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Beautifical Day for Ball in the Bronx (ain't it?)
2006-04-29 10:01
by Alex Belth

It is a sterling spring day here in New York as Randy Johnson goes against the Blue Jays this afternoon. Really, not a cloud in the sky, sunny, but breezy, in the low sixties. It'll be chilly later on. Of course, the Big Unit was served by the Blue Jays last week in Toronto. They just pounded him. Let's see what he has for them this time around. The Yankee offense has sputtered for the past three games. How much longer can that happen?

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

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2006-04-29 10:12:51
1.   Alex Belth
Painful way to start this one, huh Randy?
2006-04-29 10:18:02
2.   Alex Belth
After hitting Johnson, whiffing Rios, Johnson falls behind Vernon Wells and then serves up an RBI double to left center. Ouch, Randy.
2006-04-29 10:19:03
3.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh. Here we go. Hopefully you're right, Alex. The odds against Moiderers Row '06 not showing up again are getting slimmer.
2006-04-29 10:20:21
4.   tocho
Don't worry guys, we'll get Towers.
2006-04-29 10:21:10
5.   Alex Belth
Wells swipes third and scores on a sac fly. I was reading this week where J.P. Riccardi was saying that Wells has become more serious about becoming an elite player. He was saying that you have to want to be great and that Wells is taking at bats more seriously, getting more upset when the team loses.
2006-04-29 10:21:49
6.   Alex Belth
Yeah, Towers has been garbage so far this year, right?
2006-04-29 10:23:44
7.   Zack
Ugh, looks like Joe's "commitment" to Andy is all but over, back to more days of Bernie...
2006-04-29 10:25:16
8.   Alex Belth
Ah-ha, Johnny Damon with a single to center. Splendid start boys.
2006-04-29 10:25:20
9.   BklynBmr
OK, Johnny! I'm looking for a few big games from him before heading to Beantown. He's gotta be getting psyched...
2006-04-29 10:25:31
10.   Benjamin Kabak
Suzyn and Sterling are taling about Damon's pending reception in Fenway. Is there any doubt Sox fans are going to boo him?
2006-04-29 10:26:05
11.   Alex Belth
And then promptly steals second.
2006-04-29 10:26:54
12.   Alex Belth
Jeter grounds out to short.
2006-04-29 10:26:55
13.   BklynBmr
10 There's going to be a lot of hate on display in that park...
2006-04-29 10:27:46
14.   BklynBmr
That was the SS's ball!
2006-04-29 10:28:24
15.   Alex Belth
I'm not in front of a TV now, just a Gameday on the computer. It says that Sheff pops a single to short on the first pitch and Damon goes to third. Whah happen?
2006-04-29 10:29:02
16.   Alex Belth
Damon will get booed but he'll get some cheers as well.
2006-04-29 10:29:29
17.   Alex Belth
C'mon A Rod.
2006-04-29 10:30:14
18.   monkeypants
14 Yes, thank you! The Jays announcers just said that the ball was hit into "no man's land" and thet the LF was "the only one with a real shot." But clearly the SS was called off and could have made the play if he didn't pull up.

Of course, these same Jays announcers generously described the Yankkes defense as one of the best in the league.

2006-04-29 10:30:19
19.   Benjamin Kabak
Alex: Sheffield hit a pop up in the no man's land between short/center/left. Johnson dove for it but couldn't come up with the ball.
2006-04-29 10:30:29
20.   Jeteupthemiddle
16 Sheff popped it up, looked like it would be caught, the left fielder dove to catch it, missed it, shortstop threw it in. Looked like no one saw it.
2006-04-29 10:31:09
21.   Harley
Well. No man's land if you get a terrible jump on the ball like Johnson did. But it's easy to be fooled by a Sheffield swing.
2006-04-29 10:31:15
22.   tocho
15 a fly ball btw the LF and the SS. the LF dived and could not get it. Damon was not running obviously so he only got to 3rd.

here comes arod

2006-04-29 10:31:42
23.   BklynBmr
15 Sky high fly, LF seemed to start back on it, then charges in only to miss it by a few feet on a sliding attempt. CF and SS just kinda backed off. From where it landed, it looked like the SS should have stayed with it.
2006-04-29 10:32:17
24.   Benjamin Kabak
ARod continues to, uh, do nothing. These 60-foot lucky groundballs are really going to win him another MVP.
2006-04-29 10:32:29
25.   Jeteupthemiddle
well wasn't that rather indecisive.
2006-04-29 10:32:30
26.   Alex Belth
Towers falls behind A Rod, 2-0, the count goes full and A Rod grounds out to the pitcher. Damon scores though.
2006-04-29 10:32:48
27.   BklynBmr
A lucky break on A-Rod's comebacker, but we will take it...
2006-04-29 10:33:17
28.   tocho
Alex, a comebacker to towers but sheff was running on the play, towers was not aware of the running by sheff, so towers looked a 2nd base, then thought about going to 1st and ended up trying to get damon at home.

result, everybody safe, 1 run in., men on 1st and 2nd.

2006-04-29 10:33:54
29.   Alex Belth
Hey, I was thinking last night: How close is Giambi to being a real Yankee favorite? Another solid year this year and adequate next year and he's really recovered from being perceived as the disaster he was a year or two ago.
2006-04-29 10:34:57
30.   Jeteupthemiddle
I don't think Giambi will ever be a true fan favorite...although, I'm basing that on my own feelings about Giambi.
2006-04-29 10:35:07
31.   Jeteupthemiddle
And then he homers. lol.
2006-04-29 10:35:31
32.   BklynBmr
29 He's my favorite right about now ;-)
2006-04-29 10:35:54
33.   Alex Belth
Awwww, bacon.
2006-04-29 10:36:02
34.   Harley
Well, Alex, I'd say very close.
2006-04-29 10:36:23
35.   singledd
Normally I feel a little 'guilty' when we score a cheap run, but we have gotten so many bad breaks, I'll take it.



(and one of my favorites)

2006-04-29 10:36:46
36.   Alex Belth
I don't know. The Italian thing. The comeback thing. He's produced really well. I think if he does well this year and next his reputation amongst Yankee fans could really change from what they were.
2006-04-29 10:36:53
37.   Benjamin Kabak
So here's a question. With all of the talk of Mark McGwire and the Hall of Fame, would the BBWAA vote Jason Giambi the MVP if he can sustain this production for a full season? Assume .320/.500/.650 with 40ish home runs.
2006-04-29 10:36:53
38.   tocho
29 especially if he continues to do things like this.
2006-04-29 10:37:34
39.   rilkefan
Balls are going to get a bit more allergic to Giambi. Hope it doesn't affect his defense.
2006-04-29 10:37:42
40.   BklynBmr
4 You nailed it, tocho. With the exception of A-Rod so far, everyone is getting some wood the ball...
2006-04-29 10:38:26
41.   Alex Belth
I used to hate it when heads used to call Matsui "Groundzilla" during his first year in America, mostly because it was just a frustrating reminder that he did ground out so much when he was going badly.

Much as I try to resist it, I've been thinking "Groundzilla" a whole lot lately.

