chavez (L)
C – Jason Kendall (R)
RF – Jay Payton (R)
CF – Mark Kotsay (L)
LF – Nick Swisher (S)
DH – Frank Thomas (R)


S – Bobby Kielty (OF)
R – Antonio Perez (IF)
R – Marco Scutaro (IF)
S – Adam Melhuse (C)
R – Jeremy Brown (C)


L – Barry Zito
L – Brad Halsey
R – Dan Haren
R – Kirk Saarloos
R – Joe Blanton


R – Huston Street
R – Justin Duchscherer
R – Kiko Calero
L – Joe Kennedy
L – Ron Flores
R – Matt Roney

DL: S – Milton Bradley (OF), R – Rich Harden, R – Esteban Loaiza, R – Jay Witasick

Typical Lineup:

L – Mark Kotsay (CF)
S – Nick Swisher (LF)
R – Bobby Crosby (SS)
L – Eric Chavez (3B)*
R – Frank Thomas (DH)**
L – Dan Johnson (1B)
R – Jay Payton (RF)
R – Jason Kendall (C)***
R – Mark Ellis (2B)

*out with foot poisoning
** out with a strained quadracep
*** serving the final game of a four-game suspension tonight

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2006-05-12 14:10:30
1.   Ken Arneson
Actually, I was ignoring Esteban Loaiza. I'm on a Loaiza fast, ya know. We don't mention him around these parts these days.
2006-05-12 14:14:58
2.   randym77
USA Today is listing this game as "delayed."
2006-05-12 14:29:03
3.   garbanzo
Foot poisoning? I smell foul play.
2006-05-12 14:29:15
4.   Aaron in RF
Damn foot poisoning.

Actually Chavez was downgraded to a bacterial infection.

2006-05-12 15:04:30
5.   randym77
It's Bernie in RF, Melky in LF tonight. Probably because Zito's a lefty. Bubba said in an interview that he was told he'd be starting against right-handed pitchers, while switch-hitting Bernie and Melky would start against lefties.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Bernie Williams RF
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Andy Phillips 1B
Melky Cabrera LF

2006-05-12 15:34:14
6.   Benjamin Kabak
Why, why why why why is Bernie batting fifth? I love the man. It's the only jersey I own. But Joe! Please. Bernie batting fifth in 2006? I never thought I would see the day.
2006-05-12 15:48:57
7.   Rob Gee
6 Seriously though. And I'm waiting for someone to take home from 1st on a single to right.

Really, Melky doesn't have a better arm than Bernie?

2006-05-12 16:01:28
8.   randym77
I suspect it's because Zito's pitching. Torre probably based it on Bernie's numbers against lefties. (.379/.937 )
2006-05-12 16:03:00
9.   Benjamin Kabak
There's a bit of a sample size issue there. Bernie's had fewer than 30 ABs vs. lefties this season. I'd rather see Posada, Cano, Williams.
2006-05-12 16:04:42
10.   randym77
"Small sample size" didn't keep him from starting Cairo and Crosby yesterday. Worked out pretty well with Crosby. Cairo...not so much.
2006-05-12 16:07:04
11.   Rob Gee
Cliff, part of the problem with Reese being a lefty though is that he'll never get a start 5. At least Thompson could have 'theoretically' started tonight, with an improvement to the OF defense. In that dream scenario, Melky in right and Kevin in left with Bernie on the bench. Never will happen of course...
2006-05-12 16:08:53
12.   Benjamin Kabak
People watching on regular TV: Is the game on yet? There is no feed right now...
2006-05-12 16:12:04
13.   BklynBmr
12 Wang's 2-2 on Mark Ellis...
2006-05-12 16:12:47
14.   BklynBmr
Ellis grounds out to A-Rod. Sweet pick by Andy at first...
2006-05-12 16:13:13
15.   rbj
It's not on extra innings, neither. I do (not) get the blacked out Tigers - Indians game nor the Cincy game. Really, in an age of video on demand, is it so hard to substitute a different game for a blacked out one?
2006-05-12 16:13:34
16.   BklynBmr
Swisher lines out to Damon on first pitch...
2006-05-12 16:14:49
17.   BklynBmr
15 Yeah, not on the package. I'm getting the local A's broadcast here in the Bay Area...
2006-05-12 16:15:35
18.   Benjamin Kabak
Thanks, guys. It's working for me now.

I got the 880 radio feed with Channel 9's video.

2006-05-12 16:17:29
19.   mikeplugh
6 Bernie hitting 5th?

I love him too. I retired him at Canyon of Heroes along with Reggie Jackson, but 5th???!!!

2006-05-12 16:26:50
20.   BklynBmr
Was that a busted hit and run, or Jason taking off???
2006-05-12 16:26:58
21.   randym77
I can't believe Giambi did that.
2006-05-12 16:27:31
22.   singledd
"After successful surgery.... The Yankees placed the left fielder on the 15-day disabled list, though he will likely miss at least the next three months, if not the entire 2006 season. He is expected to make a full recovery"
2006-05-12 16:28:59
23.   fgasparini
I'm watching Gameday...when's the last time Giambi stole a base? Or did something weird happen?
2006-05-12 16:31:25
24.   randym77
I don't know what happened there. Did they send him - a failed hit and run? Or did he expect a curve ball and figure he could run on it?
2006-05-12 16:33:01
25.   Ken Arneson
That ordinary foul ball by Melhuse was harder and farther than any ball hit by Kendall in two years.
2006-05-12 16:43:08
26.   BklynBmr
Another nice AB by Carewno...
2006-05-12 16:44:56
27.   randym77
Robby has been so much better than he was projected. Hope we can find a few more like him.
2006-05-12 16:46:56
28.   seamus
I like getting to watch Cano, Phillips, Cabrera!

I'd like it better if they didn't fail to bring that runner in.

