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2006-04-05 12:15
by Cliff Corcoran

Their manager having thrown away a chance to take the season's opening series last night, the Yankees are forced to play a rubber game against the A's tonight in Oakland. Taking the hill for the A's will be Dan Haren, whose similarities to last night's Oakland starter, ace Rich Harden, extend further than the five common letters in their last names. Here's an updated version of the tale-of-the-tape that I ran last year:

James Richard HardenDaniel John Haren
Goes ByMiddle NameFirst Name
SchoolCentral Arizona Junior CollegePepperdine
DraftedSea: 38th '99; Oak: 17th '00StL: 2nd Round '01
Debut7/21/03 - A's6/3/03 - Cards
Career (ERA/K9/BB9)63 GS, 68G, 3.60/8.14/3.7653 GS, 62 G, 4.13/6.38/2.47
200519 GS, 2.53/8.51/3.0234 GS, 3.73/6.76/2.20
Uniform Number4024
Facial Hairnonegoatee

While Harden is universally recognized as a potential Cy Young candidate, Haren is poised for a breakout season of his own. Haren's 2005 was already better than either of Mark Mulder's last two seasons. Mulder, you'll recall, was the Big Three ace whom the A's sent to St. Louis for Haren, reliever Kiko Calero, and now-20-year-old catching-cum-first base prospect Daric Barton. It's Harden and Haren whom I expect to lead the A's to an easy AL West crown this year. Certainly you have to like the chances of any team that lists Barry Zito as its third-best starter.

Opposing Haren tonight will be the Yankees' 2005 rookie sensation Chien-Ming Wang. Wang, now 26, remains an extreme, and extremely effective, ground ball pitcher. Last year Wang ranked third in the majors in groundball-to-flyball ratio among pitchers with more than 100 innings, trailing only Brandon Webb and ex-Yankee Jake Westbrook, but ranking ahead of the aptly named Derek Lowe. The problem with all of that is that Wang has to work in front of the Yankees' extremely porous infield defense. Thus far, in just two games, we've seen Alex Rodriguez make some outstanding plays at third base and the three men to his left compensate by booting, whiffing and otherwise failing to catch up with balls hit or thrown in their direction. My confidence in Joe Torre has already been spoiled, but if the Yankee skipper knows what's good for his team, he'll compensate by DHing Giambi in Wang's starts and giving the more agile Andy Phillips those starts at first base. Though I'm a proponent of playing Giambi in the field because of the boost it gives his bat, the offensive upgrade achieved by benching Bernie in favor of Phillips should compensate for any lost production from Giambi, who should be able to produce from the DH spot if he's only required to do so once every five days.

Failing that, there's always the hope that Wang will improve his strikeout rate this year. In his rookie season, Wang struck out just 3.64 men per nine innings, a severe drop from his career minor league rate of 7.06 K/9. In 74 1/3 career triple-A innings between 2004 and 2005, Wang struck out 6.78 men per nine and in 15 1/3 innings this spring he struck out 5.87 men per nine innings. Given that history, it seems fair to expect Wang to increase his strikeout rate to something in the mid-fives this year. As dominating as Chien-Ming can be in terms of keeping his opponents from getting the ball in the air, he'll need to help himself more often this year if he expects to improve on his freshman campaign.

Finally, while we're on the topic of pitchers who made their pinstriped debuts in 2005, Will Carroll's latest Under The Knife column contains some unsurprising speculation about Carl Pavano's that is nonetheless startling to see in print. Quothe Carroll:

Carl Pavano is headed to [back expert] Dr. [Robert] Watkins for a check of his problematic back. There have been whispers from some in Yankee camp that Pavano will likely need surgery, almost certainly season-ending and perhaps career-ending. . . . Pavano's contract is insured for backs.

Pavano is owed $30.9 million for the remaining three years of his contract (2006-2008) and the buyout on his 2009 option, though I'm not sure exactly how much of that is recoupable via the insurance should Pavano never throw another major league pitch.

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2006-04-05 13:32:12
1.   fgasparini
Interesting info on Pavano and the there anyplace on the Interweb to get information about insured contracts, or is that something Will Carroll knows through his baseball contacts? For example, is Wright insured and if so, did that/will that pay for partial seasons lost or only a full season? I imagine the premiums must be pretty high for this kind of insurance and I seem to remember reading a few years ago that no insurer was willing anymore to insure contracts of more than three or four years.
2006-04-05 13:33:13
2.   Sliced Bread
The mafia allegedly has a two word solution for what ails Pavano: stable fire.

I was on the Yankee Stadium tour with my dad the December day Pavano first came to the Bronx for his introductory press conference. There was such a buzz of optimism about him at the Stadium that day, as they put his picture up on the scoreboard. Now, the mention of his name makes me, I dunno, a little sad.

Phillips at first tonight? Love it, Cliff, but I think we have a better chance of seeing Pavano win the '06 Cy Young than Joe submitting a lineup like that.

It's official though, tonight I'm staying awake for the game.

2006-04-05 13:44:11
3.   baileywalk
Well, shows how much you can trust Carroll. Pavano is already throwing again, so I guess he's not heading for the knife just yet.
2006-04-05 14:01:53
4.   Ali Nagib
So, because he's throwing, he can't possibly have surgery at any point in the near future? My guess is that they're hoping he can play through it, because if he needs surgery, he's done, at least for the year. Obviously until he goes "under the knife" (pardon the pun), he's still got a chance to play, but I wouldn't take anything short of actually throwing in a game as a positive sign.
2006-04-05 14:12:20
5.   toni
I'm curious, do you think there's ever been serious thought to move Jeter to second and ARod back to short? Seems like that'd certainly strengthen your defense up the middle.

And as a Yankee fan would you be open to that? I guess I should say I'm an A's fan.


2006-04-05 14:33:41
6.   Knuckles
Not going to happen. Jeter has trouble going to his left (a bad mix with a guy like Giambi at 1B), and is not getting any younger. A-rod has bulked up the last couple years, since he no longer has to be as 'rangy' for SS. Would you put Sheff at DH and Cano in RF? Too many moving parts for any benefit to come out of the switches. For better or worse, this team is built to bludgeon teams, defense be damned. I wish Nick Johnson and his mustache were still around. Looking longer term...Cano to RF down the road, add in a defensive whiz at 2B, and hope that Duncan's athleticism can upgrade the D at 1B. Much longer term- hope that one of the studs from the 05 draft or Tabata becomes a bonafide CF.
2006-04-05 14:38:11
7.   sanchez101
5. I would think that Jeter would be even worse as a second baseman, it negates his strong arm and doesnt do anything to lessen his poor lateral range. I can see how his solid range into the outfield would be more helpful infront of Sheffield rather than Matsui, but I think simply switching Jeter to 3rd and ARod to SS would make for a drastically improved offense.
2006-04-05 14:44:15
8.   Marcus
We've been around the world and back with Jeter changing position ideas, but mostly with him going to CF. Bottom line: it's never going to happen. Mainly because Jeter is a Yankee institution, the captain, and he wants to stay at SS.

