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2006-04-15 06:25
by Alex Belth

The Yankees wasted a good outing from Mike Mussina, who has previously owned the Twins, losing 5-1 on Friday night. The game moved along quickly for the first six-and-a-half innings and the Yankees were just "off" enough--both offensively and defensively--to come up short.

The Twins' young right-hander, Scott Baker allowed just one run over seven innings, mixing pitches and change speeds effectively. He didn't throw hard, but had the Yankees off-balance all night. A lot of his pitches were just off the plate, just out of the strike zone, and the Yankee hitters anxiously jumped on them. There were a lot of harmless fly ball outs. Gary Sheffield flew out four times and saw less than ten pitches on the night (he swung at the first pitch in his first two at bats, and the team made six first-pitch outs in the first five innings). According to the New York Times:

"He was like a surgeon," Yankees Manager Joe Torre said. "He was down. He was up. Hitters like to zone in on location, and they were never able to do that.

"The thing he did the best was get ahead of a lot of hitters, and sometimes we just got caught in-between."

..."It's weird, because we need to learn how to win these close games," Johnny Damon said. "We need to learn how to push across runs. It just shows how good a pitcher can be when he's around the strike zone and doesn't walk anybody."

Mussina pitched well for most of the game--running into trouble in the third and later, in the seventh. Jorge Posada was thrown out at the plate attempting to tag on a fly ball to right. The replays showed that he was safe on a close play. The Yankee catcher was involved in another critical play later in the game.

In the seventh, with two men on and the Twins holding a one-run lead, Juan Castro popped a Mussina change up foul. Posada raced over towards the first base dugout to make the play but couldn't get there in time. Jason Giambi, who was playing back off the base was too late arriving as well. The truth is, Posada covered a lot more ground than Giambi did, yet if anyone was going to make that play it would have been the first baseman. In what was clearly going to be Mussina's final batter of the game, Castro worked the count full, then fouled off several pitches before slapping an RBI single to left.

It was just one of those nights. The Bombers put the first two men on in the eighth but Bernie Williams bounced into a double play--they went listlessly in the ninth, almost as if they had a plane to catch. Kyle Farnsworth pitched the bottom of the eighth and allowed two more runs to score.

I've complained about Farnsworth's thought-process in the past and last night was an ideal example of why the guy drives me nuts. Farnsworth's two best pitches are a plus fastball and a sharp slider. But you don't get the sense that he knows how to mix his pitches properly--he falls in love with dominating a hitter and makes things tougher on himself in the process.

With two men out and nobody on, Farnsworth was pitching to Torii Hunter, a right-handed hitter. He threw a slider for strike one and then got Hunter to wave at a nasty slider for strike two. Now, I'm thinking, okay, time to come up and in with the heat. Posada signaled for a fastball and you could see him motioning for it to be high and tight. Hunter is a free swinger, after all. Farnsworth shook him off.

C'mmon, Meat, I'm thinking at home. We're going to go through this Nuke Laloosh routine all year, aren't we? (Funny to consider Jorge Posada as the sage Crash Davis, huh.) But no, Farnsworth wanted to get him out on another slider. It would be difficult to throw one better than the pitch Hunter had just swung through. Sure enough, the next pitch was a slider, it wasn't as nasty as the previous one, and Hunter slapped the pitch into right for a double.

Justin Morneau, a lefty, was next. He had a great swing at a Farnsworth fastball that was low and right over the plate. The pitch was fouled straight back indicating that Farnsworth had gotten away with one--Morneau was right on it. He got strike two on another fastball, but this one was up and away, and he simply over-powered Morneau with it. So now, I'm thinking, maybe time for the slider, or another high heater. Instead Farnsworth threw another low fastball--seemingly identical to the pitch Morneau just missed--which was promptly slapped into left field for an RBI single.

Now, maybe Farnsworth's location was just off. Again, I'll admit that I'm ready to be critical of the guy so I'm not exactly even-handed when discussing him. He's clearly got good stuff. I just don't know that he's got much sense. And after a long night of lousy at-bats, it was the icing on the gravy so to speak. Farnsworth didn't lose the game for the Yankees, he just made it uglier.

No breaks for the Bomb Squad tonight as they face Minnie's ace, Johan Santana. Santana has not pitched well in his first two outings, which is just enough to make me believe that he'll be on tonight. Jaret Wright goes for the Yanks.

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2006-04-15 07:20:46
1.   Murray
OK, I'm back. What did I miss?

Once again, the Yankees fail to hit a pitcher they've never seen before. It seems like a problem that has persisted even when the lineup has changed. It leads me to believe there is a scouting problem. Thoughts?

2006-04-15 07:25:47
2.   baileywalk
That Hunter double couldn't have been any cheaper. I'd even say an outfielder with a little speed would have caught it. Posada's the one putting down the signs. Maybe I wasn't looking closely enough, but I didn't see Farnsworth shake him off. Here's the thing with Farnsworth: he can't win with people. When he threw Frank Thomas fastballs, people said he should have used his slider; when he throws his slider, people say he needs to get beat with his best pitch, his fastball. What I don't understand is why he only seems to be throwing his four-seam fastball (the one that comes in at 98, 99). Farnsworth gave up two hits and a walk, and he got some unlucky breaks. Torre should pat his ass the way he pats Sturtze's, instead of openly doubting him, by bringing in a lefty before he enters the game -- as if a former closer can't get out a lefty hitter.

People hated Farns before he got here. Maybe it was the pitch sequence, maybe it was Posada's fault, maybe his head is screwed on backwards because of how Torre's treated him. Who knows. But sometimes -- even with a public enemy number one like Kyle -- people have to realize that you make a good pitch and balls fall in front of your rightfielder and skip by on the artificial turf. It's not always a sign that you "can't get it done."

2006-04-15 07:29:11
3.   mikeplugh
The key to the game for me is whether we get a quality start out of Jaret Wright. Over at Catfish Stew, Ken Arneson has just written about the stat, and I have at least alluded to it in my own writing at Canyon of Heroes.

The Yankees are 3-3 in quality starts this year, all by Johnson and Mussina. They are 2-2 in non-quality starts. If we can turn around the offense a bit and actually win those quality games by Johnson and Mussina, we'll be able to get our record straightened out. If we can't rely on anyone else, better teams will pass us by and it could be a long season.

In my own piece at COH, I talk about the fact that the Red Sox, at 7-3, have 5 wins in games where their starter gave up only 1 run. Schilling and Beckett have each done it twice and Wakefield did it once. We need a few more stellar games like that.

2006-04-15 07:31:27
4.   yankz
I hate these wasted opportunities when our starters pitch well. Who knows how many nights like this we'll get from Moose? Although, he has been very encouraging so far.

Lemme guess, the offense sucks against one night, then goes and demolishes their ace the next (see Oakland, Anaheim).

And I really hate seeing the Sox and the unfortunately healthy Schilling win close games.

2006-04-15 08:16:48
5.   yankz
should read "the offense sucks against a back-end starter one night,"
2006-04-15 09:03:43
6.   Beth
what is it with you calling guys "meat"? :-)

really nice observations on farnsworth. i'm not familiar with him myself, but i enjoy your insights. will have to pay more attention to him when the sox / yanks face off this season.

2006-04-15 10:08:45
7.   joejoejoe
I'm thinking Octavio Dotel has surpassed Farnsworth on the mental depth chart of Torre and Cashman. Dotel will slip exactly into the slot that Tom Gordon filled for Rivera when he is ready. That would explain some of the bizarre bullpen patterns early this season - Torre doesn't want anyone getting comfortable in Dotel's role.
2006-04-15 10:10:39
8.   JohnnyC
Great. Since Dotel isn't coming back until June, what are we supposed to do? Write off the first third of the season? Great strategy. Another stroke of genius.
2006-04-15 10:12:02
9.   brockdc
Sturtze came in and nearly melted down yet again. Yet Torre insists on bringing him in in critical situations. Why?

I haven't seen Farnsworth enough to really get a decent read on the guy. When the Yanks signed him, all I read about was how he has this electric stuff but that he sometimes fell in love with his slider. From my POV, that fastball looks pretty damn straight, a la Scott Proctor. Is it possible that he's overrated?

2006-04-15 10:13:11
10.   JohnnyC
And leave Cashman out of it, will ya? This is all on Torre. What? Cashman signs Farnsworth to a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal so he can be turned by Torre into the second coming of Ken Holtzman? Gimme a break. As our President says, this is just revisionist thinking.
2006-04-15 10:34:25
11.   Nick from Washington Heights
JohnnyC's powers of persuasion have finally worked on me. I just don't understand Torre's use of Farnsworth, Sturtze, Cairo, and Phillips this year. It's baffling.
2006-04-15 10:36:08
12.   joejoejoe
10 JohnnyC - Take it as a positive. Dotel looks to be healthy and throwing better than anyone could have expected. How much difference does it make what 'roles' Farnsworth, Sturtze, Villone all play for one month? My guess is Villone ends up being Torre's favorite because he has a clue (but no stuff). Innings are innings.

I know these games count as much as September but if the Yanks can stay with a few games of first until June with a mix-and-match setup crew then they will be lights out the rest of the way - assuming Dotel is solid.

2006-04-15 11:39:46
13.   baileywalk
joejoe, you're assuming Dotel will be healthy and effective (not a given) and you're already writing Farnsworth off. How about we wait until he's actually used properly? Let's see him just once come into the eighth inning with a 1-to-3-run lead and hold it. I'd love to see that just once. Not coming in with men on, not coming in to face one right-handed batter, not having a lefty retire a lefty ahead of him. Let's see Farnsworth do the job he was paid for and then decide if he's a bust or not. The guy gave up a couple of cheap hits last night. Why he came to New York and this madness is beyond me.
2006-04-15 11:53:09
14.   brockdc
13You know, I think you're right on the money. Even though Farns has looked a bit spotty, we should really withold judgement until Torre uses him in the way that he was supposed to be used.
2006-04-15 12:11:45
15.   joejoejoe
13 I'm not writing Farnsworth off - I'm trying to figure out the hows and whys of his usage to this point. Based on this season's bullpen usage and past patterns I'm speculating that the setup seat is being held open for Dotel. It's Joe Torre that seems not to know what to do with Farnsworth.

