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2006-05-10 12:56
by Cliff Corcoran
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There's not much that needs to be said about tonight's game that can't be summed up by this chart:

Schilling5-147 2/3404745.2250.993.02

Schilling and Mussina have just one non-quality start between them this year in 14 tries, that being Schilling's fifth start of the year in which the Indians touched him up for five runs on nine hits and two walks in 6 2/3 innings despite striking out eight times in that span. The Indians, incidentally, currently lead the majors in runs per game, edging the Yankees by less than six one-thousandths of a run.

Baseball Prospectus's Jim Baker provides a brief history of the three prior head-to-head matchups between these two borderline Hall of Famers, both of whom are improving their chances of enshrinement weekly. He also reminds us that both were both minor leaguers with the Orioles in 1990, Mussina cracking triple-A for the first time that year and Schilling splitting time between starting in triple-A (prior to Mussina's mid-season promotion) and relieving in the majors in his second of three stops before finding a home with the Phillies.

I wonder if Glenn Davis will be watching tonight.

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2006-05-10 13:43:08
1.   wsporter
Glen Davis, Wow. The O's thought that was hell of a trade at the time. They knew somebody got undressed, poor saps, they had no idea it was them.
2006-05-10 13:48:34
2.   Shaun P
Glenn Davis - very funny, Cliff. Was the Davis for Steve Finley, Curt Schilling, and Pete Harnisch trade worse than Mike Boddicker for Curt Schilling and Brady Anderson? I'd say so.

Speaking of the Moose-Schilling connection, I saw a Rochester Red Wings doubleheader in 1990. I don't think either Moose or Schilling pitched in it, but I don't remember for sure. I only remember those two games because Sam Horn (yes, that Sam Horn) hit three homers that day - his last one a grand slam that was absolutely obliterated. I've never seen a ball hit that far in person.

2006-05-10 14:30:36
3.   Knuckles
I had a blog, for a little while, and came across a few gems while re-reading it today, one of which is 2 years old and still relevant:

May 27, 2004
Tanyon Sturtze cherry picks a win last night with this line:
1/3 IP, 2 H, 2 runs allowed (inherited).
Great job dumbass, keep it up.

And here's my all time awful Yankee team (1989 to 2004):

2006-05-10 14:35:42
4.   standuptriple
I'll take that head-to-head any day of the week. Anybody know where I can get "pitches thrown" comparison between tonight's SP's?
2006-05-10 14:38:28
5.   randym77
And it's Bernie at DH again:

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui LF
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Canó 2B
Bernie Williams DH
Melky Cabrera RF

And for the Sox:

Kevin Youkilis 1B
Mark Loretta 2B
David Ortiz DH
Manny Ramirez LF
Trot Nixon RF
Jason Varitek C
Mike Lowell 3B
Willie Harris CF
Alex Gonzalez SS

2006-05-10 14:40:24
6.   Knuckles
4 SUT,
Are you looking for ball/strike breakdowns or general workload? BP's pitcher abuse stats are pretty cool.

Schilling leads the majors in 'abuse' by a comfortable margin, having 1 start under 120 pitches, 3 starts 101-109, 2 starts 110-121, and 1 start over 133 pitches.
Moose: 3 under 100, 3 at 101-109, and 1 at 110-121.

Ending my day early- go Yanks!

2006-05-10 14:41:03
7.   Rob Gee
In the hopefully a weird good omen department: Trenton beat Portand today 5-2.

Hughes got his first win at AA.

6.0IP 5H 2ER 2R 1BB 5SO

2006-05-10 14:41:10
8.   Knuckles
Edit, Schilling has 1 start under 100 pitches, as opposed to the 120 in my post. Apologies.
2006-05-10 15:22:41
9.   monkeypants
5 OK, I get it now. Torre has a strict limit for "young players" (in quotes because physical age is not the issue), and it appears to be one. Now that he is basically forced to play Cabrera in RF, he must permanently displace Phillips.

Now, it all works out in the short term...until Smith happens to be called up. Then, we must determine if Smith can pitch if either Cabrera or Phillips is on the field.

I also really like the commitment to having the DH bat 8 or 9--just more evidence of the "circular line-up" that Sterling raves about.

2006-05-10 15:53:11
10.   Jeteupthemiddle
7 Just pointing out that Hughes got a No Decision in the game. He left with it tied 2-2.
2006-05-10 15:54:17
11.   randym77
9 I'm just grateful he's giving Melky a fair shot. The YES guys are currently wondering why he doesn't put Bubba out there, instead of playing young Melky is such a high-pressure series.
2006-05-10 16:01:16
12.   wsporter
Burman. Crap. It can't be listened to.
2006-05-10 16:08:59
13.   rbj
12 It could be Morgan. Or Sutcliff.
2006-05-10 16:15:25
14.   wsporter
13 It is Morgan, paired with the Creature. I just can't stand the guy's act. It is soooo lame.
2006-05-10 16:18:22
15.   randym77
2006-05-10 16:18:29
16.   rbj
Ouch -- that's like a Bermuda Triangle of bad announcers

Crud. I hate Ortiz.

2006-05-10 16:18:52
17.   Marcus
Nuts to that. So much for Ortiz having trouble with Mussina. Ugh.
2006-05-10 16:18:57
18.   unpopster
2006-05-10 16:18:59
19.   Mattpat11
Off to a rockin start.
2006-05-10 16:19:07
20.   Simone
F' Can no one get Ortiz out?
2006-05-10 16:19:09
21.   BklynBmr
Let's hope it's a reverse of last night — all the way around...
2006-05-10 16:20:36
22.   BklynBmr
Now there's how an ace recovers!
2006-05-10 16:23:21
23.   Marcus
I have to say, Ortiz is just ridiculous. It can't be all an illusion in the opposite way that people think A-Rod sucks. He's something special. What is the deal with that guy?
2006-05-10 16:25:20
24.   tocho
don't worry we'll get plenty of hits off merthiolate sock to get back those runs.

I know, I predicted Ortiz's HR just a second ago.

2006-05-10 16:30:25
25.   rbj
Perfect time for some redemption, Alex.
2006-05-10 16:32:31
26.   unpopster
If the Yanks lose, Mt. St. Steinbrenner will erupt tonight.
2006-05-10 16:34:23
27.   Alex Belth
Hey I predicted A Rod's strike out: we match!
2006-05-10 16:37:02
28.   rbj
2006-05-10 16:37:19
29.   Simone
Boy, does this suck. Mike Lowell?
2006-05-10 16:38:52
30.   Marcus
Where's the hidden camera? Is this a joke?

At least Terry Francona did the Yanks a favor and started Willie Harris.

2006-05-10 16:43:15
31.   joejoejoe
Chris Berman makes my ears bleed.
2006-05-10 16:43:40
32.   randym77
Nice, Jorgie! For some reason, he always hits well against Schilling.
2006-05-10 16:43:56
33.   Mattpat11
Christ, they almost got him at second
2006-05-10 16:46:25
34.   Simone
Let's go, Bernie. No DP.
2006-05-10 16:46:25
35.   rbj
I'd rather have Lowell hit a homer than walk him. He's someone you got to challenge -- do that to the whole RS line up except Manny & Papi -- plunk those guys.
2006-05-10 16:46:39
36.   tocho
here comes bernie and his dp
2006-05-10 16:47:02
37.   wsporter
33 MattP, No, Jorgie slowed up when he took a look at the throw I think, I hope.
2006-05-10 16:47:33
38.   rbj
Gets a run in, good job Bernie.
2006-05-10 16:47:35
39.   Simone
Yeah, Jorge and Bernie.
2006-05-10 16:47:55
40.   wsporter
Get that runner home from third, Bernie. Yes.
2006-05-10 16:48:47
41.   tocho
here comes melky and his HR
2006-05-10 16:49:00
42.   randym77
Maybe Joe should reverse the lineup. Lately it seems like the front half is struggling, while the back half is hitting pretty well.