The problem with your idea toni is, first off, who plays 3rd then? Andy Phillips? Cairo? Where does Cano play? Would Jeter be any better than Cano defensively at 2nd? Probably not. People who know better than I should jump in here, but his problem is range, particularly to his left (up the middle at short, towards 1B [Giambi(!)] at 2B). He's got a strong arm, so that's wasted at 2nd. The only position switch that makes any sense is putting him in CF (because of his skill at tracking flies), and it's probably too late for that, even if he was willing.

2006-04-05 14:46:01
9.   Marcus
Two guys beat me! But it sounds like we're all on the same wavelength...
2006-04-05 14:48:44
10.   randym77
I went to bed early last night, and I'm glad. Would hate to have stayed up to see that ending. :-P

Looking forward to seeing Wang pitch tonight. I think Giambi will be okay. This is his old stomping grounds, and he handles groundballs okay.

2006-04-05 15:25:07
11.   wsporter
2 Slice don't you mean alledged mafia?
2006-04-05 15:46:59
12.   brockdc
Actually, I've always kind of believed that Jeter could make a pretty damned good rightfielder.
2006-04-05 17:05:53
13.   baileywalk
Ali Nagib, it says Pavano was headed back to see the doctor, but that's not true; he was with Aaron Small playing catch. So that's not true. And if the Yankees were so concerned with Pavano's back that they thought he might need surgery, I can guarantee you he wouldn't be allowed to throw.
2006-04-05 18:15:51
14.   BklynBomber
Griffey, Jr. just passed The Mick with #537, knocking Mantle to 13th on the list.

When he retired, it seemed like he'd be in the top 10 forever. I've seen Bonds*, Sosa*, McGwire*, Palmeiro*, Reggie, and Schmidt overtake him. 500 ain't squat these days...

2006-04-05 18:45:27
15.   yankz
Dammit, Rollins is at 38. Anyone else starting to worry a bit? And this ESPN lovefest with Rollins is ridiculous.
2006-04-05 18:53:26
16.   BklynBomber
15 ESPN is ridiculous period. From what I understand, if Rollins does indeed tie or pass 56, there will be two distinct records: single season (which The Clipper would still hold unless Rollins hits safely in 56 this year), and multiple season. To me, that makes sense...
2006-04-05 18:54:43
17.   Stormer Sports

Remember of Bonds*, Sosa*, McGwire*, Palmeiro*, Reggie, and Schmidt--Only 2 of them actually hit 500 or more legitimate homers, making the Mick #9!

2006-04-05 18:54:44
18.   BklynBomber
Also, "Sandman" Wagner just blew his first save ... See that. Don't mess with Mo!
2006-04-05 18:57:39
19.   BklynBomber
17 Exactly, Storm. No asterisk for those two!
2006-04-05 18:57:56
20.   Stormer Sports

Ending Rollins streak should be easy. Either an Ump could grow some balls and force him back into the batters box during his AB's, or pitchers could just start beaning him to get him off the plate. It is beyond my comprehension why neither of the above has occurred yet. Check him out at the plate sometime, it's ridiculous.

If DiMaggio stepped in in Rollins Position, he would have been pegged all day and into the night. Are they going to start handing out teddy bears to ball players or do the rules still apply?

2006-04-05 18:58:39
21.   Stormer Sports
Can anyone here believe the "we wish we were the Yankees" Mets are using that tune for Wagner. It's sophmoric.
2006-04-05 19:00:34
22.   Stormer Sports
Sosa dropped off the planet once testing began. No deterioration, just "the end."

These numbers are all skewed but we have to accept them. Just look at the dimensions of the parks when Ruth played, shoot, even Aaron had much further to hit the ball.

2006-04-05 19:02:05
23.   BklynBomber

I've not seen Rollins enough to pick up on that. I'll have to tune in to more Philly games. On the pitching, no one seems to be throwing the right message pitch when it matters these days, the beanballs you see are usually plain, stupid ones...

2006-04-05 19:02:07
24.   Stormer Sports
So Kaye gets to blame Arod, not Joe and Proctor! Please Fox, offer him a job.
2006-04-05 19:03:17
25.   Stormer Sports

Rollins is not only out of the back of the box, he's right on top of the plate. Clemens was the only guy I've seen back him off. Oddly enough, he didn't get a hit that day.

2006-04-05 19:03:35
26.   Knuckles
Wagner's been using Enter Sandman for years as well, people are just making a stink about it now that he's the closer for the New York 'B' team. I could care less.
2006-04-05 19:05:44
27.   Stormer Sports
Still stole it from MO either way.
2006-04-05 19:06:16
28.   Shaun P
21 Actually Wagner has been entering games to "Enter Sandman" since he played for Houston. The song seems to have followed him to NY, rather than the Mets trying to emulate the Yanks.

I also read somewhere that Braden Looper used to enter to "Hell's Bells", which, of course, is Trevor Hoffman's well-known entrance song. Something tells me that Looper's use of "Hell's Bells" was not the Mets trying to emulate the Padres any more than their use of "Enter Sandman" is them trying to emulate the Yankees.

2006-04-05 19:06:26
29.   Stormer Sports
So guys, will it be May or June when Joe reverses Damon and Jeter?
2006-04-05 19:07:06
30.   Stormer Sports

Maybe I am tad over protective of Mo. Point taken.

2006-04-05 19:08:39
31.   Shaun P
Knuckles said it 26 better than me 28. I don't care what the Mets do.

I also could care less if Rollins breaks Joe D's hitting record or not. Records are made to be broken, and it doesn't diminish DiMaggio or what he did if Rollins hits in 57 straight games.

2006-04-05 19:10:20
32.   BklynBomber
29 Dunno about Jetes/Damon yet, but I'm waiting for Cano to hit his way out of the 9 hole...
2006-04-05 19:11:03
33.   Shaun P
Stormer, much as I wish that 29 would happen, I'd be surprised if it did. I'd hope for May but gladly take June in the pool!

Sadly, I see the Yanks have elected to use the "B" defensive team on the field for Tiger Wang. Sigh.