If I was managing the Yanks I would roll out Farnsworth in the 8th of every game where NY was tied or a save situation and live with the results. I'd also call the pitchs from the dugout because while he has electric stuff, he's shown he has no clue how to use it.

2006-04-15 12:17:06
16.   Rob Gee
Great call on the Castro short pop in the seventh, Alex.

The classic bit is Jorge gave G a look that could kill like "Come on man! You couldn't get to that!?".

Right then I knew that was the Yanks last chance - seems silly but I just knew. Most every other 1B makes that play. That Jorge was even close said it all and esp. why we lose these close games - exactly those kind of plays kill us over the long run.

2006-04-15 12:20:33
17.   Cliff Corcoran
Great work on Farnsworth, Alex. As last night's comments attest, I instantly thought of you when I saw Farnsworth's pitch selection last night.
2006-04-15 12:33:03
18.   baileywalk
My bad then, joejoe. I misunderstood you. But we agree then: Torre should allow Farnsworth to settle into a role. If he really is holding the setup role for Dotel, then 1) Cashman wasted a bunch of George's money paying Farns, and 2) I'm right when I speculate that Torre never liked or trusted Farns, even before he saw him pitch.
2006-04-15 12:42:04
19.   wsporter
Signed Pena today to a ML contract, he's going to report to Tampa. He has an out if he's not called up in a couple of weeks. The report in Newsday says that we want him as a defensive replacement which is good because Rob 16 makes a good point.

He may bump Phillips which is bad. He's a power guy who is 5 for 30 at the Stadium with 1 double and 4 singles. He's a former Baseball America poster child who has achieved 400 some strikeouts in 1600 some MLB ab's. I recall BBA going to some great lengths to criticize Nick Johnson in comparison to Pena. Guess they blew it on that one. He is what he is I guess.

Glad Smith made it to the Bronx, well Min./St. P. anyway. It'd be nice if we could figure a way to keep him with the big club. He can be very valuable and can be more than just a LOOGY I think. It's going to take a little while for them to figure out what roles they fill in the pen. It would be nice if they had some interchangeable parts they could mix and match with especially if some of them have big arms.

2006-04-15 13:02:32
20.   Rob Gee
Just saw in yesterday's LoHud that Andy will start today at 1B. Here's hoping he throws a nice 2-for-4 on the board with a BB and a R. This could be his only chance this year (gag - choke - bile vomit).
2006-04-15 13:06:07
21.   Rob Gee
19 You know though wsport - not a damn thing can be done about it either. In that situation over that game you've got to have G in there for his bat. And he's not a DH - he's a 1B plain and simple.

I can't get worked up about last night. It was what the team is - until they prove otherwise. Unless I start thinking about the GM...[IRS pencil into eye]

2006-04-15 13:07:48
22.   wsporter
20 Yeah saw that too. I've got my fingers crossed for him but the guy he's facing is no picnic. Santana has been stinking it up so far this year so I guess he'll have his ears back and be ready to go tonight. He could be a big problem.
2006-04-15 13:16:15
23.   brockdc
And I'm sure Joe will base Phillips' current and future woth based on 3-4 ABs tonight against a determined Santana.


2006-04-15 13:18:33
24.   brockdc
For the record, signing Carlos Pena makes little to no sense. He can no longer hit, his glove is suspect, and, apparently, his personality's no walk in the park either. What we need right now is a Kevin and a Clemens.
2006-04-15 13:27:46
25.   yankz
24 Right on. How much of an upgrade is he over Phillips? Note that with pena, we'd have two lefty hitting 1B (I'm right, right?).
2006-04-15 14:27:05
26.   Maniakes
25, PECOTA projects Pena at an EQA of .293, Phillips at an EQA of .262. Also, take the Torre factor into account; if Torre won't use Phillips, Pena would instead be replacing Cairo's .228 projected EQA.
2006-04-15 14:34:16
27.   yankz
Wow, thanks Maniakes. But is Pena really ahead of Cairo on the Torre 1B Depth Chart? Or is he just an LIDR?
2006-04-15 15:22:37
28.   baileywalk
Peter Abraham has confirmed that in addition to Pena the Yankees signed pitcher Jesus Colome. They'll eventually get sent to AAA. I don't get the Pena signing, but the Colome deal seems like a smart enough move. It's low risk, costs the Yanks nothing, and he can actually be an effective reliever. The only problem is that he recently left a game with an arm injury and was cut the next day. He throws 100 miles an hour, so it wouldn't be shocking if his arm was damaged.
2006-04-15 15:39:12
29.   randym77
Looks like Giambi rests tonight. Cairo is playing 1B. Andy Phillips is...DHing?
2006-04-15 15:48:17
30.   Ravenscar
Pardon me, did I hear that right?

You guys have MIGUEL Cairo playing first base?

Played for the Mets last year. That guy? At first base for the Yankees?

Wouldn't the entire city of Cairo, Egypt dropped onto 1B have a better range and chance of getting on base on offense? I watched him for our guys ALL last year.

Miguel Cairo?

2006-04-15 16:11:24
31.   Stormer Sports
Here we go! Lets get this started strong! I have a good feeling about this game.
2006-04-15 16:13:03
32.   BklynBomber
31 Hope you're on the money tonight, Storm! Even through Santana is tough, I think we're going to get to him...
2006-04-15 16:13:53
33.   Stormer Sports
We have to make him work.
2006-04-15 16:14:39
34.   BklynBomber
Exactly, just about to say: "patience". Make him throw pitches...
2006-04-15 16:15:27
35.   BklynBomber
Just like that! Good job, Cap!
2006-04-15 16:15:37
36.   Stormer Sports
Damon! Watch Jete and Learn! Leadoff hitters don't do down 1,2,3 you putz.
2006-04-15 16:16:43
37.   JeremyM
I'm shaking my head on this Cairo deal-- Phillips seems like a pretty good fielder to my eyes.
2006-04-15 16:17:17
38.   Stormer Sports
Oh Sheff! WTF?
2006-04-15 16:18:14
39.   Stormer Sports

Joe goes with what he knows, and he knows Cairo. I am not particularly averse to Cairo, he performs in pinstripes, just not blue ones in Queens.

2006-04-15 16:19:05
40.   BklynBomber
That was weak. The pitch before that looked like a strike, too, and he steps out and pouts. He needs to get focused!
2006-04-15 16:20:08
41.   Stormer Sports
Althogh I still say starting Wright is a mistake. 4 days rest is plenty for Wang. Do today's pitchers get gold plated baby bottles?
2006-04-15 16:20:43
42.   JeremyM
How can he focus not knowing if he will have a deal next year? Goodness. He has to feed his family.
2006-04-15 16:21:45
43.   Stormer Sports

He is focused, focused on a contract extensoin and ensuring he gets his "due" in the press, anathema to Yankee tradition. I love the guy's production, but isn't the money enough, you need attention too?

2006-04-15 16:23:28
44.   Stormer Sports

Right on! How can they live with only 3 in-house Chef's and 30 cars?

2006-04-15 16:24:21
45.   yankz
I hope Phillips goes 4-4 with a couple homers.
2006-04-15 16:26:39
46.   BklynBomber
42 LOL! Chris Rock bit: "I take care of my kids" 43 You never know which Sheff you're gonna get on any given day. You can put up with that if he's hammerin' the ball.

Wow. Wright just channeled Ankiel!

2006-04-15 16:27:28
47.   Stormer Sports
There is the Jatet Wright as a starter that I know. Put him in the pen Joe, where he belongs. Clearly his emotional state is not suited to starting. How many years have to go by before some manager gets that?
2006-04-15 16:28:17
48.   BklynBomber
Allright, Miggy! Damn, Joe is a genius...
2006-04-15 16:28:30
49.   Stormer Sports

If Wright gets to the 5th, I'll be plenty happy.

2006-04-15 16:28:59
50.   JeremyM
Excuse me, he has to put food on his family, to quote the former owner of the Rangers.
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2006-04-15 16:30:02
51.   BklynBomber
I don't see that happening, Storm. Either way, we need to start pounding Santana.
2006-04-15 16:30:17
52.   Stormer Sports
Sheff is an enigma, a great HOF caliber hitter who just cannot keep his mouth shut. Remember who his relaitives are!
2006-04-15 16:30:18
53.   tommyl
Ok, Phillips get a start at DH, but seriously what is Cairo doing starting? If you want to "rest" Giambi, surely you can play Andy at 1B and DH Giambi. Even with his DH dropoff Giambi has to be a better offensive player than Cairo, no?

I don't understand why Cairo is in the game except as a late inning defensive replacement and the occasional spot start for Cano/Jeter when they are tired.

2006-04-15 16:30:47
54.   randym77
If Wright manages to avoid being hit by a ball, bat, or crashing UFO, I'll be happy.
2006-04-15 16:31:44
55.   Stormer Sports
Now here we go. At least Arod may put some pressure on Santana on the base-paths, no thanks to Joe I'm sure. I'm sure Joe would be perfectly happy if he just stands there and waits for something to happen.
2006-04-15 16:32:05
56.   BklynBomber
50 Though you were referring to Sprewell, who turned down a $14.7 million per year offer from the Timberwolves, saying, "Hey, I got a family to feed"...
2006-04-15 16:33:29
57.   Stormer Sports
I happen to like Cairo, so I cannot bash him.

Steal the bag Alex! Do it! We're not facing Bartolo Colon damn it! Move your freakin feet.