2006-04-29 10:38:46
42.   Benjamin Kabak
A bird just ended up squawking outside of the Yankee radio broadcast booth. For a second, I thought it was Waldman talking.
2006-04-29 10:39:54
43.   tocho
that shot from Giambi was about 15 rows in the upper deck, he drilled it.

Its almost impossible how he came back, he's the player he was in '01. Amazing how he's turning back the clock, I mean 5 years in an athlete's life can be very taxing.

2006-04-29 10:40:13
44.   Alex Belth
Giambi would have to put up a year like Ortiz did last year and NOT have a better defensive player any where near him number wise in order to win the MVP. But if it was legit, they'd do it. Giambi is likable, he's no ogre, no matter how suspect his credibility may be with the writers.
2006-04-29 10:40:17
45.   JeremyM
I'm a big Giambi fan. His comeback last year sealed the deal for me.
2006-04-29 10:41:11
46.   Alex Belth
Towers threw 33 pitches.

A good, fresh start for the offense and a boost for RJ.

2006-04-29 10:42:05
47.   singledd
Everytime an announcer creams over an upper deck blast, I can't help but think of Mantle's shot that went OVER the facade, but hit a light stanchion and didn't (technically) go out of the stadium.

Thats like Giambi's shot but like THIRTY higher with a lot most power behind it!!

Have ya'all seen a picture of that 'Shot'.
There are some that say the ball was still rising when it hit!

Simply impossible.

No human could hit a ball that far.

It was estimated to go 640 feet.

Simply impossible. In-human.

But the Mick did it.

2006-04-29 10:42:38
48.   tocho
40 yeah! they HAVE to hit towers. now let's hope RJ settles in and doesn't give up any more stupid runs.
2006-04-29 10:43:21
49.   BklynBmr
Yanks should sign Hillenbrand and just play him in home games...
2006-04-29 10:45:56
50.   Benjamin Kabak
Despite the outs, the Blue Jays are clobbering the Unit right now.
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2006-04-29 10:53:54
51.   Zack
Ok, can someone please please club Sterling and threaten him if he ever says something like "positively Demonic" ever again?
2006-04-29 10:54:13
52.   JeremyM
Nice job Damon!
2006-04-29 10:55:51
53.   Benjamin Kabak
51 I think it was "positively Damonic" but your point remains.
2006-04-29 10:57:11
54.   Zack
Right, sorry, thats what I meant...
2006-04-29 10:57:44
55.   Zack
I still don't get why we don't get the YES feed, are they in some sort of protest with
2006-04-29 11:00:37
56.   BklynBmr
55 All of these feeds are sideways. No game at all last night on Extra Innings, could only get the Toronto radio feed on Gameday Audio. Today I'm getting the YES feed, Lord knows what tomorrow will bring.
2006-04-29 11:00:38
57.   Zack
Is there a reason why Johnson can't pitch to these guys?
2006-04-29 11:01:28
58.   rilkefan
This is like a bizarre mockery.
2006-04-29 11:02:04
59.   JeremyM
Man, Johnson facing the Blue Jays is like A-Rod facing Colon, all game long.
2006-04-29 11:02:30
60.   rilkefan
Rather, the first time was tragic, now it's farcical.
2006-04-29 11:05:27
61.   Jeteupthemiddle
i hate randy johnson.
2006-04-29 11:06:17
62.   Alex Belth
Glaus is a Yankee-killer.
2006-04-29 11:06:58
63.   Benjamin Kabak
Bengie Molina is one tubby dude for an everyday player.
2006-04-29 11:07:25
64.   tocho
no proctor or wrigth today, who should come in and relieve RJ who CLEARLY cannot pitch effectively v. the blue jays?

Smith? Villone?


2006-04-29 11:07:46
65.   BklynBmr
While Strutze is warming up, here's the top ten picks in today's NFL draft:

(1) Houston Mario Williams DE
(2) NO Reggie Bush RB
(3) TENN Vincent Young QB
(4) NY Jets D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT
(5) GB AJ Hawk OLB
(6) SF Vernon Davis TE
(7) Oakland Michael Huff CB
(8) Buffalo Donte Whitner S
(9) Detroit Ernie Sims OLB
(10) Arizona Matt Leinart QB

NY Jints pick 25th...

2006-04-29 11:08:12
66.   unmoderated
2006-04-29 11:09:01
67.   Benjamin Kabak
Wasn't Randy Johnson throwing 99 when he was in Arizona in 2004? What happened? Now he throws flat 91 mph fastballs.
2006-04-29 11:09:18
68.   Zack
Sturtze again? Torre once again seems determined to force his arm out of the socket...
2006-04-29 11:10:15
69.   BklynBmr
68 Just kidding — at least I hope I'm not correct there...
2006-04-29 11:12:18
70.   Benjamin Kabak
68 Would that really be a bad thing? If his arm is out of his socket then he can't pitch anymore.
2006-04-29 11:12:57
71.   tocho
Its FINALLY over. Very painfull inning there by Javy, I mean Randy.
2006-04-29 11:16:25
72.   Jeteupthemiddle
I would just like to point out that at this moment, Chacon's ERA is lower than Johnson's.
2006-04-29 11:16:39
73.   unpopster
ok, here's the situation:

If this horrible outing by Johnson is all on him, then we must just accept the hard fact that he is no longer The Unit of old and he's come down to earth, HOWEVER...

If this is partially the result of the Johnson-Posada battery, then THE POSADA-CATCHING-JOHNSON-EXPERIMENT MUST END NOW! No more Jorge catching The Unit. This team needs wins, period. I don't care anymore about Torre's resistance to "personal catchers".

2006-04-29 11:17:22
74.   JeremyM
Why is Silva starting for Minnesota when they have that Liriano cat? As many advances as there have been in baseball analysis, it's amazing how teams can look over something so obvious that requires nothing of sophistication.
2006-04-29 11:17:57
75.   JeremyM
unpopster, Stinnett caught his last game against Toronto.
2006-04-29 11:18:07
76.   Jeteupthemiddle
huh? the Posada catching Johnson thing? The last time Johnson faced the Blue Jays he was worse...Stinnett was the catcher. It has nothing to do with the catcher. Sometimes he just sucks.
2006-04-29 11:19:07
77.   BklynBmr
This has a '2 or 3 HR game' for Giambi written all over it...
2006-04-29 11:19:41
78.   randym77
I don't think we can blame this one Jorge. He's caught some good games with the Unit, too, and there's been at least one bad one with Stinnett.
2006-04-29 11:21:29
79.   BklynBmr
Kaye just rattled off the stats last inning. Something like 1-2 with a 6+ ERA with Stinnett, and way better with Jorgie.
2006-04-29 11:22:52
80.   Cliff Corcoran
This is just Jorge's third time catching Johnson, the other two were excellent: opening day and the Miguel Tejada game v. Baltimore.
2006-04-29 11:23:00
81.   JeremyM
OK, it's time for Matsui to get a big hit. Enough is enough.
2006-04-29 11:23:22
82.   randym77
Woot! Matsui's luck continues...
2006-04-29 11:23:31
83.   monkeypants
Wow, this is a weird, weird game.
2006-04-29 11:23:48
84.   BklynBmr
RF shoulda had it... we'll take it!
2006-04-29 11:24:00
85.   Cliff Corcoran
Man, as great a play as it would have been, Rios shoudla had that one, tipped off the thumb of his glove.