2006-04-05 19:12:55
34.   Knuckles
Anyone watching Tex-Bos on Extra Innings (FSN Southwest)? They've been cutting to and from 2 kids having a hot dog eating contest all game long. A fat guy and a skinny kid, both around college age, ate 17 dogs each. I guess a plain ol' baseball game isn't interesting enough on TV anymore.
2006-04-05 19:15:49
35.   BklynBomber
34 No, but did catch a inning or two of yesterday's game. The mic picked up some loudmouth getting on the ump, only calling him "ref". Same crowd that held "A-Rod Appreciation Night" on his first trip there with the Yanks.
2006-04-05 19:19:10
36.   randym77
Yikes. Not a good sign, those two flies.
2006-04-05 19:21:00
37.   Shaun P
Knuckles, I just flipped over but realized because I live near Boston I won't get the EI feed. Something tells me that NESN wasn't cutting to the hot dog eaters.

BTW Knuckles, you've got DirecTV right? Are you getting the game on YES (622) as well as Extra Innings (743)? I am and I'm surprised - that never happened last year. YES would always be blacked out, but the EI feed would come through.

2006-04-05 19:22:03
38.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:24:25
39.   Knuckles
37 I got Comcast in Arlington, VA...YES isn't available as an extra standalone channel on cable.

The place I lived last year we had DirecTV and we had the regional sports networks- games would usually be on both EI and the regular channel, at least for Yanks on YES, Cleveland, and Philly (my roommates' teams).

2006-04-05 19:24:26
40.   BklynBomber
Keep it up, Jason! More pitches than the entire first inning so far...
2006-04-05 19:25:56
41.   Shaun P
2006-04-05 19:26:00
42.   BklynBomber
BooYa! MVPsui!!!!!
2006-04-05 19:26:17
43.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:26:27
44.   Knuckles
Godzilla strikes the West Coast!

Does Haren look like a grown-up Kelly Leak to anyone?

2006-04-05 19:26:46
45.   wsporter
That is one sweet swing.
2006-04-05 19:30:16
46.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:34:49
47.   seamus
wow, talk about timing! Just turned on the game and MATSUI!!!!!

And I'm watching via and for the first time we have the YES feed and it actually shows balls and strikes and men on base! I am soooooooo happy!

2006-04-05 19:37:18
48.   BklynBomber
C'mon Offense! Show us Monday night wasn't false hope... work the f'n count, get on, move runners, a few bloops and a blast or two...
2006-04-05 19:39:01
49.   BklynBomber
Holy Toledo!!!!!! What was that?????
2006-04-05 19:39:10
50.   Mattpat11
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2006-04-05 19:39:33
51.   Shaun P
Nice baserunning, Cano! Let's get another run or 5 on the board.
2006-04-05 19:39:41
52.   Knuckles
Cano's gunning for the glove hands of every Oakland middle infielder.
2006-04-05 19:39:49
53.   BklynBomber
Get him to third, at least!
2006-04-05 19:40:12
54.   Rob Gee
How long before GOB is done haunting us? Realistically? May? June!?

wsport - there's that Cano hustle!

2006-04-05 19:41:17
55.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:42:53
56.   wsporter
Rob, 54 It's a new improved version. Bowa must be one scary dude.
2006-04-05 19:43:00
57.   BklynBomber
Damn. Shoulda squeezed there... ;-)
2006-04-05 19:43:02
58.   Mattpat11
Oh Cripes, Here we go.
2006-04-05 19:44:49
59.   BklynBomber
Sheff .167 career in Oakland...
2006-04-05 19:45:45
60.   Shaun P
Laser beam!!!
2006-04-05 19:45:56
61.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:46:09
62.   randym77
Sheff!!! Woo-hoo!
2006-04-05 19:46:37
63.   Rob Gee
56 Waldman said last night that he's been watching tape with Pena too. Good stuff! Honestly, for his second year I can't think of a better improvement than .800 OPS and 12-15 errors. Anything better than that is some delicious gravy.

And Shef!

2006-04-05 19:47:12
64.   Mattpat11
Don't Piss off the Wanger, Haren.
2006-04-05 19:47:14
65.   Knuckles
Another HBP for which we will not retaliate. Right after a 3R HR, no less...
2006-04-05 19:47:31
66.   Shaun P
If Sheff plays for the Yanks next year, he'll reach 500 HRs in pinstripes. Wow.

I wonder if A-Rod will beat him to it. The Yanks have never had two 500 HR hitters playing at the same time. It'd be nice to see.

2006-04-05 19:47:35
67.   Simone
Yeah, Sheffield!!! Let's score in bunches, guys.

Anyone watch "Lost." I'm still cracking up over Hurley beating the crap out of Sawyer. Good episode.

2006-04-05 19:48:33
68.   Simone
Haren hit A-Rod? F', would someone please start hitting the opposing hitters?!
2006-04-05 19:48:46
69.   yankee23
I can't see anything, did it look intentional?
2006-04-05 19:49:25
70.   BklynBomber
Tiger won't do jack...
2006-04-05 19:50:01
71.   Knuckles
Didn't exactly look like it got away from he'll probably claim after the game.
2006-04-05 19:50:28
72.   Shaun P
yankee23, I don't think it was 69. Looked like Haren was just pitching inside.

I'll take another Matsui bomb as retaliation.

2006-04-05 19:51:20
73.   Simone
Have you noticed that it always gets away from them? Screw'em. Time for some serious retaliation.
2006-04-05 19:51:38
74.   wsporter
Rob 63 If he can give us 800 OPS out of the 9 slot that would be great. I don't have the numbers in front of me but that's got to be Brosious 1998 country. I could live with that!
2006-04-05 19:53:20
75.   BklynBomber
73 Hear, hear!
2006-04-05 19:54:05
76.   Rob Gee
67 I'm big Lost fan Simone. Good stuff - I hope in like five years the last episode is an emaciated 120 lbs Hurley look-a-like waking up in his hospital bed and it was a dream all along - WIzard of OZ indeed - Jack is a doctor, Kate is nurse, and Vincent is a fire hydrant.
2006-04-05 19:54:05
77.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 19:55:18
78.   seamus
ah! can folks not discuss Lost. I missed it and have to download tomorrow. Thanks!
2006-04-05 19:57:33
79.   BklynBomber
Nice glove work, Alex!
2006-04-05 19:58:30
80.   Simone
Rob Gee, sounds like the perfect scenario to end "Lost."

Okay, Seamus.

