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Everybody Wang-McClung Tonight
2006-04-26 12:18
by Cliff Corcoran

Worst. Headline. Ever.

Meanwhile, duck and cover tonight folks. The one team Chien-Ming couldn't solve last year was the D-Rays, against whom he posted a 6.94 ERA across four starts. Aside from one ugly start against the eventual NL Central Champion Cardinals that lasted a mere four innings, his work against the Rays was by far his worst aggregate performance against any single team in his rookie season. Underlining that fact, the Devil Rays were the only team other than the Cardinals to collect more than a hit per inning off of Wang. Distressingly, they were also the team he faced the most last year, as he didn't face any other single team as many as three times. Sadly, Wang's performance thus far this year doesn't suggest that his fortunes are about to change, though the B-squad line-up the Rays are running out there due to injuries to Huff, Lugo, and Cantu (day-to-day with a bruised foot) could help.

All of that said, there's something curious about Wang's four starts thus far this season. One would expect him to do poorly on turf as the groundballs he induces are more likely to speed through the infield for hits. Indeed, it would seem that's partially to blame for his struggles against the Rays last year (though he did just as poorly against them in the Bronx). But Wang's one dominant outing this year came on the Metrodome turf. That start also saw his lowest single-game groundball-flyball ratio of the year (1.75 compared to a typical 3.14 in his first two starts combined and a staggering 14.00 in his most recent outing), in combination with his highest strikeout total (eight Ks versus five total in his other three outings combined). Perhaps the solution to Wang's early-season struggles isn't getting the ball down, but actually getting away from thinking groundball all the time and making more of an effort to go for the strikeout, even if it means going high in the zone to blow one of his mid-90s heaters past a hitter.

For his part, the hard-throwing McClung has been godawful this year save for one solid, but unimpressive outing against the Royals. The Yanks feasted on him last year and he has a 14.00 ERA in nine career innings against the Bombers, all of which suggests that Wang might have some room to experiment tonight.

Bubba Crosby gets his first start of the year tonight, batting ninth and playing center in place of DH Johnny Damon. Encouragingly, Bernie continues to ride pine. For the Rays, Crawford is expected back tonight, Cantu remains questionable, and Edwin Jackson has already been send down in favor of tomorrow's starter Mark Hendrickson.

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2006-04-26 13:45:30
1.   Rob Gee
I loved the headline. Go figure.
2006-04-26 13:45:40
2.   bloodyank78
If Johnny D is DH, is Phillips sitting with Giambino at first?
2006-04-26 13:47:59
3.   JeterChrist
Tonight is an odd night to sit Phillips and play Giambi at first, you'd think with our biggest groundball pitcher you'd want the strongest defensive infield possible.
2006-04-26 13:57:32
4.   randym77
Interesting that Bubba is getting a start. Last week, Torre said he wasn't inclined to give Bubba any starts. I guess he thinks he knows what he has in Bubba, while he's still wondering with Phillips, Cairo...and Bernie?
2006-04-26 13:59:45
5.   Cliff Corcoran
Yup, Giambi at first. Torre's letting the righty on the mound for the Rays, rather than the righty on the mound for the Yanks, dictate the Yankee first baseman.
2006-04-26 14:04:27
6.   bloodyank78
5 Which I totally agree with. With McClung being hit hard so far why not let Jason continue his tear. That 2 out/2 RBI double last night was money.
2006-04-26 14:10:03
7.   Jeteupthemiddle
6 Well, one could argue that since he is getting hit hard so far, tonight would be a good night to give him a break because odds are the rest of the lineup can readily pick up the slack. Also, it would put the better defender on first for us, and give him a good pitcher to get some hacks against....
2006-04-26 14:31:30
8.   wsporter
It may be that our right hander is influencing the decision. Maybe someone can look this up but as I recall it the DRays hit a lot of line shots into the gaps off Wang last year. If that occurs again it may be that even K. Hernandez or D. Baseball playing first wouldn't make much difference in the field tonight. Maybe Mr. Torre thinks we're going to have to slug it out tonight especially with Crosby in CF. We may have a better shot at it with Giambi at 1st and Damon at DH. Crosby in CF and Andy at 1b may look like 2 big holes in a lineup that may have to score a bunch tonight. Although I think Andy's bat is starting to come around I don't blame Mr. Torre for playing it this way.
2006-04-26 15:59:41
9.   Mattpat11
4 If Torre knows what he has in Bubba, why would he play him?
2006-04-26 16:12:15
10.   randym77
Aw, don't pick on Bubba. He pulled his weight last year. Well, aside from a couple of unfortunate adventures in baserunning, and that collision with Sheff. And Jeter... But nothing a little seasoning won't fix.
2006-04-26 16:18:08
11.   randym77
Wang started out a bit wild, but seems to be settling down.
2006-04-26 16:26:27
12.   tocho
is anybody getting MLB.TV?
2006-04-26 16:28:58
13.   dwight45
12 Trouble getting feed here as well. Other game I checked (Sox/Indians) is coming in OK.
2006-04-26 16:30:04
14.   C2Coke
The live feed is ok now. Refresh your webpage.
2006-04-26 16:36:00
15.   tocho
14 back on. thanks.

Internet is creepy sometimes, normally you tend to blame the computer but most of the time is the net that has worldwide glitches. I do not understand and probably do not want to understand how it works.

anyway, get the run back!!!

2006-04-26 16:36:44
16.   Mattpat11
11 Bubba is what he is at this point No amount of seasoning will change that
2006-04-26 16:37:06
17.   Mattpat11
No seriously, why wouldnt he swing the bat?
2006-04-26 16:38:44
18.   rilkefan
16 - it's true that some people can't develop past where they are - see e.g. 17.
2006-04-26 16:39:54
19.   tocho
Cliff, regarding your recap, if I remember correctly, Wang's start in Minn. was great because his slider was working very well. Torre and Wang said that it was a pitch that they hadn't used in a while but that it worked perfectly that start.
2006-04-26 16:41:49
20.   randym77
16 I don't think anyone's expecting him to turn into a big hitter. But the mistakes he made last year were the kind caused by rust. Wandering off base and getting picked off. Lapping Giambi around the bases. Running into Sheff and into Jeter chasing balls in the outfield.
2006-04-26 16:46:13
21.   tocho
Man, these Ray's announcers suck.
2006-04-26 16:46:20
22.   Bill
So far we can't blame Bubba for anything. How about that throw by our Gold Glove SS?
2006-04-26 16:46:38
23.   Simone
Gawd, it is like the early Bad New Bears out there tonight. What is going on with these guys?
2006-04-26 16:47:51
24.   JeremyM
I'm not digging Wang right now.
2006-04-26 16:48:12
25.   tocho
22 and the pitch-out SB. Then the running gaffe by TB. Great baseball tonight.
2006-04-26 16:49:47
26.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Small ball giveth and small ball taketh away.
2006-04-26 16:50:29
27.   tocho
what a bizzare 1/2 inning there.