And out goes Towers.

2006-04-29 11:25:14
86.   JeremyM
Right on.
2006-04-29 11:25:47
87.   Cliff Corcoran
Dustin McGowan was just called up yesterday. Jason Frasor sent down.
2006-04-29 11:27:18
88.   tocho
64 so anybody else has any thoughts about who should come in and pitch. I mean they have to win this game and RJ is clearly not confortable v. these guys.

do you think Torre will give Smith a chance? Villone?

please not Sturtze..

2006-04-29 11:28:25
89.   singledd
Another 'Pitchers Duel'.
73... Really... How can you blame this on Jorge? Randy just can't locate. Unlike Pedro and other Pitchers who changed their 'style' when they lost their velocity, RJ still tries to blow it by them.

Randy is gonna have to adjust. We still gotta pay this guy next year.

2006-04-29 11:28:26
90.   JeremyM
I think Smith is good against righties as well so I'd maybe try him.
2006-04-29 11:28:36
91.   Jeteupthemiddle
I think you go to Villone first.
2006-04-29 11:30:13
92.   BklynBmr
Too early to mix and match. We need a Mendoza here...
2006-04-29 11:30:21
93.   randym77
Randy Johnson isn't the Unit of old. More like an old Unit. I mean, it tends to happen when you're closer to 50 than to 30, y'know?

That said, it's early yet. He always says he pitches better in the heat of summer.

2006-04-29 11:31:18
94.   Jeteupthemiddle
Just out of curiosity, when does that contract extension on Johnson end?
2006-04-29 11:32:49
95.   JeremyM
Next year.
2006-04-29 11:34:06
96.   BklynBmr
Like the old saying goes: "Hitting and defense wins ballgames"... ;-)
2006-04-29 11:35:35
97.   Jeteupthemiddle
Ok, I've never read Moneyball. I've never had any desire to read Moneyball. But I am so sick of hearing Michael Kay describe it in what I can only assume as the wrongest possible misconception.
2006-04-29 11:36:28
98.   JeremyM
Can you imagine how bad these games against the Jays would be for Johnson if they didn't keep getting caught stealing?
2006-04-29 11:37:44
99.   singledd
Jeez... If RJ can keep his ERA under 6.00, he will at least be a .500 pitcher for us. Who did we give up for this guy again?
2006-04-29 11:40:18
100.   unpopster
As I said, I'm not necessarily blaming this on Jorge. I said in 73 that we may just have to accept that The Unit is no longer the Unit of old.

However, I've now watched Randy for 1+ years in a yankee uniform and I've seen way too many stickers with Jorge behind the plate.

Nevertheless, for all of you that reminded me that Stinnett was catching the last time Randy stunk it up against the Jays, I thank you and I'll admit that I may have overreacted.

Having said Randy was imploding against the Angels in last year's ALDS, I said that Randy better come back in '06 and make it up to the Yankee faithful with a vintage Randy Johnson year. Well, I guess the "Yankee faithful" will be dissapointed by a high-priced mercenary once again.

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2006-04-29 11:41:17
101.   BklynBmr
Oh, yeah. Johhny is getting ready for Boston...
2006-04-29 11:41:53
102.   randym77
Cheez Whiz. Damon has broken out of his little slump in a big way.

I would love to see him do this Monday. ;-)

2006-04-29 11:42:09
103.   JeremyM
Nice! This is Damon's Yankee moment:)
2006-04-29 11:42:56
104.   Benjamin Kabak
51 He said it again. I'm going to positively smack John Sterling.
2006-04-29 11:43:40
105.   BklynBmr
Anyone have the feeling it's going to take more than 9 runs to secure this one?
2006-04-29 11:44:32
106.   JeremyM
Geez, Jeter sucks. Average dipped below .400 to .393 now. What a chump.
2006-04-29 11:46:45
107.   nycfan
What did Kay say about Moneyball?

The Yankees really need to change their bullpen philosophy. Rasner, Bean, and Veras are all performing really well in the minors and could definitely outperform Wright and Sturtze and probably Villone and Proctor as well, but they're not going to get a shot.

2006-04-29 11:47:17
108.   BklynBmr
104 Yeah, that call has to go. We should have a Bronx Banter contest and respectfully submit our top three or five Damon HR calls to Sterling. Couldn't hurt...
2006-04-29 11:47:43
109.   randym77
106 Er...obviously, the situation just wasn't "clutch" enough. ;-)
2006-04-29 11:48:32
110.   BklynBmr
106 Cap's average is dropping like a rock. Who's the kid at Columbus? Time to give him a hard look...
2006-04-29 11:53:52
111.   JeremyM
Giambi is just sick so far. Coming in his OBP was .542 and he's been on twice so far in 3 trips today.
2006-04-29 11:58:22
112.   BklynBmr
Already feels like an entire game...

Timing is not good for hitting Boston with A-Rod and Mats off their game. Maybe that series will wake Mats up, I'm not so sure about Alex...

2006-04-29 11:59:28
113.   randym77
Whoa. Jorgie's a stud.
2006-04-29 11:59:40
114.   BklynBmr
Wow! A Jeter-esque move by Jorgie! What a play!
2006-04-29 12:02:08
115.   tocho
Hey RJ, let's see your "personal catchers" make those plays to save you!!
2006-04-29 12:03:22
116.   kylepetterson
Does Johnson look as bad in person as he does on GameDay?
2006-04-29 12:04:23
117.   JeremyM
No kidding Kyle. How do you walk 2 guys there?
2006-04-29 12:05:27
118.   BklynBmr
95 pitches for RJ so far...
2006-04-29 12:05:56
119.   JeremyM
This is ridiculous. Walks the bags full.
2006-04-29 12:05:58
120.   randym77
RJ's struggling so much Joe Torre came out to talk to him. He's walked three now.
2006-04-29 12:06:25
121.   kylepetterson
and they keep him in....
2006-04-29 12:06:27
122.   Stormer Sports
Hey, easy on RJ! He'll give us 15 quality starts this year . . . 3 walks, what a putz!
2006-04-29 12:06:31
123.   randym77
Proctor's warming.
2006-04-29 12:06:38
124.   BklynBmr
Fans 'Bronx cheering' Unit's first pitch strike to Zahn... Proctor's up.
2006-04-29 12:07:13
125.   tocho
proctor warming u.

he threw 3 full innings yesterday. what's joe thinking there?

2006-04-29 12:07:52
126.   BklynBmr
Villone now up...
2006-04-29 12:07:58
127.   Stormer Sports
When he can string 2 decent starts together, then he can decide who his catcher will be.
2006-04-29 12:08:11
128.   randym77
Villone is now warming, too.
2006-04-29 12:08:36
129.   JeremyM
Well, they have no choice--throw the vault at Clemens.
2006-04-29 12:08:37
130.   kylepetterson
He's thinking about saving Sturtze so he can blow the game in the 8th or 9th.
2006-04-29 12:08:44
131.   tocho
villone also up
2006-04-29 12:09:25
132.   Stormer Sports
Here it comes. Randy is all over the strike zone and he's bitching about calls.