C'mon, Melky! Pad that 1.333 OPS of yours. ;-)

2006-05-10 16:49:38
43.   Mattpat11
37 I certainly hope so. If not.... :)
2006-05-10 16:52:09
44.   Simone
Good job, Melky.
2006-05-10 16:52:09
45.   Mattpat11
Wow. Got Fat Curt to walk him. Impressive.
2006-05-10 16:52:12
46.   claybeez
Way to go boy!
2006-05-10 16:52:13
47.   Marcus
Nice AB by Melky!
2006-05-10 16:52:19
48.   randym77
Yeah, Melky! What a battle.
2006-05-10 16:52:25
49.   rbj
Good eye Melky. And he made Curt throw 9-10 pitches.
2006-05-10 16:52:35
50.   tocho
great at bat there melky. I wonder what his real name is, probably Melkiades or something
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2006-05-10 16:52:39
51.   Marcus
And here comes Damon to strike out!
2006-05-10 16:53:02
52.   randym77
2006-05-10 16:53:03
53.   Knuckles
Nice at bat for Melky, though did it look to anyone else like he was swinging a little flat-footed? Not much stride
2006-05-10 16:53:28
54.   Mattpat11
What was Johnny's beef with that pitch?
2006-05-10 16:54:41
55.   Knuckles
Lucky spaceman...dammit.
2006-05-10 16:54:51
56.   Mattpat11

Okay, its not meant to be.

2006-05-10 16:54:52
57.   rbj
Oh, now Manny decides to play defense.
2006-05-10 16:55:11
58.   randym77
Crap. I can't believe Manny made that.
2006-05-10 16:55:14
59.   Simone
Damn, damn, Manny! When did he become a decent left fielder?
2006-05-10 16:55:32
60.   wsporter
JD was going to run for a long time if Spaceman doesn't track that down. Crap!
2006-05-10 16:56:40
61.   tommyl
Well I'm impressed with Melky so far. Doesn't get much tougher for a rookie than hitting against an in form Schilling at Yankee Stadium. Great, great at bat. Bad luck with Damon, but its still early and Schill has thrown over 40 pitches.
2006-05-10 16:57:04
62.   Alex Belth
Ugh, Manny with the robbery.
2006-05-10 16:57:54
63.   tommyl
Also, Manny was kinda out of position there to start I think. Tough to tell from TV but when Damon hit it I thought it was an automatic out. Did anyone see where Manny started or if he stepped forward to begin with?
2006-05-10 16:58:30
64.   tocho
soooo close.

27 we should pat ourselves in the back. although those two predictions were pretty logic.

who would have predicted the lowell hr and that damn lucky catch by manny. he did it with his eyes closed.

2006-05-10 17:01:13
65.   tocho
the most immediate difference in Moose tonight is that he's not putting batters away with 2 strikes.

I know these are some of the best hitters but so were the others he faced in toronto

2006-05-10 17:03:02
66.   Simone
Ortiz is killing us here. Would someone plese move him off the damn plate?
2006-05-10 17:05:41
67.   Simone
This is baseball hell and I want it to stop.
2006-05-10 17:06:53
68.   Mattpat11
That was better than it looked off the bat
2006-05-10 17:09:12
69.   tocho
I can't watch.

damn shift, it would have been a 1-2-3 inning. I hate it.

2006-05-10 17:09:24
70.   wsporter
63 Tommyl, I looked at JD's hit chart at Yankee Stadium from last year. Of 33 balls put in play 6 were to left. Three singles and 3 shallow fly balls. That shot to left took everyone by surprise I think, I wish he'd do more of it.
2006-05-10 17:11:20
71.   Simone
Nice. Inning over.
2006-05-10 17:12:41
72.   tommyl
70, thanks! Excellent info.

Good job by Moose there, pitch into and out of trouble, keep your team in the game.

2006-05-10 17:12:43
73.   Rob Gee
At least Varitek is 'thinner' these days.
2006-05-10 17:13:20
74.   tocho
63 pitches by moose. he's not putting people away damn.

lets get the fat clown and get over this.

2006-05-10 17:13:46
75.   tommyl
73, must be those diet shakes, eh? ;)
2006-05-10 17:17:49
76.   rbj
2006-05-10 17:17:52
77.   randym77
Whoo-hoo! Giambino!
2006-05-10 17:18:25
78.   joejoejoe
I'm Gumby, dammit!
2006-05-10 17:18:32
79.   Marcus
2006-05-10 17:18:46
80.   Simone
It's a reprieve from baseball hell. Take that big mouth Curt. Yeah, Jason!
2006-05-10 17:19:39
81.   Simone
Yankee fans aren't booing A-Rod? What the hell is wrong with these people? It is like them booing Jeter last season and Melky last night. STOP IT!
2006-05-10 17:20:41
82.   Rob Gee
As much as I love breaking up the lefties, and what Giambi is doing, IMO A-Rod is not going to get the same quality of pitches with Giambi in front of him than behind him. It's just not the same protection with Matsui.
2006-05-10 17:21:03
83.   wsporter

73 Rob, Oh my goodness what are you trying to say? He does look thin. You don't think he's bulimic do you? I hope not.
2006-05-10 17:21:18
84.   rbj
Nice deke, Jorge.
2006-05-10 17:23:46
85.   Emily S
It's not over yet!
2006-05-10 17:25:14
86.   3rd gen yankee fan
85 It ain't over til... well you know :-)
2006-05-10 17:28:03
87.   Schteeve
Watching Giambi play this well makes me happy like a little kid.
2006-05-10 17:28:48
88.   hensley
Moose made Willie Harris look like a little leaguer on that K.
2006-05-10 17:29:08
89.   singledd
Manny always plays shallow, especially in Fenway. Actually, I think its smart. Its hard to score from 2nd on a hit to left because Manny is so shallow. I think he takes away more singles then he gives up balls over his head.
2006-05-10 17:29:19
90.   nick
yes!-moose needed that...I was already running nightmare bullpen scenarios in my mind....
2006-05-10 17:30:02
91.   randym77
1-2-3 inning for Moose.

And now our killer bottom of the order is up. ;-)

Let's go, Yan-kees!

2006-05-10 17:30:12
92.   JeremyM
Why would a slugger like Gonzalez bunt with two outs?
2006-05-10 17:30:35
93.   singledd
Giambi is a few good games from leading the AL in most offensive categories (OBP, SLG, OPS, RBI, HR)
2006-05-10 17:30:49
94.   Schteeve
Bunting with 2 outs with Mussina on the hill is pret-ty, pret-ty dumb.
2006-05-10 17:31:59
95.   tocho
87 me too.

he's fun to watch because you know that every at bat is going to be a good one. he's really focused, and just detects almost 70% of what the pitcher is throwing.