2006-05-12 16:47:08
29.   BklynBmr
Melky probably hasn't seen too many curveballs like that in Columbus...
2006-05-12 16:55:05
30.   BklynBmr
27 What a play in the field! If Arizona knew in '04 what we know now — they'd have a future All-Star at second... but, we would have a 27th title, as The Big Unit would have started game 7 (if it got that far) — not Kevin Brown. Water under the bridge. I hope Cano is here for a long, long time...
2006-05-12 16:55:13
31.   seamus
that is why it is important to let him see action and get to a point where he is becoming familiar with major league curveballs.
2006-05-12 17:07:26
32.   singledd
ARod is REALLY pressing. His strikeout was on a ball at his shoulders. With ShefSui out, Alex is gonna try and take it on himself.... but he is not good when he presses. Can anyone send him some Quaaludes?
2006-05-12 17:10:19
33.   BklynBmr
The was borderline on the K, but he's gotta protect the plate there. Too many K's looking so far this year...
2006-05-12 17:11:49
34.   randym77
32 You think maybe Giambi was talking to him, when he said this:


"You can only do what you can do," Giambi said. "This is a game where, if you try harder, you play worse. Guys have to try not to press, do the little things and make those games count.

"If guys start to get out of their game, that's going to be bad for us," he added. "We have a lot of great players on this team. He's a huge part, and hopefully Sheff won't spend an extended time on the DL, but we can't press."


2006-05-12 17:12:45
35.   mikeplugh
A-Rod will never see a fastball again as long as he lives, if Bernie is hitting behind him. Move Cano to 5 for God's sake.

A-Rod is pressing, so what does Joe do? Move a washed up singles hitter behind him. Genius.

2006-05-12 17:13:58
36.   BklynBmr
With the prospect of Matsui out for the season, and Sheff 'till who knows when, I'm guessing Rocket's agent is rubbing his hands with glee right about now...
2006-05-12 17:14:47
37.   BklynBmr
Love those ground balls! Third DP tonight...
2006-05-12 17:18:31
38.   randym77
I don't think we'll see Bernie batting 5th very often.
2006-05-12 17:18:50
39.   tocho
Wang has been great tonight. Reminds me of the game with 9 assists. Just get the ball, pitch, ground ball out. 5 innings 50 pitches. that's how many Chacon had pitched yesterday in an 1.2 innings.

when he's on, I can see why the managers feel he can be a stud pitcher going forward.


2006-05-12 17:19:41
40.   singledd
For now, I would swap Giambi and ARod in the order, and put Posada 5th, Cano 6th.
2006-05-12 17:20:34
41.   randym77
Yay, Andy!
2006-05-12 17:20:50
42.   BklynBmr
38 Unless Bernie knocks in the game-winning run tonight with a single...
2006-05-12 17:22:09
43.   BklynBmr
Ouch! A softer bunt there and Melky's safe...
2006-05-12 17:22:51
44.   tocho
great play by scutaro there.

nice bunt though, where did that come from Melky?

2006-05-12 17:23:06
45.   randym77
42 LOL. Even if that happens, I think this is at best Torre's "lefty lineup."
2006-05-12 17:30:21
46.   singledd
Is there a party tonight I don't know about? Is everyone at a wake for Matsui? 45 comments in 5 innings?

What gives?

2006-05-12 17:31:00
47.   singledd
46 comments in 5 innings?

What gives? 47 comments in 5 innings?

2006-05-12 17:32:23
48.   randym77
It was pretty quiet last Saturday night, too. I think some people have, like, lives on the weekends. ;-)
2006-05-12 17:34:19
49.   rbj
Some of us don't. But with the game not on E.I, it's hard to comment.
(actually, there's a big party at Alex's. Password is "Curt Flood")
2006-05-12 17:35:35
50.   singledd
Texas ahead of the Sox 4-0 in the top of the 5th. It pouring! There are puddles all over the field. The warning track is mud. The umps seemed determined to get 5 innings in.

Not really fair, as it's only gonna rain harder.
But I can't complain.

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2006-05-12 17:35:37
51.   randym77
With this rain, maybe Giambi should have just tried to work a walk. One run could win it.
2006-05-12 17:37:55
52.   BklynBmr
47 The A's announcers have me nodding out. Gotta make some Red Bull and Starbucks Double Shot cocktails...
2006-05-12 17:40:33
53.   BklynBmr
An A-Bomb!!!!!
2006-05-12 17:41:23
54.   Marcus
ImPRESSive! PRESSure's off now!
2006-05-12 17:42:00
55.   rbj
Good Clutch-Rod. Hopefully that'll be all the Yanks need.
2006-05-12 17:42:35
56.   singledd
His 2nd HR in a tied game this week.
2006-05-12 17:43:15
57.   randym77
Torres' lineup is brilliant. ;-)

Nice to see A-Rod looking so happy and relaxed. He was seriously plecked off his last AB.

And we have a run now. If they call the game, we win.

2006-05-12 17:44:19
58.   singledd
Barring injury, ARod should hit #500 sometime next season. Should be really exciting in August 2007.
2006-05-12 17:44:21
59.   BklynBmr
56 Yeah, but the ties weren't like in the 8th or 9th innings, so...
2006-05-12 17:45:30
60.   kdw
57 Is it raining in NY?
2006-05-12 17:45:37
61.   tocho
wang's at 65 now through 6.

last inning thought he struggled just a bit. I hope he comes out strong for the 7th.

2006-05-12 17:46:41
62.   tocho
zito at 100
2006-05-12 17:46:53
63.   randym77
It's been raining a little since the game started. It was coming down pretty heavily in the 5th inning, but looks better now.
2006-05-12 17:47:48
64.   tocho
I love that new super slo-mo camera that shows the swing.
2006-05-12 17:50:37
65.   BklynBmr
The game in Beantown is at least official. Los Rangers up 4-0, top of the 6th...
2006-05-12 17:50:51
66.   singledd
It's an official game at the Mud Bowl in Boston. Don't see the Sox geeting many more innings to come back.

I would forfeit the game. Someone's gonna get really hurt. I mean, puddles and ponds all over the place.

Lets go CMW.

2006-05-12 17:51:04
67.   randym77
Johnny Damon gave A-Rod a big hug in congratulations. Very touchy-feely sort, this guy. A-Rod seemed to appreciate it, though.
2006-05-12 17:51:08
68.   tocho
I see the bosox batters reverting back into form now that the series v the yanks is over.

no more Loretta hits, papi is back in his slump, manny being manny, etc. the only force right now in that line-up are youkilis and lowell

2006-05-12 17:53:00
69.   JeremyM
I would put Crosby in right.

