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So Long Screwy, See Ya in St. Louie
2006-04-05 09:39
by Alex Belth

In the top of the first inning last night, Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter reached base and then Gary Sheffield took a characteristically healthy cut at the first pitch he saw and fouled it back. He was right on the pitch and just missed it--Rich Harden eventually struck him out on a 3-2 splitter. Alex Rodriguez was next and he put a great swing on a 2-1 fastball that he just missed, fouling it straight back. Rodriguez whiffed as well and so did Jason Giambi to end the inning. That was just the start of a frustrating evening for the Bombers out in Oakland, but I missed the rest of the game.

I'm gearing up for a two-day visit to St. Louis tomorrow and Friday to promote my book on Curt Flood. I'll be at Left Bank books on Thursday night and on various local radio and TV shows during my stay. Cliff will hold things down--as he's been doing for weeks now--and continue to provide crack analysis on the Bombers. will hopefully launch tomorrow--with many kinks to be ironed out over the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are interested in Curt Flood, here is an excerpt from the book, plus an interview with me that appears today on Viva El Birdos.

Take it ease, and go Yankees.

2006-04-05 10:02:18
1.   Bob Timmermann
For the love of God, don't eat "St. Louis" style pizza.

Just don't.

2006-04-05 10:12:27
2.   Sliced Bread
re: the title
As Bugs also used to say, "Bon-voy-ah-gee!" Have a good time in St. Lou.
Looking forward to reading your book.
Who are you going to cast as Flood in the movie adaptation?
2006-04-05 10:15:54
3.   Shaun P
Safe travels, Alex, and happy book showing! Too bad the Cards won't be in town to open New Busch yet.
2006-04-05 10:26:42
4.   Alex Belth
Yeah, but at least Cardinal Nation should be good and amped. I've heard the new ball park is dope though. Chuck Korr, the historian--who I interviewed last year (link to your right)--is going to hang with me and show me around town, which is cool.

I've never been to St. Louis before, so I'm looking forward to it even though I'm not staying long. And yo, I'll skip the local pizza for sure, dog. Thanks for the tip.

Movie adaptation? Don Cheadle if he was 10 years younger is the first name that comes to mind. Provided he can throw, run and swing a bat convincingly...Flood's story would could make a great movie, but I've got little to no confidence that it'd ever happen. Not that a movie won't be made about him, but that a good movie would be made. Call me cynical...Now, a good documentary? That's more likely.

2006-04-05 10:43:12
5.   Sliced Bread
Larenz Tate ("Crash") is the right age, and he's athletic looking. He could probably play a very convincing Flood either in a feature, or doing re-enactment scenes for the documentary.
Good luck out there.
2006-04-05 10:44:50
6.   rbj
Having lived in the NW, SE, and now midwest, I can tell you that pizza outside of NY sucks. It sucks long and hard. And I include the Chicago deep dish nonsense in that summation.
2006-04-05 10:47:40
7.   Alex Belth
Yo, I know some heads rave about Chicago's Deep Dish style. I like a thin crust pizza myself though I bet there is some fabulous deep dish pies in Chi Town.

Larenz Tate. That's pretty good.

2006-04-05 11:04:39
8.   Cliff Corcoran
Tate is short too. Good call, Sliced!

My one experience with Chicago deep dish was tremendously disappointing. It was like pizza soup. If you go to Chicago, be sure to catch the improv comedy (at Second City and elsewhere), the architecture boat tour, Wrigley Field, and the Billy Goat Tavern, but don't sweat the deep dish.

2006-04-05 11:22:32
9.   Bob Timmermann
This is not to say that there isn't good Italian food in The (deleted offensive ethnic nickname) Hill neighborhood of St. Louis.
2006-04-05 11:40:12
10.   wsporter
Bob T, I don't think many of us D's mind all that much. The Hill was home to Garagiola and Yogi. A great place to visit but …. For a city with a solid Italian heritage they make great barbeque.
2006-04-05 11:40:44
11.   Sliced Bread
Yeah, 9 they gotta make a good gravy in The Hill where Yogi and Garagiola grew up together.

If you want to make friends fast out there, Alex, smuggle a few NY pizza pies into your carry-on luggage. They'll hand you the keys to the city.

2006-04-05 11:41:46
12.   Sliced Bread
oh, wsporter, beat me by :30 seconds on the Yogi factoid!
2006-04-05 11:54:08
13.   wsporter
Sorry about that Slice. It's a great town, not quite Boston or Montreal as far as being geared for the young and insane but it's fun none the less I think.
2006-04-05 12:09:34
14.   Sliced Bread
If you do a movie or documentary, Alex,
definitely try to get Nelly and the other St. Lunatics to write the "Stepping Up" soundtrack - being from St. Louis, they're probably familiar with his story.
2006-04-05 12:11:48
15.   Simone
St. Louis is an okay city. Didn't knock my socks off, but I had fun with good company. Have a good tirp.

I'm totally shocked by the news that Dwight Gooden is heading to prison. Terrible that his life has come to this point. At least, he is a celebrity so he should be okay in prison.