Its a real pitty that he had to endure all those injuries, self-induced by steriods or not.

2006-05-10 17:33:28
96.   tocho
please no DP
2006-05-10 17:36:10
97.   hensley
that damn splitter.
2006-05-10 17:36:19
98.   wsporter
Well Tocho, no double play anyway.
2006-05-10 17:36:38
99.   tocho
c'mon melky, hr
2006-05-10 17:36:39
100.   JeremyM
I think Bernie decided, in the words of Casey Stengel, if you're going to hit into a double play, strike out.
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2006-05-10 17:37:08
101.   randym77
Melky looks like he's either a lot shorter than 5'-11" or a lot heavier than 170 lbs.
2006-05-10 17:37:25
102.   Marcus
Bernie should really give up on hitting left handed. I'm sure it would be weird for him, but he's clearly much more able batting right handed.
2006-05-10 17:37:37
103.   tocho
98 amen. lucky for us there was no hit and run on, or we would have the DP
2006-05-10 17:39:45
104.   wsporter
Yeah, he just can't generate enough consistant contact to justify the hit and run.
2006-05-10 17:40:22
105.   JeremyM
OK Johnny, first hit against the Red Sox as a Yankee would really hit the spot now.
2006-05-10 17:40:58
106.   wsporter
2 on the nose and nothing to show for it. I smell a hot streak comming for JD.
2006-05-10 17:40:59
107.   rbj
Call the NYPD -- Johnny's gotten robbed twice tonight.
2006-05-10 17:41:49
108.   randym77
Man, Johnny's hit the ball pretty good twice now, only to be robbed.
2006-05-10 17:42:32
109.   singledd
Melky looks a little more comfortable at bat. Like Cano, he likes to swing. Swung at 2 pitches high, out-of-the-zone pitches.

Guys need to watch Giambi and learn to be selective. Giambi MAKES the pitcher throw to him.

2006-05-10 17:44:55
110.   BklynBmr
Another one for Cap's highlight reel!
2006-05-10 17:45:02
111.   randym77
Wow, Jete! Great play.
2006-05-10 17:46:06
112.   randym77
109 But isn't Melky known for his patience at the plate? I thought that was hist forte.
2006-05-10 17:47:11
113.   Simone
Nice play by the Captain. I thought for sure that was falling in the middle of the three of them.
2006-05-10 17:48:02
114.   Zack
Does the ump have a very small strike zone for Moose tonight?
2006-05-10 17:48:09
115.   tocho
man, just the sight of ortiz makes me shudder, and I'm not pitching to him...
2006-05-10 17:48:23
116.   singledd
Maybe he's just over anxious. Did you see how many high pitches he swung on it that AB?
2006-05-10 17:49:22
117.   rbj
I hear you tocho.
2006-05-10 17:49:33
118.   Simone
Arrrgh, Ortiz.
2006-05-10 17:49:39
119.   Zack
I still don't understand why we let Ortiz hang over the plate like that
2006-05-10 17:49:51
120.   tocho
Boston headline for you: Yankee pitching breaks up ortiz's slump
2006-05-10 17:50:18
121.   tocho
the ump is killing moose
2006-05-10 17:50:42
122.   rbj
2006-05-10 17:53:08
123.   tocho
92 pitches for mussina in 5 innings. that means one more inning from him at the most.

now........ who comes in for the next 3 adventurous innings?????

we need to score a few more on the merthiolate clown. I feel a rally coming...

2006-05-10 17:54:01
124.   C2Coke
Does someone have the answer to why the Yankees don't ever try to intentionally walk Ortiz? I know that so far this season no one was really intentionally walked, but none of the pitchers seem to be able to stop Ortiz, so why not walk him? I am really asking here.
2006-05-10 17:55:03
125.   Mattpat11
ugly swing
2006-05-10 17:55:18
126.   rbj
Proctor for two, Villone? Farns? Mo. Course the Yanks need to get the lead here.
2006-05-10 17:55:31
127.   Mattpat11
124 Manny.
2006-05-10 17:55:41
128.   Zack
Problem with walkign Ortiz is Manny.
2006-05-10 17:55:45
129.   wsporter
124 Manny.
2006-05-10 17:56:37
130.   Zack
Wha tthe heck was that Jason?
2006-05-10 17:56:40
131.   Mattpat11
I'd walk them both and deal with Traht.
2006-05-10 17:57:02
132.   tocho
the stupid fat clown is stronger this inning and dealing only strikes.
2006-05-10 17:57:04
133.   C2Coke
That's actually part of my question, too. Manny is scary, but from time to time the pitchers do strike him out or there is higher chance that it's a fly out, isn't it?
2006-05-10 17:57:54
134.   Mattpat11
133 Its still Manny
2006-05-10 17:58:10
135.   randym77
Giambi's also swinging at high pitches. Must be Schilling's trickery.
2006-05-10 17:58:17
136.   tocho
131 you're kidding right?
2006-05-10 17:58:22
137.   C2Coke
132 Even by just looking at his picture on MLB, one can see him is an arrogant clown.
2006-05-10 17:58:49
138.   Mattpat11
there ya go.
2006-05-10 17:59:05
139.   BklynBmr
That's exactly what A-Rod (and the Yanks) needed!
2006-05-10 17:59:07
140.   rbj
Sweet, nice clutch hitting Alex!
2006-05-10 17:59:09
141.   randym77
Yeah, A-Rod! Clutch! ;-)

Maybe that'll get the monkey off your back...

2006-05-10 17:59:19
142.   Simone
Yeah, A-Rod. They should be embarassed cheering after they booed him.
2006-05-10 17:59:21
143.   Zack
Arod! Wow, Sterling actually called that!
2006-05-10 17:59:23
144.   Harley
Choke on it, George.
2006-05-10 17:59:24
145.   nick
2006-05-10 17:59:26
146.   Schteeve
2006-05-10 17:59:28
147.   wsporter
Good freakin lord. What a shot.
2006-05-10 17:59:33
148.   hensley
Wow, Sterling called it. ClutchRod.
2006-05-10 17:59:43
149.   C2Coke
134 Right on! so maybe find another pitcher other than Myers? haha...
2006-05-10 17:59:54
150.   BklynBmr
Now 'Zilla needs to get his groove back on...
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2006-05-10 18:00:02
151.   tocho
there you go!!

cheer and cheer long and hard!!!

2006-05-10 18:00:10
152.   C2Coke
That homer came in time.
2006-05-10 18:00:11
153.   C2Coke
That homer came in time.
2006-05-10 18:00:13
154.   Mattpat11
136 Sort of. Manny Ortez is the scariest thing I've seen as a Yankee fan in years. Trot Nixon is a racehorse. You can get him out (in theory) The other two scare the bejezus out of me.
2006-05-10 18:00:35
155.   Alex Belth
2006-05-10 18:01:39
156.   wsporter
Get your fat ass back on the mound you sack.
2006-05-10 18:02:18
157.   Mattpat11
Fat Curt is shaken up.
2006-05-10 18:02:25
158.   randym77
They should throw Bubba in LF and let Matsui DH. He seems to hit a lot better when he doesn't have to do defense. I don't think Bubba would be worse than Bernie.
2006-05-10 18:02:38
159.   Schteeve
Schill ain't long for this one.
2006-05-10 18:03:51
160.   randym77
C'mon, Jorgie! You own this guy.
2006-05-10 18:03:58
161.   Mattpat11
2006-05-10 18:04:08
162.   BklynBmr
Oh, man is this f'n sweeeeeeeeeet!
2006-05-10 18:04:10
163.   rbj
Sweeet, Jorge.
It's batting practice time!
2006-05-10 18:04:15
164.   Alex Belth
2006-05-10 18:04:18
165.   Simone
Jorgie!!!! You shut up, Curt!
2006-05-10 18:04:20
166.   Zack
2006-05-10 18:04:21
167.   C2Coke
2006-05-10 18:04:36
168.   randym77
Jorgie! Wow!