2006-04-05 19:58:43
81.   Mattpat11
I really don't want to rag on Posada, especially after last night's game, and I'm having a good feeling ebout him lately, but for the love of Christ, why does he NEVER protect the plate with two strikes?
2006-04-05 19:59:27
82.   seamus
80 thanks!
2006-04-05 20:00:30
83.   Mattpat11
There ya go Tiger.
2006-04-05 20:00:39
84.   seamus
love that double play stuff with Wang!
2006-04-05 20:01:16
85.   wsporter
3-6-3 Giambi. Things are looking up people!
2006-04-05 20:01:24
86.   Shaun P
Its nice to see some ground balls out of Tiger instead of flyballs 36.
2006-04-05 20:02:34
87.   BklynBomber
A's announcers saying that Scutaro picked up on Cano holding Bradley close to the bag last night, and was expecting Proctor to pitch him middle - in. Heads up AB by Scutaro if nothing else, but as we well know, there is something else...
2006-04-05 20:03:17
88.   Mattpat11
85 Listening on the radio, I didn't even register that it was a Giambi started 3-6-3. Those words are often the most horrifying thing I can hear.
2006-04-05 20:04:03
89.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 20:04:17
90.   Zack
Has anyone else been having problems with this new stupid media player? I can't get the damn thing to connect, and of course there is no preferences or anything to mess with..argh!
2006-04-05 20:05:18
91.   Rob Gee
74 Scotty was at .840 in 98 - That would be extra yummy from Robby this year. But the fact is he's 23 and is only going to get back - how sweet! For as down as I can get, I really like the All-star coaches - too bad they can't get Torre to manage his bullpen differently.

You know on that note a friend had a good point - Torre was playing the whole "see what you got" philosophy. Fact is we were in a deep hole last year and pulled it out. No matter how much the SABR guys (me included most days) say a win is a win - that's not how the players or manager approach things.

2006-04-05 20:06:36
92.   seamus
Zack - on a pc or mac?
2006-04-05 20:07:26
93.   BklynBomber
85 That was a fairly routine 3-6-3, but not when Giambi is the '3'. My first thought was 'Gold Glove'... Whatever, as long as being out there can help him approach his old numbers, I'll take the drama every day...
2006-04-05 20:08:11
94.   Zack
mac...worked just dandy up until the season started and they introduced this new media player thing, and now it just gets stuck on connecting to media...yesterday and day before it randomly started working, but can't get it tonight...sigh
2006-04-05 20:08:24
95.   wsporter
Man this Haren kid works fast, Wang like.
2006-04-05 20:08:37
96.   Mattpat11
At least he swung.
2006-04-05 20:08:52
97.   Rob Gee
BTW: Wang is at 29 pitches (19 strikes) through 3.
2006-04-05 20:08:55
98.   Zack
and now once again it randomly started work, very weird, i dont want to have to call so i hope they resolve this issue!
2006-04-05 20:09:50
99.   Rob Gee
94 Guess you just have to install Windows on you Mac - Zack!
2006-04-05 20:09:55
100.   seamus
94 INstall Flip4Mac. That is what I did and it works great. Basically uses Quicktime to play it in your browser.
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2006-04-05 20:12:53
101.   randym77
2006-04-05 20:13:16
102.   BklynBomber
94 seamus is correct 100, Flip4Mac is the solution.
2006-04-05 20:14:10
103.   Zack
seamus, how do you get it to open in flip4mac/quicktime?
2006-04-05 20:15:24
104.   Bill
I was going to take the night off from this chat, but I had to come by to commiserate about that ugly error
2006-04-05 20:15:35
105.   Yu-Hsing Chen
Wang looking great so far... the reputation of being a devilish groundball pitcher seem to allow him to get away with high pitchs more than some other people though LOL!!!
2006-04-05 20:15:56
106.   seamus
did you install it? To get it you just go to the Windows Player update page. Then it will do it automatically, but if not activate it in system preferences (after installed).
2006-04-05 20:17:44
107.   weeping for brunnhilde
That was a great fucking play.
2006-04-05 20:18:29
108.   Zack
seamus, you are amazing, it works! thanks so much!

And now Wang is losing it after the error

2006-04-05 20:18:58
109.   BklynBomber
Let's shoot 2 and get out of this now...
2006-04-05 20:18:59
110.   Shaun P
OK, clearly something is not right with Tiger tonight. Too many fly balls/bloops.

We really need a K here - or better yet, a double play!

2006-04-05 20:19:08
111.   randym77
Well, at least the outfielders are earning their pay today.
2006-04-05 20:19:35
112.   wsporter
Getting some good outfield D here, saved us the same run twice.
2006-04-05 20:20:26
113.   seamus
Wang looked visibly rattled after the error. That is unusual to me.

108 welcome zack.

2006-04-05 20:20:52
114.   yankz
Dammit Wang, settle down.
2006-04-05 20:21:31
115.   Shaun P
Why can't we have a 'hands' team like in football? Sigh.
2006-04-05 20:22:17
116.   seamus
108 Zack - whatever you do, don't use the function that allows you to open the stream outside of the browser. It allows you to full screen it but the feed gets totally messed up. At least on my computer. I spent too much time screwing with it on Sunday.
2006-04-05 20:22:26
117.   singledd
As I calculate it, only one run is earned.
If Jetes turns the DP, it's still a shut out. Can't blame Wanner too much.
2006-04-05 20:24:02
118.   randym77
Wang's young. He does get rattled when things like that happen. But he usually recovers. Hopefully it's just one rough inning.
2006-04-05 20:24:33
119.   BklynBomber
Tiger made the best of that. He got the grounder that would have ended the inning with Thomas, and got the grounder that would have kept it a 4-2 with Kendall. He'll be OK...
2006-04-05 20:25:20
120.   BklynBomber
All is forgiven, Jetes ;-)
2006-04-05 20:25:44
121.   Mattpat11
Its gotten to the point where you need to treat them like t-ballers. Have them all line up on the field before the game. And slowly roll them all a ball.

And god damn it, immediately fine anyone who takes a called third strike.