2006-04-15 16:33:56
58.   JeremyM
They're both pretty good comments that deserve equal shine I think.
2006-04-15 16:35:12
59.   Stormer Sports
God, he hasn't even drawn a throw. Come the hell on. Why not grad a barcolounger and bring it to the mound? Make his as comfortable as you can. Maybe bring him a fruit basket?
2006-04-15 16:37:02
60.   Cliff Corcoran
Just stopping by, can't stay, but just wanted to say that Phillips is a vastly superior defensive corner infielder to Cairo. Oh, snap, here's his first AB of the night . . .
2006-04-15 16:37:54
61.   Stormer Sports
Come on Andy! Dom it for yo Momma!
2006-04-15 16:38:24
62.   Mattpat11
2006-04-15 16:38:51
63.   BklynBomber
Andy was flat out over-matched there. At least he got the cobwebs off his bat...
2006-04-15 16:39:23
64.   Cliff Corcoran
Andy swings through a 93 MPH and then 95 MPH fastball up to K on four pitches. Sigh. Getting his first start vs. Santana . . . as DH. Redheaded stepchildren have it better than Andy Phillips does under Torre.
2006-04-15 16:39:29
65.   Stormer Sports

He needs to get some starts on a regular basis so we can put this grass is greener garbage to bed re: Phillips.

2006-04-15 16:39:51
66.   nycfan
Stormer, it's kinda funny how you think Torre doesn't hit & run, bunt, or steal bases enough while most of us stat guys probably feel he does those things way too much.
2006-04-15 16:40:35
67.   tommyl
57, I like him too, but it just makes no sense to start him at 1B when Phillips is available.

BTW, I feel compelled to point out that however bad people may think the YES announcers are (I happen to like them myself), they are infinitely better than the Minn. ones. Last night they were actually rooting for the Twins, loudly last night. It was like watching a game with your annoying drunk friend yelling in your ear.

2006-04-15 16:41:58
68.   Stormer Sports

Not that he doesn't do it, he ust never does it when he actually should. Like on a day when you will have few base runners and you're facing a stud pitcher. He'll wait till we're at Tampa.

2006-04-15 16:42:38
69.   Mattpat11
65 If people are going to tear Bernie apart for every at bat he has, I feel its only fair to do it for Phillips too. Besides, he looked so unimpressive in his at bats last year that I don't exactly have a long leash for him this year. I think he may just be an AAAA player.
2006-04-15 16:42:45
70.   JeremyM
Are Giambi's numbers that terrible against Santana? Or does he think Cairo can become the Enrique Wilson to Santan's Pedro?
2006-04-15 16:44:02
71.   Stormer Sports

I'll take Bernie any day, night, afternoon, or twilight over Phillips. No doubt. To think Phillips is a better option is simply misguided.

2006-04-15 16:45:22
72.   Stormer Sports
Wow! What's that? A runner drawing throws and pressuring the pitcher. Does Joe see that or is he taking a leak?
2006-04-15 16:45:28
73.   BklynBomber
If Wright had a move to first, he would have gotten Hunter twice already...
2006-04-15 16:46:28
74.   Stormer Sports
Wright in the pen I said! 4 days was good enough for 100 years, it's plenty now. Puss puss puss pussy.
2006-04-15 16:46:35
75.   rilkefan
69 - guess you haven't been following the season or this blog, but "people" have been entirely calmly reasonable on the subject of Bernie's many ABs. Shouting about it a la 62 won't help convince anyone.
2006-04-15 16:46:37
76.   yankz
Damn, Morneau is good.
2006-04-15 16:49:19
77.   BklynBomber
Did Sheff quit on that?
2006-04-15 16:49:28
78.   Stormer Sports
I'd be almost willing to watch Wright get crushed if I thought it would change Joe's mind. However a crow-bar couldn't affect that meatball he has between his ears.
2006-04-15 16:49:57
79.   rilkefan
71 - why aren't you rooting for Reggie Jackson over Bernie? Wouldn't it be misguided to prefer the latter?
2006-04-15 16:50:23
80.   Simone
I'll never get the enthusiasm for Phillips. He is a AAA player and nothing more. He could be in the line up every day and he'll never be anything more.
2006-04-15 16:50:44
81.   BklynBomber
After the bases clearing double we're about to see, Wright needs to be yanked.
2006-04-15 16:51:01
82.   Stormer Sports

lol. Hey, I didn't say Reggie wouldn't be a better option. You're too much.

2006-04-15 16:51:37
83.   Stormer Sports
Wow! The ump was in position, how novel.
2006-04-15 16:51:55
84.   BklynBomber
81 It's good to be wrong ;-)
2006-04-15 16:52:11
85.   yankz
2006-04-15 16:53:22
86.   Stormer Sports
Why is Joe frustrated, he is the cause of all this!
2006-04-15 16:54:03
87.   Simone
Wright having a meltdown already.
2006-04-15 16:54:07
88.   tommyl
80, you may very well be right. I just think he deserves an extended look, and a few ABs against Santana isn't really all that fair (Damon looked just as unimpressive in his AB), and its way too small a sample size. If after a few games he still isn't hitting, then fine.

Like many on here pointed out, I truly wish we had signed either Piazza or Thomas as a DH. Its the easiest position to fill (no fielding required) and the Yankees treat it like a throwaway.

2006-04-15 16:54:18
89.   Mattpat11
Wright sucks.

75 I don't even think Bernie is necessarily the answer. But Phillips has looked so unimpressive against big league pitching that I dont think he's the answer either.

2006-04-15 16:54:26
90.   Stormer Sports
If even Peter Gammons can see through his bottle of Johnny Walker to tell that Wright is better in the pen, why can't Joe see it through his cup of Java?
2006-04-15 16:55:49
91.   Mattpat11
90 Wright is better off this team. I just want him to go away.
2006-04-15 16:55:53
92.   JeremyM
Don't blame Torre for Wright, it's either Cashman or Tampa's fault on this clown.
2006-04-15 16:56:08
93.   BklynBomber
Since the bats have not made the trip and are still at LaGuardia, we can't allow another run here...
2006-04-15 16:56:29
94.   rilkefan
Someone here was talking about sticking pencils in his eyes. I have to say that's sounding better and better.

Well, it's not like I expected a win against Santana anyway, why stress.

2006-04-15 16:56:59
95.   Stormer Sports
Serenity Now!
2006-04-15 16:57:11
96.   Simone
Millions, Jared Wright is being paid, millions. This is what George gets for listening to Billy Connors.
2006-04-15 16:58:10
97.   BklynBomber
Welcome to the Inning From Hell...
2006-04-15 16:58:22
98.   Stormer Sports
I'm fine with that plunk! At least one Yankee pitcher isn't scared to death of the inside part of the plate!
2006-04-15 16:58:50
99.   Mattpat11
Hopefully this game pulls the plug on Wright
2006-04-15 16:59:27
100.   Stormer Sports

Joe doesn't pull the plug, he turns up the volume.

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2006-04-15 17:00:45
101.   brockdc
2006-04-15 17:01:00
102.   Simone
If Wright doesn't start, who starts in his place? Do the Yankees actually have an extra non-injured starter?
2006-04-15 17:01:16
103.   Mattpat11
To be honest, I dont think Joe likes Wright to begin with. He might have a short leash.

Proctor warming up. Can't blame him. Might as well keep the good pitchers out.

2006-04-15 17:02:19
104.   tommyl
Does anyone know who is responsible for signing Wright? i.e. who recommended him in the first place?
2006-04-15 17:02:28
105.   Stormer Sports
So, Proctor performs well as a starter and Wright as a reliever, hmm. Joe's strategy makes perfect sense to me, ugg.
2006-04-15 17:03:45
106.   Stormer Sports

Wang starts! RJ and Chacon both prefre 4 days rest to 5. Moose and Wang just have to suck it up.

2006-04-15 17:04:09
107.   Simone
The AAA pitcher (Proctor) can join the AAA hitter (Phillips) in this particular game.
2006-04-15 17:04:17
108.   atc
Whether rational or not, I like to blame Damon Oppenhiemer for pretty much everything.
2006-04-15 17:05:03
109.   Stormer Sports

Stupidity is doing the same thing more than once expecting different results. Live it, learn it, love it!

2006-04-15 17:05:48
110.   tommyl
108, C'mon throw Billy Connors in too, its more fun that way. But I am seriously interested who thought he was a good signing.
2006-04-15 17:06:14
111.   Simone
Whiny Mike Mussina suck it up? The man who bitch his way through Japan? Injury prone Wang suck it up? A four man rotation for a staff full of old injury prone pitchers? The Yankees might as well concede the season if they went with a four man rotation.
2006-04-15 17:06:48
112.   yankz
Is it wrong to root against some Yankees (coughCairocough) so they stop getting playe?
2006-04-15 17:06:50
113.   tommyl
To be fair to everyone tonight, no one has looked impressive against Santana tonight.
2006-04-15 17:07:03
114.   Mattpat11
105 Proctor has one start and I really dont remember Wright's awesome bullpen work. Neither are any good period.
2006-04-15 17:07:13
115.   Simone
Wright is apparently a Billy Connors special.
2006-04-15 17:07:30
116.   tommyl
Argh, and I need to stop repeating tonight in my sentences!
2006-04-15 17:08:03
117.   Stormer Sports

Joe is going with a 4 man rotation. Wright only starts when there aren't days off between series, it's the one move Joes' made that I like.

2006-04-15 17:08:11
118.   Mattpat11
Swing the bat. Swing the bat. Swing the bat. Swing the bat. Swing the bat
2006-04-15 17:08:15
119.   yankz
Three straight strikes looking to Damon...
2006-04-15 17:08:43
120.   Stormer Sports


Why not at least try it?

2006-04-15 17:09:47
121.   brockdc
109I believe that's the definition of insanity. Either way, these people are insanely stupid.
2006-04-15 17:09:53
122.   Stormer Sports
Damon sees 6 pitches so far. Maybe we'll see a no no today. It won't be long before Jete is back at the top of the order. Well, assuming Joe s actually paying atention to the numbers we all love so much.
2006-04-15 17:10:13
123.   Mattpat11
Seriously. I know iits only one out, But I need someone to justify not swinging on a two strike count, especially when there's less than three balls.
2006-04-15 17:10:43
124.   Stormer Sports

Insanity, right, thanks bro. One, well 10 too many Gin and Tonics last night.

