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2006-04-11 06:01
by Alex Belth

Doesn't feel like snow, does it? No, it's a beautiful, crisp spring morning in New York and looks like it'll be gorgeous up in the Bronx for the Bombers' home opener. I know the Royals aren't the Red Sox, but anyone excited?

2006-04-11 06:38:12
1.   Kevin
Go Yankees, from a displaced fan up in Boston! I'll be listening to John and Suzyn on MLB Gameday Audio this afternoon.

Anyone else psyched that the FAN starts streaming online today? My workday productivity continues to plummet.

2006-04-11 06:43:55
2.   Shaun P
I am!
2006-04-11 06:54:26
3.   Dimelo
I took my afternoon off from my busy day at work. The clients are bitching, management is running around with their heads shoved deeeeeeep (like Kay says 'deep') in their collective a**, and I'm being asked to work more. I said, "no, I have things I gots to do", and I'm going home to see my Yanks. I'm also hyped to see the Mets game. I hate Jose Guillen...the Mets game was insane and I hope it's the same fireworks. Not cause I'm a fan of the "Metropolitans" (like Steve Somers so often says), I just enjoy watching a train wreck and I hate Frank Robinson.

On a side note, has anyone seen how great Jose Tabata is doing in Single A Charleston?
I have a question about the kid, what are the Yanks going to do once he's 20 and they've lost 4 years of major league service time and he has 2 years left? They are going to have put him on the 40 man roster. I see teams like the Royals doing that, but how will the Yanks manage this situation. I think he's the real deal, he's only 17 and has crazy talent.

2006-04-11 06:56:28
4.   Knuckles
I am ready for today. I'm not as lucky as my little bro, who'll be sitting behind the Yankee dugout in some corporate fatcat seats, but I am looking fwd to grabbing a sandwich at lunch, sitting in the sunshine with my windows down, and listening to the game on XM.
Go Yanks.
2006-04-11 07:37:53
5.   Alex Belth
Just curious, but why do you hate Frank Robinson? I can see why the guy is easy to dislike, just curious as to why you don't like him.
2006-04-11 07:59:49
6.   Knuckles
I'm a big Robinson fan, and I'm heading to the Nats game tomorrow just to see what happens with Pedro on the mound. Something tells me if he hits Guillen again, LoDuca will be on Jose's back in a second, at which point I want to see Robbie truck out of the 3B dugout and lay Pedro out.
2006-04-11 09:10:58
7.   Bob Timmermann
FWIW, I don't like Frank Robinson. But I've been disliking him since 1972 when I was 6.
2006-04-11 10:45:28
8.   weeping for brunnhilde
Mechanics question: what causes a batter to pop the ball up? Bernie pops up balls he used to drive. Is this a function of declining vision? Declining batspeed? Declining strength?

You pop the ball up when you don't hit it squarely, obviously when you get under it. But what is the precise mechanical failing that causes someone to do this consistently?

Anyone know?

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