Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2006-05-03 08:19
by Cliff Corcoran

Following last night's rain out and in anticipation of the start of the Yankees' two-game series in Tampa, here's a quick status report on the team:

  • Joe Torre has declined the opportunity presented by last night's rainout to skip Jaret Wright's start tonight. His reasoning is that Wright had already flown ahead to Tampa before yesterday's game whereas Shawn Chacon, who will now be pushed back to Saturday (an odd decision that puts him one day short of his originally scheduled next start on Sunday while giving Chien-Ming Wang an extra day of rest), had to be dressed and ready to pitch in Boston until the game was officially cancelled around 8:00 last night. Torre also wants to see if Wright can build on the four scoreless innings that concluded his last start against the Blue Jays. What I took away from that start was not the fact that Wright appeared to settle down after a rough first inning, but that he pitched five innings without striking out a single batter, walked four while throwing just 52 percent of his pitches for strikes, and benefited from three double plays in those four scoreless innings. One could blame the balls and walks on rust, and the ground balls just might be a good sign, but the lack of strikeouts for a pitcher who throws in the mid-90s and has supposedly discovered a nasty new curveball is alarming. Wright's next turn falls on Monday's off day and is followed by a three-game series with the Red Sox. I imagine he'll be skipped then and, depending on his performance tonight as well as how well Aaron Small (who replaced Matt Smith on the roster on Monday, for those who missed it) does out of the bullpen in the interim, could find himself out of the rotation when that spot comes due again a week from Saturday against Oakland.
  • Speaking of rotation rumblings, Carl Pavano is expected to make his first rehab start with single-A Tampa on Sunday. If nothing else, that starts his rehab clock, which means that he will have 30 days before the Yankees will have to activate him, shut him back down, or otherwise dispose of him. Pavano pitched well in an extended spring training game yesterday needing just 59 pitches to get through five innings, allowing one run on five hits and striking out three (no word on his walk total, though walks have never been Pavano's problem).
  • The Yankees other rehabing pitcher, Octavio Dotel, who's progress was recently derailed by tendinitis in his surgically repaired elbow, threw 35 pitches in a bullpen session yesterday. He's expected to throw another bullpen later in the week and could get back into extended spring training games next week if he can avoid further complications.
  • Speaking of injuries, Gary Sheffield has yet to swing a bat due to his swollen wrist. Until he can take some swings, he won't see any game action. The Yanks are hoping they won't need to disable him, but for the moment he's not a consideration, and the Yankees are operating with a three-man bench.
  • With Sheffield on the mend, last night's line-up was to include Bubba Crosby in right field and Bernie Williams at DH. Ouch. Hopefully Andy Phillips, who hit a game-tying home run in his last start on Sunday, will take Bernie's spot tonight against the left-handed Casey Fossum. Fossum, for his part, has a dreadful season line due largely to a pair of awful outings in Toronto and Texas in which he gave up a total of six home runs in 8 2/3 innings. He's allowed just one dinger in his other three starts, one against the O's and two against the Red Sox, posting this combined line: 19 1/3 IP, 13 H, 5 R, 1 HR, 11 BB, 6 K. Looks great until you get to those walks and strikeouts. The Cherry Hill, NJ native was surprisingly successful against the Yanks last year, posting a 2.66 ERA in four games (three starts). Makes you wonder if tonight will be a repeat of the Yankees' odds-defying 14-walk, 2-run performance against Seth McClung and company from last week.
  • Finally, I've been ranting at anyone who will listen about Hideki Matsui's current slump. Every year, Matsui's swing falls apart as he starts opening up too early and pulling off the ball. In his first year with the Yankees, Jorge Posada noticed it and told him to keep his hands back as a reminder, setting Godzila off on a tear when interleague play began in June. Last year, Matsui was doing the same thing when he hurt his right ankle playing right field in St. Louis on June 12. The injury forced him to keep his weight back in the batters box and again he went off on a tear. It's the same thing every year, he starts with a flourish, starts pulling off the ball and falls into a slump, and then hits the cover off the ball once he corrects his swing. One would think that he'd be conscious of it now, but he's been doing the same thing this season. Fortunately, his manager and hitting coach have been paying attention. From Tyler Kepner:
    The hitting coach Don Mattingly has shown Matsui video of his at-bats this year and last, and Matsui agreed with Joe Torre that he was opening his front shoulder too soon.

    "He's probably right," Matsui said through an interpreter. "Usually when I get into bad slumps, the bad habit that comes specifically is that I come off the ball and open up a little bit. It's something you go through during a season."

    Matsui's a month ahead of schedule in recognizing the problem. If he fixes it as easily as he has in the past, he could be well on his way to replicating his outstanding 2004 season, which was easily his best in pinstripes. Indeed, Matsui's swing could be one of the more compelling aspects of what promises to be an ugly game at the Trop tonight.

Update: A monster headache wiped out my afternoon and, having just come to, I just realized that I forgot to rest the D-Rays roster for you all. There's not much different. The only actual roster move they've made since putting Jorge Cantu on the DL and calling up Greg Norton during last week's Yankee series was trading non-roster minor league reliever Carlos Hines to the Giants for righty set-up man Tyler Walker and designating Scott Dunn for assignment to make room for Walker. They have, however, shuffled their line-up, moving the surprising Ty Wigginton to second in Cantu's absence and giving Sean Burroughs the third base job for the time being (bouncing Russell Braynan from right field, to third base to the bench). They've also moved Joey Gathright from ninth to lead off and promoted Toby Hall, resulting in something that looks like this:

L - Joey Gathright (L)
L - Carl Crawford (L)
R - Jonny Gomes (R)
R - Ty Wigginton (R)
R - Toby Hall (R)
R - Damon Holins (R)
L - Travis Lee (L)
L - Sean Burroughs (L)
S - Tomas Perez (S)

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2006-05-03 10:13:18
1.   Sliced Bread
Good stuff, Cliff.