Maybe it was the desert air in Houston and Arizona.

2006-04-29 12:09:44
133.   BklynBmr
Go ahead run at the plate...
2006-04-29 12:10:03
134.   Jeteupthemiddle
I kind of liked looking up the stats in the morning and seeing that the Yankees led the AL in ERA. That was short lived I suppose.
2006-04-29 12:10:46
135.   kylepetterson
If anybody's wondering what it looks like when someone pukes on their keyboard, just wait...
2006-04-29 12:11:17
136.   JeremyM
I just don't see how a hall of famer can walk the bases loaded in a 9-5 game. It's unreal.
2006-04-29 12:12:12
137.   randym77
Whew. Coulda been a lot worse...
2006-04-29 12:12:25
138.   JeremyM
Thank God. The nightmare is over.
2006-04-29 12:12:45
139.   tocho
Javy got out of it.
2006-04-29 12:13:24
140.   Stormer Sports
Wow! What is up with him? Velocity is good, there has got to be an explanation that the coaches can work on with him to fix this. Even if we have to shelve him while he works on it. We cannot go anywhere in the playoffs without him.
2006-04-29 12:13:27
141.   BklynBmr
I hope they didn't put the bats away yet. This one is not even close to being over...
2006-04-29 12:14:47
142.   Jeteupthemiddle
Johnson: 5 IP 6 H 6 ER 4 BB 2 SO
Wright: 5 IP 6 H 4 ER 3 BB 0 SO

who woulda thunked it.

2006-04-29 12:15:41
143.   kylepetterson
At least we aren't the Twins.
2006-04-29 12:16:20
144.   Stormer Sports
138 Jeremy,

The nightmare isn't over. Johnson is signed through next season.

2006-04-29 12:19:00
145.   Bob Timmermann
If Jim Tracy were managing the Yanks, you would here "I wanted to put Randy in to a position to succeed."
2006-04-29 12:20:08
146.   kylepetterson
Every time I see Cano bat my brain explodes. How is it possible that he is batting .312?
2006-04-29 12:26:57
147.   Stormer Sports
Here we go! Come on Jete!
2006-04-29 12:28:08
148.   BklynBmr
Maybe it's the mound today. No one can find the plate...
2006-04-29 12:29:36
149.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Sheff Sheff Sheff, let's do it.
2006-04-29 12:31:48
150.   Jeteupthemiddle
I just cried a little in my realization that it is only the 5th inning.
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2006-04-29 12:31:48
151.   BklynBmr
Clean the bags, Sheff. We'll need these runs...
2006-04-29 12:33:27
152.   BklynBmr
Uh-oh! That didn't look good...
2006-04-29 12:33:32
153.   Jeteupthemiddle
I think Sheffield's dead.
2006-04-29 12:33:36
154.   Stormer Sports
Fuck! Sheffield better not be hurt, God damn it!
2006-04-29 12:35:32
155.   BklynBmr
153 Not funny, but I'm crackin' up... Looked from one angle that he bounced his noggin on the turf...
2006-04-29 12:35:46
156.   Marcus
Anyone care to explain what just happened to Sheff? Hillenbrand is hurt? ?!
2006-04-29 12:36:05
157.   Stormer Sports
Well, at least he didnt pussy foot the play like Arod would have. I hope its not serious.
2006-04-29 12:36:27
158.   randym77
He really did fall over like he was dead.

I'm not sure what's wrong. It really didn't look like that bad of a collision.

2006-04-29 12:36:47
159.   Cliff Corcoran
Looked like a collar bone injury from the way he landed, but from the way he came off the field and the way he grabbed the side of his head when he landed, I'm thinking it's a concussion, unless he hurt his knee on Hillenbrand's head.

By the way, anyone else notice Andy Phillips coming over to help Sheff into the clubhouse?

2006-04-29 12:37:33
160.   Cliff Corcoran
I should add that he put his arms around Torre and the trainer, so it couldn't be a collar bone.
2006-04-29 12:38:17
161.   Stormer Sports

Maybe I loaned Andy my copy of Asskissing for Dummies.

2006-04-29 12:39:18
162.   randym77
Collision at 1st. Hillenbrand leaning across the base, trying to catch the ball. Sheff ran right into him. Kicked him in the head, I think, but Hillenbrand seems to be okay. Sheff fell over on the grass like he was dead. Dunno if he hit his head or shoulder on the ground, or if Hillebrand hit him in the leg or what. He walked off the field, but very slowly.
2006-04-29 12:39:34
163.   BklynBmr
156 Gounder in the hole to 2nd. 2B baseman's throw pulls 1B off the bag slightly, right into Sheffs path. Sheff's left knee clocks the first baseman right on the temple. (He left the game, too.) Sheff goes tumbling, looked like he came down face first, or maybe knee first, but he was flyin'. Just laid there like he was shot for a few...
2006-04-29 12:40:26
164.   Jeteupthemiddle
Good thing it isn't the collar bone. I broke that bone. That bone never heals. I probably broke it 12 years ago, and I still have a bump on my shoulder, and it still hurts sometime when I run too much. Woulda been a 6 week injury at least.

(willing to admit, I run maybe once a year, so maybe my body is just allergic)

2006-04-29 12:41:16
165.   BklynBmr
157 Storm — now that is funny!
2006-04-29 12:42:13
166.   rbs10025
156 Looked like Sheff's left knee hit Hillenbrand in the head. I was amazed that he didn't then step on Hillenbrand's arm or hand.

Anyway, Sheff then came down on his shoulder and was laying on his side and not moving. I don't think I actually saw his head smack the ground in any of the 15 replays/

Eventually Sheff walked off the field, but he was acting like an old man who'd been smacked around and needed some private time to see if his marbles were still there. Didn't act like he was in pain anywhere in particular.

2006-04-29 12:43:20
167.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Is Proctor coming in? Well, what does Torre do in the near future, play Bubba in right and DH the light hitting Phillips, or start Berinie in right and DH someone else?
2006-04-29 12:43:35
168.   singledd
I think Sheff hit his head.
Lucky the injury is to a body pard seldom used.
2006-04-29 12:44:46
169.   Cliff Corcoran
164 Yeah, I broke mine to about 16 years ago. Still got the bump and one sloped shoulder as a result (I always say I have one Lou Gherig shoulder and one Don Mattingly shoulder, both are exaggerations). Never had it hurt though.
2006-04-29 12:44:54
170.   Jeteupthemiddle
Sturtze in. A 6 run lead enough for him?
2006-04-29 12:45:19
171.   BklynBmr
Post #168 is another reason to love the Banter!
2006-04-29 12:45:54
172.   mikeplugh
Is Torre trying to kill Tanyon Sturtze?
2006-04-29 12:46:16
173.   BklynBmr
170 As long as the bases are empty when he gives up the homers...
2006-04-29 12:47:14
174.   mikeplugh
Ah...there's the Tanyon we all know and love.
2006-04-29 12:47:15
175.   Stormer Sports
No, but Tanyon looks to be trying to kill someone.
2006-04-29 12:47:56
176.   mikeplugh
Not enough runs in this game....Torre wanted to keep the Jays in it.
2006-04-29 12:49:03
177.   Bob Timmermann
Reed Johnson needs to be hit once more to set the record.