BTW did anyone watch the bosox yesterday running into two very stupid DB's? great baseball there too. Bring back the WBC!!(joke)

2006-04-26 16:51:23
28.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Damn. In Cleveland, Lee walks Loretta, who's hitting.194 vs lefties, and now has to face Papi bases loaded. Idiot. Crap.
2006-04-26 16:51:35
29.   C2Coke
It's not just Wang. Somehow they all seem a little distracted out on the field right now. Wang's pitch locations are actually not that bad.
Don't know why they won't have YES live feed. They are still the better ones...
2006-04-26 16:53:12
30.   JeremyM
It is time to move Giambi up, he hardly ever gets anything to hit. At least he is smart enough to take his walks.
2006-04-26 16:53:19
31.   BklynBmr
Man, Jason is getting some love from the umps this year...
2006-04-26 16:53:58
32.   rbj
I'm getting YES on Extree Inningses. I was thinking "don't throw home Jeter" If this lineup can't score more than two runs against Tampa they shouldn't win.
2006-04-26 16:54:12
33.   tocho
28 the clutch god papi K's.
2006-04-26 16:57:43
34.   dwight45
30 It's hard to figure mlbtv this year. Earlier tonight before it crapped out, they had the YES video synced with Sterling and Waldman audio. The current video feed, of course, is the Rays' (with the TV, not radio feed). Tribe/Sox game is NESN's full audio and video feed.
2006-04-26 17:09:55
35.   C2Coke
I don't know mind Wang taking his time. But the longer time he takes, the more blah the Rays announcers talk about. They just go on and on and on...
2006-04-26 17:15:56
36.   tocho
35 I'm on mute.

I just could not handle the way they speak about every rays player like he's the second comming of ruth or cy young.

2006-04-26 17:17:22
37.   Mattpat11
20 I'm sorry, but I don't consider ANY of that "rust". Getting picked off bases, running into people (especially enormous men like Sheffield and Giambi) those are all signs of someone not paying attention to whats going on.
2006-04-26 17:18:23
38.   BklynBmr
It's about time to start connecting off McClung... let's go, Damon!
2006-04-26 17:18:28
39.   C2Coke
Perhaps that's why they are the "Rays'" announcers. Good idea to put it on mute.
2006-04-26 17:19:22
40.   Mattpat11
Is there a reason no one can hit Seth McClung?
2006-04-26 17:20:56
41.   Rob Gee
just to jinx it nice and good:

Seth McClung is no-hitting the Yanks right now.

2006-04-26 17:21:05
42.   claybeez
Hilarious! It's Bubba the Clown!
2006-04-26 17:21:38
43.   C2Coke
Picked off bases you said? that was pretty close...
2006-04-26 17:22:24
44.   BklynBmr
41 Wow. With all these baserunners, I didn't realize McClung is throwing a NO-HITTER right now...
2006-04-26 17:23:14
45.   rbj
McClung's throwing a no hitter, you say?
2006-04-26 17:23:44
46.   Mattpat11
This team is going to send me to an early grave
2006-04-26 17:23:54
47.   BklynBmr
Bust up that no-no, Alex!
2006-04-26 17:24:09
48.   tocho
Are you kidding, a no-hitter! that would be rare, wouldn't it?
2006-04-26 17:24:40
49.   randym77
37 I think they're mistakes anyone could make. He wandered off 2nd because he thought it was 3 outs, and it was only 2. He was heading for the dugout. Posada made a similar mistake last night.

The running into people is something that more playing time could fix, IMO. You get to know what to expect from your teammates after awhile.

2006-04-26 17:24:44
50.   C2Coke
A HR now from Arod...all might be forgiven...might be...
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2006-04-26 17:25:47
51.   JeremyM
2006-04-26 17:26:05
52.   BklynBmr
How did I know that was going to happen?
2006-04-26 17:26:09
53.   Mattpat11
49Posada may be the worst baserunner I've ever seen.

and is more playing time going to beat it into his head that those enormous men are not in fact, mirages?

2006-04-26 17:26:54
54.   tocho
nasty curve there, really good pitch!
2006-04-26 17:26:57
55.   Mattpat11
Fine him. Absolutely unacceptable. SWING THE GOD DAMNED BAT
2006-04-26 17:27:14
56.   C2Coke
And of course....same old same old for the past few...days? weeks? 5Ks and counting, the Yanks are only 1 and a half way through their lineup.
2006-04-26 17:27:44
57.   Mattpat11
54 Especially with A-Rod playing that rare "four strikes and your out" baseball.
2006-04-26 17:29:07
58.   Mattpat11
McClung has struck out five Yankees. He started the game with 9 total. I just don't understand this team.
2006-04-26 17:29:53
59.   Rob Gee
41 Glad that worked - grrrr....

Thanks for joining the fun 44 and 45 though.

At least it won't be an official no-no - McClung will Wang chung by the 6th with that pitch count (65 now).

2006-04-26 17:31:36
60.   randym77
53 Luckily for Posada, he wasn't baserunning. He was catching.

But IIRC, someone else miscounted the outs, wandered off base, and got picked off last year. That other rookie, I think. Not Wang and not Cano, the blond guy.

Bubba just earned his paycheck for the day...

2006-04-26 17:31:39
61.   BklynBmr
Ahhh, Bernie would have had that!
2006-04-26 17:32:13
62.   Mattpat11
I know I say this everyday, but someone, please justify striking out looking to me.

I'll also never understand how people that can be so against giving away outs can be so blah on the only guaranteed way to give away an out.