He's batting something like .400 against Schilling, isn't he?

2006-05-10 18:04:42
169.   hensley
Keep it Comin' Keep it Comin'!!
2006-05-10 18:04:43
170.   wsporter
Jorge baby!!!!!!

Schteeeeeve nice call. Mattp nice call.

2006-05-10 18:04:54
171.   Mattpat11
158 I think 500 AB with Bubba would have us longing for the days of 06 Bernie.
2006-05-10 18:05:50
172.   BklynBmr
Keep the line movin', Robbie!
2006-05-10 18:06:16
173.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-10 18:06:31
174.   mikeplugh
I hate Curt Schilling....anytime we bomb him I feel ecstasy....

Bring it home Moose....

2006-05-10 18:06:41
175.   rsmith51
Just got here when ARod hit his HR. How has Melky looked so far.
2006-05-10 18:06:46
176.   Mattpat11
That's 100 pitches for the Michelin Man.
2006-05-10 18:07:41
177.   rbj
Melky's looked good at the plate & on the field.
2006-05-10 18:08:34
178.   its430
Great comment by Chris "You're with me leather" Berman heading to commercial:

"Posada...a rainbow to right"

Chris, you have no idea.

2006-05-10 18:08:40
179.   C2Coke
Even tough Cano's still swinging a lot, he seems to be working more pitch counts too. 4 to 5 pitches are considered a lot more than before for him, he really is improving fast.
2006-05-10 18:09:18
180.   wsporter
Since Moose only threw 85 the other night does anyone think Mr. Torre puts him on a longer leash tonight?
2006-05-10 18:09:20
181.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh yeah!!.... I was just thinking that's it's been awhile since Jorge hit one........

Now Joe.. plz don't bring in Sturtze and Small or use Myer against Ortiz and we should be on our way

2006-05-10 18:09:20
182.   Mattpat11
2006-05-10 18:11:30
183.   Mattpat11
Jesus, for a second I thought he dropped it again
2006-05-10 18:11:34
184.   randym77
Giambi is a joy to watch when he's got a bat in his hands, but painful to watch with his glove on.

Proctor's warming. And I don't mind.

2006-05-10 18:11:57
185.   C2Coke
180 After last time's nightmare, surely we all hope so.
2006-05-10 18:12:42
186.   Mattpat11
do you let Mussina start the 7th?
2006-05-10 18:13:27
187.   Cliff Corcoran
Just got on-line. Can I just say that Rodriguez's home run came with a free helping of Shut The Hell Up.

Three run lead for the pen and another quality start for Moose. Better yet, three dings of The Mouth That Roared. Ahhhhhh.

2006-05-10 18:13:30
188.   Yu-Hsing Chen
185 well at least it's Proctor warming ...
2006-05-10 18:13:42
189.   mikeplugh
Another quality start for Moose. Every start this season!!!
2006-05-10 18:13:51
190.   Maniakes
I let Moose start the 7th, but I have Proctor and Villone warming in case he gets into trouble.
2006-05-10 18:14:02
191.   Schteeve
And now it should be


Unless Proctor rolls through the seventh, we could save Farns.

2006-05-10 18:14:18
192.   singledd
Moose should stay in as long as he's good. He wants this one.
2006-05-10 18:14:34
193.   C2Coke
186 Actually, anyone's last name that doesn't start with a S should be ok. But wouldn't Moose in 7th, Farn in 8th, Mo in 9th look good to all of us?
2006-05-10 18:14:46
194.   wsporter
186 I'm thinking you have to and you have to give him more room than pulling him after the first hit.
2006-05-10 18:15:13
195.   JMEnglish
Well, as Mets fan...given that we are up 12-2 I'll guess I'll start watching the Yanks game...
2006-05-10 18:15:21
196.   mikeplugh
187 Good call Cliff. It's about time everybody got off the case of the reigning AL MVP. He's not going to come through all the time, but when he does....just freakin' enjoy it already!

I'm feelin' good. Bring it home Moose. Hand it to Mariano and let's put the Stockings to bed tonight.

2006-05-10 18:15:44
197.   Cliff Corcoran
I let Moose have the seventh with Myers ready if it gets to Ortiz with a man on and Farns ready if trouble arises sooner (cutting Myers out of the picture) or Ortiz comes up with two on.
2006-05-10 18:15:55
198.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Cliff, LOL yeah, that ball was yelling STFU all the way.

186 I'm not sure.. he is close to 100 pitch.. and with the 9th guy up I think this might be a good time to put Proctor in...

If we can get another run or two here I definatlye put Proctor in

2006-05-10 18:15:55
199.   BklynBmr
177 MelkyMania, baby! I like this kid. I feel bad for Bubba, but Melky could be the real deal.
2006-05-10 18:16:14
200.   tocho
98 for Moose.

I say (and I called the rally 123 so I make the moves tonight) Mussina comes out again for the 7th. to get Gonzalez, Youk and Loretta. If one of them gets on, you call proctor and/or myers if ortiz is up.

8th, farns 9th Mo.

that should do it.

Now it all changes if we hit Holtz. I have no idea who he is

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-10 18:16:45
201.   Harley
Yep. Red Light Curt won't enjoy the cameras tonight. Heh.
2006-05-10 18:16:54
202.   BklynBmr
Whoa! How tall is this pitcher?
2006-05-10 18:17:24
203.   tocho
BTW Pavano was in the bench having a good time there.

not a bad deal he has. Just hang in the bench, cheer a little and we'll give you 10 mill a year....

2006-05-10 18:18:24
204.   singledd
6 earned runs in 5 innings should look good on Chief Bloody Sox's ERA.
2006-05-10 18:18:32
205.   BklynBmr
203 $10M buys you a lotta Ragu...
2006-05-10 18:18:44
206.   Simone
Bernie isn't dead yet. He lives to throw another helmet.
2006-05-10 18:18:46
207.   singledd
Wow. BERNIE!!!!!
2006-05-10 18:18:50
208.   wsporter
When he does that GOB = Good Old Bernie.
2006-05-10 18:19:12
209.   Zack
EXBH for Bernie!!
2006-05-10 18:19:12
210.   randym77
Whoah, Bernie. Maybe there's something to that righty-only idea.
2006-05-10 18:19:40
211.   singledd
One more can't hurt.
2006-05-10 18:19:57
212.   wsporter
GOB just looks so much more comfortable hitting righty now.
2006-05-10 18:20:12
213.   C2Coke
203 Which one is better: him on the mound with 10 mil and have all of us cry, or him on the bench with 10 mil and have himself a little cheer?
2006-05-10 18:20:13
214.   Zack
Ugh, I can see this being a bad bad
2006-05-10 18:20:22
215.   Zack
sorry, bad bunt
2006-05-10 18:20:25
216.   tocho
terrible bunt there. just hit away joe
2006-05-10 18:20:28
217.   Cliff Corcoran
Bernie! 3rd XBH of the season. That's it, he plays against lefties only, or, as O'Neill said, stopps switch-hitting all together.