Several players have plunked three times in a game.

2006-04-29 12:49:25
178.   mikeplugh
And there's why Rios doesn't start against righties....
2006-04-29 12:49:32
179.   Stormer Sports

When are Carl Crawford and Joey Gathright eligible for free agency, after next year?

2006-04-29 12:51:26
180.   Jeteupthemiddle
177 Well, its only the 6th inning, he'll probably have 2 more ABs to try for it.
2006-04-29 12:52:16
181.   Stormer Sports
This game is screaming for a 10 run rule and a 12 pack.
2006-04-29 12:54:32
182.   BklynBmr
181 How about the Tigers, up 18-1 over Minny...
2006-04-29 12:54:39
183.   mikeplugh
181 good line Stormer
2006-04-29 12:55:39
184.   mikeplugh
Detroit with 18
Yankees with 12
Brewers with 10
2006-04-29 12:55:47
185.   Jeteupthemiddle
So the Tigers have 18 runs...of course, the one guy on my fantasy team only has 1 of them.
2006-04-29 12:56:15
186.   Stormer Sports


I hear ya. That Central is going to be interesting this year.

2006-04-29 12:56:43
187.   mikeplugh
185 me too.


All of those guys on my team in huge scoring affairs and none of them in the middle of the action.

2006-04-29 12:57:22
188.   singledd
Blast from the Past Department:
Early last year, many of 'The Banter' though Giambi was done (worth a bag of balls. I took names). I think that is now put to rest.

There also seemed to be a large majority that thought Posada was done.... and that we should dump him for (eeeek) a 'Molina'.

Do 'we' still think Posada is done?

2006-04-29 12:58:34
189.   Stormer Sports


Remember, of the 108 or so players who tested positive for steroids, 54% of them were pitchers! Selig didn't have to run from testing to secure continued offense.

2006-04-29 12:58:45
190.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees were the last team to hit one batter three times in a game.

Jonny Gomes got hit three times last year in a game. Twice by Wright and once by Rivera.

2006-04-29 12:58:50
191.   BklynBmr
OK, Jorgie! He's having a helluva game... Sheff has brusies on both wrists and right knee...
2006-04-29 12:59:23
192.   singledd
2006-04-29 12:59:52
193.   Stormer Sports


Not this guy! I didnt think Giambi was dome, I don't think Jorge is, I don't think Bernie is, and I think Phillips is a bum.

2006-04-29 13:00:27
194.   BklynBmr
191 "bruises"
2006-04-29 13:00:54
195.   randym77
I never thought Posada was done. He's always been streaky. But once you're in your mid-30s, every slump becomes a suspected terminal decline.

Jorgie's had a pretty good day today. So much for the theory that catching RJ is so stressful it affects his hitting...

2006-04-29 13:01:08
196.   Stormer Sports
194 Don't worry, HGH is a miracle healing medicine.
2006-04-29 13:03:57
197.   BklynBmr
Count me in for staying with Posada. Reports of his 'decline' and him being trade bait always puzzled me. He's a gamer, and as randym says streaky, but I never counted him out...
2006-04-29 13:04:04
198.   singledd
Giambi.... check.
Posada.... check.
Bernie.... (whom I love)?

Well, I think that (and excuse the pun) Bernie is 'toast'.

2006-04-29 13:04:21
199.   Cliff Corcoran
193 Battin' .500 Stormer, not bad.
2006-04-29 13:04:49
200.   mikeplugh
I admit that I thought Giambi may have been done. I wasn't completely convinced of it, but the doubt had crept in about the time he came out of it. The guy had put together 700+ at bats of absolute garbage.

I never thought Posada was done. He calls a good game, and for any catcher to hit even a little is a bonus. Posada will always get his extra base hits, even when the average isn't there.

Looking good this year...

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-29 13:05:25
201.   Stormer Sports
If you look around the league, even with Posada's decline, there aren't too many cathers with better numbers.
2006-04-29 13:05:49
202.   Jeteupthemiddle
I thought Giambi was done, but I never understood all the criticism of Posada...even in the past two years, down years for him, he was still in the top 5 for catchers.

Bernie's done.

2006-04-29 13:06:40
203.   BklynBmr
196 LOL! Bonds wants to patch things up with Sheff before he gets called to testify again, so I'm sure he'll be sending him some...
2006-04-29 13:06:56
204.   Stormer Sports
Kaye just sais Jeter doesn't care about his numbers, which I love to hear, considering that is all Arod cares about.
2006-04-29 13:07:06
205.   mikeplugh
Bernie is done for sure. He was done last year. If he keeps playing beyond the All Star Break on a regular basis, I'll punch Torre myself.
2006-04-29 13:07:07
206.   Bob Timmermann
No AL team has ever scored in all 9 innings of a game. Five teams have scored in 8 while playing at home.

Kansas City was the last team to do that back on 9/14/1998 against Oakland.

Most half innings that had runs in an AL game is 14.

2006-04-29 13:07:33
207.   Stormer Sports

It's not by happenstance that MLB won't test for HGH.

2006-04-29 13:08:15
208.   Cliff Corcoran
Criticisms of Posada fall into the same category as the rampent criticisms this year of Sheffield and over the past two years of Johnson. They're all in decline and not what they were, but I'd take any of them over 95% of the alternatives.
2006-04-29 13:08:57
209.   Anthony
206, interesting. Where'd you find that stuff?
2006-04-29 13:10:15
210.   BklynBmr
I thought Giambi was done, myself. Just seeing how the main "suspects" have fallen apart so quickly and knowing what that crap can do to you, it made sense. I'm glad he recovered healthwise either way, and it's nice to see him stinging the ball on a fairly consistent basis.
2006-04-29 13:10:20
211.   mikeplugh
Agreed Cliff.

The good fan has to be able to see beyond short term struggles, and understand the difference between a guy like Sheff and a guy like Bernie.

Two different animals. I think you will rarely see a guy who put up huge numbers the year before, turn into a useless player overnight. It doesn't work that way.

2006-04-29 13:11:08
212.   Cliff Corcoran
Chris Klein (the actor from the American Pie movies and the awesome "Election") was on Conan last night. He looks just like Sturtze, is about as bright, and is just as good at what he does.
2006-04-29 13:13:49
213.   rilkefan
204 - I sure think Jeter cares about having 4 rings. I wish he cared more about the numbers that explain why he shouldn't bunt. For that matter I wish people wouldn't toss out baseless smears of Arod, esp. supposed Yankees fans.
2006-04-29 13:13:54
214.   Stormer Sports

I actually think it's a crime that Giambi hasn't been moved to the 4 spot this year.

2006-04-29 13:14:59
215.   mikeplugh
I'm becoming an afficionado of MLB head shots this year. I posted yesterday about the stupid look on Sturtze's face in his and the clownish Rafael Belliard pic.

Today's is Cubs' pitcher David Aardsma:

2006-04-29 13:16:18
216.   mikeplugh
You'll see Giambi in the 3 slot tomorrow with Matsui 5. Sheff will get the day off and then come back strong in the next game.
2006-04-29 13:16:32
217.   Stormer Sports
Anyone see Pettite today? It is looking more and more lke that was the right decision.
2006-04-29 13:16:48
218.   BklynBmr
214 Absolutely agree, Storm. The on-base rate, if nothing else...