2006-04-15 17:11:27
125.   Simone
Stormer Sports, I missed the 4 man rotation development. Oh well, I'll just be happy if the Yankees make the post-season. I'm not expecting much else this season. Proctor shouldn't even be on the Yankees much less starting.
2006-04-15 17:12:33
126.   brockdc
124Have sympathy for me - I'm watching this totally sober.
2006-04-15 17:12:49
127.   fgasparini
I know Santana is pitching, and three runs loom large, but really, leaving Wright in is conceding this game. That's pathetic.
2006-04-15 17:13:00
128.   Mattpat11
120 Why bother? Is Proctor such a find that we need to find 800 different spots for him?

And Wright is an awful reliever.

2006-04-15 17:15:23
129.   BklynBomber
127 Starting Wright was almost conceding this game, but you're right. One or two more runs and we're done...
2006-04-15 17:15:55
130.   yankz
128 I think you mean "And Wright is an awful pitcher. "
2006-04-15 17:16:00
131.   Stormer Sports

Fine then, start a prospect. I would love to see that, but Joe doesn't like to play anyone more than 30 years younger than he. Just put Wright in the pen and be done with it!

2006-04-15 17:16:04
132.   brockdc
Is Bert Blyleven drunk? Seriously.
2006-04-15 17:16:39
133.   Mattpat11
I sort of want to know where this "Jaret Wright is a good reliever" movement came from.

2006-04-15 17:17:16
134.   Stormer Sports
I'm just happy Bert Blyleven can get through an inning without whining about now being in the Hall.
2006-04-15 17:17:21
135.   rilkefan
The existence of batters who think like 123 is part of the reason you see so much junk thrown on 0-2. It's great to play against people who don't have a sense for the game - always something to exploit.
2006-04-15 17:17:32
136.   Mattpat11
131 I'd love for DeSalvo or Rasner to start. But keep Wright out of the pen. He's awful. Just cut him loose.
2006-04-15 17:18:33
137.   Stormer Sports

It's not a movement, more like limiting the damage and trying something else. He clearly isn't a good starter anynore, well, if he ever was.

2006-04-15 17:18:54
138.   brockdc
He was just alluding to a tatoo on his ass. Gorgeous imagery.
2006-04-15 17:18:58
139.   randym77
Wright's looking better this inning.
2006-04-15 17:19:47
140.   Mattpat11
137 And he's worse as a reliever. He's just a bad pitcher.
2006-04-15 17:20:03
141.   BklynBomber
Say, isn't Santana thowing a NO-HITTER?
2006-04-15 17:20:23
142.   brockdc
Just like a lot of players on our roster, I'd love for Wright to have a season like the one he had nine years ago.
2006-04-15 17:20:39
143.   Stormer Sports
We need a ground ball 5th starter. We simply cannot allow balls to get out into that Keystone Cop bunch in the outfield. Watching any other team, well except SF, clearly shines a light on our horrible, downright lazy defense out there.
2006-04-15 17:21:46
144.   Mattpat11
There goes the no hitter. I'm satisfied with this game.
2006-04-15 17:22:07
145.   brockdc
2006-04-15 17:22:10
146.   Stormer Sports
141 Bklyn,

Yes. I'm rooting for him now. No way we'll score against any above average pitcher, might as well see a no no.

Shit, what are you doing Jete! No no I said, don't give us hope.

2006-04-15 17:22:15
147.   randym77
Nice work, Jete! This game ain't over yet.
2006-04-15 17:22:33
148.   rilkefan
"We need a ground ball 5th starter."

Right, for our sterling infield defense to get some needed practice.

2006-04-15 17:22:39
149.   yankz
Oh hell yes Captain!
2006-04-15 17:23:07
150.   Stormer Sports
Oh sure, toy with us. Just hit into the DP already.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-15 17:23:24
151.   marc
Jeter starts with a mighty single. Mayber we'll knock Santana out this inning
2006-04-15 17:23:53
152.   Stormer Sports

I'll take Jete, Cano and Arod over Sheff, Limp, and limper in the OF.

2006-04-15 17:24:07
153.   fgasparini
By the way, did you see how Wright gutted out the 3rd? I knew he would settle down. Well, that's what Bowa said.


St. Joe Torre

2006-04-15 17:24:48
154.   rilkefan
Just when my wife announces it's time to walk the baby (due in two months)...
2006-04-15 17:25:12
155.   brockdc
That does it, I'm muting the Twins feed and watching the remainder of the game against the backdrop of my Twisted Sister albums.
2006-04-15 17:25:21
156.   Stormer Sports
Actually I think Bowa said "How the fuck did you win four rings?"
2006-04-15 17:26:26
157.   Stormer Sports
I told you not to get on Jete! Dammit guys, you killed the no no for no reason.
2006-04-15 17:27:19
158.   BklynBomber
Well, at least we got some wood on the ball. Wright better not go south on us again...
2006-04-15 17:28:19
159.   Stormer Sports
The Yanks make another pitcher with a 6.00 ERA look like Cy Young.
2006-04-15 17:28:44
160.   randym77
I think the tide is turning. The Yanks are starting to get hits off Santana, and Wright is settling down.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it... ;-)

2006-04-15 17:30:19
161.   Stormer Sports
Lets see if the Twins can stick to the percentages and get this run acrossed. What is it, like 70%?
2006-04-15 17:31:50
162.   marc
Wright at 78 pitches and I think they wanted him to get around70-80 pitches
2006-04-15 17:33:26
163.   Mattpat11
Is this still the second batter?
2006-04-15 17:33:52
164.   Stormer Sports
LOL. If loving you is Wright, I don't want to be wrong.
2006-04-15 17:34:26
165.   Mattpat11
2006-04-15 17:34:45
166.   Stormer Sports
Joe is penciling in Wright's next start already.
2006-04-15 17:35:31
167.   tommyl
Paging Al Leiter, paging Al Leiter....
2006-04-15 17:36:27
168.   Mattpat11
If I hear "I saw some good things from Jaret today..."
2006-04-15 17:36:55
169.   marc
At least it was impressive the way Wright avoided getting pummeled by balls coming back and hitting him
2006-04-15 17:37:19
170.   fgasparini
Maz says Cairo's got a decent fastball and a plus curve. I'm probably gonna give him a start. And you know, the guy is such a cheerleader.

I gotta go now, Bowa's yelling at me.

St. Joe Torre

2006-04-15 17:38:00
171.   brockdc
This team is flat-out disinterested. Shades of '05
2006-04-15 17:38:53
172.   Mattpat11
2006-04-15 17:39:19
173.   brockdc
Yup, that's how we drew it up before the game.
2006-04-15 17:39:58
174.   Mattpat11
171 Eh, this game is lost. As long as they weren't no hit.
2006-04-15 17:40:09
175.   JeremyM
brockdc, if that is the case, then the blame has to start at the top. I don't think that Torre is the right guy for the current team, or for the 05 one either.
2006-04-15 17:40:29
176.   BklynBomber
Twinkies should really be up about 8-zip by now...
2006-04-15 17:40:30
177.   randym77
Nice play by Cairo.
2006-04-15 17:42:55
178.   fgasparini
To be totally fair, I will give my man JT credit for 2005--I think he probably did keep them from just flat giving up at a couple points. But I still think he should be fired.
2006-04-15 17:43:15
179.   marc
I don't like intentional walks when the pitcher sucks
2006-04-15 17:43:19
180.   tommyl
Alright, I'm gonna go play world soccer manager now. At least I recognize when to release someone...
2006-04-15 17:44:17
181.   BklynBomber
Say, isn't Santana throwing a SHUTOUT?
2006-04-15 17:45:17
182.   brockdc
175Yeah, that's pretty much been my mantra for the past couple of years. The worst of the "bad contracts" on this team belongs to you-know-who.
2006-04-15 17:46:26
183.   JeremyM
I really want Phillips to get a hit here.
2006-04-15 17:47:37
184.   BklynBomber
Not bad, Andy. Not bad...
2006-04-15 17:47:42
185.   tommyl
Sooooooo close......good shot Andy!
2006-04-15 17:47:53
186.   Stormer Sports
We flat out suck.
2006-04-15 17:48:16
187.   claybeez
Way to go Andy! How you like that Mr. Torre?
2006-04-15 17:48:45
188.   BklynBomber
OK, Robbie. Here we go...
2006-04-15 17:49:57
189.   randym77
Either Santana is tiring, or the Yanks are catching onto him.
2006-04-15 17:50:08
190.   claybeez
Yikes!!! Cairo with a shot...that just fuels the fire.
2006-04-15 17:50:26
191.   BklynBomber
Oh yeah!!!! We're starting to time Santana, finally. Let's go Damon!
2006-04-15 17:50:35
192.   Stormer Sports
Cairo Cairo Cairo!

Keep Andy Phillips on the bench where he belongs.

Now lets see if they remember how to get a runner home from 3rd.