2006-04-05 20:25:55
122.   Stormer Sports
That play still gives me chills.
2006-04-05 20:28:44
123.   BklynBomber
That was too easy. The mo is with the A's. Wang has respond here... 1-2-3.
2006-04-05 20:29:07
124.   singledd
Our De-fense is De-stinky
2006-04-05 20:30:25
125.   Shaun P
Matt 121 - do the Yanks still take infield practice before the game starts? Because its pretty clear to me that they need it, especially when Tiger is pitching.
2006-04-05 20:38:07
126.   tocho
This game is sucking real bad....
2006-04-05 20:39:20
127.   BklynBomber
126 It's not feelin' good right now, that's for sure...
2006-04-05 20:39:24
128.   tocho
Is Thomas scary or what? how much did he sign for? I think its less than what Bernie is making....
2006-04-05 20:40:24
129.   BklynBomber
Wow! Helluva pitch!
2006-04-05 20:40:57
130.   tocho
WOW. Nice K there!!
2006-04-05 20:43:13
131.   tocho
2006-04-05 20:46:13
132.   BklynBomber
128 Thomas signed for $500K plus incentives... not sure of the potential $$$ amount.
2006-04-05 20:46:27
133.   Knuckles
nice call, blue...
2006-04-05 20:47:08
134.   BklynBomber
That was BS. Tiger got squeezed on the prior pitch! Damn!
2006-04-05 20:47:44
135.   Zack
well this is a rock and a hard place: stick with Wang and who knows, bring in Sturtze and expects at least two more to come in...
2006-04-05 20:48:31
136.   randym77
Ack. Tanyon isn't at his best coming in into a jam.
2006-04-05 20:49:32
137.   Mattpat11
I'm sorry, the error was bad and all, But Wang absolutely sucked tonight.
2006-04-05 20:49:35
138.   BklynBomber
Sturtze's number. 56. Jimmy Rollins. Bad stuff going here...
2006-04-05 20:50:12
139.   singledd
I'll take Wang.
2006-04-05 20:50:30
140.   tocho
Zero confidence in Sturtze. I'm 2 seconds away from calling it a night. I hate going to sleep with a stomach ache. 4-0 is now 4-4, our starter who was cruising until an E is out and the worst pitcher possible is in. Dire
2006-04-05 20:51:40
141.   randym77
Sturtze did it! Sorry I doubted ya, kid. ;-)
2006-04-05 20:51:40
142.   randym77
Sturtze did it! Sorry I doubted ya, kid. ;-)
2006-04-05 20:52:00
143.   Cliff Corcoran
I don't mind Sturtze here. Torre has a history of staying with his starter for too long with two outs figuring he'll stumble into that last one. Wang appeared to be up in the zone way to often per the Gameday gamecast.

There Sturtze got Payton. So it's a four-inning game. Lemme hear your bullpen strategies.

2006-04-05 20:52:19
144.   Mattpat11
So, whats the smart money on? 6 pitch inning or bases loaded no out and three backwards Ks?
2006-04-05 20:52:24
145.   BklynBomber
Anyone else think Jason was going to drop that one? Just because...
2006-04-05 20:52:48
146.   Simone
Ha. See, have a little faith. I'm off to bed with hopes that the Yankees win the game. Night all.
2006-04-05 20:54:45
147.   tocho
Sleep with one eye open....
2006-04-05 20:54:54
148.   BklynBomber
143 My bullpen strategy: Plate about 15 runs and let Bubba pitch the 9th ;-)
2006-04-05 20:55:36
149.   Stormer Sports
I know Mike, it's amazing how effective pitching inside can be. If only a single Yankee pitcher understood that.
2006-04-05 20:55:48
150.   Mattpat11
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-04-05 20:56:14
151.   Knuckles
Anyone else feel Halsey won't hit any Yanks if the game's tied?

Damn- enough with the K's and popups.

2006-04-05 20:58:12
152.   BklynBomber
Man, this already feels like a doubleheader. Yanks won the first, A's comfortably leading the nightcap...
2006-04-05 20:58:18
153.   Stormer Sports
So Posada swings at the balls and takes the strikes when he's behind in the count. Now I understand the strategy.
2006-04-05 20:58:40
154.   tocho
I would go with Tanyon in the 6th. then match lefty-righty with Myers and Proctor in the 7th. Farnsworth in the 8th. and (hopefully) Rivera in the 9th.

If there is no lead, then Villone goes in the 8th., Farns in the 9th and then Rivera until we win (max 2 innings). after that Jared.

2006-04-05 20:59:23
155.   Cliff Corcoran
Damn Mattpatt, that was rather prescient pesimism in 144.
2006-04-05 20:59:25
156.   Stormer Sports

No, but I do feel like the Yankees wont hit the ball if the game's tied.

2006-04-05 20:59:52
157.   Mattpat11
Maybe I don't understand baseball. I thought I did. Do you get like an extra point on your batting average if you take a called strike three? Do you trigger a bonus in your contract? What is the motivation? Even if its an unhittable pitch, what the hell is the harm in taking a hack and hoping to foul it off? Fear of looking stupid? How can you look more stupid than standing there while the ball goes right down the plate?
2006-04-05 21:00:22
158.   Stormer Sports

You did not just say "Proctor." Did you?

2006-04-05 21:01:39
159.   Cliff Corcoran
Joe goes straight to Wright! Interesting choice, I would have tried to get another inning out of Tanyon, but I'm willing to believe Wright can do the job here.
2006-04-05 21:01:39
160.   Mattpat11
155 I know my team, Cliff.
2006-04-05 21:02:37
161.   Stormer Sports
How about Jaret until we get the lead. I have always beilieved Wright's personality will make him a great reliever. Mark it down. He'll be the savior in the middle this year. Designate Proctor for assignment and bring someone else up, anyone for Christ's sake!
2006-04-05 21:02:47
162.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 21:03:36
163.   Zack
I'd say Sturtze again, then Kyle, then Mo...
2006-04-05 21:03:59
164.   Stormer Sports
Uh Oh, now Pavano has to come up with some other excuse not to pitch. I can smell the wheels turning on his Mangina right now.
2006-04-05 21:04:20
165.   Zack
Of course, I didn't notice that Wright was already in
2006-04-05 21:04:33
166.   Mattpat11
164 Jesus, what happened now?
2006-04-05 21:05:35
167.   Stormer Sports
Once Small ois healthy, I never want to see Proctor again. I just don't get Joe on this one. You guys are always barking about our minor league pitchers, if any of them are promising, why the hell does Proctor have a job?

Whoever thougt I'd beg for Stanton and Nelson and Hammond.

2006-04-05 21:06:00
168.   tocho
well stormer, I think Proctor should be in Columbus starting and not in the bullpen, but that was not my call. and he would go in the 7th. not in the 9th.

Torre completely ignored my advise, so that's it for my night. I think Jared will be very good BTW and that we will win this game. See you all in the morning....

Sleep with one eye open

Gripping your pillow tight.

ever since the stupid Wagner/Rivera debate I can't get the song off my head.

2006-04-05 21:06:35
169.   Stormer Sports
When is Dotel due back?
2006-04-05 21:07:41
170.   randym77
According to the YES announcers, Torre promised Wright that he would not send him into a jam. That he would only put him in at the beginning of innnings. Hence Tanyon's short stint. It was Wright he really wanted to put in.
2006-04-05 21:08:12
171.   Mattpat11
Yay walks.
2006-04-05 21:09:02
172.   BklynBomber
Anyone want to lay odds on Wright getting thwacked on a comebacker?
2006-04-05 21:09:27
173.   Mattpat11
Damnit, Wright, stop being Jaret Wright.
2006-04-05 21:09:29
174.   Mattpat11
Damnit, Wright, stop being Jaret Wright.
2006-04-05 21:09:29
175.   Stormer Sports
Jaret should have been in the pen from day 1 last year.