2006-04-26 17:32:35
63.   tocho
on the bosox game, ANOTHER, run on a PB by Bard. he's not catching the floater very well so far.
2006-04-26 17:33:05
64.   Mattpat11
2006-04-26 17:33:52
65.   Rob Gee
Is Wang finding his groove or is Tampa swinging at bad pitches? I'm listening to the game..
2006-04-26 17:34:21
66.   BklynBmr
59 Rob, you should definitely try that again this inning. Y'know, where you mentioned that McClung is throwing a NO-Fn-HITTER against the New York Yankees.
2006-04-26 17:34:45
67.   randym77
64 Yes, that was his name. Vento.
2006-04-26 17:35:46
68.   Mattpat11
67 Should one strive to me Mike Vento?
2006-04-26 17:36:20
69.   Rob Gee
66 What!? McClung is pitching a no-hitter!?
2006-04-26 17:36:39
70.   BklynBmr
OK, Mats. Time to start your season!
2006-04-26 17:37:00
71.   C2Coke
Giambi is getting all the exercise by...walking...Wang was good, don't know about the groove, let's wait until next inning.
2006-04-26 17:37:17
72.   randym77
No, I'm just saying it's the kind of mistake you make when you're new. Or rusty. (At least, I assume that was Bernie's excuse.)
2006-04-26 17:37:54
73.   rilkefan
62 - why bother when you never understand the explanation? Oh well, one more time - not swinging is not a guaranteed way to give away an out. You see, the pitch might be a ball. You apparently haven't followed many games, but it sometimes happens that a batter will be down 0-2 and work a walk. It also happens that sometimes a batter, like you not understanding how the game works, will swing at a pitch well out of the strike zone in fear of striking out looking, which is in fact nearly a guaranteed way to give away an out.
2006-04-26 17:38:19
74.   Maniakes
62 If you swing at every pitch when there's two strikes on you, then pretty soon every two-strike pitch will be in the dirt. You have to take it if you think it's going to be a ball, if only to keep pitchers honest.
2006-04-26 17:38:31
75.   randym77
Holy crap. I can't believe he made that catch.
2006-04-26 17:38:36
76.   Mattpat11
72bernie is slightly better than posada.
2006-04-26 17:39:28
77.   BklynBmr
The last time the Yanks were no-hit was against the Astros a couple years back. Before that, I think the last time anyone threw a no-hitter against the Yanks was 1948. This would be the first no-hitter in the majors this year if McClung can keep his no-hitter going.
2006-04-26 17:39:50
78.   Mattpat11
72 I've very, very rarely seen someone work a walk on a pitch right down the middle. He's done it twice tonight.
2006-04-26 17:40:20
79.   Mattpat11
2006-04-26 17:40:57
80.   BklynBmr
@%@$! Everybody is just getting under this guy!
2006-04-26 17:41:12
81.   randym77
"You apparently haven't followed many games, but it sometimes happens that a batter will be down 0-2 and work a walk."

I've heard tell of such things. ;-)

Bubba just did it in his last at-bat, didn't he?

2006-04-26 17:42:32
82.   BklynBmr
Shit. Everyone should just stop swinging and take the walks. I'll take a 3-2 win while getting no-hit.
2006-04-26 17:43:06
83.   rbj
Finally, Cano!
2006-04-26 17:43:17
84.   BklynBmr
Rockin' Fn Robbie! Thank you!
2006-04-26 17:43:17
85.   Mattpat11
Again, its hard to work a walk of any sort, 0-2, 1-2, 2-2. 3-2, by taking the pitch right in the strikezone.

And I know this is going to sound sacreligious, but runner on third two out, a walk isn't nearly as good as a hit.

2006-04-26 17:43:29
86.   C2Coke
2006-04-26 17:43:29
87.   tocho
base hit!
2006-04-26 17:43:33
88.   randym77
And Robby shows 'em how it's done...
2006-04-26 17:43:39
89.   Rob Gee
77 It worked! Thank you Brooklyn!
2006-04-26 17:44:16
90.   rbs10025
77 It was 1958. From the AP news when the Astros did it to them, "The Yankees had gone 6,980 games -- the longest streak in major league history -- without being no-hit, since Hoyt Wilhelm's 1-0 victory for Baltimore on Sept. 20, 1958."
2006-04-26 17:44:18
91.   Maniakes
Oops, looks like someone jinxed McClung's no hitter, but he still has a shutout going.
2006-04-26 17:45:25
92.   Mattpat11
Its so depressing to finally break through and see Bubba stride to the plate.
2006-04-26 17:47:11
93.   tocho
92 and give us a taste of his homerun swing...
2006-04-26 17:47:51
94.   C2Coke
Yea, depressing is about right. Let's work on the SHUTOUT thing, Rob.
2006-04-26 17:49:55
95.   BklynBmr
89 You started the "rally", but it was team effort, Rob. Something our boys need to get going with right about now!

Nice inning from Tiger right there. Now wake up them bats!!!

2006-04-26 17:50:26
96.   Mattpat11
Top of the order, third time around, A-Rod's even considering swinging. This is our inning.
2006-04-26 17:50:51
97.   yankz
Cano extended his streak!
2006-04-26 17:51:25
98.   yankz
Wang's only allowed 3 hits. Just damn stolen bases and walks.
2006-04-26 17:51:33
99.   BklynBmr
90 Thanks for the clarification, rbs. I had '48 and the White Sox stuck in my head for some reason.
2006-04-26 17:53:40
100.   BklynBmr
91 Excellent point, Maniakes. McClung sure is throwing a shutout, isn't he?

— These are fun, but I'd rather not have to do this ;-) —

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2006-04-26 17:53:48
101.   randym77
Whoa. Damon just about ran over McClung.
2006-04-26 17:55:11
102.   BklynBmr
Good work, Damon! OK, here we go. McClung's shutout is about to come to an end...
2006-04-26 17:58:13
103.   rbj
Oh, jeez. I hope nobody jinxed the shutout, and the win.
2006-04-26 17:58:16
104.   yankz
"D. Jeter lined out to deep center"

How deep? I hope Jeter crushes the ball next AB.