Just got in and saw that Cabrera had a sac bunt with one out, but reading your comments it looks like it was an attempt at a base hit. I was praying that Torre didn't look at the guy as equivalent to a NL pitcher.

2006-05-12 17:54:53
70.   Rosbif22
Love them ground ball outs..
2006-05-12 17:56:04
71.   randym77
Bubba said he always gets Bobby Crosby's fan mail (and vice versa). They came up at the same time, and people always confuse them. Or think they are brothers.

Nice work by Wang!

2006-05-12 17:56:30
72.   tocho
I love Wang
2006-05-12 17:56:39
73.   Zack
Nice to see Andy with a hit and playing the D too
2006-05-12 17:57:30
74.   Zack
One of the few things I like about the A's feed is you get the video during the ads, so you feel you are there...except that I have to hear God Bless America...
2006-05-12 17:57:52
75.   singledd
I am watching and getting the Yankee Radio team as the announcers. Does everybody get the same? Who's getting A's announcers?
2006-05-12 17:58:42
76.   singledd
Will we see CMW in the 8th? Hope so.
2006-05-12 17:59:10
77.   JeremyM
I think Bobby was just being nice. Oh sure, yeah, I get stuff for you all the time Bubba. Cards, letters, baseballs, sure, yeah.

I'm just kidding, I like Bubba.

2006-05-12 18:00:12
78.   JeremyM
Randy Keisler is still in the majors? Man, after his first start in Boston I thought he would be a fixture in NY. Yeah, not so much. They should pound this guy.
2006-05-12 18:00:23
79.   tocho
75 I'm getting the same.

I like it but its frustrating not to have the count, pitch speed, outs, etc.

How much evidence does torre need to continue starting andy in 1st when wang pitches?

2006-05-12 18:01:37
80.   tocho
2006-05-12 18:02:20
81.   Rosbif22
2006-05-12 18:02:59
82.   singledd
2006-05-12 18:03:10
83.   Zack
I'm geting the A's, has been beyond wacky this year...

And good old Randy gives Melky a nice hit :)

2006-05-12 18:03:11
84.   Marcus
WOOT! Melky!
2006-05-12 18:03:41
85.   C2Coke
Chien-Ming Wang
2006-05-12 18:03:56
86.   Zack
6-0 Texas now up in the mudbowl
2006-05-12 18:04:00
87.   yankz
Cash Money Wang
2006-05-12 18:04:05
88.   tocho
Melky, with another hit, and a very good at-bat. he fouled off good pitches to stay alive.
2006-05-12 18:04:23
89.   randym77
I was wondering what happened to Chuck Knoblauch, and came across this old article:

(Scroll down to "Current and Ex-Yankee United by a Coach.")

Knoblauch's dad coached Bubba when he was in high school. Teenage Bubba was a pitcher back then, the ace that led his team to a state championship.

2006-05-12 18:04:28
90.   rbj
Only 77 pitches for CMW. I'd like to see a CG from him, or no worse than Mo in the 9th. Give the rest of the BP the night off.
Except Sturtze, who has to sweep out the pen.
2006-05-12 18:04:28
91.   Zack
Anyone else think its weird to bring in Kiesler in a 1-0 game here?
2006-05-12 18:04:41
92.   singledd
83 Zack.. where are you? I'm in NH. How about you tocho?
2006-05-12 18:05:16
93.   Zack
I'm in San Diego, maybe its a coastal thing?
2006-05-12 18:05:56
94.   tocho
2006-05-12 18:06:19
95.   Zack
I did have the Yanks radio feed during the Sox series though
2006-05-12 18:06:20
96.   singledd
Cool. Coast-to-Coast Yankee fans. Tocho?
2006-05-12 18:07:26
97.   Zack
Well that didn't work out at all
2006-05-12 18:07:36
98.   Marcus
89 Thanks for that link randym77, interesting.

I had to laugh at this though:

"We shipped the complainer off to the Yankees and got some great players in return (Guzman, Milton, and Buchanan)."

Is he being sarcastic?

2006-05-12 18:08:30
99.   randym77
Farnsworth is warming.
2006-05-12 18:08:53
100.   Zack
I think you have to let CWM pitch the 8th here...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-05-12 18:09:04
101.   rbj
Was that a busted hit & run?
2006-05-12 18:10:00
102.   randym77
98 LOL! I wondered about that myself. I think he was serious. Partisan, but serious.
2006-05-12 18:10:30
103.   justin
I am getting the YES feed with suzyn sterling.... no graphics though..

um.. I am in Hong Kong.

2006-05-12 18:10:43
104.   JeremyM
I agree, stay with CMW. As far as Knoblauch, throwing problems aside, that was a good deal for the Yankees. Milton and Guzman are some of the most highly overrated and overpaid players of all time (still shaking my head on the Washington Guzman deal), and while Knoblauch wasn't quite as good as advertised at the plate, he was a big part of those championship teams.
2006-05-12 18:10:50
105.   mikeplugh
Jeter has lost something like 60 points on his average over the last 2 weeks. Aside from yesterday he seems to be struggling to make solid contact.
2006-05-12 18:10:58
106.   weeping for brunnhilde
I love this Melky.

You guys see that at-bat? It was a great ab after that second swing where he flailed at a pitch way off the plate. That was the first really bad swing I've seen him take, not counting the "bunting" the other day.

But the point is, after that bad hack, he hung in there, fouled off some pitches and got a basehit.

This kid seems to be the real thing.

2006-05-12 18:11:22
107.   randym77
Holy crap! Robby baby!
2006-05-12 18:11:26
108.   tocho
96 Mexico City
2006-05-12 18:11:32
109.   Zack
Wow, helluva play by Cano!
2006-05-12 18:11:35
110.   C2Coke
101 You referring to Melky caught at stealing second?
2006-05-12 18:11:44
111.   Zack
looked safe
2006-05-12 18:12:11
112.   Jeteupthemiddle
Wait Wait Wait Wait Wait.