Wright, Dotel, Farnsworth and Small, Joe just give them the ball. We don't need to ever see another reliever. And Dotel is still a question mark.

I would throw Farnsworth out there until his arm falls off.

Proctor belongs in Trenton, he aint good enough for columbus. Hell maybe that team near Utica.

2006-04-05 21:10:18
176.   Stormer Sports

Since when do employees get promised things like that. Ugg, modern sport.

2006-04-05 21:10:24
177.   Mattpat11
There ya go.
2006-04-05 21:11:21
178.   Cliff Corcoran
Yay strikeouts!

Stormer, Dotel's due back in early June, but could be back earlier.

2006-04-05 21:12:23
179.   Stormer Sports
I think Joe thinks "players manager" = "I'm a big fat pussy."
2006-04-05 21:13:42
180.   Zack
So, what's it going to take to get Phillips into a game, Bernie getting injured? A two week, Bernie needs a rest day?
2006-04-05 21:14:43
181.   Zack
So much for Stick's prediction of 20 hrs for Andy
2006-04-05 21:14:57
182.   Stormer Sports
Wright will be fine in the pen. This makes me so happy to see him out there. I have hope!

Myers for the occasional lefty, but I see no reason to throw Proctor out there unless Pavano, Wang, and Chacon all get killed in a fiery wreck. The same fiery wreck I see every time Proctor has the vall in his hand.

Has Joe ever heard of Pavlov? He keeps getting shocked but doesn't learn.

2006-04-05 21:15:08
183.   Zack
and Bernie looks yet again. hey joe, maybe try someone else
2006-04-05 21:15:18
184.   Mattpat11


I think I just had a stroke.

2006-04-05 21:16:00
185.   Stormer Sports

I think Gene meant Andy Pettitte, he swings a mean bat.

2006-04-05 21:16:01
186.   Zack
our offense seems to have this habit of going to sleep...
2006-04-05 21:17:03
187.   Stormer Sports
Please guys. Take it easy on Bernie. I implore you. It's Bernie Williams for crying out loud. We should win 100 games with three of him in this lineup.
2006-04-05 21:17:26
188.   Mattpat11
The Yankees must collectively have a hot date tonight. Either that or they're infected by "Its Only April"-itis.
2006-04-05 21:18:19
189.   Stormer Sports
This is amazing though. All this emotion and criticism on the third day. I moved from NY to LA and no one here even knows that the Dodgers have played a game yet.
2006-04-05 21:18:19
190.   Zack
Stormer, nothing against Bernie as a person, but come on...
2006-04-05 21:18:38
191.   Mattpat11
187 I love Bernie, but I don't know what in the fuck his "take the third strike" strategy is trying to accomplish.
2006-04-05 21:18:49
192.   rilkefan
Can we drop the "mangina" thing? It's got a fifth-grader-uncomfortable-with-sexuality-trying-to-be-macho vibe to it that bugs me.
2006-04-05 21:19:19
193.   Stormer Sports

I can be sentimental. If Paul O'Neil wanted to DH twice a week, I'd be all for it. It cannot be just about the numbers, can it.

2006-04-05 21:19:30
194.   Mattpat11
189 We basically tied for first last year. We can't afford to give April away again.
2006-04-05 21:20:17
195.   Stormer Sports

What shall we call him then. You like she-male, is that one better?

2006-04-05 21:22:08
196.   Stormer Sports
Wright is going to be our savior. Well, until Joe can't resist that man in his head that will tell him to put him back in the rotation, which should be soon.

I'm surprised he doesn't make Farnsworth the closer because he throws hard.

2006-04-05 21:22:56
197.   Zack
Hey, I am sentimental too, and I would love for Bernie to hang out on the bench and trot out there in blowouts etc, maybe play once in awhile, have a nice farewell tour. ALl the while we can see if Phillips, who is ten years younger, can do anything. We'll never know with Joe though...
2006-04-05 21:24:37
198.   Cliff Corcoran
Stormer, you have to let go of Bernie.
2006-04-05 21:24:37
199.   Mattpat11
Heart of the order.
2006-04-05 21:25:41
200.   Stormer Sports

I understand completely. And my head agrees with you. However, with that 1-6 we shouldn't need Bernie to bat more than .260, like every other number 7 hitter in the game. Hell, like every player in the A's lineup outside of Chavez, Thomas, and the balsa-wood never-will-be Crosby. 101 RBI led their team last year and they almost sqeeked in.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-04-05 21:25:58
201.   Mattpat11
Isn't there an in between between swinging at the first pitch and taking a called strike 3?
2006-04-05 21:27:36
202.   Stormer Sports

I still haven't let go of Tino, Paulie or Andy, Hell, I haven't even let go of Broscius. I'd take Charlie Hayes right about now.

What can I say, they won games. I'm pretty sure that's what they get paid for. These guys couldn't hold their jocks!

2006-04-05 21:28:19
203.   Cliff Corcoran
This is another winable game at this point. Joe has to go straight to Farnsworth and Rivera after Wright, he can't allow someone like Villone to lose this game. The question is, how long can Wright keep it up? I'd give him at least another inning.
2006-04-05 21:29:03
204.   Zack
But Stormer, wouldn't Phillips putting up better production across the boards do a heck of a lot more for us? I am more intereted in winning NOW. Bernie in the lineup hasn't helped us the past few years...
2006-04-05 21:29:21
205.   Mattpat11
Sheff really is fast in his own mind
2006-04-05 21:29:34
206.   Stormer Sports
There we go Sheff! Was that small ball I just saw?

I thought the plan was to bash all year, like '05.

2006-04-05 21:29:38
207.   randym77
Wow, Sheff stole a base!
2006-04-05 21:30:22
208.   Cliff Corcoran
Stormer, it's exactly that sort of thinking that I started blogging to exterminate. I loved those teams too, but "winning" isn't a skill, hitting, pitching and fielding are skills and none of those guys (save Pettitte) can do any of the above anymore.
2006-04-05 21:30:37
209.   Zack
I agree Cliff, I'm not sure I even trust another inning of Wright. We've gotten two, lets get going while its good and go to the big guns. If we lose with Kyle or Mo, at least its with our best.

On the other hand, our offense doesn't seem to really want to wake up...

2006-04-05 21:30:42
210.   Mattpat11
Jesus Christ. At least he swung.
2006-04-05 21:31:50
211.   Stormer Sports

We have no idea what Phillips would do. be honest about that at least.

But we won't know unless he gets some time. I suspect he will as the season wears on.

The grass isn't always greener, espcially when its Scotts Turf Guard by Andy Phillips, not exactly Bobby Crosby we have there.

I'd like a little more Bubba though.