As I believe Wright will best serve the team from the bullpen this season, I'd much rather see Chacon get the start tonight. Chacon had to be plenty amped up to face the Sox last night, the rain out was a let down, and getting pushed back to make way for Wright is probably more than a little frustrating for him.

With Wright going tonight, and Sheff nursing that wrist, it would be great if A-Rod and Matsui can snap out of their slumps and do the heavy-lifting again.

2006-05-03 10:23:58
2.   bp1
Please, Cliff. The "Everyone Wang McClung Tonight" game needs to just disappear into the mists of time. Remember that 22-whatever loss to the Indians? Put it right next to that one in the "Games to never be mentioned again" file.


2006-05-03 10:35:45
3.   pistolpete
Godd stuff on Matsui - I heard someone on the YES broadcast mention the same thing about the front shoulder - I wonder if players talk to the guys in the booth as much as they should. Al Leiter and Singleton sound like broken records sometimes because they keep noticing the same mistakes over and over.

A simple conversation with the actual player involved might solve more than a few problems, ya think?

2006-05-03 10:36:09
4.   pistolpete
That's 'Good Stuff', btw. ;-)
2006-05-03 10:46:51
5.   yankaholic
REPEAT?? I think i have heard over a 100 times already of how the Yankee coaching staff is loaded.. how they can suit up and beat anyone in an all timers game.. i have wondered whether sometimes.. they take a break and just play those sentences from a recording.. BTW Al Leiter is much better simply because he is fresher..

Regding Pavano's rehab start.. man over a year now?? high time i wud say.. but the most interesting thing is who will go down when pavano comes in.. certainly not the bench players.. (we have only 4 and Stinnett is out of qn)..

WIll sturtze go down or get released?? What when Dotel comes in?? Interesting.. i Hope it wont be Small..

The most maddening thing we will have 7-8 starting pitchers soon.. but none gives u the confidence they can go 7.. save Moose

2006-05-03 11:01:23
6.   Sliced Bread
Pavano. The NY Post is selling these souvenir 'mini-baseballs' featuring 20 Yankee stars. $3 bucks a pop. Tomorrow's collectable is Carl Pavano "while supplies last." Any takers?
Figure if they sell about 10 million Pavano mini-balls we could pay off what's left of his contract.
2006-05-03 11:05:53
7.   pistolpete
5 "BTW Al Leiter is much better simply because he is fresher.."

Nah, I just think he's got a better gift for gab than most of the current YES crew - Singleton & O'Neill were awkward at their outset, Justice is a smooth talked but he really doesn't 'say' much, and I couldn't tell you about when Kaat began his broadcast career...

2006-05-03 11:56:44
8.   JohnnyC
Singleton actually broadcast Expos games for almost a decade before coming to the Yankees. And I never found him "awkward." He does his best work with Kaat. Sometimes they really get into good baseball discussions. Although I don't despise Kay as much as many here do, he's got to stop channeling Scooter and Fran Healy.
2006-05-03 12:32:12
9.   Shaun P
Hate to kick a man when he's down, but I just read this about our old 'friend' Ruben Sierra, over at BP:

"Losing Sierra isn't really a loss as much as a reason to potentially re-evaluate what he's here for in the first place. Start with a Socratic exercise: What does a Ruben Sierra do? Hit. Does he? No. Does he field? No. Does he like being on the bench? No. Is he good to eat? Better to ask Jonathan Swift. Does he take up roster space? Sadly, yes."

The truly sad part of this comment - replace "Ruben Sierra" in the exercise with "(Ghost of) Bernie Williams" and the result is basically the same.

Cash stepped in one year ago today to get Bernie out of CF and Womack off of 2B. Would that he'd step in today to get Bernie to retire to coach status, and get Sturtze off the roster forever.

2006-05-03 12:41:22
10.   JohnnyC
Yes, but Torre had that nice chat with George after the season and it's bedlam again for the Yankees roster. Ha ha.Why do I get the feeling Torre will ask Cashman to get him Womack (already released) and Sierra (soon to be)to fill out his bench? Sorry, kids, didn't want to scare you but...
2006-05-03 12:59:47
11.   Shaun P
JohnnyC, I'm almost as much of a cynic as you, but fortunately for us, Sierra's bicep tear should keep him out for the rest of the season.
2006-05-03 13:17:24
12.   Marcus
10 I must admit, when I saw Womack got released, I was scared for a split second. But Torre's got Cairo to fill that role this year, and Cairo (as bad as he sometimes is) is WAY better than Womack. I think we can rest easy.
2006-05-03 13:18:04
13.   wsporter
MFD, Yes, ours will be a Ruben proof roster for the foreseeable future. When he moved off "village idiot" status he did manage to get some big hits for us. He's probably done and was so I think last year (if not the year before) but I can't bring myself to dislike him. He came too far from what he once was to be a reasonable facsimile of a MLB player for that. Good luck big guy. Maybe there's a spot for him at the organizational level or a minor league player development spot for him. If he really is a good guy why not do something for or with him? Just don't put him on the roster.
2006-05-03 13:32:17
14.   Dan M
Oh god, I can see the "Ruben adds value as Cano's mentor" nonsense (that was rampant on this site last season) coming back at light speed.
2006-05-03 13:35:45
15.   BklynBmr
Houston Chronicle is reporting the 'stros have kicked off the Rocket sweepstakes with an offer of $18 million.