Bubba Crosby comes in for defensive replacement....but he replaces Cabrera instead of Bernie? oy. /end rant.

Very nice play by Cano.

2006-05-12 18:12:13
113.   Zack
Nope, he was out after all!
2006-05-12 18:12:44
114.   rbj
2006-05-12 18:12:57
115.   singledd
103.. Yup, that's their Radio feed.
Ho..........!!! Cano ! Great play. Nice pick by Phillips!
2006-05-12 18:14:08
116.   Zack
Again, memo to Joe Torre: Andy Phillips MUST start when Wang pitches
2006-05-12 18:14:12
117.   JeremyM
Torre really is leaving Bernie in over Cabrera? Nice. I've about had it with his crap.
2006-05-12 18:14:52
118.   Southern Yankee
I'm getting the Yank radio feed in Tampa.

I also miss the status bar, i.e balls/strikes/outs/count etc.

My Digital TV MLB extra innings pkg just doesn't pick up the WOR feed I guess.

2006-05-12 18:15:03
119.   Zack
Wow, NH, San Diego, Hong Kong, and Mexico City, we are all over the place tonight! Bring Wang for 9!
2006-05-12 18:15:40
120.   Marcus
Wow, Wang is pitching a gem. Only thing that sticks out is the 0 Ks.
2006-05-12 18:16:13
121.   Jeteupthemiddle
I would like the Yankees to score at least one more run so that Wang can pitch the 9th inning. I would like to see a complete game shut out for the team. :)
2006-05-12 18:16:21
122.   Marcus
To expand the West Coast coverage, I am in San Francisco.
2006-05-12 18:16:22
123.   JeremyM
Anyone else feel better about leaving Wang in then bringing in Mo?
2006-05-12 18:16:30
124.   randym77
I think it's going to be Mo, but I sure would like to see Wanger finish what he started.
2006-05-12 18:17:00
125.   tocho
Defense and pitching

So, we have Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, and in the US, NY, San Diego, NH, and somebody said it was a slow night?

alex and cliff must be really proud of the international appeal of this site.

2006-05-12 18:17:26
126.   Zack
Marcus, are you on And if so, do you have the A's feed?

No what am I saying, you will be getting it on tv!

2006-05-12 18:17:28
127.   seamus
121 Wang is on my fantasy team. I'd like a Complete Game Shutout for MY team! :)
2006-05-12 18:17:38
128.   singledd
Who needs outfielders with CMW in control!!!
The tarp is on in Boston, 6-0 Texas. There are pairs of animals all over the field.
2006-05-12 18:17:45
129.   fgasparini
Uh, didn't Bubba replace Bernie for defensive reasons late in games last year? What has changed?
2006-05-12 18:18:23
130.   JeremyM
Good ole Nebraska is here as well.
2006-05-12 18:19:07
131.   tocho
I agree. Wang should at least start the 9th.

now, having said that, this last inning there were some hit-saving grabs, maybe he's running out of gas. 85 pitches

2006-05-12 18:19:19
132.   BklynBmr
75 I'm getting the local A's feed (in SF). not on the package...
2006-05-12 18:19:36
133.   rbj
They better call the game in Boston, no sense in anyone getting hurt, or having to stay up late to play.
2006-05-12 18:20:09
134.   singledd
We have Waldman. Boston has Hazel May! Somethings wrong!! (Ever see Hazel May.... yum yum)
2006-05-12 18:20:17
135.   rbj
Oh, I'm in Toledo. (Ohio, not Spain.)
2006-05-12 18:20:28
136.   BklynBmr
6-0 Texas, rain delay in Beantown...
2006-05-12 18:21:00
137.   The Bear
Well, I dont care if Wang has 0K.. he pitched a gem until now, and thats good enough for me.
2006-05-12 18:21:04
138.   tocho
20 ground outs for wang tonight, no K's and 4 pop-ups
2006-05-12 18:21:21
139.   C2Coke
125 I moved from NY to Toronto.

120 Wang barely had enough pitches each inning to strike out batters.

128 Wang really came through in time, his performance is really needed right now considering what has happened recently.

2006-05-12 18:21:28
140.   BklynBmr
128 Sorry, single, missed your post...
2006-05-12 18:21:45
141.   randym77
Bernie baby!

Brilliant, I tell you. Torre's brilliant. ;-)

2006-05-12 18:21:59
142.   Jeteupthemiddle
lol. Maybe that's why Bubba replaced Melky.

So it is 2-0....Wang get a baserunner in the 9th?

2006-05-12 18:21:59
143.   Zack
Wow, Bernie! We needed that run!
2006-05-12 18:22:06
144.   BklynBmr
Dayum. Now Bernie will be hitting cleanup...
2006-05-12 18:22:28
145.   The Bear
2006-05-12 18:22:43
146.   jameson and water
And I'm in Ireland (but I just moved from NY to Toronto) . . . .
2006-05-12 18:22:49
147.   domvjr
Bernie goes boom! From the right side he is smacking the ball.
2006-05-12 18:23:38
148.   domvjr
Just play him against right handers, JOE!
2006-05-12 18:23:41
149.   rbj
Damn you Bernie. Stop being productive :-)
2006-05-12 18:25:28
150.   rbj
It's funny with Yahoo Sports. Whenever someone homers, the screen comes up with "homered to deep left/right/center" As opposed to homering to shallow l/r/c.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-12 18:25:35
151.   Southern Yankee
MLB.TV feed delay is interesting.
141 posted ("yelled") "Bernie baby" milliseconds after I saw it !
2006-05-12 18:25:44
152.   yankz
Anyone else think Bernie just guaranteed himself playing every day during these injuries?
2006-05-12 18:25:48
153.   randym77
I think we're gonna be seeing a lot more of Bernie after that.

But it was a nice moment. The crowd chanted his name really loud, and the place went nuts when he took his curtain call.