Oh, and screw the bunt here. Bad move.

2006-05-10 18:21:07
218.   C2Coke
And...and...and...that was a double not a single.
2006-05-10 18:21:54
219.   randym77
And JD finally gets a hit!
2006-05-10 18:21:54
220.   nick
Melky bunting....I mean, can't they just practice this shit? was this reliever so impressive that they had to--now Damon singles! but still....
2006-05-10 18:22:39
221.   Rob Gee
Way to go Mike Hunt!
2006-05-10 18:23:18
222.   C2Coke
200 Yes, you called it, tocho!
2006-05-10 18:23:26
223.   Schteeve
c'mon Jete, put your spikes in their neck and let's get outta here.
2006-05-10 18:24:42
224.   tocho
213 you have a good point there.
2006-05-10 18:24:45
225.   wsporter
217 If its succesful it increases the probability of scoring the runner who moves to third but giving away the out cuts the probability of scoring more than one run. With a three run lead and the #9 hitter up I can live with it.
2006-05-10 18:24:48
226.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Guess Bernie letting that fume out yesterday is really helping... 1 RBI and a run scored today...
2006-05-10 18:26:13
227.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I have no problem with the small ball... but if your going to do it plz teach the kids how to bunt properly god.. Cano's and Caberra's bunting skill give me heart attacks...
2006-05-10 18:26:16
228.   Cliff Corcoran
What the heck is Francona doing with his pen here anyway, why a fresh from the minors lefty vs. two switch hitters, then one of his big guns?
2006-05-10 18:28:14
229.   BklynBmr
This mother is far from over. Keep poundin', Yanks!
2006-05-10 18:28:36
230.   Cliff Corcoran
225 If it's a tie game or down by one or up by one and that extra run is key, I dig the bunt there, but up three, why not let Melky try to hit behind Bernie and get him over on a groundout or a fly to right, he just might get a hit anyway.
2006-05-10 18:28:36
231.   Mattpat11
Joe Morgan trashing Pavano. lol
2006-05-10 18:30:13
232.   nick
228 Francona dosen't respect the bottom of our order....but yeah, weird move...
2006-05-10 18:31:14
233.   Cliff Corcoran
232 Holtz looked an awful lot like a white flag there.
2006-05-10 18:33:36
234.   Shaun P
Now this is more like it! I caught Giambi's home run off Schilling to tie it, and then rewound on Tivo and watched from the 5th inning - just caught up.

I don't understand having Melky bunt but hey, the '31 Yanks scored over 1000 runs and they had 87 sac bunts, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.

I imagine if Moose struggles here, we'll see Proctor right away.

2006-05-10 18:33:47
235.   Cliff Corcoran
Moose to Joe: remember what happened when you took me out early last time?
2006-05-10 18:34:14
236.   wsporter
230 Anyone but Melky or Bubba in that spot I agree that you might as well let them swing away with a three run lead. In the situation that presented itself however it was almost akin to the pitchers spot in the NL. (with a kid in his second day up) Melky is just as likely to ground out to short or third or k for a completely unproductive out in that spot. I can't argue with the strategy employed.
2006-05-10 18:35:19
237.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Yeah, not sure what Francona was thinking there ... if he's given up on the game then why send in Timlin AFTER this guy?

Ah well, let's hope we can burn the Sox pen here and get a big advantage tomorrow.

2006-05-10 18:36:00
238.   Cliff Corcoran
236 If he wasn't facing a AAA pitcher i might agree with you.
2006-05-10 18:36:08
239.   wsporter
Be nice if Ortiz were to lead off the 8th.
2006-05-10 18:36:50
240.   randym77
I don't think Francona's given up on the game. He just has no respect for GOB or fresh-from-the-minors Melky.
2006-05-10 18:37:41
241.   wsporter
238 As I recall, the run scored.
2006-05-10 18:37:47
242.   Cliff Corcoran
Moose's last batter right here.
2006-05-10 18:38:38
243.   Mattpat11
Here he comes.
2006-05-10 18:38:49
244.   Simone
Good game, Mussina.
2006-05-10 18:38:52
245.   Zack
So, second chance Myers...
2006-05-10 18:38:59
246.   BklynBmr
Thanks, Ace! Nice job!
2006-05-10 18:39:05
247.   Cliff Corcoran
241 As I recall, the guy who hit the tie-breaking homer was left in the on-deck circle with a man on base.
2006-05-10 18:39:19
248.   wsporter
This is the right move so long as it's Myers. No?
2006-05-10 18:39:28
249.   randym77
Torre's true to form.

But I agree with him this time. Moose is almost out of gas, and Big Papi's up next.

2006-05-10 18:40:46
250.   Shaun P
And here comes Myers - sorry, MFD 239. Farns 8th, Mo 9th I imagine, unless the Yanks score a few more.

Unless Mo needs the work, I'd actually say let Proctor pitch the 9th, presuming its against the bottom of the Sox order.

MOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE! Whatta performance.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-05-10 18:42:13
251.   Cliff Corcoran
71 mph, nice.
2006-05-10 18:42:14
252.   Zack
If Myers can't throw a damn strike, whats his use?
2006-05-10 18:42:45
253.   wsporter
247 Yes but the run did score and there is no guarantee that he was going to bring home a run if he got up. I'll take the run on the board every time rather than speculate about the runs that might have scored, in that situation.
2006-05-10 18:43:16
254.   wsporter
Too much plate on that pitch.
2006-05-10 18:43:57
255.   Simone
Myers is killing meeee.
2006-05-10 18:44:19
256.   Mattpat11
What the fuck is with this SHITTY shift? Why even bother?
2006-05-10 18:44:27
257.   Zack
Well can't really fualt Myers there
2006-05-10 18:44:27
258.   Shaun P
254 Yeah, but at least it wasn't a homer. Wish Cano had been playing a little more in. Oh well.

Gotta be Farns now, right?

2006-05-10 18:44:57
259.   randym77
It's Proctor.
2006-05-10 18:45:09
260.   Schteeve
Myers is a decent lefty, Ortiz is one of the best hitters in the game right now. What did you expect?
2006-05-10 18:45:29
261.   Cliff Corcoran
Not Meyer's fault, he hit it to the normal 2B spot, but the shift was on. Procter's a bad move. In all honesty, it should be Mo:

But failing that, Farns.

2006-05-10 18:46:24
262.   singledd
A really nice, quick throw by Cano on the Ortiz single. This kid is really talented.
2006-05-10 18:46:39
263.   nick
258 def. should be Farns, but we're gonna get Proctor....classic leverage screw-up imo..
2006-05-10 18:46:40
264.   Zack
2006-05-10 18:46:50
265.   Schteeve
Cliff, would you have had Mo face Ortiz?
2006-05-10 18:47:16
266.   mikeplugh
Mo would be nice, but you know that's never going to happen in May. Torre would never do it.

We'll get this game if we get out of the 7th.

2006-05-10 18:47:17
267.   randym77
Held him to a single. Can't complain.

I mean, who do you think he is? Aaron Small?