2006-05-03 13:53:25
16.   Andre
actually 15, they offered a "pro-rated" amount of the $18mill, so you're probably looking at $8-10 mill depending on when he comes back.

I could see the Yanks offering $10mill base plus an additional $1mill per start (could add up to $20mill plus for this year).

2006-05-03 14:26:40
17.   randym77
Please, Joe, let it be Bubba in RF tonight, not Bernie...
2006-05-03 14:40:27
18.   randym77
It's Bernie. :-P

But on the bright side, it's Phillips at first and Giambi DHing.

Johnny Damon CF
Derek Jeter SS
Jason Giambi DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Hideki Matsui LF
Bernie Williams RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Andy Phillips 1B
Kelly Stinnett C

2006-05-03 14:52:58
19.   Shaun P
Ugh - why play Stinnett tonight - with Wright on the mound to begin with, the Yanks will need all the runs they can manage.

13 MFD, I see no problem with giving Sierra some kind of job - he did turn into a team player eventually. But I agree it can't be on the 25- or 40-man rosters.

Dan 14 everything I read about Sierra being Cano's mentor had to do with off-field stuff and how to act as a major leaguer, and little to nothing to do with hitting and fielding. As Cano recently received some award for his work in the community, sounds like Ruben did alright in that role.

2006-05-03 14:58:26
20.   Benjamin Kabak
It's hard to take the Devil Rays seriously if they keep putting Joey Gathright in the leadoff spot. I mean, come on. .326 OBP? A .267 SLG? The only reason this guy is on a Major League team is because he can run.
2006-05-03 15:13:34
21.   Cliff Corcoran
Just heard Sweeny Murti on Mike & the Mad Dog reporting that Sheffield feels better today and will try to hit off a tee. If that goes well he'll take BP tomorrow and could be in a game in the next day or so. He also said Stinnett is catching tonight because Torre liked how he worked with Wright in his last outing. The flip side here is that it guarantees Posada will catch Johnson again tomorrow.
2006-05-03 16:06:53
22.   murphy
i got a better idea: let posada catch johnson and chacon and cut weaver and stinnett out of the euqation. ; )
2006-05-03 16:14:16
23.   Bill
Damon and Bernie in the OF. Crawford and Gaithright. Hmm. Anyone else think inside-the-park homer?
2006-05-03 16:15:51
24.   Bill
And, yes, why is Stinnett playing at all? Jorge was off Monday and Weds, presumably will sit Sunday and Monday is an off day.
2006-05-03 16:31:30
25.   claybeez
I think after the fatigue issues of te last couple years Torre heard the message. He's just trying to make sure guys get plenty of rest. Maybe it's overkill, but at least he's willing to make an adjustment.
2006-05-03 16:32:48
26.   tocho
by the lack of comments, I guess everybody's internet sucks as mine does.
2006-05-03 16:36:55
27.   rsmith51
Nice play...
2006-05-03 16:37:23
28.   BklynBmr
'Zilla just got robbed on a rocket to right! Not about to go out, but a nice grab by the RF. Maybe he's getting his stroke together...
2006-05-03 16:37:35
29.   rsmith51
Bernie had a nice hit there. Don't see that too often.
2006-05-03 16:37:37
30.   randym77
Nah, just not much going on.

Until now. Holy crap, what a catch.

And now Bernie gets a hit....

2006-05-03 16:39:22
31.   rbj
As much as we like to rag on Kay, I prefer the YES team to most any other set of announcers.
2006-05-03 16:42:35
32.   BklynBmr
Nice stab, Alex!!!
2006-05-03 16:45:03
33.   randym77
Yeah, Andy!
2006-05-03 16:45:13
34.   claybeez
Nice one Andy!
2006-05-03 16:45:28
35.   BklynBmr
31 Without a doubt. I have the FSN Florida feed for tonight. All of these play-by-play guys sound the same, and not one of them should be allowed in the booth...

Wow! Nice grab by Andy at 1st!

2006-05-03 16:51:06
36.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Anybody else digging Brett Gardner's season so far in Tampa? .372 .520 .500

The knock on him was no power, but he's getting his extra base hits, and really seems to have a good eye at the plate -- 23 bbs in 101 pas. Supposed to be a plus fielder too, and they seemed to have moved him to center and Battle to left: perhaps as a prelude to promotion to Trenton?

2006-05-03 16:53:16
37.   randym77
Senator Al is a great addition to the team.

They were ragging on him for how slow he was as a pitcher.

2006-05-03 16:57:42
38.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Beckett getting spanked. 50 pitches thru 2. 3 runs across, and no k's.
2006-05-03 16:58:20
39.   rilkefan
Blinked and missed the bottom of the third - did Wright throw more than three pitches?
2006-05-03 16:59:01
40.   rbj
Dang, Afflack question. Who wore 23 before Mattingly?
Mel Hall?
2006-05-03 16:59:43
41.   murphy
wow. did gimabi just get the crazy ortiz shift?
2006-05-03 17:00:08
42.   rbj
2006-05-03 17:02:01
43.   randym77
Giambi got the Ortiz shift both times he was up. And got hit by a pitch both times.
2006-05-03 17:02:36
44.   wsporter
36 He's been ripping it up in Tampa. I was hoping to hear from anyone who saw him play on SI last year but no luck. I'm hoping they put him together with Christian up in Trenton, that should be fun. I'm hoping they do it before they play Bowie this spring.
2006-05-03 17:04:03
45.   BklynBmr
The lighting in this dome is worse than some high school gyms I've seen. On television, it looks depressing to even be there. Cold, soul-less. Caught 'Modern Marvels' on the History Channel last night — a profile of the architects who designed and built the SkyDome. Place looks awesome, inside and out. That roof was no small feat, either.