2006-04-05 12:34:45
16.   Fred Vincy
It wouldn't pass muster in NY, but if like me you live in the Midwest, St. Louis pizza is much better than Chicago pizza (which Cliff describes perfectly in 8 above). At least St. L pizza is related to the real thing....
2006-04-05 12:52:46
17.   buffalocharlie
hello everyone, first, thanks for everyone who has been contributing to the Bronx Banter for the past year....i am a fairly regular troll who has enjoyed everyone's perspective on baseball, Yankees, and culture......

my favorites Yankees in no particular order are Bernie Williams, Willie Randolph, and Don Mattingly.

as for this topic, the real secret is that Buffalo, NY has the best pizza in the country. Our crust is twice as thick as NYC style, but no 'Chicago Soup', and our we have pizzerias everywhere.....the standouts: LaNova, the standard bearer and Buffalo's pizza ambassadors (they will ship pizza and wings anywhere in the country), Just Pizza, Bocce Club, Mister Pizza, Fat Man's Pizza, to name a Buffalo and WNY, there is a pizzeria within five minutes of wherever you next time you're Buffalo, make sure to try the pizza along with the wings and Beef on Weck...

once again, thanks to everyone who makes Bronx Banter a cool place to visit on the web.

charlie hanlon
buffalo, ny

2006-04-05 13:10:28
18.   wsporter
People are just nicer in Western NY.
2006-04-05 13:27:09
19.   Bob Timmermann

My mother, a St. Louis native, always used the full name of "The Hill" neighborhood because that's what it was called.

But the signs in St. Louis identifying the area just say "The Hill".

However, they still use "Dogtown" to refer to a neighborhood where it was believed that Filipinos brought in for the 1904 World's Fair trapped and ate dogs.

I'm not entirely unhappy that my family moved west.

2006-04-05 13:28:41
20.   Cliff Corcoran
I love upstate NY, my fiancee's parents are from up there and her Dad is from Buffalo. Come to think of it, so was Rick James. What's not to love?!
2006-04-05 13:33:22
21.   rsmith51
If you want "real" Chicago-style pizza, go to Lou Malnati's. It is the best. You can get it mailed to you if you don't want to wait to go to Chicago. When I lived in N. Carolina my parents sent me some for my birthday. What a treat!
2006-04-05 13:38:31
22.   wsporter
Lived in a Finger Lakes town for 5 years while I worked and went to grad school. Dumbest thing I ever did was leave.

"Doc" Gooden picked up a year today on a P.V. He did so to avoid reinstatement of his Probation which would have carried a 5 yr sentence for a further violation. Ouch. Watching his fall from grace has been like watching the paint peel off a once beautiful building, you'd like to do something to stop it but it's not yours to fix. Man this is a sad story that's only going to get sadder unless something intervenes. I'm not saying that I do or don't feel sorry for him or that he hasn't been the author and agent of his own destruction but when you consider where he was and what might have been this has to be seen as at least Willie Lowman like; one man's shot at the big time and the American Dream gone south. Oye.

Does anyone care about this or are we done with Doc?

2006-04-05 15:01:47
23.   Shaun P
Upstate NY pizza is fantastic. You can't find anything like it west of Boston, or even in Boston. Unfortunately for me. My folks try to bring some pizza or bread when they come to visit. Wings, unfortunately, don't travel well by car.

wsporter 22 I see reminders of Doc everywhere lately. 10th anniversary of the '96 team - and I remember his no-hitter. Sheffield comes up to the plate, and I think, "Doc's nephew". I hear talk about King Felix and I think of Gooden. I do feel bad for Doc in that it seems he can't control his demons. Its sad because he does seem to try very hard, but who knows? I hope things improve for him.

And I also hope, rather selfishly, that Doc's incarceration doesn't negatively affect Sheffield's performance.

2006-04-05 15:37:05
24.   Marcus
Shaun P, you're right, upstate NY is unbeatable! I find it funny now that "New York Style" (the big, thin, triangular slices) was actually kind of hard to find where I grew up (Schenectady). You could only get that style at Sbarro and Cosimo's, and those were shitty chains that didn't count as "real" pizza in my mind. Upstate it was more of what I hear called nowadays "Sicilian style", the square thick crust type. I love that stuff so much.
2006-04-05 15:54:04
25.   brockdc
Marcus: Ever have Gepettos' pizza? Good pizza, great wings. Also, Scotti's on Union Street had excellent pie.
2006-04-05 16:05:45
26.   Marcus
Good Lord brockdc, are you kidding??? I have dreams about Gepettos'! That place was my favorite restaurant in Schenectady, and I sometimes think about making the trip across the country just to eat there. You know what though, I don't think I ever had the wings there.

Scotti's was excellent as well. There were so many choices...

2006-04-05 17:14:20
27.   wsporter
25 Hey brockdc, ever have the pizza at West, the Skeller or the Dutch Hollow Pub? How about Stoney Lane?
2006-04-05 18:40:17
28.   Shaun P
The pizza at Dutch Hollow was pretty good the last time I had it. Alas, I think the Skeller stopped serving pizza - or maybe they started again later. Now, as for their chicken parm - that's something I dream about!

The best part of Gepetto's wings was when they were free at happy hour on Fridays. 25 I spent a few too many Fridays then when I was a senior.

Does this mean I'm not the only Union alum here?

2006-04-05 19:11:41
29.   wsporter
Shaun P,28 It's a Fitz Hugh Ludlow kind of night.
2006-04-05 19:23:24
30.   Shaun P
wsporter, so here's to thee, the brave and free, ol' Union smiling over us. ;)
2006-04-05 19:40:03
31.   wsporter
[30} And for many a day, as thy walls grow gray, May they ring with thy children's chorus! Shaun P. :)

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