2006-05-10 18:47:24
268.   Zack
Def should be Mo here, if not Mo, def farns...
2006-05-10 18:47:57
269.   wsporter
Proctor is a high leverage reliever in Mr. Torre's estimation. Wow. Nice.
2006-05-10 18:48:10
270.   Mattpat11
260 He got a ground ball to second. If we didn't have the shift on crack, things would be different.
2006-05-10 18:48:16
271.   Schteeve
for the record, I like Proctor here.
2006-05-10 18:48:21
272.   Shaun P
263 But not unexpected at all. Perhaps Proctor has assumed Sturtze's place in Torre's bullpen roles?

Great point Cliff 261.

2006-05-10 18:48:30
273.   Cliff Corcoran
265 No, even if he homers, the Yanks have a two-run lead, but here you've got a Hall of Famer up with a chance to bring it within one. Gotta go with your best.
2006-05-10 18:49:01
274.   wsporter
And he is one. Wow. Nice.
2006-05-10 18:49:11
275.   Mattpat11
There ya go.
2006-05-10 18:49:11
276.   Simone
2006-05-10 18:49:27
277.   singledd
Cliff... Doctor Proctor (the Proctologist?) has pitched much better then the Farnz. Why Farns over Proctor?
2006-05-10 18:49:35
278.   nick
man, Proctor is so clean-cut looking: Scott Proctor, Boy.......... WONDER!"
2006-05-10 18:49:42
279.   Zack
Wow, can't say I saw that we will see LOTS of Proctor
2006-05-10 18:49:49
280.   randym77
I think Proctor is high-leverage these days.
2006-05-10 18:49:54
281.   BklynBmr
Proctor is a Farns in the making!
2006-05-10 18:50:38
282.   mikeplugh
Snausages....Manny is all bark.
2006-05-10 18:50:45
283.   Cliff Corcoran
Props to Proctor, a K there is especially impressive. If he's replaced Sturtze in Torre's mind, I'm very much down with that, though I still want to see Farns or Mo there.
2006-05-10 18:50:49
284.   claybeez
Completely disagreed with not bringing in the Farns there, despite Proctor's emergence. Nice to see him prove me wrong.
2006-05-10 18:50:59
285.   yankaholic
Now is that achoke by manny in a tight spot.. wonder ESPN sportscenter will have it tomorrow? or wasnt that Ortiz hit a lucky grounder??
2006-05-10 18:51:39
286.   Schteeve
I so called that. pats self on back
2006-05-10 18:51:41
287.   mikeplugh
Manny just went to the Proct-ologist. Ouch.
2006-05-10 18:51:42
288.   joejoejoe
The Proctor is giving a test. You fail!
2006-05-10 18:51:48
289.   Shaun P
Nicely done, Proctor!

My only fear is that Proctor pitches well until, say, the end of May, and then slowly implodes but keeps his job - we've seen that Tanyon song before. But with Dotel coming back, maybe we don't need to worry about that.

2006-05-10 18:51:52
290.   Cliff Corcoran
277 Not in high-leverage situations, singledd. Not until right there.
2006-05-10 18:52:41
291.   tommyl
For once I actually agree with the BP management. Even if Manny homers there you still have the lead and Proctor has shown himself to be a high leverage reliever so far. With less than two outs, the situation is different and I'd definitely go straight to Mo. I appreciate the argument for Mo or Farns though. I think its splitting hairs but I'm sure others will disagree.
2006-05-10 18:52:51
292.   singledd
Look... if Proctor is the real deal, that makes our pen MUCH better. Add Dotel to it, and we have a downright excellent pen.
2006-05-10 18:53:19
293.   Schteeve
i think Sturtze might want to start packing.
2006-05-10 18:53:33
294.   Cliff Corcoran
Money says Tavarez hits someone here.
2006-05-10 18:54:24
295.   Shaun P
I think the MVP has shut his critics up for the night, what about you all?
2006-05-10 18:54:46
296.   Zack
Nice A-rod
2006-05-10 18:54:50
297.   nick
oooo, Tavarez! [Homer Simpson voice] of the more loathesome relievers in baseball history, no? be nice to rough him up--
2006-05-10 18:54:56
298.   singledd
Could Sturtze be trade bait for some young, low-level catcher?
2006-05-10 18:54:58
299.   Cliff Corcoran
Replace Sturtze and Small with Mendoza/Smith/Bean and eventually Dotel and the Yankees do have a fantastic pen, though Villone and Proctor are likely to regress as the season continues.
2006-05-10 18:56:09
300.   Schteeve
294 More money says it's Posada.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-05-10 18:56:32
301.   Knuckles
tavarez looks just like freddie kruger huh?
2006-05-10 18:57:22
302.   randym77
Dang, I wish Matsui could DH more often. He needs some time off.
2006-05-10 18:57:55
303.   wsporter
294 Yes, Jorge better keep a foot in the bucket here.
2006-05-10 18:58:54
304.   Shaun P
302 At least his front shoulder wasn't flying open there. He just swung at a bad pitch.
2006-05-10 18:59:49
305.   Schteeve
Cliff, I heartily disagree that Proctor will regress to his career averages. I think he's made material changes to his repetoire and style. I think he's legit. Granted I'm basing that on my eyball evaluation, but I have a feeling about the guy.
2006-05-10 19:02:36
306.   rsmith51
I think it is time for Matsui's streak to end. He's never going to get to 2500+ or whatever it is.

Cal certainly could have used days off some seasons.

2006-05-10 19:03:38
307.   Zack
Kinda nervoud about Proctor here...And I do fully agree that Joe is replacing Tanyon with Scott, in that he will overpitch him until his arm falls off...
2006-05-10 19:04:16
308.   singledd
Not to be insulting, but did anyone see that shot of Youk in the dugout after his K? The guy looks a lot like an angry Mr. Potato-head.
2006-05-10 19:04:48
309.   Cliff Corcoran
305 You may be right about material changes, but the guy has a 1.29 ERA. He didn't get that much better.
2006-05-10 19:04:51
310.   Shaun P
I can't get over how much leaner and smaller Varitek looks. I'm not implying anything but the difference is pretty stark.
2006-05-10 19:05:20
311.   nick
love the off-speed stuff from Proctor...
2006-05-10 19:05:36
312.   Schteeve
306 totally agree.
2006-05-10 19:05:44
313.   Simone
Good episode of Lost. Not as good as last week's good nonetheless.
2006-05-10 19:06:17
314.   wsporter
299 305 maybe at some point we could flesh that out. I see Proctor as an ascendant talent who still working on a positively sloped curve. I'm wondering why he's not just as or even more likely to be marginally better than marginally worse in one or two months given the limited ML sampling and his expanded pitching repertoire (new and improved breaking ball and movement on his fastball).
2006-05-10 19:06:23
315.   Schteeve
309 yeah but what if he DID? huh? huh?
2006-05-10 19:06:50
316.   randym77
I just noticed Bubba's in for Melky. Does that mean Torre doesn't trust Melky on defense?

(Guess this means Bubba's pitching career is over... ;-)

2006-05-10 19:07:22
317.   Shaun P
309 I tend to agree with you on Proctor, Cliff, but the dude is throwing the ball well.

Wow, John O'Hurley is at the game! And Spike Lee. Rem-dawg just said, "Its gotta be the shoes." These NESN guys are pretty much giving up.