IMHO, professional baseball should not be played in Florida after April 1st to begin with — then have a team in FLORIDA! who plays in a DOME! Unacceptable.

Man, A-Rod is lost at the plate...

2006-05-03 17:05:37
46.   wsporter
Mr. Torre is right, A-Rod has got to relax. He looks tighter than .....
2006-05-03 17:05:53
47.   BklynBmr
Godzilla awakes!
2006-05-03 17:05:57
48.   randym77
Finally, Hideki!
2006-05-03 17:08:17
49.   wsporter
I doubt we'll get a second look at that one on the Rays feed.
2006-05-03 17:08:26
50.   BklynBmr
That was by a half step of the step and a half Bernie has lost. Ten years ago, he's safe. Nice throw by Fossum...
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2006-05-03 17:08:58
51.   Rob Gee
Anybody else just see that with Matsui? His front shoulder looked like it started to come open then he flexed it back in. It's amazing after all those years you can not notice something that's obviuous to the rest of us. Then you have to retrain your body through your mind.
2006-05-03 17:09:10
52.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crap, Sawx, 5 singles in a row against Halladay, still no outs.
2006-05-03 17:09:22
53.   BklynBmr
49 I thought that looked legit, ws...
2006-05-03 17:10:26
54.   BklynBmr
Now don't compare that to Fossum's play. Speed kills.
2006-05-03 17:11:50
55.   yankz
What a lame way to end the no-no.
2006-05-03 17:13:32
56.   wsporter
Alex Rios has looked like crap for the last year. Some folks here seem to like to jump on Robie Cano but he appears to be twice the player Rios is. Maybe I'm just pissed about that girlie throw that allowed Veritek to score but Jesus that's just crap.
2006-05-03 17:15:12
57.   wsporter
F Bonds. I have no interest in watching that clown catch or pass the Babe.
2006-05-03 17:16:00
58.   RichYF
As Homer Simpson would say, "OUT OF THE WAY I GOT HERE LATE!!" How does Jaret look? I can't watch the game, but it says he isn't fairing too poorly. That could be luck/great plays. So, how's he look?
2006-05-03 17:16:28
59.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
56 I'm checking the Sawx on Gamecenter and couldn't figure out how Alex Gonzalez had managed to hit a ball far enought to allow Varitek to tag and score.
2006-05-03 17:17:57
60.   BklynBmr
I think Bernie misjudged that and got lucky!
2006-05-03 17:18:11
61.   randym77
He's looking okay. Struggled a bit in the first innning, but has settled down.

But this isn't exactly a killer lineup.

2006-05-03 17:19:06
62.   wsporter
59 He threw a three hopper from medium shallow right center. Puke inducing.
2006-05-03 17:21:55
63.   BklynBmr
58 Not 'electric' by any means, but he's getting it done, thanks again to some nice glove work by A-Rod and Andy. There's movement on his pitches, but I'm not sure if he's getting over 90 by much with his fastball.
2006-05-03 17:23:33
64.   BklynBmr
Andy needs to make the most of these ABs. That didn't help.
2006-05-03 17:24:02
65.   rbj
Both infields are earning their paychecks tonight.
2006-05-03 17:28:45
66.   vockins
I'm off the "play Andy Phillips" bandwagon.
2006-05-03 17:30:51
67.   randym77
Well, Giambi wouldn't have made that pick.

But maybe playing Phillips and Stinnett isn't a great idea.

2006-05-03 17:32:14
68.   rbj
2006-05-03 17:32:16
69.   BklynBmr
66 I'm still holding out for a "Shane Spencer September of '98" outburst from Phillips, but I dunno for how much longer...
2006-05-03 17:32:21
70.   murphy
pull... wright... now!!!
2006-05-03 17:33:17
71.   BklynBmr
If that wasn't Perez' wheelhouse, it is now...
2006-05-03 17:33:46
72.   RichYF
HR #24 of his career. Awesome.
2006-05-03 17:36:28
73.   3rd gen yankee fan
2006-05-03 17:36:38
74.   rbj
The Yankees should be able to get that back. If we don't score 3+ runs against the Devil Rays, we don't deserve to win.
2006-05-03 17:37:13
75.   randym77
Proctor's warming. Dunno if it will be him or Wright coming in next inning.
2006-05-03 17:38:08
76.   hensley
I don't understand how you walk Gaithright twice, I mean, whuut?
2006-05-03 17:38:49
77.   BklynBmr
74 My sentiments exactly.
2006-05-03 17:39:06
78.   vockins
67Maybe not, but Giambi would have gotten on base at least twice a game.

Getting one nice out in exchange for four, and maybe an out of someone unfortunate enough to be on first when Phillips grounds to third sounds like a lousy exchange.