2006-04-15 17:51:19
193.   Stormer Sports
Is there a way for Damon to get the ball out of the infield?
2006-04-15 17:51:43
194.   BklynBomber
Gotta get 1 here!
2006-04-15 17:51:46
195.   marc
Nows the time to beat Santana to a bloody pulp
2006-04-15 17:52:04
196.   Stormer Sports
At least no K!
2006-04-15 17:52:47
197.   fgasparini
BklynBomber does it for the pinstripes!!!
2006-04-15 17:53:11
198.   BklynBomber
193 Storm, I'm just tickled Damon swung the bat....
2006-04-15 17:53:37
199.   fgasparini
(jinxing Santana with the shutout comment)
2006-04-15 17:55:03
200.   randym77
Yeah, Jete!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-15 17:55:09
201.   BklynBomber
Way to go, Cap!!! Now wake the F up, Iron Sheff!
2006-04-15 17:55:15
202.   Stormer Sports
Jete Jete! Come on Sheff!!!!!
2006-04-15 17:57:01
203.   BklynBomber
199 fgasparini, I like to take credit for it, but it's just the power of BronxBanter mojo ;-)
2006-04-15 18:01:46
204.   BklynBomber
OK, Proctor, it's 'game on'. Don't screw it up...
2006-04-15 18:07:50
205.   mikeplugh
Still no quality start from anyone not names Randy or Moose. Oy vey.
2006-04-15 18:09:03
206.   mikeplugh
Okay. Let's go A-Rod and company!
2006-04-15 18:09:37
207.   BklynBomber
Good job by Proctor! Kept everything down, nice movement on the ball. Now let's make Santana work...
2006-04-15 18:13:18
208.   BklynBomber
'Zilla is due...
2006-04-15 18:14:22
209.   JeremyM
Not a good trip for Matsui there.
2006-04-15 18:14:37
210.   Mattpat11
We're hitting them hard.
2006-04-15 18:14:44
211.   JeremyM
OK Andy, get em this time!
2006-04-15 18:14:57
212.   mikeplugh
A-Rod is now at .250 and Sheff at .239 in the early going. Maybe Joe should shake up the order a little to get someone going. Matsui hitting 4th, A-Rod third, Sheff 5th....
2006-04-15 18:15:03
213.   BklynBomber
Nice stroke, Jorgie. This stadium sucks. That's an HR anywhere else!
2006-04-15 18:15:54
214.   randym77
Posada missed a homerun by about a foot.
2006-04-15 18:16:40
215.   Mattpat11
Well, he had one good at bat. Give him another shot tomorrow
2006-04-15 18:17:41
216.   mikeplugh
Why is it that Eduardo Perez can take the Big Unit deep twice in one game, but Andy Phillips can't find a bloody single against Santana to get us another run?

That's baseball for you....

2006-04-15 18:17:49
217.   BklynBomber
212 mikep, maybe Giambi in the 3 hole. At least he's getting on base. Then Mats, A-Rod and Sheff...
2006-04-15 18:20:33
218.   JeremyM
I'm reading the last chapter of the Last Inning right now. I found myself still insanely frustrated that Brosius didn't turn that double play in the 9th.
2006-04-15 18:22:49
219.   mikeplugh
217 bklynbomber...I'll try anything now, but that lineup would stack two lefties and two righties in the heart or the order...

Matsui hits very well cleanup and while Giambi gets on base a lot, I'm not sure I'm ready to trust him hitting behind Damon and Jeter just yet. I want a guy that puts the ball in play in the 3 hole.

2006-04-15 18:22:55
220.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Cash can find us another over 30 outfielder next year!
2006-04-15 18:24:22
221.   Mattpat11
220 Who would you rather gave over Damon?
2006-04-15 18:24:57
222.   randym77
Phew. No damage done.
2006-04-15 18:24:59
223.   BklynBomber
Wow, sweet work by Proctor there!
2006-04-15 18:25:09
224.   mikeplugh
Way to go scooter. He pitched well tonight.
2006-04-15 18:28:55
225.   Mattpat11
Woah. That could have been ugly.
2006-04-15 18:28:56
226.   BklynBomber
219 Good points, mikep... maybe flip Mats and A-Rod, who knows. I, too, don't know about Giambi yet. Flashes of encouragement, then the let downs, but he still has the eye. In the field, that's another story...
2006-04-15 18:29:04
227.   randym77
Holy crap. Robby almost nailed Santana.
2006-04-15 18:29:58
228.   Stormer Sports
Bowa you moron!
2006-04-15 18:30:28
229.   BklynBomber
Hunter scores from first on way more 'getable' ball... hmmm...
2006-04-15 18:30:35
230.   Stormer Sports
Come on Jete!
2006-04-15 18:30:57
231.   mikeplugh
2006-04-15 18:30:58
232.   Mattpat11
We NEED to score these two
2006-04-15 18:31:31
233.   Stormer Sports
We run the bases like little leaguers.
2006-04-15 18:32:30
234.   wsporter
No way you can send Cano there. One out and that ball was hit like a rocket.
2006-04-15 18:32:48
235.   BklynBomber
Absolutely positively have to score at least ONE here!
2006-04-15 18:34:10
236.   Mattpat11
2006-04-15 18:34:26
237.   BklynBomber
Cap'n CLUTCH, boyeeeeeeeeeeee!
2006-04-15 18:34:29
238.   randym77
232 Any other requests? ;-)
2006-04-15 18:34:35
239.   claybeez
There you go boys!
2006-04-15 18:35:03
240.   BklynBomber
Keep it goin', Iron!
2006-04-15 18:35:13
241.   JeremyM
2006-04-15 18:35:31
242.   mikeplugh
3 for 3 with 3 RBIs....he's en fuego, el capitan!!!
2006-04-15 18:36:27
243.   mikeplugh
dinner is served!
2006-04-15 18:36:39
244.   Simone
De-rek Je-ter! The Captain on fire!
2006-04-15 18:36:44
245.   BklynBomber
Get the run home, A-Rod...
2006-04-15 18:37:13
246.   Stormer Sports
Lets go Arod, a freakin fly ball at least!
2006-04-15 18:37:52
247.   BklynBomber
Yanks are feelin' it now... Here we come...
2006-04-15 18:39:09
248.   Stormer Sports
Hell Yes! Finally some life!
2006-04-15 18:39:17
249.   tommyl
Who said A-Rod is never clutch?
2006-04-15 18:39:24
250.   mikeplugh
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-15 18:39:41
251.   BklynBomber
That's what I'm takin' about ;-)

Good job, A-Rod!

2006-04-15 18:40:11
252.   Stormer Sports
Get Mo up! Any baserunner in the 8th if they fail to score on the 7th, get him the fuck in there Joe you moron!
2006-04-15 18:40:11
253.   randym77
Woot! And A-Rod gives us the lead.

Nice work, Alex. You don't have to hit a homer every time.

2006-04-15 18:40:30
254.   Simone
Yeah, A-Rod. Let's keep the line going, Matsui-san.
2006-04-15 18:40:31
255.   mikeplugh
Whatta matchup. 2 on, one out, and Liriano versus Matsui.
2006-04-15 18:40:33
256.   fgasparini
If we come out of this half-inning with a one-run lead, I'm gonna use Tanyon. I just trust that guy.

St. Joe Torre

2006-04-15 18:40:48
257.   Stormer Sports
Mats Mats Mats! Let's do it baby!
2006-04-15 18:42:18
258.   Stormer Sports
If this guy is the stud, why not bring him in earlier, if you're willing to use him in the 7th?

Thanks for being as incompetent as Joe, Ron, thanks so much.

2006-04-15 18:43:24
259.   BklynBomber
Holy cow! Aggression from the bench!!!!!!
2006-04-15 18:43:31
260.   Stormer Sports
Wow! Joe Joe Joe, was he taking a leak and Mazzilli made that call?
2006-04-15 18:44:14
261.   Stormer Sports
Come on Jorge! Let's go!
2006-04-15 18:44:23
262.   mikeplugh
What a freakin' wasts Gojira.
2006-04-15 18:44:24
263.   BklynBomber
It's 'winnin' time', Jorgie. Put this one away!
2006-04-15 18:44:33
264.   JeremyM
Damn, Matsui usually comes up in that spot.
2006-04-15 18:46:41
265.   Stormer Sports
What happened to the Yankees Suck chants you pork belly eating bible thumping whtieys!

Call him Gator you moron, do you even know the man Bert?

2006-04-15 18:47:15
266.   hensley
Liriano should've been in there after Santana. Bonehead move by Gardenhire.
2006-04-15 18:47:25
267.   mikeplugh
Liriano's a stud.
2006-04-15 18:48:03
268.   fgasparini

--St. Joe Torre

2006-04-15 18:48:29
269.   mikeplugh
I figure we get Liriano in the 8th, and maybe even the 9th if it's tied. Then Nathan.

If we can get to him, we have Mariano...finally.

2006-04-15 18:49:37
270.   BklynBomber
268 Don't even think that, brah. It's Proctor straight to Mo tonight...
2006-04-15 18:49:45
271.   Stormer Sports
I like Proctor in there now. Let him get to MO if he can. He handles long relief pretty well. It's the one inning holds that blow his gaskets.
2006-04-15 18:50:06
272.   BklynBomber
GG A-Rod!
2006-04-15 18:50:27
273.   mikeplugh
My won't be tied. Yahoo listed the game at 5-5, but Gameday had it 5-4. Now Yahoo has switched it to 5-4.

WOO HOOO!!! Where's Mariano.

2006-04-15 18:51:06
274.   randym77
Myers is coming in.
2006-04-15 18:51:52
275.   Stormer Sports
Proctor cruising along. Great time to make a move to a below average Lefty Joe!

Is he Buddhist? Does he believe that for every smart thing he does, he must do an equally stupid thing?

2006-04-15 18:53:40
276.   wsporter
Myers straight LOOGY tonight?
2006-04-15 18:53:44
277.   Stormer Sports
Ok Ok. Now what? Farnny! Oh boy. Buckle up!
2006-04-15 18:54:17
278.   tommyl
Well...Farns in the 7th. I would have left Proctor in, but at least he's not going to Tanyon.
2006-04-15 18:54:56
279.   tommyl
I miss the days when Mariano was the setup man.
2006-04-15 18:55:08
280.   Stormer Sports
What happened to Joe's not using these guys 2 days in a row?

Did he mean use them 4 days in a row, just not 2?

2006-04-15 18:55:08
281.   randym77
Myers is okay. I'm a little worried about Farnsworth.
2006-04-15 18:55:31
282.   BklynBomber
WTF? I didn't realize Morneau was the AL's Barry Bonds*. Pitch around this guy all night, bring in a lefty to face him? It worked, I guess, but I wasn't aware he was so feared...
2006-04-15 18:56:02
283.   wsporter
I think he's playing this just right. He's got to get 4 from Farnsworth or Rivera.
2006-04-15 18:56:51
284.   tommyl
See, you have a 98mph fastball. Trust it!
2006-04-15 18:57:28
285.   claybeez
Morneau has been crushing righties and can't hit lefties. It was the right call with a 1 run lead.
2006-04-15 18:57:42
286.   BklynBomber
OK. Insurance, Yanks. Insurance. You can't have enough of it...
2006-04-15 18:57:45
287.   fgasparini
You know, for however many jillions he's getting, Farnsworth could pitch around an inning break. A lot of guys do it.