Also, who can forget this NY Post cover:

2006-04-29 13:17:26
219.   BklynBmr
Hey, is Bubba off the schnide?
2006-04-29 13:17:28
220.   Stormer Sports
Bubba! I love that guy. Give me Bubba over Phillips any day.
2006-04-29 13:17:32
221.   randym77
Hubba Bubba!
2006-04-29 13:18:49
222.   BklynBmr
Was that Bubba's first hit?
2006-04-29 13:19:21
223.   rbs10025
217 Saw it. Hard to believe that I'm beginning to look forward to the days when Wandy pitches and rue the days when Andy's on the mound.
2006-04-29 13:19:47
224.   Cliff Corcoran
218 You know, I didn't really know what to think about Giambi early last year, but I do remember that Post cover really pissing me off, so I guess I know how I really felt. And of course I drafted Giambi really early in my fantasy league this year.
2006-04-29 13:20:26
225.   nycfan
Stormer, Why do you think Bernie isn't done? His second half line last year was .242/.291/.358, and he's been even worse this year. That seems like a guy who's done to me.
2006-04-29 13:20:40
226.   BklynBmr
216 Hope you're right, mikep. Sheff is one tough customer — if nothings broke, he'll be back Monday night...
2006-04-29 13:20:52
227.   randym77
Mike, do you have a link to the Rafael Belliard pic?

Dunno if I'd take Bubba over Sheff, but I'll take him over Bernie.

2006-04-29 13:21:24
228.   singledd
While revenue sharing has helped level the playing field, with teams like Cleveland, TB, Detroit and others becoming competative, the following makes me sick to my stomach, and should be addressed by MLB.

"At least four teams -- the Marlins, Devil Rays, Pirates and Royals -- are getting more money through revenue sharing than they are spending on their ENTIRE payroll. And this is before they even sell one ticket, writes Jayson Stark"

2006-04-29 13:21:46
229.   randym77
It wasn't Bubba's first hit. He had a bunt single the other day.
2006-04-29 13:21:56
230.   singledd
I smell 3 more........
2006-04-29 13:22:22
231.   singledd
OK.... I'll take 1.
2006-04-29 13:23:13
232.   BklynBmr
229 Ahh, that's right. Thanks, randym!
2006-04-29 13:23:35
233.   singledd
Useless Topic of Conversation:
Bat Giambi 4th and ARod 5th.
2006-04-29 13:23:37
234.   Cliff Corcoran
228 Amen.
2006-04-29 13:23:52
235.   nycfan
"Kaye just sais Jeter doesn't care about his numbers, which I love to hear, considering that is all Arod cares about"

Do you really believe that? Even if all the crap about A-Rod only hitting in blowouts was true (it isn't), do you really think he goes up there saying "i just want good stats, so i'm not going to bother trying to get a hit in this big situation"

2006-04-29 13:26:19
236.   Cliff Corcoran
233 Anything that moves Giambi up and gets him away from Matsui in the order would be fine by me. Any of these:

3 - Rodriguez
4 - Giambi
5 - Sheff

3 - Sheff
4 - Giambi
5 - Rodriguez

3 - Giambi
4 - Rodriguez
5 - Sheff

3 - Giambi
4 - Sheff
5 - Rodriguez

Though I think I prefer the ones that have Sheffield batting fifth.

2006-04-29 13:26:34
237.   BklynBmr
224 I had a feeling Giambi's finish last year was no fluke. He might not hit .340 consistently again, but like any ageing heavweight fighter, the power is always the last thing to go...
2006-04-29 13:27:14
238.   singledd
204 "Kaye just sais Jeter doesn't care about his numbers, which I love to hear, considering that is all Arod cares about"

ARod left a VERY hitter friendly park in Texas, to a terrible park for RH batters, and (as one of greatest SS's in history)changed his position to boot.

Is that the move of a 'Stats happy' player?

2006-04-29 13:27:39
239.   Cliff Corcoran
235 Right, the fact that Rodriguez presses so hard in big spots proves that it's not just about the numbers. If it was just about the number's he'd be the happiest go-luckiest guy on the team.
2006-04-29 13:29:08
240.   Cliff Corcoran
237 It wasn't a fluke because it was a full half season, during which he more or less returned to his career averages, then kept it up in the postseason.
2006-04-29 13:30:27
241.   BklynBmr
16-6. This is officially garbage time. Ugly game, but we can't let the Tigers win the run total for the day...
2006-04-29 13:30:51
242.   Cliff Corcoran
Amazing that in a game in which the Yanks have scored 16 runs Matsui has managed to leave 7 men on base.
2006-04-29 13:30:53
243.   singledd
Think Torre can give Posada 2 innings off?
2006-04-29 13:33:22
244.   Cliff Corcoran
Also, the Tigers and Yanks score a combined 34 runs, I have Chris Shelton and Hideki Matsui on my fantasy team and they combine to go 2 for 10 with one run, one RBI, one walk and two Ks. Good think I also have Giambi.
2006-04-29 13:34:32
245.   Stormer Sports

So Arod pressed to get the hit to help the team win, or he presses to be "the guy?"

Either way he presses, he K's, he doesn't get the hit. Just because I'm a Yankee fan doesn't mean I have to love Arod. I cannot explain it, the guy just bugs me, my gut tells me he aint a Yankee, and I'm sticking with that.

2006-04-29 13:34:51
246.   Cliff Corcoran
243 Good point. Why not get Phillips some ABs here (having him bat for Giambi rather than run for him)? Cairo's in. Bubba's in (though it took an injury for that to happen). Villone is in. Think Matt Smith will get to work the ninth?
2006-04-29 13:36:59
247.   mikeplugh
Pujols with another HR
2006-04-29 13:37:17
248.   Cliff Corcoran
245 I don't particularly like him either, but you can't deny that he's a tremedous hitter, and this "he's not a Yankee" junk is meaningless. It's just more of that "he's got heart" garbage. Crappy cliches started by people incapable of actual insight or analysis.
2006-04-29 13:37:25
249.   mikeplugh
14 dingers in April is sick
2006-04-29 13:38:18
250.   singledd
Anyone notice how much Villon looks like Stanton on the mound?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-29 13:38:29
251.   Cliff Corcoran
By the way, bummer about Sturtze pitching 1 2/3 hitless. We'll never get rid of him that way.
2006-04-29 13:40:12
252.   Jeteupthemiddle
250 Anyone notice how much Stinnett looks like a potato?
2006-04-29 13:40:13
253.   mikeplugh
A-Rod is one of this planets greatest players. That's all there is to it. Talk to me at the end of this year when he's closing in on 45 or 50 home runs and 120 RBI.
2006-04-29 13:41:06
254.   Cliff Corcoran
I think that ball caught Matsui at the end there.
2006-04-29 13:41:09
255.   rbs10025
Anyone else trying to watch this on RCN cable? I'm getting highly bugged that their transmission is running a couple seconds behind the audio on the radio.
2006-04-29 13:41:38
256.   BklynBmr
Another graceful putout for SmooveZilla...
2006-04-29 13:43:08
257.   singledd
251 Cliff...
AL average ERA is about 4.5. Yes? Isn't a guy who can eat innings in middle relief with a league average (or slightly worse) ERA valuable to a team with our kind of offense?