2006-05-12 18:25:48
154.   Maz
Wang really deserves to finish this game, especially with a two run lead now. I really hope Joe doesn't pull him as soon as he gives up a hit.
2006-05-12 18:26:26
155.   Dimelo
Bernie forced me to log on and I have to say I'm just going to give up and stop hating on Bernie. I always liked Bernie and I think you all have influenced me to the point where I can't stand when he's in there....but everytime I get fed up with him and start to yell at him telling him to retire from the comfort of my living room, then he goes something to suprise me. Yesterday it was that double. I give up. Bernie I'm in your corner now.
2006-05-12 18:26:37
156.   singledd
Wang, Cano, Phillips, Melky....
I LOVE watching the kids!
Ain't it exciting?
2006-05-12 18:27:16
157.   Dimelo
I hope Torre brings in Sturtze, he needs to make sure Sturtze finds himself.

I'm kidding...btw

2006-05-12 18:28:38
158.   tocho
wang's done, mo comes in
2006-05-12 18:29:15
159.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm telling you, Bernie needs to just see left-handed pitching. He hit the ball hard each time tonight. He's still got something left from the right side.
2006-05-12 18:29:30
160.   rbj
Not funny. Torre might hear you.
and 155 you should do it nearly every day (I don't want to be greedy)
2006-05-12 18:29:39
161.   Zack
Well, its a save situation see, so Mo HAS to pitch. So he can get the save. Because he is the closer, thats what he does...
2006-05-12 18:30:01
162.   C2Coke
146 Odd choice I know, but really I moved from NYC to Toronto last summer.

This is really one of the best opportunity for Wang to have his first Major League CG.

2006-05-12 18:30:29
163.   Maz
It looks like Wang has been yanked(pun intended).
2006-05-12 18:30:30
164.   C2Coke
ok...was...but still good to see Mo.
2006-05-12 18:30:43
165.   Jeteupthemiddle
Aww nuts. 2 runs, I would let him stay in.
2006-05-12 18:30:48
166.   weeping for brunnhilde
156 Ab-so-fucking-lutely.

Couldn't agree more.

2006-05-12 18:30:49
167.   wsporter
146 Why add water?
2006-05-12 18:32:09
168.   tocho
It's really a shame, wang should had gotten a chance at his CG shoutout.

but, its always nice to see mo

2006-05-12 18:32:47
169.   JeremyM
You know Guidry inside is wondering what the hell is going on here, why are they pulling this guy? He strikes me as an old school guy where you finish what you started--unless you have Goose and Lyle in the pen I guess.
2006-05-12 18:33:34
170.   rbj
Can't second guess bringing in Mo, but I'd still have stayed with Wang until a baserunner.
2006-05-12 18:34:04
171.   no2ss
Man. Even the A's broadcasters are wondering why Torre would possibly take Wang out.

Is it really that hard to have someone sit down with Torre and explain basic bullpen management?

2006-05-12 18:34:16
172.   BklynBmr
167 Swear I was just about to post exactly that. Great minds... or livers, for that matter ;-)
2006-05-12 18:34:31
173.   fgasparini
Just because Bernie does good things sometimes, doesn't mean he should actually play. If Bubba played as much as Bernie, he'd hit a home run now and then too. So would Andy Phillips. So would, I don't know, Mike Aldrete.
2006-05-12 18:35:07
174.   C2Coke
170 uh...there is the baserunner.
2006-05-12 18:35:13
175.   tocho
this was Wang's game
2006-05-12 18:36:26
176.   BklynBmr
171 This one's a classic:

2006-05-12 18:36:42
177.   tocho
2006-05-12 18:36:43
178.   singledd
I'm sentimental. I wanted Wang to finish. Torre just wants to win the game.
2006-05-12 18:36:46
179.   Zack
Good thing we brought Mo in
2006-05-12 18:37:01
180.   Maz
I'll never understand why Torre always does this. Back in the day you'd leave your starter in when he was doing that well. It should be Wang's game to finish. It seems whenever you change the pitcher in a situation like this the opposition almost breathes a sigh of relief. They're more than happy to see something different.
2006-05-12 18:37:05
181.   rbj
174 Yeah. Now who do you bring in. Mo's great & all, but from the box score & comments here I deduce that CMW is basically untouchable tonight. Don't mess with what's working, and 85 pitches through 8 innings.
2006-05-12 18:37:28
182.   singledd
Mo is having trouble with the 3rd strike.
2006-05-12 18:37:37
183.   C2Coke
I love Mo, I really do...but Wang's averaged less than 11 pitches per inning. Mo's had 14 with one out two on base...
2006-05-12 18:37:58
184.   randym77
Shoulda left the Wanger in.
2006-05-12 18:38:48
185.   jameson and water
162 I moved to TO late last year. See you at Rogers Centre!
2006-05-12 18:38:52
186.   rbj
Torre's still managing as if it's 1998. He's looking for the guys who will fill the Nelson/Stanton role. Plus you automatically bring in Mo.
2006-05-12 18:38:59
187.   wsporter
[172} Ice and more whiskey, that's the list.

This will really piss me off......

2006-05-12 18:39:12
188.   Jeteupthemiddle
And that is why Phillips plays first base. :)
2006-05-12 18:39:25
189.   randym77
Phew. Nice work, Andy.
2006-05-12 18:39:30
190.   Zack
Man Andy looks good out there!
2006-05-12 18:39:41
191.   BklynBmr
Giambi (God Bless 'em) would have fired that into left field!

Thhaaa Yankees win!

2006-05-12 18:39:43
192.   nick
guys, I'd love to think Bernie had something left; failing that, I'd love to think he at least could still hit lefties....but if you look at his splits 2003-5, his OPS is basically identical:
as LHB .259.343 .416.759
as RHB .256 .363.385 .748
& that's over 1700 plate appearances.
unless there's some new injury to consider, this is pure small sample size we're seeing
2006-05-12 18:40:08
193.   Harley
Ahh, crud there goes my second guessing comment in mid-type...

But Wang shoulda stayed in anyway.

2006-05-12 18:40:26
194.   Zack
So can we all sign a statement saying the if Torre plays Cairo at first ever again we will take class action?
2006-05-12 18:40:33
195.   Simone
Good win!
2006-05-12 18:41:02
196.   Dimelo
Lima time is not working for the Mets.
2006-05-12 18:41:08
197.   nick
phew! Mo going through a rough patch.....