2006-05-10 19:07:29
318.   Zack
Procotr shuts me up :)
2006-05-10 19:07:42
319.   Zack
wow i really can't type tonight
2006-05-10 19:10:07
320.   Mattpat11
what the fuck is Duke babbling about?
2006-05-10 19:10:17
321.   Schteeve
All I know is that The Proctor is IN!
2006-05-10 19:10:40
322.   Schteeve
All I know is that The Proctor is IN!
2006-05-10 19:10:43
323.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Papalbon in the 8th??? wow and they said Torre was clueless....
2006-05-10 19:10:57
324.   yankaholic
310, u r not alone on that... i also read on CNNSI column by Tom Verducci.. where he was pretty straight forward in pointing it out and linking it with steroids.. remember PUDGE.. who looks like a mini-snack bar now.. u get the same thougt looking at Varitek n Nixon..
2006-05-10 19:11:00
325.   wsporter
OK we get a couple of looks at Paplebon.
2006-05-10 19:11:36
326.   Mattpat11
I just saw a picture of Jeromy Burnitz. When did he turn 500 years old?
2006-05-10 19:12:48
327.   singledd
Paplebon hasn't worked in 4 days. Managers (even Francoma) are not THAT dumb.
2006-05-10 19:13:15
328.   Shaun P
323 NESN announcers said Pap hasn't pitched in 5 days, so he needs to get some work in. I guess Francona wants it to be easy work, so he can be rested and ready for tomorrow?
2006-05-10 19:13:30
329.   Mattpat11
Brandon Webb wins MLB leading 6th game. Beats Mussina by (hopefully) minutes.
2006-05-10 19:13:58
330.   Shaun P
In all seriousness - is there any chance we see Wright come in here for a batter or two? Or is he just getting his throwing in?
2006-05-10 19:14:06
331.   singledd
I think we are headed for an October subway series. The Mets could be the best PS team we've seen (aside from the Red Sox)
2006-05-10 19:15:02
332.   Yu-Hsing Chen
327 yeah except that this game is pretty close to over with the bottom of the lineup due up for the Sox... and there is another game tomorrow where both starters have been lights out recently (Chacon in a scarier fashion but still) .. you think burning two of your most useful pen guys in a pen that isn't exactly stacked is a good idea?
2006-05-10 19:17:01
333.   nick
i hate seeing Mo in these situations...
2006-05-10 19:17:09
334.   BklynBmr
325 Good point. Advantage Yanks.
2006-05-10 19:17:40
335.   Shaun P
OK, kinda surprised to see Mo here and not Farns, but hopefully Mo will dispatch these guys quickly.
2006-05-10 19:18:28
336.   rsmith51
mo is padding his stats.
2006-05-10 19:18:47
337.   wsporter
332 He wasn't exactly burned and hasn't worked in 4 or 5 days. Might make him sharper.
2006-05-10 19:19:30
338.   singledd
332 Its s good point, but throwing 15 pitches may be be 'burning'. I don't know the line between over-used vs over-rested.
2006-05-10 19:21:21
339.   Shaun P
Anyone else see Mo vs Sea-Bass and think about the Weaver game? I can't help it.

Time for the K, Mo.

2006-05-10 19:21:27
340.   randym77
Papelbon only threw seven pitches. And hopefully there won't be a bottom of the ninth...
2006-05-10 19:21:33
341.   wsporter
335 MFD Oh that feels soooooooo much better. Wonder who we'll have to ignore on Thursday.
2006-05-10 19:21:50
342.   Yu-Hsing Chen
331 You might want to watch some games by that other Sox.....the one that kinda won the WS last year...

I'm not quiet sure on the Mets yet, they are good, but their front rotation abosalutely needs to stay up .... their rotation depth isn't good... unless they can get more pitchers through trade... and the Phillies are one hell of a dynamite team that can really catch up on you fast when they are on..

2006-05-10 19:21:53
343.   BklynBmr
First place Yan-kees.
2006-05-10 19:22:00
344.   Simone
Ha. Theeee Yankees win!!! Theeee Yankees win!!!
2006-05-10 19:22:35
345.   wsporter
How about that shot by A-Rod. He crushed that ball.
2006-05-10 19:22:35
346.   3rd gen yankee fan
rock on mah brothahs and sistahs!!!
2006-05-10 19:24:33
347.   Shaun P
341 MFD, I can only imagine. It'll be a lot easier though after tonight's game. I really hope Moose keeps this up and wins his 20.

Any New Yorkers have an early weather report for tomorrow night's game? Should we expect the knuckleball to be effective or not?

2006-05-10 19:25:36
348.   Alex Belth
Do you think John Harper will actually write a column tomorrow and give Rodriguez props for finally doing something against the Sox? I'm curious...
2006-05-10 19:26:24
349.   C2Coke
Moose = Ace.
2006-05-10 19:27:17
350.   randym77
I was really impressed with Moose tonight. There were some bad moments early on, but he didn't let it throw him. Just buckled down and got it done.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-05-10 19:28:34
351.   yankaholic
On Deck: BONDS vs Cubs....
2006-05-10 19:29:19
352.   wsporter
347 Amen on the knuckleheads MFD, Amen on Moose.

I checked the NWS forecast, they're calling for chilly conditions and showers. Could make the ball tough to grip with a light touch. I am so hoping it does anyway.

2006-05-10 19:29:42
353.   BklynBmr
Bonds* up now...
2006-05-10 19:29:53
354.   randym77
They're predicting showers tomorrow night.
2006-05-10 19:30:29
355.   C2Coke
347 The forecast doesn't look that good, but it's New York, we won't really know for sure until tomorrow late afternoon.
I think Cliff has got it right all along...I have confidence in tomorrow's game.
2006-05-10 19:30:56
356.   BklynBmr
5 pitch walk to Bonds*...
2006-05-10 19:32:49
357.   C2Coke
How about 300 more walks to Bonds for the rest of season? It sure seems that's what's happening.
2006-05-10 19:34:19
358.   wsporter
348 Alex, boy that would be nice wouldn't it? I think it's much more likely however that Heyman writes A-Rod an open letter demanding that he do the honorable thing and retire. I couldn't believe they published that thing this morning.
2006-05-10 19:34:35
359.   Shaun P
352 354 355 Thanks for the weather update. Hope the rain stays away - they don't need anymore 5-game series late in the season. We'll all be exhausted after that one is done.

356 I'm not a Dusty Baker fan, or much of a Bonds fan either, but it would be kinda cool if Bonds hits 2 more homers against the Cubs. Then Dusty will have seen both Aaron and Bonds hit their 715th homers.

2006-05-10 19:40:44
360.   pistolpete
ALWAYS feels good to beat Schilling. ALWAYS.
2006-05-10 19:42:33
361.   Zack
whats the MFD mean?
2006-05-10 19:42:59
362.   pistolpete
358 Boy, the more I read from Heyman, the more I'm convinced he's trying to be the next Lupica - always hatin', never giving credit where it's due...
2006-05-10 19:45:45
363.   weeping for brunnhilde
350 Totally. Moose's performance is by far the high point of the game. To just grit it out after that 3-spot was something to watch.

Something that RJ is incapable of doing, and therein lies the difference.

I think RJ may just be too proud or something, because he seems incapable of making adjustments. When he doesn't have it, he can't win. When Moose doesn't have it, he can still hang in there.

He's clutch, man.