2006-04-26 17:58:25
105.   C2Coke
Now we are talking....the shutout game we were saying? apparently this works...
2006-04-26 17:58:44
106.   randym77
Sheff! Finally!
2006-04-26 17:59:02
107.   BklynBmr
Iron Sheff! And passes Yaz on the HR list, to boot.
2006-04-26 17:59:13
108.   C2Coke
That 100 pitch count is biting him.
2006-04-26 18:00:44
109.   BklynBmr
105 C2, the Banter cannot be disrespected ;-)
2006-04-26 18:00:50
110.   rbj
Good, McClung's getting tired. Time for a 13 run inning against the Devil Ray bullpen.
2006-04-26 18:01:58
111.   rilkefan
ARod kept not swinging. Sucks, doesn't it.
2006-04-26 18:02:56
112.   rbj
The Banter cannot be disrespected.
I love it.
2006-04-26 18:03:03
113.   BklynBmr
104 Nothing close to getting out. Maybe 15-20 feet short of the warning track.
2006-04-26 18:03:35
114.   C2Coke
BklynBmr,glad to be part of it...
That 13 run was a classic.
2006-04-26 18:04:43
115.   Bill
FOUR passed balls for poor Josh Bard tonight
2006-04-26 18:08:46
116.   BklynBmr
114 Same here, C2. That 13 run 8th was one for the ages. Don't have the records in front of me, but I can't recall an inning like that and I've been following the Bombers forever...
2006-04-26 18:09:44
117.   BklynBmr
Three quarters of the earth are covered by water. The rest is covered by Bubba!
2006-04-26 18:10:28
118.   C2Coke
Was that two good catches from Crosby tonight?
2006-04-26 18:10:31
119.   C2Coke
Were that two good catches from Crosby tonight?
2006-04-26 18:11:47
120.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Today is Rick Monday day, btw. has a story posted as well as Vin Scully's radio call.
2006-04-26 18:13:15
121.   BklynBmr
117 "is" covered by water. And with apologies to Gary Matthews ;-)
2006-04-26 18:16:23
122.   bp1
117 Now that's funny. And true.

Too bad we can't clone Bubba for defensive purposes. He woulda come in handy in the 1st inning in right field. Yanks should be leading this game 2-0.


2006-04-26 18:18:18
123.   BklynBmr
Torre is a genius ;-)
2006-04-26 18:19:19
124.   claybeez
117 Classic.
2006-04-26 18:21:16
125.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Bubba has a bunt single a walk and a stolen base + a great catch tonight... with all due respect to Bernie I rather see Bubba in the outfield when one of the outfielders DH (which they should every 2 outta 3 or 3 outta 4 games with Giambi IMHO)... he's a huge defensive upgrade over Matsui and is on par with Damon and is probably a bit more useful than Sheff also (woulda saved the first run that's for sure... that "hit" was a mile high)
2006-04-26 18:21:44
126.   C2Coke
Were they kidding???
2006-04-26 18:21:46
127.   Bill
"Small ball working for the Yankees" Uh, they didn't score any runs!
2006-04-26 18:21:53
128.   Zack
That was offensive...swinging 0-3, then running into a double play
2006-04-26 18:22:03
129.   Zack
sorry, 3-0
2006-04-26 18:22:17
130.   Simone
WTF?! What was that? Wasn't Bowa supposed to be teaching these guys something about running the bases?
2006-04-26 18:22:37
131.   claybeez
OK. Tell me I didn't just see that...please!
2006-04-26 18:22:53
132.   randym77
Arrghhh. Bubba might have just run himself out of any more starts. Torre was not happy with that one.
2006-04-26 18:23:29
133.   BklynBmr
Cano now has to stay after the game and go over baserunning fundamentals with Bowa. Again.
2006-04-26 18:23:30
134.   Yu-Hsing Chen
DFSDFSDFSDSDF WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF was that play............. getting double played with a ground ball and man on second and 3rd???
2006-04-26 18:24:49
135.   Bill
It was a stupid base running play, but having Damon sacrifice against this punching bag of a pitcher is inexcusable.
2006-04-26 18:24:56
136.   Zack
I feel ill
2006-04-26 18:25:03
137.   bp1
132 The Bubba giveth. The Bubba taketh away.


Is this same team that one yesterday's game with such surgical precision? Who are these guys. Someone check the monuments. Gotta be some pods out there.


2006-04-26 18:25:28
138.   BklynBmr
GG A-Rod! Nice scoop by Giambi, too!
2006-04-26 18:27:10
139.   Zack
Another case of the Bizarro-Yankees...
2006-04-26 18:28:05
140.   Zack
At least we are at home so Torre can't hold Mo for a save...
2006-04-26 18:29:58
141.   BklynBmr
135 Damon is not exactly scalding the ball everytime up, but agreed — no reason to have him sac there. He's close to the league lead in doubles and as you say, this pitcher is no one to be feared...
2006-04-26 18:31:30
142.   BklynBmr
Good job, Jorgie! And Gator — if you called that one...
2006-04-26 18:32:10
143.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Consider that Damon's been struggling a bit of late while Jeter has been hot, that sacrifice wasnt a huge mistake.....

Of course... bunting a pitcher that Bubba can hit is probably not too smart.

2006-04-26 18:41:09
144.   BklynBmr
A-Rod: Overdue for an A-Bomb! But he has to swing to make that happen. Let's go, Alex!
2006-04-26 18:51:03
145.   BklynBmr
Looks like Orvella hides his change better than Moose used to...
2006-04-26 18:51:30
146.   C2Coke
Only being to see Moose's changeup is not enough...
2006-04-26 18:53:13
147.   tocho
just frustrating. poor wang, a great outing ruined by terrible hitting and dreadful baserunning.

this is still a game that they need to win, but they are not helping themselves at all.

2006-04-26 18:55:49
148.   C2Coke
That was 5 solid innings from Wang.
2006-04-26 18:57:29
149.   tocho
148 agreed.
2006-04-26 18:59:06
150.   BklynBmr
Strong inning by Farnsworth! Time to make up for the weak hitting, bad baserunning and LOBs!

Let's go Bombers!

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2006-04-26 19:01:10
151.   Shaun P
Hello all - what have I missed?

A quick look at the boxscore tells me the Yanks have left 11 runners on base tonight. McClung gave up SEVEN walks and they've only managed two runs?!

Its like that game in Toronto against Ted Lilly. Imagine if they actually plated some of those guys - the offense would look even more ridiculous.

2006-04-26 19:01:42
152.   Shaun P
Hey, nice walk Robbie! What's gotten in to this kid? ;)
2006-04-26 19:01:51
153.   Yu-Hsing Chen
he reallly killed the ball on that at bat .. XD.................. jesus how is he over .300 ... or am I simply always watching the wrong games.

Jorge gets struck out with man at the corner... jesus they aren't going to win this if they cant score without a homer.

2006-04-26 19:02:29
154.   C2Coke
Time to make it up for your last...episode...Crosby! Mo is waiting!
2006-04-26 19:02:50
155.   yankz
Damn, a lot of 0fers tonight.
2006-04-26 19:03:53
156.   Yu-Hsing Chen
If they manage to win this Wang is probably the MVP so far.... great outting and both the runs scored are partially attributed to the "great" Yankee defense.