He ain't exactly a stopper, but he can have value to us... until Dotel arrives or Proctor proves he's for real.

2006-04-29 13:43:16
258.   BklynBmr
Didn't you just know that drop was coming?
2006-04-29 13:43:28
259.   rbs10025
Head's up running there, Johnny.
2006-04-29 13:43:36
260.   Cliff Corcoran
Fantastic hustle up ten runs in the eighth by Damon!
2006-04-29 13:43:48
261.   Jeteupthemiddle
Now I'm starting to feel bad.
2006-04-29 13:44:42
262.   Jeteupthemiddle
ok, it's official. The Yankees have scored in every inning they will bat in this game.
2006-04-29 13:44:44
263.   mikeplugh
They've scored in EVERY inning?!
2006-04-29 13:45:49
264.   BklynBmr
261 When you have a man down, kick him. Then kick him again. ;-)
2006-04-29 13:46:58
265.   Cliff Corcoran
257 Yes, and we have one of those guys in Villone. Small will likely be another. There are guys like Smith and Bean . . . er, Smith, who can do that or better but are getting squeezed out by Sturtze.
2006-04-29 13:47:22
266.   BklynBmr
262 Since Tanyon is no longer available, it's safe to say the Yanks won't be batting in the 9th...
2006-04-29 13:48:40
267.   BklynBmr
C'mon, Alex. How about a meaningless HR right here?
2006-04-29 13:49:42
268.   Cliff Corcoran
Booing the reining AL MVP with an 11-run lead? Please.
2006-04-29 13:49:58
269.   monkeypants
And despite Torre's best efforts, Phillips gets and AB today.
2006-04-29 13:50:01
270.   nycfan
"AL average ERA is about 4.5. Yes? Isn't a guy who can eat innings in middle relief with a league average (or slightly worse) ERA valuable to a team with our kind of offense"

Reliever ERA's are generally lower, so comparing him to his peers he's even worse. And he's really closer to a 5.50 ERA guy than a 4.50 one.

2006-04-29 13:50:11
271.   randym77
Who'd have thunk Jeter and A-Rod would be the only ones hitless in this game?
2006-04-29 13:50:35
272.   Cliff Corcoran
Props to Hillenbrand for getting Andy an AB today.
2006-04-29 13:51:14
273.   Cliff Corcoran
That was a BS strike three call on Phillips. He was victimized by the score and the clock there.
2006-04-29 13:51:16
274.   Start Spreading the News
263 Radio broadcast says that this is the 6th time a team scored in every inning in the AL.
2006-04-29 13:52:46
275.   Jeteupthemiddle
Smith in according to game day.
2006-04-29 13:52:51
276.   Cliff Corcoran
Matt Smith? Please?
2006-04-29 13:53:01
277.   Cliff Corcoran
2006-04-29 13:53:05
278.   mikeplugh
268 I noticed that too Cliff.

He didn't get a hit today but he made a couple of nice plays in the field, scored 3 times, and drove in one.

They booed him. Either drunk or from the shallow end of the gene pool.

2006-04-29 13:55:38
279.   Stormer Sports
Sending this guy down is a big mistake.
2006-04-29 13:57:04
280.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Puts A Rod in the good company of two other NY sports giants whom the know-nothings among NY sports fans booed for much of their careers, Phil Simms and Patrick Ewing.
2006-04-29 13:58:16
281.   joejoejoe
Who's up for an 11-run Jays' ninth so the Yanks can set the record?
2006-04-29 13:58:41
282.   mikeplugh
Simms was one of my all time favorites, and still is from the booth. Ewing was a victim of his status as the 1st ever lottery pick. He was also aloof with the media. I think those Knick fans who booed Ewing probably won't admit to it in 2006, given what's happened to the team.
2006-04-29 13:58:51
283.   Stormer Sports
I don't think its a stretch to say that Smith has better stuff than RJ right now. With Small and Dotel coming back, why not send Sturtz down to work out his issues and even send Villone down while we see if this Smith kid is a bona fide hard throwing quality lefty from the pen?
2006-04-29 14:00:24
284.   mikeplugh
283 won't happen

Joe loves Sturtze and you'll see him over and over and over and over and over and over and over....I'd type it about 80 times, but I'm tired.

2006-04-29 14:00:40
285.   Cliff Corcoran
Matt Smith's major league career thus far: seven up, seven down. That's all I'm saying.
2006-04-29 14:01:08
286.   Jeteupthemiddle
You can't just send veterens down all willy nilly like. Smith and Proctor are the only two with options (and I'm not even sure about Proctor anymore). Sure I would love to see Sturtze DFA'd, but I don't think its happening until they Dotel comes back or they decide 12 pitchers are in the team is stupid and bring up a position player.
2006-04-29 14:02:33
287.   mikeplugh
2 notes before I return to bed at 6am....

1. The Jays defense was AWFUL all day and contributed to 5 or 6 of the runs we scored.

2. The Yanks single handedly raised the Jays team ERA by a bunch in only one game. Look at the box score for their pitchers and tell me THAT ain't ugly.

Good night all.

2006-04-29 14:04:44
288.   randym77
A four-hour game. Without a bottom of the ninth.
2006-04-29 14:05:29
289.   Stormer Sports
You can't send a veteran like Sturtz down when he has clearly reverted to hid Tampa days? Villone has earned the right to stay up?

As rare as it is, I agree with Cliff on Smith.

Look, Francona now has one of the best closers in the game because he wasn't afraid to give him a shot over Foulke! Torre will throw Sturtz and others out there when they clearly don't give the team the best chance to win. If Smith bombs, oh well, we tried. It's silly to send the only lefty we've brought up in years that appears to have lights out stuff in favor of clowns like Sturtz and Villone. It gives the team some young life, some fire, some of the non-stat left brain stuff Cliff loathes so.

2006-04-29 14:07:41
290.   BklynBmr
282 I'll never forget the Simms booing at the draft that year. He had a few false starts and injuries and it really took some faith by the Giants to stay with him, but it was worth it. I started rooting for him when I saw everyone else ragging him. He was a tough guy, inside and out...

How the Mutt fans at Shea giving to Beltran? He was visibly upset there for a bit...

2006-04-29 14:10:10
291.   Stormer Sports

I agree. I blame the Mets Front Office for setting Beltran up to fail. They paid him way too much based on one playoff year. His numbers at KC weren't anywhere near worthy of the contract he signed, nor anywhere near what the fans seem to expect of him.

2006-04-29 14:11:24
292.   monkeypants
OK, I thought Sheff looked a little more shaken up than initial reports indicate. He is at least day-to-day. Does this mean Bernie becomes the starting RF? Or do the Yanks call up a real OF--either DLing Sheff or sending down some other deadwood like pitcher #12 or (sadly) Andy Phillips?
2006-04-29 14:12:11
293.   Stormer Sports
I feel like I'm at Old Timers Day watching the Giants game right now. They really expect to compete with that squad, well, it is the west, maybe they can.
2006-04-29 14:13:13
294.   nycfan
"why not send Sturtz down to work out his issues"

Sturtze's only "issue" is that he sucks. He always has sucked and he always will suck. Cashman needs to just release him to help Torre-proof the pen.