If we knew about this before he was signed, this was a bonehead move by Cash. If we didn't know, they should take his fuckin money away. Or make him start, just leave him in for nine miserable innings until he cries. The big fuckin baby.

2006-04-15 18:59:56
288.   marc
OK you doubters and sideswippers. Torre's been very sharp since Wright left. Not to say it will be enough necessarily.
2006-04-15 18:59:59
289.   BklynBomber
285 Have not seen the early splits on him, but that does make sense — and it did work ;-)
2006-04-15 19:00:12
290.   Stormer Sports
Andy Phillips, Andy Fox, is there a difference?
2006-04-15 19:01:41
291.   tommyl
Haha, Cano almost, almost got a walk. The Ump must have realized who was up :)
2006-04-15 19:02:21
292.   marc
Why not just give Liriano the Cy Young now and get over it the way they're talking
2006-04-15 19:02:24
293.   BklynBomber
288 Especially Torre's double on that 3-2 pitch with the bags loaded in the 6th... oh, wait, never mind ;-) ...
2006-04-15 19:03:27
294.   Stormer Sports


You're right. Why wait until the league sees him for a while, that would be silly.

2006-04-15 19:04:18
295.   hensley
With 3 Ks, Phillips has earned another month (or year) on the pine.
2006-04-15 19:05:37
296.   fgasparini
Hey he's doing it! I take it all back.
2006-04-15 19:07:41
297.   Mattpat11
295 Even I admit the flyout earned him another shot. He looked miserable in the other three ABs, but he showed something in the Hunter ball.
2006-04-15 19:08:02
298.   claybeez
289 Morneau batting .000 vs lefties, .281 vs righties. Slugging .656 vs righties with 4HR in 32 AB.
2006-04-15 19:08:51
299.   Stormer Sports
Oh Christ! Come on Farny! 2 More baby.
2006-04-15 19:09:21
300.   wsporter
Yeah baby.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-04-15 19:09:35
301.   claybeez
Andy, your assignment in your first start - Santana. Talk about a setup.
2006-04-15 19:09:56
302.   marc
wow, a nine pitch K. That's tough
2006-04-15 19:10:59
303.   Mattpat11
fucking Farnsworth
2006-04-15 19:11:16
304.   wsporter
301 No f'n kidding, how many ab's has he had this year prior to tonight?
2006-04-15 19:11:19
305.   claybeez
The 5 out save. Nothing says I don't trust you Mr. Farns like the 5 out save.
2006-04-15 19:11:20
306.   Stormer Sports
4 pitch walk with no one on base. No excuse for that, NONE!
2006-04-15 19:11:23
307.   BklynBomber
298 Thanks, clay — based on that, no way to contest that decision...
2006-04-15 19:11:46
308.   wsporter
OK, 5 outs.
2006-04-15 19:12:44
309.   hensley
297. Nah, I was joking. I think Phillips at least deserves 40-50 PAs to show what he can do, but I'm thinking this game will be, to Torre, like Phillips's 5K Tampa game last year and he'll be back carrying Giambi's jock tomorrow.
2006-04-15 19:12:52
310.   Mattpat11
I miss Tom Gordon.
2006-04-15 19:12:54
311.   Alex Belth
Farnsworth was much improved in that first at bat of the ninth. He threw two sliders in the middle of the at bat but wasn't afraid to throw the high heat, especially on the 3-2 pitch. Good for Kyle there--challenge that sucker with the gas, bro. Then, he walks the ninth place hitter on four straight. Grrrrr.
2006-04-15 19:13:01
312.   Stormer Sports
Mariano Rivera is nothing like Joe Nathan, shut it!
2006-04-15 19:13:16
313.   BklynBomber
Git 'er done, Mo!
2006-04-15 19:13:23
314.   Stormer Sports
Let's make some fire wood!
2006-04-15 19:13:32
315.   claybeez
Andy had appeared in 5 games prior to tonight with a grand total of 2 AB. He was supposed to be playing regularly. He knows it might be his last chance. Way to take the pressure off Mr. Torre.
2006-04-15 19:13:50
316.   mikeplugh
Close the door Mo. End this nightmare.
2006-04-15 19:14:00
317.   Mattpat11
309 He had 40 ABs last year and looked absolutely awful, so I even have him on a short leash, but he's earned another start
2006-04-15 19:14:09
318.   BklynBomber
312 Thank you, Storm. These clowns are painful to listen to.
2006-04-15 19:14:52
319.   Stormer Sports
Mo, You the Man!
2006-04-15 19:15:13
320.   Alex Belth
Sweet Georgia Brown, whatta timely double play.
2006-04-15 19:15:17
321.   mikeplugh
Mo...will you marry me?
2006-04-15 19:15:40
322.   Stormer Sports
When is Small due back?
2006-04-15 19:15:56
323.   wsporter
It is just not done better than that.
2006-04-15 19:16:34
324.   atc
There are very few announcers that don't fit that description.
2006-04-15 19:16:35
325.   claybeez
Time to pile it on.
2006-04-15 19:17:23
326.   Mattpat11
I still miss Tom Gordon.
2006-04-15 19:17:30
327.   Alex Belth
Oh yeah, I also wanted to mention, what a hard luck night for Andy Phillips. He finally gets some burn, has to face Santana. The one time he hits the ball well, Torii Hunter snatches a dinger away from him. The third time he was up Michael Kay started talking about how Phillips would be able to better "time" Santana's pitches, which started me cursing at Kay, knowing that Santana would whiff him with a breaking ball, which he did. Then Phillips went down on three pitches, looking very bad, against this Liriano kid. And man, does Liriano ever look promising.
2006-04-15 19:18:40
328.   claybeez
Nice job Johnny.
2006-04-15 19:20:13
329.   marc
We could badly use some NY Life or Snoopy here
2006-04-15 19:20:46
330.   BklynBomber
324 Too true, atc. Too true.

OK, Yanks. One or two here wouldn't hurt... Let's get busy...

2006-04-15 19:20:48
331.   mikeplugh
How long before Liriano starts in that rotation. I give it until mid-May.
2006-04-15 19:21:51
332.   claybeez
I loved that SB.
2006-04-15 19:22:24
333.   JeremyM
Lot of good steals tonight.
2006-04-15 19:22:30
334.   wsporter
Running after a pitchout is so key.
2006-04-15 19:22:54
335.   claybeez
Correct use of the bunt. Nice job.
2006-04-15 19:23:03
336.   BklynBomber
Good job, Damon! Good job, Jetes! NO EXCUSE not to get this run home...
2006-04-15 19:23:38
337.   wsporter
Exactly right time for that sacrifice bunt.
2006-04-15 19:23:43
338.   mikeplugh
Good bunt. Nice idea. What does everyone think...on a night when Jeter is 3-3 and Damon on 2nd....bunt or swing away?
2006-04-15 19:23:55
339.   Mattpat11
331 I think the bell may soon be tolling for Kyle Lohse.
2006-04-15 19:24:09
340.   claybeez
I've been begging Torre since at least last year, the steal, then the bunt, please.
2006-04-15 19:24:09
341.   claybeez
I've been begging Torre since at least last year, the steal, then the bunt, please.
2006-04-15 19:24:24
342.   marc
nice tome for smallball express
2006-04-15 19:24:36
343.   BklynBomber
This place is a joke. Demo it. For everyone's sake.
2006-04-15 19:24:52
344.   claybeez
Lohse is a goner. He knows it and may well pitch like his life depends on it.
2006-04-15 19:29:33
345.   mikeplugh
Ugly. Sheff struck out after fouling off 9 pitches.....
2006-04-15 19:30:12
346.   claybeez
Are you kidding me?
2006-04-15 19:30:21
347.   BklynBomber
It's up to Mo. Thank God.
2006-04-15 19:30:59
348.   mikeplugh

The bunt was the right idea, but these bums can't capitalize. What's up with Sheff and A-Rod? Matsui should hit 4th.

2006-04-15 19:31:26
349.   Alex Belth
Great, gutsy job by Rincon getting Sheff out there. That at bat was Big Leagues all the way, worth the price of admission, even though it didn't end well for the Yanks.
2006-04-15 19:32:15
350.   marc
it's all up to Mo. No room for error.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-04-15 19:32:59
351.   mikeplugh
True Alex. Good battle. The Yanks need to quiet the critics by getting that run home from 3rd....but a good win all around...when Mo nails it down.
2006-04-15 19:33:19
352.   randym77
I dunno, Matsui hasn't done much tonight.
2006-04-15 19:34:23
353.   mikeplugh
2006-04-15 19:34:31
354.   BklynBomber
No problem... we'll shoot two here.
2006-04-15 19:35:19
355.   BklynBomber
Bust that f'n bat, Mo!
2006-04-15 19:39:11
356.   BklynBomber
Can you say 'squeezed'?
2006-04-15 19:40:15
357.   mikeplugh
mother fucker.
2006-04-15 19:40:28
358.   Stormer Sports
What is Matsui thinking?
2006-04-15 19:41:13
359.   Stormer Sports
Oh well, Mo had to blow 1 or 2. Better now than later in the year.
2006-04-15 19:41:34
360.   BklynBomber
Need a K or pop-up here, for starters...
2006-04-15 19:41:42
361.   mikeplugh
This is how we lose, huh? Something new everyday. Thanks for nothing Sheff and A-Rod.