Bullpen management: it's all about the CW. Nobody wants to risk getting fired based on a non-standard decision. Until there's a high-profile success by a young manager handling things differently, nothing will change...

2006-05-12 18:41:24
198.   wsporter
Nice job all way round on that. Great win.
2006-05-12 18:41:47
199.   C2Coke
You all know what that means...the Yanks have played a shutout game!

185 You bet!

2006-05-12 18:41:59
200.   rbj
Phew. Double play, I assume.
Now just call the Boston game. Wet fields would just get someone injured. Hate to see Manny go down with, say, a broken wrist.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-12 18:42:31
201.   tocho
no base runner had reached 3rd. base with wang. it was deja vu from last friday.
2006-05-12 18:43:07
202.   Maz
Lucky that one worked out...we couldv'e been looking at another Torre Loss over on Nomaas. Plus I don't agree Mo is an automatic in this situation.
2006-05-12 18:43:54
203.   JeremyM
I loved Willie's quote on Lima: "maybe he can come in and work a little Lima magic for us." What magic? The man is one of the worst starters of all time. He was a joke for KC last year. The only magic he has is he keeps convincing GMs to take a flier on him. I love how certain guys get a rep, and they either spend their careers living it down or getting paychecks because of it.
2006-05-12 18:46:00
204.   randym77
Five DPs in that game. Who needs strikes?
2006-05-12 18:48:52
205.   C2Coke
204 Exactly!
2006-05-12 18:51:09
206.   BklynBmr
Not only the first shutout win for the Yanks so far, but they're yet to be shutout...
2006-05-12 18:52:40
207.   BklynBmr
199 | 206 I guess 199 summed that up ;-)
2006-05-12 18:56:36
208.   randym77
I wish they'd quit showing those clips of Hideki breaking his wrist. Enough, already.
2006-05-12 19:12:27
209.   weeping for brunnhilde
192 Nick, be those numbers as they may. I don't dispute them. But have you been watching the games?

I'm just telling you what I'm seeing which is that he looks like a different hitter from the right side.

2006-05-12 19:21:36
210.   weeping for brunnhilde
202 No, Mo is not automatic. He's been inconsistent so far and I'm starting to get used to this new, less dominating Mo. I'm not concerned, by any means, but he's clearly not the same pitcher.
2006-05-12 19:32:48
211.   Simone
Yeah, Mo is definitely less dominant this season. He may improve as the season progresses though. We will have to wait and see.
2006-05-12 19:38:09
212.   Zack
Can fans at the game please stop this rediculous practice of booing A-Rod. It is driving me insane and makes us look like total idiots.
2006-05-12 19:57:11
213.   randym77
Rivera said in a post-game interview that he was teasing Wang before the game, telling him they needed him to go nine. Maybe Wang didn't know Mo was joking...
2006-05-12 20:09:08
214.   weeping for brunnhilde
211 Simone, he may, you're right. I sort of hope he will, but he is 35 or whatever it is, so I'm not optimistic.

I'm just trying to get used to the inevitable.

2006-05-12 20:21:06
215.   rabid stan
I didn't get a chance to see the game tonight, and I guess I couldn't add anything that hasn't been said about Wang tonight, so how about Robbie?

Not only tonight, but the last few weeks, the 'Banter' game threads have been full of reactions to great plays by Cano in the field, and in 30 games he only has one error.

Considering he had 17 by the end of last season, it looked like he would be a liability in the field, whatever he did at the plate.

I have to admit, I didn't think he would change much. Some guys just don't have a head for defense. It looked like an attitude problem. He seemed to dog a lot of plays and it was suggested that he let his bad at-bats get to him while playing second.

When the coaching staff, especially Bowa, started talking about his work ethic on field and his commitment to improving over last year's performance, I was skeptical. Players don't often change their habits so quickly, and I figured Bowa et al. were just putting on a happy face for the press.

Well, I'm a believer now. Cano has gotten better, and he may even be pretty good out there (still too soon to tell). I figure if he can improve in the field, he can improve elsewhere too.

I'm more confident now than I used to be that he can develop his patience at the plate, for instance. Like fielding, plate discipline isn't the easiest thing in the world for a pro to learn or improve upon. By the time they get to the majors, most players are pretty set in their ways about such things (see Soriano, who neither improved his play at second nor learned to take a pitch). But it seems like Cano's work ethic is the real deal, so there's that much more hope that he'll improve as time goes by.

He may even learn to take better care of himself.

2006-05-12 20:23:03
216.   BklynBmr
212 Let's face it. I think the booing is chickensh*t, too, but until A-Rod has an Aaron Boone moment, or carries the team on his shoulders to a ring, he's not going to get the free pass that Jetes, Mo and Bernie will get. Yeah, Jeter and Mo have heard it a little at times, but they get back on track and all is forgiven.

A-Rod will get it straightened sooner than later. And just may end up carrying the team this year. Fans need to get off his ass.

2006-05-12 20:44:19
217.   Benjamin Kabak
Don't look now but Pavano threw 6 fantastic innings at AA Trenton tonight. He gave up 3 hits, 1 earned runs, no walks and 6 Ks. Even better, his ground ball to fly ball ratio was 10-1.

Fingers crossed.

2006-05-12 20:45:43
218.   BklynBmr
215 Cano is a joy to watch develop. His cool at the plate belies his youth. I'm thinking Carew, Will Clark, etc. Like Matsui when he's in the zone, Cano goes with the pitch, sprays the ball and is rarely fooled badly. If he can channel some of Giambi's eye at the plate, the umps will give him the same respect over time.

When he first came up the hope was that he just wouldn't kill us in the field. No one was counting on his bat, but his dramatic improvement with the glove now seems like icing on the cake.

And as mentioned earlier, he needs to be moved up in order with Iron Sheff and Mats out.

2006-05-12 20:54:43
219.   weeping for brunnhilde
218 215 Yes, yes, yes.

Cano's a joy in every way. Of course his spraying line drives all over the place is a thing of beauty, but yes, his fielding is immensely improved.

He's really making tough plays routinely and I have a lot more confidence with him there than I think I ever did with Sori.

Pray God we don't trade him for Jeff Weaver or Denny Nagle or some such.