2006-04-29 14:13:28
295.   Stormer Sports
Andy Phillips looks as overmatched at the plate as any other over-hyped minor leaguer who slaps around minor league pitching and bombs against real starters.
2006-04-29 14:13:52
296.   randym77
Bet it's going to be Bernie and Bubba until Sheff's ready to go. Sounds like it's not too serious, so it shouldn't be long.
2006-04-29 14:15:07
297.   Stormer Sports

I'd just like to see a younster get a shot out there. Torre used the bum Franklin over and over last year, now we have Smith, who might be the real deal, and we are going to junk him in favor of Sturtz and Villone? We need Villone OR Myers, not both!

2006-04-29 14:18:37
298.   Stormer Sports
Wait, this just in "George Karl reinstates Kenyon Martin saying: I've adopted the Yankee approach, how much you make and how long you've played determines playing time, not effectiveness, what you think we want to win, hell no!"
2006-04-29 14:25:32
299.   monkeypants
296 Probably right. But it's things like this that really reveal the lack of depth and flexibility on the roster. If all of the main guys stay healthy, they can carry a no-hit DH and defensive/no-hit back-ups for IF, OF, C, and 1B. But one guys goes down--especially in the OF--and there is just no legitimate option for replacement. And it has a trickle down effect. If Bernie (the designated 'hitter') goes to RF, someone else who can't hit fills in at DH (anyone bet Cairo?). Then, on days when Posada rests Stinnett trots out there. Suddenly there is a gaping whole in the line-up.
2006-04-29 14:33:45
300.   randym77
Cairo's hitting pretty well these days. I wouldn't mind seeing more of him. Though preferably not at SS. :-P

Torre said Sheff had the wind knocked out of him. His wrist is bruised, but he could be playing again as soon as tomorrow.

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2006-04-29 14:47:46
301.   Stormer Sports
I have np problem with Cairo. He is a good option at DH for now. His line with NYY in 2004 was .292 .346 .417. I'll take that over Phillips or Bernie. He is clearly the best option on the bench right now. And further, he's only 31, not as old as many probably think. He plays well in pinstripes, knows how to run the bases and doesn't make stupid mistakes.
2006-04-29 14:47:55
302.   Jeteupthemiddle
289 No, you can't send him down. Not because he is a veteren and has earned the right to stay on the 25 man roster, but because he is a veteren with more than 6 years expereince. Same with Villone.

That was my point.

As far as Francona, yeah, good for him in putting Papleton in the closer spot, but they need him to be a starter more than they need him to be a closer.

2006-04-29 14:55:55
303.   Stormer Sports

Good point Jeterupthemiddle, I didn't even think of that. OK, then hang tight, when Dotel proves to be a coplete bust or someone gets hurt, bring Smith back up. I just hate to see this kid not get a shot. He has pitched well enough, not afraid to throw up and in with 2 strikes, to be sent down. He's got electric stuff.

I know it's tough, we already have too many pitchers on the active roster but how nice would it be to get some contribution from some home grown talent for a change?

2006-04-29 14:57:00
304.   joejoejoe
Tanyon Sturtze has been in the league 10 years and had a worse-than-league average ERA eight times. Sturtze has more years with an ERA over 8 than below 4. He's the definition of a stiff. Throwning rail straight 96 MPH fastballs might be impressive at the State Fair but in the majors it just makes the home runs land deeper in the stands.
2006-04-29 15:08:14
305.   Schteeve
Only one player in MLB has had a better April than Jason Giambi, and that player is Albert Pujols.
2006-04-29 15:17:49
306.   monkeypants
301 "He [Cairo] is clearly the best option on the bench right now."

That is a sad reality.

2006-04-29 16:14:38
307.   Stormer Sports
I would call someone up if I'm Torre and Cash. I'd love to see Smith stay, like I said, but we sure as hell don't need to carry 12 pitchers. I'd send Phillips down to AAA, if he continues to post .300+ then call him up again and DH him for a while. In the meantime DH Bernie and Cairo and whomever they call up in Phillips place. Cairo can easily fill in at 1st, 2nd, 3rd if neccessary, and is no worse defensively than Phillips, if anything, he's better.
2006-04-29 16:18:36
308.   Stormer Sports
And I would use Villone quite a bit, if he's solid, we might be able to trade him to a team in need of a lefty for someone and use Smith in the role that Villone filled.
2006-04-29 16:45:39
309.   brockdc
I'm as ecstatic as anyone to see Smith out there, but just how good IS he? He's barely pitched (thanks to Joe), though when he has, he's looked pretty nasty. I'd love to see him in a tight situation before the Yanks make a decision on his fate. Won't happen, though.

Also, having Villone and Myers is not redundant. Myers is a break glass in case of emergency LOOGY and should never be used against righties. Villone can mop up, pitch long relief, or set up (God forbid).

2006-04-29 16:47:28
310.   brockdc
308 I wonder if KC would take him, even-up, for Sanders.
2006-04-29 16:54:35
311.   Stormer Sports
KC is going to take someone for Sanders at the break, count on it. Those veterans dont seem to do well with us, but its better than what we have.
2006-04-29 17:02:11
312.   brockdc
311 Yeah, but, given the unlikely scenario of either of the Kevins ever sniffing the bronx this year (which is what I'd prefer), having Sanders would render Bernie and his sub-300 OBP redundantly redundant.

But I know what you mean. The last successful OF acquisition at the deadline was Justice. I thought Lawton was going to be a nice fit, but...

2006-04-29 17:13:50
313.   Stormer Sports
Not to mention Lotfon etc etc . . . Where in the world is Tony Clark! Too bad we couldnt have kept him around. He would be a kick ass DH for us right now. I mean compared with our options.
2006-04-29 17:15:04
314.   Stormer Sports
We did win back in the day with Ledee, garcia, Spencer and the rest, but we had a good bench. I know its silly to carry 12 pitchers, but hell, with our bench, we might as well carry 15 . . . lol.
2006-04-29 18:38:00
315.   rbs10025
312 The trade for Justice wasn't at the deadline. It went down at the end of June.
2006-04-30 01:15:38
316.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Unfortunately I guess Smith is on his way down, although it's not exactly bad since he won't be getting much time up here might as well get more work down in the minors

as long as we see never see Sturtze on the mound without a 5+ run difference. this bull pen is about the best there is.

2006-04-30 04:55:05
317.   mikeplugh
Boston Dirt Dogs posted about Jonathon Papelbon playing a remote game of X-Box baseball against Kyle Farnsworth. The entire game is highlighted in the post, including the curious choice of Farnsworth to forgoe putting himself in the game with a 2-2 tie late. He opted for Tanyon Sturtze who promptly gave up back to back home runs to lose the game 4-2. Papelbon went 1-2-3 for the save.


2006-04-30 21:08:22
318.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ROFL, I guess games really do inmitate life XDDDDD

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