2006-05-03 17:39:29
79.   wsporter
3rd time through the lineup. Get him here.
2006-05-03 17:39:57
80.   Benjamin Kabak
76 I'm with you there. Gathright's hitting .217 with a .267 slugging for the season. Just throw him the strikes. It's not like he's going to do much more than single.
2006-05-03 17:40:25
81.   BklynBmr
OK, here we go... Giambi is going deep this inning and even A-Rod is going to get a hit.
2006-05-03 17:40:28
82.   vockins
Not that Giambi isn't playing right now, of course.
2006-05-03 17:40:51
83.   Zack
Nothing like turning on the game and seeing that the Yanks are pulling another lame we can't hit the Rays routine...
2006-05-03 17:41:16
84.   Zack
And for those saying stop playing Andy, its not like he has had any sort of consistant ABs
2006-05-03 17:41:27
85.   RichYF
I don't know how Wright's velocity looks, but he's only thrown 69 pitches. He hasn't pitched in too many "jams" either. I don't see a reason not to bring him back out. How tired can he be? Maybe that was just a "mistake pitch." It must have been one hell of a mistake though for 10 year vet Tomas Perez to put it out. Either way, we all knew he was bad. 2 runs through 6, 7 innings is an excellent outing (even if it is the DRays). I'd take that every night from any pitcher.
2006-05-03 17:42:13
86.   tocho
74 i agree, I haven't seen jared pitch today, but 2 runs should be at least what this offense MUST score every single stupid game. Especially v. Fossum and his 5.18 ERA.

I hate Rays pitching!! and apparently so do the yanks.

Wright has allowed 3 hits and has 2 BB's and 3K's in 5 innings. Those are not bad numbers by any standard.

This offense is disgraceful.

2006-05-03 17:44:52
87.   RichYF
Gamecast and reported that JD was on first after Jeter's happened?
2006-05-03 17:44:54
88.   BklynBmr
We should not be getting shutout by Tampa!
2006-05-03 17:45:19
89.   randym77
85 He left it right over the plate. I think it rattled him. He was pretty upset at the homer, and his pitching afterwards was pretty shaky.
2006-05-03 17:45:32
90.   BklynBmr
Oh, that sucked...
2006-05-03 17:46:15
91.   randym77
JD wasn't on first. He was on 2nd after Jeter's out.
2006-05-03 17:46:22
92.   Zack
This team is beyond infuriating...This hot and cold crap pisses me off so much...
2006-05-03 17:46:25
93.   wsporter
ARGH! #@%!
2006-05-03 17:47:04
94.   Shawn Clap
Wow. A lefty pitching around Giambi to get to ARod. Think it's time to switch the 3 & 4 hitters, Joe?
2006-05-03 17:48:21
95.   rbj
2006-05-03 17:48:50
96.   tocho
man, a-rod is killing himself and this team. he needs to get out tonight and find some way to relax... maybe strurze can help him...
2006-05-03 17:49:41
97.   JeremyM
I agree Shawn. Giambi is the best hitter on this team.
2006-05-03 17:50:59
98.   randym77
A-Rod is still golden on defense, though.
2006-05-03 17:51:07
99.   Benjamin Kabak
So Wright's thrown 74 pitches, 37 of them for strikes. Is there any reason to keep him in the rotation? I don't care how many runs he has or hasn't given up. That's just bad. A more patient team than the Devil Rays would be killing Wright right now.
2006-05-03 17:56:18
100.   rbj
6 innings, 2 runs. A quality start by Wright. Now get some runs.
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2006-05-03 17:56:45
101.   randym77
Bernie! He's had a very respectable night so far.
2006-05-03 17:56:47
102.   BklynBmr
Finally. A break...
2006-05-03 17:56:55
103.   wsporter
4-3 Jays.
2006-05-03 17:58:25
104.   randym77
Yeah! Double for young Robby...
2006-05-03 17:58:35
105.   rbj
Ben, I think Jaret has earned another start. Sure, it is Tampa, but he hasn't had many opportunities this year. Let's see how he fares against a better team.
2006-05-03 17:59:21
106.   rbj
Oh goody, now we get to get into Tampa's bullpen. (psst, slip Tanyon back in there.)
2006-05-03 18:00:36
107.   wsporter
This is where this lineup without Shef is just hurting. You might like to pinch hit here but with whom?
2006-05-03 18:00:41
108.   RichYF
105 Agreed. Small offers us more coming out of the bullpen than Wright does. No matter what we think, CashMoney isn't going to eat $21 million. If Wright can deliver a 4.50 ERA, I don't think we can complain too much (more).
2006-05-03 18:00:42
109.   BklynBmr
This is the offense that is supposed to score 10,000 runs. I'll take a 6 inning, 2 run outing from a Yankee starter for, let's say... 162 games.
2006-05-03 18:01:45
110.   BklynBmr
This is the offense that is supposed to score 10,000 runs. I'll take a 6 inning, 2 run outing from a Yankee starter for, let's say... 162 games.
2006-05-03 18:01:58
111.   randym77
Woot! Jorgie!
2006-05-03 18:02:40
112.   Marcus
Gameday says Posada batted right-handed against the RHP. Is that right?

(RBI single as I write that) Bring 'em in boys!