I really want to watch this guy develop.

2006-05-12 21:13:42
220.   DarrenF
As for the much-discussed booing of ARod, I absolutely think it detracts from the enjoyment of the Yankee Stadium experience and is an embarrassment for Yankee fans. I can think of no similar situation for an MVP. The same fans will moan if ARod goes on the DL tomorrow.

They claim they're waiting for the big hit, ARod delivers the big hit, then they forget about it and go right back to booing the next day.

This is a guy who tries hard, plays smart, respects the game, never misses a game, and has 450 homeruns at the age of 31 without the aid of steroids (presumably).
Save the booing for somebody who deserves it.

2006-05-12 21:19:32
221.   BklynBmr
219 Remember the love-fest with Sori? "Our second baseman for the next ten years." Granted, he was a breath of fresh air amongst the constant signing of vets with a good year or two left at most, but as rabid 215 said above, he basically got stuck on stupid. I can't see that happening with Cano.

The only trade for Robbie I would approve would be some 3 or 4 way deal that included Sturtze, and brought Pujols, Halladay and Big Papi to The Boogie Down ;-)

2006-05-12 21:21:02
222.   BklynBmr
220 Well said, DarrenF.
2006-05-12 21:29:29
223.   Yu-Hsing Chen
217 IF Pavano and/or Wright can actually get it done and don't injure themself AGAIN, the Yankees actually have a very good Rotation... that is if the Real Big unit shows up...

So far...
Moose have been just incrediable... i don't want to say more and jinx it .. :P let's just keep our fingers crossed that he can keep it up and stay healthy.

RJ seem to have a defective evil clone on the loose or something... in his 4 good outtings he pitched like the old Randy and in the 4 bad starts he pitched worse than Sturtze or Jaret Wright have been...

Wang seem to really be just a slow starter who doesn't like cold weather.. the last few starts are looking better and better.. he's slug against is amoung the league leader.. and that was before this game tnoight!!.. with that slugging against and the high GO/AO ratio he still manage to be relatively effective even when struggling and is just crazy when he can feel his offspeed stuff well.

Chacon is doing it with a lot of luck... which is a good thing and a bad thing.. but then again he's been that way for a long time.. and he pitch smart and stays tough, he is a very good guy to have in the back of ur rotation..

Wright looked better last time out.. but i'm still keeping my fingers crossed... he didn't throw enough strikes, and got hit hard by the few competent hitters the TB team had left on their line up... I also don't see that supposed miracle cure for his curveball people were talking about...

But even so.. Yankee pitching as a whole is much better than expected... and that's ALWAYS a very good sign. if they can (and i think they can) fight through these tough times.. this Yankee team is more than just a outside shot at the WS...

2006-05-12 21:41:30
224.   wsporter
I've got to butt back in on Robbie Cano. There really is something special when the good ones are home grown. The ball just flies off his bat, he looks so smooth and effortless in the field and he seems to be just a great kid. Watching him develop from a guy who looked a little lost to a player who just seems to know what he's doing and who has an "idea" in every at bat as quickly as he has makes the future seem very exciting. I guess that's the neat thing about watching good young players, they make imagining what tomorrow will bring a lot more fun no matter what else is coming along.

A franchise has to have people like him if it's going to stay fresh and exciting; hopefully the Yankees have figured that out again finally. With a little luck maybe one or more of Duncan, Tabata, Henry, Cox, Jackson, Marquez, Gardner and Hughes will join him soon.

Melky looked like he may be okay tonight. He doesn't have that scared look he had last summer. He had at least one really good ab. It may be too much to hope that he can give us this year what Cano gave us last year but won't it be cool if we can have the same conversation about Melky next winter that we had about Robbie last and argue again about whether a player is the real deal or just a flash in the pan?

2006-05-12 21:52:19
225.   weeping for brunnhilde
I think maybe I just discovered a common thread in guys like RJ, Arod, Giambi and Shef.

These are all guys with preternatural ability and yet they're all guys who are on some level unreliable.

The bats never seem able to eek out the hit against tough pitching by going the other way and RJ never seems to be able to get batters out if his stuff isn't electric.

Meanwhile, a guy like Mussina or Pedro is able to succeed even when they're not at their best.

It's all about adjustments, isn't it? How many times do the big bats have to strike out with a key run on second base before they decide to shorten their swing?

How many times does RJ have to throw a flat slider before he tries something else, anything else?

Like a big crybaby. He doesn't have his A-game so he just gets really pissed instead of sucking it up and using his extraordinary abilities in clever new ways.

I'd so much rather have a team of scrappers and scrapers.

I don't know, it's just an idea I just had. Maybe it's off base.

Then again, maybe it's not.

2006-05-12 21:56:45
226.   weeping for brunnhilde
224 I think Melky's been better than you suggest. I think every one of his at-bats has been quality and I only remember one bad swing these past couple of days, which was that wave at the pitch off the plate on the (second?) pitch tonight. And in that ab he recovered to work the count and hit the ball hard into left field. That was just such a quality at bat.

I've not seen him give one at-bat away yet.

And he just looks very comfortable up there with great bat control, spoiling pitches and all.

2006-05-12 21:58:43
227.   JeremyM
I agree on Johnson, the guy has pretty much two modes, on and off, nothing in between. If the Yanks trade Cano it will be such a huge blow to my fanaticsm. I like having guys come up from the minors and earning their way. Cano has done everything possible that could've been asked of him, I think he's a keeper. You just don't get players like him everyday. As far as Cabrera, I'm hoping he can follow in his footsteps, so far this year I like what I've seen overall.
2006-05-12 22:01:02
228.   joejoejoe
I think Jeter should start calling A-Rod, "Lou" in the press. Then when the press asks him why he can respond "Because the fans are always yelling 'Looouuu!' when he's on the field." Turn the whole stupid booing thing around and get the fans to laugh at themselves. Life's tough when you win the AL MVP and people think you've underachieved. In '06, A-Rod is having a such a mediocre year that he's on pace for 128 RBI and 142 runs. That would be 52 MORE RUNS than Rickey Henderson generated (R+RBI) in his fabled 1985 season hitting in front of Randolph, Mattingly and Winfield.