2006-04-15 19:42:05
362.   yankz
just got back- who gave up the fifth run?
2006-04-15 19:42:24
363.   jonnystrongleg
this game is about the bunt. jeter's play is so mind crushingly stupid, and now it might cost a game we should have had in the back pocket. c'mon mo!!!
2006-04-15 19:42:29
364.   BklynBomber
2006-04-15 19:42:43
365.   wsporter
You get White, walk Hunter, turn two right?
2006-04-15 19:42:44
366.   claybeez
Gotta walk one now...right?!!!
2006-04-15 19:42:44
367.   mikeplugh
THERE'S ONE!!!!!!!
2006-04-15 19:43:04
368.   claybeez
Guess not.
2006-04-15 19:43:05
369.   Stormer Sports
Sheff and Arod did what they always do that situation.
2006-04-15 19:43:22
370.   BklynBomber
Need another K or pop-up here...
2006-04-15 19:44:01
371.   weeping for brunnhilde
Am I missing something? Why do they not walk Hunter and play for 2?
2006-04-15 19:45:02
372.   Stormer Sports
Pop up or K, please god!
2006-04-15 19:45:08
373.   claybeez
Exactly what I'm thinking.
2006-04-15 19:45:19
374.   BklynBomber
2006-04-15 19:45:30
375.   Stormer Sports
Wow MO! That was downright beautiful!
2006-04-15 19:45:34
376.   mikeplugh
THERE'S TWO!!!!!!!!!
2006-04-15 19:45:34
377.   jonnystrongleg
yes!!! one more!!!
2006-04-15 19:46:00
378.   weeping for brunnhilde
351 Mike, please watch what you say, some of us think it's bad karma...
2006-04-15 19:46:08
379.   randym77
Arrghh. I don't effin' believe it.
2006-04-15 19:46:13
380.   BklynBomber
2006-04-15 19:46:19
381.   Alex Belth
What kind of shit fucking luck is that.
2006-04-15 19:46:34
382.   Stormer Sports
Fuck! God Damn it! Hand that fucking ball to Arod and Sheff, great job swinging for the fences when all we needed was a fly ball or base hit.
2006-04-15 19:47:10
383.   mikeplugh
and just like that it's over. Depression sinks in.
2006-04-15 19:47:15
384.   claybeez
Torre is lousy. I'm officially a member now.
2006-04-15 19:47:17
385.   jonnystrongleg
pitchers bunt with nobody out and a man on second. stinnett as well. not jeter. and not cashing that run in just cost us a game. crushing.
2006-04-15 19:47:24
386.   yankz
2006-04-15 19:47:32
387.   Alex Belth
Baseball: designed to crush you. Weak ass shit gives the Twins the win.

First real crusher of the season for us.

2006-04-15 19:48:09
388.   BklynBomber
claybeez, now I get it...
2006-04-15 19:48:30
389.   weeping for brunnhilde
Whatever, man.

I don't mind Mo's ninth, but I mind greatly not having gotten Damon in in the top of the inning.

Serious baseball teams have to get that run in, I'm sorry. This is just not acceptable.

This team can't win unless they score in double digits.

Wow, Mo was fucking pissed!

Did you guys see that on yes? He was fuming after that hit.

2006-04-15 19:48:40
390.   jonnystrongleg
how can you blame sheffield and arod? they at least tried to get hits. jeter bunted ball three and got out on purpose. he's the one to blame.
2006-04-15 19:49:12
391.   mikeplugh
That loss goes on Sheff, A-Rod, and Matsui.

Damon on 3rd with one out and the first two guys can't get him home for an insurance run. Matsui's throw put the winning run in scoring position and it bit us.

This team is built to piss me off.

2006-04-15 19:49:29
392.   Stormer Sports
Wow. The only thing Mo cannot do is just blow guys away. Oh well, blame the typical close game offense from Sheff and Arod and the pittifully lousy defense, not MO!
2006-04-15 19:49:41
393.   claybeez
Jeter's bunt was not the problem. Sheff and his timing, A-Rod and his nerves, Torre not even considering the walk, not even for Morneau, that's what cost us. Those 3 are working my nerves...daily.
2006-04-15 19:50:10
394.   randym77
I don't think I've ever seen Mo that ticked off.
2006-04-15 19:50:15
395.   jonnystrongleg
and blame is a harsh word for his amazing contribution. but that was a terrible decision and i believe it came from him, no way that came from the bench.
2006-04-15 19:50:25
396.   Simone
Well, that sucked. If the Yankees can't win with Mariano Rivera on the mound, they weren't meant to win the game. It happens. They play again tomorrow.
2006-04-15 19:51:01
397.   mikeplugh
390 jonnystrongleg...

for more than a century baseball has been played that way and it wins....if your players know how to do it properly....when you stack your lineup with sluggers you win by moonshots or suffer those kind of failures.

2006-04-15 19:51:11
398.   Stormer Sports
Maybe Sheff will chill with his "I'm Clutch" talk now.
2006-04-15 19:52:51
399.   Stormer Sports
Runner at 3rd and 1 out. Fuck you Sheff! Fuck you Arod!

I'm sure you'll get some late hits the next time we blow someone away, just like you always do. Why waste em in the close ones, right?

2006-04-15 19:52:55
400.   jonnystrongleg
wow 393, you missed the point of that game. arod, sheff and jeter had huge hits to take the lead. they had heart and guts in the 7th but not in the ninth? no, it's just baseball it doesn't always work out as planned, so you cannot give up outs on purpose. torre managed this game very well. that was jeter's call and mistake in the ninth.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2006-04-15 19:53:12
401.   randym77
The YES announcers are putting the blame on Matsui.
2006-04-15 19:53:17
402.   claybeez
MO did well. It's early in the season and he had to get 5 thanks to Mr. Letseemybreakingpitchagain. Let's face it there are so many chink in the armor. We can win, but it won't be with pitching or defense or astute managing. It'll be by bludgeoning mediocre pitching. I love my team, but I wish it was constructed differently
2006-04-15 19:53:24
403.   mikeplugh
non-quality start number 5. We did manage to score 5 and lost today....bucking the trend.
2006-04-15 19:54:49
404.   JeremyM
Lot of blame to go around, as usual. These types of games make me wonder why I even follow this stuff! I get way too invested.
2006-04-15 19:54:57
405.   jonnystrongleg
397 you're nuts if you think .315 career hitters with power and patience have been sac bunting and winning games for over a century. were any of you guys here in 1996-2000?
2006-04-15 19:55:09
406.   mikeplugh
400 you are way off base jonnystrongleg

you bunt the runner over for insurance runs in the 9th inning....that's how every team has EVER done it in the history of baseball.

go back and read Baseball 101.

2006-04-15 19:56:34
407.   claybeez
400 I miss few points. Let's just say we agree to disagree. I have no problem with a bunt that puts a man on 3rd, one out with 2 of the best hitters in the game coming up. No problem with it.
2006-04-15 19:56:35
408.   mikeplugh
405 how old are you....1996-2000?

Look back at the history of the game and then talk to me. Jeter has power and patience, but I guarantee Mickey Mantle would have bunted in that situation too.

2006-04-15 19:57:59
409.   Stormer Sports
405 Johnny,

Yes, yes I was, and they won by doing the right thing, not this horse shit!

2006-04-15 19:58:39
410.   claybeez
405 Let's not start asking people for their member since print on their official Yankees fan cards. Give that one a rest.
2006-04-15 19:58:53
411.   Stormer Sports
The sad thing is that this team is only fun to watch when they are blowing someone out. The other 120 games are like watching paint dry.
2006-04-15 20:01:16
412.   BklynBomber
For this game, Sheff and A-Rod failed to deliver when the shit was on the line. Period. These innings and at-bats are the 'championship rounds' and you either win 'em or you don't. Matsui was not the goat here, nor can anyone rationally point to Jeter's bunt. A-Rod is A-Rod, but if Sheff can't or won't get his head out of his ass, screw it — pack up him, Wright and Pavano and trade 'em for a 24 pack of Bud Light and let's move on.
2006-04-15 20:03:19
413.   Stormer Sports

I say send him to Tropicana Field and eat his salary for any of Tampa's outfielders, preferably Crawford if we can get him.

2006-04-15 20:03:57
414.   mikeplugh
Here's a little something from Baseball Almanac on Mantle.

"Born to be a ballplayer (he was named after the great catcher Mickey Cochrane), Mantle was the first power-hitting switch-hitter. He also hit for average, peaking at .365 in 1957. He was always a better hitter from the right side, but was capable enough from the left to hit 373 of his 536 career homers. He also used a drag bunt from the left side that made it nearly impossible to throw him out, and he was once clocked at 3.1 seconds from home to first base."

In those days, even power hitters bunted and ran and played the right way. So you can't tell me for one freakin' second that a bunt wasn't the proper thing to do in that situation.

2006-04-15 20:04:31
415.   Stormer Sports
If you cannot get a runner home from 3rd against freakin Rincon, you got no business being out there.
2006-04-15 20:04:50
416.   jonnystrongleg
look guys, your ideas of baseball and mine differ and that's fine. i don't think bunting is a good idea in general, but it has been PROVEN that bunting with nobody out and a man on 2nd is a terrible idea. add in the fact is is jeter, who is 3-3 and smoking the ball, generally hits to the right side anyway, and is our toughest out late in the game and it goes from ludircrous to catostrophic.
2006-04-15 20:06:14
417.   hensley
Guys, guys, they're tearing us apart!!! I think it's time to cool down. This was actually a great game to watch, we just came up on the wrong side. I don't think there's much blame to put anywhere. Sheffield battled well in that last at bat, if there weren't an infield single to Castillo we would've won. Though I would've walked Morneau in the 9th, I think Torre managed well. Oh well.
2006-04-15 20:06:33
418.   Stormer Sports


Exactly, and that is why this season will end just like last year if they don't get to playing baseball. Jeter looks so out of place with these clowns.

2006-04-15 20:07:19
419.   jonnystrongleg
look mike p, you sound a little emotional it was tough loss. i'm pretty upset too, but you are not capable of convincing me that the bunt was the right play, and that's not the only reason the game was lost. so just chill out.
2006-04-15 20:07:21
420.   mikeplugh
Sheff will win more games than he'll give away. No trade talk from me. He choked in the 9th, but it was a great at bat.

We did score 5 runs and that should be enough to win. There wasn't a home run in our big rally, so we did come through playing the right way in some respect. The bigger issue that will plague us in the long run is the hideous starting pitching that we have 3-4-5. Can someone step up and give us a quality start?