2006-05-03 18:03:14
113.   randym77
Posada and Cairo in, Phillips and Stinnett out. Good move, Joe.
2006-05-03 18:03:40
114.   wsporter
He has to do this after using Posada.
2006-05-03 18:04:17
115.   Zack
How is Ciaro any better than Phillips?
2006-05-03 18:05:10
116.   BklynBmr
113 As long as it doesn't involve pitching, I trust Joe with my life ;-)
2006-05-03 18:05:45
117.   wsporter
He has to keep Posada's bat in the game. Cairo is a better bunter and contact hitter.
2006-05-03 18:05:49
118.   Maniakes
115, Posada is better than Phillips. Cairo's probably a little better than Stinett.
2006-05-03 18:05:59
119.   BklynBmr
115 Almost guaranteed contact.
2006-05-03 18:06:25
120.   RichYF
My guess is that the move was done because there was 1 out. Jorgie is a better bet for the run (sac fly) than the kid (Phillips). Then you need Posada to catch without losing your DH, so that's the Cairo move. Having only one man left on the bench is risky, but I understand the move.
2006-05-03 18:08:54
121.   randym77
Cairo's been hitting pretty well this year. He got the RBI, and almost got a single.
2006-05-03 18:11:34
122.   Zack
Another crappy start from Beckett...5 innings, 4 runs, 5 hits, 3 walks, 2 ks...
2006-05-03 18:11:57
123.   RichYF
I know it's probably not the correct (Wright) move, but I would have left Jaret in there. Only 81 pitches. I'm not talking about saving the bullpen, I just want to see if he can gut it out. Getting through that final inning is always the hardest. I haven't been able to see the game, so I don't know if he's looked horribly or not. If he has, pull him by all means...if not, see if you can boost his confidence by giving him one more inning.
2006-05-03 18:12:33
124.   claybeez
Nice solid outing by Wright. Let's hope he can build on that.
2006-05-03 18:12:38
125.   rsmith51
Uh oh, here comes another late inning tie game on the road.
2006-05-03 18:14:00
126.   rsmith51
123 I think Torre made the correct move. If Wright can build up his confidence, he may actually have some value.
2006-05-03 18:14:16
127.   tocho
Oh no!!! Just realized.

tied game on the road after the 7th inning....... KRYPTONITE

should we all just turn off the TV, internet whatever and let this one play out by itself and just read what happenned in 1 hour? OK, I think I will do it. It can't bear watching Mo and Farnsworth sit in the bullpen..

good night guys, good luck

2006-05-03 18:16:14
128.   BklynBmr
The Wright we all know and loathe would have left 8 runs on the board tonight. After 3. No way I can complain about this start.
2006-05-03 18:16:39
129.   RichYF
126 Nothing spells confidence like a "W." Aside from one pitch, it seems like JW didn't pitch too poorly. I wish I were able to watch on tv, but such is life. Either way, I'm glad he did as well as he did. If he can get his confidence back, I think he's good enough to help the team. Maybe he'll even earn his paychecks...
2006-05-03 18:19:04
130.   Jen
Sterling keeps going on and on about the Giambi shift like no one has done this since Ted Williams. Guess he didn't hear that they did the same thing to Ortiz
2006-05-03 18:19:57
131.   BklynBmr
Replay: Jason was ganked on that third strike call.
2006-05-03 18:20:45
132.   wsporter
Two out walk, these always seem to kill us when we issue them.
2006-05-03 18:21:46
133.   claybeez
Seeing Tyler Walker warming up put a smile on my face.
2006-05-03 18:22:48
134.   BklynBmr
$%@#! Gloves rule tonight!
2006-05-03 18:22:50
135.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Nice outting by Wright, finally we have a full rotation now....

Well we shall see what happens when (if) Carl Pavano gets back I guess. it's still a month away, but better to have too many usable pitcher than too little heh.

But it's a tied game going into late game.. oh no expect Torre to send out Sturtze and gets blown away.

2006-05-03 18:23:25
136.   Zack
Uh oh, 8th inning, tie game on the road...
2006-05-03 18:25:42
137.   randym77
But it's Myers, not Stutze. At least so far...
2006-05-03 18:26:17
138.   Maniakes
Let me see if I understand. We have a lefty pitching who has thrown 12 pitches, and the next two batters are lefties, so we take our pitcher out of the game so we can bring in a lefty?
2006-05-03 18:26:30
139.   rsmith51
Farnsworth for 1, Mo for 1-2. That would give the Yanks 2 innings to score.
2006-05-03 18:26:57
140.   randym77
Nice play, Godzilla!
2006-05-03 18:27:05
141.   rbj
Nice snag, Godzilla
2006-05-03 18:27:35
142.   Benjamin Kabak
I am still skeptical of Wright. Sure, he limited the D-Rays to two runs. But this isn't the good Tampa line up. No Rocco, no Julio Lugo, no Jorge Cantu, no Aubrey Huff.

He threw just over 50 percent of his pitches for strikes again. And that is not a good sign. Fine, give him another start, but don't keep your fingers crossed. I've seen enough of this guy over the last two seasons.

(Nice catch, Matsui)