2006-05-10 19:47:16
364.   weeping for brunnhilde
360 Yeah, I particularly hate Schilling. Far more than I ever hated Pedro, for instance.

Just something about him I don't like at all.

And how 'bout that Melkie, btw? Nice game tonight, that walk he drew? Good job, kid.

2006-05-10 19:48:40
365.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh, and Bernie? He really needs to just come in against lefties. He can still hit from the right side. The difference is stark.
2006-05-10 19:53:04
366.   weeping for brunnhilde
And btw, I really don't like that Joe pulled Moose when he did. At that point, with this pen, it should be his game to lose. Leave him in to finish the inning.

I know Myers as the LOOGY's supposed to come in, but after the game he had, I'd have felt much more confident with Moose.

And nice work by Procter, at any rate.

2006-05-10 20:01:02
367.   wsporter
362 Not that Johnson was due much or any credit but RETIRE? Are you kidding me? Talk about a guy with his panties in a knot, jeez, what a phony, pedantic jerk. Who is the editor on that page? How do you justify that thing, in that format to your publisher?
2006-05-10 20:49:22
368.   Yu-Hsing Chen
366 Myer actually did his job against Ortiz.. he hit a slow grounder... if the shift wasn't on that was about as easy an out as it could get...

But because the shift was on... the Yankees looked like fools when that slow grounder to second ended up being an single...

Proctor have just been huge.... any time anyone can come in with 2 out 2 on and Manny and the plate and strikes him out... he's just awsome.

Other switch hitters have stopped switch hitting before.. I can't see why Bernie shouldn't at least give it a shot... his splits are so putrid that even if he is somewhat below the league average in splits from the same side he'll still be hittings eons better against righties than he is now

2006-05-10 20:57:56
369.   randym77
Bernie's homer was from the left, though.
2006-05-10 21:14:31
370.   Rob Gee
Aces High Indeed:

Moose got his sixth.

Schilling's shortest outing.

2006-05-10 21:30:58
371.   weeping for brunnhilde
368 I know it all worked out, Yu-Hsing, I'm just saying I didn't like the move at the time.
2006-05-10 21:48:22
372.   wsporter
Today Alex asked about the preponderance of lopsided scores that seem to have ended in the Sawx favor. It turned out that we have been on the short end of games decided by 5 or more runs 16 out of 27 times since 2001, including Tuesday evenings shellacking. In looking at the games though, although we get our asses kicked more often then not, we usually seem to come back and win the next night. I'd rather we didn't get our asses kicked that way but it does show some stones in the way we come back.

All the talk about the shifting curse and who is whose daddy is so much piffle. Two good teams going at it over a period of years and generating some great results has been fun to watch. On one side they pound us on the other we get our selves up and get up at 'em again. We really can't ask for more. In years to come people won't believe how good this really was. It's exhausting to watch sometimes, playing against a great opponent often is. I just wish I didn't despise them so much. Then again maybe its better this way.

2006-05-10 22:11:39
373.   dpmurphy
"weeping for brunnhilde: I particularly hate Schilling. Far more than I ever hated Pedro, for instance.
Just something about him I don't like at all."

Oh please. What a cop out. Nothing lamer than a "I don't like him, don't know why, just something about him". You DO know why.

1. Schilling's a loud mouth (no doubt about it)

2. He's a republican, ny is a very liberal city.

3. He's a great pitcher who 's owned the yankees in the past and has been a huge part of their downfall in two seasons.

4. He's a red sox. (ortiz is booed by ny, and he's a great guy, but a great guy who plays on the sox)

If there's no number 3, number 1 and 2 don't matter.

And yet we, the fans, are two faced. We cheer jerks (randy johnson) when our team aquires them, and we cheer former players we hate (clemens, damon). You don't think yankee fans would be singing the praises of pedro if they could get him from the mets?

And this isn't just yankee fans, it's every team's fans. But don't claim it's just "something about them".

2006-05-10 22:19:24
374.   Yu-Hsing Chen
369 I would trade a much better OBP for a few rare luck HR from any one.. espically the back of the lineup guys whose job is to get on base and keep the line moving.
2006-05-10 22:19:26
375.   Yu-Hsing Chen
369 I would trade a much better OBP for a few rare luck HR from any one.. espically the back of the lineup guys whose job is to get on base and keep the line moving.
2006-05-10 23:10:12
376.   Zack
373 You seem like a much more agitated Sox fan than the eternally optimistic debris, I like him better...

But, to pick apart your argument a bit:
Actually, I can think of a TON of things lamer than that statement, but thats besides the point...
Its not jsut that Schilling is a loud mouth, loud mouths are common in sports, and in NYC for that matter. And its not just that hes a republican, heck, almost ALL baseball players are republicans, they are, after all, rich...And its not that he has "owned" the Yanks in the past because, if you look at the numbers, thats simply not true. In the regular season the Yanks have hit him to the tune of a 4.54 era and a 5-4 record, hardly dominant. And in the postseason, yeah he was very good in 2001 (but for that matter, so was almost every pitcher against the Yanks, that was a VERY weak lineup), but in 2004, well, you can't really look at those #s and read into them. One bad injury game, one good game...And its also not really that he is a Sox, because there are plenty of guys on the Sox who we don't boo, and Ortiz gets booed because he not only hits the crap out of the ball against us, but he isn't exactly mister modest or mr. hustle when he hits a HR or makes an out...

So, in any case, there are lost of reasons to hate Schilling, but it actually IS hard to pinpoint just why he is so totally loathesome. Probably all of those combined, mostly his obssessive drive to proclaim himself the master of all things.

So keep your bitter comments to yourself, if they actually say something, fine, if not, well...

2006-05-10 23:23:11
377.   Rob Gee
373 dpmurphy -

Do you ever look at stats or do you just believe that whatever you think must be true?

Here's Schilling's career regular season line against the Yanks:

5 W 4 L 4.54 ERA 0 15 G 10 GS 1 CG 69.1 IN 68 H 35 ER 35 R 11 HR 26 BB 64 SO

He's far from owned the Yanks. The few decent starts are long in the past, tough guy, as in the 2001 Serious. And of course those numbers above don't include this most recent dandy of a line:

5.0 IP 8 H 6 ER 6 R 2 BB 5 SO 3 HR

Yup, he's owned us. Somebody just forgot to tell him.

2006-05-10 23:24:53
378.   Rob Gee
376 You know what they say about great minds...

Unfortunately the Sux fans that come around these parts seem to be missing theirs.

2006-05-10 23:58:19
379.   weeping for brunnhilde
373 All those things what you say are true, dp. The question is, though, why I hate him particularly. More than I ever hated Johnson, for example, or Pedro. Pedro's as cocky as Schilling, for example, but I don't think I ever hated him quite so much. Maybe it's because we actually had decent success against Pedro?

And while I did hate Roger, never really warming to him until he won the game where Pedro threw down Zim (that was the day he became a Yankee, in my mind), I never hated Damon. He's a tough player to hate.

Remember when he collided with his right fielder in that game (I think in Oakland?) a couple years ago? That was fucking hard-nosed. He's a tough player to hate.

Of course I hate Schilling's Bushloving, so maybe that's really what it comes down to, in the end, what puts him over the top on my villain list.

2006-05-11 04:15:15
380.   randym77
Both the Post and the Daily News have photos of A-Rod (one on the back cover, one on the front), with a headline saying something along the lines of "Take that, Boss!"

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