(at least they didn't start Bernie tonigh in center... or we be in even deeper shite)

2006-04-26 19:04:24
157.   BklynBmr
151 Shaun P, it feels like we should be up by 5 runs easily. Failure to deliver w/RISP and bad baserunning. We've had good pitching and D, but little else...
2006-04-26 19:04:46
158.   yankz
2006-04-26 19:05:55
159.   BklynBmr
Say, are we tied with the D-Rays right now?
2006-04-26 19:06:11
160.   randym77
Well, if it weren't for that baserunning blunder, this would be a great night for Bubba.
2006-04-26 19:06:24
161.   C2Coke just missed a lot of frustrations, which is a good thing for you. So far, the Yanks have had a leadoff man every inning, yet nothing much has come out of it yet.
2006-04-26 19:07:23
162.   C2Coke
THEY HAVE TO GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!! second time tonight?????
2006-04-26 19:07:29
163.   BklynBmr
Oh, that was a "look what I found in my glove" by Orvella...
2006-04-26 19:07:32
164.   Simone
Double WTF?! That didn't just happen again?! I thought it was a replay! Apparently, you have Baseball IQ or you don't.
2006-04-26 19:07:53
165.   Shaun P
Thanks, Bklyn!

OK, normally I'd say that a sac bunt is OK here - tie game, at home, Mo ready for the 9th. But geez, this guy just walked CANO fercryingoutloud! And had thrown 2 straight balls. Why not try to hit here?

I will never understand this team's need to play like its 1908 - or 1968, for that matter. Joe Sheehan had a great quote today on sac bunting at Prospectus; I'll try to post it later.

2006-04-26 19:08:58
166.   BklynBmr
Let's go, Cap. Bring JohnnyD in!
2006-04-26 19:08:58
167.   Shaun P
I have no TV picture - what happened? Did Damon just try to bunt too??
2006-04-26 19:09:36
168.   Shaun P
I have no TV picture - what happened? Did Damon just try to bunt too??
2006-04-26 19:11:40
169.   C2Coke
With the way they are hitting ...well...not hitting tonight, maybe bunting isn't that bad of an idea. Seriously, the Rays pitchers aren't even that good.
2006-04-26 19:12:12
170.   Yu-Hsing Chen
We had good D in SOME positions you mean.. both runs could have been saved if we had a even average range guy in Right field (granted he did homer for the 2 runs so far) and Jeter makes he's AVERAGE throw

With all due respect... the D-rays deserve to win this one at the moment, the Yanks execution is just so horrid that if it weren't for a good outting by Wang and Crosby in center we would be blown away by now.

With this D-rays line up they are playing like 90% of their potential this game.. but the Yanks are playing like.. 10 % god.

2006-04-26 19:12:14
171.   tocho
Jetes has some balls, literally.
2006-04-26 19:12:24
172.   randym77
Damon hit it right back to the pitcher. Fielder's choice, I guess you'd call it. They got Cano.

Damon is on 2nd now (stolen base).

2006-04-26 19:12:50
173.   BklynBmr
Shaun P, Jete's walk was the 11th by Rays hurlers tonight. And 2 runs to show for it, thanks to Sheff's 2 run blast.
2006-04-26 19:13:24
174.   Zack
My crapped out on me an inning or so ago so I had to switch to gameday...sigh
2006-04-26 19:13:37
175.   Rob Gee
170 Derseves to win - based on the 11 walks? What have the Rays done right tonight to deserve to win?
2006-04-26 19:13:52
176.   Zack
This is one of those games we will lose and totally deserve to lose
2006-04-26 19:15:22
177.   Shaun P
"Seriously, the Rays pitchers aren't even that good."

All the more reason that the bunt should be left alone!

Here's that quote from Joe Sheehan that I mentioned 165:

"Think of it this way: if the notion of sacrifice bunting had never been invented, would someone bother coming up with it today? If they did, would they act as if the tactic represented all that was good with the world? See, laying down sacrifices is tied into the antiquated notion that there's some "right" way to play baseball, that "small ball" is somehow morally superior to other approaches. In fact, there is no right or wrong, and the optimal approach has changed over time, as rule sets, external conditions and the natural evolution of skills have developed. In the nine-plus run environment of today, bunting should be limited. Acknowledging that and folding that into decision making is "smart ball," not reflexively bunting because that's the way they did it when you were coming through the Dodgers' system in '66.

There's a book in the idea that so much of the stagnation of baseball today is the inability for people both inside and outside the game to get past the 1960s. There was a seven-year period when the physical conditions--high mounds, big strike zones--changed the relationships among outs, bases and runs. That game is long gone."

I'm not sure which manager he's referring to here, BTW, except that it obviously isn't Torre. Of course, it is worth noting that Torre 'grew up' as a ballplayer, if you will, in the 60s.

2006-04-26 19:15:47
178.   Zack
couldnt Farnsworth go 2 here, he hasnt pitched all that much?...
2006-04-26 19:15:50
179.   C2Coke
The two pitchers were great tonight.
2006-04-26 19:17:04
180.   Bill
I wouldn't have thought it possible to have the leadoff hitter on in 8 straight innings, to have 11 walks and 4 SB's and somehow only have 2 runs
2006-04-26 19:17:12
181.   marc
I wonder what the record is for most walks in a losing performance. This is friggen excruciating
2006-04-26 19:17:25
182.   C2Coke
It's nice to finally see Mo in a tie situation though...he just needs the hitters to back him up.
2006-04-26 19:18:23
183.   Yu-Hsing Chen
OMG Mo's alive... I didn't know he was still there... i mean... he's been out like...twice this season?
2006-04-26 19:18:44
184.   Zack
Bill, that stat confirms that the Yanks have no business winning this game...or losing it for that matter...But it goes back to the Bizzarro Yankee thing, its always hot and cold with them...
2006-04-26 19:18:46
185.   Shaun P
178 I'm sure he could, Zack, except that Farnsworth has made it clear to Torre that once the inning is over and his butt hits the bench, it don't leave the bench to go back to the mound.

I'm sure Torre is happy to comply because it means he is saving Farnsworth some Gordon-like wear and tear.

With Mo's lack of use so far this year, I have no problems with him pitching here.

2006-04-26 19:20:48
186.   Yu-Hsing Chen
175 , maybe because they actually scored their runners and execute base running and contact baseball properly?

Your right though, their pitchers are terrible... just to make this game look even more stupid for the Yankees ......