2006-05-03 18:27:41
143.   wsporter
2006-05-03 18:27:50
144.   claybeez
Nice hustle by Matsui. You could see he knew what was at stake with Gathright being the batter.
2006-05-03 18:29:58
145.   Marcus
Torre is learning...
2006-05-03 18:30:45
146.   Yu-Hsing Chen
OMG no Sturtze and Farnsworth in a tied game? say it aint so JOE!!!!
2006-05-03 18:31:51
147.   wsporter
Did Myers touch that? I can't tell on MLB.TV. Crawford did get down the line.
2006-05-03 18:32:17
148.   wsporter
5-4 Sawx.
2006-05-03 18:34:43
149.   Zack
So another inning of Kyle, or right to Mo?
2006-05-03 18:35:05
150.   Zack
Obviously, I mean if the game is style tied...
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-05-03 18:35:13
151.   randym77
Boy, that was weird. But it worked out.
2006-05-03 18:36:44
152.   Maniakes
I say let Farns start the inning. We can always bring Mo in if he lets a runner into scoring position.
2006-05-03 18:36:55
153.   Yu-Hsing Chen
If tied except to see Sturtze... on god.
2006-05-03 18:37:44
154.   Zack
wow, I have no idea why I wrote style tied, when i meant still tied, which isn't even close...
2006-05-03 18:38:15
155.   randym77
Bernie baby!
2006-05-03 18:38:18
156.   Zack
Nice game for Bernie! Still no power, but hey, hits are hits!
2006-05-03 18:39:54
157.   wsporter
No bunt here.
2006-05-03 18:40:05
158.   randym77
Mo's warming.
2006-05-03 18:40:38
159.   murphy
i am happy to see some production out of GOB, but this will only encourage torre.
2006-05-03 18:41:58
160.   hensley
Damn you,, I'm not paying to watch a slideshow.
2006-05-03 18:43:30
161.   wsporter
6-5 Jays!
2006-05-03 18:44:38
162.   tocho
jays up 6-5, 2 run HR v Foulke
2006-05-03 18:44:45
163.   Zack
Foulke served up a two run homer to Hillenbrand
2006-05-03 18:45:12
164.   Zack
Gonna waste a lead off single...sigh
2006-05-03 18:46:17
165.   claybeez
What pisses me off is that the Sox made this guy work the other night. Didn't they come back off him? Don't we have the better, deeper lineup? Drives me nuts...Come on Miguel!
2006-05-03 18:47:48
166.   tocho
"please joe, please joe.

bring in Farns or Mo."

2006-05-03 18:48:11
167.   yankz
Dude Bernie has 3 hits!
2006-05-03 18:48:47
168.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Oh crud.....

Dejavu ....... now we will lose either when Torre put Sturtze in a tight situation or when he decide to stretch Mo for 2 inning.. which ever comes first

2006-05-03 18:49:41
169.   Zack
Wow, Joe does the right thing and leaves in Kyle!
2006-05-03 18:54:24
170.   randym77
167 Especially impressive considering how the rest of the lineup has done tonight.
2006-05-03 18:54:55
171.   wsporter
Vernon Wells is very good.
2006-05-03 18:56:49
172.   Zack
Now Joe, turn to Mo
2006-05-03 18:59:43
173.   tocho
so close to being a triple.

now, as Le Miz would say: BRING HIM HOME

2006-05-03 19:00:54
174.   wsporter
Didn't we go down this road in Oakland?
2006-05-03 19:01:49
175.   randym77
C'mon, Giambi!
2006-05-03 19:02:28
176.   wsporter
After 2-0 I don't think Jeter had any intention of bunting.
2006-05-03 19:02:29
177.   BklynBmr
Go deep, Jason, and I don't mean in the count...
2006-05-03 19:02:44
178.   tocho
a bunt by Giambi to 3rd base would be nice here
2006-05-03 19:05:22
179.   Jeteupthemiddle
So I didn't see anything prior to Damon's lead off double in the 10th.

Quick recap...Good? Bad? Ugly?

2006-05-03 19:05:42
180.   randym77
Good as a bunt!

C'mon, A-Rod. Time to snap out of it.

2006-05-03 19:05:44
181.   wsporter
Gotta love that shift.
2006-05-03 19:06:30
182.   BklynBmr
Giambi moved the runners, but we got a break on that one, coulda been a DP. This would be a great time for Alex to wake-the-MF-up!
2006-05-03 19:07:16
183.   RichYF
I'm feeling this at bat right now. A-Rod is going to come through for us. He's not recording an out. Worst case scenario: He walks.
2006-05-03 19:07:18
184.   wsporter
179 Liner down the right field line one hard bounce into the stands and out again. A foot lower and he may have had 3.
2006-05-03 19:07:36
185.   tocho
179 Wright, not bad.

Bullpen, good (so far)

Torre, outstanding (simply because no Sturtze.... so far)

Offense, ugly (nothing will change that)

2006-05-03 19:08:42
186.   tocho
Zero confidence here.

I'm smelling the K

2006-05-03 19:08:46
187.   rsmith51
Why didn't Derek score?
2006-05-03 19:08:59
188.   Zack
Thank you Arod!
2006-05-03 19:09:30
189.   BklynBmr
A Hand Grenade by A-Rod!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take it!
2006-05-03 19:09:35
190.   claybeez
OK! Thank you, Alex!
2006-05-03 19:09:41
191.   wsporter
A-Rod. Mo-time.
2006-05-03 19:09:45
192.   tocho
186 I am an idiot.

Why didn't jeter score?

2006-05-03 19:09:46
193.   rsmith51
Wright, 2 runs over 6 is better than not bad.
2006-05-03 19:09:47
194.   randym77
Thank you, A-Rod!

It was a high one. They had to make sure it wasn't caught before they could run.

2006-05-03 19:09:52
195.   murphy
yaaaay ARod!
2006-05-03 19:10:36
196.   RichYF
186 O ye of little faith
2006-05-03 19:10:41
197.   rsmith51
Well I am glad Tampa decided they didn't want Jeter's bunt.
2006-05-03 19:10:48
198.   Zack
Nice to see Matsui hit line drives...
2006-05-03 19:10:57
199.   yankz
2006-05-03 19:11:34
200.   randym77
And yay, Godzilla!

C'mon, Bernie! You own this park!

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-05-03 19:11:47
201.   Knuckles
This calls for:


2006-05-03 19:12:36
202.   Zack
Rays really need some bullpen help...Can we pawn off Sturtze to them for Lugo/Cantu/Gomes?
2006-05-03 19:12:48
203.   rsmith51
How has Bernie looked tonight? I saw the first AB. That was a nice looking single.
2006-05-03 19:12:51
204.   tocho
193 I'll take it of course, but he wasn't throwing many strikes there.