2006-04-05 21:32:06
212.   Cliff Corcoran
Sheff can run, he stole 10 last year and 215 in his career.
2006-04-05 21:32:29
213.   Mattpat11
Honestly, to tell you the truth, I'm not sold at all on Phillips, but if Bernie is going to be like this at the plate, well...
2006-04-05 21:32:35
214.   Stormer Sports
I trust Wright if the choice is Wright or anyone but Farnsworth.
2006-04-05 21:33:20
215.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeez, Stormer, Bubba? Go back and read the November through March posts and get back to me wouldja?
2006-04-05 21:33:25
216.   Mattpat11
This team obviously wants to go home. Just forfeit.
2006-04-05 21:33:26
217.   Zack
Stormer, thats exactly the point. We won't know with Bernie in the lineup, but we do know that he is ten years younger and has power, and that Bernie hasn't hit in two years...
2006-04-05 21:34:12
218.   Zack
of course, right now it feels like our offense hasn't hit in years either

Amazing how far away opening day seems

2006-04-05 21:34:14
219.   Stormer Sports

I thought Sheff should have run more last year, as well as Arod Jete and the like.

I would love to see Joe trade places with Ozzie for one week, just one week and see how we play.

I would love to see some baseball out there.

2006-04-05 21:34:17
220.   Mattpat11
2006-04-05 21:35:02
221.   Knuckles
Calling Bubba a AAAA player is an insult to real 4A players.

Philips deserves at least a shot.

Meanwhile, Carlos Pena, still unemployed...

2006-04-05 21:35:12
222.   Mattpat11
I think I make a comment on opening night about us scoring eight runs in the next three games.
2006-04-05 21:35:30
223.   Stormer Sports
When you bash and bash and bash you get destoyed by good pitching.

It killed us the last couple years. You have to be able to manufacture runs. This isn't the '27 Yankees.

2006-04-05 21:36:43
224.   Mattpat11
Jaret fucking Wright. The initials really are apt.
2006-04-05 21:36:47
225.   Stormer Sports
I like Bubba.

Way to go Johnny, way to go. See, this is what happens when you don't steal and bunt and play baseball.

2006-04-05 21:36:49
226.   Zack
And right on cue, Wright is in for too long, Damon prob. hurts his shoulder, and we are down and out
2006-04-05 21:37:32
227.   Stormer Sports
Joe looking for a little team USA umpiring there?
2006-04-05 21:37:55
228.   Knuckles

Time to say hello to Mr. Street.

2006-04-05 21:38:00
229.   Mattpat11
223 I agree here. You can't always wait for the Earl Weaver three run homerun.
2006-04-05 21:38:14
230.   seamus
2006-04-05 21:38:51
231.   Mattpat11
225Bubba's not really good at anything.

Damnit Robbie. Enough already.

2006-04-05 21:39:12
232.   Stormer Sports
7 runs in two days, ugg.

Boston defense wins them a game today. Ours costs us 2.

2006-04-05 21:39:21
233.   Zack
Ugh, two games in a row where Joe has managed us into losing situations. Today the patented Joe Toree asleep at the wheel, yesterday the bring in the wrong guy who promptly loses the game. Sigh, how predictable
2006-04-05 21:39:49
234.   BklynBomber
2006-04-05 21:40:36
235.   Zack
and now Joe really has no idea...
2006-04-05 21:40:39
236.   Stormer Sports
Wright has been fine. That ball should have been caught. Oh how I wish we had any of Tampa's outfielders in center. Hell, I'd take Chicago's.
2006-04-05 21:40:42
237.   Knuckles
I guess Torre's leaving Wright in because a one run deficit and a 3 run deficit are the same thing against a decent closer?
2006-04-05 21:41:22
238.   marc
they haven't scored since the 3rd and they're giving runs away. Impossibile to win like that.
2006-04-05 21:41:34
239.   Stormer Sports
Cannot blame Joe for this one. We couldn't get a couple runs in 6 innings?
2006-04-05 21:41:52
240.   Zack
That ball was smoked, and Damon doesn't have problems catching balls, its just throwing them...
2006-04-05 21:42:43
241.   Stormer Sports


Wright gives up 1 in 4 innings. What do you want from him?

2006-04-05 21:42:51
242.   Mattpat11
I hate that we feel the need to salvage something out of nothing. That's why we're still fucking around with the likes of Wright and Pavano and Proctor
2006-04-05 21:43:51
243.   Stormer Sports
Top tier center fielders get paid to catch "smoked" balls. They don't seem to have trouble with them in Tampa, or Chicago, or Cleveland, or . . .
2006-04-05 21:44:06
244.   Zack
now Joe gets farnsworth up, little late for that
2006-04-05 21:44:14
245.   yankz
This sucks.
2006-04-05 21:44:52
246.   Stormer Sports
Where is the team I saw score 9 against these A's in the bottom of the 9th in 1999?
2006-04-05 21:45:44
247.   Stormer Sports
Lets offer Guillen 50 million to manage us next year!
2006-04-05 21:46:11
248.   marc
I hope every loss isn't going to get spun into a Torre failing this year on this board.
2006-04-05 21:46:13
249.   Mattpat11
I have to say, if any good is going to come of this, its that Wright wont have one good outing and earn Torre's trust for the rest of the year. He Jaret Wrighted this game, and if there is a God thats the end of him.
2006-04-05 21:47:07
250.   Cliff Corcoran
In fairness 231 Bubba plays great defense.

Meanwhile, I was 100% wrong about Wright. This is why I first guess instead of second guess. I can't blame Joe because I would have done the same thing.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-04-05 21:47:52
251.   seamus
2006-04-05 21:48:42
252.   Mattpat11
250 I expect the worst out of Wright every game. There's a reason his career numbers are as bas as they are.
2006-04-05 21:49:07
253.   Cliff Corcoran
246 They're playing golf, get over it!
2006-04-05 21:49:12
254.   Stormer Sports

Bubba would have caught that ball in Center.

Wright wasn't that bad. Damon catches that ball and we're fine.

2006-04-05 21:49:28
255.   Ravenscar
I'd like to point out that Oakland scoring more runs here takes away a save from me in my fantasy league.

Mike Myers? Holy Toledo. I'm not sure this is Torre's fault, um, isn't there someone better Cash could have gotten for Torre to choose from here?

Now going with with Jorge Julio tonight, THAT's Willie's fault.

2006-04-05 21:51:32
256.   Ravenscar
Shows what I know - at least Myers actually worked.
2006-04-05 21:52:29
257.   Stormer Sports
So Joe can't leave Farnsworth in a game while we're tied, but he thinks nothing of throwing him out there tonight?
2006-04-05 21:52:35
258.   weeping for brunnhilde
Why can't this team win tight games?

I'm sorry, but this is both upsetting and alarming.