A-Rod is OK.

2006-05-12 22:06:26
229.   weeping for brunnhilde
228 That's hilarious, jjj.


I like it.


2006-05-12 23:02:47
230.   Yu-Hsing Chen
227 your right, Wang kinda falls into the former catagory of guys that can struggle but won't outright suck too.. while for Randy it's a prayer that he shows up in person instead of his defective evil clone.
2006-05-13 03:35:53
231.   randym77
I love watching Robby play. I honestly didn't understand why some people were so down on him. Yes, he had his bad moments out there, but I expected him to adjust and improve. He was only 22. Heck, much older guys (like Moose) are still learning and adjusting, so why not a young player like Cano?

Robby won me over when he had that horrible slump last year...and adjusted. People still rag on him for being too aggressive, but he really has toned it down. That was what changed when he came out of that slump. He stopped swinging at the first pitch every single time.

Robbie wasn't projected to be starter material. The only reason he's on the team today is "desperation," as Torre put it. Makes you wonder how much other young talent is down there in the minors, needing only a fair shot.

And Wang is another one. Would he have ever gotten a chance if we weren't desperate for starting pitchers last year?

We were going to trade both Wang and Cano to Arizona as part of the Randy Johnson trade...but they didn't want them. Wonder if they regret that now? I know some Dodger fans are wondering why Scott Proctor and Bubba Crosby never played in LA as well as they're playing here.

2006-05-13 04:01:04
232.   randym77
This, from YES, might explain why Mo wasn't looking as sharp as usual last night:


Mariano Rivera has a touch of the flu and was visibly sick before the start of the game.

"I'm achy and I don't feel good at all," Rivera said while sipping hot tea.


2006-05-13 06:16:50
233.   JeremyM
So why Torre pulled Wang is beyond me, let Mo get his rest. Oh well, what's done is done.
2006-05-13 06:32:42
234.   randym77
Torre said if the lead was four runs, he'd have let Wang finish it. Maybe even three runs. But two wasn't enough.
2006-05-13 09:00:55
235.   Zack
Just wanted to let everyone know, in case they were worried, that Pavano left his rehab start early due to stiffness in his biceps...

Doesn't seem to be serious nor will it set him back, at the moment, but man is this guy fragile

2006-05-13 09:04:52
236.   Rob Gee
235 Easy though. 63 pitches in 6 innings with 6 SO and no BB's.

Even if he did leave early, that is a nice line.

2006-05-13 09:07:38
237.   singledd
I have NO doubt the Yanks will get another OF'er. Melky will stay put, but Damon will need periodic rest as he is already banged up, and Melky (or a Kevin) will need seasoning to be effective down the line and in the PS.

The 'Bubba will do it' line is the same line they used to make it look like they were NOT going after Damon (which of course they were for quite a while). Getting an OF'er will cost them, so they can't appear to be too needy, or they will really get raped.

Mats is out for the year (as an effective hitter anyway.. he may be able to 'play' late in the season). Shef and Damon make about 1 1/2 OF'ers. We are definitely in need.... assuming the Yanks know Bernie is NOT an OF'er.

Weigh in everybody.....
Who will be the Yankee's newest OF'er (I'll bet by the end of May/beginning of June).

And I especially want the 'official word' from Cliff and Alex on this question.

2006-05-13 09:18:17
238.   wsporter
236 Hey Rob, Yeah, they said its normal stiffness for someone at this stage of training (about 17 - 20 innings). He's still on his normal turn. Wouldn't it be something if he got his "ass" back in the rotation and helped weather the Matsui storm.

That is a very nice pitching line. Bowie doesn't exactly mash the ball but that's still a nice start.

2006-05-13 09:37:36
239.   randym77
It sounds like they are doubtful Matsui will return this season. And also that Sheff may be out longer than two weeks.

I think they do want to get an outfielder, but it's just not likely for now. Bad time of year to go shopping. And they don't want to give away too much just for an outfielder. They'll be forced to stick with the likes of Melky and Bubba, just as last year, they had to use Robby and Wanger.

If they really start to struggle, or closer to the trade deadline, I expect they will trade for someone. I vote for Soriano as most likely.

For least likely, but most intriguing: Ichiro. Hey, we need those Japanese royalties. ;-)

2006-05-13 09:38:15
240.   wsporter
239 (I really don't feel like cutting the lawn) Singledd, unless we knock someone over with a trade proposal (i.e. Hughes, Duncan, Melky, Tabata plus) who is going to jump in with us right now? Not DC (Sori), they're looking for arms mid summer. Not MN (Hunter) they're not yet ready to flush. Not Atlanta (Jones) same thing. And so on down the line. The wild card makes the likelihood of all but a block buster done in May/June unlikely. We're not going to give up what plus prospects the system holds for someone else's ML placeholder (you might as well play your own if you're going to do that).

I think Cashman is being honest when he says today that they're going to wait a couple of weeks and reassess. What will be out there in late May early June will be about the same as today. The only question is will we be willing to pay a king's ransom for an impact player or will we be looking for a stop gap. My sense is that they will do neither if they do anything at all.

If they do make a move I can see it for someone like Abreau who is a borderline impact player that Philly may move in a salary dump. We give up some older prospects around ONE of the guys mentioned above. Other than that I see Melky and the Kevins doing their dance of death to win playing time.

2006-05-13 09:59:19
241.   singledd
239 I agree it's not a good market. And if Bubba-Melky were red hot over the next 2 weeks, maybe they will stay pat... but I doubt it. George wants the WS this year.

Money should be no object. I am GUESSING, that will Mats out for the year, some insurance money will kick in. I do NOT want to trade any young talent... but am happy to spend cash.

The question is: What will the Yankee FO do?
I say they get someone.
Don't know how, but they will.
Again.... the question is:
WHO will be the next Yankee OF'er in May/June.

Not HOW, WHAT, WHEN or WHY.... but

2006-05-13 10:10:15
242.   randym77
For May, I don't think we're getting anyone new. It's gonna be the Melky and Bubba show.
2006-05-13 10:12:05
243.   randym77
BTW, you may get more of a response if you post your question in the new game thread.

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