I didn't watch the whole game but from what has been written here, it was not pretty.

2006-05-03 19:12:58
205.   Zack
And once again we run into outs
2006-05-03 19:13:14
206.   RichYF
Matsui seems to have woken up already based on posts on his at-bats. Not all hits, but very solid hits. As for A-Rod, that at-bat was just what he needed: pressure situation, but not too much because anything in play basically scores a run. 1B was open, so even a walk helps. I had a gut feeling about it...
2006-05-03 19:15:21
207.   wsporter
204 He looked pretty good. he made two really bad pitches. one cost him 2 runs. This is often a hard place to land.
2006-05-03 19:15:35
208.   Zack
knuckles, thanks for that, that was great!
2006-05-03 19:15:36
209.   Benjamin Kabak
205 That was a botched hit-and-run. Bernie's fault, I think.
2006-05-03 19:16:37
210.   Benjamin Kabak
207 Wright looked serviceable. In my opinion, "pretty good" is not throwing just 42 of 81 pitches for strikes.
2006-05-03 19:19:56
211.   Jeteupthemiddle
well if he was servicable, I would say that's a 5th starter...i don't mind.

I'll take 6 innings 2 run ball from my 5th starter every time....even if it is the result of luck.

2006-05-03 19:20:04
212.   Zack
So we can all assume, for our sanity, that even if the Yanks hadn't gotten the lead this inning, that Mo would have come in, right? Right?
2006-05-03 19:21:06
213.   tocho
I hope torre writes down how to use the bullpen on the road here. Specifically write down in all caps, NO STURTZE UNLESS UP BY 7 RUNS.
2006-05-03 19:21:21
214.   RichYF
211 Agreed. We all want to bash JW just to do it. Give him some consistent work and if he's still terrible, then tear him apart. I don't like him, but he's here to stay (for now at least). Let's make the best of it...
2006-05-03 19:21:36
215.   Knuckles
Oh yeah, it's always a good time for the banana phone!
2006-05-03 19:23:26
216.   BklynBmr
2006-05-03 19:23:34
217.   wsporter
210 he looked pretty good compared to what he has been giving us.
2006-05-03 19:24:18
218.   Zack
Damon and A-Rod hug, is Damon bringing the huging to the Yanks?
2006-05-03 19:24:58
219.   BklynBmr
Varitek is on second with 0 outs, bottom 9. 6-5 Jays...
2006-05-03 19:25:24
220.   RichYF
Didn't A-Rod huge Jeter (from behind) and pick him up just about every time we won last year?
2006-05-03 19:25:31
221.   RichYF
2006-05-03 19:26:59
222.   BklynBmr
Willy Mo singles. 6-6.
2006-05-03 19:27:12
223.   wsporter
6 - 6 Sawx Jays. Crap.

5/2 was D day on Carlos Pena. Any word?

2006-05-03 19:28:00
224.   Zack
Sox game tied up, in 8th not 9th
2006-05-03 19:28:59
225.   Zack
Why did the Jays bring in some scrub in that situation?
2006-05-03 19:29:25
226.   BklynBmr
224 My eyes are going, thanks Zack!
2006-05-03 19:40:40
227.   Jeteupthemiddle
223 obviously the yankees didn't call him up. at the moment he is content to wait.
2006-05-03 19:43:23
228.   wsporter
227 I know they didn't call him up. Was he content to wait? He has an out in the K as of 5/2. Did he agree to extend it, waive it or was it exercised?
2006-05-03 19:46:19
229.   wsporter
7-6 Jays Blown save for Papel-bong and first earned run.
2006-05-03 19:55:37
230.   wsporter
Sawx Loose. night.
2006-05-03 20:02:22
231.   randym77
Gee, I guess Big Papi struck out.

While A-Rod scored the go-ahead run.

Who's clutch now? ;-)

2006-05-03 20:18:41
232.   rsmith51
229 Actually not a blown save, but it was a rough outing and a loss.
2006-05-03 21:14:57
233.   Zack
Nice that on the same day that Chass writes his article praising Papelbon as el savior, he loses that game!
2006-05-03 22:47:53
234.   Yu-Hsing Chen
202. Sturtze for Cantu / Lugo ? lol !!! Sturtze and Proctor and Small and a couple of decent prospects and then maybe there's a shot heh.

Honestly though, if the Rays weren't in the east their record would be a lot better... they have a really exciting offense and defense...

Let's hope now that Jaret finally have a QS also... this is the sign of a good streak to come..

2006-05-04 00:15:52
235.   BklynBmr
Last Licks Dept: Once again, Bristol Bias in the media. Yanks mathematically in first (.560 vs .556 for Boston). Only ESPN and Fenway scoreboard keepers see it otherwise.

Yanks are due to bust out with the bats tonight (Thursday) and Unit is due for a dominating performance. 'till then!

2006-05-04 00:56:14
236.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Well both Halladay and Beckett pitched pretty bad in their game today and it's a miserable 49 degrees and wet in fenway, btw, the Yanks Sox game was 46 degree and a little less wet....

from what i'm hearing the effects include loss in velocity and difficulties using breaking stuff... and they got banged around (Beckett gave up 5 hit in 5 IP including 2 double, Halladay gave up 9 hits in 6 IP and also gave up 2 double, both gave up 2 to 3 walks.)

If that's the comparason, than I think Wang should be just fine consider he pitched in an arguablly worse condition and his outting is still comparable to the likes of those two..

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