2006-04-26 19:21:17
187.   singledd
A good move by Torre to bring Mo in here. Wouldn't want to give up a run in the top of the 9th.
2006-04-26 19:21:22
188.   yankz
Wang's K/BB ratio = 1. Is he ever going to sustain an adequate K rate?
2006-04-26 19:21:28
189.   BklynBmr
176 Bad karma, brah. We have a Yankeeography in the making here ;-)
2006-04-26 19:21:33
190.   Zack
Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with Mo pitching either, and its prob. the right thing to do, but considering our offense seems to have no inclination towards scoring a run anytime soon, it might be a while...
2006-04-26 19:22:09
191.   Simone
Even Mo is falling apart.
2006-04-26 19:22:39
192.   Zack
Then again, maybe this will be over sooner than I thought...
2006-04-26 19:22:49
193.   Shaun P
Slightly off topic, but anyone else concerned about Matsui? His play in the field has been less than stellar, and he isn't hitting worth a damn. Is he not staying back? Or is his knee bothering him more than he/the Yanks are letting on?
2006-04-26 19:23:02
194.   tocho
here comes the DP
2006-04-26 19:25:03
195.   BklynBmr
Bust his bat and pop him up, Mo!
2006-04-26 19:26:27
196.   Zack
Well, had to doubt Mo to ensure he got out of it :)
2006-04-26 19:26:34
197.   Simone
Wheww, at least Mo held it together for this inning. Can someone please drive in a run somehow?
2006-04-26 19:26:50
198.   BklynBmr
Whew! I'll take it!

Now, A-Rod needs to end this thing...

2006-04-26 19:28:00
199.   C2Coke
Matsui just looks frustrated and at times almost confused at the plate. He is, however, not alone though...anyone remembers that "clean-up" hitter?
2006-04-26 19:28:06
200.   marc
Let's go now, how about two walks, a bunt and a suicide squeeze
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-26 19:28:50
201.   BklynBmr
HR has to end it. Baserunners have done nothing tonight!
2006-04-26 19:29:49
202.   tocho
a-rod has been TERRIBLE tonight. Ugly swings so far
2006-04-26 19:30:19
203.   BklynBmr
Heh-heh. Only in The Bronx can a .300 hitter get booed.
2006-04-26 19:30:29
204.   tocho
the only confidence I have tonight is in giambi
2006-04-26 19:30:45
205.   yankz
OK, Arod's going to end it with one swing.
2006-04-26 19:30:50
206.   Zack
At this point, shouldn't our lineup be Damon, Jeter, Shef, Giambi, Arod, Cano, Posada, Matsui, Phillips?
2006-04-26 19:30:58
207.   C2Coke
Actually...the baserunners have done "enough" tonight. So yes, they should stop now.
2006-04-26 19:31:13
208.   yankz
Never mind.
2006-04-26 19:31:21
209.   Yu-Hsing Chen
I really think they need to give Matsui a couple of days on the DH ... and seeing Crosby play today I really like to see him out there with Damon to make our outfield a bit more than a void...
2006-04-26 19:31:24
210.   BklynBmr
202 Bad night at the plate for Alex. His 'non-swings' were just as bad...
2006-04-26 19:33:14
211.   tocho
here's where we miss womack... (of course this is a stupid joke)
2006-04-26 19:33:16
212.   Yu-Hsing Chen
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Giambi don't walk... with how Matsui and Jorge been tonight i don't care if it's a ball.. just pull that thing out of there if u can reach it.
2006-04-26 19:33:34
213.   C2Coke
He is once again a below .300 hitter now. And the confidence in Giambi getting on base by walking...
2006-04-26 19:34:09
214.   BklynBmr

Free baseball, huh?

2006-04-26 19:34:30
215.   randym77
I dunno, seems like Matsui's always been a bit streaky. I think he's really feeling the pressure of that contract he signed. He said something about needing to play twice as hard to prove he's worth the money, or some such thing.
2006-04-26 19:34:57
216.   Shaun P
2006-04-26 19:34:58
217.   Zack
Ahh, thank you Hideki, very helpful...
2006-04-26 19:35:07
218.   C2Coke
Seriously? first time going into extra innings this season...with ....with....the Rays???
2006-04-26 19:35:07
219.   Bill
Which has-been/retread will the Yanks be bringing in now?
2006-04-26 19:35:17
220.   bobtaco
How can you expect the Yankees to win tonight, they haven't scored 9 runs.


2006-04-26 19:35:27
221.   Yankee Fan in Chicago

Time for Bubby to hit one of his patented walk-offs next inning.

2006-04-26 19:35:52
222.   Shaun P
215 Someone ought to tell Matsui to relax.

And A-Rod too. Pressing is getting them nowhere, fast.

2006-04-26 19:36:16
223.   Bill
Oh my! Won't mariano break if he pitches 2 innings?
2006-04-26 19:36:17
224.   Yu-Hsing Chen
dafdfadf GAHHHH i hate to be right on that one...
2006-04-26 19:36:21
225.   Zack
Another inning by Mo, then one by Myers, then let Smith work...Actually, knowing Joe, he will throw Proctor out there again
2006-04-26 19:36:53
226.   BklynBmr
The Tribe spanked Boston tonight, 7-1.
2006-04-26 19:36:54
227.   Zack
And why the heck is Cairo at 1b and not Phillips????
2006-04-26 19:38:14
228.   randym77
222 Agree 100%. They both need to relax a little.
2006-04-26 19:38:34
229.   C2Coke many innings are you expecting? another 9?
2006-04-26 19:39:15
230.   BklynBmr
227 'Cause Andy is slated to pinch-hit for the 'walk-off' ;-)
2006-04-26 19:39:26
231.   Zack
Well, I figure that this game will go as long as our pitchers can, no? We don't seem to be intent on ending it ourselves?
2006-04-26 19:39:56
232.   C2Coke
Zack, Torre is saving Philips for the 18th inning...
2006-04-26 19:41:35
233.   BklynBmr
Shoot 3, Yanks!
2006-04-26 19:42:05
234.   Shaun P
C'mon Mo, what are you doing walking Nick Green? Argh . . .
2006-04-26 19:42:22
235.   Zack
crap, oh well
2006-04-26 19:42:26
236.   randym77
Arrghhhh. I can't believe this.
2006-04-26 19:42:48
237.   Simone
Even Mo can't save this debacle.
2006-04-26 19:42:48
238.   marc
this is beginning to smell like disaster
2006-04-26 19:42:57
239.   Bill
More frustrating loss, this game or the debacle in MN?
2006-04-26 19:43:13
240.   C2Coke
2006-04-26 19:43:18
241.   Cliff Corcoran
Yup, it's all shaping up for Bernie to make the last out pinch-hitting for Bubba.
2006-04-26 19:43:28
242.   JeremyM
What a disgusting walk.
2006-04-26 19:44:25
243.   bobtaco
239. Minnesota, the Yankees were leading in that one...
2006-04-26 19:44:31
244.   JeremyM
This is going to be a well deserved loss. For God's sake move Giambi up in the lineup, for starters.
2006-04-26 19:45:45
245.   Marcus
It always seems that once Mo starts walking folks the game is going to get out of hand.
2006-04-26 19:46:08
246.   BklynBmr
Joe should save face now and pull the players off the field, I guess. Forfiet. Why not?
2006-04-26 19:47:05
247.   Cliff Corcoran
Mo didn't issue a single IBB last year, for those wondering.
2006-04-26 19:47:07
248.   Simone
This game is so ovah!
2006-04-26 19:47:13
249.   Shaun P
Man, you could see Crawford doing something to kill the Yanks from a mile away.