2006-04-15 20:09:07
421.   tqmalachi
Bad loss, more of which are in this club's future for reasons displayed in the top of the ninth. And DJ ain't one of them.
2006-04-15 20:09:15
422.   randym77
Senator Al thinks all Wright needs is more playing time.
2006-04-15 20:10:23
423.   Stormer Sports
420 WE need defense and pitching. We aren't going to get pitching so its high time to get some defense out there. Our outfield is pittiful, and Sheff better win us some games, because his loafing and poor jumps sure are costing us some.
2006-04-15 20:10:25
424.   mikeplugh
419 jonny

I'm not all that emotional actually. I just think your idea is 100% wrong. No offense intended. It's fundamental baseball 101 that your making a mistake on. Seriously. From Little League, to high school ball, to college and the minors, and even the Majors....that's what every manager will do EVERY time. I'm hard pressed to imagine any of the current managers in baseball that would do anything differently with Jeter at bat and two MVP type players behind him.

I wonder if anyone else in this chat would agree with you. I doubt it.

2006-04-15 20:13:03
425.   mikeplugh
With Mariano Rivera coming in you don't play for the big inning. You bunt and get the 2nd run. Baseball 101.
2006-04-15 20:15:25
426.   Stormer Sports

I agree with you mike. I just wish Arod and Sheff would stop doing their best to be the bizzarro Ortiz and Ramirez. 99 times out of 100, those two will get that runner home, bank on it. Maybe Joe should make the team watch tape of late inning Red Sox games.

2006-04-15 20:16:30
427.   Stormer Sports

Or you do what we do, leave him stranded at 3rd over and over and over and over.

2006-04-15 20:16:52
428.   wsporter
424 I saw it as the right play at the time and I still do. That's one tough loss to swallow. Looked to me like Mo had both base runners struck out so that little bleader never should have happend. What the hell, its not the first time and won't be the last it looked that way to me.
2006-04-15 20:24:44
429.   jonnystrongleg
424 i don't have that baseball 101 book, but i did play until i was 26 years old and have coached high and over 18 ball for many years. so lets talk about your points calmly since you are not emotional and just keen on insulting me.

1) you never sacrifice in little league-high school because half the balls end up behind the catcher anyway. also, a lot of ground balls end up as errors. unless the kid can't hit at all, you don't bunt.

2) some managers would bunt with any hitter in that situation tonight, some wouldn't. i can't imagine earl weaver bunting one of his star hitters, but i sure can imagine dallas green doing it.

3) i don't care if people in this chat agree with me, but i hate it when they pin the failure on sheffield battiling his butt off and arod not getting the hit in the ninth when they all came through huge in the seventh. sometimes you can execute, and sometimes the pitcher executes on you. in the ninth, rincon won the battles, but he only had 2 battles to face since we gave up one for him.

also, jeter had an 0-2 count and he bunted ball 3. even in your baseball 101 book, it must say to bunt strikes.

i'd love to drop this for your sake and everybody elses as jeter makes his own call on sac bunts and has been doing for 3 or 4 years now. i wish he didn't, but he seems to agree with you more than me and i think he does a heckuva job 99.99% of the time.

2006-04-15 20:26:13
430.   jonnystrongleg
sorry make that 2-0 count when he put that bunt down.
2006-04-15 20:29:37
431.   yankz
422 F U, Al. A little more playing time and his shoulder will just do what it always does- fall apart.
2006-04-15 20:44:08
432.   mikeplugh
429 jonny

It seems that you're a little more emotional than I. I sincerely am not out to insult you, but I must continue to disagree with you.

I appreciate that you have played and coached for a long time, but I think you will find if you go out and survey 100 coaches that more than 90 of them would have bunted Jeter in that situation.

I also don't agree with your assessment of Little League ball as a place where you never sacrifice runners. Every Little League team I've ever been around has bunted perhaps more than was necessary. If a Little League team bunts well, it forces young fielders to make tough plays, and creates scoring opportunities. A kid is more likely to successfully bunt his way on than walk in many leagues, as their eye has not yet developed keenly enough to discern balls and strikes against decent pitchers.

I'll agree to drop it, because I don't want to build any animosity between us. I don't know you yet, and I'd hate to come off like a jackass. Plus, I've been known to be wrong every so often and I'll leave it open here that it could be one of those times. ;) Let's get 'em next game, huh?

2006-04-15 20:45:15
433.   jonnystrongleg
worst part about this all is that now that we are not posting arguments for/against anymore, i have nothing to distract from how bad this loss feels.
2006-04-15 20:50:34
434.   jonnystrongleg
also, totally agree that little league coaches bunt way more than they should, but i wasn't saying what they do, i was saying what they should do given the skill sets at their disposal.

i also thought mo k'ed both mauer and castillo and the umps jobbed him and i'm more upset about that than anything that happened while we were hitting.

2006-04-15 20:59:38
435.   wsporter
Was that bunt a good play? A guy at the St Joe's Univ. Sean Forman did some work with Stats available from 1999 – 2002. He found among other things that with a runner on second and nobody out that bunting may or may not be a good play depending on your goal. He found that you can expect to score 1.19 runs with a runner on second and no outs. If you sac bunt the runner to 3rd , that is with a man on third and one out you can expect to score 0.983 runs in that inning. So employing the bunt decreases your chance of producing a big inning. If however your goal is to score one run there is a probability of 0.63 of scoring from second with no one out. There is a probability of scoring one run from third with one out of 0.66.

It looked like the Yankees were attempting to pick up an insurance run at that point. I can't argue with the strategy. Jeter does shoot the ball to right with the best of them but relying on Shef. to pick up a sac fly is not to much to ask. He gave a good 12 pitch ab. Sometimes it doesn't work out. There's a game or two left in the season. We may get over this one.

Here's the link:

2006-04-15 21:07:03
436.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Think we should just get over this one, it's really a luck loss that the Twins got a wacky infield single than a good double (the only real hit that inning) and then another bloop single...

Such tough lucks happen, though of course Jaret Wright's performance reminded us of what happened last year...

Lets just hope Wang can finally consistently find he's stuff tomorrow, he'll need it after using up so much bull pen pitchers today....

2006-04-15 23:05:29
437.   mikeplugh
My exchange with jonnystrongleg here prompted me to look at the issue of sacrifice bunting more closely. I blogged about it at Canyon of Heroes, so you can look at my more lengthy diatribe there.

Essentially, I stand somewhere between traditionalist and metrics afficionado. I tend to believe that metrics are something to guide you, and that situational data is important to understanding the true nature of baseball. I also believe that each situation is unique and that human intellect can judge when the outcome of that situation will be different than the statistical sample.

Data and human intuition are sometimes at odds, but I trust my intuition and therefore I'm not against sacrifice bunting in certain rare situations like last night. It's open to debate, and I'd like to thank jonnystrongleg for challenging me to think about it more and blog about it. I'm sure this kind of debate will rage on forever.

2006-04-15 23:51:14
438.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
A single scores Damon from 2nd base.

The Yankees had three chances for someone to drive him in.

Jeter gave up one of those chances.

And the guy was three for three with three rbi on the night at that point.

End of story.

(coming home and reading this thread, it's as if Bill James had never lived, Baseball Prospectus didn't exist etc etc. Look dudes, once upon a time I believed in all that "this is the way baseball is played", aesthetics of the game crap too. It didn't take too much reading around in the Jamesian world to convince me otherwise.)

2006-04-16 00:05:51
439.   dpmurphy
Stormer Sports
"What happened to the Yankees Suck chants you pork belly eating bible thumping whtieys!"

"True Alex. Good battle. The Yanks need to quiet the critics by getting that run home from 3rd....but a good win all around...when Mo nails it down."

You know, it's the yankee fans that make the yankees worth watching.

2006-04-16 01:18:55
440.   brockdc
Castillo was out.
2006-04-16 04:44:16
441.   singledd
It would have been nice if ARod or Shef got that RBI.... but the best get hits 1 of 3 attempts or get the 'proper' long fly and properly placed ground ball less then 90% of the time.

What should be the average of outfielders throwing to the correct base/cut-off man?
I like Matsui, but he blew it. The play was to hold the runner on first... especially when he had NO shot at the guy on third.

If the man is on first, he only makes it to 2nd (or maybe 3rd) on that dribbler, and maybe the game is tied, instead of lost.

A fielder has a LOT more control over where he throws the ball then a batter does on where he hits (or misses) the ball. Lots of 'should haves/could haves', but Matsui is the real goat. There is no excuse for the play he made.

2006-04-16 12:04:01
442.   Shaun P
Gotta say, I'm against the bunt here. MFD 435 - I thought your post was very enlightening. I like the strategy of getting insurances runs, but I'd ask, why playing for just ONE insurance run? Why not just play to get as many runs as possible? A team can never have enough, IMHO. Especially a team with shaky pitching (Farnsworth, e.g.) and shakier defense.

I think the pitching will improve, but let's face it, most of the guys aren't out there for their defense.

One last thing - I almost spit up what I was drinking when I saw Phillips come to the plate in the 8th.

2006-04-16 19:30:59
443.   wsporter
MFD 442 Thanks for looking at that stuff. -1, 0 or +1 I liked the move of playing for one run in that particular game situation last night (especially -1 or 0). But you have to know your club and the opposition I guess. In that spot it would have put the Yankees up by 2 with Mo in the game. That would seem to be an insurmountable lead in that situation most of the time. Given the analysis in that Foreman article, all things being equal, it's nearly a toss-up between bunting and swinging away (assuming the sac. is successful) so it almost becomes an aesthetics issue at that point in pursuit of that strategy.

Of course all things aren't equal. With Jeter swinging a hot bat I think I've rethought this a little and would say on reflection it's a closer call than I thought last night. One could have gone either way in terms of strategy and made a good case to support: 1/ playing for a big inning or for one run and 2/ swing away or sacrificing to move the runner up. Had it been Cairo coming up instead of Jeter with Shef and A-rod to follow I bunt every time and play for the run, with Jeter in that spot I swing away. So I pull a 180 and thank the infinite that I'm not Joe Torre and therefore don't have to explain myself.

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