2006-04-05 21:53:05
259.   Mattpat11
You can only laugh
2006-04-05 21:53:36
260.   Stormer Sports

What made you think this team could win close games, last year?

2006-04-05 21:53:51
261.   Cliff Corcoran
Bulls eye, Stormer 257.
2006-04-05 21:54:37
262.   Mattpat11
258Everyone is going for the Earle Weaver 3 run homer.
2006-04-05 21:54:55
263.   BklynBomber
Anyone else have a fantasy league concern about tonight? Get it off your chest now.
2006-04-05 21:55:57
264.   Mattpat11
258Everyone is going for the Earl Weaver 3 run homer.
2006-04-05 21:57:42
265.   randym77
Sigh. There's certainly plenty of blame to go around tonight.
2006-04-05 21:58:07
266.   Stormer Sports

Thanks. I'll try to. Hey the Angels on deck, we have no problem with them. . . going to be a great April.

I still say we send Guidry out there for the ninth.

2006-04-05 21:58:50
267.   Stormer Sports

Thanks. I'll try to. Hey the Angels on deck, we have no problem with them. . . going to be a great April.

I still say we send Guidry out there for the ninth.

2006-04-05 21:59:03
268.   Cliff Corcoran
263 I benched Dan Johnson but played Giambi, only a minor loss in points.
2006-04-05 22:03:08
269.   Cliff Corcoran
9-4. Bed time. With an off-day tomorrow and Alex in St. Loo the game wrap might come a bit later than usual tomorrow.

Enjoy Bernie's out in the ninth!

2006-04-05 22:03:35
270.   Mattpat11
I'll be honest. I've been against the Farnsworth signing from the beginning. Lets just hope this is an anomaly.
2006-04-05 22:04:52
271.   Stormer Sports
Night Cliff.
2006-04-05 22:04:58
272.   Ravenscar
Jeter only going 1-4 with no RBI or runs certainly didn't help me either.

If I root for 2 or 3 runs from you guys I'm only going to make everyone mad, right?

I'm allowed to be mercenary, though, Wagner blew a save for us tonight.

2006-04-05 22:08:26
273.   Cliff Corcoran
9-4. Bed time. With an off-day tomorrow and Alex in St. Loo the game wrap might come a bit later than usual tomorrow.

Enjoy Bernie's out in the ninth!

2006-04-05 22:10:21
274.   Stormer Sports

Nothing we could have done. Ryan was locked up and Wagner wasn't coming to NYY.

That was Frank Thomas that hit that ball, not some scrub.

What can we do? This team looks like last year's.

I think we should just have fun with it. We have to score runs, simple as that, otherwise we're toast, losing to the Angels in the Division Series. I would begin wooing Clemens right now if I am Cashman. Almost no excuse for this team not to set a new run record, or damn near.

Easy YES, that was Posada, not Carl Crawford, not all that spectacular of a play. Anyone else beats it out.

2006-04-05 22:10:48
275.   BklynBomber
The intensity of the last two games reminds me of the way we played during the sweep in KC last year. I didn't expect this, not this early.
2006-04-05 22:11:56
276.   Mattpat11
Well, he swung this time.
2006-04-05 22:12:11
277.   BklynBomber
269 You are a wizard, a true star ;-)
2006-04-05 22:12:33
278.   Stormer Sports
God I hope they bash these bums in the NY papers tomorrow. They sure as hell deserve it!

One thing I know for sure, Joe won't change a thing, he never does.

2006-04-05 22:13:16
279.   Stormer Sports

Get used to it.

2006-04-05 22:13:55
280.   Mattpat11
I still would have given Gordon the third year
2006-04-05 22:15:23
281.   BklynBomber
Storm, I have the bad feeling you're absolutely correct. Not much has really changed since last year, and we're seeing it...
2006-04-05 22:19:54
282.   Stormer Sports

I was really hoping I was wrong. I'm just happy I got back together with my girlfriend. At least that way I wont have to watch every game!

4 runs, 3 runs, Jesus Christ!

No wonder folks are picking the A's. Clearly 7 guys with BA's less that .270 is the way to go.

I say if this persists, we dump Damon, Sheffield, Arod and Posada, eat their salaries and play some rookies a la 1996. Cearly we would have been better off making fewer moves in the off-season and going younger. At least they want to win.

Ozzie, please please please come manage us!

2006-04-05 22:20:59
283.   Stormer Sports

You think? Hell F'ing yes we shouls have signed Gordon.

When your bullpen sucks, it's always a good strategy to let your most productive players go!

2006-04-06 00:27:51
284.   Marcus
Not a fun game to watch. I was late getting to the game, arriving just in time to hear Sheffield's homer. Things went down hill from there, as you guys know.

I read through all the comments (I love the running commentary, funny stuff in there!), and saw a couple remarking about all the emotion so far. No kidding, I feel like I've gone through a playoff series already.

Last night was jump to conclusion #1: Torre will screw up bullpen usage all season long. Jump to conclusion #2 from tonight: the Yankees' defense sucks ass. Should Damon have gotten Milton's triple? It looked like he miss-timed the jump, afraid of hitting the wall. Ugh, that woulda been a nice play.

Maybe a more capable LFer would get Thomas's bases loaded double as well. Cano had two blunders that I can remember, plus nearly blew a routine grounder. Jeter blew the potential double play, and I saw the fabled "up the middle, passed a diving Jeter" (he was playing in however, so I'll give him a break).

Here's to hoping they turn it around for the Angels, who are due for a Yankee spanking.

2006-04-06 04:16:22
285.   Simone
I wake up to a 9-4 loss. I was at least expecting a close game. What the hell happened? Ugh.
2006-04-06 05:38:39
286.   rbj
I go to bed at eleven, Wang's pitching well, Yanks have a 4-0 lead, South Park is relevant again, and I wake up to this? &^%&^%#$@#@(!!!
2006-04-06 07:03:07
287.   rsmith51
Who would be a good replacement for Torre? Obviously just about everybody who posts here, but realistically I am not sure. Davey Johnson? Earl Weaver? Bobby V? I think Larry Dierker might be OK.
2006-04-06 07:29:42
288.   Count Zero
Cliff's title was downright prophetic wasn't it?

If there's one thing that should be obvious to any sports fan, it's that games, contests, whatever -- in any sport -- usually hinge on one or two key plays. Teams / individuals who consistently make those plays, win.

Last night, Jeter's error and Cano's error were those key plays. Take away those two errors and the rest of this game never happens. Wang gives up 1 run, pitches into the 6th, everything plays out completely differently. If you're going to hang that loss on someone, hang it on Jeter. That was the turning point of the game.

Let's hope the defense improves. At least Giambi turned a nice 3-6-3...which was shocking. :)

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