I feel strangely confident that Mo can get Ty Wigginton out here.

2006-04-26 19:47:21
250.   JohnnyC
35 pitches and counting. I guess Torre doesn't plan on winning the game tomorrow. Well, it's really important to make sure you don't waste an appearance by Mo.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-26 19:47:56
251.   Cliff Corcoran
That extra run is the nail in the coffin.
2006-04-26 19:48:35
252.   marc
If TB shows their usual bullpen acumen we still have a chance
2006-04-26 19:48:50
253.   C2Coke
3.h hours and counting. Are any of them plan to play tomorrow?
2006-04-26 19:48:55
254.   Cliff Corcoran
250 Right, because Mo's been such a crucial piece of the puzzle thus far this season. Why do you think he's pitching so poorly?
2006-04-26 19:48:56
255.   Shaun P
Spoke too soon 249.

How many times must it be said - walking the bases loaded with only one out is NEVER a good play! Don't these guys remember those games against the Sox from a couple years back? The Sox walked the bases loaded with 1 out, and lost.


2006-04-26 19:49:04
256.   Zack
This game put me in a really bad mood and just infuriates me.
2006-04-26 19:49:17
257.   C2Coke
2006-04-26 19:50:23
258.   JeremyM
Well, it's not over, Cano and Posada are two good hitters.
2006-04-26 19:51:27
259.   tocho
losing this game having to endure these stupid idiot announcers from the rays is like going to the ballpark with rays fans and having to hear from them only idiotic statements like they are so good, orvella is working his magic, they have fought and fought.

i can't handle it anymore.

any confidence in posada?

2006-04-26 19:51:31
260.   BklynBmr
Get it goin', Jorgie! There's only a few of us left watching, so no pressure...
2006-04-26 19:51:39
261.   marc
six walks will win it
2006-04-26 19:51:48
262.   yankz
This freaking sucks. This is Mo's second time this year blowing a game- rust, the 2nd inning, not as good as last year, or I'm overreacting? I'm going with the last one.
2006-04-26 19:51:55
263.   JohnnyC
Torre thinks if he doesn't pitch Mo now in April, it'll give him free rein to abuse him in July & August. That's why he gets the big bucks and I can't afford to have my only suit cleaned.
2006-04-26 19:52:11
264.   tqmalachi
Mo is just rusty, but he tends to lose focus when a speedy lead-off hitter gets on.
2006-04-26 19:52:20
265.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Cano yes... Posada has been horrid tonight...
2006-04-26 19:52:30
266.   Mattpat11
Well, we sure showed them.

I still contend that if we would have maybe swung at the occasional strike right down the middle, we wouldn't be in this position. but then, how would we try to work a god damned two out runner on third walk?

2006-04-26 19:52:59
267.   Yu-Hsing Chen
But he gets a walk... thank god.... now Torre will pinch hit for bubba with Bernie and hits into a DP....
2006-04-26 19:54:02
268.   BklynBmr
Cliff, if Bernie hits into a DP — this loss is on you tonight, because you called it ;-)
2006-04-26 19:54:07
269.   C2Coke
Yu-Hsing, you might just jinxed it...
2006-04-26 19:54:37
270.   tocho
c'mon bernie, just work a walk here
2006-04-26 19:54:54
271.   Yu-Hsing Chen
oh god... i so f**king hate to be right on all the dreaded guesses so far... plzzzz homer Bernie...
2006-04-26 19:55:14
272.   Marcus
BER-NIE! BER-NIE! BER-aw screw it...
2006-04-26 19:56:08
273.   Marcus
Better than a GIDP.
2006-04-26 19:56:14
274.   Shaun P

OK Damon, its all up to you now.

2006-04-26 19:56:17
275.   JeremyM
Yeah, Bubba couldn't have done that.
2006-04-26 19:56:20
276.   Yu-Hsing Chen
ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.......... at least he didn't ground into DP = =b...
2006-04-26 19:56:55
277.   Marcus
Attention Yankee Batters: Now pitching Dan Miceli(!!!).
2006-04-26 19:57:31
278.   BklynBmr

I'm tellin' myself...

2006-04-26 19:57:53
279.   C2Coke
Attention Yankee Batters: Now still playing in a game!!!
2006-04-26 19:57:59
280.   randym77
C'mon, Jete. A homer will do. ;-)
2006-04-26 19:58:24
281.   tocho
here comes Mr. Clutch
2006-04-26 19:58:33
282.   Marcus
Jeter coming up, all right! Damn, 2 outs...can't bunt here...what to do...what to do...
2006-04-26 19:58:42
283.   C2Coke
2006-04-26 19:58:45
284.   Shaun P
C'mon, Cap'n, c'mon - we need a hit here. A double would do nicely.
2006-04-26 19:58:48
285.   marc
now just 4 more walks to win
2006-04-26 20:00:39
286.   Simone
Jeter getting my hopes up!
2006-04-26 20:01:01
287.   Mattpat11
Damn Posada and his slowest man on earth ness
2006-04-26 20:01:06
288.   yankz
Hell yeah Jeet! Ok, sheff...
2006-04-26 20:01:16
289.   Shaun P
Way to go, Cap'n!!!!

Now, some Iron Sheff blitz and we can call this a night and all go to sleep happy.

2006-04-26 20:01:47
290.   C2Coke
Mr.Clutch is still the man. Well...I will take that 3 more walks too.
2006-04-26 20:02:14
291.   Shaun P
Ladies and gentlemen, now pitching for the Rays, Shawn Camp.

Former Kansas City Royal Shawn Camp.

We know the Yanks can hit those guys. ;)

2006-04-26 20:02:54
292.   Marcus
"I don't strike out when I don't want to."
Let's hope he doesn't want to.
2006-04-26 20:03:01
293.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Think they'll intentionally walk Sheff, letting in a run, just to pitch to Mr. Called 3rd Strike?
2006-04-26 20:03:10
294.   C2Coke
We are all hoping to go to sleep happy.
2006-04-26 20:05:56
295.   randym77
2006-04-26 20:06:09
296.   BklynBmr
Oh, for a split second there...
2006-04-26 20:06:50
297.   Shaun P
294 So much for that. We will have to settle for just sleep. Sigh.
2006-04-26 20:07:30
298.   Simone
Ugh! Oh well.
2006-04-26 20:07:38
299.   C2Coke
Another great starter pitcher outing went down the drain.
2006-04-26 20:08:01
300.   bobtaco
Don't get too upset, if Shef walks there Arod would have grounded out anyway...


Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-26 20:08:07
301.   Mattpat11
Well, I don't know about you all, but I'm sure glad A-Rod tried to work those two out runner on third walks tonight. They certainly paid major dividends. Much more than say, SWINGING THE BAT would have.
2006-04-26 20:09:24
302.   Zack
Well, we didn' score 5+ runs and we lost, no suprise...

Statistically, I think its pretty much impossible to do what that Yankees did tonight, leave it to us...

2006-04-26 20:09:48
303.   Zack
And how appropriate that we leave the bases loaded to end the game
2006-04-26 20:12:07
304.   Mattpat11
Now I'm fucking pissed.
2006-04-26 20:12:07
305.   JohnnyC
There's a fine balance between being patient at the plate and knowing when to go out of the zone to knock in a run. Especially when the Rays' plan all night was to exploit the Yankees' patience by NOT THROWING HARD STRIKES. Someone should have gone out and gotten one of those 82 mph change-ups that hung up and slapped it somewhere. Because they were never going to throw a fastball anywhere near the plate tonight.
2006-04-26 20:12:31
306.   randym77
They picked Bubba Crosby as Player of the Game!
2006-04-26 20:12:58
307.   marc
14 walks, 6 hits, 2 runs. what a nightmare. I might as well have my fingernails extracted than go through this crap
2006-04-26 20:14:37
308.   tqmalachi
Worst. Loss. So Far.
2006-04-26 20:14:43
309.   Mattpat11
305 hell swing at the soft stuff in the zone. I may not be an MVP or anything, but that seems a lot wiser than STARING AT IT for the out.
2006-04-26 20:15:43
310.   Yu-Hsing Chen
god......... what a fitting way to end this game... bases loaded... kinda summed up the game
2006-04-26 20:17:49
311.   Mattpat11
Sheffield's fatal flaw was that he didnt try to work the walk there.
2006-04-26 20:18:30
312.   Yu-Hsing Chen
How Ironic that Yankees lost a game where they could pitch but couldn't score.....
2006-04-26 20:20:37
313.   Mattpat11
Hell, looking at the pitch chart, Sheffield should be reprimanded for not taking that pitch he homered on. if he would have been a little more patient, he might have worked a walk.
2006-04-26 20:21:38
314.   David
My impression is that Mo pitches a lot worse when he returns to pitch a second inning. Does anyone have stats on this?
2006-04-26 20:23:28
315.   C2Coke
There a Yankees notes on Matsui's recent slump on the official website. Wonder when they are doing one on Arod.
2006-04-26 20:33:31
316.   JohnnyC
Gotta get another inning out of Mo. Don't care if he throws 40 pitches. Gotta get him a win. Why do they give me so many pitchers? 12 of them! Sheesh, in my day, your closer pitched until the game was over one way or the other. Give me 7...8 pitchers tops. Yeah, gotta give Mo another inning. Make it three. Weeeee!!!!
2006-04-26 20:34:21
317.   JohnnyC
Where's big Rube when you need a clutch hit?
2006-04-26 20:42:04
318.   Mattpat11
317didnt walk enough.
2006-04-26 20:51:03
319.   dpmurphy
"losing this game having to endure these stupid idiot announcers from the rays is like going to the ballpark with rays fans and having to hear from them only idiotic statements like they are so good, orvella is working his magic, they have fought and fought."

Well, considering their payroll is only slighty larger than arod's salary, I'd say let them enjoy the win.

2006-04-26 20:52:24
320.   JohnnyC
I think it says "take" in big block letters in Donnie's little notebook next to the name of every pitcher in the American League. No, seriously, this is how Victor Zambrano used to bamboozle them in the past...never throw strikes. It totally messes with the Yankees hitters minds. Really. It's called being inflexible...something that the anti-Moneyball Angels would never be accused of.
2006-04-26 20:59:38
321.   Mattpat11
320 You're missing the big picture. If you dont take, you can't work a walk. Specifically on 0-2 counts with two outs and a runner on third.
2006-04-26 21:46:41
322.   brockdc
I feel like I just drank two liters of strawberry wine cooler.
2006-04-26 22:11:57
323.   Ravenscar
I want everyone to know that I have the most important comment of the night, and it's probably coming last, as I only just now got in:

Cliff, I totally disagree with you - that may be the BEST headline ever.

2006-04-27 01:07:33
324.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Ok, with all the no bunt arguments, with hind sight a single successful force squeeze play tonight before the 9th would have given the Yanks a win.. espically thinking about that ridiculas 2nd and 3rd 1 out situation. if Jeter laid down a good bunt it was game .

Money ball aside, consider that the Yankees staff have been darn consistent from starters to the pen, I WOULD trade a ton of free outs if it means we can get more consistent scoring from our team even if it means a lower overall average runs scored, winning >>> scoring,

just look at last year, the 2 biggest slugger teams in both league.. in the NL neither even made the playoffs (reds were bottom scraping and the Phillies barely missed. ) while the 2 AL slugger teams both lost in the ALDS.

Unless you don't think your pitchers can hold the other team, scoring consistently >> scoring more

2006-04-27 03:50:13
325.   randym77
323 Nope. Sorry. "Super Colon Blow" is STILL the...

Best. Headline. Ever.


2006-04-27 06:34:12
326.   jayd
No I think Cliff's "If this is Wong, I don't want to be Wright" from last year was my personal favorite.

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